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hardladyheart · 5 days ago
Orc Arrow (Kili x Reader)
Tumblr media
Bard’s house was small for three humans, fourteen dwarves, and a hobbit. At least now it was only you, Fili, Kili, Bofur, and Oin so the house with Bard’s family was much better.
Everyone stayed close to Kili, hoping there was a way to make him feel better. Oin was low on medicinal herbs and everything he did have only seem to be a waste. Nothing was working, if anything, the herbs might have been making it worse.
Fili sat on Kili’s left as you sat on his right, the brothers murmuring to one another about how Thorin had left them. Neither of them were happy with the situation, but there was nothing they could do now other than swear every now and then.
“Lass, I need to borrow you for a minute,” Oin called out, referring to you. You walked to the elder dwarf and waited for him to tell you what he wanted. The healer poured some water into a cup as he spoke, “I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a bad feelin’ in my gut. I need you to protect the boys if anything should happen, understood?”
Your brow crinkled with curiosity as you looked at the dwarf in front of you. “I’ll guard them with my life like I would any other day. What brought this on?”
Oin handed you the cup; acting as if he didn’t hear your question. “Now take this over to Kili and make sure he drinks it, he needs as many fluids as he can get.”
Kili groaned as he tried to shift, his skin seeming to pale more from the pain. Sweat soaked hair clung to his forehead even as Fili tried to wipe it away with the sweat. You sat down beside the ailing dwarf, trying to lift his head for him to sake a sip of water. Each time you tried, he pulled from your grasp, even though it seemed to hurt, and pushed your hand away that held the cup.
“Kili, stop, Oin said you needed to drink plenty of water.”
With one last try, Kili pushed your hand away so forcefully that the cup dropped and the liquid went everywhere. “Why are you even here? All you’re doing is taking up space,” Kili growled as he watched you clean up your mess.
“I’m here to help you.”
“Yeah, well don’t! You shouldn’t even be travelling with us, this quest has nothing to do with you. You’ve been useless this whole time and now even more so! Why don’t you just go home?” Kili grew louder and louder as he yelled at you, his pain almost completely forgotten as his anger took hold.
You watched as Fili yelled at his brother, telling him that he shouldn’t say something like that. His blue eyes turned to you and you could tell your friend was about to apologize on his brother’s behalf.
Instead, you held up a hand to silence the fair haired prince before moving your eyes over to Kili. “Because I know you would do it for me,” you sad softly, but it was loud enough for the two to hear. Filling the cup once again, you handed it to Fili before going to sit on the other side of the room and looking out the window.
What the brunet had said was very hurtful, making your heart ache as it repeated over and over in your mind. You knew it was just the sickness talking, but that didn’t make the pain go away. Why did he seem to only be angry with you? Bofur was of the Blue Mountains but Kili didn’t seem to mind taking help from him. You sniffled slightly, but you fought back the tears, taking deep breaths to calm your emotions. This wasn’t something you needed to cry over, it was just the pain talking… right? The doubt in your mind began to grow, making you wonder if you really should be there. What if he was finally telling you the truth and it took him being in pain to actually tell you? What if you really were useless?
You stayed in your spot for a long time, only getting up when someone asked for you. Bofur had gone out to get a plant from the pig pens so Oin was calling for you quite often. No one spoke of the insults from earlier, not even Fili. You had been quiet the whole time, which definitely meant you were bothered by it.
That was when you heard the screams and saw the orcs coming in the house. You rushed into the small kitchen and grabbed a knife before standing in front of where Kili was. Anything hostile was killed quickly as you defended the prince while also keeping an eye of Fili to watch his back as well.
You saw an orc come up behind the blond, but before you could say anything, a knife was embedded in its skull. Searching where the knife came from, you spotted a couple of elves that you had been captured by in Mirkwood. Both of them moved quickly as they killed and killed, even beginning to follow the escaping enemy out the door.
The female came back, her hands tightly wrapped around a plant. You followed every order she gave from filling a bowl with water to helping to move Kili to even holding him down when he struggled. As the elf spoke in her people’s tongue, you watched the archer as he tried to let out a scream from the pain. You didn’t know how long you would be able to see him that way, healing him or not. Thankfully it didn’t last long and you were actually able to see some of the color come back to his face. It wasn’t much longer before Kili passed out.
