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btsqualityy · 8 minutes ago
jin eating mama ksj ass for the first time🥵
Warning: Anal (ass eating), oral (reader receiving)
"How's that feel baby?" Jin wondered as he finger you slowly.
"So good," you whispered. You were on your bed, laid out with Jin in between your legs.
"Hey, do you wanna try something?" Jin wondered out of nowhere and you opened your eyes to look at him.
"Let me eat your ass," he said and your eyes widened a little.
"Why?" You chuckled awkwardly.
"I just want to," he shrugged. "But you don't have to, of course. I just think you'd like it and I want to make you feel good."
"O-oh," you mumbled, taking a few seconds to think about it before nodding your agreement. "Ok."
"You sure?" He double checked.
"Yes, just...go slow," you mumbled.
"I got you jagi," he smiled. He moved up your body and pressed his lips to yours, kissing you firmly in an effort to get you to relax. It worked because you threw your arms around his neck, welcoming his tongue when it snaked it's way into your mouth.
After a few minutes of messy making out, he moved away from your mouth, trailing kisses down your neck and down your abdomen until he made it back down to your pussy. He instantly attacked you, sucking your clit into his mouth and making you cry out.
"J-jin," you whimpered. After a few minutes of that, you felt him pull away and he moved down, pressing a gentle kiss to your tightest hole.
"Relax baby," he whispered and you nodded as he began to leave soft licks against your rim. The feeling was slightly foreign to you at first, and it didn't really feel like anything at first. However, when Jin reached up and plunged his finger back into your pussy, you felt a large surge of pleasure.
"Oh my god," you moaned, your legs falling open as Jin ate your ass and fingered your pussy. You had no idea how it was possible, but the pressure of his tongue against you seemed to amplify the feeling of his finger inside of you.
"Can you come like this baby?" Jin murmured huskily.
"I-I don't know," you whimpered. "But please don't stop."
"I won't, I won't," he promised, opening his mouth and placing it on you, sucking on your rim. The feeling made you aware of the orgasm that was building inside of you and you realized that you definitely were gonna be able to come from your husband eating your ass.
"Right there, right there, right there," you chanted. "Fuck, I'm gonna come." Instead of replying verbally, Jin sucked on your harder and fucked you faster with his finger and you came undone just like.
As you came down for your orgasm, Jin moved back up to your pussy, removing his finger and replacing it with his tongue. You moaned loudly as he fucked you with his tongue, insistent on tasting your cum.
"Holy shit," you exhaled harshly.
"Told you that you'd like it," Jin smirked as he sat up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and yelping when you lifted your foot to kick him in the thigh.
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asiandramas-takeover · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They really be out here teasing us with their first kiss like this…. 💀
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theworldsofgaming · 12 minutes ago
Our newest video from GHOST OF TSUSHIMA featuring six Haikus composed by Jin and stunning scenery from the game’s first act.
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evolutionsbedingt · 15 minutes ago
Also posted on Ao3, betaed by @perchingowl
Warning: Major (Canonical) Character Death!
Jin Guangyao hadn’t loved Xue Chengmei in a long time.
The man was as mad as a street dog and twice as vicious.
Once upon a time, they both had been. Once upon a time, they had fit like Wei Wuxian’s tiger seal, bringing destruction upon their enemies.
That was the past.
He had been forced to get rid of Xue Chengmei, had started to see that he didn’t need to bite and claw at everything good in his life. Had started to see that Xue Chengmei had never been something good in his life.
Or so he thought.
Holding Xue Chengmei’s limp body, Jin Guangyao couldn’t help but remember having somebody watching his back, couldn’t help but remember having somebody to bounce even the most gruesome ideas off of. He couldn’t help but remember the warmth of Xue Chengmei’s lips and his embrace and his fierce protectiveness.
There had been a time when it had been them against the world.
This was the time where it was the world against them.
And Jin Guangyao could feel the weiqi pieces turn to sand and slip through his hands. Just like the soul of his closest friend, his most trusted advisor.
