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multifanficss · 5 hours ago
Emergency Room (BTS X READER)-18
Here is part 18!Important A/n at the bottom!!
Third-person point of view
Taehyung and Y/N had just arrived at the hospital and Yoongi was the one to open the ambulance doors. "What do we have here?" he said while putting on his gloves before looking up. Once He did, he felt his heart sink to his feet. He jumped up on the ambulance and saw y/n laying lifeless on the stretcher. Before he could say anything Taehyung spoke up while still doing compressions. "S-she was in the water and I got her out but I don't know how long she's been in there," Taehyung said. "Get off, I got it from here," Yoongi said. "No, I- I have to save her," Taehyung said as sweat dripped from his forehead. Yoongi began to take over compressions and Y/n was taken off the ambulance. "Let's get her to trauma room 1," Yoongi said to the nurses and EMS. As soon as they entered the room, Hoseok and The chief both came in. They saw Y/N and began to work as quickly as possible. Taehyung tried to help but yoongi stopped him. "You can't help Taehyung," yoongi said. "Yes, I can!" Taehyung said. "No, because your emotions will affect your decisions, now wait out in the hall," Yoongi said loudly. "We will do our best," Hoseok said and continued to work.
Taehyung stood in the hallway looking in. Still no heartbeat. The crash cart had just been pulled in. One crash. Nothing. Two nothing. "Yoongi..." Hoseok said rather softly. "No, this is it I can feel it. Quickly change it to 300," he said as he continued compressions. Then a nurse continued the compression and Yoongi got the paddles. "READY. Clear!" he said and everyone back off. They waited a second which felt like an hour. Finally a Heartbeat.  "We got her. Slow but steady, we have to go in and make sure no internal damage or brain damage" Yoongi said. Quickly Hoseok, The chief, and Yoongi all left to the O.R.  Taehyung looked in the direction worried but relieved that there was a heartbeat. Then Jungkook walked in and asked Taehyung "Hey, You alright?" he said. Taehyung looked at him and couldn't say anything. He was about to speak and all that really came out of his mouth was "Y/N.." and a Tear went down his face.
Jungkook's eyes widened and he ran in the direction Taehyung was staring at. He was headed toward the O.R floor. Then he saw tried to get near an O.R. but was stopped by Hoseok. "you can't be here." Hoseok said. "Why? I have to see y/n! What's wrong with her?!!" Jungkook said as he began to tear up. "You'll see her later but right now she is in surgery so please go wait in the waiting room because neither you nor Taehyung will be dealing with patients being emotionally affected," Hoseok said and Jungkook walked away. He wiped his face as he walked to the waiting room. Hoseok quickly scrubbed in and got into surgery.
4hours later*
Finally, surgery was over. No internal damage and little to no brain damage. The inspection took the most time. Y/n was currently in recovery in the INCU since the nurses did have to keep an eye on her. As soon as y/n was moved to the NICU, Hoseok went to notify Taehyung and Jungkook who were waiting anxiously. as soon as both of them saw Hoseok they stood up, "How is she?" Taehyung said. "She is fine. She is currently recovering, you guys can see her now but she might wake up until an hour or so from now." Hoseok said and both of them thank him and went to meet Y/N in the ICU. They saw her lying there with oxygen and were relieved to hear the heart monitor and see her breathing. Then she seemed to wake up.
end of third-person point of view
Y/N's POV:
I heard the monitor beeping and felt so tired. I opened my eyes slowly and the bright light hurt but I adjusted to it. I looked at my surroundings and saw Jungkook and Taehyung. They were talking in the hallway and then they noticed I was awake and walked inside. "Y/N!" Jungkook said as he came near and gave me a hug.  "You scared me," he said. "I am fine see," I said and he shook his head. "I am just relieved you are alright," he said and I nodded. Taehyung then came near and asked "Hey, Jungkook can I talk to Y/N? Privately ?" he asked. "uh, sure, I'll go thank yoongi." he said and ran off. Then Taehyung sat down in the seat next to the bed. "How are you feeling? Any pain?" he asked worriedly. " I am fine Tae," I said and gave a slight smile. "I am just glad I got to you in time," he said. "You saved me?" I asked. He nodded.  "Thank you Taehyung, I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there." I said as a tear went down my face. He quickly wiped it off. "Don't worry about it, I had to save you, You still agreed to get lunch with me" he said trying to make the situation light.  Which he did. "Yes, I do," I said chuckling. He smiled and we sat in silence for a bit. He kissed my forehead and said, "I'll go get us lunch, 'll be back." said and I nodded. Then yoongi and Jungkook walked in.
Yoongi did his evaluation and said, "You should be able to leave in two days, you just need to recover and rest." he said. I nodded and he dismissed himself since he had a busy schedule. Jungkook decided to come in and sit down. "I am just so glad you are okay y/n," he said. "Here while we wait for Taehyung to bring you food, let's watch a movie” he said and pulled out his computer and put on an action movie. I was watching the movie but then I just decided to sleep since my body was exhausted.
end of y/n's pov
Jungkook's POV:
Taehyung told me how he felt about y/n and at first, I was jealous but then he told me how he was able to save her from the water. Then when I went to get yoongi, I saw that Taehyung had kissed y/n on the forehead. It did hurt but she blushed and looked happy. If she was happy, I decided to back off and ignore my feelings. It hurts but As long as she's happy and smiling that makes me happy. I had talked with taehyung about this and told him that if he ever broke y/n's heart to not be surprised if I broke his arm. He agreed and now we are on good terms and everything seems normal, .....right?......
A/N: I am sorry I've delayed the update. The school work was a factor but the main factor is I am having eye surgery on Thursday and don't know if I will be able to update this week. I will try my best to do so but I don't know if I can. I promise to make it up to you all once I heal since I will no longer be in school after this week. This means hopefully I will be able to post twice a week!! Anyways Thank you so much for all your support and hoped you enjoyed this chapter!!
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borahaebich · 6 hours ago
Playlist 🎶
Summary - In which bratty jungkook makes fun of your sex playlist infront of all your friends and when you confront him he proposes an interesting idea.College AU! Content warning - smut, language,subJungkook.
Pairing - jock|brat Jungkook × reader
Previous chapter
Note - song references are italicized
Chapter 6
Get you - Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis
Jungkook wanted to wipe that smug expression off your face, he wondered if he could achieve that by making you gag on his length until you couldn't breathe. His fantasy to teach you a lesson by fucking your pretty little mouth wasn't going to become real anytime soon though, not if you had any say in it but he had a feeling the odds were going to shift in his favour soon.
Every time I look into your eyes I see it, you're all I need
Rising up from in between his legs, you decided to untie the restraint and free his pretty little wrists.
You straddled his thigh as you said,
"It's already the last song kook, any requests?"
Jungkook caressed the freshly exposed skin of his wrists as he looked at you and replied,
"You're going to regret that"
You weren't intimidated because of what he said, but because of the way he smiled when he said it. Hoping to establish your dominance once again, you straddled your legs around his thigh. With one hand stroking his member and the other on his chest, you left a string of kisses near his ear, trailing down to his neck.
"Hmm is that so, you aren't going to be a good boy for me anymore?" you whispered.
He grabbed your waist and put you flush across the mattress now, you lay on his bed sprawled out, just as he had been moments ago.
He towered over you as he took his shirt off and answered,
"Well,we've only just begun"
Every time I get a bit inside I feel it
He climbed on top of you, pinning your wrists over your head as he grabbed the restraint you had used on him for his own pleasure now.
You were still dazed by how quickly the tables had turned and before you knew it,your hands were tied above your head; Jungkook's cock resting on your stomach as he buried himself in your chest.
He left bite marks and hickeys all over, kissing your body as if it would disappear any minute. When he finally kissed your lips, the pleasure in your body mounted. The kiss was purely animalistic; it was sloppy, loud and you found out then that Jungkook had a thing for biting your bottom lip. He had been letting his hands roam wild; squeezing your breasts, playing with your nipples, lifting your hips up just so he could knead your ass. Gradually he slid his hand to your panties, his mouth trailed kisses down your stomach as he decided to settle his face between your thighs.
Who would've thought I'd get you
Jungkook played with the elastic of your thigh highs, you were beginning to think he had a thing for them. He made you squirm and squeal as he marked the insides of your thighs, leaving sloppy kisses and hickeys all over.He shimmied your underwear down and rose up from his crouched position to get a full view of you. He had never seen a sight so beautiful, you looked absolutely demolished and your lips had never looked so appealing.
He had always found you attractive but unlike other girls you had never paid any attention to him at all, his ego was hurt and it didn't help that all of his friends always talked about how great you were.
He lowered down on to your body once again, putting his two fingers near your pursed lips he commanded,
Every time I get a bit inside I feel it
You parted your lips and sucked on them as they hit the back of your throat; laced with your saliva now, he took them out and put them to better use.
His fingers worked magic on your wet cunt, you were almost embarrassed by the effect he had on you as you bit your lips not wanting to unravel so easily.
"Don't be like that now y|n, let me hear you say my name" He whispered in your ear as he stuck another finger in, stretching you out.
You lost all shame as a string of curses left your mouth, with his name sandwiched in between.
When he was satisfied with his work he put his fingers in your mouth once again,
"Clean this mess up for me will you princess"
Your eyes grew wide and suddenly your mouth had a mind of its own as you licked and sucked on them again. When you were finished he praised you,
"Good girl"
Your heart soared and your thighs met reflexively.
He stroked his length now, not breaking eye contact with you.
"Such a shame you didn't finish me off with that pretty mouth, if only I could fuck your pretty little cunt"
His lewd words sent shivers down your spine,
"Can I?"
You didn't want to give him the satisfaction but you really needed him inside you; so as a compromise,you moved your head up and down. He wasn't satisfied though,
"I need you to say yes or no, y|n. I need to know you want this too"
No thought in your head,you whimpered,
"Yes jungkook, I want this. I want you."
And when we're making love , your cries can be heard from far and wide
Jungkook untied the restraint and reached for a condom from his nightstand; the music filled the background and in the softly lit room you saw Jungkook, lustful for you as he readied himself. He lined his cock up with your entrance and slowly teased you as he eased in.Once you had taken in his full length his came face to face with you.
You hooked your arms around his neck and pulled in him for a kiss; this time it was different, he kissed you like a lover would, like he was in a drought and you were the rain.
He moved slowly, his thumb hooked on your belly button. He eventually buried his face in your neck, leaving your lips lonely.
Your nails grazed his defined back as you let out unadulterated loud moans of pleasure, his name a constant in them.
He noticed how when he went slow you moaned and called him "Guk" and when he picked up the pace you broke his name into two, "Jung" followed by "kook".
Jungkook was embarrassed to admit it but he couldn't last long in this moment; the way your body was tightly pressed into his, the way your moans and whimpers entered his ears, the way you felt around his dick, all of it was too much.
"Fuck I'm going to cum" The shakiness in his voice becoming noticeable.
You wanted to make him feel as good as he had made you feel, you tensed up your walls and whispered,
"Cum for me Guk"
Everything I need's between those thighs
His body relaxed into yours as he came.
He got off of you and lay by your side as he panted. After a few minutes had passed and he, he cleaned up after himself and landed on the mattress with a thud,
That one word said it all.
It hit you all at once what had just transpired between you and Jungkook. It was rare for you to casually hook up but it wasn't the end of the world so you didn't really care, what you were stressed about was the uncharted territory you had just entered with a guy you had disliked a short while ago.
Did he have feelings for you? Did he just want to fuck? Did you have feelings for him or were you just too horny to function?
You realised your own nakedness and felt exposed,even after all you did with him. Jungkook sensed your discomfort and offered you your panties and his t shirt as cover ups.
You blushed at the gesture,
"Uhh thank you"
He smiled,
"After all we did, you're really going red at me giving you my t-shirt?"
You looked down,
"There's no logical explanation for it, but yes"
"Hey, if there's anything I learnt today is that logic isn't shit"
You eased back onto the bed, body turned towards him,
"Really? And why is that?"
He turned his body towards you too,
"Well I came up with a very logical experiment I will say but in the end my hypothesis was proven incorrect"
You blushed again,
"Hey but not for lack of trying I'll give you that. I have no idea how you managed to stop your self from cumming,honestly, I'm impressed.
"Yeah thanks to you changing the research objective midway and edging me, I was chanting 'dead babies dead babies' in my head to stop myself"
Your laughter filled the room.
He fondly smiled at you and pulled you closer to him,
"I like your laugh"
You stared at him, unsure of this closeness,
"Uhh thanks, everyone says I sound like a horse when I laugh"
He giggled,
"Good to know"
Both of you smiled like idiots at each other until you spoke,
"Uh so what now?"
He got up and propped his back on his headstand and motioned for you to come to the spot beside him. You crawled and plopped your self down there.
"You don't mind cuddling, do you?" He asked you so seriously you almost laughed.
