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#min yoongi
for-yoongi0309 · 41 minutes ago
Part one
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
삿갓은 평민, 갓끈은 귀족의 것이죠. 슈가는 삿갓에 갓끈을 연출해서 민중과 권력자 사이의 대립을 표현하려고 했다고 들었습니다.
The asian conical hat is for commoners, and that long accessory suga's wearing is for nobbilities. By this contrast, he expressed conflict between classes.
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mingiru · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yoongi’s beautiful hands
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adventuresinwonderlust · an hour ago
How are you? Everyone needs someone to check up on them. You need to be in good health. And seeing you said you'd marry me--I'm joking. Although I did ask that hehe. You are golden and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You're full of talent, you're a very funny person and you need to figure out who I am because we talk quite a bit on Tumblr. Good luck xx
Hello anon! How are you? I'm doing well thank you. 😊 Ahhh, you're my proposal anon lol. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙏🏽. You are sooo sweet!! Thank you for checking in on me. 🤗🥰
Now onto the mystery...👁👄👁....who are you dear proposal anon? I must solve this mystery 🤔😌 I shall be hyperfocused now!😏 Talk soon. XO
Tumblr media
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blu-joons · an hour ago
Perfect Notes ~ Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
The sound of piano greeted him as he walked up the flight of stairs to your apartment, wondering which of the houses the sweet melody could be coming from. A smile graced him as he followed the sound all the way up, surprised when he followed it all the way to your front door.
Using the spare key you’d given him, Yoongi let himself into your apartment, where the sounds quickly grew louder. He continued to follow the sounds until he found you sat at your piano in the back room of your apartment, a place that Yoongi had never been before.
He didn’t dare disturb you as you played, opting to lean against the doorframe and pay all his attention to you instead. His eyes watched you in disbelief at how talented you were, taking note of how effortlessly your fingers danced along the keys.
Once you were done, the sound of applause behind you made you jump. Your eyes darted around only to smile in relief when you noticed that it was Yoongi behind you. He took a few steps further into the room so he was stood behind you with his hands on your shoulders.
“That was beautiful,” he whispered, kissing the top of your head.
Your smile grew appreciatively, tilting your head back to look up at him. His eyes were staring around the room, exploring all of the items that belonged to you that he’d never had the chance to see or learn from before.
“I didn’t hear you come in,” you responded, as his eyes finally looked down to meet yours with a warming grin.
He watched closely as you reached forwards and pulled the lid down to your piano to keep the keys safe before folding the page of the music book that you were following from. His breath was taken in awe at how pristine everything was.
Never, could Yoongi imagine that he’d find you playing the piano. Yet, just when he thought he knew everything about you, you came along once again and took him by surprise and showed him another side to you.
“Since when have you played?” He asked, continuing to keep his hands on your shoulders. “I can’t believe you’ve never shown me how talented you are, it’s sounds to me like you belong in an orchestra or something with how good you are.”
Your eyes rolled at his kindness, dismissing him quickly. You were always too scared to tell Yoongi about your hobby, telling an artist who could sell out arenas to thousands about you being able to play piano always felt like quite the anti-climax.
But that was anything but how it felt to Yoongi, to find something that the two of you could share in common was huge to him. And best of all, to be able to be the one to say that talent was the better half of him was something that excited him greatly.
“I guess I’ve played for as long as I can remember,” you finally spoke up in response to him.
His head nodded, listening intently to everything that you had to say. “Maybe you could teach me a thing or two, I’ve actually been looking for some piano on my new song.”
You weren’t quite sure if Yoongi was just being nice or if he really meant it, but still, your head nodded back at him. You’d always played down your talents on the piano, but Yoongi was more than happy to be the one to hype you up.
He knew better than most how difficult it was for someone to dedicate their time to an instrument, especially to the breath-taking ability that you managed to play yours.
“I could just imagine you on piano and Tae on sax,” Yoongi began to daydream.
You nudged his hip gently to bring him back into reality, “there are thousands of more talented piano players than me, I just do it whenever I have the time.”
His head shook, struggling to believe how blind you were to how talented you were. He’d heard enough pieces of music in his lifetime to know when sheer talent stared him in the face, and you were most definitely talent sat before him.
There was no way he could stand back and ignore the sweet melody that he’d walked into, especially when it came from you.
“Why don’t you come down to the studio and play?” He suggested.
“Yoongi,” you whispered, “you don’t need to be nice to me because I’m your girlfriend.”
