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purplepebbles · 20 minutes ago
Just hold me (PART 2)
You were a mess when you found out about Ryan's deception making it too hard to take it all in, until you met the handsome stranger who kind of saved you, was certainly too irresistible for your own good.
Pairing - RM x Reader
Rating- 18+
Genre- hell lot of smut, closure, self content.
The one drink, Wait too many drinks that you had weren't allowing you to think straight. You were a total mess under his touch, making you feel as if nothing existed anymore in this world apart from him.
There was something about this man that made you melt in the way he touched, the way he smelled, the way that shirt hugged his biceps and the two buttons that were open at this chest screaming to rip them open to lay your hands on his bare chest.
Before you knew you were stumbling in his hotel room trying desperately to rip each other's clothes off to devour that bodies straight. You threw your heels near the door while he threw your dress in some corner of the room. You ripped opened his shirt before he threw you on the bed.
You licked your lips at the man standing before you shirtless, chiseled physique, disheveled hair and rugged jeans flashing the same killer dimples that landed you in here in the first place.
Are you just going to stand there and keep looking at me? You asked. I was just making sure if this is what you want, he smirked looking at you which made you shift a little surprised. You pulled his jeans inserting your fingers by his waist and flipped him over the bed and climbed on top of him.
I thought I was clear when i kissed you like you were the last human on this planet, you unhooked your bra giving him full view of your tits scooping right over his bare chest making a direct contact of skin. You could already feel his tent in his jeans. He was melting under your touch keeping his hands firm on your waist. You are pretty sure I guess, he giggled. You moaned an absolutely in his ears slowly licking his earlobes sending a delicious shiver down his body. Slowly trailing wet kisses down his neck to his chest, you started nibbling onto his chest leaving marks behind which he didn't seem to mind at all.
He grabbed onto you enjoying this pleasure you were so bent on giving him. You made your way down those freaking perfect abs down to the jeans unbuttoning it as your licked his sides. You could already feel a pool forming below soaking your panties to full. Once free of the jeans and his boxers his cock sprung free, all you could do was gasp at the beauty of it, the veins running all around his length, the red tip waiting eagerly to fuck you out of this world. You kept wondering if he could fit in you.
He threw his head back in pleasure when you started the tip of his cock taking his entire length in one go. Baby your mouth feels like heaven he gasped for breath when you started gagging on him giving him full access to the back of the throat hitting it simantenously as your hands kept working the magic vigorously on his length. Making him squirm like that gave you a different high. You pace started increasing significantly deep throating him and palming him at the same time. You could feel him tightening around your mouth, baby I'm about to come. You increased your pace of gaging when he shot hot loads of cum through your throat, making his legs tremble.
That was fucking awesome he groaned collecting his breath making his legs tremble. You shot him a smile until he flipped you right back leaning over. Something took over him as he kissed you hungrily while his hands played with your tits squeezing them like his life depended on it. You were liking this pain and pleasure that he was inflicting on you. The sight of him sucking on your nipples heigtened your arousal in a dangerous way his fingers lingering around your body somemore.
Everything seemed to go blank as the man began eating out like you were his last meal. He tongue started working the magic between the folds whilst he kept leaving marks under your thighs. You pulled his hair in pleasure as you felt your coil about to snap reching your peak. Yes baby, cum for me, all over my tongue, you let go of your release literally having your eyes roll back in pleasure as he had a grin plastered on his face.
That was so good, you said enjoying your high. He smirked settling next to you. You just couldn't believe how the day unfolded, ending to a stranger sleeping right next to you. He had a calm aura to him which you didn't notice before.
The night was spent fucking each other in every possible way, he fucked you to the glass in the room leaving no room for your sanity. You found it a fact that it was somewhat so arousing that you did not even know this man and yet he was working your way around your body like he owned it.
He helped you clean giving you gentle rubs in the shower rubbing like you would break if he wasn't careful. There was so much different in the man who fucked you showing you no mercy and this gentle man who was taking care like a treasure precious to him. You laid right next to the man wanting to cuddle you to sleep but you all you Managed to say Just hold me before drifting to sleep.
The morning sunshine fell lightly on your face while you slowly opening your eyes trying to figure out your surroundings, until the details of the last night started coming back to you. Your head hurted like a wall hit you before you realized the situation back there, you hadn't informed anyone when you left and probably everyone would be freaking out to your whereabouts.
You dressed up hurriedly before leaving having a last look on the sleeping stranger, it would be rude to leave just like that so you left a note for him and kept his phone over it so he can find it easily.
"I had an amazing night yesterday, one of the best to be precise. But I have something very important to take care of so had to leave. But (****-***-***) hit me up if you have the time and maybe I can thankyou for yesterday.
You reached the resort to find everyone worried sick freaking out where you had been, while Ryan sat in a corner. Baby girl where have you been? You mother ran to hug you sobbing. I just needed to clear my head out mom I'm fine you replied. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief to find you safe. Nobody looked like they had even the bit of sleep.
You still were lost on how to process things but fortunately Ryan had already told everyone what happened atleast he had that bit of a conscience you thought. It didn't take long for everyone to understand that you needed sometime alone for a few days to clear your head. You bid everyone goodbye and returned to your room to freshen up and take a much needed shower.
Everything was turning out to be a faze as you felt the warm water ran through your body, all thoughts felt like needles piercing your heart with a million questions. All you needed to take a break from the world with having nothing to worry about you thought as you stood in front of the mirror drying yourself. You stopped midway when you saw the hickeys on your chest and smiled at them, just just your phone beeped well it happened to be the text from the reason of those hickeys itself.
"And a bye in person would have been much more exciting, but nevertheless il see u in the evening? A walk on the beach maybe?😉 "
- Namjoon
So his name is Namjoon????you thought to yourself.Interesting...You didn't want to know where this was going, you didn't want to know what it meant? All you knew for now is you were happy with the attention that he gave your body. Didn't bother of it was one time or didn't mind if it happened again. You had just too much stress and maybe he was the relief you needed!! Maybe!!
Part 3 to be continued.
Credit to all the gif owners.
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ktheist · 33 minutes ago
the crown prince.
knj / myg / jhs / ksj / pjm / kth / jjk 
the first time kim taehyung met the sorceress is when the marquis introduced her as his adopted daughter.
she was meant to curse him and the imperial family a slow, painful death.
but instead, the first thing she did upon becoming his acquaintance is to tattletale on her father.
first, they convinced taehyung’s elder brother, seokjin and seokjin being seokjin, roped their second brother, hoseok, into this and with that, hoseok’s close friend, namjoon.
one touch and it was all it took for their father, the previous emperor, to believe her dazzling emerald eyes that glowed with the power that lead to the annihilations of her kin a few generations ago.
they thought she was still little bud; an empty glass and if poured with the teachings of the empire, could become the empire’s greatest weapon.
or so they thought.
“huh? a war? i’m not going! i hear you’d have to sleep on the ground. at night, you could feel insects crawl up your skin and sometimes, you won’t be able to bathe for days!” she laments, laying on the chaise longue underneath the tree shade of the garden her elder brother gifted her.
after the fall of their father, her elder brother received the title and just as unambitious as the young master was, she had grown to be the exact replica of him.
taehyung couldn’t help but sigh under his breath, relief flooding his body.
“then, i’ll tell seokjin that.”
the army’s faring well without a sorceress on their side regardless.
he’s about to leave when she calls for him.
“since you’re here, would you like to have dinner together?” she has her eyes closed as if she can’t be bothered to send off the crown prince to his carriage.
“sure, unless you’re the one cooking.”
“are you insane? i can’t have my nails chipped, i just had them done. look.” she waves her slender fingers in the air, a pleasant smile on her lips.
taehyung takes it and lightly bites on her index finger.
“you pervert!”
and that’s how the crown prince had a cushion thrown in his face.
when he meets her again, it’s during the purge of the corrupt ministers. 
“him,” she points to the baron of isira who’s leering at seokjin as the two spoke.
“and him, and her, and her,” she goes on to single out every minister that was involved in either human trafficking, tax evasion, slavery and many more.
“how do you know?” taehyung asks, on one starry night as they lay on the grass, staring up at the sky.
“i may have grown up as a cinderella who got adopted into a noble family but... do you know why sorcerers were feared?” she turns to him with eyes that shine brighter than the stars, “it’s because we know too much, even if we didn’t want to.”
taehyung only smiles, “not all,” he says.
she does not know that she owns his heart.
“marry the dragon queen? your brother’s gone mad. mad, i tell you.” she huffs.
it’s because her own brother is stationed  farther away from her as work to move the capital to the kingdom of the free is put into motion as the imperial marriage approaches.
“i wonder, when did love started becoming a sin?” he murmurs.
this time, it’s him that’s laying down on the chaise longue while she marches back and forth with the fan fluttering in her face without anyone holding it.
she rarely uses magic but when she does, taehyung notices, it’s only when they’re alone.
“marriage? what do you mean?” taehyung thinks he hears the sound of glass breaking.
“it’s only natural, is it not?” she says simply, tossing one letter after the other into the fireplace.
they’re invitations to parties after she’d come of age.
apparently, high society’s caught wind of the marquis’ beauty of a sister.
“why are you here?” she hisses under her breath, vexed.
it’s the third time a boy’s made a sharp u-turn when he saw the crown prince come to stand next to her.
“i’m the crown prince, am i not allowed to attend a ball of one of my subjects?” he says simply.
it’s the way her emerald eyes glow with distrust that tells him she knows he never goes to these parties.
“since we’re both without a partner, would you like to dance with me?” he asks, shifting her attention away from the fact that it’s because of him that she’s partnerless.
“i suppose you’ll do.” she says as if he’s not the most coveted man in the empire.
well, that is, after seokjin got married to the dragon queen.
on the empire’s founding day, she stands next to him  in the roof-less carriage as it goes down the street, waving and smiling at the people - he asks her to be his partner for the day and she asks him-
“so, when will you get on your knees for me?” 
he almost fell sideway and off the carriage.
“you say the most unpredictable things.” taehyung laughs though all he hears is the sound of blood in his ears.
when he does get on his knee, it’s on the day of his birthday, in front of the imperial guests from all over the continent.
it’s the first time he’s seen her look so flustered.
but she's always managed to gather herself effortlessly.
“your highness, i didn’t know you bear such feelings for me!” she dramatically exclaims and he has an inkling that it has something to do with siera belanger, the girl that’s been making a nemesis out of her.
“yes, yes, i’ve gone mad like my bro-”
he doesn’t get to finish when he throws her arms around him.
“shh, don’t ruin the moment by bringing up your fool of a brother.” she whispers to him softly whilst the nobles gaze at them like they’re witnessing a love story of the century unfold.
has it truly just unfolded?
he feels like he’s been in love with her his whole life.
he’s always known he’d be part of hers and her, him.
he wraps her arms around her waist and buries his face in her shoulder, inhaling the rosy scent that he loves so much.
