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#yandere male
youryanderedaddy · 3 hours ago
A drawing
 I finally put my shit together and finished this lol, thought you guys might appreciate it. It’s the same yandere shit but drawn rawr xD
Tumblr media
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qtipcottonbuds · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝘴𝘰, 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘭 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘢𝘥𝘦 𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴. 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘴 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘣𝘰𝘣𝘴 𝘦𝘴𝘤𝘢𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘲𝘶𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘢 𝘣𝘪𝘵, 𝘪'𝘮 𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘥𝘢 𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘺 𝘰𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘣𝘦𝘤𝘢𝘶𝘴𝘦 𝘴𝘥𝘭𝘪𝘨𝘱𝘧𝘨𝘪𝘢𝘨𝘸 𝘪𝘵 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘣𝘦 𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘩𝘰𝘰, 𝘭𝘦𝘵'𝘴 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘪𝘵 !! - 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘶𝘭𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘺 𝘪 𝘩𝘰𝘱𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘦𝘯𝘫𝘰𝘺 >:𝘋
𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘢𝘭𝘴𝘰 𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘥 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 !!!
warnings of graphic descriptions, gore, and slight emotional manipulation !!!
Tumblr media
“I mean, I guess so, but that’s because we’re going to be working together - so it’s necessary, y’know? But, um, anyway… I best get a move on, huh? Take care, Asahi.” Gently brushing his palm off your shoulder, you choose to take an alternative route away from the main corridor, aiming to make your way back to your homeroom. With the hopes your homeroom teacher might have still been working, and that maybe, Asahi wouldn’t go after you this time.
Ruffling up the worn sleeves of your blazer in order to ease the heat now emanating from your hands, you speed up your pace - being alone felt like the worst case scenario, especially with him. You couldn’t exactly work out what was up with Asahi. He was never one to outwardly express how he felt, so this, this aggressiveness (?) was unwarranted. 
Not taking into account the vacant expressions on his part.
Now, with the only accompaniment of your footsteps on the tiled floors, you let out a soft huff noticing the dim lighting warming the homeroom. Though, oddly enough, you hadn’t picked up on any other footsteps - had Asahi finally backed off?
It wasn’t an opportunity you’d like to chance.
Lightly knocking on the door, entering, your teacher glances upwards before motioning you to come in. Thank god.
“Teach, I don’t mean to bother you but, um, I don’t feel comfortable being alone. Not right now,” briefly glimpsing over your shoulder through the glazed window in the door, you pull on the beaded cord, rolling down the blinds.
“I would’ve assumed you’d have arrived home by now, is... is something bothering you? I won’t press you on it any further if you aren’t comfortable discussing it, but I have no qualms with you staying here either. I just need to wrap up on marking these papers, and then I’ll walk with you towards the entrance?”
Shrugging off your backpack and placing it on one of the nearby school desks, “That would be great, thank you so much. Do you mind if I call someone to pick me up as well, I know it’s after hours but, it’s still school grounds,” (you weren’t exactly rebellious in school).
“You don’t need to ask, it’s absolutely fine.”
You nod, before rummaging through the contents of your bag (you’d like to believe you were more organised than most, but with the current state of your room at home, it suggested otherwise). Unzipping a compact pocket with your phone in, you scroll through your contacts - pausing on your mothers before dialling, (‘please pick up’). After a few misplaced rings occupying the said silence, on the fifth ring she finally picks up.
“Heya, bub, you alright-”
“Sorry to rush you like this, but um, could you meet me at the school entrance and pick me up, please? I just don’t feel safe right now-” the tip of your fingernail now lopsided from the soft chewing against your teeth, a habit you thought you’d grown out of. Old habits die hard, huh?
“Of course. I’m just heading to my evening shift, so I should be there roughly in twenty, is that okay?”
You nod again, before sheepishly realising she couldn’t actually see you (a soft chuckle coming from your teacher), “yes, yes that would be great, I’ll see you soon, ‘kay? Okay, bye.”
Hearing the dial tone, you slump against a nearby desk, carefully avoiding knocking over any paperwork in the process. Twenty minutes wasn’t the best, but it was the best timing you could get at the current moment. Better than heading home alone, by a mile off. With your homeroom teacher still typing away you opt for tugging your bag towards you, reaching for your water bottle - the lack of saliva leaving you nauseous.
“Got the all clear?”
Letting out a strained cough, the flow of the water taking a different route (it was an eppi-something), you clear your throat, “Ah, yes, she’ll be here in twenty or something.”
Aside from watching the rhythmic ticking of the analog clock hanging above the door frame, it was difficult to properly focus on anything except the constant mental question of when you’d be able to leave. The seconds now mimicking minutes amongst the silence. Getting up to refill your water bottle ignoring the urge to pee being the only thing keeping you distracted, you hear a harsh knock at the door, before being swung open (the tap tap tap against the wall from the vibration); there he stood.
“Asahi, are you alright,” glancing at your homeroom teacher who was now making his way from his desk towards him from the disruption, you stumble backwards, your foot catching on one of the legs of the desk - hands regaining stability looking back and forth between the two.
But Asahi doesn’t seem to acknowledge his words, gaze pinned on you.
You can’t bring yourself to look at him.
“What- what do I have to do, to have your attention, I, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do any more, um, sweetheart,” a blush flaring up on his cheeks feeling foreign at the use of the pet name; (a part of you wishing that the gentle giant that was Asahi, was still in there somewhere), “and now, even he has your attention.”
Just what the hell was he talking about?
“I just want you to look at me. Only me. I’ve tried everything, um, taking your things - not important things! But just sentimental things, for myself; pens, hair, clothing. Pretending to struggle with studies, even rejoining the team! I’d, um, wait for you at games, hoping you’d turn up. Maybe-”
“Asahi, I need you to calm down for me.”
“Maybe, if I, ah, take them out of the picture, then you’d finally look at me, right? Right, sweetheart,” ignoring the nauseous feeling returning back full force, you finally meet his gaze, a soft smile present on his face. However, it was directed at the homeroom teacher, not you.
“Asahi, listen to me-”
But this was an act.
Shoving a nearby table distancing the pair of them, Asahi swipes a lone staple gun off of the main desk before lunging, frenetically, towards your teacher. Both of them sent sprawling to the floor. Rushing to separate them from the other side of the room, you falter, hearing the undeniable clicks! of the staple gun being fired, coupled up with a distinctive squelch!; a strained wail coming from what seemed to be your teacher. Oh god oh god oh god
Regaining courage, you continue moving forward, throwing yourself in an attempt to shove the larger male off of the pinned man, “get away from him-” only to be elbowed sharply in the ribs, leaving you winded on the tiled flooring.
Struggling to inhale, oh god, you let out a drawn whimper realizing that what you thought to be a knock to the stomach was a simple retractable knife; tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. 
With the prominent white noise now taking over your hearing from the adrenaline, it doesn’t leave out the cut of scream replaced with gurgles - Asahi now ramming the staple gun down what remained of your teacher's throat, with muted clicks! here and there.
It’s hard to focus now, gingerly shuffling back on your forearms you fumble around the area with hesitant prods. A constant ebb and flow of your pulse running through the wound. You know that pulling it out would be suicide so you opt for hauling yourself back up onto your feet with the support of a desk.
Eyeing Asahi lost in his neurotic haze, realising this is the best opportunity to escape you hunch over partially, dragging yourself beside each desk before stumbling out into the hallway.
There’s a dead man in my form class there’sadeadman
Carefully reaching into your pocket to avoid shifting the knife (the blood uncomfortably acting as a water bottle paired with the now slicked school shirt), you’re grateful to still feel your mobile, registering that your safest bet would be to wait it out in a bathroom. You’d never make it to the entrance in this state.
You sink your teeth into your hand, muffling the urge to cry. 
“Where are you? Um, I didn’t mean to scare you like that, I’m not sure what overcame me. But, at least we have the school all to ourselves, ah, right?”