His head shook, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you up from your seat, replacing you with himself as he pulled you down into his lap.
The tight grip that he had on your waist refused to loosen as he studied your piano closely. He could recognise quickly that it was one of the older models of the company, but somehow, you’d managed to keep it in tiptop condition.
The money for a piano was something that you could never afford, you were only thankful for the one you had in front of you as a present many years ago that every member of your family chipped in for. The technology at Yoongi’s studio was something that you were never used to, it was far too fancy and modern for what you were used to playing on.
“I want you to feature on something,” he reiterated, “I want to show you off.”
You smiled down at him, pressing your hand to his cheek. “You’re adorable,” you mused, “but this is just a hobby for me, it’s not like I’m a professional or anything.”
His shoulders shrugged back at you, “what if you could be a professional though, you have the talent to easily compare with some of the pianists I’ve worked with over the years with the band. I bet half of them couldn’t do what you can.”
“Do you really think I’m that good?” You asked, struggling to believe how hard he was working to give your ego a boost.
“I think you’re more than good, you’re amazing.”
“Well, I wouldn’t quite go that far,” you sniggered.
His eyes rolled as his hands moved up to rest against your waist, tickling gently until you finally started to believe in the things that he was saying to you.
“I’m disappointed that you’ve never shown me how talented you are before though,” he teased, “I walked up the stairs desperate to find out who was playing such amazing music, but I never imagined that it would actually be from you.”
You smiled down at him once again, “I guess it’s just never come up in conversation before.”
He couldn’t hide the proud smile on his face as you began to trust in him a little more and believe the kindness that he sent your way.
“I wish you’d have told me sooner, but I’m glad I’ve found out now. You don’t deserve to just be playing in your bedroom, you should be on a stage or something for the world to see just how amazing you are.”
“Maybe one day,” you chuckled, kissing his forehead gently. “For now, I’m quite happy just playing in here. And besides, you’re the most important audience member to me, if you’re here, then I’m already selling out the world.”
A light giggle came from him, “that might just be the cheesiest thing that I’ve ever heard you say to me.”
“Don’t worry, I’m regretting it now too.”
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pkmntraineryoongi · an hour ago
do you ever think about yoongi and this live and scream
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sarahgaskarth1487 · 2 hours ago
I was watching Bts videos with my mom and I not only found out that she knows Yoongi isn’t straight but she’s also seen vmin videos i-
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bangtanpicture · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
© 𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌 𝐈𝐍 𝐒𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 | do not edit.
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banglet · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
You paced back and forth in front of the abandoned store, patting your jeans pocket for the tenth time to ensure that your money was still safe. You had taken every last won that you had to your name and put it aside in preparation for this trip, not bothering to pay any of your other bills. It wasn’t like it mattered anymore.
  You had originally estimated a plane back to Seoul for three people, only saving that specific amount. Of course, four other people joined the adventure a day before you were set to leave, causing you to scramble to make last minute plans to get them back home. Thankfully, Jin had agreed to front the rest of the money as a way of saying ‘thanks for letting me come’.
  The original money that you had saved was placed in a small white envelope, ready to be given to the older male to hold on to. You had to admit, even though the idea of traveling with a total stranger for a week and a half was undesirable to you, you were glad that Jin seemed mature enough to take care of your friends for you when you revealed that you were staying in Busan.
  And Namjoon or whatever his name was didn’t seem to bad either. Not to mention he wasn’t too awful looking either. You were always overprotective over Jungkook, and you didn’t want anything to go wrong on this trip, resulting in something bad happening to him. It gave you comfort knowing that he had another older friend who could watch after him when Jin wasn’t.
  You sighed, stopping your continues movements to stare up at the sky. You had checked the forecast before you went to bed last night, and it had said that the day would begin with heavy rainfall before clearing up. Yet, the sky was clear and the bright hues from the sunrise were fading away to reveal a perfect blue sky.
  It wasn’t the first time that the weatherman had gotten the forecast wrong, and it wouldn’t be the last either. But you couldn’t complain much, because you would rather have sunny spring weather versus torrential downpour.
  You breathed in the crisp morning air. It was still a bit chilly, the weather not yet ready to transition to constant warmth. Your jacket was just barely thick enough to protect you from the chill, the small breeze sending a shudder down your spine.
