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#bnha headcanons
shotowoki · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
—i.midoriya, k.bakugou, s.todoroki, d.kaminari, e.kirishima, dabi, s.aizawa
Tumblr media
disclaimer: this is a generalisation and just a bit of fun. of course not all the descriptions will fit everyone so please take these with a grain of salt. if you are on the sensitive side, just sit this post out bcs i don’t want to offend anyone :( this also does not include EVERYONE in bnha so if you guys really enjoy this one, i will consider doing more!! enjoyyyy. slight nsfw disclaimer.
Tumblr media
IZUKU MIDORIYA: first of all, i love you. you are the sweetest person ever. but sort your trust issues out. you probably don’t love easily, but once you do love someone, you put your all into it. you just want to love and feel loved. perhaps you have some sort of abandonment issues and liking izuku feels like a safe space. how could a sweetheart like him leave you?? exactly. unrelated but you probably are weird. you give me wheeze laugh vibes as well. your childish but in the best way possible.
BAKUGOU KATSUKI: are you ready to finally go confront your childhood traumas instead of using fanfics/fandoms as a form of escapism? you probably have a degradation kink im not even going to lie. you’ve developed a saviour complex but it’s honestly just a projection of what you wish someone would do for you. you treat your love for katsuki the way you wish others would treat you; loving you past all your flaws. you’re probably, honestly, the nicest, kindest and most selfless person behind the walls you’ve built up. i literally just want to hug you.
SHOUTO TODOROKI: you like hot men with trauma… there’s nothing wrong with that… haha. let me guess, you probably also like akechi, cloud, diluc, venti, xiao. you honestly just probably trauma bonded with todoroki and wish you could treat him better than anyone else in his life. once again PROJECTION. you are a big softy and love affection, but ironically, you are touch deprived. you were always told you were mature for your age and definitely dealt with your issues alone. and it shows because you are insanely independent and strong minded. you give me an intelligent and playful vibe. the best of both worlds :)
DENKI KAMINARI: you’re just here for a good time, you know. you picked a boy who was good looking, dumb and flirty. lets be honest, do you lowkey want to feel superior to the people around you? you also self-insert into every scene denki has with jirou…anyways, you’re easily distracted, childish and annoying. you had a nightcore, fnaf phase when you were younger and i know it. you picked denki because you either want to dominate the shit out of him or let him dominate the shit out of you. there’s no in between. you always like those skinny musicians and those playful flirts who you’ll never get a chance with. do you like kaeya and childe by any chance? go touch some grass.
EJIROU KIRISHIMA: you’re a raging bisexual. you actual pick guys who won’t treat you like shit. respect is your number one priority from other people. you definitely like being chased or you like it in theory. unlike the others on this list, you don’t chase. you give me bad bitch vibes (regardless of gender). i feel like despite liking kirishima, you are extremely lazy. yeah, i don’t think he would find that very manly of you. regardless, you just want to be babied and cared for by your partner. you probably like rpg games, some sports and you have those aesthetic home screen layouts. you know the ones i’m talking about. i feel like you’d be incredibly sarcastic 24/7 and a lowkey crybaby :’)
DABI: is everything okay at home? you are one self destructive person. very similar to people who like todoroki, you just love hot guys with trauma. but you’re more spicy. you probably cry over his back story before going to read nsfw fanfics about him… pick a side you horny freaky fuck. lets be honest, you see broken people and think “yes, i can fix them”, right? please be safe out there. i would not even be surprised if you liked the joker or something. i feel like you’re a very fun person though. youre with whatever and love new experience. you are very open minded and always want to see the best in other people. i can’t imagine u being anything but a massive heterosexual… i’m so sorry. unless ur nb/male, then you’re a massive fruit.
SHOTA AIZAWA: daddy issues go brrrr. i’m joking, but seriously you definitely find figures of authority attractive. (not the police tho, fuck them). I feel like you find yourself liking all the “sensei’s” in every anime. do you like gojo and kakashi as well? to be honest, you probably kin aizawa more than you actually like him. i feel like you are probably super hard working once you put your mind to something. like, you’re just super passionate about the things you love! you are a lowkey attention whore and are a bit annoying. i’d say, you’re either super well put together or falling apart completely. you’re probably fruity as well. in conclusion, i love you.
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thefieryphoenix · 15 minutes ago
Could you yandere platonic mum Ochaco where her son is starting to get popular with girls in his school?
I don't think she'd have that much of a problem with it. If you're getting popular at school she'd have all the more reason to be proud but she won't be allowing you to go for any of those parties and hanging out too much with your friends which actually sucks
She just doesn't want her baby boy indulging in things like drinking and smoking and stuff. She knows that teenagers usually tend to do stuff like that and so that's why she makes sure to give you lots of attention and her time so you won't feel that you're being neglected. In fact she'll baby the living daylights out of you and yes she will baby proof the house since she doesn't want her darling son to get hurt
Dating is completely off the table for you so that sucks too. Be it boy or girl, she will not allow you to date and if you have a love interest, she'll be ready to do whatever it takes to make you stop seeing them. She'll dig up some dirt on them or something like that. What? She doesn't want anyone using you because of your status? And you can always trust your mother whatever she says since it's all for your own good
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lovezines · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
i got you ; shoto drabble
summary: seeing the person you like with someone else really does hurt like a b*tch.
warnings! : brief mention of kacchako, self doubt (dont ever ever doubt yourself bb ! ur amazing just the way you are !) not beta-read!
notes: hehe sorry for disappearing again, i was supposed to post last saturday but i lost what i wrote so i just used this which is a drabble i wrote while kinda drunk. hope you still enjoy tho! reblogs + likes + follows are appreciated <3
Tumblr media
the music to deafening to your liking you decided to go out, as you were about to leave you see two people by the corner
bakugou and uraraka staring at each other both sporting a faint blush on their cheeks, the blonde offers his hand to the brunette. You didn’t even see what happened next with the tears brimming in your eyes, you also  didn't even notice your best friend todoroki wrapping his arms around your waist subtly comforting you.