"No I don't mind"
"Alright cool"
Jungkook's idea of cuddling was interesting to say the least; he nuzzled his face in your boobs held your waist with a death grip.
You chuckled,
"This is literally just a way for you to put your face in my boobs"
"Yes and what about it?" Came back a muffled reply.
You smiled as you let your body relax into the bed; your leg swung over his, your fingers running through his soft and now slightly sweaty hair.
As both of you drifted off to sleep you decided you didn't want to think of probabilities and variables any more, you were just going to exist in the moment,with a cute boy in your arms and at your disposal.
This feels like summer
Boy you make me feel so alive
Just be my lover
Boy you'll lead me to paradise
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weishenbwi · 6 hours ago
little!Beomgyu but it’s Yoongi and Taehyung as his dad/caregivers and they live in Daegu. Cute antics ensue and Yoongi’s mood is that of a 5 or 50 year old as he rolls his eyes or launches into a full on HYPE mode with little!Beomie. Taehyung joins the two eagerly because why wouldn’t he? So much fluff and soft hours. 🥺
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purplepebbles · 7 hours ago
Just Hold me....(Part 1)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend seemed to be a gift from the heavens, customized specially for you. 3 years later when he proposed you were more than happy to build a life with him, Everything is a dream, picture perfect until you find him fucking his sidechick a night before your wedding. The best part, he has been screwing her for more than a year!! Everything comes crashes down until you meet a stranger, absolute stranger who happened to be the best sex ever!!
•Pairing - RM×Reader
•Rating - 18+
•Genres - Fantasy au, lot of smut, lot of angst, stranger to best sex ever!!
Everything seemed like a dream to you, your boyfriend, your life, the proposal, the engagement, and the d-day!! You couldn't thank the heavens enough for this joy and most importantly your life.
Honey, we better hurry up if we need to catch the flight, Everyone's almost reached the airport!!!! Ryan flew through the door in your apartment yelling like there was absolutely nobody around the house. You just checked for the millionth time if you had packed everything you need.
You and Ryan had chosen to have a destination beach wedding with only the immediate family and the closest friends in Maldives. You wanted only the people that matter to you and Ryan the most to be a part of your wedding.
Babe, get the bags while I lock up and we're good to go you said while you shuffled for the lock in the drawers. Your best friend and her husband and your parents waited eagerly at the airport for you to arrive. You hurriedly hugged everyone and moved inside to begin what was supposed to be the start of a adventure of a life time with the guy you loved the most- Ryan.
You settled in your seats finally settling in from all the chaos that was happening right until you boarded the plane. You sat with Lisa while Ryan sat with the guys. Babe I have a amazing idea for the Bachelorette.... Lisa stopped midway as Ryan approached you, honey you comfortable there? He asked. Yes love absolutely comfortable. You could feel Lisa's giggles ready to explode the moment Ryan left.
Is he always this sweet? How do u even manage with all this sugar she snorted hunting for her phone in her handbag. I don't need to, he's always been this caring you blushed. 4 years and forever to go yet I can't figure this guy out, Lisa sighed.
Maldives was a beauty that seemed to just strike a chord by your soul. You loved this place and always wanted to have your wedding here and Ryan had made sure you got what you wanted. You checked in at the resort which was on a private beach with an amazing view of the sea.
You were always the one who planned everything systematic yet you had this incomplete feeling lurking at the back of your head. And it was even more frustrating since you couldn't get the hold of it.
Two days seemed to have passed like a dream considering how wild things had been, Ryan's bachelor party, your Bachelorette, the crazy parties, unlimited and impromptu shopping trips, the crazy drinking games which never seemed to end. Most importantly you had the people who you loved the most with you having the time of your life.
Everything seemed so much quieter today, the party had almost died down with the wedding just one night away. You sat soaking in all the beauty the sunset offered while silently watching the wedding planning team build the magic, the aisle on the beach. A warm feeling gushed over your heart as the same time tomorrow would be so different, you'd be Mrs.Brueckners to begin with.
Babe I think we should just check the wedding dress. Lisa shook you from the imaginative heaving you had built inside your head. You made your way to your suite and opened the wardrobe to keep your stuff when you realised you hadn't given your gift to Ryan. You took it and headed towards ryans room thinking of all the possible places that you could keep and where Ryan would find it easy enough.
Sugar she's right here, what makes you think you can throw yourself at me, at my wedding without anyone noticing? You froze as you heard Ryan hissing at someone. But daddy I came here to give you your bachelor party gift you heard a girl squeak.
You couldn't for the life figure what exactly was happening behind the door. A part of you wanted the person inside to be someone else but your mind knew for sure it was ryan who you had heard.
You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard loud moaning voices coming from the room, you pushed the door a bit to watch the most horrible thing you ever witnessed. Your fiance was being blown by a lady sitting on her knees naked and he was a moaning mess for her, you could feel yourself choking to the sobs that were erupting within.
You pushed the door open with all your might revealing the shock on their faces when they saw you. The woman ran inside to cover herself. You just looked at your fiance one last time before throwing the gift away and running outside.
Wait babe it's not what it looks like, you heard Ryan shouting running behind you. You stopped dead in your tracks not believing the guts he had to give a justification to what he did. Honey it's nothing it looks like, trust me he said trying to catch his breath. Oh really you barely manged to speak from the nonstop tears that were flowing right through your soul. Tell me, did you accidently shove your cock down her throat? Did you accidentally undress her? Did you accidently moan like you were experiencing the ultimate heaven? You raged at him.
Don't bother explaining ryan I think I'm clear enough to what I saw and don't you dare come behind me or try to project this as an one time thing or a weak moment because I'm not buying that. Ryan Bruckner we're done here you can take this thing and shove it, you know where!! You hissed at him throwing the ring with all the strength you had in you.
You kept walking down the street aimlessly as a million emotions ran through you. Tearing apart every ounce of your heart. You heard a loud music in the distance, you looked up following the noise. Atleast I could use a drink or maybe more than one you thought.
You walked to the entrance looking down until you felt a strong bang divert your attention and nearly tripping you off balance.. I'm so so sorry you mumbled helping the man gather the wallet and his phone from the ground.
I'm really stopped midway when you looked at the man scooted down with you, The man before you was devilishly handsome with extreme sharp features that could make any girl go weak in her knees.
It's okay no problem he said flashing you his dimples which were equally sinful. For a moment you seemed to be mesmerized by this man who resembled a Greek God with even sexier body. You managed to apologize still taking in this miracle right infront of you. He just flashed his killer smile before walking inside the club again.
As you stared behind him as he walked inside you snapped out of the daze and everything you were feeling started coming back again. You were just sure of one thing , you needed to get drunk right now to get rid of this pain. You could deal with this another day.
You sat at the bar circling the shot glass trying to sit up straight and trying to delete your photos from your phone. It was too much work to do in this typsy state but somehow you wanted to vent it somewhere. Growing tired of it you stood up to head to the smoking area to have your smoke.
You have a lighter? You asked the Group of guys standing infront of you. One of them handed the lighter making sure he eye fucked you before he inappropriately touched your waist. You know what nevermind, you shoved the lighter back to him and started walking away when you felt a sharp grip on your hand. Baby, why don't you just let me light it up for you, he tried to grab the cigarette from your hand pulling you close to him.
No I m good and I want to leave. you try pushing him away but he held you too tight by your waist, Just when you thought the day could not be worse, it was taking a turn for even worse. She said no dude!! You gaped hearing a thunderous voice behind you, feeling the grip on your waist loosen a little. It was the Greek God, you felt a strange flush of electricity building inside you as he walked towards you and pulled you away from the bastard.
The guys immediately left intimidated, Thankyou Thankyou so much, you stuttered holding on to the man who just became your knight in shining armor. I guess there are too many sorry and thank yous involved between me and you today he chuckled.
He Lead the way back to bar keeping you close to him and you felt a delicious tinge down your spine as he rested his hand on your lower back. You try to say something when he shushes you, mind having a drink first? Not all you say flustered because you were almost certain you'd blabber something silly.
You watched people dancing on the dance floor dance like nobody's business and felt a similar tinge when a hand touched your shoulders. You take your shots from him and gulp it down like it was nothing leaving him speechless. Woaah lady, you need to get a hold before you... he didn't finish the sentence as you pulled him close to you, close enough that your lips were dangerously close to his ears. Let's dance you shouted. Sorry? He sounded dumbfounded. Let's dance you said pulling him by his hand right in the middle of the dance floor.
You guided his hands to your waist moving close to him till you felt he could feel your breath on his chest. You swayed your hips in rhythm to the music slowly turning around and doing it on him. Nothing mattered to you in that moment, not what happened today, not what was to happen tomorrow. The alcohol was doing its bit perfect.
All you wanted is to loose yourself in the moment and maybe to this delicious stranger right in front of you. You could feel him tightening as you swayed on him holding him too close and guiding his hands to explore the other areas of your body.
You could clearly see him heating up to the moves that you had and fact that you had his hands wandering all over you was driving him mad. You know I don't want things to end up awkward-- Kiss me you whispered in his ear. He just couldn't believe the power you had on him, he was amused by the fact that he had no problem to do as he was said and somehow he had started to enjoy your confidence.
Before he could respond you crashed your lips onto his like your life depended on them. You nibbled his lower lip relishing his soft lips on yours as his tongue found its way to your mouth and moaned against your mouth. You pulled away briefly to land him some wet kisses on the outline of his neck and ears and you feel him tensing up at your touch, and his grip tightening around you.
Part 2 to be continued..
Credit to the respective gif owners.
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queenseulgi · 9 hours ago
A/N: I have about 18/19 WIP happening at the same time atm. I am trying finish them as fast and skillfully as I can, but it takes time! Requests ars still open! -> PROMPT LIST <-
"When we're you going to tell me?" You question taking your heels off.
Jungkook looks up at you with a bewilder look as he checks the rounds in his pistol.
"You want to talk about this now?" He throws back.
Unscrewing the vent you nod your head as you throw your heels in the empty space.
"Yup. I want to talk about this now, because you lied to me and now we're two seconds from getting bullets shoved in our asses," you spit in anger as you start to rip the sides of your dress to have more movement.
Jungkook rolls his eyes pinning his line of view at the ceiling.
You knew he was trying to avoid the truth, trying to figure out a way out of this situation with words he could come up with. Many times before has he lied looking you straight in the eye, but this was far too big. There wasn't a way around this one.
"I talked to the guy in charge and maybe things didn't go as planned," he trails off handing you the gun he finished checking.
You give him a glare.
"Did you say no to the deal, Jeon Jungkook?" You press as you lift up the top of the toliet.
"I said no to the deal," he grumbles out.
A groan escapes your lips as you grab the bag with a suppressor in it.
"If you think I'm going to marry you and your lies, Jungkook, then your wrong," you inform as you attach the object to the pistol. "I mean we're engaged and you what? Expect to hide everything from-."
Your fiancés hand keeps your mouth shut as noise shuffles outside.
His arm reaches out to close the bathroom door. Your back pressed to his chest, you look back to give him a nod before climbing onto the toliet with your gun at ready.
Jungkook positions himself in front of you as if he were using the bathroom.
"If we're talking about our relationship, I would just like to state that I am not your dog," his hushed tone rushes out. "I am your partner, not your assistant."
Eyes catching each other your brain jumps into overdrive at the true allegation. You knit your eyebrows together as the pit of your stomach caves in with guilt you couldn't shake. It makes you look between the cracks of the stall as you break a regretful smile.
"You know I like making the rules," you let the joke slide off your lips without a second thought as you give him a quick glance.
"Sometimes your worse then my brother."
His quiet comparison was enough to catch you off guard as the door slams back into the wall. You adjust slowly on the seat as they bang on the bathroom stalls.
"Occupied!" Jungkook calls out as they continue to bang against the door. "Listen, man, I said I was in here," he booms turning around to kick the door out.
His quick action make you slip as your left foot falls into the toliet. You scrunch your face as the sound of your fiance's gun sounds off into the small bathroom.
With a left foot drenched in toliet water, you throw yourself out of the stall to see four different men aiming at your soon to be husband (if he doesn't die).
"Maybe, we should push up our wedding now, huh?" You comment as your eyes narrow in on the person holding your partner's arms back.
He gives you a look.
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gashinabts · 10 hours ago
anti-baby fever| (m)
Word: 4.5k
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, established relationships
Genre: comedy, fluff, smut, angst
Summary: jungkook gives you a Mother’s Day gift as a joke, now your mom thinks you’re pregnant.