(”how long have you known?” he asks as he sits on the ground, leaning up against the chaise longue that’s been moved from her mansion to the palace after the engagement.
she’s playing with his hair.
“oh, darling. you’ve always been in love with me.” the cockiness that tugs on her smirk is one he’s become fond of.
taehyung takes her hand, lips hovering over her knuckles but instead of kissing it, he lifts it up just enough for him to trap her pinky finger between his lips.
he watches as her she blinks for the briefest moment before her eyes go wide and the faintest trace of pink dusts her cheeks.
“we’re in public, you pervert!”)
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l000ey · an hour ago
soompi ━ storm
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗺 𝗟𝗲𝗲 𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 𝘄𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻 𝗿𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗗𝗿𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝗵𝗯𝗼'𝘀 𝘀𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 "𝗘𝘂𝗽𝗵𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗮".
𝗔𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗹 𝟬𝟯, 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵 𝗯𝘆 𝗗.𝗞.𝗦
It’s no secret that BTS is becoming a worldwide phenomenon that goes beyond its home country but the last week, on March 28, the ARMYS were surprised due to a post from Drake of the only female member on instagram.
The western rapper posted a photo in which Arabella Lee, better known as Storm, appeared. In the captation of his post, Drake wrote, "Really excited to announce that this girl will be part of my project. It has been hard for me to convince her, but I have succeeded".
Tumblr media
A few days before he had published an equal picture but this time the protagonist was the former Disney star, Zendaya Coleman. Also on March 25, Storm published two photos of her in which both Drake and Zendaya commented.
Tumblr media
A few days later the Canadian explained the reason for these words in an interview, "I had been with the idea of Storm in the series for a long time, I wanted her to be part of the project because I knew it would be much more successful if it was part of it the most successful girl of the moment", he continued,"BTS is becoming something very big therefore Storm Lee also so it is more busy for what it cost me that she could accept due to their schedules and her worth" He laughed when he said the last sentence.
Tumblr media
Korean citizens have begun to give their opinion on the participation of the nation's heartbreaker in the project because the Western series are quite out of Korea's conventions while some ARMYS have joined and expressed their dissatisfaction, some have supported the idea confirming a large number of viewers for the series before it has been released.
Source (1)
Tumblr media
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byzantiumshades · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk/Jungkook (BTS) x fem!reader
Genre: Smut
Contains: Drinking, possessiveness, making out, marking, dry-humping, name-calling, orgasm denial
A/N: This is the first part of the The Come And Find Me duology!
“Cheers to that,” laughs one of your friends rising her glass in a toast.
Reaching towards your own drink, you realize with disappointment that you’ve already drank it all.
“Care to pour me a drink, love?” you ask a man sitting on your right side.
He complies with your request with a smile that surely makes women’s knees go weak instantly but, unfortunately for him, you’re not the type to be conquered. You’re the one who conquers.
“Thank you, honey,” you say with a sweet smile as you take the glass from him, letting your fingers touch for a brief second.
“My pleasure,” he nods leaning back against his chair with a smug expression on his handsome face.
Suddenly you feel a light tap on your shoulder – a young woman sitting on your other side is clearly trying to get your attention. Turning towards her, you realize she wants to tell you something, so you lean forward to hear her better.
“You know him?” she almost screams into your ear while pointing in the direction of the most shadowed part of the room.
Your gaze follows her hand only to see that she’s talking about the man sitting on one of the leather couches half-hidden in the shadows – Jeongguk.
“He’s been gaping at you for quite some time now.”
“I know him very well,” you shrug nonchalantly with a smirk causing the woman to laugh as she nudges you with her elbow.
“The night’s still young,” she says, rising her drink with a wink.
You simply laugh in the answer, gently tapping your glass with hers before turning to hungrily observe Jeongguk as you sip your drink. Even though he’s not wearing anything flashy, somehow that tight-fitting black shirt and a pair of dark jeans make him stand out even more from the crowd surrounding him. He doesn’t need anything besides his charisma to turn heads, you know that already.
“Gorgeous,” you murmur into your already empty glass as you drink in the sight of him instead.
The way he licks his lips after downing a shot makes your own mouth go dry, so you ask the man next to you for another drink. As you grab the glass, your eyes involuntary travel in Jeongguk’s direction – how could you not notice it before?
His head’s slightly tilted to the side, dark eyes colder than you’ve ever seen them being boring into the man sitting next to you like he wants to see him dead. He looks away, talking to his friends, laughing at their jokes – all that while smirking under his nose, not even trying to hide his contempt as if trying to play it off. But you know he’s just pretending from the way his jaw clenches, the way he puts his tongue in his cheek – he’s jealous.
“Another one?” asks the man beside you, clearly hoping to receive something in return for his kindness.
What a disappointment awaits him.
“Thanks, love, but I’ve had enough for today,” you say swiftly standing up and straightening your dress.
Before he could say something about your sudden departure, you’ve already walked away, disappearing from his view for good. No need to waste time like that when you know that there’s something much more interesting in store for you tonight.
He’s still sitting where you’ve seen him before, but there’s considerably fewer people around him now. Only partially empted bottles of various alcohols tell you that they certainly didn’t leave for good. You can’t help but click your tongue in irritation seeing that he’s not alone – an attractive young woman boldly flirts with him clearly using everything she has in her arsenal to get his attention. However, she proves herself to not be very assertive as she quickly backs off seeing you approach the table. Good.
“Not so lonely any more, I see,” you chuckle sitting on the couch next to him, your thigh pressed hard against his.
“Must be why you choose such dimly lit place to sit in the first place.”
Jeongguk rolls his eyes before pouring himself a shot and downing it in one go. His Adam’s apple bobs visibly when he swallows and your fingers practically itch to touch it.
“It’s private,” he answers curtly, not even looking at you.
“I know, love,” you chuckle then, your hand brushing his knee as if by accident.
You can feel the muscles of his thigh tensing next to yours before he forces himself to relax. Always trying to appear so laid back and unbothered, that man, pushing you to the edge with his indifference. But for you nothing is impossible – in the end you always get the reaction out of him.
“So why are you here? From what I’ve seen earlier you were clearly having fun with that guy,” he says nonchalantly examining a cocktail stick he just picked from the table.
You’re about to answer when he puts said stick between his lips, his tongue rolling it in his mouth with precision that makes your core clench at the very memory of what this tongue’s capable of. That bastard knows what he’s doing, no doubt.
“Are you jealous?” you ask tilting your head to the side as you reach towards his face and take the cocktail stick from between his soft lips.
“Me? Why would I be?” Jeongguk huffs in return, rolling his eyes as if amused.
He’s good at acting you have to admit – if you didn’t know him so well, maybe you’d believe him. What betrays him is his body: his fists clenching and unclenching in a steady rhythm, shoulders tensed, lips swollen from biting in irritation. All of those tell you all you need to know.
“You know that I don’t like it when you’re acting like that, Jeongguk,” you murmur slowly leaning towards him, giving him plenty of time to move away.
He doesn’t.
Your lips brush his jaw softly, your nose moving alongside his cheek as you pepper his coarse skin with kisses. His breathing gets heavy, long eyelashes brushing his cheekbones as he closes his eyes with a quiet sigh. It’s absolutely delightful how weak he is for your kisses.
“You were the one who stated that you don’t want to feel tied down, love,” you continue, your lips moving against his skin as your hand gently massages his inner thigh.
“I was wrong,” he breathes out leaning back against the couch, baring his neck for you as if begging for you to kiss him there.
“I hate it. I fucking hate it when they touch you, when they flirt with you, I hate it when you flirt back. Good god I hate it so fucking much.”
“I want to be the only one who gets to feel your touch, for your lips to only touch my skin, for your eyes to only see me,” he manages to say before your lips land on his.
Kissing him is always so easy: it’s as if your lips were made for each other, moving together without any care for the outside world. The kiss becomes more and more aggressive as time passes, and it feels like you were both starving for months to finally slake your thirst now.
“Please, I need you so badly,” he pants out between the kisses, his shaking hands caressing your sides tenderly.
“How can I say no when you ask so nicely,” you chuckle before straddling him.
For a moment you just sit on his lap admiring him as there’s a lot to take in. Even the dimness of the room can’t hide the bright flush colouring his cheeks, and it pleases you deeply. He observes you too from under his long eyelashes, his head thrown back on the backrest, swollen lips parted slightly as he tries to catch his breath.
“Like what you see?” he asks with a cheeky grin playing on his lips.
You only smile back in the answer before leaning forward and placing a kiss on his Adam’s apple. A shiver runs down his spine when your fingers slip into his tangled locks and you tilt his head carefully to expose his neck. There’s nothing better than marking that flawless skin of his, forcing him to either hide the hickeys somehow or show them off for everyone to see. You love to create constellations of those on his body: that long neck, strong thighs, muscled chest and abdomen all covered in marks made by you – what a sight to behold. Besides, you like to be sure that every time he looks at himself in the mirror he thinks of you.
“You know that I love to look at you, Jeongguk,” you murmur into his skin as you rub your crotch against his teasingly.
“Fuck,” he murmurs placing his hands on your waist, his thumbs massaging your skin through the thin fabric of your dress.
Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re aware that you’re still in the room full of people, but you can’t bring yourself to care. People were doing worse things than drunkenly making out in such places anyway.
“You’re an asshole, you know that? Constantly telling me to do whatever I want only to act like a petty little bitch when someone pours me a drink,” you scoff pulling hard on his thick hair.
Jeongguk moans softly in the answer but nonetheless smirks under his nose.
“So you noticed.”
You roll your hips angrily causing him to growl out your name as if in warning. It’s a part of the game you both like to play, and you can feel yourself getting excited already. You never get bored with that little push-and-pull dance knowing that the reward’s worth waiting for.
“It’s hard not to when you look like that,” you shrug tenderly caressing his jaw with your hand.
His strong arms circle your waist tightly, pulling your body closer and closer to his until there’s no space left in between. As you feel his hard length rubbing against your clothed crotch, an idea appears in your mind.
“You’re quite an attention seeker, aren’t you?” you chuckle grabbing his jaw and forcing him to look at you.
“So what if I am? I’ve got your attention, haven’t I?” he answers with another smug smirk.
The things you want to do to this man. He’s too attractive for his own good, really.
“You’ve always had my attention, Jeongguk,” you murmur before kissing him hungrily.
He clearly didn’t expect you to do that as he doesn’t respond at first. Just when he starts to do so you on the other hand start to roll your hips against his causing him to moan right into your lips. The kiss turns sloppy as you focus all of your attention on moving as swiftly as you possible can in this position.
“I can’t believe I’m saying this but, fuck, we can’t, not here,” Jeongguk manages to say between the kisses, but you silence him quickly putting a finger on his lips.
“Why not? Don’t you want them to see that I’m already taken?” you ask sharply as your fingers slip down to curl loosely around his neck.
