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#thorin x bilbo
grimviries · 4 hours ago
Love when I'm just scrolling through tik tok and Thorin's death scene just pops up and someones gone and put some horribly sad music over it.... I WANT TO STOP CRYING AS SOON AS I WAKE UP OKAY?!?!
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cysiasstuff · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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anotherbleedinghart · a day ago
Just a shout out, my last blog got deleted so I had to re-upload everything. So if you see my posts floating around yet again just know they aren’t stolen or reposted. It’s actually me, Hart!
Sorry to my few followers that I lost. I hope you sweethearts would come by again!
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anotherbleedinghart · a day ago
A Dragon’s Heart-Where It All Begins
(I apologize! It’s a little rewritten after my blog got deleted. Sorry!)
Tumblr media
You hadn’t wanted to come to the renaissance festival. But you loved your friend, and it was how they wanted to spend their birthday. Any other day you would’ve loved to come. However today was not your day. You had gotten sick a few days again and you were miserable. Struggling to breath through your stuffed nose. Even in the sweltering heat of summer you felt cold.
And to make matters worse your friend had ditched you to check out a fire eater. Which left you vulnerable to this creep. An owner of a ramshackle stall dressed up as a rogue. Their hood was pulled down ridiculously low. You were pretty sure they couldn’t see anything but your feet.
They were trying to get you interested in their jewelry. Showing off pretty rings and necklaces. You considered for a moment buying a butterfly ring for your friend. Out of an inside joke. They were terrified of the little bugs. However when you brought it up the rogue brushed your inquiry aside.
“How about this one? Oh! Or this one…“ they trailed off as a glint of bronze caught their eyes. They carefully picked up what seemed to be a sculpture. It was a full bodied dragon. Coiled up on itself as if it were sleeping. It was made of shining bronze with blue crystals embedded down it’s back like spines.
“What would you say to trying on this one, hm? It’s practically purring for you!” They beamed. Try it on? How could you try it on? It wasn’t jewelry.
“No thanks, i’m g-“ it leaped out of their hand. As if coming alive from the sound of your voice. It curled around you wrist so tightly you were terrified it’d break.
“Get it off! Get it off!” You cried franticly clawing at it. It continued to squeeze. The pressure becoming borderline unbearable.
“Tut tut! That’s no way to say thank you to a gift,” they pouted. Your skin was growing cold as the dragon continue to squeeze. You were sure it was going to shatter your bones at any second.
“I can see you’ll be a spoil sport. So i’ll simply say good luck!” With that they shoved you backwards. You didn’t even get the chance before you Were engulfed in frigid water. A spray of bubbles blinding you as you tumbled head over heels. What was happening?!
Your feet connected with sand and a flicker of relief made it’s way into your chest. You floundered for a few seconds before properly righting yourself. You burst out of the water gasping for breath. Frost clung to your skin as you shivered. The water around you beginning to freeze. White puffs of must falling past your lips. How had it gotten so cold? You hadn’t been under that long. A noise drew you attention up to the bank of the shore. No. No way. There was no way a fictional character was staring you down! You had to have drowned. That was it. You were in some type of freak coma dream. Asleep in a hospital somewhere with a head injury. You took a wobbly step forward. Ice seeming to form where the water connected with your clothes. The character’s eyes widened as they realized you were moving towards them.
“Bloody hell!”
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hotsauceonabiscuit · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Whattup I have just finished the hobbit and now I'm on board
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captainbobbiedraper · 3 days ago
Bilbo "i'm glad to have shared in your perils, Thorin. Each and everyone of them" Baggins
and Frodo "i'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee. Here, at the end of all things" Baggins
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missiemoosie · 5 days ago
Chapters: 27/? Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types, TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works & Related Fandoms Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death Relationships: Thorin Oakenshield/Original Female Character(s), Kíli (Tolkien)/Tauriel (Hobbit Movies), Bilbo Baggins/Bofur Characters: Thorin Oakenshield, Thorin's Company, Bilbo Baggins, Bofur (Tolkien), Original Hobbit Character(s), Fíli (Tolkien), Kíli (Tolkien) Additional Tags: Adventure, Humor, Slow Burn, Friendship, Family Feels, Canonical Character Death, Heartbreak, Bilbo's a worrywort of a dad and rightly so, Took blood is a pain in the ass, Fili gets more 'screen' time than Kili, Thorin is a Softie, Original Character(s), Lost Love, Overprotective Bilbo, not all adventures are fun adventures, Book verse and movie verse, Accidental Boffins Summary:
Bilbo had raised his daughter to be a proper, respectable Baggins: Polite, friendly, a good cook...But, like her father, she had Took blood running through her veins that left her quietly wishing for some sort of excitement to happen in her life. When Thorin and his Company arrive at Bag End, she gets her wish and signs a contract, becoming the fifteenth member of the Company. But she soon learns that not all adventures are fun and games like the fairytales Bilbo read her as a child--some are dangerous, frightening, and heartbreaking.
