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svt-incorrect21 minutes ago
Jeonghan: I slept for almost 12 hours but I might still be tired so let's go for 12 more just in case.
Joshua: hannie that's a coma.
Jeonghan: sounds festive.
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eagles-translated45 minutes ago
Let's just hope Michael isn't after personal gain. I've seen this storyline on TV so many times where an estranged parent returns and pretends to be remorseful over their actions, but is actually only after money.
I discussed this in detail down below if you want to read more!
Michael meeting Amie only after she's become famous is a little suspicious, but it's understandable if he previously thought she didn't want to meet him and then sees her with his last name on national television. Obviously he would contact her after that.
I feel like there were some question marks with Michael's whole story though, and the fact that his work just conveniently happened to send him to Oskarshamn after he'd just seen Amie on TV.
Maybe I'm missing something here, but how did he know Amie had gone back to Oskarshamn if he saw her living as a pop star in Stockholm? Was this information about Amie quitting the tour and going back to her hometown even online? If Elias (who actually witnessed Amie saying she was done and quitting) seemed taken aback when he saw Amie in Oskarshamn, then how did Michael know?
There was also some discussion about whether or not Michael actually is Amie's father. I think with the details he described to Amie (such as Petra having feelings for someone else, i.e. Mats) it seems very plausible that he is her biological dad. If he isn't, then he must've known Amie's actual dad very well and been close to him. I know there's a possibility of crazies being brought out when it comes to famous people but I don't think this is the case for Amie and Michael.
However, I don't think Michael is being entirely genuine with his story. A lot of it made sense such as him being very young and not knowing how to handle the situation, but there was also a lot of blame towards Petra ("she wouldn't let me see you, she said I wasn't father material"). I think a lot of details were left out from his story to get Amie more on his side and understand his choices.
Petra probably had very good reasons for not letting Michael see Amie when he came back from Berlin. I don't think she would want her young child getting attached to someone who only came and visited when it suited him, and who would probably leave when he got his next big opportunity to advance his law career. Petra's decisions make sense and I'm really hoping Amie won't be against the person who's taken care of her for her whole life just because she had one conversation with someone she just met.
I'm also wondering what Michael has been up to since he came back from Berlin and wasn't allowed to see Amie, since he skipped that part in his story. Does he have kids of his own? A wife? I'm kind of hoping he doesn't have any other kids for Amie's sake, just because it would be pretty heartbreaking for her to know that during her whole childhood where she was missing a dad, he was off with another loving family. Amie missing out on having that just because she was born a few years too early must be so difficult.
It's in no way her fault, and I actually can't blame Michael for this either. Petra is so admirable for being a single mom and working so hard to provide for a child she had when she was practically a child herself, and considering how young they were I also understand Michael not really making the best decision at the time and later regretting it. It's just a sad situation all around but Petra probably did her best to turn it around and give Amie as many opportunities as she could.
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musclefords51 minutes ago
#ford#Mustang#SVT#Shelby #AmericanMuscle #igfords tag 馃憠#American_muscle_mustangs 馃嚭馃嚫馃挭 @americangt / 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫
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tastyykpop54 minutes ago
it's hard hours
send whatever you like, whether it be headcannons, mtls, fics, etc...just go off馃暫
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my-woozi-happinessan hour ago
SEVENTEEN (靹鸽笎韹) 'Ready to love' Official Teaser 2
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officheolan hour ago
Tumblr media
this seungcheol telling you if you see him in public, you should ask for pocket money.
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Chan: Don't worry, you're fine. No one else is going to ask Jihoon out.
Soonyoung: Why not?
Chan: Because Jihoon is fucking terrifying.
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gyulonglegs2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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havenocs2 hours ago
Tumblr media
stage name: hana (頃橂倶) birth name: jung subin (鞝曥垬牍) english name: hannah jung nickname(s): hanster (wordplay for hamster)
birth date: may 23, 1996 place of birth: san francisco, california, usa hometown: san francisco, california, usa
nationality: korean-american ethnicity: asian
language(s): korean, english, japanese
Tumblr media
height: 163 cm (5鈥4鈥) weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
face claim: kim jiyeon (bona)
Tumblr media
current group: seventeen current subunit(s): performance unit
position: lead dancer, vocalist, producer
agency: pledis entertainment ; hybe corporation years active: 2014 - now
Tumblr media
training period: 8 years (2009 - 2017)
former agency: N/A former group:聽N/A
survival show:聽N/A ranking:聽N/A
Tumblr media
mbti: INTP
positives: open-minded, analytical, curious negatives: disconnected, insensitive, perfectionist
Tumblr media
- mother:聽N/A - father:聽N/A - oldest sister: jessica jung - older sister: krystal jung
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