You could feel how irregular his pulse became after this question, the movement of his hips also losing its previous steadiness. Distracted you move away just a little, and he uses that opportunity to hide his face in your shoulder. It’d have been quite adorable if only you weren’t currently dry humping in a room full of people, but it’s not like you’re going to complain anyway.
“Fuck, I’m close,” he cries out as his grip on your waist tightens.
“Is that so?” you ask just before stopping to move altogether.
He huffs out a laugh knowing very well where this is going.
“Should’ve expected that, I guess,” he says in a shaken voice.
“I told you, love, I don’t like it when you act like that,” you say kissing his head lovingly as you caress his locks with your hand.
“You’re going to learn from your mistakes, aren’t you?”
He doesn’t answer at first, but then his grip on your waist starts to loosen slowly.
“Yeah,” he answers in a hoarse voice as he moves away to lean against the backseat.
You have to admit: his level of self-control is something to be admired. The desire’s still swimming in his dark eyes, but you know that he has learned his lesson, at least for now.
“Think about it. About us, Jeongguk,” you say standing up carefully as your legs are shaking a little from the effort.
No matter how hard you try to act unaffected it’s never the truth with him.
“And then what?” he asks softly looking up at you in that way that makes your heart beat faster.
“And when you decide, come and find me.”
It takes everything from you to not turn around and look at him, but you force yourself to look ahead of you as you walk away. It’s his move now.
Copyright © 2020-2021 by byzantiumshades. All rights reserved.
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kpoper-s2 · 3 hours ago
✧      . .
.   *✵ . *
˚          .      . . ✧
·     ✧ ·  * ˚ ·    .   *         ✧ ·  * ˚ ·    .   *
·    .   . ✧
.   *✵ .
˚          .      . . ✧
·    .   ✧
·  * ˚ ·      *             . · . . . . ✧      .
      ✧      . .
.   *✵ .
✧        .
.    *✵
˚          .  ·      ✧
·  * ˚ ·    *             .
· . ··   .
✧        .
.    *✵   ˚          .
·      *           ✫
˚     ·      *            ✫
☆ • °
° ☆ • °
☆ • ° ☆ • °
☆ • ☆
° • ☆ ° •
• ° ☆ • °
° ☆ • °
☆ • ° ☆ • °
☆ •
• ★
°       ✧
∗ .
・*。  ✽
• ★ .
. ·
.   ∗ .
• ★
°       ✧
∗ .
• ★
°       ✧
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house-of-cakes · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jamais Vu 
Masterlist || Series Masterlist
Prev || Next
Chapter 24: No Costume, No Entry!
Jungkook x Reader: enemy to lovers AU
Warnings: swearing??...maybe???
Premise: “There’s an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It’s when you meet the same people or visit places, again and again, but each time is the first. Everybody is always a stranger… Nothing is ever familiar” – Chuck Palahniuk, Choke
AKA Jungkook goes in search of the girl who got him expelled. 
You guys...I can’t  W A I T  for ya’ll to attend the Coming of Age Party 🤭👀
If you would like to give feedback or be tagged in this story please send me an ask/message 😊
Tagged list: @inspinkyring @betysotelo18 @kardia-apo-marmelada @casspirit0705 @preciouschimine @therealsugababe  @lucedelsole97 @deolly @lexy9716  @thesweetest-peas @sannsia @jovialdelusionbouquet @starlight-night0 @moonibub
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borahaebich · 7 hours ago
Playlist 🎶
Summary - In which bratty jungkook makes fun of your sex playlist infront of all your friends and when you confront him he proposes an interesting idea.College AU! Content warning - smut, language,subJungkook.
Pairing - jock|brat Jungkook × reader
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Note - song references are italicized
Chapter 6
Get you - Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis
Jungkook wanted to wipe that smug expression off your face, he wondered if he could achieve that by making you gag on his length until you couldn't breathe. His fantasy to teach you a lesson by fucking your pretty little mouth wasn't going to become real anytime soon though, not if you had any say in it but he had a feeling the odds were going to shift in his favour soon.
Every time I look into your eyes I see it, you're all I need
Rising up from in between his legs, you decided to untie the restraint and free his pretty little wrists.
You straddled his thigh as you said,
"It's already the last song kook, any requests?"
Jungkook caressed the freshly exposed skin of his wrists as he looked at you and replied,
"You're going to regret that"
You weren't intimidated because of what he said, but because of the way he smiled when he said it. Hoping to establish your dominance once again, you straddled your legs around his thigh. With one hand stroking his member and the other on his chest, you left a string of kisses near his ear, trailing down to his neck.
"Hmm is that so, you aren't going to be a good boy for me anymore?" you whispered.
He grabbed your waist and put you flush across the mattress now, you lay on his bed sprawled out, just as he had been moments ago.
He towered over you as he took his shirt off and answered,
"Well,we've only just begun"
Every time I get a bit inside I feel it
He climbed on top of you, pinning your wrists over your head as he grabbed the restraint you had used on him for his own pleasure now.
You were still dazed by how quickly the tables had turned and before you knew it,your hands were tied above your head; Jungkook's cock resting on your stomach as he buried himself in your chest.
He left bite marks and hickeys all over, kissing your body as if it would disappear any minute. When he finally kissed your lips, the pleasure in your body mounted. The kiss was purely animalistic; it was sloppy, loud and you found out then that Jungkook had a thing for biting your bottom lip. He had been letting his hands roam wild; squeezing your breasts, playing with your nipples, lifting your hips up just so he could knead your ass. Gradually he slid his hand to your panties, his mouth trailed kisses down your stomach as he decided to settle his face between your thighs.
Who would've thought I'd get you
Jungkook played with the elastic of your thigh highs, you were beginning to think he had a thing for them. He made you squirm and squeal as he marked the insides of your thighs, leaving sloppy kisses and hickeys all over.He shimmied your underwear down and rose up from his crouched position to get a full view of you. He had never seen a sight so beautiful, you looked absolutely demolished and your lips had never looked so appealing.
He had always found you attractive but unlike other girls you had never paid any attention to him at all, his ego was hurt and it didn't help that all of his friends always talked about how great you were.
He lowered down on to your body once again, putting his two fingers near your pursed lips he commanded,
Every time I get a bit inside I feel it
You parted your lips and sucked on them as they hit the back of your throat; laced with your saliva now, he took them out and put them to better use.
His fingers worked magic on your wet cunt, you were almost embarrassed by the effect he had on you as you bit your lips not wanting to unravel so easily.
"Don't be like that now y|n, let me hear you say my name" He whispered in your ear as he stuck another finger in, stretching you out.
You lost all shame as a string of curses left your mouth, with his name sandwiched in between.
When he was satisfied with his work he put his fingers in your mouth once again,
"Clean this mess up for me will you princess"
Your eyes grew wide and suddenly your mouth had a mind of its own as you licked and sucked on them again. When you were finished he praised you,
"Good girl"
Your heart soared and your thighs met reflexively.
He stroked his length now, not breaking eye contact with you.
"Such a shame you didn't finish me off with that pretty mouth, if only I could fuck your pretty little cunt"
His lewd words sent shivers down your spine,
"Can I?"
You didn't want to give him the satisfaction but you really needed him inside you; so as a compromise,you moved your head up and down. He wasn't satisfied though,
"I need you to say yes or no, y|n. I need to know you want this too"
No thought in your head,you whimpered,
"Yes jungkook, I want this. I want you."
And when we're making love , your cries can be heard from far and wide
Jungkook untied the restraint and reached for a condom from his nightstand; the music filled the background and in the softly lit room you saw Jungkook, lustful for you as he readied himself. He lined his cock up with your entrance and slowly teased you as he eased in.Once you had taken in his full length his came face to face with you.
You hooked your arms around his neck and pulled in him for a kiss; this time it was different, he kissed you like a lover would, like he was in a drought and you were the rain.
He moved slowly, his thumb hooked on your belly button. He eventually buried his face in your neck, leaving your lips lonely.
Your nails grazed his defined back as you let out unadulterated loud moans of pleasure, his name a constant in them.
He noticed how when he went slow you moaned and called him "Guk" and when he picked up the pace you broke his name into two, "Jung" followed by "kook".
Jungkook was embarrassed to admit it but he couldn't last long in this moment; the way your body was tightly pressed into his, the way your moans and whimpers entered his ears, the way you felt around his dick, all of it was too much.
"Fuck I'm going to cum" The shakiness in his voice becoming noticeable.
You wanted to make him feel as good as he had made you feel, you tensed up your walls and whispered,
"Cum for me Guk"
Everything I need's between those thighs
His body relaxed into yours as he came.
He got off of you and lay by your side as he panted. After a few minutes had passed and he, he cleaned up after himself and landed on the mattress with a thud,
That one word said it all.
It hit you all at once what had just transpired between you and Jungkook. It was rare for you to casually hook up but it wasn't the end of the world so you didn't really care, what you were stressed about was the uncharted territory you had just entered with a guy you had disliked a short while ago.
Did he have feelings for you? Did he just want to fuck? Did you have feelings for him or were you just too horny to function?
You realised your own nakedness and felt exposed,even after all you did with him. Jungkook sensed your discomfort and offered you your panties and his t shirt as cover ups.
You blushed at the gesture,
"Uhh thank you"
He smiled,
"After all we did, you're really going red at me giving you my t-shirt?"
You looked down,
"There's no logical explanation for it, but yes"
"Hey, if there's anything I learnt today is that logic isn't shit"
You eased back onto the bed, body turned towards him,
"Really? And why is that?"
He turned his body towards you too,
"Well I came up with a very logical experiment I will say but in the end my hypothesis was proven incorrect"
You blushed again,
"Hey but not for lack of trying I'll give you that. I have no idea how you managed to stop your self from cumming,honestly, I'm impressed.
"Yeah thanks to you changing the research objective midway and edging me, I was chanting 'dead babies dead babies' in my head to stop myself"
Your laughter filled the room.
He fondly smiled at you and pulled you closer to him,
"I like your laugh"
You stared at him, unsure of this closeness,
"Uhh thanks, everyone says I sound like a horse when I laugh"
He giggled,
"Good to know"
Both of you smiled like idiots at each other until you spoke,
"Uh so what now?"
He got up and propped his back on his headstand and motioned for you to come to the spot beside him. You crawled and plopped your self down there.
"You don't mind cuddling, do you?" He asked you so seriously you almost laughed.
"No I don't mind"
"Alright cool"
Jungkook's idea of cuddling was interesting to say the least; he nuzzled his face in your boobs held your waist with a death grip.
You chuckled,
"This is literally just a way for you to put your face in my boobs"
"Yes and what about it?" Came back a muffled reply.
You smiled as you let your body relax into the bed; your leg swung over his, your fingers running through his soft and now slightly sweaty hair.
As both of you drifted off to sleep you decided you didn't want to think of probabilities and variables any more, you were just going to exist in the moment,with a cute boy in your arms and at your disposal.
