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#I mean he has high expectations for me im too anxious to actually do that
gureishi · a month ago
my cat Tiko is EXTREMELY VOCAL to the point where he gets on my nerves almost every day. HES MEOWUNG HIS HEAD OFF RIGHT NOW LIKE BRO WTH I JUST GAVE YOU SOME ATTENTION
my mom's better at handling him than i am. im just way too easily irritated. AND LIKE he doesnt just!!! come over to me or my mom for attention! like bro you can just chill on my lap u know and i'll give u attention buT NOPE.
jdvdhsj okay sorry that turned into a mini rant
anyways sometimes i snap at him or even slam on the table (to make noise) to get him to be quiet (thats like, when im in school or trying to focus on hw, art, or writing -- or otherwise not in a position to get up and give him attention). doesnt always work lol... but i just get so frustrated. and i always feel bad but i honestly cant help it; i have a bit of a short fuse, at least when it comes to irritation (rather than anger). occasionally i pretend to through like, an eraser at him, but thats not as common.
so i guess im just wondering how saeyoung would react in those cases? especially the first ones. and i suppose this could get a lil angsty... i only say that because i can feel rn that i would probably feel so guilty for behaving that way in front of someone other than my mom.
it also has to do with that "getting stuck" thing. its hard to actually get up and move sometimes. AND IM ALSO A HUMAN WHO HAS THINgs to do and i cant always entertain Tiko just because he's bored or thinks something is wrong just because we've been sitting in one place for more than 2 hours and appearing to not do anything... smh
msvdjsbsj gosh this is probably so weird and specific lolol sorry 😅 but it is an almost daily thing for me.
and gosh this whole thing probably makes me sound like a monster 😭😭 if it means anything, i would never actually hurt him :(( and i never have in the 10 years we've had him. i just get frustrated so easily and his meow is very loud and sorta high pitched and piercing and persistent... sighh
You certainly do not sound like a monster! As I’ve told you, we are constantly whining at the dog because he is so very loud (and yes, we should train him better, and we’ve tried, but he is also anxious and my street is very chaotic 😭)
So anyway: I very much get it ❤️❤️❤️
Hmmmmmm what to call this...?
Saeyoung with an MC who gets annoyed at her loud cat
Everyone knows Saeyoung loves cats. What you also know, of course—and what he sometimes forgets—is that he doesn’t actually know anything about cats.
He is startled by the meowing, at first. He is fascinated with your cats: he thinks they are beautiful and charming and adorable and perfect in every way (much like you). He didn’t really expect them to be loud, though. 
His first instinct, of course, is to meow back. He has endless energy to play with the cats—after all, he hasn’t grown up with them, and he only sees the things that are exciting. And of course, they will end up in a long conversation, Saeyoung and the cat. Lots of meowing. Very vivacious meowing.
And look, if you’re in the right headspace for it, it’s pretty cute. He really just wants the cats to understand him. He wants to be their friends. (He wants to make sure he has their blessing to be with you, but that’s another story altogether.)
But if you’re not in the right headspace—you’re working, or writing, or drawing, and need some peace and quiet—it’s not so cute anymore.
It’s automatic: the cat meows, and you snap in response. You’re frustrated; you’re trying to focus, and the incessant noise pushes you over the edge.
And that startles Saeyoung, too. He’s never heard you snap like that before.
Immediately, you feel terrible—you’re hit with a huge wave of guilt. And it is double guilt, because he is here, and you love him, and you don’t want him to think badly of you. 
And you love your cat, of course. You didn’t mean to snap the way you did; you don’t want this beloved boy to think you are a horrible, cat-hating monster.
A moment ago, you rose out of your seat. Now, you sit back down slowly. You don’t really want to meet his eyes.
“Sorry,” you mutter. Your face feels hot. “I didn’t mean...”
He doesn’t say anything right away, and you can feel his eyes on you. You feel like you might cry. Oh, you think—he hates you now.
And the cat is meowing again, because of course he is.
“Hey.” Suddenly, Saeyoung is in front of you. He’s jumped up onto the table and pushed your work to the side—he’s peering down, trying to look in your eyes. “What’s wrong?”
You put your face in your hands so you don’t have to look at him. “I shouldn’t have reacted like that,” you say into your hands. “Don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
Gentle, rough fingers on your face—and he’s tilted your chin up so you can’t help but look him in the eye. Ah, and for a moment you are lost there, as you so often are: his gaze is soft, and bright, and intense—once you are looking, it is impossible to look away.
“It was loud,” he says. “I get it. But why are you...?”
He cups your cheeks in both hands. And he probably shouldn’t be sitting on the table, but—but—his hands are warm and he is looking down at you with such deep affection in his eyes. 
“I got frustrated,” you tell him. “But I didn’t want to—I shouldn’t—act that way in front of you.”
His eyes widen. You didn’t expect him to be surprised, but he is—and he is blushing, which seems strange.
“You were trying to—?” He shakes his head, like he doesn’t quite understand. “Okay. Here’s what you have to know.”
He is still holding your face. And this is fine—you could feel his hands on your cheeks forever and it wouldn’t be enough.
“I love you,” he says firmly. “You...know that part, right?”
You laugh—perhaps a little wetly. You do know.
“My love is not conditional,” he continues. You take a shaky breath. “I love you when you’re happy and energetic. I love you when you’re working hard and focusing. I love you when you’re sad and need comfort. I love you when you’re irritated, or frustrated, or angry,” he says.
It is a flood of words, and they wash over you like a rushing river. Your heart is racing.
“You don’t have to act any way around me,” he tells you. “That’s part of the deal.”
The cat is meowing again, but you hardly hear him. Absently, you reach over and pet him. Saeyoung grins.
“And you love your cats,” he adds. “And I know you’d never hurt them just because you’re upset.”
You nod. It’s true. You wouldn’t.
“C’mere?” he asks. He holds out his arms and—oh, he is still sitting on the table, but—you stand, falling into him, resting your head on his chest. He wraps both his arms around you and squeezes you tight.
“You know the same goes for you, right?” you mumble, your voice muffled by his t-shirt. He giggles at the way you sound and presses his lips to the very top of your head.
“No matter what?” he asks. 
“Of course.”
He meows.
Oh, and he is meowing at the cat again: back and forth, as if they are chatting about the weather.
You pull back and he smiles apologetically. “Still love me?”
You roll your eyes. You pet the cat. You pet his head.
You do: of course you do. Unconditionally.
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some-random-loki-stan · 2 months ago
Catchin’ The Vibe
Pairing: Loki x reader
Word Count: 2,543
Warnings: drug use (devils lettuce folks), wee bit of angst, fluff if you squint, awkwardness if that counts lol, older GenZ!reader
A/N: Ahhhh! This is my first time posting something I’ve written! I hope you all enjoy!
 Classes that day were less than pleasant. The reminder of 4 major exams coming up did nothing to soothe (Y/s) constant stress and anxiety and she couldn't help but rush out of her final class, ready to finally relax.
          The brisk walk home got her thinking and she quickly pulled out her phone and sent a text to her roommate, Cassie. The girl was well aware of Cassie's habits of bringing friends over unexpectedly. She'd learned to text ahead so that she could change her course of direction before it was too late and Cassie made her begrudgingly agree to stay with them. For as much as their external personalities clashed, she really did love Cassie but she also really didn't feel like trying her own patience today. Instead, she prepped for her backup plan.
When the inevitable response came from her roommate, she sighed and set a course for Avengers Tower. Even if a group of super heroes lived there, the tower was big enough to grant her space from them.
Walking in the front door, she flashed the card that her aunt Pepper gifted her upon her arrival to the big city to the security guard. If you need anything, Pepper had said, pressing the card into the girls palm, just come find me. She absolutely adored her aunt Pepper and although she didn't particularly need anything from her aunt in person, she was ever grateful for the unlimited access to the tower.
The girl was pleased to find that the residence atop the tower was seemingly empty. Out on a mission, she presumed. Thank God.
  She wasted no time plopping herself down on the couch and reached deep into her backpack, searching for the little ziplock bag. The perfect little cookie she had placed in there earlier that morning had crumbled to bits and she made a sound of disappointment. She opened it and poured a handful of crumbs, careful not to spill any on the couch. Only after carefully putting the rest away, she finally let herself fall back against the sofa and unwind.
When the girl found her eyes sore and red, and her mouth dry as the desert, she knew her high had hit. The previous anxious pounding in her heart and head was replaced with a subtle, pleasant throbbing throughout her body. Finally, she felt like she could take a deep breath. Reveling in the feeling, she closed her eyes and thought back on the day. 
Unbeknownst to her, Loki stood in the doorway of the living room, watching her intently. His fingers softly tapped on the hardcover of his book, debating whether or not he should go back to his room. He could sense that there was something different about her today. Something off. Now that Loki thought about it, the girl's energy always seemed a little ‘off’ compared to the other mortals on Midgard, but never this heavy before. It made him shift in discomfort.
Before he could turn and sneak away, her soft yet dry-red eyes peered over the couch and caught his own deep green ones. He was caught.
“Hello,” she said kindly. "You can join me, if you'd like." Loki's presence was one she always welcomed. She smiled softly and gestured to the sofa across from her. Loki hesitated for just a second but then slowly took a seat. She sat up to address him better and continued.  “I wasn't expecting anyone to be here. I thought everyone was out on a mission.” 
Only a couple feet from her now, the god could clearly see the red in her eyes and her exhaustion radiated off of her. His curiosity got the better of him and the question shot out of his mouth, quiet but clear. “Is something wrong?”
The girl froze suddenly. Her thoughts fluttered excuse from excuse. But she stopped, suddenly. She wondered with a bit of mischief -and defiance, probably-, what if she just told the truth. She realized quickly that Loki would probably be the last person to rat her out, quite honestly. Besides, something told her that Loki'd had his fair share of, well, exotic herbal substances, for lack of better term. Forgetting herself, she laughed a little at the thought.
Thinking he'd said something foolish, it took everything in Loki not to stride out of the room then and there. Irritation and perhaps embarrassment bloomed deep in his chest. Instead he let out a little huff which luckily got her attention. 
“Im sorry, but no. Why do you ask?” Her voice lilted up in a teasing manner. She had a small smirk on her face as she took a sip from the water bottle in her bag. 
Loki knew that look all too well. It was the same one he got on his face when he was up to no good. Suddenly intrigued, he narrowed his eyes at her and slipped on his shit-eating grin.
“Your eyes are red. And your presence feels more... tense than usual.”
She leaned forward and swallowed quickly. “What, you mean like my energy?”
Loki paused pensively then nodded.
She snickered and thought about that particularly interesting tid-bit of information. The scientific and spiritual knowledge on Asgard is far different and more advanced than anything on earth, she knew.
Minutes passed and the girl found her thoughts wondering, as well as her eyes. At some point, they landed on Loki reading his book and suddenly a light bulb went off in her head. Surprising herself with this idea, she mulled it over in her head. He is literally the most stressed individual I have ever met...and aunt Pepper has to deal with Tony on a daily basis so that's saying something... there's no harm in asking.
"Loki, have you ever heard of weed?" she asked as innocently as she could muster. He looked at her, contemplating. Eventually, he shook his head no. Delight spread across her face before caution took its place and the girl thought of the best way to explain to Loki what exactly the Midgardian herb was.
 "On Earth, there's this plant called marijuana." A look of slight recognition passed over his face. "It's used as a destresser, antidepressant, muscle relaxer…” She paused pensively. “Some use it for spiritual purposes. It's got loads of uses. Not to mention it gets you nice and toasty." 
With the Avengers away, his normally stiff and stoic facade was softer, allowing the girl to just barely make out the contemplative faces he was making. She had also noticed his brief look of uncertainty at her use of the term 'toasty'.
"So this is Midgards form of the Gift," he concluded.
"If that's what you guys call drugs on Asgard then, yeah. Sure." She let out a little laugh and looked at him intently.
After a second of thinking, he finally looked at her again, mischief seeping into his words and face. "And why might you be telling me this, dearest?" 
Leaning back with a grin, she fished the baggie from her backpack once more. The loose crumbs looked less than impressive to the god but the girl didn't seem to care. She gave Loki a look to rival his own and for a second, it actually made him falter. 
The amount left in the bag was just the amount she felt comfortable giving him so she handed him the plastic baggie. When he didn't take it right away, she pulled back. 
"You don't have to if you don't want to." The gentleness in her voice caught him off guard and reassured him that it was his choice. He had no doubt after that, he wanted to do this. 
For as much as he didn't trust Midgard or their people, Loki was quite comfortable around her. The child of the group and yet she seemed to be the only tolerable one. Her normally quiet disposition drew him in and her ability to launch passionately into one of her stories only made him enjoy her company more. It reminded him of his mother.
Shoving those thoughts aside, he did his best to pour the cookie crumbs into his mouth then set the baggie on the coffee table. Leaning back, they both fell into comfortable silence and waited.
She was in the kitchen when out of the corner of her eye, she saw Loki slowly close his book. The girl looked up and across the space to the connected living room where he sat and saw him staring blankly at a spot in front of him. Finally, he let out a small groan and fell backwards. It had finally hit.
His hand twitched in her direction and she knew he wasn't doing well. Quickly filling a glass of water, she was at his side in a second. His head was all the way back, looking at the ceiling and his eyes were wide, pupils blown. His breathing was labored and his hands were shaking. 
"Hey, ok," she said, sitting gently next to him. She placed her hand on his arm but he flinched away. Paying it no mind, she spoke gently. "Don't fight it, Loki. Just relax and breathe." 
Loki tried his best to relax, truly. But there was this relentless twitching all throughout his body and his senses felt dulled by this incessant tingling. His mind was flitting through thoughts faster than he could grasp. Not having control over his mind and body was completely unexpected. The Gift was nothing like this. 
On Asgard, the Gift clears your mind and energy and makes you feel present and centered. It connects mind and body, bringing them together in harmony. This was the opposite. It was incapacitating his body and his thoughts swirled senselessly in his head.
"May I touch you?" 
He looked at her but the words were lost on him, he couldn't focus. He stared at her until she spoke again.
 "Loki? Is it alright if I touch you?" 
Before she could even finish the question a second time, he was already nodding his head yes. The girl smiled and softly placed her hand on his shoulder for reassurance. She rubbed her thumb gently back and forth and held up the glass of water. 
"Take a sip, it'll help," she urged. Loki mustered enough composure to sit up and take a few sips. When he was done, he rested back against the couch, shutting his eyes tightly.
Putting the glass down, the girl sighed as she looked at his rigid body. Poor thing was torturing himself with how tense he was. "Loki, if you don't relax, you're gonna cause more harm than good. Your muscles are going to snap."
He only shook his head.
Suppressing her own increasingly anxious thoughts, she continued. "Then what can I do to help? Please? I want to help you…" But Loki couldn't bring himself to say anything. Instead he shakily took her hand. Gentle but firm, it was the smallest of acts but she could already feel the difference it made. 
After a few moments, his scrunched up face was finally smoothing into one of ease and his breathing began to level out. The twitching was unavoidable and so was the probability of zoning out a couple times but that was all a part of the experience. After regaining control of his breath, Loki finally seemed to be letting himself unwind.
As his body started to melt into the couch, she gently readjusted herself next to him so that she was more comfortable. Not once did they let go of each other's hand. They sat in silence, enjoying the buzz but also each other's quiet presence.
As the night got darker and the high mellowed out, Loki found himself actually enjoying his time. He could still feel the tingling in his body but had decided that he liked it. The girl had managed to pull him out of his trance when she pulled her hand away to put on some slow, quiet music that was pleasant to his currently sensitive ears.
"How are you feeling?" She asked, softly.
Still lounging back against the couch, Loki took a moment to think then nodded his head. A lazy smile spread across his face. "I feel...good." 
"Yeah?" she chuckled.
They both let out a lazy chuckle and the girl fell back against the couch. "So…" She hesitated and wondered if she should say something so soon but continued anyway. "Are you okay? That was kind of... intense and I just want to make sure you're alright."
Loki took a second to gather his thoughts and cleared his throat. "My mind went places I try very hard to keep hidden. I wasn't prepared, is all."
When he didn't say anything more she decided it was best to leave it there. She watched him lose himself in his thoughts again and immediately scooted closer. Grabbing his hand wholly, she pressed herself into his side lightly as not to startle him and gave him a reassuring laugh. "I've gotcha. You're stuck with me now, buddy."
He just closed his eyes and exhaled heavily, the slightest hint of a smile on his face. But then he remembered why he was in this strange situation in the first place. When he had initially walked into the common room, the girl's abnormally heavy presence had made him want to flee. He wondered for a second if it could have been an effect of the Midgardian drug but if he focused hard enough, he could still sense that same tension deep in her muscles.
"And how about you?" 
She looked at him uncertainly. "What about me?"
"Are you ok?"
She shook her head in confusion as she couldn't understand what he was trying to get at. Loki thought about giving it up but he managed to convince himself otherwise. Pay her the same courtesy she did you, he willed himself.
"When I walked in I noticed a particular...mood settling over the room. It wasn't much like you and I wonder if something upset you," he spoke, afraid he might be over stepping.
Recollection spread across her face and she laughed begrudgingly. Now that she had time to relax and let the day sink in -not to mention the external help of her good friend Mary Jane-, she could separate herself from the anxiety and stress of everyday college life. Four exams were nothing, she concluded. She'd gotten through worse before. She could do this.
"Yeah, I'm good. Just some trivial human stuff. But I'm ok, I promise." 
They looked at each other, both their eyes red and droopy. She had a soft, genuine smile on her face and Loki felt himself relax all over again. As the music met their ears once more, they fell into pleasant silence.
When the team got home early the next morning, they were surprised to find the two asleep on the couch. With Loki's head hanging back against the couch and the girl's face smothered into his shoulder, it definitely wasn't the most comfortable condition to sleep in. And yet, these two, in their stubborn chaos, managed to make it work. Deciding not to disturb them, the team just let them be and didn't dare mention a word to them when they woke.
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twisted-lies · 3 months ago
hi kokichi! id appreciate a kin match up! i’m adding this after i’ve written the whole thing, and it turned out a lot longer than i’d plan. if this is too much for you let me know and i’ll shorten it as needed! thanks for running this blog, and i hope your day - evening - night is going wonderfully.
i have a light and cheerful personality. i’m also shy, so i mainly speak when spoken to. ive had the same group of friends for as long as i can remember. i can’t say we’ve gotten so close we know everything about each other anything like that, but when i’m with them it’s just a comfortable place i can relax. my position in the group would be the ‘baby’ of the group. i don’t really like being called a baby, but i can’t think of a better term for that haha. but, everyone in the group is very nice to me. i get a lot of physical affection from everyone there, and they’ll buy me pretty much anything. of course, i’ll attempt to return the favor when i can. but not having much money myself, i’ll usually make them something. i’m messy with most things, so it doesn’t turn out as good as i’d like it most the time but they still seem to appreciate it.
outside of that group, i consider myself pretty friendly. i invite girls i think would have fun with us to join our group outings, as well as people i think just need a friend. it isn’t uncommon for me to get denied though, and i’ll continue trying unless they told me to stop asking all together. besides that, i get overwhelmed in social situations easily if im not the one leading them. i can also be really emotional, i don’t handle yelling well and failure of doing anything is really overwhelming for me. i find crying in front of other embarrassing, but it’s not uncommon for me to do that.
i have pretty negative sides to me though. i can occasionally be kind of manipulative and spoiled. i love getting gifts, it makes me feel like someone really cares about me. i keep every gift i get and i kind of hoard them. but, if there’s something i’ve had my eye on for a while that’s where i can be manipulative. most people would do anything for me if i act nice to them or smile at them, sometimes people feel bad after seeing me cry. as a result they’ll usually buy me a gift out of pity, appreciation, even sometimes just to get me away from them. of course, i appreciate these gifts all the same but every time i look at them i feel guilty. this is usually when i’ll take what money i have and buy them something i know they will enjoy. while the usual reaction is feeling guilty i will admit i’ve kept some pretty expensive gifts while not doing anything in return.
as first impressions, people mostly see me as child like and emotional. the emotional part is pretty true. i cry easily, especially when i fail something or can’t meet my own expectations. the hardest things for me to deal with are goodbyes. even if it’s just someone moving a town over i get really close and attached to them the second i hear they’ll be leaving soon. every time someones left, it’s been pretty abrupt. i’ve been told it’s probably because they don’t want me to be sad, or they don’t wanna see me cry. but it just hurts more. sure i’ll cry, but at least i’ll get too legitimately say good bye. even if i barely know someone, everyone is pretty fine with being affectionate with me. some people treat me more like some cat than an actual person, which can make me uncomfortable sometimes. the most extreme case is being pulled onto the lap of someone i just met, in a diner no less. it was embarrassing, and i’m sure it looked ridiculous. while i’m very short myself, sitting on top someone whose only a few inches taller than me probably looks awkward. i put a fair amount of effort into my appearance, usually going for a ‘cute’ loook above anything else. this usually includes big hoodies with thigh highs or a cardigan and a skirt. people have told me i have delicate features, but i’m still confused if they meant it as a insult or compliment. for now my goal is to improve myself, i understand that i won’t always make the best choices and that i’m not that good of a person sometimes. so i’ll work hard to be a better friend to those i know and welcome people who may be lonely.
as for my interests, i enjoy technology. that’s vague, but what i mean is everything i do usually happens on the internet. i have my phone on me at all times, and sometimes i’ll digitally doodle and stuff like that. id like to make an app one day, maybe an app that’ll help people like me. i’m kind of a scatter brain so an app to help people stay organized would be great. i know there are many like that out there but i would like to make a unique one. i also like building PCS, they’re expensive though. i’ll make/help someone make them if they bought all the parts for it. basically, anything to do with tech i’ll love. i also play in band, percussion to be specific. i also collect things such as old knickknacks, but that’s mainly because it’s a family tradition. i also learned how to clean fragile things like that. i’m unsure on whether or not this will help you, i’m an INFP when it comes to MTBI personality types.
wehh, this ended up so long im sorry about that.
I kin assign you with...
Kokichi Ouma
Firstly I thought of Kokichi Ouma, Kokichi is usually presents himself as cheerful and happy infront of the others. He probably has the same friend group for a while basically like DICE. His appearance was made to look more like an innocent like child or in your case "baby" If he's with the right people he could probably get a lot of affection, which is something he overall just craves as well. He probably could also buy you something if you ask him, most likely not just doing it out of the blue. He tries to make friends sometimes and ends up getting denied easily though, Shuichi being an example towards the very end of the game. Though of course he didn't really stop trying until after the 4th trial I believe. He could probably get caught off guard if he isn't the one starting a conversation which could overwhelm him, but he won't show you that. He usually ends up crying when yelled at even if it's crocodile tears, he could also just over exaggerate it so you don't know if it's real or fake. He definitely has a manipulative side, using his innocent looking looks to his advantage to try and get what he wants, which he usually can end up succeeding. He can definitely be seen as child-like as well. If someone he knows is leaving he'll probably do his best to spend time with them before they do leave.
Chihiro Fujisaki
Secondly I thought of Chihiro, Chihiro is definitely a sweet and cheerful person. Though they can be pretty anxious at times. They'd probably tend to stick to people they know just so they'd have some sense of comfort. Theu definitely would be called baby by their friends and they'd probably buy them a few things. Chihiro obviously doing their best to give what they can back to them. Even if it was something after they cried. They'd probably also give Chihiro a lot of affection to make sure they know their loved. They're pretty friendly and if they build up enough courage they'll probably talk or invite someone to hang out with them. Chihiro can get overwhelmed easily and especially in social situations. They're pretty emotional too and can't really handle being yelled at and probably get upset over their failures. Chihiro doesn't exactly like crying infront of others though it's not uncommon for them. Chihiro can definitely be seen as child-like and emotional and probably can't handle goodbyes very well. Chihiro loves anything to do with technology! Whether it be coding or just straight up making something all together if they're able too.
Ibuki Mioda
Lastly I thought of Ibuki Mioda, Ibuki is definitely more of a cheerful or happy person she'll like to stick to people she knows, but will definitely branch out and try to be friends with anyone she thinks need it. She'll also be pretty persistent about it untill she's told to straight up just stop. She probably recieves a lot of affection and gives a lot in return. Whenever someone gives her something she'll do her best to return the gesture with a small gift or something she makes up on the spot. Though some of her attempts can come out pretty messy. She definitely can be seen as child-like as well due to small outbursts she may get. Ibuki will hate staying goodbye to people and will get clingy or really affectionate and probably be upset for a while once they actually leave. She probably also takes a good amount of time into her appearance due to multiple piercings and her hair. She also loves music and will do pretty much anything she can that will revolve around it. She's also probably a hoarder of things.
I hope you're satisfied with your results!
You don't have to worry about it being long, I've had multiple about this length or longer so it wasn't a problem! I hope you have a good rest of your day, evening, or night as well!
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ferriskilldeer · 3 months ago
from this ask meme
What does your character typically keep in their pockets? nothing. pockets must be free in case he wants to put things in them later :)
Do they consider themselves an optimist? Pessimist? Realist? What are they like in actuality? considers himself a realist. he’s mostly a pessimist, with some optimistic ideas about the people of barovia.
How do they carry themselves around strangers? Friends/Lovers? Family? always polite. a bit less sincere, more ingratiating around strangers. shy and mild around friends. tired around family.
If your character was a work of art, how would you describe them? oil painting -  tenebrism - isolated - articulate - cavernous despair
How does your character express they're comfortable? willing to close his eyes or at least lower his lids, relaxing his posture, asking personal questions of someone else
How does your character express that they're uncomfortable? wide, unblinking eyes and a rictus grin, quiet voice with less inflection. whats quickly becoming a catchphrase: “dont say things like that”/”oh x you shouldnt say things like that”
How impulsive is your character? not too much, but in the heat of the moment he makes some dumb decisions
What is something they cannot resist? cleaning and wine
What is their favorite scent? fresh laundry or fresh water, fruits
If they were in a rock band, what role would they play? bass guitar or keys
How does your character blow off steam? he decompresses a little by fussing over his companions’ appearances
Physically, does your character feel warm or do they always feel cold? cold-natured, but heats up quickly with drink or embarrassment
If they were a body of water, what would they be? pond
Does your character value promises? Are they good at keeping them? yes and yes
Describe their ideal date. something quiet and respectable--a public place where they can enjoy a private conversation. a quick but interesting meal before or after. escorting them to their home and bidding them goodnight. laying awake and giddy for hours afterward
What keeps them going? he’s not built for anything else
Does your character swear? What's their favorite phrase/word? he tends to swear because i do, and “fuck” slips in as a sentence enhancer a lot. if i played it completely straight he wouldn’t swear as much, especially in front of people he thinks are his social “betters”
How does your character act when they want to seem inviting? pleasant, servile, and charitable
How does your character act when they want to seem threatening? he hasn’t tried this yet. probably gets cold, toneless, and petty
Can your character flirt? Are they aware they're flirting? How do they do it? he flirts through compliments or friendly gestures, but gets embarrassed and immediately backs down from it 
If they were a potion, what would it look like? (Color, glass shape, smell, etc.) something light and translucent, maybe green or pink, in a fine-cut clear glass decanter sealed with red wax. smells of soap and blood.
What kind of person would they never side with? the ruthless, the hungry, the unrepentant, the narcissistic
Would your character want to be famous? Why or why not? hell no--he must never be in the spotlight
What's a controversial food opinion they would have? he loves weird combinations. totally a “x on pizza” or “dip your nugs in y” type
How does your character feel about spending money? he’s frugal for himself, but generous when it comes to spending on others
What would they want for their funeral? he wants everyone he knows to come, he wants no one to come, he wants to be cremated, he wants no speeches, he wants a thousand tears, he wants no one to notice he died at all.
If they were a ghost, how would they haunt in the afterlife? funny: would clean up after the living and help out around the house. less funny: plaintive scratching at closed doors, cold spots, sounds of pacing, banging cabinet doors in a bid for attention
Why do they keep secrets? he’s ashamed of being alive
What does your character have too much of? shame and anxiety
What never gets old for your character? Something your character can't get enough of? new food and external validation 
Can your character visualize actual concepts in their head? Or are they just vague thoughts? yes, strong third eye
Does your character daydream? What do they usually keep their mind occupied with? he doesnt daydream often. often goes over lists of supplies, chores, sensations to occupy his mind if he starts to get too anxious
How do they feel about the unknown? frustrating and scary, but cant be helped
How do they respond to condescension? part tight, teeth-grinding fury, part resignation/agreement, self-loathing
Do they consider themselves childish/mature for their age? he’s always thought himself mature. but actually, his self-denial and black-and-white judgment of himself is a bit childish
What makes them blush? impropriety of any kind, and being complimented in any way
What are some ways your character acts silly? makes weird offhand remarks about birds, responding seriously to the overly creepy things others say
What fairytale/myth suits your character the best? the nightingale and the rose prob
What does your character believe their party lacks? power and, if hes honest, a fighting chance
Describe a corruption/redemption arc version of your character. the letter opener demands more and he gives more because hes always been a servant, and himself for the chance at beating strahd and saving ireena+barovia is hardly a price at all. i guess the letter opener eats his soul or something and he becomes cold, driven, and megalomaniacal. probably scares the others and eventually they part ways--perhaps violently, since ismark and marceline dont suffer any sort of disrespect or threat lightly. could only be redeemed if someone can convince him that he doesnt have to bear all the responsibility, and that theyd rather have their normal squishy ferris over an insane powerhouse. hed have to sacrifice himself/his power in some important way to make up for it though, if he did something really bad
What's a texture/sound your character cannot stand? dislikes ripping+scraping sounds, and chunky gloopy textures
Is there something your character isn't very good at, but enjoys doing nonetheless? talking about wine
Is your character good at apologizing? Why or why not? yes because hes very tactful
How do they hold onto people? physically? clasp a shoulder, grab an arm with one hand, or hold on to the fabric at the small of their back. 
What would they never forgive themselves for? killing an innocent person or doing something purely selfish
How does your character feel about growing old? fine, he just wishes hed wasted less time
Do they consider themselves funny? How do they use humor? he doesnt think hes especially funny, but gets a big confidence boost when someone laughs at his jokes, which he uses to defuse tension or establish a rapport
What do they want to leave behind? he just wants to forget his time at cobblepot manor. and he doesnt
Do they talk to themselves? sometimes mutters when hes annoyed
What is their native language? If they know multiple languages, how do they speak/act differently? he knows a lot, but the further they get from elvish or common, the more formal and archaic they get
What makes them a hypocrite? though he holds high standards for himself and others, he relaxes his standards for others quickly (“oh what did i expect anyway, im the responsible one here”). also will decry needless violence or murder, even though he murdered his boss brutally in the guy’s sleep
If your character was under quarantine, what type of quarantine person would they be? (Productive? Hobbyist? Lazy?) very productive. flits to new hobbies quickly
What does freedom mean to them? confusion, terror, excitement. its the only thing that would make him really happy, and he doesnt want it
What is something they currently look forward to? What is something they dread? look forward to getting a reward from the burgomaster. dread seeing strahd again
How has your character's mental health been recently? not great! but hes been holding it together because marceline is already upset and ismark is volatile. theres not room for his feelings.
If your character had wings what would they look like? sleek, pointy, fast-flying, well-preened, earth tones. falcon for efficiency, owl for discretion, or towhee for smallness
How does the way they act seemingly contradict their ability scores? very high cha abilities that he rarely uses, since marceline and ismark are more assertive. notably an intimidation score higher than marceline’s and equal to ismark’s that he would probably never use
What's a habit that needs to be broken? he needs to learn how to aim eldritch blast (i need to roll better)
What's something your character has realized? hes fucked
Who do they go to when they need to bounce ideas off of someone? suggests things to marceline and ismark (the other PCs), but makes a point to ask ireena (DMPC) what she thinks
Who do they go to when they've had a nightmare? nobody
Who does your character think is the most put together in the party? marceline or himself
Which party member would they pull a prank on? Who would they plan a prank with? ismark; marceline or ireena
What is one thing they want each party member to know? marceline: no matter where you come from or what youve done, youre a precious ally and friend to me. we are all unhappy here, so please just try to play along. ismark: you need a goal beyond protecting ireena and killing strahd because if you achieve those goals then youll be left adrift. and you deserve better. please stop yelling at, lying to, or trying to fight everyone we meet. ireena: you deserve more than life dealt you. as long as you live, there is hope for you. youre loved and protected by a lot of people, and its a happy burden.
Which do they value more?
65. Adoration or Intimidation? adoration
66. Outward Passion or Quiet Rebellion? quiet rebellion
67. Selflessness or Self-Preservation? selflessness
68. Objective or Subjective? objective
69. Journey or Destination? wishes he could say journey, but its destination
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vousmegdrgn · 3 months ago
im a teddie stan
i am from a family with five members. my parents, younger brother, and younger sister. when i was younger i used to think that i’ll always be mightily defending my siblings against anything that would cause them harm or that would hurt them. i always thought this way because even when i was in school (grade school to high school specifically) i used to be my parents example to my siblings all the time. “Tignan niyo yung ate niyo! Laging nag-aaral. Ang daming achievements. Dapat gayahin niyo ang ate niyo.” or something like “Dapat thankful kayo kasi siya ang ate niyo. Lagi kayong tinutulungan.” Honestly, these words made me feel... good. I think it’s because words of affirmation is also my love language. Okay but it does not stop from my parents words. I really do try my best to help my siblings. I talk to them about anything. I help them with school works, prayed with them at night, and learn things with them. But if there would also be someone who knew all my vulnerabilities, it would be my siblings. they know the ugly laugh i make when we watch funny videos at 2 in the morning, they know the sneaky acts i do to try and hide my gadget from my parents when they’re about to confiscate it from us, they know that i cry over bts almost everyday, they know that i get anxious when someone brings up something from my past that i don’t like, they know all the little details about who i am and what makes me ‘kadiri’ as a person. i guess i just share too much with my siblings. simply put it, even though i try to be a good role model to my siblings, we still find ourselves being chaotic at the end of the day. and i lead the chaos most of the time. 
i am a big fan of the movie “four sisters and a wedding.” this movie is classic. and it is for a great reason. filipino families can just relate a lot with the siblings from the movie. from the type of family that the main characters have. four sisters, two working abroad, one staying at their original home, and one just busy trying to make ends meet though she’s also often referred to as the ‘black sheep.’ yes it’s a very typical filipino sibling situation. 
i wrote this because i want to gush over how much i love toni gonzaga’s character, teddie. i have always been fond of her. the first time i watched the film i knew she was my favorite character. “ma, i’m sorry ma.” how can these lines not get stuck with you. i’m pretty sure filipinos even read those lines with teddie’s voice. i just always found teddie’s character funny but i only realized that there was more to her character--more to her personality that connects with me. 
you see, teddie was often praised by ‘ma’ more than any of her other kids. teddie was the funny one, the favorite, and the smartest. when they grew older and started to build their own careers, teddie went to spain to finish her “masterals degree in education.” they were proud of her. especially ma. but not bobbie. bobbie knew that her sister teddie was a fake. bobbie knew teddie worked in spain as a maid and as a waitress in a bar. she was the only one who knew about teddie’s situation and when the time came that they all had to go back to the philippines for their one and only brother’s wedding, there was a night of confrontation. we all know how it went. bobbie confronts teddie in front of the whole family, teddie confesses to everyone that she is actually not a teacher in spain because she got fired for not being competent enough. so she ended up working two jobs abroad to still be financially stable. she apologized to their mom for lying and she told them that she was only afraid that they’ll see the “failure” that she has become. to quote from her “hindi naman sa ganun, ma. alam ko namang kahit anong mangyari mahal na mahal niyo ako eh. pero ako kasi yung may problema, ako yung hindi makatanggap na ganito na lang ako, na hindi ko narating lahat ng pangarap mo sa'kin, ma. na ako talaga yung kulelat sa lahat ng mga anak mo.” 
oh teddie salazar, i am really like you. 
right now, my life has not been going okay. i just started college last 2020 and i am already planning to drop out, though not for good. my health has not been its best. i got covid-19 last october 2020 and i welcomed 2021 with a possibility of being diagnosed with a rheumatic heart disease. the best i can do right now? not cry at least once a day. the thing about the past is that.. its in the past. and no matter how good it was, it just remains there. and we are in the present. and we have to be in the future. the past was good to me. high school was good to me. i achieved so many feats, titles, and recognitions. high school was so good that i was so excited to be in college because i thought i would just be as great. but things do not go according to plan sometimes. and life is just like that. (COMMERCIAL: i am gonna cry because its hoseok’s birthday right now and im miserable but he went live and i read some translations and i saw him thanking his family for everything and that makes me soft because baby boy really loves his family. he is my comfort person. i am in love with jung hoseok) ANYWAYYY. new paragraph.
life is just like that. its difficult when the road is rough, easy when the path is clear. and if we were not to have the rough roads, what are we still living for? i am hopeful. as always. but again, back to my correlation with teddie salazar. 
teddie became a maid when she was supposed to be a teacher. she was supposed to marry a well-off man that her family would surely approve of but she ended up with frodo the hardinero. from society’s perspective: WHAT A WASTE! WHAT A SHAME! and perhaps we thought so too before. but was her fate really a shame? a waste? 
honestly, so what if you’re a maid? so what if your life is just meant to be like that? so what if we fall in love with a hardinero that loves us back completely? so what if we finish a degree but fate blows us to anther direction and we end up not using our degree? does that define what we are as a person? 
my parents want me to be a lawyer but i just want to be a guidance counselor. my teachers commended me being a caring person. so what if i just want to be a caring person? all this, i think is not wrong. but it’s society’s expectations that are messing with what we really want to be. or could be. sometimes i want to shout at the world for being so mean. i just want to live. i just want to be happy. but how can i be happy when these expectations are not just expectations but have turned into the reality that we have to live by. i saw how my parents struggled for me to finish school. in fact if i graduate college, i will be the first degree holder in the family. how am i supposed to tell my parents who worked so hard day and night, with big dreams for me that i want to just live a simple life. i guess its not a choice as a person from the middle class. 
there are times when im angry. but i could not direct it at anyone else. because nobody told me to be miserable and to make everything complicated. so when these moments happen when i feel so powerless and weak, i just cry. i pray. there are times when everything gets too heavy to bear. but as always i’m hopeful. like what rm said “it shall pass”, and agust d “dream, will eventually be in full bloom at the end of hardships. dream, the beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will the future be.” and from God “Magantay ka sa Panginoon: Ikaw ay magpakalakas, at magdalang tapang ang iyong puso; Oo, umasa ka sa Panginoon.” 
wishing that this pain will bloom into something beautiful. 
always hopeful.
