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passiondiyblog · 7 years ago
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Fabric Rug Un #tappeto realizzato con lunghi ritagli di #stoffa colorata. La tecnica di #intreccio da applicare è la stessa impiegata per i famosi bracciali dell’amicizia…
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faeodum · 14 hours ago
i fucking miss fíli yall
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guardianofrivendell · 17 hours ago
Guarding Your Heart - Teaser
Are you longing for a multichapter fic with adventure, mystery and excitement, overflowing with a lot of sass, wit and humor?
And... could it be? Possible romance? A will they won’t they kind of story?
Then have we got news for you 😄
The wonderful @laurfilijames​ and I smacked our writing braincells together and have been working - and still are - on something fun! 
Get ready for a modern AU with our favorite Durin brother and a new OC, Lucy Turner!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucy is a smart, independent woman who’s getting dragged into her father’s past against her will. Fíli, who is working for the family’s security agency, receives his next assignment: guarding Lucy. On one side someone who doesn’t want to be a ‘babysitter’ and on the other side someone who will do anything to get rid of her ‘bodyguard’, you know this will turn into chaos. Interesting chaos, but still chaos.  Until things start to get serious and they have to work together to stay alive. 
Chapter 1 will be here soon, but because we like to tease and want you to join us in our excitement about this story, you get to see a small snippet under the cut!  There’s going to be a taglist for those who are interested. 
If you like and know our writing and our style, you know this will be one hell of a ride... Let us know what you think! 
Lucy tucked away her phone in her back pocket and started putting on her running shoes, without giving her visitor a second glance.
Fíli stayed where he was, curious to see where she was going with this. She seriously didn’t think going for a run was a good idea when she had a target on her back? 
When she made a beeline for the door, he blocked the entrance with a simple sidestep. Fíli dropped his duffle bag on the hallway floor, inches away from her feet. Unbelievable, he thought. 
Lucy scoffed. “Could you please get out of my way?”
“Not going to happen,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest, “and where exactly are we going?”
“I am going for a run, you can go back to where you came from,” she snapped, poking her finger in the middle of his chest to emphasize her words. 
A feisty one. Figures…
Fíli sighed and grabbed her by the shoulders, before turning her around and pushing her back inside. He used her temporary disbelief to follow her into the hallway and close the door behind them. 
“From now on, this door stays closed. You’re not leaving and I am not leaving. No one’s coming in either,” he ordered her. 
“You can’t do that!” Lucy said indignantly. 
“I can and I just did.” He guided her towards the living room and pointed at her couch. “Sit.”
“Excuse me?”
Fíli rolled his eyes behind his shades. “Sit down, please?”
“I’m not listening to someone who doesn’t even bother with taking off his sunglasses inside. That’s very rude-” Lucy stopped talking when Fíli took his shades off, revealing his cerulean blue eyes. 
When she opened her door a few moments ago, she had to admit she was a bit startled with the sight in front of her. The man they sent over was well-built, muscular but not too much, tight khaki shirt and dark cargo pants with heavy boots underneath. He had ‘security’ written all over him. 
But Lucy didn't expect him to have such kind, bright eyes...
“Thank you,” she mumbled, still a little stunned and to Fíli’s surprise she sat down, looking up at him expectantly. 
He took a seat on the coffee table so their knees were almost touching and started fidgeting with his sunglasses. 
“There are a few things I want to discuss with you but first… You’re seriously not going to ask me who I am? Check my identity? Do you always let strangers walk into your home like that?”
“You let yourself in, remember? And why should I? It’s obvious you’re here to keep me prisoner in my own home.”
Fíli shook his head. This girl had absolutely no regard for her own safety.
“What if I’m someone who wants to hurt you? I could be part of the cartel, for all you know!”
“Do you?”
“Do you want to hurt me?”
“Of course not, I’m here to keep you alive and safe. Preferably in that order.”
“Well, I’m not feeling particularly safe so far,” she retorted, crossing her arms. 
