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#obey me hc
honeyobey · an hour ago
I'm sorry for being out for so long time, but things are really a big mess on my country right now, the president didn't buy any vaccine, everything is stopped, it's all a big mess and I've been worrying about prices of food a lot. Sorry I just vanished without an warning, but I promise I will be back as soon as possible, it's been hard but we can't stop.
Thank y'all for the attention.
— Aile.
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omkookie · 6 hours ago
(for the interaction) Hey Asmo, happy birthday!!!! I really love you and I'm really happy I get to spend your birthday with you! 💌💌💌
”Thank you, thank you! I love you loots too! I'm very happy I was able to spend my special day with you too! Hope we spend it together again next year as well!“
Tumblr media
✑ Asmo Day
✑ Asmo Day Scenario
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omkookie · 6 hours ago
◈◈✮Happy After Asmo Day!✮◈◈
I haven't funished the birthday event yet,,, (人""*´∀`)。*
Sorry for any spelling/writing mistakes.
This is completely ridiculous and unbelievable! Right when he was going to go to bed! Curse Mammon and his stupidity!!! Asmo silently cursed to himself while stomping with his four tiny hooves, Asmo was turned into a tiny sheep... and so were the rest of his brothers and MC. Because of some sort of drink that Mammon had gotten thinking it would fit Asmo's party aesthetic. Well... It did actually. The bottle with a pretty bow tied to it and purple/pink-like liquid inside certainly did fit the aesthetic of the party.
Asmo still looked absolutely gorgeous even as a sheep though, no matter how bad he tried to pose in front of the mirror he looked absolutely fabulous and really fluffy. It's so frustrating that he has no sheep outfits that would fit him right now, He looks so cute like this! He might even forgive Mammon.
Asmo's posing in front of the mirror session ended when he heard a knock on the door of his room. ”Who could it be?“ Asmo thought, "One minute!" Asmo then yelled, He walked over to the door and struggled with opening it for a bit but eventually succeeded. When he door finally opened it revealed MC
"MC!" Asmo said cheerfully, smiling at the other tiny sheep in front of him with (insert color) wool, they looked so cute too! Aw maaan! The things he would do just to get a sheep fashion show right now...
"Asmo, come on, I have a surprise for you" MC said happily as they nudged Asmo out of his room "A surprise?" Asmo asked and MC nodded, "Ooh, What is it?" Asmo questioned with sparkles in his eyes "If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise, so you have to come and see" MC responded "Alright! Lead the wayy~" Asmo happily sang
MC lead Asmo outside of the house of lamentation, to the backyard and into the secret garden which Lucifer allowed them acess to, the path was illuminated by the light of all the small lanterns around it. "This place is so pretty, how come Lucifer didn't tell me about it?" Asmo pouted
MC lead Asmo further into the garden, there was a picnic blanket with a bowl of small snacks set on it and a basket which probably contained more snacks, The spot was surrounded by tiny fairies which gave off light and made the spot look like it was straight out of a fairytale, The flowers surrounding the spot and the small lake in front looked really beautiful
The small sheep slightly gasped at the view as he sat down on the blanket and admired it more
"Ahem." MC said clearing their voice.
"I know that right now we're sheeps, and I know that this might not be to your liking right now but here's my special gift for you and I hope you like it" MC brought Asmo a box which kept on slipping out of their hooves. "This is the real special gift that I wanted to give you" they said
Asmo pushed the lid of the box off and looked at the cute ornament that was inside, it was a cute magical sphere that had a tiny little him in it, it looked like one of those deformed characters that Levi called a "chibi" and there was one of MC too, When Asmo shakes the sphere there would appear something like a different scene, one where MC was hugging him, Another one where he was alone with shopping bags, and another where he was celebrating with all of his brothers
"This is so cute!" Asmo said, turning the sphere with his tiny hooves and shaking it, however... "What's this?" Asmo asked when he turned the sphere upside down, there was a really tiny package taped onto it. Despite heavily struggling to take the tape off and open the package Asmo succeeded to, There was a medallion with a scorpion engraved in it and a gem in the middle that had the same color as his eyes.
