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#time variance authority
aj-allen97 · 18 minutes ago
I don’t know why but I find it peak Loki-Ness to know that Loki variants are the main variants that go off their designated scripts and causes the TVA to step in the most often. I can honestly imagine Mobious M Mobious is the analyst that’s in charge of all Loki Variants and events caused by them, he may not go to all variant Loki’s branching off from their time line but he does get updated immediately on it.
Like can the second season be a season exploring the other Loki variants? With Mobious M Mobious dealing with them? Or can marvel release a book? A mock file?
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aj-allen97 · an hour ago
I love the subtle personality quirks of the TVA personal.
Like that one clerk with a pet cat and a personalized mug with his beloved cats picture and who apparently plays solitaire in his spare time.
Mobious M Mobious apparently collects jet ski magazines and souvenirs for Judge Renslayer.
Judge Renslayer collects mission souvenirs that are collected by Mobious M Mobious and the another analysis that works for her.
Hunter B-15 helmet that is covered in tally marks, and now I’m curious what the tally marks mean?Successful missions? People she got to prune? How long she’s been a hunter? How many time lines she’s visited? How many planets she visited?
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whatjanesays · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m working on some paper props from the Loki series for people so I figure I’d make a refence for folks that may be looking to make props of their own.
Many of the fonts used on the TVA reports are reasonably common for people that work with type, so if you happen to be in that business you might have some of these fonts or ones that are close already! But for your average cosplayer spending a lot of money on fonts you may never use again is a lot to ask so I’ve compiled a list what the actual fonts appear to be and a free (or free for personal use) alternatives to use instead.
Main Body Text
Typer Pro Text Mix, with some Typer Pro Text Bold, and Typer Pro Text Regular mixed in for some of the more distressed letters to make it look more like it’s actually typewriter made.
Many distressed typewriter fonts you may already have are reasonable alternates but my pick is Hollywood Starfire. It’s numbers match quite well with the original font and it has a character set with many accented letters and symbols that a lot of typewriter fonts leave out.
Header Text
Sackers Gothic or Engravers Gothic, widened to 120% with wider kerning.
There appear to be free personal use versions for these fonts, you’ll have to fiddle with the exact amount to widen and kern depending on the program you’re using to get a good match.
“Destruction of Asgard” Stamp
Resolve Sans Bold Condensed, maybe kerned a little tighter?
Oswald Medium is a decent match for the spur on the "G" which is very square, but the "R" and "S" aren't best but they are less noticeable.
Section Titles
Helvetica Bold with wider kerning.
There are many, many, many Helvetica alternates. There’s really no best one to use because it’s such a widely copied font. Just google it and you’ll find a dozen good ones. You’ll have to widen out the kerning to match.
Case File
Futura Medium with wider kerning for the title and Futura Condensed Light for the column headers.
Again there are a lot of Futura-ish copies out there but most of them don’t have the full range of weight and modifiers. So for the title my pick is  HellasFun Plain make it bold with a width around 90% for best match. For the column headers Movie Poster (ShyWedge) at a width around 120% for best match.
Have fun making up you own TVA reports!
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coldishcase · 2 hours ago
I'm working on deductive arguments in my college class, can y'all take a look at this one and tell me how I did?
Premise 1: The TVA Minutemen are Time Cops
Premise 2: All Cops Are Bad
Conclusion: The TVA are the antagonists of Loki (2021)
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wherethedragonends · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
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katybuckland · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bit of an art dump but I had to share my Loki fan art because I love this series and mobius is definitely my favourite new character. And also a lady Loki? Possibly the enchantress but I did a poster of her in the 60s🤌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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herhighnesskatebishop · 6 hours ago
look, i don’t make those mistakes no more [Wanda at the TVA]
“Welcome to the Time Variance Authority.”
Wanda barely glanced up at the screen – what was the point? One jailor was much like another, whatever they called themselves. A collar around her neck, a jumpsuit to mark her as a prisoner, the endless questions to file her away neatly; been there, done that.
Of course, for a while she’d thought things could be different. For a while she’d been the Scarlet Witch in more than name, chaos magic at her beck and call, subject to her every whim. For a few brief moments, Wanda Maximoff had known exactly who she was and been able to embrace it.
Then, as before, as before that, as before even that, they came for her.
Six guards. She supposed she should be flattered by that, the expectation that she would fight them tooth and nail. ‘Arrested for crimes against the Sacred Timeline,’ they’d told her, and her first thought had been well, it was always going to be something.
Hauled in front of a judge with an officious tone and old eyes, she doesn’t bother to speak in her defence. She barely even listens to the litany of crimes – it seems SHIELD weren’t the only ones angered by the Hex, but what’s curious is that this court’s objection seems to be to…
“Wait, what?”
She looks up curiously then, head tilted a little to the left as she appraises the now clearly irritated judge. Well, no one likes to be interrupted, but Wanda needs to hear that again for herself.
“Your crime, Miss Maximoff, is in allowing the illusion surrounding the town of… Westview, USA to fall.”
“To fall?” she repeats slowly, disbelief in each short syllable. “Not the illusion itself, but-“
“The cessation of the magic maintaining the town and the life forms within, yes.” More irritation this time – someone clearly isn’t as used to being interrupted as Wanda is. “The maintenance of Westview is crucial to avoid future divergence of the Sacred Timeline.”