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midearthwritings · a day ago
Someone hit me with a stick so I can focus on my current WIPs instead of starting 1000 Fíli fics.
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Tumblr media
la mia ora preferita
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ooowyn · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Ayyy we have a commission for @cassiabaggins !! I had so much fun drawing this for them, I was constantly looking forward to working on this one 😭
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enchantzz · a day ago
Re-watching The Hobbit without tissues is just impossible, even after countless times, these scenes always get to me.
'Thorin, Thorin hold on. Hold on please. The eagles... the eagles, the eagles are here'
If this is love, I do not want it. Why does it hurt so much?' 'Because it was real '
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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midearthwritings · a day ago
🌹💐 for Naya?
Hey darling! Thank you so much for the ask! I'm legit so happy that you sent one, I absolutely love your blog! ❤️
🌹 Where in the world does your OC feel most at home? Is there any reason why? If it’s not the place they were born, where were they born? Is there a certain somebody that makes them feel at home where ever they may be? What does home mean to them?
It is a really cool question because Naya was young when Erebor was lost. She lost her home at a young age and had to run away with her family and friends. But with years she learned that any place could become a home if you really want it to be.
Of course, she feels the most at home when she is with Dís, or Thorin later on. She does have a good relationship with her parents and she has always been grateful for how they took care of her. But to her, home is being with her friends because they are the family she built for herself.
💐 How does your OC handle being unwell or forced to rest in bed? Who cares for them and in what ways? Does your OC enjoy being doted on or are they a terrible patient? Reversed: is your OC good at taking care of others who are ill or in need?
Naya absolutely hates falling ill. It really makes her feel miserable and she will always think that she is about to die (she can become kind of a Drama Queen in these situations). But overall, she is not hard to deal with because she will mostly sleep. She never complains when she has to take her medicine because she just wants to get better.
As for the reversed situation, she is actually really good at taking care of others. Although, she has very little patience and will literally shove the medicine in your mouth if you try to fight it or whine about it. With years, they all learned to comply when she is the one taking care of them. And Dís would always call her when she had an insufferable sick Fíli or Kíli in her arms who refused to take their medicine.
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midearthwritings · 2 days ago
hello ! It was a good coincidence your post about "Soft OC Asks" :D !!! so, about Naya : 🍄 AND 🍂 please :)
Thank you so much for asking!!
🍄 What are your OCs favourite snacks? Their favourite comfort food which always cheers them up when they’re down? Favourite meal to make? Do they enjoy baking and cooking and are they any good in the kitchen?
Naya is actually a picky eater, although sometimes she will shove the weirdest food combinations down her throat. But her favorite kind of food is...Honey. For real. She will always put a little bit of honey in everything she cooks or bake! And most of the time, it tastes good (because she is an excellent baker) but there have been some...interesting things as well.
She doesn't rely on food when she is feeling down, and rather than eating, she will be baking. She loves to bake pies, and you can be sure that if she has guests over, there will be some pie (cherry pie is her favorite).
🍂 Does your OC enjoy hugs? What do they do as a show of affection for: their friends, their family, their significant other(s) or for strangers? Over all what are they like with recieving affection from others?
Naya is not a particularly touchy person, but she does not hate physical contact either. With strangers, she will be more distant of course and it will be nothing more than a hand on their shoulder if they need comfort.
She is not a fan of PDA either. So her and Thorin will usually restrain to a kiss on the forehead in public. But in private, they do love to cuddle and always make sure that they are touching each other in some way. Even if it's just their knees brushing.
The person she never had a problem with sharing affection is Dís. They hug each other, hold hands, kisses each other's cheeks. Sometimes Thorin even make comments about how Naya should have married Dís instead of him. And to that, Naya always replies "It was the original plan, I just took pity on you".
With Dwalin it's different. Their way to show that they love each other is to fight. They fight all the time, all in good fun of course. The only times Naya and Dwalin hugged was when he would come back from war, and after they reclaimed Erebor.