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rpausandwhatifs · 7 months ago
Is This What You Call...Safety?|| Hush Hush
A/N: This is for my friend Jayde for her belated birthday! Enjoy bb!
@ledabunnie-rp @nevergoodenoughforthetruth
Vincent had came to work, but he had gone through his load entirely too fast. He was mostly at the hands of one guy- and he was the host. However, it was too late to really think about it before the drugs had set in, causing the man to stumble and fumble as the pills he took before the party mixed with the lean in the cup he finished while making sales. He was a blurry mess and somehow guided his way to the closest bathroom he found in a part of this rented house where most of the goers in this area were having sex or chatting it up so they could hear. He pushed past them, going into the first open door and falling into it. “Oh..fuck..” he muttered as he almost collided with the wall, feeling the tile and touching the wall as the spinning continued and he found his way into the toilet, vomiting immediately before finding the flush lever.
Leda forgot that she didn’t lock the door, so the really cute boy in the skin tight chinos and boots with the long hair barged in it scared her half to death. She put her 3DS down and slid her headphones off, about to bang on the glass chamber that was the stand alone shower until something stopped her and it just made her watch the man try to recover as he lit a cigarette. 
The man propped himself up and crawled to the top of the toilet and threw the lid down as he took another drag, trying to see where the light switch was even though there was a hue of red and purple from the string lights. Quickly giving up on his adventure he threw up one more time into the bowl and sat up on the closed toilet, dragging his cigarette while he let the cool porcelain calm him down. He heard the distant movements in the shower and pryed one eye open to barely see a girl with turquoise hair in a rave outfit with a backpack or something staring at him in a clear box. "Who's in the shower?" He calls out, rocking his head back and forth fighting the nausea.
"I'm here in spirit..I don't exist," Leda said back, weary at how he was able to spot her.
"That's the most human thing I've ever heard from a spiritual entity," he laughs and scoffs, "That's a cute voice you got, you have a name oh spirit?"
"I'm... not telling you that.." she said, "And you die from a heart attack in here im not saving you."
" you're in here.. you're human- fuck i can't see- are you in the shower? Is that why you sound like that?" He asked with a small joke, "Wanna cigarette?"
"Maybe.. if you can't see then how are you smoking and offering me one?" She challenged him.
"Muscle memory. You'd be surprised how many things you can do automatically.. Just with your arms and hands..." he trailed off, "Also you didnt drink out of the cup when you got here? You sound like... crazy sober."
"No..I didn't, Felix told me about it before the party and I just-"
"Wanted to keep your clout you came to this party even though you didn't want to, but you didn't wanna let your friends down, but you didnt wanna just sit at home on a Friday night again..I heard something close, did you bring a video game?" He said.
"Shut the fuck up, Vincen-"
"Ohhh you do know me... interesting. It must be because of Felix... speaking of, wonder who he's got down his throat...Ah, I'll worry about it later...I thought I knew his friends.." he muses, I would remember an ethereal voice like yours.."
"I...I..." she was stuck, she shouldn't have said his name, "Thanks for the compliment, can you go back to quietly being too fucked up on drugs to acknowledge me now?"
"Actually...I've overstayed my welcome at this place anyway.. there's a guy in here and he's... less than thrilled his house got rented out for the debauchery that is horny college students," he mentioned, slowly lowering himself on the floor and crawling to Leda, placing himself against the wall, facing straight ahead with the girl in what would be his peripheral.
Leda's ears perked up, he knows there's a spirit in here? Was he just pulling her leg or what? His eyes were still closed but his voice sounded way better up closer than across the large bathroom. The crackles and creaks of it made her nervous. "There isn't anyone in here," she claims supposedly.
"No... he's dead. The house was sold to a PM that rents houses out for events and vacations..he likes the renovation though...He showed me he carried you in here," Vincent said, "You woke up and immediately tried to protect yourself in the shower."
"Now you're making shit up," she called out wrapping on the glass box.
"If I'm making shit up then how'd you get in here?" He asked and was met with silence, "You don't remember... do you?..He told me you just kinda walked out your house with the lights on.. guess he didn't want you to get hurt- but seriously, how did you not drink the syrup at the door?"
"I poured it out when no one was looking and washed out the cup with vodka and hoped an appletini would calm me down.. cus I got really anxious being around everybody pushing everyone and the music is too loud..." she started, drawing her knees to her chest, "He scared the shit out of me."
Vincent laughed, "Yeah that's how i was when i saw him standing in the middle of the room... Did you want the cigarette? Also i have a valium if you want one.."
Leda smiled when he laughed, feeling way better that someone other than her could see spirits and understood possession. She knew what valium was, and just one couldn't hurt with a cigarette cutting it up, "He tell you how he died?"
"Wife poisoned him.. then shot him.. didn't take the divorce very well... sounds like a gold-digging bitch anyway," Vincent said as he used his to light another for her.
"Wow... you don't wanna share?" She gasped quietly as she slid her hand out of a crack in the door to take the cig.
"That.. would mean I get closer... didn't think you'd want that.. you know who I am..I'm the drug dealer on this campus... You don't know what I'm capable of.." he warns her, finally looking into the glass at the door, "I sold all the things I have so anything at this point is personal stock.. but..I couldn't keep a freebie from a cutie like you holy shit...If I could see you like he showed me, I dunno if I could contain myself.. What color is your hair?" He leans into the glass as his head starts spinning again almost muttering his words. He gets up and takes out a Tic-Tac, fumbling his way to the sink and crunching on it as he washed his mouth out on the faucet, wetting his face and wiping it on a towel before bringing the damp cloth to the floor. He stumbled back to the huge glass chamber on his hands and knees, opening the door and crawling over her and excusing himself before settling next to her.
Leda was shaken to her core at his words, and forgot that he was probably on a few different drugs and high on something else. She couldn't get her mouth to open to create the words. She quickly forgot the question and watched with wide eyes as she no longer was terrified of opening the door when Vincent pushed it back and crawled to her. She was almost shaking as he excused himself. "Purple a-and pink," she stammered, "I have to dye it again..I'm doing black with tips.."
"Hm..i see," Vincent said with a weak nod, pushing his wet hair back again as he exhaled, "I'm sorry I'm trying to come down and this shit is coming in like... waves and.. fuck~"
"What is it specifically?" She asked, taking him in, he looks so interesting yet her eyes darted back to the toilet across the room, "And don't worry I don't need the valium right away..”
"Ah shit right.. the valium.. doing what weed has done for years since the 70s," he chided as he fished a pill bottle out of his pocket, then handing her two pills of different shape and color.
"What's that?" She quickly asked.
"Muscle relaxant..that's for you too..helps the valuim, no psychoactive side effects to speak of...reduces lactic acid," he mentioned, relighting her cig, "I have friends in pharmaceutical chemistry.. they really hook me up and in return they get paid in weed.. down the hatch."
Leda's heart was racing at how he sounded so close to her, lighting her up like a gentleman even as a slumped mess. She smoked quietly as he had fallen into another unconscious stupor while the drugs were doing their job. They were working faster than she expected. "Vincent..." she called to the ceiling, "I'm tired.."
"I thought you would be..i forgot to tell you it acts fast.. but you're fine I promise," he mentioned.
"No I feel amazing, I just...I need something soft to lay on," she sighed.
"How about we go to one of the suites?" He offered, "I can see now if my legs will work."
They get up, getting out of the bathroom in search for unoccupied rooms. Settling on the empty pool house, where they found an open skylight in the bathroom since the doors were locked. They bust in and find the bedroom, resuming their conversation in this California simple and dainty king bed.
"Why'd you lock the bathroom door?" She asked as she lit her own cig even though she just begged him for it.
"You always do that at college parties if you create another entrance to the bathroom.." he said simply laying back on the end of the bed with his legs planted to the floor, bending his head up to see the girl snuggled in his jacket, twisting his body to lay on his stomach, "uhhmm yeah, you lock the door behind you at any party because frat boys with give you a swirly or worse..or someone who's eager to use the bathroom and they're too fucked up to be aware so they do it on you-"
"Ugh that's gross!" She exclaimed, laughing lightly, really allowing herself to enjoy this guy that she barely knew and at most should have hated. He just was so sweet and up her alley for her to ever admit but he undoubtedly made an effort to come to this party for her. She hadn't realized until she looked down and saw him looking up at her again from her feet. She could kill for his eyes and the way he collapsed on her legs to just touch them, it was sending electricity as dull needy aches through her body. "Vincent~... what are you doing?"
"Admiring your body... listening to you talk.. thinking about how i can get my jacket back," he croaks stretching a little, lightly throwing his head back on the bed, "What you thinking?"
"Have you come down yet?" She asked cutely, and instantly panicked at her casual feelings of interaction with him.
"Not all the way, I'd have to sleep it off mostly or also resets the clock, but...we're not doing that," he mentions while he rubs his eyes, checking his phone.
Her chest caved when he mentioned sex, and even though he wasn't offering it up, she just wondered what it would feel like to be that close with a guy like him. If this is all he usually did, outside of being a homewrecker as she's heard, then maybe he's not a creep. Girls do lie in college for any reason, but always putting themselves at an advantage. "Uhh.." seeped out of her mouth before she bit her lip and tried to disguise that.
"You know I'm looking right at you, right?" He says to her, giggling at her embarrassment, "Don't feel like you have to...I know you've got a problem with peer pressure-"
"I don't!...I don't have a problem with peer pressure..shut up!" She bit at him.
"Rawr...calm down kitty cat, put the claws away..Im just saying. Me mentioning sex kinda made you think," Vincent said, "When's the last time you got some..if you have gotten any- cus I have came across a few virgins..."
"Were they virgins when you were done with them?" She asked tongue in cheek.
"Mostly. I respeected that they didn't want sex...and they're firm in their beliefs that they're still a virgin if thou therein whereto receive or produce cunnilingus... they just want neverending head. It's heroine to them," he explains gesticulating to make it interesting and twisting his voice.
"Isn't that a good thing?" She asked, loosening her grip on the pillow she was holding.
"I don't mind it... but sometimes they're horrible at head and that's all they can do. Girls at this school count the ass too, so even face-fucking is a far cry."
"Oh..okay...Uhhh..I haven't thought about it, honestly.. been kinda dealing with my issues over having sex. The stories I hear about hooking up really have weirded me out.." she's admitted.
"Are you a virgin?" He asked, exaggerating his inflection.
"Unfortunately no.. well, I consider myself a born-again...I don't really remember a lot of the sex I used to have, and since it was... traumatic, to say the least, I'd rather act like it didn’t happen and get more memorable experiences, cus...I heard it's fun if done right," she explained.
"It is...I'll keep it in mind.." he nodded with a smirk, sighing as a weak wave passed thru him.
"Yeah.. but.. you've peaked my curiosity, honestly," she jumped up to say, causing Vincent to turn his head and raise an eyebrow.
"I hardly think that's fair," he said with a giggle, "You took a valium and a muscle'll never cum or cum too much. Im fucked up, and not exactly of consenting or open to communicating during sex like you might need me to..."
"That's... true.. then why touch my legs if you weren't going to?" She asked, a little frustrated, kicking her legs a little.
"See? That's what I'm talking about!... Acting like a brat when you haven't asked for anything," he said, giggling.
"But...I..." she started, realizing herself that he was right.
"You didn't straight up ask for sex.. you implied that it interests you..I can't start anything off implications," he explained, sitting up.
"I know how consent works, don't fucking patronize me!" She snapped shoving his chest with her foot. He falls back and rolls his eyes, which makes her more riled up, throwing his jacket on the floor.
"Leda.. what the fuck?" He asked sitting up on his knees to look at his jacket, "What the hell is your problem?"
"Don't act all fucking innocent! I know you.. you're a damn dog and you would've had me 5 ways to Sunday by now! Rosanna told me how creepy and controlling you are-"
"Thaaaaat's who it is... see i knew it sounded familiar.. You're her rogue drone! I just didn't realize... are you spying on me? Did she send you?" He jumped up once he realized why she knew him, her name would come up with he spoke to Rosanna, possibly whenever they were speaking again.
"Wh-No! She's not even at this party! She's with Mark!" She fussed, "It doesn't mean she's wrong..."
"Uh that's exactly what the fuck it means-"
"Why should I listen to you?" She prodded, folding her arms.
"You've got this fucking far! Wouldn't you want to at least understand my side? Ms. Confectionery Prodigy got some skeletons of her own," he was quick to explain how they had a fleeting relationship that was mostly roleplay meetings and oral and heavy petting. Leda wasn't entirely convinced and he made her promise not to tell anyone before he showed their messages leading up until the first 3 months she was dating Mark. It was Ro no doubt. Her fantastical language and promptness in response, pastry emojis as her signature. Cookie's toys in her explicit pictures.
"That's she just left you for dead?" Leda asked, knowing she just swore never to speak of this, but she had some questions because he'd seen a side of her not even Mark has seen. And probably never will. "Why?" She asked simply.
"Said I reminded her of her ex. She was in deep with the guy.. he was older so she felt like her freedom in her youth had kinda been held back, so she went after me and Mark because she just... found herself in the middle of being young at heart but feeling grown and confident...I guess.. but she's always worried about her lies being found out and she loves a secret if she can help it," he said with a shrug, "They way she spoke about him, I'd love to drink with him, but, she's just happy where she is and who was I to stop her? If she hadn't made me a villain then she would have lost everything- from her confidence to her credibility."
"So you just... leave her alone? That's..that's," Leda was almost at a loss, but it was both the most mature and childish and high school thing she had ever heard. This felt like the heaviest thing she's encountered in a while.
"Not for you to think about," Vincent said, quickly and low as he had inched closer to brush her hair behind her ear, "Humans are complex creatures.. weaving these dangerous webs of lies and history.. you should always worry about your own but don't ever give anyone the benefit of the doubt.."
Leda couldn't handle his gentle touch or his words, she wanted to still be mad and hate him for it but she didn't know how. She wanted to be mad at Ro for being such a hypocrite but most of that was pushed back when she felt his lips on her jawline. It made her shudder and lean into him, submitting herself into the kiss that could replace her first kiss. She wanted more, she wanted him. Her mouth pushed out little sounds against him, whining quietly when he pulled back and breathed with a smile. "Vincent~" she breathed, her head in a tizzy.
"You want it don't you?" He asked, his lower voice sending shivers through her body.
"Can I have more, though, ..of what you gave me?" She asked, "I-"
"Later, okay?.. You'll be fine without it," he interrupted her with a soft smile and backing up to give her space to breathe and rubbing her back.
“Uhm...I feel like-”
“You’re’s okay. You seem confused, and it scares you a little...”
“I wouldn’t say it scares me..I just have never related to someone I now wish I hadn’t much so..Because..Rosanna...Rosanna would-” the girl gasped and controlled her hollow breathing, definitely happy she had his hand on her back to focus on.
“You don’t know what Rosanna would do..and you really thought you’d known that it?” he asked.
“Y-Yes!..N-No~! I-I mean...I don’t know how I feel~ I’m really into you, but...but why me?!” she asked looking at him with slight exasperation.
“You look like you deserve not to be living in someone’s shadow just because you don’t see yourself that way,” he answered.
“Is that what you said to Rosanna?” she asked, narrowing her eyes.
“No..what I said to Rosanna to start our whole fling is..vastly different from just us talking about a mutual friend-”
“What about my current state makes you think I’m gonna be friends with her-”
“You wouldn’t throw her away for me..”
Leda leered at the Vincent and clenched her jaw, knowing that this whole night was something she’d throw her whole life away just so she’d know where in the world he’d whisk her away to and for how long. “And what if I did?” she asked at a low whisper.
“What do you think you’d deserve for doing that? Because I definitely didn’t ask you to renounce your gods and join my great legion of the undead...”
“This would totally work if I was a Virgo or a Taurus, but I’m a Leo, so you must not understand-”
“I’m a Sagittarius, and I’m attempting to be very patient but since I know I don’t have to I’ll call you stupid to your face. That would be one of the dumbest decisions you could make but the fact that I make you feel like you’d rather make that decision than live with the ‘what-ifs’ or knowing that you could never look at Rosanna the same way again because I arouse you intellectually and emotionally-”
“Don’t forget sexually-”
“And sexual- Really?” Vincent looked over at her.
“You talk a lot, I see why she liked you...” 
“You hate talking about yourself-”
“I can talk about myself-”
“You can’t even tell me you want to have sex with me let alone that you like me..also, I feel like that should be thought about after tonight...given the circumstances,” Vincent sitting up, backing away from her more. It causes the girl to stare at him at the loss of touch completely, pushing out a frustrated sigh. The air was tight to her, but Vincent rolled his eyes and pulled the glass rod from his jacket pocket in front of her and smoked out of it.
“So...could you maybe stop being an aloof prick and explain to me how to get laid?” she said while pulling the ponytail out of her hair and taking the rod from his fingers and smoking out of it.
“You want to fuck me specifically or you want some faceless hookup?” he asked giggling.
“What exactly is a faceless hookup, Vincent?” she asked, her eyes meeting his again for the first time in a while and still couldn’t keep herself together. His hand was gently over hers and she deciding on playing with his fingers, biting her lip.
“Well, first off, you’d have to take off your clothes...then I’d suggest a brief makeout session before first or second base- given that my way of doing these things is slow mostly-”
“I dunno if I have the patience for slow,” Leda said quickly as she slid off the side of the bed and stood up, pulling her pants down and deciding to undo the knot that kept her shirt up, hiding her midriff. Then got back to Vincent as he tried to watch, but his mind flowed with ideas. He pushed himself forward, planting his feet on the floor and taking off his boots. He looked up at Leda, who was waiting for him patiently, which made him smirk as he stood up and gave way to his jeans.
“You don’t have the patience for slow?” he echoed.
“Nah, never did. Guys usually don’t take their time with me or they had made up their minds already and I hadn’t gotten a choice,” she explained, hoping her shirt hid her thighs rubbing together at the crooner in front of her. She could feel her anxiety rise in an interesting way as Vincent saw right through her. “Vincent-” she didn’t mean to breathe.
He raised his eyebrows as he heard the wind whisper his name, and he quickly moved around her to make the back of her more aligned to the back of the bed. She gasped a little as she heard his phone and wallet hit the nightstand and did a magician’s gesture to make a condom appear between his fingers, “Not yet, though.”
“Why?” she asked.
“You tell me,” he said, gently taking her waist into his hands and Leda could barely hold in her exhale and moan as it felt so slight as her body moved into it. All of the thoughts started flooding and so did the memories. She felt like he could be there at any second, but there was Vincent blocking him. Her body ached a bit at how he just froze. “Your lips look so soft and plush..and I like your hair down like this.”
The girl tried to hide, but it was met with another squeeze, “V-Vincent~” she sputtered as he kept yanking her out of her head, feeling the muscle relaxants and the weed mix. 
“You alright, babe?” he asked softly in her ear, being sure to not touch her elsewhere. Leda didn’t understand why she felt this way. 
“No..” her voice shook as she gulped, “My head’s going crazy but my body’s not..and I want to be terrified, but that’s..just..not what I’m feeling...What was in that tube thing?..” She finally asked.
“Weed obviously...not even the stuff I sold tonight. It’s a preview from the guy I buy off of-”
“I don’t really smoke grass-”
“Is it because THC can be a psychostimulant?”
“Ye-yes!..I feel like-” she cut herself off and took in his cologne instead. She couldn’t let him know what all she was thinking. It wouldn’t make sense. She would look more certifiably crazy then. Her mouth pushed out half of moan as she exhaled his scent where she tasted the cigarette and the fact they had been at a college house party. 
“I was gonna tell you to take a deep breath but you did it already-”
“Are you...Are you gonna fuck me or not?” she balled up her fists.
“If you would let me fucking finish and stop interrupting me solely to say something that would piss me off then yes!” Vincent said as he let her sides go and folded his arms.
“Not my fault you drugged me and are taking your time..” she folded hers and looked away from him, not wanted to meet his eyes.
“So what, I was supposed to brazenly assau- Ooooohhhhhh....You’re not mad at me..And...I just became mad at myself for realizing it-”
“What?” she asked, whipping her head towards his.
“You don’t know how to enjoy it, because you’ve never been given the option..nor the opportunity,” he mentioned, returning his hands to her sides quickly. 
“What?!” Leda asked, more surprised and now sent back through those thoughts of him touching her again, “You do-don’t know if I-”
“You told me you did..I dunno if it changed..did it?” putting slightly more pressure to allow her to embrace him.
“” she once again cursed herself on the inside from only getting a hug from being revved up by his hands lingering on her waist and lower back. Part of her just wanted to let go, or at least tell him to- since part of her completely trusted him. He passed the tests. He was so close to figuring her out and it angered her how clandestine he could carry himself through it all. Her body relaxed into the long hug and waited for this to not be real. For Vincent to pop a hard-on or something so that she knew he was doing all of this because he was still plastered and wanted to bed her. It was hard to expect him to do that when he would talk and his hands wouldn’t really move. And when he moved he tried to stay quiet. Leda’s arms started to move once again, snaking her arms up and crossed them behind his neck, “ gentle, alright?” she pulled back slightly to meet his eyes- gods those eyes- and his hair in his face before kissing him.
Leda was at Vincent’s again, no longer afraid of him or his touch, if anything, he’s the only one whom she trusted. Before she would be ready to fight if anyone tried to touch her, and obviously Vincent was given exclusive access. However, Vincent had to always do something to salvage their experiences, and there were times where he didn’t have it in him. 
The fresh couple lived through such a visceral honeymoon stage that Leda couldn’t think that a guy could have loved her more than the one who was after Cameron. She tried so hard not to think about it. One evening Leda was excitedly waiting for Vincent in the car while he made a sale. This is how they started dating and it just became something she found herself doing before she stopped staying in her dorm and sleeping at Vincent’s apartment. He came back and put everything in the trunk before getting in the car and only resting his head in his arms over the steering wheel with a huge sigh.
“ ok?” she asked as she sat up and rubbed his back. 
“No..” he said quietly, desperately trying to keep himself together. 
“Well..we..we gotta go..or..are we going somewhere?” Leda said, looking up and looking around.
“I have to go back in there...It’s not like..I mean you don’t care right?” he finally says when he sits up and pushes his hair back.
“How can you even ask me that question?” Leda looked at him, coming off louder than she expected, “What do you mean?”
“We’re not...This isn’t..Look it’s a party in there and...I wanna be single tonight. Like my boss, he’s- fucking treating me to the party in there and I can’t tell him you’re in here and you don’t do parties so-”
“I never said I don’t do parties. I don’t do party drugs and uncomfortable situations-”
“Your whole life is an uncomfortable situation, Leeds,” Vincent chuckles lightly, reaching in a pocket for his cig he started before he went in the first time, “It’s not gonna take me that long, babe..”
“Wait! You’re actually going back to the party?” she pushed her hand on his chest, then shook her head slowly, “What the fuck?”
“I’m going back in, yes. To enjoy the party? No...To probably get my dick sucked by a drunk Sean McLoughlin cus he’s been walled up and he said he would?..Yea-” he gave her some theatrics before turning away.
“NOO!” she snatched his shoulder, “Are you fucking kidding me?!”
“What? You’re not going to do anything about it. And it’s not gonna change anything’s just I’m having sex with Sean tonight,” he tried to explain.
“I’m not fucking stupid! That’s if I allowed you to! Who put you at the head of this relationship?” she looked at him, perplexed and angry.
“Who put you at the head of this relationship? Listen, half of this problem is the fact that I fuck other people. The other half would be the disrespect of dishonesty and I’m not giving you that!” he said trying to deescalate the situation.
Leda was so upset and couldn’t believe that he was just trying to brush off cheating in her face. He had brought up a few good points, so maybe he doesn’t understand how this hurts her, “Ok but you’re not respecting my additional choices, the fact that I may feel some type of way about it- You just came in here and told me you’re gonna fuck Sean!”
“Is it because it’s Sean specifically?” he asked, pulling back a little.
“Urgh! No!, because...I should call Mark because he should be home right now,” Leda tried to say, feeling caught up by his question and now enraged that she felt anything because he was still in the wrong. 
“We can drop him off,” he shrugged and chuckled before looking over to her, “Oh come on! I wouldn’t not stop the car or anything like that. I’d make sure he’s sober or at least hydrated...but he looks like he could blow off some steam and he gets a safe ride home. You can bring him in his dorm, tuck him in, let Mark know he got back in one piece- fuck! Knowing Musclebound Buffpants he’s probably on his way because Sean probably called him accidentally on purpose.”
“He’s with Ro tonight..she told me he’s being held hostage for the night,” she interjected with not as much energy, “Why won’t you take him in? You’re the guy!”
“I’m in the running to apply for Alpha president..I don’t have good luck with being seen in a good light..You know that, you came from the factory,” Vincent  scoffed, before finishing the cig and flicking the butt out of the window and blowing the smoke with it, “And so because Ro is with her future husband, you have to play pretend with me?”
“No! Can’t we hang out?! What the fuck is your problem?” Leda snapped at him, throwing her hands up.
“This! This moment right now and everything about it is my problem, Leda!” Vincent snapped back, “Answer me this, am I your boyfriend?”
“No, I-”
“Right. Not your boyfriend. And you’re not my girlfriend. You won’t let us call us an us...and why is that again?”
“Because you’re a fucking prick.”
“Ah no..sorry, we were looking for you care too much about Ro’s opinion and your social status with her friendship.”
“No I fucking don’t! I don’t need to be with her like that!” she defended weakly.
“Listen, if you don’t like what I’m doing then take my car and do whatever the fuck you want and I’ll call you in an hour. Go back to my place, go fuck someone else, go have a some weird lesbian fantasy about your best friends and deny it in an attempt to keep them because you know you don’t have a chance. Go hang with someone else, actually fucking take your meds and do your homework for once-”
“Shut up, Vincent!” she yelled as she shoved him, causing him to abruptly get up, slamming the door shut and wrangling his car key off his ring and tossing it in the car. Leda had screamed when he shut the door, holding her arms up defensively as she heard the keys fly into the car through the driver’s window and hit the dashboard.. the girl cried for several minutes and contemplated going into the party, but it was too dangerous. She realized she shouldn’t have come with him. She takes his car and has a night out of her own, knowing Charlie was probably aching for some human contact. 
Vincent couldn’t believe he actually was able to move in. He was already so excited to be the Alpha house president, even if not everyone agreed with him. Rosanna dutifully worked under him and kept herself busy, vowing to herself and to Mark that they almost never see one another unless it concerns the house. Vincent could still see every moment they had together. He doesn’t ignore her lingering looks and touches while they tried to quickly check and proof records and evaluations and documents for the house. She didn’t regret no looking back when she could still steal glances from the very corners of her eyelids and faintly think of Mark for a second. Allowing their imagery, their voices, their strength to overtake her for a fleeting moment before she was brought back and remembered the business at hand. 
Since Leda disappeared with his car a few weeks back, Vincent hadn’t a clue what came over her after one fight on one night. She hadn’t known where she’d gone, but didn’t know what Cyr had done with the things of hers that she left. She went up to the registry and seen that Cyr lived in Alpha now. She had remembered him very vaguely discussing running for Alpha president, but hadn’t really cared about it at the time- she thought he wouldn’t get it. Vincent was going over the printout of the proposal for an event that Rosanna had suggested to boost revenue and new pledge turnout when he got a shiver, and it made him play it off by rolling his neck. “You ok?” Ro cooed, rubbing his shoulders, Vincent sinking in.
The girl had found out that he had done away with his off-campus apartment for Greek Row, so she took the long walk going up from the office. Ro hadn’t been this sweet on him, and she didn’t know what came over her in this moment to try her luck- to see if it still pulled the same, to see if it was still like lighting a fuse, to see if he remembered her. She couldn’t help herself taking in his relaxation into her hands and watching him push his glasses off, “Ah..yeah uh...You’re just gonna have to come back for the second..revision...tomorrow- I..I don’t think I’m gonna get this done,” he said, rubbing his face and taking a few more breaths before taking both her hands in his swiftly and gently, bringing them on top of one another, and closing them in his as he directed her to come from behind him. He locked eyes with her as he slowly stood up, towering over her as he let her hands fall, hearing the light gasp as her hands fell. The lanky man turned back around, having already excusing himself past her to start gathering the papers on the table, at her noise, “You alright, doll?” he asked plainly and still killed her.
Leda knew somewhere that maybe if she could admit her side of the story, things would be smoother. She could definitely talk to Ro about Cyr than to Cyr about Ro, and since no one can know, it felt even more important. She admired all the people around and the new faces for a mundane weekday on campus as she strolled onto Greek Row, seeing the lights on and the Congratulations banner still up from his apparent celebration. Vincent felt the shiver again as he put his shirt back on and played it off by adjusting it. Ro was long gone, but it was another isolated moment of quick stimulation. All she ever wants is to be touched, and he knew all the right spots and loved the noises she made when he did get them just the right way. It didn’t worry Leda much that Ro wasn’t answering her phone at this time of day, she probably fell asleep after a brisk walk with Cookie. Joey sang her praises for her return and spoke of the boy who’s car she’d stolen and no longer had. “ wasn’t sure what happened, but you can come get all your stuff- uh...I dunno if you wanna talk or anything-”
“Who is she?” Leda asked, pushing past him and wiped her finger across his lips then showing him, “Whoever it is, it’s a cute color..”
“Leda, I think you owe me an explanation-” he said flatly, pulling off his shirt entirely and wiping his face.
“Is my room in here still good?” she asked as she immediately started picking out and finding clothes. She was safe here again, she didn’t need to hide. 
“I let them give it up for more room, we had an influx of- Stop that...Leda, talk to me-” he said, strolling over before getting a hand to the chest.
“Congrats on becoming President, baby~! How about..we celebrate?..Just you and me! Just like before! Hm? I wanna take a shower first, though, cus I’ve been...traveling all day,” she led him into the bathroom as she turned the shower on.
“Can we talk while you shower?” he asked, standing and filling the doorway, “You know this whole suite is mine. So it really is just us.”
“, me, the spirits I brought with me and that are on these grounds, the gods and goddesses, and Rosanna’s lace dainties?” she said as she picked the light lace cheeky underwear on the bathroom floor, “Let me take my shower alone, please.”
Vincent sat out and cleaned up his room a little bit, chain-smoking as he wasn’t sure what was going to happen when the girl got out of the bathroom. Leda didn’t really understand how she felt the way she did, and why she wasn’t angry at Ro. Why was it a little more interesting to know she was still going to Cyr to get her rocks off? She opened the door to Vincent’s surprise, not wearing anything else but her t-shirt bra and a dainty lace thong. Her hair falling over her curves just right, and he couldn’t help but follow her with his eyes. She had grown up into her shape more, maybe not as much colour on her still plush soft skin, but there’s now tattoos and her hair is as vibrant a colour can be when he met her. She smiled at him, even though she wasn’t smiling on the inside, and she straddled his waist on his bed. She lured him into a kiss and an energy boost he’d missed from her- the world felt more at balance and it made sense with their lips pushed together. “I missed much..” he breathed, unable to hold back his overwhelming comfort.
“Your car broke down and I left it on the side of the road in Oregon..I sold the drugs out the trunk and ran into some ex...problems,” Leda started, “Did some cat and mouse and travelling and yeah..I..I missed you, too Vincent~” 
“That’s fine...but..why’d you leave in the first place?” Vincent asked laying back as she worked on kissing his neck and grinding. The girl stopped and avoided his eyes, “Leda...Leda baby you can tell me..I’ve been waiting about a year to know...” he reassured her as he leaned up to embrace her and kiss her shoulder.
“I-....I..He said he was gonna find me, and the stick had a plus on it and I was gonna show you when we got home, but even I didn’t wanna go home so...” she stiffened as she explained, moving her fringe out of her face, shrugging.
“You were pregnant?” he asked, eyes immediately darting down, “Did you lose it?”
“I...I just didn’t want you to get upset and I didn’t want him to find me if I-”
“Ok Ok...I don’t care about that..What happened to the baby, Leda?” he asked her pulling her in and rubbing her back.
“I lost her...” her voice broke, “I can’t have kids...he’ll find me. He did this to me...”
“Hey, hey, hey...Hey, look at me, Leeds. Alright?..I’m not mad about the car..I’m not mad that you had to handle things with your ex..and I’m not mad about the baby...” Vincent said, “I just wanted to know if you were ok..And that I wasn’t holding your stuff and you didn’t need it anymore..”
Leda couldn’t help her tears and was so glad she had a fresh naked face to let herself cry in. “I-I-It’s not that I didn’t want her, I just..she didn- I dunno what happened...” she tried to say while she cried.
“It’s alright, babe..Don’t worry. She’ll come when she’s ready, okay? And when she does I have no doubt she’ll be as beautiful, smart, and creative as her wonderful mother,” Vincent said, rubbing her back some more, “Listen, next time you get knocked up, I’ll take care of you...I’ll make sure nothing happens to you...I’ll keep you safe.”
“Vincent~ you can’ one can..he’s always gonna find me,” Leda whined, shaking her head quickly, “He’ll kill you.”
“Not if I kill him first and even then, I’m giving all of this to you. You deserve not to worry. You deserve safety, babe,” he said, “Is that why you were at my apartment?’
“Yes, but you don’t live there anymore-”
“I’m subleasing until I graduate from here...or I get tired of these people finally,” he chided.
“And how long do you think that’s going to last?..Especially if it’s you and Ro..” she started chuckling lightly.
“I don’t think it’s gonna be me and Ro for much longer, anyway,” he sighs, letting the girl off his lap and onto his bed as he got up to start turning the lights down and closing off his room from his office, “Don’t get me wrong- it’s exciting! It really is, but she shouldn’t be doing that. She’s...gonna need that wakeup call.”
Leda sat and waited for him and lit one of his cigs from the box on the nightstand even though he opted for the little glass tube, “What do you mean?”
“She’s still careless, she’s playing with fire...She didn’t want everybody to know but she’s had-like- two scares...She’s gonna tell you when she finds out that you’re back,” he said, hushing his voice like she was in his office. Leda was shocked to say the least, but she liked Vincent for that: he held onto the only side of her she was never proud of.
“Like...pregnancy scares-”
“No STI- yes pregnancy scares! Told me that she didn’t want to get rid of the kid but didn’t want to think of losing the life she was building with Mark and wanted all of the kids she had to be in their happily ever after or whatever know Rosie..” Vincent snapped, clearly still emotional and indignant, smoking more frequently as he stress-cleaned his room. Leda was stunned. It wasn’t exactly something she expected from someone who craved so much stability and control- safety. 
“She disappeared. Like three times, She told everyone she went to visit family. I saw her and she stayed with me for like..a few days..and we just hung out how she wanted us to. She never left because nobody could know that she was back yet. So when she did return it was like she picked up Cookie from the sitter on her way home from the airport...I liked it, but..when she told me all of that over those days and she told me about being President and how she would eventually hate me enough to overthrow me and then she’ll have her life with Mark and I’ll leave the Youni...”
“So then...when’s the last time you saw Ro?” Leda asked, frightened slightly by what she heard. And part of her wanted to fight her. It wasn’t much of her business but as a friend and as a human that’s not something she should get away with. 
“You didn’t see her going to the Vice President’s suite?..Or the girls’ side? Kitchen?...Cus she literally just left when you had knocked on my door,” Vincent paused and stared at her with a squint.