Warnings: smut, multiple orgasms, nipple play, fingering, fondling, creampie, impregnation kink, jk lobes titties, unprotected sex, anxiety, suicide mentioned, crying, a messy argument
a/n: My family celebrates Mother’s Day on tenth so happy Mother’s Day! Idk if there’s any mom armys lol. But here’s something for you guys and hope you enjoy this!!! comment and tell me Whatchu think...remember that your comments and support are what motivates me to write 🥸🥸
Tumblr media
“ Happy Mother’s day!,” Jungkook hands you the bouquet of flowers. The last time you checked, you didn’t have any kids. If anything you despise kids, the thought of their sticky grubby hands always reaching for their ipad made you shudder. Your mother always scolds you for not having maternal instincts, but you could care less.
You grab the flowers staring at the pretty petals. “ We don’t have kids,” you remind your boyfriend. You look at him, biting the inside of your cheek, Jungkook looks hot with his hair tied up, some hair strands framing his face.
“ Well, you are always taking care of me,” he gives you a boyish smile and then pecks your cheek. “ Also, I do be sucking your titties.” There are people around you guys and you grow red in fear that they heard this conversation.
“ Jungkook,” you give out a harsh whisper, pushing his body away from you. “ Why am I still with you?” It’s more of a question to yourself. Despite being together for nine years, you still get startled at his crude jokes and raunchy humor. Just how he was when you guys started dating in highschool.
“ One reason is because we have an apartment together that’s under my name. The second reason is because I am cute. Another reason could be because you love me, I’m still hoping you love me…” he shrugs coming closer to your side and throwing his arm around your shoulder.
Your finger touches your cheek, making a contemplating expression, “ Hmm, it is definitely the first reason.”
Jungkook laughs at your expression, then bends his down, coming close to your ear biting your earlobe. You yelp at the sudden pain, bringing your hand to tug at it. “ What about the unlimited supplies of mind blowing orgasms?” Jungkook chuckles as you groan loudly.
The apartment is sparkly clean after spending an hour cleaning it with Jungkook. He is currently taking a shower and humming to a song as you pee in the toilet. “ Babe, can you wash my hair?” Jungkook asks as soon as you flush the toliet.
You scoff, “ You have two hands,” you wash your hands.
“ Wow, thanks for informing me. But babe I like when you use your nails on my scalp, it makes me feel all tingly and good.” Jungkook opens the sliding shower door not even waiting for an answer. The clothes are on the floor and you are now massaging his scalp with his expensive hair conditioner. Leaving a strawberry scent in his nice shiny hair. “ As much as I do know how much I love coddling you, Jungkook?” You say with a smile as he turns his head slightly, showing his sparkly eyes.
“ Of course I do, babe. I really appreciate it when you do things for me,” his warm voice leaves butterflies in your stomach. There is a comfortable silence as you continue your action until a discussion about a topic you don’t want to talk about. “ I called my mom to wish her happy mother’s day. And she is asking about children again,” his voice is barely carried over the water hitting the floor. Your fingers continue to brush his strands.
The devil on your shoulder just wants you to pretend that you didn’t hear him but what good would that do? “ What did you tell her?” You reply with just as little volume he is speaking.
“ I told her it is something that we are not planning at the moment. Maybe in a couple years,” he turns around showing you his doe eyes. “ Y/N-”
“ The conditioner smells nice. You were right, it makes your hair look lucious,” you veer the conversation. Switching spots with him, finally washing your own hair, your face is now facing away from him, just staring at the wall. You hear Jungkook sigh and you ignore it.
Jungkook is out with your dad at the grocery store buying a small cake for your mother, who is coming over. When she arrives she talks about your sister’s children the whole time. Showing you an endless amount of photos which you have already seen since your sister sends you pictures of them all the time. “ Isn’t she adorable?,” she shows a picture of your niece eating ice cream.
“ Kinda,” you shrug your shoulders. Yeah, your niece is cute but you sometimes like to joke around. The food is finished cooking and you plate it on the table, serving your mother who is still gushing over her phone.
“ Well, when you have kids I won’t be telling them they are cute,” she gives you a look. The look of disapproval that you witness too many times.
You place the last plate of food down. “ Then I won’t have any. See problem solve,” you laugh.
She rolls her eyes, crossing her arms. Her eyes look at the center of the table at the flowers in the vase. The flowers that Jungkook gave you this morning. “ Those are lovely. They look fresh,” she comments, touching the petal of the pink carnation.
You mindlessly speak, “ It’s mother’s day gift from Jungkook,” you laugh thinking about his dorky smile. Jungkook should be here any minute but you miss him right now. He makes these dinners go by faster and more fun.
“ Are you serious?” Your mother’s eyes widen and she sits up straighter.
“ Yeah,” you nod, setting the last plate. “ Why-” Then you come to realize why she is so flabbergasted. No, you are not pregnant. You take birth control everyday. There’s even a special alarm on your phone that shows on text, yeetus the fetus, when it goes off. “ Wait Mom I-” you are about to explain until your dad and Jungkook come walking from the door.
“ Hey honey, why are you crying?” Your father's eyes widen at the sight of your mother. Jungkook stands by the door with the same expression then looking at you with his brow arched.
“ Y/N is pregnant. I’m so happy right now and very proud of her,” she sniffles. Proud? You cringe at the choices of words but that is not what is important right now. Your father pats Jungkook's shoulder awkwardly and then comes to your mom. Jungkook finally gets back to reality and walks towards you, eyes begging for an explanation or recap to what is going on.
You tug at your hair, “ Jungkook gave the flowers as a joke,” you let out an exasperated sigh. Your mother's face immediately turns sour and your father sits down on the chair before a storm appears.
Her eyebrows pinch together, “ A joke? What would the punchline even be?,” she looks angry. You and Jungkook look at eachother, not wanting to explain what it was because who wants to tell their parents that your boyfriend likes sucking on their titties.
Pulling the chair out for you, Jungkook guides you to sit down, “ It was something silly. Let’s forget about it and eat this delicious meal that Y/N made. We got your favorite cake too,” Jungkook says while smiling. Although the few minutes of dinner were awkward, your boyfriend managed to make it more comfortable and charm his way with your mom to make her keep laughing every five minutes.
The face mask is cooling your tired skin as you scroll on your phone as you lay on bed. Looking at some tiktoks and casually laughing at some. Jungkook’s head is laying on your lap and doing the same, until he gets tired of his algorithm and decides to watch yours. “ Get your big head out of the way,” you playfully push his wavy hair.
“ That’s not what you said this morning,” he laughs. He grabs your phone and places it on your side of the dresser, not forgetting to charge it.
“ Eww gross, Jungkook,” you fake gag but smiling at his bunny smile. His fingers take off your mask and toss it in the trash bin, he leans forward kissing your lips. “ I wasn’t finished with that,” you look at your mask, you still had ten more minutes.
“ Too bad,” he kisses you more. His tongue begging for entrance, and you immediately allow it feeling his tongue brush against yours, lost in the feeling of warmth. Jungkook pushes you to lay flat on your back, and goes between your legs, his hands feeling your bare stomach due from the shirt rising up. Jungkook pulls his head away, looking at you with sultry eyes.“ You look so pretty,” he comments, then traveling kisses down your neck, leaving small marks. “ I remember the first time I saw you in class, you had me already on my knees for you,” his voice muffled against your neck. He closes his eyes trying vividly to remember the exact outfit you were wearing.
Your hand trail to his hair combing it as he continues to suck and blow on the marks he is leaving. “ Yeah? I thought you were a prick. I still can’t believe you hit me with a volleyball to get my attention,” you laugh when he groans.
He immediately pulls away pouting, “ Okay I was an idiot to actually listen to Taehyung’s advice. Can we forget about it?,” he kisses you before you can answer. The kisses become more desperate, his hands going towards your boobs, fondling them. Being the person Jungkook is he burrows his head under your shirt, mouthing at your breast. Wrapping his mouth around your nipple, sucking it leaving you arching your back. His other hand twists and pinch the other nipple, then soothing it when his warm mouth wraps around it.
You want to see his face but it is covered by your shirt, so you just have to imagine his pouty lips sucking on your nipple and his pretty eyes looking content. Jungkook always liked to have his face stuffed between your breasts. Sometimes just doing it when he is bored, he says he likes feeling close to you and makes him feel some sense of comfort. At first you were taken aback when he confessed his kink to you but you grew to like it. “ Does my baby like sucking on my tits?,” you ask while quickly taking off your shirt, wanting to his face. “ Mmm,” he nods, not wanting to take his mouth off. His hair is on face, and you push it back exposing his forehead. Continuing to relish in this moment, you breathe heavy, and watch him suck. You get more wet within the seconds, wanting to relieve yourself at how turned on you are on. “ Jungkook, fuck me,” you moan when his hips grind against you. The hard on is giving you some sort of relief, as it rubs your covered privates.
His hand travels down your panties, rubbing his fingers against your now wet panties. Spreading it and teasing you from the actual experience of his fingers massaging your folds. He sucks on your nipples harder, but then switches to the other nipple to give it the same treatment. The sensation of his lips and fingers are overwhelming, making you moan and cry out in pleasure. “ I think I’m gonna come?” You don’t mean to question it but you do, never experiencing an orgasm just from nipple play and some light fondling. Maybe there’s something different about the air tonight but it feels so fucking good. He moans, the vibrations sending more pleasure, his other hand kneading at your other breast. Moaning his name you hold tight onto his hair, coming hard and riding the waves of pleasure.
Closing your eyes in disbelief, your body feels like you're floating in space. Jungkook's lips finally unwrap and look at the sight of your swollen erect nipples. The spit makes them look shiny and pretty. He looks at your angelic face, and kisses your lips, “ That was fucking hot,” he confesses. “ So fucking hot,” he tugs off your sort and panties. Immediately his fingers touch your folds loving how warm and wet they are, he pushes one finger in and you let content sigh. “ You like me sucking your tits huh?,” he asks even when he knows the answer. He puts another finger in your entrance, and thrusts it slowly, watching your hips move to try to speed the momentum. “ Answer me,” his face gives you a serious look.
“ Yes!,” you toss your head. “ I love it when you suck on them. It feels so good,” you close your eyes, and see little white stars. He chuckles at your desperate state, when your hands go to his, trying to get him to finger your faster and harder. Deciding to play along, he stops his movement and lets you take control of you using your hand to make his finger thrust into you. “ Jungkook, please just fuck me,” you whine at his teasing.
His fingers leave, and you watch him quickly take off his clothes, he uses your arousal pumping his hard cock and staring at your glistening cunt. “ I’ll fuck you, my dirty girl” he goes to search for a condom but you stop him.
“ You don’t need a condom,” you mindlessly say, you just want him inside of you already.
His eyes widened, “ Are you sure?,” he asks just in case. Your head nods quickly and pulls him down so you can kiss him. His cock enters you, stretching you from his girth, you moan into his mouth. He waits a couple of seconds until you urge him to continue, your legs wrap around his small waist that you are sometimes jealous of and make him thrust deeper in you. “ Fuck, baby,” his voice is deeper and brows furrowed at the intense pleasure he is recieving. This is the first time in his life he has ever entered you with no condom, he can’t think straight, he doesn’t ever want to leave this position.
Your hand traces his shoulder muscles, “ Does it feel good?” You ask with a teasing smile.
“ Yes, so fuck good,” he answers with a hard thrust. His hair goes into his sight of vision, and pushes it back, “ I’m going to have to only fuck this pussy raw,” he leans back, resting his weight on the back of his thick thighs, to see your whole body. Your breasts are moving and down at the intense speed he is going at, and your thighs jiggle at his hard thrust. And he really loves the sight, after this he might have to fuck your thighs and tits. He moves his hands to your tits and slaps it, leaving a few red hand marks.
More dirty thoughts are coming to his mind that he tries to push to the back of his mind but they can’t help be resurfaced. Like the thought of your tits being filled with breastmilk, he wonders what taste it would leave in his mouth. He likes to imagine it would taste like warm honey. He shakes his head looking somewhere else, but then imagines the thought of your stomach looking swollen and round. If you would hold onto your stomach and pat it like the pregnant women he sometimes sees at the grocery store. His thoughts are interrupted when you moan his name and beg him to touch your clit.
His hand easily finds your clit and rubs it as his thrust becomes more frantic. Your insides are warm and you could already feel your orgasm approaching. His cock hitting that specific place that makes your eyes roll back and toes curl. “ That’s it baby, come for me,” he commands. His fingers rub more quickly, making you cry out his name as you cream around his cock. He drops his body down kissing your neck, as you pulsate around him. “ Fuck, I’m close,” he groans, he can feel his thighs clench tightly.
“ Come inside me baby,” you moan into his ear, “ fill me up,” you bite his ear lobe. When those words came out of your lips, his mind went haywire thinking of your pussy being filled with his sperm. Within three more thrust he came inside you, moaning your name as empties himself into you. He lifts his body off of you eager to see the image he was wishing for, pulling his cock he watches as the come spills out of your entrance, his finger automatically pushes it back in not wanting to waste any, watching the hole swallow the white substance.