This feels like summer
Boy you make me feel so alive
Just be my lover
Boy you'll lead me to paradise
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Night Fishing (Jin x Reader)
Contains: Smut (but like, not the obscene kind); Fictional representations of existing persons; Sickeningly sweet fluffiness; Some silliness. 18+
Summary: You’ve been in love with one of your best friends for a long time and decide unexpectedly to tell him how you feel.
Tumblr media
You’d been friends with the seven members of BTS for a little over two years. You’d met them in LA when they were touring and promoting their latest album. You had been promoting your latest film. You found yourself booked with them as the entertainment for a Late Night episode and you had impressed them with your fluency in Korean when you’d met. They felt at ease with you. You were one of the few American friends they had where they could be unafraid to say or do the wrong thing. It didn’t matter around you. Whenever they visited they stayed in your home, and you visited them when you could.
You’d recently taken a full two weeks of personal time in between projects, and you couldn’t think of anywhere you’d rather be than with your friends. Bonus, they’d had some coinciding time off aside from appearance obligations that they could achieve anywhere with an internet connection. They’d invited you to stay with them at a lake house their management team had rented. It was perfect.
“I’ll get that,” Jin said as he grabbed your luggage when you arrived. The rest of the group greeting you with hugs and high fives.
“I’m so glad you’re here, I brought Soul Caliber VI, we’re going to do another tournament,” Jungkook shares excitedly.
You laugh, “So I can kick your asses again?”
“I’ve been practicing Noona, huah,” he tells you, mimicking karate moves.
“Mmhm, well I hope so, I felt bad for you last time,” you say giving him a pat on the head. He blushes wildly while the others roar with laughter.
The lake is glorious, you can see people way off in the distance, boating and skiing, but there doesn’t seem to be a single soul near your all’s access. The breeze is making sweet sounds whipping through the trees and the warmth of the sun on your skin feels so good it’s giving you goosebumps.
“I thought you were more of a beach girl, but you look like you’re enjoying yourself,” Jins voice calls out behind you and you watch him take the chair next to you on the dock.
“Mmm, this is perfect,” you sigh, “I had thought about visiting Jeju-do, but this is so much better,” you tell him.
“There’s good fishing here,” he shares and you laugh.
“I don’t know the first thing about fishing.”
“I could help you, if you’d like,” he offers.
You shake your head, “I think I’ll keep fishing as a spectator sport,” you grin up at him over your sunglasses before laying your head back against the chaise.
You glance back, your eyes hidden behind the lenses, to find him staring at you. You watch curiously as his eyes dart over your legs, waist and then to your face.
“You’re making me blush SeokJin,” you kid as his face turns an embarrassed shade of red.
“Just...your swimsuit is pretty,” he stammers, “that’s my favorite shade of blue,” he stands up.
“Indeed, and my favorite shade of pink is the one flushed across your cheeks,” you poke fun at him.
“Okay, ha-ha,” he smiles, “I was just coming to see if you wanted to fish. If you’re sure you don’t I’m going to head out in the boat,” he changes the subject.
“No, I’m fine right here,” you tell him.
“See you later,” he calls as he walks away.
You prop yourself up on your elbows, “Be careful!” you shout and he turns toward you curiously, “you the boat, wear a life jacket or whatever,” you tell him and lay back down.
You watch him disappear across the bank into a small private boathouse. The truth was that he had made you blush. When you first became friends with the group it had been, challenging, to say the least. You’d been photographed with them at multiple events, but it all came to a head when you, Namjoon and Yoongi had gone on a coffee run once when they were visiting you. Media put two and two together and the internet did what the internet always does: jump to conclusions and spread false information.
Were you dating one of them? Were you sleeping with all of them? You’d seen photoshopped pictures and heavily edited videos of you in all kinds of predicaments with each member, multiple members - even all seven. It was all just a gross violation of your privacy, your integrity and you’d contemplated ending your friendship with them at the time. It had been Jin who convinced you otherwise. He’d called you and you’d talked on the phone for hours, strategizing, talking shit about what you’d seen, then eventually laughing at the absurdity of it all.
Oddly enough, long after you’d hung up and started going about your evening, it had hit you that Jin was different. At least to you. For a long time, you just blamed the tether you felt with him on your similarities. You were both the same age, you both appreciated the value of a good sense of humor, you both had similar families and family made sense that he stood out to you. Eventually, you realized that out of all the members who you cherished deeply, it was Jin that you thought about late at night. It was Jin you missed the most, and it was Jin whose face you found first to look at whenever you greeted them.
That evening, after a delicious meal and several drinks, you all sat around the fire pit. The guys were talking about the video games they’d brought, Jungkook and Taehyung arguing over who was better. You spoke Korean fluently, but sometimes it got tuned out, like now. You were sitting silent, watching the moonlight reflect off the lake illuminating the entire world with a bluish white glow.
“Y/n has had too much I think,” you hear Yoongi joke, “she looks like she’s going to pass out.”
You hear them all chuckle at you. You’ve had certainly more than your fair share of booze, your face is warm and you’re craving water.
“Yeah, yeah,” you clumsily wave them off, standing up. Your level of intoxication had evidently gone unnoticed as you wobbled unsteadily.
“Ooof, timber,” you hear Taehyung laugh and you scrunch your face at him.
“Shut up, I’m fine,” you mumble, “I’m going to get a giant glass of water then going to bed,” you add. You make it to the glass door and push, steadying yourself, trying to figure out how to open the damn thing.
“It slides, Noona,” Jimin roars with laughter, followed by the rest of them. You giggle, sliding the door open and stumbling over the threshold.
“Oh Christ, I’m helping you,” Jins voice overpowers the laughter of the group and you feel him by your side, holding your arms.
He guides you up the stairs to your room, placing a bottle of water he seemed to pull out of thin air on the dresser.
“Sleep it off, we’ll see you in the morning,” he says, tucking you in. He wipes some hair off your forehead, and shuts your lamp off.
“You make it so hard,” you mumble into your pillow.
“Make what hard?” he asks.
“Hmmmm,” is all you can muster in response. A 22-hour flight, being waterlogged from swimming, and too much booze has exhausted you of coherent words.
“Goodnight y/n,” he says and the sliver of light spilling into the room from the door is gone.
The next morning your head isn’t pounding, but it’s definitely fuzzy. You sit down on the patio to a breakfast that Namjoon and Hobi rustled up.
“Feeling well?” Namjoon teases and you pull your hat down to block the sun.
“Ugh, don’t let me drink that much again tonight,” you plead.
“Meh, it was probably just the jet lag. Tonight we’re doing shots, prepare yourself,” Jimin warns.
“Uhk, prepare myself to barf,” you gulp down a glass of orange juice, not even sure if it’s yours and thankful there’s not vodka in it. “Is there more juice?” you ask.
“In the refrigerator, do you want me to go grab it?” Jin asks and is immediately met with sniggering around the table.
“Don’t be ridiculous, I’m hungover not paralyzed,” you get up and walk into the house, not bothering to slide the door closed. You pause, noticing your phone laying on an entry table and decide to send a quick message to your mother, letting her know you were having fun and ok.
“Why don’t you just tell her Jin-hyung?” you hear Jimins voice from outside.
“Hey, shut up! She’ll hear you,” Jin hisses. Against your better judgement you lean closer to the open door.
“Oh so what?” Yoongi gripes. “Honestly anyone loved and pined over the way you love and pine over y/n ought to be aware...what a waste of human emotion,” he says.
“Please hush!” You hear Jin beg, “you’re all going to ruin everything!”
“Ruin what?” Taehyung pipes, “If you bomb she’ll still be our friend,” he teases. You hear a slight commotion, clearly something was thrown at someone, but you barely notice. You stand still for several moments, not listening to the conversation but having one with yourself internally. You walk to the kitchen, feeling numb, mindlessly grabbing the carton of juice and then make a big ruckus upon your re-entry so they don’t blow their cover.
Jin loved you? He pined over you? Since when? This changed everything - or did it? He didn’t know you felt the same, and he assumed you were still clueless, so no harm could keep harboring it, for both of you. What would you even do? Date? Certainly not, considering the world may very well explode from the gossip. The boys had worked hard, sacrificed many potentially healthy relationships to keep their image exactly what it needed to be. You refused to be the proverbial “Yoko” in the perfection that was BTS. That’s why you’d remained silent for two years. Of course, that was before you knew he felt the same.
About six days in you’d almost, probably, sort of decided to continue your silence on the matter. There had been several instances you’d had to physically bite your lip to keep your mouth closed. Passing each other in the hallway, standing in the kitchen alone, sitting on the dock watching the rest of the group water ski. You’d been careful not to get too drunk, not trusting your words (or actions) laced with booze. You’d played, and won, eight SC tournaments, and during the day made sure to spend as much time with the group as possible - fighting your urge to join Jin on his kayaking and fishing invitations.
“Let’s go out tonight,” Jimin suggested as you all floated on the lake.
“Where?” Jungkook wondered.
“There’s a restaurant with a bar in town,” Hobi shared.
“Let’s go, I’m tired of cooking,” Yoongi yawned lazily.
“You cooked once the first day we were here,” Namjoon laughed.
“I’m out,” Jin said, “I want to do some night fishing and it’s not going to be so foggy tonight.”
Out of nowhere and seemingly against your will you chime in, “Night fishing sounds fun.” You instantly feel seven pairs of eyes shooting looks at you.
“You hate fishing,” Jungkook reminds you.
“You just said it the other day,” Jin chuckles.
“I didn’t say I hated it,” you resent, “besides it might be a useful skill someday.”
“For what? Are you going to go live off the grid princess?” Taehyung jokes, splashing some water toward you.
“No... I don’t know, maybe the world ends and I have to fish, shit, does it matter?” you retort.
“Fine go night fishing,” he laughs.
After the sun sets, six of the guys are dressed to the nines and closing in on the front door.
“You guys aren’t hungry,” you laugh, “you just can’t go a week without getting dolled up.”
Taehyung messes your hair, “aww, you think we look pretty Noona?”
You shake him off, “I think this is a lake town and you six look like you’re going to a red carpet premier.”
“Should we change?” Namjoon sounds alarmed and you giggle.
“No,” you straighten his collar, “you all look beautiful as always.” You can’t stop your eyes from darting towards Jin who’s getting the fishing gear ready.
“See you later,” Namjoon kisses your head, “don’t drown.” The boys depart, leaving you and Jin on your own.
“So what do we need to do?” you ask softly.
“Grab a’s your pole,” he hands you your gear, “let’s go.”
The sun sits low in the sky, behind the trees, casting a dark purple-green haze across the lake. There’s so many fireflies in the tree line it looks like a silent crowd of camera flashes. It’s beautiful.
“It’s so gorgeous here,” you say, clumsily fiddling with the fishing pole in your hand.
“It is,” Jin agrees.
“What kind of fish are in this lake?”
“Bass, catfish, carp...eels,” he answers.
“Eels?!” You jump and the boat rocks.
“Easy...easy, they’re not flying eels,” he laughs. You both fall silent again for several moments as you eye the water suspiciously for serpents.
