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#loki series spoilers
countesskittymeow · 8 minutes ago
And here we are for episode two. Couldn't watch it last night cz my kid woke up xD anywho, first thoughts, Im kinda digging this green and gold marvel logo a lot more than the boring red one xD
Mind control? Evil Loki Variant does mind control. I wonder if this Variant ever faced Thanos. Also! They used the song! Its one of my favourite songs!!! Now i wanna sing along but unfortunately I can't because my kid is asleep and I dont want to wake her up in the middle of the night. I do wonder why the variant kept the hot commander alive unlike all the other attacks
Why does the TVA have such a retro vibe?
Loki definitely wants everyone to know how awesome he is.
There used to be a HULK LOKI??? Also the look on Loki's face 🤣
The one after the hulk is just... I honestly don't have words to describe that one.. just wut???
I love the geeky Loki telling them about the nuances of magic (Im already creating a headcanon that this is an act and he's only showing them what they want to see i.e. an eager to please, slightly duplicitous version of Loki who wants them to know he's super useful to keep around)
Professor Loki. I do like the sound of that even if I suddenly flashed back to all of the harry potter crossover fics i used to read where Loki became a teacher at Hogwarts.
Mobius just gave Loki an answer from Doctor Who!!! Well sorta like that, not the same one but its all wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff!
Loki is making his attempts at manipulation very very obvious and somewhat desperate. I'm really really reallllllly hoping this is an act. Come on writer people dont make me regret my decision to watch this show. I really wanna love it but I'm in that once bitten twice shy boat regarding the handling of his character so I'm either gonna come out of this series absolutely loving it orrrrrr I'm gonna hate it FOREVER and happily live in my headcanons.
It was an act! We finally see the real Loki! There is hope for this show yet!
Also the way his voice goes from the higher pitched eager to please tone to that deeper, slightly sinister yet 'i know I'm powerful and you should fear me' tone was fun to see.
This had better still be an act. He's supposed to be awesome at playing the long game.
He got shushed! So he shushed her back!
So wait... The total population on Asgard less than 10,000? Really?
Yeah Loki. Stabbing people in the back is boring. Stab them in the face! Much more fun that way.
Total Doctor Who vibes! They went to Pompeii! Ohhh imagine how fun it would be to see Doctor and Donna strolling somewhere in the background. Not that that would happen but now its my new headcanon and you'll have to stab me in the face to pry this headcanon from my claws xD
Loki, I'm loving your enthusiasm but the word Volcano was coined AFTER Pompeii's destruction. I doubt they know what you're talking about 😂 also, there's a volcano 'splodin! In the background, where the hell are the earthquakes?
Magic lizards. Loki really has a way with naming things doesn't he
Existence is chaos. Loki is the god of chaos. Since in algebra if a=b and b=c then a=c=a SO Loki is the god of existence and the variant Loki has already reached that conclusion so now the magic space lizards are feeling threatened by variant loki's potential and they want the variant dead to keep being the most powerful magic space lizards inside and outside of existence! Guys! I've just solved this season's plotline. If I don't live react to the remaining series episodes, know that I was found by you know who and taken for giving out spoilers.
Mobius: You're very clever!
Loki: and that surprises you? O_o
Asgard getting destroyed was a class seven apocalypse but the thin in 2050 is a level ten? I wonder how these classifications work.
The grin! The grin! They're both doing the grin!
You guys mean to tell me that NONE of the product packagings or designs have been altered or upgraded in thirty years? Dove, Axe, Vaseline, Tresseme, its all literally the same as the stuff I saw on the shelves at the grocers this week 🤣 i know it's a minor thing but I find that kinda hilarious.
Whyyyyyyy does Loki keep getting knocked around so much. Also, why isn't he using any magic. Grrrr... I find this most displeasing
She blond?!? Why is she blond??
Poor Mobius. I feel kinda sorry for him tbh.
And that's wrap on this episode. Still having mixed feelings about the series. There are parts that I like and then there are parts which keep bugging me. I'm not familiar with the various plotlines in the comics so I dunno whatever happened in those to the Loki though I find it interesting that Lady Loki (why is she blonddddd??? Why not make her a redhead instead? Loki was a redhead in most of the depictions pre-avengers, wasn't he?) has that broken horn on her headpiece like that one version from the comics.
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emptymasks · 14 minutes ago
Perhaps another use for this song in this episode? I made this for Tiktok but it kept blocking the audio and so I had to split it into two videos on there and they’re not doing very well, but I had kept a copy of it that’s regular video size and figured why not post it here too?
This is my first longer video edit and I worked really hard on it and wonder if anyone will notice I made some of the punches and hair flicks match up with the beat of the music. For the mobile/Tiktok version I also keyframed in new camera movement for every single different shot so that Loki’s face would always stay in the middle of the frame, no one will probably know that.
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thehagoftheironwood · 16 minutes ago
Ok, so this scene is bugging me:
42:37 in, at the Roxxcart, after Randy-Lady Loki-Sylvie says “I’m not interested in ruling the Time Variance Authority.” and walks off screen with Loki following. It shows someone’s hands twisting some wires on a reset thing. Anyone else see that?
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uhlikzsuzsanna · 21 minutes ago
'Loki': Gugu Mbatha-Raw Teases What's Ahead For Renslayer | TVLine Interview • 2021.06.20.
The 'Loki' star discusses Episode 2, and teases that things get "more intense" for Renslayer as the Disney+ series continues.
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terran-242 · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The TVA when they realize that Loki breaking the timeline means the gotta deal with Wanda searching the multi-verse for her kids next.
