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olderthanthemorning · 13 minutes ago
champagne (peter parker)
pairing: peter parker x reader
summary: was the bottle of champagne a going away present or a plead to stay?
wc: 1.4k
warnings: alcohol (no drinking but like intention to drink?), one curse word
a/n: hey y'all ! this is based on the song "champagne" from in the heights. i really love the song, it's so beautiful and climactic but also really sad so i tried to turn it into something! as always, please send me stuff like feedback and requests!
your best friend. he was your best friend and now he was going to go work at stark industries, just like you guys always talked about. you were so proud of peter for getting that internship with tony stark, and you knew how excited he was for it, so why did your heart sink whenever you thought about it? childhood best friends did separate things all the time, what was one summer of peter in another city? it's not like it was one of the last summers you guys had together before real life took over. it's not like you had been waiting all year to spend this summer together and had made a list of things to do. it wasn't like that at all. except it was. but regardless of how it was, you had to be the person that supported him, because you knew he would've done the same to you. so there you stood, outside his place with a bottle of cheap champagne you had gotten your cousin to buy for you. you practiced your most genuine small once more and knocked, hearing shuffling inside.
the door swung open to reveal peter, with disheveled hair and a t-shirt that was just a little bit too small. he smiled at you. "is that the science fair t-shirt from freshman year?" he looked down at the ratty shirt, like he forgot he was wearing something that fit him like a tight crop top. "oh yeah..." he chuckled, "you know when you're packing and you can't decide if you should bring something so you try it on to see if you could picture yourself wearing it? i guess i got carried away." you walked past him into his apartment, looking around at your second home. "while it makes your muscles look huge, i'm not sure that will follow an engineering internship's dress code," you turn back to him so you can admire the smile he offered to your joke. you were careful to keep the bottle out of his line of vision, "I brought you something," you wiggled your eyebrows. "got any plans for the rest of the night?"
"just finishing my packing, i have an early morning tomorrow." he pulled his tiny shirt off and reached for another that was sitting on a box.
"come on, be done. it's your last night." you watched as he pulled the new, fitting, t-shirt over his head and down his torso.
"i know, but..."
"peter, please? you owe me one date before you go." he blushed and his eyes widened. peter had always been a bashful kid, you could remember an incident in elementary school when the woman serving them lunch had called him sugar, and he turned as pink as his strawberry milk.
"um yeah, yeah okay."
you revealed the bottle from behind your back, "to officially celebrate you. i thought it'd be very grown up of us. it's a little cheesy in hindsight i guess." you handed it to him.
"no," peter said a little too quickly, "thank you. i'm gonna open it."
"you're going to have so much fun this summer. it's just like we used to dream about, inventing things. and with tony stark? that's huge peter."
he chuckled nervously, "yeah, i'm lucky i was accepted. it will be good experience." he was focused on trying to get the foil off the neck of the bottle that was covered in condensation.
"lucky? don't pretend it was luck that got you that," peter's eyes shot to yours, "it's obvious why stark thought you were special." he looked down at the bottle again, moving slowly as to listen to what you might say next. "you're the smartest kid in our class, and the smartest person i know, which is saying something because i know myself." peter exhaled, and you got the feeling he had been holding that breath in for a few seconds.
"i just can't get this stupid thing open," his hands grabbed at the cork.
"here, let me help," you reached out your hand to take the bottle.
"no i got it, i can do it," his words came out harsh, but not in an angry way, in a desperate way. like he was trying to convince himself and not you.
"hey, it's okay," you placed your hands over his as they finally stilled.
"i'm just scared. what if i let someone down?" you realized how tired peter looked, and you suddenly felt bad for pestering him into plans. "what if i can't do my job well and i disappoint everyone?" you were slightly confused about why peter thought his unpaid internship was so high stakes, but when you saw how anxious you looked you pushed it aside. you pulled the champagne completely from his grasp and placed it on the table. then you returned to him and pulled a chair next to his, putting one arm around one of his shoulders and placing your chin on the other.
"that's not going to happen, peter. i know i said you're the smartest person i know, and you are. but more importantly, you're the most hardworking and passionate person i know. i've never seen you do anything half-assed." you both stayed silent for a few moments and listened to each other breathing, thinking about what to say next. "can i say something selfish?" you ask, your face still close to his, but not facing him.
"don't go."
"what?" he turned towards you, prompting you to pull away from his shoulder and look at him.
"stay here. you could easily find an internship here, especially since you have iron man's recommendation."
"usually you have to work for someone before they write you a recommendation," he says, his brow furrowed in confusion.
"you know what i mean."
"no, i don't."
"i'm trying to say you don't need this crazy far away job yet. plenty of people don't get internships like that for another two years."
"you're working this summer too remember?" you can hear a slight change in tone in peter's voice. it went from ignorant confusion to growing frustration in his confusion.
"please, i'm working in manhattan. i'm living at home, you're moving away. it's our last summer together for god knows how long, and you're leaving." it was true. you also had an internship, but you knew that this wasn't about work, and you thought peter might know that too.
"i can't just quit now, mr. stark is counting on me. i told you." you started to wish you hadn't said anything. not only was peter leaving but now you're last conversation you two was going to be an argument.
"i know but–" he cut you off.
"you told me to take the opportunity, i don't know why you're mad at me!"
"i'm not mad, i just–" this time you stopped yourself. you weren't mad. you were hurt. you were disappointed, in yourself, both for not saying anything earlier, and for saying anything at all. you were sad. you were heartbroken. so you did what you thought might give you some closure. you felt your legs carry you straight in front of peter and you kissed him.
the world felt like it stopped. it wasn't like fireworks like the movies always said. because while it was a first kiss, it was a goodbye kiss. the moment your lips touched his, you knew it was just one more thing for him to take with him when he left. the kiss was practically perfect. peter's arms went around your waist in a gentle but reassuring way. it wasn't hungry or lustful, it was textbook girl-gets-the-guy and they kiss in the rain at the end of the movie. it's like he had been waiting for you to do this. and it was all for nothing. you pulled away, after a beat you opened your eyes and met his, which were searching for an answer. "i'm just too late," you said, you tried to offer a small smile but you felt a lump form in your throat. you turned and walked towards the door. before turning the handle of the knob, you took a deep breath and looked back at him, your best friend. "i'm really proud of you peter," you waited a second and continued, "and i love you." you had both said these words before but now you both knew they meant something different. you closed the door behind you and walked down the hall, thinking about how peter would be saving the world this summer while you would be picking up the pieces to yours.
a/n part 2: ok so honestly i wrote this with a happy ending originally but i hated it so much so i stuck with angst. sorry about it. anyway, happy summer y'all. see you when i see you.
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ren-therose · an hour ago
Stuck In the Web (Pt. 1)
Peter Parker x Stark!Reader (WC: 3.3k)
Summary: For the first time, you meet and Peter meet face to face. He isn't sure he can trust you, but you are able to prove it to him, which sends you both into the middle of a mess.
Warning: Spoilers up until "SpiderMan: Far From Home", angst, blood, just a really dark plot with lots of context.
A/N: I have been working on this for over two months. It is probably going to be my most in depth series with a lotta, lotta plot. I don't know how many parts there will be, as there isn't necessarily an ending planned yet. But for now, I hope you enjoy a little story for you and our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.
(I have not proofed it yet. Will go back and edit)
The sun was creeping through the windows, illuminating the sleeping boy on the couch. The growing rays of light caused Peter Parker to stir from his slumber, bewildered by his seemingly random nap. As he rubbed his weary eyes, they quickly snapped open, taking in the eerily familiar surroundings. Sitting up, he looked around, and to his dismay, he recognized the haunting cabin he had been in before.
