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tiredfloof · 8 minutes ago
Please tell me why an nsfw blog is following me, like PLEASE DON'T FOLLOW ME IF YOU POST/REBLOG NSFW
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cheapbourbon · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
To help with the steep costs of legally changing my name I'm opening 4 exclusive commissions! 
These are very special once in a lifetime commissions that will include a hand drawn sketch sheet of your theme choosing, and a full digital commission that you will also receive a high quality print of! As well as extra swag such a stickers and a punk patch commemorating you helping me in my transitioning journey! 
This is such an insane deal and the perfect way to get one of a kind art and also so helpful towards me being able to legally change my name!
There are 4 slots available at 90$
DM for further information!
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thenewnightforce · an hour ago
Keep forgetting to add to the queue 😭 sorry friends!
(I also keep forgetting to make a pinned post to bring some consistency to all my blogs but! Gonna be remedying some of that soon!)
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swanqueensalad · an hour ago
everyone who interacted w my morgana post asking what would happen if she’d done it, idk if u were serious but i want to ramble so. 
if she actually had gone through with it in to kill the king... arthur would have had to become king before he was ready. it'd be tough, he'd struggle, he'd break down, he'd make bad decisions, but ultimately merlin would stick by him and give him the support he needed, and gaius would be a big help too. this is merlin's destiny after all, to guide him and support him. 
morgana would feel incredibly guilty. not for ridding the country of a ruthless tyrant, but for causing arthur so much grief. when she sees him break down at uther's funeral and sees the strain the crown has put on him, she'd break down and confess what she did. i'm not sure what arthur would do at this point. depending on his mood at the time or how much merlin was able to talk him down he'd either banish her - until his love for her hits him and gwen and merlin talk to him and he understands why she did it, and he ultimately lets her come home - or he'd avoid her until his feelings of anger and betrayal cool and he comes to those conclusions by himself. 
because of this understanding and forgiveness, she would feel safe enough to confide in him when her nightmares start to spill into accidental magic. he'd be shocked and those feelings of betrayal will come back up, but ultimately he loves her so much he'll have no choice but to accept her, and promise to keep her safe. he won't change any laws yet because he still feels too inexperienced and scared, but he will give her support and understanding. this means she doesn't experience that terror and isolation that eventually leads to her leaning on morgause and becoming 'evil.' 
instead, she grows closer with arthur, who she helps rule, closer with gwen who learns how to help her, and closer with merlin who is impressed and proud of her honesty. arthur knowing about morgana's powers will get him questioning everything his father taught him, and thinking that magic is something you're born with, and not inherently bad. 
merlin, having supported and actively encouraged and helped arthur through all of this, will eventually feel brave enough to confess his own powers to him. arthur will be shocked - he's been through a lot in this timeline, a lot of secrecy from the people he loves - but again, he has no choice but to accept it and now two of the closest people to him have come forwards, he knows for certain magic is not bad, is not evil, and is not a reason for fear or hatred. 
together, arthur, merlin, morgana and gwen would unpick uther's laws and create a camelot in which magic is celebrated, not persecuted. this young arthur would not be alone on the throne. his friends would help him, and each other.
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kcrabb88 · an hour ago
I’ve seen a bunch of posts in my internet travels that go something like “you all cared when Notre Dame was burning, but none of you care that 3rd holiest site in Islam is on fire” and as a note, the Al Aqsa mosque is not actually burning--it was a tree nearby, but one misleading tweet made that REALLY unclear. Please check your sources! People HAVE been attacked inside the mosque and there are some broken windows, which is a deeply shitty addition to a TERRIBLE situation with the evictions and police violence, especially given it is currently Ramadan, but it is not destroyed. 
In any case, my love to anyone affected by this--it’s awful.
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heartbetween · an hour ago
Y’all, I am mcstressy over here. I have a lot of pressure going on at work right now. May 1st was property tax appeal deadline and I have until the hearing date of May 20th to settle or defend all 30 appeals. Any evidence needs to be in 7 calendar days prior to the hearing date which is THIS THURSDAY. So consider this a hiatus until MAY 20TH. I may pop in here or there and if you see a reply or two... no you didn’t. 
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percywinchester27 · an hour ago
Future of this blog
Okay, so long story short, I don’t know what to do with this blog. Like, I have friends here who I love SO much, and they are mainly the reason I’ve stuck around for so long, but I’m very clueless about how to handle this blog now.
There was a whole year in the middle that I completely stopped posting and concentrated all my creative juices on one story before I returned with A lot like ‘Us’, but I can clearly see the way the number of notes are dwindling on the timestamps that the existing readers are quickly losing interest. To the point where I don’t know what to do with the remaining WIP timestamps and the half written Epilogue. Don’t get me wrong, I love the story to bits, but what’s the point in continuing it if there are less than a handful of readers for it? It’s a Sam series, a long one and without smut... I am not naïve. I know it’ll never garner fresh interest.
Then there’s La Petite Mort. It’s fun/flirty Dean mini-series so I know it will eventually find readers. When I start posting it again, I’ll make a quick work of it and finish it in a couple of weeks.
But the whole ordeal of waiting for feedback is tiring and very discouraging. Not to be that person, but this fandom has spoilt me with too much love in my early years as a writer. Waking up to 300 notes for a chapter of Tic Tac Toe in less than 8 hours to gathering barely 30 notes for an ALLU timestamp in over a week is well... it hurts. Makes me compare my own work and feel terrible about it.  
