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asparklethatisblue · a day ago
Tumblr media
Merfolk + Lighthouse Keeper AU. Cause Dwalin as a rough guy and Nori as a little trickster mer is the good shit
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grunid · a day ago
You are offering them a bouquet of flowers, how do they react ? ( Galadriel + Boromir + Faramir + Thorin + Dwalin )
( none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @annkdarar​ to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-at first she's a little sad that you ripped out some flowers for her but you seem so happy to give her this bouquet that she accepts it anyway
-she knows the time you spent choosing the flowers, their colors, arranging them to form a beautiful bouquet
-and the stress you must have felt, the courage you must have had to go and give a gift to her, the keeper of the Lothlorien
-nevertheless she ends up confessing to you that it makes her a little sad that you have cut beautiful flowers
-she reassures you immediately, she doesn't blame you at all 
-you find a solution: you make her wreaths and bracelets from wilted and dried flowers that she loves 
-the result is beautiful
Tumblr media
-he is very surprised by your gesture but he finds it very nice and touching
-he has learned to take care of flowers since he was a child, so with him the bouquet will stay in bloom for longer than expected
-with a touch of sadness he tells you about his mother, and their moments together when he was very small and they made flower bracelets 
-so to thank you for your bouquet he offers you one, a bracelet of flowers
-he teaches you to make necklaces, bracelets, rings with the flowers you give him
Tumblr media
-internal screaming
-In Gondor, flower bouquets are only used for decoration, but he knows that in other cultures flower bouquets have a more important place
-What if he offends you? Is there a specific way to accept your bouquet? A ritual ? What message do you want to tell him? What message will he give you by accepting your bouquet? 
-he accepts your bouquet and then goes to the library to read all about the customs of your people and the possible meaning of a flower bouquet
-he is anxious about not knowing what to do or say: should he offer you one in return? With specific flowers? Does he have to meet a deadline? 
-Boromir must tell him in a loud and clear voice that it's a simple bouquet and that it doesn't mean anything, it's just a gift
-reassured, he writes you a little poem to thank you
Tumblr media
-He is a prince, so he has been accustomed to diplomatic meetings since his youth and to the traditions of the other peoples of Middle-earth
-so when you offer him your bouquet he thinks that it is a custom of your kind
-nevertheless he hesitates to accept: he knows that he can cause a diplomatic incident if there is a misunderstanding somewhere
-maybe you are proposing to him and accepting your bouquet would be like accepting your proposal
-or does it mean something else? He can't remember what the flowers and bouquets mean so he quickly turns to Oin for help
-Seeing that Oin is busy and that he takes too long to accept your bouquet (he quickly spotted your anxious and embarrassed look), he decided to be honest and let you know his doubts
-he is reassured to know that it is only a gift 
-he thinks he will offer you one in return but he forgets very quickly
Tumblr media
-What do you want him to do with your flowers? Eat them? 
-He is so confused and looks angry for not understanding
-he thinks it must be a tradition or something, so he accepts without much hesitation 
-when you tell him it is a gift he is even more confused
-for him gifts are supposed to be useful. What do you want him to do with flowers? 
-he ends up throwing the bouquet away because it has withered at the bottom of his bag, he had forgotten that he had put it there
-he understands that giving bouquets is your way of showing affection to people so he tries to give you some in his turn with the help of Oin
-Oin teaches him that some flowers have a specific meaning, but Dwalin is unable to name the flowers that were in the bouquet you gave him
-”Why do they use flowers to send messages? It's not practical at all !!!!”
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midearthwritings · 2 days ago
hello ! It was a good coincidence your post about "Soft OC Asks" :D !!! so, about Naya : 🍄 AND 🍂 please :)
Thank you so much for asking!!
🍄 What are your OCs favourite snacks? Their favourite comfort food which always cheers them up when they’re down? Favourite meal to make? Do they enjoy baking and cooking and are they any good in the kitchen?
Naya is actually a picky eater, although sometimes she will shove the weirdest food combinations down her throat. But her favorite kind of food is...Honey. For real. She will always put a little bit of honey in everything she cooks or bake! And most of the time, it tastes good (because she is an excellent baker) but there have been some...interesting things as well.
She doesn't rely on food when she is feeling down, and rather than eating, she will be baking. She loves to bake pies, and you can be sure that if she has guests over, there will be some pie (cherry pie is her favorite).
🍂 Does your OC enjoy hugs? What do they do as a show of affection for: their friends, their family, their significant other(s) or for strangers? Over all what are they like with recieving affection from others?
Naya is not a particularly touchy person, but she does not hate physical contact either. With strangers, she will be more distant of course and it will be nothing more than a hand on their shoulder if they need comfort.
She is not a fan of PDA either. So her and Thorin will usually restrain to a kiss on the forehead in public. But in private, they do love to cuddle and always make sure that they are touching each other in some way. Even if it's just their knees brushing.
The person she never had a problem with sharing affection is Dís. They hug each other, hold hands, kisses each other's cheeks. Sometimes Thorin even make comments about how Naya should have married Dís instead of him. And to that, Naya always replies "It was the original plan, I just took pity on you".
With Dwalin it's different. Their way to show that they love each other is to fight. They fight all the time, all in good fun of course. The only times Naya and Dwalin hugged was when he would come back from war, and after they reclaimed Erebor.
As for Fíli & Kíli, she always kisses them goodbye and/or goodnight on the top of their head. At some point, they started whining about how they were too old for that, but Naya doesn't care. And really, deep inside, they don't mind.