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captainbobbiedraper · 6 days ago
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story but it's Bilbo playing the role of Eliza
[maybe Kili or Fili start as Washington cause they also d word HAHAHAh pAIN]
Let me tell you what I wish I’d known When I was young and dreamed of glory You have no control: KILI&COMPANY OF DWARVES Who lives Who dies Who tells your story? [BURR GANDALF (ok gandalf doesn't kill thorin OBVIOUSLY but i don't see azog singing LMFAO)] President Jefferson: King Thranduil: [THRANDUIL] I’ll give him this: his financial system is a Work of genius. I couldn’t undo it if I tried And I tried
[KILI AND COMPANY] Who lives Who dies Who tells your story? [GANDALF] President Madison Mr. Bard: [BARD] He took our country from bankruptcy to prosperity I hate to admit it, but he doesn’t get enough credit For all the credit he gave us [KILI AND COMPANY] Who lives Who dies Who tells your story? [DÍS] Every other founding father king's story gets told Every other founding father king gets to grow old [GANDALF] But when you’re gone, who remembers your name? Who keeps your flame? [GANDALF AND MEN] Who tells your story? Who tells your story? [DÍS AND WOMEN] Who tells your story? Your story? [WOMEN] Eliza Bilbo [BILBO] I put myself back in the narrative [COMPANY] Eliza Bilbo [BILBO] I stop wasting time on tears I live another fifty sixty years It’s not enough [COMPANY] Eliza Bilbo [BILBO] I interview every soldier dwarf who fought by your side [DWALIN/BALIN/ETC] She tells our story [BILBO] I try to make sense of your thousands of pages of writings You really do write like you’re running out of— [BILBO AND COMPANY] Time [BILBO] I rely on— [BILBO AND DÍS AND] Dís [BILBO] While she’s alive— [BILBO AND DÍS] We tell your story [BILBO] She is buried in Trinity Church under the Mountain [BILBO AND DÍS] Near you [BILBO] When I needed her most, she was right on— [BILBO AND COMPANY] Time [BILBO] And I’m still not through I ask myself, “What would you do if you had more—” [BILBO AND COMPANY] Time [BILBO] The Lord Mahal, in his kindness He gives me what you always wanted He gives me more— [BILBO AND COMPANY] Time [BILBO] I raise funds in D.C. Durin for the Washington Kili & Fili's Monument [KILI&FILI] She tells my our story [BILBO] I speak out against slavery gold sickness You could have done so much more if you only had— [BILBO AND COMPANY] Time [BILBO] And when my time is up, have I done enough? [BILBO] Will they tell our story? [COMPANY] Will they tell your story? [BILBO] Oh. Can I show you what I’m proudest of? [COMPANY] The orphanage [BILBO] I established the first private orphanage in New York Durin City [COMPANY] The orphanage [BILBO] I help to raise hundreds of children I get to see them growing up [COMPANY] The orphanage [ELIZA] In their eyes I see you, Alexander Thorin I see you every— [BILBO AND COMPANY] Time [BILBO] And when my time is up Have I done enough? Will they tell my story? [COMPANY] Will they tell your story? [BILBO] Oh, I can’t wait to see you again It’s only a matter of— [BILBO AND COMPANY] Time [COMPANY] Will they tell your story? Who lives, who dies, who tells your story? Will they tell your story? Who lives, who dies— [COMPANY] Time… Time… Time... [FULL COMPANY] Who tells your story?
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cysiasstuff · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Bilbo when Thorin said,, I am the king now and I cannot love the Hobbit,,
(I don't speak english, sorry for mistakes)
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bagginshieldzine · 7 days ago
The CONTRIBUTOR APP RESULTS have been sent, check your Inbox now!
If you haven’t received the email in your Inbox and your Spam folder, contact us as soon as possible!
Thank you very much for showing your pieces , beautiful art style and stories with us! 😁
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celeste-clearwater-06 · 7 days ago
Random Headcanons (Thorin's Company)
Tumblr media
In celebration of reaching 100 followers, I've decided to write these completely random headcanons right off the top of my head! These are just little cute and strange oddities each character would have!! (Featuring our favorite character, Y/N 😌💗)
Fair warning, this turned out WAY LONGER than expected, so just be prepared 😅
Please like and reblog if you enjoy it!!
Okay, lets just start off by agreeing...
Kili hates spiders
Like, just a deep-seated hatred for those things
And the ones in Mirkwood gave him serious PTSD
But he especially despises the little ones that crawl all over you, up in your hair
Any time he sees one its just-
And everyone's just laughing at him while he's on the brink of tears 😂😂💀
Kili doesn't really scream, more like a gasp of disgust
Fili does scream
And he secretly has a super high pitched scream
And although he does a reasonable job at pitching it down when he's aware...
There are occasions where the older brother will let one slip and he's teased so badly for it 💀
There was one instance where Fili threw a daddy long leg at Kili, which made him yell
Then proceeded to shriek at the top of his lungs when he tripped over a fucking log while trying to run away 😂
And by hearing it, you and the company thought it was a woman in distress, come barreling over, weapons drawn and war faces on
Nope, just Fili who tripped over a dead tree 🙄
Honestly, nobody believed it was him at first
Also, let's just say, canonically, that you dropped out of the sky into middle Earth (like literally every x reader fic on this platform)
And are a part of Gen Z
And let me tell you, teaching the company Gen Z slang is a BALL
The one's who use it the most are surprisingly Dwalin and Gloin 😂😂😂
Most of the time they just say it if you ask them to because they want to learn all about your world and "unique language"
Because let's be honest, hearing Dwalin say
Or even Thorin sometimes
"Bruh? I'm afraid I do not understand..."
pLEASE tell Bilbo and Bombur that their food is 'bussing' 😂
"I'm sorry... It's what?"
And speaking of teaching things...