"Oh my am I, why am I..."
Peter started to hyperventilate, unable to finish his sentence, as he pushed himself off the cool leather couch. He was no longer in his spider-suit, but in a T-shirt that said "Stark Industries" and dark sweatpants. The oxygen in the air seemed to be dissipating from Peters surrounding area as he clambered over the back of the sofa and running to the kitchen, searching for any clues for how he got there. There was no one in the kitchen, and no discernable evidence as to how or why he was in his mentors cabin.
There was, however, a picture frame that caught his eye over by the sink. As he approached the picture, he stopped in his tracks when he realized what was it was.
The day Mr. Stark and I took photos for Aunt May at the "internship".
He pulled the frame off the shelf, a broken smile catching on his lips. His bottom one quivered, as he stared at the greatest father figure he'd had, but all he could see was him on the battlefield. He shook his head, placing the picture on the island and continuing his way to the back. His web shooters were still on his wrists, and he adjusted them to strike. As he walked towards the back of the cabin, he saw a door slightly cracked open at the end of the hall. He silently crept towards the door, pushing open with as much discretion as not to startle whomever was inside.
The first and only time he had been in the cabin was at Tony's funeral, so he didn't see much of the house. It hurt to much to still smell his expensive cologne, and tech all over. He was surprised to find a well lived-in bedroom, with paintings and decor across the room. Flowers on a dresser, a few candles and a large window looking out onto the lake. It was a very feminine room, but more mature than something Morgan would like. In the center, there was a full sized bed with a rust orange-colored comforter piled atop it. Peter walked around to the side and stumbled back upon his discovery. There was, in fact, a girl, quite close to his age, sleeping peacefully in the bed.
Hair sprawled out across the pillow, framing your face. Lips swollen from sleep and cheeks softly tinged with pink. You quietly stirred in the sunlight, and Peter couldn't help but admire the way you so easily slept. It wasn't the most threatening intruder he was expecting. Nevertheless, this is, or was, Tony's cabin and some strange girl was living in it.
As softly as he could, he backed up to the nearest wall, and started crawling up the back of the wall towards the ceiling. He allowed for a web to drip from his shooter down to your nose. It dragged back and forth across the bridge, causing a tickle to rise. You started to stir as the web continued to sweep across. When your eyes lulled open, you saw a boy above you on the ceiling.
"Peter, what the fuck!"
Startled by the girls response, the boy fell from the ceiling onto the bed where you were pulling yourself up to the head of the bed while Peter uncrumpled himself from his landing.
"Woah, woah, woah, are you okay? And also, you know my name? Who are you, but seriously, are you okay?" He said, signaling surrender with his hands, to show he wasn't a threat. You, on the other hand, was feeling like you could really be a threat to him.
Looking quizzically at him, you debated launching yourself across the room to beat the shit out of this ignorant boy, but decided against it, as you rolled off the bed, your over-sized shirt and shorts falling down to hang loosely on your figure.
"Where do you think you're going? Who are you?" the boy stuttered out. You shoved past him, making your way down the hall into the kitchen.
"Shut up Parker," you muttered, not knowing is he was actually listening. He chased after you with annoyance, considering how comfortable you were in Tony's cabin. You were at the coffee machine at this point, turning it on, and reaching for a mug. "Coffee?"
Before you could turn around, a gooey string of web was around your wrist and you were being pulled towards him with great momentum. He caught you, as you struggled against the webbing.
"Who. Are. You." he growled. It almost scared you, having never seen him in such an aggressive state, not even in the throws of a battle. It almost impressed you, but below your nonchalant facade, you were just as angry.
"All these years, and I am the only secret you didn't figure out, huh Peter?"
"What secret? Why are you here? Did you know Tony?" he said with dismay, unsure if he could trust this girl.
"Of course I knew Tony," you snap. "I am his-" you cut yourself short, your voice feeling caught in your throat. You weren't sure if you were ready to admit it outloud to anyone. "Listen, if you let me go, I can make us some coffee and we can talk, Spider-boy," you mock, lightly tugging against your restraints.
"First, tell me your name now," he demanded. "Please." he added quickly, seeing that this wasn't easy for you either.
"It's Y/N, okay?" you say.
"Y/N. I have never heard of you," he grumbled, letting go of your wrist
You stepped backwards to lean against the counter, pulling the remaining webs off you. "Like I said Peter, best kept secret," you shrugged, turning back to the coffee machine and mugs. You pulled two down, and noticed that the picture frame had moved slightly. You looked back at Peter, who was tracking his sight between you and the frame.
You nodded to the frame. "I remember that day. Tony came back particularly happy, saying that he couldn't wait for there to be a picture of him at you Aunt May's house; it was so weird," you chuckled, allowing the coffee to brew into the pot.
"You know my Aunt Ma-Oh shit, Aunt May! I gotta call her, she probably thinks I'm still-"
"I already called her. She knows where you are and she has been moved into protective service by Agent Fury. We can't have you contact her though; in fact, you can't contact anyone for a bit. You gotta lay low Peter." You were now pouring sugar into the mugs, as the silent drip off coffee created a strong aroma of java beans.
"Oh god...I really fucked up... how did I even end up here?" he probed, moving to sit on the stool under the counter.
"Oh," you started, shifting uncomfortably. "I, uh...well, after everything with that dick Mysterio, Happy knew that everyone would be after you, and they'd look to him to find you. So, that's why when you arrived at the compound, you kinda...ended up...knocked out..." you breathed out, worried how he might take the news.
You stared at you, questions racing behind his eyes. As he began to speak, the coffee maker beeped. You spun back around, pouring the coffee into the mugs.
"Okay, but I still don't know who you are Y/N. How did you know Tony?"
You sighed, walking towards the fridge and pulling out creamer. You could feel his gaze on you, watching the way your body language shifted.
"Y/N, you seem to know more about me than I probably would ever want someone to, and yet I only know your name. Tony obviously trusted you, so I will too. But you have to trust me in return" he said, shifting awkwardly in his stool. You had finished pouring the creamer, and were slowly stirring the coffee as you listened. If only he knew how much it all weighed on you.
Picking up the mugs, you walked over to Peter and sat next to him, setting a mug in front of the boy. "What do you want to know?"
[Year: 2015, New York]
The air smelled sterile, like pure rubbing alcohol that slightly singed the inside of your nose. Your head rolled to the side as you opened your eyes, looking at the unfamiliar surroundings. It looked like a hospital room, but as you took everything in, you soon came to realize that it was much to high-tech to be any kind of hospital you knew of.
14 and alone, you could feel your heartbeat in your ears, drowning out the beeping of the machines around you. Your breathing quickened, and the beeping sound came back, this time louder and faster. You frantically looked around, trying to find something to hold onto. The panic was setting in when a figure materialized through the wall, shaped like a man. Except he was floating. And red. Your eyes widened, feeling as though you might pass out. And in fact, you did, shortly after he called out your name.
That was your first introduction to Vision, and the Avengers building. The next time you woke up, it was in a much cozier room, clearly decorated for a teen girl. There was still more high tech than you needed, but you were a little more comfortable. You got out of the bed and started walking around the room, admiring the thought that someone had put into the space. As you went towards the closet, you heard a knock at the door, and jumped back, startled at the sound. You were barely able to squeak out "come in" before the door opened.
