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laresearchette5 minutes ago
Saturday, May 15, 2021 Canadian TV Listing (Times Eastern)
WHERE CAN I FIND THOSE PREMIERES?: SWEET CAROLINA (W Network) 9:00pm RACE FOR THE VACCINE (CNN) 9:00pm NEW TO AMAZON PRIME/CRAVE/NETFLIX CANADA/CBC GEM: AMAZON PRIME BLACK FOX: AGE OF THE NINJA HE WHO CAN鈥橳 MARRY (Season 1-2) JUHO 2405 REASON OF MY DEATH (Season 1) LET鈥橲 ENJOY KENYA SAFARI LIKE A POPULAR ONLINE TOUR! (Season 1) TUCK JAGDISH MLS SOCCER (TSN4) 1:00pm: NYCFC vs. Toronto FC (TSN4) 7:00pm: Atlanta vs. CF Montreal NBA BASKETBALL (TSN) 2:30pm: Heat vs. Bucks (TSN5) 3:00pm: Lakers vs. Pacers (TSN/TSN5) 5:30pm: 2021 Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement (TSN) 10:30pm: Hornets vs. Knicks NHL HOCKEY (SNWest/SNOntario/SNEast/SNPacific) 3:30pm: Canucks vs. Oilers (SN/CBC/Omni) 7:00pm: Bruins vs. Capitals 聽- Game #1 2021 PREAKNESS STAKES (TSN3) 5:00pm MLB BASEBALL (SN1) 7:00pm: Phillies vs. Jays RUGBY (TSN2) 8:00pm: Toronto Arrows vs. Houston SaberCats A BUNDLE OF TROUBLE: AN AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERY (CTV) 8:00pm: Aurora Teagarden and her boyfriend Martin are thrilled when they get an unexpected visit from his niece and her new baby. Their excitement is short lived when his niece disappears and the baby is left behind. YUKON HARVEST (APTN) 8:00pm: Chronicling the adventures of Indigenous hunting guides in the Yukon, Canada. BEWARE OF MOM (Lifetime Canada) 8:00pm: A woman tries to save her teenage daughter from a wild neighborhood mother who wants to steal her away. MINOR DETAILS (Super Channel Heart & Home) 8:00pm: Four girls join forces to find a solution to a mysterious illness that has befallen students and faculty at their school. GOING NATIVE (APTN) 8:30pm: 聽After exploring Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park and its 800-year-old Pueblo cave dwellings, Drew then reveals how cutting-edge Indigenous architects are drawing lessons, and designs, from their own tribal past. SOUND OF METAL (Crave) 9:00pm: A drummer's life gets turned upside down when he suddenly loses his hearing. RUPAUL鈥橲 DRAG RACE DOWN UNDER (Crave 3) 9:00pm: The queens are split in two, as they compete in the ultimate girl group sing-off. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (Investigation Discovery) 10:00pm (SEASON PREMIERE):聽 When doomsday prepper Steve Mineo is expelled from Sherry Shriner's cult, he tries to protect his girlfriend from online attacks and winds up dead. HOT ONES (Global) 1:00am/1:30am: Guy Fieri/Neil deGrasse Tyson
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readyfreddy7 minutes ago
It was a good regular season boys
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thepassionthatunitesusall8 minutes ago
On one hand, I don't care about this game
On the other hand, I very much do care about this game
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leafs-forever8 minutes ago
Fun fact: the leafs had the lead for most of the game
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so-writing12 minutes ago
He Loves You Not - Jamie Oleksiak (preview)
Tumblr media
SHIAT is wrapping up and this is what is next up!
Other women and men hitting on your man had never been something that bothered you. You were fully aware of the fact that Jamie was gorgeous and that other people that weren鈥檛 you wanted him.聽
The two of you had been going strong for almost two years and you were incredibly confident in your relationship until he began to rise to fame for the Stars.聽
It was like a flip switched on his behalf. Jamie used to always be home, spending his nights with you, but lately something had changed. He was barely there and you were worried that you were losing him.聽
Jamie Oleksiak had become a household name and you stayed an afterthought.
For now. 聽
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leafs-forever23 minutes ago
Dear hockey gods,
Please help Morgan Reilly get his shit together before Thursday so they can win the series
Sincerely, every single leafs fan
Ps. I don't want to speak for EVERY SINGLE leafs fan, but im like 97% sure they all want the same thing
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joelsfarabees24 minutes ago
fwb part three- sidney crosby
Tumblr media
word count-2k+ | warnings- none i believe| join my taglist| gif credits to owner. gif is not mine.|pronouns used: they/them| not proofread but enjoy!
鈥淚 want you to meet geno.鈥澛
Those were the words that had been ringing through your head for the past few hours since sidney said them to you. A simple six word sentence, yet it held so much meaning behind it, sidney didn't have to tell you that for you to know.Geno is his best friend, everyone knows that. It had been two and a half months since you and Sidney had confessed your feelings for each other. You had grown closer since that night, even going to games of his in his jersey,a gift from him of course. You spent so much time at his home and vice versa, although he had never come over when Jaz was home.
You had agreed to meeting geno after the next game sidney invited you to. Before the game had started you were sitting in the stands fidgeting nervously until Sidney skated your way and pressed his glove to the glass after kissing it. You did the same before he skated away mouthing a quick good luck and making a heart with your hands in his direction.
