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sebastianruinedme · 17 hours ago
Freeze! ✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ You’re under arrest for being so lovely. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful!
J you are so sweet 🥺🥰💗
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sebastianruinedme · 17 hours ago
Hello, I adore you 💙
Suz these always make my day you are a wonderful person and ily 💗
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goldenphoenixrises · 20 hours ago
She's awesome
Guy no. 1
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Guy no 2
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Guy no 3
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the-plaid-mercenary · 22 hours ago
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“Forced to wander, times were hard on the Dwarves.”
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aceofspadegrass · 22 hours ago
Dori is in the mood for cosplaying.
So instead of cosplaying ng as pretty princess like last time,
He decided to just cosplay as a normal girl,as he walks through the hallways of the beach,doing his job(spraying Niragi)
Lady in White? Nah, just Fancy in White
Characters: Niragi Suguru, Sakurada Sori
Genre: Fluff. Just some casual crossdressing. And a grumpy lizard.
1.6k words
Sakurada would probably rock a beach dress. He has like.... a picture of him wearing a wig for reasons I have no idea of, but it's there. I find it interesting.
Anyways, I hope you like this! I.... tried to make it fit.
Niragi liked having a full rest after a day and evening full of exhilarating excitement and a little chaos sprinkled into each day however he pleased.
What he didn’t like is waking up to the sound of his unintentional roommate tripping over his own pillow, hitting the floor quite loudly, then apologizing to said pillow like he tripped over his baby.
Which, Niragi had found out from having to share a room with him, was pretty much his baby. Just cylindrical. He’s never seen a man that excited over a body pillow that was simply a black air tube, yet here he was.
“ Can you keep it down, asshat? I’m trying to sleep.” Niragi grumbles, Sakurada quickly bowing and apologizing to him. It was still dark, and Niragi didn’t feel like turning on a light, pulling the blanket back over himself and huffing in annoyance.
There was quiet shuffling around the room, and the other male at least kept the lights off to let him sleep, although whatever he was doing in the dark was suspicious at best. Niragi rolls over, squinting into the darkness as he tried to figure out what the heck Sakurada was even up to. All he saw was his figure, which held a weirdly uncanny similarity to his own, although darkened. “ It’s early, go to sleep.” Niragi mumbles, glaring into the darkness. “ I apologize for waking you, Niragi, but I am merely choosing my outfit for the day!” “ It’s the Beach, your only choice is swimwear. You know you’re pushing it with all this fancy getup, right?” “ You don’t adhere to the rules either, you know.” Sakurada says, Niragi rolling his eyes. 
“ Because the rules are so nobody hides a weapon.” He gestures to his gun, which he lovingly tucked into bed with him. “ And spoilers, I have a gun.”
“ I am very aware of that, but your leader of this place was very kind and let me wear whatever I want because, and I quote, ‘ You look absolutely stunning you french baked potato, and who am I to deny a man of being this nice to look at’.” “ Why the fuck did Hatter call you a baked potato.” Niragi mutters. “ You’re more of a chocolate waffle cake with truffles if anything else.”
“ I’m going to take both as a compliment, even though it is amusing how you both jump to calling me after a food item.” Niragi just rolls back over. “ Whatever. Just be quiet, it’s too early for this shit.” He yawns, and the shuffling began anew, Niragi mentally blocking out the sound as sleep reclaimed his body and mind.
Morning soon came, Niragi drifting out of his silent unconsciousness and into the chaotic real world. He sits up, stretching his bones and groaning as he did.
“ Good morning!” An all too familiar voice chirps out, and Niragi barely mutters one back, eyelids still firmly draped over his eyes and blocking most of his sight. “ Morning.”  He finally opens his eyes, but pauses as he spots a figure that definitely didn’t look like Sakurada. Said figure was just idly standing there, fixing rather long and wavy dirty blond hair, a simple and loose white beach dress draped over her body…. A bit tall, but nothing that could deter the bastard that is Niragi. He blinks in confusion, but doesn’t falter as he gets up, grinning and approaching the mysterious person from behind.
“ What’s a sexy lady like you doing in my ro-“ Niragi gets cut off again as the figure whips around and spritzes water straight into Niragi’s face, Niragi hissing and backing up. He furiously rubs the water away and glares at the figure, face heating up in embarrassment as he recognizes the facial structure, Sakurada raising an eyebrow at him, donned in a dress and wig. 