A woman with red hair was standing in the doorway, very relaxed and smiling sweetly at me. But as she watched you back away, she gently placed her hands out, as a gesture to stay calm.
"It's alright dear, you're safe," she said softly. She began approaching as you moved back towards the bed.
"Where am I? I'm scared, please let me go."
"Oh sweetie, you aren't stuck here. I know there is a lot of explaining to do, but first, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Wanda."
"Y/N. You look familiar, or maybe, sound familiar..."
"I have sat with you for a few weeks now, trying to help you out of your sleep," Wanda said softly, sitting next to you on the bed.
"W-w-weeks? How long was I asleep?" you whisper, afraid to know.
She looked down into her lap, her hands fiddling with each other before she said these words. "Over a year..." she said quietly, afraid it would scare you away.
And she was right. You were more scared than you had been in your life. You had never had parents, you were alone your entire life, but to have lost a year and be placed somewhere was an entirely new fear. You began trembling, searching around the room frantically for more explanations.
"How am I here, how am I...why am I..." you words barely made sense as you sputtered through tears. Wanda gently reached out, placing a hand on your leg.
"Would you like me to explain?" she asked. You nodded frantically, choking back tears.
Wanda explained what should have been your death. The destruction that Captain America and the Winter Soldier had created during their fight left you, a lonely 13 year old, on death's doorstep. Steve couldn't leave you behind when he saw you laying their, blood surrounding you. You were just a kid. He brought you back to Tony and Bruce, hoping they could do something to save you. What they discovered was the only option: life support.
It was months before they had run out of options. But by that time, many of the Avengers had grown attached to you, especially Tony. He didn't want to admit, but he always hoped for a daughter. He sat with you every night, telling you about how amazing he is and all of the new tech he was creating in the hopes of saving you. It wasn't until months later, when the threat of Ultron prompted the creation of Vision. The technology used to make his synthetic body, it was exactly what they needed to help you. Brain dead for over six months, and finally, with a little technology, as well as the help of two brainy geniuses, you were supposed to wake up in a day or two. It took an additional month for you to wake up. And now, here you are, finally awake and not even aware of what had been done to you.
Wanda escorted you out of your room into the shiny and clean hallways of the building, explaining who you were about to meet. As you walked into the large kitchen, multiple heads spun to look at Wanda and you. Tony, Nat, Bruce and Vision were all standing around the island, and were shocked to see you awake and moving.
Vision was the first to speak out of the group. "Y/N, I apologize deeply for startling you earlier, it was not my intention. I have a problem with knowing whether to use the door or just coming i-"
"It's a-alright Mr. Vision," you stumbled on your words, unsure of how to address the AI hero in front of you.
"Please, just Vision," he said with a warm smile (who knew a robot could be as warm as he was).
"I'm Nat. It is so nice to finally hear you speak. We were all wondering what you might sound like," the other redhead said, walking up to place a hand on your shoulder, rubbing slightly as she smiled. "Welcome". She looked back at Steve, who was hanging back slightly. She nodded towards you, and the large man lifted himself off the counter he had been leaning on.
"I'm Steve. I am so sorry-"
"Uh, you really don't have to apologize Mr. Rogers. I appreciate you even trying to save me..." you said quietly, looking down at your shoes.
"Please, Mr. Rogers was my father. Call me Steve." You smiled up at the man, and he began to relax.
"Yeah, hi, and I'm-"
"You are Tony. Er-Mr. Stark," you say quickly correcting yourself. You stepped towards him hesitantly.
"Oh, so you have already heard of me? I am not that surprised, I am-"
"Well actually, I heard you. You were there weren't you?"
Tony looked taken aback by the recognition.
"You heard me?"
"Yeah. You taught me all about the workings of the arc reactor, how you made your own vibranium and why it is better than the original palladium...woah," you exclaimed, feeling a slight rush as you began to crumple. Tony jumped forward to catch you as you slumped down.
"Mr. Stark, my head feels funny."
Tony helped you up, guiding you to a chair, "Yeah, you're gonna feel that for a while, kid. I promise I will explain it to you when you are older."
For the next eight years, more or less based on blip time, you were a mini-Avenger.
"That is quite the hero backstory," Peter said with a hefty breath. By the end of your explanation regarding how you ended up knowing the Avengers, you had both gone through your first cup of coffee and were on your second. You had also moved to the living room where you sat across from each other in opposing seats.
"It's no radioactive spider," you joke, and he chuckles at the comment.
"So, what did the do to your brain? If you don't mind my asking," he asks with hesitancy.
"Oh, I'm a super computer." You deadpan his face as his eyes widen.
"Woah, wait, you're not human? How are you drinking, and why were you sleeping?" he begins rattling on, but you interrupt him.
"Peter, I'm kidding. Kinda. The kind of implanted a super computer in my brain. It keeps my brain functioning, but also gives me unlimited access to the tech that Tony developed for me, as well as, like, the internet."
Peter blinked at you, his jaw slacked a bit, as he scanned your face.
"I don't have any metal sticking out of me dork, stop staring," you snap. He sits back, embarrassed that he had been caught.
"How do I know that you are not some person trying to kill me because of London? How do I know that you knew Tony? You could have made all that up!"
You roll your eyes and sit back, raising your hands next to your head.
"Alright, fine Spider-Boy. Believe what you want."
The voice wasn't coming from your mouth. In fact, your mouth was clamped shut, not moving at all. The voice was coming from the speakers.
Peter practically choked on his coffee as your voice projected around him.
"Yeah, and if you still don't believe me, I have something for you." Your voice projected around him.
"Hey Peter, it's Tony."
Peters head snapped up to look at you, as you stared sadly back at him.
"If you are watching this, then you have met Y/N. Isn't she cute? I just know you're gonna like her."
Tears fall from your eyes. Hearing his voice, even if he was totally pushing it, was nice.
"I wish I could have introduced you myself, but I guess the circumstances dictate that it had to happen now. Anyways, I guess you could call her your 'guardian angel'. She was my right-hand man when I needed to make sure you were doing okay if I wasn't there. I'd trust her with my life."
Peter stood from his seat, and charged at you, pulling you from your seat. "What the hell is this Y/N" he demanded, tears sitting on the rims of his eyes.
You looked at him with fear in your eyes. You could tell he was scared too, no doubt from the terrible illusions he had endured with Myfsto.
"Oh, shit, projection isn't on. FRIDAY, turn on the recording."
Your eyes widened, and Peter looked back to see a holographic Tony in front of us. He let you go and walked up to the hologram.
"So, yeah. Peter, Y/N, and well, Y/N knows you quite well by now. I'm sure you both will get along. I can't wait to see what kind of tech you two make together. Y/N, play nice with him. Oh, and both of you should know that uh, I'm proud of you. Both. So yeah. I'll see you guys later."
The hologram faded. Peter looked limp in front of you, but you couldn't stand anymore. You feel to the ground, a sob escaping from your chest. Peter whipped around, dropping to the ground where you were keeled over.
"Oh my god, oh my god, I'm so sorry tony, i'm so sorry..." You were sobbing, unable to breath through the pain.
Peter reached out to you, hesitant at first, but gained the confidence to pull you into him. He hugged you tightly, running his hand through your hair as he quietly hushed you.
"No, Peter please, I am so sorry, I am sorry, it's all my fault..." you whisper into him.
He pulls you away from him gently, looking at your red, tear-stained face. "What was your fault Y/N?"
A/N: Please like, reblog and comment if you want more. My motivation is dependent on validation lol, and I also just really value your opinion. Thank you for making it this far.