A few hours later the game ended with another win under the penguins belt. You walk towards where Sidney said the dressing rooms are located waiting patiently. Not even ten minutes later, Sidney walked out with Geno by his side, both with smiles on their faces. Sidney spots you and immediately rushes your way and wraps his arms around your waist pressing a kiss to your forehead. Pulling away he starts to introduce geno to you.
鈥淕eno, this is y/n. Y/n this is geno.鈥 he said with a smile adorning his face. Geno holds his hand out and brings you into a quick hug. 鈥淗i geno. Great job out there tonight.鈥 you congratulate him after seeing him get a goal earlier that night. 鈥淭hanks y/n.鈥 he says as the smile on his face widens and a twinkle in his eye. 鈥淩eady to go?鈥 he questions. With a confused look you turn towards sidney, 鈥済o where? What did you tell me?鈥 you say with a laugh. Sidney shakes his head before explaining that Geno wanted to take you and Sid out for a late dinner, to get to know you better. Nodding, 鈥淵eah lets go.鈥 you murmur happily.
Half an hour later you,sidney, and geno were sitting at a table at sidneys favorite restaurant. All three of you laugh till your cheeks are hurting from smiling and faces are warm from laughing. Geno had been making jokes all night trying to make you feel more comfortable around him, having sensed your anxiousness beforehand. You鈥檇 gotten up and headed towards the bathroom after finishing your food for the night.
鈥淚 like them. Seems good for you.鈥 geno said when you were out of sight. Sidney could have sworn his heart got bigger at his comment. Happy that his best friend approved of the person he was slowly falling for. He hadn't wanted to fully admit it yet, still hurt from his last relationship, but he knew he was falling. He was falling for y/n l/n hard, and he could only hope you were doing the same. 鈥淭hanks geno, really. Means a lot to me.鈥 Sidney stumbles over his words still lost in thought about you, a lovestruck smile on his face. This wasn't what was meant to happen between the two of you he thinks, he is glad it did though. Thinking about it now he doesnt think he could have done just no strings attached. He is sure that he would have fallen for you eventually. Moments later you're back at the table resting a hand on top of sidneys while talking about something new with geno. The feeling of your hand on his breaks Sidney out of his thoughts. It鈥檚 only when a waitress comes over and says it鈥檚 closing time that the three of you get up to leave.
When you鈥檙e all out in the parking lot, you and geno say your goodbyes to each other before you get into the passenger side of sidney's car, letting him and geno have their 鈥榖ro moment鈥 with each other.
Once Sidney gets settled in the car he faced you and just stared. He didn鈥檛 think that tonight could have gone any better than it had. 鈥淪 was it? Did you have a good time? Did you li-鈥 you cut him off with a laugh, 鈥渋t was fantastic sid, he鈥檚 amazing. Thank you for introducing me to him. I know how important he is to you.鈥 鈥淵ou know, he never liked my ex, at least not half as much as he likes you.鈥 Sidney mumbles, 鈥 i鈥檓 glad he likes you more y/n. I know i definitely do.鈥 And with that, Sidney started the drive back to his home where you would be spending the night.
The next morning you woke up before sidney, which almost never happens due to his busy schedule. You decide to take this time and admire him while he sleeps. All the tension left from his face, his chest slowly rising and falling. You know that with his one thousandth game coming up today, he was getting more and more nervous about it, but you believe in him, you know he can do it. You decide you wanna make him a special breakfast for the day so when he wakes up he doesn't have to worry about it.
Once you're in the kitchen, you get all the ingredients to make his favorite pancakes. You immediately start cooking in hopes that Sidney will still be asleep when you鈥檙e finished. Unfortunately for you sidney wakes up and finds you in the kitchen half way through you cooking. 鈥淲hat are you up so early for baby?鈥 he mutters, only out of bed because when he reached for you he hadn鈥檛 found you. 鈥淚 wanna stay with you for as long as possible today beforei gotta go to the rink.鈥 he says into your neck, wrapping his arms around you. 鈥淕o back to bed. I wanna make this special since it鈥檚 your special day.鈥 you shoo him away. Holding his hands up in surrender, 鈥渁lright, alright, you better be back in bed soon. It鈥檚 cold without you.鈥 he pouts. You nod before finishing the cooking and bringing it all to Sidneys room for him.
鈥楾a daaa.鈥 you say in a sing-song voice, making Sidney grin. Which only widens when you hand him the plate and what you say to him after. 鈥淗ey sid, i know how stressed you鈥檝e been the past few weeks but i know you are gonna be amazing tonight. Win or lose. I鈥檒l be cheering you on and you know I will be. I am so sorry I can't come to the game tonight but thanks for letting me be part of your special day either way handsome.鈥 With tears filling his eyes,he pulls you close to him muttering his thanks over and over. You smile while watching him eat the breakfast you had made him thinking about how excited you were for that night. You told him that you weren't able to come to the game that night because of work, but you had actually contacted geno and had it set up so you could surprise him. 鈥淭ime for you to get ready for your big day babe.鈥 you say excitedly.
