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guresha712 minutes ago
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饾櫚饾櫤饾櫚饾殙饾櫚 饾櫧饾櫚饾櫨饾殘饾櫚饾殏饾殑 饾櫢饾櫜饾櫨饾櫧饾殏
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rainy-day-vibe17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Yoriichi was walking back from his mission through the town near his house. His hair was messy and he had bruises on his arms and legs, the demon was pretty powerful but he managed to kill it. As _____ was shopping for some groceries she noticed him limping his way to their house.
As she walked over to him he noticed her out of the corner of his eye.
"Yoriichi are you alright?"
"Yes, I am fine love."
"Are you sure? You seem hurt..."
She swiftly picked him up bridal style, this surprised Yoriichi a bit. He had forgotten how strong his lover was and that she was a demon slayer.
"I'll carry you home! You didn't seem okay and I don't want you to strain your body even more."
"Thanks honey"
"Of course! I don't mind"
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inb4belphienaps43 minutes ago
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dabi-dah-bee43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Demon Slayer- Tanjiro kamado
Demon Lord- Muzan Kibutsuji
Anime- Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer)
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kumori-suwan58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Fighting their ex at a club after she makes a scene
Warnings: aged up characters, mentions of alcohol, cursing and bad language, and some slight nsfw head cannons
Tanjiro Kamado
Tumblr media
-This boy is to kind for his own damn good, she walked over him and used him and his dumb little heart played it off as how lovers should be until you swept him off his feet and made him cheat on her.
-You made him whole, you gave him the love and attention he deserved and in return he was loyal and loving to you and treated you like his queen.
-So when you find her shouting at him and pushing him back into a wall in the club you had both decided to come to for date night you鈥檙e pissed.
-It鈥檚 obvious he鈥檚 trying to stay polite and respectful to her but he鈥檚 getting ready to snap until he鈥檚 frozen solid in shock from the daiquiri that was just poured over her head.
-You have a smug grin on your face and fake an apologetic voice, 鈥淥h I鈥檓 sorry I mistook you for the trash can.鈥
-鈥淵ou little bitch.鈥
-You hit the empty plastic container on her head making a funny 鈥渂onk鈥 sound echo through it, 鈥淏y the way the fishing pier called they need their nets back.鈥, you tease commenting on her poor outfit.
-Tanjiro鈥檚 falling in love with you all over again but practically has a heart attack when he sees his ex鈥檚 fist connect with your cheek.
-You鈥檙e barely dazed by her weak punch and catch yourself, 鈥淎 kindergartner could punch harder then that you bitch.鈥, and like that you鈥檙e both on the floor throwing punches and slaps like wild animals on the floor.
-She鈥檚 screaming like a fearful monkey and you鈥檙e just laughing as you鈥檙e yanked off of her by security, you鈥檙e only injuries are a few scratches from her stupid nails and the punch from earlier but honestly you could care less after you鈥檙e kicked out of the club.
-鈥(Y/n)!鈥, your anger disappears the moment you met his soft dark red eyes but your tackled to the ground as he presses a deep passionate kiss into your lips.
-鈥淢y beautiful little hero.鈥, he hums kissing you over and over until you both decide to leave and go home and cuddle. Tanjiro is absolutely head over heels with you.
Inosuke Hashibira
Tumblr media
-You are the calm to his storm, just one look at you and he鈥檚 either swooning for you or so relaxed and chill.
-This feral man was having so much fun just dancing and holding you until his ex shows up. She pushes you out of his arms and onto the floor and gets in his face arguing with him about breaking up with her for you.
-He鈥檚 immediately shouting back at her for even being in the same room as you both and you get to see first hand what he meant about being unhappy and angry when he was with her.
-You鈥檙e already kinda drunk from the shots you had downed earlier so your entire being changes. Inosuke watches in pure amazement as you yank his ex down by her hair and start swinging at her.
-You don鈥檛 let go of her hair as she screams and punches at you and your punches and slaps are connecting more then hers.
-It takes Inosuke a moment to register that his once calm and peaceful lovely woman is now whooping someone鈥檚 ass and he鈥檚 fucking laughing. You were always so calm and sweet so seeing this sudden rage and violence from you is a nice treat. He鈥檚 able to pull you off of her but you rip out her hair as you鈥檙e pulled away.