The next part will be uploaded hopefully sooner than later, and it will include why Y/N is Peters "guardian angel". The fun really gets started up next.
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sam-hollandsgirl · 2 hours ago
How Did We Get Here?
Warnings: Mentions of sex, very angsty
Word count:702
A/N: I got this inspiration in the middle of the night and decided to develop it right away. My first story for Harrison and I loved it so much.
Forgive any grammatical errors, English is not my first language.
Send me a message if you want to be added to my taglist💖💖
Tumblr media
It was a complicated story. It started when you were both 13, it was the night of the slumber party and he kissed you while watching a bad horror movie, this was repeated 3 more times after that day, until he got his first girlfriend and the stolen kisses stopped happening for a while. Then at 15, you showed up crying at your house because of some idiot boy who had broken your heart, he told you that you deserved someone better while wiping the tears from your face, you lay together on your bed while he stroked your hair and hugged you tightly, your eyes met at some point and he kissed you again. Then at 17, Harrison was your prom date, he gave you beautiful flowers and danced with you all night, later that night the two of you sneaked into your room and the kissing got hotter than it should have been, he said he would never meet another girl like you as he took off your dress, it was their first time and it was magical. And at 18 when you started living together and the situation became frequent.
They had been living some kind of colored friendship with casual sex ever since, but something about that night made them both sick of that situation.
Harrison felt that he could die at any moment.
You had brought a friend from college to the pub that night to meet the rest of your friends, Tom and Tuwaine were extremely receptive to the new guy but Harrison was annoyed when he realized that he was clearly into you.
An awkward fight broke out while you were still inside the car, Harrison saying that you shouldn't go around with just any guy and you saying that he shouldn't meddle in your love life.
"Love life? Since when are you dating that jerk?" He asked as he parked his car in front of the two of their house.
"I'm not dating anyone, we're just getting to know each other" You roll your eyes as you get out of the car.
Harrison opened the door to the house and the two of you walked in.
"I didn't like him" He said as you slammed the door angrily, that was the last straw for you.
"You have no fucking right to be jealous" You yell as you point to Harrison's face.
"You say it like it's easy, but you started it" He replies in the same tone of voice.
"You are not my boyfriend, don't think for a second that you can boss me around or choose who I date"
"Y/N I'm not trying to boss you around, you know damn well I'm the last person who would try to do that, I'm just saying you deserve someone better than some rich frat boy"
"I deserve someone better? Who? You?"
"Yes, I'm here for you" he says and feels his eyes fill with tears that he refuses to let fall.
"No you won't tell me that shit now" unlike him you let a tear slide down your cheek.
"No, Harrison, no" You stop him from speaking "You could have had me forever, since you were 13 if you wanted to, but you didn't, I watched you date several girls, and I kept waiting for you to realize that what we had was more than friendship, I waited for you Harrison, but you never realized" your voice was choked with crying "So don't come telling me that I deserve someone better and that you want me right away when I meet someone else."
"But I want you, I always have" he tries to hold your hand but you pull away from him.
"No, you're only saying that because you're afraid of losing me and you realize that we can't live like this forever.
A torturous silence fills the air, something cutting and hurting both of you, as if your lungs are emptying and suddenly there is no more oxygen to breathe.
"I can't stay here today" you say walking to the door.
"Please Y/N, stay" he begs, crying.
"I can't go on like this, I can't" you say before leaving the house.
How did we get here?
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blissfulparker · 5 hours ago
For requests:
“He/she/they were an idiot” mixed with “i can beat them up if you want”
You don’t even know why you were crying, the tears became uncontrollable once they started after you got dressed up for a date that never happened.
Maybe it was the long week and looking for hope at the end of it, the hope that was crushed as you ignored your roomate coming back into the flat and going straight to your room like a child.
But when the world came against you, you still had your roommate. He was charming, caring and often times a bit clueless but he was all yours at the end of the days.
“Can I come in?” The door already cracked open and the shadow of tom peered into the room before he did. Wiping your tears quickly, you whimpered in the weakest voice a quick yes. “Is everything okay? Wait, that’s stupid. I mean it’s not stupid! I mean to say what’s wrong, clearly not everything is okay.” He takes a seat next to you on the bed. Carefully puts his arm around you for comfort and once you relax into his touch he relaxes his arm as well.
“It is stupid. I don’t even know what I expected. H-He never showed when I texted he said he forgot and I don’t know, I never even knew him so I don’t know why I’m crying. I felt so helpless and alone this week I-I don’t know.” You cry and Tom pulls you into his chest. Running his fingers up and down your back to soothe you.
“They were an idiot.” Was all he said after a moment of silence. You for once looked up, looked at him confused as you wiped a few tears. “For standing you up! I mean, they missed out on a lot. A lot. And I don’t know why there are so many stupid people out there that you go after but you deserve so much in this world.” He tells you honestly and you feel yourself for once in the week smile. Cracking a smile in the dark room while your roommate held you.
“Thanks.” Was all you could say as you sniffled a bit more. He gave you a tight lipped smile and wiped away some of the messed up makeup for you.
“I can beat them up if you want.” He said both serious and joking. You laughed just a bit before shaking your head no.
“No, no, that’s okay.” You sniffled and he nodded. Nodding as he pulled you back into his chest and held you there for a bit longer.
“I’ll beat up everyone who hurt you this week, co-workers, messed up dates, I’ll beat up the wall if you ran into this week! That even counts as something that hurt you.” He said only to hear you laugh and you did, it was faint but it was music to his ears.
“Let’s get you out of all of this and you can sleep with me tonight.” He offered and you nodded. Always crawling into each other’s beds when you needed to. Needing the warmth and comfort for the night.
That’s what he did, he helped you out of everything and the two of you heated up some leftovers to eat for the night. Finding comfort in his bed and maybe one day he would get to be the guy who gets to take you on a date. A real date where he would appreciate every aspect of it but for now, for now you laying in his arms was enough for him.
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softholand · 5 hours ago
waterproof | tom holland (teaser)
Tumblr media
pairing: frat!tom holland x reader
summary: you meet a very cute, very hot guy when you join your friend in an spontaneous trip to a frat car wash event
warnings: swearing, drinking, mentions of cancer and death, smut — minors dni
words: ?k
a/n: there’s a little sneak peak under the cut, it’s not edited yet so, take it with a grain of salt
With Steph on board, the three of you made your way through campus, singing to Olivia Rodrigo’s new album until the majestic Phi Delta house came into view. And what a view. The front of the house was filled with cars, so much that there was a row to have a chance of getting yours clean.
The fraternity brothers were all there too, wearing nothing more than basketball shorts, their muscular torsos left exposed, not only because of the hot temperature but also to attract more customers, especially women, since the sign in front of the house said: Phi Delta Charity Car Wash: Ladies Discount.
“Holy shit!” Kelsey let it out, being followed by the phrase “There’s nothing holy about this, Kel!” by Steph, which made you laugh. “Well, it seems we’re gonna have to wait quite a bit judging by the size of this row.” You said, glad you had refilled Lucy before coming here.
“It’d be totally worth it, just look at them, y/n!” Kelsey exclaimed, her eyes practically bulging out of her head once she saw Harrison approach one of the cars. “And there he is!” You smirked, laughing at your friend’s stunned reaction. “There’s no way this guy is real, look at him!!!” Your friend squealed, making both Steph and you laugh.