Groping aimlessly with your other palm, you, thankfully, enter a (fortunately unlocked) bathroom - unable to stop the whine clawing itself from your throat as you lower yourself to the floor. Something about an elevated position. That’s what you needed to do-
and, oh god, stop, stop the bleeding stopthebleeding
You cautiously press down once again, pushing your tie into your mouth to stifle any noises that may unwillingly surface. You’d just have to wait it out.
And your mother would be here in no time at all to pick you up, right?
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deceitful-darlings · 13 hours ago
Any headcanons about overblot!Jamil kept his darling behind after he yeets the Seafood Mafia, Grim and Kalim out of the dorm?
My tumblr deleted this. Twice. I’m so angry but also really just want this to be fuckin posted I swear to god-
Tumblr media
When the truth was revealed and Jamil finally overblotted, it came as a shock when he, quite literally, threw the others from Scarabia’s dorm and off into the surrounding dessert. What was more surprising was that you were left unscathed by the power.
You remain in the hallway of the battle, the power still fogging the air. Still weak from the fight that took place only moments prior, you can’t even force yourself to stand against the atmosphere, remaining on your knees with your eyes on the ground as the power crackling in the air steals your strenfth.
The defeating silence is only broken by the jingling of his gold beading before his foot appears in your field of vision. You still refuse to meet his gaze, until his fingers grip your chin in a iron grip and force you to look up.
His eyes are terrifyingly focused as he looks down at you, and you try again to appeal to the Jamil that you’ve known in your time at NCR, pleading with him to come to his senses and stop this. But your words are only met with a narrowing of his eyes and his voice echoing down the hall.
“What gives someone like you the right to give me orders?”
.Your words don’t get through to him, instead he snaps his fingers calling over one of the nearby students and ordering them to bring you clothes made from the finest silks, satins, and cashmeres from the Treasure Vault. Tonight is a night for celebration, for the useless King is gone! A feast shall be had to celebrate his rightful place!
Unlike the other servants, you shall be dressed for the occasion. The student who was given the task to get you clothing returns, before he’s dismissed to help bring out items for the feast. You try to join him, thinking that for whatever reason Jamil wanted to keep you around for organising this ‘party’. But instead his hand grips your shoulder tightly.
“Where do you think you’re going? Change. Now.”
When you try to slip into a side room to do so, his grip just gets tighter. His glare making it obvious to you that when he said now, he means it. He wants you to change right here in front of him. Even if the entire dorm was currently under the control of his Snake Whisper, it was still humiliating to you.
As they were rushing around to commence the feast, Jamil sat back, ordering you to take your time with your changing. It felt like his eyes were burning you with how closely he watched you while you stripped the layers of your skin to replace with expensive but extremely revealing fabric. Having changed you felt more naked than you had when you had stripped.
The feast begins, your hypnotised classmates celebrating happily, all but ignoring you as Jamil forces you into his lap to hand feed him and shower him in praise. His hand is firmly on your thigh, supporting you as you’re leaned against his body. The gold chains of his outfit bite into your skin, but nothing sends a shiver down your spine more than his blot stained hand moving further up your thigh and his snakes wrapping around the back of you to hold you in place while they nip at your neck and skin. Did you really think that what you’ve done so far would be enough to serve him?
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youryanderedaddy · 15 hours ago
I had a dream just now that might make a good story. So, I had a virus on my laptop which allowed a hacker to see everything I did on my computer and use my webcam. The hacker ends up falling in love with me after stalking me for a few months and pays for someone on the dark web to kidnap me. It works, and then I wake up tied up in the hacker's arm as he caresses and kisses me. That's pretty much it, good night! 🌙
Yo this is my kink 😳
Also I couldn't not write this for Saeran, ok.
Title: Stranger danger
Tw: nsfw - ish, female reader, masturbation, cyber stalking, hacking, mentions of dark web, very irresponsible online behavior, obsessive behavior, implied kidnapping
Tumblr media
You knew that this was a stupid idea. Lurking on the dark web with almost no protection other than the Tor browser and some free anti-virus program wasn't your best decision, but fuck it if it wasn't entertaining. You had always been drawn to the darker, scarier part of the human mind and this side of the internet proved quite interesting. Your friends always warned you about the dangers that came with looking up shady online searches and sites but everything had been quite peaceful so far. There weren't hackers or murderers on the dark web, the worst you had seen were people selling drugs and weapons for unreasonable prices, along with some questionable fetish porn and the typical popping ads.
Your favorite thing to do while online was chatting. Two weeks ago you had stumbled upon an unusual forum called "Scream buddies" where upon entering you were automatically connected to another random profile. The whole theme of the forum was discussing horror and mondo movies, shockumentaries and overall creepy stuff, your forte. The person you met on there shared a similar fascination with all things dark and gory which soon made talking to them the only thing you were looking forward upon opening the site.
You didn't know much about the guy behind the profile yet, except that he was a young man. His icon showed an eye so green it emited with the neon pigment and his username was just as mysterious - BlueRose7. You enjoyed chatting with him about your hobby but the thing you liked the most was undressing him little by little, metaphorically so, by getting pieces of information about his life. It started small - his favorite food, favorite book, favorite game, but the moment you tried digging deeper and asked whether he had siblings or not, the man simply disappeared for the next few days. You quickly realized just what type of topics you needed to avoid to keep your new friend from leaving. Family, childhood memories and work matters were out of the picture.
The stranger wasn't fair, not really. He didn't show you vulnerability and kept his secrecy while demanding to know everything there was to know about you. For the longest time you didn't want to answer just to stay on a equal footing, just to show him how frustrating it was, but there was something about the man that drew you in. He was magnetic, clever and witty, if a bit pessimistic and dark at times. You couldn't help telling him everything he wanted to hear - what your job was, whether you were single or not, all that jazz. In your defense, BlueRose7 actually listened to your stories, took your problems seriously and provided solutions, which despite being too extreme and overprotective at times (upon hearing that your bestfriend talked behind your back he offered to "take care" of her), were comforting. It was nice to have someone caring around even if you met him on a sketchy website.
Meanwhile your personal life wasn't going too great. You had to balance between attending college, working long shifts as a waitress and meeting your friends from time to time which was draining. On top of all there was a weird virus on your computer which resulted in the camera turning on and off and the most random times of the day - while you were studying, watching TV, or in some cases, fully naked and ready to take a bath. You didn't think much of it though, with all the illegal movies and games you downloaded along with the dark web lurking it was more than expected for your laptop to behave weirdly. You didn't even mention it to your friend from the IT major because you knew that he'd force you to delete Tor and put an end to your internet adventures.
One time you were particularly bored after several long lectures and you were laying in bed, the camera turned on once again. It was a hot afternoon and you were wearing boyshorts and a loose T- shirt with nothing underneath it, you were home alone so there was no need. The bright red spot was twinking like a recorder, the light reflecting in your eyes, when a silly little idea came to your mind. You slid your hand under your blouse and lifted the fabric up, exposing your breasts to the laptop, your nipples hardening due to the sudden coldness, becoming pink and stiff in seconds. You played with for a few minutes, pinching and pulling the buds gently, moaning softly into the pleasant sensation. Soon you could feel yourself getting wet, and slowly, teasingly, removed your shorts and panties. You smiled at the camera, biting your lip provocatively, imagining you were a camgirl performing for her desperate little fanboys and fangirls. The thought alone was enough to make you spread your legs wide and slip two fingers into your throbbing cunt, using the wetness to push deeper. You used your other hand to stroke your clit and whimpered wantonly, your face red, your neck sweaty and your heart pumping fast from the adrenaline. You were quickly reaching your orgasm and your mind wondered to the boy you were talking to in the forum. You wondered how he looked like, how his body was built, whether he was a sweet sensual lover or a rough mean one. Fucked up as it was, you pictured the man as one of your most loyal viewers, watching all of your streams with a fist around his thick vock and an excited grin on his face. He would comment things like "you look so beautiful like this" or perhaps even "pretty little slut" after tipping you enough to last you a week. Soon all the mental stimulation sent you over the edge and you came with a loud cry full of pleasure. Well, this felt good.