“How long does it usually take to catch a fish?” you wonder aloud.
Jin laughs, “I can’t say, but it’s usually easier when you’re quiet and not rocking the boat.”
“Oh. Sorry,” you say, focusing on the pole again.
You sit for what feels like hours, though it could’ve been only twenty minutes, when suddenly your pole pulls away from you.
“Hey! Oh my God, hey, hey!” you slap Jins arm behind you.
“Oh, you have something!” he cries and wraps his hands around yours on the handle.
“Is it an eel?” you scream, trying to see around his shoulder.
Jin erupts in laughter, “Reel it in, reel it in!” he yells, pulling on the pole, placing your fingers around the spin-y thing.
“Why is this so terrifying?” you scream; you’re laughing so hard you feel tears streaming down your cheeks.
“Don’t lose it! You’re going to lose it,” he says between roars of giggling.
You watch him belly-laugh as he attempts to assist you in reeling the fish in. “I’m in love with you!” you blurt out.
Jin releases the handle, and the pole immediately gets ripped from your hands, sinking underneath the water by some unseen monstrosity. You both watch it disappear, then he looks at you.
“Did you just say you’re in love with me?”
You stare at him, wild eyed, “I think I may have said that, yes,” you whisper.
“Did...did you mean it?” he asks.
You know the answer unequivocally, “yes.”
Jin sits across from you, his hands fidgeting all over the place. “You don’t know how long I’ve wished you to say that,” he whispers and you can see tears pooling in his eyes.
Your hand moves to his face, wiping one of the rogue tears. “I’ve kept it a secret,” you start, “for a long time, because I didn’t want to complicate your life, or mine really. I heard you the other morning, with the guys, when I left the table. At first it terrified me - I literally stood there frozen - but it was such a relief too, to know you felt some way about me.”
“Some way?” he chuckled, wiping away the rest of the tears. “I’ve loved you epically for two years,” he laughed.
“Me too,” you say, your own tears now spilling over your lashes.
“Don’t cry,” he laughs, his hands cupping your face, thumbs erasing the streaks of wetness, “please don’t cry.”
“I’m just so happy to say it, I almost didn’t,” you tell him, your hands resting on top of his now.
“Why wouldn’t you?” he asks.
“Because now things will get messy,” you admit, a new wave of tears descending down your face.
“I’ve never meant this more, I honestly could give a shit how messy things get,” he laughs and so do you.
“I’m sorry I lost your fishing pole,” you sniff, looking to the water.
“Don’t be, doesn’t matter,” he presses his forehead against yours.
You sit there for a while, your bodies illuminated only by the flash of fireflies, foreheads pushed together. Impulse takes over and you slowly tilt your face up, your lips brush so softly against his. His hands move back to your face, pulling you in deeper, so gently, so deliciously. You’d thought about this exact moment in great detail thousands of times but it never compared to the feeling of it. How gorgeous he smelled, how soft his mouth was, how eager and greedy and perfect it felt. You didn’t want to stop, and when he pulled away you felt like grabbing him back in.
“We should go back,” he whispered.
Jin ties the boat to the dock in intricate knots and loops. You stand there with a bucket of bait, one less pole, feeling flushed and giddy and terrified.
“Let’s lock the gear up in the boathouse, then we should get some food,” he says, taking the items from you and tossing them haphazardly into the dark room, locking it securely. You’re still just standing there, under the dock light, when he grabs your hand and pulls you into him. His mouth colliding with yours; your hands drift behind his neck pulling him into you deeper.
“You’re so perfect,” he says between kisses.
“There’s no such thing,” you whisper.
“This feels pretty perfect,” he responds.
“Can’t argue with that.”
Back at the house, still empty, you whip up some dinner together. Weaving around one another, Jin stealing kisses each time he brings you more vegetables to toss in the skillet. You wonder through eating, listening to him tell you about the song he’s been working on, if it could stay like this. Would dinners be this way if you were together? Cooking, talking, holding hands under the table? Would it always feel like there’s nowhere else on Earth you’d rather be?
Jin gathers the dishes and starts washing as you coyly flit around him, brushing against him to grab a dish, skimming his body with your backside as you put them away.
“You’re asking for trouble,” he grins.
“I am absolutely asking for trouble,” you say. “Oop, we missed one,” you grab a dirty bowl from the counter. You turn, sliding it delicately into the sink around Jin, your body pressed firmly against his back, and you slide your hand up his forearm, your other hand grazing his hip.
“Now that does it,” he growls, spinning around, lifting you up onto the counter. His hand grips your waist under your shirt, mouth moving over yours like wildfire. His tongue slides across your lower lip and you accept it hungrily with your own, the excitement of it making you somehow feel frenzied and cherished at the same time. You let an involuntary moan escape, which only causes him to kiss you deeper, your hands gripping his hair so he can’t escape.
“Oh wow, night fishing my ass!” you hear Namjoons voice ring out in the kitchen and Jin jumps back as if he’s been electrocuted by your face.
“Ugh, we cook there,” Yoongi laughs, “gonna have to wipe the counter down.”
“Did you even catch a single fish?” Hobi asks with a grin.
“Almost,” you hop down from the counter, straightening your shirt up, “I caught something better instead,” you say, smiling at Jin.
“Oh I’m going to puke,” Jimin winces, but you see the smile he’s hiding.
“How was the restaurant?” you ask.
“Taehyung and Jungkook met two girls at the bar who are staying in the lake house up the road with their friends, so, we probably won’t see them again until tomorrow,” Yoongi shakes his head.
“I meant more like how was the food, but yeah - that’s gross,” you laugh.
“Kids,” Namjoon shrugs.
“What’s that smell?” Jimin, who’s clearly had a few cocktails sniffs at the air. He begins wandering around the kitchen while you all laugh, stopping in front of you.
“You smell like fish bait,” he says with a drunken giggle.
“Oh my God,” you sniff your hair and realize he’s right, the room erupting in a fresh wave of laughter. “Okay, okay,” you giggle, “I’ll hit the showers, jeez.”
You sit at the vanity in your en-suite bathroom, brushing through your wet hair, a fluffy towel wrapped around you when you hear a knock on the door. You already know who’s on the other side as you reach over to open it.
“Oh, do you – do you want me to come back, or turn around?” Jin asks awkwardly, shuffling around.
“No,” you reply, unbothered.
“I just, I wanted to talk to you, since they saw us and all. I don’t want to hide how I feel about you, or how you feel about me,” he says.
You sigh, “I don’t think we need to hide anything from them. They’re not going to be the problem love,” you tell him.
He nods, “Everyone else will be the problem.”
“Everyone,” you say in a hushed voice. The weight of the issue at hand suddenly anchoring in your stomach. What have you done?
“We can keep it a secret,” he says urgently, sensing your apprehension.
“To what point though?” you ask, standing up now to face him. “It would be hard enough for you to date a normal person, a person who could easily be hidden from the public because the public wouldn’t necessarily be looking out for them around every corner. That’s not me, don’t get me wrong, I’m not anywhere as big as BTS, but I still have people flock me every time I go get a burger,” you tell him.
“We can be careful,” he says, his hand rubbing circles on your bare shoulders.
“I want to believe you so badly,” you say, wrapping your arms around his torso, laying your head gently against his chest.
“Don’t give up before we even get to try, please,” he pleads.
“If we get caught?”
“Then we can hope it won’t be as big of a deal as we think it will be. I mean my God, I’m 29. I’ll be forced into service next year, the world can’t expect me to be young, unwed, and acting absurd on Run BTS episodes until I’m in my sixties,” he laughs, but you can hear the desperation in his voice as well.
It makes sense, what he’s saying. You know it’s not that simple though. The way the world idolizes him, and the others – it could never be simple. Still, he’s right, he can’t appear to be available his entire life. Surely they expect him to live some semblance of an ordinary existence.
“Please tell me what you’re thinking, you’re being so quiet,” he tugs at your chin so he can see your eyes.
“I’m thinking that I love you,” you say, “I’m thinking about how I’ve loved you in silence for so long and now I’m loving you out loud and I don’t want to respect boundaries or contracts or idealizations of what you are.”
You stand on your tiptoes and press your lips against his desperately, you feel him smile into you, despite the predicament.
“I love you, y/n,” he says between kisses that are becoming more heated.
“Make love to me,” you breathe, you feel his body stiffen a bit, his eyes wide when you open yours to look at him. “I’ve waited long enough, wondering what it would feel like to be with you,” you say.
Taking a step back you loosen the towel from around your body, letting it fall to the floor with the softest of thuds. Jins lips part slightly as he looks at you, up and down, several times before pulling you back into him.
He pushes you against the door of the bathroom, pulling his lips away from you only long enough to take his shirt off. When his lips crash against your own again his hands start roaming and it’s amazing. The way he touches your hips, your breasts, your waist, it’s everything you wanted.
“Touch me, please.”
“I am touching you,” he smiles, his tongue sliding across your lower lip before gently sucking it into his mouth.
“Touch me here,” you correct, grabbing his hand and lowering it down your abdomen. He moans softly as his fingers caress the soft patch of hair above your heat. You brace yourself against the door as his index finger gently slides into you, immediately coming into contact with your wetness and you gasp as he circles the bundle of nerves.
“Christ,” he sucks in a breath, his mouth descending on your neck as you moan and grind into his hand, guiding his finger deeper, until he pushes it into you. You tilt your head back on the door, letting him fuck you with his hand, pulling him into you because you weren’t ever going to let him go.
“I need you, need to be inside you,” he whispers frantically. You nod, then make quick work of removing his shorts and underwear. Pushing him back onto the chair you’d been sitting in moments earlier, you straddle him.
“I love you,” you say, taking his mouth again, one hand bracing yourself on his shoulder while the other grips his erection, guiding it to your entrance. Then you lower yourself onto him, inch by perfect inch. You’re both looking at each other, thinking the same thing: how could we have waited so long to do this?
When he’s fully inside you, you still yourself. Giving you both a moment to adjust to the feeling of him stretching you. Then you rocked, hands on his shoulders while he dug his fingertips into your waist, your hips. Jin was the anchor you’d been yearning for, and you were sinking into him, over and over again. Your bodies rubbed together in a mutual connection that left you wet and hot and hungry. The only sound in the room was the gasps, moans, and whimpers accompanied occasionally by him telling you how much he loved you.
When your climax came it wasn’t a flash of lightning, or a strobe of colors as it had been with others in the past. It was slow building, euphoric, and it claimed you in waves over and over again as you buried your head into his neck. He held you down on himself, releasing his own peak, and then you both steadied yourselves. Pushed together, connected still, breathing deeply. Images of him over the time you’d known him flashed in your mind. The smiles that you shared whenever you met up, the way he looked at you when he didn’t think you noticed, the way he always seemed to take care of you subtly – it had always been there, he had always been there and you suddenly felt silly that you didn’t see it sooner, that you didn’t say it sooner.
“Please be mine,” he whispers, kissing the side of your head and face, despite the perspiration that has built up in the steamy room.
