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#tom hiddelston x reader
syrmathinks · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lizzie is one of us, girls...
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chloecatina421 · 4 hours ago
Now Taking One Shot Prompt Requests!
Currently writing for:
Chris Evans
Chris Pine
Sebastian Stan
Henry Cavill
Tom Holland
Tom Hiddleston
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
Pete Davidson
Timothee Chalamet
Karl Urban
Leonardo Dicaprio
Daniel Sharman
Bradley James
Harry Holland
Evan Peters
Send me who you would like and a brief description of what you would like. My anons are on.
If there is anyone who is not on this list you would like to request, that is 100% ok too! I just listed some of my favorites.
Also, you don't have to follow me but if you did, that would be much appreciated and I will follow you back!
Tumblr media
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sotheresthis1guy · 15 hours ago
Eager Eyes | Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader (no "y/n")
Summary: You're with Tom in your NYC apartment and super needy, however he's had a long week and just wants to eat dinner then sleep. What happens when he catches you alone in your room?
Genre/warnings: smut, voyerism, masturbation, light dominance/submission, restraints
Word Count: 912
Notes: This is my first time sharing a fanfiction with y'all. I hope you like it! Please let me know how it is--good or bad. I'd also like to apologize for any grammatical errors, or otherwise, in advice. Thank you :)
It’s finally late afternoon and you’ve waited all day for Tom to come home. You walk into the kitchen and ask "hey Tom. . . umm, I'm sorry to do this, but... do you want to skip dinner and join me in the bedroom?" you ask timidly because you are aware of the busy week he had. Tom responds distractedly while cooking and thinking about his schedule for next week "Darling, I just wanna finish up dinner and go to sleep, this has been a stressful week for me." You still don’t know why he insisted on cooking, but couldn’t argue with him. You sigh “ok, I understand. I don’t want to push you.” Then you add "well I'll be in the bedroom in case you change your mind. The door will be open." Even though you had that sly smile on your face, Tom didn’t look up and passingly acknowledged what you said then went back to cooking.
. . .
Tom is getting ready to plate the food and calls out your name to come to the kitchen but he doesn’t hear you answer. He walks around the apartment to look for you and stops when he gets to the bedroom, he hears a slight buzzing sound coming from the other side of the door. He peeks open the door to see you sprawled out on the silky, dark red sheets. Your eyes are closed, you have your headphones on, and listen to some lofi music while you use the hot pink vibrator over your slit.
Tom opens the door further and his mouth gapes at the sight of you. You keep pleasuring yourself and moaning unaware that Tom is watching you. Tom feels his cock twitch and inhales sharply, he thinks to himself maybe dinner can wait.
As you keep moaning louder and deeper, he softly closes the door and slowly approaches you. He takes a moment to stare at you and feel his cock grow hard. Swiftly, he reaches over you and gently holds your legs open while he slides a finger on your slit. You gasp in surprise and open your eyes at the same time.
There's a relief that he took you up on your offer and that he is making you feel so much all at once. He takes the vibrator out of your hand, sets it on the bed, and removes your headphones. Then he gets handcuffs from the end table. "Is it okay if I do this?" He asks seductively. You breathe out "yes please."
He cuffs your hands together and puts them around the dark wood post of the bed frame. He tugs on them hard and leans in to carefully whisper in your ear "You know I’ve had a long week and you’re being such a tease, my dear, but I’ll let it slide because you’re about to make me feel so much better. I am going to pound into you until you beg me to stop and, my pet, I… won’t… stop." You can feel yourself melt into the bed and get wet with his words.
He pulls off his black dress shirt to reveal his beautiful glowing skin, then he slips off his trousers all the while never breaking eye contact with you. You squirm with anticipation. He slides right in between your legs and starts delicately licking you up and down. You let out the sweetest moans and he whispers “you sound so beautiful when you moan for me.” After a few minutes of you begging for more, he starts sucking on your clit. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and you can't stop shaking.
Without an indication of it, he puts a finger in your vagina and starts thrusting in and out. Tom confidently asks "mmm you like when I do this?" You're too caught up in the moment that your surroundings are starting to blur. He stops, reaches up, and wraps a hand around your neck "I asked if you like that. Now answer me" he urgently says in your ear.
He waits with a smug expression while you answer "Yes, p-please don’t stop... I need you so bad!" He continues rubbing your slit, and, instead of going back to choke you with his free hand, he pumps his cock up and down a few times.
He stops fingering you and puts the tip of his cock at the entrance of your vagina. It happens so swiftly that you scream in pleasure. Tom starts grunting and moaning, and you love when he does that. You become less coherent as he continues to thrust into you. Since you had been playing with yourself before Tom saw you, you are already so close. You say with a whimper "i-i need to c-cum." He pulls you closer to him and says, "you'll cum when I tell you to, my pet."
You feel your body tighten as you've never felt so good. You can feel yourself building to an orgasm and you know Tom is close when he strengthens his grip on you. He leans in close and whispers "cum for me." You lose it and feel yourself crash while moaning his name. Tom cums just after you with a deep groan, then you both take a moment to stay in that weightless feeling. Suddenly it starts pouring outside so you just stay in bed while Tom holds you close and breathes "I love you, my pet.”
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mrs-salvawhore · a day ago
Jealousy at it's finest {T.H}
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Female reader
Summary: Based on these prompts #12. "I'm going to fucking ruin you." #62. "bite your lip once more, i dare you" #65. "come on. I want the neighbours to hear you scream" #32. "I've never wanted to fuck you more than I do now."
Warnings: Unprotected sex, smut, again I don't care of you are not 18 but be at least 15
Authors note: This was requested by @bingmesomepie and thank you that I'm your favorite so far it literally made my day!
Actors Masterlist
Tumblr media
You and Tom had been dating for two years now and you had your ups and downs, over the time you picked up a few things that would made him get mad at you and than fuck your brains out, one of them was jealousy. You loved to get him all railed up and he loved to fuck you.
Today the two of you had date night and you planned on getting fucked tonight, you also had the perfect plan. It all started with you not wearing any panties and wearing the shortest dress you got, the next step was flirting with the waiter. Your plan succeded, you could see Tom already clenching his jaw.
Tom payed the waiter which couldn't concentraite himself because he was undressing you with his eyes.
The actor rolled his eyes and dragged you outside to his car, the car ride was quite, Tom glared at everything while you bit your lip which didn`t go unoticed by the man next to you.
„Don't bite your fucking lip.“ He said while looking at the road but you couldn't help yourself you had to tease him further.
„Bite your lip once more, I dare you.“ His voice was comending and he looked at you. After a minute you were already at your house and Tom was by your door to open it and get you as fast upstairs as possible.
He couldn't control himself anymore as he started to kiss you in the elevater which turned into a headed make out session. „I never wanted to fuck you more than I do now.“ Tom breathed against your mouth.
You grinned when the elevator doors opened and Tom pulled you further to your apartment, before you could react he pushed you on the bed, you tried to unbuckle his pants but he pushed your hands away. „Ah, ah sweetheart…you were a bad girl today which means…“ „I have to be punished.“ You finished his sentence.
He pulled of your dress in an instant, groaning at the sight under him you had decided to skip the bra as well. „You are a naughty little girl.“ That made you smirk, you just loved it.
He kneeled down, his mouth wandered over you chest and stopped by your nipples, Tom sucked at them and pinched them with his fingers causing you to moan but he shoved his fingers into silenceing you. „I'm going to ruin you sweetheart.“ He whispered against your ear.
Tom started to go down on you, his fingers stroked your folds and in one go he entered your vagina with two fingers. „Oh look at how wet you are.“
He pulled his finger out and held them up to her mouth. „Come on have a taste little one.“ You grinned and obliged him the sight made him groan.
The man went on to tease again making you whine. „Tom…please.“ „Please what love?“ You cried out as he hit the spot. „Fuck me Tom…pleaseee.“
He smirked at you and pulled his fingers out of you which made you whine again at the emptiness but she vanished after a second when Tom entered you with his cock.
You had no chance to adjust to Tom's size even after two years of dating it was still hard to adjust, Tom didn`t let you adjust either he just started pound into you hitting your g-spot all over again which made you scream in pleasure.
„Yes that's right little girl, come on I want the neighbours to hear you scream."
It didn`t take long for you to be near your climax given that Tom hat edged you for the past thirty minuts it was no wonder. „I'm…close.“ You moaned out, you looked into his eyes and saw his jaw clench again which made him look so much hotter.
„Don't you dare.“ He said starting to pick up his speed to chase his own orgasm.
„On the count of three sweetheart…one…two…three.“ And with that you both hit your climax at the same time and Tom spilled his seed into your cunt.
He colapsed on your chest breathing heavily just like you. That was the best orgasm you had in a long time not that you ever had a bad one with Tom but…
„If you ever do that again sweetheart I will go harder on you and edge you until you are crying for me to stop.“
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gloryc-art · a day ago
I don't need to go to heaven to see an ángel 😍♥️
Tumblr media
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kayxleeee · 3 days ago
When He’s Drunk
Warning: NONE!
A/N: Poor Bucky 🥺
Summary:IMAGINE! Includes; Bucky, Thor, Steve, Peter Q, and Loki
Word Count: 392
Tumblr media
Bucky hated parties, he hated them with a passion. Which sucked because Stark seemed to throw one every weekend. When Bucky would drink the galactic stuff Thor would bring on occasion, Bucky found himself very emotional, more than usual. At least when he was sober, he was able to functionally talk to people, he might have scared the shit out of a few, but nonetheless. When he was drunk  he’d just sit in a corner sulking without speaking a single word to anyone the whole night. You thought it was weird. One time you went over to talk to him and he started to cry… you felt bad for him, but you weren’t doing that again 
Tumblr media
Thor loved parties no matter if they where on Earth, Asgard, Knowhere, or Anywhere. No matter where in the galaxy, he enjoyed himself. What he loved the most about parties was that he could drink. Beer especially. Whenever he was drunk he’d get all giggly and everything was absolutely  hilarious to him.