You and Bofur have an epic handshake 😎💜
It was something you taught him in the span of a few days, and he learned very quickly
It never fails to impress the company (Thorin pretends not to 🙄✋, but he's the most impressed out of everyone)
You and Bofur are like the 'cool uncle' and 'favorite cousin' if you catch my drift
He can be a terrible influence on some of the young ones, and you are everyone's favorite 😂
Also, just to add something for Bofur, I think he would be an ABSOLUTE GOD at making shadow puppets
Ya know, almost everyone can do the basics like a rabbit and dog, but this dwarf can make crazy shit like a deer, butterflies, he even did AZOG a few times
Don't even ask me how 😳
So completely different subject, but now let's just talk about our 2 favorite grandpa's, Gandalf and Balin 😌💗
I have a secret about them....
They have a club
And what about, you may ask?
Shipping the member of their company
Now these two have been around longer than anyone else in their travelling party, so they are not oblivious to young blossoming romance
Typically they don't talk about it that much, but whenever they catch you and your love interest, whoever it may be, flirting or lightening up at the mention of each others names
These two just share glances, smile, maybe roll their eyes at your obliviousness
Something like;
Gandalf: " 😏'
Balin: "😌"
And NOBODY EVEN KNOWS (well, maybe you do, but you've decided not to tell anyone)
These two are the definition of subtle hints
And you've dubbed it "The Romance Grandpa's"
And they just laugh at it, but think it suits very well, though they insist it's not a club, just a 2 part insight
Elrond may have even gotten in on it too 😂
So everyone knows that the Company loves stories
Whether it be telling or listening, they are just in love
So, when they get tired of listening to the same old tale of Smaug claiming Erebor, they turn to you,
who just so happens to have an endless supply of Disney and fantasy movies locked in your brain by childhood memories
So ofc, you're going to tell them all about princes, princesses, magic, etc.
Their personal favorites are The Princess Bride and Beauty and The Beast
Were very confused about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,
So now Fili, Kili, Bofur, and Dwalin WILL NOT STOP SINGING "HI-HO"
Just walking along the trail to Erebor, those four are singing, and Gloin has decided to add wHISTLING TO THE MIX
Thorin has lost it 😭💀
Okay, so everyone knows that Ori is more than exceptional at art
I mean, he's just so talented with his hand in drawing and painting
I feel like he would write some form of fanfiction as well
Ya know, maybe not like x reader stuff, but just sweet little fluffy stories about him and the fair dwarrow/dwarrowdam he fell in love within the blue mountains 🥴💗
(Or about him and you, given the circumstances 😉)
I also feel that Bilbo and Dori are secretly very good at art, they just haven't really discovered it yet!
Maybe Bilbo, at drawing his home, the plants he grows in his garden or the occasional bluebird that will perch on his window in the morning
And Dori would just make beautiful paintings of his brothers, more drawn towards things like scenery (lakes forests etc.)
Now, a while back, I had a list of headcanons that included characters who would have their nails painted (per the anti toxic-masculinity movement)
But I feel that I could have added more characters, say Ori, Bofur and most certainly Bilbo
He just lives the color, the shine, maybe even the smell of nail polish, and watching you concentrate on painting them 🥺
And he's also VERY good at painting your nails as well, so that's a win-win
Speaking of beauty...
of these boys are suckers for flower crowns
It doesn't matter if they pretend not to, grumble, complain when you put the crowns on their head,
Forever and always
You, Fili, Kili, Dori, and Ori are usually the ones making them near the campfire or in the road when you see a bundle of them as you pass
And Thorin just nods his head, maybe rolls his eyes, and smirks whenever you give one to him (#dramaking)
Dwalin just "hmphs"
Gandalf smiles and thanks you (#1 grandpa, next to Balin 😌)
And Bifur really appreciates flower crowns as well
Teaching bofur how to make flower crowns 😩
It's like a little craft club on a rainy day!! (And Nori loves it more than anything since it keeps Mother Hen Dori occupied, rather than bossing him around 🙄)
Now let's focus on the leader of our company, since he needs his spotlight!
Thorin is AMAZING at getting/making gifts for people
I don't even know how, but he is!!
You know how he never let go of that grudge with the fucking Mirkwood elves?
Yeah, that memory of his comes in handy when it comes to birthdays and Holidays (Durin's Day for example)
One day, you had been feeling stories of home, and how you dearly missed your old stuffed animal
So on your birthday, Thorin had asked for help from the company to gather their supplies and skills together
And made you a new one 😩💜🥺
Dori sewed, Dwalin hunted for the fur, Bofur made it a little wooden hat, Fili and Kili put little braids on the top of its head, Ori gave it a little bow of ribbon
And so, on your next birthday, they all presented you with this ADORABLE lion stuffed animal and you just fUCKING CRIED, HOLY SHIT-
All in all, the company may have some quirks, some oddities, yes
But their your company
And that means they'll forever love you, and you them
Because that's what family's for 💗💗
(And throwing spiders at Kili 😈💗)
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soradragon · 7 days ago
You Got Mail Pt 1 Thorin Is A What!?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Never thought that what had started as just delivering some packages would get you a family and friends you could only dream about.
It's hard to travel one point to another when they are far apart. Especially when danger is around every corner! Which is why you decided to help the people out by offering your service to help deliver packages or mail that a bird can't carry.
Only problem?
Most people are afraid of you. Your tall, broad and terrifying with that huge axe on your back. It causes quite a few misconceptions, like when that one person screamed at you not to kill him when you approached. Or that one time you knocked at a round green door and met waist to face with a hobbit, who fainted as soon as he saw you.