Admittedly, Wanda wasn’t listening to that either, as it really, truly hits her. Giving up everything wasn’t enough; when had her sacrifices ever been enough to satisfy anyone? They took and took, and when they had demanded all that she had, they punished her for letting them take it.
“Miss Maximoff?”
They’d told her earlier, that magic wasn’t possible in the Time Variance Authority. They hadn’t explained why, and she hadn’t volunteered to them that, in bringing her in, they’d walked past an older woman with an unusual headdress, one no one else had seemed to notice – who’d raised her finger and made three short, sharp movements.
“Excuse me?”
Wanda’s gaze rose again, scarlet burning around her irises as she lifted her right hand – right, down, up – leaving the symbol blazing in the air in front of her, recalled to its caster.
““In a given space, only the witch who cast the runes can use her magic. I’m the witch.”
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trickster-grrrrl · 7 hours ago
Ya know, normally I'd be happy that the antagonists of the show would be some shady authoritarian organization that is obsessed with rules and bureaucracy and putting LITERALLY the ENTIRE UNIVERSE into this little box with all of these hard lines and rules
because it'd be the perfect offset and opportunity to truly showcase the fact that Loki is a Trickster: someone whose entire nature is breaking rules, pushing boundaries, forcing people to examine why they do what they do and question their entire points of view, someone clever and cunning who goes against the grain and breaks entire systems down and highlights the absolute absurdity and more important, the HYPOCRISY of organizations such of that
But let's be honest the writers aren't clever enough for that.
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woulddieforloki · 8 hours ago
Okay but the TVA doesn't utilize the "reset branch" function enough. Literally all they have to do when there's a branch is reset it. They could make their own branches and then reset them. Mobius could absolutely go jet skiing when he has the free time and then he can just reset the branch that's probably going to form.
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agent-mobius-official · 8 hours ago
I love how we immediately gave Loki a cubicle at the TVA like he immediately became part of the work force.
Put that funky man to work and watch him go.
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mcusical · 9 hours ago
In an au where Tony lives after endgame and loki's been to the TVA:
Sam: How did you figure out Time Travel, by the way?
Tony: Using a mobius strip.
Loki, who knows nothing about earth's technology:*Chokes* he whAT?
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elenarinya · 10 hours ago
a serious question right there
can someone explain to me how the time in the TVA works?
like, they definitely have their own flow of time (cause nothing is happening simultaneously). they have past, present and future.
with that little ‘rewind’ device, we were shown that, when used on a person, the person doesn’t actually go back in time, cause they still have the memory of it happening. they just go back in place, but not in time (remember how B-15 was trying to talk through the whole process? for her, the time still was going forward).
so, if we imagine that the Sacred timeline is a straight line of time going forward, I suppose the timeline in the TVA is an independent straight line of time also going forward. the TVA agents can go to any point on the Sacred timeline, but they can’t go back nor forward in their own timeline.
the question is: at which point on THEIR local timeline they receive the notifications about nexus events and all the bad stuff? how is it defined? is there a dependency between the TVA timeline and people who break time laws? it seems to be true, cause blonde!Loki’s timeline is now the same as that of the TVA. Meaning her actions were ‘reported’ in the TVA in the same order as she was doing them - 1) killing agents in France in the first episode, 2) abducting agents on that medieval fair, 3) bombing everything in the end of the second episode. in the case where her timeline wasn’t the same as that of the TVA, those events could arrive in the TVA in a different order.
here’s a little scheme:
black: the sacred timeline measured in Earth years 
blue: the independent TVA’s timeline (measured in LOKI episodes)
green: our!Loki’s timeline from his unique point of view
red: events 2 and 3 caused by blonde!Loki
Tumblr media
*Mind that the scale is not proportional.
So basically our!Loki was chilling in the sacred timeline until he steals the tesseract in 2012. he then is taken to the TVA, and his green line becomes parallel to the blue. he is now independent from the sacred timeline. He goes to 1985, then to 79 AD, then to 2050 - these years are not in the right order relatively to the sacred timeline, but they are to our!Loki and the TVA’s perspective.
(note: for a period of time around 2012 there’s still a Loki existing. so technically, our!Loki can go back to like 2005 and see himself chilling in Asgard).
BUT, my question is: how exactly are blonde!Loki and our!Loki’s timelines relative to each other? we don’t know yet in which moment of the sacred timeline blonde!Loki broke from the black line to become parallel with the blue line. It can be on either point of black line. But relatively to the blue line it happened BEFORE green line becomes parallel to the blue (before they got our!Loki).
so how does it work? what if someone in 1950 breaks the time laws? in which point of blue line will the TVA get the notification?
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silverlakes · 11 hours ago
sooo is anybody else hating the TVA and Morbius with a passion or is it just me?
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fandoms-incorrect-quotes · 13 hours ago
Some "Loki" incorrect quotes because relationship between Mobius and Loki is too good
Mobius: You think you're smarter than everyone else.
Loki: I don't think I'm smarter than everyone else.
Loki: I know I am.
Mobius: How would you like your coffee?
Loki: As dark as my soul.
Mobius: Got it. One cup of milk coming right up!
Mobius: Are you having another depressive episode?
Loki: A depressive episode?
Loki: I'm having a depressive series and we're just on season one.
Loki, grinning: I have a knife!
Mobius: Put it down, Loki.
Loki: Make me! *Runs away*
Mobius: I can't imagine what Loki is planning, but I can tell you two things. We won't like it and it won't be legal.
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