"How did you know I want this?!" Asmo asked staring at MC. He looked really happy and like he was about to attack them with kisses any second now "I've seen you look at i—" MC replied but was cut off when Asmo did jump on top of them and started kissing allover their sheep face "Thank you thank you thank you!" Asmo kept on saying while leaving kisses on MC's face. "I've wanted this for a while and really is the best birthday gift... But having you is an even better gift!"
"Asmo— get off, I'll suffocate—"
In the distance there were six fuming sheep staring at the two lovebirds— lovesheep Infront of them. "How cheesy and annoying" Levi scoffed "I can't believe I helped set this up!" Mammon whined "Asmo deserves a good beating tommorow for kissing MC this much" Belphegor said "He could use one" Satan agreed with a dark smile plastered on his face "Guh! Beel stop trying to go there, you're not allowed to eat their snacks!" Lucifer growled while holding down the orange sheep. "I'm hungry"
"Gross and cringy normies..."
#obey me sheeps
→ More for Asmo day ←
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omkookie · 7 hours ago
✑ Go on anonymous and give me some asks for AsmoDay!❤️
✑ Scenarios
✑ Headcanons
✑ Interactions
✑ Mini Game! (Random)
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asmo-ds · a day ago
Tumblr media
MC’s parents come to dinner but one of them is a sheep
idea credit goes to: @seerachii-art !!!
- The night started out a little hectic, but no more than it usually is in the house of Lamentation
-Everybody was cleaning the house and making meals and trying to ensure MC’s parents would have a good time at dinner.
- Everyone asked lots of questions about MC’s parents to prepare conversation topics, and MC didn’t have the heart to tell them
- MC wished they had asked if they were the child of a human or a sheep, it would have made their discovery a lot better
- But since MC never mentioned it they all sat awkwardly an hour later, the loudest sounds being Beel and the sheep that was supposedly MC’s mom chewing on their respective meals.
- MC’s dad tried to keep the conversation away from the topic of MC’s mom, but he knew he’d have to address it eventually.
- Though after a bit the brothers realized they shouldn’t be surprised seeing as MC is a half sheep half human 
- They tried to avoid eye contact with the sheep and kept conversation with MC’s dad most of the time
- MC noticed their mom was a bit saddened by the fact they ignored her ‘baaa’ing and her other noises
- She wanted to have a conversation but none of them could understand sheep, so MC started talking with their mother.
- Eventually they learned that Belphie knew how to speak sheep because he used to sleep on them a lot and conversed as he drifted off, so he talked with them 
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omkookie · a day ago
Lucifer : Here you go, I believe you can take Cerberus for a walk. *hands dog leash to MC*
MC : eeh...
Cerberus who's over two meters tall : *glares down at MC*
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soft-om · a day ago
Hello! I have read quite a few of your headcanons for Obey me and I must say, I am in love! Anyways, today I was walking home and some cats started to randomly follow me, so I talked to them for a bit.... And I got a thought. How would the obey me brothers and undatables react to an MC whom cats just love? Like the cats follow the MC around like a little army and the brothers have trouble keeping the cats out of the house. The MC even calls the cats their children. I just thought it would be a fun idea ^^
this is definitely a fun idea and as a cat lover myself, I really enjoyed thinking about it!
demon bros & dateables + an MC loved by cats
☆ Lucifer:
- he gave up long ago
- he didn't mind that you seemed to attract cats to you, especially since you looked so happy surrounded by them
- but that was before he knew what it was like to walk into any room in the house of lamentations just to find a cat sleeping no matter if you're also in the room or not
- now he just accepts that the house belongs to the cats, because no way would he risk making you sad by kicking them out
- (though secretly he kind of enjoys having them around because they sometimes sleep on his lap while he does paperwork)
☆ Mammon:
- honestly Mammon used to get pretty annoyed that you always seemed to have cats around you
- but his reasoning was mostly that you liked to give the cats more attention than you gave him
- you're his human after all!
