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#katsuki bakugo
thingsoverheardatua · 19 minutes ago
Bakugou: Do you know what pisses me off?! A lot of things. Where do I start.
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kelseybee-art · 27 minutes ago
Maybe kirishima and bakugo playing Just Dance… (and bakugo being VERY competitive)
Tumblr media
calm down bro it’s just a game
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wavyyl0sr · 41 minutes ago
Hi!! Could i get a bakugo x blk reader where he’s interested in the readers braids(lets say they do them themselves) and its like a really intimate moment where the reader explains how braiding works and why blk people do it(for protection of their hair)
Tumblr media
a/n: yesss seeing bakugo being attentive and learning something important like this is such a beautiful idea. hope you enjoy this imagine my love!
Tumblr media
The warm vanilla incense wafts throughout the cool home, the green plants that hung against the strong brown rope sways back and forth to the breeze from the open window. Your clean white curtains are open wide with your window opened halfway. Two hummingbirds sit at the slab, sipping on the fuchsia flowers that hang from the basket. You pick up the comb, combing your tight curls, you stare at your computer that was showing a black woman who is doing a braiding technique you wanted to try. Resting your leg on the pillow that was beside your feet, you stand up picking up another pillow from the couch, resting it under your body to feel more comfortable. Hearing the front door open, you see Katsuki in his hero costume and a big smile on his face.
"Hi, baby!" He says happily, the smile on his face widens a blush becoming evident. You smile, greeting him with a similar smile. Your hands are tied up within your hair and comb. Looking back at your computer, Bakugo makes his way to you, sitting on the couch behind you and planting a soft kiss on your cheek.
Your heart dances, while Bakugo watches you, looking at the style you want coming to life. Bakugo stands up again, going into your shared room changing in more comfortable clothes, and washing his face and hands. You pause the video, trying to keep up with the black woman.
Rubbing oil in your scalp, you pick up the weave from the coffee table, making sure it's placed neatly against your hair. Glancing to the side, Bakugo comes out of the room wearing a black tank top and grey sweatpants and his hands tucked in his pockets. Coming back to sit down on the couch he kisses you again but this time he stops you from what your doing, grasping your cheeks and turning your head to him to plant a longing kiss on your lips.
You go back to finishing up the braid, separating your hair once again. Picking up the weave again, Bakugo lets you rest your back between his legs while he massages your shoulders just a little. Letting the tension in your arms slowly disappear you sigh in relief. Picking up your comb again, you brush through your hair a couple of times until every knot there was became knotless.
"How was your pro hero-ing?" You question to stir a small convo. Katsuki stretches his arms to flex them a little with a smirk on his face. "You know, catching villains, making them piss their pants with my explosions." Bakguo laughs while you simply shake your head.
'My boyfriend is truly a sadist at heart.'
"How is your small vacation going, baby?" You smile, it's cute how Bakugo can go from batshit crazy about pro hero shit and become the most attentive guy you could ever meet. "It's going well, not having to stress over students and being the substitute recovery girl for Izuku's daughter is refreshing. Speaking of your old friend, how is he?" Bakugo sighs, "he's doing well, his daughter is exactly like him, just less of a crybaby." You playfully scoff, hitting your hand on his knee.
"Awe don't be such a meanie ass. I bet you twenty dollars if it wasn't for Izuku you would still be sleeping on the couch for almost forgetting our second anniversary. For what? Oh yeahhh sleeping." Katsuki coughs while you laugh. "What?! You knew?! God, I'm so kicking that little shit's ass." You pause the video again, staring back at your boyfriend.
"I knew it already, you're only late to things when your falling asleep, we are dating you know." You softly tap on his cheek, turning away from and pressing play on the video again. Touching your hair, you realize you have another hour to finish. Bakugo leans back in the chair watching you braid your hair quietly until a question pops up in his head.
"Baby?" You hum, feeling shuffling behind you. "I hope this doesn't come off rude, but why do you braid your hair?" The genuine lace in his question makes you stop the video and lay the comb in your hair. Turning your body fully to his direction, you keep the singular braid in your fingers, finishing it. "I don't find the question rude. You want to know, I'll teach you." He grins, silently thanking you.
