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#tw eating things
too-fat-too-eat · 3 minutes ago
My mom bough some cupcakes for her work and had some left over so she gave 3 to me. And my dumbass ate all 3 and guess how many calories are in 3 . . . 1,110 CALORIES!!! And my mom bought more of them for Father’s Day and there is no way I’m getting out of that. So fuck my dumbass.
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butterfly-grace · an hour ago
my food/cals for today
| blueberry pancakes, cantaloupe, and grapes | (245 calories)
| skipped |
| grilled cheese and soup | (345 calories)
| 1 pickle and 2 tatter tots | (52 calories)
| tennis for 1 hour and 30 minutes | (527 calories burned)
total: 643-527
116 calories
i feel bad for how much i ate today. i did exercise which was good but i think my parents are starting to notice i’m eating a lot less than usual so i ate more today. on top of that tomorrow is father’s day so we are going out to breakfast :( really nervous about it ngl
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wannabedanity · an hour ago
Food Log 6/19/21
Breakfast: apple (70 g) 🍎37 cals🍎
Lunch: vegetable soup (1 cup of mainly just broth and some celary) 🥣68 cals🥣
Dinner: homemade pizza 🍕309 cals🍕
Limit: 300 cals
Total: 414 cals
Burned: -316 cals
Net: 98 cals
ok ok, this was a pretty good day I'll admit, even if i did go over my calorie limit 414 isn't.. terrible.. my parents forced me to eat the pizza and i didnt want them to get suspicious so ofc i ate it, i think it's originally 200 something cals, but i just had to round it up to 309ish since the slice was a bit bigger than normal, oh well.. I'll do better tomorrow
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ariaissick · an hour ago
Tumblr media
So I’m officially gonna cry. I binged again but Surprisingly haven’t gained. I weighed in at 154.8. Total for today was 2,028 :/
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daniela122107 · an hour ago
This week was kinda a test run to see what my limits were. I knew avoiding junk food would be hard because I work at a sweet shop, there were several days I ended up eating something I shouldn't have, but I always stayed under my calorie limit and I exercised every day. I'll be posting my Calorie Log every Saturday. This is all mostly for myself to keep everything interesting. Stay safe loves!
6/13 Sunday. 174 lbs
• Venti Strawberry Acai Lemonade 130
• Apple Slices 48
• 2xBoiled Eggs 156
• Swiss Cheese 91
• Ham/Swiss Sandwich 480
Total: 905                                                        +0.5
6/14 Monday
• 7xTruffles 427
• Banquet Chicken 300
• Exercise 182
Total: 545                                                        +0.5
6/15 Tuesday
• 26xpeanuts 104
• Country Fried Chicken Bowl 470
• 1/2 mini brownie 60
• Remainder of Milkshake 433
• Exercise 144
Total: 923                                                        +0.5
6/16 Wednesday
• Banquet Orange Chicken 330
Total: 330                                                        +0.5
6/17 Thursday
• 10xpeanuts 41
• Chicken/Cheese Chimichanga 320
• Ortega Original Taco Sauce 20
• Deep Dish Smores Cookie 400
• Exercise 172
Total: 609                                                        +0.5
6/18 Friday binge
• 30xpeanuts 120
• Chicken/Cheese Chimichanga 320
• Ortega Original Taco Sauce 20
• Wise Original Potato Chips 120
• Milkshake 433
• Exercise 145
Total: 868                                                        +0.5
6/19 Saturday. 171 lbs
• 3xStrawberry (small) 6
• Strawberry Water 4
• Deep dish Sugar Cookie 400
• Exercise 183
Total: 227                                                        +0.5
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digustinggirlhhh · an hour ago
bruh i dont even have the energy to workout anymore which makes me feel more of a fatass 😐
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cuddlypissanarexic · an hour ago
tw talk of calories
im trying to eat more like a lottttt more like 2000 calories cause im trying to fake recovery cause ill get hospitalized otherwise lmao but i still wanna lose weight. basically im gonna try to eat 2000 then restrict to a healthy amount (like 1500 or 1200) just cause my doctor notices immediately whenever i restrict like usual. the problem is i cant make myself eat 2000 calories in the first place!! i feel too guilty or i just forget.
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ju1eslovesfrogs · an hour ago
21/5/19 ૮ ˊ͈ . ˋ͈ ა
dinner~ Parmesan truffle fries and some of an iced caffe latte w/ almond milk (570 cal.)
walked 2 miles~ (-100 cals.)
total: 470
really didn’t feel like eating today but my parents went out to dinner and we ended up arguing the entire time :/.
I wish I was one of those anorexic’s that easily burn off calories but I’m really un-athletic, and my head’s been really fuzzy lately.
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decadentsweetskitty · an hour ago
Don't you hate when you binge like 4 times the reccomend intake AND THEN your body has the audacity to feel dizzy and faint?
Like, bruh, where were you yesterday when I was restricting to the bare minimum?
I'm okay now,
I ate.
Wish you came when I was starving so I could've felt dainty and light then.
But no, you just had to be fashionably late.
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madeofstarsandskin · 2 hours ago
I have a question for those of you following a calorie guide thing. Do you just base the number off of how many calories you consume or do you subtract calories from exercise? Please let me know!!
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