Here you go! I feel like I wrote en entire book but hey, it's about Naya so it's okay!
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foxleycrow · 2 days ago
Title: Death and the Tax Elf: Chapter 7: Justice Without Vengeance Word count (so far): 29,012 Pairing: Dwalin/Caranthir (Dwalinthir) Characters: Caranthir, Dwalin, Balin, Fundin, Fundin’s Wife, Durin II, Durin III, Gimli, Legolas, Dwarf OCs. Warnings (overall): trauma, blood, injury, eye injury, canonical character death, war, violence.
Summary: Tales tell that Carnistir, Son of Fëanor, was slain during the Second Kinslaying, as he and his brothers attacked Doriath. Tales, however, cannot account for the unknown, and there are truths lost to history.
As it’s said among Durin’s Folk, only three things in this world are certain: Death, Dwarven Hospitality, and the Tax Elf. This is the story of how Carnistir of the Noldor lived to become a lord under the mountain. It is also a story of time, mathematics, and love.
Note: I just wanted to point out, that as this chapter features a battle, it is somewhat more violent than the previous chapters. Nothing really graphic or gory, and it remains canon-typical, but I thought I would make a note of it. Also, Dwalin will definitely show up in Chapter 10. (I still can’t stop writing fic! Help!) 
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grunid · 2 days ago
They are beaten at arm wrestling, how do they react ? ( Thorin + Dwalin + Balin + Dain + Dis )
( none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @annkdarar​ to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-to challenge the King under the Mountain is already a feat in itself
-he is quite impressed by your confidence so he accepts
-his main opponent is Dwalin so he is used to stronger than him
-but he did not expect such strength 
-so when you beat him, he doesn't feel insulted or offended but really impressed
-the first thing he says is that you absolutely have to go and compete with Dwalin
-he wants a rematch now
Tumblr media
-have you seen his forearms ? 
-this dwarf has never lost in arm wrestling for years
-each arm wrestling match is already a foregone conclusion according to him
-he doesn't make a big deal about it, he just got used to winning over the years
-so when you challenge him he agrees and doesn't expect anything unusual
-he never puts all his strength and it is the same when you start it
-but he soon realizes that you are more resistant than his usual opponents
-you can be proud of yourself because for the first time in years he has his panic’s face
-and even the people around you gather around your table, amazed at what is happening
-he tries to resist, he really tries
-but it's too late, you beat him
-those around you are screaming with joy, someone finally beat Dwalin!!!
-he is depressed during the first thirty seconds, he looks at his hand, your hand, then holds his head between his hands
-then he bursts out laughing, for years he has finally found a worthy opponent
-he buys you a round of beer to celebrate your victory
-then he offers you a rematch, not right away, but in a few weeks
-"So he can train before" he jokes
Tumblr media
-in spite of his great age this grandpa is a fan of arm wrestling
-and he makes it a point to beat his little brother once a year without anyone knowing, it's their little secret
-so your arm wrestling, he sees it as an opportunity to train and stay in shape, a little "why not?"
-you thought you would lose but in the end you resisted
-he insists that you go and challenge his little brother, he is sure that you would make an excellent opponent 
-he will kindly decline a rematch
-to amuse you both a little, you make everyone believe that he beat you, just to see the face of the people when you beat them
Tumblr media
-he is half offended, half intrigued, half amused when you challenge him to an arm wrestle
-he offers you an exchange : if you beat him, he will do whatever you want but if he wins you will have to eat Dis's food (without telling her that he said that)
-he feels very stupid when you beat him to the punch
-he gave his word so he keeps it but he is afraid to regret 
-and he is right because you are making him swallow the food of Dis 
-never again he challenge you or accept a challenge from you
-and he discourages anyone from challenging you
-she is sure to beat you
-she is both disgusted and happy that you won
-she congratulates you but wants to win so she challenges you again and again every day
-she will even ask Dwalin to train her but when she hears that you beat him she goes to Dori
-as a last resort she will go to Gandalf 
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band--psycho · 2 days ago
Dwalin x Reader-Leanabh ùr
The Hobbit / LOTR Masterlist - Dwalin Masterlist
Requested by the amazing @gwen-ever ! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this 💛
Prompt: I want another baby
Genre: Fluff
First Person POV
Streams of golden sunlight flooded into the room, jogging me awake. I rolled over on my side, expecting to feel Dwalin next to me but he wasn’t. That’s when I heard a light giggle coming from our son, Y/s/ns room. The sound was like music to my ears. I tiptoed out of our bedroom over to his, when I reached his room, I quietly pushed the door open a few inches to see Dwalin with Y/s/n. It was always funny to see this softer side to Dwalin; to most people (especially strangers) he seemed very intimidating and grumpy but I always saw the softer side to him, especially when he was around me or our son. The way Dwalin was with him never failed to make my heart swell. I watched them play fighting with a warm smile on my face, when I saw Y/s/n like this I couldn’t help but reminisce about how quickly he was growing up. It felt like one minute he was a newborn and then in like the blink of an eye, he was five. As I continued to watch them, I felt a sense of yearning wash over me. For a while now I’d been thinking about having another child. Dis was a dear friend of ours and watching how her two sons, Kili and Fili were together triggered that yearning feeling and the more I thought, the more I fell in love with the idea of having another baby. 
I was so lost in my thoughts, I didn't even realise that Dwalin and Y/s/n had stopped play fighting until I felt the door I was standing by opened fully/ I felt a brief scream slip passed my lips in shock as I felt Dwalins sweep me up in his strong arms. My reaction only made Dwalin chuckle as he carried me into the room before placing me down on the ground. I didn’t get a chance to do anything before Y/s/n bounded over me, attacking me in a hug which quickly turned into another play fight. I heard another chuckle escape Dwalins lips as he watched us. 