"I braid my hair so it can stay protected, like how you hold a baby, you make sure a baby's head is protected, always. My hair is my baby, and to protect and nurture it I braid it. I find hairstyles that don't stress it and products to keep it clean and healthy. Since our hair type is so different, of course, we will have different routines rather similar." Bakugo nods, interested more in your routine.
He always has, learning your culture. Learning every meaning, he found it important just as you did. "So to protect your hair, you braid it. But how come it can last for a month or two without any worries? Wouldn't that stress it?" You shake your head, "our textures are much different. And since my texture can grip strong things like weave it can go a whole month. And that's where bonnets come into this conversation. You see how at night or if I'm going somewhere like the store or anything causal I will have my bonnet on? That is constant protection, protecting any outside dirt from hitting my hair and possibly destroying it slowly. Yes, these styles are pretty, but they are made to protect my hair. Stressing my hair? I wouldn't say it would cause stress, course my hair needs breaks from braids sometimes but it helps my hair more than break it. I just have to be careful that's all. The tightness can destroy my hair, so to be loose but not so loose where it falls out of my hair is perfectly fine." He hums, clasping his hands together.
Bakugo takes the time to admire your hair, seeing the care you do for it pays off. You stared up at the man, seeing his eyes filled with curiosity. He was intrigued and you hoped to give any answers that would be helpful.
"My hair is extremely important to me, Katsuki. I hope my progress makes not only me proud but my ancestors. I do my hairstyles with pride in my heart to have a self-reminder of where the originality came from. My hair is my history, and I wish more people saw that." He softly smiles, seeing how important this topic is to you. Kissing your forehead, Bakugo looks at you in the eyes, with deep love.
He may be different from you, but learning the things that made you who you are was a big priority to him. He knew that's what would make him more aware and the connection between you two grow.
"One more question, and I'll let you finish up in peace," You nod, waiting for whatever he has in mind. "Why is your hair important to your ancestors, why is it the originality?" You bite your lip, "When slavery was going on, my ancestors would braid each other's hair, making secret maps. Weaving rice or anything in the scalp for the long way was a need, and they did it to live. They did this out of survival. That's why I say my hair is my history. To remind me of the importance of my hair and how powerful it is. My hair is beautiful, and damn I am so thankful for it." You grin widen while Bakugo smiles too.
"My, you truly are powerful, Y/n." You nod agreeing to his statement. Tapping on his knee, he stands while you refocus on your hair. "Baby, take a big pot out and put water in boil the water. Do not add anything else." He nods, walking to the kitchen while you take the time to admire yourself.
The hummingbirds that sat on the white slab, left flying away happily. A fuchsia flower laid on the slab, healthy and pretty for the next hummingbird to get its gift.
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ratgodbizz · an hour ago
Goodbye, BKDK
"Kacchan!" Deku screams, running to the blondes aid.
They had been fighting another villain and Bakugou, as always, did most of the approach by himself. Normally with a villain this size, Bakugou would consult Deku beforehand.
"Go on Deku, I can handle myself!" Katsuki growls
"This is how it ends." The villian growls, running towards the men.
Deku immediately used himself as a sacrifice just so Katsuki wouldn't get hurt.
"Deku- what the fuck?" Bakugou yells
"Run Kaachan!" Deku screams, fighting the villain with his saved up strength
"Im not- Gah!" Bakugou tried to fight, but got thrown back, causing him to hit another wall.
"Please- I cant see you hurt! After all we went through I want to save you Kaachan! I want you to be number one!" Deku yells. He was slowly loosing strength and it truly was showing. You could hear horrified screams come from civilians as they watched the pro loose.
"Deku- I cant loose you" Bakugou cries. He gets up with all his built up strength. He helps fight but all his attacks were based off his quirk, totally weak without it.
"When im fully irrelevant and totally broke, call me up and tell me a joke" Deku smiled, blood falling from his mouth.
"Oh shit... You're really joking at a time like this?" Bakugou screams. He was fighting as much as he could.
Deku gets completely knocked. Blood was everywhere and he let out a sharp cry of pain when his body made contact with the ground.
"This cant be how it ends!" People were shouting. Police and fellow pros stepped in.