-鈥淵ou really just fought someone, holy shit! Are you crazy?鈥, he cackles carrying you out over his shoulder.
-鈥淚nosuke shut the fuck up, be lucky I didn鈥檛 fuck her up more. I should kick your ass to for letting her push me-mmn~鈥
-Kisses you straight on the lips with a grip so tight on your thighs you鈥檙e sure there鈥檚 a bruise, 鈥淟et鈥檚 go home right now and I鈥檓 gonna fuck every last drop of anger out of you.鈥
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Tumblr media
-Aight first lets start off with the fact that our boy doesn鈥檛 have good self esteem and is pretty much an idiot who will fall in love with the first woman that dares to give him attention.
-Due to this he ends up in a very abusive and toxic relationship until he鈥檚 tossed aside for someone better, he meets you at a local cafe after his break up where you serve him his coffee with little foam hearts and a shiba dog drawing on it and he鈥檚 crying more because you鈥檙e so cute and he needed this soft gift for his broken heart.
-Now bring it back to the presence and he鈥檚 being tag teamed by his ex and her friends and getting bullied until tears are welling up in the corners of his eyes.
-鈥淲hat a crybaby!鈥 鈥淲hat a useless guy just croak and die already.鈥 鈥淲hat did I ever see in you?鈥
-He鈥檚 breaking from their cruel words one of them suddenly falls to the ground after having a chair throw at her. The other gets thrown into the crowd of dancers making people scream as the fight ensues.
-鈥淵ou can鈥檛 see shit with those fake eyelashes covering your whole face, but that鈥檚 cool I benefited from your loss in the long run.鈥, you growl grabbing her by her hair to keep her in place as you kneed her in the stomach.
-Zenitsu is both scared and turned on by your sudden aggressiveness and he鈥檚 just praying you don鈥檛 notice the huge boner you鈥檝e given him.
-His ex is clutching her stomach and glaring up at you from her spot on the ground and you decide to prove your point to her. You grab Zenitsu by the back of the head and pull him into a deep wet kiss while flipping her off with your free hand, he鈥檚 blushing bright red and moaning loud from your sudden dominance but he could care less who sees.
-鈥淶en let鈥檚 go home. I鈥檓 gonna give you another confidence booster.鈥, you purr making him smile like an idiot.
-He鈥檚 well aware what you mean but as he drives home with your hand on his thigh he can鈥檛 help but think, 鈥淒amn I鈥檓 totally marrying her.鈥
Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
-He鈥檚 the one that breaks up with her! This sweet fucking gentleman just couldn鈥檛 deal with his sugar baby ex just using him for money anymore so he cuts his ties with her.
-Isn鈥檛 to surprised to see her yelling at you while at the club, your dawning his crisp blue blazer over your sweet exposed skin and his ex is absolutely targeting your body to make you feel insecure.
-He鈥檚 rushing back to your side as fast as he can but to his surprise the sound of the hardest slap he鈥檇 ever heard echos throughout club making even the dj stop the music.
-His ex鈥檚 cheek swells up immediately after impact, its red and swollen and she鈥檚 already crying but she tries to hammer the nail again and tackles you over the bar counter as onlookers begin to crowd around to watch the brawl.
-鈥(Y/n)! Are you alright?鈥, Kyojuro鈥檚 worried sick until he sees your small frame standing up with her arm in a hold ready to break it, your foot pinning her neck down and the other on her back to keep her from moving.
-鈥淥h hi honey. Sorry I might have gotten your blazer stained.鈥, you sigh peaceful buzzed despite just getting tackled by a 130 pound bitch.
-Kyojuro tries not to smile as he offers you a hand over the counter but the loud sirens of police cars makes you both freeze. The flame haired gentleman panics that you鈥檙e about to go to jail but sighs with relief when he sees that Sanemi is the officer to show up.
-鈥淒omestic violence and disturbing the peace. You鈥檒l be spending the next week in jail you dumbass!鈥, he cackles at the stupid woman that dared to fight you and looks over to see you nodding off against Kyojuro.
-鈥淕ot yourself a feisty one don鈥檛 you?鈥
-鈥淵up a beautifully feisty Angel.鈥, he chuckles carrying you home and tucking you in for the night.
Giyuu Tomioka
Tumblr media
-Honestly it was just a simple date with your quiet lover, while sharing some sake together in a booth he reserved just for the two of you, a group of women showed up and his scowl obviously proved that he wasn鈥檛 in the mood for them.