“Dwalin?” I asked softly as he entered our bedroom. All day I’d been thinking about how to talk to him about having another baby. I didn't know how he’d react and that worried me. 
“Hmm?” he replied, sitting down next to me on our bed, one of his arms instantly wrapping around my waist. I felt a wave of anxiety was over me, everything I’d been planning on saying all day seemed to vanish from my mind. What if he doesn’t want another child, I thought to myself.
“Amralime?” He asked, knocking me out of my thoughts once again. 
“I want another baby,” I blurted out, it was like my subconscious took over; I even caught myself by surprise by my sudden admission. I nervously gleaned over at Dwalin only to see him smiling at me. 
“I know,” he whispered, pulling me closer towards him, placing a delicate kiss on the side of my head. 
“I want another baby too,” he cooed, his smile growing wider with every second that passed.  
“You do…?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.
“I do,” he whispered back, one of his hands rising to my face to caress my cheek lightly, I saw a little sparkle in his eyes as ours met. I couldn’t contain the huge smile that came across my face, feeling all the anxiety that I once felt, melt away. 
“I love you,” I whispered, before placing my lips on his. A satisfied grunt fell from Dwalin's lips at my actions; I felt him smirk briefly before he reciprocated the kiss, our lips fitting perfectly together as the kiss intensified, the passion we were both feeling spilling out in the kiss. 
“I love you too, amralime,” he muttered against my lips before crashing his lips back onto mine. Let’s just say, that night was the beginning of us trying for another baby. 
I couldn’t believe it, after months of excitement, our daughter was finally here. I felt like a smile was permanently etched on my face; she was truly perfect. I’d been in labour all night, of course Dwalin was at my side throughout it all, holding my hand all the way through it. I felt like I was on cloud nine. Holding this little bundle of perfection made all of the morning sickness and mood swings worth it. I stared at her, completely captivated by her until I heard a faint knock at the door. When I looked up, I saw Dwalin standing at the door holding Y/s/n in his arms, a beaming smile on both of their faces. As Dwalin walked closer to the bed, I saw Y/s/ns eyes grow wide with excitement. Dwalin carefully placed our son down next to me, before sitting on the bed himself.. 
“Is that my baby sister?” He said, excitement lacing his voice. I nodded, feeling a huge smile tug at my lips as I moved slightly, showing Y/d/n to our son. His little hand lightly touched her cheek, making a little coo escape Y/d/n lips. 
“I love you,” Y/s/n whispered, leaning over to place a delicate kiss on her forehead. I felt like my heart was going to explode at the pure adoration, Y/s/n had while looking at Y/d/n. I looked at Dwalin,  who was clearly feeling the same way I was. I’m pretty sure I even saw a tear fall from his eyes but he quickly brushed away. I knew how much this meant to him though. As excited as we were about having another child, we were always worried about how Y/s/n would react to having a little brother or sister, but looking at the two of them now; it meant the world to us.
Tumblr media
@xacatalepsyx​, @rosieposie0624​, @amaryllis23​, @magicalxdaydream​, @abadamn​, @elvish-sky, @dumbassunderthemountain​, @fizzyxcustard​ , @princessmisfit​ , @rikki-b-lake , @tired-writer-trying-my-best , @gabriellerudessa​ , @emrfangirl​ , @moony-artnstuff​, @magicgalaxyblush​​ , @gladicegoluptious
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thewildomega · 2 days ago
My kind of Different (Dwalin x Reader)
Tumblr media
A/N: A/n : Okay So I have decided to give Dwalin some more love because he deserves it. Also just in case anyone doesn't know Dwalin was born after Samug's claim of Erabor and also he is the last member of the company to die in the books, he dies way after the war of the ring. He lived to the whopping age of 340 which is a long time for a dwarf. Also Look at this cool fanart I found on deviantart, isn’t he so badass looking. The Artist is  Mental-Lighton (link included so go check them out.) There is a lot more work as well, I really like the way he captures Saruman as well. Anyway Hope you enjoy. Please like, comment and reblog.
Throwing his knife at the hare he let out a curse under his breath when he missed the shot, the hare taking off in a sprint deeper into the forest. Growling he stood and moved to grab his knife from the ground. Whipping it off on his pants leg he lifted his head to start walking when two bright golden eyes stared directly into his making a small yell escape him and his feet stumble backwards a bit. Panting he looked towards the thing, expecting it to be a monster of some sort but what he saw made his brows dip low before knitting together in confusion. It was a girl, a young girl. 
"Whatcha doin'?" you asked the boy as he stared at you. 
Continuing to stare he blinked and then rubbed his eyes. He had to be seeing things. There couldn't possibly be a floating girl there. She was just hanging there upside down, looking at him. Moving his hand he indeed saw her still there. She looked to be a few years younger than himself, her face of soft features. Long wavy silver hair that looked to be glowing hung towards the ground from her head and what looked like thin elf ears poked out from the sides of her head a little. Looking closer though he noticed two shinning blue things behind her and he tilted his head, were those wings? "What are ya?"
Turning back right side up you looked the boy over and grinned, "I'ma fairy silly."