Bakugou rushed to Dekus side, sobbing and not even trying to hide it.
"D-Deku?" Bakugou whispers, hand on his cheek, the other on his pulse.
"So this is how it ends?" Deku whispers. His voice was ragged and broken. Breaths cutting between each word.
"No- I promise its not!" Bakugou cries. He picks up the limp man. Deku hisses in pain as the blonde rushes to support.
"Well, well.. look who rushed to his side again!" The villian chimes. Bakugou screams in frustration as he tries to help the man.
"This can't be how it ends- It cant..!" Bakugou cries.
Part 2??🤷‍♀️
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other-fan00 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A S/O who is cheesy.
Tumblr media
🎳 — Note: There are no warnings. All quiet until the end.
🎳 — Note 02: Join! It's free!
🎳 — Request: Can you do Katsuki and Izuku with someone who is very very romantic/cheesy
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya
Oh, every time you do something cute for him, he gets very very very happy.
He cries with joy and it is very likely that he will return the favor.
You make him feel so loved that he feels like you're the person he wants to be with all his life.
He wants to be as cheesy as you are, but he's not because he gets nervous easily and thinks he'll do something wrong.
So when he wants to do something cute for you he goes with his mother to ask for advice, he even goes to AllMight.
After a while, he searches the Internet.
In the end he gives up... He goes with you and starts telling you plans he had but didn't make because of his insecurities.
But he also begins to tell you everything he loves you, that you are the best thing in his life and that he will be a hero for you, that you are his eternal love.
Katsuki Bakugo
Romantic war? Of course with this guy.
Not explicitly. He is very cheesy and even needy at times, but only in private.
He searches the Internet for most information about dates and gifts.
He doesn't mind spending money or even stopping training if it's to show you he loves you.
He won't say it that way. But he sees this situation as a competition he will always win.
Sometimes he forces the Bakusquad to do everything possible for a very cheesy and romantic date.
Mina does most things, but Katsuki is the mind behind the ideas.
He loves to see your details, but he won't say it.
He will prove it daily, without fail. He is not good at words, but his actions are to show how grateful he is to you.
Maybe the most he says is that he loves you and is grateful that you support him. (he says it when you're distracted)
Tumblr media
© 2021 other-fan | all rights reserved and please do not repost, modify or claim as your own.
Tumblr media
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justmylif-01 · an hour ago
Bakugou x female reader (wrong house) part two
 With a groan of pain I got up looking for the other girl going to let her go since she was so scared. but when I found her she was stashing my jewelry and Katsuki’s extra weapons into her duffel bag. Oh that little two faced bitch leaning on my door frame “Oh you're a sneaky one?” The girl jumped and turned around, annoyance was on her face before she changed it to a sad one “oh my you saved me from that horrible man he is forcing me to steal a-.”  “oh please cut the shit” I deadpan she dropped the act rolling her eyes and wiped away the tears.
“Well shit you caught on, well I ain't too grateful for you probably killing my boyfriend.”  She dug into her duffel and pulled out a gun pointing it directly I tried jumping backwards but she let a shot ring and it hit me in thigh, grunting out it pain as I fell to the floor trying to make the blood stop “oh girly don't worry about that you'll be dead soon enough so let's get this over with.” closing my eyes knowing there was no way out of this one unless katsuki magically ap- “you even think about shooting at my woman again I will make sure you have one hell of a painful death, tearing you from limb to limb, so I advice you to drop the fucking gun before I lose my fucking patience and blow your arm off!” snapping my eyes open the girl looked over at him eyes full of fear as she saw the number one hero standing at the door he moved in front of me as he charged at her taking her down in an instant. I laid down feeling the adrenaline wear off on me and all the pain hit me at full force, crying out in pain.  “Fuckin hell it hurts.” I heard heavy footsteps and saw a blonde angel standing in front of me “shit baby hold on.” he bent down ripping my shirt wrapping it around the bullet hole. “Shit shit baby what else hurts?” I pointed to the back of my head.
“Alright hold on honey.” He picked me up and started running. “S-suki? JJ-Just wantedd to let you-u  know I fuckin love you with all my h-heart, you-u are-r the best thing that-t happen-n to me!” “stop talking like you are gonna die!” reaching up I touched his strong jaw “ you’re-e as h-hot as ever! I am-m so -o lucky!” giggling I let my hand fall to my chest.
