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#loki being soft
galaxythreads · 2 days ago
What do you think about Loki's reaction to the infinity stones in the drawer?
Anon, it was wonderful!
This, to me, is really that moment that the power of the TVA was put out there. Loki just came from Thanos here. He just spent the last year under his hand being tortured so he would go and get the Infinity Stones.
He almost died for them--several times. He raged war with them. He knows they are the most powerful objects in the universe.
And Loki opens a drawer, and all the Infinity Stones are there. Sitting. Because they are utterly useless to the TVA. To the point it is a paper weight.
And Loki sits there. And he looks at them. And he realizes that he almost died for a paper weight. 
That slow dawning oh is absolutely wonderful. This is really the moment that the TVA felt formidable to me, and I'm sure that it's the same for Loki.
Tumblr media
But my favorite thing is that how of all the Stones he could have picked up... Loki picked up the Time Stone.
Tumblr media
Because I think he was thinking of two things:
1) going back to before he fell and dealing with consequences from there.
2) figuring out a way to save Frigga.
And it is so, so painful that Loki's main concern here is his family. Both getting back to them and making sure they are okay. he loves them so, so much, and they don't even realize how much.
It's a really subtle moment there, but I love it.
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multifandomwriter · 7 days ago
if it's not too much trouble, can I request a Loki x avenger!reader who's a frost giant but they haven't told anyone? one day they come back from an especially stressful mission on the verge of a breakdown and accidentally brush hands with Loki, and he notices how cold they are. they pass it off as being sick but Loki kinda trails them until he finds them in their room in their frost giant form. kinda angsty at first cause reader's scared of ruining their "friendship" (neither's confessed yet) 1
Yes of course!!!!
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stardust-walker · a month ago
World on Fire: Chapter 2 {Loki x Sigyn)
Summary: Sigyn was supposed to have died almost 100 years ago. A peace mission to Migard gone wrong and she had never returned. Everyone had thought she was dead until Loki is shown someone who looks too familiar when he comes to Earth on a mission. Sharon Odell. Shannon Orwell. Sidney Orwell. No matter what name she goes by, it’s all the same. Now that Gods and heroes are real, there’s no use hiding who she really is anymore.
Chapter 2: Start a war
Tumblr media
Sidney hated the fact that she was stuck without much of a choice. She had to trust SHIELD and that meant she had to trust Nick Fury with her life. A heavy sigh left her lips right as she heard a branch crack in the woods somewhere behind her. The blonde squeezed her eyes shut and took a deep breath. She couldn’t get turned around right now when she was so close to getting out of here. 
Sidney’s eyes popped open as she heard a jet flying overhead. She was off again, but this time she didn’t even care. She pushed her way through the brush and branches before she stumbled into a clearing. As the wind whipped around her, she faced the woods. Those rogue agents could still be after her.
“Miss Orwell,” a voice shouted over the whir of the engine. She had been so in her own world, she hadn’t even heard them land behind her. A small smile appeared on her face as she turned and met the gaze of Phil Coulson. “How nice of you to join us,” Coulson called over the roar of the engines. Sidney stomped past him as the jet began to ascend again.
As the ramp began to close back up, they could just see the two SHIELD agents stumble out of the woods. “So those bastards were still following me,” Sidney grumbled as she shrugged off her leather jacket. 
“Some branches in your hair,” Coulson smiled as he motioned towards the back of his own head.
Her eyes narrowed and a sarcastic remark was cut off by another voice.
“Anymore detours?” That voice.
Sidney turned quickly. Her jaw nearly dropped as she finally realized they weren’t the only passengers on the jet. She swallowed hard as Coulson stepped forward to make introductions. She could practically feel the excitement that radiated off of the older man. “Steve, this is Sidney Orwell. Sidney, this is-”
“Steve Rogers,” Sidney interrupted as she took a step forward and held out her hand. Steve stood and squeezed a little too tight as they shook hands. “Pleasure to meet you, Captain.” She smirked as she pulled her hand from his grasp and straightened out her green sweater. “I have to say, I’ve been dying to meet you since they thawed you out.”
“It’s a pleasure, ma’am. I wish the circumstances were better,” he smiled at her. She couldn’t help but notice how terribly sad he looked. “I knew an Orwell.” Sidney’s shoulder stiffened as Phil’s eyebrows shot up. 
“Shannon,” Sidney stated after a few moments of silence. Her mind worked quickly. “My grandmother,” she answered Steve’s unspoken question. This seemed to comfort the man somewhat. The two of them were silent for a second.
“You mean to tell me that your grandmother knew Captain America and you held out on me?”
“Aren’t you supposed to be working right now, Philip?” Sidney responded in a cold voice. “Call me old-fashioned, but sometimes a girl would like to know who’s trying to kidnap her. Along with what they want with the Tesseract.” 
“Hope you’re a quick study. There’s a final exam when we land,” Coulson dead-panned as he picked up a tablet off of the seat where Steve had been along with a folder. “This will tell you all that we’re working with so far.”
Sidney lowered herself onto the bench across from Steve as the two men moved closer to the cockpit to talk. She was grateful they weren’t closer when she opened the folder. It felt like all of the air left her lungs and she just couldn’t bring herself to breathe as she stared at the image that had clearly been printed from security footage. There was Selvig on the right and Barton on the left. They hadn’t been lying about agents being compromised that was for sure.
It was the man in the middle that had caught her attention. He looked tired and sickly, but it was him. The person who had tried to kidnap her was Loki. She could feel the whole charade starting to crumble down around her already.
Tumblr media
Coulson had realized a few minutes before they landed that he needed to make sure Sidney knew exactly what she was getting into. She quickly recited a shortened version of the notes she’d read about the others. Banner was a genius who turned into a monster due to gamma radiation. Natasha was a former Soviet spy, current SHIELD spy. She had tried hard to repress any emotion in her voice when she stated all she knew was that Iron Man was a man with more money than God.
Steve had laughed at that one. “Sounds like something your grandmother would say about his father,” he shook his head as the small jet jolted.
Coulson clapped his hands together. “Alright, everyone out of the bus.”
Sidney rolled her eyes as she slapped her hand down on the folder one last time before she turned to stand up. Steve had his hand held out in front of her. “What a gentleman. This must be what it was like in the good old days,” she joked as she allowed him to help her to her feet. The blonde still felt far off in her own world as she shrugged her jacket on and followed the men out onto the deck. 
The salty sea air relaxed her as she took a deep breath and allowed herself to get lost in the sensation of it for just a few seconds. The dampness in the air felt nice after being cooped up in a jet or running through the woods for most of the day.
It felt like home.
“Welcome back, Sidney,” a familiar voice called out.
A smile spread across her face as she reached out an clapped a hand on Natasha’s shoulder. “Don’t get too cozy, Romanoff. I don’t plan to make this a regular thing.”
Natasha rolled her eyes as she motioned for the two of them to follow her. “It was quite the buzz around here when they found you in the ice.” The red-head addressed Steve as Sidney continued to survey her new surroundings. “I thought Coulson was gonna swoon.”
Sidney snorted. 
“Did he ask you to sign his Captain America training cards yet?”
“Natasha,” Sidney scolded jokingly. “Let’s not scare away out new friend.”
Natasha smirked at the blonde woman as Steve stepped forward to greet another new arrival.“Dr. Bruce Banner,” she interjected, “this is Dr. Sidney Orwell. Her family’s been with SHIELD since the beginning.”
“Very nice to meet you,” Banner waved at her as he smiled awkwardly. His hands tugged nervously at his jacket as he seemed to study her warily.
“It’s an honor to meet you, Dr. Banner. Your research is just absolutely incredible.”
“Sidney was brought on to help with the Tesseract…once we get a hand on it, anyway.” She didn’t miss how Steve seemed to tense up at every mention of the cube. 
“I expect we’ll be spending a lot of time together then,” Sidney grinned. “Don’t worry, I pride myself on being a very calming person.”
Bruce let out a short laugh. Sidney couldn’t shake the feeling that things were going to go downhill very fast. She had heard of the Hulk. Everyone had after what happened in the Bronx, but the only thing she could do was try. As long as she did what SHIELD wanted her to do, she could go home.
Maybe she could even see—No. She wouldn’t even let herself think about that even as her heart beat a little faster and her stomach turned.
“It must be strange for you. All of this,” Bruce motioned around the deck. At least Bruce seemed like a nice person; she wasn’t too sure she wanted to meet the other guy yet.
“Well actually, all of this is kind of familiar.” Steve sighed.
“We might want to step inside for a minute. It’s gonna get a little hard to breathe.” Sidney didn’t miss the smirk on Natasha’s face as she turned to face her. 
“God I hate planes,” Sidney whispered to herself as she jolted slightly when they rose up out of the ocean and into the sky.
Tumblr media
The bridge of the plane was impressive that was for sure. If SHIELD was anything, they were efficient. Her stomach turned just a little bit as she spotted Nick Fury at the helm of everything.
“Gentlemen,” the older man called out as he turned around. “Sidney,” he nodded at her. The blonde responded with a sarcastic smile. 
“Hello, Nicholas.” She patted the man on the shoulder as he passed her to greet Bruce. 
“How long am I staying?”
“That’s exactly the question I had, doctor,” Sidney chimed in.
“Once we find the Tesseract, you’re in the wind,” Fury replied. Was that supposed to be reassuring?
Sidney narrowed her eyes slightly as Coulson spoke up from the lower deck. “We’re accessing every wirelessly accessible camera on the planet.”
Sidney suddenly became very aware of her own phone in her pocket. She would have to make a mental note to dump both of her phones when she was done with this place. Bastards.
“It’s still not going to find them in time,” Natasha sounded worried. That couldn’t be good.
“How many spectrometers do you have access to,” Bruce frowned. 
“How many are there?” Fury raised an eyebrow.
Sidney pursed her lips as she watched Banner shrug off his jacket. “Call every lab you know. Tell them to put the spectrometers on the roof and calibrate them for gamma rays. I’ll figure out a tracking algorithm. Basic cluster recognition.”