At least you gained a friend out that whole fiasco.
And now he has sent you with some packages to deliver to a friend of his far over the Misty mountains. Maybe you can find a place of belonging there?
You shall see.
Tumblr media
Woooo First Fili fic! And it's going to be a series! I'm excited!!
Thank you for beta reading this for me @a-dragon-under-the-stars Wuv youuuuu!!!
Anyway! Come chat with me about fun things or story ideas! my box and dms are always open for you guys!
warnings: little bit of angst but afterwards none!
Fili x gender neutral tall reader
Check out my main masterlist if you liked what you read!
I have AO3 too!
If you want to be tagged in the next upcomming fic don’be afraid to ask me!^^
Please leave a little comment or reblog to let me know you liked it! I greatly appreciate it!^^
Anyway, enjoy^^
Tumblr media
You hurried up the stone stairs of Erebor, muttering pardon to every dwarf you almost bumped into. The packages in your hands blocked most of your view.
You were so far behind your estimated arrival. Those stupid orcs, holding you back from delivering these packages.
They didn't stand a chance. Your years of training into becoming a well-fleshed warrior paid off. Those scums were not going to stand between you and your quest to deliver these packages to a dwarf called Thorin.
You had no clue who that was.
This is why you were here, going up the many, many stairs towards what you assumed would be the throne room.
At least you hoped this was the right way. The kind dwarf had pointed you the way after you had accidentally scared him to death by suddenly appearing behind him.
You really hoped your size didn't give the kind lad the wrong impression of you...
You often left some sort of daunting opinion on the people you tried to talk to or offer your service to. Your intimidating stature was the main reason, like how you met good mister Bilbo Baggins!
It was a funny story now, according to Bilbo, though you had a completely different view on things.
The poor hobbit had fainted when he unsuspectingly opened the door of his hobbit-hole when there was a knock on the door and came face to waist with you. He fainted on the spot.
Now, you didn't want to be rude and just leave the poor hobbit lying in the doorway, so you did what any gentle person would do and carried him inside. Wiping your feet before going inside - you weren't a barbarian - You set him on the first stool you could find.
You waited at a distance, crouching down so you wouldn't scare him again when he would wake up.
After a while, mister Bilbo came to his senses. He was kind enough to listen to your apology and attempt to explain the accident.
The good hobbit apologized in return for fainting on his guest, which was a 'very impolite thing to do.'
Bilbo’s words. Not yours.
He had offered some tea to make up for his rudeness, which you humbly accepted.
And that's how your friendship began.
It had been months since that accident, and mister Bilbo still knowingly tells you he didn't hold a grudge and to forget it. That smart lad, he could read you like a book. Knowing when the nagging guilt of your tall, intimidating stature would resurface again and bring you down.
You were taller and broader than an average human, standing two or three heads bigger than the average person. Dwarves reached just above your stomach, hobbits stood even lower.
You had to crouch down to accept the packages mister Bilbo had asked you to deliver to a friend one day.
Which coincidentally was the same day you were so down in the dumps, muttering degrading stuff about yourself. Of course, Bilbo overheard it. And being the goodhearted, stubborn hobbit that he is, he had come up with a solution.
He had sent you off towards Erebor with his packages, promising you would find your place, believing it would be there.
Even now, as you walked up the stone stairs of Erebor, you had no clue what this had to do with discovering the place where you belonged, but knowing Bilbo, he had a plan.
You trusted mister Bilbo with your life. Surely he knew what he was doing. He was a wise hobbit. Having gone on his many adventures, he had learnt some things you couldn't imagine.
You smiled, thinking about the stories of mister Bilbo's adventure - carefully balancing the packages in your hands as you walked up the stairs - talking in many details about the journey:
How they faced the nasty trolls, confronted the dangers of the spiders and much more.
But what stuck with you the most was the way dear mister Bilbo spoke so fondly of his companions:
About Bomburto's delicious cooking. The two princes pranks, Borur's jokes and songs and many more. (You've forgotten most of the names of the companions, only remembering some of the names partly)
But mister Bilbo talked about one companion the most; Thorin Oakenshield.
It was clear how mister Bilbo thought about this fellow with affection.
Was Thorin his lover, perhaps?
It was not your business, you reminded yourself.
You only had to deliver these packages to Thorin Oakenshield. Heck, you had no idea who he was. Who knows how many Thorin Oakenshields there were in Erebor?
Bilbo told you you would recognize Thorin when you meet him.
You really hoped that was the case, since going off with just a name did not really help finding the right person.
You cursed with panic in your voice as you reached the ends of the stairs, tripping over the last step, which was crooked and broken.
One of the packages slipped from your grasp. In a panic, you reached an arm out, throwing your body forward. Your fingers slightly graced the wrapping paper making it possible to slap it up into the air again. Gaining the momentum you hoped was enough.
Sadly, it soared way too much to the side, right out of your reach.
Maybe the deities from above had pity on you at that moment, for someone caught the package before it could hit the ground.
Your soul almost left your body with relief.
"Not a bad catch if I do say so myself," a smooth voice chuckled from above you. You glanced up. Before you stood a dwarf with a smirk on his face. He offers you the packages as he spoke up again.
"Where are you off to, in such a hurry that you dropped this, my dear traveller?"
You didn't know how to respond, taken aback by this handsome fellow before you. Reaching out your hands, you accepted the packages from him, hands slightly brushing against his.
They felt rough, like they've been through a lot. They were warm and much smaller than yours. It enchanted you.
