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minnie0doll · 8 minutes ago
So I just got home from a walk/run and at a guess I burned about 300 calories. I’m total i at 980 calories. Don’t know how to feel about it. Anytime I saw a reflection of myself I realized how fucking fat I am. It’s real sad. I felt like I had some progress but no. I’m really just a disgusting piece of garbage to look at.
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moonnight18 · 17 minutes ago
Me everytime..
I see myself In the mirror💗
Tumblr media
There is absolutely nothing wrong with having self confidence! You wanna wear that skimpy shirt?
Do it!
You only have one life and you can die at any moment! So..
Live your life!
Don't waste this time on..
Boys who don't like you!
Girls who don't like!
Judgemental people!
Those little bitches who try to be better than you!
Those assholes who call you a slut and/or gay for wearing a dress!
Or any toxic bastard! Male or female! Friend or family!
You are beautiful!
You are capable!
You are enough!
And guess what boo..
You're a bad bitch!💗
Now go fuck it up! Kisses💋
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chubbygirlgang2016 · 26 minutes ago
Stop living your everyday life worrying about other peoples opinion every second it's not healthy at all🖕
Stop flooding your mind with negative thoughts you will soon become what you think about 🗣
Stop telling yourself your to fat when you come across a sexy outfit I'm here to you that your not buy it dammit 💅
Look at you being plus size from a different perspective your peers are taking it by storm with an audience to match learn to embrace it 💕
Do all of the things in life that gives you a sense of peace and satisfaction🏌️‍♀️
#bodypositivity #confidence #chubbygirlsdoitbetter #plussizebeauty #plussizestyle #phatgirls #plussizeblogger #selflove #bbwadmirer
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jeanne-de-valois · 34 minutes ago
Literally I adore that the popular Post cannon situation for Dean and cas is like, little domestic life, very sweet, about as normal as they could manage — then for Sam it's like, a freaky polycule, especially if you include Gabriel in there...hysterical to me
Dean and Cas could NOT HANDLE BEING POLY. Sam has the Range, also I want him to have a varied, Persephone-esque afterlife between Hell and two different parts of Heaven where he just takes shifts.
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hymarns · 44 minutes ago
enough. enough with the lost draw that leads to a goal. E N O U G H
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thiswasareallybadidea · 2 hours ago
fuck ya’ll my hair looks fucking awesome like holy shit
it’s thick on top and then the sides are shaved and it’s just 💖💖
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disparatepeace · 2 hours ago
Damn wtf did makoto do laurent to get him to take his trauma out on bby like that? Exist?????
Lol, nah! It’s really just a combination of:
A.) Laurent being so caught up in his own grief/trauma and obsessed with this years long revenge scheme to follow through that he ultimately has no qualms about forcing Makoto to go through hell for the sake of the plans.
B.) Oz being an absolute scumbag shithead of a father who not only had zero problem with his son being apart of this scheme to begin with, on top of being fully content with being the one to traumatize Makoto in the first place without a single protest. But it’s even worse when you realize this had been his plan that he came up with.
C.) The entire team being complicit in just leaving him out of the loop. The only one to protest was Cynthia.
D.) And finally, anime writers thinking that forcing the main character to constantly suffer throughout the narrative, for reasons that have little to nothing to do with him half the time, is considered good writing.
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jaybirdss · 2 hours ago
whats funny abt the new thing about “white girl dancing” is that i am a white girl and i never dance like that bc i dont know how to dance i just bob in place and assure everyone around me that i definitely want to be there. if it doesnt have instructions in the song i have No idea how to move my body <3
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rowanugget · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hair inspo ? hair inspo
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mbti-notes · 4 hours ago
Anon wrote: INFJ here. One thing that I dislike about myself is that I am really avoidant and shy. I can't stand my ground or defend myself or others. I either doubt my rightfulness or worry about the other party yelling, beating me or overreacting. 
I went to a butcher's with someone and the guy prepared us the wrong meat. The quality was a bit worse than the one we originally picked. The guy was still insisting and trying to sell it to us. Me being a pushover, accepted it easily. It was the wrong meat, but the guy had prepared it for us. And the guy could lash out and show a bad reaction. 
