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dntaewithluv · 3 minutes ago
The Boys are Back in Town | pjm & jjk
Tumblr media
Getting stood up by your date definitely hadn't been on your agenda for the evening. Also definitely not on your agenda: bumping into Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook. Together. On the same exact night. It's been a while since you've seen your two best friends, as well as lovers on multiple occasions, from your high school and college days. A chance meeting, some drinks, and a trip down memory lane is all it takes to reignite the attraction between the three of you. Old habits die hard, but these two? They just might be the death of you.
❤️ Pairing: jeon jungkook x reader x park jimin
❤️ Word Count: 3.2k
❤️ Genre: Pwp, smut, fluff, humor
❤️ Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, threesome (mxfxm), making out, marking/biting, groping over clothes, hair pulling, fingering (f receiving), dirty talk, dom!jimin, dom!jungkook, sub!reader, mention of restraints, lots of praise, JK with his man bun, cum eating, oral (both receiving), multiple orgasms, unprotected sex (it's a no from me), double penetration, big dick JK, face fucking, deep throating, choking, ✨aftercare✨
A/N: Me to @jikookiekosmos yesterday: "Lol what if I just wrote a Jikook threesome"
And then this happened lmao. Seriously though Jayme is my greatest source of encouragement and inspiration, and she is constantly pushing me to challenge myself in my writing. I'm so grateful for her and I don't know what I would do without her 💜 Anyway these two are my wreckers for a reason and I was a wreck while writing this 😬 Thank you for taking the time to check out this or any of my other fics if you decide to do so 🥰 I'm so appreciative of every single one of you, and please look forward to more stories from me in the near future!! Comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated!
Tumblr media
To say that tonight hadn’t gone the way that you had expected would be a massive understatement. You had spent over an hour getting ready to meet your date at the bar for some drinks, only for him to not even bother showing up. You were more than ready to take your happy ass back home and curl up in bed with a book for the rest of the night, when you were literally hit with a blast from the past. And not just one, but two.
Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin. They had appeared on either side of you just as you were about to hop down from your bar stool and head home with the offer of buying you a drink. Your mood had completely done a 180 as you exclaimed before rushing to hug each of them. They had been two of your best friends during high school and college, but it had been a few years now since you had all seen each other. You spent the next few hours catching up over some drinks and reminiscing about old memories. The three of you still weren’t ready to call it a night by the time last call rolled around, so Jungkook proposed all of you go back to his place to drink some more and continue the night.
An hour and a bottle of wine later, you found yourself wedged between them on Jungkook’s sectional. Your head was resting against Jimin’s shoulder and both men had a hand casually placed on each of your thighs. It felt familiar and comfortable being with them like this again.
“God, you have no idea how glad I am I ran into you guys tonight.” you voiced as you nuzzled closer into Jimin’s side.
“I just can’t believe someone really had the balls to stand you up tonight. If I ever see that guy I’ll kill him.” Jungkook sounded from your other side.
“My boys,” you cried as your hands came up to cradle both men’s faces on either side of you, “I missed you so much.”
Jungkook hummed before pressing a kiss against your hair, “We missed you too baby.”
You giggled and caught Jimin smiling down at you out of the corner of your eye.
“Mmm we used to have so much fun together. I miss it.” you went on as you nosed along Jimin’s neck, and his grip on your thigh tightened slightly.
“We did have some good times.” Jimin agreed, sighing out at the feeling of your mouth lightly dragging over his skin.
“Yeah and the sex wasn’t bad either.” Jungkook chimed in cheekily.
You snorted against Jimin’s neck, your body rocking forward with the force of the burst of laughter that followed. Jimin leaned forward to meet Jungkook’s eyes while you struggled to regain your composure.
“Wasn’t bad? Please. I basically taught both of you everything you know.” the navy haired man remarked, genuinely seeming to take offense.
Your laughter, which had started to die down, reignited at that. Even Jungkook had joined in this time. Jimin glared at the two of you as you and Jungkook held onto each other’s shaking figures for support.
