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mingiru · 39 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yoongi’s beautiful hands
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blu-joons · an hour ago
Perfect Notes ~ Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
The sound of piano greeted him as he walked up the flight of stairs to your apartment, wondering which of the houses the sweet melody could be coming from. A smile graced him as he followed the sound all the way up, surprised when he followed it all the way to your front door.
Using the spare key you’d given him, Yoongi let himself into your apartment, where the sounds quickly grew louder. He continued to follow the sounds until he found you sat at your piano in the back room of your apartment, a place that Yoongi had never been before.
He didn’t dare disturb you as you played, opting to lean against the doorframe and pay all his attention to you instead. His eyes watched you in disbelief at how talented you were, taking note of how effortlessly your fingers danced along the keys.
Once you were done, the sound of applause behind you made you jump. Your eyes darted around only to smile in relief when you noticed that it was Yoongi behind you. He took a few steps further into the room so he was stood behind you with his hands on your shoulders.
“That was beautiful,” he whispered, kissing the top of your head.
Your smile grew appreciatively, tilting your head back to look up at him. His eyes were staring around the room, exploring all of the items that belonged to you that he’d never had the chance to see or learn from before.
“I didn’t hear you come in,” you responded, as his eyes finally looked down to meet yours with a warming grin.
He watched closely as you reached forwards and pulled the lid down to your piano to keep the keys safe before folding the page of the music book that you were following from. His breath was taken in awe at how pristine everything was.
Never, could Yoongi imagine that he’d find you playing the piano. Yet, just when he thought he knew everything about you, you came along once again and took him by surprise and showed him another side to you.
“Since when have you played?” He asked, continuing to keep his hands on your shoulders. “I can’t believe you’ve never shown me how talented you are, it’s sounds to me like you belong in an orchestra or something with how good you are.”
Your eyes rolled at his kindness, dismissing him quickly. You were always too scared to tell Yoongi about your hobby, telling an artist who could sell out arenas to thousands about you being able to play piano always felt like quite the anti-climax.
But that was anything but how it felt to Yoongi, to find something that the two of you could share in common was huge to him. And best of all, to be able to be the one to say that talent was the better half of him was something that excited him greatly.
“I guess I’ve played for as long as I can remember,” you finally spoke up in response to him.
His head nodded, listening intently to everything that you had to say. “Maybe you could teach me a thing or two, I’ve actually been looking for some piano on my new song.”
You weren’t quite sure if Yoongi was just being nice or if he really meant it, but still, your head nodded back at him. You’d always played down your talents on the piano, but Yoongi was more than happy to be the one to hype you up.
He knew better than most how difficult it was for someone to dedicate their time to an instrument, especially to the breath-taking ability that you managed to play yours.
“I could just imagine you on piano and Tae on sax,” Yoongi began to daydream.
You nudged his hip gently to bring him back into reality, “there are thousands of more talented piano players than me, I just do it whenever I have the time.”
His head shook, struggling to believe how blind you were to how talented you were. He’d heard enough pieces of music in his lifetime to know when sheer talent stared him in the face, and you were most definitely talent sat before him.
There was no way he could stand back and ignore the sweet melody that he’d walked into, especially when it came from you.
“Why don’t you come down to the studio and play?” He suggested.
“Yoongi,” you whispered, “you don’t need to be nice to me because I’m your girlfriend.”
His head shook, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you up from your seat, replacing you with himself as he pulled you down into his lap.
The tight grip that he had on your waist refused to loosen as he studied your piano closely. He could recognise quickly that it was one of the older models of the company, but somehow, you’d managed to keep it in tiptop condition.
The money for a piano was something that you could never afford, you were only thankful for the one you had in front of you as a present many years ago that every member of your family chipped in for. The technology at Yoongi’s studio was something that you were never used to, it was far too fancy and modern for what you were used to playing on.
“I want you to feature on something,” he reiterated, “I want to show you off.”
You smiled down at him, pressing your hand to his cheek. “You’re adorable,” you mused, “but this is just a hobby for me, it’s not like I’m a professional or anything.”
His shoulders shrugged back at you, “what if you could be a professional though, you have the talent to easily compare with some of the pianists I’ve worked with over the years with the band. I bet half of them couldn’t do what you can.”
“Do you really think I’m that good?” You asked, struggling to believe how hard he was working to give your ego a boost.
“I think you’re more than good, you’re amazing.”
“Well, I wouldn’t quite go that far,” you sniggered.
His eyes rolled as his hands moved up to rest against your waist, tickling gently until you finally started to believe in the things that he was saying to you.
“I’m disappointed that you’ve never shown me how talented you are before though,” he teased, “I walked up the stairs desperate to find out who was playing such amazing music, but I never imagined that it would actually be from you.”
You smiled down at him once again, “I guess it’s just never come up in conversation before.”
He couldn’t hide the proud smile on his face as you began to trust in him a little more and believe the kindness that he sent your way.
“I wish you’d have told me sooner, but I’m glad I’ve found out now. You don’t deserve to just be playing in your bedroom, you should be on a stage or something for the world to see just how amazing you are.”
“Maybe one day,” you chuckled, kissing his forehead gently. “For now, I’m quite happy just playing in here. And besides, you’re the most important audience member to me, if you’re here, then I’m already selling out the world.”
A light giggle came from him, “that might just be the cheesiest thing that I’ve ever heard you say to me.”
“Don’t worry, I’m regretting it now too.”
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omgalyssag17 · an hour ago
04/14/2021 Log
I had my last check off today and passed it!
To celebrate finishing and passing all 6 of my check offs, I treated my mom and myself to some Cracker Barrel this afternoon!
I just have two more exams and a math quiz left and I'll be finished with my first semester of nursing school!
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rjaymez · 3 hours ago
Red on White • Pjm •
Capítulo Um
Se você é sensível, por favor, pule para onde está o símbolo ∆.
As poças d'água explodiam quando ele passava correndo por elas, seu peito subindo e descendo em um ritmo preciso. As grossas gotas de chuva encharcavam toda sua roupa e seu cabelo, de maneira que seu corpo ficava aparente na camiseta, mas também, que seu cabelo dificultasse a sua visão enquanto corria. Os olhos do rapaz estavam arregalados, se assustara com algo no caminho e tal cena parecia ser tão aterrorizante quanto um assassinato. Ele tentava gritar para as pessoas, mas sua voz não saía, ele lutava para gritar, mas nada. Isso era imbecilidade.
Correndo mais e mais, o rapaz tropeça no próprio pé e cai com o rosto no chão, especificamente em uma poça. Essa poça, que com as luzes fracas da rua não pode ser vista, que com seu rosto encharcado de tal líquido percebeu que na verdade a água que escorria pelo seu rosto, era sangue. Sange aquele que não escorria para outro lado indicando destino de tal corpo, então nosso querido rapaz, dos olhos azuis e cabelos loiros, olhou hesitante para cima. Então com o espanto no olhar e com o grito instalado na garganta, ele viu o corpo de sua mulher, pendente a uma placa de uma loja qualquer.
Sua barriga fora aberta e seus órgãos não se encontravam em seu corpo, seus pulsos estavam quebrados, os calcanhares virados para trás. Em seu peito a assinatura do assassino "PJ" escrita com algo cortante e eu pescoço quebrado, onde ali fora posta de pendurar em um gancho de aço da placa.
— É belo não é? Veja como os olhos dela ainda esbossam espanto, não é magnífico? — Um homem chegou por de trás do rapaz e segurou em seus cabelos para que ele olhasse para o cadavar estripado de sua esposa.
— Por favor veja, é lindo senhor, é lindo como o ser humano é frágil, como a carne é fácil de cortar, como os ossos são fáceis de quebrar. É tão lindo. — O homem soltou uma risada psicodélica e soltou o rapaz de maneira bruta, fazendo seu rosto encontrar novamente a poça de sangue de sua amada.