  The peaceful morning silence was ruined by the loud conversation from a group of boys behind you. You rolled your eyes, knowing exactly who it was. You spun around to face the boisterous trio. “Yah! It’s still early, quit being so loud. It’s rude.” You scolded.
  Taehyung groaned. “Then why are you also speaking so loud?” He shot back. You opened your mouth to insult him, but he held his long finger up to your lips. “Shh, if you’re too loud you’ll wake everyone up! We don’t want them to call the cops.”
  You smacked his hand away and kicked out at him, missing only by an inch as he leapt away. Hoseok laughed at the fear on his younger friends face. “C’mon Tae. You’re taller than her, all you have to do is pick her up.” He joked. Then, the red-head took a threatening step towards you.
  You shoved him back, a smile finding its way to your face despite your attempts at remaining stoic. “Don’t you dare Jung Hoseok.” You said loudly. He moved forward again, this time quicker. You barely managed to dodge his long arms, running straight into their mint-haired companion.
  He grunted at the impact of your body against his, pushing you away. “Watch it.” He mumbled. But as an act of friendliness, he moved in front of you slightly to block the younger man. “Hoseok, if you continue to chase her then she’ll continue to bump into me, and that’s gonna make me cranky.” He said.
  Taehyung rolled his eyes. “You’re always cranky.” He groaned. Hoseok nodded in agreement, but backed off. The three men began a small conversation about something you didn’t quite understand, keeping their voices low to cater to your earlier complaint.
  You pulled your heavy bag from your shoulders, sifting through to grab a water bottle. Taehyung broke from his conversation to join you off to the side, reaching in to grab the small bottle from your hands.
  “Hey!” You cried, reaching forward to grab it back. He held his arms up and away from your reach, a smirk plastered across his face. “I hope this isn’t vodka.” He said, backing away from you as you continued to lunge forwards. You smacked his chest hard, drawing a small grunt from him. “It’s not! I’m thirsty, so give it!”
  You kicked his shin, causing him to drop your bottle in surprise. You snatched it back as he grasped his leg in pain and began to hop around in a circle, crying over how unfair you were. You simply rolled your eyes and cracked the plastic top, taking a long sip of the cold liquid.
  Another voice defended you, coming up behind you. “Well, you shouldn’t have taken her bottle dumbass.”
  You turned, grinning at Jimin. You didn’t know him very well, but his sometimes snarky attitude already seemed to mesh well with yours. You didn’t mind him as much as you thought you would.
  You tossed your bottle back into your bag before zipping it up and slinging it back over your shoulders. Taehyung released his leg to approach the older male, simply to complain some more. You spotted the remaining three in your group approaching from behind the duo, obviously deep in conservation.
  Jimin caught you staring and snorted. “They’re lecturing Jungkook about behaving and whatnot. I ran ahead because I knew that laughing would get me in trouble. Jin also has the mini tents, so I didn’t want to anger him and risk not getting one.”
  You laughed, finally noticing the look of mild irritation on the youngest’s face. “I hope they’ll let me take part in the lecturing through our trip. I love irritating Kook.” You joked. Jimin laughed lightly, his smile only growing when Jungkook glared at him from afar.
  “Hurry up!” You called to them. You were desperate to get moving while you still had the guts to follow through with your plan. The trio jogged the remaining few feet to you, the excitement practically radiating off of them.
  “Ah, I’m so excited to get going!” Jin exclaimed. He had a happy smile on his face, which in turn made you smile back. You took back all of your negative thoughts from earlier. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. His positive energy made the air lighter, and it seemed to affect everyone.
  “Yeah, let’s get going!” Taehyung said, bouncing up and down. “This is gonna be great! Let’s have so much fun, guys!”
  You nodded, pulling the folded map from your pocket. Namjoon stared, confused. “Uh, you aren’t gonna use your phone?” He asked. “Wouldn’t that be a little less complicated?”
  You shrugged. “Yeah, if I was using a car. But we’re walking, and we’re gonna try and stay off of the roads. I feel like that’d keep the spirit of adventuring, right?” You unfolded the map while giving the tall man a pointed look.
  Namjoon smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck. “Ah, yeah. That does make sense. Carry on then.” He mumbled.
  You examined the red markings that you had dotted all over the large piece of paper. “Gather round.” You said, waving your hand to everyone. They obeyed, forming a tight circle around you.