“If you even think about dying, imma revive you and kill you, I can-n’t live without you you shitty woman, I fuckin love you more than any hero position I love you more the life itself.” smiling I let my eyes fall closed faintly hearing katsuki yelling for kirishima to help him. Before my world officially went black...please don’t let this be the end please 
Images of Katsuki walking through the door in his hero costume, two little kids running up to his legs yelling daddy's home! My legs moved on their own greeting the hero home with a kiss on the lips as the baby on my hip reached for him along with the twins in my belly they kicked and kicked somehow sensing their fathers presences, wince I leaned against my husband whos hand immediately went to my waist  massaging my back as he smiled down at his kids. Then got down on one knee, lips pressed against my large belly “you two calm down you are hurting your mama.” he scolded my belly which made me laugh. “Suki they can’t even see you scolding them.” he looked up at me before getting up kissing my lips “they stopped kicking you though didn’t they?” smiling, I gripped his hand that was previously wrapped around my waist. “How did I end up with the most perfect man of all times?”  “I don’t know but fate loves me cause it gave me you.” he kissed my lips. 
The image faded as I heard a loud beeping. It seemed to be right next to my ear reaching my hand out to turn whatever it was off. I bump into a warm hand gripping it. I turn over slight pain in my leg, eyes still closed “suki can you please shut off that shitty noise please? It’s giving me a headache.” I heard rustling and the noise was silenced “firecracker? Please open your eyes please.” his voice sounded tired and worried  “suki we should start a family after we get married imagine a bunch of little demons running around.'' Cracking my eyes open I looked up at him. His face was tired but his cheeks were pink like ashidos hair or maybe close to kirishima's hair? “Suki?” my voice cracked as I looked around the room and everything came back to me. He looked up to the ceiling, tears in the brim of his eyes “I thought I lost you, you shitty woman I thought I was left on this earth by myself.” Tugging his shirt backwards he looked down at me patting a spot next to me, standing he lifted me up and laid down his strong arm wrapped around my waist, I placed my arm on his chest my head on his shoulder curling up next to his warm body, sighing out and looked up “can’t get rid of me that easily.” giving a small smile he kissed my forehead “so about this family you want to have how many kids do you want?” smiling I went on explaining the dream his chest moved in a rhythm which luring me to sleep “that sounds fucking perfect.” he deep voice vibrated his chest as he gave me a kiss before we both fell asleep. 
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justmylif-01 · an hour ago
Bakugou x female reader (wrong house) part one
There was a bang in the guest bedroom which woke me up from my position on the couch. It was very unusual for me to be sleeping in the living room but I wanted to wait for Katsuki when he got home since I haven't seen him since he went to America for a small mission.
“This is a bad idea Dexs!” a small female voice squeaks out “Trixs just shut up and start grabbing stuff you owe me!” a rough male voice quietly barked out, quickly but quietly walked to the kitchen looking around for something to defend myself with not wanting to run upstairs and be that stupid girl with no where to run in those horror movies katsuki loves to watch he wont admit it but its cause every jump scare I hold onto his whole arm placing my head in his neck gosh I miss him! Wait, focus there are intruders in the house, focus….but I miss him man he would take care of these intruders like no other… wait. FOCUS!!! Scolding myself before starting to look around the kitchen pissed off since I finally did the dishes after a week and had no utensils which included all knifes, they all sat in the dishwasher and if I were to open it, it would ring alerting the people in the household. FUCK! 
“HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”  turning around I saw an average height male surly a midget compared to katsuki but still taller than me. A small shaking female came around the corner eyes wide as she started tearing up “oh my we are dead I thought you said no one was home Dexs! We are gonna die. I'm still a virgin and I am gonna dieeeee!” the girl started balling water falling down her cheeks at an alarming rate “Trixs what do you mean? It’s just a small fragile girl!” my blood starts boiling “EXCUSE YOU MISTER I MAY BE QUIRKLESS BUT I AM NOT AT ALL FRAGILE, I HAPPEN TO LEARN FROM THE BEST OF THE BEST!” I gripped a pair of scissors taking the screw off to make two great value daggers. “You fucked with the wrong house!” I muttered under my breath watching the girl duck in a corner before I swung my ‘dagger’ out at him, slicing his cheek bringing my other ‘dagger’ in an up motion aiming for the center of his abdomen to which he jumped back the dagger only skimmed him. Annoyance shot through my system.  A light from his hand lit the room and he made two daggers appear while trying to dodge all my swings. He flicked his wrist and the dagger went flying towards my face to which I tried ducking but it still sliced my forehead. Oh he’s so dead I lifted my hand to wipe the blood from my forehead the deep red liquid dripped down my fingers, snapping my head up, the man went white again as I ran towards him using the kitchen chair to jump up in the air arm raised with the dagger letting the dagger slip from my fingers at the same time the man tossed another dagger at me his aim off since he was running backward into the living room. The dagger sliced my shirt, slicing open the skin making it bleed. My dagger got him in the side and I landed in front of him, with no weapons. He let out a scream of pain, still on his feet though. Running I used the wall and wrapped my legs around his neck swinging backwards trying to toss the man off balance but he was stronger than I thought he leaned forward trying to toss me off but instead I gripped his hair and pulled back to which he bit my thigh. “Oh you little fu-” my sentence was cut off as he walked back into a wall making me hit my head against a picture. “Oh you're so gonna pay for that.” squeezing my legs tighter around his neck letting one of my feet kick forward before slamming back in the man abdomen hitting the dagger driving it deeper in him, he screamed out spinning around trying to get me off faster, lifting my elbow slamming it repeatedly on top of his head till he fell down to which I fell with him landing on the picture fame....
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hotwings0203 · 2 hours ago
What - what if reader manages to escape from fighter! Bakugou for a little bit and gets him arrested and has the place shut down but he manages to escape from jail and goes back to her 🥴
What-what if that’s a really good idea😳
You have an epiphany one day when Bakugo has another attempt to bring some life into you. He’s holding your hand in his in a grip a little-too harsh to be deemed anything but comforting when you both are walking down the street to your old favorite coffee place.
You see two friends laughing in fits, doubling over themselves at something on their phones.
Bakugo doesn’t let you have a phone.
You smell popcorn and spices in different buildings.
You forgot what anything apart from blood and sex smells like.
He looks down at you, and he swears he sees something glimmer in your eyes before retreating back into the confines of your addled mind.
Three weeks later, the cops are in the basement, and Bakugo as well as 6 other men are in cuffs.
It’s nice to have a full month getting back to your old self, your old apartment, your old friends and your old job, who take you back graciously after hearing what happened to you.
Your body is given a rest that it sorely needed after being used as a ragdoll day in and day out. Furniture is bought, dishes are made that you never had a chance to try out when you were bed-ridden in Bakugo’s room for what seems like eternity.
That feeling of being real is slowly coming back, and you’re slowly starting to feel like yourself again.
Until one day you don’t.
The t.v is on and blaring, red and blue flashes of lights stream across the screen. The reporter opens his mouth to announce that 4 ex-fighters have broken out of jail and are on the loose-civilians are being told to stay at home and avoid opening doors to anyone in this vicinity.
His picture appears, a scowling mugshot that makes the bottle in your hand clatter on the floor while your hand is frozen in midair, eyes wide open and peeled back to take in the man that meant your old life of tragedy.
It feels like your body has a mind of its own as you scuffle slowly into your room, your ears barely registering the bits of information the newscaster continues to harp on about.
“Bits of skull found in cells”
“Guards had teeth broken into”
“Warden’s arms were bent at unnatural angles”
“So much blood that they couldn’t decipher who’s DNA belonged to who.”
You move like a zombie and close your door behind you, knowing that the lock that clicks into place might as well not even be there, because he’s coming and you know he’s gonna find you again because he always finds you-
This mantra is repeated again and again until it’s drilled into your frazzled mind, until your heart rests at a steady pace when your doorknob jiggles at 2 in the morning.
He’s here. But you’re not surprised. You knew this was coming, you knew you couldn’t live in peace for so long.
