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trickstercaptain · 8 minutes ago
extremely random and specific headcanon: Jack won’t reach out to grab someone’s hand, he’ll instead grab their wrist and that makes me more emo than i can say (((:
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fanartfunart · 9 minutes ago
Ya’ll... I haven’t watched MLP in like, forever and never finished it but......
Can a pony’s cutie mark change? like, as an adult? I’m vaugely remembering a cutie mark crusaders episode w/ an adult pony who didn’t have a cutie mark and plenty where they re-discover why it’s their cutie mark in the first place.... but, changing cutie marks? That a thing? It should be a thing.
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moritzseider · 10 minutes ago
How do you think Matty T would react to losing his wedding band on a roadie? I personally think he'd be extremely mad at himself. But what do you think?
Side note- I love your page so much youre amazing
Omg THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Also this is so cute yeah okay so
He would go into sheer panic mode first, just straight up freaking out once he realizes it's missing
He probably wears it on a chain usually if he isn't home or around Calgary because he doesn't want it to break or something while he's away
But maybe the chain breaks one day and he doesn't notice until he goes to slip it on when he's in his hotel room
Then he freaks out because of COVID protocol he can't go look for it and even if he could he doesn't even know where he would have lost it
He calls the hotel room service people and asks if they see it to either return it to his room or mail it to your guyses address, but it never turns up
Obviously he doesn't try to lie to you because he blames himself and wants to take responsibility
You tell him it's fine and you guys can just buy a replacement but he feels like that's disingenuous
Maybe (I know matching tattoos are a bad idea but shhh) but after this fiasco he gets a band tattooed around his ring finger so that he can't lose it
You try to talk him out of it with "what if we divorce?" and obviously he's like "you'd wanna divorce me? 🥺"
So he gets it
But the night he loses it he definitely facetimes you all stressed about it
Apologizes over and over again
He's clearly annoyed about it but he never takes it out on you
When he's back home in Calgary he even threatens to drive back to try to find it himself but you have to remind him that he doesn't even know where he lost it to begin with so it's no use
He just really wants to find it because it means so much to him
But in the end settling on the tattoo isn't so bad :)
Send me headcanons!
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wendydxrling · 10 minutes ago
anemone, daisy, hydrangea, sunflower, 🍉
anemone :   how does your muse view the world ;   as a cruel   &   unforgiving place ,   a land full of wonders ,   or something in - between ? where does that world view come from   (   what experiences ,   life lessons ,   etc .   ) ?
Wendy views the world with quiet optimism. Where the world can be cruel and unforgiving, it can also be wonderful and full of love. She’s someone that chooses to see the good in the world, but she’s not naive enough to ignore the fact that awful things happen. She has been fortunate enough to have a good life, and she knows that other people haven't had that luck.
daisy :   did your muse ever feel as though their innocence had been lost ?   what moment in their life could be described as the end of their innocence ? 
She doesn’t feel like her innocence was lost, it was just led astray for a while. Her innocence went astray when she met Peter, there’s no doubt about it.
hydrangea: how much does your muse value communication in their relationships with others ?  are they prone to being misunderstood ?
Wendy massively values communication on her relationships with others. She would rather have the conversation about something than leave it to bubble away without being said. She found that leaving things can make things worse and why not resolve something before it gets out of hand? Wendy finds that she would rather give someone the respect by communicating with them than being rude to assume or ignoring them.
sunflower : what brings your muse the most joy in life ?  
Her family, ballet, reading...
🍉  :    which of the four seasons suits my muse best,  and why? 
Spring - She’s someone that’s growing but hasn’t hit full bloom yet. It’s overcast and drizzling, but the birds are singing to guide her out of the cold that she found herself in. The light grey blue days turn golden. The world hasn’t woken up from winter yet, but it’s getting there, much like Wendy.
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marvel-diaries · 11 minutes ago
FaceTime Sex
Pairing; CEO+Dad’s Best Friend!Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Summary; An HC about you and Bucky having FaceTime Sex while he’s away on a business trip.
Word Count; 913
Warnings; NSFW, 18+, minors DNI, undefined age-gap, language, cursing, pet names, Sir!kink, mutual masturbation, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note; I hope you all enjoy <3
Main Masterlist || CEO+DBF Bucky Barnes Masterlist
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Tumblr media
“Sir, I'm touching myself. Can you FaceTime? Pretty please?”
A text like that from you and a picture of your fingers in your pussy had Bucky drop whatever he was doing to try and be back at his hotel room in a flash. Luckily for him, the meetings he had attended all day had ended 10 minutes ago.
He planned to go out for a drink in the evening with a couple of colleagues, but his girl being horny for her man was more important to him. So he came up with an excuse to drop them.
