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#the loki series
lilbluebabyicicle9 minutes ago
Trying this trend:
Tell me you're a Loki fan, without actually telling me you're a Loki fan.
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helenakey18 minutes ago
Speaking about Loki's hair. I'm not necessarily a supporter of the Loki is coded as a POC character theory. HOWEVER I can recognize that he is part of a minority systematically persecuted by imperialism, and as a result he IS canonically ashamed of who he is, not to mention ignorant about most aspects of his own culture.
Having that in count, changing a hairstyle that made him look hideous which helped him "pass better" and look more like his adoptive family is such a big step forwards for him and I love that they included that cute little detail in the series. Like, this is an adopted-kid-butchering-their-hair-because-their-white-parents-don't-know-how-to-take-care-of-it case if I've ever seen one.
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secretlifeoffangirls18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
If this is our Loki, that means he eventually gets recaptured and collared again!
I wonder which episode this scene will appear in, and where the characters are located. Does Mobius still trust Loki, despite him running away?
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helenakey35 minutes ago
plp really be saying Loki acting loud/mischievous/flamboyant in the series is OCC because in the first movie he was depicted as being quiet and introverted, while completely disregarding the fact that in thor1 Loki was canonically suicidal and probably going through a manic depressive episode.
Like, girl. just say you don't want him to be happy
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thebiggestlokiushoe35 minutes ago
And finally done! ^^
A little gentle kiss between Lou and Moby 馃挒
My darlings 馃ぇ
Tumblr media
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tinytelepathy52 minutes ago
marvel stop making plots i just want a full length feature film of scott lang's house arrest
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missmajian hour ago
鈥淗ow did you shoot the opening slo-mo shot that B-15鈥檚 Time Stick caused?
If I remember correctly, we shot it in real time and at, like, 50 frames per second, which is slo-mo. I don鈥檛 remember hitting him slowly; I think I always did it in real time. But I think Tom moved as slowly as he possibly could, and he obviously has to hit the ground, so gravity will do its thing. He鈥檚 so good at all of that stuff. It didn鈥檛 need to be explained to him what he needed to do; he just did it. I was just like, 鈥淛ust tell me where to be, what to do and how to do it.鈥 And then we kind of laid it on top of each other. So we did it where I would hit him, and then he would do the thing. And then we did it where I would hit nothing, and he鈥檇 do his reaction without me hitting him. So I think we did it three different ways. And when I put the collar on him, I do remember him being there even though he was supposed to be moving in slow motion. I remember putting it on his neck, but I don鈥檛 know how they got it where my mouth was working at normal speed and he was working at slo-mo.聽
So Gugu Mbatha-Raw told me that the two of you had a tough time keeping a straight face when Tom had to do Loki鈥檚 powerless chest thrusts in the courtroom scene. Did Gugu break first, causing you to lose it?
(Laughs.) I think it was Gugu. It was really hard. He puts everything into his clenches, and it was just really cute to watch from behind. It was like, 鈥淎ww, poor thing. Poor love.鈥
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peppy-but-depressyan hour ago
Okay okay okay so I鈥檝e been thinking, did the Loki variants shown in the 1st episode (hulk Loki, runner Loki, frost giant Loki) screw up the timeline just for existing? Because logically it doesn鈥檛 make sense that there鈥檚 a frost giant Loki who is the same age as Loki because wouldn鈥檛 the tva have reset the timeline as soon as Loki wasn鈥檛 left alone as a baby and found and taken in by Odin since that鈥檚 what鈥檚 supposed to happen in the sacred timeline?
Or does the tva exist outside of parallel universes where they control the timeline of all universes? As said in Dr. Strange there are multiple universes and realities outside the plane of human reach, but the tva is one of those realities not perceived by humans or any other alien race in the mcu, so it鈥檚 completely understandable that they would control those realities as well.
We know that the tva only really deals with large scale events that throw the sacred timeline off course, does that mean that the changes to the timeline that lead to the differences between the Loki variants that cause them to look different were not big enough for the tva to intervene until that changes causes other more damaging affects to the timeline overall (like a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain)?
Or would all of the other Loki variants no matter their appearance, gender, race, etc, have caused the same result in the sacred timeline as the Loki that we know had (like for example, causing the death of Frigga, aiding to ensure the destruction of Asgard in Ragnorak, or the development of Thor after losing his brother to Thanos) and therefore they wouldn鈥檛 need to revert those small changes?
As said in Endgame by the sorcerer supreme the change to the past of one reality will doom the course of the other (which is what the tva works to prevent). But the 锟約orcerer supreme said realities whereas the tva says timelines so either the tva controls all of the realities/timelines or the reality we know of (the mcu) is one of the many strands of reality within the sacred timeline.
This would also explain why the tva aren鈥檛 concerned with Steve Rodgers going back in time and changing reality because his change only impacted the reality but not the sacred timeline. AND why Peter Evans (Ralph Bohner) was Pietro Maximoff in Wandavision by chance of the x men and mcu realities slightly colliding.
Tumblr media
AND AND this is the perfect set up into the second Dr Strange movie: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
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crzyprsn42an hour ago
I listen to holding out for a hero and my head plays a mix of Shrek and Loki fight-scenes.
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The M in Mobius M Mobius stands for "Maybe I am a monster"
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mimsyisgiannaan hour ago
Spoiler Free Review of Loki Episode 2
Wow. So the beginning of this episode gave me a little whiplash. Loki seems to be acting differently than he ever has, but... the more I think about it, is it ACTUALLY different? We never really knew much about Loki or how he was before the events of Thor 1 excluding the sparse, brief recollections we were given here and there from other people. This personality COULD be potentially truer than I first thought.
And while I felt a little rocky about the first half, the ending concluded things well for me and helped ease my mind about what happened at the beginning. We get to see Loki acting badass and we get to see some more emotions as well.
That ending though. Wow. Even though I saw that clip in the trailers and promos, I still didn鈥檛 exactly expect it to end that way. And on a cliff hanger no less! Now I have to wait another week (good job Marvel with viewer retention)!
Some suspicions and theories of mine were confirmed, others were either denied or left with uncertainty. In the end, this episode was still very enjoyable if not a bit of a whiplash like experience at first. Looking forward to episode 3!
Post Credit Scene: none
Times Owen Wilson said 鈥淲ow鈥: zero
Loki episode 2 鈥減lay by play鈥 text reaction (heavy spoilers)
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pansyofthesouthan hour ago
How are we gonna cope when at the climax of a fighting scene (in the water, if I may add) Mobius shows up in a Jet Ski to save Loki? How are we going to be able to continue living? Will we even want to go on? When all of our dreams have already been fulfilled?
AlsO: When the Jet Ski gets destroyed bc baby Moby has never actually driven one before, Loki will say "I'm sorry about your Jet Ski, I know it reminded you of what you're fighting for"
And Moby will say "Yeah well, I'm fighting for something new now... And I think I found a new way of remembering whom I fighting for"
And then they kiSS-
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kamwasherean hour ago
isn鈥檛 it hilarious that taylor swift wrote getaway car for tom hiddleston and now it鈥檚 such a prominent song for (mobius and) loki.... who is played by tom hiddleston.....
Tumblr media
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unbeatable-tippytoe2 hours ago
Wait, isn鈥檛 this Loki (Loki series Loki) mentally, like, 16-17 in mortal years?
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slytherclaw20052 hours ago
Mobius: I like your shirt!
Loki: Thanks... *remembers Mobius likes bad boys* I stole it *remembers Mobius also likes nice guys* from an old man I was helping walk across the street.
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