I am in half minds to stop writing for the fandom now.
Again, call me fickle, but I know if I put the same sort of love and dedication into a Spencer Reid X Reader or a Bucky Barnes X Reader, I’ll not just get a lot more feedback, I might actually get this stagnant blog running, which is losing 20 odd followers each week. Especially when I absolutely love both those characters. Or should I completely abandon this blog and start a new one for those fandoms? 
I don’t want to stop writing for SPN, but if the feedback dwindles this badly, it might just throw me off writing completely. 
I am genuinely looking for suggestions, guys... cause the sheer anxiety of keeping up such a strict posting schedules just so I don’t lose anymore readers, makes me feel like a desperate person and I don’t like it. The anxiety is through the roof now when I’m not being able to maintain that schedule now because life is literally KICKING MY ASS every which way. And then waking up with the excitement of wanting to see what everyone thought of the new chapter just to find two or three comments is heartbreaking. I am not strong enough.
Tags under the cut
A lot like ‘Us’ taglist, cause I wanna genuinely know if I’m ruining the series by adding on to it. It’s something we say in the designing field a lot, ‘Know when to stop.’ and I don’t want to overdo it. I’ll leave it where it is and not add on to it by posting that huge ass epilogue. It still has some sense of closure.  
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Tagging some of my friends from La Petit Mort taglist/ Or those who generally read my work:
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inkbloodcd · an hour ago
i just love you that's all <3
          I LOVE YOU MORE.
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gorillageek27 · an hour ago
Justin: and topping of our diversty pizza, like a ole pale anchovie. We have john walker
John: hey guys. Good to be here
Justin: john is our angry resident white dude.
John: wait what?
Emil: no work place is complete without one
John: no! Im not!, i mean i am white, but im not angry
Emil: anger and denile, thats like dynamite waiting to blow.
Ava *in spanish* he's a furious little chihuahua
John: did she just call me a chihuahua?
Justine: do you speak spanish? As most white guys dont
John: no
Justin: then no
Emil: you can really feel the pent up anger radiating from him
John: are you people all insane!?
John: what this?
Emil: ah duck and cover! He's going postal!
John: oh come on everyone got guns
Justin: oh no! He's gonna read his manifesto now!
Emil: we dont want your newsletter!
John: you know what? Screw you guys! No wonder everyones always trying to kill you
Emil: that guy is a time bomb
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Tumblr media
Okay so.. it might be super early for this, but I’ll do this anyways and might reblog later in the evening but-- Let’s do this.
                                                 LET’S SHIP!
Like no seriously! If you’ve been wanting to ship with me with any of my muses, tell me! It can be platonic, romantic, or what have you! JUST TELL ME! I want to know! I want to builds relationships and like I said, they can be any kind. Poly relationships can happen too! Enemies! Frenmies! You name it, I want it! Hell, I’m even up for doing preestablished relationships too since I know doing meet and greets can be hard and boring sometimes! Just either IM me or comment below what you want and we can discuss it, see what happens. Okay? Don’t be shy ♡ I welcome anything!
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crovnprince · an hour ago
sorry for the delay in my replies but they will be coming tomorrow and they will be on queue... i have just been so busy with some adhoc activities in school so pardon me and thank you so much for being so patient, everybody
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feliciohno · 2 hours ago
Heeeyyyy guuuuyyyys so I’m going on a big ass trip like almost out of nowhere 😂 so the art posting I had planned this month is like gonna take a quick pause cause I won’t have access to my shit for almost two weeks lmao sorry bout that but regularly scheduled bullshit will continue when I get back
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jour-de-printemps · 2 hours ago
So, I'll probably be without Internet from tomorrow onwards and I have no clue when I'll be able to get it connected. I'll only be able to come around when I'm somewhere with free WiFi and for short periods at a time. That means I won't be able to update my fics or post and this blog will be running on queue. I'd tell you to reach me on WhatsApp or discord but I need Internet for that too, lol. So yeah, I'm fucked but I'm alive. Sorry.
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illfatedpartners · 2 hours ago
[small request: when I write a meme reply/starter for you, I would really appreciated if you liked it (or comment on it with an emoji or something, if you’d rather not have too many likes).  we know that tumblr isn’t the best at tagging/notifying people so I can’t be sure if you saw it or not. this goes for whether you wish to reply to it or not. similarly, if you write something for me and I don’t press that ‘like’ button, assume I have not seen it and feel free to let me know! THANK YOU!]
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wishfxljikan · 2 hours ago
This is going to be the last canon thread with Silvanus in the Lendys verse, I’m gonna be making this as heart breaking as possible, so uh.. watch out for Lendys’ mourning shortly after :’)
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one-abuse-survivor · 3 hours ago
Hi all! Since life is a bit overwhelming right now and I have more asks than usual in my inbox, I'm not going to be replying to them in order for the time being. As I say in my about, I try to more or less answer the oldest asks first, but right now I can't commit to that.
Thanks for understanding!
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tohruuhondaa · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hi everyone,
Just letting you all know this blog will be low activity for the next month and a half. I am moving and due to the nature of that I probably won’t be able to be on here as much!
This will be more of a queue blog for this short amount of time and I will answer asks etc when I am able to. Thank you so much! I am quite excited about this move but man is it a lot of work!
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lotsoffandomimagines · 3 hours ago
Recently I’ve been getting a couple requests and even though it’s written in my description, rules, and there’s a message when you click on my inbox I will remind everyone that requests are closed!
Any submissions sent to me will be deleted.
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