Opening and closing his mouth he gave another look at the girl. She still floated a few feet from the ground, her simple white dress hanging on her tiny frame to end at her knees. There were no shoes on her feet but he supposed she wouldn't need them if she coudl fly. Glancing up to her face he saw her still smiling at him and noticed now her sharp canines. Overall he couldn't say she wasn't pretty even if she was weird looking. When she suddenly was right in front of him again, her eyes equal to his he felt a blush heat his cheeks and tried to take another step back but bumped into a tree. Staring in her gold eyes he saw no ill intent there only curiosity. 
"So what are you then?" you asked as you eyed the obvious boy. He had thick dark brown hair covering his head and even a ghosting of long sideburns going down to his jaw. His eyes were a bright blue, matching your wings. His nose and ears were a bit big but you liked them, they fit him. His clothes were thick and dark, made of furs and leather. There were a heavy set of boots on his feet as well. 
"I'ma dwarf." his voice full of pride. 
"I've never met a dwarf before. Do you all look alike?" 
Standing still as she floated around him, looking over every part of him but never touching the ground he took a deep breath. "No. What kinda question is that, do all fairies look alike?" 
Flying back straight you looked at his face, "No.. well I do have two sisters that look alike." 
"Twins." he huffed and saw her nod with a smile. Figuring she wasn't a threat he relaxed a bit and started walking, he was still hungry and it would be getting dark soon. As he walked he glanced beside him to see the girl right beside him. 
"So whatcha doin'?" 
"Huntin'." Seeing her head tilt at that and her brows knit he rolled his eyes, "Ya know fer food." 
"Oh. Whatcha hunting for?" 
"Anything that will fill m' belly. Now be quiet or I'll never find anything." he told her and saw her nod. He found it odd that the girl kept following but at the same time he couldn't help but enjoy her presence and couldn't bring himself to tell her off. She didn't say anything else as he walked quietly through the forest, the both of them just looking around. When he heard the small noise of rustling leaves he looked around and stilled when he spotted another hare. The thing had yet to notice him as it hopped along and he slowly took out his knife. 
Looking at the small animal you smiled largely, it was so cute. As it hopped along you even spotted a few smaller ones following close behind her. Seeing movement out of the corner of your eye you turned to he dwarf but when you noticed him holding a knife you furrowed your brows, your smile falling from your face. What was he doing? As his arm moved back behind his head you snapped your eyes between him and the mother hare, your heart hammering in your chest. 
As soon as he went to throw the knife the girl yelled out 'No!' making him startle and the hare hurry under ground. Growling he gripped his knife in his hand and snapped his eyes up to the girl. "What the hell ya do that fer?!"he growled. 
Shirking up some as he yelled you looked up to his angry face and furrowed your brows. "You were gonna kill it?"
"That was the plan aye!"
"B..but why?" you asked in a soft voice. 
"Ta eat it, why the hell else?" 
"You eat them?" you spoke in a whisper, talking mostly to yourself. Looking back to the hole the hare had went into. "But if you were to kill her then her babies would die, there wouldn't be anything to take care of them." 
Letting out a huff he rubbed his face, he hadn't seen the little ones behind it until it had ran but still the painful clenching in his stomach made it hard for him to feel pity. Looking to the girl he just now noticed she was no longer flying and that she was now standing on the forest floor in front of him. Now that she was on her feet he noticed how small she actually was, coming up to only his chin. There was no longer a smile on her face and he couldn't help but feel bad as he noticed her looking sadly towards the hare hole. Sighing he put his knife back up "Well it got away so 'er lil ones will be fine... unlike me if I don't find some food." he said grumbling the last part. 
Hearing this you tilted your head and looked up to the dwarf. "You're hungry?" 
"Was the whole point of huntin'." he said like it should have been obvious. 
Humming you looked around before quickly flying away. 
Seeing the girl fly away without a word he knit his brows. After standing there for a few minutes he gave a grunt and started walking again. Thinking over the whole ordeal he shook his head, "Weird girl." Looking up to the sky he saw the sun going down, he would have to head back to the settlement now. Walking on for a bit he felt something to his left and looked to see her back beside him, smiling brightly. 
"Here you go." 
Glancing down to her hands he saw she had them full of blackberries. Raising a brow he looked back to her and saw her just smiling. Sighing he reached out to take one and popped it into his mouth. It wasn't the meat he was craving but he had to admit they were good. She continued flying beside him as he walked back towards his people, holding the berries as he ate them but never once eating one herself. "Don't you want any?" he asked but saw her shake her head. As the lights from the tents came into view through the trees he went to speak to her but a harsh breeze stopped him. 
Hearing the deep, angry voice calling through the wind you curled up some and then looked to the dwarf. "I have to go now." 
Hearing the sadness in her voice he knit his brows and watched as she dumped the berries into his hand, noticing how small her hands were in comparison to his. Meeting her eyes once more he felt this strong pull in his chest and saw her grin at him before another sharp wind cut through the trees and she looked down, her shoulders curling in on her small frame. 
"Goodbye." was all you said before you took off towards home. 
Watching the girl turn into a small dot of light and shoot across the sky he blinked. Glancing down to the berries he ate another as he moved towards his parents tent. 
"There he is." 
Hearing his father's voice he looked up and saw both his mother and father looking at him. 
"We were about to go looking for you." Balin said with a grin. Looking down to his little brother's hands he saw the berries and chuckled. "No luck on the hunt then?'
Shaking his head he felt as his mother rubbed his head.
"Next time you'll get something for sure. Don't worry darling one day you will be just as good of a hunter as your father." she spoke, looking to her husband with a gentle smile. 
Seeing his parents walk away he saw as Balin came over to him and took one of the berries. "Where'd ya find the berries?"
"A girl gave them to me." 