You cleared your throat after a moment of awkward silence, hiding your face behind one of the packages in embarrassment. Raising back to your full height, the kind dwarf had to crane his neck to look at you.
"I've...I've been told...I've got some packages for a Thorin Oakenshield from… from Bilbo Baggings, and I've been told that he would be in the throne room." You said, trying not to stumble on your words too much, feeling quite flustered by the recent predicament.
The kind Dwarf's face lit up when you mentioned mister Bilbo Baggings.
"Mister Boggings send uncle some packages? Why didn't you say so earlier, my dear traveller? Follow me, uncle will love to hear about our beloved burglar!"
The dwarf grabbed you by the arm and led you to what you assumed was the throne room.
To say you were baffled and speechless was an understatement.
The dwarf didn't seem to be affected by your stature, dragging you along like you weighed nothing. (Which wasn't true. You just let him lead the way) But he also called mister Bilbo, Boggings and a burglar!
Which wasn't like mister Baggings at all.
And uncle!?
You tried to wrack your brain for any clues as to who this very handsome dwarf was. No name nor idea came to your mind.
The dwarf suddenly exclaimed, stopping in his tracks so suddenly that you bumped into his back. You took a step back immediately out of politeness.
He turned to you. Letting your arm go, he clapped his hands together with a smirk on his face. You still felt the lingering warmth on your arm.
"Oh, dearie me! I completely forgot to introduce myself. How terribly rude of me!" He scolded himself. Tapping his hand against his forehead. You would have thought he was genuinely apologetic, but his grin and eyes told you he wasn't sorry at all. It was as if he had planned this, and it had worked in the best way possible.
"Fili at your service, my dear traveller."
He spoke in a lowered voice as he bowed, never taking his eyes off your face. It was uttered in a way that made it sound like it was only meant for your ears.
It was a simple sentence, yet it left a strange feeling in its wake.
Like a wave of warmth flowed through your body from the toes to your head.
You resisted the urge to shiver.
You managed to calm your racing heart enough to respond to him, "Y/N at yours."
Fili repeated your name, trying it out for the first time. His smirk shifted into a soft endearing smile as he reached for your back, leading you forward once again. "Well then, Y/N, how did you meet good old Bilbo Boggings?"
And that's how you began telling the tale of how you met mister Bilbo. Fili seemed to cling to every word you mumbled. Face lighting up in a smirk or kind smile as you talked. He even gave his own opinion at any chance that presented itself. Most were teasing words to fluster you, but some were sincere and serious. Like, how he reacted with a scoff when you told him that people often are intimidated by your stature. Scaring them off before you could ever offer any kind of greetings.
It wasn't long when you suddenly realized something: Thorin was one of mister Bilbo's companions on his adventure. Fili here mentioned Thorin being his uncle, and not to forget Fili knew mister Bilbo personally... Not to forget, the name Fili did sound somehow familiar to you.
The wheels were turning inside your head.
The two of you reached the throne room without you noticing it. Still deep in your thoughts as you wandered in.
Why would Thorin be in the throne room if he were a civilian? Was he a guard or something? A scholar, maybe...? No, all of those don't match the image mister Bilbo had created for Thorin at all.
The way mister Bilbo always described Thorin was one of grace and strength. A stubborn dwarf with a passionate heart and in possession of great loyalty to his companions. He led the company with might and experience, a person who demonstrated nobility with every move he took and with every word he uttered.
Your head snapped up when a deep voice spoke, your eyes meeting crystal blue ones. And just like that, everything clicked in place.
How could you have forgotten? Bilbo had often talked about Thorin Oakenshield, about his deeds and image, but also about his nephews:
Fili and Kili. The mischievous brothers would often cause troubles for poor mister Bilbo. Though somehow, in all those tales he told you time and time again, he never once mentioned that they were royalty. Not to mention Thorin being the actual king Under the mountain!
"Greetings, traveller. I welcome you here in Erebor. For what purpose have you presented yourself before me?"
Thorin's voice sounded like a true leader. It was strong. And authoritative and carried clearly throughout the throne room. If you hadn't known of him from mister Bilbo's stories, you would've been too intimidated to speak. (Still slightly intimidated, were you supposed to bow? Kiss his hand? Something?)
Fili spoke up when you stayed silent for too long, "I believe this traveller, Y/N, has come from far to deliver some presents to you, uncle."
Thorin had opened his mouth to ask further but was interrupted by a dwarf who popped up next to you. You startled, flinching from the sudden closeness. You managed to stop yourself from hitting the dwarf on the head in reflex. The dwarf didn't seem to mind, ignoring your noise of surprise, standing on his toes to look at the packages in your hands. "My oh my, look what we have here!" The dwarf exclaimed, snatching the first package out of your hands to look at it better.
"Kili," Fili said through clenched teeth, glaring at his brother, who rolled his eyes at him.
"He's such a killjoy sometimes, that dear brother of mine," Kili complained to you in a low voice and gave you a wink. After Fili cleared his throat, Kili gave the box back and twirled around, bounding over towards Fili with a cheeky grin on his face. He threw his arm over Fili's shoulder, using his entire weight to lean against him. Fili sighed at Kili's antics.
"Presents from our dear burglar from the Shire. Oh, I wonder what kind of gifts master Boggings has for our dear uncle~" Kili said in a singing voice smirking towards Thorin. From what you could see, you noticed Thorin's eyes widened slightly. He shifted in the seat of his throne as though he wanted to leap down and snatch the packages out of your hands.