As for Fíli & Kíli, she always kisses them goodbye and/or goodnight on the top of their head. At some point, they started whining about how they were too old for that, but Naya doesn't care. And really, deep inside, they don't mind.
Here you go! I feel like I wrote en entire book but hey, it's about Naya so it's okay!
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thewhizzyhead · 2 days ago
hmm currently considering posting a cover of a filipino song once this blog gets 600 followers just to confuse the shit out of like most of my followers who check out my covers (who I very much know probably don't know filipino) just for the funsies fjxjfv
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beenovel · 2 days ago
Thorin: It’s a war zone around here. What happened?
Bilbo: Well, Fíli and Kíli-
Thorin: Ah, that makes sense.
Kíli *off to the side*: Hey!
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little-moonflowers · 2 days ago
Hello! May I please have a Ship for Lotr, HP and The Hobbit? I'm a Bisexual Neurodivergent Girl, chronically ill with Asthma, and a writer and Artist who sews and draws. I'm also an INFP Aquarius Ravenclaw if that helps! I have a LOT of different hyperfixations, but they commonly include Literature, History, Death & Burial, Agriculture, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm 4' 11", lean body type, with fluffy and wavy brown hair, pale freckled skin, Light blue eyes, and a fashion sense that ranges from Dark Academia-style to wearing a Galaxy Sweatshirt and Shorts. I'm very devoted to my loved ones, highly ambitious, and I'm Hyperempathetic so I care a lot about making people feel happy and loved. Thanks so much!
Harry Potter:
I ship you with: Luna Lovegood!
Tumblr media
I gotta say, you definitely radiate the same vibes as her so it didn't take much time before you became best friends and then eventually lovers. You're basically Ravenclaws sweetest couple.
Luna adores you with all her heart. Just like you she's very empathetic and kind so the bond between you two is very deep. She will always be honest with you.
Expect a lot of magical creature hunting when being with her and helping her find her lost stuff. While most of your dates are outside in the fresh air, or the forest she also loves to take you on lots of dates at Hogsmead. I think Luna would find your interests very fascinating!
I'm sure you'd definitely defend her against bullies, if someone would call her "Loony" you would absolutely defend her with all your breath. She loves that you are protective of her and so loving. Luna would totally make you both matching hats for Quidditch kinda like the lion one in the movies. And all in all I gotta say you got yourself in a beautiful relationship with her.
The Hobbit:
I ship you with: Fíli!
Tumblr media
Fíli loves to braid and play with your fluffy brown hair, it's so soft and shiny! And your blue eyes are very gorgeous to him! They remind him of a beautiful light blue sky in the summer where one can forget all their worries. Seriously, he just gets lost in your eyes.
Fíli very much admires your ambitious side. It's always a good quality to have and he accepts you and loves you, just the way you are, with your all your good and not so good qualities. He's so proud of you! You're his one, his soulmate, you are perfect to him and he makes sure everyone knows it. But he will never overstep your boundaries and is a very respectful partner.
In my opinion, I think Fíli very much likes your height. You're still taller than him, (I mean he's a dwarf after all) but not by much and that just makes it easier for him to reach your face and kiss all your freckles on your cute face.
He'd spoil you rotten and will buy you all sorts of jewelry, new fabrics, or new art stuff. He enjoys taking you on shopping sprees and the smile on your face when you purchase a new adorable clothing item just brightens up his day!
Lord of the rings:
I ship you with: Elrond!
Tumblr media
I definitely see Elrond as a Ravenclaw too. He's quite the intellectual and smart, just like you. Being an INFP means you are a very empathetic, intuitive and creative. You are a good listener and a deep thinker. Qualities which Elrond very much admires about you.
He's definitely very protective of you. He just doesn't want you to get hurt. However, after explaining to him you are very much capable of defending yourself he loosens up a little. He just would never forgive himself should something bad ever happend to you. But he will always be gentle with you and make sure you are comfortable.
