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#loki headcanon
thepilotanon · 10 hours ago
What would it be like to be Loki's best friend?
If you’re Loki’s best friend, he’s going to be the type to break into your bedroom and shake you awake at 3AM and whisper all excited “Hey, want to go do something possibly illegal and will alert Area 51?”. If you’re Loki’s best friend, he’s going to go all out when it comes to movie night, making a whole chocolate cake and offer you a fork and let you have at it before he consumes the rest of it. If you’re Loki’s best friend, he is going have you join in on the pranks and chaos he starts just for the fun of it, but also make sure you’re safe and unharmed from his more “explosive” jokes that he pulls on Thor or whoever is suppose to be authority to him.
I know this makes me look “old”, but this is how I see Loki and his best friend. And then there’s this - is definitely Loki as a best friend. I would also imagine you would educate him on memes and jokes and slangs and watch him GO OFF around Thor and other Asgardians. You would take pride in the fact that Loki (while not entirely embracing the Midgard Life), likes to confuse everyone and make him appear superior with his modern Midgard knowledge. (Oh, and this is Loki after he goes to the dentist for the first time - ignore the family titles, replace it with members of the Avengers - you definitely LOVE recording funny experiences with Loki, because you’re THAT best friend).
Why should I even say it, when it’s obvious that you and Loki will deck out in your best clothes, makeup and jewels and take over the town by spending nights at clubs and bars?? Loki has your back, of course, should anything bad happen, and he always makes sure you come back home safe and carefully tucked into bed. He takes care of you by removing your shoes and dressing you in your sleepwear (if you’re okay with that. Brief nudity between best friends isn’t as awkward to me, regardless of their preferred gender tbh).
Loki doesn’t listen to anyone. No authority, no king, no obnoxious big brother who promises him to hang him by his toes over a melting pool of lava for three days...but he will listen to you. Someone is about to give him an opinion on something he’s about to do? He’s going to silence them with the hand all “I don’t care about your opinion, I’m speaking to he/her/them, you boring cretin.”
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 10 hours ago
The Dark Team (part 8)
<<Previous part Masterlist   Next part>>
Join the taglist in here (Taglist: @lucywrites02, @louieboo87, @the-departed-potato, @jesuswasnotawhiteman)
Warnings: violence, near death experience, suicidal consideration.
Tumblr media
With all the information you needed in your head, you ran up to the hotel room. Loki and Bucky were wandering around the neighborhood, handling the “incognito” part of the mission very poorly. But you’d be soon back with them, you just needed to grab the suits, some more information and a scribbled map, and you’d be back on the streets, fighting criminals or… whatever the Hell those two were doing.
It was just a matter of time until you finally got the stick. What did it have that Tony Stark feared so much to be in the wrong hands, you would never know. Unless you grabbed the stick before giving it to him and found out yourself, of course (but no, that would be irresponsible, an invasion, all levels of illegal and probably would result in getting you in jail, or maybe even assassinated).
It sounded good, though.
After what felt like a thousand stairs later, you finally arrived at your room. Grabbing the doorknob while inserting the key, you realized it was already open. You stopped. Was anyone in there? You weren’t the last one to come out that morning, so you weren’t sure you closed it well. Bucky was; and he was generally distracted on those details. He would sleep on them because he can take anyone, he’s a supersoldier, after all.
You didn’t let go of the doorknob, and opened very carefully as to not make any noise. Damn, if I just had my gun with myself this would be much easier, you thought for the hundredth time on the mission. You made a mental note on not leaving the room without a gun ever again.
If it wasn’t bad enough, you didn’t bring any communicators with your teammates on. What for? The last part of the mission was done with all of you together. It made sense you’d sleep on it too.
You stopped the self-loathing on your last few decisions and thought about who or what could be on the other side of the door. It couldn’t be someone who wanted the information you’d already collected, because you informed absolutely no one about it. Not even Stark. And you had made sure nobody followed you or heard your steps. So, it had to be someone from the Hydra base. Someone who would think you had the stick with yourself, and wanted it back.
Basing your actions on that speculation, you calculated the time and risks to get to your gun and suit before you’d get attacked, if the agent was still in there. You could only assume it was an agent. What else would Hydra have, in the middle of 2021?
Alright, you thought. Maybe it’s empty already. I only get one chance.
You slammed open the door and ran to your suit and gun as fast as you could, suiting up with a button, and, in a matter of seconds, you were against a wall with your Beretta 92 pointing at whoever could come and attack you.
Silence and adrenaline filled the room. You looked around, and nothing moved. Not a single sound. Not even a fly.
“Whoever’s here, I don’t have it. I swear, I don’t have it”, you said, still with your gun up. “And I don’t know who has it, yet”.
No answer. You looked around a little, opening some doors and looking under the beds, but it really seemed like you were alone now. Someone had definitely been there; your papers were all disorganized and some chairs were on the floor. The window had a gunshot. But whoever went there, saw there was nothing they wanted and left, not long ago. Maybe you could even seek them with the street cameras.
You walked to the window and traced the gunshot with your fingertips. You recognized the bullet; Bucky had used them before, as the Winter Soldier. Looking outside you recognized in the distance, about three blocks away, the unmistakable figures of your teammates.
A cocking gun in your nape brought you back to the room. You didn’t turn around just yet, waiting for some talking (they usually talk, they don’t want you dead; they rather want your information. Quite difficult to take from if you won’t be able to answer). After some more silence, you turned around violently and tried to kick the (huge, even bigger than Thor) man’s gun off. Instead, he grabbed your leg and pushed you to the floor.
Maybe you weren’t exactly awesome when it came to hand-in-hand combat, alright?
Pointing your gun at him from the floor, you tried to get up, and as soon as you felt him get closer to grab your gun, you shot. You made sure to not actually shoot him; just close enough for him to think you were going to shoot him if he got close. He didn’t get fazed at the shot; didn’t flinch, didn’t even blink. Instead, grabbed your gun and bent it as if it were melted plastic.
Holy fucking shit.
Good news were, now you knew what exactly was in that stick. Bad news, it was already in the wrong hands.
“Chemistry works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it, fella?”, you asked the supersoldier standing in front of you. “When did they serum-ed you? You might be experiencing some side effects”, you chatted, waiting for your teammates, hoping they’d walk a little bit faster. Hopefully, they’d heard the shooting and realized you were in trouble. They didn’t know exactly how much trouble you were in, though.
“You do realize the more you talk, the faster I’ll have to kill you, right?” said he, finally.
“What’s your name? Can’t see you with your weird mask on” you said, standing up slowly. “Let me guess… you must be familiar with James, right?”.
The supersoldier blinked in confusion, and charged his gun, pointing it directly at your forehead.
“You have exactly ten seconds to tell me how you know about James. Ten”.
“Must be a very difficult experience”.
“To be so close, yet so far away”.
“You know, it’d do you wonders some therapy maybe. To process the whole James thing”.
“You sound like Monica Geller”.
“You’ll get bored of counting, eventually”.
“Alright, pack it up”.
You sighed and rolled your eyes.
“I don’t know anything about that James, it was a wild guess. Everyone is called James these days”, you explained. He stopped counting but pressed the gun harder against your head.
“Quit the mocking. Give me the stick and I’ll let you live”.
“There’s no way you’re letting me live. I already know Hydra has some more supersoldiers, and I guess the thing in the stick is the formula, isn’t it? Give me the secret formula, spongebob, right?”. The man realized you were just making time, and tried to grab your wrists. “Took you long enough to notice. Soldiers are not the brightest, let me tell you”.
As he tried to lock your wrists, you used all your body weight to push him out of the window. Terrible idea. He was at least five times stronger, and instead of your original plan, the one getting thrown off a nine-floor window now were you.
Bucky and Loki were a block away, and all they saw was a tiny speck on the sky, getting rapidly closer to the street. It didn’t take them much thinking until they realized that speck was you, flying off the hotel room. Loki took impulse and teleported himself as fast as he could to the nearest floor you were currently passing, and grasped your arm and hand with his both hands, holding himself with only his legs from a balcony.
Hanging from just one arm, with seven tall floors behind your feet, you tried your best to not look down. Oh, heights weren’t your best friend, much less the possibility of a bad movement and instantly dying right there. You could only think in how lucky you were your teammate had quick reflexes, and how idiotic you were to think you could’ve possibly taken that man by your own. He bent your gun with his bare hands, for God’s sake. You looked down, and saw the supersoldier already fighting with Bucky on the streets. Your face turned even paler as you observed how tall you were. Everything was tiny below you.
“Look at me”, said Loki, with a calm voice. You redirected your gaze to him. His eyes. There was a glimpse in his eyes, showing something. Your own emotions weren’t allowing you to actually concentrate on his face expressions, anyways. He sensed it, and repeated. “Look at me, don’t look down. I’m here”.
You met his eyes once again and this time you didn’t leave them. There it was. His eyes irradiated pure and raw panic. Fear. No, not even fear; terror. What was he terrified of? Terror of losing you? Why would he care so much? Why would he care that deeply? It didn’t matter now, for you were definitely dying. His grip was strong, but your hand was starting to numb and you were losing strength. You were dizzy and sweating, frightened. He gripped harder and it pained you.
“Hold on to me. Do not let go, I'm here”, he said. His words were tranquil and reassuring, trying to keep it as undisturbed as he could, but a drop of desperation cracked his voice. “Hold strong, I’m lifting you up”.
“Don’t. You’ll fall down. You can’t take this height either” you said without hiding your dread. Your tight throat did the job and your eyes watered. That was it, you thought. And it was. There was no way Loki could lift you without him falling down too. And even if there was a possibility, why would he risk his long and meaningful life for the sake of yours? “Let me go, Loki”.
“I’m not letting you go”.
“You’ll die”.
“No, and you won’t either. Hold onto my grip”, he assured you without leaving any room for discussion, trying to lift your body and almost tripping in the process. He gasped and you left out a whine.
“Stop it, I’m not letting you go”, he said, less calm than he’d have liked to. “I’m not letting you go”, he repeated, almost in a whisper.
