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#all might
class1akids · 6 minutes ago
Now with the visages on speed dial I geninuly wonder how, if All might dies - it gonna be of any sigfinaces? I always liked to think All mights death be good for Dekus growth, cause All mights influcenes looms over his head but the fact he can techncially still talk to him if All might does? I'm not so sure anymore.
Even if he becomes a vestige, All Might's death would be devastating for Deku.
But there are ways to make it even more impactful:
Maybe All Might's death is what will complete OFA and give it its final power;
Ever since Ch. 287, I've had the feeling that the final battle will be on the vestige plane. I could imagine All Might's vestige rising to his muscle form one last time to go together with Deku against AFO (sort of like the final scene of Two Heroes);
They could be separated before All Might's death and Deku realizing what happened when All Might's vestige becomes visible
It's possible that there will be a twist with OFA. Since it's a quirk given by AFO, it's possible that he still has connection to it, same as he could apparently sense through Nagant - making the vestiges a liability - so Deku will somehow cut off contact with them.
I also think that Deku will lose OFA in the final fight - or more precisely, destroying AFO will mean destroying OFA with it. So I could see Sir Nighteye's prediction becoming true inside the Vestige plane, with Shigaraki decaying everything, with All Might's vestige being the last one broken to pieces in a total tearjerker moment.
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shotorozu · 13 minutes ago
i bet if all might had a teenager for a child, he’d fall for ALL of the deez nutz jokes without fail 💀
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bodycountgame · 13 minutes ago
since there's an opportunity my man is gonna die, i need answers... does griff look like owen wilson? because that's all i can imagine him as
Hahahaha I've had so many people ask this! As a treat, since he's in the bottom, I'll say that I usually picture Griff looking kinda like Tim Borrmann (but with curly hair, a broken nose and definitely never as Model-y hahaha)? 
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mormonas · an hour ago
reminder that the “i was gonna like/ follow until i saw _____” tomfuckery isnt gonna work on me LMAO
i cant be bothered if you like my posts or not, i post and draw stuff that i like and want, im not doing this for a strangers bitchass
i used to care about such things but now i genuinely dont because i do this for me and my own amusement at this point, im legit just here to have fun with medic and my oc like leave me alone damn
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notedchampagne · an hour ago
i genuinely never thought thered be a day where id get bored of reading davekat fanfic but i am now having an existential crisis
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rosesmultifandom · an hour ago
Reactions to 316
The bird can't fly, who would have known
Tumblr media
look at they tiny wings going pitter patter lmao
(yes I am distracting myself from the fact that the new hero/villain I loved so much died in the record span of like 3 chapters and her dead body and face is everywhere)
Tumblr media
You're Lady Nagant tell himm 😭😭😭😭😭😭
And LIVE!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, I kinda have an issue with this panel? What did he mean by someone who supported him? Endeavour? This is odd. But it's nice to have smiley Hawks again I guess.... I guess
Tumblr media
Mhm tell him Deku
Tumblr media
I'm happy this was brought up, phew. Tbh, I hate the idea of you have every right to not forgive an abuser. Cause, because it's actually a way of holding on to the trauma and shit they caused you. You have this idea that you have control of your abuser if you don't forgive them, when most of the time, they don't give a frick.
Or they feel bad, but forget about it when they're caught up in the other cares of this world. It affects you, because it's actually a way of holding on to the trauma and shit they caused you. You are allowed to take your time, especially when you've been hurt terribly, but it's better to forgive and forget rather than hold on for vengeance that most of the time you won't be able to dish out.
So, at least for self care purposes, forgiveness is the better solution.
OK how did this become self care and therapy with Rose
Tumblr media
All for one basically just went
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
good thing this is totally not happening right-
(Just. Scroll up and see the shit going down within Deku's eyes most of the chapter 😔)
Ok, so I'm a bit confused about two things. Actually three things.
Tumblr media
1. How is Deku and Hawks able to hear this?? Isn't this All For One??
2. Is Lady Nagant alive? Or did she say her last words here???
3. WHY DOES HAWKS CREDIT ENDEAVOUR?? Look, I don't hate him, but like, they barely had interactions that seemed like Endeavour supporting Hawks in any way. And this is all after the Dabi reveal, and basically showing how much of an abuser Endeavour is. Hawks doesn't seem to have changed his views in the slightest, which is very odd, owing to the fact that he was pretty much ill treated by his parents as a kid. It... feels off-character, you know.
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rb-sketches · 2 hours ago
BNHA stuff about Quirk(less)
-Written by a sleep deprived me
In the manga, quirk holders were portrayed as glass cups, filled to the brim with water(quirks).
And quirkless as empty cups.
But shouldn’t quirkless people have no cups at all to begin with?
Quirkless were not built to hold quirks.
When Izuku went to the check up, the doc examined him; took the X-ray(could probably be the first of many tests to identify if he was quirkless), and diagnosed him quirkless because:
-‘2 joints on his pinkie instead of 1’, -something about being in the fourth generation.
Like his skeletal structure, he could have been born with biological differentiations too.
All might only trained his superficial muscles. He didn’t change his genes.
We can only assume that either
-OFA granted it’s wielders the ability to possess quirks, or,
-quirks are like tools(an external thing) and therefore, has nothing to do with people’s biology.
Or else, both All Might(cuz he’d been quirkless too) and Deku could have had severe backlashes because of this.
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00498 · 2 hours ago
do any of you think my blog is triggering ? i just use it to vent so i dont Think theres anything that could potentially harm anyone on here but if i do consistently post something that could do that please please tell me
also if any of you need tws for certain things you can send me an ask/message (anons are on btw) and i can easily tag it
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monochrome-clown · 2 hours ago
Mspec Gays/Lesbians be like: Absolutely amazing and strong people who have been proved time and time again ARE valid and ARE real! Don't let uninformed losers try to take your pride away from you <3
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crashing-web-browser · 3 hours ago
i just got a bunch of death threats out of nowhere what happened
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erasurecaps · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
MHA season 5 episode 12 caps
did just my fave shots, not all
107 caps
f2u; dont claim as your own; credit if possible
charas: Hitoshi Shinso, Eraserhead, Izuku Midoriya, Vlad King, Eijiro Kirishima, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Eri, All Might, Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, Present Mic, Tsuyu Asui, Ochaco Uraraka, Cider House
link to gallery
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thestarlightsymphony · 3 hours ago
Chapters: 2/? Fandom: Cowboy Bebop (Anime) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Julia/Spike Spiegel, Spike Spiegel/Faye Valentine, Alisa/Jet Black Characters: Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Julia (Cowboy Bebop), Jet Black, Ed (Cowboy Bebop) Additional Tags: Angst, Past Relationship(s), Character Study Summary:
Space is dark and cold. Love, in all its form, breaks through the shadows.
Mini-chapters exploring how members of the Bebop see love, and how it treats them. More stream of consciousness than anything else.
Heya! I’m writing semi-poetry about love and heartache while the plot is shuffles papers oh you know around somewhere, I’m still looking for it. If you’re interested on how I think the Bebop crew sees love in a stream-of-consciousness style, check it out!
Two chapters so far and they’re both Spike because. Yeah you know.
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