“Nope,” Leda admitted shaking her head and threw her hands up, “Honestly I didn’t really get here until I told you I lost the baby and by then I kinda knew that I could let it go I guess..because now I feel fine..”
“Weird...I had a weird feeling the whole time she was here that someone was coming..I didn’t think they were alive so I didn’t think anything of it...This is know, Indigenous grounds, not necessarily burial, but sacred space tends to pop up when they’re talking...”
“That’s weird...but highly likely..Western U.S. does have some crazy energy pockets,” Leda said, blushing a little that he knew she was coming, “Are they leftover or residual? The panties, I mean..” She giggled.
“I couldn’t tell ya, but I’d have to guess that she left those in my bathroom because it was very apparent she wasn’t wearing any, but I thought she had come over commando..Didn’t think she committed to the idea while she was in the bathroom. I guess that’s what she’s gonna wait for me to say something about. Can’t lie, I’m gonna miss how smart she is,” he said with a smile and waves of realization of what he liked about the girl after not knowing for so long.
“Clearly not smart enough,” Leda scoffed, “If she’s pulling the ‘I had to go to my mother’s for a summer so I can have an abortion and therapy’ this early in the relationship and they’re still going strong, maybe it’s that you’re not gonna judge her and she can kinda reward herself with you and vice versa- definitely a karmic soulmate...” She smiled again as she realized that they might be a particular soulmate or at least spiritual partner. “Vincent, sit down, please,” she asked sweetly. He sat back down and she rubbed his shoulders, sighing, “I’m sorry, Vince...Like that’s really shitty and I’, babe..but like that’s what happens when you gamble.”
“It would help if you’d taken responsibility for running out on me fucking months ago,” Vincent bit at her, “Maybe I wouldn’t have leaned on her so much...chasing fucking waterfalls,” he scoffed.
“Wow you’re really gonna sit here and blame me?” she backed up, raising her voice.
“No! I said take some fucking responsibility! Like do you understand how you’re no better sometimes?” he said.
“Oh my- FUCK YOU! Who the fuck are you?!” Leda snapped, shoving his shoulder and getting up.
“Will you keep your voice down?!” he whispered quickly standing up and taking her arm in his hand gently.
“Don’t fucking touch me!-”
“Or what?! You’ll scream? Ro’s gonna come rushing back in here to check on me to find what? Us fucking fighting about her and as far as she knows you dropped out of school,” Vincent breathed, “No one..and I mean no one..knows about any of that.-”
“WHy are you still trying to defend her?!” she growled as she fights him.
“Same reason I defend you, but not the same because you’re not about to marry some meathead to forget your slutty phase,” he mentioned and the girl released her grip, “Also again with the dick jealousy and arousal over your friend and you screwing me.”
“Stop saying that! It’s not fucking true!” she snapped at him.
“I’ve been talking to college girls for a long time. This is the most bisexual thing two straight girls can do is fuck the same guy and give the guy shit for getting off on the fact that at least one of you wants to fuck their lunchbox friend...and right now, you’re the mad at the Snowflake Queen, Needy.”
Leda stopped and looked at him, “Did you really just use that reference?” 
“It’s true. No matter the reference. I’ve told you that before-”
“You didn’t-”
“Yes I did, you just forgot because we were having,” Vincent lit his cig, handing it to her, “My whole thing is I wanted you to have fun without living in Rosie’s shadow.”
“Don’t do that,” she said, smoking quickly going back to the bed before he takes her hand and twirls her and dips her.
“What?” he said.
“Don’t call her Rosie,” she said, blushing hard.
“Why? Cus you’d call her Rosie?” he asked, shotgunning a hit with her.
“Stop saying I wanna fuck Ro, cus I don’t,” she giggled.
“You’d watch me fuck her though,” he inserted, putting the butt in the ashtray as he pulled her in, “Or vice versa.”
“She said she would?” she asked, furrowing her brows.
“Needy, when I say she’s never been worried about you when she’s with me, she’s not. I don’t push her, either. Like I think about you if she says or does something that reminds me of you but other than that she’s in her own little world with me,” Vincent said, caressing the girl, looking away to think. 
“Stop calling me Needy, I clearly look like Megan Fox,” she said, meaning to put herself down.
“No, you’re Needy at the end of the movie after she’s been affected by Jennifer,” he explained, “You were simping and running and screaming while getting teased the whole movie then at the end, even though you kinda lost your guy, you’ll get more..and it’s kinda because she took what was meant for you..even if it killed her..”
“Wow..Vincent..did you just say you loved me even if it kills Ro?” Leda asked, smirking wildly.
“Yeah I guess so.”
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Too drunk to fuck pt.9
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Tumblr media
Whatever that text was supposed to mean, you didn't care. You purposely ignored and avoided Mark the whole week, and after a few ignored messages, he gave up, and seemed to understand what you were probably thinking, every day Jaemin walked you home -because then you'd spend more time together than if he drove, he said- after a day in school with your new friends, and every day promised to be better than the last one. Friday came sooner than expected, and you got up earlier to dress extra special, tonight's dinner with Jaemin and your parents, although excited, made you incredibly anxious. So many things could go wrong.
When the classes were over, Jaemin was waiting for you outside of your classroom, holding your hand and giving you a sweet kiss as soon as he saw you. He carried your bag as you walked to his car, before you were home for dinner, he figured it would be nice to have a real first date, not a risky late night trip or an awkward meeting with your parents. He'd never done that, dating had never been important for him, he was too busy, and too invested with his deals and his friends, no time for girls and feelings at all, but he did a great job at planning, though. He took you to a museum, fair enough, you had to go as an assignment from Art class, but when you asked him to be your museum date, he was absolutely into it, then he took you to an ice cream parlor, a cute one, with the prettiest walls and decorations, and the best ice cream you've ever had. He took you flower picking, and to a park with lots of dogs being walked, and finally back home, just in time for you to be earlier than your parents. He greeted them politely, and your father was happy to see him again. Jaemin looked as handsome as he always did, but putting on his good boy persona, he looked softer and nicer than he usually did. His hair was pushed back, and he was wearing a light, baby blue sweater, that matched your baby blue, princess dress, your mom wasted no time mentioning how cute it was that you wore matching outfits, although it was actually a big casualty you did.
They had many, too many, questions for him. How you two met, how long you'd been friends, what classes you had together, what did the rest of your friends do, what did he want to do for a leaving, what were his plans after school. Jaemin handled every single question and gave an answer to every question that astonished your parents.
Jaemin's phone received a bunch of calls, he never picked up, arguing that if it were truly important, no one would really call him, but when your parents stood up the table for a couple minutes, and he finally had time to check his phone, all the calls were Mark's, but he left no message, and your date assumed it was, probably, not important at all. Usually, at least some months ago, on Fridays they'd be going to the abandoned warehouse, get drunk and have a race, or maybe they'd be shoplifting, attending their clients and playing dumb when they got caught, and although Jaemin, and the rest of his friends, knew it was bad, a tiny particle in his mind is telling him that he should be doing that right know. There's a part of them that has accepted the path they started walking so long ago, and it's a shame that they did, since the could be doing so much better.
After the food, and the awkward, intrusive, questions were out of the table, Jaemin suggested you went to Jeno's place again, and because you had no interest in staying home, you agreed, asked your parents permission to be home, and reluctantly they said yes, although you knew they agreed basically because Jaemin is too convincing, and too likeable.
He drove with the windows down, which made the chilly air play with his hair, giving him this absolutely attractive, messy hairstyle, and then all you wanted to do was to make him stop and kiss him while you ran your fingers through his hair. The annoying ringtone of your phone got your mind back to where you were sitting, and looking at the notification bar, you notice how many texts from Mark you got all day long, last one being received in thus exact moment.
“Friday, 7:15 a.m, Mark ♡:
“can we meet today?”
“Friday, 8:30 a.m, Mark ♡:
are you free after this period?”
“Friday, 9:48 a.m, Mark♡:
are you okay?”
“Friday, 2:45 p.m, Mark♡:
are you at home”
“did I do something wrong?”
“Friday, 4:04 p.m, Mark ♡:
I think you hate me?”
“you're with jaemin right?”
“Friday, 6:36 p.m, Mark ♡:
So i saw jaemin driving”
“And i was about to get close”
“and then i see you on the passenger side”
“you couldve replied, yk”
“Friday, 7:19 p.m, Mark ♡:
Ans know im fucking drunkk”
“fuck yOu”
“actually no”
“Friday, 8:58 p.m, Mark ♡:
hu sorry im liken really rly drunk”
“im at jenooossssss'”
“ypu should comeb too”
By the time you finished reading, it was too late, Jaemin had already parked, and when the men inside noticed, all of them, except Mark, came out to greet him, and when they saw you, they couldn't look happier. They urged you inside, but before you could get to the living room with them, Jeno stopped you and Jaemin.
“So, look, Mark is... Kinda sensitive right now” he looks into his direction, Mark sitting on the floor, with his head head resting on Renjun's lap, he's laughing and smiling and rubbing his hands on the carpet “I don't know what he had, he's drunk but, I think he might be high too”
Jaemin makes an effort to keep his annoyance unseen, remembering that every time Mark drinks, it's a mistake, a mistake that he's gonna have to solve.
“Just” Jeno knows, Jeno can read Jaemin like a book, and although he agrees that they shouldn't be the ones caring after his oldest friend, he can't let him alone whenever he needs them “don't mind him, he's saying weird shit, he's harmless”
Jeno sits in the couch next to Renjun, trying to block Mark's view of you, but when you walk in, holding Jaemin's hand, he loses it. His laugh is insanely loud, and it's almost scary, making Jaemin squeeze your hand harder between his, and he grabs someone's drink and takes it in a single sip, you can tell it was strong, because of the face he's making. Suddenly, everyone in the room is uncomfortable, waiting for someone to make the next move.
After minutes of staring at the wall in front of him, Mark stands up, tumbling when he does, and walks closer to you, stopping when you are just a few centimeters away from him. Jaemin reacts immediately, pushing Mark away from you, and putting himself between you two. Mark giggles, he looks innocent, and when you're about to apologize to him, that sweet look disappears.
“Are you really gonna let her get between us?” he asks jaemin, arrogance in his tone, and absolutely spiteful when he looks at you.
“You're drunk, go home” all eyes are on them both, but no one really dares to interfere.
“Is that all you're going to say?” he walks closer to Jaemin, and although he wishes that Mark doesn't do anything else, he's ready for whatever he tries “is that it, huh? I give you a home when you need it, a job, money, my time” he grabs Jaemin by the collar of his shirt “I let you into my life” Renjun rushes to you, dragging you out of the room, meanwhile Jeno and Donghyuck try to get Mark and Jaemin away from each other.
Everything happened too fast, and you can't even complain when Renjun walks you upstairs to Jeno's room and locks the door. You can hear the screaming from downstairs and there's nothing you can do to help. Your mom couldn't have possibly chosen a worst time to call, lying, you tell her that as soon as the movie you're watching is over, Jaemin will drive you back home.
Jisung and Chenle are leaving, after Renjun insisted that they shouldn't be there, although they are worried, they know there's not much they can do, and promise to be ready if something else happens, they say you goodbye from the porch, and offer to walk you home, but you know you can't leave just yet.
Jeno was successful in calming Jaemin down, but Mark wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted, Donghyuck and Renjun getting tired of dealing with him, but doing it anyway because the idea of what could come next was too scary. Jaemin unlocks the door, and brings you back down, with Jeno and himself protecting you from whatever Mark could try, going outside and into his car. Jeno apologizes to the both of you, and runs back inside.
Jaemin doesn't speak in the whole way back home, when he stops, he opens the door for you, walks you to the door, and says sorry when you open the door. You can only shake your head and give him a kind smile, hoping that he understands what you are trying to say. He drives away, but instead of going home, as you wished he did, he takes the way back to the mess, you watch him drive off, and you can only hope that things don't end up too bad.
“Saturday, 1:26 a.m, unknown number:
Don't panic, but Mark's in the hospital”
A.N: well that escalated quickly 😳
HeyyYYYyYy I'm finally bringing this back, after, well, i got notes from the whole series again. I hope you're having a good time guys, be healthy, be safe.
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teach me | myg
Tumblr media
⤑ series: be my baby
⤑ pairing: rapper!yoongi x mom!reader
⤑ genre: fluff 
⤑ rating: PG13.
⤑ word count: 5.6K
⤑ warnings: there aren’t any, oop.
⤑ A/N: hello im here, lmao. this was supposed to be on time, but i slept for way longer than i planned... nd then i got lazy, so yeah. i hope you enjoy it, tho!! x
APRIL 26TH, 2020 | 11:18
The elevator doors close as she steps out, long dark hair tied nicely at the top of her head, the curled ends tickling the back of her satin top. The same short woman that had entered your house freely arms full of boxes of clothing Yoongi had bought for Hyunki. Her smile lights up her whole face, perfectly straight white teeth gleaming it almost pulls attention from the endearing dimple at the corner of her lips.
Waving widely when she spots you, lazily dressed in a pair of jeans that just so happened to be clean, a sweatshirt that you were sure belonged to Jungkook or Taehyung at one point. A complete contrast to her well put together attire, she probably had all the time in the world to match her shirt with her form-fitting skirts.
She's bending at the waist after acknowledging you with a sweet smile, now eye level with Hyunki who has not stopped scowling since you were unbuckling his car seat. It was safe to say, he wasn't in the best of moods.
With having to say goodbye to Joon last night and the fact he wanted pancakes for breakfast and you tried your hardest to make it the way 'Kookie-Hyung' did but failed. The fit he threw over that slowly dwindled into the silent treatment (something he was becoming very fond of). He didn't speak a word to you until you were taking him out of the car.
And that was only to tell you that he could walk on his own.
Now, though, with this strange woman in front of him; he's shifting closer to you. Tiny fist clutching at the fabric of your jeans. “Hi! You must be Hyunki?” She says brightly, reaching out for a handshake – like actually offering her hand out to a three-year-old. You hold back the urge to roll your eyes.
Hyunki eyes her palm for a moment, pondering what she expects him to do with it – no bout. Before he's dragging his eyes up to her face, realizing just how close she is to him. He takes a step back.
“We don't have to stand this close,” You detect the attitude in his voice and normally you'd be reminding him of his manners. Especially with people older than him. But the kid had a point, there was no reason for her to be in his face like that. 
Clearing her throat, slight embarrassment flashes through her eyes she stands. Straightening her shirt on her body. “I'm Jiso, by the way. Yn, right?” She tries, offering her hand out to you.
And you take it, pushing a smile onto your lips as you nod your head. “Where's Yoongi?” Lifting a bit on your tiptoes you peek over her shoulder as if he'd appear if you looked hard enough.
“Oh! He's on his way down. I just wanted to come say hi,” Her eyes shift back down to Hyunki, to find he's become fascinated with one of the toys he managed to smuggle out of the house. “They look so much alike,” Jiso seems in awe by her own words, by the fact a son could actually look like his father.
This time you're actually rolling your eyes, out of habit. It's subtle and automatic and if she notices it she doesn't say anything. The moment grows stale, awkward. She's shifting on her feet, looking between you and Hyunki with that smile on her face and you're considering scooping him up and going to wait for Yoongi in the car.
As if he had sensed your distress, Yoongi is stepping off the elevator with a hustle. The corners of his lips lifting until he's full-blown grinning as his eyes shift from you to Hyunki who has cracked his first smile since this morning.
“What's up, buddy?” Without a moment of hesitation, Yoongi is crouching down and lifting Hyunki off of the ground. He's curling into his side instantly, head falling on his shoulder as his eyes flutter closed. “Did he not sleep well last night?” His words directed to you, while Jiso stands on the sidelines – listening.
“He's in a bad mood. Joon left last night and he had a hard morning.” You don't miss the way his head lifts at the mention of Namjoon, on high alert now. Fully tapped into the conversation.
Quickly, you go over the 'need knows' for the day. The schedule Hyunki's on and certain things that calm him down. Signs that he's anxious or upset. Ways to avoid a meltdown. Yoongi nods along, taking the information you're giving him all while bouncing Hyunki on his side.
Jiso watching with hearts in her eyes the entire time. You're positive the girl hasn't blinked since Yoongi was stepping off the elevator. “Daddy's gonna get you something yummy for lunch, how does that sound?” Yoongi speaks softly to the little boy in his arms, who only nods – not pulling his attention from his toy.
“Call me if you need anything, okay?” He turns his head only for a moment to grant you a nod. “Don't worry too much, okay?” There's teasing in his tone and it's obvious he's noticed your reluctance.
Not that you had any problem leaving Hyunki with him, of course not – Yoongi was his dad and you wanted them to spend as much time together as they possibly could. You just knew how Hyunki was when he was grumpy, not wanting things to get out of hand where Yoongi was overwhelmed.
Yoongi overwhelmed was much like Hyunki grumpy. A mess.
Poking a gentle finger at his shoulder to let him know you mean business, “Call me.” You repeat. Turning your attention to Hyunki, your hand gently grasping his cheeks to pucker his lips. There's smile in his eyes despite the way he tries to fight it, still mad at you.
Standing this close, Yoongi can't help but admire you. The gentle slope of your nose, long lashes that dust over the tops of your cheeks. Cheeks bones that seem much more defined than he remembered. Jaw much more angled. Grown-up.
“I love you. I love you. And I love you.” A baby kiss sealing each confession that has your son grinning at the end of it. “You're gonna listen to daddy today, right? Who's the boss?”
Reluctant to say it, he rolls his big eyes before huffing out, “Mister Yoobi.” Had rehearsed it all of yesterday when you were first telling him that he'd be spending all day today with Yoongi.
“Good boy. Stay with daddy. And I'll come get you later?” He's nodding his head with a small smile, cheek finding Yoongi's shoulder as you lean down to press a kiss to his soft cheek. A tiny wave bye, before you're turning to leave – only to be stopped by the grasp on your elbow.
Yoongi gently dragging you back and he's got that look on his face. One that you're all too familiar with, could point it out in a lineup. The glint in his eye, the smirk on his lips. “Does daddy get a kiss too?” Voice gruff, words mumbled only for you.
Despite the rapid heating up of your cheeks, your eyes roll. “No,” Easily wiggling from his grasp before you're turning your attention back to Hyunki. “Goodbye. I love you.” You repeat with a grin, pressing a kiss to his forehead before stepping back.
He watches you until you're ducking into your car, rolling the window down to wave obnoxiously before driving off.
“Mommy should give Daddy kisses too, don't you think, Hyunki?” Yoongi's asking while handing over his son's backpack to Jiso, who had patiently been waiting for the couple moment to be over.
With a shrug of his shoulder, Hyunki continues fooling around with the toy in his hand. “She probably ran out.” The deadpan tone of his voice, a less mature version of the voice Yoongi uses when he's not interested in something. Like to the T.
“She can give me kisses and you kisses, Hyunki. They're different kisses, so she should have enough.” Now joined by his two bodyguards, Yoongi heads toward the back doors with his son in his arms.
Hyunki lets out a huff, pausing for a moment to eye the men that are now following him and his dad. He recognizes them as the ones who brought his gifts, so he's turning his attention back to Yoongi. “Mommy can give me kisses, duh. And Joonie too. So not enough.”
A stutter in his steps and a sideways glance to his son. Surprise written on his features, not expecting the familiar matter-of-fact tone to come out of such a small little human. Yoongi can't fight the laugh that falls from his lips, eyes rolling at his son's words.
“What do you want to eat?”
Hyunki is perking up instantly, eyes going wide. “Cheesecake!” He shouts with a raise of his little arms. With a laugh, Yoongi is nodding and securing him into his brand new car seat before sliding in the back beside him.
A bodyguard blocking Hyunki from the window and the other sat in the front seat. Leaning back against his seat, with his arms crossed over his chest, Yoongi gets comfortable as his driver pulls out of the parking space.
“Cheesecake Factory.” He directs, the smile on his face growing as Hyunki happily claps his hands.
Tumblr media
APRIL 26TH, 2020 | 13:02
That kid could eat. Yoongi is deciding with a smirk on his face as Hyunki finishes his second slice of cheesecake. Of course, that wasn't the only thing he ate. Much to Hyunki's annoyance, he was told to order some real food before dessert. 
He softened at the sight of the chicken tenders being placed in front of him, a large helping a fries set beside it. Digging in with a loud 'Thank you!' and the biggest of smiles on his face.
They're able to fall into easy conversation, Hyunki going on about what happened at the zoo, and how he never knew penguins were that huge. Laughing loudly when he talked about the way Taetae tried to talk to a tiger and how Kookie-Hyung got scared by a bear.
Yoongi listened the entire time, simply enjoying the sight of his son so excited to share. The stories continue throughout the car ride home, short stretches of silence falling among them before Hyunki is perking up.
“Did you know giraffes talk with their butts? Their mouths don't work or something.” He says as Yoongi straps him in his seat, reaching his hand to ruffle his hair before getting in beside him.
It's a moment before they start driving a quick exchange between Yoongi in the driver. Which lasted too long for Hyunki who is still waiting for an answer to his question. His small hand reaches out to gently tug on his sleeve to pull his attention.
“Dad, you have to listen because you don't know.” Yoongi's eyes are going wide at the name. But Hyunki is going on without missing a beat. Repeating his fun fact as normal. Then spewing ten more in the same breath.
Yet, Yoongi can't bring himself to focus. To take in the new information that he probably won't end up using anyway. The only thing he can hear is his son calling him 'Daddy' for the first time, making all of this so real. Min Hyunki. His little boy. His son. Trying to get his attention, wanting his attention while he speaks.
Warmth spreads throughout Yoongi's body as a smile breaks onto his features. Dad. He liked the sound of that. Who he was, who wanted to be. He was 'Dad' now.
“Are you even listening, Mister Yoobi?” Hyunki speaks as the car is being parked and he's realizing none of his fun facts have gotten a reaction. Back to 'Mister Yoobi' so fast, it must've been a fluke. Fantastic.
With a huff, Yoongi is shaking his head. “Sorry, buddy. My head was somewhere else. Tell me one more time.” Hyunki doesn't hesitate to restart his story, allowing Yoongi to pull him from his car seat, carrying him on his side as they enter the building.
This time, Yoongi is tuned into what his son is saying. Fascinated by how much he knows about animals, and wildlife, and just life and general. A lot more than an average three year old would know he's sure.
“Is that your favorite animal?” He asks as Hyunki finishes saying how Koala's sniff their leaves to know which is the tastiest. He nods with a wide smile, cheek resting comfortably on his shoulder. “I love them, they sleep so long too.”
Yoongi carries his son the entire way to his studio, setting him down once they've reached the door. Jimin had texted just twenty minutes before about how he, Jin, and Hobi had just arrived. Behind the door, ready to meet Hyunki.
Carefully advised by you, Yoongi takes to preparing him for what awaits on the other side of the door. In hopes to prevent any disastrous incident. The steps you laid out for him, echoing in his mind as he speaks – not wanting to mess anything up.
“Are you having fun with Daddy so far?” He asks, genuinely curious but also serving as a reminder for Hyunki. He nods quickly, smiling wide up at him. “I had two slices of cheesecake!” He grins as if Yoongi hadn't been there to watch the kid inhale them.
“You did. Daddy has some friends that want to meet you. Only three of them,” He holds up his hand to show three fingers. “Daddy likes them a lot. Do you think you want to say 'Hi'?”
Hyunki's nose is scrunching at the mention of new people. A concept he's not all too fond of. He liked the people that he knew and didn't understand why his Mommy and now his Daddy was always adding someone new.
Saying 'Hi' won't hurt, though, right? He didn't want to be rude because he knew that Mommy wouldn't like that. She always said it was good to greet people when they want to meet you. So, just saying hi is fine.
Slowly, he's nodding his head. Causing a smile to spread over Yoongi's lips. “Great. If you don't like them, you tell me. I'll kick them out.” There's laughter in his voice, but Hyunki takes his joke seriously. Mister Yoobi was on his side if these new friends were too scary for him.
Quickly typing in the code to open the door with one hand, Yoongi holds onto his son's hand with the other. The light beeps green before the door is pushing open, revealing his studio.
The size of a one bedroom apartment, complete with instruments, monitors, soundboards, a recording booth tucked in the corner. A shower across from that which held a few of his clothes for the nights he spent in here. Fridge fully stocked with drinks and snacks for those nights as well, neatly placed by the large L-shaped couch pushed against the wall.
A lot of his time was spent in this room, so he wanted to make it as homey as possible. His friend's appreciated that too.
Hobi sat upright on the couch, scrolling through his phone with one hand while he toyed with Jin's hair with the other. Head rested on his thigh as he chatted with Jimin across the room who was playing a computer game, only half-listening to the words coming from his elder's mouth.
The sound of the door slamming shut is catching Jimin's attention before anyone, his head turning toward the sound. “Is that him?” He rushes, eyes wide as he scrambles to his feet.
Hyunki is quick to shuffle behind Yoongi's leg, hands grasping his pant leg just as he had done with his mother earlier. Jimin puts a slow to his steps noticing the kid's actions, pushing an easy smile on his face.
“He's a bit shy,” Yoongi explains, bending to pick his son off of the floor. Holding him to his side. “Look, buddy, see. These are my friends. That's Park Jimin, Jin, and Hobi.” Pointing as he introduces them.
The small boy stares at Jimin from his comfortable position in his dad's arms. Studying the man that stands before him, from his pink hair to his black boots. Then all of a sudden, he's pushing his hand out, smiling big. “I'm Hyunki!”
Jimin laughs, stepping forward to take the small hand into his. He shakes it, watching the way Hyunki's smile grows until it's a spitting image of his dad's gummy smile. “Absolute insanity.” He says with a shake of his head, dropping the little boy's hand before lifting his to ruffle his hair.
“You look exactly like your daddy.”
Hyunki's head is whipping to the side, studying the features of his father's face for a moment before he's turning his attention back to Jimin. “Thank you.” He says with a nod of his head, wiggling as a signal to be let down.
Yoongi does just that, setting him on his feet as he walks further into the room. “How's hanging out with him without Yn?” Speaking in a bit of a whisper, Jimin steps closer to Yoongi to deliver his words.
“It's actually been alright, we went to eat and-,” Yoongi fills his friend in on his time with his son while Hyunki takes deliberate steps across the room. Stopping in front of the couch where Hobi and Jin sit.
Hands propped on his hips, he stares the two of them down. Jin is staring right back with a squint, determined to win this unspoken staring contest while Hobi watches on amused.
“What's up, baby Yoongi?” Hobi is breaking the silent exchange after a few moments pass. Hyunki's eyes shifting from Jin up to Hobi. “Shit, he looks exactly like you. Fucking insane.” Words delivered to Yoongi with wide eyes.
Lowering himself at his computer desk, Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Don't curse in front of the kid. Yn will chop my shit.” Never a blatant discussion had between the two of you, but he figured it was safe to assume that you didn't want your kid with a trucker's mouth.
“You're bad at this,” Jin speaks with a laugh, sitting up from his seat as he offers Hyunki a high-five. He's quickly slapping his hand onto his, a large smile breaking onto his features.
Hyunki is back to exploring the room in an instant, slowly becoming comfortable with his surroundings. His daddy's friends were a lot different than the too big smiling people that he sometimes met when he was out with his Mommy.
They always got too close, voice raising too high when they talked to him. Daddy's friends were different. Calmer. Hyunki liked that. Able to relax like he is when he's with Taetae or Kookie-Hyung, and even Joonie now.
His eyes are widening at the side of the familiar instrument in the corner of his room. Tiny feet carrying him as he rushes to it. “Mister Yoobi, you didn't say you had a pinado!?” He's grinning as he looks back to where Yoongi is sitting.
“Yeah. You want to look at it?” Yoongi is standing long before Hyunki is nodding his head. Making his way out to him and easily lifting him onto the piano bench while scooting beside him.
As soon as he's lifting the cover, Hyunki's fingers are reaching for the keys. His back is straightening and as soon as his fingers begin to move a melodic rhythm fills the studio. It isn't super complex, just a few notes repeating over and over but Yoongi is in awe at the sight of his son effortlessly playing the piano right before his eyes.
“Where did you learn to do that?” Yoongi is asking just as Hyunki finishes his first melody and starting a new one.
With his eyes focused on his fingers, he shrugs a shoulder. “Taetae showed me. But it's easy.” Of course, it'd be easy, do you know who your dad is? The response is fresh on Yoongi's tongue, but he doesn't say anything.
To enthralled at the pure talent of his son. Three years old, able to make a tune. Fingers barely able to reach the flat keys, but he manages with slight effort. He can recognize the song as a nursery rhyme but altered with an original twist. Genius.
“Here, let daddy show you something.” Yoongi is reaching for his son with easy, lifting him from his part of the bench and setting him onto his lap. He brings his own hands to the keys, playing the beginning notes of one of his songs. The last song on his latest album.
Hyunki's eyes are wide as he watches the movement of his dad's finger. An actual song, he can tell. “Did Taetae teach you too?” He's asking, twisting his body so he can get a good look at his face.
A soft laugh lights his features as he shakes his head. “Nope. Daddy taught himself.” The littlest of gasps is leaving Hyunki's lips as he turns to face the keys again. Hands lifting to cover his father's before he's tilting his head back to look at him.
“Teach me too, then.” 
Tumblr media
APRIL 26TH, 2020 | 19:23
As the hours ticked on, Hyunki became more and more comfortable with Yoongi and his friends. He went from playing the piano (halfway learning one of Yoongi's songs) to watching videos on Jimin's phone.
As someone who doesn't usually let anyone touch their phone, Jimin was oddly quick to offer up the device when Hyunki he was complaining that he was bored. Cueing up video after video, with the sole purpose of making the young boy laugh.
From there he was moving on to show off his toy to Hoseok, pulling it apart and quickly putting it back together while he oohed and awed at the display. The two of them were quickly falling into a game of imagine, Hobi making sound effects as they went along.
And before long he was settling beside Jin on the couch, leaning on him as the adults discussed where they'd go for dinner. It had only been one minute since Hyunki whined about being hungry, the snacks that were given to him not cutting it anymore.
“What about you, Mister Hyun? What do you want to eat?” Hyunki perks up at the new attention, finger tapping against his chin as he thinks about the options that he could possibly have.
He doesn't think for long, seeming to have what he wanted picked out before he was even brought into the conversation. “Pizza!” He shouts with a clap of his hands, eyes lifting to find Yoongi who seems to be contemplating the suggestion. “Pizza, Mister Yoobi?” A slight pout taking over his features, brows turned in.
Jimin finds a pizza place pretty quickly on his phone and it's not long before the five of them are filing out of the business and into the cars.
Hours have passed since then. While they were out, Yoongi was struck with a certain bit of inspiration. All the new feelings of spending time with his kid, hanging out with his friends, things finally seeming a bit more clear with you... he's giddy to get back to the studio to work.
“Can Park take me out for ice cream?” Hyunki is asking with the sweetest of smiles, Jimin a few steps behind him flashing a matching convincing grin. Yoongi is nodding his head instantly, laughing at the loud 'Yay!' that leaves both of their lips before they're turning to leave the room – Jin and Hoseok trailing behind them.
Yoongi's sat at his desk when you arrive, your sharp knock pulling him from his musical world. He's pulling the door open a few moments later, his lips lifting into the smile once he's seeing you.
Dressed differently from this morning. Instead of the comfy clothes you had dropped Hyunki off in, you're wearing a dress. One that hugs your body nicely, but still casual enough to be worn with sneakers. And that's not it, you've put on makeup. The whole ordeal, from lashes to lipstick.
And he's seriously fighting the urge to kiss you. Fuck, how long it's been since he's kissed you.
Leaning forward, you poke your head into the booth, searching its emptiness just like you had done in the first room. Turning, your brows furrow as you look up at your ex. “Where's Hyunki?”
“The guys took him out for ice cream.”
You're nodding at his words, lowering yourself onto the couch across from him. The same couch for some reason kept up in the time that passed but still old. It was the only thing you recognized about the studio. His higher status in the company granting him with all these new perks, it seemed.
“You didn't want to go?” Yoongi's settling into the seat across from you at his desk. “I wanted to wait for you.” There's obvious sweetness in his tone and you can't deny the easy effect he has on you.
Even when he's saying something as simple as that. Something so plain. Of course, he'd wait for you, he knew you were on your way. So duh, he'd want to wait for you. That didn't stop the flutter in your heart, though.
“What did you guys do today?” This was weird. Filling the silence with small talk. Footing not quite right between the two of you, still figuring things out between each other. You wanted to focus to be on Hyunki and Hyunki alone, but that didn't take away from the fact of how badly he wanted to touch you.
And not even in the sexual sense. Well, yes in the sexual sense – but that wasn't it. He missed being able to hold your hand, play with your face, wrap his arms around your waist. He just missed you. Even now when you were sitting right in front of him. He still missed you.
But like you said, for Hyunki's sake. “A lot. Took him for lunch and dinner. Hung out around here. I taught him how to play a song on the piano.” The smile that takes over your features sets a stutter in Yoongi's heart.
But he ignores it.
“He's getting real good at that.” Of all the times you found him practicing with Taehyung. Adamant to get every last key correct, annoyed each time he'd mess up, starting over from the top every single time. Just like his dad.
You'd be a fool to say you didn't wish things turned out differently. That you had never left and the two of you could've raised Hyunki together. It was crazy how similar the two of them were and they didn't even know each other.
Imagine if they had. How special that would be.
“You want to hear something I've been working on?” He speaks to fill the silence and you're instantly perking up – nodding your head. One of your favorite things was to hear his unfinished work, he'd always ask you for your opinion and it made you feel that much more connected to him when he was taking your advice.
It's natural, how fast you stand as he's scooting back from the computer desk. Don't even think as you're lowering yourself into his lap before he has the chance to get up for you to sit. Something he had entirely planned on doing.
As soon as your bum is settled on his thigh, you're realizing your mistake. Eyes going wide, but you don't move. You're committed at this point so you're acting as if your heart didn't just enter a hundred-yard sprint and leaning back against his chest.
“Show me.”
Yoongi's hesitant at first. Not sure if he should move or move you, but at the same time not wanting to do anything about it. He finds comfort in having you this close. The smell of your sweet shampoo tickling his nostrils. You haven't changed it. You didn't seem to have a problem with this, so why should he? Right?
Why should he? So he's lifting his arm to wrap around your waist with swiftness, pulling your body tighter against his as he reaches for the headphones that lay on his desk. He's securing them on your head with one hand, not willing to unwrap his arm from around you to use both.
“It's only half-finished, but be honest.”
There aren't any words. But you can already tell it's much different from the type of music he's usually putting out. Brighter. Instead of the heavy notes he usually uses, this one sounds more fun? 
Something that could potentially be sung along to. Was he planning on singing? The beat shifts and you assume that's where the chorus would be. More bass is added to the sound. Was he going to dance too?
This was so different, but you liked it. Like a lot. Excited to see what he'd do with this since the poppy tune was so unlike him. The beat slows toward the end and even though he isn't listening, he's perking up when it's fading out.
Watching you expectantly, almost nervously as he waits for your input. He too noticed the different approach he had when creating this beat. Determined to try something new, detached from the last two albums he released. Something to stand on his own, that would make fans go: Oh, he can do that too?
“It's really good.” You say first to ease his worries. “Like scary good, you know? It's not what you expect when you turn on Agust D... but I don't know? I like it.” The corners of his lips lift at your praise, you could literally see the nervousness melting away.
It's only gone for a moment before worry is striking his brow again. Teeth tugging at his lower lip gently. “You're not just saying that, right? You think people will like it?” You can't help the smile that breaks onto your features at his words, hand instantly reaching forward to grasp his chin.
Like you've done a million times before. Something you'd began to do to Hyunki too when he was feeling some type of way. Yoongi's lips pucker from the push of your hand, eyes widening as you lean in – almost certain that you're going to kiss him. But you don't, well not exactly. Your lips are finding his forehead, landing two short kisses to his skin.
“You're so serious.” You mumble, not thinking much of it.
If this were three years ago, it wouldn't be a big deal. Sort of your catch phrase when he was stressing himself out about things he didn't have to worry about. Things that were out of his control. It's only after you're seeing the way he's looking at you do you realize it's not three years ago.
Ready to throw caution to the wind, not a care in the world. Just you. In his arms, putting his lips on him. He didn't care where. After so long without your touch, he'd settle for anything at this point.
Obviously too comfortable in this space, on his lap, things started to feel familiar and you acted out of turn. Inappropriate. You were the one that asked not to pursue anything, so what were you doing?
An apology fresh on your tongue, as you pull your body from his grasp. Ready to assure him that you were caught up and that that... that was just a slight relapse. The words don't leave your lips, though – because the door is bursting open and loud laughter is instantly filling the room.
“Mommy! You came back for me!” Hyunki is yelling over the ruckus, climbing out of Jin's grasp and bolting in your direction.
