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#justice league
invictus-rp-promo · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
INVICTUS || A literate, 21+ Marvel/DC crossover roleplay
Darkseid has taken the Phoenix Force into himself. In his hubris, he believes he can outwill the Phoenix and harness its power to finally enslave the world. Beginning with Earth, Darkseid used the power of the Phoenix’s reality manipulation to affect and change the properties of Chaos and Magic, rendering once powerful individuals far less formidable than they originally were. The army of Apokolips has flooded earth and begun the process of enslaving who they can and crushing who they cannot.
The Justice League, the Avengers, and the X-Men have formed a tenuous truce to fight against an adversary far greater than themselves. However, past history between the X-Men and the Avengers mixed with distrust and uncertainty from the Justice League makes this alliance an uneasy one. Will our heroes be able to put aside their differences in order to save the world they love and defeat Darkseid and his army before they become inevitable?
“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”
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arguablysomaya · 11 minutes ago
Clark: Is there ANYTHING in your city that isn’t trying to kill people?!
Bruce: Yes, actually.
Clark: and that is??
Bruce: The food stands. I've never had a bad taco in Gotham. They workers are all very kind, the food is very trustworthy, except for the Cannibal Spring of 2018, oh, and they know how to season like no other city does.
Clark: I’m sorry repeat that last one?
Bruce: Seasoning?
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invictus-rp · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Dinah Lance’s FC has been changed to Katie Cassidy, leaving Jessica McNamee open for applications
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teeeentitaaans · an hour ago
If you don't mind me spamming questions about your Ring savior au
What gifts do the justice league manage get for the wedding
What dress does Cass where
does dick manage to find the rings in time and what adventures happen in finding then
Feel Free!!
I'm not going to spoil A L L of the AU but I'll tell you all I can
The Justice Leagues gifts...
Let's just say some gifts are good...
And some are an easy bake oven...
Oliver spends way to much money, Barry cries, Hal isn't even sure he was invited, Arthur spends to much time in the let store to be safe, Clark wonders where he went wrong...
And Diana proves that she is the only one with brain cells
Ok! Cass's dress!
It is painful for both Duke and Cass!
They do find one a mere 30 minutes before the wedding starts!
I can't say where or it'll spoil the entire story
But it's a trip!
Dick finds the rings! After the ceremony...
And the adventures! I can't say all, we don't have enough time in the day, but I will list a few!
Dick, Wally, and Barbara fight a squirrel!
Dick breaks the chandelier!
The trio walks to Walmart!
The gang has a mental break down!
Barbara trys to fight capitalism!
Wally accidentally breaks into McDonald's!
Dick buys a ringpop!
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hyperdc · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Joëlle Jones Brings Back Yara Flor in Wonder Girl #1
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hyperdc · an hour ago
Tumblr media
DC Reveals First Look at 'Unearthed: A Jessica Cruz Story'
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We tend to cling to images of people from one we knew them best. Forgetting that they do change.
-Shiera Sanders Hall(Hawk Girl)
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galactic-magick · 2 hours ago
Headcanons for coming out to the justice league as aroace?
Of course! ☺️
They’d all be very happy for you that you’ve found yourself and would be accepting obviously, although some of them might need it explained a bit
I feel like Barry and Victor would probably know the most about it already, simply because they’re the youngest of the group so they’ve probably been more exposed to the community, or they’re part of the aro spectrum/ace spectrum themselves!
Diana definitely knew plenty of people back home on Themyscira who were just like you, although she didn’t know the term for it.
She’d love asking you questions if you’re comfortable answering, she’d want to know everything about this part of yourself.
She thinks all identities and love are beautiful, you don’t feel romantic or sexual love, but she doesn’t think that’s weird whatsoever.
Arthur doesn’t really get it at first, but he’s definitely open to learning about it, and he doesn’t let his confusion stop him from giving you a pat on the back and a smile and telling you he thinks it’s great.
He’d definitely be the one the most down to party at a pride parade with you if you want to go, and he’d probably fight any exclusionists who try to mess with you on the spot
Let’s say uh...a few people got knocked out with a trident last time shhh
Clark is very happy for you, and he mentions that there was a term for that in Kryptonian too
Especially because on Krypton most people stopped having biological kids or something right? So it would make sense that a lot of people just weren’t interested in romance or sex anyway (I gotta watch Man of Steel again that might be wrong idk lol)
Basically though he sees no problem with it and is very accepting, and Superman would no doubt be a huge advocate for aroace pride and rights!
Bruce would definitely do a lot of research after you tell him if he didn’t already know what it was
He’d find it very interesting and he loves learning about new things
He’ll probably buy you any pride merch he can find, like one day you’ll come home and there’s just like a huge pile of flags, pins, shirts, and other assorted things in your room
All of them would be super kind and comforting to you, assuring you that you’re amazing and you’re not broken in any way
They’d also be super supportive if you want or have a queer platonic partner or anything like that, or if you don’t want any committed deep relationships at all that’s totally fine too
They all love you dearly, and if you’re also a superhero you’d be an absolute icon 💚💜
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rainbowredrobin · 2 hours ago
A request by an anon. Gen. | Batman & The Justice League. Sickfic.
“Where is it?”
The Batman sends him a withering stare, unimpressed as usual. “Be more precise, Lantern. Where is what?”
“Your - the gravelly voice! What happened to it?”