- but all it took was a few head pats for him to join the ranks in following you around
- none of the other brothers dared to point out loud enough for him to hear just how easily he had been tamed by you
☆ Levi:
- Levi definitely thinks it's pretty cute seeing you with an army of cats
- but you'll never hear him say that
- he'll sneak videos to post online every once in a while, but mostly he'll just quietly watch you with a smile
- this might seem like unusual behavior for Levi who normally gets flustered by everything, but something about seeing you surrounded by happy, purring cats is soothing to him
- he also doesn't mind gaming with cats curled up around him and you sitting nearby
☆ Satan:
- you are Satan's new best friend
- he knows that if he spends time with you, cats will most likely be nearby so he can also spend time with cats
- it's probably best if you just view Satan as another cat hanging around you
- but you do have to admit, it's pretty fun playing with the cats with Satan
- plus, he's the brother who's most willing to allow the cats in his room, so the two of you often sneak them inside to play and cuddle
☆ Asmo:
- Asmo loves posting pictures to his Devilgram of you being followed by or playing with the cats
- his brothers tease him that he just doing it for likes and follows
- but he claims that he just has to share your cuteness with the whole Devildom
- at one point in time, he tried begging you to let him make a whole account just to showcase you surrounded by cats
- he somehow even got Mammon and Levi on his side before you finally got them all to give it up
☆ Beel:
- big teddy bear meets small fluffy cats
- the adorable combo is too much for anyone in the vicinity, be they human or demon
- if anyone in the house of lamentations or even purgatory hall need any cheering up, they just put you and Beel together and wait for the cats to show up
- Beel, of course, adores the cats and loves hanging out with them, especially since it means he can spend time with you too
- he especially loves feeding them treats, but maybe watch to make sure he doesn't eat the treats that are supposed to be only for cats
☆ Belphie:
- at first Belphie would get upset that cats always found you because come on MC, they're getting cat hair all over my pillow!
- but then he woke up from a nap to find a cat curled up next to him
- the softness, the warmth, the gentle purring - he never knew what taking a nap with a cat could be like!
- so then he started seeking you out to take a nap nearby you hoping that a cat would choose to nap with him
- better yet, if he could convince you to nap with him, then he knew the two of you would wake up with a whole swarm of cats curled up on and around you
❃ Diavolo:
- Diavolo is absolutely thrilled by cats' reactions to you
- tbh there are times where you feel like he's using you as entertainment as he watches you lead your cat army
- but he'll also join in sometimes and cats like him a surprising amount too
- and by now you're used to the odd looks from passing demons as you and the demon lord sit surrounded by cats
- the best part of all is that Diavolo will do his best to convince Lucifer to let you keep a cat or two or more at the house of lamentations since they like you so much
❃ Barbatos:
- Barbatos enjoys helping you take care of the cats
- with Diavolo's permission, he'll go out with you to buy food and treats for them
- the two of you set out bowls of food and water at RAD and the house of lamentations with him in charge of monitoring the ones at RAD
- whenever you're busy, he'll take some time to play with the cats
- it's not a rare sight to see you sitting and doing homework while Barbatos is nearby with a feather cat toy much to everyone's amusement
❃ Solomon:
- Solomon likes playful cats
- ngl you might actually have to watch to make sure he doesn't try to practice any magic on the cats
- otherwise, he especially likes to use laser toys to play with the cats
- you wish it wasn't because he likes tormenting them, but as long as the cats seem to be having fun you let it pass
- in fact, the cats seem to really like him despite the fact that he loves to tease them
- in all honesty, you're pretty sure on the inside Solomon actually really likes the cats too but you probably shouldn't say that to him
❃ Simeon:
- Simeon loves the fact that cats follow you around
- he also loves helping you take care of your so-called "children"
- you're not really sure when it started, but after a while, Simeon would just pull treats out of his pockets for the cats whenever he saw you 
- the brothers liked to tease the two of you by saying you're the parents of the cats since you already called them your children
- even Luke liked to join in on the fun by calling the cats his siblings
❃ Luke:
- did you know you can bake homemade cat treats?