In a struggle, he brought you into the balcony he was hanging from. Your legs were shaking, as you laid on the marble floor by his side. Both of you breathless, looked at each other without saying a word. After a brief moment, you took his hand and squeezed it gently, not ever breaking eye contact.
“You saved me. Thank you”.
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thepilotanon · 13 hours ago
I feel like Loki is the type of person who panics on the inside when holding a baby "what if I drop accidentally drop it"
-screams into pillows-
HONESTLY, YEAH. It would take him a minute to be comfortable holding a baby, even with tons of help on how to correctly hold them, and then he looks like he’s okay with it - but he’s still on edge because the baby makes sounds and he doesn’t know what it means! He mentally freaks and goes on a tirade of “Alright, so the baby just grunted at me; did I hold her/him too tight? Did she/he not like that?? Should I return her/him back over? I NEED HELP.” I don’t think he would ever drop a baby, thank goodness, but he definitely worries over the possibility!
Loki doesn’t mind babies. He probably handles babies better than children, honestly, because they seem to tolerate him better - if that makes sense. If a baby fusses, cries or whatever, he will worry that he’s doing something wrong, but will remain calm and try to figure out how to soothe the baby. If a baby throws up a little bit on his clothes or dirties their diaper while he holds them, Loki will not blame the baby or make a big fuss about it. He knows how babies can’t control themselves and are defenseless, and he would probably just twitch his nose and be like “No matter. I can fix this.”
Of course, Loki would be better at dealing with his own babies in comparison to other people’s babies, just because he knows babies and infants are unique and different. He would most definitely be more at ease and comfortable with his own child than others, but he would be patient enough to try and figure out how to help the other, should he be put on babysitting duty (which is extremely rare) and make sure the baby is safe and comfortable until being returned to their parent.
I imagine times where Loki offers his finger to a fussy baby and they take it with all their might, and he will just stay there until the baby decides to let him go. If a baby falls asleep against him, Loki will refuse to move in fear that he may accidentally wake them (imagine Thor and Loki doing a silent charades for him to be left alone before he wakes the baby with his loud stomping). If a baby just stops crying at the sight of Loki, he will keep himself within their sights, knowing how it gives the parent a break (even though he never expects the parent to thank him).
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thepilotanon · 15 hours ago
If Loki fell in love with his best friend but they wanted to be friends only but started a relationship with someone else, how would Loki react/handle that? Could he handle that?
I’m assuming this is a response to this previous post about Loki.
I have said that, even if you were to reject or turn down Loki’s feelings, he would at least want to still stay friends. As much as it might hurt him to not be able to grow that relationship romantically, it still means a lot to him if you would still be his friend. It will be awkward at first, but it should be able to return to some form of normalcy and can still be happy in each other’s presence. He may sulk and be down about it for a while, but he takes your happiness over his own (even though you’ve told him that his happiness matters, too) and will “move on”.
If you were to begin a relationship with someone else, it would hurt Loki - but only a little bit. He would still be happy for you, seeing you lightly fawn and be drunk on the idea of being in love, once it grows, and will give you his undying support. Hell, he would help you pick out your outfit for date nights, listen to all your concerns and worries about your feelings and relationship, and even give you advice that helps. Loki likes seeing you happy and that’s honestly enough for him, even if he still has feelings for you.
I can see if, when the relationship with the other person doesn’t work out, or something happens that leaves you heartbroken or upset and questioning your own worth, Loki is going to go berserk. While he will give you support, tucking you in a blanket with all your comfort foods and favorite movies, he will kindly excuse himself and go after your (ex)partner. He promised you that he wouldn’t physically harm or kill them, but he will use all his power to make his rage and threats known to the other of the mistake of causing your tears. I even see him holding them by knifepoint, warning them that, should they harm you any more than they already have, he will not hesitate to paint their blood on the walls of their home and parade their head on a stick.
It should be known that Loki will always hold a certain feeling for you, no matter what. Whether he eventually falls out of his idea of being in love with you and manages to truly move on, he will still want to take care of you and support you with all his heart. He knows better than to hold on to you like a drug, but he treasures your friendship just as much as he would, if you would be together romantically - it matters to him.
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thepilotanon · 16 hours ago
jealous loki headcanons maybe?
I’ve done “possessive” Loki once, if you’re curious about my opinion on that. Although, jealousy is very different from being possessive, especially with Loki.
Loki says that he doesn’t get jealous...but it can be easy to see how he can be jealous, but in a sneaky way. Like, for example, if you’re chatting with someone that Loki knows has a crush on you, he will randomly come up to you, dip you back in his arms and kiss you breathless. It leaves you confused and dazed for a few minutes, but Loki just smiles affectionately and lets you carry on with your chat (maybe sneak a deadly glare to whoever you’re speaking to, just reminding them that you’re taken).
If you think Loki is showing jealous behavior and you call him out on it, he will be a bit of a grump - because he doesn’t want to be that type of partner who is easily jealous. You know he isn’t, but it still builds over time and he keeps it in. If you were to tell Loki that everything is okay, that you’re not interested in anyone else and will easily shut down anyone flirting with you, he will calm down a bit. However, given that there has been people who have left him for others, it’s difficult. Loki trusts you, of course, but he will still have some worries or nightmares of the what-ifs.
It would probably be good to spoil Loki with attention and affection in public. While he doesn’t necessarily mind the PDA around others (he kinda likes it when people notice that he’s not as alone as they assume him to be), he does feel a little guilty that you feel like you have to prove yourself to him - which isn’t the case. He’s more jealous of other people feeling confident that they can overpower him or be better than him for you, but he doesn’t outright say it. Loki does appreciate the attention you’re giving him, though.
I honestly think it takes a while and effort to form a solid relationship with Loki, whether platonic or romantic, but it’s critical to communicate and be honest with him about both of your feelings. Even if it’s hard to talk about being jealous (for what would be, to him, very small) it works out when he’s allowed to be open about his feelings with you, and makes your relationship stronger than before.
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loaficat · 17 hours ago
loki who is touch starved and has touch aversion at the same time. he craves touch and affection so badly, but he doesn’t want to get hurt. (post-avengers 1)
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tinyyoungblood · 18 hours ago
ok i have had this idea 5EVER so here it is: how ab a peter parker x stark!reader where the two of them have to go on a mission back in time to get smth from young tony in his MIT days? literally just straight humor and fluff while very aggressively ignoring the events of endgame. i hope that makes sense! much love for u and ur writing babe <3
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
a/n: tysm fren <3 i’m sorry this took so long, but every time i looked at it my brain just went poof. i also changed it to avenger!reader because we know MIT!tony is a shameless flirt and i didn’t want to pull a back to the future so i hope that’s okay. enjoy x
              ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
chilling in the 80s with tony and peter
y/n and peter have no idea why they’re going back in time. there was no briefing, no call, not even a text message
they find out on twitter because tony tweeted “it’s not irresponsible to send minors back in time, right? be honest” and it immediately trends and appears on the news
everyone’s collective response is “yes?”
steve’s response is a super low-quality imagine of himself, shot from a bad angle and in horrible lighting where all he does is lift an eyebrow while staring blankly at the camera
sam: if i had a dollar for every pixel in this image, i’d have 15 cents
vision: actually, i did the math, you’d would have $225, not $0.15
sam: dude…
the image turns into a global meme and peter prints out about a dozen signed t-shirts to sell them on etsy
(boy has a college education to pay and he will NOT take handouts from tony)
(tony still buys five boxes)
peter is half livid, half concerned when he finds out
“i told you i don’t want charity” “don’t flatter yourself. i bought them for myself” “nobody needs 200 identical t-shirts” *tony, clutching his steve shirt* “that was uncalled for and for WHAT”
the time machine looks like a back to the future rip-off which makes steve very happy because he “understood that reference :)”
everyone is emotional when peter and y/n have to leave and loki stops by to hand out handkerchiefs so they can all act like it’s the 1800s and they got nothing to do but watch ships sail off at the harbour
peter and y/n on the other hand are Super Duper Geeked™
y/n is so excited, she doesn’t even bother with her luggage. she just tosses it in bucky’s general direction, not caring that he has to sprint like a cartoon character to catch it
“kid treats me like her loyal servant”
nat, walking by: “well, aren’t you?”