“I’ve always been yours,” you say softly, capturing his lips, “I belong to you.”
Suddenly it doesn’t matter what happens next. Who knows about you, or what they end up saying. The promise of his body still pressed against yours is all you need, it’s all you ever needed. The promise of night fishing, late dinners, and countertop kisses – you’ll keep reeling it in, even if it takes a lifetime.
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igotbulletproof-insomnia · 13 hours ago
Adopting Bangtan 05
01, 02, 03, 04
Jung Hoseok, age 10
For Jungkook’s sixth birthday, you take all of the boys to a water park. You let them run loose to play on the slides and in the pools while you float along the lazy river with a web novel and a whole lot of sun. Every half hour or so, the boys will come find you and take turns floating with you, from Namjoon reading over your shoulder, to Yoongi lounging away from his brothers, to Seokjin rambling on about his friends at school, to Jungkook telling you the adventures his toys have been on (and reminding you about all the toys he still wants). You even let Namjoon convince you to go down several of the slides, and hold Jungkook when he’s afraid to go down one of the bigger slides for small children.
He’s grown a lot since he came to you almost two years ago and has become an endearingly clingy child. All of the boys are, if you pay enough attention. It’s in the way Namjoon calls when you’re even a little bit late coming home, or Yoongi waits for you to return no matter how late it gets. It’s how Seokjin sneaks into your bed some nights after what you know were nightmares but he’ll never admit to it. It’s how each boy does their best to take care of you in the smallest of ways, and take care of each other when you are too sick or exhausted or -- regretfully -- busy to do it yourself. It was how they each say “I love you,” like a promise or a question or a reminder, and it breaks your heart sometimes, because you know they are afraid you will drop them off somewhere or just up and leave and they won’t see you again. Which is why every so often during the day, you send Seokjin funny twitter posts, and keep up your silly emoji war with Namjoon. You remind Yoongi that he still isn’t allowed to drink coffee for breakfast and don’t he dare buy Jungkook any more snacks.
It’s also why you let the boys drag you over to the giant family slide where you hold Jungkook tight in your lap and sit in the absolute worse position for splashing and you ride that slide a dozen times because the kids are grinning and cheering and so genuinely happy that you’ll drown if it’s what they want.
… You hope that’s not what they want.
"I'm hungry,” Jungkook tugs at your hand after the most recent ride. You check the time on your watch, surprised to see that it’s nearing dinner time.
“Okay, boys,” you announce, “you have two choices, and Kookie’s choice counts twice because it’s his birthday. We can eat here and I’ll let you complain about your stomach aches tomorrow, or we can order from Ahjusshi’s. Which one?”
“Here!” They all chorus. You knew that they would, but you wanted to at least give them the choice. You sigh because you know it’s going to be Jungkook and Seokjin who complain the most tonight, but you also aren’t going to stop them from having fun.
“Okay, Namjoon, Seokjin, you two go find us a table. I’ll take Yoongi and Kookie to go order.” Immediately the boys run off, Kookie’s little feet making pitter-patter noises because he refused to wear the shoes the park provided. They were probably lost somewhere and you just wasted a fair bit of money paying extra for them in the first place.
Twenty minutes later, you pass a child sitting alone on your way to get refills. It’s not like you hadn’t noticed the kid before now. He’s been wiping at his face, head swivelling around as if he is searching for someone. He holds the remains of a candy bar in his fist and a drink cup sits abandoned in front of him. You have been acutely aware of the child. He looks like he could be somewhere around Namjoon or Yoongi’s ages, and you are very sternly talking yourself out of investigating. Maybe you can find another parent to talk to him? Better yet, find a park staff who can page the young boy’s parents. It’s actually a good plan, a solid plan, the plan of a recovering impulsive child adopter.
Wow, that sounds bad, even in your mind.
Naturally, your plan takes a hit when you return to your table to find Jungkook sitting in Seokjin’s lap, Namjoon and Yoongi gone.
“Where…?” You begin to ask, just for Seokjin to point to the table with the lost boy. You’re suddenly hit with the thought that maybe you aren’t the serial child adopter, but your first two knuckleheads might be. You also get the feeling that things are not going to go at all the way that you planned.
“He looked lonely. Kookie was going to go over and give him a cookie,” -- the kid giggles at his own joke, -- “but Yoongi and Joonie told him to stay here while they went to see what’s wrong with him instead.” You nod and put down the drink caddy. Tell Seokjin to keep watching the baby and join the boys at the table with the lost kid.
“... and when I opened my eyes, she was gone,” the kid was explaining. “I thought she maybe got lost, but… I don’t know anymore. That was hours ago.” He looks at the bright blue watch on his wrist.
“Do you know what time that was?” You ask. The kid seems to shrink in on himself, suddenly shy. Or maybe scared. He’s a smart kid, if he’s afraid of strangers. It was more than you could say about Namjoon sometimes. After a long moment, in which Yoongi reaches over to hug your waist and Namjoon asks after the drink he asked for, the kid shrugs.
“I don’t know,” he says. “My watch is broken. But I think I remember when you and the really little one over there got… a cake? I remember thinking it was pretty and I was starting to get hungry again…”
“Are you hungry now?” the kid nods his head slowly and you sigh. “Yoongi-ah. Take this and go get your friend something to eat. What’s your name, kid?” You bought Jungkook the cake shortly after lunch time. If the kid had been sitting here this long waiting for his mother to show up… You mentally shiver at the thought of abandoning a child at a crowded water park. Literally anything could have happened, people these days were creeps. This poor child could have been kidnapped or murdered, or drowned. He could have been sold into a human trafficking ring, anything.
“Jung Hoseok,” the kid tells you, barely audible. You reach your hand out to him and try to use the gentlest smile you could muster. Tomorrow, you’ll have to visit the precinct again to tell them about yet another abandoned child. You’ll offer to take him in until the parents are located at the very least, probably indefinitely, like with Jungkook and Yoongi. You’ll take Hoseok shopping and figure out sleeping arrangements and consider accepting that job that will take you across town and maybe even force you to move house altogether, but will ultimately pay more money, which you certainly need. However, tonight you will take the kid home and get him showered and comfortable enough to wear Seokjin's pajamas and tuck him in with the other boys when they pile up in the living room for their birthday sleepover. With the way Namjoon has already taken to the kid (no surprise there) and Seokjin has started fussing, you know there will be few problems getting him settled into your family.
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solarwonux · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here’s where my writing will live. Enjoy.xx
(a) = angst (f) = fluff (m) = mature (s) = suggestive
Tumblr media
☁ Seokjin/Jin ☁
☁ Yoongi/Suga ☁
     ↳ Drabble #1 (f) (s)
     ↳ Drabble #2 (a) (m)
☁ Hoseok/J-Hope ☁
☁ Namjoon/RM ☁
☁ Jimin ☁
☁ Taehyung/V ☁
     ↳ Drabble #1 (f)
☁ Jungkook ☁
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bts-scenarios-br · 14 hours ago
Scenario - Trisal Namseok
Tumblr media
Olaaaa! Então, já disse isso nos outros scenarios de trisal que fiz, mas gostaria de reforçar isso aqui: o post não foi feito com o intuito de apoiar nem reforçar nenhum ship. Eu não sou a favor de nenhum dos ships dos meninos, mas isso aqui é pura ficção, escrevi apenas para nos iludir um pouquinho e não porque acredito em qualquer coisa retratada!
É isso, espero que gostem, e me desculpe por qualquer erro! Até mais!!
Tumblr media
Você tinha uma amizade um tanto quanto forte com os dois, quando percebeu que estava começando a sentir algo a mais por ambos. 
Ao mesmo tempo que você descobriu seus sentimentos pelos dois, eles também perceberam que estavam começando a gostar de você como mais do que amigue, mas decidiram deixar isso em segredo, no começo. 
Você começou a se afastar deles depois de um tempo, pois queria tentar superar seja lá o que estava passando por dentro da sua cabeça. 
Ambos perceberam isso, e decidiram propor uma conversa completamente sincera entre todos vocês, onde acabaram se abrindo sobre seus sentimentos. 
Eles ficaram surpresos por você gostar dos dois do mesmo jeito, e por mais que nunca tivessem pensado nisso, ficaram com uma mesma coisa martelando na cabeça deles por dias: e se tentassem ter um relacionamento à três? 
Acabaram arriscando isso, já que acreditavam ser o que faria todos mais felizes, e com o passar do tempo eles perceberam não só que tinham mais sentimentos (e por mais pessoas) do que sabiam, mas também que essa tinha sido a melhor decisão que já tinham tomado na vida. 
Tumblr media
Ambos são namorados extremamente atenciosos a todo momento, nunca falhando em te fazer se sentir amade, e uma prioridade para os dois. 
Morar com eles é mais tranquilo do que imaginava que seria; por mais que ambos consigam ser bem barulhentos e agitados quando querem, eles são pessoas tranquilas de se conviver, e estão sempre dispostos a te animar quando está para baixo, ou apenas te ouvir e ajudar no que podem. 
O Hobi é de longe o mais carinhoso entre os três; é sempre o responsável por iniciar toques, beijos e abraços, além de ser o maior entusiasta de dormirem de conchinha, por mais que tentem argumentar que está quente demais para isso! 
O Namjoon costuma ser o menos caótico do trisal, sempre rindo quando vocês dois começam a fazer palhaçadas, e achando fofo quando, às vezes, chega mais tarde em casa, e ambos estão quase dormindo no sofá enquanto esperam por ele, embolados um no outro e em cobertas e almofadas. 
Por você ser a única parte do trisal que não trabalha no mesmo meio que eles, é sempre por quem eles procuram quando estão estressados para poderem desabafar, já que não gostam de estressar um ao outro com problemas que já têm que lidar.
Eles detestam te deixar sozinhe em casa, então estão sempre tentando garantir que pelo menos um deles passe a noite com você quando estão na cidade (tentam sempre ficar os dois, na verdade, mas se não for possível apenas um já é melhor do que nada); já quando estão em turnê, ambos te ligam todas as noites, e gostam de falar com você até que durma, por mais que diga que não precisa, pois eles sabem que dorme melhor quando os ouve conversando baixinho.
Tumblr media
Que os meninos possuem personalidades bem diferentes não é segredo para ninguém, especialmente para você, mas você admira isso no dia a dia; quando estam os três juntos, dentro de seu espaço e bolha confortável, é quando são os seus "eus" mais verdadeiros, sem máscaras ou filtros alguns, o que sempre dá estranhamente certo; por mais que quase sempre tenham ideias, opiniões ou até vontades diferentes, sempre acabam entrando em acordo, e às vezes até mesmo em pequenas discussões por quererem fazer a vontade um do outro mais do que a própria.
Brigas são coisas muito raras no relacionamento, especialmente se forem sobre coisas sérias; o que acontece de vez em quando são vocês três provocando um ao outro sobre coisas bobas, apenas para rir quando a vítima ficasse nervosa, mas logo esquecem tudo com um simples selinho.