"A girl huh?" Balin asked with a chuckle. "What girl?"
"One in the forest. Sh..she said she was a..." he said and then trailed off.
Tilting his head Balin looked to his little brother and furrowed his brows. "Well.."
"Balin have ya ever seen fairy?" 
"A fairy?" Balin laughed. "No lad. Fairies are nothing more than legend.... wait is that..."
" 'ey you two, 'ow about some help out here?" Fundin called. 
Hearing their father call them the brothers looked to each other before going to help their father. 
Swinging the hammer down on the glowing steel he felt sweat roll down his face but couldn't take the time to wipe it away. Dipping the metal into the water barrel he heard it hiss and watched steam erupt from the surface. Once he had it cooled he lifted it up to inspect his work. Seeing no faults he dropped the horse shoe down to the pile. Letting out a sigh he finally placed down his tongs before whipping his face with the damp rag. At least with the heavy rain it wasn't very hot and the insects were leaving him be. Glancing to the clock he saw it was well past five in the afternoon, past quitting time. Still he had much to do. Going to grab the next piece of metal to start work he startled a bit when a voice spoke from behind him. 
"Hello again." 
Snapping around he saw a young woman sitting on his workbench, her bare legs and feet dangling down and swinging slightly. "And just who are..." Seeing her smile at him he trailed off, his eyes taking her in. Long silver hair, golden eyes... blue wings... It was her. It had been years since he had seen her, since that day in the forest. She was older now, like him, but she was still beautiful. "You." he finally spoke. 
"Whatcha doin'?" you asked looking to the strange object in his hand, long metal thing. 
"Where did ya come from? How'd ya get in 'ere?" he questioned her. 
"The window." you smiled. 
Seeing the slightly parted window he looked back to her and noticed she was soaked, her short white dress and hair dripping. Licking his lips he took a deep breath when he saw how the thin fabric was clinging to her body. "Yer all wet." 
Glancing down you gave a giggle and then looked to him. "Yea." Tilting your head you looked the man now, over. In human years you both would now be considered young adults and it showed. His hair was a bit longer now and bushier along with the hair on his face and chin. He was taller, wider, you could tell thick muscles made up his frame. He was only wearing an olive green tunic that was damp with sweat and a pair of brown trousers along with his heavy boots. You wondered how he walked in those things. 
Moving a bit closer to her he placed down the tongs. As his eyes roamed over her body some he felt a blush heat up his face, there was just so much skin showing. Quickly turning away he moved to grab his cloak from the hook by the door. Carrying it back over to her he pushed the thing into her hands. " 'ere' cover yerself up." 
A little puzzled you tilted your head but then grinned and took the cloak he was offering. Flattening your wings you wrapped the thick cloak around your shoulders and grinned up at him. 
Seeing her small body wrapped in his cloak made this strange feeling bubble in his stomach and chest, gas maybe? Shaking his head he grabbed his stool and sat down on it in front of her. " 'ow did ya find me?"
"Well I wanted to see you again and so I just went in the direction it told me to go." 
"What told ya?"
"My heart." you smiled. 
Stiffening he felt that blush creeping up to his ears. 
"I wanted to come find you sooner but I... well I couldn't." you spoke looking down and frowning a bit before shaking your head and looking back to the dwarf male. "But I'm here now." 
Trying to process the whole situation he watched as she hopped down from the bench and started walking about the forge, looking over this and that. There were so many questions he wanted to ask her but he couldn't think of which one to ask first. Anytime he had ever mentioned the fairy lass in the forest before everyone had always laughed at him, asked him if he had fallen and hit his head. Fairies weren't supposed to be real. "Stuff of legend" Balin always told him. "Children's story characters" Thorin told him. She was real though, he was sure he hadn't bumped his head and he hadn't drank anything. She was standing right in front of him. Maybe he had eaten something bad? No. No. 
"What is this place called?" you asked, looking to all the tools and such. You had seen them before when you would sneak out but you didn't know the name.
She had spoken, asked him a question. Clearing his throat he looked to see her standing in front of the coal pit. "A forge. There aren't any where yer from?" 
Humming you tilted your head. "One I think but I've never seen anyone there." Reaching out you poked one of the chains hanging down. 
"An' where exactly are ya from?"
"Never 'eard of it." 
"It's in a different realm than this one, hidden from all but fairy folk." 
Humming he watched her continue inspecting things. When she reached out to touch one of the iron horse shoes he heard her let out a hiss and watched her fall backwards to the floor. Quickly standing he hurried around the bench to see her holding her hand to her chest, her face contorted into one of pain. Kneeling down in front of her he furrowed his brows, "What's wrong?" 
Gently taking her hand he pulled it out to look at it and saw she indeed had what looked to be a burn to the tips of her middle and forefinger. Blinking he felt a strange clenching in his chest and helped her up. Taking her back to his stool he sat her down on it and moved to get some of the burn salve. Crouching down before her he dabbed a bit onto her fingers and gently rubbed it in. 
As he finished up you grinned softly and looked down when his blue eyes met yours "Thank you." 
Starring up into her golden eyes he felt his heart thump a little heavier in his chest. "What's yer name lass?"
Smiling softly you felt that wonderful hum in your chest before you spoke. "Y/n." 
He couldn't help the pull of his lips as he received her name. Standing he gave a bow, "Dwalin at yer service." 
Giggling lightly you shared a grin as he rose to look at you again. Hearing the chime of a bell you startled and snapped your eyes over to the door to see another male come inside. 
"Ya about done lad? It's gettin' late."
