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maryforthewin · 2 hours ago
I can‘t sleep 🥺
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kaytikazoo · 2 hours ago
"And I want to give that to you, I swear." + TrevorDeke (💜)
I adored this prompt, and I hope you like it too bby 💙
Deke laid on his back, staring up at the ceiling in Trevor’s bunk. Trevor was peacefully sleeping beside him, his hand resting on Deke’s stomach, palm warm against his skin. He was beautiful, his face relaxed in slumber, and Deke couldn’t help but stare at him while he could. 
“Are you staring at me?” Trevor murmured, not even opening his eyes.
“No,” Deke said, even as he was openly looking at him. He couldn’t help it. There was a part of Deke that couldn’t believe this kind of happiness. Before Trevor, he’d tried to convince himself he was happy with Sequoia. It wasn’t anything like this, though. That had hurt, had left him with dark circles around his heart. Being with Trevor felt like fresh-squeezed lemonade, and evenings in front of a fire, and a full belly, all the good things that Deke loved about this time period. 
“Mmmhm, liar,” Trevor said with a loving warmth in his voice. “If you’re going to stare, you owe me a kiss.”
“Just one?”
“We’ll start with one,” Trevor said. Deke turned onto his side and kissed Trevor softly. “Mm, love that.”
Deke chuckled, and rested his forehead against Trevor’s bare chest.
“What’s keeping you up, babe? You’re usually asleep right after,” Trevor said.
“Ah, just thinking.”
“You,” Deke said without lifting his head. Trevor brought his hand up to the back of Deke’s head, stroking his fingers through his hair soothingly. “Do you believe in fate? Do you think we’re destined?”
“No,” Trevor said simply. “I believe in coincidence, and I believe in choice.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, it was a coincidence that Mack chose me to look after you as an assignment, sure, but it was my choice to stick with you and fall in love with you, and I think that’s more important than destiny.”
“Yeah. I’d much rather think that you want to be with me, and you’re making the conscious choice to be with me instead of being forced by some predetermined destiny.”
“That makes sense, I guess.”
He tipped his head back and Trevor kissed him, running his tongue along Deke’s lower lip. Deke sighed and curled his hands around Trevor’s biceps as best he could. He was always astounded by Trevor’s muscles, and his physique as a whole, and couldn’t get over his sheer luck. Trevor was the whole package, intelligent, sweet, loving, hot as hell. It was unbelievable that Deke was here with Trevor, in Trevor’s bunk, but somehow, he was.
“What’s keeping you awake, huh? Besides me,” Trevor asked, nudging him again.
“I was thinking about our future together, that’s all.”
“What’s our future look like?”
“You want to know?”
“Yeah, of course. What do you want in our future together?”
Trevor knew what he’d gone through with Sequoia, so he was extra patient with him about certain things, guiding him with a gentle hand in his. 
“A house, I think, would be nice.”
“Yeah? In the city, in the country?”
“In the country,” Deke said. “I want a big yard with flowers and trees, and a stream nearby, and maybe a pool. You’d have to teach me to swim, though, I guess, or - or not. Whatever. I don’t -”
“I can teach you, Deke. That’s not a problem, babe. I taught Avi when we were younger.”
“Hey. You’re not a burden.”
“I’m not a burden,” Deke repeated, a mantra he was still trying to learn and let sink in. 
“What else?”
“This won’t scare you away?”
“No, I’m choosing you, Deke Shaw. I’m choosing our future together.”
“Okay, well, I was thinking maybe a couple kids. No one really got to have a family in the Lighthouse, and it might be nice to raise kids with you.”
Trevor tilted his head up again for another kiss.
“And I want to give that to you, I swear,” Trevor said. “I want to give you anything you want.”
Deke let out a soft whimper, and Trevor folded him into his chest. He had fought for so long just to survive that he hadn’t let himself believe he could have a family, or a life full of love and happiness. Confronted with the idea that he could have it, that it wasn’t just within reach, it was here, it was startling and all he could do was bury himself into Trevor’s chest and try not to cry. Luckily, Trevor wrapped him up in his arms, and kissed his forehead, and let him be weak with this complete and utter happiness that he was unaccustomed to. He was looking forward to the entirety of their life together, bright and burning, and even when it scared him, Trevor was there to hold him as they chose each other each day. 
[Even More Dialogue Prompts]
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moonprismmakeup · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
just posting whatever i feel like at this point
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kaytikazoo · 4 hours ago
Ahh thank you!!
“Hey,” Fitz said, “I wanted to say thank you.”
“Immediately coming to my aid, rescuing me. I never could have gotten out on my own, and it’s, it’s good to have you here. Thank you.”
“Oh, Fitzy,” Hunter finally said, “you don’t have to thank me. I’ll always come if you need me.”
Send me 💯 and I will write 100 words in my current project, and share my favorite sentence/section.
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kaytikazoo · 5 hours ago
Technically, I added 2k to the document but I’d already written like 1.2k of that in my notes already, but a lot of progress has been made, nonny!
“I can be quiet!”
“Uh-huh,” Fitz replied. “Never in our entire friendship have you been able to just sit and let silence be. You’re always talking.”
“I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but you are notoriously a talker.”
Fitz glanced over at Hunter, and found him crossing his arms over his chest with his pouty mouth. He looked at him in amusement, and absolutely adored the cute upset in his eyebrows. 
“Aww, did I hurt your feelings, little boy?” Fitz teased, leaning over to bump shoulders with him. Hunter didn’t say anything, and Fitz leaned in close to Hunter’s space, staring at him. “Are you throwing a tantrum? Aren’t you a little old for this?”
Send me 💯 and I will write 100 words in my current project, and share my favorite sentence/section.
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wrrrrah44-420 · 6 hours ago
Anyone wants 2 chat with me? :> ☆♡
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peace-and-plants · 7 hours ago
Drunk and high af again since it’s Fridayyyy. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Talk to me or send me anons 🌿🤍
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outlawontherun · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Come on let’s help outlaw with her goal.
Medical bills + missing five days of work I am running thin. Anything you can donate would help tremendously
Thank you in advance!!
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notsospecialafterall · 8 hours ago
Working on this thesis paper is going to drive me the fuck insane. Talk to me before I start tearing my hair out yeah? Yeah.
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shitpostsandgoodposts · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yep its this time again
send me a reguest for a character or like, 2-3 of em, along with a colour pallete (:
colour palette is my own, and you can use it if you tag me (although i doubt anyone particularly wants to)
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outlawontherun · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Come on how can you say no to this!!
🚨content warning🚨
A little back story, as my followers on my old account know. My health is not the best. We are down that path again. I was in the hospital a week ago due to my lungs being so inflamed it hurt to breathe. I have missed five shifts because of that and that’s a week of pay right there. Anything you can do to help donate would be amazing I really need the help right now.
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