"wanna head out?" his soft tone snapped you out of your broken state, with no energy left you just nodded.
he leads you out the party, and god you felt like you can breathe again.
you looked at shoto with tears threatning to fall. to say the least seeing you like that broke shoto's heart so he just comforted you with a hug "its okay y/n, im here. cry all you want" though his tone was monotonous you appreciated his way of comforting you,
you didn't even notice yourself crying in his hold, mumbling about not being enough for bakugou.
"why did i let myself feel at home sho, why did i let myself fall for him. just why" your tears dampening his shirt even more as you buried your face in his chest hugging him tighter, crying harder.
"you'll be fine y/n, i got you." 
Tumblr media
other notes: thank you for 30 followers :D and thank you for the support on home <3 i hope you had a good day or night
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escapenightmare · 46 minutes ago
first date problems.
Tumblr media
character(s) ; izuku midoriya, shoto todoroki, katsuki bakugou (x gender neutral reader)
wc ; 1.3k+
note ; please ignore the obvious spelling errors! reminder that requests are still open <3
warning ; izuku anxiety, mentions of food / dinner, slight angst mostly fluff, cursing.
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya ― arriving too early / running late
showing up almost an hour earlier than the scheduled time was probably a bad idea, but he was already at the door to the café and it was too late to turn back. well, he could bolt it out the door before anyone inside sees him but damn it, there's people behind him waiting for him to go in! why is he worried anyways? it's not like you are already there, right? wait, what if you're already here and you caught him coming in an hour earlier like a crazy person? but that just means you came there earlier than him ri- "hey kid, can you move?"
a gruff voice calls out from behind him and he jumps up, startled, "i-i'm sorry, sir!" izuku bows his head in 'sorry' before he enters the café properly. spying a free table in the corner, he makes a beeline to the table, dumping his book bag on the chair beside him as he slumps into one of the other seats, he picks up a napkin on the table and starts fidgeting with it. thoughts filled his head, the worst case scenarios at that. what if you don't show up? what if you get annoyed of him half way through? what if he starts mumbling in that so called weird way of his?
the what ifs were endless and he kept on thinking about it for about 70 minutes.
he checked the time, it's been 10 minutes since the time you were supposed to be here. you haven't flaked on him, right? no way, you aren't the type to flake, at least izuku doesn't think so. letting the paper napkin he'd torn to pieces by picking on it, fall to the table, he checks his phone again, no texts. none. not from you, his friends or his classmates. more time goes by, it's been 30 minutes. he's about to leave it and go home; he's been here for over what- almost 2 hours? and the workers at the café have been giving him weird looks. at least they haven't kicked him out yet, he thinks, going to stand up and leave just when a new crowd of people come into the shop.
among them is you, in all your glory. hair swept to the side because of the wind, wide eyes looking everywhere hoping izuku was still here. he lets out a breath of relief, thanking all might the heavens that you hadn't stood him up. when you catch his eye, he grins - his worries all gone - and he beckons you over. he watches closely as you dump your bag next to his and sit on the chair opposite him, "i'm so sorry i got late! i missed the train and my phone died right as i was about to text you."
shoto todoroki ― reservation error (thanks for helping my dumbass figure this out @uwu-bxtch)
he was sure he'd booked a table for his first date with you. he even made sure to buy himself a new suit just for this one night, he also asked you to wear your most formal clothing (hastily adding "you can wear something casual if you want to, but i think formal fits the restaurant"), he'd talked to you about how this date was going to be amazing - although he didn't show it with facial expressions that much, he couldn't help but smile slightly every time he told you how it was going to be, in his words; extravagant. he'd hyped you up, hyped himself up, even hyped up midoriya who wasn't even coming with you two on the date!
on the night itself, he'd gotten ready and had met you outside the expensive restaurant. he'd complimented you, taken your hand and lead you inside the restaurant, walking up to the worker who was checking in everyone and pointing them towards their respective tables. the worker stood up straight when he noticed the son of the current number one hero in front of him, clearing his throat and managing to appear even stiffer than he was before, "um, what can i do for you, sir?" his voice came out squeaky and you stifled a giggle at the effect shoto had on people just by being someone's son.
"i have a reservation, it's under todoroki," shoto said, keeping a steady gaze at the worker, not realizing he was intimidating the poor guy who gulped and scrambled to check the page for a reservation under todoroki. he reached the end of the first page, flipped it to the other side, his eyes scanning the paper as he brushed it to the side and checked the next page. squinting and staring in confusion before clearing his throat for the second time and shaking his head. "there isn't any reservation under todoroki, sorry."
shoto looks at the man in evident confusion, "that can't be. i made the reservation a week ago." when he got no reply he asked, "are there any free tables? i can pay double," he offered, shaking his head when you came to protest. the worker nodded, "there's exactly one free table." shoto ended up paying double and you had a nice dinner, before you ditched your coats and jackets and ran around the city rading random stores with silliest stuff you've ever seen.
katsuki bakugou ― getting rained out
"fuck the weather-man," he grumbled. his entire date - that he spent about 15 minutes planning - went downhill when it started to rain. he checked the weather forecast on the news report, on his phone, on a newspaper that was all about the weather AND he checked it about three times before he left his house for the date. clad in shorts, a tank top and flip-flops, he'd met you at the beach. it didn't help that there were no rainclouds or anything before it actually started to rain. he had went to get a popsicle, telling you how you didn't have to come with him but you insisted you came anyways.
just as he gave you your popsicle and you tore open the wrapper, eager to have something cold on a day as hot as this; there was a gust of wind, and the sky darkened. the white clouds were replaced by clouds as black as charcoal and the wind became stronger, realizing it was probably going to start raining any second, you exchange a glance and sprint back to where you left your bags. once you get there and grab your bags, you start running to the closest shelter just as it started to pour. quickly melting ice-creams and bags in hand, you make it to the shelter, drenched.
by the time you catch your breath and sit down on the bench with a roof above it- the only thing remaining from the popsicle was the stick. katsuki groans and throws away the stick, damp and wet his hair stuck to his forehead, water droplets flowing down from his hair line to his chin. he shrugged off his backpack and watched as you sulk in despair of your ice-cream melting. your wet bag placed on the wooden bench beside you, your hair just as damp as his, as you brush your fingers through it. "sorry for taking you on a fucked up date," he says when you catch his eye.
you shake your head, "eh no worries, we'll be stuck here together for an hour at most and i don't mind." you lean against the arm you propped up on your knee. staying like that for a few minutes before snapping your head up when you realize something, your voice loud as you yelled over the heavy rain, the moans of the wind and the sound of sand flying everywhere because of the wind. "is your bag waterproof?" his eyes wide, katsuki groans, "fuck the weather-man."