Tumblr media
Sober Steve is sorta uptight, but drunk Steve Grant Rogers? Well let’s just say his back hurts every time because he is always carrying the party.  Thanks to Thor and his magically strong alcohol, Steve could finally let go and relax. Now it was extremely fun he got super drunk, because it was a very rare occasion and a very different Steve. One time you yelled “TAKE IT OFF” teasingly and he actually began to take off his clothes…  He was wild as hell.
Tumblr media
Peter Q
“I love you.” Falls from his moth about 70 times in one night if the drinks too much. And if he’s not telling you specifically that he loves you, he’s going to tell it to anyone who will listen. 
“I fricken love her man!” He would say with his arm draped around some poor random guy.
Tumblr media
Loki was/is very easily irritated when he is drunk or sober for that matter. One time he and Thor began to fight because Loki didn’t like how Thor spoke to you. He said it was “Disrespectful”, but in reality the only thing Thor said was that he didn’t understand the meaning of the movie “Home alone.”, which was one of your favorites. He stated that he’s been home alone many times and… umm well not important . Loki had zero patience for it nonetheless. 
Comments, Questions, Opinions :)
See more of what I have written so far: Masterlist
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whew-oh-em-gee · 4 days ago
With the whole x reader thing, i think alot of times they also torget about gay men? I am gay and poc and often times the only time i find an x male reader its kinda fetishizing, idk. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but 99,999% of all x reader are white fem centric and i would just like for once to find a x reader where i don't have to rewrite it in my head while im reading...maybe im just being oversensitive idk. Have a wonderful day!
You’re not being insensitive at all! I agree with you 100%. I’m glad you’re talking about this because it wasn’t my place to bring this up. The ‘x reader’ tag is supposed to cater for the needs of EVERYONE no matter what they look like, or what their sexuality is so you’re not being ungrateful one bit. Thank you for contributing and have an amazing day as well! 💖
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gloryc-art · 4 days ago
* The drawing is not mine *
Tumblr media
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chloecatina421 · 5 days ago
— about me!
Welcome to the craziness that is @chloecatina421!
I'm Chloe but I go by many names. My full name is Isabella Chloe Catina and I have many personalities depending on my mood lol:
Chloe: the nice one
Isa: the horny bitch
Bella: the sassy one
Isabella: the bitch
Coco: the chef/ everyday use
I answer to any of them lmao
— who am i?
So I am a writer and a lover of many boys (Mostly Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan)
— information about requests.
I only accept requests in my ask box!!!! My anons are on so if the request is in my ask box, it will get done otherwise, it won't.
Sometimes Tumblr eats asks tho so if you aren't sure if it went through, feel free to request again!
I post every Tuesday at 2am!
— do i rp?
I mean I never have but sure
— how to be tagged in my fics.
I have a tag list for Steve Rogers/Chris Evans, Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan, Tom Holland, Henry Cavill and Pete Davidson. Just send me an ask to be added and I will add you.
— can we be friends?
Heck yes!!! Always!! I love hearing from people and my blog is a 100% no judgement zone! I want everyone to feel like they can talk freely and openly with me even if its on anon!
— what are my triggers?
I'm taking this as what I won't write:
Kinks (I will write smut but nothing too kinky)
Other than that, just ask and I will let you know if it makes me uncomfortable or not.
— important.
I always have my asks open for requests and am always writing but I have a life too which is why I set up a posting schedule. Please understand that I will get to your requests ASAP but writing takes time.
format is from @nsfwsebbie
thank you for reading, and have fun on my blog!
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scribeofmorpheus · 7 days ago
Himmeløyne [25/?]
Pairing: Loki Odinson x Reader
Catch Up Here | Masterlist
Warnings: Violence / Angst???
A/N: ... 
Taglist is open! Reblog, comment or leave a like please ☺
Tumblr media
“You shouldn’t be here,” Loki said.
Shivers ran up your spine. For the first time since you knew him, he looked terrified. Helpless.
The Creature—the monster—that materialised from the mist inched closer. Its steady pace was unnerving, like pinpricks to the skin.
You took Loki’s hand in yours, felt his grip, ironclad, and said, “Right here is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”
He smiled sheepishly, “Then our reunion was fated to be a short one.” He glanced at the creature, at its eyes, and clenched his jaw as tightly as his muscle could allow. He took an instinctual step back, pulling you behind him. “There’s no escaping it.”
You turned to the creature, unsure of what it was entirely that you sensed from it. It wasn’t fear—at least, not your own. Not hate either. Though it was masked in those emotions well. There was a drive behind its instinct, a purpose. Keenly aware of the fact you still had your magic, you let your magic do the searching where vision failed you. Tendrils of energy waned as if something unseen was pushing back, resisting. You planted your feet, took a deep breath and blocked out everything except the creature. There was familiarity there. A sense of pain. Grief. A broken heart.
Bestla’s words rippled back to you, reminding you of what she had said about Loki, “Loki is a fraught boy. Torn apart by two halves that will always be at war.”
A tendril of magic managed to touch the creature and incoherent flashes distracted you, making you lose balance.
With a grunt, you and Loki were both flung back, the wind knocked out of you. You rolled from your side and noticed the creature was undeterred from his path. A strong magical barrier surrounded it.
The creature lunged, its bone and flesh sword for a hand tearing the seams of Loki’s subconscious world.
You had to get Loki away from the creature, find a way to reassure him, give him room to process everything in safety. As long as the creature was a stone’s throw away, you wouldn’t be able to help him. “How do we escape it?”
Loki turned to you, downcast, “We don’t. I’ve never escaped it.” He looked at his hands. “I have no powers here.”
“But I do,” you forged a connection to his subconscious through your linked hands. “Think of a place, a memory, anywhere you feel safe. I’ll take you there!”
The creature neared and Loki’s mind flooded with too many images, too many years condensed into a barrage of smells and touch, hot and cold, emotion and emptiness. Steeling yourself, you clung onto the strongest sensation: smell. Berries. A burst of blue and purple. Warmth from an oven. A hug.
Instantly, the both of you were sucked into a portal of light, teleported deeper into Loki’s mind. Before the portal shut, the creature let out a roar, snagging skin from your elbow as it slashed and slashed in a frenzy. You seethed from the surprising burn of its cold touch.
You were thrust forward and wrenched back, a tension to your muscles, adrenaline soaking tissue. Your magic sparked, and you lost your bearing. When the world stopped spinning, you were in a kitchen, not the human kind with a hearth and cast iron pots, but Asgardian. Polished stones greeted your feet while gold embellishments decorated everything; curtains, fine dishes, the liquid within crystal clear tumblers.
“Where… where are we?” you glance around, unfamiliar with your surroundings.
Out from a blind spot, two boys darted into the kitchen area. Frigga followed soon after, a youthful blush on her face, hair the colour of magnificent straw. The boys played with wooden swords, clashing in a dull thud. Laughter keeping the room vibrant. The boy with the sandy hair yelped, and before your eyes, his wooden sword transformed into a snake, slithering away.
The raven-haired boy turned ghostly pale, frightened by what he’d just done. He clenched his fists in horror. Frigga calmed him, a sweet smile on her face as she ran her fingers through his hair. She hesitated for a moment before she hunkered low to hug both her sons. Soon after, a baker walked into the room with a silver tray of pastries. Blackish filling spilt over the folds, the smell of citric berries permeated into the space like a blanket, sweet and tart.
“Home,” Loki said. A look of longing crept over his face, a slouch to his shoulders. “I remember this day… This was the day before Father had taken us to the vault to tell us stories, of our grandfather, of the war…the Giants. Mother had asked the baker’s to make her favourite pies. We helped her pick the berries from a thicket near the edge during the day. It was the first time I used transformation magic. I was so scared. So was Thor. But not Mother… she just held us till we stopped crying. Made us feel safe in her embrace. She said I got my magic from her. That we were born under the same stars. Blessed by the same spirits.”
You placed a hand on his back and he leaned into the contact. “It seems like a happy memory.”
“Many of them were… before…” he turned to look away from the homely scene unfolding. “They were my family. My blood.”
The child version of him smiled with pie filling smeared over his round cheeks. You recognised Baldrick in his features. Slight, but distinct. The same dark hair and wide eyes. An impression more than anything.
“They still are,” you said.
“They are not my family…” he sneered, clicking his tongue. “And after what I’ve done, they couldn’t forgive me. I wouldn’t forgive me.”
“You did nothing wrong.”
“I have done plenty wrong!”
You flinched, his anger turning the room cooler, snuffing out the air, closing you in. Mist crawled onto the windows, and, suddenly, you knew. This feeling—this dread—it had been warped around the creature too, preventing you from fully penetrating its barrier. That same magic now surrounded Loki. More apparent after his outburst.
“Not from where I’m standing,” you said. “Perhaps there is much you need to take responsibility for, but not this”—you placed your hand on his chest, felt the thrum of his heart—“not for who you are…what you are.”
 “They lied to me! Made me think I was one of them. Hid my birth rite from me. Hid me,” he shouted.  “I’m a monster!”
The mist had enveloped all the windows now. Cracks spread like veins. A chill wracked through the air.
You ignored the foreboding signs and kept your focus on Loki, “By that logic, so am I.”
His eyes snapped up meet yours, his lower lip trembling. “Not you. Never you.”
Your heart ached at his words. “I’ve taken life… Life that I now see was more than a simple monster made real from under my bed.”
Recognition flashed across his face, “The Giant in Jotunheim. The one who...”