“ Bad Niragi.” Sakurada lightly scolds, crossing his arms. A pair of sunglasses rested atop his head, only completing the look. “ I know I look good, but don’t think you’re gonna get away with trying to come onto me again.” He sighs, Niragi grumbling under his breath. 
Stupid weird clone, looking decent in a dress. Niragi leaves him there to do whatever Sakurada was doing with himself to get ready for the day, which just equated to a quick brushing of his teeth, brushing his hair, and washing his face. He knew he looked pretty enough, so he didn’t need much else.
When he leaves the bathroom, Sakurada was still there, sunglasses now over his eyes as he smiles at Niragi. “ Ready to go?” He asks, and Niragi barely even offers a grunt as he grabs his rifle and leaves the room before Sakurada. As he usually did, Sakurada follows after him, water sprayer at his side. Niragi much rather prefer no more sprays today, as his pride kept getting damaged every time it happened, especially in front of the other Beach members. He wanted to just shoot Sakurada and get it over with, but something in him kept him from going through with it. Maybe the idea of shooting what looked just like him turned on some weird survival instinct that kept him from killing ‘himself’, even if he attempted to just treat Sakurada as the weird twin that won’t leave him alone.
The trip to the dining area was… weird. Niragi could spot other members looking towards his direction, some whispering or plainly talking to each other. Most of them were about the ‘pretty lady’ right behind him, wondering who ‘she’ was, and why ‘she’ was even following a guy like Niragi.
Niragi couldn’t help but approach every single one and sneer at them, telling them off and watching them flee with their tails between their legs, only to have to deal with Sakurada lightly scolding him on manners.
“ Yada yada yada, still don’t care!” Niragi comments after the seventh time, Sakurada lightly spraying the back of Niragi’s neck with water. Niragi hisses at the cold temperature, whipping around and glaring at Sakurada, who just gives him a disappointed look.
“ You should. I know you like doing whatever you please, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little more polite.” “ Politeness can get fucked.” Niragi grumbles, and that only earns him a second spray, right on the ear. He angrily swipes the water droplets away, and picks up his pace, Sakurada quickly matching his pace.
The two of them continue to walk, and Niragi finally decides to ask about his weird getup, looking towards Sakurada. “ So what’s with the dress? Decide you’re a girl now or something?” “ This dress was very free flowing, and I felt like dressing up like this for the day! It doesn’t have to mean anything! Don’t I look nice?” “ I mean……” Niragi just shrugs. He has no idea what to really make of it. Sakurada in a dress and looking decent was…. not something Niragi thought he’d see. Or ever want to admit. He never understood. “ Sure. But it’s weird as shit. You’re fucking weird.” “  Language. But thank you for the compliment.” Sakurada chirps with a soft smile. He still was wearing the sunglasses, so Niragi couldn’t tell what his eyes said, but the smile said enough. Niragi rolls his eyes.
They make it to the dining area, and people immediately are looking at the both of them. Some were faces of concern because of Niragi being there now, others in a curious light as who his companion was, as Sakurada didn’t bother to separate from his side yet. Niragi smiles at a few members in a prideful air, and heads to grab breakfast, Sakurada keeping in step. From the corner of his eye, Sakurada had been waving at a few, nodding his head in greeting at others, people settling easily with the sight of him instead of focusing on Niragi minding his business.
He sits down by himself at a spare table, Sakurada sitting besides him and pulling back the blond locks so he didn’t stain them in the food, simply eggs and fruits with yoghurt on the side. “ How long are you gonna stay like that?” Niragi asks, chewing on the end of a honeydew slice. “ All day!” “ You do realize you look like a girl right? Everyone’s gonna think you’re like….. my girlfriend. Which is gross. I don’t want you as a girlfriend.” Sakurada lightly laughs, smiling. “ I wouldn’t want to be, no offense to you of course. I suppose it’ll just have to look like that for today! I’ll clear up the misunderstanding if anyone asks. There’s a lot of people here that come in and out, there’s no harm in one day of looking like this, is there?” Niragi rolls his eyes again.  “ You’re weird." “ But I’m good company, am I not?” “ You do nothing but look pretty and spray me.” “ It’s simply for your own good! You can’t go around all mean all the time you know! You can be tough without being creepy!” Sakurada cheerfully reprimands, pulling his sunglasses up to rest on his head, Niragi rolling his eyes even harder.