It was finally time. You made sure everything was perfect beforehand. Sidney was watching his tribute video, teary eyed but the biggest smile you鈥檇 seen before adorning his face. It was finally the ending of the video which made you sigh in relief. Sidney thought the video had ended but when he hears your voice his head pops up immediately, watching the screen carefully. 鈥淗ey sid, i hope you know how proud of you i am. You鈥檒l do fantastic tonight鈥︹ after a few more moments of your video you say one last thing,鈥滺ey sid? Turn around for me would you?鈥 confused he whips his head around , he sees you standing there in his jersey, with tear filled eyes you rush towards him and jump into his arms. 鈥淲hat are you doing here y/n? I thought you had to work?鈥 laughing you shake your head, 鈥渘ope, had to make sure i was here for your big day. Now get out there and kick some ass for me yeah?鈥
You go towards the dressing room after the game, a big smile on your face, happy that sid was able to win his one thousandth game.
鈥淗ey love.鈥 you heard from behind you pulling you out of your thoughts. Whipping around, you come face to face with a smiley Sidney, as happy as you think you had ever seen him. He picks you up into a hug and spins you around. 鈥淕imme your phone, I wanna take a picture of us to remember this night.鈥 he says as he puts you back down. You pull your phone out of your bag and open the camera for him while he pulls you close and takes picture after picture of you together. He takes one of him kissing your cheek, one of you kissing his cheek, one of you both making funny faces at the camera, and the list goes on, but he calls geno over to take one last photo of the two of you hugging. 鈥淚 think it鈥檚 safe to say we won't be forgetting this night any time soon huh sid?鈥 you tease looking through the photos he took. 鈥淟ets head back to my place now yeah?鈥 he asks after saying his goodbyes to geno. You nod grabbing his hand leading him into the parking garage.
Once you and Sidney are finally back at his home,you lead him into the kitchen where you had some of his favorite food prepared for him ahead of time, thanks to jaz who came over during the game to make it, and sat him down to celebrate the night. After you had both finished you led him towards the bedroom to celebrate his win a bit more for the night.
The next morning you wake up with a smile on your face and a soreness between your legs from the night before. Sidney had his arms wrapped around you and they only tightened when you tried to get up. You nudge him softly mumbling his name, 鈥渟id, i have to pee let me up鈥 only to hear a groan in response, 鈥淔ive more minutes baby, please.鈥 laughing you agree, 鈥渙nly five more minutes okay we both have to be up soon anyway.鈥 you feel him hum into your neck in response 鈥渨hatever you say baby, love being here with you.鈥 your heart flutters at his statement , not quite sure if he really meant it considering he was still half asleep but you told yourself that he did mean it.
Five minutes later, just as promised, Sidney let you up and woke up for the day as well. You come out of the bathroom to the welcoming scent of sidneys cooking, walking through his room you grab a random hoodie of his and throw it over your bare body as you leave the room. You find Sidney at the stove and walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist while pressing kisses to his bare back. 鈥淢ornin baby.鈥 you mutter into his back. He turns around in your hold and picks you up, wrapping your legs around him, clinging onto his body like a koala was one of your new favorite things. You hadn't done it many times before but each time was just as special as the last. 鈥 that my hoodie babe?鈥 he teases, knowing it is his with his number on the sleeve. 鈥淢hm it鈥檚 soft. And it鈥檚 mine now.鈥 you joke. With a laugh in his voice sidney agrees, 鈥測eah okay baby okay.鈥 with a shake of his head he sets you back on the ground and turns around to finish his cooking. 鈥淗ey sid,鈥 you call out with a smirk, 鈥測eah babe?鈥 he questioned, 鈥渘ice ass.鈥
taglist- @samsteel @joshsandersons @stars-canucks @2manytabsopen @only-goalies-allowed @passthehockeyplease @sidscrosbyy
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ana-benn25 minutes ago
A soft jb thot. Asking him to read your book to you while you're all cuddled up in his lap. Also, do you like to read? Do you have a fave book or genre? - 馃槇
I love to read! I read a lot of stories about found family or mysteries.
Your eyes ached from staring at a screen all day, and you head is pounding. You found yourself just laying on the couch waiting for Jamie to bring you food and water. You felt weak and shaky, even as you ate, you felt your headache slowly subside.
"What can I do to help you feel better honey?" Jamie asked.
"I want to read, but also keep my eyes closed," you groaned dramatically.
Jamie chuckled quietly, "You want me to read for you?"
You nodded pathetically, laying your head in his lap. "Can you play with my hair?"
Jamie nodded, as he moved the bookmark from your book. He stroked your head as he read aloud to you. You hummed as you nuzzled into his thigh.
Eventually you felt yourself drifting off to sleep, completely content and feeling a million times better.
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hockey-shit-idk36 minutes ago
Updated video of Kaner's goofy ass laugh LMAO (beginning is a little out of sync but the new ones aren't lol)
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honeybearbarzal36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
From Here To There- M. Seider
a/n: im so happy y鈥檃ll liked chapter 1! i hope that you will enjoy chapter 2 just as much. please reblog if you can!
pairing: Moritz Seider (detroit redwings) x fem!reader
summary: Moritz comes back to campus after Christmas break and has somethings to get off his chest. Hopefully nobody will get in his way.
trigger warnings: curse words, sadness, smut, tears being shed and verbal fighting.
wc: 5.3k
songs for this fic: These Days, by Wallows, Untouchable, by Taylor Swift.
