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katsukissy · 3 minutes ago
i have off today. i had to get up at 8:30 though. -bakugou
ahh that’s fun !! any particular reason?
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daydreamingwildflower · 6 minutes ago
Favorite comfort tv show??
I have a lot!
Gilmore Girls, The Golden Girls, Friends, The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Community, Schitt’s Creek, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Queer Eye, The Great British Bake Off, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Pretty Little Liars.
A random mix I know, but I can watch those all day long lol.
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katsukissy · 6 minutes ago
no. wby? -bakugou
i slept good :) i woke up almost late tho💀
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hi!! dodie and lorde for the artist game
dodie: probably 6/10! I have to look into her music more because I do like a lot of her music
lorde: aaaah supercut? or liability
send me artists and I'll say my favorite song by them
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thiefthedarkproject · 8 minutes ago
the middleaged bisexual thieves are getting to mern sorry
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pockydays · 10 minutes ago
you know what, i'll fight you on that too. you're a talented QUEEN and that's a foregone conclusion :) 🥧
i love my mutuals and that is also a foregone conclusion :] what did i ever do do deserve you all i love you <3 
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lokis-daggers · 12 minutes ago
Darling Y/N- 𝕃.𝕃
Darling Y/N,
My love, my sweet. The love of my miserable life. It is I, Loki. Now, I understand you must be confused, getting a letter from your dead lover will never be something that happens very often. Truth is, I never really died. As absurd as that may sound, faking one's death isn't particularly a hard task, you see. I am not going to insult you further by asking for forgiveness. The ice in my viens has solidified thinking about the agony I had put you through- but my precious darling, in the end, it will all be worth it.
I couldn't bare to see you mourn for me anymore- the hint of distress, you hid so well behind the eyes, the eyes I could drown in and stay in forever.  There was no way of me telling you that I was alive without giving up my cover, as the Allfather.
Expressing my feelings has never been my strongest pursuit, but I do have a way with words. Never really did I understand why people pour their hearts out, now I do.  I shall share a memory that I hold dear to my heart, for I am sure that we are the only ones who know about this.
Remember when we were as young as the day, and we snuck off to one of Mother's solstice balls? I did well with my illusion; I fondly remember the fun we had dancing together till midnight. We hadn't known that Odin ordered the doors of our rooms locked. When we returned and realised what had happened, you were panicking. I was foreign to the concept of comfort so I did what I was longing- to kiss you. That calmed you down and I was elated! You were my first kiss, my first love. To spend the night, the two of us were in my private library- me holding you close. I don't think I slept a bit, but I am surprised you did; not hearing the sound of my thudding heart. The next day, Thor had caught us and told Mother, whom then sternly scolded us but in the end praised us for fooling her and Odin.
Honestly women, re-collecting these memories with you make me tear up. It has been months, years, I dare say since I have felt your touch; the only thing that keeps me grounded and feels like home. My dove, you have been waiting me to come back to you even after all this while. I vividly rememeber, the endless nights we had spent together talking about how I would once have a kingdom of my own just to prove my worthiness and show that I am every bit as worthy as mighty Thor himself, if not more.
If you are willing to take me back, all I ask is for you to wait patiently. I'm am undoing the damage Odin has done- for once all the chaos has not been initiated by me. There will be a day when I reveal myself and we can rule the nine realms together. You will be my wise, beautiful queen. You would look absolutely etheral in a crown and next to me in your throne. It shall be carved to perfection, but could never be as perfect as you. You certainly are a sight to behold. I still don't know what deed I had performed to have your gaze upon me. When you curled around me during the night, seeking protection from me even when unconcious, I sometimes wonder whether this is an intricate illusion I had made for myself.
I wish I could have you back in my arms as soon as possible. My heart sinks to my stomach every morning when I realise you aren't beside me. Who I am and where I am, comes rushing you me, it makes me feel like a book with a couple of pages missing- incomplete. The atmosphere around me is always lacking something and it feels lifeless. As much as being without you doesn't feel right, I have to. It'll keep you safe from the threats due to the new found respect those peasants will gain in due time. This palace will one day be your safe home, and we will never, and I mean never be parted from again. I will be sure to make this everything we have ever wanted.
Eternally Yours,
Loki Laufeyson.
*cue me looking out the window for a raven -_- *
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daichi-anon · 14 minutes ago
Aww why don’t you take a nap? I’ll sit with you if you want 🥰
please? i want you here with me.
‘m sorry i respond so late, love!
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pockydays · 17 minutes ago
silla i will fight you, you are very talented
asdfghjkl; everyone is making my day sm better <33 thank you so much for your kind words ahaha <3 please (respectfully) catch my fists *throws fists in the air*
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daichi-anon · 19 minutes ago
Ok I will don’t worry about me
[ok darling and you take care of yourself too]
love, quick question- wanna go get some boba with me?