While the girls gushed about Harrison, your attention was diverted to another one of the shirtless guys. He was a little shorter than Harrison, with messy brunette curls on top of his head and a body that made you squeeze your thighs together just by looking at it.
“Oh, did someone finally catch your attention, y/n?” Your best friend asked, seeing as you didn’t take your eyes off the boy. “He’s freaking hot!” You exclaimed, enjoying your view. “That he is! His name is Tom Holland, he’s friends with Harrison, actually.” Steph clarified.
“And of course you’d know that, wouldn’t you?” Kelsey smirked, Steph flipping her off. Once the row of cars finally moved, it was time for yours and the girls couldn’t contain their excitement with what was about to happen.
With Lucy parked in the spot one of the guys instructed you to, they got to work, asking who was the owner and what kind of service you wanted. The question caught you so off guard you blushed, hard. The guy must have noticed your confusion since he patiently explained there was two types of cleaning services being made. One for the whole vehicle, including interior and other just for the exterior.
Saying you only wanted the latter, he winked, saying “Got it, babe!” before going back to work. “y/n, you’re looking like a tomato!!!” Steph laughed, being quickly joined by Kelsey. “Shut up you two!” You flipped them off, feeling embarrassed about the fact you were caught off guard by a shirtless boy. Had it been that long?
Tumblr media
that’s it for now people !! lol i’m so excited for you guys to read this fic, i’ll probably post it on monday (22nd) but if you wanna make sure you don’t miss it, shoot me an ask or comment this post and i’ll add you to the taglist :)) ty, i love yall, be safe ✌️
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trashinaglass · 5 hours ago
My Dream
A/n: Sorry I’m MIA but I was reading a few fics, and this just really hit me. I’ve never been the kind of person that dreamt of a fairytale wedding, and to be completely honest, I don’t want a wedding. I would love to be married, but I don’t really care to do any of the wedding shit soooo here’s something cute for all my girls (and guys?) that feel the same way.
Sorry if the grammar is stupid. I didn’t do much proof reading lol
Warnings: Sexual reference toward the middlish end??
Tumblr media
Family gatherings were pretty much always crazy. Especially with a group such as the Holland family. Brothers that hadn’t seen each other in too long laughing loudly while young kids run around screeching about something the older kids did playing football. Every tried their best to catch up as much as they could in just a few hours, and being the first time you’ve truly meet everyone, it was even crazier.
“So how long have you been dating?” An aunt asked, looking toward you as Tom walked away needing a new drink.
“Four years coming up.”
“Wow,” she says almost under her breath. “That’s great. He’s a very sweet boy. But I’m sure you already know that.”
You smile and laugh, “definitely.” Your eyes look behind her as you find Tom again, noticing he was having a conversation with one of his cousins.
“You think we can expect some wedding invites soon?” someone else asked, mostly joking, but also curious.
“Stop! Knowing them, they would have THE cutest wedding,” her sister chimed in. “I can just imagine the invites, the decorations, the dress.”
You smiled at the excitement she held in her voice. “Yeah, I don’t know about all that,” you laughed awkwardly, noticing Tom walking back. “But he is pretty great.”
A few more hours were spent chatting, eating, and just hanging out before everyone started to disperse. Final goodbyes were said as your party got into the car to go home.
. . .
“So that was fun,” you say as you enter the house, the boys following in behind you. Harry going straight for his bedroom, while you head for the patio outside, Tom making a pit stop in the kitchen. You sat on the couch and take your shoes off right as Tom emerges again, a drink in either hand for the both of you.
“Thanks, gorg.” You took the drink he offered and looked up at Tom as he sat on the opposite side of the small sofa. He looked a little torn, as if he wanted to say something but wasn’t sure if it would be out of line. “Penny for your thoughts…” you probed, too nosey to leave it alone.
He looked at you with a small smile for a second before looking down at his drink for a quick second. He sighed, taking a moment of thought and lift his head, answering you.
“At the house, I overheard you and two of the girls talking about a possible wedding, and you said you weren’t sure ‘about all that’.” He took a second to pause before continuing. “And I can’t recall a single time you’ve ever talked about a dream wedding or what you would want yours to look like, and… I don’t know. Do you not want to get married some day?” He finally asked.
You met his eyes, as he asked the question. They were full of confusion and maybe even a little fear. In a way, it made you happy to know he felt this way about you and marriage.
“Yes, I want to get married some day,” you answered straightforward. “But I don’t really want a wedding. I think they’re kinda pointless, if you ask me.”
“Well isn’t the point of a wedding to show your love for each other to everyone?” Tom asked, playing devil’s advocate.
You shrug, “I guess so, but why do I need to spit out thousands of dollars for a ceremony and reception just for me to prove I love you to my friends and family? For one night that, let’s be honest, most of them won’t remember anyway because they’ll be drunk off their asses?”
Tom’s brows furrow in confusion. “So it’s a money thing?”
“No,” you laugh. “Just the sentiment of it all. I mean, when you think about it, a wedding isn’t really for us, it’s for everyone else. And I’d rather do something for us.”
He nodded his head, understanding what you were telling him. It all of a sudden made so much sense to him. “So,” he continued, wanting more of your insight. “If your dream isn’t to have that fairytale princess wedding, what is your dream?”
“My dream would be to just elope, then go on the biggest, most amazingest honeymoon vacation ever.” You tried to hide the smile behind your words, but Tom noticed the excited glint in your eyes.
He reached a hand out, taking yours to pull you closer to him. “And we could go to one of those secluded islands where it’s just us. IT would be so fun, and there wouldn’t be any annoying brothers or intruding paps or fans or anything like that. We wouldn’t have to worry about a single thing except each other.”
You smile and tilt your chin up to meet his lips for a kiss. It was such a beautiful thought. Except the last. “But, I would like to eat every now and then. So we’d have to worry about that.”
Tom breathed out a laugh through his nose. “You can eat this dick,” he says quietly, his voice dropping a few octaves.
“Ew,” you groan as Tom laughed. Standing up from his grasp, you make your way to the kitchen. “I was trying to be all nice and romantic, and you gotta go making it all sexual.”
“I was joking!” he exclaimed and stood up to follow you. He placed his glass in the sink where yours now also sat. “But the offer’s always on the table,” he smirked, grabbing your hand to pull you close to him again.
You roll your eyes playfully, “I’m sure it is.” You lift you hand up to his neck, bringing his lips to yours for a slow, loving kiss. You place your head on his shoulder (I know this is a person specific thing but I’m short and couldn’t think of a generalized equivalent sorry!) and just take in the quiet for a moment, just enjoying each other’s presence. Tom pressed a kiss to the top of your head before placing his chin on the same spot.
“I can’t wait to marry you,” you whisper. Your eyes closed meanwhile Tom’s were wide open, weighing the possibilities.
“What if we did? Tonight, like right now?” He questioned, looking at you as you lift your head in confusion.
“Get married? Right now?” You ask, making sure you had understood him correctly.
Tom nodded his head confidently. “Yeah. We can find an officiant online, Harry and Harrison are here- they can be the witnesses. We could get married right here.”
You look at him with a mix of shock and admiration. “It kinda sounds crazy,” you laugh.
“As if anything else in our relationship isn’t?” He shrugged, making you laugh more. Because it was true.
You take another second, thinking of anything else you may be forgetting. “What about rings?”