-鈥淲hat do you want?鈥, he growls wrapping a protective arm around you.
-It鈥檚 new to you seeing him protective but it becomes pretty obvious why when the main woman slaps him across the face and begins to argue with him. Unbeknownst to him this isn鈥檛 your first bar fight, in seconds you text your friends that are there partying with you to come help while you stand up for yourself.
-鈥淎nd who the hell are you slut?鈥, she growls at you puffing her stupidly huge breast out at you.
-鈥淭he better one.鈥, you reply calmly letting her grab you by collar and throwing you towards her friends. They each take an arm and hold you tight and you just stare at her unamused as she clenches her fist.
-鈥淏et you think you鈥檙e so cute just because he choose you after I left his sorry ass. I鈥檒l show you-鈥
-鈥淚鈥檓 gonna fuck you up!鈥, someone screams tackling the girl to the floor as you get one of your arms free and punch a girl in the nose. Your friend Mitsuri shows up to kick the other girl in the stomach and momentarily fangirls seeing you on a date with Tomioka.
-鈥淵ou two make a great couple.鈥, she hums throwing another girl into a nearby table while your friend Erika continues to beat Giyuu鈥檚 ex.
-You all get kicked out by security but Giyuu is smiling like a dork after seeing you fight someone. He鈥檚 so proud and in love that he doesn鈥檛 know how to express it, he notices a feint scratch on your cheek and kisses it making you blush at him.
-鈥淕-Giyuu what was that for?鈥
-鈥淪orry I may be a little drunk so I鈥檝e gotten confident enough to kiss you, can I do it again?鈥, he鈥檒l hum pulling you in by your hips.
-You giggle and kiss him back as Mitsuri and Erika toss the tied up gang of girls into a trash can.
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Tumblr media
-It鈥檚 his day off, he had another one the next day so he decided to take you out clubbing and drinking. Giyuu agreed to be the designated driver so you both went a little crazy until you were plastered and radiating nothing but carnal need.
-You had already bumped into his ex once during a drunken dance, you had pushed her down and honestly didn鈥檛 care since you were already seeing dizzy anyways and just giggled.
-She鈥檚 hunting you down the rest of the night finding you in the women鈥檚 bathroom with Sanemi rearranging your guts on the sink countertop.
-鈥淥h so you leave me high and dry and replace me with a slut that has two left pig hooves for feet?!鈥, she screams knocking you both out of your drunken mood.
-She hates that you鈥檙e whiny and begging for Sanemi鈥檚 attention as he鈥檚 fixing himself back into his pants to actually fight with her but your drunken brat self decides to do it for him and you throw a high heel at her almost poking out her eye.
-鈥淐an鈥檛 you see we鈥檙e busy here stupid bitch get out!鈥, you growl taking off your other shoe so you can walk evenly.
-That鈥檚 when all hell goes down, you鈥檙e both fighting each other out of the bathroom and fall into the crowd making people move and scream as you both continue to roll around on the ground kicking, punching, biting, and god knows what else to each other.
-She socks you in the nose and draws blood and you repay her by knocking out a few teeth and ripping out her ugly extensions.
-Sanemi just lets it play out for a while until your dress gets ripped open and guys start staring at your lavender bra that only he was allowed to see. He throws his bratty little Princess over his shoulder slapping your thigh hard since you dare to move. As the girl struggles to get back to her feet she sees your angry little face and both of your middle fingers until Sanemi gets you out the door.
-You both pass out in the back seat of Giyuu鈥檚 car and he has to carry you both in one at a time in order to go home. You are sore, bruised, and angry the next morning but Sanemi is still busy dealing with the fact that you fought his ex with no underwear on in a short cocktail dress at a club.
-鈥淢y badass baby.鈥, he hums bringing you your morning coffee to help lift you mood.