Kili was looking better by the minute and ended up waking a couple hours later. You knew he needed more rest, but he called your name and did so repeatedly. You sighed before standing and shuffling over to him, his hand taking hold of yours as soon as you were close enough.
You didn’t say anything, even when he kissed your hand unexpectedly. “I’m sorry about what I said to you. We’ve been friends for so long and I should never have even thought of those things, no matter how sick I was.”
“Kili, you have no need to apologize. I know that when someone was as in as much pain as you were that sometimes things just set that person off. I was trying to force you to do something so you lashed out.” You moved his bangs from his face with a small smile.
“That doesn’t matter; I promise I’ll make it up to you,” he said as he squeezed your hand that he still held. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at how stubborn he could be, but a smile still graced your lips. You leaned down and bumped your forehead against his lightly, like all dwarves did with their friends. What you didn’t see coming was the chaste kiss he gave you, but it wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy it.
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the dwarves on the hobbit are more chaotic than you knew
don’t be fooled
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fool-of--a-took · 9 days ago
Redhand and the Company ~ Part 1 Thorin Oakenshield - Pretentious Ass-Head
YAYYYY!!! It's my first fic with my OC Iarphen! This is going to be a series thingy and this is part 1!
Tumblr media
Word Count ~ 1, 420
Pairing ~ OC x ? - I'm not sure yet, so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them <3
Summary ~ This one's pretty much just meeting the company and the first night at Bilbo's house :)
Warnings ~ None that I can see :) (please let me know if you find something)
‘It’s so beautiful out here-’ I thought as I looked up at the stars that filled the sky above the Shire ‘-that I don’t really mind we’re lost.’ I sighed as I patted my horse. Just as I turned my eyes back to the road, a dwarf came around the corner. ‘Hello,’ I said. Now, most elves would simply ride past and completely ignore a dwarf, but at this point, I don’t really care about what you are. But apparently he did.
‘What do you want, elf,’ he sneered, looking me up and down.
‘Nothing,’ I replied, beginning to ride off. ‘Simply being pleasant.’
He made an unimpressed sounding grunt and turned down the road, the opposite of the way I was heading. ‘Pretentious ass-head,’ I thought as I continued towards a round green door with a mark on it.
* * *
As I knocked on the door, a hobbit - who was about half my height - opened it.
‘Hello,’ I said, as he looked a bit startled to see me.
‘Oh, so sorry. Please come in,’ he said, opening the door wider. I nodded my thanks, and stepped inside. As soon as I did so, Gandalf came out through a small, round, corridor.
‘Ah! Redhand, you came. I wasn’t sure if you would,’ he said with a knowing smile.
‘Well you know me Gandalf. I’ll always come if I’m nee-’ The rest of my sentence was lost as there was a hard rap at the door. The hobbit, who’s name I had not yet learned, opened the door, only for me to find the pretentious dwarf standing behind it.
‘Gandalf. I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way. Twice.’ he said in a voice that rumbled like thunder.
‘Well, Thorin, I promise your journey has been worth it.’ Gandalf replied.
‘Who’s the fighter you recruited to join us on the quest?’ Before Gandalf could reply I stepped out of the shadows.
‘It appears that would be me,’ I said slyly, tilting my head down to make eye contact with the dwarf.
He huffed and turned towards Gandalf. ‘You promised me a warrior, not an elleth who probably can’t take care of herself.’ The wizard tried to reply, but didn’t have the chance before one of my blades was pressed against the center of the dwarf’s chest.
‘I think you’ll find I can take care of myself better than one might expect,’ I said
‘What’s your name, elf?’ he snarled, looking me up and down.
‘You can call me Redhand.’ I said, putting the dagger back in its place on my hip.‘You can call me Redhand.’ I said, putting the dagger back in its place on my hip.
The dwarf gave a grunt. ‘Oakenshield,’ he said, and turned towards the hobbit.
‘Oakenshield, Oakenshield,’ I thought, trying to remember where I had heard that name before. ‘Thorin Oakenshield. The prince of Erebor.’ Then I realised. They were trying to reclaim the kingdom of Erebor that had been lost to the dragon Smaug. As I came back into the present, I realised that the dwarf was circling and interrogating the hobbit.