After your "performance" was over the camera was magically turned off, which may have caused some concerns if you weren't too busy feeling embarrassed and dirty about the unhinged fantasy you had just had, and with a person you knew nothing about. You managed to calm down though - it wasn't nothing more than a fun pastime, a naughty thought that would never become the reality. You would never actually meet BlueRose7, right? There was nothing to worry about, so you just went on with your day.
You had some dinner afterwards and decided to have an early night as you already felt full and tired. You put on your favoruite pajamas and laid in bed, staring at the ceiling until you fell into deep dreamless sleep.
You woke up due to a weird noise. You could hear someone's heavy breathing right next to your ear, someone's grabby hands were wrapped tightly against your body, trapping you between the wall and their hard chest. You had only a few seconds to scream before the intruder's palm covered your mouth.
"Shhh." The man whispered softly and stroked your hair like you were a doll he was playing with. "Don't scream or I'll be forced to hurt you, flower. I have a gun." His voice sounded deep and rough but this didn't stop you from thrashing and turning on your side until you came face to face with the man. It was dark in the room and you couldn't exactly see all his features but his enchanting green eyes would forever be burned into your memory - they seemed dashing, hypnotizing. You couldn't utter a word.
"It's me, the person you've been talking to all these months. I came to take you home" He spoke out suddenly, the line of his mouth twisting into a smile or a smirk, you couldn't quite tell. You shook your head no, tears threatening to spill all over your cheeks from the fear. It couldn't be him, the man would never do that to you. Or would he? With what little information you knew, you couldn't really tell. His hold finally loosen, seeing you quiet like that.
"Let me go, please." You begged, pushing at his shoulders weakly since you were still sleepy, groggy and tired. "I don't know you." You said, hoping this would remind the stranger you weren't friends, lovers or anything that gave him the right to be so close to you, to touch you so intimately. Unfortunately, this only seemed to amuse him and he chucked darkly as he pulled your hair away to place a small chaste kiss on your neck.
"But I know you, flower." Your supposed online friend replied shortly after, his eyes full of malice. "And your little show today makes me think you want to know me too." He added in a low tone, licking his lips before smashing them on yours, forcing his tongue deep into your mouth just to hear your whines and protests. Then it hit you. The camera, the virus, the questions. He had watched you, he knew where you worked, where you lived and studied, everything. You had told him after all.
The hacker thought you looked so adorable right now, figuring things out, helpless, confused, regretful and most of all, weak. You were so weak and careless, and he loved you for it. It reminded him of himself before life screwed him over.
You wouldn't be in this position, underneath him, if you had just told someone about your laptop virus and the bad guy you had encountered online. But Saeran couldn't say he wasn't glad your self-preservation instincts were so very broken and dysfunctional. He wouldn't meet you otherwise. "I need you, princess. That's why I'll take you to Paradise." These were the final words you heard before you felt lightheaded and sleepy again, your last memory a pair of green mint eyes.
You really shouldn't have trusted strangers on the internet.
Tumblr media
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sukiisukiidaisukii · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
you can’t leave! you know that! and you’d never want to! i’ll kidnap you if i have to!!
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yandererat · 15 hours ago
I'm a rat. I'm a wifeboy. I'm a trophy. I have heart eyes. Chronic back pain. Can follow recipes, clean. I know how to cry on command. I'll make your house my home, your home a living Hell, and pest exterminators will fall in love with me and promptly kill themselves to repent.
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chaoticgaysstuff · a day ago
Bird Of Prey | Yandere Wolverine x Male! Reader
A/N: Requested. Hope you like it.
Tumblr media
"How could you do this to me, huh?!" 
"WAIT, Y/N! Please. Just let me explain!" Logan called out in a pleading and begging tone, as he quickly threw on his shirt and pants, rushing after you. 
Once he caught up to you, he grabbed your arm, stopping you from moving any further as you glared at him hard. 
"Let go of my arm, Logan. I don't want to talk to you right now." You spoke, raising your voice as some students looked over at you both. Luckily, you managed to stop yourself from using your powers in anger.
"I can't. I need to talk to you. To explain to you what you just saw." 
"And I said that I don't want to talk to you right now." You shot back quietly, ripping your arm out of Logan's grip. 
You couldn't believe what you had seen. You were teaching some new students at this school how to properly control their powers when one of the kids threw up, and you've never seen something so revolting in your entire life. So, you told the rest of the students that class was finished for the day as you helped the kid to the nurse's office that was recently built inside. You had walked into your and Logan's shared bedroom to spend time with him, only to find him having sex with your sister, Jean. 
This hurts. You fell in love with Logan and had trusted him with all your heart. This was something you never expected him to do, especially with your sister of all people. 
You felt used. Felt dirty. Felt abandoned. You knew that Logan had liked Jean a lot before you two entered a relationship and that she was still devastated over Scott's death, but you never expected this to happen. 
You continued to walk down the large hallway with your fist clenched in your hands as you entered the room you once stayed in before moving in with Logan. 
"WHAT, LOGAN?!" You shouted at the top of your lungs, voice dripping with hurt and annoyance, "What dumb explanation are you going to tell me about what I just saw, huh? You don't accidentally have sex with someone!" 
"I'm sorry, okay?! I didn't mean for this to happen, or to hurt you like that." Logan said. 
This was only supposed to be a one time thing to help Jean heal some more and to see if his old feelings were still there. Turns out, he didn't feel anything for her anymore and only wanted you. 
"Oh, you didn't mean for it to happen." You scoffed, shaking your head and massaging your temples, letting out a sigh, "That's a load of bullshit. And you-" You pointed at Jean who entered with anger in your eyes, "How could you do this to me? I'm your brother for crying out loud." 
Your sister looked down at the ground, shame and guilt painted itself on her features. It was wrong to do what she did. To sleep with your boyfriend, but she couldn't help herself at that moment. 
You scoffed and went to the door, opening it and gestured for them to leave, "I want you both to leave right now." 
"But, Y/N-" 
"I said get out, Jean!" The red-haired female walked out of the room with her eyes trained on the ground. She would give you space away from her, and hoped that you could find a way to forgive her. You turned to Logan when she left, "That goes for you, too. Leave." 
Logan ran in front of you, stopping there and not leaving the room like you said, "We can work this out, Y/N. Don't throw away everything we got over a mistake." 
"Cheating is not a mistake. Get out." 
"I'm not leaving and you're not either." 
Without thinking, you sent a powerful blast of air at Logan, sending him back several feet out of the room and into the wall, putting a hole into it. 
Without thinking, you sent a powerful blast of air at Logan, sending him back several feet out of the room and into the wall, putting a hole into it. 
Your sister was gifted with telekinesis and you were gifted with aerokinesis. 
You could create, shape, and manipulate air along with controlling the weather patterns associated with air like hurricanes, tornadoes, and whirlwinds for instance. You could even drop the temperature in the room to freezing cold.
You gulped, seeing what you did and the fact that the students saw what you just did. You never wanted them to see you act like that with someone a part of the X-Men. 
"Were over." You said and shut the door, locking it as you fell to the ground and cried your eyes out. 
Logan stood up from the ground with a groan and cracked his neck slowly. He walked back to his room and students moved aside to allow him to pass. He would give you space and time to cool down before he took you back to your shared bedroom. He loved you, and he couldn't just let you leave. 
You made sure that everything in this room was packed in your suitcase and duffel bag with shaky breaths and zipped it up after crying for a while. 
"You're leaving." 