Seus olhos pesaram novamente e dessa vez se fecharam, estava exausta por ter ficado até tarde lendo um de seus livros favoritos, mas pensando bem: foi descobrir que Lohan era apaixonado pela Hadria, isso foi um choque até. Sua imaginação lhe levou até aquele quarto, onde, na sua cabeça, seria o melhor lugar para se estar com o personagem fictício. Ele tocou seu rosto com uma mão e com a outra sua cintura, puxou seu corpo até o dele e tocou suavemente seus lábios com os dele e disse.
— Senhorita Lima? Senhorita Lima, está acordada?
Em um susto, percebeu que quem chamava por você não era Lohan, mas sim seu professor lhe olhando por de trás dos óculos fundo de garrafa. Que decepção. Você tossiu para infelizmente dispertar daquele sonho, ajeitou o cabelo e sorriu amarelo para seu professor, que levantou uma sombrancelha e continuou explicando a matéria.
— Estava pensando no Lohan, a luz do amanhã? — Perguntou Mila em um sussurro atras de você.
Mila Milani, intercambista dos Canadá veio para Nova Orleans com o mesmo objetivo qud você, estudar jornalismo e, quem sabe, ir para Inglaterra e trabalhar no jornal de lá. Sua aparência era de dar inveja, sua inteligência era avançada, seria uma otima detetive se assim exigido. Seus olhos eram castanhos claros, seu rosto era bem marcado, seu corpo de dar inveja com curvas excitantes. Seu cabelo tocava o topo de sua bunda, com cachos mal formados e com algumas mechas loiras espalhadas por todo o mar de escuridão de fios negros.
— Eu cheguei na parte que ele se declara para a Hadria, ainda não estou acreditando — Disse no mesmo tom jogando o cabelo para trás e suspirando — Amiga ele é tudo.
— E eu não sei? Li Eclipse umas quinze vezes — Respondeu se sentindo a especialista no assunto.
Vocês duas eram apaixonadas por literatura erótica e histórias sobrenaturais. Fora isso que fez vocês seres tão amigas, livros onde os personagens se perdiam em horas de prazer e muitas vezes de sexo agressivo. O resto da aula fora como sempre, você conseguiu realizar o resto da aula sem dormir. Mas antes de sair da sala recebeu o anúncio assim como os outros alunos.
— Pessoas, não vamos mais abrir a faculdade apartir de amanha por causa do caso do fugitivo do hospício, por favor tomem muitocuidado, fechem bem as tranças.
Todos os alunos saíram comentando o assunto e meio assustados também. Você e Mila andavam calmas pelos corredores sem falar nada, estavam pensando bem no qual falar.
— Você vai ficar bem sozinha? — Questionou Mila quebrando o silêncio.
— Vou sim, tenho a Lua e o Hades, não se preocupe — Você sorriu.
Claro, seus gatos seriam uma ótima companhia eles não dão trabalho nenhum para você, são tão doces e te entendem melhor do que pessoas, não precisava de mais ninguém e sobriveria muito bem a algumas semanas sem sair de casa por causa de um retardado. Mila se despediu de você no portão da faculdade e correu para pegar o ônibus, você, por outro lado só teve de andar um pouco mais abaixo na rua para pegar seu carro.
Audi R8 Black Matte Edition. Esse era seu carro, que você mesma comprara com o dinheiro que consegui vendendo quadros e fazendo artesanato, nem mesmo você sabia que podia lucrar tanto com isso. Desligou o alarme e entrou no mesmo, ligou o rádio como sempre, colocando o cinto e dando partida.
O caminho para casa não era longe, mas dava um bom caminho, passava pela polícia, pela funerária e por uma escola secundária. A sua rua ficava mais escondida, depois de passar uma mata escura, que sempre lhe dá arrepios, você chega a sua rua e então se alivia com o pouco de luz que ali havia.
Estacionando seu carro na garagem, sobe rapidamente e se depara com seus gatos dormindo como pequenos anjinhos, então decjde tomar um banho quente e relaxar. No banheiro, enquanto você se despia, ouviu-se a porta da frente abrir. Naquele momento você ficou totalmente em silêncio, seus olhos estavam vidrados na porta do banheiro esperando que ela abrissem, mas não aconteceu nada. Você então se enrrolou na toalha e saiu sorrateiramente pela casa procurando alguém, passou pela cozinha e pegou uma faca de cima do balcão. Com sua arma letal em mãos, se estreitava dentre as paredes para olhar bem dentro dos cômodos.
— Desse jeito você pode machucar alguém.
Uma voz nenhum pouco familiar e masculina surgiu atrás de ti, então em um movimento rápido você se virou e o viu ali sentado na janela, com seu gato no colo e os olhos vidrados na janela. A luz do poste deixava a sombra dele se espalhar pelo tapete da sala, seu cabelo tampava seu rosto e suas mãos passavam suavemente pelo pelo de seu gato, que se mantinha calmo sobre o colo do rapaz.
— Quem é você? — Perguntou ainda com a faca apontada para ele — Como entrou aqui?
Ele não te respondeu de imediato, ficou ali parado olhando para ao longe ds paisagem além da grama alta do campo. Ele virou o rosto para olhar em seus olhos e você sentiu a toalha escorregar pelo seu corpo, ele olhou atento para a cena e sorriu.
— É melhor você colocar uma roupa confortável, uma chuva forte está a caminho e não é educado ficar nua com um corpo tão bonito na frente de um homem com desejos.
Ele disse sem se mover do lugar, então — sem entender muito, fora para seu quarto e se trancou no mesmo, colocando uma roupa e procurando seu celular para ligar para a polícia, mas então você lembrou que estava em uma bolsa que deixara em cima da poltrona, que estava ao lado do rapaz. Como tu não é de fraquejar, saiu do quarto, andou com firmeza até o lado dele e pegou o celular dentro da bolsa. Começou a discar e quanto o policial disse alô, ele tomou o celular de sua mão e se afastou falando nele.
— Me da isso aqui. Oi senhor, me perdoe o incômodo, minha filha de dois anos pegou meu celular e ligou sem querer, mil desculpas.
Você ficou paralisada, como assim filha de dois anos? Quem era esse cara e o que ele queria com você? Por que você, por que sua casa?
Ele desligou o celular e olhou nos seus olhos de um jeito estranho que te fez recuar. Ele se aproximou lento e ameaçador, você começou a ver sua vida passando pela sua cabeça, mas ao mesmo tempo pensava em como iria matar aquele cara. Mas ele não se aprocimiu muito, tirou a carteira do bolso e começou a sacar notas.
— Quanto eu posso te pagar para passar essa noite aqui? — Ele estendeu algumas notas que na contagem dariam mil euros.
Você olhou para o dinheiro e depois para ele, algo dentro de você disse que não seria bom ele dormir em sua casa, mas por outro lado era só aquela noite e você conseguiria uma boa grana.
— Mas por que quer dormir aqui, por que eu deveria deixar você dormir aqui? Você invadiu a minha casa — Disse você sendo dona da razão.
— Eu não tenho onde ficar e vi no noticiário que tem um sereal killer solto por aí. Não quero morrer moça, por favor. Só essa noite, amanhã eu arrumo um lugar pra ficar — Ele disse com um olhar de dor.
Você era uma pessoa bondosa, seu coração se partiu com a última frase e seu olhar era de pena. Novamente, seu lado vidente lhe alertou que aquilo poderia te levar a um destino não muito agradável e novamente, seu lado imaturo lhe levou a fazer o que ninguém faria.
— Tudo bem. Pode ficar — Você pegou os mil euros que estavam em sua mão e se afastou dele.