bucky, voice cracking: “shut up”
they quickly find out that time traveling is unpleasant. it feels like being stuck in a vacuum cleaner but in an acceptably cool way
bruce gives them his video camera to record everything since it’s the “biggest scientific advance in history” or whatever but they don’t film any of that
half of the footage is y/n and peter making faces at the camera and the other half is y/n doing absolutely nothing while peter is secretly filming
peter drinks his ✨simping juice✨ religiously so he honestly has no idea why he was given filming privileges in the first place
they arrive in 1987 and do a double take because everything looks straight up fake
“you sure this isn’t a coca-cola commercial” *peter shrugs while squinting at the empire strikes back movie poster across the street*
they go clothes shopping in an effort to blend in and it’s a mom jeans paradise. y/n grabs about 50 of them for herself before chasing peter through the store with a pile of neon-coloured windbreakers and denim jackets
they tease each other’s hair and use so much hair spray that peter cannot physically open his eyes for about 40 seconds
he ends up wearing a washed-out pair of jeans and a hideous green button up that has a geometric pattern and everything is way too big on him but y/n can’t stop glancing at him bc he somehow makes it look good and it’s. very confusing
“i look ridiculous” “well…” “i look like a side character from full house” “yea I don’t think that’s an issue”
they make a detour to check out current music. they spend at least 2 hours in a sketchy corner shop to go through underground bands no one has ever heard of and leave with a stack of vinyl records although neither of them owns record players
they also pick up some slang terms as they’re walking to the bus stop and they use them excessively
“barf me out! that’s so grody!! seriously gag me with a spoon!!!” “y/n, all i asked if you wanted ketchup with those fries”
they finally arrive at MIT and peter is in ~love~. boy has never seen anything more beautiful. he sprints across the campus like it’s an amusement park and y/n is this close to leaving him in the 80s (she doesn’t)
“what do you think tony will look like?” “i hope he has a rat tail or a mullet or both”
he has neither. in fact, tony looks so unexpectantly Hot™ leaning against that random water fountain that peter has to physically close y/n’s mouth before she drools on the prestigious floor
they don’t even have to approach them bc tony spots y/n first and saunters up to her like the shameless flirt he is
y/n plays along and their banter goes back and forth until peter has to pinch himself to make sure that he hasn’t evaporated into thin air again
peter’s eventually sick of it and goes “hi, i’m y/n’s boyfriend and you have a cookie recipe we want 😠”
y/n, grinning: “you’re just jealous bc this is what 2000’s romcoms wish they had”
tony is bamboozled
they go back to tony’s dorm and tony asks them what their deal is and at this point they don’t even care anymore
they tell him everything and once they’re done, tony just slowly takes a sip from his root beer and says nothing
*peter and y/n blinking at him* “you’re not surprised that you invented time traveling, are you” “i’m honestly disappointed that it took me so long”
they go out for some frozen yoghurt because it’s the author’s world and it’s a headcanon stable at this point (don’t mind the fourth wall collapsing) and it’s a genuine remake of “alone in new york”. these three are having a field day with tony’s credit card
with a few thousand bucks poorer, they part ways and peter and y/n go back to 2021
peter’s filming y/n as she’s rattling off 35 types of sweet potatoes when the elevator door opens and the avengers are standing in the middle of the hallway to greet them, each of them grinning like fools except for tony
peter slowly zooms in on tony’s glare and then pans over to where he’s pointing at on his arm. before the camera could even focus, tony whips around and leaves severus-snape-style
later that day, another one of tony’s tweets trends on twitter
“for the love of god, never let peter and y/n travel back in time to hang out with your younger self otherwise you’ll end up with a matching tattoo of a chicken leg that you paid for in 1987”
steve prints out the tweet, laminates it, hangs it on the fridge, and responds with a three-pixel picture of him standing in front of it while going 😀👍
* * *
i don’t know what this is lmao stay hydrated <3
headcanon masterlist || normal masterlist
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paigejj · a day ago
maybe some headcanons on what it would be like to be close friends with loki? love u<3
Tumblr media
being close friends with Loki
yes thank you for the request! i love you too :P
• I feel like he’d tease you A LOT because he likes to see you all shy
• Very protective over you, no one messes with you, if they do they have to go through Loki
• Takes you to Asgard sometimes
• Tries to be a better person for you
• Honestly just wants the best for you
• Calls you ‘love’ just to see you blush
• You two love spending time together and honestly if you could yous would be together 24/7
• Always looking out for each other no matter what
• He's very thankful for you being there for him, he may not show it a lot but he is thankful
• If you tell him to stop doing something he stops immediately
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The Dark Team (part 7)
<<Previous part Masterlist   Next part>>
Join the taglist in here (Taglist: @lucywrites02, @louieboo87, @the-departed-potato, @jesuswasnotawhiteman)
Warnings: mentions of suicide and murder, awfully cheesy petnames (yes I have to put a warning on that).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The streets were so cold you had to rub your hands to your neck as you walked. You had only one piece of information that could’ve been possibly linked to that murder, and therefore that stick.
Saying you weren’t worried about being very undercover was a lie; an almost seven feet tall “man” that dressed like a millionaire, and a man with a metal prosthesis and abnormal sized muscles were not exactly the definition of discrete, much less once they were being categorized as “wanted”.
“Are you sure it’s this way?” asked Loki impatiently.
“And why…?”.
“Stop torturing me with questions you know the answer of. Shut it and let me do my thing”.
“What is exactly your thing?”.
“Trying to not stab you in the balls, if you keep being this annoying”.
“Alright, guys, keep it down”, mediated Bucky. His role in the team was starting to be more and more like a third wheel in a car that’s trying to break down purposely, and he hated every second of it. “Can’t wait for this mission to be over”.
“Talking about that, we still have a game of cards on hold”.
“We could never play that with Loki, he has mind powers or some shit like that. He’d cheat”.
“Me?” he held a hand to his chest dramatically, “I would never cheat on a cards game. That is dishonest and I would never do such mischievous thing”.
Your phone beeped and the address changed suddenly. You stopped dead on your tracks and both Loki and Bucky, who were walking in line behind you, stumped with each other and almost made you trip.
“Careful, guys”.
“Are you fucking…”.
“Leave it there, Barnes”.
“What happened?”.
“I don’t know, the address suddenly changed. This isn’t supposed to happen”, you hit a few times your phone after it froze, and realized it wouldn’t work anymore. “Well, we’re gonna have to do this the old fashioned way”.
“And how’s that?”.
“How am I supposed to know? You’re the one that's a thousand years old and he’s a hundred and six. I’m barely around the two decades”.
“I’m beginning to think maybe you’re not one for this job. Aren’t you the one in charge of the planning? How did you even get to this Stank Internship in the first place?”.
“Hey, don’t be mean to them. They’ll cry”.
You rolled your eyes and ignored them. Meanwhile, you looked around. You had to find this person. A person who saw the “death” of the man with the pendrive, but the only one who said nothing about it. Only thing you knew was that he was a worker in a coffee shop. Which coffee shop, you’d ask? Well, that’s a good question.
It had to be in the neighborhood, that was for sure. You looked around a bit more, trying to drink in all the information the streets and its habitants could give you.
“The man was killed being thrown off that building. They said it was suicide. It was not”, you finally said out loud, pointing at the direction of one of the tallest buildings of the city. You were too concentrated to even realize you had stopped talking again.
The man you were looking for had to have a full view of the window the guy was thrown off from, so it would be in… that direction. A reasonable distance to see both guys would be less than two blocks. And it happened in an unreasonable hour for a work break, so… it had to be… alright. I think I got it.
“What are we looking for, then?”.
“There has to be a coffee shop maximum two blocks away from one of these three streets, the counter of the bar has to be near the window (or showcase) and the showcase should be tall enough to see the high part of the building, so I’d say at least three meters tall. I assume the man we’re looking for is old and introverted, quiet, not very friendly. Not less than fifty years old”.
“Alright Sherlock”, said Bucky, patting your back. “I’ll write down not to mock your intellect. Now you don’t have to pretend like you just figure that out all by yourself”.
“Okay”, you said, not paying any attention to his words. You were still juicing all the information you could.
“I got lost in the description of the man, how did you reach that conclusion?”, asked Loki, who apparently was reading your mind, following your thought process.
“Well, he’s the only one who didn’t testify at all. The witnesses in this sort of cases go through a polygraph. If all he saw was a suicide, then he wouldn’t be lying, he’d go through the lie detector and go out as if anything happened. Since he saw more, and didn’t say anything, it’s probably because he wanted to protect himself against the law, or just too lazy to go into all the bureaucracy it’d imply”, you explained. Loki had a full blown smile across his face, not even hiding it. “What are you smiling at?”.
“Nothing”, he brushed it off and pretended to fix his tie.
“No, please, do give me your input”.
“I can’t read whether you’re being sarcastic or not”.
“Wanna find out, dear?”.
“Hey, the aggressive pet names are my thing. Get your own passive-aggressive mechanism”.
“Can you concen…? You know what? Whatever. I’m going there”, cut Bucky. He was so done.
You walked as fast as you could down the nearest street out of the three possible ones, and kept rubbing your (now almost numb) cold fingers.
“Buck, do you have a gun with you?”.
“I don’t think this is the best moment to kill yourself. Let us finish the mission first”.
“Though, honestly, I think it could speed things up a little”, added Loki.
“Wow, you guys are especially mean today. We might need something to threaten the guy with”.
“Just a pocket knife. Do you think it could help at all?”, he searched for more weapons in his pockets, but found none. Going undercover, you all had to leave your suits and armor in the hotel room. Loki cleared suggestively his throat and you gasped.
“Really? You can make it out of nowhere?”.
“No, but give me a weird shaped branch or anything similar and I can transform it. Transfigurations have been my specialty lately, though”.
“I love you wholeheartedly”.
“I’d literally marry you on the spot”.
“In fact, I think I might kiss you right now”.
“You guys have no idea how glad I am to know you’re lying”, said Loki, patting Bucky’s back.
To find the place was way easier than you had anticipated. Firstly, because it matched every single aspect you had predicted. Secondly, because it was the only coffee shop in the whole place.
The clicking bell filled the silent place as the scent of fresh coffee and baked goods infested your noses. There was only an old lady reading a paper and the fifty year old you were looking for. Bucky sat down on a table near the counter and you and Loki greeted the man.
“Hi, how are you?” you said with a fake warmth that would assure you his confidence. “We would like a black coffee…”, you looked at Loki, still acting, and he reached your thoughts telepathically to hear your “act, dude; you’re frowning”. He immediately softened up his expressions. “What would you like to drink, dear?”.
“Same as you, darling”, he smiled even faker than you. “So are we pretending to be a couple, now?”.
“Alright, two blacks, please”, you went back to the barista. “Yes, old people get all softies for young couples. Just follow me, we need him to like us”. “And a strawberry milkshake with extra cream and a cherry on top, for the gentleman on the table”.
“Going right up”, said the old man.
“Do you ever take vacations on mocking people?”.
“Never. It’s a true blessing”.
“So, what’s the plan?”.
“Same as it was before, except we can’t actually cause any harm while threatening him, if we do”.
“Old lady at twelve o’clock?? Man, you really lack any empathy for innocent civilians, don’t you?”.
“Only with mortals. Don’t really care for them”.
“You’re probably lying. I know behind that shell there must be a big soft heart longing for...”.
“Alright, shut up, here comes our order”.
“Thank you, ah, wonderful”, you said, grabbing the cups. You pretended to just notice the news behind the counter, and Loki made the illusion of a highly realistic periodistic note on the suicide of the man with the stick. “Oh my… is that what I think it is?”.
The old man raised his eyebrows, intrigued.
“Uh, is just… don’t watch that, darling. It’ll make you feel sick”, said Loki tenderly, caressing your shoulder. “We sort of saw that… happening, you know?” he explained the old man.
“Oh, really?”.
“Yes, it was really close from here. Oh God, we saw it all happen, this poor man”.