Thorin had uttered something you couldn't catch, but you guessed he asked you to confirm Kili's words, so you nodded.
"Um, yes, master Bilbo has sent me to deliver these packages to you."
You felt so awkward as you spoke. You had no idea what else to say or do, for that matter.
Master Bilbo did not give you any instructions to approach this whatsoever.
Thorin rose up from the throne, making his way towards you with purpose in his every step. It was hard to look away. You felt your body tense up underneath his piercing gaze. Thorin stopped at the start of the stairs, waiting. Unsure what to do, you glanced towards Fili, who gave you an encouraging look. Motioning with his head for you to go towards his uncle. Swallowing, you took a hesitant step, then another, and another, till you met Thorin halfway. His eyes seemed to twinkle as you gave the packages to him. He nodded gratefully to you, glancing at the note atop of the boxes.
You don't know what master Bilbo has written on it (you didn't want to be rude and peek) but, it seemed to make Thorin quite satisfied.
"I thank you, traveller," Thorin said, glancing up at you before looking back at the note. You managed to find your voice and smiled. "It's my pleasure, master Bilbo is a good friend of mine. I'm glad I was able to be of service to him." You said, mentally patting yourself on the back for finally finding your courage to talk to him.
Thorin looked at you this time, he didn't avert his eyes again. "You know Bilbo personally?" He asked. And did you just mistake it? Or did the corners of his lips tilt upwards a little? And his eyes seemed to twinkle.
"Ah, yes, I do. Master Bilbo let me stay at his house for a while. He often talked about his adventures with the company. He really makes some delicious tea."
Were you the only one who was feeling awkward in this conversation? You had no idea where this was going, but apparently, you were going to go along with it.
"I am glad to hear it's going well with our burglar," Thorin said, smiling softly to himself.
"Dear traveller, I must ask you to stay here for quite a while longer before you go on your travels again. For you see, the entire company - me included - would love to hear more about how our dear burglar is faring. You see, Bilbo does not always mention the details about how he is doing in his letters he sends us. We would love to hear it from someone who knows him. It's far more comforting reading it on a piece of paper, don't you think so too?"
Okay, what's going on?
Thorin turned to address a guardsman. "Could you lead this dear traveller to their temporary stay? Take a special guestroom nearby. They must be tired from the journey. You are dismissed."
The guard nodded and turned to lead you out of the throne room. Before you made your way to leave, Thorin turned to you with a smile. "May you have a good night's rest, Y/N."
"U-um, yeah...sure..." You just nodded and let the guard lead you. You were out of it. All of it happened way too fast for you to wrap your head around.
Fili and Kili requested their dismissal before following after you. Kili eagerly walked next to you. "So...You really know our dear burglar?" Kili asked, his eyes glancing towards you before averting again and so on. He was smiling, but his eyes were focused as if he was thinking of something.
"Uh...Apparently...?" You internally cringed at the words that tumbled out of your mouth. It sounded more like an uncertain question instead of an answer.
Oh, that did not go smoothly at all.
Before Kili could reply, you started to backtrack. "Well, if you mean in master Bilbo Baggings...Then, sorta...? I-I mean...I never knew master Bilbo is a burglar... Not that I'm saying that he never steals or anything. He has snatched a couple of Lobelia's silverware. But it was originally I don't know if that counts...Not that he should steal stuff! Stealing stuff is bad!"
And, you have started rambling. Nice...
You cleared your throat before muttering. "What I meant to say was: If you mean master Bilbo, then yes...I do know him..." You were staring at the floor now.
It was quiet for a second before Kili started to snicker. Glancing up, you saw him smile brightly at you. He pointed a finger at you, "I like you. You'll be fun to be around." Mischief sparkled in his eyes. You glanced towards Fili, who rolled his eyes at Kili before giving you a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, I won't let him prank you too much while you stay here."
Though the comment wasn't as reassuring as his smile, it did, however, soothe your nerves quite a bit.
And in an instant, you slightly felt like you really were a part of them.
You were glad the two brothers accompanied you to your chamber. The guard did not speak once. She just walked ahead without showing any emotions. It would've been a very awkward walk if it wasn't for the two brothers. For that, you were very grateful.
Kili kept talking animatedly while Fili jumped into the conversation every now and again. Mostly making jokes with his Kili, which made you smile every now and again.
This place didn't seem so bad.
Once you reached the door of your chamber - it was definitely your chamber since the guard opened the door and said: 'Your room.' Before taking off. - You turned to face the dwarves. With a bright smile on your face, you spoke to them. "Thank you for leading me here. I think I can find my way into my chamber on my own," both of them chuckled at that. "So, I think I'll be seeing you tomorrow again?" Before Kili could open his mouth, Fili had already spoken up, "indeed, dear traveller. We suggest you rest early for tomorrow, for you shall get to meet the rest of the company."
Kili pushed Fili a bit to the side, "indeed! And we'll come to guide you to the meeting hall! So no sleeping in - or do, I'm curious how my newest gag will play out." He said while his eyes sparkled with mischief.
You rose up to the challenge, "then I will just have to be awake before you come to get me."
Fili smirked. "Don't give him any ideas." He said. Kili shushed him. After giving Kili a playful glare, Fili turned back to you. "Well, we need to be going. Dwalin is waiting for us in the training hall." Fili said, giving a bow as a goodbye before walking off with Kili, who groaned.
"He's gonna kick my butt."
"That's your fault for getting caught."