‘What’s your weapon of choice?’ he asked. ‘Axe or sword?’
The hobbit was looking increasingly flustered as he replied, ‘I do have some skill with conkers, if you must know.’
‘Thought as much,’ said the dwarf to the rest of the group. ‘He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.’ The group of twelve dwarves, thirteen including Oakenshield, began to laugh uproariously, and after a moment Thorin turned and headed into a room where there was food laid out. I walked towards a couple of other dwarves, who introduced themselves as Ori, Nori, and Dori. As I talked with them of the quest, two other dwarves, one with blond hair, and another with dark brown, walk over.
‘Fili,’ says one.
‘And Kili,’ says the other.
‘At your service,’ they say simultaneously, as they bow.
I nod my head. ‘Redhand, at yours.’
‘Where does the name Redhand come from?’ Kili asks, looking down at my left hand.
‘Kili.’ Fili elbows him. ‘You can’t ask that of someone you just met.’
‘Fili’s right,’ I thought to myself, but I said, ‘That’s a long story for another time because I think we’re needed in the dining room now.’ I gestured towards where the other dwarves were gathering.
‘Yes, right,’ Kili said, clearing his throat.
‘Sorry,’ Fili mouthed to me as we headed in. I shrugged as if telling him not to worry.
The company was gathered around a small map and key that Gandalf had produced from somewhere in his cloak. I shook my head, knowing that Gandalf loved to be dramatic. ‘Erebor,’ Bilbo read off the map. I began to think about the tales I had heard of the battle against the dragon, Smaug, and the tales of the other dragons I had been told. After a while, I was pulled from my thoughts as Bilbo fainted because one of the dwarves - either Bofur or Bifur, I can’t remember which - had described a death by dragon fire to him. I jumped over and caught the hobbit just before he hit the floor. I scooped him up and placed him on a sofa in the living room. When I returned to the dining room, Dori began to make ‘A soothing herbal tea for Master Baggins.’ Upon realising that the meeting was on hold until the hobbit came back, I returned to the living room to check on him. I had been sitting down by the sofa for about five minutes, Bilbo began to stir. It was then that Dori came in with a pot of tea and some cups. ‘Do you like tea?’ he asked. ‘I figured if you did you could drink it with Master Baggins to help calm him,’ he said looking at me hopefully. I was about to reply when Gandalf came in and asked if he could have a private word with Bilbo, who was now awake. I nodded, and left the room with Dori.
I went and sat in the kitchen while Gandalf talked to Bilbo. I could have gone into the dining room, but from what I could hear, the dwarves were all in there, including Thorin, and while I don’t mind dwarves, Thorin certainly minds elves. I sat down at the kitchen table and began to look for some food that hadn’t been scavenged by the dwarves. Eventually I found some seed cake that was very good. I started to take off the majority of my weapons. My bow and quiver were in the entrance hall, as was my sword, and my cloak, which had one little dagger in it. I was just putting my dagger, Niareg, back on when I heard the dwarves beginning to sing. I could only catch snippets of the words, but from what I could tell, it told the tale of Smaug and when he claimed Erebor. All their voices combined created a deep melodious music that seemed to fill the world with sound. A few minutes after the dwarves finished their song, Bilbo began finding rooms where everyone could sleep. Once he had found rooms for all the dwarves he came in. ‘I’m terribly sorry, but the beds are all made for hobbits. They suit the dwarves all right, but you’re much taller than they are. I do have another room for you though,’ he said, looking nervously at the dagger on my hip.
‘Lead the way,’ I said, trying to seem less threatening because I know that I must look pretty scary to a little Shire dwelling hobbit. People are often threatened by me. Being really tall, having scars on the majority of your face and having around the same number of weapons as an armoury does that.
The hobbit brought me to a room that had a lovely carpet, a wooden dresser and a little hobbit bed. ‘I hope this will be alright for you. I’m terribly sorry that I have nothing better,’ he said.
‘Don’t worry. I’ve had accommodations that are far, far worse than this,’ I replied, trying to be reassuring even though my mind kept going back to those horrid years. He bid me a goodnight, and left, closing the door behind him. I took off my weapons and put them on the dresser, but kept Niareg on my hip. I took the sheets off the bed and laid them on the ground. It was a warm summer evening, so I wouldn’t need a blanket. I lay down on the sheets, and slowly drifted off to sleep.