“Very disturbing. Never seen such a gruesome situation in my short, very, very, very short life”, added Loki.
“Alright, we get it, humans live short lives”. “Believe me, you’re so lucky you didn’t have to see that”.
“Really?”, said again the barista, visibly nervous. “That terrible?”.
“Well, it’s a common tragedy, to be honest. But, you know, the cops and investigators were on our backs all night long”.
“Finally free now”, added Loki, still with his arm protectively wrapped around your shoulders. “You’re truly lucky to miss it”.
“Oh, yes. Sounds terrible. Glad didn’t see it, then”, he lied. And he was a bad liar. You didn’t even need Loki to tell you what you could so clearly see.
“And you know… I didn’t think it’d work, but we…” you chuckled innocently, as a kid telling their devilry to a friend, “we sort of lied to the lie detector, and it worked”.
“Love!”, gasped Loki, and lowered his voice “we shouldn’t be telling this to anyone. What if it spreads around?”.
“But, honey, have you seen this man? Why would you think he could wrong us?” you pointed at him and he, as you predicted, blushed with a smile.
“What did you lie about, if I may ask?”. He fell into the trap. You bent over the counter and lowered your voice.
“We saw it was not a suicide”.
Your expressions drew all seriousness and a terrifying look on your eyes gave the man the trust that you were being honest with him. He bent down on the counter too.
“What do you mean?”.
“We saw… oh God”, you started saying, but your eyes watered and Loki didn’t hesitate to hold your head to his chest, comforting you while you sobbed.
“I know, sweetheart, it’s terrible. I know”, he cooed. “We don’t know what to do with this piece of information. The man was thrown off violently, and the things they did to him before…” Loki hinted. The man swallowed hard and started sweating. Loki muttered nonsense, and you continued his empty explanation with sobs that sounded like words but nobody could actually figure out what you meant.
“That sounds awful, wow”, said the man, pretending he heard. Truth was, he didn’t need to insensitively ask for you to repeat yourself. He knew what had happened.
“We wonder what kind of deals could be behind all that, you know?”.
“Yes, very strange, to try to strip the man like that” started saying the old man, too affected by the situation to actually notice he was spilling the true tea. “It sounds like all a very weird business”.
“And that thing they pulled out of him!”.
“Ah… yes”.
You and Loki had started to lose your patience, and figured the man would be harder to interrogate like this than you’d expected. Loki squeezed your shoulder.
“My love, we should get going, don’t you think?”. And with get going he meant knocking the guy off and getting into his memories through Loki’s magic.
“No, my dearest, let’s stay here”, you insisted, without wanting to cause the fuss this was going to make. Ever since you came into the coffee shop, three other family groups had entered and were waiting for their order.
“But, sweet pie… I think we’re shocking the man enough”.
“Oh, please, I just want a normal day, honey bunny. Let’s stay and drink a cuppa here”.
Bucky chuckled at the pet name war you two were having, and the old man looked at you suspiciously. You sighed.
“Alright. Fuck it”.
“You’re cops, aren’t you?”, asked the old man. You fell off your character.
“No… but sorry anyways”, you said, kicking him on the face and smashing his head against the counter, leaving him unconscious.
“That was unnecessarily violent, I could’ve made him sleep with seiðr”, stated Loki, watching the man drip blood from his nose.
“Guys'', said Bucky, watching how all the clients were running away in fear, “I thought we said ‘keep it low, threaten discreetly’. What happened?”.
“For Fuck’s sake, just get into his head already, sweet muffin”.
“Hold his head, baby cakes”.
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thepilotanon · 2 days ago
how would loki act/react to his significant other being more powerful than him
Honestly, Loki would think it’s really attractive, really hot. Not like in a creepy, “Oh, I wanna take over the world and can use this person to get me what I want.” No. He’s over that - he’s all for a badass he can fight with and take down enemies (maybe even pin him to the wall once in a while, if you’re alright with that). Rarely would he ever get jealous of you being able to overpower him or beat in him a spar exercise. He’s happy how you’re able to prove to him that you can kick ass.
He would still worry over you, of course. You can’t stop Loki from worrying about his significant other’s safety and health. If he’s not around you while there’s a battle going on, he’s going to panic a little bit and hurry to make it over to your side and make sure you’re safe. I also think it would be super cute to have Loki and his significant other tending to each other’s bruises or wounds, and then giving each other forehead kisses and telling each other you’re so proud of them for being victorious (I’m sobbing, excuse meee)...
Imagine doing couple missions together, oh my God, I get Gambit and Rogue vibes: “I brought the big guns.” -points to you- “Be careful, she/he/they are locked and loaded, it would be best to just surrender now.” Loki just gets super proud when you take down someone and just wants to praise and boast about how amazing you are.
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kayxleeee · 2 days ago
Loki Laufeyson: Fatuous Love (Loki x Reader)
Warning: SMUT 18+ finger, oral.
A/N: I have PT2 and bait of pt 3, but idk if I’ll end up posting them.
Summary: Loki just wants to make you forget the fate that you can not escape. 
Word Count: 2k+
*NOT MY IMAGE* Do not copy my work
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Do not speak of this again! I do not want to hear another word about this foolishness, (Y/n)!” Your father yelled at you sternly dismissing the complicated conversation at hand. “You will not behave this way when we are guest in this palace. How dare you act like such a child under the same awing as your future king!?” 
You were the soon to be Queen of Asgard, set to marry the prince, Thor son of Odin, god of thunder and future king of Asgard. Any woman would be overly joyed to be in your shoes, but you personally could not stand the thought. It was an unchangeable fate that you could not bare, so for about the one-hundredth time you plead and  beg your father to let you out of the arrangement.
“But father, I do not love him!” You cry out in frustration.
“THEN YOU WILL LEARN! This is berserk and if you ask me you are ungrateful and are no better than his fatuous brother! I will not tolerate this one more second!”He narrows  his eyes and stares you down as if testing you to speak again. When you don’t, he storms out of your room slamming the door so hard you were sure the kingdom could hear its echo.
Unfortunately for you, you were in love with the wrong Allfather child. Loki was the one thing that you could not resist, your forbidden fruit if you will. He was not supposed to be yours, and you were not supposed to be his because it has been written in prophesy. Even when the three of you were children playing in the garden under the sun, you only had eyes for the mischievous one. It seemed that everyone in your family knew your fascination of the dark hair boy and it only grew fonder as you aged. Although the fascination was known, the extents of your relationship was oblivious to them all, even Thor. As adults, your relationship soon blossomed into more than just lust or want, but it became more of love and an urgent need to be around him. This feeling is why you fought so hard to get out of this arrangement with Odin Allfather, which ended with you marrying his first born son.
Loki was the most incredible being you had ever come to know. Arrogant? Yes. Mischievous? Absolutely. Selfish? Sometimes… But also in the same breath he was  loving, with the most beautiful soul. For some reason he has always had a soft spot for you, even when he hated everyone else. He has always put you first, even before the two of you were romantically involved and he would do anything in his power to try and please you.
You angrily finish getting ready for bed, slipping your hair into a silk wrap and letting your night gown loosely flow against your skin. You get into your nicely made bed turning off the lamp that sat on your bedside table. You lay in the darkness of the room, over your soft sheets, wishing there was a way to get out of this marriage. You then see your door push ajar slowly as the light from the hallway illuminates the bedroom. The shine of the light quickly goes away as the door closes, just as it was opened.
“Fatuous?” You hear his familiar voice fill the silence of the room as he walks in. Your heart swells at the sound of his voice and butterflies filled the pit of your stomach. This is how he made you feel on a daily basis, just by being in his ever lasting presence. “He believes I am Fatuous.” He scoffs. “I may be many things, but I am without a doubt, unquestionably not Fatuous.” He chuckles slightly as he makes his way onto your bed.
“Loki, my love!” You smile ear to ear reaching your hands out to him as he climbed beside you, engulfing you into a warm embrace, his soft sleeping garments brushing against your skin. “I have not seen you all day.”  You pout.
“That is because you have been busy all day, with my idiotic brother.” He reminds you. “Although I am fond of your father, I thought he would never leave.” He says referring to the argument he overheard. “And I am not fatuous.” 
“I know my love.” Is all you say as the two of you lay there quietly in each other’s embrace enjoying every moment of it. The warmth of each other and the rhythms of your breath was all you needed to feel close to him. “I love you…” You mumble breaking the silence. “And I’m sorry this is set in the prophecy” 
“You say this every time we meet.”
“Because I am— it makes this venture so much more miserable.”
He sighs loudly shaking his head, “Please, we can speak of it another time. Tonight we shall just enjoy each other.” He smiled as he places a kiss to your temple. 
You wished it could only be that easy. He did not understand that the time was winding down quickly and in a few short months you would be marrying Thor, and all of this would have to end, regardless of how either of you felt.
“But of course,” He speaks again as he switches his position slightly, “that won’t stop you from worrying will it?” He lets out a small chuckle to himself, already knowing your mind is going around in unusual circles.
“Of course you know me.” You let out a slight giggle as he runs his hands over your sides, the pads of his finger tips tickling you as he caressed. 
“Well, what if I said I have a remedy.” He coos smoothly, mischief in his voice.
His hands begin to travel down the side of your curves, outlining every inch that he could over your night gown. He slides it up slowly as he begins to caress your hips with one hand  and make his way down the shape of your thigh with the other. His fingers sneakily pads to the inner of your thigh,  sliding in between pressing them apart slightly and you shift your position so that you are  laying on your back instead of your side.
“Loki…” You say in a low voice.
“Yes?” He says inching away from you and positioning himself in between your legs. “Remember when we first met each others acquaintance? Meek children I suppose, enjoyed sweet treats and childs play. Now look at us, adults with weakness in each other. You are my weakness, my dear.”
You lay there with your legs spread apart, giving him access as he continues to trail his finger down your thighs and then back up. He grips each thigh in either hand as a smirk played against his lip. He takes his hand  raising up your night gown completely exposing the dark black color of your satin underwear. He rubs his hand over your covered core, causing your breath to hitch into your throat.