A surprised moan leaves your lips, not sure if it was the feeling of him pushing his own come into you or the way his eyes are darkly looking at your cunt. You close your legs before he can do anything else, “ It’s a good thing, I’m on the pill,” you get up and use the toilet. Jungkook doesn’t say anything, only letting out a soft hum, and putting on the underwear on the floor. He walks into the bathroom, watching you wash your body quickly, he hands you a towel and you kiss him on the cheek. “ So today was a disaster,” you put on panties and a Jungkook’s big shirt. You were still not over the fact that your mom thought you were pregnant.
“ Maybe I shouldn’t give you flowers on mother’s day anymore,” Jungkook chuckles, entering inside the sheets of the bed.
“ I mean you don’t have to worry about that,” you laugh. “ It’s not like we are ever going to actually celebrate mother’s day together,” you comment, also laying on the bed.
Jungkook bites his tongue, wondering if this is the time to actually talk about the future. It makes him wonder if you ever want to have kids with him. Sometimes it hurts when he tries to talk about it but then you switch the conversation. “ Can I confess something?” He asks looking at you, and you smile and nod. “ When your mom said you were pregnant, a small part of me wished that was true,” he whispers even though there’s only the two of you in the room.
Your eyes widen, not sure on what to say. “ I-why?”
“ I want to have kids with you. Not right now but in the future when we have a house and maybe a swimming pool,” he looks carefully at your expression. But notices the immediate lack of eye contact, something you do when you're nervous or unsure of something.
“ Can we talk about this later?” You ask not wanting to roam in this specific topic.
Jungkook sighs and sits up, no longer in his comfortable position, “ No let's talk about it right now,” he looks at you still laying down. Frustrated that you aren’t saying anything after a minute past. “ Y/N, do you ever want kids?” He watches you sigh and also sit up.
You shrug, “ I don’t know. It’s something I don’t think about. Maybe?” It’s true though, when you were younger your friends would often talk about how much kids they want, and you would cringe. Like why were they already planning that when you guys are still in middle school? It’s something that you can’t imagine. “ Do you want kids?” You ask Jungkook who looks more serious than ever. You always thought that men didn’t really have the need to have kids, just only having them because that is what their partner wants. It’s something that society pushed towards you, like your mother was always the one taking care of you and your sisters while dad just sat on the couch and watched tv.
“ Yes, I want kids,” his answer is quick and confident. It’s not something he always wanted. For example, in high school the thought of having kids scared him. No one wants to raise a baby when they are barely solving calculus problems. And in college there was more freedom than ever, he could hop club to club with you and not need to worry if the baby is sleeping well. But when you guys graduated college and settled down in an apartment, he envisioned the idea of having little kids run around in the house. He knows you would be a wonderful mother, you are so caring and thoughtful with him.
There isn’t much to say, “ Cool,” you lay back down after fluffing your pillow.
The devil on his shoulder is urging him to stand his ground. “ Is that all your gonna say?,” Jungkook sighs loudly.
“ What else has to be said? You want kids and I’m still not sure if I want any,” you get up again sitting the same position as before. Can’t you guys talk about this after you get married and have a house?
“ No, you always do this. You always ignore what I want to talk about, even when you see me trying to make a peaceful conversation you turn the other cheek disregarding my feelings. Like when we were taking a shower, you totally shut me down,” his hands move faster as he speaks emphasizing on some words.
“ I don’t like talking about that stuff,” you scratch your arm getting frustrated too. “ The thought of having kids just weirds me out okay? You're like putting a kid in this shitty elitist world and saying ‘ hey now it’s your time to try to figure out life out, oh and you have to pay for health insurance and college while you're at it because the government doesn’t give a shit about you’,” you ramble.
“ Y/N, c’mon be serious. Why can't you be serious when we are talking about our future? Just like in college you didn’t want to live in the same apartment because you thought I would get tired of seeing everyday so you decided to share an apartment with another man, a fucking man” Jungkook is finally expressing the feelings he has been withholding, it’s pouring out of him like a leaking faucet.
“ Oh my god, that was like four years ago and you are barely bringing it up,” you claw at your hair. “ We just shared an apartment, it’s not like I was giving him good morning blowjobs. And I am being serious, can’t you see me talking about this to you right now. As much as I am uncomfortable talking about kids I am still speaking to you about it,” you get annoyed when he rolls his eyes.
“ I did talk to you about him but you shut me down-”
“ I was only roommates for him for four months, Jungkook.”
“ Doesn’t negate the fact you only care about your own feelings,” his eye twitches.
This is the biggest fight that has ever erupted and you know this isn’t going to end well. “ I fucking can’t stand you right now. I literally declined my full paid college scholarship to Berlin for you and you say that shit right now,” you feel your eyes watering not because you are sad because you cry when you get angry.
Jungkook scoffs, “ No, because you were scared to be in a new country without me. You didn’t want to lose me and got batshit suicidal when we took a two day break-” Jungkook didn’t mean the words to come out but they did. He could physically see the words coming out of his mouth and it makes him feel nauseous. The room is filled with tension and silence, and he can see the way your shoulders drop. “ Y/N-” he wants to apologize but it’s probably too late.
“ No, you’re right I do only care about myself. ” You let out a hollow laugh and wipe the tears streaming down your face, and lay down on your side not wanting to face him. Of course he had to stab your heart with the sharpest glass.
He doesn’t say anything but watches your back, he wants to wrap his arms around you and tell you that he’s a fucking a Grade A asshole and he’s sorry but he thinks that you don’t want to hear his voice. He gets up and turns off the lights, and lays back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. The minutes pass by but he can’t go to sleep. His mind keeps replaying the argument.“ What if I can’t give you what you want? Is that going to be the end of us,” he hears you whisper. His head turns immediately, you’re still facing away from him. “ I keep thinking what if I am just holding you back, that I only care about my feelings. Like when you asked me to marry you in college and I said no because I wanted to wait until we graduated and have good jobs.”
Jungkook hands covers his eyes, “ I only want you, Y/N. I could care less about a wedding and baby. I think the reason why I’m wrapped into all that is because I’m scared that you don’t want any of that with me. That maybe you don’t see a future with me...I always have this dream, actually more like a nightmare, it starts off by you breaking up with me and then one day in the future I see you having a picnic with a faceless guy and you pregnant while playing with your other children,” Jungkook hears you rustling with the sheets, he takes his hand off and sees you staring at him. “ Stupid, huh?”
“ Yeah.” he laughs at your answer. “ It is stupid because it is very unrealistic. I would never break up with you, you are the only one for me. I love you, Jungkook. I love you so fucking much, you’re the only one in this entire universe that could truly make me happy.” Your hand grabs his and you caress it, leaving kisses on his knuckles. “ I don’t like thinking about the future because I know that everything I want and have is right in front me.” Jungkook finally turns to his side facing you and brings his large hand to your cheek caressing it.
“ I love you, so so so fucking much baby,” he brings his face close to you kissing your soft lips. He pulls away and tugs your body towards him so no space is left between you two. “ I love everything about you, all I can ever think about is you,” he whispers into your hair, hands rubbing up and down you back. Few minutes pass as you also lightly scratch his back with your nails making his body feel content and relaxed. “ Y/N, I want to apologize for the insensitive comment I made earlier. I can’t believe-”
“ Jungkook, it’s okay.” You breathe in his nice scent. “ We both said some things we didn’t mean, we’ll talk about it more in the morning” you kiss the mole on his neck. “ Let’s sleep. All that fighting made me tired,” you yawn and he chuckles.
“ Let’s not fight again,” he hugs you tighter, not wanting to leave your body. “ Can I suck on your titties? I can’t sleep right now,” Jungkook laughs when you immediately pinch his butt but your hand lifts your shirt up showing him your bare breast and he happily gleams at the sight.
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dangerous game | jhs
Tumblr media
⤑  series: heartbreaker
⤑ pairing: stoner!hoseok x cheerleader!reader
⤑ genre: smut !! ...and a bit of angst
⤑ rating: explicit
⤑ word count: 4.8K // unedited
⤑ warnings: use of recreational drugs, mentions of drinking, cursing, slight grinding, fingering, unprotected sex, cum shot, clothed sex, drunk sex at a party... hoseok is an emotional mess on the inside.
⤑ A/N: hiiii! good luck...
Tumblr media
OCTOBER 29TH, 2020 | 21:49
It's an unrecognizable urgency that hits Jeongguk when the message from Arya is appearing on the screen. All of a sudden, the plans he had for the night were taking the backseat, worry filling his chest on whether or not she was okay. And there was no way he'd be able to sit still until he was going to check for himself.
So with the excuse that he was simply on the way to his latest conquest's house (a tiny virgin redhead with dark freckles covering her t-line), he's rushing to her house. Well, not exactly rushing – he does stop to pick up something to eat just n case she hasn't had anything yet.
It wasn't often that Arya was asking him over. It never happened to put it plainly. They talked when it was necessary, never really hung out alone because Jeongguk prided himself in being cautious. He knew himself and couldn't exactly trust himself when it came to being alone with Arya.
The only reason why he was even considering going right now was that he knew how things between her and Joon have been lately. Fights more frequent and the honest conversations he's been advocating for weren't happening as often as they should. The thought of Arya alone and sad was so terrifying to him that he was willing to break all of his rules and go check.
What he doesn't expect is to be hit with the stench of alcohol the moment she's pulling the door open. It's easy to tell from her disheveled appearance that she had more than a few drinks tonight. He's offering a gentle smile down at her, making the stupid decision to enter her house.
He's only been here one time before, with Namjoon on a night they all had planned to go to the club. It had only been for a few minutes, so he didn't have a chance to fully look around, but now he was able to see how messy she was. Pieces of past outfits thrown around, shoes scattered in front of the door, and so many water bottles.
It was cute.
Okay, no. That's not what he came here for. He simply needed to check on her and then he'd be on h way to spend the night with Viki, happily showing her what she's been missing in her twenty-one sexless years.
Arya has drunkenly slumped herself at the kitchen table, tossing the last drops from her bottle down her throat. Jeongguk is careful when he sits across from her, focus on setting the bag of food on the table. They sit silently across from each other for a few minutes, Arya sniffling quietly while Jeongguk tries to tame the pounding in his chest.
“What is it? Why are you upset?” He's nudging the wrapped sandwich in her direction, which she ignores, standing with a huff. She's grabbing a cold beer from the fridge for herself before she's plopping back into her seat. “Eat something,” He says when she's downing half of her bottle, only earning a swift shake of the head.
Honestly, it was lost to her why she asked Jeongguk over. He just always seemed to know what her boyfriend was thinking and at the moment she couldn't figure him out. Things were hard and she didn't want them to be. She needed the right answer, but she didn't even know what the question was.
And Jeongguk always seemed so sure when he spoke, especially when it was about Namjoon. Like he had a manual to their future and knew that they were going to work out. She needed some of his confidence in them right now.
“Do you think Joon is still in love with me?” Jeongguk has managed to pick every last pickle from his sandwich. He's picking up on the slight slur in her strained voice, the possibility of that statement no longer being true weighing heavily on her heart.
He doesn't hesitate as he nods, he doesn't need to. “Of course he is. Did you fight again?” A rhetorical question more than anything. He didn't need her to tell him, the evidence was staining her cheeks. Jeongguk is nudging his discarded pickles in her direction, knowing they were her favorite.
And he feels shitty right after because the only reason he knows that is that he's seen his best friend do the same thing countless times before. He shouldn't even be here, but he can't bring himself to leave.
Arya's pushing two pickle slices into her mouth before her face is scrunching and fresh tears are rolling down her cheeks. Emotions heightened from the liquor cruising through her veins, but it still catches Jeongguk by surprise. “All we do is fight now and I hate it. It's like he expects me to be only his and most times I don't mind it. But he always wants to fight over the smallest things. And he gets mad when I say it's not a big deal... but it never is!” Her sobs grow loud as she speaks, the words getting to her. 
“I don't think I can do this anymore,” Her head falls into her hands, back shaking as loud cries fill the room.
Jeongguk is springing to his feet at the sight, then awkwardly standing beside the table with the fear of getting any closer. “Hey, stop it...” He tries softly and it does nothing to soothe her tears. “What do I always tell you guys? Just talk about it. Tell him what bothers you, he'll fix it. You can't keep fighting with him and not talking about it after,” From where he stands, he's stretching his arm, hand awkwardly patting her back.
Her head is lifting to reveal her teary red eyes, nose wet and irritated. There's a pinkness to her cheeks, giving away just how much she had drank. She's drunk and crying and vulnerable and he really shouldn't be here right now. “No more crying, okay?” He's quick to pull his hand from her, grabbing his phone as an excuse.
“Eat that.” He's gesturing to the probably cold sandwich he had brought for her. “I have to go call Momo. She's on about Plan B and I know for a fact I did not cum inside her. Not to mention, the last time I sent her money... she went and got her nails done,” He's rolling those big doe eyes of his.
