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#Loki Laufeyson
sunnibits · 8 minutes ago
Omg this is so sad Alexa play Body Terror Song
Ok but seriously I still have very little skill in editing but I think you should all be sad about Loki with me
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superdogbiter · 10 minutes ago
Hunter B-15:”Did you two sleep together?”
Hunter B-15:”Double negative,that’s a yes”
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pen-arana · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Short: Bubblegum | Loki & Reader 
508 words
You blew the candy from your mouth, creating a nice, blue ball of... something. The god couldn’t quite figure it out. If logic serves, it must be air in there. Though, he couldn’t fathom how anything expansive and rubber-like could possibly be edible. Much less healthy. You met his stare, unparsing his train of thought. “Bubblegum. It’s bubblegum.”
He eyed the stick of thinner sticks in your hand, an inviting blue design with translucent balls on the cover. ‘Kabl--’ was the only thing he could make out. The god tilted his head? “Of course I know it’s bubblegum. It’s the... color I’m curious about. It’s much too rich for regular candy.”
Right. He’s well versed, for sure. Rather cocky, if first impressions stood for anything. “It’s a pretty blue, yeah. Even tastes like it. I try not to get too carried away. I’ve swallowed one too many bubblegum as it is.”
The last statement seemed to strike him as odd. You knew he was a ‘god’ or something. They wouldn’t tell you much, but you figured bubble gum was the last of things one should be confused about. His face morphed to a wide, shallow grin. “You say it like it’s not par for the course.” Distress and curiosity was written all over his face. Stranger still was his open body language. Hands on his hips, hair in place, and feet pointing right at you.
“It gets stuck in your body for years. Or that’s what I hear. I do know it feels wrong when you do.”
“It’s candy. You’re supposed to finish it up in one sitting and end it straight to your stomach. That’s absurd.”
You pulled a tab out from the small, rectangular box looking thing in your hand and offered it to him. Though this was your intention, the swift open palm to the wrist would make anyone think otherwise. The gesture did seem akin to a swift knife out of the sleeve. His face was colder now. Jewel tone blue or green eyes you couldn’t quite tell shooting daggers. If looks could kill. “Trust issues? Oh. I remember now.” You chuckled softly to yourself. “God of Mischief. Well, do you want any... what did you say your name was?”
The variant scanned you from head to toe, looking for any openings, threats, warnings; any semblance of anything he can use against you. Sky blue polo close collared polo, brown, patterned tie and cream pleated dress pants, there wasn’t much to find you any different than the others in the TVA. But with your hand outstretched unmoving, calm, collected, gentle, and most of all unassuming, he felt comfortable. The most comfortable he could be with a stranger in an elevator.
He carefully took two strips from your stack, switching glares between that, your, face, and the stack but with your other arm in focus. “Loki.”
“Y/N. I know you didn’t ask, but hey.” You shrugged, a small smile on your face, “So you know who to look for if you want any candy.” 
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eyesmilebb · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This actually means Loki owns Marvel Universe.
(He deserves so much more after removing him from the intro years ago. They better give us 10 seasons of Loki.)
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blackberrybucky · 31 minutes ago
Hi! Could you do a Loki drabble with the prompt "How is my wife more badass than me?"
anywhere you go, i'll follow you down
A/N: hi bby!! i hope you like this!!💕
summary: you catch a bug that evades loki
distraction drabbles
Tumblr media
It starts with a cricket. The tiny creature jumps onto Loki’s foot and sends him stumbling backwards.
“Blasted thing,” he grumbles.
He grabs a nearby magazine, tries to land a good hit on the bug, but instead it jumps around the kitchen.
Just as Loki is about to give up, simply live with the awful bug, there you are.
You’re still in pajamas, obviously straight out of bed. You pull a glass from the cabinet and a note card from the drawer as you walk over. Quickly, you put the glass over the bug, slide the card under it and pick it up.
Loki gapes. “How is my wife more badass than me?”
“That’s obviously why you married me.” You chuckle. Nodding towards the window, you ask, “Could you open that for me?”
Loki, still a bit awestruck by you, does as you ask.
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getmepizzza · 31 minutes ago
Shuri: I’m cold, brother
T’Challa: wait here, I’ll get you a jacket
Thor: I’m cold too
Loki: want me to set you on fire?
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timetroublingtrickster · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shh-Shhake-Shake-Shake (Tom Hiddleston as Loki Laufeyson in Loki s1ep02 “The Variant”)
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taleibo · 35 minutes ago
"Do I wanna know If this feelin' flows both ways? Sad to see you go, was sorta hopin' that you'd stay..."
Tumblr media
I had to, after the ending of episode 2 🥺
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ffilmz · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐋𝐨𝐤𝐢 (2021), directed by Kate Herron
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superdogbiter · 38 minutes ago
Loki:”I’m a guy with impossibly high standards”
Mobius:”I know the key to great power and i like jet ski’s”
Loki:”Oh,you’re meeting all my standards”
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wolfpup026 · 39 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Resurrecting this blog to post Loki drawings
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tpwkbeige · 41 minutes ago
I'm crying (on the inside) because there's only loki spoilers in my dashboard
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bixofmidgard · 45 minutes ago
There needs to be more video clips of the Loki series. I want to hear his voice
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Mobius:”Hey Loki,ask me what kind of tree i have”
Loki:”I’m not asking you-”
Mobius:”Loki,just ask me what kind of tree i have”
Loki heavy sighing:”Fine,what kind of tree do you-”
Mobius,pointing to a christmas tree that has a picture of Chris Pine taped to it:”It’s a Chris Pine”
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generalfoolish · an hour ago
Tumblr media
No Prisoners
Prompt #488:
“You kissed me.”
“You kissed me back.”
“And I’m not here to apologize.”
Day Two of the Follower Party!
Pairing: Loki x GN!reader
Word Count: 350
Warnings: 18+ Mentions of gore, violence, death, smooching
A/N: Day two is a little Loki one shot! I kind of pictured this in the Mayhem Times Infinity universe, but it can be a stand alone! All prompts from @creativepromptsforwriting Top Ten!
As always, let me know if you want to be tagged!
You panted heavily, and took a second to prod the slash across your side. The wound was weeping blood, but not at an alarming rate. You’d live. You scanned frantically for Loki, he had just been beside you. You had lost him amongst the sea of warriors. Your adrenaline was crashing, somehow, and your middle was throbbing. You screamed his name, a strangled thing that sounded foreign to your ears.
Without warning the green mist appeared beside you.
“What is it, darling? Are you injured?” His face was twisted tight with concern and fury. You shook your head.
“I mean kind of, but I lost you. I thought I had lost you.” You scrambled, fighting off a new wave of creatures. He flipped a dagger into one of the warriors coming at you hard, and cast a new wave of himself to fight at your backs.
“You could not, even if you tried.” He told you, his voice tight with emotion. He closed the small distance between you and his lips crashed to your own. It was heated, but rushed. A frantic melding of lips, and they were gone too soon.
“You kissed me.” You told him, dumbly. Sure, you had flirted. Sure, you had wanted to kiss him. You never thought it would happen, though. He smiled, a blinding thing that danced into his emerald eyes.
“You kissed me back.” He was studying you with wonder, as if you would disappear if he let his eyes wander for even a moment.
“And I’m not here to apologize, Mayhem.” You told him, going on your tiptoes and pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. You rolled back onto your heels, using your momentum to throw you into your next attack as you opened a portal beneath a few creatures, sending them into the collapsing black hole.
You threw Loki a smile over your shoulder as he absorbed his casts, and threw a few daggers in quick succession. You had a new reason to survive this, you realized.
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