“Dr. Banner, I’m impressed.” Sidney smiled as she nodded her head. She figured it went without saying that she would help him with that. “Do you have somewhere for us to work, Fury?” She crossed her arms in front of her chest. 
“Agent Romanoff?” Fury called out. “Could you show Dr. Banner and Dr. Orwell to the laboratory?” 
At least she trusted Natasha enough to follow her.
“So what’s your specialty?” She didn’t expect Bruce to be one for friendly conversation and if anything this proved her right. He was trying to be nice, she could tell. It seemed like he hadn’t had a normal conversation in years. Sidney knew what that felt like a little too well.
“Astrophysics,” she sighed. “Kind of runs in the family,” she smiled as she brushed her hair from her eyes. 
The two of them were silent as Sidney began to busy herself. SHIELD’s technology was advanced past what the general population had access too but, thankfully, she had somewhat of a grasp on it. As her hands extended along the touch screen that hung in the middle of the room. 
“Are you one of them?” Bruce spoke up suddenly. Sidney’s dark eyes narrowed as she surveyed the man.
Sidney hated to say it, but she’d been asked that question many times. Maybe not in the same context but still. “A spy? Oh no, Bruce. I’m far too much of a talker to make a good spy.” She laughed at her own poor excuse for a joke. “I’m more of a quiet observer if anything.”
“Sounds a little like a spy to me,” Banner retorted. Sidney let out a small peal laughter. 
She dragged her fingers along the screen. All the humor disappeared from her expression as her face went pale. “What the hell,” she whispered as she tapped the screen again.
“Nothing,” Sidney shook her head as she gulped. 
“What the hell is that?” Bruce raised an eyebrow as he stepped closer. 
Sidney shook her head. “Nothing! I…I was just trying to see what they had on Loki and Thor. I guess I just ended up in the wrong section or something.”
“Why Thor?” Bruce frowned in confusion.
Sidney crossed her arms over her chest as she stared at the image on the screen. “Because they’re brothers. Haven’t you heard the stories?” She wasn’t surprised to hear that Bruce lacked knowledge in the Norse mythology department.
“So if you were looking for them, why-”
He trailed off as Sidney swiped the image off the screen and hurried from the room. The text on the screen was still burned into her mind’s eye. 
Alias: Sidney Orwell
Threat Level: Neutralized
There was no time to corner Fury as she intended to. No time for anything, in fact, as she stomped her way onto the bridge of the ship.
“We found him. 67% match. No…79% match!”
She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the image on the computer. He didn’t look quite as sick as he did in the photograph, but something still felt…off.
A chill went down her spine as Loki cast a brief glance at the security camera.
He knew they were watching him.
Hello friendos, here’s another chapter. I’m just out here tryin my best so feel free to give me any feedback. I really appreciate it! Let me know if you would want to be added to a taglist! Hope you continue to enjoy!
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FrostIronStrange Star Wars AU
In honor of May the 4th, may I tell you about one of my absolute favorite AU idea of all times : FrostIronStrange as Obianidala.
Stephen as Obi-Wan, Loki as Anakin and Tony as Padme. I just cannot express how much I love Tony as Padme in these ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS DRESSES. And Stephen as Obi-Wan....... SO MUCH ANGST. I LIVE FOR THE ANGST.
Can you just fucking IMAGINE. Stephen forced to see Loki slowly succumb to darkness until he eventually has to fight him. Stephen watching Tony die while giving birth. STEPHEN LEFT ALONE AND GRIEVING, WITH THE TWINS.
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worstloki · 2 months ago
UGHHH. I just saw a post saying that people saying the stack of paper being small could be evidence that loki was constantly shut down and silenced by his family were just making excuses for loki and saying he's just a 'soft sad boi who can do no wrong' and ???! like. those things aren't mutually exclusive. no one saying loki was mistreated by his family is saying that means he never made any mistakes. being a victim doesn't negate any of his bad acts tho it does contextualize some of them.
I propose that all people saying Loki isn’t a ‘sad soft uwu boi who can do no wrong’ may speak of the bad of Loki but have always been jealous and wanted the attention. And I’ll do it with just as much proof 😤😤😤 yeah some people are wildin, it’s funny
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skyaches · 3 months ago
Tag drop ft. relationships &. connections pt. 1
* diana &. emilie : fearstouch / show me yours &. i'll show you mine ; meet me in the woods tonight !
* zoso &. emilie : fearstouch / love will take the golden apple from your hand &. into its mouth !
* annie : anammxlech / did they try to take your fangs ; who told you your hunger is unclean !
* diana &. annie : anammxlech / monsters know when they are recognized !
* jurgen &. loki : hraunwyf / if her hands are in my hair i forget violence !
* eleanor &. loki : hraunwyf / i think you understand the loneliness of being imperfectly misunderstood !
* loki : hraunwyf / beneath your feet were the bones of a thousand years !
* elethea : highaever / she is water ; soft enough to offer life ; tough enough to drown it away !
* berchan &. elethea : highaever / take my hands &. take my strength too ; whatever of it you can use to keep yourself going !
* rumplestiltskin : giltskin / all you wanted was a happiness that didn't taste of blood !
* diana &. rumplestiltskin : giltskin / you threw back the coverlet &. let the beast &. i in ; loved us both &. did not make me choose !
* milah &. rumplestiltskin : giltskin / if you love me you love me in a way i don't understand !
* emily : lovcfools / she wakes up with the birds &. go to sleep with the stars !
* edward &. emily : lovcfools / i love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest !
* jayne &. maximiliano : mirafirstmate / you taught me the courage of the stars before you left !
* maximiliano : mirafirstmate / claw your way into the light but the light is just as scary !
#* diana &. emilie : fearstouch / show me yours &. i'll show you mine ; meet me in the woods tonight !#* zoso &. emilie : fearstouch / love will take the golden apple from your hand &. into its mouth !#* annie : anammxlech / did they try to take your fangs ; who told you your hunger is unclean !#* diana &. annie : anammxlech / monsters know when they are recognized !#* jurgen &. loki : hraunwyf / if her hands are in my hair i forget violence !#* eleanor &. loki : hraunwyf / i think you understand the loneliness of being imperfectly misunderstood !#* loki : hraunwyf / beneath your feet were the bones of a thousand years !#* elethea : highaever / she is water ; soft enough to offer life ; tough enough to drown it away !#* berchan &. elethea : highaever / take my hands &. take my strength too ; whatever of it you can use to keep yourself going !#* rumplestiltskin : giltskin / all you wanted was a happiness that didn't taste of blood !#* diana &. rumplestiltskin : giltskin / you threw back the coverlet &. let the beast &. i in ; loved us both &. did not make me choose !#* milah &. rumplestiltskin : giltskin / if you love me you love me in a way i don't understand !#* emily : lovcfools / she wakes up with the birds &. go to sleep with the stars !#* edward &. emily : lovcfools / i love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest !#* jayne &. maximiliano : mirafirstmate / you taught me the courage of the stars before you left !#* maximiliano : mirafirstmate / claw your way into the light but the light is just as scary !
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galaxythreads · 3 months ago
I was thinking about when I showed someone the first Thor, and after Loki started destroying the Bifrost, they turned to me and said very seriously:
"I cannot figure this kid out."
It made me laugh at the time, but I'm thinking about that now with some sorrow.
The person I showed didn't know Loki and Thor's (estimated) ages. Didn't really care about MCU that much. And they still said "kid." Because in many ways, Loki still is a kid. He's in his early twenties, he's the younger sibling, he's the youngest child, he's the second option.
And you think about the innocence of Loki in Thor one, miserable but still visibly very young and as untainted as you can be in that environment:
Tumblr media
Then you realize the extent of how deep and terrible the damage done to Loki was by Thanos that he went from that to this:
Tumblr media
His eyes hold more weight. He looks visibly older. His posture is more rigid and his movements stiffer. The longer his hair gets, the older he looks.
But Loki is still "that stupid kid."
Loki is still, in many ways, a kid.
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lucywrites02 · 4 months ago
Loki’s first sleepover
Masterlist    The adventures of Loki and Peter
A/N: Let our sleepover begin!!! Big thanks to @the-emo-asgardian for proof reading this story! 
Pairing: Loki x Reader (gender neutral)
Other characters: Peter (obviously)
Loki’s pronouns: he/they
Word count: 1973
Warnings: none
Summary: The god of mischief, Spider-man and you have a sleepover. What else do you need to know?
Sleepover squad: @castiels-majestic-wings @kellatron55 @imyara @twhiddlestonsstuff @cocoamoonmalfoy @amwolowicz @akhansen2800 @electroma89  @the-emo-asgardian @lehuka123 @marvelisawayoflife @unknown-girlie @waywardstarkmadkhaleesi @cozy-the-overlord @whatafuckingdumbass  @poetic-fiasco  @myraiswack @marvelgirlonmain @lokistan​ @lovermrjokerr   means tumblr won’t let me tag you :(
Writing tag list:
@twhiddlestonsstuff   @dreamingyouth @xladyxfatex @castiels-majestic-wings @lokistan @amwolowicz  @whatafuckingdumbass @electroma89​ @dpaccione
Tumblr media
It was an ordinary Saturday evening at the tower. Loki was in their room peacefully reading one of the books they found in the local library. The god had to admit, John Green was a decent writer. Everything around him was quiet and the only sound Loki could hear was the rain which hit the window. It was perfect.
And then Peter came in. The boy opened the door with such force it almost went flying.
The god of mischief isn’t someone who scares easily. The trickster has encountered dozens of monsters in their life and fought against the most horrid creatures! Terrorist? Nah. Chitauri? Easy. Dark elves? Child’s play. A 15 years old Peter Parker burging through his door on a quiet Saturday evening? Well, that’s a completely different story.
“On Odin’s beard!” Loki jumped in surprise, dropping the book “Maybe knock next time?” 
“Oh, I’m sorry!” Peter seemed to be amused by his friend’s reaction “I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said. 
After closing the door behind him Peter put an enormous box he had been holding the entire time on the desk and jumped on Loki’s bed, bouncing a few times. The god ogled the mysterious package. It wasn’t unusual for the teenager to bring weird midgardian things to show to his Jötun friend, but what in the hell was a Death Star?