I’m so sorry i replied so late hhhh but really, thank you 🥺💕
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katsukissy · 22 minutes ago
good morning. -bakugou
morninnnn :) did you sleep ok?
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thiefthedarkproject · 24 minutes ago
i love explaining to ppl that in like. thiefs timeline there are technically Two different garretts and two different bassos etc etc
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paradise-creator · 28 minutes ago
ehhh fine (҂ `з´ )
then u order whatever u like and i'll have to be pleasantly surprised, deal?
"Oh that's a deal~" I said as I started to look at the menu. Once the waitress arrived I ordered a Blueberry cheese cake, a blooming chocolate flower, and a lava cake which comes with drinks of choice. "I promise you, these are going to be delicious!" I added.
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devilkou · 31 minutes ago
waiting patiently outside the bank, he sees you walking up and offers you an apologetic smile. his hair is disheveled from running his hands through it in fear that you wouldn’t show up, sighing in relief.
you.. actually showed up?..
he smiles and takes your hand in his, kissing the back of your knuckles with a cheeky grin on his face.
i’m sorry i left so early.. i tried to turn down the mission, trust me i did.. but unfortunately it was.. uh.. unavoidable to say the least.. will you allow me to make it up to you?
of course i showed up, i wanna spend time with my favourite guy...
blushing at the action i slip my hand from his to smooth out the bits of hair sticking up every which way, coming my fingers through the soft strands.
work is work, always hard to get out of. i understand that so you don’t have to apologize, i know you didn’t want to leave. but if you really want to make it up to me, i’m not stopping you. thought i do think a kiss might be the right way to start off your little amends.
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nekodzu · 33 minutes ago
Your Suga hc was so cute! -🧡
im glad you enjoyed it anonnie 🥰
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katsukissy · 36 minutes ago
yessss~ how about you ? -shinsou
mhm :) i slept like a baby omg!
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lcvelj · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@egotisticle​​ :     a candlelit dinner in paris, france was only the beginning of the evening. the world itself was at his fingertips and all of its cultural beauty was presented to her as an offering, whisking them both away to savour its wonders and experience a myriad of birthday celebrations. while lavish gifts were no more than a spoken word away, her birthday gift was simpler and more sentimental: his own ring adorned with a ruby, from his hand to hers.  
now, as the hour grew late and the evening began to wind down, they both swayed in a waltz to the shadows' ethereal melody --- a unique composition of their own design, one that was exclusive to the special occasion. “내 영원, 내 심장” velvet words harmonized with darkness’ white noise, spoken in a low rumble yet with the theatrical flourish of a sonnet.
the entity’s arm lifted and guided her into a twirl beneath it, blurring the rest of their surroundings in a florid mural of warm colour as she returned into the initial position. the being coaxed her closer than before, head bowing to press their foreheads together as their footsteps continued their graceful dance across their makeshift ballroom: a world touched by the Void in all of its surrealistic wonder. “생일 축하” (t/n: my eternity, my heart; happy birthday)
Tumblr media
before dark,  being different had felt like a   curse   .   seeing the emotions and auras of others,  people blatantly lying on her face of their feelings and having to be called a   freak   when she abilities would go out of control,  making them feel differently as if she would be   controlling   them.   it had taken a while to learn the proper way of utilizing them and keeping it calm and secure with the help of the dark entity that she had been   terrified   of the beginning.   the same that had given her   his ring   ,  placed properly in her ring finger as a   sign of a promise   she had hoped that he’d always return back to her in whatever timeline he would go after his mission would be completed.   grateful that the   VOID   had let her in,  allowed her to jump along side her lover to different places and time.   to accept her aura dancing in their own special place.   
hypnotized by his lead,  her feet easily following the beat as her heart raced at feeling him close once more.   it’s been far too long since he had   came home   ,  and he did on the right time.   to listen to his words,  to have set a romantic setting for her birthday and to ensure that she was   comfortable   had made her weak.   lara jean leaned closer to him,  letting him sway them as their fingers were laced,  the ruby on her finger shone as his aura had shown around him was caring.   it wasn’t often,  but at times like this,  she was happy that this one dominated than his   natural colours   . 
❛   고마워 내 사랑.   ❜       a small whisper,  eyes glancing to meet his and maintain the connection.   she was   captivated   by his power and his hold on her,  not realizing how much she had on him as well.
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stopframevevo · 42 minutes ago
You really do document your whole life on here huh
yeah 😌✨
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yourheartbeatonthehighline · 45 minutes ago
taylor! but only one
this is cruel!! if you would've asked me this before folkmore it would've been clean but now... probably cardigan actually
send me artists and I'll say my favorite song by them
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