You nodded, slowly. “Yes.”
“But he took something from you,” Loki held your shoulders, speaking in haste as he shook you. “You deserved vengeance. And wanting it… that doesn’t make you a monster.”
You let out a sigh, somehow feeling older as you did it, feeling the heft of another’s life—of Bestla’s life. “Only because something had been taken from him, too. Something that was rightly his.” A sad smile came over you. “Do you know what he said before I killed him? He said his kind were always the villains in my stories. I never thought much of it, at the time. But then I met someone…your grandmother. She told me things, about the Great Wars, the histories of the Giants, the truth. And I see now…”
Loki rambled, taken aback by what you said. "My... grandmother? H-How? When? I—I don't..."
The creature materialised into the room, stone walls exploding into flecks. It growled and Loki stiffened. He was about to pull you away, but you stopped him, mustering all your magic to urge the Jotun beneath his pale skin to surface. His breath hitched as he staggered, fighting the process. You kept watching as the creature continued on its approach. You had a few seconds at best.  
“I see now that there’s more than one side to any story. And war… war destroys more than the past. It takes history. It takes truth. It makes martyrs out of monsters and monsters out of martyrs. Makes kings. Destroys empires. Breeds hate. And these effects ripple out, for generations. You and I are but small grains of sand taken by the whims of the past, struggling to be still.”
“What are you—” Loki’s eyes went wide, making him look so small, so human, as his blue skin surfaced. You trailed along his arm, magic between the two of you building with a charge. With possibilities. He shuddered, taking a few deep breaths to centre himself, to grow used to his reflection in your eyes.
“And this is my truth…” you kissed him gently as the mist clung to your robes and feet. “I love you, Loki, Son of Asgard, Last Prince of Jotunheim... Trickster God. I love all of you. And I bent the world to save you, but the truth is, you aren’t lost, you’re running away.”
The creature lunged, and the wind died out. The creature’s shadow fell behind Loki. From over his shoulder, you could see it raise its arm high, ready to strike… ready to kill.
“It’s time to face who you are…” you whispered.
The creature struck. Loki shouted your name, cradling you close. There was a boom. A rush of air followed by a harrowing silence.
Loki stumbled backward, shocked. All around him were shards of ice, suspended in the darkness until it receded back from where it came. In the light, the creature sloughed away, like fungus being scraped off wood. The layers turned to snowflakes and dispersed all around you. Under the rage and strength of the creature was Loki’s double, pale skinned, blue eyed.   
You walked over to Loki’s double and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Do you see now? Do you see what you were running from?”
Loki paced from left to right, never letting his eyes leave his double. Then he took a step forward, mouth agape, the reality of everything dawning over him. “It was me.”
“You blame yourself for everything. For what happened to my village and what happened to me in the throne room. I suspect you’ve always done so. Resolved yourself to hate the part of you that was different. That was hidden. And that part of you, stricken by self-loathing and doubt, guilt and grief, remained buried here, in the depths of your mind, alone. Apart from you. And when you went under, you could no longer supress him. But after the throne room, those feelings grew in your subconscious, giving form to the very thing you feared. The Jotun in you. The Giant. The monster of your stories.”
“N—No… I—It can’t be.” Loki shook his head, conflicted.
You held out your hand for him to take, “Do you trust me?
He nodded, at a loss for words.
“Then connect them, the two pieces that have been separated for so long. Accept the truth,” you delicately ushered him closer to his double who just blinked, expression empty, hollow.
As the two Lokis stood face to face and the world shook. You took several steps back and watched as Loki put his hand up. His double mirrored his action. When they joined palms, a torrent of emerald light streamed outward, both cold and hot all at once. As bright as a star. As piercing as an arrow. Everything melted out of view until it was only you and him, the illusion of a night sky forming in the background.
He stood close, his smile not quite right. Snaking his arms around you, he held you flush to his chest. You looked up, chin resting on his chest. Finally, you were home.
 “Thank you,” he whispered before kissing you. The kiss was life affirming, as though he was saying a thousand things in a single act. You kissed him back, lips tenderly caressed by his own.
A swell flourished in your belly. Warmth you hadn’t felt since the last time you were in his arms flooded back. It was joy. You gasped as that feeling of solace returned from where it had been stripped away. Elated that you could feel his magic again. Feel him again. For the first time in a long time, you felt like you could finally breathe again. Be at ease again.
“I—” Loki steadied himself, as though he were about to speak the world apart. “I—”
But before he could finish, you felt a third presence tunnel its way to your subconscious. A message warning you from the other side, from the woken world. It felt like Heimdall’s magic. And it was filled with desperation. “Wait! Heimdall… Something’s wrong!”
“I feel it too,” Loki said.
You felt yourself being pulled from the world, out and through. The world adapted to the invasion. Tears of reality blended into the space.
The voice of a guard shouted, “Captain! She’s resisting. We can’t separate them!”
“Pull harder!” the captain shouted back, her voice heated and coarse like lit charcoal.
Through the tears, you saw the healing chamber. Heimdall and the rest of your companions were defeated, huffing for air. They were being ushered out of the room in shackles. The resisted to no avail, dragged out one by one by the guards in shining armour.
Through the distortion, and past the ebbing flow of sound, you saw Odin enter the room. He carried a familiar tome in his hands. Bestla’s amulet!
You had forgotten that you’d left it in Heimdall’s care. Odin must have taken it from him as he was being dragged away.
“I haven’t seen this in a long, long time,” Odin said wistfully. His thumb brushed against the bird bones, beads catching light from the golden castle. He whispered to the captain, the amulet trading hands between them, from his to hers. Spine bent, Odin took his leave.
The Captain narrowed her eyes at you, and, had you been in your body, present and aware in all senses, you were certain you would have taken a step back.
The captain loomed closer, the tug of so many unfamiliar hands on your wrists and elbows. She shouted again, but the world phased and her sound never reached your ears.  
With a dimmer, Loki’s world had begun to flitter out of view.
Sensing this, he drew you close, desperate to have you hear his next words. His lips moved with fervour, words spilling out harried and muffled, incomprehensible. The outside world grew louder. More real. Loki tried to hold onto you, but you felt his hold on you slip away.
With a mind splitting headache, your body greeted your subconscious in the woken world. A wave of exhaustion washed over you as you were overpowered by the guards.
Loki, awakened, reached for you again as he shouted for the guards to desist. Some took a moment to consider, conflicted, but the captain silenced them with a look.
Loki struggled to keep his feet steady. The weeks suspended in the chamber had taken their toll on his body. It was spent. Just like his mind.
“I am Loki, Prince of Asgard, I command you to release her immediately!” he said, anger sparked within his eyes. He motioned to summon his magic, to use a spell to fend off the heavy men with heavy grips. 
Softly, you shook your head. Speaking low enough for just his ears, “No! Loki… No more violence.”
“Hold her still,” the captain ordered. You were wrenched further back. Loki was still reaching for you, just a little out of reach, staggering with weak knees.
“I’ll make this right!” he swore. “I promise. I’ll make it right.”
With a grimace, the captain placed Bestla’s amulet close to your neck and it came alive, a will of its own as it twined uncomfortably around your neck.
“Wai—”You recoiled from the deadened aura of the amulet. Once it settled in place, you fought the urge to cough. The amulet’s distinct lack of presence overpowered you. It made you limp and you felt sparse. Lacking. No magic. No warmth. Eyelids as heavy as boulders. The strength to stand seeming impossible in the moment. It was worse than the leeching. At least that came with pain, with something.
“Take her below,” the captain said before turning her sights on Loki and ushering a few healers into the space. “The prince needs assistance. Hurry.”
Woozy, everything seemed far, far away. The drag of your feet away from the healing chamber came with less resistance. Loki shrunk in your peripheral, still staggering to close the gap.
Tumblr media
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julesjohansson · 7 days ago
What if Loki met the Doctor and her/his newest companion (the reader) and Loki and reader fell in love.
Just the 5:45 am ramblings of Whovian
Ms. Who? // Loki x Reader
A/N: This ended up being more of a drabble than anything, I hope this is okay!
Another day, another mission.
“Y/N!” you heard your best friend - the Doctor - call out, anxiously.
“Yes?” you called back.
“See, I’ve got the funniest problem,” said the Doctor, gesturing frantically. “With the Tardis. It’s positively-”
“Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey?” you interjected, a small smile appearing on your face.
“Yes, that! See...” the Doctor pointed. “There’s a bit of a problem with the direction, y’know, the Tardis seems to know where it’s headed... the only issue is, I don’t know where it’s headed.”
“Well, I suppose we could just wait and see where the Tardis takes us, and go from there?”
The Doctor contemplated it.
“Yes,” they said, though they sounded a bit troubled. “...Yes, I suppose.”
You’d been many places with the Doctor. Some good, some bad.
Some beautiful, some positively terrifying.
But you had never been anywhere like this.
“What is this place?” asked the Doctor, wrinkling their nose.
“What, you mean you don’t know?”
“No, of course not, Y/N. My direction is completely off today.”
You rolled your eyes, stepping over a large piece of garbage.
“Well, who are you?”
You glanced up, making eye contact with a petite but intimidating woman.
“I’m Y/N L/N,” you said. “I’m an associate of-”
“The Doctor,” the Doctor said, rushing in front of you to shake hands. “Yes, hi.”
“The Doctor, huh?” said the woman. “Well - we could use one of those.”
The woman - who you had come to know as Brunnhilde - ushered you down a long hall.
“Where are we going?” the Doctor inquired, politely, but the woman didn’t answer.
“Well, aren’t you... intriguing?”
The words were spoken by a man draped in golden robes, lounging on a silver throne.
“Who is this, Scrapper 1142?”
“He says he’s a Doctor,” said Brunnhilde, jerking her head in the Doctor’s direction. “And they’re... their assistant, I suppose.”