You're interested in history and literature? That's great! Please tell him more! Elrond loves to hear your facts and stories about them! It's quite fascinating! He loves sharing knowledge with you and expanding his consciousness. Having any kind of conversation with you is very intriguing to him. He likes to spend all of his afternoon simply listening to you and being around you in general.
I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting!
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winterchildd · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: You can't fool the elves
Word Count: 337 words
Pairing: Fili x Reader
Warnings: Nooo one, just fluff!
Author's Note: I dodn't have much to say about the story, but I want to apologize for my bad english >~< I am italian ad I am still learning soo there may be some error. Feel free to tell me if I wrote something wrong. But please be kind with me >~<
"See? Even if you look for them there aren't any more"
Well, yes, that was exactly the only way to read the look Fili was giving the young, beautifull elf-woman who was searching him.
"Yes sure..."
And this, on the other hand, was the young woman's quick reply. The boredom in her gray eyes, the exasperation in her gaze as she pulled more and more daggers from the back of his jacket, it was just too much fun for y/n to contain her laughter for one more minute.
"Stupid of a Durin" y/n chuckled as she wiped a couple of tears from her left eye
"You can't fool the elves!" she smiled mischievously in his direction. Then she turned with a smile to the young elf who was searching her
"Am I right or not?" she asked.
Rolling his gray eyes the young elf pull out a pair of daggers from behind her back
"Well ..." he said with a chuckle "I guess you should stop trying too"
at those words, at hearing Fili's laughter, which seemed already out of breath, y/n felt her cheeks on flame, hot as if she had the feaver.
"So..." said Fili betwin a laugh and another "What were you saying my love?" he scoffed looking back at her with a little grinn
"Well..." she snorted brushing a finger onto the top of her nose "You could have at least held me the game for two minutes..." she sighed looking at the elf with disappointment and something really similiar to irritation
"Sorry young lady" he chuckled back pulling out with a little sigh a small knife hidden at the back of her black hair, just as if it was a hair clip
"Oh c'mon!" y/n axlaimed in exasperation covering her face with her hands.
Fili couldn't help himself but burst into laughter again, even louder then befor.
"Well at least treat them well" she snorted wile pulling out another pair of knives from her shoes, giving them to the young elf.
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temporoyales · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lady Dis with her two troublemakers
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passiondiyblog · 6 years ago
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Borsetta Wire La lavorazione del filo metallico, nota nel mondo creativo come tecnica #wire, permette di realizzare splendidi bijou, ma anche #accessori particolari…
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faradayys · 2 days ago
"Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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missiemoosie · 3 days ago
Chapters: 26/? Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types, TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works & Related Fandoms Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death Relationships: Thorin Oakenshield/Original Female Character(s), Kíli (Tolkien)/Tauriel (Hobbit Movies), Bilbo Baggins/Bofur Characters: Thorin Oakenshield, Thorin's Company, Bilbo Baggins, Bofur (Tolkien), Original Hobbit Character(s), Fíli (Tolkien), Kíli (Tolkien) Additional Tags: Adventure, Humor, Slow Burn, Friendship, Family Feels, Canonical Character Death, Heartbreak, Bilbo's a worrywort of a dad and rightly so, Took blood is a pain in the ass, Fili gets more 'screen' time than Kili, Thorin is a Softie, Original Character(s), Lost Love, Overprotective Bilbo, not all adventures are fun adventures, Book verse and movie verse, Accidental Boffins Summary:
Bilbo had raised his daughter to be a proper, respectable Baggins: Polite, friendly, a good cook...But, like her father, she had Took blood running through her veins that left her quietly wishing for some sort of excitement to happen in her life. When Thorin and his Company arrive at Bag End, she gets her wish and signs a contract, becoming the fifteenth member of the Company. But she soon learns that not all adventures are fun and games like the fairytales Bilbo read her as a child--some are dangerous, frightening, and heartbreaking.
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xsafronixs-blog · 3 days ago
The Golden Prince
Tumblr media
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