“Yeah right Jimin.” you retorted.
“You wish.” Jungkook added.
Jimin was deathly quiet while he waited for the two of you to recover from your laughing attack. He watched both of you with curiosity brimming behind his eyes, and you could almost see the gears turning inside his head. Jungkook glanced down at you propped up against his chest, “He’s so scary when he gets quiet like that.”
You nodded your agreement and waited to see if Jimin was going to break the silence. He ran a hand through his wavy blue locks, and your breath actually hitched at how stunning he was.
“You know,” he started as he adjusted the rings on his fingers, “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see what you two have learned since the last time.”
God. That calm dominance of his always reeled you in. You sat up and looked back and forth between the two of them, your tipsy nature causing a surge in your own confidence.
“I doubt the two of you could handle it.” you said simply, and you didn’t miss the look that Jimin and Jungkook exchanged.
A look that both scared and excited you. Jungkook reached out to grip your chin and turn your face towards him, “Oh babygirl, Jimin and I both remember just how you like to be handled.”
A shiver ran through you as you felt yourself growing wet at his words. You gasped at the feeling of Jimin’s lips against your bare shoulder.
“As if we could ever forget. You always were such a naughty girl.” he murmured against your skin.
As always, you knew they were still waiting for you to fully give your consent before anything happened, and you were more than ready to give the green light.
“I’ve only gotten naughtier.” was your sultry response as you smirked at Jungkook who was still holding you in place by your chin.
“Fuck,” the younger man growled, “I’ll bet you have.”
His lips were on yours in the next second as Jimin’s mouth latched onto the side of your neck. You moaned into the kiss and Jungkook’s tongue dove in, eager to taste all of you. Fuck, you had forgotten how good it felt to kiss him.
Jimin seemed determined to leave his mark as he sucked hungrily against your skin. One of your hands reached up to tangle in his hair and hold him against you. You did your best to kiss Jungkook back, but he was really taking charge with the way his mouth moved against your own like he was trying to devour you. Your lips already felt like they were starting to swell from his constant biting and sucking. A sudden tug on your hair had you separating from Jungkook with a gasp before Jimin was taking his turn to claim your mouth.
Jungkook immediately got to work tugging down the straps of your dress to expose more of your skin to him. He trailed his tongue along your collarbones and you whimpered against Jimin. The older man was more gentle in the way he kissed you, but his soft and plump lips left you feeling just as dizzy. Jungkook’s kisses were traveling lower, dipping into the valley of your cleavage as his tattooed hand came up to palm your breast over the fabric of your dress. You groaned into Jimin’s mouth and you felt him smirk against your lips before he pulled back.
“Here Kookie, let me help you.” he said before grabbing your dress and yanking it down to reveal your bare chest.
Jungkook wasted no time in attaching his mouth to one of your nipples, and you moaned as you sank back against Jimin.
“Fuck Kook.” you breathed out.
One of Jimin’s hands began trailing up your thighs, his fingers warming your skin with every touch.
“Missed all those pretty sounds you make for us princess.” he said next to your ear before biting down on it.
Jungkook trapped your bud between his teeth, eliciting a whine from you.
“The sweetest music, shit.” he cursed before switching to give attention to your other breast.
All the overwhelming sensations had almost made you forget about Jimin’s hand between your legs, but you were quickly reminded of its presence when he pushed your panties to the side to meet your folds.
He hissed right next to your ear, “That perfect cunt always dripping for us. Isn’t that right princess?”
He plunged two of his fingers into your heat without warning and you practically jolted forward. Jungkook quickly placed an arm over your midsection to keep you from squirming so much. He pulled off of your chest, his eyes blowing out with lust as he watched Jimin’s fingers disappear inside you.
“She takes your fingers so well, fuck.” the younger observed just as Jimin decided to go up to three digits.
“Help me make her cum Kook, she’s close.”
Jimin was right, you were close. Jungkook adding three of his own fingers to the mix to rub at your clit had your orgasm approaching much, much faster.