“What is that?” they have finally asked.
“Those are LEGOs,” the boy responded “You said I could bring the set to you, and that we will put it together.” Loki did say that, yes, but why did Peter want to build what Loki assumed was going to be a machine of mass destruction. Seeing the trickster’s confused expression the boy continued “It is a replica of a weapon from ‘Star Wars’. It’s a movie that I really like, and I got this set for my birthday,”  he added
“I have never seen the movie,” Loki confessed. Peter’s eyes lit up and a brilliant idea formed in his mind.
“We should have a sleepover!” the teenager jumped off the bed and enthusiastically spinned around the room. Loki laughed at how ridiculous, yet very amusing this looked like. The god heard about the so-called ‘sleepovers’ before but had never participated in any. “We could have a movie marathon and start building The Death Star! This is going to be so awesome!!!!” 
That wasn’t how Loki imagined this day to go, but how could they ever say no when Peter was so excited about spending time with them. The god of mischief was becoming soft. 
“We could invite you know who...” the boy added with a smirk which gained him an eye roll from the trickster.
“I am never telling you anything personal ever again.” Loki said, already regretting telling the spider-man about his feelings for you. “But you’re the one who is going to invite them.” 
“Aww, are you shy?” Peter teased which resulted in him being hit in the face with a small decorative pillow.
“And for that comment you are also going to the store for the snacks!” the god said, taking  the wallet out of their interdimensional pocket and gave it to his friend.  
“Hot Cheetos, right?” the young avenger asked to make sure Loki was in the mood for this kind of food. The Jötun nodded.
“Oh, and buy a bag of sour patches, please”
“You hate sour patches!” 
“You wanted to invite Y/N and they like them,” Loki stated. He wasn’t looking at Peter anymore but he could feel the boy’s smile.
“Awww, that’s so cute!” he laughed
“Get out,” Loki said and picked up the book that was laying on the floor all this time “And don’t forget the sour patches!”
“I won’t, don’t worry loverboy,” the teenager put the wallet in his pocket and opened the door. Before he closed it he turned to Loki with a teasing smirk. “Are you reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars’?” he asked and fortunately was able to close the door before another pillow hit him.
Heading to the exit, Peter noticed you standing in front of the vending machine. He sneaked up on you, and when he was sure you were distracted, he hugged you from behind, gaining a surprised squeak from you.
“It’s good to see you too kiddo,” you laughed and affectionately ruffled the boy’s hair. 
“Are you free tonight?” he asked, hoping you’d say yes. “Loki and I are having a sleepover in his room and it would be nice if you could join us!”
You loved spending time with Peter. He was fun to be around! Everyone loved him, even Loki! Especially Loki, to be honest. Your heart melted every time you have seen those two interact with each other. Their friendship was very unusual but neither of them cared. 
“I would love to!” you replied happily 
“Great! I’m going to the store to get some snacks and I will be right back!” the boy shouted as he was walking out of the building. God, this kid was so chaotic. Maybe that’s why Loki likes him so much. 
Speaking of Loki, you decided to go to their room and keep them company. After walking up the stairs to the second floor, you were finally standing in front of his door and knocked two times. 
“I see you have finally learned how to knock,” Loki opened the door and said, thinking the person behind it was Peter. Imagine their surprise when they noticed you were the one standing there.
“I wasn’t aware I couldn’t do that,” you greeted him with a smile. “But thank you for telling me. It means a lot,” you playfully smacked Loki’s shoulder and invited yourself in.
“Forgive me,” the trickster said. They could feel their face getting warmer but hoped you  couldn’t see their cheeks turning red. ”I thought it was Peter.” 
“He has just left the tower. Said he was going to buy us some snacks for tonight,” you sat down on the black armchair and put your right elbow on the table. With the corner of your eye you spotted a LEGO box on Loki’s bed. Your eyes lit up with excitement. This night was going to be so awesome!
“Then I assume you know about our little sleepover.” 
“Our little spider was very excited to inform me. By the way,” you changed the subject and pointed at the book Loki was holding the whole time. “Are you reading ‘The Fault in our Stars’?” 
Loki blushed and awkwardly scratched his neck.
“You mentioned once that it was good so I thought I would give it a try.” You didn’t notice their rosy cheeks, or at least you pretended you didn’t. 
“And is it?” You were curious what Loki thought of the book. He loved to read, and you hoped he would like your recommendations. 
“Is it what?”
“Is it good?
“Oh, yes,” Loki was praying to anyone who was up there that Peter would come back soon or else he was going to embarrass himself in front of you. “It's really good. I like it.” 
Thankfully his prayers were heard because Peter came in before you could say anything else. 
Throwing all the snacks on the bed the young avenger shouted, “IT’S A SLEEPOVER BABY!” 
An hour later the three of you were building the Death Star  Peter brought while munching on your food. In your comfiest pyjamas, of course. Now that you think of it you were glad you joined because seeing Loki in their casual, baggy clothes with their hair up was the best thing ever. Not that you were staring. 
“We should put a movie on,” Peter suggested. You and Loki nodded in agreement but when the teenager opened Netflix none of you could decide what to choose. After a long discussion, you decided a horror movie was a good choice. 
“Aren’t you too young to watch stuff like this?” Loki asked Peter “Aren’t you afraid you will piss your pants, young man?” You smirked at that comment but didn’t want to get involved. You loved to see Loki messing with Peter every once in a while. It was great entertainment. Taking a sip from your glass you watched those two as if their conversation was the best sitcom you’ve ever seen.
“Aren’t you afraid you will get a heart attack, old man?” the spider-man sassed. Loki was taken aback by his response, and you laughed so hard your soda almost poured out of your nose.You couldn't stop the giggles coming out of you, and Peter followed your lead right after. 
“Okay, that’s enough, just start the movie,” Loki said, pretending to be mad, but even they couldn’t resist the amused smile on their face. 
And so you abandoned the half done LEGO set to sit on the couch. Loki was in the middle, thanks to his little arachnid friend. It was Peter’s plan from the very beginning and the scenery was perfect. You would be all scared and want to hug somebody. And because the only person next to you was Loki you would have no choice but to embrace the trickster. And he, being the gentleman he is, would give you all the comfort you needed. And when the moment was perfect the god would gently cup your face in his hand and-
“WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!” You and Loki both jumped when Peter screamed, obviously scared by the scene in the movie. The boy was violently ripped from his little daydream because of a jumpscare. You and Loki looked at each other, clearly amused by his reaction.
“Do you need new pants?” Loki joked, which resulted in them receiving a punch on the shoulder  “A pacifier? Should we change your diaper now?” And suddenly Peter launched at the god, knocking him over which made him land on your lap. 
Loki had no time to react or even acknowledge the awkward position they had gotten themselves into because the spider-boy was already wrestling with him. You tried to get out but boy, Loki was so freaking heavy! You had no clue when and how, but you joined their little fight at some point. And you had absolutely no idea when Peter got out of there, leaving only you and Loki on the couch, trying to tickle the other one and failing miserably every time. The two of you have completely forgotten Parker was even there. You were so engrossed in the moment the most important thing was Loki’s genuine laugh and your hysterical giggles. 
“Are you gonna kiss or what?” Peter interrupted you and threw a pillow in Loki’s face who immediately pulled away and sat on the other side of the couch so you couldn’t see the blush covering their face. You were equally embarrassed but decided to not let Peter have the satisfaction.
“I think he should ask me out first.” you said.
“Are you free this Friday then?” Loki asked jokingly, but still hoping you would be serious about it. 
“I’m working on Friday but maybe Thursday?” you smiled at him nervously. “We could go to that little coffee shop around the corner?” 
You couldn’t believe what was happening. Loki couldn’t believe it either. Peter was just standing behind the armchair, sipping his drink and trying to understand what was going on.
“Sounds great,” the trickster agreed “Is 3 PM good?” 
You didn’t trust your voice, so you nodded enthusiastically. No more words were spoken after that. You and Loki sat at your old places and you put your head on their shoulder. The god put an arm around you and went back to watching the movie. 
A few minutes passed and Peter was still standing behind that armchair processing the whole situation while the two of you were discussing your plans for the date. 
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galaxythreads · 4 months ago
Friendly reminder that Thor's first on screen words to Loki were this:
"It's unwise to be around me right now, brother."
(Because Thor was trying to look out for his sibling. He knows he has a temper, and he doesn't want his brother to get on the receiving end of it. He's not ignorant to this fact. So he tells him to leave while he calms himself down.
But Loki, ever self destructive, sits down next to him anyway.)
And Thor's last words to Loki were this:
"You really are the worst brother."
And the words are vile and cruel, forces up because he's angry, and why shouldn't he be? Loki should back down, because he clearly knows these people, and he's pretending, always pretending, and they don't have the freakin' Tesseract--
(and Loki, always so self destructive, holds out the Tesseract anyway)
(and how could he ever live that down? Knowing that the last thing he said to his sibling was not some sort of placation or thank you, but an accusation and desire to wound. Because Loki withheld something else from him, and now he's dead--)
So when the ship starts to explode, wounded and in terrible pain, Thor drags himself to Loki's corpse and collapses on top of it with regret. And he clings to it, hand fisted in the clothing, burying his head against Loki's chest.
Because he can protect his brother's body, can't he? If he's no longer allowed to protect his mind?
He'll keep this corpse safe. Or they can die together.
Tumblr media
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klutzydelusionprincess · 4 months ago
I just saw a post whining about how Loki is mistreated by Marvel fans. Bruh that’s is top notch ridiculous. The majority of the fans love Loki. He can do no wrong in their eyes. I have seen posts dissing on Thor in favor of him. This post was talking about how fans hypocritical and they brought up something that people thought was funny that he did. People who dislike him are in the vast minority. He is their mistreated baby who can do no wrong. He is not evil and yes, some of his bad choices were because of abuse and trauma and were made when he had no other options. Still, he is an anti-hero dipshits. He is supposed to do wrong. A lot of that is part of his character. Why are y’all so obsessed with changing everything about your problematic fav? If your going to go off about how a character is mistreated by the fandom, maybe don’t use a white male (don’t say he is not, the MCU took his gender fluidity away from him) as fans will do just about anything to justify every action they make.