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blue-bird-kny2 hours ago
Tumblr media
This took way to many days to write for absolutely no reason, but I liked it in the end so please, enjoy~Amanda
Warnings: N/a
Words: 2.4k+
鈫硔Fluffy first baths together are nothing short of what you鈥檇 expect with Inosuke}
The gentle pitter-patter of water droplets drizzling down bamboo shoots and swaying green leaves filled the otherwise quiet space. The welcoming scent of dew and greenery danced through the night air as you overlooked the outdoor bathing area, 鈥渁bsolutely perfect鈥 you thought as your muscles cried in despair. You, along with your team of idiots and sweet Nezuko, had walked miles in search of a home bearing the Wisteria crest, everyone in desperate need of some rest, repair, and (hopefully) lots of delicious food. 鈥淐ome in, young child, as weary as you may be, your body needs food to begin the healing process鈥 a grainy voice beckoned. An elderly woman, just barely 5 feet wrapped in purple with shimmering silver hair, waited patiently beside the open door, 鈥淚 think my husband was too excited to greet you all because he got carried away and made far too much food鈥 she continued. 鈥淥h don鈥檛 worry, my boys are very capable of eating you out of house and home, especially my boyfriend鈥 you giggled while climbing the wooden steps to meet her.
You walked side by side to the dining room, the smell of beef stew and rice already reaching you, 鈥淭hanks again, to you and your husband, we鈥檝e spent weeks running around and I know we desperately needed the break鈥 she chuckled, 鈥淣o need child, my husband misses the thrill of battle even in his old age, so we are thrilled to have you.鈥 your eyes widened slightly but before you could ask the shorter woman of her husband's past, a loud crash could be heard behind the thin sliding door. Behind its papery protection was a scene that couldn鈥檛 be anymore hilarious; wrestling on the floor was an older man, thick and burley with round rims sliding down the bump of his nose, hovering over a wailing Zenitsu whose body was being forced into a backbend with his head held tightly in a choke-hold by the man鈥檚 hairy arms. Tanjiro stood beside the duo desperately trying to pull his friend out from under the other, trying to talk over the hefty laughter and screaming, while Inosuke stood cheering the man on as if this were some sort of cage fight.
You could feel the twitch in your eye act up, ready to pull them apart but before you could open your mouth the elderly woman cleared her throat, causing the wild bunch to freeze. Her husband's eyes slowly fell on hers as fear overcame them and as for the other three, they couldn鈥檛 help but shiver at the dead set look on yours. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on here?鈥 the women commanded, her steel set tone sending the group scrambling into seated positions as she prowled into the room- you followed slowly behind her. Tanjiro croaked first, 鈥淲-well Mr.Shimura was telling us about his days in the force and he just wanted to show us some of his, uh, moves'' Tanjiro's voice wavered a bit at the end, not sure if 鈥榤oves鈥 was the right way to describe assault. 鈥淵/n! Please don鈥檛 let this man torture me anymore, he鈥檚 crazy!鈥 the blonde rushed to your side with teary eyes and a tight grip on your arm. The women pulled her large husband up by his ear, 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, you children enjoy your food, my husband,鈥 she tugged on the lobe for emphasis, 鈥渁nd I will be off to bed鈥 she turned to you, 鈥淚 assume you鈥檒l be able to find the bathing area and your room?鈥 鈥淥f course鈥 you assured. The moment the couple became shadows behind the door, you could hear the wife鈥檚 grumbling- you couldn鈥檛 help but chuckle.聽
Unsettled by the silence, you turned to find all eyes on you, waiting for a reprimand you had no intention of delivering, 鈥淥h ease up, eat before the food gets cold'' a collective sigh could be heard around the table, your hand gentle releasing the part of Zenitsu that was still clinging your clothes. The spot open next to Inosuke was as inviting as the mouth-watering scent of a hot meal that had been calling your name since further down the hallways. Your fingers faintly fell on the tuft of your boyfriend's hair, ruffling them a bit, before diving into your own bowl of rice and soup. While Inosuke felt your small act of affection and craved it a bit more, he only offered a messy smile as he shoveled spoonfuls into his mouth.聽