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thefirsthogokage · 33 minutes ago
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corkytheguar · 34 minutes ago
Loki spoilers under the cut
I just watched the second episode and... ik i've been saying "give us lady loki" ever since infinity war, but. i really hope they give us a good reason for why she's a villain :< like, idk, from what i remember of agent of asgard, lady loki was the goddess of stories, and i can hardly see a character that self-ids as such as more of a villain than a character that self-ids as the god of mischief and lies. they just hate to see strong women characters winning ig /hj
also, marvel were too big a cowards to give us goth queen loki and my soul is poorer for it.
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emptymasks · 44 minutes ago
fed up of seeing fans who don’t know who sylvie is getting called idiots for calling her loki when (warning this post will be confusing, if i mean sophia’s character i say ‘sylvie laufeydottir’, if i mean the comic book character i say ‘sylvie lushton’:
lots of people who watch the mcu films and shows don’t read the comics, or aren’t up to date on all of the comics. there is nothing wrong with that. i personally hadn’t heard of sylvie before a couple of days ago because while i enjoy marvel, keeping up to date with all the comics is a lot of time and commitment and money that i don’t have.
purely just going off information given in the show, we’re meant to think she is loki. even loki thinks she is loki. the tva have been calling her loki this entire time.
she could be both sylvie and a loki. there’s nothing that says this mcu sylvie hasn’t been changed slightly be to an alternate universe version of loki. someone in my replies on another post said in the background of a scene you can see a file that says ‘sylvie laufeydottir’, which would stand with the idea that her name is sylvie but she is also a version of loki, which means it’s not stupid for people to call her loki
Tumblr media
also even if this somehow is all a lie and she’s tricked all of the tva, the time keepers, loki, and gotten false records made and she is in fact the enchantress sylvie lushton, still doesn’t require people to be spamming people, calling them idiots for just going along with what the show says. not everyone cares about theories and just want to enjoy a fun show and don’t care about easter eggs or having to know every little detail.
(the file thing does bother me though because if they knew her name and had records of her, why did all the tva refer to her as ‘he’ before her reveal? did they know sylvie existed but not that she was the variant they were after? how wouldn’t they know that if they’re already keeping tabs on her? and if so why were they misgendering her? just to trick the audience? (which isn’t a good reason for canon) i doubt it’s because they’re going to pull a sylvie is genderfluid and is often male and just female this time and that’s why mobius called her ‘he’. though you know what, that’s what headcannon i’m going with. but i doubt disney is going to give us that kind of representation)
purposely not calling her ‘lady loki’ here and in case this post gets more notes than my other one did you can read why here if you’re interested. it’s because it’s insensitive and offensive to genderfluid people. so again let’s please not call her lady loki and instead please just call her ‘loki’ or ‘sophia’s loki’ or ‘blonde loki’ but if it’s shown that she is a loki and her name is sylvie then let’s please call her sylvie as that’s the name she wants to go by.
i really want this to be the last post i make about this topic i’m really stressed
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mischievousasgardian · an hour ago
Possible Loki TVA Spoilers:
I’m fairly certain that woman seen with Loki that everyone assumed was Black Widow is the new Lady Loki.
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lokiqueerasineffyou · an hour ago
Other-other Loki knows about TVA stuff because she and Mobius are exes. Alexa send tweet
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depressedtransguy00 · an hour ago
do any other people that are fans of both marvel and buzzfeed unsolved hope that Loki being DB Cooper in the series is going to be acknowledged in the true crime show?
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I really want to know how making bird noises could have altered the timeline, like, was it so unexpected to hear owls in Pompeii that it could have caused problems ? I need answers !
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lokifae42 · 2 hours ago
But I mean, marvel already tried to drop Loki three times but got backlashed into continuing with him. Would it even make sence to replace him if they'd only lose their audience and potentially cause Loki to flop?
Have you heard anything that backs up if he's leaving or staying? I apologize, I just get anxious at the thoughts of loosing our Loki
It's ok dear anon! Listen, when he died in infinity war I straight up went into grieving. I even talked to my therapist about it. I came to terms that I will most likely never see Tom as Loki ever again, so having this show has been a blessing.
Now, I just wouldn't be surprised if it happens again.. as much as I love disney and marvel, it wouldn't surprise me if they made a second season without Tom's Loki.
sorry... thats probably not comforting you 😂😂😂
I haven't heard anything about him leaving or staying. But... Tom is 40. Thats not old and thats not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is.. he has been doing this for A LONG ASS TIME. I wouldn't be surprised if he said he would continue to be Loki until he died but I also wouldn't be surprised if he said he was done being Loki one day too. That also doesn't mean he now hates being Loki or that its tedious. It just means he needs a break.
Something thats helped me is... actually pretending to know Loki. this sounds strange but I guess he's technically an imaginary friend?? (yes I'm 20, yes I know thats not good. im embarrassed about that thankssssss)
But thats how I've coped with many of the issues of my life. Loki is there with me no matter what. And even if tom's Loki leaves the marvel cinematic universe, he will always be there with you dear anon
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lokifae42 · 2 hours ago
Wait wait, but how can she replace tom or have tom leave if we're getting another season of Loki and Doctor strange 2?
Loki was never confirmed for dr strange 2. Yes there is speculation but theres nothing confirming Loki will be a part of that movie 😢
If she IS lady loki then Tom's Loki could potentially die or get deleted from the universe... the second season would then be about THAT lady loki. Just cause there's a second season doesn't mean Tom is going to be in it.
If it is Sylvie... then maybe tom is coming back for a second season
again dear anon, nothing is confirmed! All of this is speculation!
plus did you really think Marvel is going to let out any secrets?? 😂😂😂
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