Turning around he saw his brother there, pushing off the hood of his soaked cloak. As soon as his brother looked up he saw shock come over his face at seeing the female inside, sitting on his bench, wrapped in his cloak. As his eyes turned to look at him, that older brother look of curiosity and disapproval he swallowed. 
"Hello." you spoke to the new male. 
"Uhm h.. hello there lassie." Balin spoke. "I haven't seen you around here before, tell me are ya here fer business reasons." 
"No, I just came here to see Dwalin." you spoke. 
His name sounded so lovely coming from her lips. 
"Is that right?" Balin asked with raised brows, looking to his brother for answers.  
Clearing his throat Dwalin looked between the two. "Y/n this is my brother Balin. Brother, this is Y/n." 
"Your brother?" you asked with a smile. Looking to the older male you hopped off the bench and moved over to him. "It's so nice to meet you." 
Chuckling lightly Balin gave a bow. "The pleasure is mine dearie." Looking to his little brother he gave him a look, "Brother a word." 
Sighing he nodded, "Aye." looking to Y/n he saw her give him that sweet smile that seemed to be ever present on her face. 
Watching as Dwalin and his brother stepped into the room next to this one you grinned and looked down to the cloak. Dipping your head to smell at it you sighed at the scent of the dwarf male on it. A sudden strike of lightning made you gasp, your eyes snapping to the window. As a loud booming thunder followed you curled up and dipped your head, your fingers curling into the cloak for a moment. Glancing back to the room Dwalin had went into you frowned. You wanted to say goodbye but you didn't want to interrupt his conversation with his brother. Another loud thunder made you tense and you bit your lip as you removed his cloak and hung it back on the hook that he had gotten it from. With one last glance towards his direction you shrunk down and flew out the open window. 
Growling he turned and walked back out to the forge, "Y/n, lass will ya please tell my brother what ya... are..." Seeing the room empty he knit his brows. Snapping his eyes around he tried to spot her but she was gone, his cloak hanging back on the hook. Dropping his shoulders he felt a small pull in his chest and heard Balin sigh from behind him. 
"Ya know I think ya are gettin' too old ta believe in fairies lad."
Sitting by the camp fire he turned the meat he was cooking before looking back down to his ax to continue sharpening the blade on it. A faint glow from beside him made him turn his head, his hand gripping his weapon. Seeing nothing he knit his brows and listened but couldn't hear anything. Sighing he turned back to the fire. 
"Hi Dwalin."
The sudden voice from beside him made him about fall over. Snapping his eyes to the source he saw the face that had been in his dreams since the last time they had met. "Ya know I think you enjoy scaring the bajeebeeze out of me lass." he spoke and heard her giggle. Sitting back straight he turned more towards her to look her over fully. She was now a little older since they had last saw each other, looking to be around what a human would consider early twenties or so. It had to have been close to twenty years since she had showed up in the forge he was working in. He would be lying if he said he hadn't missed her, even if everyone else said he was crazy and that his fairy lass didn't exist. 
"Are you out here all by yourself?" you asked, looking around and seeing no one else here.
Humming he nodded. "Aye lass, on a scouting mission." Her hair was longer now, going to her waist in long sliver waves that seemed to glow like liquid silver itself. Her eyes themselves were like pools of molten gold as she looked to him. Licking his lips he took a breath, "Why'd ya leave last time like that?" he asked, wondering if it was something he did.
"I had to, my father... well he called for me." 
"Yer father." seeing her nod and look down he said no more. Looking to the fire he moved to check his meat. Finding it done he removed it from the heat and set it aside to cool some. Noticing her looking it over oddly he rose a brow. "Ya act as though ya've never seen venison before." 
"Venison? What's that?"
Freezing he looked to her and then shook his head slightly, "Yer kidding?" When she only continued looking to him he sighed. "What is it ya eat lass?" 
"I like fruits and vegetables, fish... um....oh I sometimes sneak tarts when no one is looking." you smiled. 
"So you've never had meat before?" he asked and saw her shake her head. Scoffing he grabbed his knife and the skewer of meat. Slicing strips of it he placed it on the wooden plate he had until it was all off. Holding the one fork he had out for her to take he watched her small hand timidly take it. Using his knife to lift his own piece he saw her watching him but not take one herself. "Well go on." 
Seeing him start eating his own piece you looked down to the plate and poked one of the strips. Lifting it up you looked it over, smelling of it before you hesitantly took a bite. 
Watching her as she ate the meat he saw as she seemed to think it over as she chewed. When she swallowed he rose his brows. "Well?"
"It's good." you grinned. 
Chuckling he pushed the plate between them both and nodded down to it, silently telling her to take more. They both ate in a comfortable silence for a while, she didn't eat no where near as much as he did but still she seemed to enjoy it and he secretly enjoyed being able to feed her. 
"How is your brother, Balin?" 
He was surprised that she remembered his brother and grinned. "He's good lass. Do you have any siblings?"
"Yes, I had twelve sisters and seventeen brothers." 
His eyes went wide at that, thirty, thirty children. How the hell does one have that many children. "So are you the oldest or youngest or..."
"No I'm somewhere in the middle. Balin is your older brother?" 
Nodding he saw her grin. 
"Are you and your brother close?" you asked, crossing your legs under you and looking up to him. 
"Aye. Aren't you close with your siblins'?" he asked but saw her lip twitch, her eyes looking down before she shook her head. 
"Not really, I...well I've always been d...different." 