Thoughts? Recommendations for pairings? Hope you liked it :)
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celeste-clearwater-06 · 9 days ago
Random Headcanons (Thorin's Company)
Tumblr media
In celebration of reaching 100 followers, I've decided to write these completely random headcanons right off the top of my head! These are just little cute and strange oddities each character would have!! (Featuring our favorite character, Y/N 😌💗)
Fair warning, this turned out WAY LONGER than expected, so just be prepared 😅
Please like and reblog if you enjoy it!!
Okay, lets just start off by agreeing...
Kili hates spiders
Like, just a deep-seated hatred for those things
And the ones in Mirkwood gave him serious PTSD
But he especially despises the little ones that crawl all over you, up in your hair
Any time he sees one its just-
And everyone's just laughing at him while he's on the brink of tears 😂😂💀
Kili doesn't really scream, more like a gasp of disgust
Fili does scream
And he secretly has a super high pitched scream
And although he does a reasonable job at pitching it down when he's aware...
There are occasions where the older brother will let one slip and he's teased so badly for it 💀
There was one instance where Fili threw a daddy long leg at Kili, which made him yell
Then proceeded to shriek at the top of his lungs when he tripped over a fucking log while trying to run away 😂
And by hearing it, you and the company thought it was a woman in distress, come barreling over, weapons drawn and war faces on
Nope, just Fili who tripped over a dead tree 🙄
Honestly, nobody believed it was him at first
Also, let's just say, canonically, that you dropped out of the sky into middle Earth (like literally every x reader fic on this platform)
And are a part of Gen Z
And let me tell you, teaching the company Gen Z slang is a BALL
The one's who use it the most are surprisingly Dwalin and Gloin 😂😂😂
Most of the time they just say it if you ask them to because they want to learn all about your world and "unique language"
Because let's be honest, hearing Dwalin say
Or even Thorin sometimes
"Bruh? I'm afraid I do not understand..."
pLEASE tell Bilbo and Bombur that their food is 'bussing' 😂
"I'm sorry... It's what?"
And speaking of teaching things...
You and Bofur have an epic handshake 😎💜
It was something you taught him in the span of a few days, and he learned very quickly
It never fails to impress the company (Thorin pretends not to 🙄✋, but he's the most impressed out of everyone)
You and Bofur are like the 'cool uncle' and 'favorite cousin' if you catch my drift
He can be a terrible influence on some of the young ones, and you are everyone's favorite 😂
Also, just to add something for Bofur, I think he would be an ABSOLUTE GOD at making shadow puppets
Ya know, almost everyone can do the basics like a rabbit and dog, but this dwarf can make crazy shit like a deer, butterflies, he even did AZOG a few times
Don't even ask me how 😳
So completely different subject, but now let's just talk about our 2 favorite grandpa's, Gandalf and Balin 😌💗
I have a secret about them....
They have a club
And what about, you may ask?
Shipping the member of their company
Now these two have been around longer than anyone else in their travelling party, so they are not oblivious to young blossoming romance
Typically they don't talk about it that much, but whenever they catch you and your love interest, whoever it may be, flirting or lightening up at the mention of each others names
These two just share glances, smile, maybe roll their eyes at your obliviousness
Something like;
Gandalf: " 😏'
Balin: "😌"
And NOBODY EVEN KNOWS (well, maybe you do, but you've decided not to tell anyone)
These two are the definition of subtle hints
And you've dubbed it "The Romance Grandpa's"
And they just laugh at it, but think it suits very well, though they insist it's not a club, just a 2 part insight
Elrond may have even gotten in on it too 😂
So everyone knows that the Company loves stories
Whether it be telling or listening, they are just in love
So, when they get tired of listening to the same old tale of Smaug claiming Erebor, they turn to you,
who just so happens to have an endless supply of Disney and fantasy movies locked in your brain by childhood memories
So ofc, you're going to tell them all about princes, princesses, magic, etc.
