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#Owen Wilson
delyth88an hour ago
I just watched this short interview with Owen Wilson and thought this comment was interesting:
鈥...having worked on buddy comedies before and being familiar with that kind of dynamic...聽this isn鈥檛 a comedy, but certainly some of the scenes where Tom and I are... sort of its like a chess match, those were kind of familiar to me, and聽we had good ideas to make those scenes compelling and hopefully dramatic, and sometimes even funny.鈥
I鈥檓 hopeful this is an indication they won鈥檛 be leaning too heavily on comedy for the series.聽 I鈥檇 be happier if the rest of the episodes were more in the vein of the second half of the first episode than the first half of it.
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megann-duffan hour ago
some people didn鈥檛 know Owen Wilson before loki???? like I get it but also how do you live not saying 鈥榳oooooooow鈥 daily
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bengwings3 hours ago
i know for a fact that mobius m. mobius is a raging homosexual and no one can change my mind
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pricelesstrashpanda5 hours ago
If you'd told me in 2016 that in 2021 I would be watching a tv show about Owen Wilson becoming Loki' s therapist/the soft father figure he's always deserved, I would have never believed you. I'm not complaining, but I would have laughed in your face.
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andnowadragon7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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fangirling-and-lovin-it7 hours ago
I love that this ship is sailing so quickly and all the content people are making for it 馃挌
I ship it so hard I'm in physical pain. Don't send help.
(And Happy Pride Month! 馃彸锔忊嶐煂堭煉)
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benbarnesbussy8 hours ago
this bitch is so sketchy
Tumblr media
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mirrordomains8 hours ago
Loki Episode 1 Reaction and Review - Glorious Purpose
This is a reaction and review for Loki. Loki is a series on Disney Plus. Loki Episode 1 is title Glorious Purpose and aired June 9, 2021. Here in this video I react tot he first half of the episode then pause with my thoughts. I will then move on reacting to the second half then wrap things up with my review. All of these are marked with times codes found below. The last time we saw Loki was in Avengers: Endgame where he got a hold of the Tesseract and disappeared. Loki the series seems to pick up right where that left off. It introduces us to the concept of the Time Variance Authority. So Loki is in trouble for disrupting events in time! I hope you all enjoy my reaction to the premiere episode of Loki! #Loki #TomHiddleston #ReactionandReview
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optimarcus9 hours ago
[TV Show Review] Just like its main character, 'Loki' defies categorisation with its twists and turns
[TV Show Review] Just like its main character, 鈥楲oki鈥 defies categorisation with its twists and聽turns
Runtime: 40-50 minutes Cast: Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Owen Wilson (Mobius M. Mobius), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Ravonna Renslayer), and Wunmi Mosaku (Hunter B-15) Release details: Streaming on Disney+ from 9 June Rating: 3.9/5 This review covers episodes 1-2 of Loki. New episodes premiere Wednesdays on Disney+. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Loki. (Disney+) It鈥檚 incredible to see how Loki, the television show, is鈥
Tumblr media
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n0obmaster6910 hours ago
Mobius: lets talk about mental health !
Loki: its important. *long pause* lets move on
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fire-lord-katara10 hours ago
We all know that Jedediah and Octavius invented the gay but you ever think about how Hansel and Derek Zoolander invented bisexuality
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andnowadragon10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know the Cars franchise is something you'll show your four year-old, but it is so dumb. Almost everything brings up questions; my top three are: a) why are there buildings that were clearly built to accommodate people but not cars, b) was there a Jesus Christ car [someone suggested Pontius Pontiac crucified Jesus Chrysler in a meme, lol) because of the Pope car, and c) who was watching me play with my Hot Wheels like they were people as a child and decided to make a movie out of it? Actually, my third question is whether cars are born via manufacturing or physically coming out of other cars.
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cuddlymuffinofoptimism10 hours ago
Loki sighed and stared at his computer helplessly. He'd been trying to get in the website for hours. Made a password and everything. He was just stuck on the final step.
It was stupid, really. All he had to do was check a pathetically small box. Then he could move on and buy up all the stock of black nail polish Amazon had to offer. But first, the box.
He got up from his chair and rubbed his eyes wearily. It's exhausting, having a existential crisis while staring into the void of your computer screen. He was thirsty, so he went into the kitchen and made himself some coffee. As dark as possible. After it had brewed, he blew on the cup gently. Then he took a sip.
And spewed the nastiness everywhere. He'd protested at first when Thor had offered to add some sugar to the coffee, but now he understood. He walked over to the sugar container and literally dumped a shit ton into his cup, then stirred vigorously. He blew on it again and took another sip.
And slammed his mug ferociously into the counter. Now, it was too sweet. He went to the sink and dumped the contents down it, disgusted with not only the coffee, but himself. What kind of god doesn't know how to make decent coffee?
He walked back into his room, but the stupid screen was still there waiting for him. It was almost ominous, as he had turned all the other lights off, and only the glow of the laptop could be seen.
"Screw this." He muttered, and vanished into thin air.
He appeared at what looked to be a coffee shop. It had green letters that read "Starbucks."
He stormed into the store, startling a poor college student, who's coffee spilled over the floor. He ignored it.
"I am Loki, of Asgard." He announced, to everyone in the room. "And I am burdened with a serious need of caffeine." (I'm sorry this line is a literal joke but I just HAD TO)
Recovering from her previous state of shock, the barista smiled at this highly intimidating, clearly high off of his ass man.
"I'd suggest a hazelnut venti with whip cream." She said politely. (Plz excuse my coffee talk, I literally don't drink it ever so)
"Sounds perfect." Loki said.
"That'll be $7.99." She said, looking up expectantly.
Loki just stared at her until he realized. He began patting different pockets. Then he looked up, trying to hide the fact that he clearly had no money on him.
"I'm sorry, mortal." He said, plastering a nice smile on his face. "I'm afraid I left your form of currency at home."
"Well, we take credit or debit as well."
Loki conjured the card in his hand, and pretended to pull it out of his pocket. He handed it to her.
She swiped it.
"Name for the order is Loki, I assume?" She asked.
"Yes, weren't you-" Loki sighed. "Nevermind."
"We'll have that right out for you." She said.
Loki moved to sit at one of the tables, and waited. He suddenly noticed a little girl staring at him.
"What exactly are you looking at?" He asked her, annoyed.
She didn't respond. He realized that she might be too young to form words.
The mother noticed her child staring, and grabbed her.
"Sorry about that." She said. "Lucy's a curious little one. Only three."
Loki relaxed a little. "No harm done." He replied.
They sat in silence, until Loki's order was called. He rose to get it, then started walking out. But something stopped him. He turned and walked back to the table with the mom and Lucy.
"Do you think that I'm a robot?" He asked, completely out of the blue.
The mother looked slightly surprised, but decided to take the question seriously. Maybe it was because she had children.
Loki was getting anxious, almost wanted to walk away, but her smile stopped him.
"You look human to me." She told him.
He nodded awkwardly and left the Starbucks. He sipped it. Still to sweet, but that mattered less to him now.
Later that day, Loki pulled up the screen and clicked on the box. A green checkmark appeared.
I am not a robot.
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birgaripsinemasevdalisi11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Watch his left hand. Did you noticed the moment that Loki stole the time twister from the Mobius' pocket? Such a mischievous scamp.
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