However, the person who was with me went and confronted the guy and didn't back down, until the guy changed the meat and gave us the original good quality one. The whole time, I was worried about the butcher yelling at her or saying something hurtful. As we left, she told me to stop being weak and afraid of holding my ground, and learn to defend myself. I wish I were like her, but I clearly lack this skill and can't defend myself or others close to me, because I'm avoidant and confrontation-averse. I either don't know if I have to confront, or I'm afraid of the other person's reaction. I usually just smile and accept things. 
I'm even afraid of driving and refuse to drive because I'm afraid of having to confront people for car-related or driving-related things. How can I improve myself in this manner and get thick-skinned? What sorts of steps can I take before putting myself into a (exposure) situation where I have to confront a potentially aggressive person?
Not knowing how to speak up for yourself harms you in several ways: 
Low self-awareness: When you aren’t even aware of your own needs, desires, rights, and boundaries, you don’t really know yourself. 
Low self-worth: What is your existence when you don’t even recognize that you and your needs matter just as much as everyone else’s?
Unable to care for yourself: When you don’t recognize your emotional needs or don’t recognize that they are important, you won’t work to fulfill them, which means that you won’t tend properly to your psychological well-being. This makes you more prone to suffering mental health problems.
Unable to protect yourself: When YOU can’t even respect your own needs, desires, rights, and boundaries, it’s a signal to others that it’s okay to dismiss you or violate you. Unfortunately, some people in this world don’t hesitate to take as much as they can from others. They look specifically for people like you because you let them get away with it.
Identify the root of the problem. Everything you think, feel, and do is rooted in fear. You have an overreactive fear reflex that leads you to always expect the worst from people. Do you honestly believe that the majority of people are violent rageaholics? People may get upset but it doesn’t mean that they’re going to attack you viciously. Is there a reason why your view of the world is so negative and extreme?
Fear is an emotional problem, which means that you have to work on your emotional intelligence. You’re trying to be smart by anticipating how events will go, which is natural for Ni doms. However, you only ever see how things could turn out horribly, which immediately activates fear. When your mind is so easily hijacked by fear and its related emotions, how can you think straight, let alone formulate a good strategy for handling a problematic situation?
Avoidance is exactly the wrong strategy because 1) it keeps you passive and stuck in weakness, and 2) you never develop the skills that you need to grow and solve this problem. To solve a problem, the first step is to confront it, then you can examine it and come up with a solution. INFJs who struggle with auxiliary Fe development usually struggle with learning social skills. If your fear and anxiety are extremely deep-seated (i.e. a result of serious past trauma), then it is also a good idea to get professional therapy. Unresolved trauma makes the process of learning new skills more difficult than it has to be, so it should be dealt with first.
When you don’t know how to do something (i.e. incompetency), it’s natural to be apprehensive because you feel like you have no control over anything. Thus, increase your social competency. Having good social skills allows you to think about social situations with more nuance and sophistication, as opposed to defaulting immediately to the most extreme scenario. Social skills are just like any other skill in that you have to study, practice, and improve systematically.
The following skills work together to improve social competency:
Emotional Intelligence: Be aware of feelings and emotions, both your own and others’. De-escalate intense emotions to keep a clear and calm head. Assess situations based on facts rather than fear, so that you can stop treating everyone as a threat and build common ground instead.
Communication Skills: Express yourself and your needs effectively. Respond to other people’s needs effectively. Ask the right questions to clarify situations and avoid miscommunication. Diffuse tension with empathy and diplomacy. Negotiate compromises.
Assertiveness Training: Know your rights, enforce your boundaries, and speak up for what you are owed. Treat your needs and goals as important. Ask for help or support as needed. Develop strategies for expressing yourself in specific scenarios that you’ve repeatedly found difficult to navigate.
Conflict Resolution: Have a strategy for dealing with conflict. Have ways to test how amenable people are to discussion and compromise. Have ways of making reasonable requests without anger or aggression. Have good contingency plans for when situations get out of your control. 
Nobody is born with this knowledge. Most people learn social skills by socializing, making mistakes, and doing better the next time. The longer you’ve avoided natural experimental learning, the worse your skills will be. If experimental learning is too much for you, due to unmanageable fear and anxiety, learn on your own first so that you feel more prepared. There are plenty of resources out there. See the Emotional Well-Being section, the relevant tags, and the resources list for book recommendations on the above topics.
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