  “We’re here right now.” You said, pointing to the first red dot. “And we’re gonna follow this trail until we get to this dot. It’s pretty straight forward. Once we exit the city, we’ll move towards the grass and get off the road.” You explained. “But before we leave the city, I just wanna confirm that we have everything we need.”
  “Well, I know that I brought everything on my list.” Hoseok said. “But we might wanna stop at a convenience store anyways to make sure that we have some extra food. Protein bars aren’t gonna hold us until the next city.”
  The other’s nodded in agreement. “I agree. We should make sure we have plenty of food to share. I don’t think we really thought that through yesterday. Protein bars will only do so much.” Yoongi mumbled, fidgeting with his backpack straps.
  “Alright, let’s take care of that then. Anyone else have any suggestions?” You asked. The group thought for a moment. When no one was able to come up with another missing item, you nodded.
  “Good, we’ll hit the convenience store close to the edge of the city. I don’t want to wait any longer, so let’s go.” You said. Jungkook and Taehyung jumped in front of you, leading the way with a comical march.
  You couldn’t help but to giggle at their childish antics. God, you were going to miss them.
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iamthefourthbn · 2 hours ago
Does Suga and Hobi's chemistry remind of Dan an Phil as well or is it just me?! Not the couple status but the vibes? The energy? The personality? And how they vibe with each other?
For me they look remarkably similar!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mintelepathy · 2 hours ago
Can you write a Min Yoongi piece where his s/o doesn't believe in napping but is burnt out and exhausted from work that Yoongi basically forces her to take a nap with him by pretending he to need cuddles after a hard day at practice?
"Do you want to cuddle?"
idol!yoongi x reader/oc
established relationship
word count: +1.0k
genre: fluff
warnings: none
summary: oc doesn't believe in napping but is burnt out and exhausted from work that yoongi basically forces her to take a nap with him by pretending he needs cuddles after a hard day at practice.
I was so excited when I got this request, I found the idea so cute that I couldn't wait to write it, anon if you are reading this I just want to tell you that I fell in love with your idea, that I hope you like this and that I'm so sad I don't know who you are :( anyways thank you for the request.
Tumblr media
Coming home after a hard and tiring day at work was always gratifying, even more when you knew that Yoongi would be ther in just a few minutes to spend the rest of the day with you. You’ve received a message from him when you just arrived, letting you know that he was already on his way to your place after finishing his practice with the boys.
If you were honest, you felt exhausted, you’ve not sleeping properly lately and the only thing going around your mind was work, work and more work. You let out a yawn and that was your signal to prepare some coffee, there was no way you’d fall asleep in the middle of the day.
You had nothing against people who loved napping, I mean your boyfriend was the biggest fan of it, but you just didn’t want to waste a part of your day sleeping when you could spend it doing something more productive. So no, taking a nap was the last thing you wanted to do despite being drowsy.
Yoongi arrived by the time the coffee was ready, you didn’t have to go and open the door for him since he already had a copy of your keys, so you finished preparing your hot black coffee and an iced americano for him, it would have been a betrayal preparing coffee just for yourself knowing how much he loved coffee, specially iced americano.
“Wow, what a way to welcome me” he said wrapping his arms around your waist from behind you, and then he planted a kiss on your right shoulder making you smile.
“How was practice?” you asked as you turned around, setting your arms gently on his shoulders while his were still around your waist.
“Hard and tiring” he said before pecking your lips. “After surgery I spent too much time recovering that my body forgot how exhausting dancing for hours is, how about your day at work?”
“I don’t even want to talk about it, I almost fell asleep on a meeting, my boss was so mad because of that” you said as you looked down to the floor closing your eyes and sighed.
“Enough talking about work then, let’s drink the coffee you made, I bet it’s delicious” he placed his hands in your cheeks bringing your face closer to his face, then he proceeded to kiss your forehead.
You grabbed your drink and handed him his iced coffee, then both of you went straight to sit on the chair that were in the balcony. The weather was great, neither cold nor hot, just perfect.
You didn’t live in front of the beach to say that the view was amazing and breath taking, but it was still nice seeing all the buildings from up there, and it was perfect since yoongi was there with you.
“Do you know why espresso coffee is called espresso?” he asked after taking a sip of his own drink.
“I have no idea, you tell me babe” you said and waited for him to stop drinking and tell you.
“Espresso is an Italian word, and it means pressed out, so espresso is made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through finely ground compacted coffee” you loved the way he always had something interesting to say about everything, he would always tell you random facts about random things and you would listen closely to every single word, you’ve learnt a lot from him.