A forced laugh leaves your lips, the awkward tension taking a while longer to dissipate, you lower yourself to scoop Hyunki off of the floor. “Of course, I'd come back for you, baby. Did you have fun with daddy, today?”
“I had two slices of cheesecake and ice cream!” The amount of sweets not something you'd usually root for, but you hold back on chastises either of them. Still stunned from how you acted, how you almost acted.
“That's good, baby. I'm so happy for you. Why don't you give daddy hugs, we gotta go get ready for bed.” Hyunki's nodding at your words, climbing from your arms to Yoongi's outstretched ones.
He sets his cheek on his chest, small arms wrapping around him as he squeezes. Yoongi's slow at lifting his arms, holding his kid close once he finally does. “I'll see you tomorrow, okay, buddy?”
Hyunki nods with a smile, turning his attention to the boys that have sprawled around the room. “You guys can come see me tomorrow too!” He shouts and much to your surprise, Jimin is the first to agree.
Taking his time to say goodbye to everyone and you wait patiently until he's saying he's ready to go. He's leading you out of the room as if he owns the place. As if he's been there a million times and you're the one that needs the guide.
Yoongi watches as you go, a measly smile offered in his direction before you're turning the corner. Despite not being able to see you anymore, he didn't look away. Still trying to wrap his head around what just happened.
You had kissed him. On the forehead, yeah. Seemed like a high-five in comparison to all you've done before. But it was something. Something after nothing in years. And now he was determined. More ready than before to fix things with you.
More than ready to be a family.
Tumblr media
— when the love of his life suddenly vanishes, he drives himself mad looking for her. seemingly erased from the world, he’s forced to pick up the pieces of his life and move on… fast forward three years and someone who looks a lot like the woman he lost is being spotted, holding a kid with an oddly familiar gummy smile…
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my-archerboy · 9 months ago
The Eldest Curses First Read
#2: The Lost Book of the White 
I have no idea what the Jude 1:6 quote means but i am already emotions 
Oh man, are we gonna read about Ragnor’s “death”?
“Valentine Morgenstern was working very hard to start the war he wanted, and Magnus was so much more wrapped up in it than he would have wished. There was this boy, though, with these very hard-to-describe blue eyes.” 
Tumblr media
“You have crazy eyes.” 😂
sub specie aeternitatis ayyye love me some latin 
oh so Magnus knows about the death faking...did we know that he knew that??
ok this sounds really bad, especially if Magnus is worried. no wonder he faked his own death 
Magnus: We could have a code word Ragnor: I will tell a story in Czech Magnus: ...ok maybe no code word  😂😂😂
oof i am feel bad for Magnus 🥺
“For the last week, somebody had been prodding and testing the magical wards protecting his apartment. Now it seemed they had decided to prod more directly.” um...big yikes! 😳
Alec, why are you climbing through the window?? Do you want to get blasted by magical rays?? Cuz that’s what happens when you climb through windows, ya kook! 
“’Let me help you with the rest of that,’ Magnus murmured as Alec finished unbuttoning the shirt, and Alec gave him a real smile, his blue eyes warm, and Magnus felt a wave of love thrum through him. Three years in, he still felt as strongly as ever for Alec. More so every day. Still. He marveled at it.” 🥰🥰🥰
Alec calling Magnus’s pjs “plenty sexy” is my aesthetic 
wtf Shinyun is here already??
I knew Ragnor would have Max 😒
ok so Magnus doesn’t realize Ragnor is under mind control or something and it’s making me very anxious 
Shinyun: I serve the greatest demon! magnus: capitalism?  (where is the lie??)
If it’s Sammael, does that mean no Asmodaddy?
Tumblr media
Alec shooting arrows with nothing on but a towel! 😂
also, more cockblocking? really??
“while magnus returned max to bed, alec went to put some clothes on...” Damn 😔
OMG if they start fighting about magnus lying again, istg i am throwing this book! 😩
“’I had to hold it together,’ said Magnus. ‘I had to. I had no other option. So i did. Otherwise i would be very shaken up right now.’” 🥺
Magnus seems way too nonchalant about all this, which is very magnus, but also very concerning
Alec: how does it feel to kiss an active rune? Magnus: there’s a little scent of heavenly fire, but otherwise it’s nice  (i can’t with them!)
ok but why does magnus have so many maps? 
Magnus: I have help. i have you Alec: i will do everything in my power, and there are lots of things we can do just us Magnus: some of my favorite things *waggles eyebrows* 🤣
“He gave Alec an incredulous look that he knew well by now, as it was a look that he gave Magnus too. It was a look that said, How is this our life? How is it so strange, and difficult, and exhausting, and wonderful?”
what kind of creepy ass dream??
All of us aka the TMI gang! 
“When he entered the room . . . he found Alec, arms folded, looking long-suffering.” why do i feel like this is Alec’s default look? 😭
simon has lived 100 lifetimes in like 5 years, poor guy ☹️
and poor George! 😩
Jace: I thought you were changing? Magnus: I did change J: you’re still wearing a robe M: i was wearing a yukata. now i’m wearing a dressing gown J: well, they both look like robes  (children! 😂)
Clary: why do you have cat eyes? Magnus: why do you not have cat eyes? (yeah, clary, jeez 🙄)
ok, i’m starting to get a bad feeling about Magnus feeling “fine” both now and clary’s crazy dream 
“. . . Magnus, uneasy for the first time since the morning, went to find Alec and their son and hold them close for a moment. Just to warm himself up.” 
Tumblr media
“Magnus would estimate that a good half of the ‘High Warlocks’ in the world today had appointed themselves to the position.” why am i not the least bit surprised by this? 
tbh, a 15% nuisance fee is pretty cheap considering how the Lightwoods treated Magnus while they were in the Circle
Alec: we should just go find my mother Magnus: how do you propose to find her? A: ah, the institute has a very old magic woven into its walls. i shall now use it to commute with my mother, wherever she might be found.  A: MOOOOOOOOOOM! (what an absolute dork! 😂)
Alec, you are too humble and you should be proud of the DSA
Aw man, we’re having some Parabatai feels up in here
“It was strange to have created a new language between himself and Magnus, one that was just for their family.” I’m love them! 
Maia is so cute! 🥰
“Alec had always secretly found Magnus to be at his absolute most handsome in a suit and was pleased that his boyfriend had gone in that direction.” I don't think it’s a secret lol
Isabelle, you’re like 20 🙄 hardly a grown up
“the dexterity with which [Magnus] went through the gestures and words that made up the Portal summoning was a beautiful thing to behold, a reminder that Alec not only loved Magnus but also continued to admire so much about him.” 
Jace “googling” but not actually googling Svefnthorn 😂
“The Celestial Palace is that greatest of things: A bookstore.” where is the lie??
I do not like reading “where is Magnus?” from Alec ☹️
“Even if the danger of a Prince of Hell loomed in the future, Alec would abandon everything else and go after Magnus first, wherever he might be.” 🥰
these little parabatai teasers give me life! 😭
“’Is it all right? For two men to kiss in a crowded street in Shanghai? I don’t know if i’d kiss you that way in Times Square.’” babie 🥺
Tumblr media
How come magnus still remembers Mandarin after 20 years, but i immediately forget a language after 5 minutes of nonuse? 
why do i have a feeling that whatever is going on with simon has nothing to do with stop-and-go traffic?
did i just understand a narnia reference despite never having read the books??
“He had largely found nostalgia to be a dangerous drug well kept away from--otherwise he would spend too much of his time nostalgic for when Mantattan still had farmland, or for the court of the Sun King, or for the days when Coca-Cola had drugs in it.” 😂
“[Alec] bit Magnus gently on the lower lip and drew away.” I am convinced Alec was a vampire in a past life 
more kissing, and i am waiting for another interruption 
“Alec reached for Magnus’s shirt buttons and started to undo them. Magnus focused on distracting Alec while Alec tried to concentrate on fine motor movements. Normally this led to a frustrated tearing off of the shirt, with buttons flying everywhere, which Magnus always enjoyed.” well that’s good cuz Alec has ruined quite a few of his shirts that way 😂
no interruption?? i can’t believe it! 
OOF GOODNESS *fans self* 
“’We’re still us,’ Alec whispered to Magnus, and Magnus felt a wave of love and desire go through him, fervent desire. They loved Max, they loved him more than life itself, but it was also true: they were still them. ‘To always being us,’ Magnus murmured, and pulled Alec down onto the bed with him.” 
maybe it’s just me, but i would be immediately wary of anything Shinyun brought to eat
Magnus, whyyyy are you so trusting?? 😩
“if you aren't wounded a third time, the thorn will burn you from the inside out. you’ll be consumed by its flame. only by accepting Sammael into your heart can you avoid death.” why am i not surprised by this revelation? 🙄
I too would like to visit the maui institute 
“the pagoda was beautiful, but the crush of mundane tourists suddenly felt oppressive.” why it’s not as cool as it sounds to visit attractions
Alec: we’re not here to interfere with the way you do your Shadowhunting Tian: do you say that in english? ‘shadowhunting?’ isabelle: no, no one says that Alec: well, maybe we should start (it’s ok alec, i say shadowhunting too lol) 
isabelle sticking her tongue out at alec - i thought y'all were “adults”? 😂
“’Do you think there might be somewhere i could lie down for a minute?’ Alec was at Magnus’s side in under a second, his arm around him, letting Magnus lean on him hard. Magnus was pale, his breathing short.” 
Tumblr media
Jem! 😊
“Jem’s expression turned serious. ‘Tessa is not with me and no, it’s not a coincidence that i’m here.’” why is everyone so ominous??
Nooo why is shinyun after tessa??
tessa is an eldest curse? did i know that? did we know that??
I, for one, am all for dioramas to explain things 
I am almost certain the gang is going to end up in Diyu
“Alec kissed him, hard and fierce, as if to prove to himself that Magnus was okay. Magnus returned the kiss, and Alec could feel some tension leave his body as he did.” 
Magnus: I do love rumors and innuendos 😂
All right, Magnus is done conversing. He wants, no needs, some Alec time
“As soon as the bedroom door was closed, Magnus turned and pushed Alec against it, hard.” CALLED IT. also, does the thorn make you super horny??
“Magnus thought with amusement of the first time Alec had torn his shirt open, early in their relationship. He always remembered Alec’s adorable look of surprise, as if he hadn’t been able to believe he’d ripped someone’s shirt off.” ALEC HAS A SHIRT RIPPING KINK 
This fucking wound, man, i swear! 🤦🏻‍♀️
“The strength of Alec’s love humbled him and lifted him up like a wave; he let the wave carry him toward Alec, toward their bed together, toward their interlocked hands as they moved in unison, stifling their cries against each other’s lips.” *screams in malec*
“the moon poured creamy light through the window.” i don’t think i’ve ever heard of light be described as “creamy” 😂
ohhhh man are we ‘bout to have some parabatai time??
“before he could escape, Alec had grabbed [Jace] in a hug, and jace, grateful as Alec had expected, hugged him back.” 
Tumblr media
i don’t think any of us are surprised Kadir is answering Maryse’s phone 😏
omg the whole scene of Alec talking to Maryse about Max! 😂 (also what is that weird ass book about the mouse?? is that real?)
omg not another dream! 
I feel bad for Magnus “constantly putting on a brave face” Bane 🥺
“Bone-white daddy long legs the size of a large watermelon” WTF NO 
wait wait, magnus intentionally chose blue for his magic?? oof i am emo! 
“At that moment, Alec appeared, wearing what for him were going-out clothes: gray jeans, a many-times-washed blue t-shirt that matched his eyes, and a pin-striped gray-and-white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows.” I approve of this outfit 👌🏼
does magnus being hungry right after breakfast mean the wound is consuming him or something? 
The fact that CC made it a point to say that Alec trusted Tian makes me think that he is not to be trusted, descendent of Jem or not
Tian: you like chicken feet? Jace: i like everything  (liar!) 
Ahhhh poor Alec
Alec: we have a very annoying blood sommelier to meet with Clary: and the bookstore. do not forget the bookstore  (never forget the bookstore 🖤)
y'all what hell dimension did you walk through??
i really think simon should have his own t-shirt shop
*raises hand* um....can I have a cardboard standee of Alec?
“Magnus,” said Alec slowly, “do you think maybe i have brain damage?” OMG I LEGIT CHOKED 
Magnus: I’m very big with weirdos. They all think i love them  (aw, muffin) 
werewolf: *in mandarin* get a room, cute boys! Alec: *waving cheerfully* what did he say?
is the Celestial Palace an actual place? because i would like to go please
“thus ever to book thieves.” sic semper fures liber? 
Jace: do you want me to translate for you? magnus: of course you can read old norse runes J: i’m a man of many talents. also, my dad was an abusive taskmaster M: fair point 
“Why had he never brought Alec here just for a visit? if his friends weren’t in danger, he would’ve drawn Alec down to dance by the glowing river’s edge, teaching him the words and the tune. Instead, the one with chains had to arm himself.” 🥺
magnus really has no qualms about disrobing in public! 😂
“[Alec] held Black Impermanence before him, and he understood beyond any doubt that only he could wield it. only he could make the judgement, if it came to it. if magnus was overcome by the thorn, by Sammael.” I’m sorry, what??
what a surprise! tian is suddenly gone 😒
it is both funny and adorable that Alec, a shadowhunter warrior, refuses to deal with even tiny spiders 
i am feel bad for magnus 😭
ok wtf? where is simon??
elyaas: we were roommates!  alec: *has brain aneurysm* 
elyaas: so you’re the famous alec hmm alec: what? elyaas: nothing. i just thought you’d be better looking Jace: *snerk*
how convenient that tian suddenly shows up in hell. me: is suspicion 
Isabelle?? what? no! where are you going?? aaaand i’m crying 
“[Clary’s] face showed the streaks of tears, but like alec, she had mastered her emotions. Shadowhunters were good at that.” bleh! 😖
Magnus: my boyfriend is very clever  (hell yeah he is!)
Tian seems to know an awful lot about Diyu. I am still suspicion 
“Clary’s right and Jace is right. I’m your partner. They’re your friends. we’ve followed you into Hell before, and we’re doing it again, and we would do it a third time.” 
Tumblr media
Alec: *kissing magnus* Jace: not the time!  Alec: always the time (i literally said that in my head before i read it 😂)
uh oh, beef between the warlocks 😬
so sammael is just like....a white dude?
oooo kay, sammael is a little crazy 
fucking tian! i knew this guy was a fraud! 😤
oh shiiiit, magnus just went off! 😆
“[Alec] was having a difficult time thinking of an occasion where Magnus had been hotter” 😂
Clary: reverse weapons: you stab someone with them and they feel better  (ok but that would be awesome)
Hell of Being Pecked to Death by Ducks honestly sounds like a horrible way to spend eternity 
man, simon has the worst luck 
Simon... 😥
Where the hell is Isabelle?? Izzy, come save the day! damn! 
sammael just yeeted the fuck out of there like a coward! 
wait so tian is on their side? 
i didn’t realize the Cohort was already a thing at this point (or did i? 🤔)
you dug yourself a huge hole, tian 😐
simon causing isabelle to blush is 🥰
i don't understand why sammael doesn’t just kill all of them and take magnus 
Jace: there’s something about a tiny girl with a gigantic sword 😂
ok simon is acting very weird. is he possessed? did sammael possess him??
ohhhh i bet this has something to do with george ☹️
isabelle called simon “my love” ! 😭
jace: it’s like seeing the two of us. strength and beauty, perfect harmony. skill and intuition, exactly matched alec: are you strength or beauty? jace: i think we all know the answer to that 
alec: cozy. do you think you could summon some comfy blankets? magnus: from where, exactly? i got the rice and water from offerings to the dead, but the pickings are slim down here for luxury items alec: the...hell of comfy blankets?  (dork! 😆)
ok, the thorn definitely makes you horny 
“[Magnus] slid his hand down and did a thing he knew Alec liked.” WHOA WHOA WHOA 🙈
I’m sorry, but CC putting this quote “you’re my heart, magnus bane. stay unbroken for me” in the same paragraph as magnus doing “that thing he knew alec liked” is making me lol sooo hard 😂
magnus noooo where are you going? and why by yourself??
magnus, you are not making good decisions right now, buddy 
magnus: now what? catarina: now what? this is your rescue! 
aw, i’m love the friendship among ragnor, cat, and magnus 🥰
wow, shinyun really missed the point of alec letting her go. kudos
so...the swords are gone which means no using them to save magnus? ☹️
shinyun has complicated feelings where magnus is concerned...hmm
magnus just told ragnor about raphael and i am emotions! 😭
Magnus: i’m going to marry alec, you know ragnor: when? magnus: i don’t know. not yet. the Shadowhunters wouldn’t acknowledge it, but we’re hoping that will change ragnor: how would it change? magnus: because we’ll change it  (you tell him!)
oh ho of course they need the swords 😭
magnus, how many times does alec have to tell you that he wants to be with you together when you’re in danger? you dense mofo 
jesus, please don’t tell sammael you think he talks like a gameshow host, alec 😳
i will never understand villains telling the good guys all their plans instead of outright killing them. is it because they like to hear themselves talk?
there is no one at least one of them wouldn’t be barfing from spinning around like that 
it is never good when princes of hell refer to things as “funsies” 
whoa ok we’re starting to see the demon side of sammael now 😬
is shinyun becoming a demon or something?
i don’t get why sammael sent all the shadowhunters to the lake of fire except alec  
Tumblr media
yeah, no, that...that would not be fun 
“Michael” alec said, and as the sword blazed up with holy flame, sammael visibly flinched at the sound of the archangel’s name. magnus felt a wave of pride. not everyone could diss a prince of hell so artfully.” HAHA YAAAS 🙌🏻
Tumblr media
“And with a gentle motion, he tore it from the tendrils of magnus’s own magic that held it in place, the magic he knew, blue and cool and beloved.” 🥰💙
magnus to shinyun: 
Tumblr media
i knew she was becoming a demon 
cut to sammael, yeeting himself out again like a coward 
alec called magnus my love again! i can’t with these two! 
“Alec’s eyes were open, and reflected in that midnight blue, Magnus saw a gleam of gold. His own eyes, watching Alec in return.” 
aww alec is a proud papa for jace 🥰
“but you used your sumptuous brain and you’re all ok! Take that, pessimism guy!” 😂
“and when the portal opened, he was relieved to see it glow a familiar, cheering blue.” YAAAAS THE BLUE IS BACK 🙌🏻💙
so sammael and shinyun are both just...gone, which means one, if not both, of them will be back for tbvotd 🙃
“the cold peace won’t last forever. we’ll keep working to make the clave see reason to bring it to an end.” alec lightwood, gettin shit done 
“first of all, i’m not going to take naming advice from somebody who could’ve chosen any name in the world and went with ‘magnus bane.’” 😂
Jace: we went to isabelle’s room, but they seemed to be, uh, busy. alec: that’s my sister. i didn't need to know that clary: at least you didn’t have to hear it  jace: i guess simon has realized that rather than dwelling on life’s uncertainties, you should spend quality time with the people you love  alec: dear god, i am removing myself and my baby from this conversation 
magnus wearing alec’s sweater is my aesthetic 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
all the princes of hell conversing in one place? nope, nothing wrong with that 🙃
sammael: recently, as some of you surely know, the love of my life . . . Lilith, was killed by humans on earth. it has destroyed me. i grieve with a grief to make stars collapse azazel: *rolls eyes* sammael: i see that, azazel!
ok, this is going to be fun, not bad at all 🙃🙃🙃
and that’s it! wow, that was longer than i thought it would be 😅 final verdict? 
Tumblr media
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kloud1542 · 9 months ago
Mental Disability Case and my Lawyer hates me, can I win my case? via /r/disability
Mental Disability Case and my Lawyer hates me, can I win my case?
Thank you for reading this and any feedback is helpful. If your feedback helps enough I might send you a little $ for helping me.
TL;DR My lawyer was incredibly rude to me, I don't know if I'm going to get disability with him (or at all) and at this point im trying to figure out if I should get a new lawyer and how I should go about it. Now the fact that I sold some nude pictures/ videos is going to come up in court.
So I have had Depression, ADD and anxiety all my life, becoming very evident when I was 12 or 13, and I've had varying levels of success keeping a job since, but my ability to work has slowly declined over the years, along with my depression. I was also recently diagnosed with PTSD. I've had a lot of trauma happen in my life and used opiates to cope instead of healthy mechanisms, I'm 5 years of opiates now but still smoke a little weed (this is not a state where it's legalized). I have panic attacks, suicide attempts and have never lived without being supported by someone. After the second suicide incident a social worker said I needed to go on disability, but I didn't listen. Things got better for a while, I quit opiates and was able to work a decent job 4 days a week, and everything was ok for the first few months, then like all my other jobs, I became anxious to work, anxious about getting enough sleep the night before to be able to function, started missing days and basically I quit before I got fired. I tried working less, working 3 days a week, then only 2 days until I was so miserable I was willing to die rather than keep my life the way it was. And it's not just working, it's the things that all adults have to do, like going to the doctor, going to the dmv, going grocery shopping, going to the bank. My mom also got tired of supporting me and since I had a pattern of not being able to hold down a job (and she's not going to live forever) she told me I should go on disability. And I want to now.
I go to my local SSA building and had no idea what I was supposed to do. I didn't have a resume with me and couldn't remember every job ive had, the dates and rate of pay for the last 7 or so years. And I didn't know when to put the disability started since I've had it my whole life, so the lady helping me put down when I went from working 3 days a week down to 2.
Obviously my first attempt got denied, so I hired "the best" local lawyer who used to even be on the city counsel. I told him about my confusion when applying, he said we could fix it, my case would be hard because im only 31 and had finished high school but he could do it, might take 2 and a half years. I accepted that. He was a little condescending but I thought it was just because he was busy and he has lots of clients. This was in January.
Flash forward to August, my hearing is Tuesday. I didn't hear ANYTHING from my lawyer until a week ago for the pre hearing meeting. I have some good stuff going for me, but he told me I had more bad things that would keep me from getting disability than any client he's ever worked with. I did drugs, I smoked weed, I failed a few drug tests at the beginning of getting off opiates due to relapse, I smoke cigarettes. While he's going over all this stuff, he keeps telling me these are "indications of a bad person" and im sure he meant "in the judge's eyes/on paper/to a court" but that's not what he said. He said im a bad person. That's just for starters. He told me when I was working 3 days a week I still made too much in a quarterly earning period to be able to get disability. So we changed the onset date to when i went down to 2 days a week. I asked him why we didn't do that already, understanding i had no idea what i was doing when i filed, his response was he was just trying to help me with my case and i guess it made him mad. After admitting i smoke weed once in a while he told me to try to cut down my smoking and just own it and my past drug use. Fair, I can do that.
So im following along with him in this pamphlet and it comes to the questionnaire about my abilities/ functions. The first one was filled out by my mom, the second filled out by me. I don't know if he mentioned we were skipping my mom's part and I missed it, or if he didn't even mention it, but I'm looking at the next item, my mom's form, and he's looking at my form. (This is all over the phone because corona virus) He asked me why I put that I 'talked to my friend everyday', and of course since I was looking at the wrong paper, I didn't see that and told him I couldn't follow what he was saying, the pages I was looking at were filled out by my mom. He says i was supposed to fill it out, got mad and asked if i recognized my own handwriting, either it was mine or someone else's, and i told him it was my mom's handwriting, so he asked ridiculously if I was saying my mom committed perjury. I said I didn't think so, maybe she just filled out a form I was supposed to on accident, then the lawyer realized I was on the wrong page. He told me I was on the wrong page in a very rude voice and asked id I was high right now talking to him! No, I wasn't, I was just confused and on the wrong page! He kept mentioning the time, I knew he had another client appointment coming up and I understand that, but he basically just breezed through the rest of my papers and "problems" and told me to memorize a good answer, not even telling me what to say or how to word it. It was very obvious by the end of the call he was frustrated with me and wasn't sure he could win my case. I decided to stick with him because my doctor's office has a policy not to fill out disability paperwork, so I know I'll probably not get it this time, but I do plan to get another doctor that will go on record judging if I need disability or not.
Here's the thing, I have all these doctors records for years and years because I HAVE been trying to get better, and it's not working. And most of the 'bad' stuff was well before the date I put down as when the disability started, and it's still being used against me. Ive been off opiates for over 5 years now! I understand that since I released the records, anything on them can be used in the court now. It was a rude awakening. Like, why is everything ive ever done bad being used against me, but not the good things? And I thought all the therapist/counseling records would say that ive been to counseling, not every single note written down was going to be seen.
That leads to my last, and I think biggest problem. Obviously I haven't been able to work and ive needed money over the last few months. I was not in a good place mentally when I decided to try this. Men constantly sexually harass me, and one offered to pay for nude photos of me, so I sold them to him. Men have always controlled my sexuality, but for the first time I had actually gotten something out of it (money I really needed) and I felt like I was in control. I ended up doing the premium snapchat thing for about 2 months, none of the sites that take your information, all under the table stuff. I happened to mention this to the therapist im seeing now back when it was happening (around March and may) because I want to be able to be honest and get better. She wrote it in her notes. I hadn't included my therapist in medical records I had released before, but as part of the pre-hearing meeting with my lawyer he encouraged me to release those records too, to show that I'm in therapy. I did release the records, not realizing at the time that all notes would be there, including the three ones about me making $1000 in two months doing the nude snapchats. I couldn't even continue doing the snapchat work because that's what it becomes- work. It's just like any job, people expect you to do certain things at certain times, "clients" expect you to be available everyday. The panic attacks became more frequent because of this anxiety of responsibility and expectation. My social battery got drained extremely quickly, just like with other jobs, and I started getting impatient, snapping at people, and just not participating in general. So I quit after 2 months. But all this is going to be on my released records.
So my big questions are these: is the fact that I sold nude pics/ videos going to hurt me? What about the fact I made $1000? (There's no way they can prove any of this, I just talked to my therapist about it and she may have put down in the notes how much made, i don't know). Are all lawyers like this? I thought they were supposed to defend you and help you with the judge, not just leave you to figure out the answers on your own. Would I be better off just doing away with this case and getting a new lawyer, starting from scratch with the things I know now and not releasing certain medical records? Should I stop the hearing that's literally 3 days from now? Once it's been said in court that I did the snapchat stuff, is that out there forever; meaning if I start over with a new case and new lawyer (but not releasing my current therapy records) that information can still be used against me?
Thank you so much for reading, please let me know what I can do and how this works... the first person to give me a comprehensive answer (must be a lawyer or at least know the rules and specifics Betty well) I'll send $10 to as long as you answer my follow up questions and you have PayPal/cashapp/venmo. Please help me, I only have enough money to last for another 2 years before im going to have to give up on disability, and then I don't know what will happen to me. My mom and grandma can't take care of me the rest of their lives and I can't go back to work. Please no rude comments or telling me I should suck it up and work or try voc rehab. Thank you
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uwuowotf2ismylife · 10 months ago
The mercs with an s/o who is on the autism spectrum? If you want to
 as a person with diagnosed autism( ASD that later changed to SCD but concidering my countrys lack of proper diagnosis and non-existant support when i was growing up, im not sure,it might was a result of chronic abuse or i was a really weird kid) its my duty to answer this ask,
always know that you are perfect with all your imperfections 
just because maybe your brain is wired different it doest make you less of a person
you are poetry
-my boy has adhd ( probably undiagnosed until he was examined by Medic) so you two might have a little problem at the begining.
-he might be the closest to a jack russel in human form, but he cares about you and is willing to sit down and do his research so he can understand you and your struggles. He isn’t a hypocrite, he is a hyperenergetic bundle of daddy issues and is sure he will annoy you from time to time, he annoys pretty much everyone except his mom on rare occasion, he is a hanfull and he knows that years now. But he also has come to understand that everyone has struggles and little things that make them more special than others.
-if you have problems with communication , he’ll be your mouth .Problems with sensory overstimulation? he will escort you to the safest place and hug you tighter than he thought hes capable of. People mistreating or bullying/insult you? the bat is in his hands and his ready to hit home runs on their balls. You might not be the perfect couple, you will struggle like every couple and have fights and arguments, but he is ready to phase every difficulty that comes on your way. He loves you and he is here for the ride even if its bumpy.
-( I and i think a big part of the community claim he is actually autistic) Probably the most tricky of the mercs, since at one side he might completely relate/understand you and the relationship go smoother than soft butter on bread, or he might have problems communicating the relationship problems with you.
-as all relationships you two must sit down and communicate your problems. Believe me he isn’t mentally retarded ( a horrible misconsumption ive seen being thrown around), yes he is stubborn and can’t read social cues to save his life, but he is a loyal beefcake with a golden heart hardened by a lifitime of war. He knows he isn’t the perfect man, he has nightmares and panic attacks on the regualr after so much trauma in his life. But he also knows that if he S/O needs him, it doesnt matter if its a small or big thing, he is ready to go through hell and back to make them happier or more comfortable 
-you can’t stand loud noises? copy that privet, he will stop yelling/ screaming around you. Certain things make you uncomfortable/ anxious? hes at your side and he is ready to snap have his heart and his adoration, he ain’t a coward or a pansy, you’ll win over any challenge that comes your way like the absolute unit you are and he is there to assist
-fresh from the start they can recognise you have autism, i lowkey think they might be ( actually in young adults asd and mild schizophrenia can be mixed and confused by not good qualified doctors, its been years since i read that study so correct me if im wrong) or have really good gut insticts. Either way, they know you are struggling and trie in subtle ways to help you
-did an important call without stuttering? hug and smooch on the crown of your head, completed all your work/homework? they will cover you in stickers and cuddle you in their pillowfort, stood up for yourself? my girl theyll make a huge cupcake tray and youll two will eat while watching sappy disney films
- you won’t struggle as much, i see them as more easy going than other members of the team. But they also have big issues that may create problems in the relationship that you both need  to work on. They are more than a handfull and they aren’t unaware of it, they spended years locked inside their own head doing god-knows how vile and harming things to their mentality and body, they can’t believe they are alive and they wake up every day next to the most beautifull human being they have come across their lif, ( Y/n). You will bond slow but strong , you are their sunshine and theyll make sure their sunshine shines no matter what they have to do
( lowkey i think is canon he has some form of high-functioning autism, just hide its behind the southern warm and soft hospitality)
- when you confess, he hugs you ( a big thing coming from him since i dont consider him a touchy fella)  and returns the confession that he is too. He knows each person experiences different so he won’t press you for explanations or description of what you have is excactly. He just assures whatever happens, he is there to help you with
- doesn’t really change how he views you, but he takes the initiative for things like talking to strangers, calling to order or things that you struggle with, but he doesnt baby you. You are an adult person and will be treated as that, even if sometimes he feels he needs to “help” or “protect” you
-one of the most  easy going of the mercs, but his work is his priority so there will be long arguments about it. He understands your frustation, but he is a workaholic years now before you came in his life and can’t bring himself to change that. His work is his routine, the only comfort he knows and the only place that accepted him for who he is. But, he will be more elastic and have more breaks/ days off even if it means the project will be finished an hour or two later, unless it has an urgent deadline. He knows he can be very cold and emotionless, he is an engineer, not a spy for that reason. Furthermore he has his own times when he is stubborns or has an anger explosion because something broke/didnt meet his expectations or got way too invested into something that turned to be worthless/ uselless so he isn’t the one to judge if you are in a sour mood or you have your own “ explosion”. After all said and done, late at night when you are both alonein his workshop he will just cradle you in his arms and make a silence promise to always be there for you through thin and thick ( as we say to go through 40 waves and 40 more ) because you are something that no machine or creation can emulate or recreate, you are ( Y/N) and you are the love of his life.
-arguably one of the three more knowledgable of the mercs in the topic of mental health department. Being raised in an orphanage i doubt he didnt had at least a dozen other kids who had from high to moderate to severe autism ( during the 20th century it wasnt uncommon for people with autism to be thought less human or that the family of said people couldn’t provide for them in severe cases so theyd be dropped on orphanages and psychiatric hospitals)., so he has some first hand experiene with what autism is. It isn’t something for him in all honesty, after so much trauma and hardship in his life he is at peace that peopleare different and their brains are rarely wired the same
-he also know he isn’t ideal, he acts really stupid when he is drunk and his alcohol consumption alone is a very big problem for any relationship he ever had in his life and i doubt he is the image of psychological perfection, but he also knows that if you are willing to keep him around you have seen him wasted out of his mind, he is more than willing to put up with anyof your quirks or difficulties.
-you want to stim? go ahead he’ll leave the room/the house so you can stim to your hearts content, you want to stay? sure thing lass, hell sit in a corner and drink a bit while you have your thing. Work/ school/ home life is stress full and you are in the verge of a breakdown? he has already wrapped you like a burrito and he is holding you while you cry/vent, you dont want to be touched at that moment? hell take you to an open field and you can blow things up to get all those feelings out of you. He isn’t ideal, he is at peace with that, but now that you appeared in his life, you became the apple of his eye. He’ll cherish you and protect you both as body but as a mind and a soul for whatever shit life throws at you, he was never one to back down a challenge.
-due to the language barrier and his nature as a quiet man it’ll take him some time. If you bring it up he’ll simply nod and run to Medic or Spy for translation. He isn’t shy to do a doctors worth of research so he knows what he has to deal with, he knows his english is broken and would prefer to have a migraine over the amount of books hes read than make you feel uncomfortable. Probably will ask advice from Medic ( the most qualified on the team) untill hes satisfied he knows enough.
-probably the sanest of the mercs, but he isn’t perfection. He had to endure famine and death from very early in his life, always be the stone his family anchored on and most people on his life, so he has his own big problems. At one side he is used to so many things, he is somewhat indiferent. You aren’t harming anyone nor its life threatening, so it doesnt really change what he feels about you. All people have flaws, noones perfect and if they do think they are perfect, they are very, very wrong. I won’t lie to you, some times hell get confuse with your behavior or will get tired of being the “ anchor” of the relationship, but he will never admit it. He survived the Gulags and years in Siberia, this is nothing but a walk in the park for him. He isn’t a fuckboy, he doesn’t want you just for some fuck and then hell forget you exist, he is much more sentimental than he appears to be. He beginned this with you because he sees you more than a body, he sees you as someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with even if itll be a challenge, he was never a quiter and he wont be now.
- don’t expect much communication help from him, unless its in russian. But whenever you feel the tiniest bit of self-doubt or anxiety his arms are open to embrace and warm you with  his love. He might was raised among anarchy and war, but he is a gentle giant with a heart bigger than Russia herself. He knows you two will struggle especially on the communication domain but he is willing  to do what it takes to make your life easier/ less challenging. He came here to stay, only if you allow him 
-Arguably the most medically qualified of the mercs, but considering the era of his studies hes at least rusty on modern terminology and general understanding of what autism is. Nontheless his a doctor ( with or without a medical license) and i doubt he ever followed the rules of ethical and unethical medicine. He is a healer primeraly and he can’t claim to be the most mentaly stable of the team.
-he might be many things, he knows hes at least crazy by normal standards and has made extremely questionable choices in his life,but he cares for the people he is close to, lovers and collagues alike. He won’t try to ‘change’or ‘medicate’ you; unless you specifically ask him for, like yes he has defied any sort of ethical medicine and has played god many times in his life, but he knows that if he changes you, you won’t be ‘you’. You will be you still, but nothing more than a lobotomized version of yourself and he fears that. Let’s be real, he probably choosed you because you are a smart individual ( that includes both street and book smarts alike) so if he “killed” your smart he would essentially kill you and this doesnt sit well with him.
-feeling down? no worries, the doctor is here ( afterhe finis hes re-connecting snipers new kidneys). Stressed? Archimedes will be your own personal cheerleader and the rest of the flock won’t let you all stressed and alone while Medic is working. In the simplest of works,he wants you to know that  he might be a madman on the field and the medbay, but he is also your lover and that means he cares about you. He doesnt care if act a lil strange or you have some special things about you, guess what? he doesnt cares. H e never cared and he will never cared, all the greatest minds had something  special about them and you are no exception. He chosed to have a relationship with  you and you accepted the love request of a surgery-happy maniac , im sure he is beyond equiped to handle you in all aspects. He might not be the most touchy but he will make his point across that you are someone who means wayy to much for him to change
- ( i highly think he is autistic, just the way hes potrayed in most fanfics he acts lowkey autistic, mostly in the communication and sociable part) growing up in the middle of nowhere probably he has never even heard ‘autism’ as a word , so his very lost. (another headcanon of mine is that he is also iliterate) You need to explain to him what autism is and how it affects your life. He has a non-pleasant expression on his face, because he realises most things that you say what that “autism”is and the thing it has are things he actually  has and felt throughout his life. He looks like hes having a religious expierience and when you are done he only nods and hugs you almost mechanically.
-he will need some time, not because ofyou, but because of him. You might think he is breaking up with, butin reality he just needs some time alone to sit down and think about all the things you said. Its one of the biggest revalations he has experienced on his life and it has hit him like a wall of bricks.