Ele agradeceu, você apenas concordou com a cabeça. Por segurança, trancou as portas, chamou seus gatos para dentro do seu quarto e trancou a porta, ficando em silêncio naquele quarto escuro, esperando qualquer barulho para ligar para a polícia.
Você não faz ideia na onde se meteu, garota.
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taesgalore · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝐇𝐈𝐑𝐀𝐄𝐓𝐇 ( 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞-𝐞𝐲𝐭𝐡 ) — 𝘢 𝘥𝘦𝘦𝘱 𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘩𝘰𝘮𝘦
genre fluff (like a hell of a lot ) , eventual angst, eventual smut (??)
pairing hybrid!bts x female poc human!mc x human!namjoon | bts ot7 x female poc mc | poly! bts x female poc mc — ( lavender pomeranian! hybrid taehyung, holland lop bunny rabbit! hybrid jungkook, ragdoll cat hybrid jimin, siamese cat! hybrid yoongi, golden retriever! hybrid hoseok, arctic fox! hybrid seokjin, human! namjoon, human female poc! main character)
warning swearing, unnecessary amount of fluff, sexual innuendos 😏
disclaimer/notes all the boys have hair colour/eye colours that match their fur as animals eg. seokjin has white hair and light blue eyes, jimin has white hair and icy blue eyes, taehyung has grey hair and silver eyes, yoongi has what looks like black hair with grey highlights and blue eyes, hoseok has golden hair with golden eyes, jungkook has black hair and dark dark deep brown eyes. in this story they are able to shift and do regularly because why not indulge in adorable animals racing around. also mind links between soulmates are a thing :) they are a *eventually* a group of 8 soulmates hence why they have mind links that allow them to talk to each other.
summary Beau’s Bakery was popular for it’s homey feel and delicious treats. Customers often mentioned to Beau how at ease and comfortable they felt just by walking by. As these praises started to increase, Beau couldn’t help but think, is it home to me? Yes her Bakery was her pride and joy, her own little world to control but didn’t feel enough to call it home. Something always felt as if it there was a gaping hole missing that coudlnt be filled with co-workers or any other significant other. So when Beau gets the offer for a test trial which could get her baked goods to the city’s Hybrid Sanctuary as a long-standing partnership, she jumps at the chance. No way did she expect to be to fall in love with the hybrids she had encountered nor did she expect to adopt 3. But as time scurries on and their family of 4 grows to 8, Beau can’t help but conclude....being with the 6 hybrids and her bookworm botanist Namjoon, starts to feel all to much like home.
Tumblr media
It was a brisk Tuesday morning as Beau left her house. The girl got into her car that sat alone in the vast garage next to her ginormous house for a few seconds as she placed a container with a large cake in the passengers seat. She sighed once again shaking off any feeling of frustration and reminded herself to be grateful; her Grandmother left her this estate so she didn’t have to worry about where to live, it’s just....sometimes she wished it wasn’t so cold and empty.
She backed out of her driveway, a small smile playing on her lips as she saw wild rabbit heads pop out of their burrows, ears twitching and looking at her curiously before ducking down in a blink of an eye. So cute She hummed to herself, flicking on the radio as she drove to work.
Beau owned her own bakery in the local town she lived near. Maiseville was a quiet and quaint little town, an hour or so drive from the big city, and filled with inhabitants just a little over 300. Beau’s estate was a 15 minute drive from the town, hidden away in the desolate but magical woods of Maiseville and for that reason especially did she feel like an outsider.
The people of the town were lovely but no matter hard she tried to feel like she belonged, the whispered giggles or the heart-warming stories they would share over a sweet garden party or evening dinner, that Beau couldn’t relate to would have her sat silent sharing the occasional smile. It was then that Beau decided she didn’t want to force any relationships to work and instead wait until everything fell into place. But waiting, she soon realised, was a long game.
Her morning, this brisk Tuesday, consisted of Beau parking at the back of her Bakery, getting out of the car to see Micheal, the local repairman, scrummaging through the back of his van. “Good morning Micheal.” She called and instantly a loud CLANG! follwed by a string of curse words arose before he emerged.
“Good morning Beau,” He said stiffly, red in the face and rubbing the same spot. You would think after all this time he would learn not to leave the ladder longer than it should be, or place empty paint cans on top of it but time and time again Beau found herself proven wrong. “Had a good weekend?”
“Yes it was lovely!” She smiled brightly at him, walking over to the other side of her car and taking the cake out of the passenger seat. “I spent the weekend perfecting the recipe of Ms Angie’s cake for her Hybrid,” She gestured to the container in her hand. “I was going to lay out testers around noon to see if I should put it on the shelf, will you come by and try?”
“Of course I will! See you at noon.” Micheal smiled brightly back, unable to not feel at ease around the young woman and waved her a goodbye before ducking back into his van.
Beau then made her way into the bakery to find Andrea ( more commonly known as Drea), her trusted co-worker and best friend, in the kitchen decorating all the cakes that would be sent off today. “Morning Drea,” Beau walked in, placing her cake on of the the tables lining the walls, putting her belongings away and tugging on her apron.
“Morning Beau,” Drea leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek before going back to placing cute fondant flowers on the sides of the circular cake. “I’ve nearly finsihed with all the cakes and Euna hasn’t arrived yet to box them.”
“How long have you been here?”
“I got here around 7.”
“So you’ve been here 4 hours and you’ve managed to make 7 cakes? Drea what would I do without you?”
“Probably die from lack of attention and affection.” Drea teased, placing the last of the fondant flowers onto the cake and clapping to get the flour off her fingers. “Is it okay if I clock out around 2? I need to go over some wedding prep with a Planner in the city and my appointment’s at 4.”
“Of course, what are you going to be talking about?”
“Well Channie said he wants to have a blueish colour scheme for the napkins, table cloths, cups and plates and what not and forgot to mention that so I’m going over to make sure he gets those down and also I need to change the venue because suddenly there’s another 15 people to cater for.”
“So no more small wedding?”
“No it’s still going to be max 200 people but some of the invitees want to bring their Hybrid’s along so we have to upgrade slightly. We were at 185 but now along with the new Hybrids it fills nicely to 200.”
Beau nodded, turning back to the cake and cutting it into little squares, sticking them onto little toothpicks and placing it on a platter. “Here try this,” She leaned over and placed a cube in Drea’s mouth.
“Ooo! I like!” Her eyes widened comically and opened her mouth for more. Beau giggled, placing two more cubes into her mouth before pushing her away but Drea held tightly onto her waist. “Who’s it for?”
“Ms Angie’s Hybrid. She found her mate and Ms Angie wants to celebrate. I don’t have to make a full cake until Thursday but I decided to get peoples opinion to see if I should add it to the menu.”
“Good morning angels!” A shrill voice sung out and the two turned their heads to see Euna walking through the back, sliding her satin scarf off her neck. “Oh Drea you’ve finished with the cakes? Wow!” Her eyes pooled with gratitude as she placed a letter onto the middle table of the kitchen along with her bag and jacket. Euna walked over to the two hugging girls and wrapped her arms around Drea, snuggling her face into her back and kissed her shoulder.
“Oh Beau! A letter came for you.” Euna perked up, leaning over and sliding the envelope across the table and thrusted it out toward her. Beau detached herself from the warm hug, grabbing the letter opener form one of the open shelves above their heads, ripping it open and folding out the letter.
“Dear Miss Choi Beau,
I am writing to you to propose a partner-ship between your Bakery and Little Lights Hybrid Sanctuary. A member of our faculty stopped by your Bakery last week and mentioned how exquisite your foods are.
We have been searching for a Bakery to change up the lunch menu for our Hybrids and deemed yours is the best fit. We would ask you kindly to import over, every weekend, the list of baked goods below;
• 20 Large Cakes
• 20 Medium Sized Cakes
• 50 Eclairs
• 70 Beignets
• 40 milk chocolate cookies
• 40 white chocolate cookies
• 40 double chocolate cookies
• 70 chocolate chip cookies
+ more
We are fully aware that you and your minimal staff will not be able to make such a large volume at once so, if you choose to accept, we will cover the expenses of any new equipment and staff you may need to hire.