“More like a companion,” you corrected, softly.
“Interesting, interesting. Well, we could use a Doctor around here. And a... whatever you are.”
The Doctor was led away, and you found yourself left alone. Even Brunnhilde had lost interest in you.
“Might I know your name?”
You turned around, finding yourself face-to-face with an attractive looking, dark-haired man.
“It’s Y/N,” you said, offering him your hand. He kissed the back of it. “Y/N L/N.”
“It’s a pleasure. Loki. Of Asgard.”
“Asgard...? I’m unfamiliar.”
“You must’ve not traveled much, then.”
“Oh, no. In fact, I’m quite the expert in interplanetary travel. I’m the Doctor’s current companion, you see.”
“This Doctor... who are they?”
“One of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, of course.”
“Well, we have something in common, then.”
You and Loki exchanged challenging glances.
And somehow, you knew this was the start of something good.
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chloecatina421 · 7 days ago
Tom Hiddleston One Shot
Hi! Could I request a Tom Hiddleston X Reader where the reader is pregnant, she goes for a scan but tom can't make it (for whatever reason) and she finds out that she's having twins and she tells Tom?
You were currently waiting in the exam room for the doctor at your twelve week scan.
Your husband Tom, was working and even though he tried everything to change his schedule, he couldn't make it work to be with you to see how your first baby was doing.
"Hello, Mrs. Hiddleston, how are we feeling today?"
The doctor asks as he comes into the room, looking up at you from the chary in his hand.
"Pretty well, the morning sickness has slowed down some and I'm starting to feel a bit more normal."
You smile as you lay back against the table and lift your shirt.
"Well good. Alright lets see how baby Hiddleston is doing today, shall we?"
The doctor says with a smile, turning on the ultrasound machine.
You let out a small gasp as he squirts the ice cold gel onto your stomach and places the wand on top moving it around until he finally finds a clear picture.
"There we are."
He smiles and you feel tears well up in your eyes.
"Oh, well what do we have here?"
The doctor says a few minutes later and you look at him worried.
"Is my baby ok?"
You ask, panic in your voice.
"The baby is perfectly fine but it looks like you will be needing two of everything instead of one. Mrs. Hiddleston, it's twins."
He says turning the screen towards you, pointing out each baby.
Your eyes go wide.
"Twins? Oh wow."
You breath out with a mixture of shock and amazement.
The rest of the appointment went well and soon you were driving home, still in shock from the news and wondering how to tell Tom.
You soon pass a department store and decide to stop in to look around.
It was still too early in your pregnancy to know what you were having but you managed to find two newborn onsies that both said 'daddy's favorite' on them.
You find a gift bag and tissue paper along with a card that said 'surprise it's twins!' On it and head home to put the gift together.
After the clothes were places in the bag, you slip the latest ultrasound picture in the cards and seal it in the envelope just as Tom walks through the door.
"How did it go? Tell me everything the doctor said."
Tom says, sitting next to you, eager to hear everything he had missed.
"I will but first, I have something for you."
You say handing him the gift bag.
He eyes you suspiciously for a moment but opens the bag and pulls out the onsies.
"Love, these are exactly the same."
Tom says, confused.
With that you hand him the card.
He opens it and stares at the front of it for a few minutes before slowly opening it to reveal the picture of your babies.
He asks and you nod with a smile, biting your lip.
"This is amazing!"
You laugh as he nearly jumps on the couch in excitement.
"So you're happy then?"
"Oh, my darling, I couldn't be anymore happy. We are going to have two beautiful babies."
Tom replies, taking his seat back next you, his hand going directly to your stomach.
"Yes, we will."
You nod in agreement, placing your hand on top of his. 
Tumblr media
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writingsutlac · 8 days ago
It’s time for me to make a masterlist. So here we go...
Tumblr media
You can find all of my work below.
Antoine Griezmann
Little Champ
Allez Les Bleus!
Daniel Brühl
Everything Goes Well?
The Queen
The Luckiest
I’m Home
Loving and Caring
Not Her, You
Daniel Radcliffe
It’s a Girl?
Henry Cavill
Happy Anniversary
Call Me Maybe
Horror Movie Night
Jared Leto
You Belong With Me
James McAvoy
Perfect Pancakes
A Tiring Day?
Sebastian Stan
Sweetest of Interviews
Tom Hiddleston
Break A Leg
Imagine 1
Bucky Barnes
Imagine 1
Hanji Zoë
Visits in the Library
Pizza Guy Hanji
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inlokiarmy · 9 days ago
Bounded world
Chapter 7
Chapter 1,Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6
smut ahead along with swearing this will be full of kinks and a good storyline.
Warning : rape, suicide, depression, manipulation, torture and many more things please read it at your own risk, murder , mention of death , harassment, forcing , illegal stuff, kidnapping, non-con. Nsfw
Time skip
*six months later of the day of Kalila's coming to manali *
Kalila walked out of her washroom In a white shirt and with a towel in her hand with which she was drying her hairs, she saw that the door was open and a pocket towel was down on the ground this made her sigh and she shook her head , "amma I have told you so many times that you don't need to clean my room. " Kalila shouted while walking and picking the towel off the ground, just when she stood straight she realized it and her eyes went wide, "fuck. " Kalila said while she felt goosebumps on her arms, 'I am gonna be back in three days so stay safe okay. ' mawra's voice ran through Kalila's mind as she realized that marwa had went to Mumbai because Ali was sick,  that meant it was supposed to be only her in the house. "missed me brown sugar? " the voice made Kalila freeze at her spot, the towel feel from Kalila's hand and she decided that she needed to run, just when she got to the door Loki spoke up again. "no use of running brown sugar, there are mens standing just outside the door and if you anyhow escape that also then there are mens outside the house too. " loki informed Kalila his deep British accent showing off and Kalila again froze, tears started to well up in her eyes while her hand fell down from the door knob, "good girl, now come to me. " Loki said softly while Kalila started to shake, it was over now in reality it was all over the moment she thought that this wouldn't happen. "you heard me right ? " loki said in a stern voice making Kalila tremble, she wiped her tears and then turned around, her face was down, she kept her gaze down on the floor and walked in front of loki, she stood there while looking down at her hands,
"look at me. " Loki commanded in a serious tone but Kalila still not dared to look him in the eyes, "you know I don't like repeating myself. " loki said while placing his hand below her chin and tilting her head so see was looking him in the eye, tears continued to fall down from Kalila's eyes as her brown eyes meet loki's blueish green eyes, loki's face had a big smile on his face which clearly showed that he was really happy to see Kalila like this, "now didn't I told you that you can't hide from me for long. If you would just been a good girl we wouldn't have ended up In a situation like this. " loki said while placing his hand on Kalila's cheek and smirking, "I am.. Sorry. " Kalila said while trying to avoid looking into loki's eyes, she everywhere possible but not at him, this made Loki losse it and he just squeezed her face making her look at him, "you are sorry for what? " loki asked Kalila with rage in his eyes which only made Kalila shrink, "I ASKED YOU SOMETHING. " Loki shouted making Kalila flinch, tears were running down her face as she opened her mouth to speak, "please.. It's hurting.. " Kalila pleaded as loki's grip on her face tightened, Kalila was already not ready for it all but now she was even more than scared as if something she was scared of the most had appeared infront of her, Loki took a look of Kalila's face and then smiled, this was it he knew that he had finally did a effect on her, so he just let go after taking In a deep breath, "why do you do such things brown sugar when you know this isn't gonna end up well? " Loki asked Kalila softly while cupping her face in his hand and brushing his fingers over Kalila's cheeks, this was what Kalila was scared the most of, his behavior change , he could just be so kind at time that it may make you think like he wasn't the one who did it all bad to you. But Kalila knew that this caring nature wasn't something that stays for long, she knew all that she should be afraid of so she was still scared of him. "you look like you saw a ghost have you really seen one? " loki asked Kalila jokingly with a smile as if he was talking to a little child, she just shook her head in a no slowly, Loki took seat on Kalila's bed making her get anxious, "sit here. " Loki said while patting his thigh , Kalila was trembling she knew what was coming now for her, she just stood there frozed without even moving a single inch, there was a moment of silence
before loki grabbed Kalila's wrist tight and pulled her down to the level of his face, "have you forgotten what I did when someone didn't obeyed me? " loki asked Kalila in a warning manner and she just sniffed then shook her head in a no, "then don't make me repeat myself. " Loki hissed at her and then let go off her hand, she slowly sat down on his lap while she kept on sobbing, "Nah Nah don't cry brown sugar you are ruining that pretty face of yours. " loki said while wiping the tears from her face and placing his fingers over her lips, "now tell me what should we do with you? " Loki asked her while staring at her lips for a little while and then looking back at her eyes with a big smile,"please.. *hiccups*..please don't. " Kalila said while trying her best not to cry as this continued, "how about I let you shoot someone for me ?,that can make me happy I think. " loki said while Kalila started to shake her head violently, she started to have an inner panick attack, see never wanted to do something like that at no cost will she do that. "come on brown sugar it isn't much just you have to shoot someone. " loki said while Kalila looked at him with a pleading look while shaking her head in a no,  her mouth open as if she was about to say something but words weren't falling out off her mouth. "James. " Loki called loudly making Kalila flinch, he placed his hand on Kalila's waist while she stayed silent, she knew if she would oppose him touching her it will be of no use because if he wants to do anything no body can stop him.