- after a few days he will return to the base and will ask you to meet with him on the most secluded of his snipers nest. While you prepare for the upcoming breakup, he actually showers and wears somet hing nice for the first time in a while. He goes out of his way to make the sniper nest a bit more “ comfortable” even bribe spy into giving him one of his fancy wines. Once you go up the nest and you two meet, he is the most clingy he has ever been and almost drinks the whole bottle out of pure anxiety. Once his tipsy enough he actually confesses that from the things you said, he found out hes also autistic. Que him basically clinging you like a broken koala baby while half-sobbing to expell all the tension he  has inside him. Please pet his hair and rub his back,he will melt and quit his rugged manly man persona for that moment. He needs you there, he needs your soft touch to ground him while his whole life comes crushing down and a weight he never imagined is being lifted from his shoulders.After that, its quaranteed you two won’t be seperated ever again, he needs you to ease all this pain he has gathered from his troubled life and he will provide you the world and the stars.
- he knows what autism is( as a spy he should know about human psychology/mental disorders just to know how to impersonate any person with or without issues) and he is a very observant man. He has above average attention span and knows how to read body language so he has figured you are autistic a long time ago. He is just waiting for you to open up about it or confess it, but he also knows the social stigma around autism so he keeps his mouth shut because he really doesn’t want you  to feel uncomfortable or ‘naked’ in front of him
- i heavily headcanon him to be at least depressed/having an ugly anxiety disorder or even a dissosiative disorder considering a big part of his life is carefully crafted theater , so he can’t say he is any more better than you.Furthermore he never really cared about what society thinks about mental ilnesses, whos here to judge who sane and not? he has seen so much shady things behind closed doors of “ pure” people he has lost all respect for what society thinks its normal and what is weird or not acceptable. Yes he follows the rules of “good” society but thats more of a habit than a need. Plus have you seen what the good ol’ society behind close doors? yap youll need a good bible study and some church to wash away the sins.
-eventually when you confess to him,he doesn’t really act. He knows its a heavyemotinal moment for you but he can’t open up for his own problems, at least now. But he will embrace you for now and say all the sweet words you need to hear...untill the same time he gets drunker than he can and confesses to you in french all his psychological troubles while he cries on your chest. He won’t let go unless he wants to vomit and he will cling to you for dear life while he experiences one of the ugliest meltdowns he has experienced in the last decade. Probably will wake up with a monster of a hangover, but once he feels you wrapped around him and feel your heartbeat on the bones of his back something will meltin him. He will gather whatever strenght he has, turn around, give you one of the most genuine smiles he has ever given in his entire life and peck your lips bore he starts whining and requiesting you to either kill him or fetch medic. Perhaps one day hell say all the things he wants to say in you mother tongoue but for now, just know he will cherish you and love you like the most exquisite poetry that has graced his life
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churochuu · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
oops what have i done
Blue Lock headcanons??? Telling you about the program and saying goodbye?? Whot?? Where is the self restraint???
Tumblr media
He most probably did it over text
He would voice out his concerns and his fears
Especially regarding his knee
His hands shook while he typed
But the thing was, you were sleeping over at his place
So you ended up laying next to him instead to listen to him
phone bills aren’t cheap, chigiri
“What if I tear it again? I won’t be able to play anymore—“
“Chigiri, breathe. Do you really want to go do this... program?” You sat up and frowned at him
“I do.”
“Then do it. I’ll be cheering for you from home.”
“But I don’t want to be so far away from you.”
He may have whispered it, but given the fact that the room was quiet and you were literally next to him, you heard him
“I don’t either.”
Chigiri made an attempt to change the topic and asked about how your day was
He doesn’t want to stop talking until you fall asleep
“Who’s going braid my hair when you’re not around?”
“Chigiri, you’ll be fine, baby.”
He’s actually pretty anxious around you—you’re literally the only one to ever witness Chigiri being a nervous wreck
Please hold his hand and love him
Oh god, i bet this baby tries to curse less around you
And you’re the only one allowed to call him princess
The moment you pet his red hair to help him fall asleep, he’s out cold
Tumblr media
Boi probably ran to your house to tell you the news omg
His hands are shaking and his eyes are slightly watery
He’s excited and scared about doing this
But for some reason he wanted permission to join this program from you
He wanted to hear you say that it’s alright for him to go
Isagi has absolutely no idea how long will this program last but he knows that he wouldn’t be able to see you for quite a long time
When you say that he should go, he pouted
He expected you to fight him and ask him to stay so he was surprised at your bland asf reaction
“But we won’t be seeing each other—“ he pulled his scarf down just a bit to properly talk to you
Isagi is actually a hopeless romantic
“You act like we’re separating for good, Isagi.”
“Yeah but you’re my first s/o and I’m pretty sure that I’m actually going to miss your dumb ass.”
“Hey,” you placed a hand on his shoulder and pulled him in for a quick kiss. “You can do this, I believe in you. You’re the number one striker, right?”
Isagi wouldn’t stop blushing after asking you to kiss him again for good luck
He just wants sum smoochies from you because he’ll miss you
Tumblr media
The both of you were doing passing drills until he suddenly just brought up that he’s going to leave you
And you’re like ????
You’ve played with him and watched him grow from the moment he first played football with you
Most of the time he would always say that you weren’t the best player since the monster told him that you could never be on par with his level of skill on the sport
Bachira was certainly blessed with talent
He then explained that he’s joining Blue Lock and you’re so happy for him
“Maybe you’re going to meet someone who’s going to make your heart dance.” You smiled at him. “Someone who’s going to satisfy that insatiable monster of yours.”
Your words meant no offense and Bachira knew that but he’s going to miss you a lot
So he stepped forward and brought you into an embrace
“Don’t miss me too much, okay?” He joked. “Don’t worry about me either.”
“You’re going to be great, Bachira.”
Tumblr media
“I just think it’s going to be a bother.” He shrugged and glanced up at you from his game.
Not everyone had an opportunity to be invited to play for Japan
Nagi’s talent was acknowledged and you wanted him to go do this Blue Lock thing
“You’re not going to survive a day without me.” He commented before you could.
“Nagi, I can take care of myself, don’t use me as an excuse—“
“I’m not.” After the end of his game on his phone, he placed the side of his cheek on the table. “I just don’t feel like going.”
“Reo’s going.”
“And does that mean I should?”
So stubborn—
You drag him to an area where the signal was strong enough for internet and so you challenged him to 1v1
If he lost, he would have to go
If he won, he could stay if he wanted
But you knew that he wanted to join the Blue Lock Program
The moment you mentioned you’ll start dating that guy that had been pining after you, he froze
“Y/N, no.” He said rather too firmly.
He wasn’t ready to hear about you dating someone else 🥺
He still wanted to confess that he liked you🥺
“Oh look, I won.” You beamed, showing him the results
“That’s not fair.”
“Fine. If I go, when I get back, you’re going on a date with me.”
“Deal... wait what?” That proposal was not expected?? At all???
Nagi just had to take a photo of your blushing face.
Tumblr media
Bro he just came at you like “don’t replace me with anyone else while im gone okay?”
And you’re like ??? Huh ???? Gone ???
“Reo, you’re my best friend??? What do you mean???”
He’s so vague about it, it’s painful
He’s laying down on your lap btw because he forced you to massage his head
And whenever he talked about football and/or Nagi, he’s got this sparkle in his eyes
“I’m going to be the best football player ever with Nagi.”
You nod but you’re still LOST LIKE BOI SPIT IT OUT
“Blue Lock is some program that selects a bunch of U-18 players to play for Japan and I was one of the lucky few.”
“Oh. Good for you, Reo.”
“You’re going to be so bored without me.”
“Nah, I’ll be free from your torment.”
He sat up and threw his legs over yours. He even poked your cheeks and asked you to look after yourself because he won’t be around for a while
“If you get kicked out of that program, I’m suing you.” You threaten him. Reo is a really great player—amazing even, and to see him work hard for something he wanted (given that he was born rich ;-;)...
you were just so proud of him ;-; and you hoped he wouldn’t give halfassed efforts when playing with others
“Then sue me all you want, Y/N.” He smiled. “I’m not scared of you.”
“We’re not all privileged like you, Reo.”
Tumblr media
Oh god if you were in a relationship with him around the time he received the invite...
He would break up with you
He’d say things stating that you’re going to be a distraction to him and that he doesn’t need or love you
Rin loved you so much it physically pained him to leave you
He wanted to defeat his brother so bad but he doesn’t want to miss you so he resorts to ending things with you
He believed that you deserve better than a cold guy like him ;-;
“I don’t get it...” you stiffened while you looked at the soil beneath your shoes. You couldn’t understand why he would leave you.
Well he is a man with high standards
omg rin ur like 16
“I’m breaking up with you.” He repeated but what followed was unexpected and strange. “I don’t want you to be with someone who’s mediocre.”
Mediocre?? Rin is probably THE best football player you’ve ever known??
“So until then, wait for me until I’m the best.”
Tumblr media
You loved how sure he was about it
He even promised to text you everyday
Bitch catch me simping
Honestly he was hoping for a bigger reaction than just an “I’m so happy for you!”
“A-Aren’t you sad about it?” He squeezed your hand hoping for another response
Your previous one was just too bland
Where’s the spice and flavor??
“Not really, honestly. You’re following your dream right? Why would I be sad about it? I’m going to miss you though.”
There it is
“Promise you’ll have fun?” You pouted when he wrapped his scarf around your neck.
“If you don’t pick fights with anyone.”
Kunigami laughed when you puffed your cheeks and muttered an inaudible “ok”
“I’m going to score so many goals and win so many games.” He assured you.
“Don’t be afraid to throw punches when needed.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dialovers-translations · 11 months ago
Diabolik Lovers Chaos Lineage Tokuten Drama CD: Heart-racing ★ Horror Night! ~ Scarlet ver. ~
Tumblr media
Original title: ドキドキ★ホラーナイト~スカーレット編~
Source: Chaos Lineage Yoyaku Tokuten Drama CD [CD not owned by me]
Audio: Here
Seiyuu: Toriumi Kousuke, Katsuyuki Konishi, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Tomoaki Maeno
Translator’s note: This translation is long overdue since I did the Violet House’s version way back, whoops. (I will get to the Orange House version eventually) This one was not quite as predictable and it actually had me on the edge of my seat at certain points, haha. Poor MC definitely got pushed around by the boys in this one though. None of them actually suck her blood, but that doesn’t mean she’s free from any teasing.
This track was requested by @keithvalentinex​ If you would like to request a translation, please contact me through IMs or drop an ask!
Yuma enters the living room.
Yuma: Oi, Kino! So this is where you’ve been!? ...You’re in charge of cleanin’ the bath today, right? Hurry up and get your ass movin’...!
Kino: (whispers) Uwah...! He found me. 
...Shut up already, I’ll do it later. Oh, by the way. I don’t mind if you do it instead~ I’m busy eating cake with Eve right now.
You show Yuma an apologetic smile.
Yuma: Fuck off! As if!
Shuu: Pipe down...If you guys can’t be quiet, I’m going back to my room.
Reiji: Hold it, Shuu! The word ‘room’ made me remember but...Were you all aware that this mansion has a cursed chamber?
You perk up your head.
Kino: (while eating) Is that so?
Shuu: No idea.
Yuma: Is there really a room like that?
Reiji: As to be expected, none of you were aware. This seems like a great opportunity, so allow me to inform you lot.
Amongst the many empty rooms in our manor...There is this one room in particular, which one must never enter. If you were to set foot inside this room, you would be captured by the monster lurking inside, and never see the light of day again.
However, I do not know the small details such as whether this is a true story, or why such a room exists in the first place.
Therefore, I would like to avoid any trouble, so please only ever enter and exit your own room while avoiding carelessly setting foot inside any of the other chambers. 
I hope you understood as well, Eve?
You nod.
Kino: Ahaha! You must be a scaredy cat to get that frightened!
Kino: But, do you know which empty room is the cursed one?
Reiji: No. I do not even have the faintest clue.
Yuma: The fuck? Not even Reiji knows? If we don’t know which one it is, we’ll step inside without realizin’...
Kino: Right~? We might already have without even knowing.
You shiver.
Kino: Hah! You’re shivering in fear again! That was obviously a joke!
Shuu: Kino, don’t scare her too much. Seeing her cower in fear for no reason is annoying.
Reiji: While I do not have any clues which could lead us to the room in question, it should be a simple empty room, so there is no reason to go inside. In short, all you need to do is avoid taking any unnecessary actions. If you live your life per usual, no problems should occur.
Kino: Hmー But hearing that story made me all the more curious. You could even say it piqued my interest~ 
Say, Eve! Don’t you feel the same?
You shake your head.
Kino: Eeeeh~? You don’t? You party pooper! (1)
Reiji: Kino! Please stop teasing Eve already. It looks as if she could drop her tea cup at any second. It would be highly troubling if her hand were to slip and the cup shatters to pieces.
Shuu: I won’t go through the trouble of going inside an empty room. If that’s all you wanted to say, I’m going back to my room to nap now.
Shuu gets up and leaves the room.
Reiji: Haah...The second son (2) of our household is as uncooperative as always, it seems.
Yuma: What a load of bull. I’m goin’ back to my room as well.
Kino: Me too! I want to relax and play some games.
Reiji: Kino! You may go to your room as you please, but at least clean up the mess you made on the table first!
Kino: Don’t wanna~ You love cleaning anyway, so why don’t you do it? Thanks for the cake! It was pretty good!
They leave the room as well.
Reiji: Good grief...They’re such troublesome younger brothers. Seems like Shuu is not the only one who lacks cooperativeness.
Kino: ...Eve, hold up!
You stop in your tracks.
Kino: About this cursed chamber Reiji spoke of earlier. ...Smells kinda fishy, right? Don’t you think so too?
You shake your head.
Kino: Hm...So you believe what Reiji said? You’re the type who doesn’t doubt others, aren’t you? But I don’t believe it just yet. So why don’t we go look for it together right now? Let’s confirm if a room like that really exists or not!
You seem scared.
Kino: Eeeeh~? No? You really don’t know how to have fun. Are you scared Reiji will find out and scold you? We just have to make sure he doesn’t find out! Come on, let’s go! Let’s go look for the cursed chamber together!
Kino grabs your hand and drags you along.
Kino: Hmー This doesn’t seem to be the place...
He closes the door again.
Kino: Since it’s called a cursed chamber, I got my hopes up high, expecting something amazing to pop out as soon as you open the door but...So far, we haven’t come across a single room like that. They’re all just dusty, empty rooms, what a bore!
You try and convince him to give up.
Kino: What? You’re strangely persistent, aren’t you? No point in still trying to stop me now. I have no intention of calling it quits just yet. ...Let’s check that room next!
...Well then, could there be something waiting for us at the other side~? ...Right! We should actually check the inside this time as well. Come on, you too!
Kino opens the door and drags you inside.
Kino: Oh! There’s a candlestick here. I’m fine but humans can’t see in the dark, right? Guess I have no other choice, I’ll make some light for you. 
He puts on the candle.
Kino: Well then, could this be the cursed chamber? 
*Rattle rattle*
Kino: Hm...Judging by appearance, nothing seems off about this room either.
The flame extinguishes as you scream.
Kino: Calm down! I get that you’re jumped because the light suddenly went out, but it’s okay! I can still see, so rest assured. ...But still, it is strange for the flame to go out when there’s no wind. 
He pretends to be scared.
Kino: Wah! ...Wha...!? What’s this!? ...Woah!
Kino wraps his arms around you.
Kino: ...Hehe~ Gotcha~ ...Phew~
He blows air against your ear.
Kino: You really get scared over every single thing, don’t you? It’s interesting. When I’m holding you from behind, it is so easy to tell how your body’s twitching in fear. 
You flinch.
Kino: I’m really digging that reaction...I could watch you like this forever. ...So, were you scared? You were anxious, thinking something had happened to me, right? 
You explain.
Kino: Heeh? Really? You were that worried about me? But because of that...”
*Sniff sniff*
Kino: ...Ah. You’re giving off a really sweet scent right now. Your blood must have become richer from fear. Look, there’s this strong fragrance coming from the back of your nape as well. 
Kino: From this side as well...I can pick up a sweet, delicious smell. ...Haha...Being hit by this sweet scent of yours...I don’t know how long I’ll last. (3) Why don’t we have a little fun in here? ...It’s already pitch black anyway.
You start writhing around.
Kino: Why are you struggling? Do you really believe you’ll be able to escape my grip? ...But tough luck~ The more you resist me, the more I’ll want to suppress you. Just makes me want to pick on you more and more. 
Kino tightens his grip around you.
Kino: See? When I embrace you tightly like this, you can’t fight back, can you? ...That being said, your body’s softer than I expected. I always thought it lacked sex appeal, but it’s surprisingly nice to the touch. So human girls are this soft, huh? Heeh...A new discovery~ 
Right. I wonder how you’d react if I were to touch around here?”
He runs his hand across your body.
Kino: So? How does it feel? Ticklish? Can you tell where I’m touching right now? Take a guess.
You answer.
Kino: Mm. Exactly. Correct~ Good job. Well then, I guess I have to reward you for guessing it right. ...I’ll suck your strongly. 
...Ah, but honestly, it might be me who can no longer hold back. You’ve been tempting me with this sweet smell the whole time, I just want to latch onto this neck of yours...I’ll make you feel good as well, so...brace yourself.
You squeak.
Kino: Pfft. Ahahaha! Just kidding! Did you really think I’d suck your blood?”
He puts on the candle again.
Kino: There, I lit the flame again. Fufufu~ What’s with that expression? You look so stupid, I’m really digging it! I wouldn’t have minded drinking some of your blood, but rather than doing it in this dusty place, why don’t we go to my room instead? I’m sure you’d hate to hear this, but we’ll have to leave things on hold for now~
You get upset.
Kino: Yeah, yeah. You can get upset at me with those teary eyes all you want, it’s not scary at all. Well then, seems like there’s nothing in this room either, so let’s step out. 
They leave the room.
Kino: Huh? It’s Shuu-nii-san. What are you doing in the hallway?
Shuu: I wanted to nap but you guys were making a fuss so I came to check. I can’t sleep when you’re being that loud, you know?
Kino: Sorry, sorry~ Eve wanted to look around for the cursed chamber, so I offered to help look with her.
You protest.
Kino: Either way, she’s the one to blame for the ruckus, so if you’re gonna get mad, take it out on her instead. I’ll get back to my own room now. Shuu, I’m leaving the rest up to you!
Kino walks away before you try and lift the misunderstanding.
Shuu: Haah...I don’t need to hear your excuses. I assume you were just being pushed around by that guy’s selfish whims? Whether you guys look for that room or not is of no concern to me. As long as you do it quietly, okay? I’m going back to my room now.
You agree.
Shuu: Hmm? So you’re going back to your own room as well? Oh well, be my guest.
Kino: In the end, there wasn’t a cursed chamber at all, huh? I kind of had my hopes up high, too bad. Geez...What a waste of a time. I should have just gone back to my room to play games. ...Ah!
Kino drops his phone.
Kino: Come on...First I waste my time and now I dropped my smartphone. On top of that, it slipped right underneath the door, this sucks! I hope it isn’t broken...
He opens the door.
Kino: Hm? This is...
Reiji: Oh, you two. Were you still wandering around the hallways?
Shuu: Not really. We were about to return to our rooms.
Reiji: I see. That is fine by me. ...By the way, have you seen Kino around, perhaps? He made a whole mess earlier but returned to his room without cleaning up after himself, so I figured it was about time I teach him a little lesson on tidiness. However, it seems like he has yet to return to his room. 
Shuu: Kino was together with her up till now. He should have returned to his room afterwards though.
Reiji: I see. We might have missed each other then. In that case, I’d like to ask the two of you to look for Kino.
Shuu: Haah? Why do I have to look around for him?
Reiji: This isn’t a request. It is an order. Please make sure to find him by dinner time. I’m counting on both of you.
Reiji walks away.
Shuu: What a pain...Why do I have to do this? Haah...It can’t be helped. Let’s get looking right away. If we ignore Reiji’s orders, things will only get even more troublesome later. Guess we can start by checking his room.
They step outside of the room.
Shuu: Haah...He wasn’t inside his room. Where did he go after parting ways with us? There didn’t seem to be any traces of him returning here. Do you really not know anything?
You shake your head.
Shuu: You were all alone with him, right? So it’s strange you claim not to know anything. ...Or were you perhaps doing something you can’t admit to?
You deny his words but Shuu pins you to the wall.
Shuu: Heeh...? Then what’s up with this sugary sweet scent? You must be tempting me, aren’t you? I bet the two of you were hiding so he could suck your blood. No need to try and cover it up. You’re nothing but a prey anyway.
You try and explain.
Shuu: Haah...Don’t lie. Even though your body’s heating up...just from me bringing my face closer to yours like this.
Shuu: Haha...Are you getting sensitive just from having your neck carressed? Seems like human girls are quick to give in to the pleasure. Or are you the only one who flushes this red? 
...I honestly don’t give a damn if Kino’s been feeding off of you. However, if that’s the case, then give me some of your blood as well. I’m not interested in becoming the Supreme Ruler, but I don’t mind having a little taste of the legendary woman.
I bet you feel like you haven’t been bitten enough too? You put up that defiant facade, but actually you’re shivering with anticipation, aren’t you?”
Shuu: If you put me in the right mood, I don’t mind sucking plenty of that sweet blood of yours. 
You deny it.
Shuu: Hm...I see. You’re still protesting? Then whatever. I have no interest in troublesome women. All you had to do was admit that you’re a greedy woman and I would have made you feel good, but I guess you rather leave that heated body of yours waiting. (4)
You pout.
Shuu: What’s with that face? Let me tell you, it’s too late to have regrets now. I’ve lost all interest. I’m going back to my room.
You tug onto his sleeve.
Shuu: Oi, don’t grab my sleeve. I told you it’s too late already, didn’t I? Or is this perhaps your way of getting me to suck your blood by making me upset? ...In that case, you’re...
He leans in.
Shuu: ...Quite the pervert.
Yuma: Oi, ya bastards. Whatcha flirtin’ for in the middle of the hallway? Don’t show me this disgustin’ crap!
Shuu: ...Yuma? Perfect timing. Keep this woman company.
Yuma: Hah? Why do I have to keep this chick entertained?
Shuu: I’m gonna nap. Reiji told us to go look for Kino so I’m leaving that in your care as well.
Shuu walks away.
Yuma: Ah...Hey! Shuu! Wait...Geez, he left. Goin’ at his own pace as always, huh?
Shuu: Haah...That was a big waste of time. ...Hm? This room...Somehow I’m getting weird vibes from it. Also I’m pretty sure the door wasn’t opened when I walked past here earlier? 
Something appears from the door opening.
Shuu: ...Huh!? A hand!? L-Let me go...!! Ugh...Wah!
The door closes again.
Yuma: Goddamnit Shuu, I’m remberin’ this! Pushin’ this stupid Kino hunt on me...
You frown.
Yuma: ‘What I’m gonna do’, ya ask? ...Guess it can’t be helped so I’ll go look for the dude. Let’s make it quick before we have to listen to Reiji’s long-ass scoldin’...
Yuma: ...Che! We’ve walked all ‘round the manor but that Kino bastard’s nowhere to be found! Knowin’ him, isn’t he just messin’ with us!? 
Haah...Well, if we can’t find him, we’ve got no othe choice. Guess we should go report this to Reiji for now.
You scream.
Yuma: ...Haah!? What’s your problem, shoutin’ like that?
You explain.
Yuma: Haah? Ya saw a shadowy figure enterin’ the room on the other side? Aren’t ya just seein’ thing? Oh well, it might be Kino, so let’s go check it out.
The two of you step forward, opening the door.
Yuma: The fuck’s this room? It’s filled with rubbish.
You cling onto Yuma.
Yuma: ...!? You’re way too jumpy! It’s just some piled up stuff (5) that fell over! Were ya that scared to cling onto me like that?
You step back.
Yuma: ...Oi. Why ya tryin’ to get away when you’re the one who latched onto me? I won’t let ya go that easily...
Yuma embraces you back.
Yuma: You’re scared, right? Then don’t hold back...and hold onto me real tight.
*Rustle rustle*
Yuma: ...!? Like I said, don’t try and get away. Geez. No way someone as weak as ya could escape me. Don’t get on my nerves too much. I can easily pin down this thin body of yours and do with ya as I please. 
All ya need to do is listen to me...Don’t even think ‘bout fightin’ back. See? Even if I do this...
*Rustle rustle*
Yuma: Haha? What? I only tickled ya a little but you’re squirmin’ ‘round already? You sure are sensitive, huh? Then how ‘bout over here...
Yuma: Heeh? Your back’s one of your weak spots as well, huh? Just by runnin’ my finger across, your body’s flinchin’...Interesting. 
You kick him.
Yuma: ...Ow! Ya just kicked me without holdin’ back, didn’t ya!? 
You try and explain.
Yuma: It wasn’t on purpose? Ya really think I’d swallow an excuse like that? 
You try and run away.
Yuma: Ah...Oi! Where ya goin’...!? No way I’m letttin’ ya go!
Yuma grabs hold of you.
Yuma: How’s that? When I’m suppressin’ both of your hands, you can’t do anythin’, right? Hehehe...That frightened expression of yours is a masterpiece. Gotta punish this little Sow for kickin’ her Master’s leg like that. I’ll suck ya all over...till you pass out. 
Ya know, you’ve been givin’ off this delicious scent this whole time...It’s drivin’ me crazy. I’ll devour you as you wish, so try and make it a lil’ fun for me as well by hangin’ in there as long as possible. 
You close your eyes and brace yourself.
Yuma: Haah...Heh! Just kidding! Fool! Don’t take my words for granted. Hah! That expression’s hilarious! The fuck kind of face is that? ...I’d love to have a taste of ya, but now isn’t the time for that. We gotta go report to Reiji soon or we’ll get yelled at, remember?
I had plenty of fun lookin’ at your scared expression, so I’ll let you off the hook for today. But, next time ya pull somethin’ cheeky like that, I won’t have any mercy, remember?”
You nod.
Yuma: Keep that in mind, ‘kay? ...Anyway, in the end there was nothin’ in here. I’ll go report to Reiji, so you can go back to your own room. See ya.
Yuma leaves.
He finishes his report to Reiji.
Yuma: ...There, I let ya know. Gonna go back to my room until the food’s ready.
He walks away.
Yuma: That damn Reiji...He didn’t seem convinced at all. Oh well. It’s Kino we’re talkin’ ‘bout. I’m sure he’s wanderin’ ‘round somewhere. ...Haah? Why the fuck’s this door left open? Close it at least...
Something suddenly tugs onto Yuma.
*Rustle rustle*
Yuma: ...!? What!? Wah...! It got me...Fuck! I’m gettin’ pulled in...!!
The door closes again.
Reiji: Good grief...It’s dinner time, but Eve is the only one who made it. At this rate, the food will go cold.
You frown.
Reiji: ...Why do you look so frightened. Ahー Are you perhaps assuming this has something to do with the story of the cursed chamber?
...Haah. Very well. Seeing you worry over nothing is highly troublesome, so I shall tell you the truth.
You perk up your head.
Reiji: This is between us...But the story I told you all earlier is actually a made-up tale.
You seem shocked.
Reiji: I felt somewhat irritated by the way my younger brothers were acting this afternoon, you see. It has been a few days since you have settled down here with us in this manor, so I figured it was about time to increase the tension, which is how I came up with said fable. I figured it would help make them a little more alert. Furthermore, it allows me to somewhat get my revenge on them as well. 
You still seem worried. 
Reiji: I see. You believe that this story has become reality and that everyone has fallen victim to this cursed chamber, am I right? How ridiculous...That is simply impossible. 
However, for all of them to skip out on the banquet is somewhat unsettling. I suppose it is safe to assume that something has happened to them. Could it invader from one of the other houses? I must go check up on them. However, I cannot leave you by yourself, so you shall come with me as well. Do not stray from my side under any circumstances.
You nod.
Reiji: The war over Eve has already begun, so if one of the people from the other houses were to have invaded this manor, it would be my responsiblity for not noticing.
However, even if they got one step ahead of us here, if we succeed at our counter-attack, there should be no problem. Therefore we need to get a good grasp on the situation first. 
Reiji: Oh dear? Did you hear that sound of a door opening just now, Eve?
You nod.
Reiji: I see. So you heard it as well. I assume it was the door to the food storage room. Let us go take a look. You must heed my orders as well, and stay by my side at all costs.
They approach the room.
Reiji: At first glance nothing seems out of the ordinary, but the enemy may be lurking in the shadows. Let us check inside just in case.
The two of you enter.
Reiji: The room itself seems normal. I do not sense anyone’s presence either. However, I wonder why the lights were turned on? Even though I make sure to keep them turned off in the unused rooms. It puzzles me a little, but I shall investigate this matter another day. For now, let us exit the roーー
The door closes and the lights turn off.
Reiji: The door closed by itself...!? This must be someone’s doing...If an enemy has snuck inside, things might get troublesome soon...
You seem nervous.
Reiji: Yes. The lights have turned off as well. As a Vampire, this is of no concern to me, but I assume a human such as yourself cannot see a thing? 
 You nod.
Reiji: No need to panic, I am right besides you. ...Hmph. Are you that frightened of this situation?
You continue to panic.
Reiji: Haah...I suppose you leave me with no other choice.
Reiji wraps his arms around you.
Reiji: See? I am right here. Even amidst the darkness, when I hold you like this, you have no other choice but to acknowledge by presence, right? ...How do you feel? Have you calmed down a little?
You nod.
Reiji: I see. As long as we’re here, I shall guarantee your personal safety. I cannot stand the thought of Eve being stolen by one of the other houses after we worked so hard to get our hands on you. I will protect you no matter what, so please rest assured. 
However, your expression twisted in fear is rather enjoyable. It brings out the worst in a man.
You frown.
Reiji: You dare claim that I’m a horrible man? Why of course. You are right. I do not know where you got the wrong idea of me, but I act solely for the sake of my personal pursuits. 
So? Do you feel disappointed knowing that I am that kind of person? However, it does not alter the fact that I am your Master. You may be the legendary Eve, but as my servant, I shall not allow you to defy me. 
You seem appalled by his words.
Reiji: Aah...Very well. I would love to see more of your scared expressions. In that case, shall I feed you even more fear? For example...I would not mind sucking your blood from your exposed cleavage. 
Reiji: Alternatively, I could slowly sink my fangs into your fair, slender neck and take my time savoring your blood. Tell me, which would you prefer? If you succeed in giving me an honest respond, I will make an exception and grant your wish.
You whine.
Reiji: It’s embarrassing? I believe that reaction is somewhat belated, considering you’ve been clinging onto me admist this darkness this whole time. I never gave you to the right to complain. If you cannot say, I will simply have to drag it out to you by...
You scream.
Reiji: ...!? What’s the matter, suddenly screaming like that?
You explain.
Reiji: Something grabbed hold of your leg? Could it not be your mind playing tricks on you? As we confirmed earlier, we are the only people in here.
Reiji: No need to get so fidgety. For starters, take a deep breath andーー
*Rustle rustle*
You get pulled in by something.
Reiji: ...!?
Kino: ...Gotcha~ To think you just waltzed right in here, are you stupid?
Shuu: ...Say, how did it feel? To get caught by something ‘unknown’?
Yuma: Woah there! Don’t try anythin’ funny! You can’t get away from us anymore!
*Rustle rustle*
Yuma: Your frightened expression really is the best...
Kino: Such a lovely sight, guess I’ll take a picture to remember it.
Shuu: Well, I guess this helped kill some time.
Reiji: ...Haah. Don’t you think it’s been enough? Leave it at that. You lot.
Reiji flips the light switch.
Kino: Pfftー! Eve! That face of yours deserves a reward! You look like you just saw a ghost!
Yuma: Seems like we take this win, Reiji. She looks like she’s ‘bout to burst out into tears. Ya talked big earlier, but ya didn’t protect her at all.
Reiji: Please do not spout such nonsense! What led you all to pulling this kind of trick?
Shuu: Revenge on you for trying to deceive us. Reiji, you’re the one who made up that story, right?
Reiji: Oh? I suppose that sloppily put-together story was not enough to deceive you lot.
Kino: Of course not! You underestimate us too much. However, there were some parts which caught my attention, so just leaving it be felt frustrating. Which is why I figured it’d be a great opportunity to take revenge on you for always acting so high and mighty! 
Shuu: You work us to the bone as well...
Yuma: It’d give us a chance to get back at ya for always naggin’ our asses off day in day out, which is how we got involved with Kino’s plan as well.
Reiji: I see...This happening made me realize just how dissatisfied you all feel towards me. 
However, it seems like I underestimated my little brothers a little. I did not think you’d work together like this. Seems like I need to adjust the way I look at you all.
Shuu: Yes, you do that.
You ask if they are the ones behind it.
Yuma: Haah?...Yeah! We set this all up. Sorry for gettin’ ya involved as well. But along with takin’ revenge on Reiji, we got to enjoy a nice view!
Kino: Exactly! Your terrified expression was hilarious! 
Shuu: You got scared over nothing, you know? ...Really, you overreacted. 
You explain yourself.
Reiji: Haah...Seems like I will have to be a little more careful in the future as well. I understand now that those made-up tales do not work on you all. I wouldn’t want you to cause this kind of turmoil time after time after all.
You frown. 
Reiji: Eve, is something the matter?
You explain. 
Shuu: Haah? Your leg? Must have been Kino or Yuma’s doing.
Yuma: Ah? It wasn’t me. I was busy suppressin’ Reiji after all.
Kino: It wasn’t me either! I was hiding in the shadows with you, right?
Reiji: So you all claim that nobody grabbed her leg? ...That is odd. Then who could have...?
Shuu: What? Are you guys already making this up to get back of us for getting a little revenge?
Reiji: No. I definitely heard Eve say something about her leg being grasped. Did you not hear her shriek as well?
Kino: Well...Yeah. We didn’t even have to act from there on out.
Yuma: You’ to be...kiddin’ me...Which means...!?
Shuu: ...
Kino: Eh? Don’t tell meーー!
ーー THE END ーー
Translation notes
(1) The term ノリがいい/悪い or ‘nori ga ii/warui’ which literally means ‘to have a good/bad rhythm refers to someone’s ability to read the mood and adapt, playing along with someone’s story. 
(2) For those who are unfamiliar with the Chaos Lineage universe might be confused by this line, but the character have been shuffled around and don’t have any memories of their past families/household. In these games, Reiji is actually the head of the household, while Shuu is considered to be the second in line.
(3) Literally he says he is in ‘quite the pinch’ right now, using the words 結構やばい or ‘kekko yabai’. The word ‘yabai’ is common slang amongst Japanese youth. Originally the word means ‘dangerous’, but it can be used in a positive context as well. In that case it means things like ‘rad!’ or ‘lit!’ 
(4) Shuu’s words literally mean ‘to take your heated body and sleep alone’. I tried looking into the expression to see if it has any additional meanings but I couldn’t find anything. I guess he means she’ll bear with the desires and wait for them to settle down again. 
(5) The word 荷物 or ‘nimotsu’ is often translated as ‘luggage/baggage’ in textbooks, but it is actually commonly used to refer to stashed away items/boxes/etc. in general.
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yukimoji · a year ago
My World: Part 3 ( Tanjiro Kamado x Reader )
Tumblr media
( a/n: hello! welcome to part 3 and the final part of the “my world” series! this became longer than i had initially expected, i apologize deeply for that. also, i'm sorry if it seemed like i shitted on kanao too much, im so sorry bby i still love u. take note there will be grammar errors and typos, bec im blind and i always seem to miss those errors rip. thank you all for following “my world”, and i hope you all enjoy! )
(also, how do u even write angst?? i tried my best and i hope ya’ll dont get too disappointed with my poor excuse of angst lololol)
Part 1 I 2 I 3
Total words: 6600+ words
Genre: Angst and Fluff
Warnings: Mentions of blood
With each passing day, it felt like you were getting closer towards the edge of the line.
In a dark tunnel, you stood there, wandering aimlessly towards the light that could not be even seen for miles and miles. An endless loop of nothingness, as the feeling of dread, terror, and fear consumes you from the hidden depths of your mind.
You hoped and wished that one day you could see even a tiny glimpse of what lies ahead of you. Wondering if there's more to it than the endless bloodshed and horrors you've seen hundreds of times now.
But then, suddenly, a warm entity started to walk alongside you. A feeling as warm as the bright rays of the morning sun, and an inexplicable feeling of something accompanying you on your endless journey.
Even when immersed in darkness, the underlying warmth seemed to radiate from that figure. There was a tinge of happiness in your harsh world that made the road to the unseen light seem less lonely than before.
However, with every step, the distant light gets dimmer and darker.
And the warm feeling beside you blazes into a raging, roaring, sea of fire.
The morning after you received the heartfelt letter from Tanjiro, word broke out that Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu had defeated Lower Moon One.
