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worstloki · 32 minutes ago
I mean in the comics they had him face several different versions of himself and come to terms with his life's consequences during a vision he had while dissolving in his father's stomach. the show isn't even coming CLOSE to how dark loki's stories can get.
EXACTLY. like. this panel alone is more unsettling than what I've seen about the TVA's blatant authoritarianness and it does it while staying lighthearted anyway??
Tumblr media
and that's without getting into whatever Ikol and Kid Loki had going on??? or how Nightmare is useless against Loki because a world where everyone believes the worst in him is his worst nightmare and that's just reality for him????? or how Loki works on using the remnants of the previous Loki to try and do better but the past still noticed the changes with Mephisto and Hel???? Loki's stuck in perpetual cycles of trying-to-be-better and being-better and being-limited-to-knowing-how-to-be-worse-and-using-it-to-be-better and selfmurders on a few notable occasions.
I don't expect the show to match up to Journey into Mystery or Agent of Asgard or any of the better comic arcs because those are masterpieces, but there are a lot of factors they seem to be trying to adapt and I hope it follows on to acknowledge that he never wanted to be a supposedly evil lying scourge.
at the very least he's dealt with psychological abuse and torture so it's not as if it would be a baseless thing to suddenly say he's suffered or regrets things and tbh if the show leads on to anything like this where even the TVA/TimeKeepers still see Loki as bad but the narrative acknowledges he isn't I'll be thrilled.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#not to hate on the show because it IS fun and i do believe it's setting itself up to be more suspenseful and heavier#but currently any darkness is an undertone#an irrelevance a detour a footnote to what i hope is an ascent that deals with more meta and acknowledges Loki's side of things#if the female Loki Variant is bitter and trying to make their story more than what is written?????#well i already love her but it would be a lot more#Loki trying to be good and a hero by working with the TVA imo was an actual attempt to simply do that#he has no reason to stay with them of course because of their nature in immediately suspecting his betrayal and/or threatening with death#but I do think he was trying to stop the timeline from collapsing if that truly is what would happen#and that's why he wants to get to the Time Keepers you know?#because they sounds COMPLETELY dodgy and a fully-made propaganda product#if they are legitimate he'd be fine with it maybe tell them to pen better stories or tell them how wrong they were about him and others#but otherwise his story is so cruel and tragic and....... he was still willing to return to his timeline if possible#mcu loki is so soft compared to the other lokis#like#he genuinely doesn;t seem to mean people ill-will or hurt a lot of the time and at the very least doesn't enjoy it#if they make the female variant mirror king loki's character in terms of bitterness or wanting revenge i will be !!!!!!!!!!!!!#we'll see though#i guess#we've still got 4 episodes to go#the Loki show#loki spoilers#loki show spoilers
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worstloki · an hour ago
other characters doing exposition: boring, plain, boring, doesn't make sense, often a voiceover, biased, uninteresting,
loki doing exposition: stunning, beautiful, fun, there's salad involved, etc. etc.
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randomfankira · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I made this last week after watching Loki episode 1. Inspired by the 50s/60s cartoon scene from the episode. Also I headcanon that all of the TVA training videos use the Miss Minutes cartoons. Btw if you want to see more of my fanart you can check it out on my instagram, @rankirakira and my twitter, @rankirakira1
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stellophia · an hour ago
if a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a hurricane half a planet away... does that mean the TVA arrests butterflies too?
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So I’ve had this theory since episode one and I don’t know if it’ll become true or not.
My theory is that the first ‘multiversal war’ was not even a war. The six timelines were probably doing things and functioning as normal until the TimeKeepers decided to change things for their own liking.
Honestly it feels like a need of control. Yikes.
Another point I want to add is that when the TimeKeepers merged those timelines together, I believe that is what created the infinity stones. Honestly I know Marvel says the infinity stones happened with the Big Bang, but I honestly thought they came from the merging of all six of those universes (they’re literally the same color as the infinity stones) and are now just remnants of those timelines in the form of stones.
With that being said, once the TimeKeepers merged those timelines together, they basically eliminated the multiverse right? So isn’t it technically a universe now since it’s literally just all under one thing?
Doctor Strange 2016 did not introduce us the multiverse just for it to get eliminated 💀.
Overall, TVA is hella sus and the TimeKeepers are too.
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itsjuliak5 · 3 hours ago
See, if I was meant to go to bed early then the TVA would have intervened and made sure of it.