Seeing how this saddened her he furrowed his brows and felt a small clenching in his heart. When a breeze came he saw her give a shiver and looked to her thin, short white dress. The thing hung on her shoulders by only thin straps and ended at her knees. "Don't ya 'ave any more clothes other than that measly thing?" 
Looking down you tilted your head. "No not really." you giggled. 
Huffing he took his cloak off and went to wrap it around her shoulders but looked to her blue wings that were standing upwards behind her. They were the most bright shade of blue, slightly see through and shiny in the light of the fire. He didn't realize he was staring until she gave a small flap of them. Clearing his throat he saw her laying them flat and wrapped his cloak around her. 
You gave a hum as the warmth of his cloak enveloped you. "Your clothes must keep you very warm." you said eyeing his fur and leather. Looking up to his face you smiled, "Well that and your hair. I like the way you have it now." you spoke, admiring the way he had it cut into a mohawk. Looking to the hair coming out of his chin and along his jaw you tilted your head a bit and lifted your hand. "Do all dwarves grow hair out their face as well?"
He felt his cheeks flush at her complimenting his hair but when her small hand flited and she touched his beard he froze. Her touch was extremely gentle, so much in fact he could barely fee it but still he acted before he coudl think. Grabbing her wrist he shoved her hand away from him. "What in Durin's name ya doin'?"
Gasping at his sudden deep voice and being rough actions you looked up at him in shock. "I..."
"Ya don't just touch a dwarf's beard like that?! Mahal. Don't ya know anythin'?"
Feeling your heart hammering against your ribs you and your eye filling with tears you looked to his angry face and felt a sharp pain in your chest. "I..I'm sorry...I...didn't..." Looking down you felt your lip tremble. "I'm sorry." was the last thing you said before you quickly shrunk down and flew away as fast as you could, not wanting to embarrass yourself further.
Hearing her quiet whisper he furrowed his brows as her frame curled inward. Before he coudl speak a word however she was gone in a tiny ball of light. "No. Y/n wait...." He tried calling but she didn't come back. Growling he rubbed his face, "Fer fuck's sake. Way ta go ya jacksie." he grumbled. Glancing down to his cloak he lifted it from the bedroll they had been siting on and looked at it for a moment before bringing it to his nose. Inhaling he smelt just the faintest small of her sweet scent and sighed. 
Letting out a long sigh you blinked and looked over the water's surface. Hearing the laughter of some of your sisters you glanced their way, seeing them all siting in the field of flowers. From the looks of it they were busy doing each other's hair, working their sleek colorful locks into intricate styles. Your lip twitched as you for a fleeting moment thought about going over to them before you remembered the last time. It had taken you a weeks to get all the moss and sap out of your hair. Looking down you rubbed your arm. Your brothers offered no better company, leaving you bruised and sore from their rough treatment. Closing your eyes you snapped them open at the sound of the horn, banquet time. Standing you flew to the entrance and landed on the small platform. Going to walk in you were caught by a rough yank of your upper arm, from the pain of the hand holding you, you knew bruises would be there later. Glancing up you saw your father there and shrunk up as his loathsome eyes stared down at you. 
"Do try not to humiliate me or the rest of the family any more than you already do tonight." he spoke in a low voice so not to bring attention. 
Swallowing thickly you kept your eyes down so not to show the hurt his words had caused as you nodded. "Yes father." All that was heard was a huff from him as he walked away, the cough that had been bothering him for a while sparking up. Not a few moments later you heard the applause and took a deep breath before entering the hall. Getting to your normal seat at the far end of the table you stopped and looked to your stool to see a different one there, one that matched the others. Knitting your brows you heard your siblings chuckling and giggling. 
"Y/n take your seat so the feast can begin." you mother spoke in a hiss. 
Licking your lips you moved to the new stool and sat in it, the table now coming up to your shoulders. Hearing a few snickers from the other fairies you stifled your trembling lip. 
"Such a tiny little thing she is isn't she?" 
"And such a strange coloring she has." 
"Yes, there was never any reason we coudl come to, the rest of our children are all perfectly normal." 
"Hmmm how peculiar."
"I'm sure it was nothing either of you did, she was probably just defective from the beginning."
"Yes sometimes I find myself wondering if we should have just shown her mercy. After all she is doomed to a lone existence anyway, not having a bonded."
You could listen to no more of their whispers, choosing instead to stare at your plate as it was set in front of you. Fish again. What you wouldn't give for more of that meat Dwalin had shared with you. Sighing you lifted your fork and started poking at your food. 
After dinner everyone broke off into conversation, your siblings finding their bonded to be close with. Looking across the hall you couldn't help the clenching in your heart as you took in all the couples here and there. Even your youngest siblings had their destined one's by their sides to play and talk with. It was times like these when you thought of your dwarf the most. You wondered if he thought of you as well? Did you ever cross his mind? You hadn't seen him since that night when you had made the mistake of touching his beard as he called it. How you had hated yourself after that, realizing how you had offended him so. You hoped he knew how truly sorry you were, you never meant to do something he didn't like and you hoped he would forgive you. On multiple occasions now you wanted to go see him again and give formal apology but you were to afraid to do it. Too afraid of his dismissal. 
Deciding to go out onto the balcony you moved into the corner where no one was and stared up at the night sky. Sometimes you wished you could fly way up there with the stars. A sudden sharp pain in your chest made you stiffen and your brows furrow. When it didn't go away you blinked. "Dwalin?" you spoke in a soft voice. Something was wrong. Without another moments thought you flew from the balcony and off into the sky as fast as your wings would take you. 