And when he barges in with 3 other men as hulking as him into your room, you’re so outwardly calm and unflinching that he wonders for a moment if you even changed after you left him.
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daisy-bakugo · 2 hours ago
slightly toxic, but a overly protective older brother bakugou, who makes it point that his little sister is made for him and him only, *nsfw*
(hi so, I don’t write hard incest but my filthy ass is not above stepcest soooo yeah, i just tweaked it so I could still write it hope you still enjoy!)
warnings: smut, stepcest, dubcon, spitting, guided masturbation mention, degradation, male masturbation, toys, and slight creepy bakugo
Tumblr media
Katsuki hates when you bring home these loser extras from the club when you go out. You often “snuck” boys into the house while your parents snored the night away, Katsuki’s usually wide awake around this time just to ensure you got in safely. His face turns beet red in agitation when he hears giddy giggles and “shh! my mom ‘n dad’s sleeping!” while you and yet another jerk-off tip toe to your bedroom.
He pressed his ear to the wall to listen to you; his annoying little step sister trying to muffle your sweet mewls as your bed softly squeaks from the force of you getting railed, responding to an angry throb from his cock with a groan while he listened to you; thinking he could do so much better than the asshat humping his stepsister right now.
But he doesn’t hear you cum in the end, no high pitched squeals he often heard when you play alone at night. Just the disgusting dickhead groaning and cussing under his breath as he emptied his balls, Katsuki praying to himself hoping that you at least used protection.
He hears him leave after a short while, his ears perking when he hears the low buzz of your favorite toy; presumably to handle unfinished business. Katsuki listens in further to hear you scream, groaning as he listened to the hushed moans of you creaming all over that bright orange vibrator you bought while he palms his cock unabashedly. 
At his own free will, he stands from his position on the bed and walks across the hall to your room, pulling up his shorts before just letting himself in. 
The scene that played out in front of him only made his cock angrier, watching you gasp and quickly cover yourself up like an adulterer caught in the act. 
“K-Katsu! What are you doing in here!?” You whisper, your eyes still crossing as orange vibrator still buzzed and pulsed inside you. Katsuki yanked the blanket that covered your most intimate parts, a wide grin spreading across his face as his hands spread your legs.
“What? You’ve got no problem spreading yourself for random fuckin’ losers. Why not me too?” your mouth gasping when you hear him utter such disrespectful words. Even more so feeling them go straight to your cunt when he instructs you to keep fucking yourself in front of him while he holds your legs apart, wincing when he leans in real close to your face,
“My sweet baby sis, who knew you’d turn out to be such a filthy fuckin’ slut.” He spat, rolling your nipples between his fingers, either to stimulate you or hurt you as you yelp and whine. 
“N-Nii-san n-no this is- I can’t-“
“Shh.. Be good for once and show me how you finish yourself off, yeah?” He taps your jaw with two fingers, spiting down onto your tongue when you finally catch the hint and open your mouth.
“You wish someone else could make you cum like this don’cha? Tired of doin’ all the work yerself?” He asks when he catches your eyes flooding with overwhelmed tears, pulling your shaky hand away from the toy to pull it out himself.
“Let me show you how a real man should fuck little whores like you.”
Tumblr media
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mochisimps · 2 hours ago
Couple Tattoo | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Summary: You convince Bakugou to get a matching tattoo
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 579
a/n: This is my very first post on Tumblr! I hope you enjoy!!
(Not my picture - found it on google)
Tumblr media
Katsuki and you were standing in front of the tattoo parlor. You had a giant grin plastered on your face. Your boyfriend looked annoyed like he was being forced to be here.
“Suki! Come on, cheer up. Please…” You pleaded as you guys entered the shop.
He sighed, “Fine, I’m doing this for you.”
He wasn’t annoyed that he was getting a couples tattoo with you. He’s annoyed because he caught several guys ogling at you. Which he sent death stares in their direction causing the guys to mind their business. Katsuki was quite open to the idea. Rocking a tattoo with his s/o, of course he agreed after letting you beg him for an hour.
Katsuki and you were set up in different stations next to each other but the same artist was going to create your tattoos. You volunteered to be first.
You turned your head to Katsuki, carefully not moving your wrist or arm.
“Suki, it tickles.” You giggled trying not to move.