#if you are a white make character#fans will suck your dick#I’m tired of it#it happens in every fandom#why can’t y’all be interesting#why can’t y’all let anti heroes be anti heroes#a male anti hero is misunderstood and secretly a good guy#a female anti hero is a villain#can’t think of many male anti heroes of color but I doubt they get the soft boy treatment#y’all don’t like black heroes so if they did something moderately bad to show they are moral grey they would be a villain#if she is the only one than she gets a pass#that’s the female antagonist that are left are loved for being antagonists#they get the treatment of feel bad stuff end it makes them a fun character#not they have never done anything bad in their lies#the MCU constantly disrespects women and POC#and only activists give a shit#and half of y’all obsess over these characters more anyway#got yelled at for saying I think Loki is overrated#I like him I just think the fandom favors him and I don’t#could go off on how white male characters get this treatment in every fandom I’m apart of#I mean nobody gives a shit how disrespectful Nat’s death was#but apparently Tony is the one who didn’t deserve it#and despite the fact that it doesn’t make any sense to the rules of time travel#A completely different version of Gamora was brought back#making her a different character but nobody cared#Loki#Marvel#you can’t get mad over how the MCU treats women and people of color if the fandom does the exact same shit#I’m tired
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bardicious · 5 months ago
MCU AUs and Headcanons!
Part 2
This is the next batch! Posting both today! But might be more spread out later. Disclaimer: These are not meant to be canon compliant and are a combination of comics, movies, and myths! Mostly Thor movie related, but I’m sure other movie headcanons will come up eventually.
Odin has another two sons. Twins. Baldur and Hodur. Older than Hela and his first heirs. When Hodur is blinded in battle, Odin mourns him. Baldur distraught at his Father's reaction, and war weary reasons for peace in the nine realms. Odin banishes both his sons and raises his daughter to be more ruthless than his previous heirs. With her, Odin finally creates his throne on the bodies of the fallen.
Hela finds Fenris Wolf when she's young and learns to love it more than her mother, her father, the Aesir, everyone. She learns early on that people only fear her, for not only being a woman of great strength and power, but for having the same viciousness as Odin and none of the supposed wisdom and mercy. But she knows that the only difference between her and Odin is that one of them is lying.
Once upon a time, the nine realms used to host a larger number of magical users. Odin had many killed early on to keep the powers within his reach. He stole Jotunheimr's Casket of Ancient Winters, for that same reason, slowly destroying an entire race of magical users and labeling it as mercy. Odin has done the same to each and every one of the remaining nine realms, though not all stolen relics were as dire as Jotunheimr's.
The Casket of Winters doesn't follow a strict rule. Anyone on Jotunheimr can technically use it's powers, it's just most are not as powerful as the royal family was. However, they did rely on a strict code of usage. Only allowing heirs to use it to keep the myths of its powers.
One day when Asgard's defenses malfunction, Odin orders his council to find him a Builder to fix them. They find him an older man and his son Svaðilfari to repair Asgard's broken system. To Odin's surprise, their work is far superior than the original and he requests they stay in Asgard. While the old man does not seem particularly interested in the idea, Svaðilfari is interested. All does not go so well when Asgard discovers the builder is actually a frost giant. The man is killed before he can say anything in his own defense and Svaðilfari escapes.
Loki had a small crush on Svaðilfari when he was younger, Svaðilfari felt the same but nothing came of it. When Svaðilfari 's father is discovered to be a frost giant, presumably Svaðilfari being one as well, Loki buries his feelings deep down inside and never looks at them again. Loki is horrified for a long time not understanding how he could have fallen for a monster. When he discovers his heritage he supposes it makes sense.
Loki finds much of Midgard simpleminded. Criminals or Heroes or Civilians. They all don't know better and are adorably none threatening. Loki doesn't see most as worth his time, barring some exceptions: his former lover, his obviously superior descendants, Verity Willis, and maybe one or two avengers if he's feeling generous.
Loki owns several properties across the nine realms. It's just what he does. Though he's frustrated to find out some of his properties on Midgard have disappeared simply because time changes too much there. It's quite aggravating.
Loki likes to take literature from each realm. Loki is quite familiar with Human history.
Loki would never say this out loud but he likes how chaotic Midgard is and finds it soothing place to run away to when he wants to disappear.
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bouncydragon · 6 months ago
Cuddly & Soft
So~ I wrote a thing. It is based on this post here. So it is silly and soft, and involves big cats, Tony being a little shit, Loki being a good boyfriend, some bot-love, and shapeshifting. It very possibly is crack but honestly Idk, it’s just a fun little thing I wrote because I was stuck on another story and was bored.
Anyway, enjoy! Hope you’ll like it!
Loki walked into the lab with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll he had gotten for Tony at the coffee shop down the street from Avengers Tower– Tony loved that place and he had been huddled up in his lap for over twenty-four hours now, if it weren't for Loki coming in every once in a while and make him eat or drink something, or take a much needed break, Tony would've collapsed already. Loki didn't particularly like it when Tony pulled these lab binges, but he couldn't exactly lecture him because he was the same, only he huddled up in the library and forgot to eat or sleep as well. So Loki didn't stop Tony, he just made sure that he ate and drank and at least sometimes took a break, and Tony always let himself be convinced, even if rather reluctantly– Loki just had the better arguments. 
The lab was filled with loud music blasting from the speakers in the ceiling, some rock song that Loki didn't know, which wasn't exactly a surprise because he hadn't yet let Tony introduce him to Midgardian music in detail. He did enjoy most of what Tony played in his lab though, so that was a start, right? 
Anyway, Tony was sitting at one of his workstations, only in jeans and a black tank top, with his weird working goggles on. Loki was sure there was a proper name for them but if Tony had ever told him, he couldn't remember. Loki had to stop and take a deep breath to calm himself because he really loved that look on Tony, and he loved watching him work too, especially when it showed off his fine muscles… 
Loki shook his head, that wasn't why he was here, but could he really be blamed? Sometimes he thought Tony did it on purpose because he knew full well what effect it had on Loki. Tony was a very handsome man and Loki wasn't above admitting that his brain momentarily crashed when he saw Tony like that, but he could control himself, most of the times at least.
Never mind. 
As Loki got closer to Tony though, he noticed that the man wasn't actually working. His goggles were on his head and he was looking at a screen. 
"Hey, what are you doing?" Loki asked, placing the coffee in front of Tony. Now that he got a good look at the screen, he realized that Tony was looking at a picture of… a cat? Okay, a big cat, but still a cat nonetheless. 
Tony took a sip from the coffee and sighed happily. "Taking a break?" 
"You are?" Loki gasped. "And I didn't have to remind you? Wonders never cease!"
Tony rolled his eyes and smiled up at him. "Very funny." Another sip of coffee. "I hit a dead-end and it frustrated me, so before I throw the whole thing at the wall and make DUM-E's day because he has to use the fire extinguisher, I thought I'd just step away from it for a bit." 
"That's not very nice towards DUM-E though, you know how much he loves using the fire extinguisher," Loki pointed out, looking over to the bot who had his claw dropped. "You should make his day, a happy bot is a good bot."
"Sometimes I get the feeling you love DUM-E more than me," Tony mused, grinning up at Loki. 
Loki laughed and put the cinnamon roll down on the empty plate that was still on the workstation since he had last come down here. "I don't, don't worry. I just think he deserves more recognition, and appreciation. He's trying his best." 
"I appreciate him." Tony pulled Loki down into a soft kiss. "Have I ever told you how much I love it that you treat them as persons and not some emotionless machines? You're the only. You don't call them 'it' either." 
"As far as I'm concerned, they have personality, and that justifies treating them thusly." 
Tony kissed him again. "Anyway, trust me, DUM-E will get his chance. I often set things on fire." 
"That you do, my dear." 
Tony rolled his eyes but chuckled. "I love you too, Loki." 
Loki chuckled and pressed a kiss to Tony's head. "Anyway, what exactly are you doing now?" 
"Looking at pictures of big cats." 
"Okay," Loki drawled. "Why?" 
Tony smiled softly at the picture of a huge black cat on the screen and there was childish delight in his eyes, like he had just witnessed some kind of wonder. 
"I like big cats," he eventually explained. "Like lions and tigers and panthers. They look so cuddly and soft." 
Loki raised an eyebrow at him. "Like the ones that'll eat your face off?" 
Tony's head whipped around and he stared at Loki. "IT WOULD'VE BEEN OUT OF LOVE!" 
Loki backed away a bit and regarded Tony with a calculating, surprised glance. The man's face was soft and he was still smiling, like a little child, and honestly, Loki had never seen him like that. He had seen him inexplicably excited and even giddy, but this was different, Loki just couldn't tell exactly how. 
Tony turned back to the screen, switching to a picture of a sleeping big cat, displaying a huge paw that could probably cover Tony's entire face. 
"They have big toe beans," he muttered, clearly more to himself than to Loki. "They're like little toe beans, but big." 
Okay, Loki could admit that the cat on the screen looked quite beautiful, the sleek black fur with faint spots. But his focus wasn't on the picture, it was on Tony and the sheer childish glow of his face, the soft look in his eyes, and the tiny smile. Loki couldn't exactly understand why Tony looked at a picture of a cat like that, but he found that he liked that look on him. 
At least until Tony looked up at him grinning and with a rather mischievous gleam in his eyes. 
"Loki," he drawled and cocked his head a little. "You're a shapeshifter, aren't you?" 
Loki's eyes widened and he raised a hand. "No, don't even think about it, Anthony." 
"Aw c'mon! Please!" 
"No, I'm not turning into a cat for you." 
For a very short moment, Tony pouted, then he got up and backed Loki up against a table, trailing his collarbone with a finger, smiling at him tenderly before he kissed his jaw. 
"Please, honey," he whispered against Loki's jaw, his hand resting on Loki's chest. 
Loki tried not to react, he wouldn't give in, no nope, he wouldn't– but it was really difficult to resist Tony like this. He loved this, under different circumstances, he really did, but now it was just evil. 
"Please, Lokes," Tony drawled. "For me?" 
