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#damian wayne
ostoria · 53 minutes ago
i wonder when will the fandom admit that damian's entire character arc as robin is orientalist af. even rsob, as much as I love it, is guilty of it too to an extent.
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weelings · 3 hours ago
Dc maybe unpopular opinions:
Wonder Woman needs to stop being written by men.
Wonder Woman needs her villains to be from greek mythology
Actually Wonder Woman just needs more inspiration from Greek mythology in general
Hunters of Artemis = the Amazon’s. Change my mind. You can’t.
No live action batman (or bat family) suit will ever be accurate or practical. It’s either one or the other
All the robins are POC.
Superman’s struggles mainly deal with overpowered outside forces that are almost entirely made up.
Luthor should beat Superman without kryptonite once. Or come close to it. He’s smart, he can do it without his failsafe or public opinion. Like is that the most creative way you can kill him? Authors?
Cassandra Cain can beat anyone she wants in hand to hand but she puts up a “good fight” with the batfam since she wants to spend time with them
Everyone expects Dick to have the old timey phrases but It’s really Jason. 
Dick can’t say no to Damian. He’s the first brother he’s actually spent a lot of time with at the start of their robin career and he values it too much.
Dick can’t change his nickname. Not to Ric or Rick or Rich or a middle name or only using his last name. It doesn’t work. He is DICK. If you can’t find a good use of his name and want to change it, you shouldn’t be writing.
Tim using drake as his hero name was dumb. The mail in the coffin was the HORRIBLE COLOR SCHEME!
Bruce uses batman as a shield agains his trauma. Dick uses batman as a job he has to take for the good of people, even over his own wants and desires. Jason uses batman as a way to get away with stuff. Tim uses batman as a beacon or anchor for himself. Damian uses batman as if it is his right.
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officalgcs · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Gotham City Sirens Season 3 episode 16 sneak peak, here you have it, the sirens group chat and it looks like someone is back in town 😱
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imjusthereforbatfam · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Also hi I recorded my voice before writing the text this time so sorry if it's weird
Not me forgetting the order of my own process after a week noooooo not at alllll
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sun-moon-stars-jedi · 3 hours ago
Just Lucky I Guess
Chapter 20
“You two are so gonna get grounded.”
“Shut up, Jason.”
“No patrols for the rest of summer break, I’m telling you.”
“Tt, as if, Todd.”
“Probably until Christmas if you break that ugly vase – that’s a family heirloom you realize?”
“If you’re so concerned then why are you just sitting there instead of doing something to stop us, huh? Or better yet, why don’t you just leave?”
Jason only smirked gleefully as his younger brothers scowled at him while making himself demonstrably more comfortable in the armchair he was occupying.
“I’m on vacation and it’s not my job to babysit the two of you,” Jason explained as blasé as possible even though he was still grinning at the dark looks his brothers levelled at him. “Also, I was here first, innocently reading my book and behaving myself, so why should I have to leave? Besides, then I’d miss the fireworks once Bruce finds out, so no dice, squirts.”
“There’s nothing to find out, we haven’t-“ Damian began heatedly, but Tim stopped him with a firm hand on his shoulder.
“Ignore him, Dami. Jason’s just jealous ‘cause he can’t even ride a skateboard, never mind do a kickflip. Now come on, you nearly had it that last time.”
“Only because I’ve never really tried,” Jason called across the room. “If I wanted to I could do it. Can’t be that hard.”
“Then why don’t you try it right now?” Tim asked sweetly, kicking his skateboard pointedly in Jason’s direction with a mischievous smirk.
“Because I’m pregnant moron,” Jason shot back, gesturing at his belly with the book still in his hand.
Both of his younger brothers had the audacity to outright roll their eyes at him in response, the little shits.
“How convenient,” Tim mocked, making Damian snort.
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fancyfade · 4 hours ago
Okay this is the entire reason I started doing the week, I knew I wanted to do the autistic Damian prompt :P
(And obviously Cass is there).
Hopefully Cass and Damian interactions make up for me not being able to update my regular fanfic (shameless plug) today
cw: internalized ableism (mild, not major)
It simply starts by being in the airport.
They shouldn't ever need an airport. Damian can fly planes. Father has multiple private jets. But it was a school trip and the school wanted the students to come together. Why Damian even needs to go to school is beyond him.
The airport on the flight there was somewhat manageable. It was big; it was horrible how noisy it was, how many people there were, how much potential for a massacre was lurking under the surface of every interaction. But he went in fresh. Right after patrol, training, and sleep. He was ready.
The airport after the flight back –
He's used up all of his ability to pretend to be a normal child. Or at least, his version of normal, which was still abnormal, which still alienated people. So the only thing he sees is potential.
He sees the potential for the people checking in their bags to suddenly pull a gun out and shoot down the veritable mass of humanity before the security guards can react. He sees potential for his orchestra teacher to suddenly drop his act and step behind him and snap his neck. Potential for a League of Shadows convoy to suddenly come driving through the glass doors that lead to the outside and turn the place into a battlefield.
.keep reading..
