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#stephanie brown
dcomicsficrecs · 10 minutes ago
robin's roast by envysparkler
There’s a new coffee shop in Crime Alley. It’s called the Red Hood.
Characters: Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown, others
Gen, Red Hood: Lost Days AU, Coffe Shop AU, Graphic Depictions Of Violence.
It's a great, no, ingenious story where Jason Todd, instead of going full-on crime lord in his quest for vengeance opens a coffee shop in Crime Alley.
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myribcxge · 2 hours ago
The Batfam as songs from Bo Burnham’s special
I don’t know if this has been done yet but I wanted to give it a shot
Bruce: Bezos I
“Pave the way, put your back into it
Tell us why, show us how.”
Barbara: Welcome to the Internet
“Welcome to the internet! Have a look around, anything that brain of yours can think of can be found.
We've got mountains of content—some better, some worse if none of it’s of interest to you. You’d be the first.”
Dick: 30
“I used to make fun of the boomers; in retrospect, a bit too much. Now all these fucking zoomers are telling me that I'm out of touch.”
Jason: Problematic
“Times are changing, and I'm getting old, Are you gonna hold me accountable?”
Tim: Shit
“How we feelin' out there tonight? Hahaha, yeah, I am not feeling good”
Steph: White woman’s instagram
“Latte foam art, tiny pumpkins, Fuzzy, comfy socks.”
Cass: Goodbye
“If I wake up in a house that's full of smoke I'll panic, so call me up and tell me a joke.”
Duke: All eyes on me
“Don't overthink this, look in my eye, Don't be scared, don't be shy.
Come on in, the water's fine.”
Damian: Don’t wanna know
“Is there anyone out there or am I all alone?
It wouldn’t make a difference still, I don’t wanna know.”
And a Bonus:
Alfred: Any day now
“It'll stop any day now.”
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cassianisilliterate · 2 hours ago
Hello! I know many of you followed me for "Pages Stained with Coffee and Ink" but I've decided to private those post and rewrite it in a slightly differnt manner. I don't know how it will go but itll be out by Monday :)
Secondly, I will also be starting a Core-4 Young justice series! So stay tuned for that aswell!
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our-happygirl500-fan · 3 hours ago
Post reboot Babsgirl is not ‘ginger Steph’ but at the same time I cannot look at Babs being Batgirl in current comics without thinking “that should be Steph” but that’s more a Steph should be Batgirl & Babs should be Oracle point
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incorrectbatfamquotes · 5 hours ago
Stephanie Brown: I want to thank you for being so ruthless and cruel the other day.
Jason Todd: You'll have to be more specific...
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spiralcass · 5 hours ago
BatFamily GPAs
Dick: 3.0 (Smart and good kid, but not completely focused on school)
Jason: 4.0 (A neeeeeeeeerd, but not a super genius)
Tim: 1.5 (A super genius who couldn’t care less about school)
Steph: 3.5 (She’s got a LOT on her plate basically having to take care of herself, but dammit, she has to study hard if she’s gonna be a doctor)
Cass: 3.0 (Highly intelligent, but never studies and is only really interested by English, Drama, and Gym)
Damian: 4.0 (”I will not be outdone by TODD!”)
Duke: 3.5 (He had a 4.0 until his parents were Jokerized)
Harper: 3.5 (Same as Steph, but wants to be an engineer, not a doctor)
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If the batfam were to trialed in court what would there charges be.
Child endangerment
Cyber crime
Breaking and entering
Anything else????
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our-happygirl500-fan · 9 hours ago
On one hand calling reboot Babsgirl “ginger Steph” because DC regressed Barbara’s character to make her quirky & ‘relatable’ when DC already had a relatable Batgirl in Steph is inaccurate as Batgirl Steph was a more thought out & three dimensional character character than reboot Babs has ever been & to reduce Stephgirl to blonde version of Burnsides Babs is a disservice to Steph’s character & history.