"Why?" Loki managed to ask, but it was in a very breathy tone. 
Tony pulled away and Loki wasn't sure if he should be glad or disappointed about it. Some part of him practically screamed at him to not let Tony stop, but it wasn't his brain and so he didn't listen to it. 
"Well, the chances of me ever coming face to face with a panther or any big cat are slim," he explained and crossed his arms over his chest. "Plus, I wouldn't risk having my beautiful face eaten off, as you so elegantly put it." 
Loki took a deep breath, calming himself and then considered Tony for a moment. The pleading look in his wonderful brown eyes got to Loki, of course it did. Pepper called them 'puppy dog eyes' and now he understood why. How could he possibly resist this? It was already hard to resist Tony when he wasn't looking at him like that, Loki just wished that it was in a different context, a much more fun context– preferably involving him and Tony in bed, or on a couch, naked, but certainly not him turning into a cat to satisfy his boyfriend's curiosity. 
On the other hand, seeing the childlike glee on Tony's face would most likely be worth it. 
"Fine," he eventually sighed.
Tony squealed in delight and wrapped his arms around Loki, pressing a rather hard kiss to his lips– not that Loki was bothered by the force, mind you. 
"You're lucky I love you," Loki mumbled as he straightened his posture and then walked over to the screen to look at the picture of the cat. 
Tony chuckled. "I feel incredibly lucky, yes." 
Loki rolled his eyes and took a few steps back from the workstation, Tony was eyeing him with curiosity and anticipation. Loki smiled slightly– yeah, it was worth it, that was a very nice look on the man, and so, in a matter of seconds, he shifted into the form of a panther, complete with faint spots and big toe beans and whiskers. 
Tony squealed and approached Loki carefully, holding out a hand, even though he knew Loki would never hurt him. Loki lifted a paw and put it on his lover's hand, making a sound that could be interpreted as a happy growl. 
"Wow, it's quite heavy," Tony observed, childlike wonder once again shining in his eyes as he inspected the paw. "Ooh, those toe beans!" 
Loki rolled his eyes and nudged Tony's hand with his nose, before he lay down and rested his head on the man's thigh, closing his eyes. Tony smiled and started stroking the big cat's head, occasionally scratching him behind the ears. 
"You do like this," Tony observed grinning. 
As an answer, he received a growl, it didn't sound threatening or warning, actually it sounded quite soft and content. Tony chuckled and continued petting his currently feline boyfriend. The fur was actually quite soft and Tony gushed over the faint spots in it. Everything about this was great and he loved Loki even more now, if that was even possible. 
For a long time, they just stayed on the floor of the lab, Tony kneeling and Loki lying in front of him with his head on his thighs. Tony enjoyed stroking the fur, earning growls of approval from Loki, which could be interpreted as purring. 
After a while, Loki sat back up and tilted his head, before he raised a paw and put it flat on Tony's face. 
Tony frowned. "What are you doing?" he asked, muffled by the panther paw. 
Loki growled softly and removed his paw from Tony's face, just to close the distance between Tony and him and run his long, rough tongue over his face. Tony grimaced but also chuckled. It felt funny, a bit gross, but mostly funny. 
"Yeah, you're enjoying this way too much for having been so reluctant about shifting," Tony said and scratched Loki under his chin. 
Loki growled and lay back down, this time on his side, his head resting in Tony's lap. Tony smiled down at him and kept on petting him tenderly, just like he would caress Loki's skin when they were cuddling, or doing other stuff, y'know. Loki clearly seemed to enjoy it, judging by the soft rumble coming from his throat and his eyes being closed. 
Tony knew that they could probably scare the ever-loving fuck out of the other Avengers, but for now he just wanted to enjoy this, his Panther-Loki. Tony loved it when Loki shapeshifted, or did any magic, for that matter. It was still a quite wild, surreal concept for him, the existence of magic and the Norse Gods and all that, but he liked it. Wrong, he liked to have Loki in his life, the endless joy this man brought him every day they were together was something Tony had never experienced before and he loved it, every moment of it. 
Suddenly, Loki moved and got back up, Tony looked at him confused. Loki licked his hand and then carefully closed his jaw around it, pulling Tony along with him as he made his way over to the couch Tony had put in the corner of the workshop upon Loki's insistence. Tony smiled and followed willingly. 
Loki let go of his hand, making sure he didn't accidentally hurt him with his fangs, and licked it for good measure, before he jumped onto the couch and sprawled out there. Tony chuckled and, from the look Loki was giving him, he knew exactly what was expected of him, so he lay down next to Loki, resting his head on his flank. Loki licked his hair, which made Tony giggle, and then rested his head on the couch, closing his eyes. 
Even in the form of a panther, Loki still succeeded in convincing him to take a break, take a nap, which, okay, he kind of needed after being up for over twenty-four hours. And this was nice, weird but nice, he could feel Loki's slow, calm breathing and heartbeat, which he loved listening to under normal circumstances anyway. So Tony closed his eyes as well, turning to lay on his side, and rested a hand on Loki's paw. 
It didn't take long for both of them to be asleep. Meanwhile, JARVIS had documented the whole thing, as it was something to keep as a memory, Tony cuddling with a panther on the couch in his workshop.
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galaxythreads · 6 months ago
Compiling of Loki being Soft TM gifs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And yes, we knew, from then. Of course we knew. 
This boy, 
This boy has no heart. 
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worstloki · 8 months ago
Loki in a relationship rather it be friends or romantic would pull tricks n pranks on his s/o/friend all the time for the chaos aspect of it but also as a show of affection
they would all be harmless things that the person would enjoy and he’d be gloating all “you have been fooled!! prank’d!! utterly bamboozled!!” for something like giving them hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows in it when they only asked for hot chocolate 
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lucywrites02 · 8 months ago
Adventures of Loki and Peter
A list of one shots and drabbles about Loki and Peter. Some of them will be reader insert fics, others won’t
Last updated: February 12th 2021
Main masterlist
Loki’s first sleepover:  The god of mischief, Spider-man and you have a sleepover. What else do you need to know?
Peter the matchmaker:  Peter had enough of you and Loki pretending there’s nothing more than friendship between the two of you so he decided to take the matters in his own hands
Halloween:  Loki agreed to go trick or treating with Peter and finally starts to believe he deserves to be called a hero
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lucywrites02 · 8 months ago
Adventures of Loki and Peter: Halloween
A/N: I’m starting a series of one shots and drabbles about Loki and Peter called “Adventures of Loki and Peter” some of them will be reader insert fics, others won’t. Let me know if you liked it!!!
Pairing: none
Word count:  2216 
Warnings: Fluff, a little bit of angst (Loki is insecure about his avenger status) i didn’t proof- read it, sorry
Summary: Loki agreed to go trick or treating with Peter and finally starts to believe he deserves to be called a hero
Tumblr media
Loki was quietly reading when Peter stormed into the room and aggressively sat down on the couch. The trickster greeted him but the kid didn’t answer. God of mischief  looked up from the pages of his book and observed Peter. The boy left a disappointed sign and leaned further into the decorative pillows. Seeing his favourite avenger upset, Loki decided to talk to the teenager. He closed his book and put it on the small coffee table.
“Is everything alright, Peter?” Loki asked, concerned. Spider-man mentioned to him before that some kids from his school were being mean to him and Loki was sure it was the case.
“Yes,” Peter answered. Loki knew the boy was lying but didn’t want to pressure him into talking. Fortunately Parker decided to share his thoughts with him. “It’s silly actually. It’s halloween tomorrow and I was supposed to go trick or tricking with my friend, Ned, but he’s visiting his aunt two states over and aunt May said I can’t go trick or treating alone but I really wanted to and-”
“Hey! Slow down kid.” Loki interrupted Peter’s mumbling “I am sure we will figure something out. Ok?” Loki patted the boy's shoulder which made Peter smile “If you need someone to go with you I could accompany you.”
“Thank you mister Loki, sir!!!” Peter shouted enthusiastically 
“Now tell me more about this trick or treating thing”
“Well, it’s this Halloween tradition where kids are walking around the town in costumes collecting candy.” Peter explained 
“Candy, you’re saying?” Loki’s eyes lit up at the mention of sweets. It wasn’t a secret that Loki adored sugary treats. He became really fond of chocolade, something they didn’t have on Asgard. “I’m, as you midgardians say it, in!”
“That’s so cool!!! Thank you!!!” Peter said happily and hugged Loki. The trickster wasn’t surprised by Peter’s clingingness and to be honest, he really liked to be hugged. Only Peter had that privilege though. Everyone else, Thor included, would immediately be stabbed. “You need a costume. It’s halloween after all!”
“What would an appropriate costume for such an occasion be?”  God asked 
“We wear whatever we like” Peter stated “Kids mostly dress up as either monsters or heroes! Last year me and my friends dressed up as the characters from our favourite book. There are many possibilities.” 
“Do you know what you are going to wear  tomorrow?” Loki asked 
“Yes! I already have had my costume ready for months.” 
“I still need one so I should probably prepare myself. It is my very first trick or treating after all” Loki took his book and marched to his room. He didn’t see it but Peter was beyond happy. He even made a little happy dance, that’s how happy he was. The boy wondered what Loki would think of his costume. Parker had been working  on it for some time. 
As Loki closed the door to his room he pulled his phone that Stark had given to him and started listing things he needed for this whole trick or treating.
“Peter told me you are going trick or treating with him?” Tony’s question pulled Loki’s attention from his food. God nodded but the iron man couldn’t drop the subject that easily. “Aren’t you too old for that?” Stark asked jokingly
“You’re  saying I’m too old for trick or treating, well maybe you’re too old to appreciate candy but don’t put me in a box, Karen.“ God sassed. Loki has been spending too much time with Peter, that’s for sure. “Besides, he asked me.” he added quietly 
“Aww, look at you getting all soft!” Tony mocked him. His smirk faded as he noticed Loki conjuring a knife and pointing it at him, ready to throw it any second now. “I think Pepper is calling me.” Stark said and quickly left the room. 
Loki rolled his eyes and got up. He should get ready for the night. Peter said that people dressed up as heroes and so Loki decided to become one for the night. He will be his favourite, the most selfless person he knew. He hoped Peter wouldn’t mind his choice...
