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lisaaromano · 40 minutes ago
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Look closely and what do you see?
I often contemplate the outer self being much like the crust of the earth or like the grey stone that covers the gems we are on the inside.
When someone is said to be narcissistic or codependent, they THINK they are their outer layer and they play with those in the 3D world that believe that also.
In order to reach these magnificent crystals, there had to be a BREAKTHROUGH. The tough outer layer had to be broken and shattered in order to find the crystals within, and so it is with us.
There is the subconscious mind that interfaces with the middle layer that many of us can’t seem to know how to escape.
Because we keep looking to those who remain stuck in the dead, repetitive, reactionary 3D world for what only we can find within ourselves.
Spiritual breakthroughs often manifest in our mental and emotional breakdowns. It is when we’ve been cracked open wide and forced to face the illusions we’ve believed in that the opportunity to know ourselves as the divine sacred beings we are exists.
Narcissists are fixated on things that they believe they can control, but ultimately cannot, in the 3D world. Release yourself from the need to please, seek validation and to prove others wrong and go within!
There you will discover the meaning of “I Am — Enough”.
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workingforitallthetime · 4 hours ago
#the usntdp is a sex cult#shhhh don't mind me just saving the world juniors daily diaries for fic purposes#here is a thing that i am liking about hockey fic#and idk if it's actually specific to hockey fic or if it's just me fumbling through the process of#writing enough shit that i'm inevitably getting slightly better at it#but#i feel like in 1D/harry fandom i was not very intentional about building characterizations#the fandom characterizations for the main players were pretty well-established#and i think that if you lined up the side characters whose pov i prefer you would probably find that#i did not give any of them particularly distinct or memorable characterizations#but hockey forces me to do that work#requires me to identify distinct character traits early so i have boundaries to keep me from making any of these idiots sound or act like me#and because in the prospect space that i like fanon isn't that well established anyway#and i really enjoy doing the research and stumbling upon those few key facts that become my rules for a character#but in this case i have unwittingly arranged the dominoes of my own doom#me: delighted about my cole caufield rule that he is upfront about things (what he wants what he fears etc)#me: delighted about my trevor zegras rule that he is completely unafraid of looking like a dumbass#me: reads about the team usa quarantine in their individual hotel rooms for four days#me: oh... shit...#one person willing to ask for what they want + one person unfraid of looking like an idiot + one quarantine =#an unfortunately perfect setup for a facetime sex scene
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ibarbourou · 7 hours ago
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Image ID: Underlined [1] “Desire is not simple.” [2] the act of love is a mingling” [3] “desire melts the limbs” [4] “Boundaries of the body, categories of thought are confounded.”
Excerpts from Anne Carson’s essay, Eros the Bittersweet
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mariiposaperdiida · 8 hours ago
Yandere Oikawa who just wants a cute partner to play with as his own little doll.
He'd hold you against his own big frame, arms cradling around you: en que vos queréis pensar si me tenéis a mi?
Won't you just sit there and look pretty while he does whatever he wants? You'll be good right? He's just doing what's best for you anyways 🥺
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soulsupply · 8 hours ago
My old dog was not allowed on the furniture, he was huge but he was very respectful of that rule and we loved him for almost 10 years
My current puppy is allowed on the furniture, originally she wasn’t going to be but she convinced us with her cute face and we didn’t fight it.
Here’s some things that are different
-she hides her toys in the couch cushions?
-she sits on the back of the couch to look out the window behind it and squashes the back couch cushions flat
-no one is safe from a flying 25 pound lapful of energetic puppy, especially not if you’re sleeping on the couch
-there is an armchair in the family room that is mine, she steals it from me when i get up for water
-she’ll sleep on one of our beds at night if not in her kennel and its so nice (my old dog did this too but not exclusively)
-so many cuddles! she’s so physically affectionate i love her so much
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tenshindon · 9 hours ago
welcome back to Toei Animations Definitely Had A Yamtien Agenda With The Anime Part #1902 today’s part includes the aftermath of tien and tao’s fight where instead of yamcha telling krillin to ease up on his excitement because tien just needed time to be alone yamcha was actually relatively in the same boat as krillin in being hyped about tien’s victory
#snap chats#hi <3#i forget why i was looking through the manga in the first place#i do that every now and then- ill just reread stuff if im too lazy to watch the anime#so i just decided to poke around the 23rd and Yeah <3#yamcha isnt Hype Hype about it- he's more so just like 'wow :)'#but it is a very big difference in my opinion LMAO#the manga generally does go faster when it comes to pacing- Things Happen right after each other#toriyama really didnt let there be time to dawdle which I Get#a manga is very different from an anime#but like. it just dfeinitely has such a different vibe#like in the manga they jsut jump straight to chichi and goku's fight (with quick commentary from roshi beforehand too)#but in the anime we just linger on it a bit and it defintely has more of an impactful and emotional moment#and it also shines a light on yamcha's emotional intelligence and his understanding of tien and his boundaries and his feelings#AKA a very good scene for my heart and soul and uh Everythign :)))))))#theres a lot of difference between the anime and manga regarding these two#like they really did add a whole fucking lot#tien and yamcha actually like. dont interact too much in the manga#like they do but its significantly less#i do love how they kept the bit about yamcha prepared to square up with tao with tien tho LMAO#added krillin to the mix <3 the homies helpin a brother out <3#anyway i just rewatched the tien and tao fight and i might make a separate post for that cause it still makes me emo
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herbanfarmgirl · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful journey! • “Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman, but she is… an endangered species.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes Women Who Run With the Wolves . . Oh my dears, this is a journey years and years in the making... because it’s come from a 30+ years of living as a woman, an artist, a student, a teacher, a daughter, a sister, a lover and a creator on this planet! . . . Its manifestation surfaced after a recent pact I made with myself... To get back in touch with the fierce, WILD woman within, making it part of my life’s work to keep getting to know her and keep her close. I committed to unapologetically take up space in this world and to never make myself smaller, for anyone. . . Then I started reading “Women Who Run With the Wolves”... and it all clicked into place. I saw it all alive in my head and my heart! A journey. A community. For women, co-led by women teachers I adore and admire. This journey would be called Rewilding and it would be a virtual space for women to commune, dive deep and to reclaim their WILD. To make their own pacts. To boldly take up space in this world! . . . This journey is for the woman who hears the deep, resonate calling to return to and reclaim her WILD. Who’s with me?! 🐺 . . . Doors open this Friday!! 8 weeks, over 10 weekend sessions!! I cannot wait to introduce you to some of my co-leads. These incredible women are teachers, change-makers, movers & shakers, healers, mamas, artists, and so much more! @doingliving @julietsilvayee @dorothydstover @herbanfarmgirl @herban_glow @sarahgirardyoga @sacred_light_within @into.the.abliss . . . #womenwhorunwiththewolves #wildwoman #creativecultivation #womensjourney #coaching #womensempowerment #rewilding #intuition #embodiment #healing #creativity #sexuality #eroticism #syncingtotheseasons #cyclesyncing #boundaries #money #rituals #community #womensupportingwomen #flow Repost from @_creativecultivation_ (at The Herban Inn)
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another reminder to check my pinned post if you havent already
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havetobebetter · 11 hours ago
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bisexualreginaldpeters · 11 hours ago
thinking about how julie being able touch the boys now means she is going get to experience first hand how much they do not understand the meaning of personal space
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