Tom raised his eyebrows, pointing to you as he walked away, moving to a cabinet that’s rarely used. “You can also take this as proof that this wasn’t out of nowhere,” he says as his arm reaches up to grab the little box, bringing it to you and opening it. It was a simple silver band with a few small diamonds around it. “You never talked about what you like, and there are about five jillion different styles of engagement rings, so I figure I would get you something like this and then you could pick out whatever extravagant ring you want. And we can get myself one also.”
You couldn’t help the smile that found it’s way to your lips. “So a background yard wedding, in the middle of the night, with some pastor off the internet, in our sweats?”
“I like it,” he replied simply. “But what do you say?”
“I think it’s perfect.”
. . .
This backyard wedding thing is actually based on a true story. Search up Renee Young and Dean Ambrose wedding if you want to read it for yourself. I swear that man is actually my dream man.
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sunnymuffins45 · 5 hours ago
Batman Roses
Tumblr media
⚠️This IS part of the Personalized Fics Masterlist, so no Y/N is used in this fic. You are still more than welcomed to read it!!! ⚠️
Sign up here 👈to request your own personalized fic!!!
Name: Jessica
WC: 1.3k
Request: how about I had been away for months filming a movie and I decide to come surprise tom when filming is over without him knowing so I go to one of his meets and greet/photo op things and stand last in line to surprise him and he starts crying when he sees me.
A/n: This was such a cute idea !! Thank you for requesting this, I hope you enjoy it !!! @jess-holland23.
You sighed satisfied as you got off the phone with your agent. After four tiring months, Jess was finally able to take a break from filming. Months ago, you were cast to star in the next hit film of the summer. Your boyfriend, being a former actor, had recommended your work to some great directors. They seemed to agree with Tom that you happen to have an outstanding talent for the cinema industry. So, that´s how you ended up cast about six months ago, just right before your boyfriend, Tom, started the press tour for his new Marvel movie.
You stood up from the couch where you were thrown on. You went to the closet in your hotel room and took your suitcase out. It was full of dust, considering you didn't seem to have to use it.
Jess took her clothes out of the closet and placed them in the suitcase, not even bothering to organize them.
Mark, your agent, had already arranged a flight for you to go to San Diego that weekend. Why San Diego? Well, the San Diego Comic-Con was happening that same weekend you had off, so naturally, you went to surprise your boyfriend, who just happened to be Spiderman. When you finished packing your needs, you went to sleep, enthusiastic about the next day ahead of you.
It was 5 am when the alarm went off. Opening your eyes in a heartbeat, thinking how in just a few hours, you were going to be in the warmth of your boyfriend's arms.
Standing up from the comfy place on your bed, you made your way to the bathroom to get ready for the flight. In about half an hour, you came out of the bathroom, fully dressed and ready to go. You hopped on the car and went straight to the airport. Once you arrived, you took a couple of pictures with a few fans that happened to have recognized you. Then, you boarded your flight to San Diego. The flight wasn't that long. Traveling from LA to San Diego had its advantages. The flight was about 45 minutes long. Once the flight arrived in San Diego, you stepped out of the plane and went to through the whole process of entering a new airport. You got checked, picked up your bags, and made your way to the exit. Of course, she had to tell someone about your visit, so you told Harry. Harry himself was excited about you visiting, you both had a strong friendship. He honked at you from his car. He saw you standing up, looking for his car. When you heard the honk, you smiled and waved at your boyfriend's brother. You sat in the passenger seat, closing the door behind you.
¨ How you doing¨ He pulled you in for a hug.
¨Great, what about you Harrold?¨ You messed with him.
¨What have I told you about calling me names Jess¨ He plead
¨Oh shut up, you love it¨ You laughed and he drove, making his way to the comic con.
You both got to comic con and Harry parked the car.
¨Id say you leave your bags here¨ He told you, opening the door for you, and you nodded in agreement.
¨So what's Tom doing right now?¨ You asked Harry.
¨He is taking pictures with the fans. You should surprise him by doing that.¨
¨Doing what exactly?¨ You asked confused
¨I mean you make the line like everyone else, when it's your turn, they will let you in like your a fan, and there, you will surprise Tom.¨ Harry explained.
¨You see that is a genius idea, but I have no ticket, Jessica 1, Harrold 0¨ You kept annoying Harry.
¨Well, I bought you a ticket last night. I planned the whole thing, Jess. Harrold 1, Jessica 0¨ He mocked you and you stuck your tongue out to him.
Harry showed you the way in, you saw thousands of people. Some were dressed up in these crazy costumes, they looked so real. Some others were waiting in line for panels, Q&A´s and for photo taking.
¨Okey see that line, that's the one for Tom. Get in line, try to make yourself unnoticed, go in and surprise him.¨ Harry instructed you as he held the ticket out for you.
¨Okey, wish me luck¨ You held in a breath.
You walked past by many people, but you started to get some looks. You made a quick stop at the gift shop. You bought a Hulk mask so that your face wouldn't be recognized. You put your mask on and continued to walk, getting closer to Tom's line. Your walk was interrupted by a very realistic cosplay of Batman.
¨Hey?¨ You asked awkwardly
¨Hello, I am handing out these pretty roses to pretty girls like you. Take one.¨ The Dressed Man spoke and he gave you two perfectly red roses.
¨Thankyou¨ You thanked the man and he nodded stretching his arm out, signaling you to continue your way, and so you did. You finally got in line. Some girls in front of you were talking about how much they loved Tom, you laughed silently at how lucky you were. The whole time you were in line, you were thinking about 2 things. One, why is this mask so damn uncomfortable, and 2, what do I do with these roses. They were beautiful, and an idea came up. Soon enough you were next in line to go take a picture with your beautiful boyfriend.
¨Okey Mam, your up next. Maintain your distance and be respectful. Remember these are celebrities, not friends.¨ The guard spoke before letting you in. Pffff he's my boyfriend, you idiot.
You entered the room and saw him standing there with a smile on his face. You still had the mask on, so he had no idea it was you. Tom pulled you in for a hug.
¨Hello love, you know, it's okay to take the mask off¨ He laughed letting go of the hug.
¨Oh my, thank God, It's so hot inside this piece of shi-¨
¨Holy shit !¨ Tom explained once he heard your voice and saw you taking your mask off.
¨Hey Baby¨ You smiled at your boyfriend.
¨Jessica! what are you doing here?¨ He asked pulling you in for the tightest hug you had experienced.
¨I came to surprise you Tommy¨ You pulled away and kissed him.
¨ Hey! Mam, Mam, we talked about the distance-¨ The guard warned.
¨Mate Chill, she´s my girlfriend¨ Tom said to the mean guard ¨ Am so happy your here my love¨ He kissed your head before you pulled out of the hug.
¨So one of the Batmans gave me these roses¨ you told him.
¨A WHAT? No return those Jessica¨ He joked
¨Nu Tommy let's take a picture with them¨ You asked him.
¨Okey how do you want to do it?¨ He asked you.
¨So like you put this rose in your mouth, like this¨ You placed the rose in his mouth. ¨And then you hold me like am falling....but am not actually falling. ¨ You cocked your head to the side, like asking him if he understood.
¨Because am holding you?¨
¨Because you are holding me exactly¨ You kissed his cheek and got in position. The cameraman took the picture and Harrison came in.
¨Mate, what's taking so long? These girls are eating each other outside- Oh Jess!!! Hey, ¨ Harrison realized why it was taking so long.
¨I think I should probably head out¨ You kissed him one last time and started making your way out with Haz.
¨Jess wait!¨ Tom called out ¨Take your Batman roses with you¨
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youandtom · 6 hours ago
Here's what I have planned and on the way...