“Loki.” His name falls from your mouth again, this time in a desperate whisper as the feeling of need is building up in your core. “What are you doing?”
“Whatever you would like me to be doing your highness?” This came out in a low growl, sending chills over you. He continues his hand movements on your covered pussy.
“We shouldn’t.” You bite down on your bottom lip to stop yourself from letting out any type of moan.
“What would you like me to be doing (Y/n)?” He repeats himself now tugging at your underwear. “Live a little my pet, nothing will change our fait, we might as well enjoy our time together. Even if this is the last night I every intention to pretend that you are all mine. Oh my beauty, there’s no need for you to feel sorry for yourself, when I can help you forget.”  He smirks. 
“I want you to help me forget.” You follow his words.
“Then that shall be what I do.” He says confidently as he places kisses down your inner thigh, leading them to your core. His confidence and skill was what aroused you quickly as you felt his hot breath. His tongue delicately rolls over your clit, his skillful rolls making you wet almost immedietly.  He massages the inside of your thigh as he continues to lap his tongue over your pussy.
“You are so beautiful.” He marvels lifting your thighs over his shoulders for better access. “And all mine.”
 He skillfully connects his entire mouth to the fabric open mouth kissing and rolling his tongue all over your parts. You moan at the new sensation of him hiking up your undergarments causing friction against your clit as he soaks them with his mouth. 
Loki pulls away only to pull off your now soaking wet underwear “Look at you, so beautiful.” He admires you again helping you out of them and then going back down to get back to work, this time sloppier.
In no time you are a moaning mess. He laps his tongue around your clit down to your entrance, over and over again. Your moans get progressively louder as he continues the movements of his tongue causing a sloshing noise from the wetness.
“Ohhh.” Is all you could  manage out as you grip his dark hair and barrie his face deeper into your pussy. “Don’t stop.” You moan breathlessly, the noises from your wetness enough to make you cum.
He lets out a growl into your core, the vibrations sending you into over drive. As you run your fingers through his hair you arch your back bucking your hips, needing him to keep going. He removes his mouth pushing your hips down, grounding you down to the bed as he slipped a finger into your wet folds. You throw your head back has he adds another, moaning all types of profanity.
“Listen to me (Y/n), while you marry my brother, I want you to remember how I’m making you feel in this moment. All wet for me not him.” He says maliciously. “Who’s making you feel so good?” He asked this while gliding his thumb over your clit fast as he thrust his fingers into you hitting that sweet spot that makes your toes curl.
“I’m so close Loki! My love I’m so close…” You moan louder as you roll your hips, grinding on to his fingers as they fuck you.
Loki thrusts is fingers into you faster, meeting your grinds while hitting your g spot. You felt the familiar warm feeling spreads from the bundle of nerves that is your clit to the pit of your belly as you began to cum over his hands. 
After you come down from your high, he finds his way back up to you lying next to you as you shift  positions to lay on his chest.
“You're too good to me and I can’t live without you.” You say feeling the warmth of his body as he wrapped his arms around you tightly. “But we can’t keep doing this.”
“I think we can.” He chuckles to himself. “They all are incompetent, so I think we can manage our time.” He says rubbing small circles onto your back. “ They hardly even notice you’re involved with someone who isn’t their beloved prince. “ Loki sighs. 
“There is no way for me to get out of it.” You relax in his embrace and trace the lines of the sleeping garment he has on. “It will be a sad lonely life of being Thor Odisons wife.”
“Listen to me,” His voice is now more serious. “... you need not to worry about that because it most certainly won’t be a sad lonely life. You will have me (Y/n), and I will not be going anywhere.” He kisses your head. “I most certainly do not say this quite enough, but I love you .”
You sighed. You knew his words were kind, but there was no point in pretending this wasn’t pointless. The only thing that was fatuous, was loving someone and not having them completely. Love is the fatuous one.
“I love you too” You finally mumble before closing your eyes ready to drift off to sleep as he continues rubbing soothing circles around your back.
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thepilotanon · 2 days ago
Loki interacting with baby animals?! 😍❤🐶🐱🐰🐷🐯🐥🐼🐴😂
I’ve talked about Loki with pets/animals before, if you’re interested to take a peek there. But, this is different and exciting!!
If Loki were given the choice of being defeated by a herd of puppies or a herd of baby ducks, he will literally lay down on the ground and demand that they release BOTH OF THEM and he will go down with glory and joy of being overpowered by such cuteness. After, he would probably tell individual pup and duckling they did a marvelous job taking him down.
Whether it’s a domesticated baby animal or a wild baby animal, Loki is going to want to coo and want to give it affection. He sees a group of baby ducks in the pond, he will want to go into the icky water and hold them; he spots a baby deer tucking themselves in their hiding spot, he will whisper how they’re doing a great job hiding and probably leave a flower by them; he noticed a den with the noises of wolf pups...he will risk dangling pieces of jerky before momma tackles him (don’t worry, he’s fine. He’s been tackled by bigger momma animals before when he was a toddler).
This might sound weird, but hear me out...Loki discovers baby crocodiles or gators. THE SOUNDS THEY MAKE WHILE TRYING TO LOOK SO TOUGH?? Loki just bursts into tears and begs to be allowed to hold one. You tell him no, pointing to the mother who is just giving Loki the death stare in the distance. Loki will whine, but then call to the mom all “You did a wonderful job with your babies. They’re absolutely precious, and I can’t wait for them to dominate over the swamps in your honor!”
He has fun at petting zoos or farms. He doesn’t mind the smells or dirtiness that comes with it (Asgard had plenty of farms and stables, and he and Thor would hang around those parts), and actually allows the baby creatures eat and leave spit on his palms. I think baby goats, horses and sheep like his attention or be held by him, and he loves scratching that one spot that they can’t reach. Loki is definitely a favorite and a regular, and the baby animals know it’s him when he approaches with you. “Darling, I want you to meet my little friends! I’ve asked the helpers what they’re names are, but some I have given them names. Oh, look! They’re so happy to see us!”
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 2 days ago
The Dark Team (part 5)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You gotta be kidding”, scoffed Bucky, entering the tiny hotel room. Loki, hiding his face between his hands, muttered something among the lines of “so hideous my own mother would throw up”.
“Sorry Bucks, that’s all I could get if you’re staying that far away from the last Hydra base you had contact with. Take turns to sleep or something and don’t fuck up too much”, said Tony from the other side of the line.
“It’s fine”, you said, throwing your bags on the side of one of the two individual beds. “I won’t sleep tonight, I have to figure this out. You guys try to get some rest and I’ll sleep after”.
“After what?”.
“I don’t know, after Christmas, Odinson. What are we talking about?”.
“Wow, mean”.
“I’ll take the one near the window, it’d be easier to throw myself off it in case you two want to keep doing that”, said Bucky.
Loki laid down on the other bed without taking his coat off, adopting a mummy-like position. He kept his eyes open. Incredibly creepy, you thought. Bucky took off his jacket and shoes and jumped on the bed, getting absorbed by it. You know, like a normal person would.
“Ahh, this mattress is gonna do wonders to my back ache”.
“Old man”, you laughed from the floor. You distributed different laptops with information, a pile of papers and files you knew you needed to have on paper, a huge map full of points marked, and a cup of coffee none of them realized you had made in the first place. Bucky muttered to himself "how the fuck..." but you paid no mind.
The sky darkened faster than you imagined, and the only lights in the room were the bright screens in front of you. Your phone started ringing and you glanced at the sleepy boys. Both looked completely passed out. You made your way to the balcony, closed the door behind you, and finally answered.
“Hey Pete”.
“Dude, you won’t believe this”.
“Probably not”.
“I had a dream that I think it wasn’t a dream. I think it was a memory”.
“It’s about Mr. Loki”.
“Can you at least pretend you care?”.
“I care, bro. Don’t stress it. It’s just… Sorry, I’m really tired. Been fighting all day with that asshole. And the only time he didn’t get all snarky on me was when I was on the verge of sweet and peaceful death”.
“You… you were what”.
“Anyways, what was that dream about?”.
“I’m telling you, it was a memory. And it was from Mr. Loki, and I think it has to do with…”.
“Hold it. I can’t take you seriously if you call him Mr. Loki. It’s like I called you Mr. Peter. It’s absurd”.
“He has no last name”.
“That’s not a last name, that’s who he’s son of”.
“I don’t know how Mythology works, alright? Wait, so you think we collectively forgot something about him? As in the Mandela Effect?”.
“Didn’t he have mind powers? I’m telling you, I think he is actually up to something. Don’t you think it’s a little suspicious that us from all…”, he kept conspiring, but an all-too-familiar voice interrupted his ramblings.
“Hello, midgardian. It’s about time. Do you have the plan already?”.
“Good. Rest and we’ll do it after”.
“Do you mind?”, you pointed at his bed.
“Not at all”.
You cut the call with Peter after saying goodbye and went to Loki’s bed. As you laid your head on the pillow, you felt the warmth still in there. It was sort of comforting, in an unusual way. It even smelled a bit like him, though you weren’t sure how you already knew the scent. Your eyelids fell heavy as soon as you allowed them to, and you passed out for at least four hours. When you woke up, the morning was barely starting to lighten up the city, and Loki and Bucky were having a staring contest. Or something like that.
“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were about to make out”.
“Eugh, gross”, said Loki, rolling his eyes.
“Hah, you pulled your eyes away first. I win”.
“Oh, was that the purpose of this? I was just gazing at your dreamy and soft blue eyes, Barnes”.
“I can cut the air with your sexual tension", you said, chuckling.
“The only thing that will be getting cut is your neck. With my knives”.
“Oh, come on, sweetheart”, mocked Bucky, totally getting into the rol. Loki got up with a tiny smile. Deep down, he was enjoying the friendly chattery.
You began explaining the development of the mission. It was quite easy actually. You needed a stick; that pendrive was always on a Hydra worker, and there were three possible individuals. You were three. It was almost as if it was made for the Dark Team.
The first part of the plan was directed by Bucky. He had to kidnap the first suspect and make him think he was the terrifying Winter Soldier. In that fear, he’d take some information out without having to actually harm him physically (or maybe just a little, you know, the whole abduction part).