Tumblr media
taglist ; @therealcozyy
Tumblr media
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qitwrites · an hour ago
|| 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 
One for all is a devastatingly strong quirk. Class 1A has seen Deku break both his legs and both his arms on multiple occasions just from the repercussions of his strength and his body’s inability to keep up. They’ve seen him punch a robot the size of a building into oblivion, they’ve seen him smash rocks and concrete into smithereens, and they’ve seen the way he uses the wind from the aftermath of his kicks to create powerful long-range attacks.
Midoriya’s quirk is like strong strong.
So naturally, he becomes the official class 1A jar opener.
It starts with Aoyama. There’s a jar of ricotta cheese that he cannot seem to get into and Kirishima offers to open it for him.
‘Thank you, monsieur,’ Aoyama says with a grateful bow.
‘No problemo, my dude,’ Kirishima grins. He wraps his fingers around the lid and twists, expecting the lid to just pop off because that’s what always happens. Kirishima usually applies the lightest pressure against a lid, and it melts like butter in his fingers. Kirishima has, in his limited years, never met a jar that’s bested him.
Literally nothing happens. He tries again, adding a bit more pressure. The lid doesn’t budge in the slightest. It doesn’t begin to loosen, to twist in the direction of the force, that tell-tail pop as it slips off the ridges. It sits there, like a rock.
Kirishima tries one last time, with all the strength he can muster, just shy of activating his quirk. It’s a fine line, and if his quirk does activate, he knows he can open this jar. He also knows it will shatter, which defeats the purpose. Because like, if Aoyama didn’t care about the condition of the cheese, he could’ve thrown the jar against the wall himself to break it. Kirishima twists and pries and yanks, groaning and grunting with the effort.
Apparently, Ricotta cheese is going to defeat him. The thought is humbling, to say the least.
Tsuyu walks by to grab some dried crickets and offers to try. Kirishima hands it over with a defeated sigh, and Tsuyu does the same- she twists and yanks and pries and nothing. Even Dark Shadow decides its worth a shot when Tokoyami walks by them, and they watch as the night creature shrieks and trills and fails miserably.
Dark Shadow hands the jar back to Kirishima.
‘What is up with this thing?’ Kirishima grumbles, staring at the jar incredulously. He tries again, and it feels no different. This jar of cheese seems to have defeated 4 different pro-heroes-in-training.
They don’t hear Midoriya walk into the kitchen until he opens the refrigerator. Midoriya, oblivious to the agony of those around him, takes a few sips of orange juice before popping the bottle back inside. He’s preoccupied with thoughts of the math problems they’d studied earlier that day, so he’s a bit startled when 4 pairs of eyes are trained on him.
‘Yes?’ he asks, chuckling nervously.
Kirishima holds out the jar. ‘Open please.’
Midoriya shoots him a puzzled smile but takes the jar. He wraps his non-dominant hand around the lid and twists and-
And the damn thing just pops open. He doesn’t stutter. He doesn’t make a face or groan or pry. He twists, gently, and the lid is off. And he’s using his non-dominant hand.
Midoriya hands the jar back to Kirishima, his smile soft and confused and warm.
Nobody says anything.
‘Anything else?’ Midoriya ventures. They all shake their heads. He shrugs, waves goodbye, and makes his way back to his room.
Kirishima gives the jar to Aoyama and they proceed to spend the next 10 minutes squealing in wonderment.
Tales of Midoriya’s jar opening feat spreads like wildfire. The entire year knows by the end of the day, and Midoriya is blissfully unaware because all he really wants to do is finish his stupid math assignment so he can grab dinner with the gang.
After that, it sort of becomes his thing. Bottles of dried fruit, jams, cheese, and condiments are offered to him, and the freckled boy simple takes what is offered, twists, and boom, it’s open.
Midoriya doesn’t even realize it until a few weeks later, when a jar of pickles is pushed into his hands while he’s debating hero agency laws with Iida. Midoriya doesn’t blink- he takes the jar offered to him, pops it open, hands it back. It’s a quick, practiced thing at this point. When Iida stops talking and his hands pause mid-air, that’s when Midoriya realizes what he’s just done, that’s when his actions sink in.
He thinks it over and then offers Iida a helpless smile and a shrug. He really doesn’t mind it at all.  
Iida blinks at him before diving right back in, and they debate back and forth, voices loud as they gesticulate frantically. It’s a familiar sight.
Sero even offers him a jar that’s been super glued shut while Midoriya is watching footage of a mount lady fight. It doesn’t faze him at all. Kirishima records the entire thing.
On a random Thursday night, Midoriya finds himself alone in the common room, watching re-runs of old All Might movies. He’s seen them so many times by now but that doesn’t matter- he’s still glued to the screen, the world fading into darkness.
A cold glass jar is pushed into his arm and Midoriya does his thing and hands it back. And then the smell, eye-wateringly spicy, hits him like all hell. Midoriya coughs and looks to the side and catches Bakugou walking away.
‘Not a single fucking word, shitty Deku.’
Midoriya just stares, and then he calls out a hurried Of course, Kacchan! and then he gets yelled at some more. A chilled water bottle is thrown at him, and Midoriya takes a long drink, soothing his burning eyes with the surface of the bottle when he’s done.