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hyperdc · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Superman & Lois Keeps its High-Flying Hero Grounded
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dccomicsnews · 3 hours ago
Review: Justice League #61
Review: Justice League #61
Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE #61   [Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers] Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Ram V Artist: David Marquez, Xermanico Colours: Tamra Bonvillain, Romulo Fajardo Jr. Letters: Josh Reed, Rob Leigh   Reviewed By: Derek McNeil   Summary Justice League #61: The new Justice League is trapped on a world devastated by a super-powered war, and Brutus hungers for a new home…
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viaov · 3 hours ago
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Brian Bolland, Wonder Woman
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klmurr · 4 hours ago
eco-terrorist ,POISON IVY, PAMELA ISLEY will never be a hero will never get over me surpass the hero , ,SON OF KRYPTON like the KAL-EL,CLARK KENT, SUPERMAN and she your hate humanity and men not welcome to justice league and as long as she doesn't admit and and accept bisexual, bisexuality and humantiy for justice league and your understood scoundrel,communist?
“scoundrel communist”
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hyperdc · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
DC Celebrates Aquaman's 80th Anniversary With a 100-Page Super Spectacular!
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red-lantern · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Linda Park in Justice League Unlimited “Flash and Substance” (Season 2, Episode 5) (4/5)
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teeeentitaaans · 4 hours ago
Despite no one asking for it I'm going to talk about the Ring Savior AU because I like it.
It's based off those 80's kids movies where the kids fuck up and have to fix it before the adults find out...
You guys know what I'm talking about, right?
Moving on...
We already know the plot, the meat, the stuff that M A T T E R S
So let's talk about the side plots!
There... Are quite a few...
(I might do a series that's just this AU from everyone else's POV... If you guys want that 👀(why am I doing this to myself I have to many AUs as is!))
The first one is;
Who is Damian's best man/woman going to be!
Because Damian told everyone that they could just pick for him
Steph, Jason, Colin, Maya, and Maps are all fighting for it...
While Tim eats popcorn in the background
And all of this leads up to Damian actually stepping up and picking a Best Man/Woman
Jason: I'm Damians brother you bitch! I get to be his best man!
Maya: Oh please! You may be siblings, but you have NO history! I clearly get to be best woman!
Steph: Uh, NO! You're all to boring to be the best woman! Clearly he'll pick me!
Maps: As Damian's BEST FRIEND I think I get first dibs!
Colin: Best? Your not even top ten!
Damian: What are they doing?
Tim: *eating popcorn* I don't know, but it's entertaining, and your fault
Damian doesn't understand why their fighting over it.
Speaking of Damian, let's move on to the side plot that focuses on him!
His retionship with his Bruce!
See, Damian doesn't really know how Bruce feels about the marriage.
He's paying for all of it...
But he's been an asshole the entire time!
And Damian is getting a little annoyed...
Ok, this is Damian, he's getting ✨s t a b b y✨
And Bruce is just sad to see his baby grow up 🥺
All of this side plot leads up to Bruce walking Damian down the isle
Bruce: Jon could you PLEASE be decent a human for 5 minutes!
Jon: I was just trying to eat lunch-!
Bruce: Does it look like I care?
Damian: *sharpens knife*
Bruce: I bought those flowers you and Jon wanted
Damian: They were three thousand dollars per boquet-
Bruce: And?
Damian: *sheaths knife*
Oh and Jon gets his own side plot to!
See, Jon is stressing over the wedding.
Like majorly.
So much so, that he almost considers canceling it!
So Kon and Connor are trying to keep him calm
Kind of working...
Connor: Oh, Jon finally calmed down?
Kon: Yeah, bottle whiskey calmed him right down
Connor: A bottle of w h a t
And we can't forget the rest of our no longer supers, the Justice League!
Their side plot is that A L L of them forgot to buy a wedding present.
Even Clark.
(Lois bought one, and is just letting him suffer)
So they have to go buy the perfect wedding present, and only have like three hours until the wedding starts
Hal Jordan: What if we just got them an Easy Bake Oven?
Clark Kent: Genius! Let's get it!
Diana Prince: Do NOT
Diana didn't forget, she just felt bad for her friends and decided to tag along.
And, my personal favorite side plot, the dress shopping!
See, Cass bought her dress for the wedding online! And when it got there, she sees the shipping company made a mistake...
They sent her a whit dress...
Now, I don't know if you know anything about weddings, but a general rule of them is:
Never wear a white dress to a wedding
So Cass, in a moment of panic, texts Duke and asks for his help.
And Duke gives it!
Duke: What about this pink one?
Cass: Mm, no..
Duke: The grey one?
Cass: To big..
Duke: Uh, what about the... white... one..?
Duke: Look, you asked for MY help, you should have seen this coming
But yeah! Those are the side plots!
The reason I'm telling all of you this is because I need to know which one I should cut...
Or if they should all get separate stories...
Or if you have any ideas of your own!
(I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a slut for a good side plot)
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thephoenixrp · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Good News Members,
We understand that due to the small size of our group, it can be hard for some of you to get replies back soon enough to post in time for the activity check. As a result, we’ve decided to change how we do activity checks. From now on, activity checks will be done on Saturdays, and unfollows will be done on Sundays. You will also have 7 days (from Sunday until the activity check on Saturday) to post on your characters. We hope this reduces the stress you all might feel towards the activity check or determining when to post your replies. Thank you for staying with us, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message the main.
-- The Admin Team
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incorrect-dc-comics · 6 hours ago
Dinah: Hey! Ice of you to drop by! Caitlin, rolling her eyes: Never heard that one before.
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