- Luke certainly does and his love for baking means he has definitely tried it
- even though he gets teased for being a chihuahua feeding treats to cats, that doesn't stop him
- he loves seeing the cats eagerly eating up his latest creation for them
- and at this point, you know to wait after class for him since almost every day he'll have some more treats that he wants to give to them
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samisamlollipop · a day ago
Obey me mc headcanon: accidental gender swap
Solomon had the mc trio try a potion, they didn't know what it was till they tried it, now their gender swapped
Chae-Yong Serafino
Tumblr media
- is ready to fight her boyfriend, but Sua held her back while Iosefa cried
- honestly hates being a girl
- Asmo saw her and began spoiling her
- Chae-Yong had constant headaches from Asmo spoiling her and Solomons laughter
- "why am I dating you two-?"
- once the potion wore off he definitely threw hands with Solomon, Asmo just filmed the fight for devilgram
Sua Huang
Tumblr media
- *sighs*
- while Chae-Yong was living her biggest nightmare, she went to Lucifer to tell him about this
- he was not happy so Solomon better hide
- Sua just vibes with Lucifer till the potion wears off
- after he was Shen again he hanged Solomon from the roof himself (Lucifer was proud)
Iosefa Tua
Tumblr media
- "Oh I look like my cousin James-"
- Even though he looks big and tough, he's still sensitive and overall baby
- cried when Chae-Yong tried to kill Solomon
- told Simeon what happened, poor angel was shocked to see his lamb like this but still loved him
- when it wore off Sefina was happy to be back to her small self
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designatedbreadbox · a day ago
Lucifer + Serial Killer!MC
it was already a mistake when diavolo let him pick the human, but why did he wait to see your grotesque profession until now?
when you just arrived?
The 'safety' of the devildom is top priority, so a serial killer such as yourself will have to the leave the premises.
it's ironic, since the devildom houses demons who's crimes range from the most humble to the most atrocious.
ironic indeed.
he took second-hand pride in the fact that you, a renowned anonymous serial killer was in his midst and that he got to be near you.
lucifer is feared for a reason as a top-ranking demon, so he's a little glad someone can try to match his ruthlessness.
contrarily, that means another headache ontop of the other existing nine ones. Ten if you count Simeon sometimes.
he keeps your..... occupation under wraps the same way he did with Belphie.
^ not brought up and silenced accordingly.
his brothers can barely handle a simple mishap in their ever day lives, he highly doubts they can handle a serial killer.
he will keep try to keep an eye on you at every hour of the day. he can be outsmarted and outplayed, of course. how else did you get so far into your self-managed career without being caught, especially dodging suspicion?
fair warning to lucifer, if he tries anything against you, you can always counter him. Always. whether you're physically stronger than him in human form or smarter, there's always a way.
if you're ever itching to kill for whatever reason, no need to worry. tons of demons get killed for stupid reasons just like humans do; only difference is that one group has talons and claws.
they wouldn't suspect if someone at school went missing, right? you know the best places to hide a body by heart and getting the smell of a dead person off you is as easy as blinking.
little did lucifer know, you were already cropping to see your next target. the succubus in the corner, one of the members of the fungol team, a cheerleader, a club leader, a demon in a bar...... do many new options, and having an angel on the list sounds eerily tempting......
after all, you know the human body better than most, possibly better than the world's top doctors and surgeons, so every viable weak spot, external or internal, is within memory.
lucifer can't keep an eye on you the whole year, all year round. it's not hard to create a distraction that'll a few hours to fix, kill, and come back to clean up.
of course, he was aware of what you were trying to do, so only a few attempts managed to be successful.
there's a new menace in town, and lucifer needs to watch out.
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static-sock · a day ago
A MC who gives the brothers surprise gifts on their birthdays on random occasions
He thinks it's endearing
He also makes sure you never do it in public
He will, however, allow you to surprise him with gifts in front of his brothers. It fills him with pride that you thought of him instead of anyone else
As you give more and more gifts, you begin figure out what he likes the most
Little things are what he likes the most. Things he can look at while he works in his study, or keep in his pocket while he's out
New pens, mugs, stationary, etc
Wouldn't want you to spend too much on anything, as he wants to be the one to really spoil you
Will not accept anything gaudy or flashy, no bright colors, he can't have anyone know he's soft for you and the things you give him
He likes homemade stuff too, like art and such
He loves it, and flaunts whatever you get him
Will brag about it CONSTANTLY
100% give it to him in front of other people, they have to know you chose him somehow!