Chapter 2: Ain't Nothing That Taylor Swift Can't Fix
Taking off his heavy gear, Moritz ran a hand through his sweaty hair as he sighed. Closing his eyes, Moritz slammed his fist into the lockers out of frustration. 鈥淔uck!鈥 He screamed, both from pain and from anger. He had just gotten thrown out of a game for fighting, and he wasn鈥檛 happy about it at all.
Moritz had a temper. It didn鈥檛 take much to set him off. Just one little comment and he鈥檚 dropping gloves and sending his opponent to the ground.
Moritz stripped down to just his compression leggings and his under shirt, throwing his jersey and shorts in the hamper to be washed. He watched the game clock on the wall and counted down the seconds with it. Hearing the roar of the crowd when the game finished, the chatter of his teammates as they walked down the hall and into the locker room. Moritz greeted them with a dull smile, waiting to get a stern look from the coach.
Coach Pearson congratulated the young men on yet another win. Coach Pearson felt confident about this season. He thought that he had a good enough team to go and win it all this year, he was sure of it. But he couldn鈥檛 do that if one of his best players kept getting into fights and getting put into the box every game.
Coach Pearson let his boys out early, waiting until the room was clear to talk to Moritz. He stayed seated on the leather cushion that was in his locker, watching as his coach sat down in front of him. 鈥淢 gotta quit with the fighting.鈥 Pearson said sternly, taking off his suit jacket and laying it across his knee.
The young German hung his head, keeping his expression dull and his hands in his lap. 鈥淚 understand,鈥 he responded, picking up his head and then making eye contact with his Coach. Moritz felt embarrassed; far too many times he鈥檚 let his emotions get the best of him. And not just in hockey鈥
鈥淲e can鈥檛 win the conference, or even the whole thing, if my best player keeps getting penalties every ten minutes.鈥 His words struck a nerve. Coach thought he was the best player? If you were to ask Moritz how he felt about that, he would say no right away. He鈥檚 a team player, never ever wanting to put himself on a pedestal. He does everything he can to help his team win, and if that means giving up a shot he knows he can make to someone else, to get them a point, then he鈥檚 gonna do it.
Moritz remembers his coach from his early teen years, saying unselfish players are the ones that get the stars. That鈥檚 what he鈥檚 tried to be ever since he picked up a hockey stick. A star.
鈥淕o home Mo, get some rest and come back with a fresh attitude tomorrow. We have some work to do.鈥 Coach Pearson hit Mo on the shoulder a couple of times before walking out of the locker room.
Moritz really needed to get his act together. Because if he didn鈥檛, he was going to lose hockey and the girl he loved. Not a good start to the new year.
Y/N hadn鈥檛 patched things up with Moritz completely yet. After the halloween party, they didn鈥檛 speak to one another for nearly a month. Moritz would text her and ask a couple of questions about the classes they had together, or directions around campus. But that was it.
It wasn鈥檛 until Moritz went home for Christmas where he realized how much in the wrong he actually was. And he promised himself, as well as his mom, that he would make things right with her. Moritz told his mom everything, so it was only right that he told her about Y/N, the pretty girl he met at college. He told his mom how in love with her he was, and how despite that, he managed to make a wrong decision and break her heart, leaving her hanging off a cliff like a vine.
鈥淢oritz, you can鈥檛 let the people you love out of your life. You always want to keep them in arms reach,鈥 she said, while hugging her eldest son close to her. Even though what she said contradicted her real life, considering that her baby boy was across the sea in a different country, she knew that he was just a phone call away.
When he got back to Ann Arbor, the first thing he needed to do was find Y/N, after putting his things away of course. He was jet lagged, his limbs were tired, and his eyes were heavy but he knew that he wouldn鈥檛 be able to sleep if Moritz didn鈥檛 make things right with her. And Moritz liked sleep.
You up?
Moritz it鈥檚 not even dark out, yes I am awake.
Can I come over? I have something to tell you
Yeah, sure that鈥檚 fine. Jennifer is here tho
I鈥檒l meet you in the common area downstairs, is that okay?
Yes! Yes, that鈥檚 fine
Moritz waits a few moments, because he would hate for her to find out that he was already outside of her dorm. Waiting five minutes Moritz then walks through the glass doors and finds her in the common area by the vending machines.
鈥淵ou know, if I had a dollar for every time this thing ate up my change and didn鈥檛 give me my chips, I'd have enough to buy everything here.鈥 Moritz chuckled, sitting down in the vinyl chair across from her.
Is it weird that Moritz missed her? Because he did. Sure, he missed his teammates and he missed playing hockey for two and a half weeks but, he missed Y/N the most. He missed her smile, her quick remarks and her voice. He missed the way she smelled and the way her apartment felt like home. Moritz missed Y/N, and he wasn鈥檛 sure if that was good for him.
The silence between them is awkward, the tension could be cut with a knife. He鈥檚 staring over at her, not in a creepy way. She鈥檚 looking back over at him while she opens up the candy bag that fell down from the spiral it was stuck in. 鈥渟o, how was your christmas?鈥 she asks, breaking up the silence.
鈥淚t was good, got to see some family. I missed my mom so it was nice to see her. What about you?鈥 he returned, relaxing more into the chair. Though, he wasn鈥檛 completely relaxed. If he was he鈥檇 have his feet propped up and would have his back slouched. But instead he鈥檚 sitting upright with his right calf resting on his left knee.