That manages to pull a laugh from Arya, head shaking at his ridiculousness. “You're gross. When are you gonna get a serious girlfriend?” She's too focused on unwrapping her sandwich to notice the longing look on his face. It's only there for a moment, he's quick to shake it away. He's gotten good at masking it.
Instead, he laughs, “And go through the same shit you and Joon go through? No thanks. I'll be back,” He lifts his phone as a reminder of the earlier mentioned phone call before he's leaving.
But he doesn't call Momo as he said. He's in no mood to deal with her nagging voice and the thousands of reasons why he should stop calling her... even if she was easier than fixing a bowl of cereal. He stands outside of her house for twenty minutes, coming up with an exit strategy. And excuse he can feed her that wouldn't make his real reasoning completely obvious.
He could just leave right now without a word. She'd probably end up falling asleep before realizing he was gone. But, that didn't feel right. Leaving her while she's a blubbering mess seemed like a dick move he'd pull on anyone but her. Telling her that he had to be somewhere else seemed sleazy knowing that the 'somewhere else' was at another girl's house.
Yet, Viki wasn't 'another girl' in this situation. There was nothing tying him to Arya and he had to stop acting like there was. He'd just go in there and tell her he'd have to go and that would be the end of it. Save the third degree for her boyfriend, because that... wasn't him.
Jeongguk is quickly finding the back and forth with himself was useless, she's fallen asleep. Cheek resting against the table and half-eaten sandwich in hand. From where he stands, he can hear the soft snores leaving her lips and even those sound pretty. Okay, he'd just move her to a more comfortable spot... and then he'll leave.
It's not special, he'd do this for any of his friends. Although, none of his friends smelt as good as she did. He's careful not to hold her too close as he lifts her from the chair, but that doesn't stop the way she's instantly snuggling into his chest. Nose digging into the fabric of his shirt.
“Mmh, baby. You smell different... new cologne?” It's the sleepiest, most slurred sentence that he's ever heard but it still sounds so clear. It causes a stutter in his steps, but she doesn't notice – too busy inhaling into his chest.
He's quick to set her down on the couch, ready to hightail it out of the house when she's reaching for him. Eyes barely open warm hand resting on the side of his neck. “My Joonie. I hate it when we fight.” It happens so quickly, he doesn't have a chance to react. Soft lips meshing with his, grip on his neck to keep his head in place.
The kiss is barely a kiss. Just mouths pushed together for all of five seconds. It's so elementary but it still has heart racing. Eyes wide as she pulls away. “I love you so much, Joon.” Honestly, if Jeongguk wasn't so riddled with shock, he'd probably burst into tears at that very moment. He bottles it up nicely, though.
Arya's head falls on his chest, eyes closing as she drifts back to sleep and that's when Jeongguk is carefully laying her down on the couch. Forcing himself to ignore the flutter in his stomach from that kiss as he unfolds her throw blanket, spreading it over her body. He finds her satin bonnet amongst the clutter and slips it on her the best he can without moving her too much.
And then he leaves. Shooting a quick 'ten minutes' text to Viki before he's heading to her house. He plays the music loud to drown the weird feeling stirring up his chest. It was best if he ignored it, act like it was some type of lucid dream. It was something so minuscule, she'd likely forget. Before he knew it, she'd be back with Joon and there was nothing else to it.
It didn't make sense to hope for anything else. He knew that she was happy with Joon and he had decided quite early on he liked her best when she was happy. 
Of course, he knew it was a dangerous game getting involved in their relationship, tonight was a perfect example of it. But, he wanted her to be happy, so badly. He couldn't help himself from inserting himself in places he knew he didn't belong. Even if it ended up hurting him in the end.
Tumblr media
OCTOBER 31ST | 20:32
Twenty-four hours is so different from a whole day. Spending twenty-four hours with you has Hoseok noticing things he's gotten pretty good at ignoring. Like the way, his heart skips a beat when you get too close. How his breath hitches every time you kiss him. And how empty he feels when you're leaving. 
He wants to be with you all the time and he hates it. Feeling dependent. Tamed. He hates it. But, he can't bring himself to do anything about it, because he doesn't hate you. In fact, he loves you.
Before he had chalked it up to being the high talking – his senses on ten so of course he'd feel like he loved you. But there's no trace of marijuana in his system when you're turning up at Yoongi's house, smiling all big and pretty as you rush over to him. Hardly noticing the attention you draw just by simply entering a room because you're too focused on him. And his heart skips several beats when you're circling your arms around his neck, engulfing him in your sweet scent. Kissing him wholly and sighing as you pull away.
He's in love with you... and it's terrifying. 
As earlier stated, Hoseok can't stand being away from you. Which is why his hand stays glued to your waist as you bounce from inner circle to inner circle. He's being sweet, attentive. Offering to fill your drink he notices it getting low, laughing at your jokes and hyping you up each time someone is giving you a compliment. 
Although, he still can't place what you're supposed to be dressed as. Shrugging it off each time he asks you with a laugh because you're honestly not dressed as anything. Only chose to wear this because it showed a tempting amount of skin and you had one precise goal set for tonight.
Jimin had been adamant about wanting to keep the guest list small, but that didn't stop anyone with an active social media account to show up. It's been an entire since Jimin has thrown one of his iconic monthly celebrations, so of course, it was a big deal. There's barely room to breathe so it's no surprise when guests start to spill onto the front lawn.
You and your friends had secured a comfortable spot on the couches, in the center of it all. And by your friends you meant: a love-drunk Namjoon sucking face with an equally love-drunk Arya. Taehyung and a random girl he found on his way inside (she was dressed as a sexy pirate and well, he was a simple man). The ever so popular Jin accumulating a small crowd with the animated way he talks to anyone close enough to listen. And an already cross-faded Jung Hoseok.
He had taken shots with you before the house started to fill up with extras and the moment he was settling on the couch, he was rolling a blunt for the circle to share. Which you hastily passed along in favor of not ruining their little rotation.
Hoseok has both arms wrapped around your waist, chest pressed to your back. Thigh nestled between either of your legs and nose dragging along the length of your neck. It's something you've noticed about him in the time you've spent together. High-Hoseok was extremely touchy and clingy and considering he was high 99% of the time when he was with you, it was safe to say he was always touchy and clingy.
Which is why you couldn't understand why you haven't done anything yet. He was always stopping... hesitating, ruining the moment with useless chatter and you've let it slide enough for it to start to drive you insane. Any more edging and you're sure your head will explode. That's why tonight had to go perfect and judging from the way his hands roamed over the skin of your stomach, he felt the same.
“Wait a minute...” There's a slight furrow in Taehyung's brow as he looks over the people sitting around. Realizing there's someone unaccounted for. Yoongi and Jimin had wandered off a little earlier and no one was really worried about them. No, there was someone else missing. “Where's Jeongguk?”
Hoseok has pretty much ignored all the other conversation happening around him up until now, head leaning back so he's able to steal a glance at Taehyung. “He's sick. Haven't seen him in days actually,” He's lifting his emptying to his lips taking a short sip.
A soft chorus of 'awes' erupts from the girls nearby at the mention of Jeon Jeongguk being sick. No doubt imagining him sniffling and sneezing cutely when you're sure it's much grosser than that. “Wanna go dance?” Your words cut off the Jeongguk related question from the girl seated beside Jin.
His body moves before his mouth does, head bobbing up and down as he stands from his spot on the couch, careful not to drop you. Fingers loosely intertwined as you lead him into the dancing crowd. It starts out innocent, although that was never your intention. Bodies simply moving to the beat of the music until you're moving in front of him, back to his chest and arm slinking back to wrap around his neck.
There's a subtle gasp catching in his throat as your ass brushes over his crotch. But he doesn't miss a beat, setting both hands on your hips and moving in time with your body. Cliches are cliches for a reason, they work. That's what you tell yourself as you're leaning forward the curve of your ass pressing firmly against his covered cock.
And then you're rotating your hips, bouncing your ass just enough to have him flinch. Which has a grin spreading onto your features, leaning further into him as his hands tighten on your hips. You're moving to the music and you half expect to continue moving on your own. But, Hoseok is quickly pulling himself from his stunned state and grinding forward.
He's gliding his hands from your hips up your stomach, gently pushing until your back is pressed against his chest. And then he's making the incredibly bold move (one that you haven't experienced since your first date) and covering your breasts with a hand. It's experimental at first, brow arched to see how you'd react and when you're not protesting, he's flexing his fingers around your flesh. 
The soft moan that falls from your lips shoots straight to his dick. He's leaning into you, nose nudging against your ear just before he's grazing his lips over the lobe. A much faster response than you had expected and you can't help but wonder just how long he's been holding back.
“Hoseok,” You're gasping at the feeling of his fingers tweaking your nipple. The sound alone would've been enough to push him toward the edge, but you just had to push back against him forcing his cock to drag over your ass. He's got a hand pressed to your stomach, holding your body to his as he sucks a line of kisses down your neck.
His lips are soft and cool against your burning skin and you're instantly filled with the need to feel them against your own. So you're turning in his arms, causing his hands to fall from your body and steal purchase on your back. You're leaning into him, hand set on the back of his neck to pull him down to you.
Tongues instantly clashing and your mouths taste heavily of the liquor you've been sipping, the weed he's been smoking. He kisses sloppily, fingers knotting in your hair. Not like you cared for the bodies dancing around you, but there was a sort of rush you felt from being like this in front of so many eyes.
He's easily pulling a moan from your lips as his teeth nip at your lower lip. And he swallows every last whimper, tongue coaxing your lower lip into his mouth and he sucks hard. “Fuck,” You're sighing, feeling the way his lips stretch as he lets out a low laugh. The palm of his hand sliding down the length of your back until he's gripping your scarcely covered ass.
“What if...” His mouth falls from yours and you're quick with latching your mouth onto the skin of his neck. He can barely form a coherent sentence, brain too focused on how good your mouth feels good on him and how much better it would feel on other parts of him. “I wanna fuck you so bad,” He's throwing the admission into the air and you're not too sure if it was actually meant for you to hear.
But, you're taking it like it is. “I want you to fuck me so bad,” Pulling back to look up at him and he's getting a good look at the neediness behind your stare. So obvious there's no way he could ignore it, not like he would even imagine to.
He's quick with putting distance between you, but that's only so he can take hold of your hand. Rushing toward the stairs and with each step your quickly abandoning the intricate steps of your master plan. Apparently, some subtle teasing was all he needed to set a fire under his ass.
Tumblr media
NOVEMBER 1ST, 2020 | 00:08
The hammering in his chest only intensifies as the two of you are into Yoongi's bedroom. Surprised to find it empty, Hoseok is quick to lock the door behind him. He's not sure if he's having a panic attack or if he was just that into you, but the moment you're pulling him in for another kiss he's convinced it's the latter.
You taste sweet, as always, like vanilla and he can't seem to get enough. His head is spinning and the need to be close to you, feel as much as he possibly can, is steadily creeping up his spine. Hands moving desperately over the curves of your body, from your breasts to your hips to your ass. He wants all of you at once, tired of waiting.
A hushed groan falls from his lips as your fingers drag along the board skin of his stomach, lifting his shirt along with your movements. He's pulling back from your lips reluctantly, allowing you to pull his shirt over his head. And then he's leaning right back down, arms secured around your waist and head buried in your neck.
He sucks harsh hickeys into your skin as he walks the two of you backward, careful with the way he lowers you down onto the sheets. You're so pretty to him. It had been a reoccurring thought for the majority of the night, but right now... right now seemed different.
Spread out beneath him, dark hair sprawled out against the white. You're looking at him with just as much want and desperation as he feels and that's enough to drive him insane. Fingers tangled in his hair and mouth quickly closing around his, not many people got to see you like this... have you like this. He knew that for a fact and knowing that you wanted him in that way was doing wonders for the pounding in his chest.
A confession heavy on his lips that he silences by pushing his tongue into your mouth. Soft and warm underneath his touch and he's in love with you. Every last bit of you. The way your legs spread, allowing him to fit his hand between... the whimpered moans you let out as he runs his middle finger over your covered slit.
Indirectly answering his earlier wonder of whether or not you were wearing any underwear with your costume. You weren't, the warm wetness meeting his fingers was proof enough. He doesn't even notice the grunt he lets out from the feeling.
“You're already so wet... want me to fuck you that bad?” His words are slurred and it takes a second for them to connect in your drunk mind. But the moment they do, you're nodding your head quickly – legs spreading as a silent plea. “Yes, please...” You're panting and it has a grin spreading on to his features.
Hoseok doesn't waste time undressing you properly, his fingers lowering to nudge your shorts to the side. Your body reacts as soon as he's pressing down on your clit, drawing sloppy circles into it. Hips twitching each time he's pressing down just right on it and paired with the slow roll of his tongue, it's not long before you're feeling the pressure building in your stomach.