Recently our Hybrids have put forward the ideas of wanting a new menu as I mentioned before and majority asked for a wider range of baked goods. We also appreciate that your foods are Hyrbid friendly and gives us all the more reason to want to partner with you.
We would like to invite you, next Wednesday, to come to the Sanctuary with a range of baked goods to see the response of our Hybrids.
If you do choose to accept please dial the number *********** . We will be waiting for your call.
Your’s Faithfully,
Choi Soobin, Little Lights Hybrid Sanctuary Head.”
“NO WAY!?”
“BEAU THIS IS AMAZING!” Euna shrekied trapping her in a tight hug. “You’re finally getting the recognition you deserve.”
“I-I....what the fuck.” Beau stuttered out, the envelope falling from her hands and floating to the floor.
“So? Call them back!” Drea thrust the Bakery phone into her hand, the phone already dialling and Beau bringing it to her ear with a shaky hand.
“Hello? This is Jisoo speaking, how may I help you?”
“Hi, I’m Beau the owner of the Bakery your sanctuary reached out to. I was wondering if I could get a hold of Soobin? I wanted to tell him that I’m graciously accepting his offer and would love to come by next week.”
“Right! Okay, don’t worry I’ll dial you to him right now. Thank you so much for agreeing and I cant wait to be working with you.”
The phone’s dull ringing was heard once again, Beau taking the phone from her ear and putting it on speaker. The three girls crowded around the phone anticipating the voice of Soobin.
“Hello? Is this Beau?”
“Yes Hi Soobin, I’m calling to tell you I’ve accepted your offer.”
“Really? That’s great! Thank you so much wow. This is amazing news.”
Beau was smiling so hard her cheeks ached as the two of them planned through what would happen next week and what she would bring.
“Okay that’s great! I‘ll see you next Wednesday then?”
“Definitely, thank you again Beau. Honestly the hybrids will love this.”
Beau ended the call and turned to her two co-workers with the brightest smile she had managed to muster since yesterday afternoon.
“Beau this is going to change everything.” Drea shook her shoulders back and forth. “I’ll get started on some things before I have to leave.”
“Thank you,” Beau looked at Drea with eyes filled with moons. “Honestly I don’t know what I would be doing without the both of you.”
A faint knock on the glass door of the Bakery sounded out and her eyes flickered to the clock. “Shit we were meant to open 10 minutes ago!”
Euna raced forward, picking up the keys from the glass bowl on the cashier counter and unlocked the door, a swarm of high school students and workers flooding in. “Looks like a busy morning.” Euna shouted to the back. “I’ll get started on the orders and you make the builders coffee’s.”
“Got it boss.” Beau smiled. She could always count on Euna to hold down fort when needed. The three of them worked together meticulously, given sometimes it would be too much to handle but they always found a way.
Wether it was Beau charming the customers, Drea striking up conversation about the customers favourite hobbies ( she seemed to know everything about anyone ) or Euna blatantly putting them in their place, it seemed it wouldn’t ever be anything the trio couldn’t handle.
So as the day went on, Beau conversing with the customers, waving Drea goodbye as she clocked out and her and Euna staying until after hours, it all seemed to end so quickly and as she was driving home to her empty hollow house she couldn’t help but feel her heart ache for a presence to return home to.
The moon shone extra bright that night as she got ready for bed. The moon Beau looked to for comfort, for guidance and for reliance. The moon that had never let her down.
“Please,” She whispered out into the dark. “Just someone, anyone, anything, I just don’t want to be alone.”
And as her head touched her pillow, eyes started to close and sleep took over her body, it seemed the Moon smiled down at her before seven stars seemed to burst in the night sky, the glowing dust wafting down until it landed on her house.
A faded memory was brought forward in her mind. The muffled voice of her grandmother as she pointed towards the sky, 4-year-old Beau sat in her lap and pressed up against her warm body. “All you ever need is faith and a little stardust and everything will be fine.”
“How do you know it works Nana?” She looked up at her with doe eyes, the stars reflecting in them.
“I have you now, that’s how I know. Mama didn’t think she would be able to have you but I believed. I had faith and I trusted the moon and in return stardust was sprinkled onto us and a miracle named Beau arrived.”
“Wow, I’m made from stardust?” Her eyes twinkled.
“Yes my angel, the purest loveliest sparkliest stardust. I love you so much Beau.” She kissed her on the forehead.
“I love you so much more Nana. I love you to the moon and back.”
Tumblr media
The next Wednesday morning came optimistically to say the least, Beau had already made her way down to the bakery, the sun shining and the sky a luscious blue.
“You nervous?” Euna handed her a trays of cling film wrapped cookies. Beau shook her head, letting out a pfft at the question.
“Me? Nervous? Euna of course not.”
“So why are your hands shaking? A bit too much actually.” She glanced down at Beau’s hands. Beau quickly placed the trays down in the back of the Bakery van, balling her hands into fists and looked back at Euna with a strained smile.
“See I’m fine,” She spoke through gritted teeth, slowly unclenching her hands and bringing her hands up. “No shaking.”
“Beau baby do you need to go to the toilet before we leave?” Drea walked out holding containers an assortment of cakes in both hands.
“No, I just need some ice water and a fan and I’ll be good to go.” She picked up her duffel bag from the floor, walking to the drivers seat and throwing it in below her. Euna clambered into the back, Drea sitting in the passenger seat and the three waved goodbye at the people they hired to take over the Bakery for the day.
“Euna are we still making the stop at yours?” Beau asked, slowly driving out onto the main road.
“Yep, Kai is going to be waiting at the porch.”
Kai or Heuning Kai was Euna’s adorable deer hybrid. He was the shyest sweetest thing and luckily enough was a familiar face the the Little Lights Sanctuary as Euna had adopted him from there around 9 months ago.
What made Kai so endearing was his little bursts of excitement, his constant rosy cheeks and the antlers he had on his head. The were just big enough to be visible through his head of curls but when shifted, they were large and majestic. He was also an amazing singer and Beau had fallen asleep numerous times to his voice.
“Kai! Hiya baby!” Euna shouted from the window, waving frantically at her hybrid. The two had a inseparable bond that meant whenever they had the chance to see eachother, Euna was nothing more than needy. Beau’s heart melted seeing Huening Kai perk up at the sound of her voice and all but prance towards the van, getting in quickly and smothering her in kisses and hugs.
“I missed you so much.” He mumbled into Euna’s neck. She smiled down at him, cupping his cheek and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips, making his tail twitch excitedly before mumbling “I missed you more.” back.
If they already hadn’t made Beau feel so lonely, it was no surprise that within 4 months of his adoption the two found out they were mates. It happened so suddenly, one minute Kai was extremely cautious and shy around Euna and the next he was latched onto her, kissing her neck and gripping her waist. The never specified how they found out and Beau and Drea respected that. It was their intimate moments that shouldn’t be shared with anyone they didn’t want.
“Okay stop being cute before I vomit.” Drea groaned, playing around with her engagement ring and huffing. “I miss my baby.”
“Okay now the three of you stop being lovesick or I think I might die of loneliness.” Beau rolled down the window to let the breeze in and calm her racing ( and extremely jealous ) heart.
The drive to the big city was calm and full of laughter. Drea retelling stories of her husband-to-be being an absolute nutcase and Euna informing the whole car ride that she was two hot every 5 minutes. “Well if you’re hot then let go of Kai and maybe you’ll cool down.”
“Let go of Kai? Never.” She would gasp and nuzzle her mates head even closer. Kai would almost always end up blushing at his face being pressed into her boobs.