Peter was pacing around his room waiting for Loki to show up and pick him up. The young avenger already had his outfit on. He really liked his costume. He has been working on it very hard and was proud of the outcome. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled.
 His sleeves were too long but Peter didn’t mind that. He wore leather pants and a long green cape he made all by himself. May helped him make the chest pieces and the gauntlets out of foam. The panels on his waist were made out of cardboard and painted gold. Peter created the shoulder pads out of a rubber door mat he bought in a dollar store. He also had two rubber daggers in his pockets. May didn’t allow him to have anything dangerous so he had to buy those innstead. 
But the piece he was the most proud of was the helmet! He begged Tony to let him use the 3D printer in his lab and after hours of pleading, the Iron man finally let him do it. It took three weeks for the horns to be finished but it was totally worth waiting. 
Hearing a knock on her door, May went to check who the guest could be.
“Loki, hello!” May opened the door and greeted the trickster “You are a bit early! Please come in” she left an amused laugh when she saw what the god was wearing.
“It’s good to see you, May!” Loki said and walked into her apartment
“Peter is still in his room.” the woman announced “Thank you for taking him with you. I would go but I’m working the night shift today. By the way I love your costume.” she added. Loki looked down at his attire and smiled. “You are going to love Peter’s costume. He made it himself. PETER, LOKI IS HERE!” May shouted. “I need to get going now. Take care of him and bring him home before midnight!” she said to Loki and left the house. 
Peter took two bags that were laying on his desk and walked into the living room. He stopped in his tracks when he noticed his friend in a spider-man costume. He didn’t have a mask on tho. Loki was looking at some photos that were hanging on the wall when he heard Peter walk into the room. He turned to greet the kid but he went silent when he saw what Peter was wearing. The two of them studied each other’s appearance. Loki was shocked, Peter on the other hand was really amused by the situation.
“You dressed up as me and I dressed up as you!” The boy stated happily “How cool is that, mister Loki?!?!” 
“Yeah, It’s indeed, ehm, cool.” Loki responded. He took one of the bags from Peter’s hand and turned to the door. “Your aunt said you should be home before midnight so let’s go!” 
The god of mischief was really taken aback by Peter’s costume. It looked very amature but the kid said he made it himself so Loki didn’t dare to make any comments about it. He was curious why the boy had chosen to dress up as him when he could have been anyone. Thor, Iron man, Captain freaking America. So why him? Loki knew Peter didn’t do that to mock him. This child was too precious to do something like that.
“Where did you get that spider-man costume from?” Peter’s voice pulled the trickster out of his thoughts. 
“I “magicked” it as you’d say.” he responded. They were slowly walking down the street. Loki noticed many children in costumes who were walking alongside their parents.  “Why do you look like me? Why would you want to look like me?” the god asked.
“I told you that, most of the time, kids dress up as their heroes and you are my favourite one.” Peter said softly. Loki’s heart melted at that statement. He has never been anyone’s favourite. Thor was always the better one. The more handsome and  lovable one. And now this young midgardian tells him, with no hesitation, that Loki, the god of mischief and lies, the trickster no one has ever trusted is his favourite hero? 
“I am no hero, kid.” Loki said quietly. He didn't really trust his voice at that moment. That child made him so damn emotional!
“Of course you are!” Peter argued “You are an avenger! You help people, you save lives!  That’s, in my opinion, exactly what heroes do!” Loki didn’t respond to that. Peter was too kind for his own good to believe in something so stupid. Loki? A hero? Not so long ago he almost destroyed this city, which wasn’t entirely  his fault, and now he was supposed to be a hero? All he ever was was a liar,  a villain, a monster of Jotun blood. Not the best hero material if you’d ask him.
The two of them have been walking around Queens for two hours and one of their bags was already full. To be honest, Halloween will probably be trickster’s favourite midgardian holiday. The god noticed the colourful decorations on some houses. On every doorstep he could see pumpkins with funny faces carved on them. He will ask Peter about them later.  Loki was observing  the people around them all the time. Many kids were dressed as the avengers, there were some ghosts, vampires and zombies, too. Peter was happily pointing at every child that wore a spider-man costume. Loki was really happy for Peter. Some people put too much pressure on that kid and it wasn’t often to see him so careless and free. They stopped at another house and Loki knocked on the door. A girl, ten, maybe eleven years old, opened it and gasped.
“You’re Loki!” the girl said enthusiastically. She was ogling the god in awe. Loki waved at her and smiled awkwardly. He now noticed a little helmet on her head and an emerald green cape behind her back  “And you are dressed as Loki!” she pointed at Peter. Before he could say anything the little girl stepped out of her house and hugged the trickster. Loki’s eyes widened in shock and his body stiffened from the sudden contact. He dropped his bag and carefully patted the kid’s back. 
“I love your costume.” Peter said, breaking the silence “I’m Peter by the way!”
The girl let go of Loki and adjusted her helmet to stop it from falling.
“I’m Claire!” she responded “My mum made it! You guys are probably here for candy but unfortunately we don’t have any sweets left.”
“That’s no biggie! We have a full bag of them.” Peter said
Claire nervously fiddled with her hands and turned to the god again. 
“Would it be ok if I took a picture with you?” she asked, shyly looking at Loki
“Ehm, I, yes of course.” Loki wasn’t used to being asked for photos but he appreciated the sentiment. At those words Clair’s eyes lit up with excitement. The girl quickly ran to get her phone and came back at a speed of light.
“Can you be on the picture, too” she asked Peter
“Hell yes!” the boy responded and took the phone
Loki kneeled down and Claire hugged him again.The trickster smiled and patted her head. Peter went to his other side and adjusted the phone camera. Loki put his free hand around him and pulled the spider-man closer.
“Ok, everyone’s ready?” Peter asked. Loki and Claire nodded and looked into the camera with big smiles on their faces. The spider-man took some photos and gave the phone back to the girl. 
“Thank you!” she said happily. 
“It was nice to meet you, lady Claire,” Loki said and Claire giggled when he called her “lady”. He signed and looked at his watch. “Unfortunately, we have to go now” The god noticed her sadness and quickly added “One more hug before we go?” she nodded enthusiastically and Loki kneeled down again. She threw herself into his arms and the trickster embraced her.
“You are my favourite avenger.” she whispered and Loki’s eyes swelled with happy tears. 
“See mister Loki?” Peter grinned “I told you you are a hero!!!”
Peter and Loki were walking around for another two hours and headed back home when the second bag was filled with candy to the brim. After they put all the candy in Peter’s room, the boy proposed a movie night. Loki being a big fan of cinematography couldn’t say no to that offer. Also, no one could resist Peter’s puppy eyes. They spent the rest of the night eating sweets and watching horror movies on the couch. Loki was still thinking about what Peter and that little girl said. Maybe they were right? After all his hard work and trying to prove himself, maybe he deserved to be called a hero? He wasn’t the same person who attacked New York, he wasn’t the same man who envied the throne. He was happy with who he was now. He cannot change his past but he can create his own future.
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bouncydragon · 8 months ago
Revenge Is Best Served With Catnip
Here it is now @snarkyship ! I hope you like it.
So, basically, this is a sequel to my original Random story and is based on a convo snarkyship and I had some time ago. Once again, I couldn’t get it out of my head so naturally I had to write it.
I hope you like this. It’s silly and soft.
It could've been such a nice evening. 
Tony and Loki were cuddled up on their couch, watching some silly movie to which they didn't pay much attention anyway. Loki was settled on top of Tony, with his head under his arc reactor and just generally very comfortable. Tony made for a good pillow. Considering that Tony was way shorter than Loki though, it should've been the other way around but this was their usual position. The likelihood of them changing it up was very small, almost non-existent. 
Tony, as he often did when they were lying like this, was running his fingers through Loki's hair. It was so gentle and soothing that Loki instinctively closed his eyes. And everything could've been so wonderful if not for one tiny detail that he hadn't considered. He really should've after what had happened with Captain Rogers though. 
You see, some weeks ago, Loki had finally given in and had accepted their cat's—Random—love and affection for him. And Tony had been happy about that on one hand. But on the other, he had been annoyed because Loki ended up spending more time with Random than with Tony. So Tony had turned an entire floor of the tower into a literal cat playground. Like the room Random had on Tony's and Loki's floor but with a lot more gimmicks, more than one cat really needed. It was an attempt at snatching some time with Loki. It had backfired though because Loki spent most of his time on that floor now. 
Plus, Loki was a shapeshifter and when he felt particularly bored, he turned into a cat and had fun on the cat playground himself. Of course Random was with him. Maybe, Loki thought, since Random originally came from Asgard, he was a bit magical. Maybe he had been able to somehow sense that Loki was magical and a shapeshifter and that was the reason for the cat's obsession with him. But on the other hand, maybe Random was just a normal black cat that had just picked Loki as his favourite human and that's it. Maybe. 
It didn't matter anyway. 
Loki, when in cat-form, enjoyed running around the cat playground. Especially because he made himself look exactly like Random. Every time Tony came to the playground and found two identical cats, he was a bit frustrated. Loki thought it was funny how Tony tried to figure out which cat was his boyfriend. He managed eventually, not that it mattered really.
And he would never admit to it outright, but Loki loved it when Tony picked him up and cuddled with him, or curling up in Tony's lap and purring while Tony petted him. 
Okay, maybe Loki enjoyed being a cat a tad too much sometimes. There were a lot of pros to it, alright. 
But because of that, Loki now found himself in an embarrassing situation. 
Because he somehow had forgotten he wasn't a cat right now. 
Tony's fingers running soothingly through his hair made Loki so relaxed and content that he started to purr. 
Purr. Like a cat. Like an actual cat. 
Like he had done dozens of times before. But this time he wasn't a cat. He needed to emphasize that minor detail. 
At first he didn't even register that he was in fact making those sounds. Until Tony stopped combing through his hair and started laughing. 
"I knew it!" Tony exclaimed, still laughing. 
Loki really could've kicked himself. And then Tony. And then also smacked him. Just for good measure, you know. He kinda deserved it right now. 