You turned around to see Charles in the doorway, wheeling himself over and stopping in front of you, staring at you intently. 
You sighed and nodded, "Yeah, I just really can't be right now, especially with everything that happened. I want to be here for the students, but right now isn't the best time for that." 
"I understand, Y/N." Charles spoke in an understanding tone, "This is something that you need to do, and I wish you good luck on your journey." 
You smiled at the telepath. Charles was always such a great and understanding person. He was like a father figure to you when you were a student here and you would definitely miss him. 
Leaving was something you didn't want to do. You wanted to stay here with the people who you considered family, but you knew that if you stayed here with Jean and Logan, you would snap and your powers would let loose. 
You need to leave for everyone's sake. 
"Thank you for everything, Charles, and I promise to see you again soon." 
You patted him on the shoulder and the telepath smiled up at you. You left the room and headed towards the garage. You put your belongings in the backseat of the car and slid into the driver's seat. 
Before Scott died, you would always take his car without his permission. You took it so much that Scott decided to give it to you for your birthday, which you were extremely grateful for. He was like a brother and you missed him every day he wasn't here. 
Deciding not to think about those happy memories that cause you to be sad, you started up the car and left the mansion. 
Meanwhile, Logan hid in the shadows, blending into the night as he watched you leave the mansion. 
Did you really think that you could leave him? He won't let that happen. You were his ever since he first laid eyes on you and this breakup doesn't count. He finds it quite silly that you think you could abandon him and get away with it. Oh, no. He would get you back safely in his arms and you would live the rest of your life with him. 
Five years flew by in the blink of an eye. 
You had gotten yourself an apartment in another part of New York because you didn't want to be too far away from the mansion. You made sure to keep in touch with most of your friends. 
Jean had been trying to get back in contact with you and you really didn't want to speak to her again. Even though you missed her like crazy, you told her that you still needed more time away from her and she respected that. 
Now, that you are officially over Logan, you had started to date again, but something was happening to your dates.
It's like they would vanish. One second, we would make plans for a date night, and then they don't show up. No calls or texts. It was very strange and you hoped that it was no one with powers causing this. 
And you really hoped that your date wouldn't bail on you tonight. You had a date with one of your coworkers. He was a cute guy who wouldn't stop flirting with you, so you agreed to the date when he asked you out. 
Though he had no idea you were a mutant, you liked to keep it that way. 
You pulled up outside of his house and stepped outside of your car, walking over to the door and knocking on it. 
Suddenly, you heard it. 
The sound of shouting and glass breaking from the inside. You didn't know what was happening. All you knew was that something bad had to be going on in there if glass was breaking.
Quickly, you looked up and down the street to make sure the coast was clear before blasting the door open with a powerful force of air and running inside.
And you couldn't believe what you were seeing. You couldn't believe that Logan was about to stab Jeffrey with his claws.
"What are you doing, Logan?" You asked cautiously, getting prepared to use your powers on him as Logan moved his claws down to Jeffrey's chest and watched as his eyes widened in fear. 
"Relax, babe. I'm here for us and to take care of this man for trying to touch what is mine." 
"We aren't together! We broke up years ago."
"No, you wanted space and that's what I gave you. But having your space is over. Now, lower your hands or I'll kill him." 
Jeffrey was scared to his very core, which made you instinctively lower your hands and Logan did the unthinkable. He stabbed Jeffery with his claws and your eyes widened in horror. 
This caused you to send a blast directed at Logan who was prepared this time and ducked out of the way. He wrapped his arms around your waist and spinned you around, so he was holding you from behind. 
"Get off of me!" 
"Don't struggle. It won't help you." 
"What, you're going to kill me too, huh?" 
"Of course I won't kill you," He whispered hotly in your ear, burying his face in the crook of your neck and taking a deep breath, shutting his eyes in content,  "You're mine and I won't let you go." 
Logan has stalked you for the past five years, keeping a watchful eye on you and the people you come in contact with. He kept his promise and gave you space away from him for a while before deciding it was time to strike. 
He memorized your schedule quickly and took notes of everything and everyone. He killed everyone who tried to ask you out. They wouldn't have to get killed if they would have just stayed away from you. 
Now that you are away from the mansion, he will take you somewhere where only you two could be together and you won't be able to be free from him. You won't have a life outside of him and will only have him to rely on. 
He's keeping you as his forever, even if it means that he has to go to great lengths to make sure that you are in his arms.
His one and only forever.
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i love you so much
you make my life so much better, my angels
I'd pull down all the stars for you <3
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Tumblr media
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Second time's the charm~
A casual greeting at a book store turns into so much more.
[WARNING]: This is a YANDERE story! Stalking, murder, the whole nine yards!!! Read with caution!
If you find this story on any website NOT under misfitgirlwrites/misfitgirl3390 please let me know!
Font for book cover credit (x)
  "You seem worried about something."
   Leo looked at Marcel and shrugged. They would be landing in Florida in just a few minutes and he was already on edge.
   "My mother is embarrassing. My ex's friends are all pot stirrers. I'm not worried per say. Mainly hoping nothing goes horribly wrong." Leo explained.
   "Well lucky for you Mary and I will be waiting in Orlando. Just don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine."
   Much easier said than done. Leo still nodded. He was surprised Marcel didn't interrogate him during the entire flight. Once they landed in Florida, both Leo and Marcel had to make sure Cherri and Mary didn't get lost running through the airport to baggage claim. 
   "You have to text me everything!" Mary grabbed her bags. "I mean it!"
   "I will!" Cherri smiled. "See you in two days!"
   "The hotel room is under your name so you should be fine." Leo told Marcel as he grabbed his bag.
   "Have fun with your family."
   "Jesus I'll try." Leo sighed as Marcel chuckled. "Come on, Cherri. Don't want to miss our plane. If we have to sit in a car for hours I'll die."
   Cherri laughed, "alright. Bye guys!" She hugged Mary then Marcel before leaving with Leo. "You don't seem excited about this." She nudged him.
   "I have mixed feelings about it." Leo shrugged, glancing at her.
   "Well we don't have to go if you don't wanna." Cherri grabbed his hand as they walked.
   He smiled at her. "I appreciate the concern, but it's alright. Besides, Nova is very excited to meet you in person. It's only two days."
   Cherri smiled and nodded.
   "CHERRIIIII!" Nova ran to the redhead and hugged her tightly. Cherri laughed and hugged her back.
   "Hii! It's so nice to meet you!" Cherri smiled.
   "Look at you! Oh my gosh you're so much taller than me! You fucking model!" Nova reached up to pinch Cherri's cheeks.
   "Is this Cherri?"
   Cherri looked over at the other woman. "O-Oh...Mrs. Griffin? Hi!"
   "Please no need for that, Monica is fine--this one is nice, I like her!" Monica smiled at Leo as he sighed. "Cherri, it's so nice to meet you!"
   "It's nice to meet you too, Ms. Monica--"
   "Monica is fine, I promise!" The woman cooed. "I like to feel young." She teased.
   "What's planned for today then?" Leo asked.
   "Manipedi." Monica and Nova responded.
   "Sounds fun!" Cherri glanced at Leo and laughed as he sighed.
   "Let's get your bags and be on our way!"
   Leo had the option to wait at home for them to come back, but he chose not to. He was just glad Cherri seemed to be enjoying herself.
   "You know you could've gotten one too." Nova looked at Leo who sat next to Cherri with his arms crossed.
   "Me? I got mine before we left." Leo grinned.
   "Oh funny. I hope he's treating you well. Sometimes Leonardo can be so suffocating." Monica rolled her eyes playfully.
   "Let's not with my full name, mom."
   "That is what I named you, right?"
   "Leonardo Griffin? Cute." Cherri teased as he sighed.
   "Not cute, Leonardo is such a mouthful."
   "Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the hottest men on Earth and you're so unappreciative because I decided to give you an attractive name." Monica sighed as Cherri giggled.