And then he's lowering his touch, two fingers easily sliding past your walls. “Hobi,” You whine, fingers buried in his hair and tugging at the root. You can feel his smirk against your skin as he moves his fingers at a rhythmic pace, the sweet sound of your moans egging him on.
Just seeing you squirming beneath him, so desperate for him has his cock hardening in his pants. You feel the way it twitches against your thigh, just as he's lifting his thumb to tease your clit. It's all too much, he's playing your body like a violin. So effortlessly too, angling his fingers so he's perfectly brushing against that rough patch of skin deep inside of you, forcing your back to arch.
“Hoseok, please... I need to f-feel you,” Voice too whiny to be recognized as your own, but you don't care to dwell on that for long. Hands moving to his hips only to fumble with the buckle of his belt, huffing out when you're not able to undo it.
He's laughing at the pout that takes over your features, leaning down to press his lips against it. “I got it, baby.” He says through a laugh, fingers slipping from inside of you. And you don't like the emptiness that shoots through you upon the loss of him.
With his mouth to yours, he manages to pry his belt open. Inching his pants down just enough to pull his cock from its confines. You're whining at the first bit of contact, his engorged head pushing its way past your silk hole. He watches with his head bowed, the way you swallow him in with ease. Breath growing heavier the deeper he goes.
“Shit...” He groans as he's bottoming out, face dropping into the crook of your neck. Thumbs pressed into your hip bones and you see the strain in his features as he gives you a moment to adjust, allowing you to get used to the feeling of him being buried so deep before he's pulling back. Slowly, so he can watch every inch reappear but he doesn't have the same patience when pushing forward.
It's crazy. He feels crazy. Never has he felt something like this before. And he's had his fair share of rumps in the sheets, but never like this. He could feel you. And not because you were so snugly wrapped around his length, swallowing each and every thrust in. No, like actually feel you. 
And it's weird because he doesn't know why that is. Not much different from the other girls that he's slept with, so what's with the flutter in his chest, the fogginess in his mind. It's never been like this before.
He tries to drown it out by fucking you harder, pulling those wanton moans for you but that only has him falling further. Your nails are dragging down his back and you're begging for me and he feels like he's on top of the world. And it's because of you and he doesn't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing yet.
It's all too overwhelming for him to get his head around. He liked you, of course, he did. But how he's been feeling lately? Needy. Desperate. Co-dependent. That was dangerous and he had no idea what to do about it because the only option he could think of was the last thing he wanted.
But would it work any other way?
“F-fuck, I'm close..” Even if you hadn't said anything, he can feel how tight you're squeezing around him. So he's pushing in deeper, fingers reaching down to toy with your clit. The subtle touch has a pang of pleasure shooting throughout your body and you're spiraling much sooner than you're proud of.
Walls fluttering around his cock as your hips buck, cum leaking out of your hole. Feeling you cum around him, hearing your desperate mewl is quickly pushing him over the edge. There's a stutter in his thrusts, his stomach caving as he speeds to his own release.
He moves quickly to pull out of you, seconds after you've calmed down and he's surprised he's remembered to do it. Stroking himself to completion as his breathy moans hit the shell of your ear. His warm cum hitting the soft skin of your stomach and a low moan emits from the back of your throat.
Hoseok presses his lips to yours briefly before he's rolling off of you, arms lifting to push his hair from his sweaty forehead as he attempts to catch his breath. And normally you'd assume that was it, but something feels off.
It's silent for several minutes and the energy in the room has shifted, but you're not sure why. What changed from a moment before that has this awkwardness looming in the air. And how do you address something you couldn't even articulate. He was thinking hard about something, but you couldn't come up with the words to ask him what it is.
Instead, you're saying, “Should we get back to the party?”
Tumblr media
— you’re just his type. so it’s no surprise when all of his time and effort goes into making you his. though, they’ve always said… you only want it because you can’t have it.
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ohshutupjimin · 10 hours ago
Taehyung Imagine
Tumblr media
You were on FaceTime with him as he was on tour. He was in bed and was clearly exhausted.
“Babe get some sleep.”
He shook his head. “No, I want to talk to you. I miss you.” 
You smiled aoftly at his comment. “I miss you more, love.”
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joonieskinks · 12 hours ago
you get out of the shower
pairing: bts x reader
genre: fluff & a ton of flirting
word count: 1k-ish
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kim seokjin:
Tumblr media
You hopped out of the shower, freezing. Funny how you had the water on its hottest setting yet it wasn’t warm enough.
Grabbing your towel and quickly putting it around your body, you dry your feet on the mat outside the shower. You push back the wet hair in your face with one hand, the other holding the piece of fabric across your chest. 
Once you’re warm enough, you leave the bathroom to your bedroom, only to find your boyfriend sitting on the bed. 
“Hey, are you ready to go-?” Seokjin looked up from his phone and stopped in his tracks.
“Well, don’t you look beautiful.” He gushed and you blushed. 
“Am I going to make us late for the dinner?” You asked, full of concern. He just shrugged it off. 
“We can always reschedule. Besides, I can see two perfectly good reasons as to why we shouldn't go out peeking at me.” He smirked, peering down at the slipping towel against your chest.
min yoongi:
Tumblr media
“I’m going to get that off of you if it’s the last thing I do.” He whispered, trying not to move his mouth much as he was currently muted on a Zoom call with his family. You had peered out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel around your body, threatening to fall off as you panicked. 
You didn’t mean to walk in while he was on chatting with his family, it was supposed to be later today! You were just thankful they couldn't see you...
“Yoongi! When do we get to meet Y/N?!” His mother belted out from the computer, clearly eager. Your eyes met Yoongi’s in a desperate shock, praying he wouldn't embarrass you. 
“Ah, she’s not here as of right now. If you guy’s called at the agreed upon time, maybe you would have caught her!” He tried to sound nice, but you could tell he was annoyed. 
“Alright, call you next week, the agreed time please! Yup! Love you, bye!” He spat out before ending the call and closing his laptop. You caught wind of his intentions with you just by looking into his eyes.
“Now, get back here!” He threw his laptop onto the bed and ran after you into your closet.
“Naked. Now!”
jung hoseok:
Tumblr media
You had a towel around your body and a towel wrapped around your head. You sat on the toilet seat cover with a handheld mirror, just casually putting your makeup on. 
You were in the middle of putting on mascara when he walked in. 
“Hey, you can shower now. I’m all done.” You smiled, ready to watch him strip for you. 
But instead, he sat down in front of you, smiling up at you like a toddler. 
“What?” You laughed as he just peered up at you so innocently. 
“I just like to look at you. You’re my pretty girlfriend after all. Plus, I can’t figure out how you don’t stab yourself with that thing.” He said pointing at the wand. 
You just laughed and bent down to give him a kiss.
“Well thank you, Hobi. Now go strip for me.”
kim namjoon:
Tumblr media
“No-nn-no! Wait-!” Namjoon warned but you were already out. 
“What’s up, babe?” You asked innocently, stepping out of the bathroom and into your shared bedroom. You immediately spotted your boyfriend, but then furrowed your eyebrows at his shocked expression. 
“What?” You asked, still not realizing.
“Hey, Y/N.” Yoongi interrupted. Screaming, you jumped back, trying your best to hold your towel closer to your body. 
“Nice to see you, Y/N.” Seokjin nodded, only semi-avoiding his gaze. 
“Oh God, I-I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t know you guys were still here.” You spat out quickly, trying to escape back into the bathroom. 
“Namjoon here forgot his wallet and jacket. Naturally.” Yoongi explained before nodding at your boyfriend and leaving the room. 
“Sorry, Y/N.” Namjoon nervously kissed your cheek on his way out. He started to escort Seokjin out of the room as well, but not before his hyung could get a second look. 
“Very nice to see you, Y/N.” He winked before making his way out of the room. You flushed a deep embarrassed red and your boyfriend an angry red. 
“GET. OUT.” 
park jimin:
Tumblr media
“Wow, you’re gorgeous, Y/N.” Jimin gushed at the sight of you before him. His jaw literally dropped open. At the sound of his voice, you rushed to put a towel over your body to cover it. 
“Jimin! You weren't supposed to see me now! I was saving it for tonight for when we... You know...” You trailed off, implying exactly what he thought you were implying. 
“It was supposed to be special.” You looked down at your feet, embarrassed. You just wanted your first time together to be special, at the right time. 
“Y/N, you don’t need to worry about that. It will be special, it’s you and me.” He came closer to you, with your permission, and held your face in his hands. He gave you a kiss on your forehead. 
“Think of this as getting the anxiety over with, then just the pleasure is left. I can strip naked right here, right now too!” He said with enthusiasm. 
He really just wanted you to be comfortable because you really were gorgeous and there was no need to fear that the magic would be ruined. Every time he looked at you, he thought you were magical. End of story. 
kim taehyung:
Tumblr media
“Oh. Sorry, Tae. I didn’t realize you were in here.” You apologized, stepping out of the shower, naked. 
Taehyung just watched you through the mirror. He was trying to get ready, do his hair to meet his hyungs later today, but you just captured his attention entirely. 
“Sorry, I didn't realize you needed the mirror, my love.” You tried again, expecting a response. You bent over and finished towelling off your wet hair, wrapping it onto your head. Once you were upright again, you looked to your boyfriend. 
“You’re so beautiful. I’m very lucky to have a girlfriend as gorgeous as you.” He said sincerely, so softly. 
And you just melted. 
jeon jungkook:
Tumblr media
“Back in you go.” You finished wrapping yourself up in the cloth, puzzled look on your face. 
“What, why?” You asked, staring at your boyfriend in the steamy bathroom.
“Because-” He hesitated, walking closer to you. Just as he got close enough, he grabbed hold of the towel and peeled it off you until it fell to the floor. 
“I want to join you.” He looked you up and down before tearing his own shirt off, exposing himself to you. 
“Well, perhaps we can do 10 more minutes?” You bit your lip in anticipation, starting the shower back up.
“Then we can take it to the bedroom after, deal?” He smirked, stepping into the shower with you, fully naked. You grabbed his waist and brought his body onto yours underneath the warm water. 
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blu-joons · 13 hours ago
Bail Out ~ Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
As you continued to watch happy couples, friends, families, walk in and out of the restaurant, your heart shattered as you stared at the empty seat that was across from you. You’d tried Jin’s phone more times than you cared to remember, but he was yet to respond.
Even the waiters had come to you with sympathy and offerings of company, struggling to see you sat all alone. You could almost imagine them sniggering in the back as you assured them time and time again that you were waiting for your boyfriend to arrive.
After an hour had passed, you dialled his number once again, surprised not only when you heard the call connect, but also heard Jin’s voice on the other end of the line. “What’s going on, has something happened Y/N?”
Instantly, your heart sunk, placing the glass of wine that you held in your hand to the table. “You’ve forgotten, haven’t you?”
“Forgotten what?” He asked innocently, wracking his brain to try and figure out what you were referring to.
As he continued to hum as he thought, you could hear the laughter of someone else on the other end of the line. It was a sound that you recognised, you knew exactly who it belonged to and exactly who Jin had chosen to be with.
“We had reservations,” you finally spoke, fed up with listening to him try to remember, “do you not remember that we agreed to go out for dinner tonight?”
Your eyes rolled, covering your face with your hands to shield yourself from anyone else seeing you as your eyes began to water. You couldn’t quite believe the audacity of him.
“I see you had a better offer,” you sighed, hearing several of apologies be uttered from Jin on the other end of the call. “Did you forget our date night Jin, or did you just get a better offer to spend the evening with Hyohyun?”
“Y/N,” he whispered, excusing himself from the table that he sat at with Hyohyun in a restaurant just a few streets away from where you were, “I would never have come to see Hyohyun if I remembered that we had date night tonight.”
Your head shook, struggling to find it within yourself to believe him, “I appreciate that she’s your friend Jin, but what about me? What am I supposed to do tonight now?”
As another waiter passed you by with a soft smile, you could feel the red tint in your cheeks of humiliation. You’d never felt so embarrassed, let alone to be left feeling so alone at the hands of your boyfriend too.
“Let’s reschedule,” he suggested as if that was the easiest answer, as if it didn’t matter to him that you were all alone, despite being promised that you were his priority time and time again.
Each time he spoke, your frustrations grew bigger and bigger. Jin knew he’d mucked up, he didn’t need to hear you sigh on the other end of the line, it was only adding to the guilt that he felt as he sat outside the restaurant.
“I don’t want to reschedule,” you boldly stated, waving one of the waiters down to bring your check across to you. “There’s no point when I’m being let down time and time again Jin. You’ve got to see that this isn’t easy for me.”
His eyes glanced across the car park to his car, and then through the window of the restaurant to where Hyohyun still sat, waiting for him to reappear. His head and his heart were telling him two different things, but only one of them was right, which Jin knew.
“Stay where you are, I’ll be there,” he vowed, “twenty minutes, that’s all I ask. I won’t forget about you like you think I do Y/N, I promise.”