Indebted Epilogue
Frat!Tom (smut, by request)
boyfriend!Peter x Barnes/Rogers!reader (smut, by request)
Prince!Tom (fluff for sure, smut maybe?)
Robin Hood AU for Tom (im really excited this one btw...)
Mob!Tom (smut :))
See you soon ;) ~C
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callmeniyahoran · 6 hours ago
sight for sore eyes|| peter b. parker ||
[part. 00; jealousy]
summary:: “I watch your eyes as she walks by…” you pause, tears forming as you remember the way peter looked at her- the way you wanted him to look at you, “what a sight for sore eyes…” || when the realization hits you about peter, it’s too late. but sometimes late is just the right timing… sometimes.
word count:: 1.5k
warnings(for the whole series):: friends>enemies>lovers, mature themes/smut, cursing, slight violence, lots of angst, fluff, [ADHD]
warning(for this chapter):: cursing, angst, fluff
paring:: peter parker x fem!reader
[a/n]:: wattup! peter parker (and any other teens mentioned) have been aged up to 17 and turning 18 as the story goes on! i hope you enjoy this and make sure to let me know if you want to be tagged in the parts<3 also! endgame and infinity war did not happen for the sake mine and your happiness though out this ‘book’
Tumblr media
“Your going down Parker.”
“Nah man, Im gonna—“
Peter was cut off but the vibration of his controller as you killed his video game character. Taking off your head set and setting down your controller with a calm, soft smirk spread across your face as your side of the TV had ‘winner’ written across.
“No-no! That’s not fair dude! You cheated,” Peter yelled towards you as you walked into the kitchen to grab a slice of pizza. Reaching into the fridge to get a soda, you felt your back being pressed against Peter’s toned chest as he grabbed the soda you had in your hand.
Opening it and taking a sip he chuckle at the look on your face as you turned around to face him. All he did was walk away, back towards the couch, falling back on to it as he picked up his head set.
The look that made the curly headed boy laugh was still on your face as you watched him. To him, you looked annoyed yet humored by him; but really, you couldn’t help this feeling you felt when you felt him against you. Redness began to creep up your neck but quickly faded as you shook the feeling he gave you.
He’s you best friend idiot. You can feel this way for him if all people.
“You coming?” Peter question, starting a new game. You rolled your eyes to make it seem as if you weren’t flustered but the boy a few feet away from you.
“Yea man. Ready to get your ass kicked agin?” You joked as you sat next to him.
“Haha- not funny.” He said with a straight face and a fake laugh that made you giggle as you shoved his shoulder with yours.
The whole night as you a peter played video games back to back, you couldn’t help but think about the feeling of his muscular chest against you. Around 1:20 AM, you and Peter had started to get tired. The boy next to you turned off the gaming console, slowly turning towards you.
“I got the couch, you got the bed.” He said, sleep lacing his voice. You wanted to protest, saying that you could both have the bed; but something stopped you and you just nodded your head, telling him good night as you walked to his bed room. His aunt, May, wasn’t home but made it very clear that she had an eye on both of you so you knew that Peter didn’t want to his aunt May to see you to in the bed together. Even if the two of you were just sleeping.
Laying in bed, Peter’s bed, you stared at the sealing not being able to fall asleep.
The smell of room sent your mind spiraling. Rolling over onto your side, you pushed your arm underneath his pillow as you inhaled his the sent. Peter was the only thing on your mind. The way he smiled, his chocolate hair and honey brown eyes, the light freckles across his nose that you could only see if you were up close to his face. His laugh made your heart skip beats.
“3:57 AM,” you read the clock sign with a sigh. You knew you should go to sleep; so you rolled once again, getting into a more comfortable position. Your eyes getting heavy as you drifted into sleep.
A warm arm draped around your waist, fingers slowly sliding up and down your bare stomach from the shirt that lifted in your sleep.
You smiled softly at the contact, not thinking to check who it was. But the feeling a bare, muscular chest on your back made your eyes fling open.
Slowly, you turned your head to see who was behind you, even though you knew it was—
“Mhmm,” he hummed back in response, not opening his eyes. You couldn’t shack the feeling of the chill that ran up your spine, and the goosebumps that formed on your body.
“Wha- uh.. what are you doing?” You questioned in a hushed voice.
“Hhmm? Oh sorry. The couch got uncomfortable. I didn’t think you’d mind though.” He said while opening his sleepy looking eyes.
“Oh no-I don’t mind.”
Peter removed his arm, turning with his back turned towards you. You almost whimpered at the feeling of his arm not being around your waist anymore.
Stop it [y/n]. This is Peter we’re talking about here. But why would he put his arm around me and not expect me to feel some way about it?
The thoughts ran through your head fast, the last on lingering for a while.
You and Peter were the best of friends. If he needed someone, you were there and vise versa. But you weren’t really that girly. So Peter didn’t think of you in ‘that type of way’. You didn’t think of him that way either. The two of you always called each other ‘bro’, ‘dude’, or ‘man’; but you still had that feeling of tingles and warmth—
Your thoughts were interrupted by a loud, tired groan from Peter. The sound going straight to your core. Quickly, you got up and went into his bathroom— making sure to not make a lot of noise as you went, Incase May was home.
Looking in the bathroom mirror you stared at your self in question. You were a tom-boy. You were wearing a pair of rolled up basket ball shorts of Peter’s and one of his very large white Tee’s. You shrugged at your reflection,
“If I wanted to look all girly and ‘pretty’ I could be the hottest girl he would know.”
“Who’s he?”
You jumped at the sound of Peter’s raspy voice behind you. He only had on sweats and no shirt. All you could think was
“No one, just.. speaking hypothetically.”
“Your wired,” he chuckled as you grabbed a towel from the bathroom closet, mumbling something along the lines of, ‘I’m just gonna go shower in Mays bathroom’. You just nodded, going to take a shower of your own in his bathroom.
After your shower, you went into the kitchen where May stood, making coffee for the three of you. Peter sat on the couch flipping through channels.
“Hey honey!”
“Morning May,” you said as you say in one of the chairs at the dining table.
“Are you going to Florida with Peter, Ned and Mj?” She questioned, you nodded in response. The three of you had been planning this for a while now so you were beyond excited to spend time with you best friends.
You stood for the set you just took, walking over to Peter. He was wearing his usual jeans and flannel but this time had a baseball cap on. As you slumped beside you grabbed the hat and put it on you backwards. Peter chuckled at your childish act, glancing at you from the corner of his eye.
The three of you sat in silence till May was done with the coffee. She brought it over to you and Peter, handing you the mugs. You thanked her as she walked away.
Peter’s and your phone got a text notification— the two of you checking it at the same time. It was a group chat with you, Peter, MJ, and Ned for the trip to Universal Studios.
Ned: heyyyy.. so Liz and Flash are also coming to Disney with us.
You and Peter looked at each other at the sight of what Ned texted. You watched as Peter texted back— his cheeks a blushed red color. You have known Peter long enough to know when he’s turning red from anger. This wasn’t anger. He was… blushing?
Peter: Liz is coming?!
You face fell at the text. Looking down at your phone, you glanced up at young guy next to you; but quickly looked away before he saw you.
Mj: yea Ned! Wtf are they coming for???
Ned: well I was talking about it to Betty and they over heard and kinda invited their selves… srry:(
Y/n: I’m just gonna ignore those bitches and go to Hogwarts like I planned.
Peter looked at, “[y/n], you don’t like Liz?” He questioned.
You shocked your head no, not caring enough to look him in the face.