Just then James entered the room, "yes sir? " James said making Loki to turn his gaze towards James instead of Kalila, Loki smiled at James a smile of success. "give me your gun. " Loki commanded while forwarding his hand , James nodded and handed him the gun while Kalila just shook her head while her eyes were wide in fear, "you may leave. " loki said while signalling james to leave, which James followed and left then Loki turned his whole attention towards Kalila. She was shaking and flinching in every now and then, "take this. " Loki commanded while forwarding the gun towards Kalila and she shook her head in a no, "come on brown sugar you have seen it before too just take and use it. " loki said with a obvious smile and Kalila shook her head while shrinking into his embrace as he forwarded the gun towards her, she clenched his shirt tight in her hand and closed her eyes shut as he brought the gun closer to her, "no.. No please.. No. " Kalila begged while her eyes were shut tight and she held loki's shirt tight, "you don't wanna use this? " loki asked her while placing the edge of the gun on her arm , Kalila just flinched while shaking her head and hiding her face in loki's chest, "no I don't. " Kalila said while Loki chuckled to see her be such a scared kid, "okay let's not do this. " loki said purely satisfied by Kalila's actions, "I will keep this gun away from you okay? " Loki stated while placing his hand on Kalila's hairs, she nodded and just stayed still, Loki again called James and returned the gun to him, when James left Kalila was still shrunken into a small ball on loki's lap, her eyes were open and she was hiccuping in every now and then, she held tightly onto loki's shirt till the time the gun didn't disappeared from infront of there eyes, Loki placed his hand on Kalila's waist and on her head while he held her like he was trying to comfort her, "you still the same. " loki said sniffing in her sent while he placed his chin on her head, "now we still need to punish you for what you did right? " Loki asked himself while Kalila again started to cry as she knew he could do weird things just to satisfy himself, "let's do it the old way. " Loki said after a little while of thinking and then quickly forced Kalila to lay on her stomach on his lap, "please don't.. Please.. I.. Won't.. Do that.. " Kalila pleaded while trying to get up, but it was no use as Loki held her down frimly , "no you need to receive punishment for what you do so don't think I will let you off for doing such a thing like running away, now let me make myself clear i will start counting from the start again if you even try to struggle or even move an inch." Loki stated sternly while placing a hand on Kalila's back to keep her down, Kalila just stayed silent because she knew if she did anything it will only get harder for her.
"looks like you understood so let's start. " loki chirped with a smile and then moved his hand down to her ass then inside the shirt, he moved the shirt up so that her ass was in full view and then teared off her panties, "Ahh I missed this. " loki said while rubbing his fingers on her ass, Kalila had tears running down her face and she was flinching with each touch of his, she felt disgusted to be in that position and to be in this situation, Loki suddenly raised his hand and hit her ass with so much force that she shrieked at the top of her lungs, the force was so strong that she almost jumped off loki's lap but loki had his one hand firmly pressed to her back which didn't even let her move an inch, she felt tears ran down her eyes as he started to hit her. At first the strikes started with a little less force but then as time passed they became stronger and stronger and Kalila became more and more powerless, she felt so helpless that it felt to her that it was all useless , whatever she had done till now she regretted it all , Loki kept on hitting her till the time he wasn't satisfied himself to see Kalila's reddish ass which looked like it could just start bleeding any moment, her skin had his hands marks as if they had been imprinted there, while Loki enjoyed watching her like that Kalila was totally at the brink of her limits, her eyes had ran dry she had been crying for so long that they were no more tears left,  her eyes burned and her lashes were still wet from all the tear, as Loki placed his hand on her ass he could feel heat radiating from it, her already red ass was soon to turn purple blue and would surely have bruises all over them for a few days, Kalila felt limp laying there her whole energy seemed like it had ran off her body, "I should get a picture of this. " Loki talked to himself while Kalila just stayed silent, he chuckled then helped Kalila to stand, she was shaking when loki helped her to her feet, "that hurt didn't it?" Loki asked her making a concerned face which only made Kalila feel more and more disgusted with him,"you shouldn't have ran away and this wouldn't have ended up this way. " loki blamed it on Kalila while getting up and pulling her into his embrace, he placed his chin on her head and swayed slowly while patting her head and back, Kalila just remained emotionless as if she had no feelings, Kalila stood there like she was a statue, "you regret running away? " Loki asked Kalila while he still held her but Kalila was in a daze she wasn't able to even comprehend what Loki said . Loki waited for Kalila to answer but no reply and that only made made him get angry, he suddenly grabbed Kalila by the hair and tilted her head while fisting his hand in her hairs, "I will repeat again do you regret running away? " loki asked Kalila in a deep tone while fresh tears started to form in Kalila's eyes, "yes." Kalila stammered out , her voice was hoarse and cracked it seemed like her throat had ran dry.  Loki let go off her hairs as he was satisfied with her answer, "good girl. " loki said while smoothing her hair, then came a knock on the door. "come in. " loki said while he still had his eyes fixed on Kalila , "boss everyone is waiting for your next orders. " James said as he entered inside, Loki smiled looking at kalila , he twirled a strand of Kalila's hair in his hand and then looked towards James through his shoulder, "we will be leaving tomorrow when Kalila's amma is back and I have thanked her for taking care of my girlfriend. " loki informed making Kalila's eyes shoot up at the mention of mawra, James nodded and then left while Kalila kept on Looking at Loki with fear in her heart , "What? " loki asked her as he saw her eyeing him a questioning eyes, Loki chuckled as he understood what she was thinking and then placed his hand on her head, "I won't do any harm to her, she took care of you so I won't do anything to her. " loki assured Kalila making her feel a little relieved, she just nodded her head slowly .
"although I can't promise about your employer, he dared to set dates for you so.. " Loki trailed off while Kalila shook her head in a no while her face again turned pale, "please.. He just.. Please don't.. " Kalila shuttered out the words while Loki just stood there unaffected, "oh I will surely do something about that dickhead ." Loki said with determination and Kalila's blood turned dry in her vein, she didn't wanted anything to happen to anyone who was innocent.  "you don't want me to do anything right? " loki whispered in Kalila's ear while bending down to come in level with her ear, Kalila nodded desperately while trying to change loki's mind, "then.. " loki said and then paused to lean close to Kalila, "change my mind. " loki whispered while looking her in the eye, Kalila knew what he meant and she knew that she would have to do it no matter if she wanted or not, so she moved her hand up-to loki's face grabbing his face with her shaking hands she leaned in and placed her lips over loki's in a deep kiss in response to this loki placed his hand on Kalila's hip making her hiss because it pained to even touch her ass which would soon be blue and purple, at the moment when Kalila hissed loki took the opportunity to slip his tongue between her parted lips, a single tear slipped from Kalila's eyes as she was kissing Loki, the kiss lasted for a likely a minute or two till Loki didn't let Kalila pull away to breath, she breath heavily as they parted and looked at loki who was grinning like an idiot , "I change my decision then. " loki said with a smile while pulling Kalila to him by her waist, Kalila looked up into his green eyes and then back down while muttering a small thank you.
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lokisgoldscepter · 10 days ago
A Morning with Tom
Summary~ You and your boyfriend are both off for the day. 
Words~ 232
Warnings~ fluff
You woke up and felt the familiar feeling of his arms wrapped around your waist. Waking up together was a rarity since you both were always working. You smiled as you carefully rolled over to see his face. 
As you took in all the details of your perfectly-made boyfriend, he slowly opened his eyes, meeting your gaze. “Hi love” he says in a groggy voice. “Hi” you reply, a smile growing on your face at the nickname. He plants a small peck on your forehead before getting out of bed and heads towards the bathroom. 
As he showers, you head downstairs and start to brew the coffee. After about 10 minutes, he joins you downstairs and pours himself a cup of coffee. “Should I make pancakes or waffles?” He asks as he opens up the cupboards. “Um…..waffles!” You reply happily. As he gathers the ingredients for the waffles, you slip upstairs to take a shower. 
A little while later, you came back downstairs; the smell of homemade waffles wafting through the air. Tom sets both of your plates on the table as you pour your second cup of coffee. You both sat down and started eating, the sound of the birds and the morning rain filling the comfortable silence. “Oh,” you said breaking the silence, ‘My mother texted. She wanted to know if we could meet her for dinner around 6.”
Tags~ @ladydmalfoy
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Tumblr media
You see, this was a very clever way of saying I wish you eternal pain bestie
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inlokiarmy · 11 days ago
Bounded world
Chapter 6
smut ahead along with swearing this will be full of kinks and a good storyline.
Warning : rape, suicide, depression, manipulation, torture and many more things please read it at your own risk, murder , mention of death , harassment, forcing , illegal stuff, kidnapping, non-con. Nsfw
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5.
Time skip
*three months later. *
"I can't come today boss. " Kalila said with a frown, "but we all want to give you a party ." Kalila's boss said with a whine making her roll her eyes, "seriously boss you are behaving like a little child. " Kalila mumbled while sighing,  "no I am not, you are behaving like a child I mean you got a promotion yet you don't wanna go and party out. " her boss snickered and she gave a scowl to mawra, "I don't like socializing boss. " Kalila said plainly to which her boss sighed, "but.. " her boss started just then the phone was ripped out of her grip and mawra put the phone on speaker,  "come on just let's go I have even set a date for you. " her boss said while Kalila looked at mawra with a 'I never asked him to do that' look while shaking her head and mawra gave her a assuring look, "you don't have to look for one,  she is my daughter and can do it for her. " mawra said while giving Kalila a thumbs up while Kalila face palmed, " Kalila.. She.. I am sorry. " her boss shuttered while both mawra and Kalila laughed quietly, "I will call you later bye. " her boss said and hanged up while both mawra and Kalila bursted out laughing, "that was cool amma. " Kalila said while holding her stomach, "I can assure you that he wouldn't try that ever again. " mawra assured Kalila while placing a hand on her shoulder,  she nodded then mawra sat down beside her.  "you got promotion? " mawra asked Kalila and she nodded with a smile, "you missed them don't you? " mawra asked Kalila and she nodded as a lone tear slipped her eyes, "it's okay they would be proud of you. " mawra said while rubbing her back and Kalila hugged her tight, "amma I want to live with them but I can't ,what did I do to deserve this amma? What did I do Amma?" Kalila asked mawra while hugging her tight, mawra just patted her back because she knew all she needed at that time was someone to hold onto. "it's okay sweetie, you did nothing wrong it is all the fault in the stars. " mawra comforted her while she kept on crying,  "everyday amma, everyday I just wake up to wonder until when will I keep running like this. " Kalila confessed sniffing and sobbing violently into mawra's embrace, "Sabr (patience)  Kalila sabr, Allah will one day give you all that you deserve. " mawra tried to comfort Kalila till the time she didn't feel asleep after crying for too long.