On the other hand I cannot look at Babs being Batgirl without thinking “that should be Steph” but that’s mostly because I never got over Steph being thrown to the wayside for Babsgirl
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wlwjasontodd · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
expressive robins :) (+ nightwing)
The All New Batman: The Brave and The Bold, issue #13
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transrobins · 15 hours ago
Some of my favorite arospec Batfam headcanons for Aggressively Arospec Week
Dick is demiromantic, demisexual, and bi. He doesn’t feel romantic attraction until he has a strong platonic bond with someone, and he’s never felt right in a relationship unless he would count them as a friend even without the romance. He also hates that he has a reputation for dating a lot of people
Jason is aroace, and doesn’t understand the appeal of romantic relationships. To him there’s no difference between a close friend and a romantic partner, so he really just doesn’t get what all the fuss is about. Multiple people have tried to explain it to him. He does not care, he’s simply vibing
Bruce is lithromantic, but he doesn’t have a word for it for a long time. He can’t figure out why relationships don’t feel right to him, why the spark seems to die as soon as the other person admits they also have feelings for him. When he finally figures it out, he talks to Selina about it and her response is “that explains so much”
Steph is aromantic bisexual and in a QPR with Cass. Her “crush” on Tim was just admiration that she mistook for romantic feelings (and it turns out he’s gay and ace anyway). She and Dick bond over being aspec & bi
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moosefrog · 16 hours ago
Jason: What's that on your face, brat?
Damian: *preens* What does it look like?
Jason: Honestly? Like you took eyeliner to your upper lip.
Damian: *scowls* I assure you, Todd, it is natural facial hair.
Jason: Naturally sparse and weird-looking.
Damian: *gasp* How dare you!
Dick: Good evening, Jason! Good evening, Damian! Oh, here, you've got something on your face, little D. *licks his thumb and tries rubbing at Damian's upper lip* Huh. It's not coming off.
Jason: Yeah, Dick. It's his ~mustache~.
Dick: Your... oh! Pardon me!
Damian: You are both dead to me.
Steph: Hey guys! Ready for patrol? You've got a little something on your face there, Damian.
Damian: is a mustache.
Steph: Is it tho?
Damian: *outraged squeak*
Jason: Puberty's a bitch when you're a bat.
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hintofelation99 · 18 hours ago
Swapping Costumes Pt. 1
Tim: They're gonna notice.
Steph: No one will notice.
Tim glares at Steph as he finishes putting on the Spoiler costume.
Steph: Wait, am I going condom head cowl or domino?
Tim: It doesn't look like a condom!
Steph gives him a skeptical look and Tim sighs in defeat.
Tim: Just put on the domino.
-> Later That Night <-
A gang is trying to break in to a jewelry store.
Tim dressed as the Spoiler using a high pitched voice: Stop! I'm here to... uh... spoil you!
Gang Member 1: Is that some random person dressed as Spoiler?
Tim, voice cracking as he tries to go higher in pitch: No.
Gang Member 2: Really, cause you look pretty different? And you sorta sound weird.
Tim: I... uh, have a cold. And I, um, I got a haircut.
Gang Member 3: Yeah, prove it! Prove you aren't just some random citizen
Tim: Ok.
Tim takes them all down in less than a minute.
Tim: Believe me now?
Gang Member 1: Yup. Not a random citizen.
-> Later later that night <-
Riddler is loose being all riddley.
Steph dressed as Red Robin, with her hair in a messy bun, using a deep voice: Stop Riddler! For it is I Red Robin, here to save the day!
Riddler: No.
Steph: Yes.
Riddler: No, you are not Red Robin.
Steph: How would you know?
Riddler: Red Robin doesn't have long blonde hair.
Steph: I dyed it. And got it cut, and styled.
Riddler: What? That- no, Red Robin has short black hair, not long blonde hair.
Steph: Agree to disagree.
Riddler: No! You are not Red Robin!
Steph: But I'm wearing the costume. Isn't that all it takes?
Riddler: No! Er, well I- I don't know?
Steph: Because I mean, Robins change like every week. So do you just need the costume? Could I go to party city and get Batman costume then be Batman? Or does he have to declare me Batman? And can there be two of the same vigilantes at once? Like that time that everyone just decided to be Robin. Were they all Robin? Were none Robin? Were some Robin?
Riddler, sitting down and pulling out a notebook: You make some good points... I- I'm not sure. Wait is this a riddle? Or is this just a philosophical debate?
Steph: Why not both? Really what's the difference? I mean where-
Riddler: Stop! No, one riddle at a time please.
Steph: Ok, ok. Uh, would you mind solving that in Arkham?