   "It is an attractive name." The redhead shrugged, smiling at him.
   "Well your opinion is all that matters." Leo grinned. 
   This was fine. Everything was fine. He sat back and his green eyes met brown ones. Oh how interesting. Delilah. Gabriella's best friend. God he hated how fucking small the world seemed. Delilah focused on Cherri and Leo crossed his arms. His eyes narrowed and once the woman noticed, she quickly looked away.
   "I'll be right back. Bathroom." Leo gave Cherri a quick kiss and stood. He was across the room quickly and smiled at Delilah's friend before politely dismissing her. They went to the back of the store.
   "You of all people should know. Staring at what's mine makes me very upset." He let her go and she scoffed.
   "You have a lot of goddamn nerve coming back here--"
   "I can’t visit my family? How cold, Delilah." Leo rolled his eyes.
   "What did you do to brainwash this one, then?"
   "I didn't brainwash anyone. I would ask you the same thing? I thought you'd be happy to see me with someone else, so you can go back to fucking Gabriella behind someone else's back." Leo seethed quietly, stalking closer. She stumbled back a bit.
   Leo let out a sigh and shook his head. "Listen. It's been great catching up, really. But I'm here with my girlfriend and I'd really like to enjoy my time with her. If I coincidentally see you anywhere near her, I will rip you apart." 
   "Like you did Henry?" Delilah challenged.
   "No. I stabbed Henry in the neck. That was quick. Yours will not be. Get it?"
   She could tell he was being painfully serious and it scared the hell out of her. She nodded.
   "Y-Yeah. I get it."
   Leo smiled. "Good." He left and ran his fingers through his hair, sitting back down.
   "You okay?" Cherri placed a hand on his face.
   "Yes, the drama queen isn't a fan of nail shops." Nova rolled her eyes.
   "Very true. So after this Cherri and I are going out for lunch and we'll meet you both home." Leo looked at his sister then at his mother.
   "Okay, take plenty of pictures so I can show off my son's cute future wife to my friends." Monica winked, making Cherri blush.
   "You're getting one good picture and the rest are for me."
   "Stoooop!" Cherri nudged him and he smiled. 
   He didn't have to worry about anyone else when he had her.
   The time with Monica and Nova went extremely well. They absolutely loved Cherri and Leo wasn't surprised. Once she wiggled her way out of her shell, it was impossible for anyone to dislike her. Lunch went well too, and the facetime with Mary and Marcel. Meeting their parents was both refreshing and utterly terrifying. David was the father that Cherri should've had. Though, if that was the case, it wouldn't have been as easy to get her with him like this.
   Going back to his mother's home was a different story, however. Nova did in fact plan a party and he could tell Cherri was a bit nervous. Leo rubbed her back. "It's alright. I'm here."
   Cherri looked at him and nodded before smiling. The party wasn't too terrible. Cherri complained a bit because she felt underdressed but it didn't matter because she was still the center of attention.
   The redhead was having a lot of fun herself. She nudged Leo. "I've never been to a party before."
   "Well I'm glad you're having fun. Honestly, I'm getting tired of sharing you with all these people though." Leo teased her and she laughed.
   "Jealous much?"
   "Oh totally. I think we should sneak upstairs and have some alone time." Leo wrapped his arms around her.
   "Hmm. I dunno, I'm having tons of fun down here." Cherri smiled.
   Leo tilted his head a bit and glanced down at the cup in her hand. "Nova has been giving you those. There's alcohol in it?"
   When Cherri didn't respond, he squinted his eyes. "Babe, how many did you have?"
   "Not that many! Four? Five? Ummm." Cherri chuckled, "enough for the room to spin a little."
   "Well I think that's a bit too many, miss 18 year old." Leo took the cup from her and she pouted, "no pouting, cutie. Only water from now on."
   "Okayy. What's upstairs that you wanna show me?"
   "Upstairs I have a telescope. I think Nova put it in her room." Leo and Cherri managed to sneak upstairs and into Nova's room.
   Cherri enjoyed looking out at the stars, but it didn't last long; she was getting tired.
   "I should go and say good night." Cherri hugged Leo.
   "I'll do that for you, babe. Just change your clothes and get in bed." He pecked her lips and she nodded.
   At least she was having fun.
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Making a book About my OC in Wattpad, go check it out.
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you really are too tempting my love
seeing you, so innocently oblivious to the fact that I know things about you that you don't know about
you never told me these things, but they were just too easy to find
I just couldn't stop myself, you make me lose all control
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𝐏𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠 {Chapter 4} [BNHA]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
【summary:(Y/N) (L/N) has been chosen to entertain the royal family with her talent in music and song, but the Prince seems to love it a bit too much.】
【pairing:Yandere! Prince! Katsuki Bakugou x Female! Reader】
【rating:PG-13—this book contains dark themes, read at your own discretion.】
【word count:4.4k+ 】
【Link to the First Chapter: x 】
Tumblr media
        Delicate monochrome piano keys bent down under (Y/N)'s fingers with satisfying smoothness, the xylophone of black and white teeth producing a gentle sound that echoed around the room. It calmed the tense atmosphere that fell upon the dining hall like a suffocating scratchy wool blanket, it made the sweat that dripped down the back of her neck itch annoyingly.
        The dinner had been awkwardly silent the whole fifteen minutes it had been occurring, neither the royal monarchs of the kingdom of Aricrica uttered a word to the royal Prince of Arircrica and he returned the favor to them. None of the large double doors that lead into the large expansive dining room opened nor closed, trapping all those in attendance inside with large dark wood.
        The only thing that had broken the silence was when (Y/N) was introduced to the monarchs and that was ten minutes ago.
        In between changing music sheets at one point, she managed to sneak a glance around the room fully and she guessed that she must be in the central hub of the grand palace from the blend of whites and reds. The dining table was made of shining wood and was incredibly long, it looked to fit twenty people, not three people sitting at opposite ends of the table.
        By far the most spectacular item, was the large chandelier made of black stained glass hanging above the dining table, burning red candles in their hundreds decorated the peaks with the valleys harboring delicate carvings of golden leaves and budding flowers. It complimented the paintings of roses and other grandiose objects of wealth.
        (Y/N)'s eyes turned back to the sheet music in her hands, placing a different set onto the piano's stand and her hands lining up to begin playing the first notes of the piece. The orange-yellow glow from the setting sun out the large bay windows highlighting her pages, offering her some comfort from the awkwardness that flushed her cheeks.
        From the way the posture of the king and the queen relaxed into their chairs, (Y/N) hoped that meant that they were enjoying the music or she at least brought them some peace. The atmosphere calmed, but only slightly as the scowl on the Prince's face dampened the music.
        The monarchs of the kingdom were beloved by their people, the Queen especially with her firey and bold attitude. The King of the kingdom had married her years ago when they both were young, their love story becoming an inspiration of perseverance and love. The Queen, a princess at the time, fought with her father to marry the present King, then Prince, instead of a wealthier one.
        (Y/N) was honored to play her best pieces for them and was quite proud of the ones that she had selected by other musicians—most of them were local ones as well, they often played in the taverns back home.
        "I'm not marrying her," Prince Bakugou was the first to speak, much to the surprise of everyone else in the room. "I saw the letter and I'm refusing the offer." The monarchs, Queen Mitsuki Bakugou and King Masaru Bakugou, both reacted differently to the announcement—the King merely flinch at the harsh tone and the Queen's expression soured.
        "Can you explain why, son?" The King asked hesitantly, the way he approached his son it heavily felt like when you're dealing with a child teetering on a temper tantrum. The Prince scoffed and poked the nice cutlery around his plate, disrupting the neat order of the placemat in front of him.
        "I don't know the girl! I'm not marrying someone I don't even fucking know." Bakugou exclaimed hotly, his chin resting on his hand grumpily. (Y/N) did her best to ignore the conversation entirely, focusing solely on the music playing under her hands but it was definitely hard when the Prince and the Queen were near the same person.