Bucky had been away on a business trip for only a day, but you were already missing him like crazy. This was the first time you and he had been apart since you got together a while ago, and you hated it with your whole being.
Even if it had been less than 24 hours since you last fucked you were super horny and needy for him all the time.
You couldn't hold it in anymore. You needed to touch yourself, and you wanted Bucky to watch you as he jerked himself off.
He called you on FaceTime 20 minutes after your text. Damn, he was fast! He must be craving you as well.
He was already naked and on his bed, just like you. His back propped against the headboard when you picked up. His face on screen as your face came up as well on his end of the phone.
“Hi, baby girl.”
“Hi, baby.”
“Are you touching yourself, kitten?”
You nodded your head at him. Your bottom lip captured between your teeth as you bat your eyelashes at him.
“Show me. I need to see.”
Moving the phone down to your pussy, you gave him a good look at your fingers playing with your aching clit. Your whole core is wet with your juices as you had been playing with yourself for a while but not having been able to finish without Bucky.
“Shit, baby. You are really needy for me, aren't you? How long have you been playing with your pretty pussy, doll?”
“Mhm. Yes, so needy for you, Sir. I've been playing with myself for a while, but I've been waiting on you so we can finish together. Are you also going to touch yourself? I want to see you touch your cock.”
“I'll give you what you want, baby, don't worry.”
He moved his phone down so that you had a wonderful view of his dick and handsome face. A whimper escaped you as you saw he was already hard and ready. All you wanted was to run your tongue on his protruding vein and taste him all over.
Bucky gripped his heavy cock in his hand, and with the help of his saliva, he started to pump himself as he watched intensely as you circled your clit.
You slipped a single finger into your tightness. A second one following soon after, and you moaned out as it stretched you. It wasn't as good as Bucky's ones, but they would have to do for now. You tried with all your might to imagine that it was his instead of yours.
“Oh, fuck, baby girl. That's so hot,” he groaned out as he watched the fingers disappear into your tight hole. He missed it so much. His dick missed it so much.
You were utterly mesmerized as you watched how Bucky stroked himself, how he gripped his length. The hold on himself became tighter each time he reached his red and angry tip. The sloppy sounds of him were like music to your ears. You were going to cum soon by the image you saw on screen.
His lips were slightly parted as he focused on you fucking yourself with your fingers. His own orgasm nearing as he watched you on his screen.
“Shit, I'm gonna cum, Bucky.”
“Let go for me, baby girl. I need to see you fall apart for me.”
His permission to let go was all you needed as the coil in your stomach snapped. Your back arching slightly from the headboard as you moved your fingers through your high.
You heard Bucky let out an animal-like groan deep from his chest at the sight of you coming undone for him like the good girl you always were. The view of you made him let go as well. He kept on pumping himself as his seed burst out of his tip and landed on his stomach.
“You look so beautiful like this, baby, fuck.”
After riding out your high, you stopped the movement of your fingers and brought them to your mouth so you could suck off your sweet juices.
“You're gonna make me hard again, kitten, by that sight alone.”
A giggle left your lips at his words. You would love nothing more than go another round, but you could see on his face that the day had been long and that he was craving sleep. You did as well.
“I miss you so much, James.”
“I miss you too, doll, but I'll be back in your arms again in a few short days. I promise, baby.”
A tired smile reached your face at the thought of seeing your man again, in the flesh, very soon. A big yawn left you as you were pretty tired yourself.
“Go to sleep, baby. I'll talk to you tomorrow.”
“Good night, Bucky. Sleep well.”
“You too, doll, sweet dreams.”
Tumblr media
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semperintrepida · 11 minutes ago
I just learned that the Adrestia would have had a below deck crew of 170!! :O
Sounds about right. Half of them were ladies Kassandra bedded during her travels and the other half were Olympic athletes Kassandra picked up in Elis during the 88th Olympiad.
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gomiokamu · 17 minutes ago
im beginning to think not only is the robe of the fire rat protective but also stank repellant 
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yarozu · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Welcome back to pt.5 of this series of bnha characters with a s/o!
As always, please leave requests or critics and
- Katsuki Bakugou
• He... doesn't know what to do. He's never felt romantic attraction this strong before and literally did research on it.
• It took him quite a while to accept his feelings but you better know he confessed after his friends told him he couldn't. {That was obviously to help him}
• He's surprisingly soft with you. He's not as competitive and very patient.
• He likes to help you study. If you make mistakes, instead of screaming at you, {like he does at everyone else} he calmly helps you understand and correct the problem.
• He really likes head rubs but will never ever admit it. Whenever he wants head scratches, he just plays it off as "allowing" you to touch his hair.