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hft-ao3 · 3 hours ago
Listen he can’t keep the Infinity Stones in a safe cause his boy Jason is in there
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endofthelinegang · 3 hours ago
You Can't Trick Me
Pairing: Loki x Female Reader
Request: Hello! I saw you were doing requests and if you’re up for the angst, I’d love to see 37.“Lie to me. I don’t care what you say, just lie to me. Make me feel okay again.” with Loki and fem!reader because I’m feeling angsty. I hope you have an amazing day/night 💖
Summary: He promised you he wouldn't start this path of betrayal in attempt to rule again. But your gut tells you something different, and he confirms your worse fears.
Taglist: None yet, comment down below to be added to the taglist that is Loki x Female Reader dedicated
Tumblr media
Cleaning up the small room you and Loki shared was never any issue at all. This is because he never really left a mess anywhere, always organized chaos. You were so proud of Loki, he had finally gotten everything he needed together to move on in life. You felt so lucky that he kept you with him through that journey, there were certainly times where that seemed like it would not happen. You thought about this whilst cleaning up the night stand next to Loki’s side of the bed. For some reason it didn’t look dirty at all. Which was odd that you felt the need to look around and mess around with it. Something was giving you bad vibes and you had narrowed it down to that night stand. So there you sat on the edge of the bed reading through books, files, and small pieces of paper Loki had used to write on. But, nothing stood out, until you read through all the files together. Then adding in the papers and only one of the many books. The connections looked ever so familiar to what you’d seen him put together before. It was a plan to overthrow the time keepers, a plan to rule over the TVA. There was no other explanation. For the rest of that afternoon you sat on his side of the bed and read one of the books that did not pertain to the issue at hand. Not in an attempt to get your mind off of things, more of a way to ensure that he knew what you’d seen when he came home. 
A few chapters in, you heard the door creak open and shut. No footsteps could be heard, but that was usual. Quiet steps and small talk,
“Hello dear, I’ve returned. You would not believe the discovery Mobius and I, well mostly me, but he was there. Anyway you wouldn’t believe what I found.” He spastically paced one section of the room until he turned toward you and put his arms out. 
“Hm? What is it?” You had no real interest in what he was talking about due to the harboured anger you had for what you had found.
He put his hands down and furrowed his eyebrows taking another step forward, then saw what you were reading. It wasn’t a book of yours, it was his from the nightstand, he knew what you had seen. 
“Darling, listen to me, you did not see what you think you did.” He gestured around with hands and sat at the end of the bed. 
“Lie to me. I don’t care what you say, just lie to me. Make me feel okay again. I mean that. I knew you were up to something but I just. I don’t care. Lie to me more Loki, fix this.” You raised your voice and did not even bother to look up from his book. 
“You don’t trust me?” He looked down at his hands and sighed.
“I did, I really did, truly. Then I read what you have been conjuring up. Back to your old tricks. This is my fault. I really shouldn’t have expected any better. But sadly Mobius and the rest of TVA believe your bullshit. They continue to encourage you to be better and be different. But no, The God of Mischief isn’t about to change his tricks.” Loki stood up off the edge of the bed once you finished what you were saying.
“I don’t care what Mobius or the TVA or that mindless little clock says. I am meant to rule, to succeed, to be king.” Loki paced the room getting increasingly louder as he spoke. Clearly upset, you continued to sit on the bed with your nose in his book and sighed. He turned towards you expecting some sort of response. 
“Loki, I am not trying to upset you, but that's just not right. I’ve agreed with you on this since I’ve known you. But, look at yourself, where has trying to rule everything gotten you?” You looked directly into his eyes as his expression changed. He looked upset, betrayed, he’d worn this look multiple times but never towards you. Silence had never been so loud in the room.
“I deserve to be more than just a TVA pawn for some variant. I could lead this place, I am above them, and they’ll see. You all will.” Loki yelled and took a cup full of writing utensils across the room into the wall. 
“Where is this coming from? You always seem like you’re finally gonna pick a different path and then you run right back to where you started. You are powerful, you at heart are such a good person. Quit letting that angry young man who was angry with his father and brother to come out and speak for the man you’ve become. You are better than this. You could potentially have a wonderful life, one that is all yours, away from this whole ruling fantasy.”  You rose from the bed, put the book down, and began to collect the pens and pencils that fell from the container when he threw it. His eyes were directed at you, you couldn’t turn around. You didn’t wanna see the look he was giving you. He put a hand on your shoulder that made you jump and flinch a bit. Loki slightly retracted, kept his hand close as you slowly rose up from your crouched position on the ground. When you turned instead of being angered, he was saddened. Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes, and his hands shook. 