Looking down at Xue Chengmei, Jin Guangyao could see no flicker of light in those wide eyes. The blood from the wounds had slowed to a trickle, barely soaking into Jin Guangyao’s ornate golden robes anymore.
He raised a trembling hand and closed the unseeing eyes, holding the hollow cheek and brushing his thumb over the sharp cheekbone. Grief was choking him and Jin Guangyao didn’t know what to do with it. He was supposed to kill Xue Chengmei years ago, had pretended not to be aware of his spiritual energy being all over the killings in and around Yicheng.
Jin Guangyao hadn’t loved Xue Chengmei in a long time. But he had spent far too long cherishing him to be able to completely sever the bond. Now, there was a messy pit where his heart was supposed to be. This wasn’t supposed to happen, not with Xue Chengmei.
Xue Chengmei was the physical representation of the worst years of Jin Guangyao’s life.
And yet.
And yet the despair wouldn’t let up, wouldn’t let Jin Guangyao take a full breath, wouldn’t let him make a sound that wasn’t a sob.
It felt like his soul was being torn to pieces and Jin Guangyao didn’t know why.
Not quite.
He knew why.
He just didn’t want it to be true.
It wasn’t supposed to be Xue Chengmei. Vicious and clever Chengmei. Brutal and funny A-Yang.
Jin Guangyao was vaguely aware that Su Minshan left the room and when the air around him settled back into stillness, Jin Guangyao opened his mouth and tried to scream. There was only a weak wheeze, his eyes remaining dry even as his entire being begged for him to break down over Xue Chengmei’s body.
The part of Jin Guangyao that would always taint any goodness he managed to bring into the world whispered about the forbidden spells and talismans, about blood and death and life.
A half-life. A cursed life.
Chengmei wouldn’t even be able to taste his beloved sweets.
Something in Jin Guangyao finally broke at the thought of never again seeing Xue Chengmei’s eyes light up over a bag of candy or a plate of cake. The wail that was ripped from his lips sounded inhuman and tore at his throat. Finally, tears were spilling down his cheeks and Jin Guangyao wondered if this was what he had been supposed to feel at Nie Mingjue’s first death.
There was a river flooding and ripping apart everything in its way.
All defences and pretences crumbled until Jin Guangyao was left sobbing as he clutched Xue Chengmei’s lifeless body to his chest.
Emptiness spread through him and Jin Guangyao rested his forehead against Xue Chengmei’s, keeping his eyes shut against the cruel reality, taking shuddering breaths that tasted of the blood spilt all around them.
Something like resolve grew in the hollow of Jin Guangyao’s chest. He would get Wei Wuxian killed a second time and this time he would make certain that there was no one left to tell the tale about the true Yiling Laozu. No one left to corrupt young, impressionable minds. Of course, such a thing wouldn’t be subtle, no matter how good Jin Guangyao was at this game.
He would leave. He would leave this thankless country and its hateful people behind and start anew somewhere else.
Straightening, Jin Guangyao gently rested Xue Chengmei’s body on the tile floor of his private study. He would give him a proper burial and have a memory tablet done as soon as he was somewhere safe.
After a moment’s hesitation, Jin Guangyao leaned down and pressed his lips against Xue Chengmei’s cold ones one last time.
It was a goodbye to a soul which already left, only the part that would stay with the body remaining.
It was a promise to the man who had brought out the worst in Jin Guangyao and thus enabled him to become the powerful man he was today.
They would see each other again, Jin Guangyao was certain of that at least. He didn’t know who decided that their souls should be entangled, but Jin Guangyao knew enough to finally understand what he hadn’t been able to see while Xue Chengmei was still alive.
“Let’s rule the world in our next life, zhiji,” Jin Guangyao whispered with a tremulous smile. Then he got to his feet and set about cleaning up.
There was work to do and no one else to do it.
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oneslash · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
All Might never was there to begin with and I think that was very much Jin's point. It's not "a world where all might has stopped coming" but a world where he is not, because he never has. I've talked in a a few discords before about how All Might reassuring bright smile is not reassuring to the Villians. Not in a scary "this guy dosen't give up" or "what does it take to make him drop that smile." But rather it leaves them feeling like they were not listened to. Like All Might will bowl right over them, its mocking to them.