"ya Allah why do you give such a hard time to such a innocent girl, she did nothing wrong then why are you giving her so much pain? " mawra asked God as she saw Kalila sleeping peacefully , all she had seen in the past months was that Kalila would cry everyday at nights ,it ached her heart to see Kalila this way and she tried her best to get her to forget that but Kalila didn't wanted too let it all go.
*A month later*
"Kalila come here "mawra shouted from the outside and Kalila walked out of her room with a confused look on her face, "what happened amma? " Kalila asked as soon as she appeared from her room, "look who is here. " marwa chirped and Kalila looked up as she was finsih setting the dupatta of her suit, she came across a fairly handsome guy who looked to be in his late twenties,  he was what we call a handsome good looking man according to Indian terms,  well build and well maintained.  "Kalila this is Ali my son and Ali this is Kalila the girl I told you about ." mawra introduced the both and they both smiled at each other with a little awkwardness, "asalamoalikum. " Kalila said with a little nod of her head and Ali smiled back, "Walakumsalam. " he returned the greet with a small hint of blush on his face, "you guys talk I will be back with something for you both. " mawra said with a smile, they both gave her a look pleadingly for her to not leave but she wasn't ready to listen , as soon as mawra disappeared both of them exchanged a awkward smile and then went silent, "let's sit. " Kalila said slowly and Ali nodded in agreement then they both went into the living room and got settled there, "so you are here for holidays? " Kalila asked Ali trying to start up a conversation and to make the awkwardness between them vanish, "yeah it was diwali so we had two days of holidays and momma wanted me to visit since an year at last I had to agree. " Ali said to which Kalila nodded, "she talks a lot about you, like allu was like this and allu was like that, he used to be like that and.. " Kalila was ranting when Ali cut her off, "wait.. Wait.. You know my nickname? " Ali asked her with a Little blush on his cheek and Kalila nodded with a small smile, "ofcourse amma never stops telling about how much she loves her allu. " Kalila said with a big smile and a cute face,  "and she also can't stop ranting about her dear daughter Kali. " Ali said making Kalila chuckle, "seriously dude I get jealous at the fact that she loves you more than me. " Ali said with a little laugh and Kalila laughed too,  "really and I am jealous of you and why wouldn't you stay here with her I mean she is such a lovely lady. " Kalila said with a small pout on her face, Ali found her really cute. "momma was right." Ali said making Kalila turn towards him with confusion all over her face,  "you are cute just the way she said. " Ali said with a smile making Kalila blush, she chuckled and then muttered a thank you, "anyway you know what amma did a few days ago she... " Kalila changed the topic into something related to marwa , Ali and Kalila talked for like and by that Kalila knew that she had found a new friend.
"amma can I come in? " Kalila asked as she knocked the door to mawra's room,  "of course sweetie. " mawra answered with a chuckle,  as soon as Kalila entered the room she got her seat on marwa's bed, next to mawra. "amma why did you do that? " Kalila asked mawra directly as she laid her head in marwa's lap,  "what did I do? " mawra asked her trying to play dumb and Kalila looked up at her while narrowing her eyes, "you left me and Ali bhai (brother or bro.) alone for a reason right? " Kalila asked mawra with a smirk, "bhai?!, come on he isn't that old. " mawra said with a scowl making Kalila roll her eyes, "he is 28 and i am 23 so basically we have a five years difference that's the same between me and my elder brother. " Kalila logicated making mawra sigh, "and what about your parents what is the age difference between them? " mawra asked Kalila and she grinned, "one year. " Kalila said making mawra's mouth drop, "okay leave them you lived in a joint family so there might be age difference between... " mawra was saying but Kalila cut her off, "amma. I know what you are trying to comply but hear me, I don't want you to worry about finding me someone who will love me even after knowing my truth I don't need anyone to love me amma, all I need is  family love and friendship. " Kalila stated softly with a smile on her face, mawra just looked at her concerned with her eyebrows knitted in worry, "and you can't disagree on the fact that Ali bhai has also accepted me as his sister ." Kalila stated with a smirk, the look on mawra's face was priceless as she realized that she can't do anything about it. "so next time remember to not behave like my boss. He always does the same thing setting up dates for me. " Kalila with a frown making mawra chuckle, they both laughed a little and then mawra sighed, "okay I won't do that but you still need your brother agree to get married. " marwa said with a smile while pointing a finger at mawra, who nodded her head with a big smile, "oh you don't need to say that I am best at that. " Kalila said while waving her hand, "gosh I just want him to get married after all I want to see my grandchildrens before I die." mawra confessed and sighed while Kalila gave an evil smile to her, "well Ali bhai may or may not have spelled some beans. " Kalila said while playing with her hand, her face had a look of mischief which only made mawra more and more curious, "tell me. " mawra said but Kalila shook her head in a no with a big smirk, "not until you promise me to that you will make me something spicy. " Kalila conditioned while giving mawra a wink which only made mawra to roll her eyes, "gosh you behave like a pregnant woman all the times. " mawra commented to which Kalila just shrugged, "okay I will make you what ever you want now tell me what did he told you ." mawra agreed and Kalila smirked, "so maybe I had... " Kalila went on and on with the whole thing that Ali had told him. For now she surely had found her family.
*five months after the day Kalila reached manali. *
Kalila sat on her bed with her phone in her hand, her eyes glued to the screen while she scrolled down and down, there she was sitting with her phone in her hand in which was looking through her brother's instagram, first came her family photo with everyone else. Then came a picture of her's with both her brother on either side, they both stood pulling her cheeks and she stood in the middle, she remembered that it was a candid and was clicked while they both were showering there love on her.
#feeling blessed with them. #my Mottu #i will miss you. ❤❤
A tear slipped Kalila's eyes as she was still going through his instagram, then she opened the message box, she typed in a message and then hesistated before clicking on the sent button, she took in three deep breath and then clicked it. And a second later the message was sent.
Kalila : asalamoalikum arzu
Kalila texted her brother with the nickname she used to add on his name to make him angry, she sat there biting her nails as she waited for the message to be seen, a minute passed and there was no reply,  after ten minutes of waiting like that Kalila gave up and placed her phone on the night stand,  just then the phone dinged and Kalila leaped on the phone quickly looking at the screen to see the message notification.
Her brother : Arey moti (oh fatty.) 😅, Walakumsalam, how are you doing it has been days since we last met?
Kalila smiled as she saw her brothers message , it warmed her heart that her brother quickly recognized her.
Kalila : Alhamdulillah finally got a good job and a good landlady. How's everyone doing at your home?
Kalila texted her brother and waited for him to reply.
Her brother : Alhamdulillah, daddy's sugar is normal,  mom is taking good care of herself and afif is doing quite good In his studies too.
Her brother text made her smile ,her eyes got blurry with tears but she blinked them back,  "now is not the time to cry Kalila everything is finally okay. " Kalila said to herself with a smile . Then quickly typed another message.
Kalila : and what about you and your wife? 😏
Kalila chuckled at her own message as she knew her brother would be a little pissed at that question. Then a second later arrived her brothers message.
Her brother : I am doing extremely well and your bhabhi is also good and I have a good news too. We are gonna be parents and you would be an Aunty.
Kalila read the text and slapped her hand infront of her mouth in pure happiness, she started to jump at the news and quickly ran to mawra, "amma I am gonna be a Aunty,  my bhabhi is pregnant. " Kalila said with tears in her eyes and mawra smiled engulfing her into a hug, "I am happy to see you so excited ." mawra said while wiping Kalila's tears and patting her head, Kalila just nodded and then headed back to her room, "good night amma. " Kalila shouted on her way back to her room and kept typing.
Kalila : Ya Allah, that's such good news I am so happy for you guys. 😍😍 and i am sure bhabhi will be a great mother.
Kalila sent the message and then plopped down on her bed,  she sighed in content and closed her eyes after saying good night to her brother she tossed her phone on the night stand  , she laid on the bed with a smile on her face,  finally everything was okay, everything had finally started to work out in her favour. This time she feel asleep with a beautiful smile on her face after a long time, it was a night full of beautiful dreams and no fear.
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Bounded world
Chapter 5
smut ahead along with swearing this will be full of kinks and a good storyline.
Warning : rape, suicide, depression, manipulation, torture and many more things please read it at your own risk, murder , mention of death , harassment, forcing , illegal stuff, kidnapping, non-con. Nsfw
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4
"sir we have the call recording from that construction site workers phone. " James informed Loki while he stood in kolkata branch office , a twenty to thirty stores building with a view of the whole of howarah bridge, he stood with his hands on his back wearing a perfect black suit, anyone who would have seen him would never say that he can be a man who has so many dirty secret but only those who knew it had seen his true side, "keep it there and play the recording. " Loki said in his deep British accent, his tone so cold that you could get chills because of that, "okay sir. " James said and then connected the pen drive to loki's laptop then played the recording, "I will be outside Sir. " James said and then left.