A little while later they had finally made it to the Sanctuary. It was a large modernised building, looking almost like a university of sorts if it wasn’t for the bedrooms that could be seen through the windows and vast playgrounds. Beau parked the van in the carpark, asking Drea and Euna to unpack as she made her way to the reception to notify them that she was here.
“Hi I’m Beau,” She smiled at the receptionist whose name tag spelled out ‘Chaeyoung’. “I’m here to showcase my baked goods for the menu here?”
“Ah right, if you just step through to the cafeteria then you’ll see Soobin and Hyunjin who’ve already set up everything you need.”
“Thank you so much.” Beau smiled radiantly at Chaeyoung before waving her crew over and gesturing them to follow her.
“So where are we gonna set up?—”
“Oh wow they really outdid themselves!” Kai gasped as they stepped into the cafeteria seeing it set up like the inside of a cute cafe. Small tables with two chairs on either side littered the floor and at the very high end of the hall was a vast table with all kinds of plates and cutlery set out for their cakes.
“And I thought we overbaked.” Drea let out a loud sigh, waddling over to the tables, the rest of them in tow.
“Beau you made it!” The young woman turned around from placing the cupcakes neatly on the layered stand.
“Soobin Hi! It’s so nice to finally meet you.” She wrapped her arms around him in a sweet hug. He let go smiling down at her before giving hugs to the two others, halting at Huening Kai.
“Kai! It’s so good to see you.” He engulfed him in a large hug to which the deer hybrid laughed hugging him back. “You never visit.” Soobin huffed.
“Sorry Hyung,” Kai mumbled, reaching out to clasp Euna’s hand. “Been busy with my mate.”
“Mate? You two are- Woah I’m so jealous.” Soobin cut his eyes at their conjoined hands jokingly.
“I’m sure you’ll find your’s soon Hyung.” Kai smiled up at him, eyes glistening. Soobin felt his heart melt and nodded along, slightly fearing that if he were to look any less positive, Kai would break.
A shrill bell rung throughout the sanctuary, loud groups of voices, rumbling of footsteps and beeping of doors all coming to life at once. Soon enough the cafeteria filled with all kinds of hybrids: dogs, cats, hamsters, wolves, even crocodile hybrids, all marvelled at the sweet setup of their normally bland cafeteria and settled at the tables.
“Good Afternoon everyone,” Soobin stood up on the makeshift stage in the middle space of the tables. “Today we have a special guest who has kindly come all the way from the countryside to showcase her amazing foods.”
Beau blushed hearing the praise, pulling a lock of hair behind her ear and shaking her head. “Everyone this is Beau,” He gestures towards her. Suddenly every single head turned her way, their gazes feeling all too overwhelming. Euna pushed her along to Soobin who gestured for her to grab his outstretched hand and climb up onto the stage.
“Hi-oh!” Beau cringed, speaking into the microphone only for a horrible ring of feedback to emit. The hybrids all hissed, grabbing their ears and wincing. “Sorry heh, I dont do well in front of large crowds.” She blushed even harder, her chocolate cheeks heating up and the faintest red hue showing.
“I’m Beau, the owner of Beau’s Bakery, original I know, and I was invited here as Soobin and the faculty felt the menu needed a change from its previous unsatisfactory foods. I’m here to showcase what kinds of desserts you guys could have. Hopefully you all enjoy and don’t worry these are all certified hybrid friendly - 5 stars from the Hybrid Food Hygiene. I hope guys all enjoy and yeah, we’ll be giving it all out in a sec.”
“Very well said Beau,” Soobin winked at her, letting her step down before clearing his throat. “There is 2 sheets and pens all on your tables which as you can see have boxes rating every thing Beau and her team have here today out of 5. Please do remember to fill this in and leave a message with your thoughts in the bottom box.”
“Soobin can we eat now?” A voice rang out from the middle of the crowd. The congregation broke out into laughter and Soobin chuckled nodding, “Yes, we’ll start giving everything out. First up is Cookies.”
Little rectangular wheeled machines filled with the cookies the team had brought started to move down the rows, stopping at each table presenting 4 cookies before moving on. Muffled moans and gasps of delight could be heard throughout the cafeteria. All expect one guy who instead of eating his cookies was staring fondly at Beau.
“She’s beautiful,” He sighed watching her laugh. He felt his heart clench, his ears twitching and straining to hear her melodic laughter. “Hyung look isn’t she just mesmerising.”
His arctic fox hybrid friend was too busy rating the cookies and moaning at how good they tasted to hear him. It wasn’t until Taehyung, the lovesick puppy, gave him a harsh kick under the table did he yelp in pain and give him a glare. Taehyung rolled his eyes and gripped the front of his shirt, pulling him close so their heads rested against one another, cheeks smushed and the both of them with their butts so high up off the chair.
“Jin look!” He pointed. Seokjin’s eyes followed his finger until he too lay his eyes on the diamond that stood smiling up at her two friends. “Wow,” He sighed. “She’s adorable and she can bake.”
Taehyung nodded his head, letting him fall back into his chair and sat himself down before continuing his staring. “Tae are you going to eat those?” Seokjin gestures to the cookies. The pomeranian hybrid cut his eyes away from his angel to glare at Seokjin and shove a cookie in his mouth.
It took no less then 2 second for him to let out a pornographic moan in response to his mouth erupting in tasteful pleasure. “This are amazing!” He yelled accidentally spitting out some crumbs. He picked up his pen rating both cookies a solid 5/5, knowing they second was one going to be just as amazing.
“Do you think she’s up for adopting?” Seokjin mused, waiting on the small waiter machines to bring around 2 new types of cookies.
“Even if she is I doubt we’ll get adopted.” Taehyung sighed. “Nobody wants a hybrid with extra baggage.”
“So that means I still have a chance right?” He huffed rolling his eyes.
“Like you’re any better. You look older than me and her combined.”
“I look younger than you!” Seokjin yelled out, his ears growing red.
“Yeah Yeah,” Taehyung waved him off. A sweet smelling scent caught his nose a few seconds later, his ears jolting up as he turned his head to follow the scent. Seokjin seemed to have smelt it to, his tail tensing and heart starting to beat erratically.
Their eyes collectively scanned over the hall until they turned their heads to the right and saw Beau standing just a mere 4 tables away from them. “She smells heavenly.” Taehyung moaned as his stomach started to do somersaults.
“I could eat her out.” Seokjin smirked. “And yes I do mean exactly what you’re thinking.”
“You haven’t even said hi and you’re already thinking about sex.” Taehyung rolled his eyes but he himself couldn’t help but let his thoughts stray.
Beau started to make her way over to their table, an unexplainable pull in her stomach guiding her towards the two hybrids who met her eyes with heated gazes. “H-hi,” She stuttered out, her cheeks heating up for the millionth time that day. “Are you enjoying,” She broke away from Taehyung’s enchanting gaze and let her eyes flicker down to their plates. “The cookies.”
Seokjin nodded trapping his bottom plump lip between his teeth. He cocked his head to the side, eyes trailing down her body before meeting her gaze once again. “The cookies are delicious.” He mused, “Seems like you’re quite skilled in pleasurable things.”
“Yeah,” She smiled bashfully, not catching his drift. “I spend a lot of time catering to people’s desires.” This comment make Seokjin choke on the milk he was taking a sip from and Taehyung chuckle.
“So Beau,” Taehyung leaned forward slightly, he took hold over her hand gasping as he felt tingles of electricity shoot from his fingertips. “Oh-um,” He gulped, shooting a glance at Seokjin. “I was wondering if you have any hybrids of your own?”
He interlocked her fingers with his, feeling a wave of serenity wash over him. Beau’s knees bucked slightly at the warmth she felt from their hands and had to blink a couple of times t focus herself once more. Seokjin noticed and mistook it for her feeling slightly tired, he jumped at the chance, pulling her onto his lap.