“That’s amazing, we should try making espresso coffee next” he nodded as he finished his iced americano.
You could say that one of your hobbies was making drinks and trying new ones with yoongi, he wasn’t just a coffee lover but he also knew a lot about alcohol, it doesn’t mean he drinks a lot or every day though, he just really enjoys it and he always gets so happy when you like and enjoy the drinks he makes you try.
“God my whole body hurts” he said as he stood up and stretched his body. “Do you want to cuddle?” he asked you offering his hand to help you stand up.
You didn’t need to respond because you were already taking his hand and standing up to make your way to the couch. He laid first and then you followed his actions, holding his body close to you with your arm around his torso, resting your head on his chest and immediately closing your eyes when you felt his fingers running thought your hair.
When you first started dating yoongi there wasn’t too much of physical touch between the two of you, it took him, and you, some time before starting showing physical affection, it was something that the two of you weren’t used to do, but now there was always cuddles, hugs and kisses everytime you found yourselves with no more company than each other, you loved it, even more considering that his touch was always so gentle, loving and caring, and his hands and lips felt so soft on your skin. You could spend hours like this with him.
He loved holding you like that as much as you enjoyed being wrapped around his arms, but I’d be a lie saying that he asked for cuddles just because he wanted to cuddle, yes his body hurt and he wanted to lay down for a bit but he could have just gone and lay on the bed alone, so the real reason behind asking you for cuddles was because he knew you’d end up falling asleep.
He knew if he had asked you to take a nap with him you’d have said no, but he also noticed how tired your eyes looked and how exhausted your voice sounded, so what better than cuddling with you and end up taking a nap together.
He never stopped caressing your hair and it was the way you were so silent that made him realize you were already sleeping. He smiled for himself and not so long after he was the one falling asleep now.
Finally, both of you were getting the rest you deserved.
once again thanks anon for the request
btw this is the second fic a posted today, I was feeling so inspired haha
a like or reblog is always appreciated 🤍
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youarejesting · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Hoseok hears a whistle one morning while having coffee in the garden and finds a part of himself he didn’t even know was missing. But when he holds it once more he is afraid to let it slip away again.
Prompt: ‘Whistle’ from the April prompt of @castlebangtan
Words: 1.1k
Genre: angst, humour, fluff, post idol au, grown up bts, reunion au, disband au
Rating: general audience
Jung Hoseok moved through the world like molasses, his footsteps short making a pat pat clack pat pat clack as he wandered down the hall. He felt physically drained but his head was serene filled with almost nothing but the sounds of the city. Just outside was a long street and when sometimes he could hear the screech of tires or the bass blaring heavy beats from someone’s car so loud that it would shake his chest. They were all sounds Hoseok was used to so it let him know that things were okay.
“This way Mister Jung,” The young woman smiled as she escorted him towards a beautiful outdoor settee under a big umbrella he sat and looked out at the flowers. . The wind was gentle but it made the canopy of the large umbrella flap occasionally. Hoseok caught a scent presumably from the pristine flowers rustling around him. Orange blossoms, he thought with a soft hum of appreciation and a faint smile. Hoseok settled into his cushioned wicker chair that squeaked under his form and with that he just sat back and watched the world pass him by.
Slightly muted was a low talking, someone was reading something aloud and it soothed Hoseok to listen to the timber tones of their voice. Some parts were gravelly and too deep to comprehend, and the story was in a language yet it still lulled him.
The young woman served him a fragrant tea and he tapped his feet to the music playing inside the building, he wondered how long he was staying. It would seem a shame to leave so soon, he had never been somewhere this beautiful and serene before.
“Mister Jung, would you like anything else,” The woman asked, the staff were attentive as always it seemed. He smiled and shook his head, a beautiful crisp melody colored his ears for a second. Hoseok laid his hands in his lap to just bask in the outdoors for a few more moments when he heard the sound again. The sharp melodic whistle, not metallic or artificial like a referee’s Valkeen whistle. No, the whistle was airy, warm, and sweet.
It wasn’t strong. In fact, it was the opposite, the sound dying off long enough for the person to take another breath. Hoseok’s mind was reeling, there was something about the melody of the whistle that pulled at his sides. “Mister Jung, is there something wrong?”
“That whistle?” Hoseok asked quietly looking around trying to listen to the sound, he had heard it once before, or at least he believed he had. Maybe it was in a dream, maybe an alternate reality.