Arriving on the battle field you furrowed your brows and panted as you looked around. Staying in your tiny form you gasped when a horrid looking creature swung his sword by you. Dodging the blade you saw as a male came running up to cut down the foe. Yells of anger and pain filled the air and a pungent odor filed your nose. Your heart hammered in your chest as you spun around, where was he? Where was your dwarf? Seeing some from both sides laying unmoving on the ground as well as those who were covered in blood you felt true fear fill you. As you flew around the area looking for Dwalin you sent a silent plea to the Gods to keep him safe. 
You almost flew past him, hearing a familiar voice you stopped and looked around. When you did spot him you felt ice fill your veins. He was in the middle of a battel with one of the monsters but he was hurt. Blood was spilling from his right shoulder and he also looked to be limping. Seeing another coming up from behind him you took a deep breath and flew down. Growing in size you grabbed one of the weapons from the ground and moved to attack the thing. 
Hearing a female grunt he looked over his shoulder and felt his eyes go wide. "Y/n?" Blocking the orc's sword he swung his second ax and cut the thing's leg, sending it to it's knee. When he heard her cry out he looked to see the thing had knocked her to the ground and was holding it's spear above her ready to strike. Roaring out he cut the head from the one he had been fighting before hurrying to her defense and doing the same. Staring down at her he saw her looking up at him with those gold eyes. "What the hell ya doin' ere'?!" he yelled but then snapped his mouth shut when he saw her shoulders curl up some. Taking a deep breath he went to speak in a more softer voice but a broken yell cut him off and he grit his teeth when he felt a intense pain to his side. Fighting with the orc he growled and pushed through the pain until he had finished off that scum as well. 
Seeing him panting you quickly hurried to his side when he leaned against the bolder, his hand on his side. "Dwalin..." Seeing blood on his clothes you knit your brows, "You're hurt." 
" 'm fine lass." he told her. 
Watching as his body started to slump to the ground you tried to hold him up as much as you could, "No. You're not." 
"Just need ta sit fer a sec'n." 
Helping to ease him down you looked over his blood and filth covered body, your heart beating like a drum. 
"Ya need ta get away from this lass, war ain't no place fer an angel like ya." he told her. Any other time he wouldn't be able to say such things but right now he would blame it on the blood loss. 
Looking up to his face you licked your lips and stared into his lidded eyes. Seeing how pale he was going you looked down to his wounds again and knew you had to do something soon or he would die. "Dwalin..." Seeing his eyes now closed you took a deep breath and pushed your lips to his. You wanted to cup his bearded cheek but only tightened your hands by your sides, knowing he wouldn't want you to touch it. Closing your own eyes at the feel of his lips under yours you focused on making your magic flow into him. 
He had been so tired and he thought he had fallen asleep but there was this strange tingling on his lips that spread all over his body. As his body grew more aware he opened his eyes just barely and then he was sure he had fallen asleep and he dreaming because she was kissing him, his fairy lass. Raising his hand the tips of his fingers just did brush her silky silver hair before he heard his name being called. 
Hearing someone calling his name you pulled away and saw his lidded blue eyes looking at you. Glancing to the field you saw figures walking towards the both of you. You recognized one of them as his brother Balin but there were others you hadn't seen before. Still you knew they would take care of him, that he would be safe. Feeling weak yourself you looked back to Dwalin and saw him still just watching you. His wounds were no longer bleeding and his color was a little better.
Seeing her smile at him before she was gone in a tiny ball of light he licked his lips that were still tingling. Had it been real? Had she... kissed him?
"Dwalin! Brother!"
"He's injured, let's get him back to camp." 
Getting back to your room you just did make it to your bed before your wings gave out. Not a moment later did the door slam open. 
"So you decided to return. I know you went to Middle Earth again, father does as well..."
"Oh look and here he comes now."
Panting you tugged the covers up over you and closed your eyes. Your punishment would no doubt be as sever as the ones before but you could care less, the feeling of Dwalin's lips still on yours making it all worth it. As you heard your father enter your room the small grin remained on your face. 
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“Hold me tight, Dwalin!” 😍💕
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Asking The Company the Worm Question Part 1
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Tumblr media
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Dwalin and Thorin
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hello ! What does Naya do in her free time ? reading ? training ? cooking ?
Thank you for the question darling!
Most of the time, you will find Naya with Dís. They are always together. When they were younger, they would spend their free time playing around with Frerin, and sometimes Thorin when he was able to join.
Growing up, Naya learned how to bake, and she's extremely good at it. So she will often be baking something.
She also likes training, mostly because it's with Dwalin and those two absolutely love to fight.
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Rubik's anon again,
You know that reflection thing raccoons have with their eyes? What if hobbits did too? Imagine the dwarves reactions... especially the tough ones like Thorin and Dwalin.
😂 😂 😂 😂  I am like 100% sure this is canon and I refuse to believe otherwise
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Thorin: You know, it's at times like this that I really wish I had listened to what Balin told me.
Dwalin: Why? What did he tell you?
Thorin: I don't know. I didn't listen.
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The Hobbit/ LOTR Masterlist / Join my taglist
(Credit to the gif owner)
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Dwalin x Reader-Grief
Dwalin x Reader-Leanabh ùr (1.6k challenge)
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Naya : Fight me!
Dwalin : Ah! Look at your size! What are you going to do, kick me in the ankle?
Thorin : Why is Dwalin quivering on the ground and crying?
Dís : Naya kicked him really hard in the ankle.
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Dwarin in a shirt
Tumblr media
Dwarin in a T-shirt
modern au
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Tumblr media
Dwalin and Thorin
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