Tumblr media
I think it's the same reason Twice feels 2 ways about this crowd. They get to go along and be happy like nothing has happened.
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ornelka · 26 minutes ago
Tell me what should I draw more :flushed:
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btsnewsworlds · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Our Story Chapter 3. BTS and ARMY’s Story
Each and every day together is already a page from a fairy tale.
I know you’ll keep writing the story of BTS and ARMY, right?
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heretherebedork · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What does it mean to be cared for? What does it mean to care? To love? What does it mean to be human or alien, to be held or to hold, to take care or to hurt?
Can you truly see someone in a moment of vulnerability and not find love for them within you? Can you love someone and not see them as vulnerable?
When someone takes care of you, there is a bond. And when you return that care, no matter how little, that bond grows stronger.
Shi Lei is surrounded by people who see how he feels before he does and his denials change nothing because there is nothing to change.
There's only love.
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bts-borahae007 · 44 minutes ago
What do u like Black or blonde hair ??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sherwynphilip · 44 minutes ago
Tumblr media
BigHit's Tweet | 3:00 PM • 24 June 2021
BTS receives their invitations to watch @VirgilAbloh’s upcoming #LouisVuitton presentation.
Watch live on Thursday, June 24th at 9:30 pm (KST)
#BTS #방탄소년단 #LVMenSS22
source: @bts_bighit
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hawberries · 50 minutes ago
Tumblr media
i think they should kith
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sherwynphilip · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Jin's Weverse Post | 7:28 PM • 22 June 2021
알라뷰 아미
(trans) 👇
Ah-lavyu (I love you) ARMY
#BTS #방탄소년단 #Jin
source: BTS Weverse
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asianstars20 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Yeo Jin Goo
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wwh-apple-jinnie · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Photo not mine.
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moviefreaklover · an hour ago
Monsters (Pt. 3)
Tumblr media
Monsters Masterlist
Previous Part | Next Part
"Did she just faint..?" Hoseok asked and as he watched your body crash down. Jin picked you up and layed you down on the couch.
"Maybe this was too much at once..." Jin mumbled and Yoongi scoffed.
"You think?" He said sarcastically and Jin pouted. Namjoon patted the elder's back in a way of comfort. Hoseok just looked at you, his head cocked to the side.
"What's wrong, Hobi-hyung?" "She knew what we are... She was thinking it anyway." Hoseok said with a small smile.
"Really?" "Yeah, she even knew that Namjoon was a Kumiho." Hoseok explained and Namjoon smiled, happy that someone would recognize his kind. Not many people knew about Kumiho's anymore these days...
"Do you think she'll wake up soon?" Taehyung asked and Jimin looked at Namjoon for answer. Yoongi on the other hand, had moved closer to you and putting his index and middle finger on you forehead before looking at the rest.
"I give it 2 hours..." He said before dropping himself in the chair next to the couch. He could care less about you at the moment. He just wanted to sleep since he hadn't for a few days now.
"I'll move her..." Jin said, picking you up and carrying you upstairs and into his room. Taehyung and Jungkook had followed him as they both watched you.
"You guys done watching?" Jin scoffed as he put you down. He covered you with a blanket and turned to the younger. Taehyung was looking back at Jin while Jungkook was looking at you again. His eyes were flashing between blue and brown, indicating that he really needed blood.
"Kook, come on." Taehyung said, pulling him back. It didn't work and soon he was literally hanging on Jungkook's arm to try and move him. Jin noticed and helped Taehyung by grabbing the maknae's ear, dragging him away. He dragged Jungkook to his room before handing him a packet from the hospital. Jungkook took it and looked at it before his eyes turned blue again with a flash. He put his fangs in the bag before sucking it completely dry in barely a minute.