Quando, por alguma difícil razão, vocês têm uma briga séria, as coisas poderm ficar muito feias; não fazem escândalo nem nada do gênero, mas todos têm a mesma mania de usar o tratamento de gelo como mecanismo de defesa, então conseguem passar dias sem se falar, até alguém acabar cedendo e propor uma conversa para se resolverem (as piores brigas são aquelas apenas entre duas partes do trisal, ao invés das três, pois a pessoa deixada de fora sempre acaba sofrendo as consequências do desentendimento mesmo sem ter se envolvido).
O Namjoon era, por um lado, o mais difícil de entrar em brigas, mas isso é por causa de um motivo que por si só faz você e o Hobi se estressarem com ele: às vezes ele esquece que é líder apenas do BTS, e quer ter esse papel dentro do relacionamento também; é comum ele tentar lidar com os problemas de vocês como se estivesse lidando com problemas da empresa, o que leva vocês dois à loucura, só querendo que ele deixe essa pose de lado pelo menos quando está com vocês, e entenda que tudo bem ele perder a cabeça de vez em quando. 
O Hobi costuma se meter em brigas um pouco mais, mas elas nunca são serias; como já dito antes, vocês gostam de se ignorar até um ceder, quando estão nervosos, e em 80% dos casos quem cede é o Hobi; a verdade é que não importa o quão bravo ele esteja, quando a noite chega ele não consegue dormir a menos que saiba que ambos estão bem com ele, por isso que sempre que ele vai dormir nervoso no sofá, dizendo não querer ficar com vocês, tanto você quanto o Namjoon deixavam um espaço bem no meio da cama, sabendo que ele iria se encolher ali sorrateiramente no meio da noite, sussurrando um "Me desculpem", antes de se embolar nos braços dos dois.
Já você é, de longe, quem mais se estressa com eles, por mais que tente se controlar; por você não fazer parte de uma parte importante da vida deles, muitas vezes não entende certas coisas, como eles chegarem de mal humor de repente, ou estarem cansados demais para fazer algo que tinham combinado, ou mesmo não quererem sair com você por não estarem afim de lidar com público; você nunca briga com eles puramente por isso, mas quando as coisas se acumulam, acaba estourando com os dois, dizendo coisas como "Sei que o trabalho é mais importante, mas custa me darem pelo menos um pouco de atenção? Pelo amor de Deus, eu tenho dois namorados, mas parece que eu moro sozinhe!"; você sempre (sempre mesmo) se arrepende quando faz isso, percebendo em pouco tempo o quão injuste estava sendo, e se desculpando com os dois; o ponto é que nenhum deles consegue ficar bravo com você nessas situações, e, na verdade, eles quase sempre se sentem mal por não te darem tanta atenção, então no final do dia acabam todos bem, e na maioria das vezes fazendo algo que eles sabem que te deixa feliz, como assistir o mesmo filme que tanto ama pela centésima vez.
Tumblr media
Um dos maiores privilégios que você tem como namorade dos dois é sempre ter acesso antecipado ao trabalho deles; não só pode ouvir o que escrevem e compõem, mas muitas vezes você tem músicas dedicadas à você, ou mesmo ajuda em algum processo, se sentindo orgulhose quando, meses depois, ouvisse os meninos cantando um trecho que saiu da sua cabeça em uma noite que estava acompanhando os meninos na empresa e se deparou com o Namjoon com bloqueio para terminar a música, e decidiu dar uma mãozinha. 
Você e o Hobi adoram acompanhar o Nam nas suas "Namjoonices", sempre aceitando ir com ele para museus, parques ou mesmo para fazer trilhas e visitar feiras de artesanato com ele; muitas vezes vocês nem tinham tanto interesse assim nas atividades, mas gostavam de ver o quão em paz ele ficava nesses lugares, além da empolgação dele por ter duas das pessoas que mais ama se mostrando interessadas nas coisas que ele tanto ama. 
Já para deixarem o Hoseok feliz, nada melhor do que você e o Namjoon o acompanharem em um ensaio até tarde; é comum ele ficar em alguma sala de ensaio por horas sem descansar, e nesses dias, você e o Nam sabem exatamente o que fazer: aparecer lá com o jantar de todos, praticamente obrigando o Hobi a parar para se alimentar e repor as energias, para depois ficarem sentados assistindo ele terminar o que fazia, soltando palavras (e alguns gritinhos) de motivação que nunca falham em fazê-lo rir, além de muitas vezes aceitarem se juntar à ele no final apenas para ver ele empolgado em ensiná-los a sequência que tinha criado.
Os dois também tinham uma coisa favorita para fazer para você: jantares em casa. Por conta da vida corrida deles (e às vezes sua também, nem sempre o seu trabalho coopera) vocês três não têm muito tempo para comerem comidas caseiras juntos, sendo a grande maioria dos seus jantares resumidos em delivery ou um lámen solitário quando estam ocupados demais; por isso que, quando eles sabem que você estava em uma semana particularmente difícil, ambos fazem de tudo para tirarem um tempo para irem para casa antes de você e se dedicarem para preparar um jantar, que nem sempre é a melhor coisa do mundo, mas apenas o carinho e dedicação que colocam no preparo te deixa com o coração leve.  
Vocês três amam conversar, amam mesmo, e sobre tudo; o mais comum é vocês estenderem uma coberta no chão da sala ou da varanda, se o clima permitir, e ficarem horas a fim apenas colocando para fora o que passava pelas suas cabeças; com você deitade no peito do Namjoon e brincando com o cabelo do Hobi, que gostava de deitar nas suas pernas, vocês falam sobre como estão seus pais, ou sobre um gatinho que tinham visto mais cedo, ou sobre uma bobeira que os meninos tinham feito, ou mesmo sobre uma série que um de vocês tinha assistido, e às vezes entram em assuntos mais sérios também, como quando a ansiedade toma conta de vocês, ou estão se sentindo depressivos ou inseguros, sabendo que os outros dois iriam ouvir cada palavra com atenção, e ajudar como podia e no que podia. 
Vocês três gostam de dormir das maneiras mais desconfortáveis possíveis, com as pernas jogadas e enroscadas, e todos tentando abraçar todos, muitas vezes ficando com membros dormentes ou até mesmo tendo indícios de cãibras, mas sempre dormem como anjos quando estão assim, pois nada os deixa mais em paz do que saber que têm quem amam em seus braços, se sentindo seguros naquele pequeno paraíso que chamam de cama.
Tumblr media
Nos seus momentos mais íntimos a única certeza que você tem é que vai ficar de pernas bambas até o final da noite; os dois tem uma fixação absurda em te darem prazer, sabendo exatamente o que gosta, e como gosta, e não poupando esforços para te levar à loucura. 
O Namjoon gosta de ficar no comando, e é extremamente difícil convencer ele a ceder esse cargo para qualquer um dos dois; ele gosta de levar vocês dois à beira de um colapso, e de saber que os tem na palma da mão; no final, nada o deixa mais excitado do que ver os dois implorando para que ele os toque. 
O Hobi é um switch clássico; ele se sente bem tanto controlando como sendo controlado, apesar de gostar um pouco mais de estar no controle. Nas raras vezes que o Namjoon aceita ser submisso, ele é tomado por um lado que realmente só aparece dentro das quatro paredes, onde fica sedento por provocar e levá-los à beira do ápice, apenas para arruinar tudo e começar de novo depois, podendo ficar assim por, literalmente, horas.
Na maioria das vezes, porém, vocês costumam ter relações tranquilas, deixando as dominações e provocações extremas apenas para situações especiais; durante o sexo mais cotidiano, vocês três são muito carinhosos, e fazem de tudo para ver os outros bem, trocando carinhos, beijos, elogios e palavras amorosas a todo momento, garantindo que os outros saibam o quão bem está se sentindo também. 
Os dois são profissionais no after sex, por incrível que pareca; seja lá quem ficou mais esgotado com o ato (normalmente você) receberá tratamento especial, incluindo ser acompanhade para se limpar, receber quanto cafuné quiser e também uma massagem nos lugares em que estiver doloride. 
Apesar do cuidado, não é raro os três acordarem com marcas por todo o corpo, servindo como vestígios da noite anterior, e também uma lembrança do quão amados e desejados pelos outros dois são.
Tumblr media
mano é muito difícil escolher os gifs pra esses posts de trisal porque são tantos tão fofos que aaaaaa
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solarwonux · 14 hours ago
Sneaking Around  - JJK
fratboy!jungkook x f!reader
wc: 600
warnings: teasing, kissing, just a lot of heavy petting, suggestive
note: I hope you all like this one, let me know your thoughts, please it would mean the world to me.xx 
p.s: send me a prompt or two 
masterlist || prompt list 
Tumblr media
Maybe it was the alcohol in your system or the dim light of the coat closet Jungkook had pulled you into that made you feel like you were on fire. Your skin heating up underneath his feverish lips. Inaudible whimpers escaping your lungs, betraying you as you tried everything in your power to not give into him.
“Stop refusing me.” He whispered against your neck, his hands found the top button of your blouse and popped it open. “Give in, I know you want too.” He pleaded nipping the skin of your collar bones, sucking his mark on you, branding you as his.
“J-Jungkook, there’s people outside.” You sighed, moving your head to the side to give him more room. “So?” He mumbled against your neck, biting down making you moan out his name. A chuckle left his mouth as he pulled you closer to his body, making sure you could feel how much he wanted, no needed you in this exact moment.
“Do you think they can hear us?” You breathed out. Your hands made their way up to his hair tugging him closer to your body.
“Who cares, you’re mine and they should know it.” He growled raising his head, his hands worked diligently to unbutton the rest of your blouse. Gliding it off your shoulders and letting it hit the ground. “Maybe they’ll stop hitting on you if they hear how good I make you feel.” He glared, his eyes boring into yours intensely. The light of the coat closet made his features look even more predatory and you knew you were about to give him what you both wanted.
“Don’t give me that look idiot.” You pointed out, reaching over to soften up the crease that had formed in between his brows with the pad of your thumb. “You know I can’t resist when you get like this.” You confessed, watching as his features softened as well as the grip he had on your hips. You grinned running your thumb over his bruised bottom lip. The marks you had left earlier were fading and a rush of disappointment rushed through you, knowing if you kept pulling away they’d disappear.
“Then don’t.” He whispered, grabbing one of your thighs and wrapping it around his waist. He pushed you up against the wall, your head hitting one of the clothing racks making you cry out in pain, making Jungkook panic. “Sorry baby, didn’t see that there.” He rushed out kissing the spot you hit.
“It’s okay Kook, but maybe we shouldn’t do this in here, your rooms upstairs anyway.” You giggled, removing his hands from your head and panting a soft kiss against his lips, pulling away before he could take charge again.