        "Goddammit, Katsuki! We have given you more than enough time." The Queen pressed angrily, her hands resting on either side of her placemat in a threatening kind of manner. The King raised a hand toward his wife in an effort to calm her and he turned toward her, quietly whispering something to her under her breath.
        The Queen leaned back in her chair once again and stayed silent, letting the King speak on behalf of the both of them.
        "Son, Princess Yaoyorozu is an excellent choice. The Kingdom of Rithain have been steady allies for a hundred years." The King explained, folding his right hand over his wife's reassuringly. "The Princess is smart and well educated in running a kingdom, the peasantry adores her to bits." Bakugou sighed exasperatedly and used his hands to push himself away from the table, leaning back in his chair dramatically.
        "Just like every other princess you tried throwing at me, I won't fucking say yes just because you ask me," Bakugou growled, glaring daggers toward his parents menacingly. The Queen slammed her hands down on the table, causing the King to flinch violently at the action, but Bakugou didn't even move an inch.
        "Princess Yaoyorozu will be coming to visit in two months' time, Kastuki Bakugou. Either you find someone else worthy in that length of time or you get along with her enough to marry her." (Y/N)'s hands paused on the keys of the piano but she continued a moment later, not wanting to catch the ire of the monarchs once again.
        The Prince mimicked the Queen's actions and he furiously stood up from his seat, the chair he sat on being pushed far away from him due to the force of his body. He raised a hand toward her and (Y/N) took that as a sign to cease her playing, the final notes of the piece fading out—leaving only the tension in the room to come to a head.
        "This dinner is a fucking joke, I'll eat in my room." Prince Bakugou barked harshly, his expression narrowed at his parents and his mouth curled into a snarl. He stormed away from the dining table, his red cape billowing out behind him like an angry red storm cloud, and he ordered Iida to his side.
        The King watched with a crestfallen expression, his eyes staring down at his plate and he sighed deeply. The Queen sat back down in her seat, grumbling, and ranting to herself, only to order Katsuki back to the table a few times. The Prince merely ignored her and shoved open the large double doors of the dining room, the doors slamming shut behind him.
        (Y/N) flinched at the sound, even though the Prince was crude and had a terrible temper, he still was the only member of the royal family who she vaguely knew. Being left in the dining room, she watched the monarchs with warry eyes with her hands laying carefully on the keys of the piano.
        'Pretend to heard nothing of what the royal have said, if you dare speak ill or reveal any secrets you will be imprisoned.' (Y/N) reminded herself, the words of Mr. Tanaka echoing in her ears and she simply stared at the music in front of her to distract herself. The tension in the room was palpable and (Y/N) was left unsure of whether to keep playing or not.
        "Court musician, play on!" The Queen was the one who spoke first in the silence that followed, (Y/N) bowing her head to her deeply. Her hands continuing pressing the keys where she left off, her mind whirling with all of the information in the last few minutes slightly distracting her from her playing.
        For the next hour, (Y/N) played her little heart out for the monarchs while they enjoyed their dinner. She was very happy to see that the tension and stress eased from the King and Queen's shoulders after a while, soon their conversation turned lighter and they ate their meals with smiles on their faces.
        (Y/N) couldn't help but breathe in deeply at the smell of the mouth-watering food displayed on solid silver platters on the table. She could feel her stomach rumble in her chest and she couldn't help but frown at the pang of hunger in her belly—it had been hours since she last ate.
        In between changing sheet music to a new set, the monarchs stood from their seats. (Y/N)'s head snapped toward them and observed their empty plates, waiting a few moments before rising from her seat. The very specific instructions that Mr. Tanaka had brutally drilled into her before the dinner even started flashed through her mind.
        "Thank you to all who served us during this dinner." The Queen said, her hand being placed on her chest as she glanced around at all of the servants. (Y/N) held her hands behind with her posture perfectly straight, but her eyes remained trained on the ground in front of her.
        In unison, specifically, after ten seconds the Queen spoke, all of the servants deeply bowed to the King and Queen. The monarchs quietly leaving the room in all of their magnificence, with their personal servants tailing after them like silent spirits. Only then, out of the corner of her eyes, (Y/N) raised to a straightened position along with all of the other servants.
        The woman breathed a huge sigh of relief, feeling the true weight of the evening collapsing on her shoulders. (Y/N) sat back down on the piano's seat, running an exasperated hand through her hair and smoothing out the wrinkles on her dress anxiously. She hoped and prayed that they enjoyed her performance, it was her job after all.
        The nearest servant hurrying toward her in a rushed manner.
        "Greetings, Miss (Y/N). You are free to leave now, are you able to return to her room by yourself?" The royal servant asked her, (Y/N) shaking her head at the question and she smiled gently.
        "I should be able to manage, but I appreciate the offer." (Y/N) said cheerfully, tucking a stray hair behind her ear and beginning to pick up her music sheets and notebook. She cursed mentally at the messiness of the pile and realized she would have to spend a good amount of time rearranging everything after.
        "Very well, I have been informed to tell you that dinner will be brought to you shortly in your room." The servant said with a short bow and stepped away from (Y/N), allowing her to pass by without issue. She nodded her head at the servant graciously and thanked them quietly as she passed, walking toward the entrance that she had first entered from.
        (Y/N) was surprised when the doors swung opened for her and the servants bowing to her slightly when she passed them—she didn't know how to feel about such proper treatment. To her, she still couldn't wrap her head around the whole hierarchy and how exactly it worked or even where she fell on that.
        She entered the hallway and she shivered slightly at the cooler temperature outside of the dining room. The sun had long since set and was replaced with the inky sheet of the night sky, the stars shining like little pearls on a black velvet background. The cool breeze entering from an open window, the red drapes flowing and dancing serenely.
        (Y/N) pressed her notebook and sheet music to her chest, feeling the tiredness wash over her entire body. She glanced around at her surroundings, finding nothing amiss with the same vases filled with lavender and paintings decorating the hallway. 'Right, now let's see if I can get back to my room.'
        Starting off to her right, she wandered down the hallways of the palace by herself with the only sound being her shoes hitting the pristine wooden floors. (Y/N) had a good idea of where she was going, remembering the way Tanaka and Kirishima had brought her to the dining room.
        The palace was so quiet in the night, with no bustling of servants or even guards in the hallways which confused her slightly. But, she found herself enjoying every second of the silence. The contrast from the loud and fast-paced few days to now was surprising, (Y/N) allowing herself a moment to breathe and enjoy the beauty of the royal palace.
        It didn't take her long until she reached the familiar hallways and the recognizable door of her room coming into sight when she turned the corner. (Y/N) smiled to herself at the thought of the comfy white sheets of her bed caressing her tired body and welcoming her into sleep. So much so, that she nearly forgot the aching hunger in her stomach.
        She quickly entered the room the door closing with a soft click behind her and she emptied her arms of her belongings onto the bed. (Y/N) stretched her arms high over her head, silently congratulating herself for finding her way back, and yawning sleepily. It was time she got to bed, who knew what events of the next day would bring her.
        Making her way over to her dresser, she began shedding her intricate dress and taking off the accessories—she figured to just place them into the jewelry box resting on top of the dresser. Her hands carefully pulling out a soft cotton nightgown from the contents inside the drawers and her skin welcomed the gentle feeling when it slipped over her body.
        When she turned back around it was then she finally noticed the platter of food resting on the coffee table in front of the love seat in the corner. She approached the platter thoughtfully, finding a still warm basin of water with a washcloth to rinse and clean her face resting beside it as well.
        The food was a simple meal of a bowl of warm soup filled with parsnips and vegetables, with a chunk of bread and a mug of steaming liquid. (Y/N) brought the mug to her nose and inhaled the strong smell of peppermint, the scent being welcomed into her already tired mind. Her mouth watered at the scent of the delicious food, her stomach grumbling impatiently.