"Next time I'm not gonna cover for you, I will drag you with me."
Their bickering could be heard muffled as they walked away. It brought a smile to your face. You closed the door behind you once you couldn't hear the two of them anymore.
And for once, you didn't feel as heavy anymore.
"Did you just see the same thing I did?"
"I sure did, Kee."
"They seemed so comfortable and happy at that moment. Not at all awkward like in the throne room. You met them first. Have they smiled like that before?"
"No, they didn't, nor were they as confident."
"...They did seem kind of solemn when they entered the throne room."
"They were like that the whole way."
The two brothers stayed quiet for a moment before Kili met Fili's eyes, and both of them lit up. "You thinking what I'm thinking, Fee?"
"Oh, you know it, Kee."
The two looked at each other with a big grin, and with a silent promise, they decided to make sure that Y/N's stay would be one they will fondly remember.
"Don't think I didn't see you, ogling at them the entire time when they weren't looking. You are not as subtle as you think, you know."
Kili said with a smug grin on his face, leaning on Fili, who pushed him off. "Don't think I didn't see you, trying to make them laugh the moment they stepped into the room. You don't try that hard when you don't have a purpose for doing it." Fili rebutted, smirking back. "You are not as subtle as you think, you know." He mimicked.
The two princes kept bickering as they went to the training hall, where Dwalin would be waiting for them. They held their heads up high as they went in. Their eyes shone with determination, for they had something to look forward to.
At the same time, Thorin had, after handling the last meetings of the day, taken the packages and the letter to his resting chambers. And now, he sat at his desk with the contents of Bilbo's gifts sprawled over the desk. With each gift came a letter. Explaining the reason and intent of said gifts.
But Thorin wasn't paying those letters nor gifts any attention.
Instead, he was looking intently at the little thick notebook in his hands.
It was rather small for his big hands. But definitely big enough for the hands of a hobbit. As Thorin read the pages full of cursive words, it became apparent to him that these notes were created on the journey back to the Shire till very recent. It was like a diary.
Every couple of pages talked about how Bilbo was doing. What he was up to at that time and what he was thinking about.
It was written in such a way that made Thorin feel like Bilbo was actually here, here right next to him, with his expressional hand motions as he talked. Explaining all those little discoveries and thoughts which floated inside that curly head of his.
Thorin couldn't help his smile tugging at his lips when he read the page of Bilbo talking about the little acorn sprout that had started to peek out of the dirt. And how it made him think of Thorin.
Little notes like this made a feeling of warmth and fluttering emerge from his stomach, spreading to his chest.
In the last chunk of pages, Bilbo had started talking about meeting and befriending a human of tall stature. He talked about how awkward yet kind the person was. Not two pages into this new development, Thorin had found the name of this new person; Y/N.
They were happy to hear about Bilbo's stories, unlike most of Shire. Happy to help out with any chores to repay Bilbo's kindness and hospitality. Happy to stay with Bilbo and enjoy his company, unlike most of Shire who would rather stay away, only meeting up with him out of politeness.
Bilbo even mentioned that he would love for Y/N to meet the company. But the happy notes turned quite glum when Bilbo discovered the demons, which tormented the confidence and enhanced the insecurities deep inside of Y/N.
Thorin stopped at the last page of the book. It was addressed to him.
Dear Thorin, it read.
I have sent Y/N over to you with some gifts to deliver to you. If you are reading this, then that means that they have found you well.
Please listen to my request.
I ask you to house and take care of Y/N for me. Now you may be wondering. Why? And I will explain why.
I care for them like a parent would for their child. I want them to be happy. But I know they will not find that happiness here in the Shire.
They have no feelings of belonging here. The others shun them and are afraid of them. Sadly, they were not welcomed anywhere, nor do they feel like they belong anywhere, for that matter.
Thus I have hoped that they will find a place of belonging here in Erebor as I did some time ago.
They think that I have just sent them to deliver these gifts, so do not withhold them from leaving if they want to. And please, do not let them know I asked you of this, they would be terribly hurt.
I will be forever grateful for your help if you accept this request of mine.
May we meet each other once again soon.
Yours truly, Bilbo Baggins.
Thorin reread the page a couple of times intently before making up his mind, eyes shining with determination. It was only natural that Thorin would take good care of his guests, but a friend of Bilbo was a friend of the company.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading, and keep soaring high!
Tumblr media
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Chapter 3 is up now on AO3! !
If you are interested in reading the introduction and chapter 1, you can find them in the chapter index on Ao3 or you can click on the link in my bio~
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Requests open!
I write mainly for:
TH/LOTR: Kili, Tauriel, Lindir (I did read only first book of Lord of The Rings yet, so just so you know)
Narnia - Caspian, Peter, Susan, Lucy
The Marauders Era (HP) - Sirius, Remus, James, Lily
The Selection (The Selection & The Crown) - America, Aspen, Maxon, Eadlyn
Other characters I take requests for:
TH/LOTR: Fili, Thorin, Thranduil, Bard, Legolas, Bilbo, Elrond (platonic)
Narnia: Aslan (platonic), Eustace, Edmund
The Marauders Era (HP) - Peter
make sure to read all the rules in my masterlist before requesting, please!
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Dragon Heart - V.
Looking Behind
Tw: slight mention of death
A/N: Sorry it is short, but school is super stressfull and it really messed with my mental health.