You were rejoiced to hear that your comrades had defeated another member of the Twelve Demon Moons. When you heard the news for the first time, you promptly darted to find the nearest pen and paper to congratulate the trio. However, you stopped dead in your tracks when your Kasugai Crow screeched out the status of the Hashira that the trio had accompanied.
Rengoku Kyojuro, the Flame Hashira, has died after an encounter with Upper Moon Three.
Your eyes were as big as saucers, as you stood there in shock. You couldn't believe what you were hearing. Upper Moon 3? Hashira? Dead?
You've never really had a proper conversation with the Flame Hashira, but you've had high respects for him. The way he would hold his sword with pride and his never-ending sense of justice would always bring hope to you and your fellow slayers. You could still remember the words of encouragement he would say every time he would have encountered the lower ranks like you.
"Always set your heart ablaze!"
Hearing about the death of such an important figure in the Demon Slayer Corps made you tighten your jaw. Your hand clenches at the thought of someone so kind and strong had died of such a painful death. You inhaled tiny and long breaths as you try to calm yourself down from the frustration rising in your veins.
He would've wanted his death to inspire the Demon Slayers to fight harder, and you will. His fate will not be in vain as long as the Demon Slayer Corps will continue fighting on.
If you feel angry, you could only imagine as to how Tanjiro felt. Knowing the boy, he would've befriended and had grown attached to the fallen Hashira. Your face contorted into one of sadness. He would be distraught, seeing the Flame Hashira die in front of his very eyes.
You glanced at the paper and the pen at the corner of your vision, and decided to write to the Hanafuda-clad slayer. You went to grab the items and sat down to start writing your letter.
You couldn't be there to physically comfort him, you were too far away. You prayed that this letter would suffice, as you could not do anything more to console the Burgundy-haired boy.
Tanjiro made his way back towards the Butterfly Estate, after visiting the Rengoku Estate to deliver Kyojuro-san's final wishes. He gazed at the katana guard that was given to him by Senjoru, Kyojuro-san's little brother. He sighs sadly at the thought of the Flame Hashira, his words echoing in his mind.
"Live on and set your heart ablaze!"
Breathing out softly, his Crimson-hues looks upwards to the sky, staring at the moving clouds high above.
"Yaah!" Tanjiro yells out in surprise at his crow's loud screeching, but his expression brightened at the sight of a letter attached to it's legs. He then puts his arm out to let the crow land on it.
"Thank you!" He affectionately pats the head of the crow, and proceeds to take the letter placed delicately on it's legs. The crow screeches once more, and takes off.
Tanjiro looks at the crow flying away, and returns his gaze towards the letter in his hands. He reads the message written in it, and can't help a smile forming from his lips.
"What can be done, is for us to not let it define our days to come. We can choose to heal, whilst bearing the scars, whether alone or with someone precious.
For as long as you want me to, I will be here for you."
I read that somewhere, but I couldn't remember where, hehe.
I'm sorry for what happened. I can't imagine what you're feeling, but I will always be here for you. Rengoku-san will not be forgotten, and he will always live in our hearts and memories.
Be kind to yourself, Tanjiro. You mean the whole world to me.
- [ L / N ] [ Y / N ]
Tanjiro chuckles softly at the letter, and holds it close to his chest. He sniffles as he flutters his eyes close, the corners of his mouth turning up into a thankful grin.
"Thank you, [ Y / N.]"
Months pass, another mission comes by after the completion of another mission. As the weeks gone by, you could find yourself growing stronger each passing day.
During your time apart, you and Tanjiro would often exchange letters. Usually, it was him describing his missions in full detail and how Zenitsu and Inosuke were doing as they worked alongside with each other. Every now and then, little scratches and odd pen marks will decorate the surface of the paper, which you could only assume is Nezuko's doing.
You, on the other hand, would also write about your missions. Occasionally, you would tell him about random stuff, little things on your mind as you go about your day.
One thing remains constant, though. The two of you would always end a letter with a heartfelt sentence that became your little way of saying "I love you" for each other.  
"You mean the whole world to me."
Today, me, Inosuke, and Zenitsu went to Yoshiwara with Uzui-san. He basically forced us to come with him, because he wouldn't stop harassing the poor girls back at the Butterfly Estate if we didn't go. He said he was looking for his three wives, as they stopped contacting him after going undercover to find a demon in the district. Can you believe it? Three wives?!
When we arrived, Uzui-san immediately dressed us up as girls and we were sent off to brothels where we could hopefully find the demon causing havoc in the area. Honestly, I'm kind of glad that you weren't here to see me. Not because I don't want you to be with me, no no no! I actually miss you so much and I just want see you again and I just-
It's because I looked absolutely ridiculous! Seriously, it was a miracle that I was able to pass up as a girl!
Anyway, it's my first night here, and so far, there's no sign of a demon. There's been rumors going around about young women suddenly committing suicide without explanation. There's something fishy going on around here, that's for sure.
I'm going to end my letter here. Tomorrow's another day, and we will do our best to make this mission a success.
Stay safe, [ Y / N ].
You mean the whole world to me.
- Kamado Tanjiro
Of course, there were moments where you were worried sick for the boy. When news broke out that the Sound Pillar and the trio defeated Upper Moon 6 in the Red Light District, you were absolutely ecstatic. Another Upper Moon had been slain, and you couldn't be more proud  for the trio.
That is, until Tanjiro abruptly stopped sending letters.
During those moments, you could only send letters to the Butterfly Estate, asking about Tanjiro's health and condition. You tried not to get your emotions get the best you, but you couldn't help it. Not when Tanjiro was laying in a bed, unconscious, and out of your reach.
You found comfort of the letters that replied to you. Kanao, the Butterfly Pillar's Tsuguko, started writing back to you, and kept you up-to-date of Tanjiro's well-being that would soothe your anxious nerves. You were thankful for her, as she would always write back to you every night without fail.  
Gradually, you began to get to know her, and eventually thought of her as a friend. Since she was a little shy, you gladly told her about your days and endless missions, and maybe a little bit of jokes and puns to lighten up her day.
It wasn't long too until she started talking about the things she liked, like how she enjoys blowing soap bubbles and considers it a hobby. She would also talk about how she likes sweets and accessories, squishing cat paws and helping with the cooking at the Butterfly Estate.
Who knew, that the girl who wrecked you mercilessly during your Rehabilitation training was actually such a lovely and adorable girl who enjoyed the little things in life?
When Tanjiro finally recovered, you never stopped sending letters to Kanao. She was a fun pen pal and a friend to have, because she would listen to each time you would either rant about your day or just say some dumb puns when you're too bored to function.
One day, Tanjiro told you that he was going to the Swordsmith Village to ask for a replacement for his sword. That night, he spoke of how the Love Pillar and the Mist Pillar were present in the village, and how he had the chance of speaking to Genya Shinazugawa, the Wind Pillar's younger brother.
For days on end, the Crimson-eyed slayer would tell you about a training doll that mimicked the strongest Demon Slayer who ever lived. He would rant endlessly, telling you about a swordsmith who trained him to the bone without food and water. He told you, one day, he accidentally smashed the doll into pieces, revealing a worn and old sword hidden inside of it.
You snickered, and you could already hear Tanjiro's voice, which was loaded with panic and anxiety, just by reading the contents of his letters.
You were pleasantly shocked the next day, when your Crow announced the news of the deaths of Upper Moon Five and Upper Moon Four.
Tanjiro was like a magnet for the Upper Moons, and you can't help but feel a heavy sensation in the depths of your stomach.
It felt like the calm before the storm, as after Tanjiro's experience in the Swordsmith Village, there was a rapid decline in Demon activity all across the country.
However, it seemed like the crow didn't exactly tell you everything regarding the Village's aftermath.
After what seemed like forever, you made your way back to the Butterfly Estate. Since demons have not been running all over the place, there weren't as much many missions as there was before. Your crow yelled at you to go back to the estate, but hey, you weren't complaining about that.
You couldn't contain the excitement, a giddy expression ever present on your face. Each step brought you closer to your destination, and as the Estate finally presented itself to your vision, you practically skipped your way in order to reach the area faster.
You heard shouting in the distance. There were cries of panic, seemingly asking someone to come back. You didn't stop your hurried pace, but your eyes widened in both joy and shock when you saw the familiar raven locks of your demon friend, who was now running towards you at full speed.
In broad daylight.
"[ Y/N ]! [ Y/N ]! [ Y/N ]!" Nezuko cries out in joy, jumping at you with all of her strength. You couldn't react on time as she lands on you, and the both of you tumbled to the ground. She was hugging you, a hand affixed on top of your head, patting it relentlessly.
"Oof! Hi, Nezuko!" You laughed at her antics, and hugged her back without hesitation.
You were confused, that's for sure. Even though you were absolutely overjoyed to see your friend, your mind was screaming confused thoughts on how on earth she was able to hug you underneath the blazing sun. Not only that, she was not wearing her usual bamboo muzzle and she spoke your name! She actually spoke! Her voice was absolutely adorable!
"Welcome back!" She cheered happily, and you already feel yourself melt into a puddle at how cute she was acting. She continued to nuzzle onto you, and you felt a sense of pride knowing that an incredibly cute and sweet girl was aggressively showering you with love and affection.
"EH?! [ Y / N ]'S BACK! SHE'S BACK!" You snapped your head to the source, and beamed at the sight of Zenitsu calling out to the residents of the estate, signalling your arrival.
"It's nice to see you again, Zenitsu!" You called out and waved at him, a bright smile present on your face. You couldn't really move, not when Nezuko wasn't done hugging you and spoiling you rotten with her affection.
Zenitsu's eyes widened for a second, until he began jumping around and screaming out a series of chants like the madman he is.
Your smile began to fade, and you could look at him with utter dismay as he proceeded to yell out nonsense.
But then, a familiar voice calls out. The voice that you've yearned to hear for months, as it makes your heart skip a beat as it gets louder and closer.
Tanjiro comes out from the estate, looking around frantically, a desperate expression evident in his gentle features. He looks at your direction and he goes stiff as a statue the moment he locks eyes with you. His eyes began to water, his lower lip quivering from the sight of you.
He races up to you, rivaling with the pace Nezuko had when she assaulted you. Instantaneously, he engulfs you in his loving embrace, and you couldn't hold back your giggles and laughter as he proceeded to wreak havoc on your face with little kisses.
Nezuko lets out a sound of pleasure and releases her hold on you. She watched her brother as he coddled you with so much attention, and she clapped happily at the sight.
After what seemed like ages, Tanjiro stopped attacking your face with kisses and raised a hand to softly caress your cheek. His crimson-hues looked at you with so much passion and adoration, and you gazed at him lovingly in reciprocation.
Slowly he leans in to you, his forehead brushing yours. The corners of his mouth are pulled up, a ridiculously goofy expression adoring his features. You could feel the blood rushing to your cheeks because of the close proximity to his face, but still, you gave him the biggest grin you could muster up.
He chuckles and closes his eyes, nuzzling on you as he holds you in his arms protectively.
"I missed you. So, so much." He breathes out, and you giggle as his warm breath fans your flushed face.
"I missed you too, you big baby." You fluttered your [ E / C ] close, holding him tight and not wanting to let go.
After months of hardship, stress, and pain, you find yourself once again welcomed by your home and your world.
You spent the next few days roaming around the estate, with Tanjiro beside you, holding your hand at every moment. Not just that, you've got to spend time in the garden with Nezuko again! Only this time, you were accompanied by the presence of Zenitsu, Inosuke, and even Kanao!
Each day was filled with laughter and joy. Even when the Hashiras decided to train every slayer in harsh training routines, your happiness never faded. Given the sweat and soreness of your muscles as you shift from one Hashira to another, you would always be rewarded with the sight of the bright stars shining brightly over all of you.
But one day, that happiness seemed to fade away. The devastation and cruelty that you had faced before came back from the ashes of the past, as each second escalated into the catastrophic hell that you were now forced to face.
One night, every Hashira unexpectedly went on a high alert. You couldn't understand what was going on, and you were even more perplexed when Tanjiro suddenly asked you to stay alert and left in a haste. You stood beside the campfire, confused, and you couldn't control the familiar feeling of dread swallowing you up again.
Your instinct was telling you that something terrible and unprecedented was about to happen. Your heart was thumping uncontrollably on your chest, as you started to sweat and tremble from the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty that made shivers run up to your spine.
Unfortunately, your fears were confirmed when a loud explosion was heard in the distance.
You gasped, as you felt the ground suddenly disappear. You couldn't respond quickly, your mind spinning out of control as you fell down to a fortress filled with demons that seemed to stretch out forever.
You breath hitched as you came back to your senses. You looked around, trying to find something or somewhere that could end your endless free fall. You felt a sense of hope as an area where you could land safely came into view. Your eyebrows were knit together, mouth clenching as you performed a breathing technique and landed swiftly at the edge of the structure.
The moment you landed, demons started to flock towards you. Your blood began to boil, rage rapidly overcoming you. You unsheathed out your sword, tightened your grip on the handle, and immediately slashed your way through the hordes of demons. It was then you realized, that it was the beginning of the end, and that it was going to be a long night.
In a blink of an eye, smiles turned into anger, laughter turned into screams, as what was once happiness was now destroyed and replaced by rage and anguish.
And whenever happiness is destroyed,
There's always the smell of blood.
Hours of endless bloodshed. Thousands upon thousands of casualties had rained upon the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps. You had seen the brutal fighting with your very own eyes, and the rage only intensified with each life taken by the hands of those ruthless demons.
The Twelve Demon Moons had perished. But at the cost of their heads, were the lives of your mentors, comrades, and friends.
However, it finally seemed like their sacrifices were not in vain.
The sun had risen, and Muzan Kibutsuji howled out in pain as the sun's fiery rays started to burn him. He had taken the form of a large, hideous baby, as he desperately tries to hide away from the sun's burning gaze.
Almost everybody was severely injured; there were severed limbs, large gashes, and heavily bleeding wounds.  
Despite the overwhelming pain, the remaining slayers continued to fight on, too high on adrenaline and determination in order to bring Muzan to his demise. Everybody held on, performing everything they could do to make the Demon King roast under the sunlight and suffer for his crimes.
Right now, you were driving a bus, speeding towards the crawling abomination. You slammed on the pedals, accelerating at full speed as you rammed into the enormous, yet horrific excuse of a baby.
"Stay down, you bastard!" You yelled out, a dangerous glint twinkling in your eyes as you couldn't help the sides lips tugging up into smug smirk.
You jumped out of the vehicle right before a big hand smashed the front portion, as a voice commands you and nearby Kakushi to push the back portion to block Muzan from moving further. You all gathered together and pushed with all your remaining strength, yells of determination echoing out to stop Muzan from going further.
Your eyes widen as a large hand rises, but before he could smash you all into pieces, the Wind Pillar successfully cut off it's hand on time. You all continued to push, but Muzan was starting to overpower you all and was slowly going over the vehicle.
Then, you heard the loud clank of chains, and saw the monster stumble back as a large chain had wrapped itself on the demon's neck, forcing him to stay in place. You all moved out, and went to the Stone Pillar, aiding him by holding him in place as he uses all his power to grip unto the chains in order to pin the beast down. Muzan hollered out, as he continued to burn under the sun.
Determined to find shade and escape death, the huge monstrosity resorted to dig himself into the earth. The Hashiras then took turns attacking the abomination, attempting to wear off its stamina. All hope seemed lost, as the chains, and all of your energy rapidly depleted as Muzan continued his struggle.
Then, against all odds, the demon throws his head back in a final, ear piercing scream. Gigantic tears fell down from it's hideous face, and after what seemed like eternity, it's body finally crumbled into nothingness.
There was a pause. You all held your breath, the heavy tension in the air suffocating you all. Disbelief was evident on your faces, as you could not properly process what had just gone down.
Then, you all erupted into loud yells of victory.
Muzan is dead. The Demon Slayers had won.
You all cried out in happiness. Centuries of battle, bloodshed, and death finally bearing its fruit. Everyone embraced each other, beaming smiles present in every slayer's face as the shouts of triumph echoed across the battlefield.
"It's not over yet!" A Kakushi yells out, "Stand up! Treat the wounded! Don't cry, you fools, stay focused! We can save them!" You all looked around, and saw the bodies of several Hashira and Demon Slayers slumped up all around. The celebration ceased as everybody started to scatter; newly found strength flooding them as they sought out to save the heavily injured.
In your peripheral vision, you saw Kanao hunched up and unconscious, and she was being tended by several Kakushi. You ran up to her, and your jaw clenched as you observed the injuries and blows she had taken. You kneeled down, and asked for one of them for bandages so you could help patch up your friend.
As you started to wrap up some of Kanao's injuries, lilac hues started to flutter open. She takes a moment to look at her surroundings, and when she sees you and a few Kakushi patching her up, her lips formed a small yet grateful smile.
"...Thank you."
Your eyes darted to look up to the voice, you gasped in relief and your expression brightened as Kanao weakly gives you a wry smile.  
You stared at her, the corners of your mouth tugging up and your eyes flickering with gratitude. After wrapping her wounds, you gently took her hand and encased it with your own.
"We won, Kanao." You whispered. Shutting your eyes close, you recalled the memories of how hard she fought against Muzan, along with Zenitsu, Inosuke, and the Hashiras. The ravenette just paused, and her mouth falling open as she was reflecting on what you had just told to her. Then, she breathes out in delight, and slowly raised her other hand to caress your own. Kanao's whole face lit up, and she beams at you, nodding her head in appreciation.
But then, suddenly, in the corner of her vision, something captures Kanao's attention. She stiffened, and her hand started to tremble under your gentle hold. Her forehead furrowed and she struggled to find her voice.
" [ Y - Y / N ]-chan..!"
You opened your [ E / C ] eyes, and glanced at your friend's facial features. You grew concerned, trying to make sense as to why she was shaking and sweating so much. Then, loud shouts began to echo and you felt a heavy sensation start to enclose your chest. You started to tremble, the loud yells becoming more frantic by each second. The feeling of dread returned, seemingly to taunt you as goosebumps rapidly washed over you. The girl returned her attention to your bewildered expression, her lilac orbs filled with worry and regret.
You hesitantly turned around and looked to where Kanao had her gaze on to figure out the source of her behavior. Instantaneously, your eyebrows elevated, a hand immediately clasping your mouth. Your eyes welled up in tears and the cries of distress escaped away as you stomached in the scene before you.
You stared ahead to meet the figure of your beloved Tanjiro.
But he didn't look like your Tanjiro.
A beast roared out, screaming and assaulting any being that was attempting to get close to him. You saw a glimpse of Zenitsu and Inosuke trying to hold back your transformed lover, the Water Pillar frantically yelling orders not get close to the boy, but to no avail.
It felt like the whole world had shattered right before your very eyes. You struggled to swallow back the bile rising to your throat, your breathes becoming more erratic as the hot tears endlessly fall from your eyes. You become absolutely racked with sobs, the heavy feeling on your chest intensifying to the point of suffocating you.
"Stop crying!"  You mentally scold yourself. "Now is not the time to cry! You have to help! You have to save him!"
But you couldn't move. You couldn't speak. You couldn't do anything but wail out in absolute heartbreak as Tanjiro further succumbed into hysteria.
No matter how hard you tried, your feet were glued to the ground. Your mind hurled insults, screaming at you to step forward, to run, and try to save your beloved. You could only look up to the heavens, reciting a silent prayer pleading to every Deity who was listening to stop this madness.
In the midst of your emotional turmoil, you have flashes of what once was. You recall how Tanjiro would hold you in moments of peace, how his eyes would fill up with tenderness and love whenever you locked eyes with him, and how his beaming smile seemed to brighten up even your darkest days.
Your heart continues to pound painfully in your chest as you gasp out endless incoherent breathes. You could hear his loving voice resonate in your head, your cries becoming more erratic at the thought that you could never hear his warmth-filled sound again.
"You mean the whole world to me, [ Y / N ]."
You could only look helplessly as the now human Nezuko began to cry out to her corrupted brother, holding him in place so that he could no longer hurt more people. Tanjiro continued to screech and thrash in the sister's grasp, his screams releasing powerful waves of energy that would blowed away anyone who had even dared to come near him.
Zenitsu and Inosuke were swept away by the strong shockwaves, but Nezuko never weakened her grasp, as she continues to hold on to her brother desperately. Tanjiro dropped down, the sound of the tearing cloth ringing around as massive and sharp tentacles exploded out of his back. Zenitsu cries out, terror overtaking his face as he desperately reaches out to save Nezuko.
But something still puzzles you. Your stomach still twisted at the sight of Nezuko bleeding, but what was perplexing was that Tanjiro declined to bite his sister. Even though he had a taste of his sister's blood, he resisted and refused to attack her.
Maybe, just maybe, your Tanjiro was still there, fighting to break free from his eternal prison.
"[ Y / N ]-chan." Kanao calls out. You snap out of you emotional daze and faced the girl. She looked at you with a hopeful expression, and she takes out a small box from her belt.
"We can still save him..." She starts, opening the box to reveal an injection. "My master gave this to me, and she said that this is medicine made out of Wisteria flowers that could turn demons back into humans."
Kanao coughs up blood, her face scrunching up as she groans out in discomfort. She stumbles forward because of the pain, and you instantly hold her to prevent her from falling to the ground. She looks up to you, and gives you a sad smile.
"Tanjiro turned into a demon just now. Even if I could evade his attacks with one eye, my injuries could get the best of me." She coughs again, placing a hand to her re-opened wound on her waist. She takes your hand and places the injection on it.
"There's still time, [ Y / N ]. Tanjiro loves you too much to even raise a hand at you."  
You looked down at the injection, your eyes filled with renewed determination. You nodded in agreement, then took long breaths to calm yourself down. You knew what you needed to do, and now, you could save him.
You wiped the trails of dried tears on your face, eyebrows drewn together as your expression hardened. Tightening your grip on the object, you stood up and turned around to confront Tanjiro.
"Thank you." You breathed out, forever grateful to Kanao for giving you this oppurtunity.
You inhaled deeply, oxygen rapidly flooding your veins. You could feel your muscles become stronger each second, as adrenaline fills you once more. Bursts of energy traveled all across your body, giving you the courage and power you needed to pull this off. You focused your strength on your legs, and in a flash, you dashed towards your lover.
The demon takes notice of a presence rapidly approaching him. He growls and turns his attention towards you. Scowling, he screeches loudly, tentacles aggressively whipping around at all angles to attack you.
"When this is all over, let's make our own world,"
You looked up to meet his eyes, and you were with scarlet ones, which were filled with hatred and rage. Your breathe hitches momentarily as a shiver ran up to your spine.
"A world where no one could tears us apart."
Tanjiro had never looked at you with such hostility before. However, you didn't let that faze you as you continuously dodged his never ending assaults against you.
"Enough is enough, Tanjiro."
You jumped and evaded the whips his tentacles threw at you. Then, an opening presents itself, your eyes dilating and you bolted even closer until you came face to face with the demon.
"You musn't make Nezuko cry."
Tanjiro howls out loudly, and he raises a hand with the intent to smash you. You quickly caught the glimpse of his clenched fist, and you leapt, avoiding his arm as it plunged downwards with such speed and strength.
"Come back to us, and you won't be ever lost again,"
You swore everything looked like it was in slow motion. In that moment, a bright light engulfed your surroundings. Your body flew above the demon, and when his back came into full view, you immediately pushed the cure into him. Tears shone in your [ E / C ] orbs, as a love-filled smile appeared on your features.
You didn't even feel the pain when a rouge tentacle managed to successfully pierce itself into you. Your tender gaze never left the boy, and you finally breathed out in relief. You fluttered your eyes close, and you tumbled helplessly against the surface.
"You are the whole world to me."
"[ Y / N]!" Nezuko calls out to you, her face contorted into one of pure horror as she watches your body make harsh contact with the ground.
Suddenly, Tanjiro stops moving. His tentacles ceased it's assaults, and slowly, but surely, it retreats back into his body. The boy to started to shake uncontrollably, exhaling out heavy breathes as his eyes trembled wildly as he stares at the sight of your injured body.
With all the remaining strength you could muster up, you looked up to the demon. Instead of the hatred and rage you had saw moments ago, Tanjiro's Scarlet-hues were filled with regret. Tears ran down his cheeks, sadness clouding over his demonic features.
You inhaled softly, and with each passing moment, you saw his eyes slowly turn back into the Crimson colored orbs that you loved so much. As seconds pass by, your vision began to darken. Exhaling out in exhaustion, you felt thankful that you get to see a glimpse of your Tanjiro once more. You heard loud shouts resound through the field, feeling something tending to your wounds before your sight was further consumed by darkness as you fell into unconsciousness.
" -Ma..?"
" -Ma!"
You jolt up in surprise, trying to catch your breath as cold sweat falls down from the side of your face.
You take a moment to observe your surroundings, and you could find yourself sitting in a bench that was located at an open lake. Sakura trees were abundant, and their beauty was obviously not overlooked as pink blossoms flew around with the cool spring breeze. Flora was flourishing all over, and the sounds of the little animals living in the lake was prominent.
A nightmare? You thought. Sighing deeply, you let yourself fall back in the bench where you were sitting on. A small hand shakes on your own frantically, as you turned your head and smiled softly as a gigantic pair of eyes, clearly filled with worry, gazed into your own.
"I'm sorry, Takeo. Did Mama scare you?" You chuckled, as the child in front of you pouts and crosses his arms over his chest.
"Stop dozing off like that! I was really worried when you started to cry in your sleep again!" Takeo exclaims out, puffing out his cheeks as he stomped on his foot in annoyance.
You laughed at his antics, your melodic voice echoing across the peaceful lake. You leaned forward and raised a hand to gently pat your son's head. The boy looked almost the same as you, seeing as he inherited your complexion, your facial features, and even your [H / C] hair.
There was one thing, though, that distinguished him from looking like a complete carbon copy of you.
He had Crimson colored eyes that he inherited from his father.
Takeo continues to huff out in annoyance, but he couldn't fight the flush rising up to his face from your act of affection towards him. Whether he was going to deny it or not, it was an irrefutable fact that he loved getting his head pats. As you observed Takeo's features, you felt warmth and tenderness embracing your chest. You pulled your hand away from his head and just chuckled at his failed attempts of trying to look angry at you.
"Papa asked me to fetch you, ya know.." Takeo mumbles, his Crimson-orbs looking away from you in embarrassment. "He says that Aunt Nezuko and Uncle Zenitsu are coming over today, along with Uncle Inosuke and Aunt Kanao. He figured that you would be glad to see them again."
"I see." You whispered. Your mouth slowly into a grin, and you nodded gratefully. You felt excitement and joy bubble up in you, as you beamed brightly to your son. "Thank you, Takeo. I'm absolutely delighted to hear that they're coming to visit today."
Slowly, you stood up from the bench, one hand holding on your son's arm for support and the other caressing your swollen belly. You looked up to the heavens, eyes sparkling with gratitude as a thankful sigh escaped from your lips. You shifted your attention away from the blue sky, and softly held your son's hand as you began your way back home.
"Let's go home, shall we?"
Once upon a dream, you never thought the possibility of true love coming to you all your life.
Growing up in a demon infested world, life seemed to be fond of throwing you into hardships and struggle. Despite the horrors of the world, you always persevered. For every challenge that has been hurled towards you, the tribulations have only made you grow stronger and better.
Your life may had started out roughly, but that doesn't mean that it did not change for the better. The endless bloodshed had become relics of the past, moments of time that helped shape the world as it is now.
Recalling those moments of uncertainty, the rays of sunlight peeking through what was once the dark and gloomy clouds had now completely engulfed your life with warmth and tenderness. What you once wanted to experience all those years ago, has now become your reality. The little bits of happiness that you yearned for, now held onto you, never wanting to leave any time soon.
As you get closer to your home, you could hear the voices of children laughing and playing. Soon, you saw a glimpse of your humble abode, and little kids that looked similarly to you and your husband came into view. Takeo releases his hold on you, and he excitedly makes his way towards his siblings. Your expression brightened, a permanent smile present on your face as you took in the sight of your children frolicking around with happiness evident in their faces.
Then, a warm hand snakes over your waist, pulling you towards a broad chest that belonged to your lover. You couldn't contain your giggles as your face was immediately assaulted by small pecks and kisses. His hanafuda earrings seemed to ring each time he moved his head, his long ponytail swaying alongside with the cool breeze. His crimson-eyes gleamed in adoration as he gazes into your own, an adorable grin affixed in his lips as he continued to lock you in his protective embrace.
Sakura petals flew all around, encasing your surroundings with a sense of peace and serenity. After years of struggle, you can finally wake up in the morning without the likelihood of a horrible and painful death looming over you, as your cruel and dark world was now behind you.
Those dark days were long over. Now that you had finally avenged your family and the numerous deaths Muzan Kibutsuji has inflicted upon humanity, you could finally spend the rest of your life in peace.
Now, you had finally found a place to call your home. With him, you had created a whole new world. A world that was overflowing with love and happiness. Now that he would always stay by your side, you won't have to be lost anymore.
Tanjiro lifts up a hand to softly caress your cheek, gazing at you with so much love and adoration. The corners of his mouth quirked up as he fluttered his eyes close and slowly leaned forward. Your expression softened, and you chuckled softly as you put your arms around his shoulders. Your eyelids close shut as you felt your chest swell up with so much emotion, as his lips finally captured yours into a love-filled kiss.
"You are the whole world to me, [ Y / N]."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Diabolik Lovers Chaos Lineage Tokuten Drama CD: Heart-racing ★ Horror Night! ~ Violet ver. ~
Tumblr media
Original title: ドキドキ★ホラーナイト~ヴィオレ編~
Source: Chaos Lineage Yoyaku Tokuten Drama CD [CD not owned by me]
Audio: Here
Seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisukei,Takashi Kondou, Ryouhei Kimura, Daisuke Kishio & Toshiyuki Morikawa
Translator’s note: I was talking to the person who provided me with the audio for this while doing the translation and as soon as they mentioned a ‘woman with tied hair’, I knew it would involve some sort of misunderstanding with Carla. Once you’ve translated a few of these, they become kind of predictable. That being said, this was still a very fun track to translate. I particularly enjoyed the interactions between the different characters, especially in the unusual setting. I haven’t played the Chaos Lineage game, so it definitely threw me off a little to hear Laito refer to the MC as ‘Eve-chan’ instead of ‘Bitch-chan’.
This track was requested by @keithvalentinex​ If you would like to request a translation, please contact me through IMs or drop an ask!
Kou: ...And then, Subaru-kun got so mad, he refused to take even take one step out of his room~
Subaru: Fuck off! It’s because you’re always doing this stupid shit!
Azusa: Huh...? Is something the matter, Eve...? You look very...grim...
You flinch. 
Kou: Ah, you’re right! Good observation, Azusa-kun!
Laito: What’s the matter, Eve-chan~? If you’re in need of some advice, I’d be more than happy to provide! However, only in exchange for some of your deliiiiicious-smelling blood, okay~?
Carla: Laito...I should have told you to keep your hands off Eve without my permission. 
Laito: Haha! Gosh, I’m just kidding~ Honestly, you really can’t take jokes at all, Carla.
Carla: Eve. Judging from your current condition, I can only assume something has happened. Stop keeping secrets and speak up.
You explain.
Kou: A woman with tied hair? ...And you spotted her in the hallway? There isn’t a woman like that living here though. What are you talking about?
You shake your head.
Subaru: A woman with a strange aura, huh? ...Even so, there’s no way such a woman would be at this manor. Weren’t you just imagining things?
Laito: If she wasn’t, it’s a big deal, right? Basically it means there’s somebody other than us living here.
Kou: Ah! Or maybe she was one of these ‘ghosts’ I’ve heard about!
Carla: Hmph. Pathetic. To be frightened by such an uncertain existence. 
Subaru: Foolish. If you’re that scared (1), you shouldn’t have stayed quiet and just told us straight away!
Laito: Our baby brother (2) really can’t be honest with himself~ You actually want to tell our frightened little Eve to rely on you, don’t you? 
Subaru: Hah!? As if! Don’t go runnin’ your mouth!
You ask them if they know who this woman might have been.
Kou: I don’t have the faintest clue. After all, you should be the only girl at this place.
Azusa: Mmh...I don’t think I...know anyone like that?
Carla: If the person you spotted had been a male, it could possibly be an intruder from one of the other families but a woman, huh? Are you sure your eyes did not simply deceive you, Eve?
You shake your head.
Laito: Heeh? So you still insist you saw her? However, if she didn’t just see it wrong, what could it have been? There’s us Vampires living here, so perhaps some shady creatures are lurking around these parts~
You only become even more scared.
Laito: Nfu~ You’re shivering. Are you even more frigthened now? 
Kou: How about this! If you’re that anxious, I’ll stick by your side~ Then you’ll be able to relax, right?
You seem a little hesitant about getting him involved.
Kou: No need to hold back~ You wouldn’t want to keep on living in fear, do you? Besides, if one of us is by your side at all times and something were to happen, we can deal with it straight away! Even if our opponent isn’t a ghost, that is.
Isn’t that right, Carla-kun~?
Carla: I see. Not a bad plan. A few days have passed since we’ve welcomed Eve at our place. The other houses should start making their moves soon. Even if our manor were to be invaded by the enemy, if somebody is by Eve’s side at all times, they should not be able to steal her away from us so easily. 
Therefore, heed my order...From tonight onwards, all four of you shall take turns watching over Eve. Whatever may lie ahead of us, you must never allow Eve to be taken. Engrave that on your heart, and carry out your duty.
Subaru: Che...What a pain. Why did I get dragged into this as well!?
Laito: In that case, I’ll take over your shift and watch Eve! So rest assured, I’ll make sure to keep a clooose eye on you~
Kou: That sounds really perverted coming out of Laito-kun’s mouth. Who knows what will happen when he watches over her. He might try and do something funny to her, so I’ll have to keep an eye on him as well. 
Azusa: Everything will be...okay now...Because we’ll protect you...No matter what happens...
You thank them.
Carla: Eve, there is no reason to thank us. After all, we would be in great distress if you were to be taken from us. While one person is watching over her, the others should check the manor to ensure nobody has snuck in. We should consider the possiblity that someone from the other houses is lurking around, so keep your guard up high.
Azusa: Mmh...Understood.
Kou: Okay~ Let’s cut straight to the chase and decide on the order to watch over Eve. Hey, Carla-kun~ I can go first, right?
Carla: You guys can decide it as you see fit.
You enter your room.
Kou: Ah! You’re done with your bath? Did it help you warm up?
You thank him again.
Kou: No need to thank me. I’m in charge of watching over you right now, so isn’t it only normal I’ll be by your side the whole time? Besides, this isn’t a hassle at all. While I’m keeping an eye on you, they might finish investigating the manor.
Hm? What’s the matter? You seem a little gloomy? Don’t tell me...You’re still afraid of that woman? 
You nod.
Kou: Don’t worry, I’m here with you now after all, so don’t look so anxious. 
You frown. 
Kou: Hm...You still seem a little uneasy. If you’re scared, shall I sing you a song? I’m a pretty good singer, you know?
You shake your head.
Kou: I see. You’re not in the mood for a song, huh? You poor little thing, all frightened...
ー Or, is that what you expected me to say? 
Kou: What do you think? You’ve got nowhere to run while I’ve got cornered against the wall like this, huh? I can see that idiotic face of yours clearly now.
You ask him about his behavior.
Kou: This isn’t ‘suddenly’ right? Do you truly not know why I’m upset?
You flinch.
Kou: (mumbles) What’s with the fidgeting? Che...This pisses me off. Did you think I’d ease up a little if you seem bewildered? But unfortunately for you, I won’t do that. 
Aahー Or perhaps...You’re trying to get me to punish you, so you’re pissing me off on purpose. 
You shake your head.
Kou: Yeah, yeah! No need to desperately try and deny it. Ahaha~ Your frightened expression is superb as well! Only makes me want to tease you more until you’re in tears.
Come closer...Show me your sloppy crying face.
You start struggling.
Kou: Aah!? Hey...! Don’t make a fuss...! Argh, you pest! God!! ...Don’t run away...I can’t believe you just tried to defy me. 
It can’t be helped, so I’ll tell you why I’m upset. Here I was, trying my best to treat Ms. Kitty (3) nicely, but my kindness totally went to waste. 
You apologize.
Kou: It’s too late to say sorry now. Do you even realize that you’re to blame? It doesn’t seem like that at all. Aah, what a pain. Honestly, I thought I’d easily be able to get my hands on your blood if I treated you with care. But I guess there’s no point in still doing that now~
Kou leans closer and breathes in your scent.
Kou: ...You smell reaaaally sweet. I guess it’s because you’re warm and cozy after taking a bath? Or are you aroused perhaps? Well, either way works~ I’m digging in...~!
He tries to bite her but Azusa walks up to them.
Azusa: Kou...You can’t...! 
Kou: Azusa-kun!? Why are you here!? What about the investigation of the manor!?
Azusa: Everyone else is...doing that...I was...watching you and Eve...from afar.
Kou: Eh!? Why!?