At some point, he goes on to become the official jar opener for class 1B. It just sort of happens. And honestly? He really doesn’t mind at all.
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sassiart8 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes. the door remained open.
Run young Midoriya, run.
🥦 🥦 🥦 🥦 🥦
🏳️‍🌈 I’m on Instagram: Sassi_art8
unfortunately I have reached the maximum of 10 photos and I can not share the screen for the credit but thanks always to @incorrectheroquotes for inspiration💕.
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yn-for-president · 2 hours ago
Shigaraki: If you ever want to see your precious child again, you’ll pay 10 Million up front. Every hour that passes..we’ll cut off a fing-
(Y/n): WHAT THE FUCK?!? You think I’m only worth 10 million?!
Shigaraki: are you serious rig-!
Dabi: That’s true, with an ass like that I’d say at least 100 Million
Rest of LOV, agreeing:
(Y/n): Thank you Thanos-Nugget hybrid!
Shigaraki: Will you all shut up?!
(Y/n): And jokes on you, my dad/mom probably already hung up~!
Shigaraki,puts ear to phone only to hear dial noise: Well fuck-
Mr. compress:
(Y/n):…Wait did they really?!
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shoutoscottage · 2 hours ago
─ when there’s only one bed
feat. todoroki, bakugo, midoriya
wc :
warnings : none
a/n : this is such a cliche trope but it’s so cute!
Tumblr media
he’s literally such a gentleman pls-
voluntarily gives up the bed for you even after you insist he takes it
he says he’s more comfy with a futon on the floor which is true but still-
anyways, you have no choice but to give in after quite a while of push and pull
you were lowkey hoping to share a bed with you crush not gonna lie
not in a creepy way of course, you just wanted to become closer with him (physically and emotionally)
and you were also lowkey curious how he’d regulate his temperature in his sleep
unluckily for you, the air conditioner was broken and you woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold
you peered down to the floor and saw todoroki sleeping peacefully
you really didnt want to wake him up but you had no choice because you were shaking
fortunately for you, todoroki does let you into his futon even though he's still half asleep
you instantly feel warmer due to his quirk (and body heat ig)
but also because you’re laying very close to your crush
what you both dont know is you unintentionally drift towards todoroki’s warmth in the middle of the night
and you both wake up snuggled into each other 😌🤪🙌✨😚
he's so aggressive istg
literally fights you for the bed and causes a big ruckus
will be very reluctant to share the bed with you but it's already way past his bedtime and the fight has go to end somehow
so he just grunts out a 'whatever' when you suggest the idea
literally just flops onto the bed without a care after he's done his night routine he hogged the bathroom btw
you came in half an hour later seeing him already asleep
so you just quietly climb into bed and lie down on the opposite side
you were lowkey sad at how rude he was to you considering you had a crush on him
i mean he also has a crush on you but you don't need to know that
you two somehow wake up facing each other
you can literally feel bakugo's intense stare on your face before you open your eyes
"im sorry i acted rude", he mumbles awkwardly
"i like you", you blurt out in the midst of the moment
" like me back?", he accidentally voices his thoughts
literally gets up and runs to the bathroom when he realizes what he just said
"noo katsuki come back!" you chase after him, trying to hug him from behind
he's similar to todoroki by voluntarily giving up the bed for you
but in this case you've managed to convince him to share the bed with you
omg he's so shy and you have to assure him multiple times that you don't feel uncomfortable at all
he finally gets in next to you after some nagging
unfortunately you two just lay there in awkward silence
so to clear up the tense atmosphere you try to make small talk by bringing up the hero course/training
and it suddenly becomes a passionate conversation with him just gushing about pro heroes as you lay there admiring the way his face lights up in excitement
" i talking too much?" he suddenly stops as looks at you
"no, of course not! i'm sure you're gonna be a great hero too, izuku!" you lean over and give him a small peck on the cheek
you finally realize what you've done after you pull away
it returns to being awkward after that-
but hey, at least you two finally decide to confess the next morning <3
Tumblr media
requests are open!
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fandomeclectics · 2 hours ago
|| 𝔹ℕℍ𝔸 𝔹𝕠𝕪𝕤 & 𝕊𝕔𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕖 ||
Tumblr media
Characters: Hitoshi Shinsou, Shoto Todoroki, and Izuku Midoriya
Type: again, idk what this would called, maybe….like…a blurb?
Warnings: none
Summary: what sciences these boys would find the most interesting
A/n: so…..I’m sorry if this lame. I love science, it’s my favorite subject in school! So, I thought this would be interesting to do.
Tumblr media
> Hitoshi Shinsou
Psychology, Shinsou would be interested in physiology. First off, his quirk…is literally brainwashing. It has to do with the human brain. I think he would definitely try and figure out like, what parts of the bbrain his quirk affects specifically. Also, would just want to know how the brain works in general I feel. He’d find the experiments cool too. Like Pavlov‘s dog, and, well, Anything B. F. Skinner did.
Tumblr media
> Shoto Todoroki
This one might be a bit of a stretch but just hear me out. Chemistry, he’d find Chemistry very interesting Firstly, his quirk has to do with temperatures. So just imagine Todoroki researching all these elements and having this small pocket sized notebook he writes their freezing and boiling temperatures in. I think he’d definitely experiment a lot with different variants of each element. Of course using Endavors credit card to order all these things. Also, he’d find it calming to sit and write out the formulas and things. Lastly, come on, just imagine Todoroki in a lab coat and goggles, I mean come on.
Tumblr media
>Izuku Midoriya
Physics, physics, physics. I will stand by this until the day I DIE! Physics, in simple terms is how and why everything works. Izuku studies quirks like crazy, wanting to know how they work down to the utmost tedious details. Therefor, he would HAVE to know some physics. So, Ithink he would find it really interesting how anything and everything works. Also, Izuku just asleep in a pile of quantum theory textbooks would be the most adorable thing on this earth. (Besides Shoto Todoroki in a lab coat and glasses)
Tumblr media
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ambivertwriter · 2 hours ago
Pet Names? (Tenya Iida HC)
Prompt: Tenya Iida doesn't really understand the concept of pet names. After some of his classmates’ help, he still has no idea what he's doing.