You paid off the bill that the waiter brought to you as Jin hung up the call. You could still feel their eyes watching you as if you were crazy, and perhaps you were for even trusting that Jin wouldn’t let you down for a second time in the night.
The wait for him was anxious, with each minute that passed your hope dwindled and the knots in your stomach pulled tighter. Each car that passed by caught your eye, but none of them belonged to Jin as you hoped.
Nineteen minutes passed, and your coat was on, ready to call your humiliating evening a night, when the door of the restaurant flew open and Jin stepped him. His eyes shot around the restaurant until he spotted you sat in a table by the window, staring across at him.
“I’m sorry,” he announced as soon as he was within earshot of you, walking past his chair and straight over to you, pressing a kiss against the top of your head. “I can’t even say sorry enough.”
You tried to remain still, despite the advances that he made to wrap his arms around your body. He’d made the effort, a little too late for your liking, and whilst you could forgive, you weren’t quite ready to forget straight away.
“If I remembered our date was tonight, I would have been here in a heartbeat,” he spoke, taking a hold of your hand as he finally sat to the table. “I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must have been for you to be here alone.”
“Embarrassing. Lonely. Scary,” you responded, poking your tongue against the inside of your lip.
With each emotion that you listed off, it felt like kick after kick in the teeth for Jin. He wasn’t stupid to not recognise when he’d messed up, especially judging by the expression that was on your face.
“I don’t expect to be perfect,” he sighed, squeezing gently at your hand, “but can we at least try and enjoy the rest of our evening together.”
“I’m three glasses of wine ahead of you,” you pointed out to him, nodding down at your empty glass, “I think you at least owe me my fourth glass of the evening to start with your apologies.”
Jin nodded diligently, smiling across to one of the waiters as they passed by, ordering himself a drink and you the largest glass of wine that they did on the menu. Your smile softly grew as he looked back at you once the order was sent.
“It might not seem it right now, but you’re my priority,” Jin spoke up yet again, “I don’t know what I can say to really put things right, but I just hope that you trust what I’m saying to you right now.”
“I’m glad that you’re here, that shows me that you care.”
“I do care,” he assured you, smiling across the table at you, “I love you, even if there are definitely times when I’m a bit of a fool. Even if sorry and a glass of wine isn’t enough tonight, I hope it goes part of the way to proving to you that I regret what’s happened.”
“Staying mad at you is useless,” you responded, finally allowing a small smile to appear on your face, “you’re right, we should at least try and enjoy the rest of the evening that we have together.”
“And you can have as much wine as you want on me to say sorry,” he sniggered.
“You’ll regret saying that.”
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ohshutupjimin · 13 hours ago
Imagine Seokjin
Tumblr media
You were behind the camera while the boys were filming a run episode. He caught you staring at him, so he blew you a kiss.
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kooktrash · 13 hours ago
fuck flowers ❀ jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
summary: the relationship you have with Jungkook is very up and down, hot and cold, left and right. but he thinks that flowers make everything okay, but they don’t.
student idol!jungkook x female student!y/n
warning(s): ANGST, couple fighting, kook’s not the most present boyfriend, you’re kinda mean but also still making points, FLUFF,
✨this is just a Drabble with no smut, but you can request flower kook headcanons in my inbox✨
- Now, if anyone were to listen to you rant about your boyfriend, they’d say to dump him. To drop him like it was nothing if there really was that many problems with each other. Because who would want to stay in a relationship where there’s constant fighting and a lack of trust? They’d ask, what did he do this time? And your answer would be that last night was your birthday and he didn’t say a single thing, didn’t give a single gift, and instead went drinking with the guys.
After two years you’d think he’d remember your birthday but all he did was show you he didn’t. On top of that, when he got too drunk he called you at 3 in the morning asking you to pick him up. Of course you went but you didn’t expect to find some girl on his arm trying very obviously to get his attention. Now, he was slurring his words telling her he had a girlfriend, which is the least he could do, but he didn’t stop her from touching on his chest until he spotted you.
And honestly, fuck Jungkook. If he hadn’t gotten you mad over the fact he forgot your birthday, you wouldn’t be failing to concentrate on your exam. The questions below you floated off the page moving everywhere. But right now, you couldn’t even be completely mad. Not when a delivery driver came in with a bouquet of roses, looking down at a picture before making their way toward you and setting them on the table.
A bouquet of roses with a small note stuck inside. You apologized to the other students and your professor as you quickly snatched the note and read it to yourself.
“to the most beautiful girl in the entire world. happy late birthday baby -Jungkook”
You rolled your eyes, shoving the card back in it’s tiny envelope and into the bouquet. To anyone else this would’ve seemed like a good apology—except he did this every time. He’d fuck up and send flowers to you thinking that’s what you want. He never gave an actual apology, never spoke the words just assumed it’d be okay with flowers. At first it was cute, always receiving flowers from your boyfriend but it was only because he didn’t want to apologize.
He didn’t even mention the girl from last night either. And as you went to your next class, you took your phone off ‘Do Not Disturb’ and found your phone blowing up.
kookie: hey babyyyyyyyy
kookie: hellooooooooooooo
kookie: gimme attention :(
kookie: r u mad?
kookie: OH SHIT
kookie: happy birthday 🎊
You rolled your eyes, putting your phone back on ‘Do Not Disturb’ waiting for your next class to begin. You weren’t entirely surprised when another bouquet of flowers arrived, this time a mix of pastel colored flowers.
At work it wasn’t anything different. It was the usual honestly, Jungkook figured if he suffocated you in flower arrangements then you’d forget about the girl and his failure to remember it was your birthday. You wouldn’t typically make it a big deal, actually you haven’t done much for your birthday in years. The thing that bothered you, was when you tried asking him to go to dinner with you he went on about how he’d already made plans with Jimin and Taehyung.
Every customer that walked in for some latte or americano asked about your four bouquets, asking if there was a special occasion or not. The few times you did explain you’d get the, ‘Oh that’s cute. I wish my boyfriend did this.’ ‘Just forgive him, obviously he cares.’ ‘He’s a keeper.’
You let the bouquets fall onto the couch, pulling your hair out of the pony, rushing to your room for a shower. You washed away the long day, letting yourself cool down. Some may say you’re overreacting with Jungkook. That he obviously realized what he forgot and that the flowers are his way of apologizing.
But you couldn’t take it anymore. Jungkook was always doing things like this. You barely saw the guy nowadays, and the only day you ask him to stay in with you he goes out for drinks and to flirt. This isn’t the only time he’s messed up in some way. Like the first time you broke up, when he was talking with some girl texting her every night. Or when he spilled coffee all over your Interior Design presentation after you asked him not to put a drink on it. Or the time when he called you a stuck up bitch for not wanting to go out drinking with his friends—even though you told him you had a fever and weren’t going to get out of bed anytime soon.
Well that time was the only one where he actually apologized, coming to your side for the night and staying in with you. But the next day he had no problem calling you a bitch again for not going out.
“You could’ve at least put them on the table,” you overheard from the living room. Jungkook appeared in front of you, carrying the bouquets to the table. “What? You’re still not talk to me?” He rushed out turning toward you with an arched brow.
“When’d you get here?” You asked pulling the towel off your head. Jungkook didn’t say anything, walking toward you with open arms and an evident pout on his face, “Why are you still mad?—“
“Oh god don’t start with that now,” you moved past him, hanging your towel on the closet door and moving to look for vases so he wouldn’t cry about it. “Baby you know I’d never—I fucked up. I didn’t mean to forget your birthday I just...”
“It’s funny you think that’s the only issue here,” you scoffed busying yourself with your flowers pretending you can’t see his dad expression. His eyes lifted toward you, round doe eyes slowly hardening.
“You’re not jealous of that girl last night, right? I told her I had a girlfriend,” Jungkook said, another argument spewing between the two.
“No I’m not jealous,” you groaned turning the faucet off and putting the bouquets in carelessly. “I’m mad that you’re always such a fucking asshole. If I am asking you to stay in with me, why can’t you do that? You always give me shit for not going out but you don’t hear me telling you half the shit you say. On top of that, you’re letting some girl touch up on you while your girlfriend is celebrating her birthday by herself. Do you know how fucked that is?”
“I do know! Why do you think I’ve been sending you flowers all day! I fucked up I get it but cut me some slack here I’m trying!” Jungkook said, tone changing as he filled with anger toward you now for not taking his apology.
“Fuck flowers!” You shouted, foot stomping the floor in a mini tantrum, “I am so sick and tired of getting fucking flowers. They don’t mean shit to me anymore. You can’t fix all your mistakes with roses. I don’t even like roses!”
Jungkook took a step back, listening to your harsh words. You turned your back to him, “You know how annoying it is, to never hear your boyfriend apologize for shit? There’s always an excuse or someone else to blame. A-and then you send these stupid flowers thinking it’ll all be okay and you’d get here and find me waiting around for you.”
“And to make matters worse, everyone’s always like ‘Wow what a great boyfriend’ ‘He must really love you’ ‘You don’t have a reason to be mad at him’ so fucking annoying,” you huffed in annoyance, “I can never be upset about something. I’m always overreacting or being mean. I can never have time to calm down. I ask you for space and you don’t listen. You never listen and I’m getting tired of the fights.”
“So it wasn’t just about your birthday?” Jungkook asked. Your face dropped, relaxing for a moment in realization, mouth slightly open, “Please, leave.”
12 days
That’s how long it took for you to speak to Jungkook again. Even during class, he’d find himself checking his phone for you. In between studio sessions and practices he could only think of you. Because he was beginning to see where you were coming from. He’d do something to make you upset, and instead of wanting to talk about it he’d send flowers. Or he’d choose not to bring it up and pretend it never happened.
You were opposite of him. You loved talking things out. At times you’d go overboard, letting your anger get the best of you, but only because you wanted to squash things. At times it made Jungkook anxious, wanting to be happy again and not argue but you wouldn’t let it go. To make sure that didn’t happen he always sent flowers in place of a conversation. If he could avoid conflict he would. He didn’t even second guess it when you’d pretend it never happened too. Instead you’d thank him for the flowers and move on. He couldn’t believe how much he ignored. Like the way your eyes would shift at the sight of them, feeling silenced by his manners.
Or when he’d be playing video games, too focused on his friends to see his girlfriend trying to sleep in the back. Or too excited to get to drinking to see how his girlfriend wasn’t feeling well. He looked past a lot of things about you and he wished he didn’t.
He thought, that because he knew the patterns your beauty marks took on your skin, he’d be able to know everything else about you. But when it came down to it he barely tried to anymore. He didn’t question why you stopped telling him about your coworkers or ranting about an essay. He didn’t question why you always put the roses on the windowsill where you couldn’t see them, but the pretty tulips would be everywhere in sight.
So it wasn’t just because of your birthday. Or the girl from the club. Or the stupid apology flowers he’d send. But because he was absent. A shitty boyfriend who always seemed to have better things to do—like going out without his girlfriend on her birthday.
He missed you, and he didn’t know when you’d talk to him—if you were to ever again. He sat in his room, fingers tapping his notebook trying to put his feelings into words. He had to do something, anything to make you talk to him.
kook: I know u are probably still mad at me
kook: but I miss u and I realize I’ve been a shitty boyfriend
kook: I know this isn’t what ur looking for but I wrote something for u.
kook: maybe you’ll want to see me?
‘STILL WITH YOU’ - BTS JK for loml’
He was nervous. He could feel his heart fall to his ass when he saw you. From the second he buzzed you in to the moment he opened the door to your prettt face he couldn’t breathe normally.
“I’m sorry.” He rushed out, “I’m sorry for being a shitty boyfriend. I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday and leaving you all alone. I’m sorry for being inconsiderate of your feelings and always trying to avoid my mistakes. Please don’t break up with me.”
You were silent, driving him crazy as he reached for your hand, “I promise to be a better boyfriend to you. I haven’t been away from you like that... ever, not being able to call or text you whenever I wanted. I missed you, and I couldn’t express myself enough that’s why I wrote that song. I know it’s not what you’re looking for b—“
“Shut up and hug me you big dummy,” you shut him up, a smile spreading on his face as he pulled you in abruptly, instantly crushing you in his arms. “I’m sorry,” he kiss your hair, “I’m sorry,” and your forehead, “I’m so sorry,” your nose and then cheek.
“You’re so annoying you know that?” You scoffed trying to keep a serious face but you couldn’t. He nodded kissing your ear and above your eye, “Yes, I’m so annoying.” “And you’re an asshole and sometimes I just want to choke you,” you went on but he only nodded and pulled you tighter.
“I hate you,” you giggled as he kissed below your ear lightly, “You love me.”
“I love you baby,” he smiled, nose pressing against yours, “So I need you to get your pretty ass back to your place, and pack your swimsuit cause we’re having a belated beach birthday celebration.”