鈥淚t was okay, home isn鈥檛 what it used to be.鈥 Moritz frowns slightly at her response, wanting to know more to the story. But, it wasn鈥檛 his place to know. So he fought off the urge to ask. 鈥淏ut you had something you wanted to say?鈥
Moritz takes a deep breath and moves his leg, setting his elbows on the top of his thighs. He quickly gets up and goes to sit on the edge of the table that鈥檚 in between them and looks into her eyes; she can tell he鈥檚 serious. If she wasn鈥檛 in love before, she was now.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry- for everything. For ghosting you, for...fuck, for taking advantage of you and for making you feel like. Like a..鈥
鈥淟ike a whore?鈥 Moritz shutters a little bit. Did he really make her feel that way? If so, he鈥檒l go ahead and walk into the ocean.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, i forgive you.鈥 Y/N says before Moritz has the chance to speak again. She takes his bigger hand in her own, her thumb rubbing over his soft skin. She gave him a small smile and that calms his nerves.
鈥淗ow can i make it up to you?鈥 Moritz asks, resting his head on the palm of his other hand. She thinks for a moment, lacing their fingers together as she contemplated her decision. 鈥淵ou could buy me dinner? I鈥檒l let you pick the place.鈥
He smiles and nods his head. Standing up Moritz looks down at her and smiles, trying his hardest to resist the urge to lean down and give her a kiss. 鈥淟et me go get my keys, wait here.鈥 Y/N leaves Moritz waiting in the common area while she turns the corner to the stairwell, walking up both flights to her dorm room.
鈥淟ong time no see,鈥 Moritz hears a voice from in front of him. He picks his head up and sees the girl who made his head spin in the wrong direction in the latter half of last year: Cameron. He noticed that she鈥檚 changed, and not in a good way. She cut her hair to the same length that Y/N had it. She wore clothes that were similar to hers, and she even was wearing a pair of shoes that Moritz would bet money on that Y/N had.
Moritz gives her a nod and she smiles down at him, 鈥淚 thought you were gonna be in Germany still?鈥 She asked, her head tilting to the side a little. Moritz held his breath as she stood in a way that made her hip stick out. She wore a v-neck shirt and anyone who wasn鈥檛 blind could see her tits. Moritz didn鈥檛 want to judge her...but he was.
鈥淎re you doing anything later?鈥 Cameron asked him. Moritz sat up straight in the chair and swallowed his spit, 鈥測eah i鈥檓 actually eating dinner with Y/N later.鈥 she nodded her head and closed her lips together. Walking off in another direction without saying a word Moritz took a sigh of relief. Hopefully that will be the last of her鈥
鈥淵ou have really good taste in music,鈥 Moritz complimented as he sat in the passenger seat of Y/N鈥檚 2017 Nissan Kicks (named Steve) that she got as a graduation present. The song These Days by Wallows played through her car as they cruised through the narrow streets of downtown Ann Arbor. Moritz once again felt comfortable around her, like he had known her for his entire life.
Y/N pulled into the parking lot of a small diner downtown. Turning off the music and putting the car in park, the pair walked in together, Moritz behind Y/N. The restaurant was small but it was often busy, being one of the best in town. Seating themselves at a table next to a window,
鈥淚 won鈥檛 order something super expensive, I promise.鈥 Y/N said with a grin. Moritz chuckled and looked over the laminated menu at all of the different options. 鈥淲hat are you gonna get?鈥 She asked him, as she had already decided what she was going to order.
鈥淭o be honest, I have never had anything on here before.鈥 Moritz confessed. Her eyes widened and her mouth was slightly ajar. He looked at her and giggled, feeling a little bad for disappointing her in such a way. 鈥淚- i honestly don鈥檛 know what to say.鈥
Soft old love songs played in the background while they waited on their food to arrive at their tables. Moritz couldn鈥檛 help but feel like he was in a movie. He wondered when his happy ending would come; when he would kiss the pretty girl under the stars, holding her hand and calling her his. Moritz would be lying if he said that he hadn鈥檛 thought about it a time or two. He did a lot of thinking over his break. He thought about how terribly bad he messed up and how he made things right. Hopefully that鈥檚 what he鈥檚 doing right now, making things right.
He also thought about that night they spent together. How he was the first person to ever taste her according to her word. How Moritz was the first one to see her, taste her, smell her, feel her. And he thought about how she was the first person to taste him as well. The first person to feel him and see him. Moritz would like to know if she鈥檚 thought about it. Because he definitely has.
鈥淎re you excited for the season?鈥 she asked him, dipping one of her fries into the ketchup she poured out onto her plate. Moritz took a bite of his burger that Y/N encouraged him to get, and after his first bite he swore it was probably the best thing he鈥檇 ever eaten. Moaning at the taste he swallowed his food, closing his eyes and leaned his head back. She laughed at his reactions, 鈥済ood, huh?鈥 Moritz nodded his head in response.
鈥淕od I'm gonna get fat while I'm here, aren鈥檛 i?鈥
Driving back to Moritz鈥檚 dorm room some soft tunes played through her car. Moritz made a mental note to ask her for her Spotify because she had such good selections in songs.
Pulling into an empty parking space in front of the building Y/N parked the car, looking over at the young hockey player she had gotten to know more the past hour. 鈥淪o, do you wanna get together and do homework next week?鈥 she asked.