“What more is there if not ruling?” He asked in a quiet whisper. Loki put both his hands on your shoulders moving them up and down your arms. Another gentle sigh came from your mouth and you put a hand on his face. 
“Loki, you could have anything you want, a domestic life with a family, a traveler's life that’s full of adventure, continue to work with the TVA  since you have a good partnership with Mobius, be a warrior fighting for what’s right in places that have no one to do so. You have so many options, all of which are just as noble as being a king. Paths are endless, you just have to pick one or more.” He put his head against yours and sighed. 
“Do you really believe in your heart that I could choose any of those paths?” 
“Of course I do, but first you need to stop trying to overthrow the time keepers and betray the TVA. Just find the variant, capture whoever it is, and move on from there. You’re really helping them out here, they’re much more likely to give you another chance at life or any salvation at all if you just went with this.”
“I need to work on figuring this out, Mobius gave me files to look through but they all say the same thing. We aren’t getting anywhere so far.” He walked towards the desk and turned on a small light. A tall stack of manila folders sat unopened, a few looked messed with. 
“Well before you start, do me a favor.” You stood directly next to the bed stand where the issues had begun. 
“Anything, what can I do to fix this?” He turned from the desk looking at the files to you. 
“Besides doing what you just promised me you’d do, throw this shit away, burn it, give it back to whoever had it first, and give me your true and honest word that you will stop this self destructive behavior.” You gathered the files and paper in a semi neat stack. 
“Done, give them here, I need to sort out what goes back to the file area and what can be trashed.”
In a matter of seconds his piles were organized and he gathered up the files that needed to leave.
“You keep the papers, do whatever you want with them, I will be right back.” With folders in his left hand and under his left arm he waved and stepped outside...
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yellowrant · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Come on. You know I’m gonna slap it on a tee! 😜 . . . #Loki #FanArt #TVA #comics #PetProjects #typography #WIP
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skiplo-wave · 4 hours ago
Casey: Do you ever feel bugs on you when really there’s nothing there?
Loki: Those are the ghosts of the bugs you killed before.
Casey: *sobs*
Mobius: You fucking scared him, you idiot!
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batcat-rants · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
What if this I sent really the Loki variants real form they are just using enchantresses body and powers
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bagel-rights-activist · 5 hours ago
So you know how coffee shop AUs are a big cliche in fanfic? Who’s gonna write the lokius coffee shop fic? It would be so stupid in the best possible way. Two tired middle aged men falling in love over Mobius’s coffee order. Please I need it.
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aj-allen97 · 5 hours ago
In episode 2 that level 8 storm that is completely wiping that Alabama town and it’s people off the map, dosnt look too bad that the people can’t just get in a car and drive the opposite direction from the storm?
Like I’m no storm expert but, I’m seeing power still on in some buildings plus that Roxxcart superstore definitely has power, the carts in front of the store are immobile instead of skidding around, and people are easily walking around outside with no trouble - so it doesn’t look like there are too high of wind troubles???? And the school buses that transported the displaced victims to Roxxcart seem to have done a good job at getting them to Roxxcart so why not just keep driving North????
And I don’t know about you guys….but taking shelter in the superstore that is located next to the freaking ocean dosnt seem to be a great idea if the ocean is currently flooding!!?!!?
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kinglokioffical · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Just imagine, you and Tom at a friends party without a worry in the world, both a bit drunk and relaxed, dancing the night away.
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aj-allen97 · 6 hours ago
I don’t know why but I find it peak Loki-Ness to know that Loki variants are the main variants that go off their designated scripts and causes the TVA to step in the most often. I can honestly imagine Mobious M Mobious is the analyst that’s in charge of all Loki Variants and events caused by them, he may not go to all variant Loki’s branching off from their time line but he does get updated immediately on it.
Like can the second season be a season exploring the other Loki variants? With Mobious M Mobious dealing with them? Or can marvel release a book? A mock file?
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muddi-gutz · 6 hours ago
also my brain dumb and i forgot theyre called minutemen rather than agents
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