"hello Kalila, where have you been these days? "
"daddy.. Daddy.. Daddy.. "
"come on you haven't talked to him for just like ten days. " Loki said with a frown hearing Kalila crying, "and might I say you even dare to ignore me for that. " Loki said with a wicked smirk . He sat down on his spinning chair and placed his hands on the desk together.
"what happened my baby ?,why are you crying?, everything is okay?, did your brother said something to you? Why are you crying bacha (child.) ? Did something happened who was that *###**##* who made you cry just tell me I will kill him.. "
"they are really alike, both father and daughter knows how to swear so well ." Loki stated with a chuckled while listening to her father.
"I am okay daddy, *sniffs* I just have something to tell you please don't worry about anything, everything is gonna be okay that's what I promise you. "
"lair how can you say that, living with me could never be just okay. " Loki said with a frown .
"actually daddy one year ago, you remember I told you that i had missed my exams because I was not well? "
Loki just smiled at the mention of that day it had been one of the best day in his memory.
"someone kidnapped me that day, and that someone turned out to be a famous business man named loki Odinson , I am sorry i couldn't have told you this before because he kept me as a hostage and i didn't wanted you guys to get involved in this. "
"ouch I am hurt why is there so much plainliness when she mentions my name? " loki asked himself, "and didn't kidnapped her I just kept her by my side. " Loki corrected it according what he believed anyone who would have heard this all would have thought that loki purely was going mad .
"I tried to contact the police, do every possible thing I could have to get out of his clucthes but it didn't worked daddy.. He always managed to get everyone turn a blind eye to what he was doing. "
"when you sent yara and afif here by surprise it helped me and i some how just managed to escape along with them, I am currently in a construction site , here is a uncle named max he has saved us from Loki's people and we are coming to India tomorrow all I want is for you to come to kolkata airport and get us. "
"seriously why do you have to help her max, if you wouldn't have oops, my bad that brown sugar thought she could get away with that. " loki said with a grin and placed his hand below his chin.
"that's all daddy. "
"so that's the reason she felt disgusted about daddy kinks. " Loki said to himself while nodding his head with an understanding look.
"why didn't the police do anything? "
"wow even her father is something. " loki said with a chuckle and then concentrated on the conversation .
"because he is not only a business tycoon but also the boss of the biggest mob ."
Loki banged his hand on the desk at those words, "when you know that why would you try running away?, when you that this could make you get in trouble why would even try that? " loki said his eyes full with anger.
"and how did he got involved with you? "
Loki's heart skipped a beat to hear what she had to say about this, what will she tell them about him.
"I don't know , he is like a madman he is obsessive over things, I never did anything that could get anyone's attention daddy trust me, *her voice cracks* I never would put you down and you know that . "
"brown sugar you never did something that would attract someone? " loki asked with a disbelieving chuckle , he was in full rage and was already getting angry at kalila, his hand was fisted in a tight fist so tight that his knuckles were turning pale. "lair you are such a lair, why didn't you tell them how I saw you?, what you did for me ?,and how I was attracted to your charm? " Loki asked no one as he was alone in the room, All these questions he wanted a answer of from Kalila who he would find at any cost.
"I am sorry Kalila you had to go through this, I am such a bad father I never knew what you were going through. "
"you don't need to be sorry daddy.. I love you daddy."
"how many times are you gonna say I love you to him, if you would have just said it once ..once to me, I would have got you whatever you wanted, but no All you wanted was to run away. " Loki said as his jaw clenched and relaxed, he was surely angry over Kalila to the extent he could do anything to get to her.
"daddy I need you guys do something will you please do that.. "
"of course my daughter. "
"I love you daddy... Okay what I need you to do is that when we get to kolkata, you need to bring a burkha of my size along with a two to three pairs of my clothes.."
"again" Loki said rolling his eyes and sighing. Then it striked him, "so you were the one I bumped into. " loki said realisation, he banged his hand so hard into the wooden desk that his knuckles started bleeding but he didn't cared at all about that at the moment.
"but you are about to come home right? "
"no.. I can't go home, if I go with you guys it will only bring our whole family in danger. "
"I understand my baby whatever you would do will be the best. "
"seriously you are the one to blame, if you would have taught your daughter to be a little tolerant she would be still with me and would have taken less time for me to get her to obey me. " Loki blamed Kalila's father for it all and shook his head.
"thank you daddy, you are the best daddy ."
"and you are the best daughter now tell me the whole plan. "
"okay so see, when I get to the airport here in London I will take a new phone with a new SIM to contact you guys and I am pretty sure by the time I reach kolkata Loki would know about me getting to India and surely he will come after me. so what you guys have to do is come and take yara along afif with you home, what I am gonna do is go to the Railway Station from the airport and then run away to Any other city. "
Even Loki was interested to know what was her plan, he was really impressed by her planing style since the start.
"but why Railway Station?, why not airport? "
"it's common daddy if he comes here, the first place he will be at would be the airport and even if I get a ticket before that and hide from him, he can check the CCTV footage of the airport and can know which cities flight I boarded. "
"my brown sugar is really quick witted. " Loki said and opened one of his drawer then pulled out his gun from the inside. "you knew I would be at the airport too so you changed your plan. " Loki said and chuckled while holding his gun firmly, "but seems like I will need some dead bodies this time. " loki said with a smirk .
"and as soon as i get to the Railway Station I will take tickets of all the trains that are supposed to go to any city in India or after buying those tickets I can just simply return back to home and even if he gets back these recording and hear's my plan , it will still be harmless for me and you all. "
Loki smirked hearing Kalila's plan, "so that's what you want we me to think that you are going home, okay then. " loki said with a smile and then pulled out his phone. "James come inside. " Loki said on his phone as soon as he heard the line connect and then hanged up, a moment later James appeared in front of him. "get me the information about all the trains that left kolkata in the last thirty minutes, get information of each city they went to and look around for Kalila in each city. " Loki ranted out and James just nodded in understanding, "and yeah look for the girl who bumped into me this morning, she was wearing a burgundy burkha and she wore sport, look into the security footage of the Railway Station I am pretty sure she went there. " Loki said with a little look of regret on his face but that didn't stay there for long, "and do it faster. " loki said and then waved James off, "just you wait brown sugar, you will be regretting it all from the start once I get you here I will..." he trailed off with a smirk.
"excuse me can I get a room for rent? " Kalila said as soon as the door opened to reveal an old lady mostly in her late sixty to starting seventies, she was like five feets along with her face all wrinkled she looked really old, "yeah for how many people and for how many days are you gonna stay? " the lady inquired, "well for a single person I am gonna stay here for maybe a year? " Kalila questioned her own self, she knew that she will have to run away from here too but she knew she had time for now so she wasn't scared at all, the lady looked at Kalila's face for a while and then smiled, even though Kalila's face held a small smile the lady knew immediately that she was sad, "come let's talk inside. " the lady said opening the door for Kalila to get in, they both made there way to a room that had a fire place along with two big comfy chairs near the fire place, the room looked an old fashioned house and seemed like it was just the lady who lived there, "do you live alone ?" Kalila asked the lady curiously as they both took seats, "yes sweetie my son is in Mumbai because of his work and my husband passed away when I was just twenty ." the lady said and Kalila felt bad for her, "I am so sorry. " Kalila said looking down at her hand to which the lady smiled, "you don't have to be, but should I tell you something interesting? " the lady asked and Kalila nodded her head shyly, "our parents weren't ready for our marriage so we ran away and the person my parents wanted to get me married with turned out to be his uncle ." the lady said laughing at those memories and Kalila laughed along with her, it had been a while since had last laughed and felt so homely, "what's your name sweetie? " the lady asked Kalila and she smile, "Kalila.. Kalila Afraz Malik. " Kalila said with a big smile, "Ahh I see, so your father's name might be Afraz Malik right? " the lady asked Kalila and she nodded, "my name is Mawra saikh. " the lady introduced herself with a smile and Kalila smiled back, "can I see your ID proof just for confirmation then I will show you the room. " the lady said and Kalila nodded, she quickly searched through her bag and then handed the lady her Id, "will we be making a legal contract? " she asked the mawra and she shook her head in a no , "it wouldn't be a good idea if you have ran away from somewhere. " mawra said making Kalila's mouth drop to the ground, "how did you.. How.. " Kalila couldn't process a perfect sentence making the lady laugh, "because I was once in your place but maybe the circumstances might be different because it seems you are running away alone. " the lady said with a smile and Kalila nodded as she was at a loss of words, "what would you like to eat? " the lady asked Kalila in a motherly manner, "Amma (mainly used by south Indians to adress there mother.) ,can I call you that ?" Kalila asked the lady and she nodded with a smile, "yes you can sweetie I always wanted a daughter ." Mawra said with a small chuckle, "come on let me show you your room. " the lady said and got up from her seat, Kalila nodded and then followed the lady to a room which was on the right to the room that they were sitting in, it was a good spacious room with a double bed and a small study table at a side along with the washroom at the most corner, the door was in a such a way that if you enter inside you will first see the bed at the corner with the night stand on it right side, the study table just next to the bed along with a window infront of the study table other than that there was two wardrobe made attached to the wall of the washroom, the washroom was in a square shape which made an alley as soon as you exited the washroom and as you set out of the bathroom you will end up facing the main door to the room, there was a full length mirror on the side too. In short it was a good room for a single person, "this was my sons room now that he doesn't stays here you can have this room. " mawra said making making Kalila look at her, "but.. How can I.. " Kalila started but Mawra interrupted her.
"you said you are my daughter so you you can't object. " mawra said making Kalila losse words and she just nodded.
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Bounded world
Chapter 4
smut ahead along with swearing this will be full of kinks and a good storyline.