“Come on princess, cum for us.” Jimin coaxed as he pressed kisses against the side of your face.
“Always so good when you fall apart for us babygirl. So pretty.” Jungkook added sweetly.
Their combined encouragement pushed you over the edge as you came all over Jimin’s fingers, and he slowed down his pace to let you ride out your orgasm. You moaned at the sight of Jimin pulling his digits out of you and Jungkook immediately wrapping his mouth around them to suck them clean of your release.
“You two are going to be the fucking death of me I swear.” you said, your chest still heaving as you came down from your high.
“Oh hush, you’re just being dramatic.” Jimin remarked before pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“Yeah, don’t be a baby. Now, lay back on Jimin’s lap so I can eat you out.” Jungkook instructed, and you just gaped at him.
They didn’t even give you the chance to protest before Jimin was manuevering you to lay in his lap as Jungkook pulled his shirt over his head. He’d gotten both more muscular and more tatted since the last time you had seen him, and you had to stop yourself from drooling. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he pulled a hair tie off of his wrist before holding it between his teeth as he pulled his long dark locks into a bun at the back of his head. His gaze drifted between your legs and he smirked and raised an eyebrow at you. Those damn eyebrows ugh.
He finally finished tying his hair up, leaving just a few strands to frame his perfect face. He settled himself back on the sectional before reaching up to pull your dress and panties the rest of the way down and setting them on the floor below. You barely had time to react before Jimin was placing your hands behind his neck as Jungkook’s lips began sliding up your leg.
“Stay still and behave princess. You know I’ll tie those pretty hands of yours if I need to.” Jimin voiced, and you shuddered at the memory of all the times you’d let them tie you up and use you for hours.
You dug your nails into your palms at the feeling of Jungkook sucking against the flesh of your inner thigh.
“Jeon, you fucking demon.” you hissed.
He looked up at you with a wicked grin, his eyes never leaving yours as he edged closer before licking his way from your entrance to your clit. A string of moans left your mouth as your hips instinctively jerked. The devil between your legs wrapped his arms around your thighs to hold you in place before he was diving back in. His tongue was relentless as he slurped up your release from just moments before.
“Fuck,” he groaned, his lips shiny with your wetness, “you really do have the sweetest little cunt.”
His hold on your thighs pulled them further apart as he resumed fucking you with his tongue. You pulled on any of Jimin’s hair that you could reach just to have something to ground yourself. He growled before his own mouth descended on your neck. You cried out both of their names as Jungkook withdrew his tongue to begin flicking it against your still sensitive clit. His lips wrapped around your bundle of nerves and you whimpered at the sensation of being pinned between the two men with no escape. Jimin mouthed against your skin, his lips, tongue, and teeth leaving fresh marks in their wake. Jungkook sucked harder against your clit, and your legs were shaking in his hold.
“You did always love us fucking you until you cried.” Jimin spoke up, giving your hair a sudden harsh tug.
“You gonna cry for us babygirl?” the younger man asked from below you before pulling your bud between his teeth.
Jimin chose the same moment to bite down on your neck and you let out a scream as your second orgasm overtook you, tears of pleasure sliding down your cheeks. Jungkook lapped up everything you gave him until you began writhing in over stimulation. Jimin helped you untangle your arms from behind his neck before he began stroking his fingers through your hair. Jungkook was kissing his way back up your body until he made his way to your lips, giving them a sweet peck.
“Think you can give us one more tonight princess?” Jimin inquired as he looked down at you.
Your core ached just at the thought, but the two men had gone above and beyond to take care of you tonight. Plus they both had to be hard at this point, and you wanted to be able to help them out too.
“I don’t think I’ll be able to walk after though so you might have to let me sleep here.”
They both chuckled at that, Jungkook attacking your face with kisses.
“Don’t even worry about it babygirl. My bed has plenty of room.” he assured you with a bunny grin.