“ Shut up.” “ I think you’re very tough! Look at you go, with your cool piercings and gun! And  you hold yourself very proudly! That’s enough for now! The creepy part can chill-“ “ Sakurada, if you don’t shut up right now I am going to blow your head off.” Niragi grumbles, Sakurada smiling and eating a spoonful of yoghurt. He sighs, then smirks, nodding a little. “ I am pretty cool, huh?”  Niragi mutters to himself, then barks a short laugh. “ Hell yeah.” Sakurada chuckles, and gives him a thumbs up, Niragi glancing at his dress-wearing doppelgänger.  Even if he was a weird, dress-wearing pretty face, at least he had a point.
Still wasn’t gonna stop him from doing fuck-all though. Water hits his face, and he sputters, head whipping over to glare at Sakurada, who blinks too innocently at him.
“ The fuck-“ “ You have very loud thoughts. Please restrain yourself today, and I’ll get you a really cool pair of leather pants on a supply run next time!” “…. Make them black and you got yourself a deal, you spring roll-looking grass stick.”
Sakurada nods. “ Of course! “
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donnyblogger · a day ago
Intervista esclusiva a Dori Ghezzi «La mia carriera, Fabrizio e la Fondazione»
Intervista esclusiva a Dori Ghezzi «La mia carriera, Fabrizio e la Fondazione»
Una solare immagine di Dori Ghezzi (Courtesy Dori Ghezzi) Dori Ghezzi, nata a Lentate sul Seveso, ha iniziato giovanissima la sua carriera di cantante nel 1966. Nel 1969 ha vinto al Lido di Genova la Caravella d’Oro per Casatschok e nel 1970 ha partecipato al suo primo Festival di Sanremo con Occhi a mandorla, in abbinamento con Rossano. Dopo i primi successi da solista inizia nel 1972 la…
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cheshiya · a day ago
post burn injury niragi wearing his shirt like some kind of bandit mask. why is this so sexy to me 😐
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sebastianruinedme · a day ago
So... Sebastian has 2 more contracted Marvel movies, right? And it's a good assumption that he'll appear in Cap 4... But could he possibly appear in Black Widow as part of her backstory? Does that mean... that's it? 🥺
according to his original contract yeah 2 more seems right. but idk how the series effected it? cap 4 you are right but I have no big hopes for him appearing in black widow? they shot the movie where I live and there was no word about Seb being in the country at that time. I know it could have been done in the us too but still.
but even if he is in the black widow I don't think that would be all for his character, I strongly believe there will be a 2nd season of tfatws
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sebastianruinedme · a day ago
Why do you think Sebastian Stan seems more nervous in zoom/recent interviews? I know he has anxiety but he seems to be very different zoom interviews than in person interviews.
i have to confess i havent watched any of his recent interviews. most of them were giffed by amazing content creators like immediately after they were online so i didnt watch them. so im sorry but i have no opinion on this
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sebastianruinedme · a day ago
What’s the story with the Russo brothers and Bucky? Why are Bucky fans dislike them? I’m a Bucky fan but never read anything Marvel directors/writers say so I have no idea where this comes from.
sorry for taking this long to reply to this, i didnt want to do it too few words.
so they directed CA:TWS which we all know is a masterpiece, and one (of not the) best marvel movies made. i only have one bad thing to say about it, that Bucky/The Winter Soldier has like 16 minutes of screentime out of the 2hrs 16 min of the whole movie even though his character is the name of the movie. something to think about..
