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#Loki series
wandaloki6 minutes ago
What if all TVA employees were people who broke the sacred timeline but instead of getting pruned or reset they got hired like Loki did and some of them got their memories wiped
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trickster-grrrrl37 minutes ago
The amount of sympathy Sam and Dean would have for Loki with the whole "someone else writing your story for you" bullshit that's happening would be astronomical.
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trickster-grrrrl39 minutes ago
Could you imagine what would happen if literally anyone from our world found out that the TVA existed?
Because then that would mean an entire organization full of people DECIDED TO LET 2020 HAPPEN
hey Mobius, turn on your location, I just wanna talk
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delyth8840 minutes ago
I just watched this short interview with Owen Wilson and thought this comment was interesting:
鈥...having worked on buddy comedies before and being familiar with that kind of dynamic...聽this isn鈥檛 a comedy, but certainly some of the scenes where Tom and I are... sort of its like a chess match, those were kind of familiar to me, and聽we had good ideas to make those scenes compelling and hopefully dramatic, and sometimes even funny.鈥
I鈥檓 hopeful this is an indication they won鈥檛 be leaning too heavily on comedy for the series.聽 I鈥檇 be happier if the rest of the episodes were more in the vein of the second half of the first episode than the first half of it.
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alexjcrowley46 minutes ago
[This is literally from the vines, just slightly modified]
Hunter B-15: Mobius is a snakecharmer
Mobius: Hey, yo, Loki
Loki: *turning to Mobius*
Mobius: You cute as hell
Loki: Sssstop
If you don't know the vine, here it is
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alexjcrowley56 minutes ago
Loki: Oh, look, a snake! When me and Thor were younger, I once turned myself into a snake, because Thor loves snakes-
Mobius: So he went to pick up the snakes to admire it and you transformed back into yourself and you were like: "Bleargh-"
Loki: I know you know the story, I just wanted to tell it.
Mobius: Do you miss Thor?
Loki: Ansolutely not.
Mobius: ...That's, that's actually a bummer, because we had to go to this mission and I heard Thor was going to be around, even if for a bit, and I don't know if he could interfere with the mission and I surely would have liked someone at my side who knew how to handle him-
Loki: I...I suppose I can make an effort and...and deal with him, just because I am now merciful God instead of a vengeful one, but don't you dare take advantage of my mercy-
Mobius, smiling: I wouldn't dream of it.
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edges-posts58 minutes ago
What fandoms are you gonna enter after Final Space S3 is over? All my airing shows are on hiatus, completed shows have dead fandoms, and with Final Space's fate unknown, and I really need some recommendations
I have a lot of shows that I am planning to watch. Some of these have dead/slightly active fandoms since they have ended a long time ago. Others are animated shows which are still running.
If you are looking for shows that have a big fanbase or shows that are ongoing I have a few recommendations.
If you are interested in animated/cartoon shows:-
The owl house (ongoing, animated)
Amphibia (ongoing, animated)
Star trek lower decks (ongoing, slightly mature)
We baby bears (Yet to release, it's a spinoff of we bare bears)
Invincible (Season 2 hasn't had a proper date but it is in production)
Rick and Morty (ongoing)
If you are interested in Marvel (If you are not a marvel fan and are interested in watching these, you might wanna watch the movies for these shows to make sense):-
Loki (ongoing)
What if? (Releasing this year, animated)
Wandavision (It's over but the fanbase is still active)
Falcon and the winter soldier (It's over but the fanbase is still active)
If you are an anime fan:-
My hero academia (ongoing)
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asreartan hour ago
Tumblr media
Loki Digital Illustrator
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alexjcrowleyan hour ago
Since we have all talked a lot about Loki refusing Mobius's hand in the elevator, and since we know Marvel loves to make emtional scenes linked together in ringcomposition, I really would like to see, at some point, Loki offering Mobius his hand in a moment of need or simply to signify they have become friends.
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babyoctopusan hour ago
is nightmare, one of the enemies of doctor strange, the villain of LOKI?
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onelasttimeean hour ago
Mobius has a sir kink
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mindofbooksan hour ago
Can we please talk about how Loki went and stood on a rock in episode one to make himself seem above those people who found him- like no one is talking about it.
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ultramarinecupcakean hour ago
Since Thor will die in Thor:Love and Thunder, I want him to close his eyes and open them when he hears Loki or Frigga. They are on a beautiful land similar to the one they talked with Odin in Ragnarok and Odin, Frigga, Loki are welcoming him. When they are standing together Loki just looks at him, smiles and says
"I told you the sun will shine on us again, brother."
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