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#Loki Series
alexjcrowley · 11 minutes ago
Headcanon that everytime Loki or Mobius do something great/cool during a mission, the other shouts "That's my husband!", because they give me husbands vibes.
Also because how funny would it be to see stern, sharp, "don't touch me don't talk to me I'm a God" Loki, who maybe two minutes earlier was arguing with Mobius, suddenly crack a proud smile after a particularly clever move made by Mobius and going "That's my husband there!" and Mobius turning around slightly gloating because yes, he is Loki's (spiritual, probably, I don't know if you can actually marry in the TVA) husband and Loki loves him.
The Minutes-men are heavily sighing.
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ice-queen-of-music · 12 minutes ago
“Kneel…before your QUEEN.”
In honor of the delightful new “Loki” series, I felt it was appropriate to put together a little compilation of my “Lady Loki” looks. Would LOVE to portray Lady Loki if she is ever given a spot on the screen.
Dedicating this to @iris-collects @maneth985 and @mrscaitlinhiddleston 💚 Thank you darlings for always liking and commenting on my posts; it really touches me. I see you and I appreciate your support 🥰😘
(I’m not on tumblr ALL the time, but whether you are tagged on here or not, please let me know if you darlings would like to be on or off on my tag list.)
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milky-maid-library · 26 minutes ago
Loki lost to the avengers, discovered the TVA, saw his parents and his own death, found out he wasn’t destined “burdened” for glorious purpose and finally realised the infinity stones mean absolute shit if they’re taken out of their timeline…. All in the same fucking day. Baby cannot catch a break 😩😤
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milky-maid-library · 31 minutes ago
I swear to god if Casey dies I will kill everyone in this room and then myself
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alexjcrowley · 37 minutes ago
Yo, another headcanon with Loki, Mobius and the Avengers.
I know this won't happen, but one of the things I like to imagine is TVA!Loki and Mobius dealing with the Avengers in different occasions, before and after Avengers (2012).
On one hand I like the concept of the Avengers meeting Loki after the Avengers (2012) events and going "Oh, no! He is a bad guy, we have to fight him!" and Loki annoyingly going "As much as I despise it, I am on your side, this time", on the other hand I am in love with the idea that Avengers could meet Loki before the New York attack (exactly, before they even became the Avengers, so probably separately) and see him as a sarcastic smartass, but overall "one of the good guys".
Imagine Steve being helped out by Loki in an apparently stupid circumstance ("But it's not stupid at all, because it could change the flow of the Sacred Timeline" "I know, Moby, you have just told me 500 times today") and Steve going "Hey, thanks for the helping hand, buddy, see you around" and Loki mocking him just as Steve leaves imitating his voice " 'See you around', ugh, pathetic".
Or Loki helping to calm down the Hulk (and Loki is shaking in fear, at this point, but luckily Mobius is beside him to protect him and reassure him). Then Bruce turns back to himself and thanks endlessly Loki, also praying him not to tell anyone about what he saw and apologizing because he sees Loki is a bit shaken, to say the least.
Loki messing around with characters who don't know that he is/used to be "a bad guy", a villain, and for the first time he is treated by people in a genuine way, without any prejudice.
And you can't tell me Loki wouldn't be at least a bit emotional about it, at the end of these missions.
And Mobius is beside him, hugging him even if Loki insists that he doesn't need a hug, "I am a God, for my own sake, not a child", while Mobius goes "There, there, see? Not a villain, just someone who helps others achieving the best version of themselves. You don't have to cause pain and suffering and death to do that."
"Oh, isn't this what your stupid Time Keepers say I should do?" says Loki in between hiccups.
Mobius looks around for a moment: "Okay, this will have to stay between us...but sometimes the Time Keepers are real cunts."