Riddler, furiously scribbling in his notebook, looking up confused: What? Oh, uh yeah, sure.
-> After Patrol <-
Steph: So, did anyone notice?
Tim: Nope, not at all. You?
Steph: Nope. Told you know one would know.
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batfamily-recs · 18 hours ago
Rating: General Audiences
Archive Warning: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Category: Gen
Fandom: Batman - All Media Types
Relationship: Stephanie Brown & Dick Grayson
Characters: Stephanie Brown, Dick Grayson
Additional Tags:
Humor, DrivingCars, this is funny !!!!!!!!!!!!! not sad at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not sad!!!!, im lying, its sad
Language: English
drivers ed
steph has a strange encounter in the wayne manor kitchen while she's sipping her juice box. dick just wants to be updated when his frikin' dad adopts more kids, like, come ON bruce.
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hintofelation99 · 18 hours ago
Descriptions Pt. 2
Interviewer: How would you describe Nightwing?
Red Hood: Annoying.
Nightwing: Rude!
Red Robin: I thought you weren't allowed to be in the room for your own description?
Batman: You aren't. Nightwing, wait outside.
Nightwing: But it's so lonely out there!
Red Hood: Can I add clingy to my answer?
Nightwing, getting shoved out of the room by Batman: Hey!
Batman pushes Nightwing out of the room, closes and locks the door behind him.
Spoiler: Now that that's done, I'd describe Nightwing as bossy. But when he's not being bossy he's fun!
Batman: He's not bossy, he is a good and strong leader.
Signal: I'd actually agree with that, Nightwing isn't super bossy unless he's being Batman. As Batman Nightwing is cranky and bossy, but I think that's just like, a Batman thing.
Interviewer: Wait, are you saying that at one point Nightwing was Batman? Do you trade identities often?
Oracle, completely ignoring the interviewer: I'd say he's whiney, but not a bad kisser.
Red Hood: Eeewwwwww!
Black Bat: Sunshine.
Red Robin: Annoying sunshine.
Robin: I would say his description can be narrowed down to bossy, clingy, and annoyingly sunny.
Interviewer: Ouch. Seems a bit harsh?
Red Robin: I mean it's all true. But just because those words have negative connotations doesn't mean they're always bad. He's bossy but that also means when a situation falls apart he's able to step up and put it back together, or at least try to put it back together.
Oracle: Exactly, like yeah he's clingy. But that also means after our break up he worked to mend the relationship enough so that we could be on decent terms.
Signal: And he's good about checking in on other's emotional states. Also if you're sad he gives good hugs.
Robin: Tt. While Nightwings sunny demeanor can be annoying, it does also help to make others feel welcomed. He is not easily put off by... prickly personalities.
Black Bat, giggles and looks at Robin: Or stabby brothers.
Spoiler: Yeah, he's annoying, but he's also pretty cool. Oh and the whole swapping identities thing? Yeah we do that a lot!
Batman: No, we don't.
Spoiler: No, we do, we just don't tell you.
Batman just glares at Spoiler
Black Bat, pokes Batman's forehead: Cranky bat.
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batfam-nalu-onepiece · 19 hours ago
Mr. Freeze turns over a new leaf
The way they finally help Mr.Freeze turn his life around is they send in Cass, not in her superhero outfit, to Mr. Freeze and she hugs him to warm his heart. It works flawlessly, Mr. Freeze quotes the entire scene from “The Santa Clause” without knowing it and Cass does too.
I’m Stephanie’s words “Cass is just as cute, adorable and sweet as Lucy, if not more so, so why wouldn’t it work? It’s better than beating him up and sending him to Arkham only to have him escape again”
Bruce was hesitant at first but he couldn’t deny how magical her hugs are and was confident in her ability to warm his heart
It worked so well that not only did her change his life for the better, he was cured and no longer has to live in an environment with sub zero temperatures. He can live a happy, normal life because of her hug but continues to try and find a way to save his wife, only this time with legal means
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our-happygirl500-fan · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today in DC Comics History,  Stephanie Brown, Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl, first appeared in Detective Comics #647 (June 23, 1992)
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our-happygirl500-fan · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On this day in #Comics in 1992 Stephanie Brown made her first appearance in Detective Comics #647
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