     "Babycakes, can you hand me my phone?" Iida looked around to see Bakugo with his hand held up, most likely expecting his phone to be tossed to him. He wondered quietly how Bakugo expected mini cakes to respond to his request, but nevertheless, kept his head trained to see the outcome.             
      In a matter of seconds, his significant other responded with a "sure." and tossed his phone to him. It utterly baffled Iida how Bakugo's significant other could respond to such a name. Not wanting to touch on it any further, he simply went back to his studies.            
      Now, Iida would have happily let that single instance go by without question. However, after it had happened a second time in his presence, he simply had to know what in earth was going on.            
      "Sparky, could you grab that for me?" This time, it was Denki's significant other as they struggled to reach an item off a rather high-up shelf.            
      "Sure thing, honey bee,"  Denki replied as he carried through with the task. It was at this point where Iida unintentionally slammed his book closed, causing all eyes to go on him.            
      "Iida, you good?" Denki asked, his head tilted to the side with a rather concerned expression on his face. Iida looked up and around to see all the attention he had accidentally called upon himself. Somewhat embarrassed, a tinge of pink dusted his cheeks before he explained.            
      "I just... I fail to realize the significance of addressing someone who you care so deeply about as such a crude name. I mean, 'babycakes' and 'sparky' a-and 'honey bee'? Surely those must be insulting towards the receiving end of those names, right?" The four in the room couldn't help but laugh; not at Iida, but for him. This was the first they've ever seen him so befuddled over what should be a commonly known topic. It was only when he kept his expression clear on his face that the rest had stopped laughing.
      "Wait you're serious? Iida, do you really not know what pet names are?" Denki was thoroughly shocked at this revelation.            
      "Of course I'm aware of pet names. They're quite self-explanatory, no?"     
      "Not the literal pat names, you numbnut. We're talking about the ones you use on your s/o," Bakugo chided.            
      "Why would one think to give their significant other a name alluding to a common pet?"            
      Mina walked into he room, picking up context from her surrounding and what she just heard and she couldn't help but chuckle. She walked over to Iida, giving him a sympathetic pat on the shoulder before signaling to the other four that she would handle this, and that they could return to their previous tasks.            
      "Oh, buddy. A pet name is a term for a sort of nickname for someone very special, not exclusive to significant others. Sometimes, these nicknames hold an importance and sometimes they don't, but one thing is always very clear: the receiving end of that name is comfortable and sometimes even flattered to be given that nickname. Do you understand or do you need me to elaborate a bit more?" Out of all the students, Mina was the most patient when it came to teaching the old souls modern slang and terms.            
      "So, if I understand this correctly, a pet name is the alternative phrase for a special nickname given to someone incredibly emotionally connected with the person giving said nickname?" Mina only nodded, as it sounded like Iida had a follow-up.            
      "And... you're all okay with the things you're being called?" Iida asked, looking at the four. They all responded with some variation of an affirmative, some simply nodding and others responding verbally. With this new-found information, Iida decided to test it out. conveniently, as he exited the common room on his way back to his dorm, Izuku was just about to enter. As they crossed paths, Iida decided to apply his learnings.
      “Hello there, sugarbear!” Iida said with as much positive emotion as he could muster. He didn’t look back to see Izuku’s face, but if he had, he would find an utterly shell-shocked and mortified Izuku, his face a mix of fear and confusion. If he wasn’t as far away from the common room as he was, he also would have hear boisterous laughter from the others in the room, mostly from Mina and Denki. 
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plsmarrymetsuyu · 2 hours ago
May I request headcanons for when Tsu hugs her s/o, but they instinctively flinch away from her cuz they're not used to being touched like that? They didn't hate it or Anything, they're just not used to it
Tumblr media
Tsuyu Asui with an s/o that's not use to hugs
warnings: mention of the word abuse (x1)
🐸The first time this happened, she was more concerned than anything else
🐸she calmly asked you about it "s/o..why did you flinch away from my hug?"
🐸super understanding after you explain that it had nothing to do with her and that you're just not use to being touched like that
🐸she was glad it wasn't because of some form of abuse but it still concerned her
🐸whether it's because of lack of affection from when you were younger or something else, she keeps the fact in mind
🐸she gained the habit of asking first before giving you any kind of affection like that
🐸of course there was a few odd times she forgets, like when you haven't seen each other in a while or after a dangerous fight
🐸she always apologizes though and asks if you're uncomfortable
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yyuuna · 3 hours ago
mood taste
Tumblr media
—their preferred weather, time and music
includes: s. todoroki / k. bakugo
pairing: various x reader
disclaimer: lowercase intended
Tumblr media
he finds the rain rather calming
although he’ll only like it when he’s indoors. that way, its sound will be muffled and it won’t be as loud
he’s not a morning person nor a night owl, but he definitely prefers the evening
to him, nighttime is more peaceful and quiet
so he doesn’t really have an exact preference in music whatsoever, but he finds alec benjamin and chase atlantic cool, mostly because that’s what he hears from ur phone whenever it’s raining n stuff
hot n cold
daddy issues
Tumblr media
okay, maybe sunny? especially when he’s fighting because of his quirk which uses his sweat
probably an afternoon person?¿
since his curfew is 8:30, obviously, it’s not nighttime
looks neutral in the morning, but more energetic in the afternoon
frowns at the lyrics of nsfw songs but secretly enjoys their beat and vibe
alt/indie songs—basically anything that lowkey hypes him up
this man loves slowed/reverb musiccccc
listens to them w earphones on while peacefully studying in his dorm room
Tumblr media
tags; @mayukhii @hourlyhate
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totally-not-a-cow-boy · 4 hours ago
Hi! Just wondering, if you can, could you please do a Mt. Lady scenario with an S/O who is from the South, and is very “yeehaw”, and “partner”, and all that. If you can’t, that’s okay! I was just curious… 👉🏼👈🏼
Sure! I haven’t seen much of mt lady but yeah! Also I’m basing this off of media and my 1 southern friend so sorry if this isn’t accurate
Yu Takeyama (Mt.Lady) x southern reader
Tumblr media
You like all might are an American based hero, you took pride in your souther heritage and let everyone know
Yu was very interested in your confidence the first time you two met and she loved your accent and kind nature
I see her as sorta a California valley girl, very preppy and kinda stuck up but very nice! So you two are just balls of sunshine
Whenever you say things like “yeehaw!” Or “darn tootin!” She can’t help but giggle, she might also pick up a few habits from you
Yu can kinda handle spicy food, the hottest she’ll go though is a jalapeño so when she sees you dumping hot sauce onto your food she is a little scared
She loves to cook with you, if you have any recipes you’d like to share with Yu please do! She may be lazy but she has a few basic skills
Hates the texture of porridge so she will literally gags when she sees you eating grits, good luck trying to get her to try it
If you can rope cattle and do bull riding she would love to watch, but I think she would rather just do trail riding with horses
She loves sweet ice tea, Yu will literally dump sugar into her tea so I hope you love sweet things
If you wear a cowboy hat as a joke Yu would think it’s so hot, maybe she has a thing for cow(boy/girls)
Yu may seem proper and stuck up but she’s really just here for attention, like all heros she has a persona and really does love you.