Their personal favorites are The Princess Bride and Beauty and The Beast
Were very confused about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,
So now Fili, Kili, Bofur, and Dwalin WILL NOT STOP SINGING "HI-HO"
Just walking along the trail to Erebor, those four are singing, and Gloin has decided to add wHISTLING TO THE MIX
Thorin has lost it 😭💀
Okay, so everyone knows that Ori is more than exceptional at art
I mean, he's just so talented with his hand in drawing and painting
I feel like he would write some form of fanfiction as well
Ya know, maybe not like x reader stuff, but just sweet little fluffy stories about him and the fair dwarrow/dwarrowdam he fell in love within the blue mountains 🥴💗
(Or about him and you, given the circumstances 😉)
I also feel that Bilbo and Dori are secretly very good at art, they just haven't really discovered it yet!
Maybe Bilbo, at drawing his home, the plants he grows in his garden or the occasional bluebird that will perch on his window in the morning
And Dori would just make beautiful paintings of his brothers, more drawn towards things like scenery (lakes forests etc.)
Now, a while back, I had a list of headcanons that included characters who would have their nails painted (per the anti toxic-masculinity movement)
But I feel that I could have added more characters, say Ori, Bofur and most certainly Bilbo
He just lives the color, the shine, maybe even the smell of nail polish, and watching you concentrate on painting them 🥺
And he's also VERY good at painting your nails as well, so that's a win-win
Speaking of beauty...
of these boys are suckers for flower crowns
It doesn't matter if they pretend not to, grumble, complain when you put the crowns on their head,
Forever and always
You, Fili, Kili, Dori, and Ori are usually the ones making them near the campfire or in the road when you see a bundle of them as you pass
And Thorin just nods his head, maybe rolls his eyes, and smirks whenever you give one to him (#dramaking)
Dwalin just "hmphs"
Gandalf smiles and thanks you (#1 grandpa, next to Balin 😌)
And Bifur really appreciates flower crowns as well
Teaching bofur how to make flower crowns 😩
It's like a little craft club on a rainy day!! (And Nori loves it more than anything since it keeps Mother Hen Dori occupied, rather than bossing him around 🙄)
Now let's focus on the leader of our company, since he needs his spotlight!
Thorin is AMAZING at getting/making gifts for people
I don't even know how, but he is!!
You know how he never let go of that grudge with the fucking Mirkwood elves?
Yeah, that memory of his comes in handy when it comes to birthdays and Holidays (Durin's Day for example)
One day, you had been feeling stories of home, and how you dearly missed your old stuffed animal
So on your birthday, Thorin had asked for help from the company to gather their supplies and skills together
And made you a new one 😩💜🥺
Dori sewed, Dwalin hunted for the fur, Bofur made it a little wooden hat, Fili and Kili put little braids on the top of its head, Ori gave it a little bow of ribbon
And so, on your next birthday, they all presented you with this ADORABLE lion stuffed animal and you just fUCKING CRIED, HOLY SHIT-
All in all, the company may have some quirks, some oddities, yes
But their your company
And that means they'll forever love you, and you them
Because that's what family's for 💗💗
(And throwing spiders at Kili 😈💗)
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k-star-holic · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
'So I marriage with antifan': Choi Soo Young, why did I suddenly Admission?
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Okay last one!! Headcanons on the everybody lives au? How would that go?
Absolutely love all of your headcanons ♥️♥️♥️
Everybody lives?
Thorin and Bilbo get married
After Frodo's parents die Thorin abdicates to Fili and he and Bilbo move back to The Shire to care for Frodo
Kili ends up in a thruple with Tariel and a human man
Fili grows an absolutely epic beard and becomes an amazing king
Dwalin and Nori don't marry but they move in together and swear vows to each other in private
Balin and Dori get married
Ori becomes the official royal scribe
He completely re-catalogs Erebor's library
Bifur and Bofur start a sign language teaching service
Bombur lives the exact canon life Tolkien gave him because honestly you can't beat that
Oin sets up the healthcare system then proceeds to start traveling to gain more medical knowledge to help improve Erebor's healthcare
Gloin has his canon life tho he totally also opens up a brewery
Thranduil and Bard shack up
Bard sets about rebuilding Dale with some help from Erebor and he also sends help to Erebor
Bard's kids get to split their time between Dale and Mirkwood
Oh, did I mention that Ori is trans and he and Fili get together and have several beautiful kids?