        She seated herself onto the love seat, enjoying the soup slowly and admiring the view out the window to her right. The capital city was beautiful at this time, most houses being dark but some specks of light could be seen still glowing proudly in some windows. Her eyes could see almost the edge of the city if she squinted, but it seemed that it was just a trick of her imagination.
        (Y/N)'s pleasant smile slowly fell from her lips and she set the empty platter down on the coffee table in front of her. There was a pang in her heart, an ache had returned so deep and stabbing that it threatened to overwhelm her. 'If only Ochako could be here, she'd love this view.' She thought to herself, looking down at her lap. 'I bet father and mother's jaws would drop at how I'm living now.'
        Brushing her nightgown free of crumbs from the bread, she stood up from the couch and quickly rinsed her face in the basin. The water had grown chilly during her time eating, but she could care less and rubbed her face clean with the washcloth. However, this washed away any sense of sleep from her eyes and only alertness remained.
        (Y/N) looked toward her bed and she made her way over, picking up her music sheets with thoughtful, sad eyes. She placed them back on the bed and looked out the balcony doors, the light of the moon shone through the clear glass. The lunar light kissed her face softly, assuring her that tomorrow would be better.
        She placed her sheets back onto her bed and swiped her notebook off the sheets, her feet carrying her over to her desk with haste. (Y/N) grabbing one of her cases and a pen and quill while she was at it, heading back toward the door of her bedroom. The thought of sleep being pushed to the back of her mind now, she couldn't sleep even if she tried.
        Quietly, (Y/N) stepped back out into the hallway and shivering when her bare feet touched the cold wood of the floorboards. She shut the door behind her and rested her forehead against the white painted wood before pushing off of it, her feet carrying her in a random direction. This time, she didn't care if she couldn't find her way back after.
        She wandered about the hallways until stumbling upon two large double glass doors, her eyes squinting to see through the stained glass. Her hand carefully opened the doors and she gasped to herself lightly, the doorway leading into the outside world or rather a magnificent outdoor garden.
        (Y/N) checked the hallway she was in, the vast amount of red indicating she had approached the royal wing of the palace. Making sure no one was watching her, she entered over the threshold of the door and making sure they didn't make a loud noise when she shut them. The cool night air greeting her and the smell of dew filling her nostrils.
        Her feet touched bare and wet grass, causing her to giggle as it tickled her skin with small water droplets.
        To say that the garden she had found was beautiful would be an understatement. It was the perfect time of year where most of the flowers bloomed in all their magnificent glory, different buds and blossoms of various kinds decorating the landscape around her. The dark green hedges being expertly trimmed with some forming shapes like chess pieces or horses.
        The entire garden was on an outcropping of sorts like a very large balcony off the side of the palace, but high enough that an onlooker from the capital city below didn't really know it existed in the first place.
        But, (Y/N)'s favorite part of the garden by far was the large water fountain in the middle of the garden with the beautifully sculptured lily as the main feature. The fountain was huge and allowed for four separate small creeks to naturally flow away from it in all directions, the large but gentle spurt of water at the top supplying the whole time. 
        She couldn't help but approach the fountain and admire it in all of its beauty, finding that it was made of entirely polished white marble. (Y/N) managing to find metal seating near the foundation, a small metal table with two chairs, and taking a seat at one of them. The sound of flowing water reminded her of home and the smell of dewy plants nearly brought tears to her eyes.
        For a moment, she was back at home in the comfort of her room and knowing that just a door down her mother and father were sleeping peacefully. But, it was only for a moment and it soon ended when she was forced to open her eyes, finding herself still in the garden—very much alone.
        (Y/N) looked down at her lap before carefully unzipping the case she brought, finding that she had grabbed her lyre. Her hand ran over the smooth polished wood and she gently raised it from the case and onto her lap, situating it so it rested comfortably on her thighs. She plucked a few of the strings, finding them taught to perfection.
        It took her a minute before she managed to find the sound she liked, but she soon found it and her fingers played the melody loosely. The majority of it was improvised and what she could remember of her father playing said song in her youth, (Y/N)'s lips curling up into a small smile.
        The sound of a bush rustling froze her hand mid strum, her eyes flashing around the courtyard for the source. (Y/N) stood abruptly from her seat with her head whipping around for the source of the sound, but the only thing she heard was her own breath. She opened her mouth to call out a small 'hello' but nothing escaped her parted lips.
        Instead, she simply reached down and picked up her case off the ground, placing it onto the table. There was an urgency about her as she hastily placed her lyre back into its case and zipped it back up tightly.
        "Please, I'm sorry Miss. I did not mean to startle you." The sound of a male voice causing her to squeak in alarm, swiftly turning around to face the owner of the voice and finding an oddly familiar face standing across the fountain. With his armor shining in the moonlight, the unmistakable figure of Ejiro Kirishima stood with his arms raised toward her.
        (Y/N)'s eyes widened at the sight of him, her hands pressing her leather case to her chest.
        His hair wasn't spiked up like she remembered it was, instead his vibrant red locks hung down around his face. There was a sheepish and bashful smile on his lips that framed his pointed, sharp teeth. The crimson red of his eyes stared into her form, causing her cheeks to warm at the sight of them crinkle as his grin widened.
        It suddenly felt to her that she was more exposed than ever.
        Kirishima made his way around the fountain, his hand rubbing the back of his neck shyly. (Y/N) looked down at the ground, at a loss for words, and she tried to come up with an excuse to explain why she was out of her room so late.
        "H-Hello Mr. Kirishima, I have a good explanation for why I'm out so late I swear-"
        "Woah, woah, Miss (Y/N) please calm down. I get it. " He said honestly, raising both of his hands toward her in a sort of calming motion. She looked up at him with large eyes, her hair falling in front of her sight and slightly obscuring the smiling man.
        "I decided to get a little fresh air myself, these gardens are beautiful this time of night," Kirishima commented, his eyes finally tearing away from her own to look around their beautiful surroundings. (Y/N) found herself mimicking him and also found herself staring around at their surroundings—her eyes resting on a large bushel of purple lavender.
        "I couldn't sleep and I...found this place. Hence why I'm dressed like this." (Y/N) said, her eyes returning back to Kirishima, "I don't know where I am in the palace though, this place is like a maze." The red-haired man chuckled a bit at her description, the nervous smile on her lips changing into a genuine expression.
        "Well, luckily you're not in the royal gardens. This is the main garden, the royal family often meet guests here or hold parties." Kirishima explained with a toothy grin, his arm gesturing back to the table and chairs where she once sat. "It's open to everyone, including the servants."
        (Y/N) breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that she wasn't breaking some obscure rule.
        "Thank goodness, I never know where I can go sometimes." She expressed honestly, trailing after Kirishima and sitting down on one of the chairs. "I'm still getting used to living in the palace I guess." The head of the royal guard laughed gently at her statement and nodded his head along with her words.
        "I know what you mean, I was still new when I became the head of the guard. I remember getting lost so many times, very unmanly of me." He exclaimed with a hand running through his hair, there was a pink flush to his cheeks that rivaled the pink rose bushes sitting behind him.
        "I'm glad I'm not the only one!" (Y/N) giggled, setting her lyre case down beside her feet.
        The two talked for at least an hour and a half after they initially met each other. Kirishima was an easy-going guy with a good sense of humor and (Y/N) really enjoyed that about him, she couldn't help herself but be the bubby and cheerful character her father always said she was. 
        At one point, (Y/N) even played him a song on the lyre that the man complimented her for minutes after she had finished. Kirishima stating that 'no wonder she had won the competition', it touched (Y/N) deeply that he thought so highly of her music since no one had really complimented her so since Kamanari.
