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#mobius m. mobius
superdogbiter · 15 minutes ago
Mobius,shining a flashlight under Loki’s bed:”Loki,are you ready to come out and socialize?”
Loki:*Demonice screeching and hissing*
Mobius:”Understandable,have a good day”
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madsmylittlemeowmeow · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Has this been done yet?
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multi-muse-transect · 18 minutes ago
Calling it now: The Time Keepers will be voiced by Kevin Feige, Lois D’Esposito, and Victoria Alonso (or Sarah Finn) 
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mischievous-thunder · 34 minutes ago
Mobius: Why did you flex your pecs right after your Asgardian outfit was destroyed on day 1?
Loki: What? I didn't-
Mobius: You know very well that you did.
Loki: *Smiles innocently*
Mobius: So, my question is why and I need an answer immediately. I M M E D I A T E L Y!
Loki, grinning: So you were observing!
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superdogbiter · 41 minutes ago
Talking about the dangerous Loki variant
Hunter B-15:”It’s nothing we can’t handle”
Loki and Mobius:”It’s everything that we can’t handle”
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lokicoded · 42 minutes ago
Mobius, about Loki: I can fix him
Loki, about Mobius: I can make him worse :)
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bagel-rights-activist · 43 minutes ago
Short lokius ficlet :) idek when this is supposed to take place, I just wanted to write something
He was just… too nice.
Pleasantries weren’t uncommon on Asgard, especially when Loki was a child. But he hadn’t exactly endeared himself to very many people lately—not Earth, not the Avengers, not his family, certainly not the TVA—and yet Mobius joked with him.
Well. Joking at him may have been a better descriptor. Loki wasn’t very keen on returning the gesture.
“You know,” Mobius said, guiding Loki through a hall, “you seem like a funny type of guy.”
Loki raised a brow. Mobius backtracked.
“Not that that’s a bad thing, we get lots of those, but I figured you’d wanna know that folks around here are a little, y’know,” Mobius gave a thumbs down, “gloomy. Might not be enchanted by your antics.”
“Antics?” Loki inquired, defensive.
“I know you know what I mean. The sarcasm. The self-righteousness. Trying to impress everyone.”
“I don’t do that.”
“You do, actually. I know you do, remember?” Mobius led them through a large door that led to yet another corridor. “The TVA knows everything about you, Loki Laufeyson. And you do, without a doubt, ‘do that’. Don’t worry, I think it’s charming.” He stopped at a door and opened it, revealing a storage space of sorts, gray file cabinets lined up compactly against white and orange walls.
Loki scrunched his nose. Charming? A better adjective than he’d expected. It was a characteristic he may have attributed to himself, yes, but-
“Come on, stop walking so slow.”
Loki realized he’d lagged behind in his daze. He sped up, steps echoing loudly, and offered a remark: “I thought you said that I was the one who loved to talk.”
“You are,” Mobius said. “But you don’t really seem in the mood. Besides, I’m a talkative guy myself.” He pulled a drawer open, looking through numerous files as he spoke.
Loki stared dumbly, not exactly sure what to make of this situation. Too nice. Mobius was too nice. Nicer than most Loki had met in a while. The sentiment felt foreign, and yet the God of Mischief himself allowed it to burrow deep down, nesting in his thoughts, a seed planted.
Charming. He thinks I’m charming.
Mobius found whatever it was he’d been looking for, and Loki promptly pushed down the warm tightness in his chest, resolving to think on it later.
Reblogs appreciated <3
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messrmoonyy · 58 minutes ago
Disney is queer baiting me again with mobius and Loki and I am again taking the bait
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birate-threep · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I’ll never learn my fucking lesson, will I? 
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strawbwrry-cheesecake · an hour ago
Okay but the one thing I really want from the Loki series is some kind of showdown where Mobius ends up hurt alone in some place and then a few seconds later Loki comes running to him to make sure his boyfriend coworker(?) is okay, but then suddenly another Loki enters the scene and appears just as concerned for Mobius as the first one and Loki desperately tries to convince Mobius that he is actually the real Loki and not the Variant/Enchantress but Mobius is hurt and confused and downright terrified and-
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bixofmidgard · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Joke’s on you, the only one who suffers from my obsession is literally everyone else but me.
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Mobius:”We can’t go to CVS anymore”
Mobius:”I thought the CVS guy was going to ask about the rewards program but he said “enjoy your night” and i said “not today thanks” and left”
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ghost-spidey · an hour ago
To all the people who were betting on Mobius 's middle name being Mobius
"Mr. Mobius Mobius Mobius is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. ... Mobius is portrayed by Owen Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ series Loki (2021)."
Plz for the sake of your fandom Ask Google
Thank You And Have A Nice Day/Night!
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tomandjerrydatingsim · an hour ago
people agreeing that the ‘M.’ in ‘Mobius M. Mobius’ stands for ‘Mobius’ is the funniest fucking thing to come out of the Loki tv show so far
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Mobius,with a poster board:”There’s only one thing worse than a variant”*Pulls down a paper*
Poster board:*Child variant*
Loki,looking at the camera:”A child”
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corikane · an hour ago
Well, that was interesting. I spent a couple of hours yesterday nursing a perfectly good theory about what that second episode means only to have it almost completely fall apart on a rewatch – tv will do you like that sometimes. But, yes, Loki does have my attention now. Episode 2 The Variant Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has agreed to help Mobius (Owen Wilson) find the other Variant Loki but, of…
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whispering-about-loki · an hour ago
Mobius: Can I trust you?
Loki: Why, what a ridiculous question!
Mobius: Can I trust you?!?
Loki: Well, frankly, no.
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mischievous-thunder · 2 hours ago
Loki: I've decided to ride what you offered me yesterday. It'll be worth it.
Casey: What are you going to ride, Loki?
Ravonna: Yeah, what's he going to ride, Mobius?
Mobius: At this point, even if I say that he's talking about a bicycle, you won't believe me.
Casey: So, it's a bicycle.
Ravonna: Or is it...
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