Will pull his usual tsundere act at first, but you always notice he keeps most of them on his little treasure shelf
He's like a crow, he likes shiny things no matter how expensive
I personally HC bc of his greed, he has the tendency to collect things like crows do
Like, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a button or rock collection
So honestly? Your gifts could consist of things you literally found on the ground
Find a cool rock? He loves it. He keeps it forever.
Basically, anything shiny or anything that fits into his weird collections
Also accepts kisses as gifts
He will die
like, my mans goes on a rant EVERY TIME you give him a gift about how excited he is to receive the gift, but it turns into how he doesn't deserve it
Anime and video game merch will send him over the moon
Has a special place for the merch you gift him, hidden away where Mammon can't steal it
Will also religiously clean them and make sure they're all still there (and real, and that it isn't a dream)
You could get him something from ANY anime, even if you don't know what it is and you just saw anime merch at the store, he'd love you for it
Will also find it hard to talk to you after one of your surprise gifts because he just gets so flustered
Much like Lucifer, he would prefer receiving your gifts in private
Except when it's in front of his brothers, especially Lucifer
Books and cat-based items
Cat figurines, plushes, books on cats, pictures of cats
He'll gladly accept any book you gift him as well, even if he already has a copy
Will be over the moon if you buy human-world books because it means you were thinking about him and what he'd enjoy
Will also accept sweaters. He will wear them mostly in the privacy of his own room, or when he's alone with you
Can't let anyone find out he's gone soft
Will get even angrier than usual if any of his brothers go near a gift you've given him
Will 100% accept any and all gifts, and will flaunt them and rub it in people's faces
Absolutely loves getting clothes, makeup and other pretty things
You could give him a flower you thought was pretty and he'd be over the fucking moon
Will absolutely spoil you every time you surprise him
Will also surprise you with gifts constantly
Anything pink will make him happy as well
He adores that you see things and think of him
It means he's always in your mind, which is exactly how it should be
Will go on and on about how cute you are to make his brothers jealous
Also ADORES homemade gifts, and would die upon getting something so special
Also likes pretty rocks ngl
He thinks you're adorable
Will take anything and everything you gift him
New pens? Yes. Clothes you think he'd like? Absolutely. ROCKS???? OH YEAH BABY
Idk why I feel like several of the brothers like collecting things like rocks
If you give him food, he'll love you forever
He returns the favor by taking you out on food dates
Also collects rocks to give to you
He has it in his mind that you like rocks now
He's an easy gift giver because he loves and accepts everything you give him
Will perish because you're always so cute and excited when you have something for him
He also thinks it's cute
And he also prefers the little things
Absolutely loves when you give him something in front of his brothers, because he likes that he's your favorite
Likes when you give him comfy things for sleep
New jammies? Loves it
New pillows and stuffed animals? Great for keeping warm and being surrounded by soft things
If you give him big warm blankets, he will die happy
Also is relived that you like him enough to give him gifts, especially since he hasn't had the same amount of time with you as his brothers
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x4gay · a day ago
What each Obey me boy fyp looks like
Special thanks for to my friends @eveningstar1516, @beelsbathsalt , and @xlxxifer for these ideas. Check them out
First of all this mf would deny that he even has a Tik Tok
He normally receives random animal TT from Diavolo, he won’t like them but he adds them to his favorites
This mf is on KinkTok.
He’s also on Parenting Tik Tok
Probably would follow aesthetic pages
LITERALLY CARTEL TIK TOK but the one where it’s just that one dude saying random ingredients are drugs.
How to videos
Literally every other video on his fyp is Lady Dimitrescu from resident evil
He’s probably on sugar baby tik tok too
Probably has hella puns saved
Gaming tik tok
He wouldn’t admit having tik tok, it’s for normies
How to troll cod lobbies
He likes around 100 tik toks a day
Is addicted but refuse to share with anyone
He kind of wishes he could send MC these TikToks
probably follows a lot of ponyo related things /ij
Book recommendations
Hella cat videos
Is on actual cartel tik tok
He finds himself scrolling for hours on Tik Tok, humans are just too interesting.