Tags at the bottom
Tumblr media
The following next days, however, wasn't very happy. It was heavily raining, and though Bilbo was the only person who was allowed to subtly offend Gandalf without him getting upset, there wasn't a lot of fun. Not that you'd be interested in any jokes, but honestly, the silliness some of them had or pretended to have, was what kept you sane at some point, when traveling with them.
"What do you think mother will tell us, when we get Erebor back?" You overheard Kili asking Fili.
You thought to your family, and felt small sting in heart. You blinked quickly, to get rid of the tears.
You were a child, there was no way you could protect her from so many orcs, you reminded yourself. It still pained, though.
"We will stop here for a night," Thorin announced. You jumped off of your horse, and took her aside. You gave her an apple. She happily ate it and licked your face. You giggled.
"Girl, I love you, but you are sometimes disgusting," the mare gave you a side eye, and you rolled your eyes.
"Okay, fine. Thanks," you send her an air kiss in exchange, and giggled at her response.
"Miss Y/N-" Ori came up from safe distance, from your horse. You looked at him.
"The-the stew is ready," he said nervously, as he watched your horse.
As you was coming back, you overheard an argument. It wasn't loud, no - it was somewhere outside of the camp. You felt hesitation, but you just couldn't let it out of your head. You sighed, and decided to follow the voices, as your curiousity told you.
"What are we gonna do? Uncle will kill us!" Kili whisper-yelled in panick.
"Well, um...maybe...maybe we could look after them," Fili said, though his voice was as nervous as his brother's. Then they both went quiet.
"What's the matter?" You overheard Bilbo's voice.
"We were...supposed to look after the ponies," Kili admited.
"We had sixteen, but..."
"Now there's fourteen," You looked up and noticed Bilbo's expression, that was saying very clearly what was he thinking, which was mix of Do they meant it?, Is this any prank? and Or are they just bad at math?
You quietly followed them. They were counting the ponies again, and then Kili stated which ponies were missing. The brothers were trying to convince Bilbo to take a look ahead and find the ponies, when you seen trolls walking around with the ponies.
You followed them, but stayed a bit aside, so you couldn't exactly hear or see what was going on, but you noticed Bilbo was not with the brothers anymore. You scrunched your face in worry. Bilbo is not stupid, you tried to calm yourself down, he wouldn't do anything too risky.
You got up and made your way back to the camp, and sat down to your horse. While you ate the cold stew, you felt the cold wind running through the leaves of the trees. You pulled your cloak closer to your body. Maybe I could go to sleep earlier today, you thought of it, and yawned.
As you prepared your bedroll, Fili runned into the camp.
"Bilbo is captured by trolls-" He said, and your eyes widened.
"Stay here, Miss Y/N," one of the dwarves said. You got up and shook your head, as you quickly prepared your weapons by shivering fingers.
When you quietly got in there, you overheard them arguing. Dwarves, trolls, and Bilbo.
All of them.
You snorted a little. It was serious situation, no doubt - but also kind of hilarious, as the dwarves didn't got Bilbo's plan. Tiny bit.
You shot an arrow, so that the trolls could get distracted, and quickly sneaked behind Thorin, as he was the leader and the only dwarf quiet. You tried to help him, when the trolls noticed you. You quickly walked back into the forest, but one of the trolls followed you.
As the sun was rising, and Gandalf arrived to save the dwarves and Bilbo, he noticed a shadow. He looked up and little smile streched across his features, as he realized who it was.
When the trolls became stone, and so the dwarves (and hobbit) were safe, you quickly jumped out of the forest, and helped them to get out of the sacks. You looked over to Gandalf, who was just giving food some tiny bird.
"Who is this?" You asked.
"This, my dear, is Lord Elrond's frequent guest. He haven't seen you in a while," You smiled, as the tiny golden-brown bird flew to sit on your shoulder.
"Hello there. I haven't seen you in a while," Y/N let out a giggle, as the tiny bird let out a melody he had specially just for her.
"That bird is a dear friend of lady Y/N," Gandalf said, as the Company watched the bird fly above your head, and your giggles. The younger dwarves blushed. They haven't heard your careless and truly happy laugh yet, but it was a thing they surely wanted to hear again.
"May I ask, what bring you back?" Thorin said, as he stared at Gandalf.
"Looking behind," the old wizard said.
The following few days you traveled on your feet, when you runned into some orcs and wargs, and with the help of Radagast and Gandalf, you made it safely to Rivendell.
At the dinner, you noticed Kili trying to catch the attention of some elves and flirt with them, so you smiled and leaned closer to him, to tell him your opinion.
Taglist: @guardianofrivendell @anjhope1 @legolasoftherings @kumqu4t @grunid @elvish-sky @artsywaterlily @alexloveskili
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The Hobbit was kinda homosexual. Just a smidge
Tumblr media
Rewatched the movies recently with a buddy and it sparked my love for Tolkien’s beloved series- Yeah, The Hobbit may not have been as good as LOTR. But to me, I got to relive a LOT of emotions. It’s a story about a hobbit discovering adventure- learning about the thrill of it, the losses from it, and the empty feeling of being without it- 30 months. Bilbo was away for 30 months on this grand journey- the guy survived dragonfire and orc metal. I’d say he’s the first hobbit burglar to achieve such a thing! Not to mention the dwarves... I fell in love with those dwarves all over again. The story is so well done- making each character valuable and important. Not an easy feat when shoving a bunch of characters into one story that only ties to it’s future with... a ring.
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Idk if this is controversial (/j) but
Why do you all keep giving modern au Thorin short hair 😭 I demand to see luscious dwarven locks!!
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