Meanwhile Taehyung was still standing in the hallway before looking back at you. You were constantly turning around and you seemed cold since you kept pulling the blanket up to your chin. He walked back to you and touched your head to feel. You were freezing, clearly sick. He couldn't think of anything. No one in this house really used blankets except for Jimin, but those were in the washing machine at the moment... Taehyung didn't want to wake Yoongi to heal you and Yoongi was the only one who could heal you.
Suddenly, he was pulled out his thoughts when he felt a cold hand on his arm. He jumped and looked down to see you hugging his arm with a small smile. He then remembered that his body was way warmer than humans. He thought about it before deciding to just lay next to you. He first went to close the door fist and then layed next to you. You instantly hugged him closer, burying your face in his chest and still fully asleep of course. Taehyung blushed as you hugged him, but let you anyway. Nonetheless, he was smiling brightly beside all the blush on his face and fell asleep next to you happily.
Jungkook looked around the living room in confusion.
"Did Tae go to feed?" He asked and all of others turned to look at him.
"No... He isn't with you?" "Would I ask if he was?" Jungkook snapped back and he immediately got scolded by Jin and Namjoon. He pouted and frowned a little.
"Then where is he..?" Jungkook mumbled to himself. He went back upstairs to just play some games. When he walked past Jin's room, he noticed that the door was completely closed. Something that Jin didn't do... He opened the door and looked inside only for his eyes to widen at the sight.
You were on top of Taehyung, your arms wrapped around his waist and your face in the crook of his neck. His arms were around your shoulders, a small smile on his face. Both your legs were tangled together.
Jungkook's jaw clenched slightly as he saw and he marched downstairs after slamming the door shut. Everyone looked at him as he marched outside.
"Well, he's possessive..." Hoseok mumbled and everyone looked at him.
"(Y/n) and Tae are hugging because she's freezing." He explained while looking at his phone.
"She is?" "No, I'm saying that because I like lying." Hoseok snapped back at Jimin, who looked a little offended.
"How could she be freezing when she was fine minutes ago?" Jin questioned and Yoongi looked up.
"Could be my fault. Some humans react a bit different to my magic. Guess she became sick." Yoongi said rather dryly and Jin scoffed.
"Go heal her then, asshole." He snapped. The youngers looked rather surprised to hear Jin curse. Not that they weren't familiar with curses, they lived with Yoongi after all, yet hearing the elder curse was still something weird. Yoongi got up and left the room. Yoongi hated being obedient, but always listened to Jin. It was a habit. He made his way upstairs and towards Jin's room, smirking when he saw the scene that Jungkook had seen earlier. He made his way to the bed, making sure to not wake either of you before placing his index and middle finger on your head. Golden dust appeared and disappeared into your skin. Your veins started to give light a little as his magic travelled through your whole body. When he could feel that your body warmed up to your normal heat, he took his finger back. You groaned and opened your eyes, looking at him before simply burying your head in, what you thought was, your pillow. He scoffed and turned around. When he reached the door, he smirked and let out a small huff before leaving. Yoongi walked down again, falling back on the couch. He layed on his side, his wings folded neatly behind him and his head on a pillow. Hoseok sat next to him quickly and started poking the elder in his sides, making the elder kick his leg at him.
"C'mon Hyung... We gotta go for the calling. Maybe we'll see He-" Hoseok was cut off as Yoongi shot up, grabbing Hoseok by his neck and pushing him against the wall harsly. Hoseok looked at Yoongi with sad eyes as Yoongi's breathing fastened. Realizing what he'd been doing, Yoongi pushed himself back a little as he glared at Hoseok.
"Don't you dare speak her name." He snapped before storming off, leaving Hoseok standing there. Deffeated, Hoseok scratched his neck before walking out of the house as well.
You sat up and rubbed your eyes, a yawn escaping your mouth. You looked down and a blush spread over your cheeks as you saw Taehyung sleeping next to you, a smile on his face. His arms were wrapped around your waist as he giggled looked up at you, opening one eye. You stared at him for a few seconds before jumping up and out of the bed. He pouted and held out his arms, indicating the he wanted you to come back. You slowly backed up and he pouted once again.