The whistle began again and Hoseok craned his neck to find the source of the sound. Like a song calling him home. He couldn’t just sit there he had to find it, there was something or someone calling him. It squeezed his chest like a forgotten memory and lifted him from his chair. Hoseok walked inside abandoning the sun, the breeze, and beautiful flowers in search of something hidden in the dark depths of his mind.
“Mister Jung, are you hurt, you are crying?” the woman spoke and he wiped his face as he followed the sound. He looked confused at the source of the noise an old man sitting in the corner playing cards with three others discussing lunch expectations.
The one who had been whistling looked up with a grin, his two front teeth protruding just a fraction more. His voice was soft and warm as he spoke to Hoseok, “Are you okay Hyung?”
It was like everything came back flooding Hoseok like a tonne of bricks he remembered the missing part of him. He remembered his brothers and the song Jungkook had been whistling, he looked across the room into the ornamental mirrored glass and saw how he had gotten old. “Where is Namjoon Hyung?” he breathed his heart drumming in his ears the sounds fluctuating with each beat.
“He likes to read in the gardens,” Jimin’s voice was airy and he looked the epitome of cozy in his knitted shawl. Stepping outside Hoseok saw Namjoon reading his circular glasses reflected the sun as he looked up at Hoseok.
“Excuse me, my dear, it seems, I have a visitor, but I can read to you later?”
“Of course mister Kim,” she smiled standing up and heading inside.
“It seems today must be a good day mister Jung, you remember me don’t you” Namjoon closed his book with a soft thunk and placed it on the table, Hoseok approached Namjoon with the familiar clack of his cane. He hugged the man clinging desperately to his sweater and sobbed.
Namjoon patted his back and got up from his seat, “I think someone would like to see you,” Namjoon gestured inside and Hoseok saw Yoongi, Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung smiling by the door.
“Come on Hyung,” Yoongi breathed, it was then Hoseok noticed he was in a wheelchair, a wave of emotions swept over him. As Taehyung pushed him down the hall, the group was talking adamantly before Hoseok heard a shrill voice.
“Min Yoongi, if you steal mister Yoo’s wheelchair again, you won’t get pudding desserts for a week,” Yoongi laughed, his gummy smile accentuated by the fact he had no teeth. He got out of the wheelchair and briskly shuffled down the hall, the others followed their laughter filling the hallway, Taehyung pushed the wheelchair at the staff member before following them. Hoseok wasn’t as spry in his old age, his dancing took a toll and he was left clacking after them.
They pulled him into a room and they giggled, “Good afternoon to you too,” Seokjin’s voice was heavy and airy, he turned to see Seokjin sitting in the bed a nasal respirator feeding him a steady flow of oxygen.
“Hey, Jin, let me borrow the air?” Yoongi coughed, his gummy smile never faltering.
Namjoon smiled, the seven looked at each other the giddiness growing inside them as Jungkook whistled the same tune. Hoseok smiled as visions of the crowds filled his head, the stages of the countries, the fans, and the years they spent together.
Taehyung found the remote, getting out of Seokjin’s drama, and started playing the very song Jungkook was whistling and they were all taken back, crammed into one room just like they remembered.
“Been trying to tell you this,” Namjoon sang along with his younger self on the tv.
Hoseok watched them all listening to the lyrics, but something was nagging him, why had he forgotten. There wasn’t much time as they began singing their parts the best they could, Seokjin also joined in and the door was opened the nursing staff coming to see the ruckus and smiling softly.
“We just can’t seem to separate you can we?” The nurse laughed, “Come on superstars it is time for dinner.”
“Wait Hyung,” Hoseok asked, “What if I forget again?”
“It’s okay,” Namjoon said, “we are happy as long as you are happy, just a 1, 2, 3. And all the sad memories are gone and we get to see you smile.”
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adventuresinwonderlust · 3 hours ago
Red suit seesaw yoongi??
Tumblr media
Yesssss!! He can have whatever he likes in this got damned outfit!! I am sooooo in love with red suit seesaw Yoongi!! 😍🥵
Tumblr media
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adventuresinwonderlust · 3 hours ago
Blood Sweat and Tears where he looked so effortlessly sexy (plus it gave us that infamous fancam 👀)
He was looking yummy in that video. I mean his booty was ripe. However, not in my top five! But here's a little gif for you!! 😜
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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