Y/N wanted to make an effort to get comfortable with him again. The dinner helped, but she knew that it would take more than just one night. She knew that Moritz had something special that she didn鈥檛 want to let go of. She knew that Moritz was going places in life, and she wanted to be friends with him. Help him on that journey in any way that she could.
鈥淵eah, yeah that sounds great.鈥 Moritz mumbled. He was about to get out of her car and head inside when she stopped him by putting her hand on his arm. 鈥淚 don鈥檛鈥︹ she started, pausing to take a breath.
鈥淚 wanna, try things again with you. I know I shouldn't, I've heard it from Jennifer for the past three months. I shouldn鈥檛 go back to you because you hurt me...but damnit Moritz you鈥檙e just too cute.鈥 Moritz blushed, but he cannot ignore the pit in his stomach. He hates making people feel bad. He despises the fact that Y/N was heartbroken because of his own stupid actions. Moritz thought with his dick instead of his brain, and he swore to never do it again.
鈥淚鈥檒l give you a second chance, but you鈥檒l have to earn it.鈥 She leaned on her elbows over the console, making eye contact with Moritz. His soft eyes make contact with hers and for a moment he feels like he鈥檚 seen an angel.
鈥淗ow would I have to earn it?鈥 He asked, his voice just above his whisper. He鈥檚 staring down at her lips. When he notices and takes his gaze away and puts it on your eyes.
鈥淛ust...don鈥檛 be a piece of shit. And then i鈥檒l let you know when i鈥檓 ready.鈥 Moritz grinned and nodded his head. He picked up her hand with his and brought her knuckles up to his mouth, pressing a light kiss there. She felt butterflies in her stomach. The insides of her thighs shook as he told her goodbye and got out of her car. Y/N watched him walk into the dorm building. Turning on the music she couldn鈥檛 help but scroll to the playlist that she made for him but hadn鈥檛 found the courage to send him. Pressing shuffle one of her favorite songs comes on. Smiling as she drove across campus m back to her dorm room she couldn鈥檛 help but imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship with him. To call him hers, and to be called his.
Parties. Y/N wondered how she kept finding herself here, and how she always ran into people she didn鈥檛 like. But she was however keeping herself occupied by watching the Frozen Four on the tv they had on outside. Some boys were outside watching and she wanted to see how Moritz was doing.
He wasn鈥檛 hard to spot at all. The tall defenseman always made his presence known out on the ice by having no problem knocking other players into the boards. The final minutes in the third period came down and if someone didn鈥檛 score it was going to go into OT.
Everyone outside held their breath, and as everyone was preparing for overtime a player wearing a green and gold jersey shot the puck into the net. Game over. Some of the men she was outside with yelled curses, one of them threw a beer bottle and the other turned the tv off.
Her heart sank. They were so close, and if they had just a few more minutes they could have probably scored again. Going back inside she wandered around, maneuvering her way through a sea of people to find Jennifer. Tapping her roommate on the shoulder the taller brunette turned around and looked at Y/N with a dazed look. 鈥淚鈥檓 headed back to the dorms,鈥 she said loudly over the music. Jennifer nodded her head, then turned her attention back to her boyfriend.
The drive home for Y/N was anything but peaceful. She wanted to give Moritz a call but she didn鈥檛 know if he would be able to answer it. She wishes she could have gone to the game, and maybe they would have won. Moritz called her his lucky charm, because every game she had gone to they had won. Maybe she could have made the nearly ten hour drive...she would be lying if she didn鈥檛 think about it.
Before she got out of her car she texted Moritz. She typed and retyped about fifteen times making sure that she got the right words out before she pressed the blue arrow to send it.
I just wanna let you know how proud i am of you. You played such a great season, you鈥檒l be back next year and kick their ass. I know it.
She didn鈥檛 expect a text back any time soon so she walked up to her room and started to get ready for bed. Y/N turned on some background music as she started her night routine, changing clothes and taking her makeup off. Walking down to the bathrooms to wash her face Y/N heard the phone ping, signalling a text message.
Thanks. I feel like shit right now, i could really use a hug. Can i call you?
Yeah, of course
A few minutes later her phone rang. She quickly put her things in her bag and turned off the faucet. Pressing the phone against her ear she greeted her...friend on the phone with a soft tone. 鈥淗ey Mo.鈥
Moritz felt his nerves calm down when he heard the silky voice of Y/N. He rests into wall of the hotel hallway that he鈥檚 standing in. 鈥淗ow are you feeling?鈥 he held his breath as he tried to piece together his response. He didn鈥檛 feel anything. Moritz felt numb.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know,鈥 he admitted. Moritz felt like he let down his entire team. Like everything he had worked for had just gone down the drain in a matter of minutes.
鈥淒o you wanna talk about it?鈥 she offered, heading back into her dorm room and setting her things down on the dresser in front of her bed. Plopping down onto the semi comfortable mattress she awaits his response. She hears some chattering and some noises going on in the background before he answers.
鈥淚 just wanted to hear your voice,鈥 he whispered. She鈥檇 never heard him speak like this, so quiet. Y/N could tell that he was in a very emotional state and she didn鈥檛 know how to react. 鈥淲e leave tomorrow, can you pick me up from the arena?鈥 his voice was trembling and his lips were quivering. What he would give for one of her hugs right now.