"You're scared of me... Don't be, I'm just as sweet as a dog!" "Dogs bite." You said back and he looked at you without any emotions for a few seconds before leaning forward. He took your hand and put it on his head before whining. Before you could say anything, he suddenly changed into a giant wolf and your eyes widened. He looked up at you with 2 big golden eyes and whined, making your raise an eyebrow.
"You want me to scratch your ears..?" You asked and he whined loudly once again. You slowly started scratching and his tail started wagging as he let out a happy bark. You unconsciously smiled as you continued until someone knocked loudly. You stopped and looked at the door. It opened and Namjoon walked in. He looked at Taehyung before sighing.
"Tae... If you're gonna change, you get off of the bed. You know that." He said and Taehyung whined, but jumped off the bed and walked towards Namjoon. He pushed Namjoon with his giant head before walking out of the room.
"Dinner's ready." Namjoon said with a sweet smile and you nodded, following him downstairs and into the dinner room. The table was set and all kinds of food were displayed. Meat, vegetables, lasagna..? and so much more things...
"Hey!" Jin exclaimed and you looked at him.
"Yeah, I didn't really know what you liked, so I made a bit of everything." He explained and you nodded.
"You call this a bit?" You asked and he shrugged, explaining that it was normal to have this much food. Then you noticed that 2 people were missing from the table.
"Where are Yoongi and Hoseok?" "Here..." A tired voice said and you turned before gasping silently. Both Yoongi and Hoseok were covered in blood from head to toe.
"Sorry, the calling got out of hand." Hoseok said as he gave you a smile.
"The what..?" "The calling. Something for angels and demons that happens once every 10 000 years or so." He explained before walking off to probably his room. Yoongi followed Hoseok's footsteps and went to his own room. You looked at the rest and Namjoon chuckled at your confusion.
"It's a murder sight." Jungkook bluntly stated and your eyes widen as you looked at him.
"Kook, shush. You're scaring her." "It's true though! It's easy to explain. Every 10 000 years the angels and demons round up all the fallen or wrongdoers and the sons of God and Satan kill them. Since Yoongi-hyung is one of seven and so is Hobi-hyung, they do the killing. Mostly because they're the youngest of seven and it was their turn this year." Jungkook explained and you nodded.
"I though God was against killing...?" "God's not there anyway, Archangels took over. More specifically, Michael." Taehyung said, deadly serious and you looked down awkwardly. You awkwardly started to eat as Yoongi and Hoseok joined once again. Yoongi sat next to you while Hoseok sat next to Yoongi. You looked at them for a seconds, seeing how tired they both were. You looked back at your food when Hoseok suddenly looked up to you.
"Something interesting, darling~?"He said in a rather deep voice and you looked up to him, gulping.
"Y-You just look very tired..." You mumbled and he chuckled.
"Thanks for the worries, but it's fine. We'll rest after dinner." He said, ruffling your hair. You looked at him as he continued eating and noticed something.
"Where is your left horn?" You asked and he looked up again, this time looking a bit more sad than before. His eyes connected with yours for a second before he stood up and left leaving a full plate behind.
"He's fine, don't worry. He just had a fight and lost his horn..." Yoongi said and you looked at him before getting up as well. You ignored the whines that both Taehyung and Jimin gave and continued to walk away. You entered the hallway and looked at all the door. All were open except for the last room, so finding Hoseok's room wasn't that hard. You stalked towards it and frowned. A black door with a golden door handle on the right side. You put your hand on the door handle and opened the door. In front of you was now a giant room. The walls were all painted red and black, the giant bed was filled with Grey and black pillows and finally the gray carpet on the ground. You stepped inside and looked around.
"Hoseok?" You called out, a small echo following as you heard a door slam behind you. You jumped and turned around, seeing Hoseok staring intensely at you, his eyes glowing a dark red and orange like flames.
"Why are you in my room?" He asked in a low voice, something you almost didn't hear if you weren't standing so closely. You took a small step back before clearing your throat.
"To say sorry, I guess... I didn't want to offend you with the question."You said and he gave a small chuckle before slowly walking around you in a circle. You felt his tail brush against your ankles and his hand slowly moved along your arm.