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woahjaybird · 15 days ago
Oh and mood with the love square it’s been going on for too long 😔✊
right??? like GOD JUST SHUT UP i mean
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k-star-holic · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
'Antifan' Hwang Chan-sung, Han Ji-an Conflict at the height of sudden action
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k-star-holic · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
'Antifan' Hwang Chan-sung, Han Ji-an surprised by sudden action. Conflict reached the pole
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beenovel · 19 days ago
A Faded Understanding
Word count: 733
A/N: I’m gonna be honest here. This is very much based on me and my hair. I thought this up as I watched my hair color fade from dark yale-ish blue to a really dark kinda blueish version of my normal brown. This isn’t really a fic, it’s more like an extremely detailed draft.
Warnings: none, unless you need a warning for stupidity because himbos abound in this fic. WAIT, I nearly forgot, there are some F-bombs so be wary
Summary: Your hair dye starts to fade and the company gets… mildly concerned
Tag list: @elvish-sky @kumqu4t @anjhope1
My thanks to @claraofthepen and @elvish-sky for beta reading!
So you joined them after falling from your world with medium blue hair and while everyone was curious, they didn’t ask (and kept the younger/more forward dwarves from asking) because hair is very personal for dwarves and their thought process was basically “we don’t know much about humans in the first place and this one is from another world, it might be normal there or it could be extremely personal, best not to ask”
But then your hair color starts fading and getting darker
They start getting worried “what if she’s not eating enough, is she not sleeping enough, is she not resting enough, what if she’s sad, elves can die of sadness, humans here can’t, but what if humans there can, she seems to like when it rains, is she not getting enough rain, is that it? Her hair is blue and I mean she said it ‘watered her’ but we thought she was just joking, was she not joking, is she not getting enough sun, dirt, water, is she sick, is she dYING WHAT'S HAPPENING TO OUR HUMAN”
So individually they’ve been taking ‘small, unnoticeable’ steps to try and get your hair to retain its color.
Bifur and Glóin both keep walking up to you and checking your forehead with their hand without a word. This has been making you very nervous.
Óin has been asking you how you feel every time you stop for a break, which is just making you even more nervous.
And Bombur keeps giving you extra-large portions of food but you don’t eat all of it, and that just makes them more worried.
Ori has been getting very sad every time he looks at you and you’ve been trying to cheer him up by telling him stories and it’s kinda working??? But not really???? For a couple of minutes the stories will cheer him up and you’ll be like “yes, go Y/N” but then suddenly he’ll look even closer to crying than before and that makes you want to cry. (hint: it’s because he keeps thinking about how if you die you won’t be around to tell him stories anymore)
Bofur has been hanging around you a lot, constantly trying to get you to smile and laugh. He and Balin also keep saying things like “if you ever need to talk… I’m here”. This has left you very confused on numerous occasions.
Thorin has been having the company take twice as many breaks and won’t let you keep watch or help unpack and set up camp like he used to. Kili all but tackled you to keep you from picking up a heavy object and every time you dismount there are at least three dwarves ready to help you down.
The past couple of nights Fíli and Kíli have been rubbing dirt on your arms to see if it’s not enough dirt or something cause they’re both dumbasses so you keep waking up with your arms covered in dirt like “???? wtf”
Basically, none of them know the meaning of subtle.
You’re sitting down to dinner and they keep ‘sneaking’ glances at you. Finally you’re like “ok wtf is going on you’ve all been super weird the past couple of days, what’s up?”
Ori immediately bursts into tears next to you and you’re like “Woah, it’s ok, don’t cry, pls don’t cry, what’s happening, what did I do”
“Please don’t die”
“????? what????”
Thorin: “your hair color is fading and we’ve been worried it means you’re ill or sad”
Y/N: “That’s it?”
Thorin: “What do you mean ‘that’s it’”
Y/N: “My hair dye is just fading”
Dwalin: “Hair… dye?”
Y/N: “Yeah, like the dye you use on leather? It’s like that, only for hair. It just washes away eventually.”
Kíli: “Why did you dye your hair?”
Fíli: “KILI”
Kíli: “WHAT?!?!”
Fíli: “Don’t be rude, it’s probably personal”
Y/N: “actually I just liked how it looked”
Ori: ”So *sniff* you’re not *sniff* dying?”