Ceramic dishes once filled with hand-cooked deliciousness were now cleaned empty, stacked into small towers all across the wooden table in some sort of toppling city. The room was almost empty too, Zenitsu and Tanjiro both eager to wash the wear away and to finally allow themselves to be consumed by uninterrupted dreams, had already taken off for the night. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to die,鈥 the bloated heap on the floor cried, his duo-toned hair sprawled out around him and his robe strewn on the ground. You laughed, 鈥淣o, Inosuke, you aren鈥檛 going to die鈥 you laid on the carpet beside him, propped up by one elbow. As the man heaved and sighed as if he were going into labor, your nose caught a whiff of something salty and musty and earthy and gross, 鈥淚 swear if you don鈥檛 go shower right now, my eyes are going to melt from my skull鈥 you complained nasally as you pinched your nostrils shut; You were met with only louder moaning and heaving. 鈥淐鈥檓on everyone else already-鈥 you stopped yourself short, an idea too good to pass up crossing your mind. 鈥淪ince everyone else is already tucked away, why don鈥檛 we bath together?鈥 before you could even finish the question, Inosuke sat up faster than light, his eyes challenging yours as if saying 鈥淎re you playing me?鈥. 鈥淲e never get to do anything just us so if you're up for it, I鈥檓 down鈥 you concluded slightly smug as he clung to each word you uttered like a puppy waiting for a treat. You stood to leave, crouching down once more to balance your fingers below his chin, forcing him to face you, 鈥淏ut, no funny business鈥.聽
You didn鈥檛 even have to look to see Inosuke was following, his second set of steps echoing yours as if they were the thunder that follows lighting; two things equally as powerful, yet relied on the other for strength. Again, you were greeted by the soft flow of water streaming into the natural spring, the brilliant moonlight above lighting the large basin carved from polished rock that sat in the middle of the space. 鈥淭urn around鈥 you asked, to which Inosuke surprisingly compiled too with only a tiny grumble. You slid your filthy clothes off layer by layer, the black garments piled together as you tip-toed into the warm water, the steam instantly feeling irresistible on your skin. 鈥淚-I鈥檒l close my eyes so you can get in, too鈥 you stuttered, the heavy realization of the intimacy that was to come next, an intimacy that had never been shared before. 鈥淲hatever you want, we鈥檒l be naked anyways in the water鈥 Insouke pointed out as he too discarded his smaller pile onto yours, however, you didn鈥檛 dare peek before you heard the breaking of water as he climbed in, didn鈥檛 dare breathe as he groaned in relief. Slowly, you uncovered your eyes, trained steadily past the demon slayer's face; awkwardly and in unusual silence, you two sat five feet apart, waiting to see who dared to move first.
Well of course it was Inosuke who shuffled through the water first towards you, 鈥淵ou can look at me, ya know鈥 he said with a sort of want in his voice, as if your gaze offered an approval he sought from only you. Whether the pink that painted his skin was from the temperature or the heat of the moment, you couldn鈥檛 tell, but you didn鈥檛 dwell on it for long because other things piqued your interest. While the number of times you鈥檝e seen Inosuke wear a shirt was almost non-existent, the steam rising from the water altered his scarred chest into something else; it was more chiseled, more tanned, each dip and mark was more perfect, the reflection below somehow glowed in a way that was more than you had every painted Inosuke to be and it took your breath away. 鈥淲hat are ya looking at?鈥 he asked defensively, fidgeting in an almost timid way; it reminded you that you shouldn鈥檛 be nervous around him, 鈥淵ou, ya dummy鈥. He scoffed at your bluntness, grateful to hear the normal bite in your tongue instead of the disgust he feared you鈥檇 feel towards him. His stunning pair of green orbs watched as you leaned closer to him, arms stretched as you grew even closer, 鈥淲hat the hel-鈥 he panicked slightly only to be fooled as you grabbed something that was behind him; two bottles waved in front of his face as you teased, 鈥淲hat? Afraid of some soap, piglet?鈥. He muttered a string of complaints, 鈥榯ease鈥 and 鈥榤ean鈥 being the only two you could work out.
You squeezed the white shampoo into your open palm, setting it down somewhere on the edge of the bath, 鈥淢ay I?鈥 you asked, hovering your hands beside his head. He sucked on his teeth before mumbling a raspy 鈥渇ine鈥, easing himself between your awaiting limbs. You worked the suds into his scalp, gently massaging his dark roots with the pads of your thumbs before working your way down to bunch his falling strands, lathering them in the floral-scented soap. As you worked to cover every last inch of his scalp in bubbles, Inosuke struggled to keep quiet; his half-lidded eyes fluttered with every circular rub, his mouth slightly agape as he relished in your touch and had to work at suppressing the purrs that threatened to escape his chest like a cat.