“Oh, thank you.” She tucked her hair behind her ear. Taehyung still hadn’t let go of her hand and scooted closer so her arm would be stretched out over the table. Beau took a glance around seeing everyone around them was still occupied in their taste testing to notice what was going on between them. She sent a silent thank you to her lucky stars and focused back onto the two boys with her.
“I don’t have any hybrids no, I live alone.” She sighed dejectedly.
“Well if you ever need company, Taehyung and I are more than happy to help.”
“Thank you, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” Beau winked back to him. The trio spent the rest of their lunch time eating and talking up a storm, Taehyung getting slightly jealous that Seokjin had their Beau all to himself. You could also say he was slightly jealous that Seokjin was spending so much time paying attention to her and hardly any to him. Seokjin being his Alpha meant he craved his attention nearly all the time and although the was glad it was Beau who had stolen his spotlight, he couldn’t help but feel the green monster in his stomach spit and grumble at the sight of them.
“Beau why don’t you come and sit on my lap now?” Taehyung suggested. “I’m sure Seokjin Hyung won’t mind.”
“I can always just pull up a chair—”
“No!” Taehyung yelped. “Really it’s okay, plus there isn’t another spare chair near and we wouldn’t want you walking all the way down the the end of the hall when my lap is considerably closer.”
“Rightt,” Beau raised her eyebrow at him. “Guess I’ll just save my energy and sit in the considerably closer seat.” She got up from Jin’s lap, scooting over and plopping down on Taehyung’s. He couldn’t help but admire how her cocoa thighs spread out over the length of his lap, the curve of her ass sitting prettily against his lower abdomen.
Don’t get hard
Don’t get hard
Don’t get hard
He chanted to himself, thinking of all the horrible possibilities that would occur if she felt his boner pressing against her. He and Seokjin had no doubt that she felt what they were feeling for her and Taehyung didn’t want to be the reason to delay anything any longer. He adjusted himself on the seat slightly, leaning forward so his front want pressed against her back and his arms were snug around his waist.
Meanwhile, Beau was leaning forward feeding Seokjin some cake and awaiting his reaction. “Mhmm thif isth so gud.” Seokjin mumbled his mouth watering at the cool frosting and punchy lemon flavour.
“Bubba do you want some?” Beau looked over her shoulder and asked him. He blushed at the nickname and nodded, opening his mouth and slowly closing his lips over the fork, maintaining eye contact with her and slowly pulled away from the fork.
“Tastes amazing.” He smiled cheekily, resting his cheek against her arm.
“Thank you,” Beau whispered back, her eyes flickering down to his lips and back up to his eyes. She wanted to kiss him so bad for no reason at all, she wanted to kiss both of them so bad for no reason at all. Argh what are you doing to me?
As lunch time neared to an end, the boys got more clingier, Seokjin sat in front of Beau trapping her legs inbetween his and Taehyung pressing his face into her back. “Please don’t go,” He mumbled. “We really like you.”
“I like you guys too,” She sighed. “But I didn’t come to adopt any hybrids today nor do I think I’m prepared to do so.”
“So you’re not going to think about it? At all?” Seokjin searched her eyes for some sort of confirmation. Some sort of indignation that she felt their bond. You are our soulmate He wanted to yell. You complete us.
“Jinnie I don’t think I could forget such a handsome face like yours.” She cupped his cheeks. Beau slowly stood up, Taehyung’s hands slipping from her waist and interlocked their fingers instead.
“I have to go clean up.” She sighed sadly. “But this isn’t goodbye okay? I’ll be back, so wait for me.”
Beau halted for a second, too afraid she was going to give the younger false hope. 
It was when she looked into his eyes, his hopeful honey brown irises that Beau recalled feeling a sense of security and budding long lasting love fill her heart. She flickered her gaze over to Seokjin who smiled at her sadly, grabbing Taehyung by the wrist in case he pounced. This wasn’t the first time Taehyung bonded with a human and latched onto them in hopes of finding his forever home but neither hybrids could deny this was the first time they felt such a strong complusion to one. 
“I promise.” Beau grabbed his hand and cupped Seokjin’s cheek. “I’ll be back very very soon.” She brought Taehyung’s hand to her lips, pressing a soft kiss to it and leaned up doing the same to Seokjin’s cheek. From the entrance someone had called out to the boys, waving them over. Seokjin nodded, waving to let him know they were coming and with one last quick hug he turned his back walking away with Taehyung in tow. 
Tumblr media
“You seemed pretty close with those two hybrids eariler.” Drea commented after noticing how silent Beau had been. She also noticed how she constantly would look over her shoulder as if she was expecting someone or someone(s) to be stood there.
“Yeah,” Beau sighed plopping down next to the larger boxes in the back of the van. “Its weird but I miss them. We had a connection and Drea I know I sound crazy but honestly it was there. Like-like a pull! Something tugging me in my stomach that makes me want them near.”
“Both of them?”
“Yes? It that wrong?”
“I’s not unheard of to polyamorous relationships with hybrids and owners but a bond? A connection? You can only ever have 1 soulmate Beau.”
“Actually you can have multiple,” Kai joined in the conversation, flushing red when the attention was turned to him. “My old friend at the Sanctuary, Kim Ji-Sung, she is soulmates with 3 people so they’re a quartet. It’s possible Beau and if you feel it and they feel it then don’t let stupid feelings and worries stop you.”
“But what if I’m not ready? I dont know how to take care of hybrids, I don’t even know how to love someone romantically! Let alone two.”
“Hybrids aren’t as needy as you think Beau. They’re not babies or pets, they’re companions, friends and family. Don’t forget they’re part human too.” Euna wrapped her arm around Kai’s, interlocking their fingers.
“And’s a natural thing,” Drea sat down next to her. “Like a flower it has to be nurtured and given to the right owners. Once it does it blooms beautifully and given there are stormy days, rainy days but having someone by your side to get you through it makes it all the more better. You’re lucky Beau, you don’t have just one, you have two.”
“And if I don’t know how to be there for them? How to take care of them when they need it?”
“You communicate. Ask them what they need the same way they’ll ask you what you need. Soulmates go both ways, just because you’re the human and they’re the hybrid doesn’t mean you have to the omniscient leader all the time.”
They stayed silent for a few more minutes, the sunset growing and the skies meshing together beautiful hues of pinks and oranges. “I’ll do it.” She finalised. “I don’t want to beat around the bush and I know I need them as much as they need me.”
“Yes and then finally you can be held and kissed and snuggled all you like.” Drea wrapped her arms around her. “Now let’s get going, we have a long journey home.”
“Oh wait! My duffle bag, I must’ve left it inside.” Beau raced back to the building, walking in and finding Chaeyoung.
“Hiya I’m so sorry but I think I may have left my duffle bag here.”
“No worries, just head on to wherever you left it and I’ll notify the security guards that you’re meant to be there.” Beau thanked her generously heading on down the hallway and to the cafeteria.
She entered the large emptied room noticing her bag at the very end of the hall. What she didn’t notice was the sly fox’s eyes from the shadows watching her every movement. Nor did she notice that when a thump came from behind her ( the fox’s tail slapping against a hollowed part of the wall ), the tiny dog clambering into her bag and hiding itself away underneath her hoodie.
“Got it—oof,” Beau went to swing the bag over her shoulder but was startled at the extra weight. Someone must’ve put their extras in here She huffed silently berating Euna in her head and instead picked up her bag with two hands and walked back out.
The fox slyly followed her making sure to stick to the blind spots of the cctv camera’s and make its way around the security guards.