The second part should be done at the same time than the first one, and this one belonged to the God of Lies. Loki had to pretend to be the man Bucky had kidnapped, and make small talk, little conversations with his coworkers to get a general idea of where the stick could be. Take out information in the most unnoticed way he could.
The third part had to be synchronized in half of the second one. Loki had to pull the third suspect away from his office, whatever the reason. You’d infiltrate in the office and go through his stuff. You studied and analyzed his personality briefly through his social media; he wasn’t the kind of guy to keep something important like that on himself. He had to have it locked away somewhere safe. Preferably on a Hydra base, because what’s safer than that? Who could possibly break in?
“Whichever finds the stick first, lets the other teammates know and we all leave as fast as we can. It’s a matter of minutes until the alarm goes off after that pendrive is out of the building; it has a sensor”, you finished.
“Sounds good”.
“And if something goes wrong?”.
“I have a plan B, C and D for the possible outcomes. Don’t worry”. You handed them earbuds and clipped barely visible microphones to their clothes. “Don’t lose this, otherwise we have no means to communicate. And remember we’re a team, and we behave like such. Every modification to the original plan goes through the other two, understood?”.
“Clear as water”.
“Let’s get working, then”.
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 2 days ago
The Dark Team (part 4)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The cold chains immobilizing your whole body were the thing you first noticed once you woke up. When your eyes finally opened, you observed your surroundings carefully, silently. Barely opening your eyes, just in case. Your teammates were equally tied up by your sides, and Bucky was unconscious. Loki, on the other hand, was looking around less confused than he should have.
“Oh, you did this”, you spat suddenly, realizing what was going on. Of course he would betray the team; it was all you knew about him, and history did not disappoint.
“What?” he asked, now confused. “I certainly did not. I’m trying to figure out where we are”.
“Yeah, and you want me to blindly trust you on this one? What did you do to Tony? A dumb potion or…”.
“He doesn’t need me and my magic to act idiotic, he manages that himself”, he said. Once he actually got to talk, he wouldn't stop, would he? “But if you need me to, I can try to make him even dumber, then he would have some idea to form a Dark Team. Oh, wait”, said sarcastically.
“Be free to give us your input on the crew, come on, don’t be shy”.
While you two argued, Bucky was gaining consciousness again.
“Look who decided to get up from his nappy”.
“Shut up”, he managed to say, looking around. He quickly realized where you were. “Fuck. I know this place”.
“Do enlighten us”.
“Loki, I swear to God, shut up or I’m gonna shove my metal arm through your…”.
“Where are we, Buck?”, you interrupted impatiently.
“This is a Hydra base”.
“Oh fuck”.
You started making escape plans in your head in record time, but then you realized; maybe you shouldn’t escape. Maybe you should arrange some plan to make the mission done from the inside. The chances of the stick being there were bigger than somewhere else.
“That’s a better idea”, resonates Loki’s voice in your head. You screamed, not expecting his magic. So he has telepathy, you thought. You looked at him amazed, and he smiled smugly. You realized, if he can access your head, then he could’ve heard…
“Oh yes, I’ve heard it all, dear. But don’t worry, I’m used to it. Many people find me... how did you say? Extremely attractive?”.
You blushed and looked uncomfortably to the roof, trying to get the plan straight, ignoring his mockery. But he kept going.
“Comparing me to a british mortal man, though… I don’t appreciate it. A Nordic God is way better in every sense”.
Your blush turned to bright red paint all over your face, and he chuckled. Bucky was observing the interaction fascinated. For him, you were two idiots who looked at each other weirdly and reacted to that. But as much as you tried to avoid him, he kept talking in your head.
“It’s alright, darling. I like to be praised, even at the strangest moments. Can’t believe you went for a plain ‘hot’, though. I think I’d be worth at least a ‘so hot my brain is melting at his only sight…”.
“Oh my God, shut up!” you shouted, interrupting his egocentric rant.
“What the… he didn’t say anything” said Bucky, even more confused than before. You were quite a pair.
“Yes, y/n, I didn’t say anything. Are you hallucinating? Did they poison you?”.
“I’m gonna choke you with those chains as soon as I get my hands free”.
“I would love to see you trying”, he challenged.
“Guys, can you pleeeeaaassseee focus?”, said Bucky, losing his patience.
“I’m trying to focus on making a plan,” you whispered. “It would be much easier if you two shut up for the love of God”.
“How could you not predict our ship would get hijacked? Aren’t you the brainy of the team?”.
“James, don’t make me spit on your face”.
“I’d suggest whatever ‘plan’ you’re thinking that would get us out of here, do it faster, because I don’t think they’d leave us here alone much more time”, said Loki.
“What? You afraid of some little mortal kidnappers? I thought, for a God, it wouldn’t be so hard to take them down. Unless you’re full of crap. You know, once in my life I finally think I’d be alright being on charge of the mission, you two had to be here, ready to ruin...”.
“Are you still planning on choking me? Because that would do wonders to my ears, to finally stop listening to you”.
“Can you two stop flirting?”, interrupted Bucky. “I didn’t think the worst thing about getting kidnapped by Hydra would be not being alone".
"But here we are”.
Bucky ripped the chains off him and freed you too, leaving Loki tied. The God didn't complain, and instead made the chains dissolve with a spell. You looked around again. A plan started to form in your head and you followed your instinct through it, knowing it’d lead somewhere good at some point. After a few minutes of complete silence, you finally have it all figured out.
“Tiny genius has an idea”, announced Loki, who apparently was reading your mind the whole time. You looked at Bucky and he nodded, as he made his way through the room, destroying every camera and microphone he was able to find.
“We’re listening now”.
“Alright. Look”. You took out of your pocket a whiteboard marker and started scribbling nonsense on the tiles of the wall. Loki and Bucky shared a concerned look. You explained the whole plan, head to toes. It included explosions, illusions of dead bodies and infiltrations of high risk throughout the building. But they didn’t seem fazed at the difficulty of the idea. “Any questions?”.
“Yeah. Do you always carry a whiteboard marker or just on very dangerous missions?”, asked Bucky.
“Oh. No, always. Anyways, what do you think of the plan?”.
“I think you’re nuts”, said Bucky. Loki was paying very little attention and you doubted he even heard your plan. You sighed.
“Look, Barnes. My poor self preservation instincts are what got me in this Stark internship in the first place, so if you’re gonna insult my nuttery consider how far it got me”, you answered, pointing at him with the marker. “And you, did you even hear it? What do you think?”.
“Oh, yes. I think you’re out of your mind”.
“Are you kidding me, Loki? You did worse things”.
“But I support your idea. It 's madness. It’ll work”, he added, and you smirked.
“Well, it’s better than the alternative, at least”, accepted Bucky. “So, we have an escape plan, but we don’t have an actual plan to get the mission done, you realize that?”.
“We can figure it out once we’re out of sight from the Hydra toys”.
“You know, I don’t know what is it with you, Steve and Sam, but you guys never have plans, and it gets on my nerves”.
“I have a plan, I always have a plan, Buck. That’s my part of the job. Just… trust me, okay?”, you asked.
“You’re getting kinda hard to trust”, he said crossing his arms.
“I trust you”, added Loki after long seconds of painful silence. You felt the need to ask him why on Earth would he trust you, when not even your best friend trusted you on this one. But he looked at you with a glimmer of certainty in his eyes, and you didn’t want to push it, or make it vanish.
When everything was already set, Loki made the highly realistic illusions of your dead bodies (it even gave you chills, but you wouldn’t admit that, of course not). Bucky ran his hand through the pavement floor at the same time that you threw your watch against it, causing an explosion. You three flew away from the impact. You realized you haven’t thought this part very thoroughly, since they could obviously take the impact (a God and a supersoldier, why wouldn’t they?), but you were a mere human mortal with no superpowers or super suits.
You couldn’t look around as you fell from the building, since the remains of the room were falling apart, and the smoke and fire from the explosion were overwhelmingly close to your eyes, but you could sense you still had enough time to find the button on your suit to get the parachute on. You just had to find the damn button, that it was…
Loki grabbed you instantly, covering you with his whole body before the impact, making sure you didn’t even get a scratch. Then you realized you maybe didn’t have the parachute back-up plan under control, after all.
“Well, that was bigger than I had anticipated”, you said, getting up from Loki’s tired body and brushing off some ashes. He stayed there and sighed. “Now we know where we were. 5th floor, apparently”.
“And now we’re not even inside the building, as we needed. Great. Smart”.
“You know, I’d say this is a win. We’re not being held hostage now, and we have enough time to recalculate the plan from the outside. Less risk of getting…”. But you were interrupted by the cocking guns of the seven guards surrounding you.
“No, please, let them finish their sentence”, said Loki sarcastically, still laying on the smashed floor. “getting caught, were you gonna say?”.
“Well, yes. But I think, given the current circumstances, that you’d differ”.
“What could possibly make you think that?”.
“Not the time, guys”, cut Bucky, getting up and knocking down two guards. You fought with one of them. Loki didn’t even bother in body-to-body combat, and casted them away, fading their bodies into thin air.
“Where did you take them?”, asked Bucky.
“The explosion”.
“Are you stupid? They’ll notice the bodies are fake!”.
“No, not the past explosion. The current explosion”, he explained, and behind him you heard a building collapsing in the distance. You didn’t even ask. What for. Honestly.
After a while of walking around and not really getting anything from it, Bucky finally asked:
“So, the watch. Is it normal for you to keep explosive reactive components in there, or was that just part of a very premeditated plan we weren’t aware of?”.
“Oh, it was just a precaution I have. In case of emergencies”, you explained. They decided it would be better to not ask you why and how could you possibly keep pulling weirdly necessary things in the strangest moments. Why would they bother. Honestly.
You touched your earbud, trying to communicate with Stark. He was supposed to be in the line at some time around that, but, well, you didn’t have your watch with you anymore. Gladly, he answered. He said he was getting the coordinates to a hotel room, and he’d take you three to a different place than the anticipated, far away from that Hydra base. You needed time to establish, refill energy and make a better plan. Better than blowing things up. You had some time to spare now that you were temporarily presumed death.
