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yacrimago · 10 hours ago
It's been a time. I'm trying proportions. :) I really wanted to draw Beorn. I think Bilbo should be smaller, maybe next time.
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dwarvishring · 12 hours ago
farewell, master burglar. go back to your books, and your armchair. plant your trees, watch them grow. if more people valued home above gold this world would be a merrier place.
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lyrachloezhang · 15 hours ago
Multicouple | Hoax
"You know I left a part of me back in New York You knew the hero died, so what's the movie for?"
Another multicouple vid from me!!!
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ragsweas · 16 hours ago
Text has good Modern AU prompts for Bagginshield? I am thinking of collecting them all and start posting them on this blog (or maybe a separate new blog purely for Bagginshield and/or Hobbit prompts)
(Also I wanna write Modern AU which do not make me cry plis)
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an-odd-ducky · a day ago
I’m absolutely obsessed with the idea that Thorin calls Bilbo his morning and his evening star
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temporoyales · 2 days ago
Tiny Thorin being protective of Tiny Bilbo... 🥺❤️
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no coming near his hobbit >.<
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kitlaurie · 2 days ago
Sharing my Boromir Lives thoughts has led me to the realization that a lot of my lotr/hobbit ideas really just boil down to taking a popular Fix-It trope and making it heartbreaking in a totally different way
Because a while ago I became strangely attached to this idea of a Thorin Lives au where Bilbo returns to the Shire still thinking Thorin died and Thorin goes to him a few years later to finally confess his love
But Bilbo's already taken
Turns out taking in a much younger than he really was in canon Frodo actually just made Bilbo even more of an Eligible Bachelor by Hobbit Standards and he met a nice widower and decided hey maybe settling down isn't so bad (because it's the Shire. Settling Down is what you do.)
So now Bilbo has this nice and sweet and funny hobbit husband who's ruining everything
Bilbo's husband: Dear, I don't think your dwarf friends like me very much...
Bilbo: What? I know they can seem a little gruff, but I'm sure they'll warm up to you. Just give them some time.
Thorin: (Having a silent breakdown)
Dwalin: I'm not saying I would kill him for you... But do you want me to kill him?
(and also lots of angst over the headcanon that dwarves take the idea of soulmates very seriously and hobbits just don't)
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ghiva-shel · 4 days ago
Imagine you conversing with your close friends, and suddenly they glance behind you, before you can turn around, Thorin’s throws you over his shoulder,
“I’m very sorry to interrupt, but I need my wife for a second”.
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