Hope you like it! I accidentally turned reader into a cow(boy/girl)
Stay lovely~
Stay safe!
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paingwen123 · 4 hours ago
Weird shigaraki head cannons I have.
Tomura gets weirdly jealous whenever someone else tries to befriend spinner. Like he’s not even attracted to spinner he just gets jealous.
Tomura sometimes when he looks at toga sees hana and it’s made it hard for him to understand or want to get close to toga.
He vents uncontrollably to kurigori.
He get jealous whenever he sees urraka and izuku being close. Because he doesn’t have a relationship like that.
He was forced to learn everything that a high schooler knows. Including sex Ed.
He was forced by afo to go to a real school for a short amount of time.
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fightxxmexxshiggy · 4 hours ago
Izuku taking you to his private gym to train with him and telling you that you need to work on flexibility so he makes you practice but sitting on his cock and slowly pulling your legs out until your basically doing a split on his dick. He's a little shit so he's doing crunches and sit ups the whole time. Sometimes he'll jerk a little and thrust inside you and you'll just grunt as you feel his cock head push up against your cervix even more. He'll apologize but you know he doesn't mean it. then he'll tell you he has to do some pulsing crunches. The pulsing crunches just have his cock trying to pop through your cervix which it does right as he's about to cum a half inch of his cock head pops through and you just feel the hot blasts of cum against the back of your womb and you fall forwards to the floor between his legs still full of his cock.
"Sorry baby I didn't mean to fuck you out like this." He says like a liar.
@hanji-is-life @cupcake-rogue @mochis-cafe
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candy-hime · 5 hours ago
thinking about an arranged marriage with dabi.
tw: smut, noncon/dubcon, punishment (spanking) + implied aftercare, power imbalance, toxic relationship, degradation
part 1
part 2 (previous)
there’s a heady adrenaline pumping through your veins, a frenzied excitement you haven’t felt in years. your hand is circled around fuyumi’s wrist as she leads you through the dancing partygoers, sweaty bodies jostling against yours at every step.
god, you haven’t been to a club in forever- you forgot how much you love the edm mixes that blare over the speakers, the flashing strobe lights that illuminate the darkness, the energy in the air.
“holy shit, you look amazing!” mina screeches, flinging her arms around your waist.
“babes, i heard a rumor that can’t be true.” nejire sticks her face close to yours. “you can’t possibly be getting hitched to touya todoroki. right?”
you grimace in response. “i’m fucked.”
“holy shit!” camie gasps. “you just scored the hottest guy in a 100-mile radius!”
“ew,” fuyumi gags.
“he’s also terrible to her.” ochako slides up to your side, eyebrows scrunched together. “how did this happen? is this about your family? i told you, my parents can give you a loan-,”
“no,” you blurt out. “it’s fine. thank you, i love you to death, but i... i agreed to this marriage.”
camie shoves ochako aside. “dude. i am so proud of you. all my friends say he’s great at sex. it’s probably the jacob’s ladder.”
ochako, fuyumi, and nejire glare at her in disbelief. “camie,” nejire groans. “seriously?”
“no, it’s fine,” you sigh, even though it feels like your heart’s sinking to the floor. “i know he gets around. oh man, i’m going to get cheated on so much.”
you end the sentence with a forced, lighthearted chuckle- you were trying to diffuse the tension!- but it just intensifies the feelings of horrified pity on ochako, nejire, and fuyumi’s faces. even camie looks chagrined.
“if he cheats, i’ll fucking kill him.” camie shoves a tiny shot glass in your hand. “okay, fuck touya! who wants some tequila?”
some tequila turns into a lot of tequila, and the next thing you know, you’re gyrating on the dance floor, laughter bubbling up in your throat as you throw it back to meg thee stallion. your worries seem to float away with every beat of the music; arms snake around your waist, warmly nestling you against a broad chest.
you’re grinning as you look up at the boy dancing with you; your fiance would never hold you like this, would never beam down at you with such a kind smile, would never lower his lips to your ear and whisper, “you’re so beautiful-,”
in the next instant, he’s collapsed to the ground.
touya is standing above the boy, fist clenched and foot firmly pressed down on his ribs. the club is so chaotic that only the people directly around you see the sight; they barely even bat an eye, simply continuing to dance instead.
but touya isn’t looking down at him at all; no, his cold cerulean eyes are fixed on you.
the small part of your brain that isn’t dulled by alcohol screams desperately, get away, get away, get away! so you stagger backwards, your breath catching in your throat as you flee the scene.
all of a sudden the chaos- which was so vibrant and exciting- turns suffocating. you’re frantically shoving past people, heart racing furiously. you need to get away. you need to escape- if touya catches you you’re dead, so fucking dead.
you’re wobbling as you race up the stairs to the third floor. it’s quieter here; couples kiss in the shadows, the music is fainter. out of the corner of your eye, you spot a coat closet.