All you could do was give him a tired smile, but you nodded to let them know that you were okay to keep going. Jungkook pressed one last kiss to your cheek before he was getting to his feet to slide down his black leather pants and his boxers. His cock sprang free and you were reminded just how big he was. It was a good thing they had already made you a cum a few times tonight. Jimin carefully moved your head to lay on the pillow before he was getting up to shed his clothes as well. He leaned down and ran his thumb over your bottom lip, “You gonna let Kook fuck you while I fuck this perfect mouth of yours?”
“Fuck. Please.” you moaned, and Jimin smiled down at you.
“Alright princess, hands and knees.” the navy haired man directed before helping you into position.
You felt Jungkook settle in behind you as his hands gripped your hips. Jimin stroked himself a few times before he was pressing his tip against your lips. You opened up to take him inside at the same time that Jungkook began to push into you. You groaned around Jimin’s cock, Jungkook letting out a hiss as he sank further into you.
“So fucking tight. Shit.”
You took in more of Jimin’s length, your knees nearly giving out once Jungkook had bottomed out inside of you. He used his hold on your hips to keep you up as he pulled out to the tip before thrusting all the way back in, the force of his action pushing Jimin’s dick further down your throat. You choked around him, and Jimin moaned as he let his head fall back.
This had always been one of your favorite ways to see him. Eyes fluttering with his pretty lips parted as breathy little sighs slipped out from between them. One of his hands reached down to grab a fistful of your hair and give it a tug, earning a groan from you. Jungkook gave you a few more testing thrusts to adjust before he began pounding into you at a much faster pace. You gagged and choked on Jimin’s cock as each movement from the man behind you jerked you forward harshly. Tears streamed down your face, and Jimin looked down at you with so much fondness and affection in his eyes as he used the hand that wasn’t tangled in your hair to rub his thumb across your cheek.
You blinked up at him, his tenderness with you making your heart soar. It only lasted for a moment though before his hand left your cheek to instead wrap around your throat, giving it a slight squeeze as he felt you constrict around him. He gave you that look, the one that told you that you were so so fucked.
“Fuck her like you mean it Kook. Remind her that she belongs to us.” Jimin commanded, his eyes never once leaving yours.
Jungkook’s fingers dug into your flesh hard enough to bruise as he began fucking you with renewed vigor. Your eyes rolled back as he hit that sweet spot inside of you, and Jimin focused all his attention on fucking your mouth. Muffled sobs left your lips, the pleasure so overwhelming but so good at the same time. Jungkook leaned over you, his lips trailing up your spine as he slammed into you again and again. You could tell Jimin was getting close by the way his thrusts were growing sloppier, your own release not too far behind. He came down the back of your throat a few moments later, and you made sure to swallow every drop before letting his cock slip from your mouth. You gasped for air, every breath stuttered due to Jungkook’s continued harsh thrusts.
“You feel so fucking good. Always so fucking good for us. Only we can fuck you this good, isn’t that right babygirl?” Jungkook grunted behind you.
“Yes..only you.” you confirmed, your voice raspy.
Jimin gave a sudden nod to Jungkook, and you had no idea what it meant, but apparently Jungkook did because he pulled you up to where your back was flush against his chest. One of his arms draped across your midsection while his other hand came up to wrap around your neck, applying just the slightest bit of pressure. He mouthed along your jawline as his hips snapped against yours, and you knew you wouldn’t last much longer. Jimin kneeled in front of you on the sectional, one of his hands reaching out to begin rubbing at your clit, and your back arched against Jungkook’s chest.
“Go on Princess, cum all over Jungkook’s cock.”
“Cum for us one more time babygirl.”
The coil inside you snapped as you came undone for the third time, your entire body convulsing in Jungkook’s hold before falling back against his chest. Jimin planted featherlight kisses all over your breasts as Jungkook desperately chased his own high. A few more frantic thrusts was all it took to have him spilling his release inside of you as he cried out your name. You barely registered Jungkook pulling out of you, your energy completely spent. He carefully lifted you into his arms bridal style before carrying you towards the bathroom, Jimin following closely behind.