however, since then, when the Russos have directed a marvel movie with Bucky in it, they sidelined him. first example is CA:CW which they said is more like an Avenger 2.5 (and not Cap 3 like it was supposed to be). based on the original trailers for this, the focus was more on Bucky and Steve and in the end we got Tony in focus instead. Bucky has very few scenes, his superstrength is not fully used in most cases. (and dont get me started on serpent society and what we could have had instead of cw - even if it was only a rumour)
then we have Infinity war, where Bucky was the first to turn to ashes - because of shock value, and Steve is now losing Buck AGAIN. other than this scene and their reunion earlier he has no real part in the movie (i know it has a LOT of characters and not all can get the most screentime but come on). Also they haven’t told Seb that he was ‘dying’, he got the info on the set on the day of shooting from his stunt double and when he went to the directiors to confirm that he ‘dies’ they havent given him a straigth answer - kinda strange approach to me
and finally, Endgame. we see Bucky emerge from the portal but has no interaction with Steve, no ackowledgement whatsoever. before Steve fucks off to 1940-something we see them exchange very few words, and then when old-man Steve appears he pushes Sam to talk to him. just recently it was revealed that Bucky was not even supposed to be in this scene where old Steve hands the shield to Sam, Sebastian and Anthony came up with the idea for the scene we saw in the movie. again, Seb was not informed about Sam getting the shield - he learnt it ont he day of shooting as he didn’t have the script for this scene. (what kind of filmmaking is where the actors are not informed about major events for their character, where the actors can come up with 1000% better ideas on the set before shooting than the directors who had months or years?)
Steve going back to the past to Peggy and leaving Bucky in the present also rubbed many people in the wrong way (me included) and they blame the Russos for killing his character arc. i loved Steve and Bucky’s ‘I’m with you till the end of the line’ relationship but it was truly fucked with by Steve’s decision. now that i’ve seen TFATWS im not that angry at this bc he has Sam and to me this is even better.
idk if this makes much sense or not i was kinda rambling at the end sorryyy
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elles-writing · a day ago
The covers I made based off from the chat on Discord server about this gif
Tumblr media
They all took me a while to do, even if it doesn't seems like it, so I hope you'll like them <3 I don't study graphic, it's just my hobby, so it is what it is and please exuse any mistakes😅
Apps I used - PicsArt + Canva
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sebastianruinedme · a day ago
This is a Tumblr hug, pass it on to your ten favorite followers and mutuals! 💞💝💖💘💗
thank you darling 💗
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a-simp-20 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nothing to see here.
Just Dori and his dog named Fanta taking selfies-
Look at fanta,aren't they cute??
(Listen,I don't know how dog genders work-. I have been a cat person for like...forever)
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sebastianruinedme · 2 days ago
ok so I started shadow and bone and love iiiiit
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dragonsdreamoffire · 2 days ago
Eat who with what now?
To properly answer this you’re gonna need some background
Back when I first met Quinn aka @quietlegends she answered an ask saying she ate pancakes with ketchup, and that she adored ketchup. Ok well, weird that she tried it with pancakes but I told her I’d try it. Hey, we all have our own stuff, you know?
I did. It was not terrible, but frankly I prefer my pancakes much sweeter with less umami.
Next was ketchup with cake. I wasn’t too deterred, admittedly I was quite disturbed.
Then came the ketchup on the kitkats. I outright refused to deal with that, and promptly removed the heart from Quinn’s tag, angered.
We continued forward until I eventually forgave her. She did find it funny I excused ketchup with cake and not with kitkats though.
Fast forward to the present and I have dubbed Quinn one of the presidents of the student council. She was quite proud. I told her that I would revoke it if —insert some random terrifying concoction—
That concoction was ‘Doritos with milk and ketchup’
She promptly made a sketchy reply to my ask with a winking gif. I am suspicious and on the prowl for any heinous and hardly-edible food mixes now.
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adhdgideon · 2 days ago
The BnT trilogy for the send me a fandom thing?
❥ The first character I first fell in love with: the b in bill stands for beloved <333 ❥ The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: i guess ted??? it wasn’t that i didn’t like him; i just didn’t like him As much as bill for a second but i now adore him with my whole heart ❥ The character everyone else loves that I don’t: good question. it’s not that i don’t like her per se but i do believe most like missy more than i do bshjsbshj ❥ The character I love that everyone else hates: idk if the fandom hates him necessarily but i do really love death and see little content for him (idk maybe that’s just from me keeping my circle tight) ❥ The character I used to love but don’t any longer: i don’t Think there’s anyone. maybe deacon Slightly but that’s just me disliking his ftm characterization and preferring his ea characterization + the potential he had ❥ The character I would totally smooch: bill, ted, OR the princesses. living my bisexual truth ❥ The character I’d want to be like: You already know this but it devastates me that i am not mr winter or any of his characters (aka. Bill) ❥ The character I’d slap: captain logan on god ❥ A pairing that I love: bill/ted <333 ❥ A pairing that I despise: i don’t Think i have one??? 
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