Why did this happen to him? It was embarrassing. 
"I… I don't…," he tried but Tony cut him off. 
"Don't even try, kitten." 
Oh no, he did not just call him kitten. Loki cringed and pushed himself up so he could look at Tony. The man was smirking! So smug. It would've been incredibly sexy if it didn't annoy him so much right now. 
"Did you just… call me kitten?" Loki asked in a dangerously low voice. 
Tony's grin widened. "Yes, yes I did." 
That man had no sense of self-preservation. Seriously, he was lucky that Loki loved him. If he wouldn't, Tony would be in hell of a lot of trouble right now. 
Instead of cursing or straight-up murdering him, Loki simply stared at him and then got up from the couch. Tony looked at him confused as he walked away. 
"Hey, where are you going?" he asked, sounding confused and like a kicked puppy at the same time. 
Oh, that tone. Loki knew it. It made him weak, and Tony knew that. But it wouldn't work this time. 
"Nowhere," Loki just answered. 
"Lokes! C'mon!" Tony went after him. "I'm sorry," he said when he caught up with him and grabbed his shoulders. "But… you purred! That is cute as fuck." 
Loki looked at him for a moment longer and then wiggled free of his hold. "You're sleeping on the couch." 
Then he made his way to their bedroom and closed the door behind him. 
Tony stared in disbelief. "Oh c'mon! You can't really be mad at me now!" 
Of course. 
Tony slumped down on the couch and let out a long sigh. Why was Loki mad at him now? A bit upset he would've understood but outright 'you sleep on the couch' mad? That didn't make sense to Tony. Also, Loki had purred! Like a cat! That really was adorable as fuck! And funny, which is why Tony had laughed. Maybe that's what Loki was mad about? He had been ridiculed all his life and understandably wouldn't like being laughed about. But he should know that Tony didn't mean it in a bad way. 
There was no point in wondering about it now. Maybe in the morning everything would look different. 
So Tony undressed and lied down on the couch. 
Loki smiled down at his sleeping boyfriend on the couch. Well, half on the couch because Tony's upper body had slipped off it. He looked quite cute like that, to be fair. 
Loki had actually expected Tony to come to the bedroom in the middle of the night. He hadn't locked the door, after all. Waking up without Tony curled around him was strange and Loki didn't like it. Tony's weight and mere presence was comforting. 
Okay, so maybe he had overreacted last night but he just didn't like being laughed about. He'd had over thousand years of that from his supposed friends on Asgard, he didn't need it from his lover. He knew that Tony would never intentionally hurt him or make him uncomfortable. But in that moment Loki just hadn't been able to think rationally. He had been reminded of all the malicious mocking and bullying he had endured on Asgard. 
Loki sighed and let Tony sleep a few minutes longer. Instead, he walked to the kitchen to make coffee and feed Random. While the coffee was running, Loki thought about what had happened last night. 
He had actually purred, like a cat. He probably should've expected something like that to happen but it was still embarrassing. He had just forgotten that he wasn't in cat-form. Which meant that he really was spending way too much time as a cat to mess with Tony. 
It was so much fun though. 
But he understood why it frustrated Tony. Although, he didn't complain, at least not for long. Loki was sure that he secretly liked it, cuddling with Loki in cat-form. Loki certainly enjoyed it. Which was probably why he had purred last night. Each time he thought about it, he felt embarrassed again. 
Loki had made noises of content before. A hum or something like that when Tony was once again being so damn affectionate. It always made Loki weak because he didn't know how to handle it. Tony was the first person to ever be that affectionate with him. 
And Loki loved it. 
Of course he did. 
But purring… That was something completely different. It was… strange. Weird. Whatever. And he just knew that Tony wouldn't let it go. Not in a million years. 
How could he have forgotten that he wasn't in cat-form? Was it because he had been so comfortable? But he had been that comfortable before and hadn't purred. So that didn't make much sense to him. What other explanation was there though? 
Loki's thoughts were interrupted by the tell-tale beep of the coffee machine being done and got Tony's favourite mug out of the dishwasher. He poured coffee in it and fixed it with a bit of sugar and cream. 
His gaze fell to Random on the floor who was chewing very loudly. "Wretched creature," Loki mumbled, furrowing his brows. 
Random paused his eating to look at Loki and meowed at him. 
"Whatever," Loki grunted and went over to the couch with Tony's coffee. 
Great, now he was talking to the cat. He knew accepting its devotion and love for him had been a bad idea. Now it was too late. 
Loki sat down on the coffee table and put the coffee down next to him before he gently shook Tony awake. Or tried to, at least. How could that man sleep that tight in that position? 
Loki rolled his eyes and shook him awake a little less gently. 
Tony groaned and fell off the couch. 
He blinked a few times and it took him a few moments to register that, first of all, he was on the floor, and secondly, Loki was looking down at him with that signature raised eyebrow. 
And it took him another moment to burst out "LOKI!" 
"What are you doing?" Loki asked and crossed his arms over his chest. 
Tony furrowed his brows confused as he got up off the floor and sat down on the couch. "What do you mean?" 
"You slept on the couch." 
Now it was Tony's time to raise an eyebrow. "You told me to, remember?" 
Loki sighed. "If I'd actually wanted you to sleep on the couch, I would've locked the door." 
"Loki." Tony moved to the edge of the couch and put his hands on his lover's knees. "I'm sorry." 
"It's okay," Loki answered looking down at Tony's hands. He unfolded his arms and put his hands over Tony's. 
"No it isn't. I upset you," Tony pointed out. "I didn't mean to." 
"I know you didn't." Loki looked up at Tony. "I overreacted. I just… I just don't like being laughed about." 
"I know."
Tony pulled Loki into a hug and kissed his forehead. So gentle, so loving. Loki sighed and rested his head against Tony's shoulder. Tony's hand gently ran up and down his back as he whispered sweet nothings into Loki's ear. 
"I'm sorry I laughed," he eventually said and pulled away a little to cup Loki's face in his hands. "But you purred and it was really adorable." 
Loki groaned and blushed. 
"Just as adorable as you blushing," Tony chuckled. "You really don't need to be embarrassed." 
Loki sighed and reached for the mug next to him. "I made you coffee," he stated the obvious as he handed it to Tony. 
Tony smiled and kissed Loki before he took the mug from him and took a sip, which was followed by a very satisfied sigh.
Loki smiled at him and shook his head. 
You know, after that morning, everything could've gone back to normal. But Tony, being the little shit he was sometimes, just wouldn't let Loki's accidental purring go. 
Of course he wouldn't. Loki wouldn't either, to be fair. 
That's why they worked. They were similar in a lot of things. They understood each other and knew what the other needed in certain moments. 
Loki loved Tony. More than anything. 
But sometimes the guy really got on his nerves. 
It's been a few days since Loki's accidental purring and Tony had apparently set his mind on making him do it again. But not in the privacy of their penthouse, but instead when they were with the other Avengers. 
(Just for the record, Loki was not part of the Avengers. He was "a villain that against his better judgment occasionally helped the heroes because they'd be utterly lost without him". He was a sucker for long titles, okay?) 
So far he hadn't succeeded and Loki wouldn't let him. He wouldn't let himself become that comfortable again when not alone. It was annoying and it had gotten so far that Loki refused to sit next to Tony when they were having a movie night, which bothered him greatly because he really liked to cuddle with Tony. But not if he was determined to make him purr in front of everyone. 
Tony thought his behaviour was quite hilarious. Jerk. Really, currently Loki was more annoyed with Tony than he was in love with him. 
And Loki was about to reach his boiling point. 
They were sitting on the couch in the common area waiting for the rest of the team. It was Friday, so movie night. For some inexplicable reason, Clint had picked a Disney movie for them to watch. Anyways, Tony and Loki had set up the drinks and snacks and had already put the disc in the player. Now Loki was sitting on one end of the couch while Tony was on the other end. 
"Babe, you're being ridiculous," Tony sighed and moved closer. 
"Stay where you are, you jerk," Loki told him but didn't move away either. 
"Lokes. Loki." Tony moved ever closer and reached for Loki's hand. "C'mon. I won't try. I promise." 
"I don't believe a word you're saying." 
Tony sighed and put an arm around Loki. He let the fingers of his other hand run idly along his shoulder and then moved down and over his exposed collarbone. Loki shuddered. Curse that man. Curse him and his skilled fingers. How did he always manage to make Loki feel so weak by just caressing some skin? That wasn't fair. Loki was already weak for that asshole. Why did he have to tease him relentlessly as well? 
"Loki, c'mon," Tony drawled in a sickly sweet voice. 
Aw dammit. The fingers and that voice? He really pulled all cards right now just to make Loki give in to him. 
Don't give in, Loki told himself. Easier said than done, really. 
Tony moved even closer, any more and he'd be sitting in Loki's lap. Loki felt Tony's lips against his ear, his hot breath ghosting over his skin and making him shudder again. 
Seriously, curse that man. 
Tony pressed a fleeting kiss to Loki's neck and then his arm disappeared from around Loki's shoulders. His hand found itself tangled in Loki's soft curls, gently playing with them. His other hand moved further down and settled on Loki's waist. A gentle yet solid grip. 
Oh no. 
Loki could feel it. He was melting into Tony. He automatically closed his eyes and leaned into his lover's embrace. The hand playing with his hair, the hand on his waist which was now kneading gently. It was like Tony wanted to seduce him and not just make him purr. 
Okay, maybe he did have that intention. That was even worse because they wouldn't be alone for much longer. 
"Loki," Tony whispered hotly against his ear. "C'mon. Please. For me." 
What was this? How To Seduce Your Upset Boyfriend 101? Loki really shouldn't give in to Tony. He really shouldn't feel as comfortable as he did right now. But Tony kept on caressing his neck with his oh so soft lips (curse them) and playing with his hair and slowly running his other hand up and down his side now (curse his hands too). Loki was a sucker for this. He loved it. He always had. And it was just truly evil and devious to use that against him now. 
When had this game between them gone from making Loki accidentally purr like a cat again to trying to seduce him? 
Maybe Tony was just horny. 