“‘scuse me,” you murmur, pushing past a group of giggling girls.
just wait it out. your hands are trembling as you sit huddled amongst the jackets. he won’t find you here.
the darkness is terrifying. but not as terrifying as the furious, twisted glare in touya’s eyes.
minutes pass. you’re calmer now, breaths slowing back to normal.
maybe he’s left-
the coat closet door slams open.
“gotcha,” touya sneers.
“touya, please, it hurts,” you sob as he yanks you to the elevator of his high-rise. your wrist is already aching from the way he dragged you out of the club, ignoring your pleading cries and stammered apologies. you’ve never seen him like this.
your fiance has always been all scornful remarks and spiteful laughter. but never so alarmingly silent.
and when he finally pushes you into his apartment, your fears are justified.
touya’s hand comes down fast and hard. a scream of pain tears from your throat; it burns, you’re sure it’ll leave a mark on the tender flesh of your ass.
“stupid, stupid little girl.” his silver rings are digging into your skin. “don’t you know you’re not supposed to cheat on your fiance?”
“i was just dancing! this isn’t fair, you’ve slept with so many- ah!”
touya spanks you even harder. his arm circles around your waist, firmly holding you up.
“i think this is a good opportunity for a little lesson,” he hums. “you’re gonna count, okay? you’ve always been stupid, but you can do that. yeah?”
you don’t even get the chance to react before he’s struck you once again.
“i’m shocked. i thought you’d hold onto your meal ticket a little harder. don’t your parents need my money?”
“christ- you’re fucking dripping, i can feel it all over my hands. are you that fucked in the head?”
at a certain point, every rational thought in your mind meaninglessly blurs together and fades away. in some distant corner of your mind lies your childhood fantasies of love, kissing in the rain and laughing into the night and whispering i love yous together.
now the only thing you can feel is pain and misery and a humiliating, reluctant pleasure, all twisted together in some sort of awful mess.
finally, touya’s palm rests on your ass. the only sound in the air is from your heaving sobs.
“do you understand now?” he murmurs.
“y-yes,” you choke out, the pillows underneath your face wet with tears.
a sigh leaves your fiance’s lips. suddenly, it feels like all the energy has drained from him. you’re gently lifted into his lap, head resting on the downy pillows. your body's so exhausted that you immediately melt into him.
“you make me insane,” you distantly hear touya mumble. his thumb slowly circles your aching clit, sending shivers up and down your spine. you can’t help the needy heat that builds in your stomach; soft whimpers leave your lips as he presses soft kisses into your hair. you can’t tell if you’re crying from pain, fear, or how overwhelming everything is.
“shh, shh. relax.” he slowly presses a finger against your cunt, languidly swirling up and down your entrance until his digit is covered in your slick. you inhale shakily as he coaxes his finger through your walls.
“t-tou...,” his finger feels so foreign inside you- you’ve never felt anything you like it, you don’t know if you love it or hate it; your breath is quickening again, panic rising inside you-
“i told you to relax.” touya lifts your chin up, so your wide eyes are directly looking into his. there’s an unreadable emotion storming over his features. he brings his face so close down to yours, nose nuzzling yours, lips almost kissing you.
he’s whispering to you, the bitter tang of whiskey on his warm breath. and the more he speaks, finger lightly curling inside you, the greater you need-
“more,” you beg.
later, when you’re nestled in touya’s arms, you stare out at the full moon hanging in front of his bedroom window. he’s softly snoring into the quiet. plush cashmere blankets swathe your bodies.
it’s strange. touya has degraded you for years, called you a pathetic slut and a golddigging whore.
but this is the first time he's made you truly hate yourself.
um... this felt super conflicting to write. maybe it's bc it's 1 am but this was so upsetting. lmk if u wanna be tagged for the next part!
idk why i'm romanticizing arranged marriages when my parents had a terrible one LOL. welp. but shoutout to all of you for your amazing amazing replies. i wanna thank all of u individually but idw spam dash so i'll prolly make one big post where ill do it. they are SO nice and i am so grateful<3 they seriously make my day i read all of them
if you're bolded, make sure you have "find in search results" enabled in your settings:
tagging: @fallxngstarr @hotwings0203@keigoswifeforlife @girl-who-likes-cold-bois @beastybunnie @the-casual-hedonist @seagullcrisps@choke-me-levi @diamond-3 @lmaosupertuff @pocky-writes @maxi8898 @evierena @sxturn-stars @distractionforyourthoughts @father-time-and-baby-new-year @zeroinetoheroine @shadoweepingscream @orenjineki @kroerms @eternallyanxiousandstressed @biscuit-buddy @kodzukens-thighz @cinnamon-n-roses @lonleyweeb77 @shaytroll @chloe-the-fool @nanaluvuraraka @pluviophilefangirl @orenjineki @rose84chevalier @trashybebe @daydream-believer1309 @inkybird @liyaahh@ch2st3r@darlingely @fiorelluzzo @rinrinfoxy @melodramaticmatter
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babymilkawa · 5 hours ago
Hi I'm feeling more of a idiot today due to my teachers literally extinguishing any hope I have in actually passing my classes. I'm contemplating whether or not I'll be of use to society or my family when I get to the world of work soooooo....... I was wondering if I could request Bakugo x reader who is feeling the same but just decides to stay in her dorm in complete darkness and think and or cry about the situation.