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 2 days ago
The Dark Team (part 3)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The movement of the ship made you nauseous. It wasn’t the same feeling as a bus. In your opinion, anything that wouldn’t touch the ground while carrying human lives was not safe. But you didn’t have much room left for opinion. Flying vehicles were the quickest way to get to the mission. So you sat with both your hands grasping the handles, trying your best to hide your irrational fear. It wasn’t irrational, but they’d think you were pathetic.
You directed your gaze to your teammates to distract you from the thought of an imminent and gruesome death. Bucky was tying his shoelace, with his mind somewhere else. He chuckled at himself, probably remembering some stupid joke. He’d deny it if you asked, though. Loki was still tied up, and the handcuffs started to look even more uncomfortable on him; his wrists were red from the constant friction. He was looking out the window, but didn’t seem to be distracted. He was alert, and has been very alert ever since he put a foot on the compound, you theorized.
The ship started the flight and you kept observing them, especially Loki. Bucky started with his typical staring thing, and you thought it would give some interesting moments between you three, at least. Maybe he’d finally get on his nerves; something Loki didn’t seem to lose very often. He seemed composed. Alert, but not nervous. And that made him even more intriguing. You decided on some small talk.
“So, Loki from Asgard”, you called him. He laid his eyes on you but gave no answer. “What are you the God of?”.
“I thought Stark had told you”, he raised an eyebrow. You chuckled.
“I don’t think that could count as an introduction, so I didn’t take it seriously. Are you really the God of Jokes, then?”. He went back to looking out the window, and you changed the subject to keep him in the very one-sided conversation. “Only thing we know about you is from, what, 2013? 2012? Long ago. What have you been up to ever since?”.
“Time goes differently between us, especially after the New York incident”.
“What is that supposed to mean?”.
“Don’t try to get to know me, it’s unnecessary for the mission”.
“The least we can do is talk a little, though. You don’t have to tell me about your personal life”.
He didn’t answer. You gave up on small talk. It was physically painful. Bucky was still staring at him, and Loki noticed. He stared back, unfazed. After a few minutes of this, Bucky finally broke the silence.
“People usually get uncomfortable at this”.
“Oh, I know”, he said with the hint of a forming smirk. You got shivers from his accent, and the sudden lowering of his voice. You always had a thing for british men. But he was neither british nor a man, even though he looked like it.
“Aren’t you uncomfortable?”, you asked after a while.
“A little mortal with a metal arm will not be a threat to me, much less his weird eye contact habits”.
“No, I meant the… I meant, because you’re tied up. We can untie you”.
“We can?” asked Bucky, annoyed.
“Yes, we can. We’re a team”, you cut him off.
Loki smirked and looked you up and down. “Fierce”.
You untied him and he rested his gaze on you the whole time. You didn’t feel odd by his eyes, though. Strangely enough, he didn’t make it weird. It was the look of a man who’s getting his tie arranged, instead of a criminal getting his handcuffs off. You only met his eyes a few times and smirked back, whispering a “don’t make me regret this”.
“You won’t, darling”.
“So, planner” said Bucky as you sat back down by his side. “What’s the plan about? You haven’t said a word”.
“There’s no plan”.
“Are you fucking kidding, y/n? We’re near the place, you gotta have something”.
“Chill, James. I have a plan. I won’t share it here”, you said, lowering your voice. “The walls might have ears, you know”.
That was just your precautious self, trying to keep it down just in case. But apparently, that was the trigger for somebody else’s plan to go wrong. The ship shook violently and you felt your heart on your throat as it did so. But you realized what was going on once you overheard the pilot talk through the radio, just before that needle on your neck sank you in a deep dream.
“They know. Abort mission, redirecting the ship to plan B”.
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The Dark Team (part 2)
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Tumblr media
Next morning you walked into the kitchen to be surprised by the presence of that God, but looking much less like one would imagine a God would look like. He was sort of pathetic, in almost an adorable way. Had a childish look on his face, but seemed wiser than anyone on the compound. His tall silhouette hovering over the coffee machine, trying to serve himself a cup with his hands still cuffed, now tied on the front of his body. They probably changed it so he could sleep (Result of sentiment? So Thor wouldn’t trust him but he would still care? Sounds like a weird relationship). You walked over and helped him mindlessly, without saying anything, and served another two cups. With the steaming coffee burning the tips of your fingers, you finally sat by Bucky’s side on the long breakfast table, gave him his cup and joined his conversation.
“What do you mean?”, asked Peter, lowering his tone of voice.
“He’s just… a bad spine, you know? I don’t remember anything about the New York incident, and I’m sure I was around, somewhere”.
“Dude, you were all brainwashed”.
“Ah, right”.
“What are you talking about?”, you asked.
“Loki’s weird vibe. Why does he appear out of nowhere? Thor never said he had a brother, and he always talks about his family. Besides, he looks nothing like his brother”.
“You look nothing like my brother either, yet here we are. Maybe he’s adopted”, you pointed out to Peter. He wasn’t exactly your brother, but you two basically grew up together and made yourselves a family in the least conventional way possible. If anyone asked, he was your closest family. “But you mean Loki as in, you know, that handcuffed Nordic God over there?”.
“Yeah. That one. I’m surprised you didn’t hack into the web to know everything about him, or something like that”, Bucky mocked.
“Wow, I’m offended you thought I’d do something like that. Besides, you can’t have Asgardian information on a Midgardian web, I’d have to check Asgard’s internet and I’m pretty sure they don’t have one”.
“So you tried”.
“Of course I did, what do you take me for?”.
“Of course you did”.
You sipped through your coffee and glanced over Loki. He was actively trying to avoid any contact with anyone on the compound. Peter made a good point. He didn’t seem like he wanted to be there, and Tony was not one to trust blindly in the team. If his history was that he tried to take over the planet, why would he help you all out now? Was he being threatened? Held against his own will, a God? That didn’t seem possible, not even by Tony Stark.
“Alright”, said Tony as he made his way through the kitchen to refill his mug. He looked like he hadn’t slept all night, wearing long eyebags and his hoodie backwards. “You three ready for the mission? You’re leaving this noon”.
“Oh, so you’re on the super secret and dangerous mission, after all?" asked Peter, slightly offended.
“Why can't I go, then?” he complained as Tony rolled his eyes.
“It’s too dangerous for you, kid”.
“But y/n’s going”.
“Yeah, but y/n can stab you without blinking, and you cry if you step on an ant”.
“Hey, don’t diminish my little brother’s superpowers”, you defended him carelessly, and then added “but Stark’s right, you stay”.
“I was kidding, though, you wouldn’t be here if I didn’t trust you, kid”, he patted him in the back “but this mission will imply a certain... Darkness, maybe, that can only be found in these guys. That’s why I’m calling it the Dark Team, not the Softies team”.
“What do you mean ‘darkness’? I thought you chose us for our combat abilities”.
“Well… Not very legal ways to obtain not very legal objects, you know, and a bit of gray morale, anti heroes this, villains that…” he said ambiguously, and you three rolled your eyes. You swore Loki, who was watching silently from the other side of the room, did it too. “You see? That’s the attitude. Good, you’re already getting it”.
“Do I need to remind you of my current deal with the law, Stark?” asked Bucky.
“Don’t worry about it”, he cut him shortly “you won’t even be there. That’s why we have an illusioner in the team”. Bucky and Peter glanced at you, as to say ‘illusioner; you see what we mean?’.
“What about me? What darkness do you think I can provide?”, you asked with innocence in your eyes. Everyone laughed at you, even Loki, who didn’t even know you.
“Wow, so you actually see me as that kind of an outsider, don’t you?”.
“Not an outsider, but you certainly are mean”.
“Define mean”.
“When I first met you you punched me in the stomach to steal my knives”.
“Well, you shouldn’t have had knives in the first place, you know how I am. And I didn't even steal them, I was being defensive”.
“I’d describe you more as a paranoid”, added Sam, entering the room. He wasn’t listening to what they were talking about, yet he agreed.
“Wow, you all seem to have a very formed opinion on me. I’m flattered”.
“Our formed opinions are that you’re a savage, don’t be so flattered”.
“Hey, I worked hard for that title, thank you very much”.
“That’s exactly why you’re on the team, though,” added Tony, who was equally paranoid as you (if not even more).
“Fine. Point made”.
“There’s two people better at body combat than you, but not better at planning. You’re here for your strategies, kid, as you always have. You’ll be making the plans and directing the mission”.
“Wait, are you telling me I’m in charge?”, you asked in awe.
“Are you telling us you’re letting them in charge of the two of us? What kind of a parent are you, Stark?” scoffed Bucky sarcastically.
“You can handle them”.
“Handle us?” inquired Loki, finally talking.
“Parent?”, you added.
“Quit the jokes, and get working. You’re leaving this afternoon”.
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 2 days ago
The Dark Team (part 1)
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Tumblr media
“You’re terrible with that neutral face”, you said to Peter, who was about to burst out of laughter. “We’re so winning this”. Bucky sighed as he leaned over to watch your terrible cards, but said nothing.
“Hey, that’s basically cheating”, Steve protested. “You guys are good at the mean-neutral face, and I got the kid. These teams should’ve been set up based on age”.
“Yeah, no. You old men have way more experience in poker, so it’s actually alright like this”, you excused, knowing damn well you and Bucky were together because of the awesome team you made. Bucky stayed silent but drew a competitive smirk across his face.
The rain pecked on the windows of the compound’s common room and the only noises you heard were your chattering, the storm and the bag of chips. Or whatever you could call those things; rich in protein, but definitely not rich in flavour.
“Don’t we have any better kinds of chips?” you finally asked the thing Peter was too scared to. Steve and Bucky weren’t even aware there were different types of chips; they thought the modern ones just sucked.
“I don’t think so, these are the kind Tony likes” answered Nat from the couch, not paying attention to the cards game.
“Well, he’s not here, might as well go get some better ones” said Bucky getting up, ready to get lost in the store. You and Peter got up as well, to join him and guide him through it. “Where’s he anyways? He never misses a Friday Game Night”. You shrugged your shoulders and looked around.