        The moon was high in the sky by the time their conversation died down, (Y/N)'s bare feet shivering against the cold that was seeping into her bones. Kirishima noticed her shoulders quivering slightly and instantly reached up to his shoulders where his cloak was resting around his shoulders.
        "Here, you need this more than I do." He said, offering her the long dark garment with a gentle smile. The chill in the air stung against the sudden warmth in her cheeks, battling fruitfully against each other in an attempt to gain control. (Y/N) shyly took the cloak and wrapped it around her tightly, a sudden breezing sending another wave of chills down her spine.
        "I think it's time I take you back inside, it's far too cold out here for a lady such as yourself," Kirishima said, standing from his seat and offering her his arm to take. "It'd be unmanly of me." (Y/N) sheepishly took his arm as she stood, looking away from his red eyes bashfully and leaning down quickly to pick up her lyre case.
        "Thank you, Mr. Kirishima." (Y/N) thanked wholeheartedly with a cheeky grin, looking up at him with crinkled eyes.
        "Please, just call me Kirishima." He replied back, guiding them both toward the large double doors that lead into the garden. (Y/N) looked down at the ground as some stray strands of grass brushed against her ankles, the sensation of soft tickles causing her to giggle softly.
        "Alright then, Kirishima. Please, just all me (Y/N) if that's the case!" She said, Kirishima chuckling at her overly happy expression.
        "Fair enough, (Y/N)."
        Kirishima let go of her arm to open the double doors for them and as (Y/N) stepped over the threshold into the palace once again, she glanced over her shoulder back into the haven that was the garden. For a moment, she swore she saw the bushes rustle and the sensation of being watched overtook her.
       However, it was gone the next moment when Kirishima was back at her side, letting the double doors close naturally. (Y/N)'s view of the garden was cut off and the sensation is soon forgotten, instead, her attention was taken up by the charming head of the guard.
Tumblr media
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dogsalt · a day ago
・ 。゚☆: *.☽Ivanovich Hcs☽ .* :☆゚
Tumblr media
✧ He kind of hates you but just a little
✧ Love is vulnerability and vulnerability is weakness
✧ Therefore it's your fault and he absolutely cannot forgive you for making him weak
✧ Or so he likes to think.
✧ intj-a
✧ Although he loves you, don't expect him to feel pity for you
✧ Horrible eating habits, he gets so worked up over a project he forgets any self-care needs
✧ you might have to help him with that by dragging him away, but you'll have to deal with him cussing you out.
✧ His favorite food is grilled salmon
✧ He doesn't mind you in the room with him working for short periods of time as long as you don't speak.
✧ He'll try to share the same bed with you at first but might get a bit freaked out if you touch him too much.
✧ He has no idea how a relationship works </3
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Tumblr media
TW: noncon, yandere themes, oral, violence What had you done to gain his anger, to gain his attention, to have him even acknowledge your existence at all? What had you done that was so bad in your life that you needed to be punished. Punished by the devil himself, the devil in the form of a man named Feitan. If he hated you so much why did he hate you away, steal you from the life that you had? Feitan reminded you every moment he got that he hates you, how you were nothing compared to him. You were below him, he made that very clear. So why couldn’t he just let you go, that’s all you wanted to do. To just leave. As much as you wanted to bring it up to him again the scars that adorned your body was a clear reminder that he hated when you asked him to go home. All you could do was lay in bed and softly cry to yourself, you needed to get it out of your system before he got home. Feitan tended to punish you when you cried for other reasons that were not due to his hands on you. Or his harsh words belittling you. As you heard the front door open you quickly wiped your tears away. smoothing out your clothes and trying to make it look like you weren’t just crying your eyes out for the last few hours. “You're home.” It was hard to look him in the eyes when you talked to him, he didn’t seem to mind most of the time anyway. “Yes, I am. I see you cleaned.” His eyes scanned to room. You were scared that he was going to criticize your cleaning attempts, you tried to get most of the blood out of his furniture and carpets. “It’s fine.” You were safe from punishment at least for that, but you knew Feitan would find something no matter how small to have an issue with when it came to you. “T-Thank you.” Feitan threw his shoes to the side and dumping his jacket on the ground. He knew you’d quickly clean up his mess, and you did. Once he moved to the couch you ran to his stuff to put away. “Come here.” You looked up from lining his shoes up with the others, pausing. Oh god, what did he want now? “I will not ask again. I had a slow day. I don’t mind doing some more work if you’re so up to disobey.” You walked to him, trying not to look in his eyes too much. They were so dark and so lifeless. Empty black holes that you were convinced would swallow you if you stared too much. “Yes, Feitan.” All he did was point to the spot between his legs. Your breathing was picking up, you knew what he wanted. He was always so rough when it came to you giving him head. Hell, he was rough with you no matter what, especially intimate moments. Either you had a sore throat the next few days or you couldn’t walk properly after. But he always seemed so much calmer and even maybe happier, at least in the way Feitan can be happy after you let him use you as his little sex toy. Just let him have his fun and he’ll probably leave you alone for the rest of the night.
Kneeling between his legs you finally looked into his eyes. Feitan just nodded, you knew what to do and he knew that. He liked to let you start off, but you knew he could never fully let you have control. He’d soon take over, hurting you. Quickly you took a breath and began to unto his pants. Taking his dick out. He was already half-hard, he was getting off on your fear. Feitan truly was a monster, but he was your monster. One you were at the mercy of. You began to move your hand up and down his shaft, delaying the inevitable. Eventually, he was fully hard, you paused and took a deep breath. You felt Feitan’s eyes barring into the top of your head. Before he could threaten you, you took his tip between your lips. Rolling your tongue around his tip, gaining a soft groan from him. You began to move down slowly, working your tongue all around him. Trying to take as much as you could in, trying to get to the bottom you knew he liked. Unfortunately, for such a short man he did have some length, not to mention thickness. He was filling your mouth, moving to the back of your throat. The burning sensation was appearing. It was hard to ignore the pain, but if you didn’t then the pain he was sure to inflict on you was to be much worse. Slowly you moved further down, halting when you couldn’t go any further. moving your tongue around him as you bobbed up and down. Drool and tears were now adorning your face.
To Feitan you looked your best when your face was covered with tears when pain adorned your features. So beautiful was all he could think when he admired you, not that he’d actually tell you. You were already too full of yourself for his liking, needing to be brought down. Torn down and built up for his liking. Though the way you had been the last week, you were right on track to be his perfect submissive little pet. Feitan’s hand moved to the back of your head, he felt you stiffen for a second before going back to slobbering over his dick. “Deeper.” But you couldn’t, he knew that. He knew that you were at your limit. Nothing some training wouldn’t fix. He began to put pressure on the back of your head, pushing your head down. You tried to protest but all he heard was you choking on him. Besides the sounds of your cries of pain, this was his favourite sound and he wanted to hear more. Further, he pushed, demanding you take more of him. More than you could handle. You felt so good with you lips wrapped around his cock, choking him down. “I said deeper.” He shoved your head even further keeping you there for a bit. He was looking for a reason to punish you, any reason to hurt you, to make you cry, beg for him to stop, to have mercy. The thought of that and the way your throat was spasming around his length was making him go feral. He began to violently move your head up and down him. Face fucking you, all he cared about was reaching his release, filling your mouth with his cum and forcing you to swallow. Feitan was getting louder the closer he got, head thrown back in complete ecstasy. “Take it, fucking take it all or I’ll kill you. That’s it. Be a good pet for him.” It was not like he would even give you a chance to disobey him. Suddenly he forced your head all the way down, filling your mouth. “That’s it. Swallow it all.” And you did once he let your head go. Followed by you having a coughing fit. Feitan just looked at your pathetic form on the floor, he got up the leave the room before turning to you. “I want that thing you made on Monday again for dinner. Wasn’t half bad.” With that, he left and you were left trying to catch your breath after have such little oxygen for so long.
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