He just smiled lightly in response, hearing your giggles really brightens his day. He eventually forgets about the couple of dudes staring at you earlier due to your adorable fits of laughter. Not too long after you sat in the chair next to Katsuki with a little patch of plastic over your little tattoo. The artist was now working on Katsuki’s wrist.
You admired Katsuki being all calm. It’s not like you didn’t like it when Katsuki was loud and threatening. It was amusing to you when he was. But when he’s calm, it’s just a different feeling.
“Idiot, what are you thinking about?” Katsuki brought you back into reality.
“Nothing. I like it when you’re all calm.” You smiled.
His face immediately flushed a rosey pink hue.
“Awe~ Suki!” You gushed at his face changing colors.
“S-shut up. Stop it..” He looked away.
“Alright, alright, I know you love me.” You laughed at his actions.
About 30-40 minutes later Katsuki’s wrist was wrapped like yours. Both of you paid for the tattoos and exited the shop.
“Suki~” You called out.
He hummed looking in your direction.
“You’re the yin to my yang~” You said in a sing-song voice.
“Tch. Hell yeah you are.” He pulled you closer to his chest.
Snaking his arms around your waist, he rested his forehead against yours.
“(Y/N), I love you. Happy third anniversary.” Katsuki sweetly said.
“Who are you and what have you done to my boom boom boy.” You jokingly pulled away from Katsuki’s hold.
“Idiot, stop and listen.” He sighed.
“I mean it, I love you so much. When you proposed the idea of the tattoo I was kinda excited. I know you love me, but to the extent that you want to get a matching tattoo. You made me realize you love me more than anything. Idiot, I’m trying to say, don’t you ever fucking leave me. Or think about leaving me.”
“Suki, really? You nuzzled your head in his chest.
“To be honest Suki. I love you a lot. You may be stubborn and harsh. But you do show you love and care for me. You always look out for me. Even if you think I don’t notice it, I do. Like earlier today, I know there were several guys staring at me, and knowing you, I know you would glare at them. Thank you babe.” You gave him a quick peck on the cheek.
“Happy anniversary.” You smiled.
“Happy anniversary idiot.” Katsuki laughed.
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darkladynoir · 2 hours ago
MHA Manga Readers I need your help!
Does anybody know where I could read the official english translations of the MHA manga? I wanna read the series from the beginning bcause I’m starting an analysis on one topic of the series and to support my arguments I need solid translations, not fan-made ones that I could find online... Has anyone got a website or so? (and if it’s free-... well, that’s what I’m actually asking for) 
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ultrafangirlishness · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Inverted!au where everyone's hair and eyes are the inverted colors
Cool or cursed? Idk, you tell me. Hopefully more edits on the way!
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hotwings0203 · 3 hours ago
I love your fight club bakugou so much😭 but I’m wondering, how does he deal with the aftermath of everything he’s done? Now that y/n is just a blank shell who doesn’t seem phased anymore, does he attempt to do anything nice for her in his own way? If he can’t stand to look at her, why does he keep her around? What does he do now that she only has grey in her eyes? Idk if I’m just reaching for some comfort, but bakugou hurt us so much in this series that I just wanna seem him grovel or at least suffer the consequences of his actions🥲 thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful concept of yandere bakugou with us, I legit go back to reread it all the time!♥️
Oh my sweet anon, idk if this will bring you comfort but yes, he does grovel in his own red ways<\3 I’m so glad you liked the series tho!!
He might try to sit you down for a movie one night, when it’s quiet and peaceful in the absence of his fights. He doesn’t care for the side eye you give him when he arranges all your favorite snacks and candy that you eat in front of you while the movie plays.
He tries to pick chick flicks, or anything he thinks a soft , sensitive girl in comparison to him would like. He forces you to sit back in between his legs as your back rests of his chest, his bulky arms wrapped around your middle.
To others it might looks like a sweet gesture, but in reality he’s actually placing a hand right where your heart is to feel any kind of change in pace. He’s tired and scared of feeling the same low, dull thud of your chest as if your body were running on autopilot.
He’ll always make comments whenever the love interest is suffering, or if there’s a violent scene.
“That’s really fucked up.”