He spams MC with daily cat videos
He gets some of his pranks on tik tok
Asmr tik tok
Astrology tik tok
Likes any romantic/sexual things he sees
He probably post tik toks there
Can sing any thirst trap song from tik tok
Literally obsessed with tik toks
Fights with 12 year old in comments for fun
Food tok
Tries to eat his DDD every food video
Spams the group chat with food videos “we should make this”
Has parkour videos in his favorites
Sends Belphie a lot of tik toks
Always sends MC “you must be really important to have this sent to you”
Literally post a few videos about working out.
Himbo tik tok
Space tik tok
Cow cow cow cow cow
Would have “what would it feel like to die in certain situations” videos playing on repeat
Dark humor videos
Obsessed with monster energy videos
Crack videos
On prison tik tok for some reason
Quotes Tiktoks all the time
Dad tik tok
Duck tik tok
Barbatos doesn’t like Dia being on his DDD for long so he has a screentime of 2-3 hours
Lives vicariously on tik tok
Sends a lot of memes to the group chat
Hella dad jokes
Probably spams Lucifer with tik toks when he can
Tries DIYs from there
He’s also on harry potter tik tok
Has those videos of people who think they have god complexs on his fyp
Probably a lot of ipad kid videos
Milf/Dilf tik tok
Cursed tik tok
Probably GTA compilations or something
Definitely sends these videos to simeon
Cocomelon tiktok for some reason not bc of luke
Gets cooking ideas from there but he only bases the recipe off photos
Only got the app because Diavolo
Enjoys watching cooking videos
definitely is on cleaning tik tok
He watches a lot of videos based around
Solomon sends him rat videos meanwhile Barbatos sends him videos of the ocean
He doesn’t do much on the app but enjoys when luke sends him cooking videos
Sends Luke cooking inspo
He also sends Diavolo pickle videos to get him off tik tok
Sends the purgatory hall gc tik toks all the time
obsessed with roblox dramas
Cooking videos are his favorite
He has cute chihuahua videos saved
He sends Simeon roblox drama videos so Simeon know the tea
Probably has minecraft videos saved too
He sends barbatos a lot of tik toks based around cooking asking can they make them
He’s probably on all different sides of Tik tok
His favorite is horror but he keeps that as far away from Luke as possible
He pays attention to roblox drama videos and sends the new parts to Luke
He doesn’t really get it but he’s supportive about it
He sends everyone TikToks that reminds him of them
He gets lost for hours on home decor and home construction
He also loves looking at food tik tok
Tumblr media
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omkookie · a day ago
MC : *holds up soap with a bite taken out of it*
MC : Well? Who did it?
Luke : Cerberus?—
MC : Beel, was it you?
Beel : It was, I'm sorry.
Luke : Why would you take a bite out of soap?! *shocked chihuahua face*
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omkookie · a day ago
MC : *Falls on top of Satan while teleporting* Satan... I'm sorry I fell for you again,,
Satan : You sure do love me since you always fall for me
MC : yep!
Satan : this is the sixth time in two days
MC : I just fall for you a lot *wink wink*
Satan : Your teleportation is terrible... *Chuckles*
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omkookie · 2 days ago
What if MC turned into a frog thou, would Lucifer kiss it? I'm curious 😂
Lucifer : . . .
MC : 🐸
Lucifer : Are you absolutely sure that If I kiss MC right now they will turn into a human again? *Furrows eyebrows*
Levi : Yep!!! Absolutely! It almost always works in the animes, I'd say 70% of the time
Lucifer : That doesn't sound convincing.
Levi : A true loves kiss will break the spell, or—
Lucifer : No way, Beel here you go. *accidentally hands it to Diavolo thinking he was Beel*
Diavolo : . . .
Diavolo : *kisses the frog* I love you very much, please turn back to normal
MC : *poof, turns into human*
Diavolo : *smiles at them*
Lucifer :
Levi :
Levi : See?! i told you! Look who's the real man, lord Diavolo loved MC enough to give them a kiss!— wait a minute—?!