“What?” Your brows furrowed. He nodded brushing his fingers through your hair, “I rented a beach house this weekend, just you and me, nobody else. And maybe I’ll give you another birthday surprise there,” he winked. You rolled your eyes, “You did all that? What if I would’ve came to tell you we needed to officially break up.”
He smiled as he held the door open for you as you put your shoes back on. Tilting his head he spoke, “Then I would’ve packed your cute butt into my suitcase whether you liked it or not. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”
Your eyes shifted to the welcome mat for the first time today. It was changed from floral themed to plain black. Your brows furrowed, “You get a new mat?”
“This?” He pointed to the mat, “Yeah, my girlfriend apparently fucking hates flowers, so I got rid of everything floral.”
You looked to meet his teasing gaze, pushing his shoulder playfully as he chuckled, “Go pack up. I’ll pick you up in thirty and you better be ready pretty girl.”
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whalien-army7 · 14 hours ago
Armylegends don't forget to vote BTS on BBMA!! Vote max 10x on website
Tumblr media
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ohshutupjimin · 14 hours ago
Imagine Jungkook
Tumblr media
Taehyung walked in on Jungkook cuddling a pillow and asked him why he was doing it. His response was “Y/N isn’t here to cuddle, so I’m cuddling a pillow instead. It’s not helping, I miss her.”
Luckily, Taehyung recorded it and sent it to you, melting your heart.
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lyanswer · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
!! please spread awareness of what's happening in palestine right now !!
this isnt about religion this is about humanity
tl;dr palestinian families are being kicked out of their homes so isralie settlers can move in to their homes . pls pray for palestine , it doesnt matter if you're muslim or not !! THIS ISNT ABOUT RELIGION ITS ABOUT HUMANITY.
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namjoons-littlegirl · 17 hours ago
Ok but imagine being in littlespace and playing with Namjoon’s hair, using hair barrettes, and clipping cute accesories on his fringe. And calling him pretty when you’re done. Can you imagine the way he would smile? 🥺🥺🥺🥺
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ohshutupjimin · 17 hours ago
Imagine Hoseok
Tumblr media
You hadn’t seen Hoseok in months due to him being on tour. So, you decided to surprise him by going to one of his concerts. This was his reaction when he saw you in the crowd.
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engsubtitlesplz · 17 hours ago
Summary: What kind of person would you be if you didn’t investigate the shrieks of terror coming from the floor above you?  Pairing: Neighbor!Hobi x Reader  Warnings: Crack-ish. Innuendos. Yoongi’s taste in porn. 
You were not, honestly not, the kind of person to go exploring mysterious screams coming from the darkness at ungodly hours of the night- you’d given a fifteen-minute educational speech on how to survive a horror movie for Christ’s sake (obtaining the highest marks possible, mind). However, natural curiosity was a bitch and you were too tired (and a little too stoned) to fight it off any longer. It seemed possible that your upstairs neighbor was quite literally being murdered, there was no way someone could screech that long and that loud for anything short of a gaping wound, and you refused to let them fall victim to the bystander effect. No, your consciousness would be clean, no dead bodies on your watch! So, proceeding with utmost caution, which is to say with a dull pocket knife and phone half dialled in to emergency services, you crept up the stairs to apartment 205.
Jung Hoseok was having an awful, shitty, absolute wreck of a day and it was all compounded in this moment, teetering precariously on his roommates rolling chair, while a fucking serpent slithered around beneath him. His throat begins to itch as he releases involuntary screeches at every perceived movement the pest makes; a particularly undignified one escaping as he makes the leap from compromised plastic to the soft worn material of his favorite armchair. It is only due to his immense amount of dancers' grace that he manages to stick the landing.  He was closer to his phone now, his blessed phone, and subsequently closer to calling for backup. ‘It would be’ he thought ‘tonight of all nights.’ Any other time his best friend would have been home, and yeah, he would have to catch a lot of shit for needing such assistance but at least he wouldn’t be about to perish at the hands of the slithering monstrosity. He gears up to make the last final leap across the divide to his mobile when two things happen very suddenly; the demon rears up as if to strike, and his front door is flung open with enough force to shake the opposing wall. His dancer's grace fails him as he flails in shock, tumbling to the ground with a rather pitiful yelp. 
As soon as he lands on the floor he begins rolling frantically in the opposite direction of his tormentor, squawking the whole way. He manages to make it back onto his feet and find purchase on higher ground within seconds, only then fully taking in the stranger standing in the doorway. It takes a minute, brain fuddled by fear and confusion, to find his voice, but when he does he immediately begins screeching for the newcomer to take cover lest they be viciously attacked. 
Truthfully speaking, the absence of blood shocks you more than expected, it wasn’t that you were keen on walking into a crime scene but it really had sounded like Michael fucking Meyers had showed up in the neighborhood and you’d braced for the worst. Instead you found a scared, but otherwise perfectly intact, man and a harmless little snake. Initially it is hard to decipher what he is trying to tell you, his sheer volume working against him, but eventually you are able to make yourself heard. “Hey, it’s okay- I got it!"He looks reproachful as you slip further into the now silent apartment and creep closer to the stilled reptile on the ground. He begins to call out protests as your intent to pick it up becomes clear, but you shush him with a small shake of your head and a smile; “Seriously, it’s fine! It’s just a little garter snake; I actually have one of my own...Well, not this breed, but yeah. Just gotta’ grab ‘em behind the head and we should be fine.” He does not climb down from his perch until after the creature is secured, following after you and watching in awe as you speak gently to the thing as if to sooth it on the journey down the stairs and through the courtyard. 
You don’t turn to address him until your new little friend has slithered out of site; “Sorry for bursting in on you like that, I seriously thought you were about to die.” He lets out a good-natured laugh, smile lighting up his face. “Are you kidding me? You’re my hero, Thank you! Plus it’s good to know we’ve got a beautiful badass crime stopper door?”  “Down stairs,” you provide, before he jokingly continues on about how he would’ve been utterly doomed, shaking his shoulders a bit for emphasis as he complains about his roommates abandonment. 
“Yoongi, right? My roommate and I ran into him the other day, we had a good bitch about the lady in 203. I should’ve figured he wasn’t the one responsible for all the commotion.” 
“It’s more likely he would’ve been involved if it actually was a murder attempt, but in this case no. Was it really that bad?”
“Oh yeah, terrible. Honestly. Though now I’m morbidly curious over what would’ve happened had it actually been a big snake; would you have just tossed yourself out the window?” 
Choosing to ignore the dig, he immediately quips back “You want to see me handle a big snake, huh?” Wiggling his eyebrows in an exaggerated manner to show he’s joking, at least partially, but his smirk is deadly, “That can be arranged, I do owe you after all.” 
“Cool! I actually have a Burmese Python in my apartment.” 
“Wait wha- Fuck no. I give. I was just- do you really?” His face is an interesting mix of abstract horror and morbid curiosity as he games at you. 
“Do I really have a snake? Yes. But if you want to confirm specifics by all means-” You turn and gesture to the entrance of your apartment, “go ahead.” To his credit he takes the time to at least pretend to consider before; “As tempted as I am...hell no. But, I have a counter offer. We go back to my place and you help me face another of my fears, the weird ass arthouse movie my roommate no doubt left queued.”
He’s cute, funny, and you’re curious as to how bad his roommates taste in movies could really be so the choice is not a hard one. You do, however, use the journey back through the courtyard and up the stars to warn him that should he turn out to be an actual murderer, and all this an elaborate ruse, you can scream just as loudly as him. His only response is a considerably darker sounding chuckle and a muttered “Promises, promises.”
It’s a disjointed thought, one that comes unprompted in the middle of the night, but all of a sudden Min Yoongi is quite aware that he left BBW 69: Kitten Bites Back loaded in the living room's DVD player back at his shared apartment. With a grumble he turns over in bed, ‘Hoseok better not smudge it again.’
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taetaespeaches · 17 hours ago
“Are you kidding? My heart nearly gave out.”
namjoon x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 1K
a/n: The Pink Joon 2.0 reveal was honestly a whole ass moment. So why not write a fic about it, right? I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :))
p.s. I quickly wrote this as a sort of request to help cheer an anon up so it’s pretty unedited and not the best, but I hope it serves the purpose <3 
Tumblr media
On your days off, it wasn’t necessarily rare for Namjoon to call you and ask for your company at the studio. However, bringing the dog along was rather different.
Just moments earlier the man rang you up, asking very nicely, almost too nicely, for you to bring Monie to the studio for a visit.
When you playfully but sassily asked, “Is my presence desired or should I just send Monie with a staff member?” Namjoon chuckled, telling you, “of course I want you here… but I just need Monie for a bit.”
After a roll of your eyes and a teasingly reluctant, “yeah, yeah, love you too,” at the end of the call, you found yourself in the car bringing the dog to your boyfriend.
For some reason, this was a no questions asked situation. Bring the dog and you’d find out what your boyfriend was up to. Namjoon was always a bit silly and dorky, but this sort of randomness was not as common.
Making your way through the company building proved to be a challenge as plenty of staff were thrilled to see the dog happily walking beside you on his leash, everyone cooing and taking their time to greet and pet the pup. With the way Monie acted, soaking in every bit of attention given to him, you’d swear he was neglected all day. He was quite the actor.
Giggling at Monie’s big smile and excited wiggles, you led him down the corridor after he had finally decided he had enough attention. “Come on bubs, we gotta find dad,” you told the dog as he walked alongside you, happily looking around the hallway. “Do we think he’s in his studio?” You continued communicating with Monie as you made your way closer to the RKive.
However, you were stopped in your tracks when the door opened, a man stepping halfway through the doorway when his gaze met your own, halting his own motions.
He looked like your boyfriend, but he couldn’t be; your eyes must have been deceiving you. Because last you checked, which was that very morning, your boyfriend did not have pink fucking hair.
That dimpled smile though sure did look like Namjoon’s, and when Monie spotted his dad down the hallway he whimpered in excitement. Dropping the leash to allow him to dart toward the man, you couldn’t even coo at the cuteness of the fluffy animal due to the shock of seeing your boyfriend in all his pink glory.
“Hey Monie,” Namjoon greeted the dog, crouching down to pet him and allow the dog to jump on him in excitement, all while you stayed in place, staring at the deceiver in shock. “Daisy,” the man yelled out toward you, standing up and opening his arms for a hug. “Come here,” he smiled widely as you shook your head at him, a smile of your own curving on your lips. The dog made his way inside the studio, his leash in tow as he explored the familiar surroundings, making himself right at home.
“Kim Namjoon,” you whisper shouted at him as you quickly stepped toward him. Pulling an expression of excitement and disbelief, you appeared in front of him, the man wrapping his arms around your waist instantly as yours draped around the back of his neck. He tugged you against his frame tightly as he rocked you back and forth in a tight hug.
“What the fuck?” You asked in surprise, your lips brushing against his cheek as you attempted to get a look at his hair, your fingers digging into the strands at the back of his head. “When-” you started, cutting yourself off when Namjoon loosened his hold on you so you could lean back to take a proper look at him. “What?!” You asked in utter excitement, a smile spreading on your lips as you tugged on his locks. “Oh my god.”
He looked good. Really fucking good.
Brushing your fingers through his fringe that was nicely coiffed, you shook your head at him as he beamed back at you. “Dimples, you look amazing,” you complimented before adding, “you fucking lying betrayer,” with a giggle.
Namjoon ducked his head in laughter, looking up at you with an expression that almost appeared bashful. “It looks ok?” He asked, an uncertainty present in his tone as you scoffed at him.
“Babe, you look incredible,” you assured him, brushing your fingers through his hair once more as if the action enunciated your sincerity. “I’m shocked but in the best way,” you told him, leaning toward him and kissing him softly, the man tightening his hold on you just slightly as he kissed you back. “Pleasantly surprised to say the absolute least,” you mumbled against his lips, appreciating the way you could feel his form into a smile in response to your words. “Is this your attempt at a redemption arc?” You questioned with a playful smirk, the man scoffing at you. “Making up for the actions of your former pink self?” You continued teasing him, both of you thinking back to the man’s appearance on the show Weekly Idol. It really wasn’t that bad, but he liked to play up how badly it haunted him.
“I need you to take some pictures of me with Monie,” he told you, ignoring your teasing, leaning back to look at you as he spoke the words. Smiling in realization, you nodded slowly.
“You’re literally going to kill your fans, you know that?” You informed and questioned him, the man chuckling with a nod.
“And you? How’s your pulse?” He asked with a smirk, you smiling as you jokingly clutched your heart.
“Are you kidding? My heart nearly gave out,” you teased, the man laughing as he pulled you into another hug before kissing the top of your head, chuckling against your hair.
When he posted the photos later, all hell really did break loose. And quite honestly, you couldn’t blame the fans for their reaction. Your boyfriend was certainly proof that ‘all men do is lie’. But he was a sweet dimply pink haired beauty of a man, so it was ok. He was easy to forgive.
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