“She deserves better. I hope she can forgive them and they can end up together.”
“No one should have to go through that.”
It’s pitiful, almost borderline cringeworthy how desperate and un-subtle his attempts are of trying to resurface the girl he loved who knew what morality was.
Bakugo wants to feel you alive and feeling in his arms, he wants to experience the way your heart beats faster when the protagonist kisses their love interests with such a passion that he could never muster.
But instead, you continue to steadily breathe in and out. He has to lean forward to glance at your face to check if you’re even awake, if you’re even blinking, if you’re still alive.
Any time he puts on a scary movie or a thriller, he sits you next to him in hopes that when a jumpscare comes on screen, you shriek and bury your face in his shoulder like you used to.
You don’t flinch, or even look away. The snacks remain untouched by you or him.
He keeps you around because he just can’t seem to let you go, in all honesty. You represent a time where he was seen as powerful, when he merely looked in your eyes that represented the masses of men with the same terrified reaction of yours.
And now he’s never felt more small, more unseen before.
Because if he lets you go, he’s letting go of all the memories too.
He used to force you to dress up in frilly pink clothes to accentuate your femininity. Now he has to beg you to wear whatever you want, buy whatever you need or just fucking yell at me for Christ’s sake, tell me what I need to do to bring you back to life again.
He’ll never accept that you’re gone beyond his tunnel vision.
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macademics · 3 hours ago
*laughs when Bakugo's wolf starts acting up* You are such a sassy little thing. *smiles at the others* No problem, I'm really glad you like them! *nods* Okay, I'll just wait here. *looks at Kirishima* I'm guessing that they are going to try to give him some dating advice? *licks my ice cream*
*smiles when Bakugo comes back and blushes* A reward? Well, I can't really think of anywhere to... OH! Oh! I take that back, I know exactly where we can go! You guys are going to love it! I hope everyone likes hiking because this is going to be a bit of a trip. *whispers back* You got it Katsu-chan. I can probably tell them stories that don't make sense too just to confuse them.
*stands up* We can go now, it's not far at all. *leads them to a wooden door on a vacant building and knocks on it after making my hand glow blue* Now I turn the knob and we walk in. *opens the door to reveal a white void filled with other doors of various colors, shapes, and sizes floating around* I found a quirk that lets me create doors to places around the world or even to a completely new world that I created using another quirk. There's one that I recently created but haven't gotten the chance to explore much of. I figured we could go on a hike to check it out. *closes the door we came through once everyone is inside* Nobody will be able to follow us in here without my permission so we don't have to worry about "uninvited guests" or anything like that. It's now just a regular door for everyone else. *opens a bright green wooden door to reveal a crystal tunnel and closes it once everyone is out*
Tumblr media
*grabs Bakugo's hand and walks down the tunnel eating my ice cream* This world is basically randomly generated but I did make sure to pick certain things to serve as a baseline for it to grow out from. Any living creatures we meet can't hurt us, death and injury are things you don't have to worry about, the people that live here are stone golems that don't have much sentience so they are kinda like NPCs, and the most important thing... *gestures to the created world once we get outside the cave* This place is largely unexplored by me so everywhere past the cave is unknown territory. *ducks to avoid being knocked over by a reptilian tail as something flies past in a blur* Also there's dragons and other creatures that don't exist in our world.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bakusquad: *in awe and excited* "DRAGONS!!!"
Sero Hanta: "Please tell me that we can ride one!!"
Eijiro Kirishima: "Yeah!! That would be super awesome!!!"
Denki+Mina: *chanting* "DRA-GON RIDE!! DRA-GON RIDE!!!"
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou: *confused* "How... the fuck..." *looking at the world before him* "Though... a dragon ride doesn't sound too bad..." *looks at you* "Do you... have a domesticated one or something?!"
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guiltypleasuredecchan · 4 hours ago
Hello friends, foes and all of my favourite hoes!!!*
Does anyone know of any bkdk fics where bakugou misunderstands things and thinks that todoroki and deku are dating? With, like, a lot of shenanigans?? Please help a newly vaccinated feverish girl :'(
*the term hoes is used with the utmost respect for both my fellow tumblr people as well as sex workers, whose job is of extreme importance
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