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Demon bros as shit my grandmothers weird ass cat does
Lucifer: Never purrs for anybody EVER but still shows mild affection to certain people
Mammon: Constantly stealing socks and thongs ONLY SOCKS AND THONGS. Hides his stash in the basement
Leviathan: Slap the absolute shit outta the other cat for using his litter box as the other cat uses it
Satan: Growl and sideway charge at the cable person. No hissing only growl
Asmodeus: Hump grandmas leg despite being neutered
Beelzebub: Will shred the package and devour the FUCK outta a honeybun if left unattended with it
Belphegor: Only sleeps in a box half his size
MC: Fuck around find out attitude
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soft-om · 2 days ago
Disney movie night with the brothers please—? ❤️❤️❤️
group activities always get a little chaotic haha
demon bros + disney movie night w/ MC
☆ Lucifer:
- he claims he agreed to this movie night only because the rest of the brothers seemed to want it so bad
- but then he'll get invested pretty quickly
- he keeps having to shush the other brothers so that he can tell what's going on
- threatens to kick anyone out of the room who won't just sit quietly and watch the movie
- almost turned into his demon form when everyone responded with a chorus of "yes mom"
☆ Mammon:
- gets upset when Lucifer makes him attend
- but everyone knows that as long as you attend, there's no way Mammon wouldn't also be there
- pulls out his DDD and grumbles about having to watch a dumb kids movie
- but then by the end, he'll be one of the loudest brothers (behind Levi) cheering for the main character
- he'll also make note of which ones you say are your favorites and watch those a little more closely
☆ Levi:
- Levi probably knows enough about human world culture to know disney movies
- therefore he will most definitely choose movies he can sing along to with you
- the other brothers want to be annoyed, but they get to also hear you sing so they don't get too mad at Levi
- he is also the most excited of the bunch to watch disney movies together and literally will not sit still
- needs constant reminders not to spoil anything for the rest of the brothers
☆ Satan:
- Satan has seen a few disney movies before and likes to watch them as a reference for the human world
- he especially likes to see how the human world portrays things like magic and demons
- he'll just silently sit and soak in the whole movie (though every once in a while he’ll start mumbling to himself)
- he doesn't even complain if the others are too loud which is a huge shock considering normally he'll get upset at his brothers for the littlest things
- honestly his focus is admirable considering how rambunctious his brothers can be
☆ Asmo:
- Asmo is the least likely to actually watch the movie
- if anything, he'll just give a commentary on the characters, costumes, settings, etc
- mostly he just spends the time trying to cuddle up to you while everyone else is distracted by the movie
- it rarely works
- instead he becomes one of the biggest contributors to the background noise as he gets reprimanded by every single one of his brothers
☆ Beel:
- Beel often gets asked to sit furthest away from everyone else or to at least choose a snack that isn't so noisy to eat
- only knows what's going on half of the time because of how often he gets up to get more snacks
- but at the same time, he usually brings back snacks for anyone else who wants some, so he gets forgiven pretty easily
- even if he tries to bring enough snacks from the start, he will devour everything immediately, so the brothers have just accepted it
- prefers movies with food, even if it's just the poison apple in Snow White
☆ Belphie:
- can somehow sleep through the movie and still know the entire plot just like he sleeps through class and still aces assignments
- it became a game to quiz him on plot points only to be amazed that he can answer everything correctly
- refuses to answer when anyone asks how he does it
- much to his brothers' annoyance, he chooses to sleep either on your shoulder or on your lap, though sometimes they can convince him to use Beel as a pillow instead
- as to be expected, he's the brother that gets yelled at the least to be quiet
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demonvoucher · 2 days ago
Lucifer: Trans masc, any pronouns
Mammon: Genderfluid, alternate any pronouns
Leviathan: Bigender, they
Satan: Agender, any pronouns
Asmodeus: Trans masc, he/they/she
Beelzebub: Trans masc, he
Belphegor: Nonbinary, they/he
Diavolo: Trans masc, he
Barbatos: Demiboy, they
Simeon: Agender, he/they
Luke: Agender, any pronouns
Solomon: Demiboy, they/he
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obeymefictionwriting · 3 days ago
Brothers Comforting MC After A Hard Day
POV: MC had a really, REALLY hard day. Too much work, too many noisy and annoying classmates, too much unwanted attention... But finally, you are home.