Azusa: If you were to...drink Eve’s blood...You’d get scolded by...Carla. Besides, Eve seems to be...scared as well. So let’s...switch roles? It’s time...
Kou: Eeeeh? We’re swapping already? ...Lame! But I guess I have no other choice after you said all those things...Fine, I’m passing the baton to you. Bye bye, Eve~ Azusa-kun, I’m leaving her in your care~
Kou walks away.
Azusa: Eve...Are you okay...? I’m sorry...Kou scared you...
You thank him.
Azusa: No...You don’t need to thank me...Were you about to...head to bed? Let us head to the living room so...You can relax a little...
They walk towards the living room.
Azusa: ...Go ahead. Take a seat.
You sit down.
Azusa: That must have been...quite the scare earlier...But, Kou isn’t just a bad guy... so...Were you bitten somewhere...?
You shake your head.
Azusa: I see...He didn’t actually drink your blood...Thank god. However, let me check...just in case...
Azusa moves closer.
Azusa: Yeah...Just like that...Just sit still, okay?
He checks your skin.
Azusa: This side seems...fine...There’s no...bite marks. What a beautiful nape...Oh? How about this side...Hm...Mmh! Both your neck and...ears...are still untouched...
What a relief...I’m happy I to properly protect you so you could...get away unscathed... 
You thank him again. 
Azusa: Hehe~ I don’t need your words of gratitude. 
He takes a deep breath. 
Azusa: But you know...You really do smell good...I might understand why...Kou was no longer able to hold back...
Uu...What should I do...? I told Kou off but...After touching you and...sniffing your scent...I’m starting to...lose control...
Even though I know I shouldn’ anything to scare you...Ugh...
Azusa wraps his arms around you.
Azusa: I’m sorry for...suddenly embracing you...But...When we’re like this...I feel really at ease...
He smells you again.
Azusa: Haah...No good...I really can’t hold back after all...! I thought I would calm down if I hugged you but...But it only made it harder to...Hold back this urge...
Say...Seems like I really do want you too after all...If I were to...pierce my fangs through this beautiful skin of yours and...suck your blood...I feel as if we’d be able to...stay together forever...
That’s why...It’s okay for me to...bite you, right? After all...I love you this much...! You want to be bitten by me too...Don’t you? 
Laito enters the room.
Laito: What are you doing, I wonder~? Both of you~
Azusa: Laito...
Laito: Seems like you’re having quite the blast...~ I wish you’d let me join in on the fun...Or so I thought but too bad! It’s time to shift, Azusa-kun~
Azusa: I see...It’s already...this late, huh? That’s a shame but...I’ll return to...investigating the manor...See you later, Eve.
Laito: Bye bye Azusa-kun~! Do your best~!
Azusa leaves the room.
Laito: ...Oh? Did you realize? That it’s still a tad bit early to swap places. In fact, we actually weren’t supposed to change until a few minutes later. I had Azusa-kun swap roles with me a little early~
You ask him for his reasoning.
Laito: ...Why? Shouldn’t that be obvious? 
Laito pins her down.
Laito: To be able to do naughty things with you like this~ How does it feel to be pushed down on the table? Hey...Tell me what the two of you were doing while you were alone...What kind of fun did you have?
You retaliate, insisting nothing happened.
Laito:  Panicking and denying it like that is very suspicious~ Judging by those flushed cheeks...Were you perhaps doing something you can’t admit?
If you won’t answer me, I’ll have no other choice. I’m sure your body still remembers at least...I’ll try asking this one instead~ See? First here...
He starts stroking your legs.
Laito: Did he stroke your thighs like this? Gliding his hands slowly from top to bottom...Did he enjoy the sensation of this smooth skin of yours? 
You shake your head.
Laito: Your body’s...shaking, huh? Does it tickle that much? Your reactions become more sensitive with every movement. In that case, how about here...?
His other hand moves up your neck.
Laito: Did he bare his fangs at this slender and sweet-smelling nape? Stabbing them deep inside...I know! Shall I do the same thing to you? Try comparing whose blood-sucking felt better...
You try and free yourself from his grip.
Laito: Oh...Woah there! That’s dangerous! Be good, okay? Why do you resist so much? Don’t you want to feel good as well?
Haaaah~ You’re twitching like crazy just from having me stroke your skin. You truly are one of a kind. 
Subaru bursts into the room.
Subaru: The fuck are you two doing here!?
Laito: ...Huuuh~? I could ask the same to you. Were you maybe hoping to have fun with the three of us~?
Subaru: Che...Spare me the disgusting crap! If you’re gonna do that, at least do it somewhere nobody else can see!
Laito: Eh? Really? In that case, it’s such a great opportunity so let’s head somewhere dark and cramped and secretly continue our fun, Eve~?
Subaru: Oi, right now you have to stop. It’s time for the next shift. You can go continue investigating the manor.
Laito: Eeeeeh? It’s already time for that? Subaru-kun, aren’t you just making up excuses because you want to be with her? 
Subaru: Cut out the crap! I’m not like you. As if I’d go out of my way to come up with such a lie. Whatever, just hurry up and scram.
Laito: Fine, fine~ Got it. See you, Eve~ We’ll continue where we left off some other time~
Laito leaves.
Subaru: ...Geez. He finally left. 
You thank him.
Subaru: You too...They’re treating you like a toy because you keep wandering around. I’ll escort you to your room so hurry up and get some rest already.
He takes you back to your room.
Subaru: We’re here. Hurry up and hit they hay before things go south again. That way I don’t have to look after you so it’s easier on me as well. See ya. If anything happens, just scream on top of your lungs.
You try and stop him.
Subaru: Haah? What’s your problem? You’re so annoyin’...
You ask him to stay.
Subaru: Hah? You can’t sleep because you’re scared? Are you still spooked by that woman!? Bullshit. I’m not gonna stay here till you fall asleep over such a stupid reason. Why are you asking me anyway!?
You tell him he’s kind.
Subaru: Me, kind? ...Don’t make me laugh!
Subaru pushes you onto the bed. 
Subaru: Shut up! Don’t make a fuss! I only gave you a little push. Don’t be callin’ me ‘kind’ or whatever. Get rid of those fucked up thoughts. ...I don’t know what caused this misunderstanding, but you’re nothing but a prey to me.
When someone like you says stuff like that, I’m obviously gonna get pissed.
He towers over you.
Subaru: Should I teach you what happens to fools who approach me so carelessly? ...So you’ll never be able to look down on me like that again. 
...Why have you suddenly gone quiet? Are you so scared, your voice won’t even come out? Twitching in fear like that fits you best. Only makes me want to tease you even more.
You try and get away.
Subaru: ...Oi! Where do you think you’re going!?
He grabs hold of you.
Subaru: No point in running now. Have you become frightened? But it’s already too late. This is your punishment for approaching me so carelessly. Cry or scream all you want, I’m gonna wreck you.
You flinch.
Subaru: Heh. Seems like you finally understand now. That I’m not kind. So don’t ever spout that nonsense again, got it?
Carla appears out of nowhere.
Carla: What are you two doing? 
Subaru: Haah? What’s the matter, Carla? Why are you here?
Carla: I’m asking you what you’re doing. This is the room that has been given to Eve. You have no business going inside. Get out right now.
Subaru: ...Shut up! Why do I have to listen to what you say anyway!? I don’t mind helping you become the supreme ruler, but don’t think that means I’m gonna listen to everything you say.
Carla: Hmph. Assuming I do manage to become the surpreme ruler, I shall no longer pester you. That is exactly why I’m asking you not to unnecessarily approach Eve. Which is why you should return to investigating the manor at once.
Subaru: Che...Look at you ordering me ‘round all high and mighty again. Fine! I just need to get this stupid investigation over with, right?
Carla: Good grief...My younger brothers are such a difficult bunch. Putting that asideー Eve. There is something I want to warn you about as well. 
As long as you remain at this manor, I shall be your master. I shall not allow you to casually invite other men into your room like that. It seems like you are lacking said understanding. An undisciplined woman has to be re-educated. 
Carla pushes you down on the bed.
Carla: Heh...Are you scared? Your body is shivering. You do not know what I will do to you when I am pinning you down on the bed from behind, do you? However, that is how it should be. There is no reason for you to know anything. I shall control both your body and your mind. As you are the key to becoming the supreme ruler. If you behave, I do not mind treating you properly. 
However, the problem is my younger brothers having their way with you. If they break you, it will greatly affect me as well. Therefore, do not let your guard down around anyone but me. Think very deeply about the meaning behind me, a supreme ruler candidate, keeping you by my side. 
You protest. 
Carla: ...Hmph. Are you dissatisfied about being treated almost like an object? I thought that head of yours was completely empty, but it seems like you do have some sense of pride at least. 
If you do not like being treated as an object, how about I treat you as a pet instead? You should simply toss aside said pride and dignity, entrusting your body to me as you submit to my every command. That is the only thing you can do.
You continue to protest.
Carla: So you still refuse to accept me even after everything I have said? In that case, I have no other choice but to engrave it in your body. 
*Rustle rustle*
Carla: I’ll suck you from this fair, slender nape. No, I suppose I cannot confirm your frightened expression from this position. 
He turns you over.
Carla: Like this, I can drink from your neck while enjoying your face twisting in fear. Well then, brace yourself. I shall give you both pain and pleasure.
Laito enters the living room.
Laito: ...Huh? Why are you all gathered in the living room?
Kou: Ah! Laito-kun...! We were just talking about how rough we had it yesterday~
Laito: Don’t remind me. Carla really knows how to work his little brothers to the bone. More importantly, have you seen Eve around?
Azusa: Eve the bathroom. She said she has to...get dressed.
Laito: Eeeeh~? Is that so? Thank you for telling me~
Kou: Ah! You can’t tell Laito-kun! He’ll try and peek on Eve while she’s changing!
Azusa: Eh? Is I’m sorry...I said it...
Subaru: Oi Laito, get your ass on the couch.
Laito: Fine...I get it. No need to glare at me like that.
He takes a seat.
Kou: After everything, I really wonder who this woman Eve mentioned really was? 
Azusa: While we were watching over Eve...or investigating the manor...We didn’t even find any intruders from the other houses...Let alone a woman with tied hair...Right?
Subaru: In the end, we figured she saw something strange and nothing really went down. It might have just been a mistake on her part.
Kou: Mmh~ If nothing’s wrong, all ends well, right?
Subaru: God...She causes us nothing but trouble.
Azusa: Now Eve assured as well, right?
Kou: Mmh, mmh~ Thank god!
Subaru: ...!? What was that!?
Kou: It made an incredible noise!
Azusa: I just heard...a shriek as well...
Laito: Could it be...Eve’s scream?
Subaru: The fuck!? We just said everything’s fine and now this!?
Kou: Let’s go look! Something might have happened!
Laito: It could be an invasion from one of the other families...Shall we all head over together? The voice came from the bathroom, right?
The four of them head over to the bathroom.
They burst into the bathroom.
Subaru: ...Oi, what’s wrong!?
Laito: That scream from earlier...Could it be!?
Carla: ...What are you all doing? You’re causing a ruckus.
Kou: Huh? 
Laito: It’s Carla!
Subaru: What? Why are you...?
Carla: What do you want?
Laito: We came rushing after hearing her scream but...Huh? She’s collapsed on the floor...
Azusa: You’re...right...Seems like she lost...consciousness...
Laito: What on earth is going on? Carla, what did you do to Eve-chan?
Carla: Watch your words. You’re talking as if I did something.
Kou: But isn’t that the case? She has in fact passed out, hasn’t she?
Carla: Do not spout such nonsense. I simply came here to wash my face. Eve suddenly walked in as I was doing so and screamed before passing out.
Laito: Heeeh~? Is that so? For her to faint just from seeing you, our big bro must be incredibly terrifying~
Kou: Well, I kind of get that. After all, Carla-kun’s always making this scaaaary expression~ 
Subaru: Haah? Did she really collapse over such a thing? If so, she won’t be able to keep living at this manor, right?
Azusa: Wait...! Right now...Carla has his hair...tied. 
Kou: Mmh. That doesn’t happen often, right? What has gotten into you?
Carla: I always tie it back while washing my face. If not, the strands of hair will get in the way.
Subaru: Tied hair...Ah.
ーAll four of them start laughing at once.
Laito: In short, the ‘woman’ Eve spotted must have been Carla!
Carla: What?
Subaru: No way! Haha...For a guy like you to get mistaken for a woman...Ahaha!
Kou: Subaru-kun~ Don’t put it like that. Poor Carla-kun~ 
Laito: To think the strange woman would turn to be Carla, huh? ...Well, she wasn’t too far off.
Azusa: Carla...It’s okay...You aren’t a...woman.
Carla: Of course. What is this nonsense?
Azusa checks up on you. 
Azusa: Heavy-hoh... Hey...More importantly...Eve is still...fainted. Is she...okay?
Subaru: Ah...Geez. She sure loves to cause us trouble.
Carla: We cannot leave her like this. Somebody carry her back to her room. 
Laito: Ah! This is a perfect job for our baby brother! Doing the heavy work is Subaru-kun’s responsiblity after all~
Subaru: When was that decided!? ...What a pain! You can do it instead!
Laito: No need to hold back~ This is your chance to get to touch her, you know? 
Subaru: Che! That’s exactly what makes it annoyin’...!
Laito: Nfu~ You lose your temper straight away~
Kou: That being said, Eve is quite the handful, isn’t she? We went through so much trouble because we thought there might be a ghost or an intruder lurking around. But thank god everything turned out fine in the end. 
...Huh? What’s the matter, Azusa-kun? You’re making a serious expression while lost in thought... 
Laito: Is there still something bothering you?
Azusa: Hm...Mmh. There’s this one thing still on my mind. 
Subaru: Something on your mind? ...What do you mean?
Azusa: I was wondering...We’re assuming that Eve...mistook Carla for that woman...but Carla usually...doesn’t have his hair tied back, right? 
Carla: Yes. Only when I’m washing my face just like right now. Is there something wrong with that?
Azusa: Then how come...Eve spotted this the hallway?
Carla: ...!
Kou: Eh?
Omnious music plays in the background.
Subaru: W-What do you mean?
Laito: In other words...
Azusa: I wonder if the person Eve saw...Was truly Carla...?
ーー THE END ーー
Translation notes
(1) More specifically, he says ‘if you’re that scared it makes your complexion go pale’ but I felt as if it made the sentence a little too long-winded to the point where it just did not sound natural. However, I don’t want to just ignore the fact that it’s there in Japanese either, hence why I’m putting it here. 
(2) Laito refers to Subaru as 末っ子ちゃん or ‘suekko-chan’, which is the term for the youngest child in the family. By adding the suffix ‘-chan’, he makes it sound a little more cute/endearing.
(3) Kou calls her メス猫 or ‘mesuneko’ which literally means ‘female cat’. 
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justdyingslowly · a year ago
1. Name justdyingslowly obviously come on
2. Nationality Australian
3. Age 22
4. Birthday nnnah dont feel like it
5. Zodiac sign (or your primal zodiac sign) Libra/Scorpio cusp
6. Gender wamon
7. Sexuality very very hetero
8. Your looks (add a picture or describe yourself) androgenous
9. What do you/did you study? Psychology (focus on sexology) and art.
10. What’s your current job like?/What job would you like to have? I am disabled you think I can work ha sexologist would be awesome. When I was a kid I wanted to be a fireman but Australias always burning
11. Your birth order head first
12. How many siblings do you have? 1
13. Do you have good relations with your family? yeah dads finally out of his abusive relationship, nearing age 70 and his emotions and his sexuality are finally opening up for the first time and that makes me SO happy.
14. How many friends do you have? what kind of fucked up question is this.
15. Your relationship status relationshipped. Fiance? got the marriage papers in a drawer somewhere with the car rego but can’t be fucked filling them?
16. What do you look for in a SO? empathetic, mature, calm. Always open to discussion. Prefers to be blunt rather than secretive. Emotional age over 14 (incredibly fucking rare apparently). Puts an importance on context and understanding other views above all else.
17. Do you have a crush? Hellll yeah Crush on my partner and got a crush on a mutual friend of ours who don’t even know hes cute af hehe one day partners gonna accidentally spill the beans and embarrass me coz hes shit with secrets RIP me.
18. When did you have your first kiss? You think I can remember this bullshit? Its not that big a deal
19. Do you prefer serious and meaningful relationships or casual dating/one night stands? One night stand sex almost exclusively sucks. Just. SUCKS. Because neither of you know what the other likes and it ends up being an awkward mix of trying to please yourself while trying to also be considerate.
20. What are your deal breakers? Plugging your ears to anything that feels gross, uncomfortable or disagrees with you. How can you grow as a person without introspection? How can you mold what you think and believe without taking in other arguments and comparing them to your beliefs to see how they stack up? Its pathetic.
21. How was your day? cute mutual friend had a fall this morning and were both worried about him. His back is bad and he’s getting a little older, he can’t be getting dizzy and having falls like that. other than that im anxious about seeing my gastro. He’s lovely but... specialists are specialists. Good at knowing what they know but not always great at listening.
22. Favourite food & drink you think im allowed to eat or drink? water and... foods a touchy subject.
23. What position do you sleep in? Usually on my side with a body pillow to grip so I don’t end up choking my partner in his sleep.
24. What was your last dream about? uuhhh...going to italy and being unable to get into this tiny basket boat properly.
25. Your fears does PTSD to medical shit count haha
26. Your dreams ... going to italy and being unable to get into a tiny basket boat thingy?
27. Your goals - get some sort of diagnosis eventually. Its been 3 years of trying and im tired. - get back to studying art part time for my bachelors. - pass JLPT N3. - go back to university for psychology. - do the dishes when I get home.
28. Any pets? two budgies. we also take care of any orphaned or injured birds.
29. What are your hobbies? feeling nauseous drawing writing a little bit im making a little gameboy game in C atm too
30. Any cool places in your area? i live next to a national park with waterfalls and koalas and emus and stuff
31. What was your last awkward situation? mutual friend made a comment on his chest i playfully smacked it (related to the comment) it was surprisingly hard “O-oh wow, thats... I didnt expect that” my partner laughed at me. it was awful.
32. What is your last regret? getting embarrassed at friends pecs stop making me think about it 33. Language/s you can speak english. N4 Japanese.
34. Do you believe in astrological stuff? (Zodiac, tarot, etc.) of course not what the fuck
35. Have any quirks? Quirkless. I do wiggle when im happy though apparently.
36. Your pet peeves open doors.
37. Ideal vacation spend a months chilling in an old japanese house in autumn hokkaido oooooof that sounds nice
38. Any scars? internal? yes
39. What does your last text message say? peepee poopoo ustinky
40. Last 5 things from your search history how do i find this
41. What’s your [device] background? Sam Porter Bridges walkin around Sam Porter Bridges cuddling BB-28 Louise while he sleeps my chicken
42. What do you daydream about? all might
43. Describe your dream home an old japanese house in autumn hokkaido oooooof that sounds nice
44. What’s your religion/Your thought about religion its a comforting thought having a parent-figure who cares about you and looks after all the big things you can’t manage yourself, but institutionalizing it runs a severe risk of becoming harmful cults. And it often does.
45. Your personality type me
46. The most dangerous thing you’ve done i saw the lost bunny that was on all the posters in the neighbourhood looked thin and patchy so i grabbed him to take him home. im allergic. sent me to hospital and I almost died.
47. Are you happy with your current life? feeling sick sucks and partners having a depressive episode but things are pretty good
48. Some things you’ve tried in your life living
49. What does your wardrobe consist of? blacks, reds, whites and pinks
50. Favourite colour to wear? at the moment pink. Red is always comforting though.
51. How would you describe your style? mix between lazy alternative punk, teenager with band shirts and harajuku peach kawaii uwu
52. Are you happy with your current looks? kinda wish i was a bit shorter but what can you do
53. If you could change/add something to your appearance - impossible or not - what would it be? bit shorter
54. Any tattoos or piercings? lol no PTSD
55. Do you get complimented often? by who? partner constantly, family haha are you kidding im australian so a friend’s version of showing affection is calling you a cunt and slapping your ass in public
56. Favourite aesthetic? all might
57. A popular trend that you dislike blocking because you disagree or find them distasteful. Ignoring all context to opposing thoughts and arguments. taking a personal feeling of disgust to mean something is evil. Blocking your ears to anything that isn’t a circlejerk of what you already think - and trying to isolate anyone who even just listens to something other then the noise of your sloppy dicks to have a thought of their own.
58. Songs you’re currently obsessed with? The Machine by Low Roar
59. Song you normally wouldn’t admit you like. why wouldnt i admit i like a song
60. Favourite genre? probably enka haha
61. Favourite artist/band/genre? probably enka haha oh and tatsuro yamashita
62. Hated popular songs/artists? why the hell would I hate something like a song? I hate aspects of the music industry as a whole I guess?
63. Put your music on shuffle and list first 5 which playlist they aren’t all together in one place
64. Can you sing or play any instruments? piano, saxophone... uh... partners good at making music and playing shakuhachi
65. Do you like karaoke? no.
66. Own any albums? yes? many?
67. Do you listen to radio? What stations? no. but triple J, ABC Jazz and Classical. sometimes they even play final fantasy and JRPG music on classical which is pretty neat. -
68. Favourite movie/series? can i make this about games because then the answer is Metal Gear Solid
69. Favourite genre of movies/books/etc ...shounen?
70. Your fictional crush/es if they’re over 40yrs old, male and happy and bubbily or grumpy and sad then there’s a big ol fat chance I wanna bone. Solid Snake from MGS4, All Might and pretty much anyone drawn by Tarou Madoromi.
71. Which fictional character is you? uh
72. Are you a shipper? List your otps, if so what does this even mean what language is this
73. Favourite greek god? idk hades seems chill
74. A legend from where you live that you like the story of Tjilbruke is funny and good. all Kaurna stories are good.
75. Do you like art? What’s your favourite work or artist? im in a big egon schiele mood atm.
76. Can you share your other social media? no i am incapable
77. Favourite youtubers? many
78. Favourite platform? not too high up. actually i like being a little lower than ground level in corners.
79. How much time do you spend on the internet? too much
80. What video games have you played? Which one’s your favourite? look i just want to say that MGS4 is the best one in the series and Death Stranding is phenomenally engaging.
81. Your favourite books (manga also counts) these are all so goddamn definitive how can I pick? Oh wait the answer is One Piece
82. Do you play board/card games? I play DnD atm and know 15 yr old rules to Yugioh
83. Have you ever been to a night marathon in cinema? that shit dosn’t happen here
84. Favourite holiday golden week coz its a week also easter because thats when all the glucose based sweets come back
85. Are you into dramas? what kind
86. Would you use death note, if you had one? no. thats called being a murderer.
87. What changes would you make in the world, no matter how impossible, if you had the power to? chill people out a bit. when people feel unsafe they get really depenfive and territorial and block their ears to everything, making in-and-out groups for themsevles that end up putting them in more harm.
88. Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? im disabled with a disabled partner. we arent funny sure we can survive normal everyday life when society is angled so sharply against us.
89. If you had to be turned into a paranormal being, what would it be? id like to be a mimi spirit
90. What would you want to happen to you after your death? spooky time
91. If you had to change your name, what would be your pick? toshinori yagi
92. Who would you switch your life with for a week? anyone healthy
93. Pick an emoji to be your tattoo that cursed one with the intense eyes and the hand
94. Write 3 things about yourself - only one of them must be true im me im not me im pee
95. Cold or hot? cold.
96. Be a hero or be a villain? both are distasteful ideas in reality
97. Sing everything you want to say or rhyme? i can’t do either partner speak sin bad puns and its hell, these both sound about equal
98. Shapeshifting or controlling time? shapeshifting. controlling time is eithe rmanipulative or lonely. shapeshifing is every other superpower at once.
99. Be immortal or be immune to everything aside from natural death? both are deeply upsetting ideas
100. ….. or …..? jiji or ossan? generally Jiji, but ossans can be lovely too.
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Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Limited Edition Tokuten Drama CD: “The Vampires’ School Trip ~ Princess Land goes up in Flames ~”
Tumblr media
Original title: 修学旅行のヴァンパイア~プリンセスランド炎上~
Source: Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Limited Edition Tokuten Drama CD [CD not owned by me]
Audio: Here
Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru, Hirakawa Daisuke, Kaji Yuki, Toriumi Kousuke, Konishi Katsuyuki, Kondou Takashi,  Sakurai Takahiro,Kimura Ryouhei, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Kishio Daisuke
Translator’s note: A school trip featuring the Sakamaki and Mukami guys ー What could possibly go wrong? The answer is A LOT. I bet the Princess Land staff had the words day of their lives. From wrecking statues, to attractions to setting an entire tower on fire, these boys really went on a rampage! The whole track is an hour long, which probably makes this the longest translation I’ve done, at least in one post. However, I know this track in particular was highly requested, so I hope all of you will enjoy it!
This track was requested by @haiiimeh​! If you would like to request a translation, please contact me through IMs or drop an ask!
Ayato: Ah-ahー I’m tired. What’s with this ‘field trip’? *yawns* What a pain.
You tell him to just enjoy it.
Ayato: Haah? In which world would a Vampire enjoy going on a school excursion? Use that brain of yours a little. This is exactly why you’re a Chichinashi.
You tilt your head to the side.
Ayato: Haah...If you were even just a little more of a ‘Chichiari’ (1), I might be able to at least somewhat enjoy this school trip.
Tumblr media
Laito: Nfu~ You’re spot on, Ayato-kun~ After all, when you say ‘school trip’, a thrilling one-night stay at the hot springs is a staple, right? In such a scenario...The fact there’s only mixed baths would be the special twist! When you only get to look, chichiari is definitely more fun than chichinashi. 
Ayato: Exactly.
Laito: Nfufufu~ Riiight~?
Shuu: Unfortunately for you two, even though it’s called an excursion, it’s a day trip. The location isn’t a hot springs either, but this place called ‘Princess Land’, I heard. 
Kanato: Princess Land? That’s the ‘Land of Dreams’ by the seaside, right? Are high schoolers really headed to such a childish place?
Reiji: Haah...We’re talking about you lot, so I assume none of you listened to any of the prior briefings. The teacher took over an hour to explain everything, you see? They reserved Princess Land at night and we will mainly be allowed to roam around on our own.
Subaru: ...Lame. This ‘excursion’ is nothing but playing ‘round, isn’t it? What’s this stupid ‘Princess’ thing anyway?
Shuu: I don’t mind it being just that. It’s much better than having some bullshit lecture forced upon us, right? If we can roam around freely, I’ll get to sleep as well.
Laito: Hmm~ It’s a big shame we won’t be staying the night, but if we’re going to play, I can live with it.
Ayato: I’m not dealing with any bullshit though. By the way, Chichinashi, do they sell takoyaki over at this Princess Land?
You shrug.
Ayato: Che...You don’t know? You’re useless. ...Damn, if I’d know there’s takoyaki, I’d definitely help motivate me to go. 
The Mukami’s approach.
Kou: Heyaaa~ M-neko-chan and the Sakamaki guys~!
Subaru: Huh? What? Kou and...The other Mukami’s.
Kou: Hey hey! What are you talking about? Your plans for the school trip?
Reiji: Not in particular. Do you need anything?
Kou: I’m not sure if you’d call it that but...Say, M-neko-chan~ Do you have plans already? If you don’t yet, I’ll teach you plenty of things! After all, I just so happen to be quite knowledgeable on Princess Land!
Ruki: It seems that Kou has been showing his face at Princess Land every now and then as part of his job. 
Kou: Exactly! In fact, I even have a yearly subscription! 
Subaru: ...Heh, ‘lucky you’. Idols really can call anything their job, huh? 
Kou: Heh, heh, heh~ Isn’t it nice? Should I introduce you to my agency as well? You...might actually be able to pull it off, you know? Not as good as me though~ 
Tumblr media
More importantly, M-neko-chanー Hey! Let’s enjoy this trip together!
Yuma: Don’t ya think you’ll be able to have much more fun hangin’ out with us compared to those gloomy Vampires over there?
Azusa: Hey...Eve...Let’s do that. You want to hang out with us...don’t you? Right?
Ayato: Oi, hold up! Cut it out! Just how long will it take before you guys get that this woman is mine!? You need my permission before doing something like this.
Ruki: Kachiku, Ayato is making a bold claim, but is it really like that?
You hesitate.
Ayato: Oi, Chichinashi. This is the part where you reply with ‘exactly’ immediately! 
Laito: Nfu~ Unfortunately, it seems like the feeling is unrequited, Ayato-kun.
Ayato: Laito! You bastard, whose side are you on!?
Laito: I’m on nobody’s side. After all, Bitch-chan wants to play with me at Princess Land. Right?
Kanato: Seems like you were imagining things as well. Although that was to be expected. She should be wanting to hang out with me and Teddy after all. Am I right?
Ruki: Good grief...An internal conflict? As always.
Reiji: ...! Everyone, we’re in front of these people right now, so let us avoid any unnecessary quarrels. It’s shameful. Also you over there! You are to blame as well for not making up your mind straight away.
You suggest all hanging out together.
Shuu: ...Haah? All of us together? With these guys? I understand you don’t want to cause an uproar, but you’re asking for too much.
You insist.
Subaru: Hah? If it’s okay like that? Don’t ask me! I...actually prefer it to be...justthetwoofus. 
Yuma: Okay!! Kou! What are we doin’ now?
Kou: Hm...If you want to explore Princess Land with limited time you need to go about it efficiently...Oh well, if that’s what M-neko-chan wants, it can’t be helped, right?
Ayato: In short, we’ll be walking together with those Mukami guys? Don’t joke around!
Ruki: We would like to refuse as well. We are already sick of watching you all get into fights over every single little thing. We’d rather not get caught up in it either.
Reiji: I’d imagine so. What will you do? Seems like it will be difficult for all of us to go together.
You frown.
Tumblr media
Shuu: I don’t think you have much other choice but to divide your time and hang out with each of us respectively. Haah...What a pain.
Ayato: What’s that about!? Chichinashi’s going somewhere with these guys? Fuck that! I won’t let that slide!
Reiji: There, there! Ayato! If you keep on whining around by yourself, we’ll leave you behind! Are you okay with losing your chance to hang out with her?
Ayato: ...Geh!
Reiji: First of all, this settles it. No more quarreling, okay?
Laito: Eeeeh? Not being able to be around Bitch-chan the whole time is boring! This whole thing has gotten a lot more bothersome. Maybe I’ll just skip out.
Reiji: Aah, I suppose you weren’t listening to that part so I’ll tell you, but abstention is forbidden without a special reason and will automatically lead to having to repeat your year, so I would highly advise against that.
Kanato: ...Haah? What’s that? Such a harsh punishment for a stupid school festivity...I can’t accept this! Why!?
Reiji: Please don’t snap at me. The school - more specifically, the teachers - are the ones who made that decision after all. If you are unsatisfied, be my guest and complain to the teachers.
Ayato: Ah-ahー What a load of bull. I can’t keep up with this. 
Shuu: Oh well, all I need to do is participate, right? I can just sleep once we get there.
Laito: Well, I’d rather not have to repeat my year like Shuu, so I’ll try to at least enjoy my time with Bitch-chan.
You try to motivate them.
Ayato: ...Che. What do you mean ‘rare opportunity’? You sure have it easy. If only there was something to enjoy...
Tumblr media
Kanato: Eh? There’s popcorn? Chocolate-caramel flavor? I want to eat that! Both me and Teddy are suddenly starving so let’s hurry up and go!
Ayato: Who cares about popcorn, the real question is whether or not they have takoyaki!
...What? Takoyaki flavor? They have something that incredible!? Come on, Chichinashi, we’re going!
Ayato runs off with you.
Shuu: They sure are lively...
Subaru: Haah...We’re not even there yet and I already have a bad feeling ‘bout this.
Laito: Me too...When I see Ayato all high-spirited like that, I can’t help but grow a little anxious...Today the Mukami’s are with us as well.
Shuu: Haah...This really is a pain.
The group has arrived at the amusement park.
Kanato: Heeh...So this is ‘Princess Land’? Looks quite fun. Hey, look over there. You can see a castle-like buidling in the distance.
Laito: Hm...I might be able to enjoy myself more than I expected. I imagined it would just be a bunch of children running around...Although I can find fun in anything~ Right, Bitch-chan? Nfufu.
Subaru: Oi, you two. Don’t cling onto her like that...!
Subaru tugs you his way.
Laito: Eeeh~? Aren’t you doing the same?
Kanato: Exactly. It makes no sense for you to be allowed to while we can’t!
Tumblr media
Subaru: ...I-I...This is...I’m not hugging her! Uhm...
Laito: ...What was that whistle just now?
Reiji: Everyone! This way please! Come on, line up.
Ayato: Aaah? Reiji? What are you doing?
Reiji: What do you mean? I’m obviously directing. Hurry up!
Shuu: ...Noisy. That’s an outright earsore. 
Reiji: If I don’t do this, you all won’t listen.
Ayato: We don’t need you four-eyes guiding us ‘round, we can handle ourselves. Oi, Chichinashi.
Ayato grabs your hand.
Let’s ditch these guys and get going!
He runs off dragging you along.
Kanato: A-Ayato...! Wait! 
Kanato runs after them.
Reiji: Wha...!? H-Hold it right there! Don’t run off by yourself!
Ayato: Shut up!! I didn’t come here to get lectured by you!
Laito: Bitch-chan! Ayato-kun and Kanato-kun! I’m coming too!!
Laito follows them as well.
Ayato: Oi, Chichinashi, what’s that fancy statue over there? The Prince of this country? Che...So he even has such a thing? He must be full of himself. I’ll wreck it!
Kanato: Hold up! First of all, let’s buy some snacks from that popcorn stall over there.
Laito: Eeeh~? Before that, why don’t we board the rollercoaster with the waterfall and get drenche...Eh? I’m not thinking about how your clothes would become see-through or anything. Nfu~
Reiji: Hey, you three over there! We have a set time schedule! We’re heading back to school in another two hours after all! 
Shuu: Haah...I’ll sleep till it’s my turn. *yawns*
Subaru: Good idea. I’m heading over towards the castle over there so don’t follow me!
Shuu: ...Who would even go there? Nn... Zzz....
Reiji: Good grief...I can’t deal with the lack of motivation from you two. Although it’s far too late to complain about that by this point. However, is it really okay to leave her with those triplets? I’m somewhat anxious...
Laito: *munch munch* Sweet popcorn is...*munch munch* surprisingly good. I think I sort of understand why you wanted to eat this, Kanato-kun. Here, Bitch-chan. Say ‘ahn’~ Nfufu~ It’s good, isn’t it?
You eat some of the popcorn.
Kanato: *munch munch* That’s why I told you. *munch munch* That we should definitely buy some. I already knew it would be delicious. You ended up wasting time because you failed to heed my words. The nice smell was filling the air as well...Hey, you. Open your mouth once more. Aaaahn.
Kanato feeds you popcorn as well.
Ayato: *munch munch* I think they’re messin’ up by not selling takoyaki flavor *munch munch* but this one’s not too bad either. Just the right balance between sweet and salty. Oi, Chichinashi. Open your mouth one more time. Aaahn.
Laito: Hmm~? Nfufufu. Look at you holding that much popcorn in your mouth. You aren’t a squirrel, are you? So cute~ Muah~
He pecks your cheek.
Kanato: Ah...There’s some popcorn dust on this cheek as well. Look. Nn...
Kanato licks the other cheek.
Ayato: ...! Hey, you two! Chichinashi is mine, you know? Don’t just kiss or lick her!
Laito: Let us have a little fun at least? A few kisses won’t hurt, right? Besides, I’m sure that deep inside her heart, Bitch-chan wants to be kissed and licked all over by me.
Kanato: She’s stating the opposite though. 
Laito: Nfufu~ You guys don’t understand a thing about the true nature of girls like Bitch-chan~ Her ‘no no!’ means ‘please do!’, you know~? 
Ayato: Ugh...Haah? Oi, Chichinashi. There’s a huge castle over there. Aah...Could it belong to that jerk of the stature from earlier? 
You nod.
Ayato: I see...Then let’s go take it over! 
You seem worried.
Tumblr media
Ayato: Haah? What I’m gonna do? I’m obviously gonna beat up that prince guy. Whether it’s Princess Land or whatever, no matter where we are, I can’t allow for someone to stand above me.
Ayato runs off.
Laito: Ah-aaah~ There he goes. Ayato-kun really is so childish in the strangest ways.
Kanato: ...!! ...That was an incredibly loud noise just now, right, Teddy?
Laito: I wonder what happened...It came from the direction Ayato-kun ran off to though...
The three of you follow.
Ayato: Ow ow ow...Don’t ask me what happened! Suddenly there was this stupid statue in my way!
Laito: Wah! You knocked this over? It’s totally shattered...
Kanato: Oh? It has a notice board. Let’s see...A prince statue made out of real crystal. Its value is priceless ー It says.
Ayato: Haah? What does that mean?
Laito: Nfu~ That you can’t translate its worth to money, I suppose? 