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eggadoodle · 4 hours ago
Things my 99 year old client has said today as maribat quotes
jason: you're either living or dying. somehow, im still living
tim: they tried to give me medicine, but I don't need it. I have coffee
marinette: i think they tried to kill me, and that's not very nice
dick: I don't need this stick, but it's nice to have because if you see a rat *slams it on the ground* no more rat
damian: my family, they are wonderful people. they probably want me dead.
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deadletterpoets · 4 hours ago
I wasn't against the mirrored theme of death between Cassandra Cain and Lady Shiva in Cass's Batgirl run that sorta connected them before it was revealed they were actually related, but I do find it kinda ehhh that they brought back Shiva having a death wish and her choice to handle it was fucking Bruce. Now, I'm not expecting her to ask Cass to kill her. In current continuity that's not happening even more so than Pre52 continuity mostly just due to them actually having a more amicable, though distant, relationship. It's just, Shiva, babe, if you gotta put the knife in his hand and then stab yourself that is not the man to kill you. She should look up Punchline, or Ghost Maker. Those two seem to be masters or something idk, but they kill no problem. Hell maybe once Damian is done with his tournament and if he's still on a kill high he can give it a shot.
(this is like 75% a joke)
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magicsuga · 4 hours ago
Do y’all think the Lazarus Pit would grown back missing teeth? And if so would they grow back like right away like be just fully grow in adult teeth? Or would they need to grow in? Or do you have to grow back in both baby tooth then adult tooth as well?
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shamelessbatfamtrash · 5 hours ago
You ever think about how Dick and Bruce are much different mentors to Damian?
Tumblr media
This argument in Batman and Robin (2011) completely reminded me of this argument in Batman and Robin (2009)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think it's really interesting how things are framed here - specifically with Damian proclaiming that he doesn't respect Dick, and Bruce in turn being untrusting of Damian. Dick trying to rationalize why they can't kill, and Bruce demanding Damian just use more self control. In both cases, Damian knows exactly what to say to get under people's skin, earlier in the issue, he told Bruce he was easier to look up to when he was dead, and tells Dick he's a pathetic imitation of Bruce, in both fights invoking his other guardian. In both cases, he appears to prefer the previous guardian and throws that in the current guardian's face. But what really stands out to me is the line "you're ten years old" vs "you're my son". I think that really speaks to how Dick and Bruce think about Damian, but who knows maybe I'm overanalyzing it XD
Another thing that stood out is both seires have memorials in their first issues.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The difference here being that Dick left Damian at home during his visit, recognizing that even though Bruce was important to him, Damian didn't have that same connection and doesn't really care for or understand sentimentalities. Meanwhile Bruce brings Damian with him, in an attempt to share something about himself, but Damian is unreceptive, preferring other methods of showing trust, as evidenced by him feeling untrusted later in the issue.
I think it's really interesting that Damian was Dick's Robin first, and during that time, he had to learn how to respect Dick, and in his time as Bruce's Robin, it's essentially flipped as he's having to earn Bruce's trust.
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shyestofhearts · 5 hours ago
Okay so I know you have a ton of aus already but consider
Damien and Jon night at the museum au with Damien as the tiny Roman general and Jon as the tiny cowboy (tumblr dragged me back to this ship that I had forgottenI ever shipped but darn it is good)
Perhaps Dick as Larry the security guard who's new to the museum
I don't know but this thought it exists and the dynamic feels right
That is absolutely their entire dynamic to a T, not liking/fighting each other at first until they work together and become best friends/boyfriends
Also Dick as Larry is something I never knew I needed until today, I will probably be thinking about this all day
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shyestofhearts · 5 hours ago
Yo for the teachers AU pls elaborate:
Damian finding out about some spicy fanfics and fanart the tenth graders made about Him and Jon xjbviagkavka
I'd imagine he'd get incredibly flustered and have to have a tall about writing/drawing that kind of stuff about people you know irl (with his face still bright red of course) and then once he got home he'd complain about how awkward it was to Jon lmao
What do you think @teeeentitaaans?
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analviel · 6 hours ago
I am of the firm belief that Jason actually has the best mental health of the clan.
Reason: everyone else thinks they're the normal, sane, one but Jason? He knows he's not normal OR sane and even questionably just one since he's still not sure if that one voice is actually a sentient Pit or really just where all his crazy is stored.
First step to recovering is knowing that there's even something wrong.
(Bruce thinks he'd accidentally picked up the craziest people within miles to be his kids, Dick thinks he'd just found himself in the most emotionally stunted corner of the universe, Tim is delusional and believes himself to still be untainted by the crazy coping mechanisms this family practice in, Cass thinks everyone is so pathetically inept in communication, Alfred thinks constantly striving for hypercompetence is unhealthy for growing children, and Damian thinks that the weirdest aspect of this 'team' is that they don't have to kill someone to usurp their position, has father never heard of overpopulation? If there's too much of unnecessary individuals that can only contribute in ways that is already covered by other much more efficient members, they are simply a drain to resources.
They're just insane in different ways but they're all insane. And all think they're the only normal one.)
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fudayk · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
i’m too fearful for damian to appear in a live action blockbuster batman film tbh. despite being my favorite character and thinking he is super under-represented within the franchise, i have no doubt that they would most likely, thoroughly fuck it up.
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