“I got the bag! Euna did you seriously have nowhere else to put your extras?” Beau called from the back of the van. She placed the duffle bag in the far corner, before walking around to Euna’s window. The arctic fox stole its chance, jumping into the van and hiding itself behind the tower of large boxes, praying silently neither of them would get caught. Beau made to to close the back doors before getting in herself and starting the van.
“Should I put on some music?” She asked. Hum’s of agreement chorused around her and she turned on the radio, the sweet voice of Ariana filling the van. The fox waited for a few minutes until he was sure they were occupied and slinked out of his hiding place, grabbing the zipper of the duffel bag and pulling it back.
Oh my god I thought I was going to die of asphyxiation The Pomeranian panted.
Asphyxiation is choking, you mean suffocation idiot The fox rolled its eyes, pushing the dog by its nose.
Do they suspect us?
I don’t think so, Seokjin laid down resting his head on his crossed over paws. I still think this is an insane idea.
Love makes you do crazy things Taehyung pointed out, scrambling out of the bag and wiggling his way under Seokjin’s head and letting out a huff of happiness feeling his soulmates warmth.
Sleep Tae, I know you’re tired
I’m not
You had another nightmare last night, I felt it.
I told you I don’t have nightmares anymore, just uncomfy dreams
Well still, your uncomfy dreams didnt let you get much sleep....please? For me?
Fine, only because you’ll cry if I don’t
Thank you, Seokjin nuzzled his head before resting it on the floor of the van and dozing off. Hopefully when we wake up she won’t freak out
Tumblr media
“Bye Beau! See you bright and early tomorrow.” Euna and Kai waved goodbye and entering their home, Euna whispering something in her mates ear to make him flush red and rush on inside. Beau watched their interaction, her heart clenching a little before shaking it off and continuing up the road to the bakery.
“Taemin’s waiting to pick me up, are you fine to unload by yourself?”
“Course don’t worry about me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Beau smiled, leaning over the console to hug her friend. Drea hoped our go the van heading off but made sure to press the green button at the back and opened the shutter for the garage and shot Beau a thumbs up. “Thank you!” She called out after her.
After parking the car and unloading the boxes, Beau made one last trip, climbing into the van to grab her duffel bag. It was dark inside and she reached around blindly, grumbling when she couldn’t feel it.
“Here you go.” A deep baritone voice called out from the dark handing her the bag.
“Thank you so much,” Beau smiled making a turn to leave before a icy cold feeling settled in her bones. She froze, dread filling her stomach up as she slowly turned her head around, squinting in the darkness only to make eye contact with a pair of beautiful but creepy silver eyes.
She opened her mouth to scream but a hand clasped over her mouth, dragging her back into the van while another figure closed the doors. The said figure then reached over to the ignition, starting the car and letting the van fill with light.
Beau’s wild and teary eyes winced at the sudden change but as she blinked a few times, letting a couple of tears that collected on her water line fall she finally focused on a familiar pair of light blue eyes she had fallen for.
“Seokjin?” The name came out muffled.
He nodded his head.
“Hi pretty girl,” He smiled. The hand clasped around Beau’s mouth relaxed and let her go, allowing her to turn around and meet with Taehyung’s unmistakably handsome face.
“What the hell are you two doing here? How did you even get in without me noticing you? Why did you leave? Am I going to go to jail for this?”
“One question at a time pretty.” Seokjin laughed.
“You’re naked,” Beau deadpanned, her eyes flickering down to his bare sex for a split second before meeting his eyes again. “And you’ve got a boner.” Beau shuffled off of Taehyung lap, her cheeks hot.
“I might have some blankets lying around,” She too the lid off of a storage box and rummaged around for a few seconds before bringing back two black blankets. The boys took them graciously, Taehyung standing up the best he could and wrapping it around his waist while Seokjin wrapped his whole body, covering is fists with the blankets and bringing them down over his crotch.
“Woah,” Beau jerked back as she was met face to face to Taehyung’s dick. “Careful there, you might end up slapping me in the face with that pole.”
“Oh so you think it’s big?” Taehyung smirked. Beau rolled her eyes, pushing at his legs.
“You’re not denying it,” He teased her further, laughing when she covered her face in her hands.
“Leave her alone Tae,” Seokjin laughed along with them. “She’s getting flustered.”
“Stop it you two, you have explaining to do.” She whined, looking away from them.
“Angel let us see your face,” Taehyung lightly placed his fingers under her chin and turned it. “We can’t talk to the side of your head.”
Beau felt his fingers move up slightly, his pointer fingertip just under her lip. “I’m sorry,” She whispered lowly.
The two hybrids shuffled forward until the three of them were sat cross legged, knees touching, inside the cramped van. Seokjin explained how Taehyung started to whine and moan about how he missed you and Seokjin himself couldn’t help but agree.
Seokjin then explained how he so cleverly shifted into his fox and stole your duffel bag from by your feet as you spoke to Soobin, bringing it back to the cafeteria, “Very genius idea if I do say so myself.” and then Taehyung would climb into the duffle bag and hide under your hoodie— “Which can I keep by the way? It smells just like you.” Beau nodded her head, signalling Seokjin to carry on as she brought out the hoodie for Taehyung.
“And now we’re here,” He finished, gestured to the van. “Is this where you sleep?”
“What inside the van? No no no! I live up in the forest.” Beau laughed loudly. “Why would you think I live in a van?”
“I wouldn’t mind if you did,” Seokjin shrugged. “Anywhere with you his home.” Beau felt as if her cheeks were about to melt off at the amount of compliment he was throwing her way.
“Well it’s too late now to get you back to the Sanctuary before dark,” She sighed. “And if you’re 100% sure I won’t get jailed, then I guess you can stay with me for the night.”
“Really?” Taehyung lit up. “Thank you!” He brought her into a massive hug, immediately peppering kisses all over her face.
“Tae! Tae stop! I said it’s for the night,” The young woman was over come with giggles. “Tomorrow morning we get you back to the Sanctuary and I’ll talk to Soobin about maybe...adopting you guys?” Her voice weathered away, dissipating into a tiny whisper as she looked at them expectantly.
“Would you really? Like really really?” Seokjin leaned forward taking both her hands in his. Beau nodded her head, overcome with sudden emotion that she felt her nose start to sting, eyes water and throat close up.
“Angel,” Taehyung had one lone tear drop down his face. “I-I don’t know what to say. Are you sure? Do you want hybrids with extra baggage?”
“Whatever you need I’ll provide, whatever you want I’ll gladly give. I just hope you’ll do the same for me.”
“We’ll do anything for you. Anything.” He finalised, lips trembling slightly as he felt a sob start to escape.
“Why are you crying? I haven’t even adopted you yet.” She laughed through her many tears.
“Because you truly want us like we want you. Pretty you’re our forever home.”
“Well let’s go see your forever home then, I’m sure I have my brothers clothes lying around somewhere in the back of my car.”
Beau climbed out of the van, opening the door wide so the two of them could climb out behind her. She turned her back, locking the van and making sure everything was locked up and safe before coming back to find the two boys gone and instead a puppy and a fox in their place.
“Did you shift?” She asked them, her eyes wide with adoration. “You’re beautiful.” She breathed, bending down to pet Seokjin’s pristine white fur and rub her finger Taehyung’s lavender furred cheek. She bent down, picking Taehyung up and bringing him to her and signalled for Seokjin to walk to her very expensive looking sleek black car.
He stopped in front of the car, doing a whole 360° before turning back and barking at her. “Yeah I know, it was a gift from my dad. Nice right?”
Taehyung yipped in response. She opened the car door, letting Seokjin jump inside and placing Taehyung with him before getting into the drivers seat and started the car. The drive was silent, mostly Taehyung barking at whatever bird he saw and Seokjin marvelling at the green forest.
It’s been so long since I’ve visiting a forest He felt itchy, a need to jump up and run as fast as he could, as far as he could burning in his bones.