Warning : rape, suicide, depression, manipulation, torture and many more things please read it at your own risk
Chapter 1, chapter 2 , chapter 3
"Kali Kali get up. " yara shook Kalila to wake her up, "what happened everything okay? " Kalila asked jumping and sitting straight as soon as she got out of sleep,  "we have landed , congratulations you are in India. " yara said with a big smile and Kalila smiled back, they all got up from there seats and moved out after everything was done, it was already seven to eight in the night by the time they reached out of the airport so, Kalila quickly called her father with the new phone she bought and went to them, as soon as she saw her father she ran to him and hugged him tight,  " I missed you so much. " her father said while laughing,  " I miss you the most. " Kalila said as her eyes shinned with tears, "Oyee moti (hey fatty.) " Kalila heard a voice and pepped to see her big brother standing at a distance from them watching them with his hands on his hips, her eyes went wide in happiness and she ran to him to give him a hug,  "I missed you bhaijaan. " Kalila said and started to cry,  "I missed you too shorty. " her brother replied with a chuckle, "have you been doing well?,  have daddy been taking his medicines regularly?,  have ammi been taking care if herself?, how's bhabhi?,  is she pregnant? " Kalila blurted out everything she had been meaning to say to them , her bhaijaan smacked her head as the last words left her mouth and his face turned red with embarrassment,  "have you got shameless staying out? " her bhaijann mocked making Kalila pout,  "and no there is no such good news. " her brother informed, Kalila chuckled and then shook her head. "I have a surprise for you though. " her brother whispered in her ear making her raise an eyebrow, he cleared his throat and then moved out of the way to show Kalila's mother , Kalila's eyes went wide and her mouth feel agape on seeing her mother,  tears trickled down her eyes as her mother came and gave her a hug , "have you been eating well? " her mother asked and she just nodded her head in a yes,  "what.. *sniffs* ..about you? " Kalila asked ,her mother smiled at her, "you have group up so much." her mother commented as even her eyes started to get watery, " I missed you so much. " Kalila said to her mother as she patted her back,  "everything is gonna be okay darling we got you. " her mother comforted her and she nodded with a smile, "but why did you came ammi? " Kalila asked her mother concerned, "because I wanted to meet you. " her mother answered plainly making Kalila chuckle, just then her phone rang grabbing her attention, she looked at the number for a minute,  "who is it?,  you know that number? " her bhaijaan asked while placing a hand on her shoulder and she nodded,  "it's.. Loki. " Kalila said looking at the phone blankly,  "give me the phone I will talk to that as.. " her bhaijaan stopped midway as he noticed that he was surrounded by his family, "you shouldn't pick it up. He can track us down by talking. " her father said and she nodded,  "okay then what are  we waiting for let's go home. " afif said with a pout and they all chuckled,  "yeah you guys should get going so that I can also leave. " Kalila said making both afif and yara look at her with confusion written all over there faces, "what is that supposed to mean appi? " afif asked her to which Kalila didn't said a single word and forwarded towards him to give him a hug,  " I will miss you guys a lot take care." Kalila said with her eyes filled with tears again, she felt that she wasn't herself anymore it was all a do or die situation for her now. "no no...please don't tell me that you are not coming with us appi, please don't do this to us. " afif begged grabbing his sister tight,  she patted his back while clucthing his shirt tight with her other hand,  "hey look at me afu, you are big guy right?,  it's gonna be okay trust me just think that I am living abroad like I used to and it will be totally fine and if that doesn't works think that you had only a big brother no sister okay? " Kalila comforted afif while cupping his face in her hand and caressing his cheeks with her fingers, he just shook his head
in a no while grabbing the hem of her hoodie tightly,  "you always say appi trust me but it always ends up bad last time you said me to trust we were caught cooking instant noodles at night,but that is what keeps reminded that I have a sister whom I love so much that I can't live thinking that I don't have one so please don't say that appi please don't I have a sister and that's you, please don't leave me. " her brother begged while everyone cried, "I can't go home afu because I have clearly stated in the phone call with daddy that I will go home,  so the first place he will search me is our home the best thing is that he wouldn't attack directly but would wait till he sees any chances that I am home then only he will get you guys. " Kalila explained to her brother and then turned to her father, "you are the best father in the world. " Kalila commented while hugging her father tight, her father who was the strongest person in them all was reduced to tears and was crying violently , "bhaijaan take care of them , I will text you if I think that it's safe to do and take care of everything else too. " Kalila instructed her big brother while she gave her mother and father a final hug,  "you guys got what I asked you for? " Kalila asked her father and he nodded handing her a bag , "take care. " her father said and she nodded, "I don't want you all getting dragged in this so take care lovelies. " Kalila said to yara and gave her a hug,  "we will always be best sisters? " yara asked Kalila and she nodded with a chuckle, "ammi daddy I don't know what will give you guys comfort but all I can say is that no matter where I stay if it is away from that guy I will always be happy, if it's to hard for you guys to live with the idea of what happened just think that I am living abroad or you have already gave me my final farewell after wedding or if even that doesn't works just think that all I was in your memories, it was all a delusion that you even had a daughter. " Kalila stated while her parents shook there heads in a no, she wiped both of there tears and then smiled at them, "I am sorry because of me you guys will and have already went through so much. " Kalila whispered to then both and then kissed both of there cheeks, they both kissed her forehead and then she waved then all off as they all left to go to Ranchi, Kalila's home town which she wouldn't be able to visit every again,  she kept on waving at them with a smile till the time there car wasn't turned into a tiny match box in Kalila's view, as soon as they disappeared Kalila broke down there and at that exact moment,  she dropped down to her knees and started to cry violently.  Just then her phone rang, she quickly wiped off her tears and got back to her feets as she noticed that people were giving her looks,  she without even thinking picked up the call and connected her phone to her ears. "hell.. "
"did you missed me brown sugar ? " the voice that sounded from the other side of the phone made Kalila get goosebumps, she stiffened on hearing his voice,  "Ahh seems like you lost your voice. " Loki said and laughed making Kalila flinch,  "you didn't do a good job by running away to kolkata do you think it will take time for me to reach you, oh let me guess you are again thinking of running away from there aren't you?,  *laughs* no matter where you run to my brown sugar I will get you back to me, because you are mi... " Kalila quickly hanged up and then got her sim card out,  she broke the sim card into two pieces and then tossed it into the air, "I am done with these shits ." she whispered to herself and then headed to the washroom Inisde the airport see quickly changed her clothes and wore the burgundy nakab that she had asked her father to get, she did a little makeup so that nothing looked off , when she was searching through the bag that her father gave her she found that he had put some money along with a small Note , ' I think you will need this so I got you some four to five lakh. -Love you daddy ' , she transferred the money into her bag and then looked at the note again , she gave the note a look after that pushed it inside her bag and then moved out of the airport, she quickly made her way out of the airport only to bump into someone and fall back. "I am really sorry madam. " the guy who Kalila bumped into apologized as she quickly got back on her feet, "it's fine. " she said in a voice shriller than her orginial voice,  "you are sure about that? " the guy said looking deep into her honey brown eyes with his bluish green ones, "do I know you? " the guy asked her and she shook her head in a no, "ofcourse not." she said in a shriller voice and then started moving, "sorry for that. " he apologized as Kalila moved away she waved her hand , she quickly got to the taxi stand and asked the taxi driver to take her to the Railway Station, once she had got settled inside the taxi she pulled off her veil from her face taking in a breath off relief, "ya Allah thanks from saving me from again falling into that hell. " Kalila thanked God while remembering what just happened,  'do I know you?' , she had just bumped into Loki and thanks to the burkha that saved her, she sighed in content and then spent the whole journey to the Railway Station looking out of the window, when she reached the station she took the ticket of all the trains that were about to leave in the next thirty minutes to each city respectively, after that she sat in one of the trains which was supposed to be going to manali . Once inside the train she sat back with a relived look,  finally she got the freedom she Had been looking for all this time.
Flash back starts
Kalila sighed, "daddy I need you guys do something will you please do that.. " Kalila requested to her father with tears in her eyes,
"of course my daughter. " her father said with a small laugh to lighten the mood, "I love you daddy... Okay what I need you to do is that when we get to kolkata, you need to bring a burkha of my size along with a two to three pairs of my clothes.." Kalila instructed with a dead serious face, "but you are about to come home right? " her father asked her making her stiffen and there was silence for a few moments, "no.. I can't go home, if I go with you guys it will only bring our whole family in danger. " Kalila stated as a lone tear slipped her eyes, she sniffed and then sighed, "I understand my baby whatever you would do will be the best. " her father supported her decision while he already had tears running down his face, "thank you daddy,  you are the best daddy ." Kalila said with a sad smile and her father smiled while wiping his tears, "and you are the best daughter now tell me the whole plan. " her father stated , "okay so see, when I get to the airport here in London I will take a new phone with a new SIM to contact you guys and I am pretty sure by the time I reach kolkata Loki would know about me getting to India and surely he will come after me. so what you guys have to do is come and take yara along afif with you home, what I am gonna do is go to the Railway Station from the airport and then run away to Any other city. " Kalila stated, "but why Railway Station?,  why not airport? " her father asked her to which Kalila smiled, "it's common daddy if he comes here, the first place he will be at would be the airport and even if I get a ticket before that and hide from him, he can check the CCTV footage of the airport and can know which cities flight I boarded. " Kalila explained to which her father mouthed an oh, "and as soon as i get to the Railway Station I will take tickets of all the trains that are supposed to go to any city in India or after buying those tickets I can just simply return back to home and even if he gets back these recording and hear's my plan , it will still be harmless for me and you all. " Kalila stated the obvious making her father smile with proud, "you are extremely smart my daughter. " Kalila's father confessed with pride making Kalila smile, she never thought that now after what all had happened she could have been able to hear those words  and then they hanged up after a little more while.
Flashback ends.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddelston by Spencer Murphy.
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