And yeah, if you ship them, I think at this point Loki would chuckle in between tears and kiss Mobius, even better if while they're kissing the Avenger they just helped walk on them, with a reaction that could go to Bruce Banner's "Oh, ehm, sorry, I didn't mean to- I- I'll just go back to the kitchen if you need me" to Tony Stark's idle whistle and snarky remark like "I have a lot of rooms in this house, if you need one, let me know".
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wandaloki · 54 minutes ago
What if all TVA employees were people who broke the sacred timeline but instead of getting pruned or reset they got hired like Loki did and some of them got their memories wiped
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trickster-grrrrl · an hour ago
The amount of sympathy Sam and Dean would have for Loki with the whole "someone else writing your story for you" bullshit that's happening would be astronomical.
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trickster-grrrrl · an hour ago
Could you imagine what would happen if literally anyone from our world found out that the TVA existed?
Because then that would mean an entire organization full of people DECIDED TO LET 2020 HAPPEN
hey Mobius, turn on your location, I just wanna talk
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delyth88 · an hour ago
I just watched this short interview with Owen Wilson and thought this comment was interesting:
“...having worked on buddy comedies before and being familiar with that kind of dynamic... this isn’t a comedy, but certainly some of the scenes where Tom and I are... sort of its like a chess match, those were kind of familiar to me, and we had good ideas to make those scenes compelling and hopefully dramatic, and sometimes even funny.”
I’m hopeful this is an indication they won’t be leaning too heavily on comedy for the series.  I’d be happier if the rest of the episodes were more in the vein of the second half of the first episode than the first half of it.
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alexjcrowley · an hour ago
[This is literally from the vines, just slightly modified]
Hunter B-15: Mobius is a snakecharmer
Mobius: Hey, yo, Loki
Loki: *turning to Mobius*
Mobius: You cute as hell
Loki: Sssstop
If you don't know the vine, here it is
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alexjcrowley · an hour ago
Loki: Oh, look, a snake! When me and Thor were younger, I once turned myself into a snake, because Thor loves snakes-
Mobius: So he went to pick up the snakes to admire it and you transformed back into yourself and you were like: "Bleargh-"
Loki: I know you know the story, I just wanted to tell it.
Mobius: Do you miss Thor?
Loki: Ansolutely not.
Mobius: ...That's, that's actually a bummer, because we had to go to this mission and I heard Thor was going to be around, even if for a bit, and I don't know if he could interfere with the mission and I surely would have liked someone at my side who knew how to handle him-
Loki: I...I suppose I can make an effort and...and deal with him, just because I am now merciful God instead of a vengeful one, but don't you dare take advantage of my mercy-
Mobius, smiling: I wouldn't dream of it.
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edges-posts · an hour ago
What fandoms are you gonna enter after Final Space S3 is over? All my airing shows are on hiatus, completed shows have dead fandoms, and with Final Space's fate unknown, and I really need some recommendations
I have a lot of shows that I am planning to watch. Some of these have dead/slightly active fandoms since they have ended a long time ago. Others are animated shows which are still running.
If you are looking for shows that have a big fanbase or shows that are ongoing I have a few recommendations.
If you are interested in animated/cartoon shows:-
The owl house (ongoing, animated)
Amphibia (ongoing, animated)
Star trek lower decks (ongoing, slightly mature)
We baby bears (Yet to release, it's a spinoff of we bare bears)
Invincible (Season 2 hasn't had a proper date but it is in production)
Rick and Morty (ongoing)
If you are interested in Marvel (If you are not a marvel fan and are interested in watching these, you might wanna watch the movies for these shows to make sense):-
Loki (ongoing)
What if? (Releasing this year, animated)
Wandavision (It's over but the fanbase is still active)
Falcon and the winter soldier (It's over but the fanbase is still active)
If you are an anime fan:-
My hero academia (ongoing)
If you want to see more shows that you can watch in your downtime I uploaded a post a month back. The reason why I have not included them in this list is because this list mostly contains shows which have ended.
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asreart · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Loki Digital Illustrator
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