Y/N: “No, is that why you’ve all been so weird lately?”
Kíli: *scoff* “we haven’t been weird”
Y/N: “...”
Y/N: *has a thought* *thinks about recent ‘dirt on arms’ thing* “Also, WHOMST THE FUCK put dirt on my arms?”
Kíli: *the oh fuck face appears*
Y/N: “Kili… what even was going through your mind?”
Tumblr media
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catboysquadra · 26 days ago
u loving olives is like so Mediterranean of u 💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok on to your other questions. yes i do, all 3 :pensive: they are good ill die on this hill.
i didn't use to like feta at ALL but like... when you grow up your tastes get more refined. same as dolma tbh
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questionthebox · a month ago
Poets Diary
from this point forward, i, Anthony, am a citizen of the world, i owe no aliegenace to any nation state, as i don’t believe in borders and the restriction of movement, i see it as implicity racist, and anti human, they don’t want the people who’s lands they’ve plundered to come here, even though when they come here they behave as obedient slaves, 
but for the next 25 years of my life, i shall live everywhere, and with everyone, on this planet. 
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claraofthepen · a month ago
Here is a video of the glorious pinball machine. I didn’t have a good round while the camera was rolling though lol. But seriously, they had different hobbit soundtracks playing, character voices (my brother joked and said Fili had more screentime on the machine than he did in the whole trilogy...), and a little screen that played bits of the movie. So cool
Fun story: a guy came in with his gf and he had a jrrt shirt on, first off i complimented his fashion sense, secondly i told him about the machine and he brightened up like gollum hearing about a riddle contest
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Ofelia (OC) - Character Sheet
Yes, I made another OC. And I am so happy to share her with you all. I hope you will love her as much as I do and as much as we love Naya.
Tumblr media
General Information and Appearance: 
Name: Ofelia Took
Nickname: Kíli calls her Feli, although she hates it. 
Gender: Female
Origin: Hobbit from the Shire
Birthday: June 21st TA2896
Relationship Status: In a courtship with Kíli
Height: 3’7, she is quite tall for a Hobbit
Skin Color: Pale Ivory
Hairstyle: Cut to her shoulders. She wears her courtship braid on the right side of her head.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Distinguishing Features: She has a small scar above her lips, barely noticeable, and a tattoo on her left ankle.
Accessories: She has an orbital piercing on her right ear and both her lobes are pierced.
Tumblr media
Personality, Relationships and Hobbies:
Ofelia is hot-blooded and impetuous. She often acts before she thinks, even if it puts her life in danger. But she says she likes it, she likes the thrill. She has always been like that, even as a child, which would give her family a few heart attacks. 
She is also extremely sensitive. She cries often, mostly when people yell at her or when she is angry/frustrated. It often results in people calling her a crybaby and she hates that more than anything. 
She often pretends that she is a tough, cold-hearted person who does not care about anything, but when you really know her, you quickly realize that she is an absolute sweetheart.
Relationships :
Ofelia is Bilbo’s cousin. She is the daughter of one of Belladonna’s many siblings. As children, they were really close to each other. But they grew apart and kind of stopped talking. That was until the quest. 
Ofelia never had many friends. So when she joined the company she was extremely excited and tried to befriend everyone. Including Thorin. She would even sit next to Bifur and listen to him talking to her even if she could not understand a thing. But out of all of them, she found a best friend in Ori. From the outside, they look completely different. But they actually are very similar.
Ofelia and Kíli probably fell in love the moment he pushed through Bilbo’s door. But if you ask them, they will tell you that it happened later on. They immediately clicked together. But when Tauriel came into the painting, Ofelia thought Kíli had fallen in love with her instead and kind of walked away from him. It is only after reclaiming Erebor, and long long talking sessions, that she proposed her courtship, respecting all dwarven customs.
Ofelia is an avid reader. She loves any type of book but her favorites are legends and tales. When Kíli is sick, she likes to read to him until he falls asleep.
She is passionate about plants and medicine. At first, it was just a hobby but one day, she decided to ask Oín to become his apprentice. Of course, everyone was delighted, mostly Kíli who always encourages her to pursue her dreams.
Tumblr media
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