鈥淵eah, yeah of course.鈥 She hears him sniffle on his side of the phone and her heart breaks. I should have been there, she thinks to herself. 鈥淗ey, i鈥檒l see you tomorrow okay?鈥 she reminds him.
鈥淥kay,鈥 he says softly into the phone. Y/N is the first to hangup, and right after she does so she mumbles an 鈥榠 love you鈥 to herself. She wants to tell him, because every time they hang up the phone or they part ways she says it to herself. One of these days she鈥檒l say it out loud.
The next day arrives and the entire time she can鈥檛 keep still. She鈥檚 waiting for the text from Moritz saying that they had just pulled into town and they are headed to the Ice Arena. She tries to distract herself by reading and doing some more studying but she can鈥檛 focus. She鈥檚 too anxious.
Our flight just landed. We should be at the arena in a few minutes.
Y/N jumped out of her seat and grabbed her keys and ran out the door and down the stairs. She took the stairs because she got stuck in the elevator once and she swore to never go on it again.
Following several cars to the Ice Arena she found a parking spot and patiently waited to see the bus full of hockey players come into the parking lot. Her legs were bouncing up and down from anticipation. Y/N didn鈥檛 know why she was anxious, it鈥檚 not like she was meeting a celebrity.
By the time twenty minutes had gone by the bus had pulled into the parking lot and one by one sad young men stepped off the bus. She stood towards the back of the crowd waiting to spot her Moritz.
He made eye contact with her and displayed a shy smile. Excusing himself through the crowd of people he stood in front of Y/N and wrapped his arms around her. Leaning down so he could be as close to her as possible, he tucked his head into the crook of her neck.
He sniffles, not wanting to cry in front of a crowd of strangers he pulls away shortly but still keeps his hands on hers. 鈥淩eady to go back to my place?鈥 She asked, delicately rubbing her hands over his. Moritz nodded in response, turning around to get his bag from the bus. Patting a few teammates on the back, giving them hugs and sharing his thank you鈥檚. He set his duffle bag in the backseat of Steve and got in the passenger seat with a heavy sigh. She started the car and played some good music for the soul- Taylor Swift.
He smiled, knowing that Y/N probably had this planned and the playlist ready to go. Instead of taking the simple roads to the dorms Y/N got on the interstate and started driving. Where to, neither of them knew. Track after track the car was filled with Taylor's voice, ranging from her saddest song to her most popular and Y/N鈥檚 occasional humming.
They drove what felt like for thirty minutes until she pulled up to a rooftop parking garage. Putting the car in park they faced the sunset. The last few notes of the song faded out and the chords of Untouchable played through the speakers. Y/N gasped, turning the knob to turn the music up.
She got out of the car, 鈥渃ome dance with me!鈥 she giggled, standing on the empty pavement. He giggled to himself, opening the car door and stepping over to join her. Moritz stood in front of her, not really knowing what to do. She playfully rolled her eyes and chuckled, taking his hands in hers and pulling him closer to him.
She danced with Moritz to the tune of the music, stepping around in a circle as she quietly hummed to herself and looked up at the boy who she...loved. The boy who she loved.
Moritz spun her around and then pulled her close to him. When her chest was flush against his he leaned down cupped her cheeks with his hands, pressing his lips against hers. Both of them felt like they were in a movie; like time had stopped. Their lips moved together beautifully, his hands staying firm on her cheek.
Y/N moved her hands up to his head, her fingers tangling in his soft hair. He kissed her deeper, his tongue slipping into her mouth while his right hand slipped down to her waist to keep her body close to his.
Moritz is the first one to pull away, his thumb rubbing comfortable circles on her cheek. His eyes were blown a little and his cheeks were blushed, a sign to her that he was feeling the same way. He takes in a deep breath and before he gets the chance to say his feelings, Y/N beats him to it.
鈥淚 love you!鈥 she blurts out, biting her lip and smiling. Moritz chuckled and pushed her playfully, 鈥渋 wanted to say it first.鈥 he teased.
He pulled her back close to him and he gave her another sweet kiss. It quickly turned deep, Moritz taking control of the action. He turns her around and backs her up so she鈥檚 now against the car. He moans into her mouth when she slips a leg in between his, rubbing against his semi erection.
鈥淐an, can i?鈥
鈥淔uck me? Yes, you can.鈥 closing the driver side door, he opens the door to the backseat and pushes his duffle bag as far over as it will go. He鈥檚 quick to help her out of her thin Nike shorts, bunching them up and tossing them aside for the time being. He rubs her through her thin black underwear, palming her private area. She has one hand on the side of his face and the other playing with the band of his Adidas joggers. He pulled away momentarily, 鈥淚 don't have a condom.鈥
Y/N shook her head, 鈥渢hat鈥檚 okay, i鈥檓 on birth control.鈥 he nodded his head and mumbled a response under his breath, right before raising his hips up slightly so he could get his cock out of his pants. He sighed once it was finally freed, he slipped her panties to the side, circling her entrance with his middle finger. He pumped his fingers in and out of her hole slowly, her lips parting from his as he worked her open momentarily.
Pulling his fingers out of her body he couldn鈥檛 wait any longer. His cock was aching and he needed a release. He helped her sit down on his cock, slowly getting every inch of him inside her. He leaned his head back and moaned as he watched himself disappear inside of her sweet pussy. She sat there for a moment, feeling herself get adjusted to him. Grabbing her jaw by two fingers he pulls her down to kiss him lightly.