I'm in dire need of comfort please even if it's a smidge.
shjdkd sry this took me so long anon ><
comforting s/o headcanons with:
bakugou katsuki
gn!reader :)
warnings: self-deprecating thoughts
Tumblr media
he can sense it like a hound
your sudden change in mood
usually he starts with giving you space and letting you approach him but if you don't in a few days he'll go over to you himself
the first sign is your lack of presence around him
the more excuses you make to leave, the more he's sure that something's going on
so he takes the time to approach you
he shows up at your door, with a tray of your comfort food
once bakugou's in the room, he can tell that you haven't opened your blinds in days
he starts with sitting on your bed and checking to see if you're awake or asleep
he's testing the waters, not wanting to trigger whatever's been getting you down lately
until you see it's him and immediately drag the covers over your tear streaked face
"hey, hey" he's got a hand on the comforter, gently trying to tug it down
"I brought your you wanna talk about it?"
it really only took you a few minutes to get up but to him it felt like hours, the silence was just so loud
but really, he'd wait for you, even if it took forever
as you tell him how horrible you feel about yourself and how things are moving to quickly, he's got a hand rubbing your back, the other stroking your hair
"hey, I understand. Sometimes I feel like I'm not ready either. But remember, you're not alone, right? I'm here. You set your own expectations, no one else. If you want to take it slow, take it slow. No one's gonna make you throw yourself in there, y/n. It's not their decision to make."
he punctuates his little speech with a kiss to your forehead and hands you a bottle of water
you're chugging it down as it soothes your drying throat
"here, have some of this and we'll get this place cleaned up, ok?"
his voice is gentle and his actions are careful
usually, if someone were to come crying to him about their problems, he'd shove them aside and ask them to deal with it themselves
but this was you
with you, it felt so natural, it felt like he knew what to say and do to make you feel better
and of course, bakugou felt like he had to owe it to you
you showed him a side of himself he didn't know existed
Tumblr media
bnha masterlist
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cluster-fandom · 5 hours ago
you can’t sleep without them: part two
uraraka, jirou, denki, and tokoyami x reader (separately)
a/n: uhhh i wasn’t expecting people to like these so much, so here’s a part two! i hope you enjoy :)
warnings: none (just some soft girls and bois), fluff, gender neutral reader, these are video calls btw
part one
• listen, she can make herself float, but sis sleeps like a log
• when your third call manages to wake her up, she’s groggy
• does her best, but is basically incoherent
• between your sleep deprivation and her drowsiness, you’ve made your own language
• while it’s mostly random words and noises strung together, the message gets through
• she passes out after 25 minutes
• she’s cute though so it’s fine
• once you’re both properly rested and functioning the next day, you try to recall what you talked about
• neither of you can remember
• when you tell you can’t sleep without her, she genuinely needs like a solid two minutes to recover cause that’s the cutest thing she’s ever heard
• once her heart is beating normally again, she’ll ask what you want to do
• you quietly tell her that you want her to sing for you
• face flushed, she’ll grab her guitar and softly hum her favorite love songs to you
• when she thinks that you’re out cold, she plays an original song that she wrote for you
• as she finishes, she looks at her screen and is met with your wide eyes, and she stills
• then hangs up in a panic bECAUSE YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO HEAR THAT
• you screen recorded it though, and now you play it every night when you go to sleep <3
• Literally the second before you were about to hit the call button, he calls you
• He looks so sad
• He missed you so much and couldn’t go to bed without seeing your face
•god I love him so much
• you’re both just saying how much you love each other and it devolves into an “I love YOU more” battle
• it goes on for like…. 45 minutes
• you eventually give in and let him win
• he has the biggest grin on his face, which makes it worth it
• you both fall asleep on call
• when you wake up, you have the rest of the Bakusquad complaining to you
• apparently he spammed the group chat just saying how much he loved and missed you until Sero finally told him to just call you
• he may or may not have been listening to his Sad Boi Hours playlist
• but when you called he flipped off the switch
• when he hears that you can’t sleep without him, he’s grateful that you can’t see the deep blush beneath his feathers
• he’s flustered so the conversation is awkward for a bit, but it’s endearing
• when you’re both comfortable again, Tokoyami goes into a deeply philosophical speech about life
• you accidentally fall asleep while listening because….. you did not have the brain power for that
• after a while of no response from you, he realizes you’ve fallen asleep
• smiles at you…. then picks up his notebook and begins writing poems because you are his greatest inspiration
Tumblr media
reblogs, likes, and comments are appreciated!
//do not repost, edit, or plagiarize// I do not own My Hero Academia or the characters//
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sweetserum · 5 hours ago
i love to think of katsuki as a soft dom. like, he's usually brash and loud and aggressive in public to the point of having articles written on why he's still the number two but to you? oh to you he's never like that, he loves you a lot, you know? he'll hand you a burning world on a silver platter if you ever showed any inclination of wanting it (i'm just so deep in my soft!katsuki feels). every time he prods your wetness with his fingers, he'll start by trailing around the edges of your folds, touch being so light and soft that you'll wonder if it was even there to begin with until he presses against your clit. he loves making you cum against his fingers and the worst (best?) thing about it is that, he doesn't stop even when you're crying, even when you're twitching from over–sensitivity, your thighs shaking and your legs trying to kick him off of you — oh no, he certainly will not stop. in fact, the both of you has intimate knowledge on the fact that if you land a kick on him in your haze of overstimulation (no matter how lightly) then he'll eat you out until you can no longer feel your legs. after that is the only moment he'll be fucking you because his baby deserves his best no matter what, making sure you're being fucked stupid until the only thing you can say is "k–katsuki!" is certainly his very best.
like imagine how much of a soft dom he is because he doesn't usually do punishments — unless you've been a real brat and made him pop his metaphorical extended fuse solely for you, and in his eagerness to please you, it always ends in overstimulation and tears and your voice hoarse. i'd let this man wife me up any fucking time if it meant he's gonna fuck me like that.
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babesund · 5 hours ago
I made a redraw of this extremaly cute scene!!
Tumblr media
I love the way she looks at him like he's the most precious boy in the world (and he is!)
Tumblr media
thank you so much for creating ochako uraraka, horikoshi-san!!
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