The three of you crowded inside of Jungkook’s huge glass shower, the two men helping you get cleaned up while also showering you and each other in affection every chance they got. Jungkook let you and Jimin borrow some of his clothes to sleep in before the three of you were sliding into the younger man’s bed, the two of them sandwiching you between them. Jungkook draped his arms over both of you as he buried his face in your neck, and you nuzzled further against Jimin in front of you. One thing was for sure, nothing was better than being with your boys and you had never been so glad to be stood up.
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lovelymin7 · 20 minutes ago
🧃 Foto promocional de BTS para Kloud Beer.
Tumblr media
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lyly1230 · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
personal space? jikok say no more 😽🐰💜
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sarahgaskarth1487 · 36 minutes ago
I was watching Bts videos with my mom and I not only found out that she knows Yoongi isn’t straight but she’s also seen vmin videos i-
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bangtanlighters · 46 minutes ago
Fate! Chapter 25
Tumblr media
Genre: (um, lots of things) Joseon dynasty, past/present-ish, a sprinkle of hybrids
Pairing: BTS x Reader (yup - all seven)
Summary: Princess Yemma was the youngest regent of Joseon, also the most feared. With her seven advisors who would give their life for her, she was untouchable…..When the princess died a new regent took control, however, the previous ruler died much too young for it to be natural.
Part 25 / ?
A/N: This chapter is short do I’ll be double updating!
"No, I forbid you from going. You're father didn't want you anywhere near that fake history and I will not break those rules just because he has passed."
Yemma's step mother had just returned from a drama shoot and the two were having a ‘nice’ dinner together.
"If you have time to do nothing but look at old things, then you can better spend that time helping with business at any one of your father's companies."
Yemma sighed and rolled her eyes. "That's what I told him."
"Nothing, look SookMi I brought up the topic because I was considering going. But now knowing that you don't want me to go so bad…."
"No!" SookMi yelled but quickly cleared her throat and smiled through clenched teeth. "Yemma history is full of lies and manipulations, I can't allow you to believe in it."
Yemma finished her drink and stood up. "Mr. Park, call the office and tell them I will be out next week. I have a trip for one of my classes that I must attend."
"Kim Yemma!" Her step mother yelled.
"Dont disturb me for the rest of the night, unless needed. In order for me to go, I have to get some paperwork done ahead of time."
Yemma's step mother was rendered speechless at her boldness. She heard Yemma’s door close and let out a scream startling the remaining staff.
The maids and butlers flinched as she threw a glass cup, they moved out of the way before she shoved her plate to the floor and threw a screaming fit.
She thought she would be in charge when she had gotten rid of that man but when they read his will she was shocked to find out that Yemma was now the official head of the family. How had she missed such an important part? That stubborn man had hid it from her.
"Clean this up." SookMi huffed, fixing herself. "I'll be in the office. I have a few calls to make."
The staff bowed and heaved a collective sigh when they heard the door close upstairs.
"What do you mean you lost them? When was the last time you saw him? They caught him! You all are so useless!"
Yemmas step mother was speaking in hushed tones behind the locked doors of the home office.
"Then find them! Those two are my top priority! I'll convince her not to go but you find those two and bring them to me alive, got it! And get rid of the dead bodies, I know it was those two mutts."
SookMi slammed her phone on the table and leaned back in the chair. Sighing he felt the pulsing in her head and massaged her temples to ease the oncoming headache.
Two of her men had gone missing. Two of her hybrids who were following Yemma.
She hated this life. She had no subjects, she had no real power and she was sure those wretched advisors- no, now they were just annoying boys- she was sure they remembered everything like she did.
But after living this long with her stepdaughter, she knew for a fact that she was ignorant of her past life, just like her father. And to get what she had back, and more, she was going to make sure Yemma stayed that way.
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jmexile · an hour ago
Tumblr media
BTS are the new face for Kloud Beer
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btsarmy55 · an hour ago
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bangtanpicture · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© 뽀라꿈 | do not edit.
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ugh-bangtan · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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