• Katsuki trains alot. His hands are always sore afterwards so one day he reluctantly asked you to massage his hands for him. It is now his favourite part of training.
• He likes falling asleep with you. His favourite cuddle position is you on top of him. He likes feeling the soft rising and falling of your chest on his, feeling your heartbeat faintly against his skin, your whole being in this moment is his. And only his.
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moonshunned · 27 minutes ago
Also Remus swears. A lot. Jolene Rowler was not allowed to let the characters say fuck but I am. I am allowed to let Remus say fuck and he can cuss like a sailor if he gets going but he’s always on his best behaviour around the kidsTM.
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heisenho · 28 minutes ago
If it's okay to request something... What would you think of this? Alcina and Heidenberg fighting each other for Reader's affections? They get jealous if Reader is with the other for too long, they can try to get along for Reader's sake but it's a very tense atmosphere, the typical love triangle stuff.
AAAAAAAA i loved writing this and feel like i just wrote whatever my leetle hands could type, i really wanna write more for this love triangle though!
General Headcanons:
Oh boy, this is gonna be a mess. A very interesting mess...
The two already hate each other, pretty badly.
BUT, they may try to set aside their differences for you. Occasionally.
When you happen to be around, and they’re both around as well, that is a mess in and of itself. But, they do stay civil enough to not upset you.
When you aren’t around... Mother Miranda has a hard time pulling them apart (which is not a good look on your part).
Heisenberg has a hard time keeping his mouth shut, but once he gets Alcina started, she can’t shut up either.
Mother Miranda does eventually threaten to kill you, making them both behave. At least while she is around.
It’s fair game when that bitch is gone though.
Alcina tries her best to keep you at her castle, but sometimes, Sneaky Karl will take you away and try to spend time with you himself.
If you haven’t caught on that both of them adore you at that point, then well, they will take things into their own hands.
If Alcina gets to you first:
She would set up a beautiful bath for the both of you, just to have... a ‘ladies night’.
You caught on pretty quickly that it was more, but if you like her, you go along with it.
She would shower you with compliments and only ask of you to never leave her castle again. You shouldn’t have to ever leave.
If you do bring up Karl, asking about not being able to see him... Alcina’s eyes will grow dark and anger will boil over.
Do not bring up that bastard boy, please, Alcina can not handle it! She needs to know you love her! Not him!
When she finally confesses her feelings for you, and if you tell her you feel the same, you won’t be leaving her castle (or her room) for much time after that.
Karl doesn’t see you anymore and he grows increasingly angry because of this.
He’s snappy and grumpy and can’t even look at you, but you have Alcina, so in your mind it’s alright.
But don’t think for a minute, he wouldn’t do something to break the two of you up...
If Heisenberg gets to you first:
Not as romantic as Alcina, let’s put it that way.
Pulls you away from the castle, saying he wants to show you something!
(probably puts on a show for you, capturing some man and letting the lycans kill him sjfsdkjfms)
He isn’t the most romantic, but he’s trying his best to impress you. I mean, his sister has a whole ass castle at her disposal, what if you think that’s cooler than his amazing abilities? Karl knows that just isn’t possible.
He will pull you close to him (after the lycans shred some poor soul to bits) and he will tell you just how he feels.
Just like Alcina, if you feel the same? He will keep you at his place. No need for you to leave. He doesn’t want you near Alcina, or... Mother Miranda.
Despite not being super romantic, he will keep you as comfortable as possible at his place, just like Alcina.
Alcina would do everything in her power to destroy Karl, and to have you all for herself.
Be careful with who you choose... the other may not let either of you get away alive.
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softbangtum · 28 minutes ago
Hiiii!! Do you have any headcanons for sick Yoongi ??I honestly think that he wouldn’t exactly hide it, he is most likely to ignore it and convince himself that he is all right so that’s why he wouldn’t admit he is sick, I mean I can even imagine him vomiting unexpectedly surprising even himself ,but I also think once he can’t deny it anymore he would be clingy to the nearest member.
I personally don’t think he would hide it. He would just try to deal with it on his own, he knows that medicine to take and what tea helps and so on. So I think he would go and try some medicine, mostly that works.
It depends on the situation, he’s the same as Jungkook. If they’re at a concert he hides it, if it’s just dance practice or no schedule he would be blunt about it. Someone would ask him what’s wrong and he would be just like “Oh, I feel nauseous”.
He’s the type who likes physical affection with the members but would never ask for it, so I don’t think he would be clingy. If one of them come and cuddles him, he wouldn’t say no but also wouldn’t admit out loud that he likes it.
So he’s probably the type who tries to deal with it on his own and if gets too bad, he seeks help. But honestly I think his pain tolerance is really high.