“I think you’re right.” He laughed, shaking his head pulling his body away from you. He reached down and grabbed your blouse, handing it to you. “I’ll meet you up there in a second.” He nodded, biting his lip as he watched you put on your blouse, leaving the first three buttons, unbuttoned, the innocent lace of your white bra peeking out. And he knew inside of him he wasn’t going to make it up the stairs.
“On second thought you’re not gonna die from a little bruise.” He smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you closer to his body making you laugh.
“What am I going to do with you?” You smirked your fingers toying with the button of his whitewashed jeans.
“Anything you want.”
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gardenjjk · 16 hours ago
DOUBLE PLEASURE | 🔞 ➳ when the two of you please one another orally ➳ [original] | [masterlist]
Jungkook makes the sexiest noises when you go down on him. Sometimes you think you could even get off on the sound alone. Luckily for you, he is incredible at oral pleasures himself, and is always itching to have his mouth on you.
“Do you like that, baby?” You ask to taunt him, palming him through his boxers while straddling his legs as he rests against the bed. All he can do is release a throaty moan that sends a shiver down your body. Eagerly, you pull the briefs down his tense thighs, allowing his erect cock to be on full display. He’s already so hard, throbbing with need and it makes your mouth water. You waste no time reaching for him, taking hold of the shaft, pumping it a few times just to have him completely worked up before sinking your mouth down onto him.
He hisses from the contact, immediately bucking his hips softly in response because he’s too needy. You take him all the way in, hearing the raspy moans and groans that you love so much. However, he still wants to taste you, realizing as much as he grips your thighs to urge you to turn around, pulling you close and positioning your naked body over his face. Your mouth returns to his cock with greed as your wet pussy hovers over his face now, giving him an incredible view before hungrily pulling you down by your hips.
Your body jerks at the sudden sensation of feeling his tongue slide up and down your dripping slit, all the while you still have him in your mouth. Your nails dig into his thigh as you circle the head of his cock with your tongue, causing him to release a vibration of moans against your clit. Your legs shake around his head and he starts to gently buck his hips to bury his cock past your lips, knowing it won’t be long before you are both reaching your peak.
“Jungkook,” you whimper his name, pulling away from his cock for a moment as your hand takes over. You can’t stop your hips from rolling to grind your pussy against his mouth, and he eagerly accepts. He laps at your soaked slit, swallowing the juices that have dripped out for him before returning to your clit. Your mind goes hazy. Your body is too weak. All you can focus on is his tongue against your flesh.
But a tap on your ass from his palm puts you back to work. You push his cock into your mouth, taking as much as you can though his pleasure has left you breathless. Your tongue massages his shaft while your hand pumping his length up and down takes care of the rest. Meanwhile, Jungkook never stops tasting you, circling your clit before dipping his tongue inside your dripping cunt. He groans as your juices drip down your throat and squeezes your ass harder to pull your body closer. He’s hungry with lust and a need to get you off, and the fact that you’re sucking his cock so well only fuels his desires. 
Eventually he can feel you getting close from the way your body trembles and how you pull away from him just to whimper his name. He takes hold of you, placing his hands on your hips to keep you in place, burying his tongue between your plump and swollen folds until you’re quivering with need. Only a few more seconds and you’re coming undone, coming against his tongue, dripping over his flesh and he loves every bit of it.
The high courses through your body in waves of pleasure and heat, and by the time you begin to come down you realize you still need to return the favor. Taking his cock in your mouth, your tongue swirls around the tip as a tight fists pumps the shaft. He’s groaning between your thighs still, but you know he’s close from feeling you get off so well. His hips buck beneath you as he becomes breathless, his fingers digging into your sides and it only drives you wild with the urge to continue.
Soon, Jungkook is spilling his cum in your mouth and you take every drop. Your fist milks his cock to receive every ounce of his pleasure on your tongue, becoming greedy for his release as his body tenses beneath you. And when he begins to come down is when you flick your tongue over the tip of his cock just to tease him and hear him hiss, giggling triumphantly when you eventually pull away from him. 
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pinkpeachjams · 16 hours ago
Jimin: So we have something to tell all of you
Namjoon: Ok?
Jimin: Tell them Yoongi
Yoongi: *Gesturing to himself and Jimin* We're a couple
Taehyung, after a few seconds of silence: A couple of best friends?
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taetaespeaches · 18 hours ago
“Are you kidding? My heart nearly gave out.”
namjoon x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 1K
a/n: The Pink Joon 2.0 reveal was honestly a whole ass moment. So why not write a fic about it, right? I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :))
p.s. I quickly wrote this as a sort of request to help cheer an anon up so it’s pretty unedited and not the best, but I hope it serves the purpose <3 
Tumblr media
On your days off, it wasn’t necessarily rare for Namjoon to call you and ask for your company at the studio. However, bringing the dog along was rather different.
Just moments earlier the man rang you up, asking very nicely, almost too nicely, for you to bring Monie to the studio for a visit.
When you playfully but sassily asked, “Is my presence desired or should I just send Monie with a staff member?” Namjoon chuckled, telling you, “of course I want you here… but I just need Monie for a bit.”
After a roll of your eyes and a teasingly reluctant, “yeah, yeah, love you too,” at the end of the call, you found yourself in the car bringing the dog to your boyfriend.
For some reason, this was a no questions asked situation. Bring the dog and you’d find out what your boyfriend was up to. Namjoon was always a bit silly and dorky, but this sort of randomness was not as common.
Making your way through the company building proved to be a challenge as plenty of staff were thrilled to see the dog happily walking beside you on his leash, everyone cooing and taking their time to greet and pet the pup. With the way Monie acted, soaking in every bit of attention given to him, you’d swear he was neglected all day. He was quite the actor.
Giggling at Monie’s big smile and excited wiggles, you led him down the corridor after he had finally decided he had enough attention. “Come on bubs, we gotta find dad,” you told the dog as he walked alongside you, happily looking around the hallway. “Do we think he’s in his studio?” You continued communicating with Monie as you made your way closer to the RKive.
However, you were stopped in your tracks when the door opened, a man stepping halfway through the doorway when his gaze met your own, halting his own motions.
He looked like your boyfriend, but he couldn’t be; your eyes must have been deceiving you. Because last you checked, which was that very morning, your boyfriend did not have pink fucking hair.
That dimpled smile though sure did look like Namjoon’s, and when Monie spotted his dad down the hallway he whimpered in excitement. Dropping the leash to allow him to dart toward the man, you couldn’t even coo at the cuteness of the fluffy animal due to the shock of seeing your boyfriend in all his pink glory.
“Hey Monie,” Namjoon greeted the dog, crouching down to pet him and allow the dog to jump on him in excitement, all while you stayed in place, staring at the deceiver in shock. “Daisy,” the man yelled out toward you, standing up and opening his arms for a hug. “Come here,” he smiled widely as you shook your head at him, a smile of your own curving on your lips. The dog made his way inside the studio, his leash in tow as he explored the familiar surroundings, making himself right at home.
“Kim Namjoon,” you whisper shouted at him as you quickly stepped toward him. Pulling an expression of excitement and disbelief, you appeared in front of him, the man wrapping his arms around your waist instantly as yours draped around the back of his neck. He tugged you against his frame tightly as he rocked you back and forth in a tight hug.
“What the fuck?” You asked in surprise, your lips brushing against his cheek as you attempted to get a look at his hair, your fingers digging into the strands at the back of his head. “When-” you started, cutting yourself off when Namjoon loosened his hold on you so you could lean back to take a proper look at him. “What?!” You asked in utter excitement, a smile spreading on your lips as you tugged on his locks. “Oh my god.”
He looked good. Really fucking good.
Brushing your fingers through his fringe that was nicely coiffed, you shook your head at him as he beamed back at you. “Dimples, you look amazing,” you complimented before adding, “you fucking lying betrayer,” with a giggle.
Namjoon ducked his head in laughter, looking up at you with an expression that almost appeared bashful. “It looks ok?” He asked, an uncertainty present in his tone as you scoffed at him.
“Babe, you look incredible,” you assured him, brushing your fingers through his hair once more as if the action enunciated your sincerity. “I’m shocked but in the best way,” you told him, leaning toward him and kissing him softly, the man tightening his hold on you just slightly as he kissed you back. “Pleasantly surprised to say the absolute least,” you mumbled against his lips, appreciating the way you could feel his form into a smile in response to your words. “Is this your attempt at a redemption arc?” You questioned with a playful smirk, the man scoffing at you. “Making up for the actions of your former pink self?” You continued teasing him, both of you thinking back to the man’s appearance on the show Weekly Idol. It really wasn’t that bad, but he liked to play up how badly it haunted him.
“I need you to take some pictures of me with Monie,” he told you, ignoring your teasing, leaning back to look at you as he spoke the words. Smiling in realization, you nodded slowly.
“You’re literally going to kill your fans, you know that?” You informed and questioned him, the man chuckling with a nod.
“And you? How’s your pulse?” He asked with a smirk, you smiling as you jokingly clutched your heart.
“Are you kidding? My heart nearly gave out,” you teased, the man laughing as he pulled you into another hug before kissing the top of your head, chuckling against your hair.
When he posted the photos later, all hell really did break loose. And quite honestly, you couldn’t blame the fans for their reaction. Your boyfriend was certainly proof that ‘all men do is lie’. But he was a sweet dimply pink haired beauty of a man, so it was ok. He was easy to forgive.
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kookiestarlight · 18 hours ago
Moonlight | jjk
Tumblr media
➝ pairing: single dad!jungkook x reader
➝ genre: strangers to lovers, lots of fluff, jungkook being the hottest cutest dad, angst (duh), smut
➝ warnings: strong language, explicit smut
➝ summary: spending the summer back in your hometown near the seaside seems like the perfect opportunity to disconnect and relax before embarking on your new hectic life in a new city— six thousand miles away. But what happens when you encounter not one, but two precious souls you soon realize you can’t live without and everything you thought you wanted, suddenly comes tumbling down?
a/n: hi everyone! so this mini series will consist of 6-7 parts? It won’t be realeased for a while yet (around the start of summer maybe?) but I’m just posting the masterlist for now. I’m looking forward to sharing this one with you!
Tumblr media
taglist: let me know via ask, message or comments if you would like to be added!🤍
Tumblr media
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feelinlikekpopin · 19 hours ago
Feel free to…
ask me any thing my messages are open
message me any time
share any thoughts you might have
educate me about mistakes, in a nice way
feedback welcomed
who i write for:
fluff = 💗 smut = 💦 angst = 😢 poly/multiple people in it =🥳
to be added to……
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pffbts · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
[00:32 AM] from taehyung
Tumblr media
―i was supposed to move on ; but that me from years ago, that immature me didn`t know one thing about such feelings. i poured all my love in that one special cup for you. but when you didn`t pick that cup up or took one look at it sitting on the table by the dim light of the candle while the storm raged on outside the window, years passed on and the love grew sour. discoloring and staining the cup, now all that is left is the remnants of that same old dullness in me that wakes up now and then when it pours outside. and, i can never reach out―unless you reach out on your own.
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