"So pure. So angelic." He mumbled, his forked tongue coming out as he licked his lips. He stopped behind you and suddenly grabbed your hips, pulling you against himself. You felt his breath against your ear as he slowly lowered his head to your shoulder. Then he suddenly let go and disappeared. You turned and saw him standing just a bit farther with a puzzled look on his face.
"What on earth are you? Why do you smell like that?" "Excuse me?" You asked, a bit offended by his second question and he came closer.
"Why do you smell so different, so good?" He growled the last part as he took your chin and forced you to look straight at him. You frowned and took his hand, pushing it away. He gave a small whine, but didn't object. He then walked to his bed and crashed into it.
"Sorry for the dark themed walls and all." He joked, chuckling as he spread his arms next to him and looked at the ceiling. You chuckled and moved to sit next to him. You looked at him more closely as he closed his eyes. Small detailed scales were on the side of his neck, small scars all over his face, freckles in the form of small stars, the tattoos that were displayed on his lower arms and then the scar on his left ankle. Your gaze stayed on the scar longer as you wondered what had happened.
"I got that from my mother. She used to chain me since I wasn't the perfect son to her. Too nice for the 7th prince of Hell. With 6 older brothers who are all assholes, I didn't really stand a chance to be like that." He mumbled as he chuckled and you looked at him.
~flash back in Hoseok's mind~
Screaming filled the tiny room as a younger Hoseok trashed around, trying desperately to get the chain of his ankle as it burned into his flesh. The metal was made of angelic materials and lethal to demons if in contact with for too long. Hoseok could smell his own burning flesh as he pulled at the chain again before crying out when he was struck by his mother once again. He fell to the floor, blood trickling from his temple down to his mouth and then down to the floor. It created a small dripping sound as a pool of blood started to form around the younger demon.
"Don't you think he's had enough, mother? He might not walk again after this and we can't afford that. He has to perform tomorrow." Hoseok's elder brother, Jug-eum the fourth prince of Hell, mumbled with a sinister grin on his face as he pushed Hoseok down again with his foot. Hoseok's mother scoffed and got up. She strutted towards Hoseok before pressing her heel into his cheek, creating yet another scratch on his face. Blood started to come out once again and Hoseok whined loudly, not wanting to give in to the urge to scream. If he did, he would go through worse than this. His tail could be ripped of or his wings burned again... Or worst, his scales being removed one by one, painfully slow like fingernails being pulled out. He wanted nothing like that, so tried desperately to stay quiet.
"Let him bleed a little more." She commented before lifting her foot off of his face and kicking him harshly afterwards. She smirked before leaving, handing her knives to Jug-eum. The elder brother smirked as he stalked closer to Hoseok again.
~flashback over~
You stared at him, not knowing how to respond to the fact that his mother chained him like that. He was staring back at you before giving you a small smile to tell you that it was fine. You layed next to him sideways and looked at him again.
"She was wrong. You can be quite an asshole." You joked and he chuckled deeply before looking at you.
"You must find it weird that I'm the demon and Yoongi is the angel. Since we're practically opposites of what we're supposed to be..." He mumbled and you smiled a little, nodding.
"Yes, but you fit it so well at the same time. You're both just... Human." You sighed, looking at him to see him staring at you with wide eyes.
"You think so?" He asked and you nodded at him with a smile. A dark Blush suddenly covered his face as he looked away.
"Thank you..." He mumbled and you giggled before looking back at his broken horn.
"Will it grow back?" You asked and he shrugged.
"Normally, yes. You never know though, never had it broken off by an angel so." He mumbled and you frowned, which Hoseok noticed immediately.
"Not Yoongi, no worries. One of his brothers got angry when I spoke back to him since I'm technically below them being a demon and all." Hoseok explained and you nodded, still frowning.
"Yoongi isn't like that luckily. I only have to call him hyung because he's much older as me, that's it." He continued and you smiled again before frowning when you heard a small crash from downstairs followed by the window next to you shattering and a tall man entering.
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