Ayato: I see. In short, it’s pretty much irrelevant? 
More importantly...It still hurts! Ow ow ow...
Laito: But what are we gonna do about this? It’s in shambles. ...Hey, Kanato-kun. 
Kanato: What is it?
Laito: This is something Ayato-kun did by himself, right?
Kanato: Exactly. It does not concern us.
Laito: Nfu~ If we stay here, we might get involved in some meddlesome business. We’ll be heading off to a different place soon. With that...
Somebody suddenly grabs hold of Laito’s arm.
Subaru: Hold it right there.
Laito: S-Subaru-kun!? Why are you here?
Subaru: I was napping in the castle when I suddenly heard a loud crash. I was woken up by it.
By the way, these glass shards are you guys’ doing, am I right?
Kanato: Even if that was the case, what are you going to do about it? Also do not group us together, please. It has nothing to do with me. Ayato did it, by himself.
Ayato: Anyway, Subaru! Don’t get upset over such a thing! You’re at fault for sleeping over here! 
Besides, this thing is ‘priceless’, right? Which basically means it isn’t worth a thing.
Reiji rushes to the scene.
Tumblr media
Reiji: You lot! What have you done!?
Laito: Ah! Reiji, you too! What’s the matter?
Reiji: I had a bad feeling so I followed you guys...Ayato! ‘Priceless’ does not mean ‘free’! It’s the exact opposite! 
Ayato: Haah?
Reiji: It means it’s so expensive, you can’t attach a price tag to it.
Subaru: Wha!?
Laito: Ah...!
Kanato: !!
Ayato: Seriously!?
Reiji: Hold on...I didn’t think all four of you failed to understand the meaning...
Subaru: It’s none of my business! ...Oi, you’re coming with me. If you stay here, you’ll only get involved.
Ayato: Ah...Oi! Chichinashi! Subaru!
Reiji: I already made plans with Subaru to spend time with her as well, so I’ll be taking my leave now.
Laito: T-Then...Me too...
Kanato: Teddy, let us go as well.
Ayato grabs hold of the two of them
Ayato: Hold it, you guys! We’re in this together! (2)
Laito: Wha...!? Ayato-kun! Don’t say something so unreasonable!
Kanato: Exactly! I didn’t even touch that statue!
You are walking away with Subaru.
Subaru: ...Damn. This is exactly like Ruki predicted. That they would definitely cause some trouble. He said that, didn’t he?
By the way...You...You aren’t hurt, right?
You shake your head.
Subaru: You’re fine? You aren’t just acting strong again, right? I’ll decide whether you really are okay or not after having a look. Show me, quickly.
...Hm? You scraped your skin over here. So you were lying after all? Come here, I’ll lick it for you.
Subaru starts licking the wound.
Subaru: Nn...No complaints. If it got infected and your blood went bad, it would be annoyin’ for me as well.
Reiji: Aaand stop!! Hold it right there! 
Reiji separates the two of you.
Subaru: ...Wha!? W-What’s your problem!?
Reiji: I would like you to refrain from doing anything obscene in front of such a large crowd.
That goes for you as well. Look at you...Your cheeks are flushed. Haha. How adorable. Were you embarrassed? I can imagine. To think you’d have your hand licked...
You only get even more embarrassed.
Reiji: Look, now that I’m here, you no longer have to worry.
He pulls you close.
Reiji: Wel then...Just lean against me, and let us proceed. You still haven’t gotten a chance to enjoy the park, have you? In that case, how about that attraction over there...?
You start walking.
Subaru: ...Oi!! Wait for me! ...Fuck! You four-eyes!! She belongs to me!
Subaru chases after the two of you.
Subaru: ...Che. Why do we have to wait to ride this stupid thing!? Ugh...!!
Reiji: Subaru...!! Please don’t trash about! What if something gets destroyed again? I would rather not have to take shared responsibility. 
Subaru: ..T-That’s true but...
Reiji: There are people standing in queue over here, in short, it means that this attraction is fun. Have some patience.
Subaru: Haah...This really is a pain in the ass. Hm...?
The gate opens.
Subaru: Seems like we can finally board. By the way, what is so fun ‘bout this? It’s shaped like a coffee cup.
You explain.
Reiji: Haah...I understood your explanation, but what is the fun in making this cup spin and becoming dizzy? I fail to understand the ways in which humans find amusement. Oh well, just like with rollercoasters, I suppose they want to experience that thrill. 
Subaru: ...Hah? 
You tilt your head.
Subaru: No...Reiji...You just said ‘rollercoaster’, right?
Reiji: I did. More importantly, the people behind us are getting impatient, so let us quickly board the attraction. 
Subaru: Oh...R-Right. 
The three of you get inside the attraction.
Subaru: ...Woah!?
Reiji: What’s the matter? You seem awfully anxious... Ahー Could it be, are you...?
Shuu: ...Scared?
Subaru: Haah!? Of course not! By the way, Shuu, why are you here?
Shuu: No reason in particular. I was just looking ‘round for a place to nap and this place seemed ideal.
Reiji: No wonder...I had noticed how nobody else seemed to board this cup in particular. Because you were hogging it all to yourself, they couldn’t.
Shuu: Aah...By the way, Subaru, you’re scared of rollercoaster-type attractions, right? In that case, you better get off while you still can.
Subaru: N-Nonsense! I...I’m...A Vampire you know!!
Shuu: ...Your voice is shaking like crazy though.
Subaru: ...!!!
Shuu: Ahー It started. Now you can no longer back out. Why not prepare yourself and try to enjoy it? 
Subaru: Woah...!?
Reiji: Oooh...! This is...
Subaru: W-Wah...!?
Reiji: No...For some reason...This is a lot of fun!
Shuu: If you use the wheel in the center, it’ll spin even more.
Reiji: I see...Then I’ll give it a try right away!
Subaru: ...Waaah!!
You try and calm Subaru down.
Subaru: F-Fuck off! Calm down!? How can I...remain ca...W-Woah!? 
Reiji: Fufufu...Ahahaha!! Hahaha!! This much fun!! 
Shuu: Seems like he’s having a blast.
Tumblr media
Subaru: J-Just...what the hell is so fun ‘bout this shit!??
Reiji: Hahahahaha! ...Ah? Oh dear, we’re slowing down. What a shame, it’s already over? 
Subaru: I’ve had more than enough...!!
Reiji: Wait, Subaru!
Subaru: Ah...J-Just now I just...lightly hit it with my foot...
Reiji: It would not get totally wrecked like this from just ‘lightly’ touching it!
People start to gather around to take a look at the damage
Subaru: ...This is bad. I’m following in Ayato’s footsteps.
Reiji: ...! I know nothing. 
Reiji tries to get up and walk away but he is too dizzy.
Reiji: ...Woah...!? Wah!? Ah!
He falls over.
Shuu: Good grief...Getting all carried away spinning it earlier and making yourself dizzy, not very smart, huh? ...Oi, you. We’re getting out of here. Let’s leave this up to those two.
Reiji: No...Wait! Hold it right there!
Subaru: Reiji!! I won’t let you escape! You are the reason why things turned out like this in the first place! I’m having you take some of the blame as well!
Reiji: W-Why is it my fault!? You are the one who kicked and destroyed it, are you not!? I don’t want to hear your excuses!
You are walking with Shuu.
Shuu: ...Hm? What are you talking about? Aah...Them...They’re probably out of luck. I doubt they’ll be able to get that attraction back running today.
You seem worried.
Shuu: Worst case, they’ll be forced to pay a considerable compensation sum. Oh well, it doesn’t concern us. Don’t worry about it. More importantly, what do you want to do next? 
...You have to go soon? Ahー You are supposed to meet up with the Mukami guys, right? I don’t give a damn about that. 
Shuu suddenly grabs hold of you.
Shuu: I’ve gotten thirsty from walking around. Let me suck you. 
You protest.
Shuu: ...Then, would you rather break your promise or upset me? You’ll obviously choose the former, right? There’s no way you’ll refuse when I’m telling you I’ll make you feel good. You’re that kind of woman, are you not?
You shake your head.
Tumblr media
Shuu: Come here. I’ll take you to heaven. You can have much more fun...and feel much better than by riding those stupid attractions. Isn’t this the best you could ask for?
You get flustered.
Shuu: Come on...
Kou: Heeeeeeeey!!!!
Yuma: Oii!!! You fuckin’ NEET! (3) What are you doing to Mesubuta!?
Shuu: Those guys...Where did they come from? A boat? The one that’s traversing the lake inside the park, I guess?
Haah...What a pain. I didn’t think anyone would get in the way here...Oi, we have to hurry and ru...
Azusa suddenly grabs hold of Shuu.
Shuu: ...What’s your problem?
Azusa: Caught you. I won’t let you get away, Shuu-san.
Shuu: Ah..You are...Azusa, right? Why are you here? Also that get-up...Aren’t those the clothes of the cleaning crew?
Azusa: I’ve been watching over you this whole time. Eve, and all the others. 
Shuu: Haah?
Azusa: It’s the long-awaited school trip...Not being able to make any memories with Eve would be...very sad. To make sure you wouldn’t hog Eve all to yourself...I’m fulfilling my guard duty. That’s why...Get it? Let go of Eve.
Shuu: ...
Azusa: Look. Ruki and the others are on their way.
The other Mukami’s join in as well.
Kou: Heya, M-neko-chan~! That was a close call! Shuu was about to suck your blood, wasn’t he?
You point out the cat ears on his head.
Kou: Ah? These ears? Aren’t they cute? When you come to Princess Land, you just have to put these on! Here, I’ll give you a pair as well!
Kou puts a pair of fake cat ears on you.
Tumblr media
Yuma: Hoh? Is this what they mean with ‘fine feathers make fine birds?’ No, in this case it’s ‘cat ears make a fine sow’, right? (4)
Ruki: In short, now you are a proper livestock.
Shuu: Hah...Can’t laugh at that.
Ruki: The eldest son of the Sakamaki household, we weren’t talking to you.
Shuu: ...
Yuma: Oi oi, cut it out you two. Don’t spoil our long-awaited trip by getting into a fight.
Ruki: Yes. I’m not in the mood to quarrel now either.
Shuu: Haah...What a pain.
Azusa: Huh? Shuu-san, where are you going?
Shuu: I’m tired so I’m gonna go take a nap somewhere. My mood went sour after having you see you guys’ faces.
Shuu walks away.
Kou: Hm...It’s such a rare opportunity so he should have joined us. Don’t you think so too, M-neko-chan?
Ah...That expression...Did you want to play with Shuu-kun, perhaps? 
You shake your head.
Kou: Right? Hanging out with us is so much more fun, you know? It’s almost time to use our priority tickets (5), so we have to head over towards the Diabolik Tower. Let’s hurry~!
You look confused.
Kou: Ah, M-neko-chan doesn’t know about the Diabolik Tower yet. It’s a pretty popular attraction though. 
Yuma: According to Kou’s explanation, it’s a tower-type attraction which is seriously spooky. (6) In other words, a haunted house.
You seem a little scared.
Ruki: Yes, he’s right. It’s a haunted house, but aren’t you used to facing creatures much more scary than ghosts? 
Azusa: Are you...talking about us?
Ruki: Exactly. Vampires are creatures that frighten others. Furthermore, you can actually see them, so don’t you believe they are much more scary than ghosts whose existence remains unknown?
Yuma: You really think so? Well, I heard that’s the case for Europe and those regions over there at least.
Kou: He’s right, Ruki-kun. In Japan, invisible ghosts are thought of us as much scarier. Say, don’t you think so too, M-neko-chan?
Ruki: I see. I suppose you could look at it that way as well. In that case, Kachiku, I can understand why you look so frightened.
Kou: Ahahaha! It’ll be okay! I’ll make sure to protect you~! Soo...Let’s head over to the Diabolik Tower!!
Kou runs off.
Yuma: Oi, Kou. You’re gonna trip if you rush!
Kou: It’s fiiiine! Come on, M-neko-chan! Hurry, hurry!!
The five of you are inside Diabolik Tower
Ruki: It’s pretty well-made.
Yuma: ...Eek! R-Ruki! Don’t startle me!!
Ruki: Huh? ...My bad. But was that really worth such an extreme reaction?
Kou: Huuuh~? Could it be...Yuma-kun...Are you scared?
Yuma: Eh? ...’C-Course not! It’s just suspiciously quiet in here!
Azusa: ...Boo!
Yuma: Wah...!!!
Ruki: Good grief...You’re scared of a haunted house despite being a Vampire?
Yuma: Ugh...S-Shut up! 
Kou: Ah! Did you just punch that wall!? 
Yuma: Aah!? Is there somethin’ wrong with that? ...Wah! The ground!?
A pitfall opens underneath you and Yuma.
Azusa: Eve!? Yuma...!?
Yuma: Ah...! Ow ow...Ugh...Oi, are you ‘kay? Me? I’m fine. That Kou...If he knew a trap would activate if I punched the wall he should have told me sooner! Argh!!
Kou: M-neko-chan! Yuma-kun! Are you okay!?
Yuma: Yeah! We’re unharmed! We’ll head back over to you guys now!
You ask how you’ll get back up.
Yuma: Haah? How should I know? Oh well, if we just wander ‘round for a bit, we’ll find our way out eventually.
He stands up.
Yuma: Come here, give me your hand. 
Yuma pulls you up.
Yuma: ‘Kay. Hold on tight, got it? This will put you at ease, right? ...Huuh!? I don’t really...Anyway, you bitch! You’re nothing but a Mesubuta so don’t try and be cheeky with me! 
Tumblr media
Are you trying to upset me on purpose? Huh!? We just so happen to be all alone right now, separated from the others. Come on, show me your neck. I’ll give you exactly what you like. Hehe...
You try and protest.
Yuma: No point in saying that now. It might not be that bad to have your blood sucked while you’re a little scared. Now...Stay quiet...”
Yuma: Eek...! ...Oi, did you do something...just now?
You shake your head.
Yuma: No...There’s this...cold and wet thing touching the back of my nape
*Squish squish*
Yuma: ...Ah! Wah ah ah!? Waaaaaah!!
Azusa: I’m...a...ghost...
Yuma: Waah!! Waaaaaah!!!!
Yuma runs away in fear.
Azusa: Yuma...There he goes...Eve...Are you okay?
You ask him why he is here.
Azusa: Me? Following you two...I dropped down the...hole...Did you not realize? Yuma be so caught up in you...He failed to notice my presence, it seems...
Tumblr media
Using the kon’yaku (7) I picked up...while cleaning earlier...I tried to scare him...Was that bad of me?
You tilt your head.
Azusa: Yeah...Kon’yaku. Don’t ask me why...I found it laying around...
Azusa graps hold of your hand.
Azusa: More importantly...Eve...Let’s go. About Yuma...I’m sure he’s fine...Okay? Don’t you think so too?
You hesitantly nod before the two of you start walking.
Azusa: Seems like it might be...difficult to return to where Kou and the others were...If we tried to climb back up so...Let’s just go straight and...head towards the exit...
Fufu...Fufufu...I’m sorry. Suddenly laughing like that...But I’m just so happy. Because I didn’t think I’ able to spend time alone with you like this...
How Are you happy...?
You nod.
Azusa: You are happy too...Right? Of course you are...
He steps closer.
Azusa: Being with everyone...Is fun as well, of course...However...Being able to be...all alone with you like this...
Tumblr media
Kou: ...A~zu~sa-kun~ Leaving us out is no good!
Azusa: ...Kou.
Kou: I kind of had a bad feeling, seems like I was spot on, huh?
Azusa: Eve...Let’s hurry up and run away.
He starts running, dragging you along.
Kou: Heh heh heh~ You are a hundred years too early to try and sneak past ME, your local expert on Princess Land! If I push this button on the wall...
Kou: ...Huh? Nothing’s happening? Was it this one?
Kou: Huuh? That’s weird. One more try!
Azusa: Kou...! Just give...up...Haah...Already!
Kou: No way! I want to play with M-neko-chan too! ...It’s dark so I can’t see very well...This one, maybe?
Azusa: Haah...The ceiling is...coming down...
Ruki: Oi, Azusa! Support the ceiling!
Azusa: Ruki? Where did you...?
Ruki: Now is not the time for idle chit-chat! At this rate, both of you will get sandwiched between!
Azusa: Under...stood! Ugh...
Azusa tries to stop the ceiling from moving any closer.
Ruki: Okay, just like that. Oi, Kachiku, extend your hand towards me! 
...Got you! Come on, we’re getting out!
You thank him.
Ruki: No need to thank me. More importantly, are you unharmed? 
Azusa: Ruki...I...
Ruki: I know. Wait just one sec. I’ll go to Kou and have him release you.
Azusa: Ugh...O-Okay...Please...Hurry...
Ruki: This way. It’s dark so watch your steps.
The two of you start walking.
Ruki: Good grief...Kou’s a handful as well. Doing such a dangerous thing just to be able to spend time with you. First you had to deal with the Sakamaki’s, and now this...You must have it rough as well. Even though we’ve come this far to create some fun memories. Oh well, it does not matter. You can simply create some memories with me right now.
What’s the matter? Making such a funny face. Are you worried about Azusa? He’ll be okay. Despite his appearance, he is actually the strongest amongst us all. That’s why...For now, just look at me. No need to worry about anything else.
He suddenly halts his steps.
Tumblr media
Ruki: So you still won’t listen to my words? The fact you dare bring up another man in front of your Master is proof that you have not been disciplined enough. Very well. In that case, I’ll have to tame you a little more strictly. 
Kou: Haah...That’s weird...Wasn’t it this button? Did I get the order wrong? First blue, then red...and lastly white, or not? Hm...There’s a hidden one over here so was I supposed to push this one as well?
Kou: ...Aah...Damn, I’ve gotten irritated. Why do I even have to get this serious about a stupid trap? It’s messed up...I should just...!!
Kou: Huuh!? What was that sound!?
Ruki: ...What’s this noise? A rumble in the ground? 
Kou comes running their way.
Kou: Ruki-kuuun!! M-neko-chaaan!!
Ruki: Kou! What’s wrong? You’re such in rush!
Kou: W-We have to hurry up and get out of this tower! A lot happened and I accidentally activated the self-destruction mechanism!
Ruki: Self-destruction...!?
Kou: Ehehehe~ I thought it was just an urban legend but it actually exists it seems! If you activate a certain system, this tower will explode!
Ruki: W-What!?
Kou: Like I said, we have to hurry and run away.
Ruki: For God’s sake, Kou! You...!!
Kou: This isn’t the time to be mad, Ruki-kun! If we don’t run away, M-neko-chan will get dragged into this as well! Come on, quickly!!
Kou suddenly clings onto you.
Kou: Say, M-neko-chan, the tower we especially came to will get destroyed, but I really did want to make memories with you on this trip. I get to come here every now and then for work, but I considered myself lucky to be able to visit it with you...That’s why I’ve been looking forward to today. However, you kept on spending time with everyone else, you see?
So once we get out of here, we’ll ride plenty of other attractions and you’ll make tooooons of memories with me, right~?
Ruki: Kou! This isn’t the time to have a nonchalant talk! We’ll really...!
Ruki: Hurry up, Kou!
Kou: Uwah...This is seriously bad. M-neko-chan, give me your hand! We’re running!
The three of you run off in a hurry
Shuu: Nn...That’s...?
Reiji: Shuu! So this is where you’ve been! Because you snuck out right away, we were in a world of trouble! 
The explosion can be heard in the distance.
Reiji: Oh? This sound...? Seems like that tower went out with a bang...
Subaru: Aah...Isn’t it that? At closing hour they shoot off some fancy fireworks or somethin’...?
Ayato: Ooh! Did you guys come to watch the fireworks as well?
Reiji: Ayato, Kanato and Laito! You three as well?
Laito: Yeah. Because of Ayato-kun, we’ve been getting scolded this whole time up till now. They finally let us go, so we figured we should at least enjoy the finale. Haah...
Tumblr media
Kanato: I am NEVER going to an amusement park with Ayato again! I’ve promised that to myself.
Ayato: Come on, don’t say that. .We just ran into a ‘little’ trouble?
Laito: What part of that was ‘little’? Oh well, we got to see the finale, and the spectacle of a burning tower is rather pretty, so I guess it’s fine.
However...I didn’t hear anything about such a spectacle? 
Kanato: I wanted to watch it together with her...
Reiji: Well, if you put it like that, I feel the same. The Mukami’s ran away with the best part this time. 
Shuu: Oh well, why not come back some other time? We can visit here any time, right?
Laito: Haah...But I don’t want to go through all the things we had to deal with today ever again...Next time, I’m coming with only Bitch-chan for sure!
Kanato: I’m exhausted as well. Next time, I’ll visit with just her and Teddy.
Subaru: You guys...Don’t just decide that by yourself while she’s not here. Isn’t her free will important when it comes to these kind of things!?
Laito: Look at Subaru acting like a goody two-shoes again when it comes to Bitch-chan.
Kanato: Her free will does not matter at all. She belongs to me after all, so I can simply act as I please.
Ayato: Haah!? Then I’ll do the same! Next Sunday, me and Chichinashi are going to the amusement park together!
Kanato & Laito: Ayato(-kun), shut up!!
Tumblr media
Reiji: Oh dear...I fear for what lies ahead of us...
Translation notes
(1) I am sure all of you are aware that Chichinashi literally means ‘titless’. The word can be split up in ‘chichi’, which means ‘breasts’ and ‘nashi’, which comes from the adjective ‘nai’ (non-existent/void) and can be attached to a noun to say ‘without (noun)’. The opposite of ‘nashi’ is ‘ari’, which comes from the verb ‘aru’ (to have/to exist). So following the same logic, a girl who is a little more gifted on top would be a ‘Chichiari’.
(2) Ayato refers to 連帯責任 or ‘rentai-sekinin’ which means ‘joint/group responsiblity’. 
(3) ‘NEET’ is a common insult in Japan to refer to someone who does not go to school at the moment, nor has a job, and therefore just wastes this time away. It literally stands for ‘not in education, employment or training ‘and according to a quick Google search, the term actually originates from the UK but was popularized in East-Asia, including Japan and Korea.
(4) Language puns are always difficult to translate, but they’re playing with the proverb 馬子にも衣装 or ‘clothes even for a foal’, which means that anyone can look good as long as they dress appropriately. In the sentence sentence, Yuma replaces the ‘foal’ with ‘mesubuta’ (sow), which is his nickname for the MC and the ‘clothes’ with ‘cat ears’. 
(5) Kou refers to a 優先パス or ‘yuusen-pasu’, which means ‘priority pass’. Considering he has visited Princess Land many times for his idol activities, I assume he gets special benefits, such as being to visit the tower earlier, etc. 
(6) Yuma says マジ出るんらしい or ‘maji derunrashii’ here which is slang for 本当に出るらしい or ‘hontou ni deru rashii’ and translates as ‘where they actually appear’. The word ‘deru’ is often used in context of ghosts appearing, so to a Japanese listener, it would be obvious what he means right away.
(7) Kon’yaku is a type of zero-calorie noodle which is often used in Japanese cuisine, for example in oden. It has a very jelly-like consistancy and for some reason, it’s often used in haunted houses to spook people by attaching it to a string and holding it against the back of someone’s neck.
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4:09pm, slightly regretful of not asking to talk more, considering he had nothing else to do and was early to work..... But, it wouldn't have done any good for me anyways.
Thursday, January 16th of 2020.
What's all happened within 24 hours?:
My mom passively calling me "spoiled and entitled" and claiming she would've "put me out", with a smile on her face. Nice! Yeah, no wonder I don't speak to you, dickhead.
Sitting next to an unshowered Patrick in a movie theater, and then promptly moving 20 seats away. (For reasons unrelated to him smelling terrible, that I definitely was not keen on elaborating to the fucker.)
My grandmother pissed off my half-sister, the only person who likes her. Imagine getting taken out to a nice dinner by your granddaughter, and not only avoiding a basic "thank you", but going out
My mom is basically hunting me down around the house for conversation. It was fine, up until she called me spoiled and entitled today with a smile on her face, totally unrelated to the fucking conversation.... Choke on shit, person who's womb I was stuck in for almost 12 hours.
Tumblr media
And I had several moments of shortness of breath, felt like the room was spinning, and really severe moments of forgetting whatever I spoke about....
Not great. Oh well.
4:20pm, blaze it. Emotionally okay, i suppose.
I hung out with Patrick. It started off fine, nothing major, except me being in a bad mood from the EXTREME COLD soaking through my shoes, touching my raw hands, and getting down the neck of my jacket, ears, forehead..... Yeah, i decided winter isnt exactly my favorite season anymore.
I enjoyed the most recent winter solely for aesthetics, and previous romantic associations. It's a lot easier to enjoy the cold when you can easily get picked up, strip off your clothes, and lay next to a loved one for hours on end, under 5 blankets and without a single care in the world.
Until the universe decides to yeet you out of what you thought was a stable relationship, and you're left high and dry.
Or in this case, soaking wet, with no resolution.
(That sums up my mood this morning, due to a lack of any sex, and me standing in the rain while walking to the movie theater.)
I think eventually during the movie, I just felt.... odd, honestly.
I'm not used to having real-time platonic male friends, who are not secretly trying to bone me. Especially not with the additional circumstance of "it's some random nerd, who already decided theyd never screw you again."
So, it felt odd. Odd for several reasons.
Not doing things I'm used to doing with a boyfriend.
Not doing things I'm used to doing to men in general.
Not having a footrest.
I had to tell myself, "Don't ask Patrick to put your feet on his lap; either it'll be seen as a sexual, or you'll get shut down, and either way, you don't need to be upset again." :/
Aaaaaand idk, the vibe was off. To me, at least. Obvious reasons.
I gotta vibe for a sec, hold on.
It's hard to write about my day and feelings with this song playing, but, i shall try i guess.
So uh, it felt odd. I didn't like Patrick enough to ever consider dating him again. Was hurt that he wouldn't wanna date me, or bang, either way. And it was just.... i don't know, man.
Usually at the movies with someone, I wouldn't be afraid to have my shoulders touch theirs, or to ask to lay my legs on their lap, or to whisper a joke I thought of for a movie scene.
But, i felt extremely tense. Like tiptoeing through glass. Since if I'm attempting a chill platonic dynamic with someone, theeeen, i don't need to accidentally get toooooo close to them.
....but with a normal friend, foe, or fuck, i rarely feel that way.
Definitely is too soon to ask for closeness like that. Plus, i don't know, man, i wouldn't need another incident of getting shot down, painfully, in a situation where it was never meant romantically or sexually...............
And, he smelled like dick cheese, since he had not showered.
There I was, in the bathroom before he came by to pick me up, thinking "Oh dear god, this raincoat smells like shit. MOM? MOM??? DOES THIS JACKET SMELL TOO MUCH LIKE SWEAT?????", and actually getting sniff checked by my mom.
Since romantic or not, I knew, "if im gonna have all my senses removed in a dark and loud environment, i don't want to have the other person smell whatever on my jacket and get up and leave during the film."
(Worst case scenario, right?)
Just for maybe halfway through the film, all I can think is, "What the fuck is that smell?"
Every guy I know has a very specific smell. Every person, even. It's based on their sweat, their overall hygiene, the type of products they use on their clothes for laundry, their perfume/cologne/aftershave, just... the little things.
Also, fuck, they look hot with stubble. I kinda miss feeling it when we kissed, but oh well.
I'm not horny, I'm just.... existing, normally, at this point in time.
Matty smelled like dog shit.
Zack #2 smelled like salami.
Patrick #1 smelled like.... idk, an old paper back book.
And Patrick #2 smells like.... Rain water on asphalt, dirt, and occasionally dick cheese. (Excluding that last part when he was actually a clean human being 99% of the time, its a pleasant way to smell. Smells like a fresh cold day, or like an oddly earthy garden.)
Good shit right there. Nigga had dandruff today. He looked like he got caught in an avalanche, i swear to fucking god bro.... This is what i mean by "dont cry over a nigga that barely showers."
Since Patrick smelled WAY less.... Patrick-u, -and way more.... dick-y, than usually, I just thought, "What's with this guy?"
I knew it wasn't polite, but I asked. Since hey, i washed MY body before meeting a person.... Nigga admitted he didn't shower. "Lazy."
Several things came to mind:
You usually don't smell this bad, even when you don't shower.
Are you okay? If its not showering due to depression or some shit, then i will feel terrible for asking you and apology.... hell, the time we met before then, he didn't brush his teeth before meeting me. Gave him like eight tic tacs, it still didnt help.... I think his hygiene is fucked, not gonna lie bro.
Or, he's purposely not showering, for the sake of "she won't make a move on me if I smell like shit."
Let's just say, thinking about each of those potential options upset me.
I thought:
THIS is the guy I used to date? Barely showers, brushes his teeth before meeting with people, but THIS was the fucking guy? Why? Why are my standards so low?
Why do I keep making up reasons to care for this man? I do care, but, I shouldnt be excusing bad hygiene with "he's probably depressed, i should help him!", and pulling a Captain Save-A-Hoe, on a man that definitely does not see me in the ways of before.... Would he do similar to me, as well?
Am I nuts for assuming he didn't shower, just for the potential of "she won't be attracted to me if she smells like shit"? Not like I can ask him. Not like he'd tell the truth. Not like it even matters! He will NEVER like you the same way! And you wouldn't, and shouldn't, like him either way! PLUS, WHO DOESNT SHOWER BEFORE A MOVIE MEETING???????????
He smells like shit.
I need to move, or else, im going to grow more and more spiteful about the fact that this man showed up to a meet with me, smelling like the most blood curdling dick cheese in existence, since he didnt see me as worth even a hooker bath for. (Even rinsing your crotch and washing your armpits is such a low bar, yet niggas cant even manage that?????)
I paid ten dollars for the opportunity to feel uncomfortable in a movie theater, next to a man that i dont like, who isnt remotely what i want in a friendship or a date, and to smell them throughout a film i already watched.
So I moved seats.
Not *exactly* to make Patrick feel bad, it wasn't my intent, I swear. Moreso just..... I knew what was coming next.
Before I moved, I asked what time he was thinking of heading out.
"Sometime soon. Its already 2:45, so probably soon."
I saw it as, "He's gonna head back to his house anyways, and I'll take the bus home. I shouldn't get in his way by expecting a ride home, lunch after, or anything, really. I should have no expectations period.... He probably did this out of a feeling of obligation, I should stop setting myself up for useless rejection or heartbreak, and just.... move seats, then leave when the movie ends."
I didn't move because he smelled like hell.
I moved, because I realized he was never gonna be the person for me that I had wanted. And... I didn't want to burden us both.
I changed seats, finished the movie. Figured he wanted to enjoy the film without the awkwardness of me there, while also not wanting to deal with the awkwardness of..... well, everything I already felt pretty awkward for.
I'm not saying I like the guy, its just.... I don't know if I can fully relax with him. And admittedly, sitting in a theater with someone I can't talk to, flirt with, or playfully rest my feet on, had me like.... "Who cares? What's the point, even?"
So, to stop my gold digger-esque, and longing, thoughts of, "i couldve come here with that cute boy i saw at the cvs the other night.... hell, HE would've paid for my ticket.... i could be out here getting cute for the right person, getting DICKED and FED, but i paid ten dollars to sit next to unwashed ass?????", and the more depressing, anxious thoughts of, "he doesnt like you. you could walk out right now, and he wouldn't even notice it. he'd give a sigh of relief. he doesnt wanna be here, and even if he somehow did, not wanting you around in the way that you wished.... and you don't wanna be here, either..."
I just got up, and moved to a different empty seating area. He didnt say anything or move, so i assumed he was fine with it. Or at the very least, did not give a shit.
..... yes, i felt bad. :)
But, it was more of a "my needs over his wants" situation for myself. Or even just, "my wants over his wants, since he doesnt care about my wants, and his wants are entirely different from the things i actually enjoy for myself."
So if my wants were:
A fun platonic time with a guy i happen to enjoy company with
Not smelling someone weird, or paying ten dollars for the sake of company that cant even take care of themselves
Having healthy thoughts during a movie
Being distracted from my past
Oral sex
Theeeen, it was healthier to move. I was getting more anxious and pissy by the second, and despite being temperamental, I thought, "Don't take it out on Patrick. Either you're just being irrational and need some space to slow your thoughts.... or, you can get on his ass about whats pestering you. But considering thats never gone well.... it's really not worth the additional effort, or tensions."
My body kept shaking and colvusing a bit. My eyesight got weird a couple of times. Anxiety does that to a person.
I wrote in my sketchbook in the dark a list of reasons to love myself, and to appreciate myself.... and a list of things I didn't want, either.
And specifically, what I didn't like in my ex. (It helped.)
It helped.
And made me realize that I am head over heels for women, considering Julia Fox is FIIIIINE AS FUUUUUUUUCK. God, girls are gorgeous.
Why deal with men that cant wash their ass, when women like Julia Fox exist? I could get a cute girlfriend who I can share scented lipglosses and my favorite perfumes with, which is a much better time than... yknow, anything i can imagine happening with my ex again.
Its still his fault, one hundred percent, man. Just saying.
Alright, anyways. The credits rolled, I was the first to run out the theater. I figured I didn't wanna run into him. It would be too awkward.
But in the history of me running away from my problems, when has that EVER worked out from me? Hell, that time I tried to run away from Patrick #1 at the crack of dawn, after realizing he was most definitely lying about seeing other women, somehow resulted in us having breakfast together, screwing, and still being a couple. (Technically not cheating on me, but a matter of "i get the feeling im gonna react negatively, and need to evacuate so i dont treat someone terrible over my own hurt ass feelings for things"....)
Similar feelings, new situation.
I didn't want to feel like a burden on him. Or that he was a burden to me. Didn't wanna imagine getting turned down again, didn't want to picture building a friendship just for things to never get to the point that I'd want....
Yeah, I pulled a Cinderella. I didn't drop shit, thank god.
But since I spent too much time thinking during the movie, "Its gonna hurt if he contacts me if i leave without him, or if he doesnt, or if i hide in the bathroom and he just disappears without a word said to me, or what if he stands there waiting??????"
....I just left out to the lobby in a rush, before freezing, in a panic. (Plus, i was dehydrated as hell. So, being out of breath, panicked, and woozier by the second stopped me from straight up dipping from the theater as fast as possible....)
Aaaaaaaaaaa shit, what now?
I had no idea where to go next, or if I wanted to say some last words to Patrick, or just leave, or get another water from concessions, but in the moment, all I could do, was go...
"....Oh shit, they've got a photobooth in here? Where's the slot to take money? Can i use debit on it?" MY ONE WEAKNESS GOT ME SPOTTED BY THE ENEM- i mean, by Patrick, and whatnot.
I didn't notice it was them until their bright orange jacket finally was in my line of sight.
And.... yeah, it was tense, and quite confusing.
My confusion was, "How do I emotionally detach from this individual, and completely forget their existence? While also not being too reckless, or harboring any guilt, resentment, or sorrow in the act of explaining my feelings, while obviously expecting a lackluster answer back, that reassures me that all my fears towards him were true?"
His was, "Okay, she sat 20 seats away from me almost immediately after asking me why I didn't shower.... then ran out the theater the second that the movie ended?"
I felt bad.
Got water, asked how he felt... He felt bad, obviously.
To make a long story short, I didn't lie.
I didn't tell him all of my thoughts, but, i told him that me moving seats wasnt caused by his smell. (I did consider moving by ONE seat? But i wouldve felt bad. Then, i just deadass went to an entirely different aisle, to avoid feeling any worse than i already was, for.... nine different reasons.)
I didn't wanna open the cans of worms that is "i like you, but i think you potentially cheated on me, i miss the way i could touch you, i havent had good sex in awhile now, and i might still be pissed at you for ruining our relationship, so simultaneously miss you, and hate you, all at once... hating you for changing, and for the relationship not lasting."
It's much easier to just say, "I apologize for leaving you alone in the theater like that. It was not my intent to make you feel bad, and the smell was not the problem, Patrick. I genuinely hope that you can forgive me and we can move on from this, if you want."
....Yeah, that felt better.
Then we ended up just talking about the film as he drove me home. He agreed with my original statements about the film. Most of my recent ones. Good talk.
Then we parted ways. He still doesn't follow the "i dont like saying goodbye" boundary we discussed, but i didnt feel like taking that up with him... it was fine. Still doesn't wanna give me rides, but eh, at least this time was alright with driving me home. Felt a little odd to not kiss or hug, but... healthy, honestly.
Its a learning process, learning how to be friends again with someone after things.
And.... complicated.
Not much to do about it, i believe.
6:49pm, not exactly emotional, just sentimental, i guess.
I just wonder what's next.
Hopefully i do find the person who's right for me, someday. Or at the very least, someone who can shower before meeting with me. I miss things that i just cant get out of my most recent ex, so.... moving on is quite odd.
I dont wanna think about it too much. He's most likely moved on already, so, yikes.....
I wonder if he's gone on dates yet like I have.
6:51pm, life is never the way i expect. Peace out.
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