鈥淏end down a little, will ya鈥 you pushed against his head till he was close enough to the water that when he tipped back, his long tresses would be covered. You rinsed his hair gently, taking your time to enjoy this rare chance 聽with your loved one (along with the funny faces you knew he was making). Inosuke wanted to say something, anything would do really, but he just couldn鈥檛 put syllables together as if with every trail your fingers followed, you sucked away his ability to think. You had already rid his scalp from the soap, however, you weren鈥檛 ready to let go just yet; you ushered him out of the water so you could use your nails to push the soaked strands back, twirling them into a loose bun at the back of his head. Inosuke was so close, he was sure he鈥檇 make it out of this without any weird noises but the subtle scratching against his skin was too much for any man. A low rumble emerged from his throat followed by a relieved sigh, 鈥淚f I knew all it took to tame this wild boar was a few head scratches, I鈥檇 have started a long time ago鈥 you giggled, sliding your palms down the length of his neck to rest on his shoulders, 鈥渁ll done鈥. His brows furrowed at the weight behind his head and the lack thereof on his back, 鈥淚t鈥檚 a bun鈥 you explained, 鈥淵ea, well I feel bald鈥 鈥淒on鈥檛 knock just yet, it helps keep your hair from your face when you鈥檙e fighting, plus I think you look hot with it鈥 you tightened your hold on him for a second as a blush crept its way onto his skin.
鈥淚t's getting late, you can get out if you want, I鈥檓 going to wash up鈥 you reached for the same bottle of shampoo, tipping it over to collect its contents, but before the suds could touch your skin, Inosuke鈥檚 grip caught your wrist. 鈥淚鈥檒l do it鈥 he stated firmly, 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to-鈥 鈥淚鈥檒l do it鈥 he repeated, already taking the bottle. A glop of shampoo slapped against his palm as he rushed to spread it between his two hands. You closed your eyes, ready to be serenaded by his sweet touch when you were quickly reminded of who you were dealing with here- the furthest thing from sweet. Water splashed haphazardly as Inosuke drilled into your skull, roughly kneading your scalp. 鈥淥uch! Stop it! Is that what it felt like to you?! Any harder and I鈥檒l be the bald one!鈥 you yelled, moving away from his hands still hanging above the water. Inosuke shrunk a little, visibly upset as he looked to his right at nothing specific. Instantly regretting your reaction, you acted to fix the situation, 鈥淗ere鈥 you gently placed his thick fingers against your scalp once again this time placing yours above his, easing them into a gentle, rhythmic massage. 鈥淪ee,鈥 you sighed, 鈥渘ot everything in life is a race.鈥
Inosuke looked at the way your face fell at the feel of his fingers gently working against you, he almost had to double-take to make sure it was his touch that was providing you so much pleasure- in fact, it sort of inflated his already bulging ego. Although he spent less time washing and rinsing your hair as you had hoped (you could have sat there for hours) the water was growing cooler and time was nipping at both your ankles, reminding you of the sleep you oh so needed. Washed and feeling refreshed, you reached for his shoulders, using them to glide through the water until your chest was pressed against his, becoming more familiar with the feel of his warmth against yours. Your arms dangled over his shoulders with your head buried in his neck, while his large palms found themselves holding your waist, 鈥渢his was fun鈥 you whispered into his skin. Inosuke grunted, exhaustion creeping up on him too. 鈥淟et go to bed鈥 you yawned ready to detach yourself reluctantly from the strong man when you were suddenly carried above the water, exposed and shivering you wrapped your legs instinctively around him. 鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 you asked embarrassed and flushed red. A wide grin overtook his face as he held you tighter, 鈥淔igured you鈥檇 be too weak to walk after I almost put you to bed with my magical fingers鈥 he replied as he trudged through the water and out the bath, two towels already waiting to dry your skin.
Later that night as you both lay covered in cotton robes and silk sheets surrounded by the gentle buzz of the others snoring around the room, together on one futon with eyelids as heavy as stones, something occurred to you. 鈥淗ey babe?鈥 you whispered, getting a half grunt in response, 鈥測ou never took that bun out, did you?鈥 the arm that was holding you securely to his side flicked you gently, 鈥渉ush women鈥 he breathed. You chuckled low, snuggling closer into Inosuke's warmth, falling effortlessly into a peaceful sleep.
Thank you~
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akaza-s-bitch2 hours ago
hello ! are you taking requests at the moment ?
hey dear!
yes I am, my requests are always open!! :)
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jooliart2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I saw the demon slayer movie without seeing any other of the anime at all and i would die for rengoku聽
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