She started to move her hips slowly and though he was ashamed to admit it, Moritz could have cum right there. The feeling of her tight pussy clenching down on his cock sent him into orbit. He moaned with every move she did, his hands squeezing on her hips while she moved up and down. He dropped his hand to rub her clit, causing her to let out a squeal-like moan.
He continued rubbing her clit and it was enough to get her close to orgasm. She tucked her head into the crook of his neck, releasing her moans into the warmth of his skin. He is quick to cum inside her, letting out low moans and hot breaths as he moves her hips up and down onto his cock. He released his mess inside of her, feeling her clench around him.
鈥淪-sorry that was quick,鈥 he apologized, his voice quiet. She was about to respond but was interrupted when the starting notes of Shake It Off ran through the car. The pair looked at each other and laughed, 鈥渨ell that鈥檚 awkward.鈥
鈥淛ennifer, I have a problem.鈥 Y/N said, walking through the door of her dorm room. She stood in front of her roommate's bed with a panicked look on her face. 鈥淚 haven鈥檛 gotten my period and it was supposed to come last week.鈥
Jennifer perked up, closing her book after marking the page. Tossing it in front of her Jennifer looked at her friend, not wanting to judge but, wanting to at the same time. 鈥淲hen was the last time know鈥︹
鈥淟ike, a couple weeks ago? It was when Moritz came back.鈥 Jennifer rolled her eyes at the mention of the young hockey player. Y/N still didn鈥檛 understand why she didn鈥檛 like Moritz; he hadn鈥檛 said anything or done anything to maybe cross her path.
鈥淗ave you told him? You need to tell him. He has a right to know,鈥 she shook her head in response. 鈥淲ell I suggest you take a test and tell him. Not in that order necessarily but, still. I鈥檒l go buy you one if you want me to.鈥
鈥淣o, no that鈥檚 okay. I already bought one. I鈥檓 just, fuck. Nervous.鈥 Jennifer stood up and hugged her friend, squeezing her gently before letting go.
鈥淚f you want to invite him over, I'll leave and go hangout with Ben.鈥 Y/N nodded her head again. Jennifer grabbed her things and gave Y/N another hug before leaving. She called Moritz and he was more than happy to come over.
When the tall boy walked through the door he started to greet her with a kiss but she stuck her arm out, stopping him from doing so. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 he asked, putting his hands on her arms in an attempt to make her feel better.
鈥淚 uh, i have something to tell you. Sit down,鈥 Moritz did so, sitting on the bed in front of her. Nothing could have ever prepared him for what he was about to be told. 鈥淚 think I'm pregnant.鈥 Moritz鈥檚 expression didn鈥檛 change. His breathing pattern didn鈥檛 stop and his eyes didn鈥檛 leave hers. Moritz sat up straight, dropping his hands to his lap. He kept his mouth shut but his mind was racing a million miles an hour. 鈥淧lease say something,鈥 she whispered.
鈥淚...i don鈥檛 need this.鈥 he said, dropping his head and looking at the floor beneath him. Y/N stood in shock...did he just say that? 鈥淵ou need to get rid of it.鈥
Y/N felt nothing but rage run through her body. Her skin became hot as she opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Her brain was too foggy from anger. 鈥淲ho are you to tell me what to do? You should have thought about this before you got your dick wet, Moritz.鈥
鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 the only one who engaged with sex, Y/N! I don鈥檛 need a baby, and frankly you don鈥檛 either. We鈥檙e kids! Kids can鈥檛 have kids!鈥 Moritz argued, standing up to his full height in front of her. He kept his voice at a modest tone, but he could easily let it get out of hand if he wanted to.
鈥淕et out.鈥 Y/N stated, stepping aside so that he could leave. Moritz realized that his words hurt her and he went soft, his expression softening and his frame getting smaller. He stuttered over his words but it wasn鈥檛 something she wanted to hear. 鈥淕et out Moritz! Leave!鈥
Moritz dropped his head and left at her request, closing the door behind him. Y/N couldn鈥檛 believe it. She was in could he do this? How could he be so selfish? Y/N doesn鈥檛 know if she could give Moritz another chance...or if he deserves one.
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he bonk himself
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If they score on the powerplay, Mitch may have to take one for the team and take those 2 minutes off from now on
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Campbell is ... interesting when there are passes through the slot
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Petition to bench Morgan Reilly or something
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In case you're missing the Flyers and Patty and TK, I wanted to share my story, What Happens In Vegas. It's about 90k right now and is almost done. Less than 10k to go. Probably just two chapters. (But there's a sequel coming!)
After getting a hat trick in Vegas, TK receives a rude Instagram message from a 鈥渇an," telling him he should've played better. Turns out, it鈥檚 the same dude who鈥檚 been sending him semi-insulting tweets for a while鈥攏one other than @NolPattycake19. The dude鈥檚 a Fly or Fucking Die fan and TK鈥檚 perennial social media critic. AU.
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What the fuck Mo
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i want to start writing fic.... but i just know i鈥檓 a bad writer. so if you have any requests or whatever just drop it in the asks
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鈥淟eafs Nation, a jittery bunch when the playoffs approach, appears to have given him up for dead鈥
I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever heard a more true statement in my life and it鈥檚 so aggravating.
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