It’s been so long period Taehyung’s voice was full over wonder, eyes reflecting the trees as his paws were pressed against the glass, tongue slightly hanging out. Beau cooed at him, scratching his ears slightly before turning back to the road.
Seokjin eyes zoned in on her thighs once more, the cellulite bumps on the side making her skin look so soft and comfy. He moved his body over the console, settling himself in her lap as best he could, his head resting on her chest.
“Hiya baby,” She smiled down at him, as he pressed his nose into her cheek.
Once they pulled up to the mansion, the gates opening wide as she drove up to the garage. Beau rolled down the window, pressing her thumb against the keypad and waiting for the hiss of the garage door before driving forward, parking the car on the far left of the large room.
“Welcome to your home for the night boys,” Beau laughed at their dumbstruck faces. “I live alone so it’s just the three of us and this large house. I’m going to go look for some of my brothers clothes for you to wear, feel free to explore.” She opened the garage door to let them in the house, laughing at their antics as they raced through each room, spinning around in circles and yapping in happiness.
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Continuation of this writing, please read it first to understand the plot! Link here
Tumblr media
TRIGGERS: Self harm, toxic relationship, mean reader
“This is not ok, Yoongi.” The stern tone of your voice perfectly portrayed how you felt about the inconvenience.
“I am not responsible for any of this and I am not going to let you manipulate me!” You insisted.
He looked down at the floor, his left arm covered in a bandage. As if he was a small kitten being scolded by its owner, his shoulders hung low as he kept his head down, his gaze never leaving the floor.
“And under no circumstances will you send me a picture like that again, do you hear me? That was disgusting, and I never want to see that kind of stuff again.” You concluded.
Forget it.
It was like talking to a wall.
Your ex boyfriend simply sat there like an useless trash bag. He didn’t even look at you while you were talking. Yoongi only sat there with a sad look on his face.
“Don’t leave me.” He pleaded. “I love y-“
You shook your head. “No, just.. no Yoongi. We broke up for a reason.” You interrupted. “...and you sending me self harm pictures for no damn reason are two pretty good reasons why I won’t take you back, ever!”
“So you’re saying that if I didn’t send those pics that you would-“ He looked up.
“No! Even if you didn’t send that gross picture, I wouldn’t have changed my mind.” It ticked you off that in a situation like this, he was simply thinking of himself. Not once did he apologize for ruining your day.
“I’ve told you already, I don’t want to date you anymore. You put me through a lot of shit, and I’m over it.” You took a short breath.
“Whatever, this conversation is over.” You turn around. Regret. That’s what you felt. Instead of letting the cops handle the whole ordeal, you had to rush over to your previous home to check on Yoongi. Even though you were mad at him, it didn’t mean that you wouldn’t care if he died.
“Don’t go, I’ll fucking hurt myself again!” He threatened, reaching out for the knife on the table. It was still bloody from the cuts he made an hour ago.
Yoongi never failed to show you why you broke up with him in the first place.
Yoongi tensed at the lack of response. “I’m going to do it!” He waved the knife around before pausing at his neck. “I’ll slit my throat! Do you want me to die?!” He was shaking as his eyes widened, he wanted a reaction from you, no, he needed it. He wanted you to give a shit about him.
You stood there unable to say anything. Even as Yoongi pushed the tip of the knife into his skin, you were frozen on the spot.
Not out of fear. No, out of shock, disappointment, and disbelief. He was seriously pulling his tricks again, but you were so done with being part of his show.
“Then do it.”
“Huh?” He stammered, taken aback by your words.
“You heard me! Fucking do it! I don’t care, I stopped caring a long time ago. You do whatever you want to do!” You started pacing to the front door.
“I’ll change, baby! I promise!” Those words sounded far too familiar to you.
“It’s over, please, you’re embarrassing yourself.” You flinched when you suddenly felt his arms around you. You didn’t even hear him move towards you.
“What the hell?! Let me go NOW.” You tried to pull away but Yoongi wasn’t letting go. His grip only tightened on you. “Stop! I’m serious!” He was squeezing so tight that you were struggling to breathe.
He never restrained you like this before and it was creeping you out.
“I’m not letting you walk out of my life like this. I need you, I can’t live without you baby, I love you so much!” Yoongi pleaded in my ear.
“Yoongi stop this right now!” You tried to get out of his grip but he started pulling you away from the living room. In an attempt to free yourself, you tried to drop yourself to the floor but it didn’t work, instead it was easier for him to drag you. After dragging you through the hallway, your ex boyfriend paused in front of the basement door.
“Are you kidding me right now? I KNOW you aren’t going to lock me up in here.” A mere second after your statement, Yoongi opened the basement door and pushed you in, slamming it closed as soon as you were in.
You screamed as loud as you possibly could as you started banging against the door. Someone out there had to hear you. But your punches and kicks were starting to get weaker and you curled up, tears escaping from your eyes. “Yoongi please...” You pleaded.
You could hear his footsteps pacing back and forth as he cussed to himself. “What did I do?” He repeated in between his cussing, you knew that he didn’t want this to happen.
“Yoongi, let me out, I won’t leave anymore, I’m sorry, I was mad!” You tried.
“I am not stupid!” He scoffed at your lousy attempt of escaping.
“You’re never leaving me.” Yoongi insisted. “If this is the only way you’ll stay, then so be it.” His voice cracked. Both of you were crying at the other end of the door. If your ex didn’t lock you up in the basement you would’ve thought this was funny, but you soon realized he really wouldn’t let you go.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᘛ My bad boy + esboço
– Pedido pessoal
– Em caso de inspiração, dê os devidos créditos.
– 14.04.21
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
→ 03: send a heart
→ when the pandemic first started, you never thought you'd have to stay quarantined in your apartment with yoongi, one of your roommate's friends and a guy you've never met. and you definitely did not expect you'd end up falling for him.
@hellotherehoneybee @preciouschimine @butterflylion @killerqueenjm @betysotelo18 @somelazysundays @taegijns @min-yus @miriamxsworld @jayhope88 @tfkp0p @beearies @whitepinkish @secretlycrazyhummingbird @mooniyooni @the-immortal-dreamer
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝑦𝑜𝑜𝑛𝑔𝑖 𝑓𝑟𝑜𝑔 𝑖𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑠 🐸
like if you save/use
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Tumblr media
⊹ facção: divergent.
capa para o desafio de um ano do @stellaruniversestaff, dia cinco.
edição feita em 14/04/2021.
— em caso de inspiração, dê-me os créditos.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
<Yoongi x Reader>
Part 35 - It's complicated
It was supposed to be easy: confess your love for Park Jimin and spend the final moments of the year locked in his arms. Only one problem – he has a new girlfriend and now you need to save face. Good thing Yoongi is willing to play pretend. But how long until you catch feelings for the quiet music man?
<Part 34 (x) Part 36>
Tag list: @salty-for-suga @lylanie12 @mochiteddybear @misscheesecakeee @thebluemoonlight @yourhoneymilkandtea @lidda @rjsmochii @taeshuworld @sessi03 @dreamcatcherjiah @shay-the-turtle @jisnuq @herosvillians87 ​ @meowmeowyoongles @lyndseygoregasmxo @bang-tan-fan @lilramenl0ver @our-little-meow-meow @unadulteratedlyunique @chocobetterknot @tremendousminyoongi @atulipandarose @jaiuneamesolitaiire @yoongisabby @trinityxsope @veronawrites @mon-art-de-reve @shininmoonchild @chogiyeol-utopia @kim-jias-den @kimmalik @missmadwoman @min-yus @secretlycrazyhummingbird @boraength @uxwi @despressowhatelse @potatoandfries @localmoonchild @annawolfhard19
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Tumblr media
AN: I couldn't leave you guys on a cliff-hanger for too long. I'm not t h a t cruel, lmao
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