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duoplicitous · 30 minutes ago
If Claudia and Vincent from SH3 somehow had some enfant terrible, it’d be Hermes.
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raphianna · 32 minutes ago
I don’t think Nick can blush. Gen 3s can probably, but Nick can’t- he just doesn’t have that function.
However, I think that when Nick gets flustered, his eyes glow brighter, brightness dependent on how flustered he is ^-^.
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adarafaelbarba · 32 minutes ago
headcanons for Barbas S/O being bad ass? like a suspect tried to lunge/swung in his direction and they subdued the attacker? Barba witnesses his partner defending him.
Rafael would honestly be so turned on by the sight of you kicking ass! 
The first time he witnessed it was in court. The trial had ended in the victim, and his, favor, but the perp was not happy, and shouted profanities at Rafael and others while you and your partner tried to lead him away. 
It had all happened so fast, and before you knew it, the perp had gotten free and was charging towards your boyfriend. 
You had acted quickly, running in and kicking the perp in the back of the knee, wrapping an arm around his neck. The guy went down fast and you looked up quickly to make sure Rafael was safe, getting a small nod in return. 
Rafael was sure to tell and show you later how amazed he was by your action.
Tumblr media
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thepilotanon · 33 minutes ago
(Tw mental illnesses)
Loki comforting a crying s.o? I’m curious as to how he would handle a s.o w/ depression, anxiety, etc. 😥
I’m not going to specify anything of the reader being depressed, anxiety or anything, but I will still keep the warning for those who might not be comfortable about it. I hope you’ll still accept these!
I personally think Loki understands what it’s like to have a mental illness or internal struggles with emotions and thoughts; he’s had them for centuries, feeling stuck in Thor’s shadow and constantly ridiculed by Odin’s favoritism. While he would have been the type to hold it all in and never talk about it, he doesn’t want that for you for any reason and will do whatever he can to make sure you don’t fall down that path. He would be the type to help you find the right therapist and medications to help you start off on the path of feeling better, and always encourages you and loves you, even on your bad days.
I feel like even the best of us needs No Days every once in a while (like, where you wake up and just feel your whole being just NO). Loki can easily catch on to those type of days, and readies to help you “prepare” for it; the least he would ask of you is to move yourself and your blankets to the couch, while still being snuggled up and hidden from the rest of the world. Loki has no problem getting to dote on you and spoil you in the privacy of your own home (he actually loves spoiling and taking care of you, and earning a smile when he does something to make you happy).
Loki never says no to cuddling, especially when you ask him to hold you. He will spoon you gently and massage your head, your back or fiddle with your hands and spoil you with gentle nuzzles and kisses. He’s so damn soft!! Loki will tuck you securely with your blankets, maybe have you wear one of his sweaters that smell like him and keep you warmer than your own clothes do. He makes sure his hands are warmed by his magic as he hold your face and kisses your forehead. UGH!!
I think it’s important to note that whatever you may struggle with on your day-to-day life to just appear normal and healthy, that doesn’t change how Loki deeply cares for you and wants you to know that he will love all of you. Even if it’s a hard time and you just feel like Loki deserves better, he takes the time to remind you that he isn’t entirely perfect and you deserve everything and more. Even if you lose your temper or shut down, he knows that just being there for you makes a difference and a step towards feeling better.
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stalkerkidd · 34 minutes ago
Prank with exclusive hairstyle
Remus: Gu- GUYS!
Sirius: Monny, what is?
James: I dont understand...
Peter: Huh, Whats wrong?
Remus: ...
Remus: Don't you dare to do that or-!
Peter: ... Too Late
Remus: You did Not just-
James: Ohhhh shit!
Sirius: a perm doesn't suit Snievelus
Remus: ... i dont know what to say
Peter: Also I like it
James: I Think we should go now
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damon-rutherford · 39 minutes ago
Does Damon enjoy his work, or is it something that seemed a logical path he just fell onto?
Both? Obviously, growing up, he saw his father as an exceptionally successful businessman, and he wanted to be like him. The idea of expanding his father’s legacy fueled him since the teenage years, so he studied not-so-hard at business school, but worked really hard when it came down to actually gaining needed skills. And then he discovered that he had a talent for it, too.
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moonshunned · 40 minutes ago
You know the 3 apparition D’s?
Destination, Determination, and Deliberation.
Remus actually splinched himself right and then and there in the great hall during apparition training because he was just about to take off when he heard James and Sirius talk about another kind of D and Remus started laughing and lost focus and it was just a disaster.
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damon-rutherford · 42 minutes ago
In his eyes, who/what are the greatest threats to his family (siblings) currently?
Currently? I only have the obvious answer - the French.
Down the road, it could be the Russians.
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