Was passing by your room to ask about the classes but noticed the expression on your face.
Enters the room without even asking and sits on the bed near you.
You just lean on him and start sobbing slightly.
~INTERNALLY PANICS~ because you are crying!
Has no clue what to do or to say so just holds you until you feel a bit better.
Also brings you water and a sweet treat.
Asks why exactly you felt that way. Maybe there was a certain somebody who affected your mood?
*mental note: talk to your classmates in privacy*
Lifts you up in his arms and brings you to his bedroom. He doesn’t want to leave you in your room alone.
Bursts into your room to ask to borrow some cash but stops immediately as he sees you crying.
Awkwardly pats you on the back but feels like it’s not enough.
*to hell with it*
Hugs you as tight as he can and kisses you on the head.
Shooes Levi and Asmo away as they were peeking behind the door.
As you calm down a bit, asks what’s wrong and won’t stop until he gets an answer. Also, with names, preferably.
“Hey, why don’t we go out and brighten up a bit?”
Melts inside as you smile timidly.
He just wanted to play some games and eat popcorn and watch anime when you started sobbing all of a sudden. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME!
Frantically remembers all anime scenes where the heroine was upset.
His panic is almost tangible.
Oh wait, he knows what to do. Because he was feeling sad so many times in his life.
He carefully lifts you up and puts you in his bathtub bed.
He also places tons of cushions and pillows all around you.
“See, it worked! You are smiling! Now, wait just a bit! Henry, you better watch them!”
Hurries to the kitchen and returns back with a mug full of Devilish Hot Chocolate.
“It’s okay, games are going nowhere. Wanna tell me what’s wrong?”
You two were about to go for a walk but you seem to be late. So he goes to your room to check on you.
Oh no, why are you so upset? He becomes really worried seeing you sitting on the bed with such a sad expression.
“Hey, do you wanna tell me what’s wrong?”
Takes off his jacket and puts it on your shoulders. Also hugs you so you feel warmer and safer.
He is raging inside but does his best not to give himself away.
He’ll make sure though to talk to anyone who dared to upset you.
Also leaves you for a brief moment to heat up some milk with honey.
“Feeling better now? Want me to stay with you and read you a story?”
Storms into your room to show you his brand new look but... HEY! What’s all that about?!
Asmo looks so scary that for a moment, you actually forget why you were crying.
No, really. S C A R Y
“I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to upset you more! But you just tell me who made you upset!”
Will lift you up and carry you to his bathroom. 
Surprisingly, no naughty stuff. He’ll fill the bathtub with hot water instead and will add your favorite fragrances to the water.
“You soak right here and I’ll be back!”
Gets backs with a tray full of little cute cookies and cupcakes. Also, you see a bottle of wine.
“Close your eyes while I massage your head and let your troubles go away. I’ll take care of them”.
Bumps into you in the hall and is surprised to see you so sad.
“Huh? What happened?”
Instantly feels great worry because you are his family now and he loves you as much as he loves Belphie and other brothers. So of course, he cares!
Lifts you up and carries you to the kitchen.
Puts you on a chair and places a mug with tea in front of you.
“Tell me what’s wrong while I whip up something good for you”.
Just prepares your favorite comfort dish and listens to you talking.
Once done, puts a plate in front of you and kisses you lightly.
“Eat, please. We can then watch a movie or just lie together or do whatever you want”.
Was passing by your room when he heard a strange noise. Is that... sobbing?
Frowns. Who dared make you upset?
Knocks but comes in without waiting for permission to enter.
Lifts your chin and looks you in the eyes, trying to understand what made you so sad.
Without a word, just hugs you tight and kisses you.
“It’s okay, don’t say anything for now. Just let your emotions out.”
“Want a nap or wanna watch a movie or something?”
Will casually ask you guiding questions to learn about anyone responsible for your bad mood.
Will also make sure it never happens again.
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