“Must be in the lab with Banner”.
“Oh, yeah. They’re working on the next mission, and they’re being extra secretive and mysterious about it”, said Nat once again, not taking her sight off her phone. Peter and you glanced at each other mischievously. “Why did I even say anything? Kids, you can’t go. They’re actually being careful with it”.
“Sounds like a dangerous mission, then”, said Peter.
“My favourite kind”, you answered with a smirk. “Let 's go. Maybe they even let us get in”.
“Not even in your dreams”, said both Bucky and Steve, grabbing both of you by the arms. “We’re the ones supposed to take care of you two, so if anything happens…”.
“We’re Avengers too, you know? What other fifteen year old can lift a bus with his bare hands, huh?” dared Peter. Bucky laughed as Steve sighed and sat back down on his chair.
“Don’t be imprudent, guys. And you have a harder mission now; to teach me how to get chips on that Hellish place”.
“Come on, I’m sure you can figure out the store by yourself”.
“Let me tell you, it’s anywhere near what they looked like back in my days”.
“Your grandpa-mode is showing, James”, you said bumping his shoulder. “Come on, let’s go”.
But as soon as you grabbed your coat and got ready to leave with your team-mates, Bruce showed up at the common room and asked both you and Bucky to join them. You blew a strawberry to Peter and walked out of the room victoriously.
“That’s childish!” he said before you were out of sight. You answered mockingly with a “I might be childish but I’m the adult going to the mission!”.
Once in the lab, you were surprised to find more than just Tony and Bruce playing around with chemicals. Thor was standing there with a mortifying look on his face, grabbing someone else by the shoulder, as to make sure he didn’t escape. This man (was he a man?) was not only escorted by two security guards near him, but also handcuffed on his back, with cuffs that looked only decoratively, since he seemed he could break them with two fingers. Dressed in a huge leather and metal armor that gave you the cue he might be from Thor’s world (Asgard, was it?). Tony didn’t speak just yet as you arrived, so you gave yourself some more time to inspect around. And “around” meant this new member. Was he with Thor? Didn’t look like family or friend. Completely different from the God of Thunder in every aspect, except in that imponent vibe only a God could pull off so casually. He had his eyes fixed on the ceiling, or at least very far from any conversation that could be happening in that lab. Looked nervous, or very quiet. It was not an easy person to read at all, and you felt your abilities were useless.
“Alright”, said Tony, finally pulling his eyes off the microscope “mission. Quite easy, actually, if done with the right team. My old friends from Hydra have a stick full of information we absolutely need to have away from them. It’s in the wrong hands, believe me. You three are going to take that stick and bring it to me. Simpler to say it than to actually do it, but I’m sure you can pull it off”.
“Sounds fine to me,” says Bucky, and you nod. “What about that dude?”.
“That 's… Thor’s brother; God of Jokes, or something childish like that, I don’t know. Is also sort of a popsicle and a maniac, if you ask me. Not relevant, he’s good with being bad and that’s what matters for this mission”. Tony’s vague introduction allowed you to make a bigger profile of him on your head. A God. That explained why he was so damn attractive. Even more than Thor; he had an elegance you’d never seen before, a charm that couldn’t go unnoticed. Tony kept talking about the details of the mission but you couldn’t pay much attention, for you had your eyes fixed on him.
He rolled his eyes discreetly at the violent introduction of Tony; they seemed like they already knew each other and it didn’t go well. You then realized he said ‘he’s good at being bad and that’s what matters for this mission’, so… he would be the third one? Not Thor, as you assumed?
“You know, it’s usually me the soul-gazing one. You’re stealing my job”, whispered Bucky, pulling you out of your thoughts.
“I’m not doing such thing”. You so were, but you wouldn’t admit it, not even to Bucky.
“You so are”.
“Hey, could you quit the chattery, damn teenagers? We’re gathering the Dark Team in here”, interrupted Tony.
“Teenagers? I’m twice your age, man” says Bucky with a plain tone of voice, and you snorted. Tony scoffed. “Alright, keep going. What did you say about the team? Or… Dark Team, did you say?”.
“It’s like a subunit we’re planning, inside the Avengers team, we could have tiny teams divided by some sort of special distinction, very personality-based. You three would be the Dark Team. We’re also adding agent Romanoff and Clint at some point, but in this mission you three would do”, he explained.
“What about Mr. Criminal in there?” you asked, pointing at Thor’s brother. You just realized they haven’t said his name yet.
“Criminal?” he finally said. His deep and velvety voice twisted something in your stomach. Damn, he was hot. You played it cool (or so you thought).
“Why is he handcuffed?” you ignored him completely, asking Tony.
“Well, he kind of tried to take over the planet once, long ago. You weren’t in New York, I think you were on another mission” he cut you shortly, and kept going with other details you didn’t really care about.
“I thought your face seemed familiar, I saw you on the news the next day, after the whole New York thing”, you finally talked directly to him, and went back to Tony “where was I, though? Can’t seem to remember, and I remember everything”.
“I don’t know, can you please pay fucking attention to what I’m saying? This is especially for you; you’re in charge of the planning”.
You took your head off Thor’s brother and paid attention to Tony’s words. But the new God showed up on your head later that day, before going to bed. You knew him from somewhere else, didn’t you?
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lokigodofaces · 3 days ago
We all know Loki basically went through a massive mental breakdown in Thor (gosh every time I watch that film I want to jump in the screen and give Loki a hug). And it is completely reasonable, between being belittled by friends and family since childhood, never being taken seriously, abusive and manipulative parents, etc, etc, etc. And, y'know, to top it all off, finding out his "dad" kidnapped him when he were a baby for the sake of having a political pawn. And also finding out he was a Jotun, a race he was raised to hate by said abusive parents that knew he was Jotun and intended on telling him eventually (since Odin wanted Loki to be the bridge between Asgard and Jotunheim). All of that means it is entirely reasonable for Loki to go to drastic measures to prove his worth to his family and Asgard.
I am not at all trying to belittle any of that. I 100% agree with everything in the above paragraph. That is all canon, all confirmed in canon. I am about to venture into a headcanon. I am writing a fanfiction where this is the case at the moment, and thought you'd be interested.
During the events of Thor, Thanos had the mind stone in the Chitauri scepter. We know that said scepter can control minds and greatly influence the thoughts and actions of minds not in total control (here and here). We know that Loki was influenced by the scepter. What if Thanos didn't start manipulating Loki post-Thor? What if he had been manipulating Loki throughout Thor, but much less noticeabley (that can be explained by distance)?
Thanos must have known who Loki was. He's an Asgardian prince. And Asgard, Midgard, Svartalfheim, and possibly other realms are important in the history of the Infinity Stones. They also use magic (*cough* technology *cough*) that is unique compared to the rest of the universe (possibly because of said connection to the Infinity Stones or to other relics). Thanos would've done his homework, and he would've found out about Loki. If we were able to figure out so much about what Loki must have gone through as a child from twenty minutes of screen time, Thanos would have known. He would have seen someone close to breaking. He would have seen someone malleable. He would have seen someone easy to manipulate.
Imagine Thanos sending mild influences to Loki from lightyears away, not certain it would work, so not betting on it. Loki lets the frost giants in, what we can assume from Fandral's line ("Loki's always been one for mischief, but you're talking about something else entirely") is the only really bad thing Loki's done up to this point. Before that, everything has been fun and games. Even the stabbing mentioned in Thor: Ragnarok (here is a post on my thoughts on that) wasn't all that bad. But letting Jotuns trespass is a big no-no, which is understandable. But, not big enough for Thanos to really care. Then Thor, Loki, and co. go to Jotunheim, and it happens. A Jotun touches Loki, turning Loki's skin blue. Thor is banished. Soon after, Loki gets Odin to confess to adopting kidnapping Loki as a baby because it was politically strategic. And Odin falls into the Odinsleep. And Loki is completely alone, betrayed by his "parents," fearing his brother will kill him if Thor finds out.
This, Thanos can use. Loki is having a full blown mental breakdown. Thanos only needs to guide Loki to a position where he can end up on Sanctuary. He hardly has to do anything, Loki is already so broken, and Thor, Frigga, and Odin are no help. Odin was the main culprit behind Loki's attempted suicide, but Thanos had his share. Jotunheim's destruction was influenced by Thanos moreso than other events, but a lot of that was still Loki. After all, didn't Thor try the same thing earlier? Didn't Odin raise Loki to hate his own race? Wouldn't Odin do this in the Hela-era? But I'm writing it as Thanos being behind Loki being so desperate/determined to destroy Jotunheim, whereas if Thanos weren't involved he'd be more hesitant, and could maybe have been talked down.
Just a fun little headcanon for the sake of fanfiction to make everything more angsty and make Loki need more hugs.
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thepilotanon · 3 days ago
once loki has developed romantic feelings for a friend, do you think he’s more likely to openly flirt or is he the type to continue just being friendly in fear of ruining their friendship?
Ooooh, I feel like he could do both? Either one, or both at the same time!
I think it would depend on how your friendship with Loki would be at that point, first and foremost. I think Loki is the type of friend who will be playful with someone he’s close to, or even (dare I say) be cheesy and use pick-up lines to make you react to him. If he were to realize that he has developed feelings for you, he would probably have a mental roller coaster - which I talked about before here.
Essentially, Loki wouldn’t want you to think that you have done anything wrong - because, really, you hadn’t done anything besides being your wonderful self that caught his heart! He also wouldn’t want you to think that there is anything different from him either, because he doesn’t want to possibly damage anything you two have. If anything, if he wasn’t able to be romantically involved with you, he would still, at least, want to keep a friendship. He would be alright staying friends, if it came down to that.
Loki fears rejection, especially when it comes from those he really cares for, so it would take him a while to come to terms with his feelings and take the chance on telling you. He probably would have those montage scenarios playing in his head of all the possible worst ways it out play out and hang around the doorway before actually entering (telling himself he’ll try another time) and give you a smile in greeting. He might try to take note of how you behave around him, if it’s just friendly or maybe something more?
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