Well, but Loki was certainly not in the mood. Frankly, Tony annoyed him with his teasing. Normally, he'd like it. But these past few days it was utterly infuriating. Tony was being a little shit. 
And Loki had enough of it. He put his hands on Tony's chest and pushed him away. Tony looked at him confused. Loki just grinned at him wickedly and waved his hand which was glowing with green magic. 
And thus Tony was turned into a red tabby cat. 
Let's see how his dear lover would cope with that. At least Loki would get some peace now. No more teasing. 
Cat-Tony looked at him utterly dumbfounded and then at himself. He lifted each of his paws and inspected them, then his tail. He flicked each of his ears and shook himself, then turned around himself a few times before he sat down again and let out a tiny meow. It was just one meow but it was clear what he was trying to get across. 
"What the fuck have you done to me?!" 
Loki grinned and gently patted his head. "That's what you get for teasing me." 
The meow he got as an answer was basically Tony yelling at him. Then he put his paw on Loki's hand and looked up at him with huge green eyes. Loki was reminded of that animation movie Tony had forced him to watch. What was the name again? Shrek? Anyway, there was a cat dressed like Zorro in it and he often made those eyes. Tony probably hoped that this move would work on Loki as well. 
Well, he'd be disappointed. 
Tony jumped into his lap and stood on his back legs, pressing his front paws to Loki's chest and loudly yelled at him. The corners of Loki's mouth twitched as he tried not to laugh. Tony thought his accidental purring was cute? Well, Tony as a cat was even better. So Loki pulled out his phone and took a picture of him, causing Cat-Tony to paw at the phone obviously disgruntled. 
It was adorable. 
"Sir," sounded JARVIS' voice from above him. "Was this really necessary?" 
Loki looked up and grinned. "Yes, it absolutely was." 
He grinned at Cat-Tony and then removed him from his lap so he could get up and get a beer from the fridge. Tony protested loudly and followed him. 
As Loki opened the fridge and got out a bottle, he heard the elevator and the lively chatter of the other Avengers. He opened his bottle and took a sip from it (wonderfully cold), then looked at the others. 
"Anyone want one?" he asked, smiling. 
Clint immediately came over and Loki handed him an opened bottle. Nobody paid attention to the strange red cat that was now on the kitchen counter, glaring at Loki very displeased. 
Well, no one except for Steve. 
"Loki, where's Tony?" he asked as he walked over to get a beer himself. 
Loki grinned and pointed at Cat-Tony. Steve's eyes widened. 
"You turned him into a cat?!" he exclaimed shocked and stared at the cat that used to be his teammate. "Why?!" 
"He was being a little shit," Loki explained matter-of-factly, like that explained absolutely everything, and took another large sip from his beer. 
Everyone stared at him shocked and surprised. None of them would have ever thought that Tony could do anything to deserve this kind of punishment. They had thought that he had immunity because he was Loki's boyfriend. 
They had been wrong, apparently. 
"What did he do to justify turning him into a cat?" Natasha asked as she sat down on the couch. 
Loki was quiet for a moment and moved a few steps away from Cat-Tony, who was trying to climb onto his shoulders. 
"That is between him and me," Loki eventually answered and finished his beer in a few long gulps. He let out a satisfied gasp and put the bottle in the bin. 
"Anyway, how about we start the movie now? What's it called?" he said as he walked over to the couch, with Cat-Tony hot on his heels, and sat down next to Clint. 
Cat-Tony jumped into Loki's lap, turned around himself a few times and then curled into a ball there. Loki raised an eyebrow and then shrugged. That's fair. He'd done the same thing several times. Maybe turning Tony into a cat hadn't been such a good idea. He wouldn't change it now though. He'd let him live like that for a few days. See what would happen. 
They started the movie and Loki absentmindedly started to stroke the ball of fur that was his boyfriend in cat-form. Cat-Tony started purring almost immediately and curled further into himself, if that was even possible. He was a knot. Typical cat. 
A week went by with Tony being a cat. And Loki realised that it really might've been a stupid idea. 
Cat-Tony was much like Random. He followed Loki around everywhere he went and very persistently demanded pats, cuddles and belly rubs. 
He especially liked to do that when Loki was settling down with a glass of wine and a book. Give it five minutes tops and he had a loudly purring red cat curled up in his lap. If he was especially unlucky, Random joined in on the fun. 
Loki wasn't sure what was worse. Tony's relentless teasing because he had accidentally purred once, or this. Cat-Tony was even more irritating than Human-Tony. How was that even possible? 
He was also quite convinced that Tony enjoyed this a little too much. He was being a little shit, again. Loki should've really expected that. 
Loki was lying on their couch, his legs on the back of it and his head dangling over the edge of it when he was greeted with the cute, upside-down face of Cat-Tony, who decided that this was the perfect opportunity to run his rough cat tongue over Loki's face. 
Of course. 
Loki cringed. "Alright alright. Stop," he sighed. "I'll turn you back. Just stop licking my face." 
His hand started glowing green with his magic and with a wave of it Tony turned back into his irritating, lovely, ridiculously good-looking human self. 
"Oh thank God!" Tony exclaimed and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.
Loki was still upside-down on the couch and looked at Tony. He made for a good view from this angle too. That wasn't fair. 
Tony crossed his arms over his chest. "You never complained about me licking you before," he said, smirking. 
Loki fell off the couch. 
"That's something totally different!" he pointed out as he got back up. 
"Uh-huh," Tony hummed. Then he rather violently poked Loki in his chest. "Why the fuck did you do that to me?!" 
Loki shrugged. "You deserved it." He slumped down on the couch. "In retrospect, I should've turned you into something less… infuriating. A cat fits you too well." 
"So you regret what you did?" 
"No, not at all," Loki said grinning up at Tony. 
Tony raised an eyebrow and then climbed into Loki's lap, straddling him. Loki wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him in closer as Tony ran his hands through his hair. Tony leaned in close and kissed Loki softly before he rested his head on his shoulder while Loki ran his fingers slowly and soothingly along Tony's spine. 
It really hadn't been his intention. He had just missed having his human boyfriend in his arms. That's why he ran his hands over Tony's back, that's why he let his lips brush against the nape of Tony's neck. 
But he hadn't expected what happened next. 
It was still extremely satisfying though. 
Because Tony slowly melted into Loki's embrace and then… he purred. 
Purred like a cat.
Loki froze and just stared blankly ahead before he burst into laughter. Oh how the tables had turned. Tony groaned and Loki didn't need to see it to know that he was blushing. Tony pressed his face into Loki's shoulder. 
"Revenge is sweet," Loki chuckled and held Tony close to him as he shifted them until Tony was lying underneath him on the couch. "Say meow, love," he teased and grinned at his lover. 
Tony rolled his eyes. "You first, kitten." 
Loki raised an eyebrow and then started laughing again. He lay down on top of Tony and rested his head next to Tony's. 
Tony was silent for a moment and then chuckled. He wrapped his arms around Loki and kissed the top of his head. 
"You don't tease me and I don't tease you?" Tony suggested as he gently ran a hand over Loki's back. 
Loki hummed non-committal. "I enjoy teasing you too much though. And we both know that you do too." Tony nodded. "So how about we only tease each other when we're alone in our own space." 
"Sounds fair," Tony agreed smiling and snuck a hand under Loki's shirt. "Shall we start now then?" 
Loki pushed himself up to look at Tony and smiled down at him. "Of course," he said and then claimed Tony's lips in a passionate yet soft kiss. 
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abvnai-a · 12 months ago
@laufaes​ asked: “take your time. slow, slow. you’re doing great.”
Tumblr media
        she feels helpless as she swings her legs over, and an apology falls from her lips as she grips loki’s hand tightly, just for a second. she knows the helplessness is due to both the injury of her sprained ( for once, slowly healing ) ankle, and the bruise on her ego it left. she winces as the weight of what’s left of her armor is unbuckled from around her chest and falls to the floor. ( she’s been bedbound for a week, only to find out that she had been left behind with the fullest intentions of letting her heal. ) but she wasn’t prepared for how much lighter she feels, and she rocks forward, fingers curling into loki’s jacket, trying to stop herself from burying her face in his chest. ❝ sorry, ❞ she utters for what seems like the millionth time, and if she knew it wouldn’t have been unwarranted, she would probably acknowledge the tears that sting her eyes. not from the pain, but for the fact that she feels like she’s consuming all of loki’s time. she doesn’t know what else the god of mischief could be doing, but she’s CERTAIN it is better than being with her. 
she leans back and presses her foot to the floor, sucking in a sharp breath as she manages to finally add her weight to it, adjusting her gown. ( it nearly comes to her ankles and she feels strange, considering it’s not what she would usually wear for the day. )  the ache sends a shock up her leg, but she bites into her lips to try and hide it from the other as she slowly pulls herself away from him, wanting to return his space back to him. after a second, the pain is gone, and she can manage what little of it remains.  the green of his clothes reminding her of the forest. her other hand settles in his, and she practically tip-toes forward to keep up with him as he guides her along. his words fall on her ears and she reminds herself to slow down as her eyes glance to his face, blue eyes meeting her gold ones. he speaks so softly, so kindly, that it sends a warmth through her chest like morning sunrise. HOW COULD HE BE SO KIND TO SOMEONE AS MEANINGLESS AS HER? she can’t understand or fathom why he bothers with her. she knows she’s a lot to handle, she’s TOO much, and she wouldn't blame him for leaving. ❝ where are we going ? ❞ she asks curiously after she squeezes his hand, this time to acknowledge that she completely trusts him enough to follow him. ❝ i’m sure you have better things to do. ❞
Tumblr media
and yet, her fingers latch gently to his, like sunflowers leaning in towards the sun. she wonders if her mother would scold her knowing beau’s found idol worship in the god at her side, but that thought disappears as quickly as it came. she’s never been one for caring what her mother thought, or quite frankly, what anyone has ever thought.  even healing from an injury, she’s content here at loki’s side, because it reminds her that, perhaps, even with pity, he’s chosen to be here. and he owns her piety because of the reminder that he chooses her. EVEN THOUGH SHE’S YET TO FATHOM A REASON WHY. 
hurt sentence starters.        @laufaes​,    accepting.
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