“How dude? She’s so hot,” he said with a smirk. Your heart sank at the words.
What the hell are you acting like this for [y/n]?
Peter continued to text in the group chat. You silenced your phone— not wanted to deal with this right now.
You had never became jealous of anyone. Confusion over took you as you scrambled your mind for why you were jealous of Peter and Liz. You didn’t like Peter at all. Did you?
Did you like Peter Parker? The thought lingered for a while.
No. No I can’t like him and I won’t. It’s just wrong.
Those words that you promised yourself you would keep was the biggest lie you had told yourself. Peter Parker was like a drug—
How could you not get addicted?
I hope you enjoyed this ‘chapter’ !! Let me know if you want to be tagged in the next part!! :)
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calumsnatchedmyheart · 6 hours ago
Can you do one with Dad!Tom x Mum!Reader where the Reader is waiting Tom to come home from the pub and she and their 5 month old son is asleep on their bed and when Tom comes home she is like “shhhh don’t wake him up”KSHXTHWHWVSJSSIDP
Fuck okay, lets fucking goooooooo!
Other Writing
    The night eased away, slower than it would have with Tom by your side, leaving you to do bath time on your own, changing Caleb into his pajamas, his small legs fighting back at you as you tried to slide his feet into the leg holes of the onesie, fat tears escaping his large brown eyes as he made distressed gurgling noises, you knew that if he could talk he would be asking for his daddy, but he couldn’t and it left you here to interpret them. 
    Finally Caleb got to sleep letting you clean up the house from the day and retreat to your room, slipping in between the sheets, looking at the clock and finding that Tom should be home soon, might as well wait up a little longer for him. Just as you were about to press play on your show soft cries reached your ears. You hurriedly got out of your bed and ran to the room just down from yours. Picking up your teary faced boy and holding him to your chest, you realised he was hungry as he began to tug at the collar of your shirt. Making your way back to your bed pulling him to your chest as you pulled your shirt aside, letting him latch.
    You nursed him until he dozed off at your chest, small eyes fluttering closed as his latch around your nipple loosened, head falling back into the crook of your elbow as you cradled him. You laid there admiring your beautiful son, his round cheeks and fluttering eyelids, cheek still pressed against your breast, if he hadn’t fallen asleep you would have pulled your shirt up but you knew that movement would be enough to waken him. You don’t know when you dozed off, it could have been while thinking about how your son looked like his dad, or how his nostrils moved when he took a deep breath, how soft he felt in your arms. You woke up to a loud clattering followed quickly by the opening of your bedroom door mouth open as if he was about to say something, but before he could speak your eyes found his slightly bloodshot ones, glaring at him.
    “Shhhh, he’s asleep!” you whispered, raising your eyebrows to emphasise your words, his mouth falling shut as he cast down to the small bundle who was gurgling and fast asleep in your arms. He walked over to you quickly, immediately sobering at the sight of the loves of his life.
    “Can I take him, Love? I missed my little guy so much” he asked, reaching out his large hands to scoop the kid from your arms and you let him, watching as Tom brought his son's face to his, the pad of his thumb soothing over your baby's soft cheek. 
    “I missed you so much little man, god, it was so hard being away from you and your mama for so long, I didn’t like that, I don’t think I will be doing it again anytime soon." He cooed to the small boy, swaying to make sure he stayed asleep. "I'm gonna go put him down" Tom hummed, carrying your son back to his room, kissing his chubby cheeks before setting him in the crib, watching as he squirmed a little before returning to sleep. Tom watched him for a moment before, admiring how cute he looked, how he was his little buddy, he loved that he looked like you, because whenever he looked at either one of you he was reminded of the other. 
Going back to the room the both of you shared, Tom stripped off his clothes, climbed in bed with you and pulled you close to him, arm wrapped around your waist and quickly falling asleep. 
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erule · 8 hours ago
Jake’s girl | t.h.
Pairing: Tom Holland x actress!reader
Summary: During an interview, the interviewer asks Jake if he’s dating the reader and Tom gets jealous.
Warnings: jealous Tom, a bit of love triangle, angst
Word count: 746
A/N: Hello! Actually I got this idea from some videos I watched on TikTok. I mean no harm to Jake Gyllenhaal obviously, I love him, I just needed him as a character in the story! Please, remember that this is just pure fiction. Anyway, I hope that you like it. The title comes from the song called Jessie’s girl. Feedback is always appreciated by a writer! Enjoy! Goodnight 🌙
Main Masterlist
Tom Holland Masterlist
Peter Parker Masterlist
Tumblr media
[credit to whoever made the gif!]
You are sitting next to the interviewer, while to your right are Jake and Tom. Maybe it’s good ths way, actually, since the last time you and Tom were in a small space together almost couldn’t keep your hands to yourselves. You weren’t dating Jake, but you were hanging out with him a lot before you two knew that you would have starred in a movie together. You were ecstatic about it, because you really wanted to learn more about acting from Jake, that was one of your favourite movie stars. This was before the first day on set. Before you met Tom. Things between you and Tom had always been weird, because there was some sort of sparkle everytime you two found each other doing a scene together. At first, you just thought that you two had good chemistry, that hanging out with him and Jake had helped your friendship a lot, but then you realized that it was not friendship at all. You realized it when you two were a bit tipsy at the wrap party, in your trailer. Tom was talking about his dog, Tessa and you remember that his lips were incredibly enchanting, while his tongue was rolling between his teeth. His British accent distracted you a lot that night. It took him just a few minutes, just a few minutes, to have you wrapped around his finger. In that moment, you realized that you were completely his. You were never Jake’s.
So now, you’re trying not to look at Tom, not to remember how you wished, so hard, that night, that his hands could just caress your skin. You’re laughing at something you didn’t even understand, when the interviewer glances at Jake.
“So, Jake, are you and Y/N dating? A lot of fans are wondering why you’ve been hanging out together a lot,” the interviewer say and you feel something break in your stomach, sharp like glass.
You look at Jake, who seems a bit embarassed, but he’s trying to cover his true feelings about that question.
“Oh, well, I don’t know what they think about us as a couple, but we’re just really good friends. I hope this doesn’t break anybody’s heart,” he answers, with a smile.
And then, you notice it. Next to Jake, Tom’s clenching his jaw and somehow, you realize that even Jake knows. His hand slipped behind Tom’s backrest as a protection gesture.
When the interview ends, you go out from the room extremely angry. If Jake knew about Tom having feelings for you while he didn’t, why didn’t he say you anything? Why didn’t Tom do anything that night in your trailer? Was he thinking about Jake? You feel confused and somehow, betrayed.
“Y/N!” Tom called. He grabs your hand, but you push him away. “Why are you upset? What happened?” He asks, concerned.
“You’re such a liar! Both of you,” you say, with your heart racing in your chest due to Tom’s proximity.
“What? Why?”
One of your eyes is wet with tears, now.
“If Jake and I are just friends, then why didn’t you make a move on me that night, in my trailer?” You ask.
Tom swallows, while some people are passing by. You are looking into his eyes and you see something in them: regret.
“Because he had feelings for you,” he say. “I couldn’t… You have to understand, Y/N, he’s one of my closest mates. Please, understand my position,” he adds, with his hands trembling. “He said that it was okay, but when you…” he stops to run a hand through his hair, “when you leaned towards me, because you wanted to be kissed, I just… I got scared. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to ruin my friendship with him,” he explains. You nod, holding your breath. “But now he doesn’t feel like that anymore, we can be together!” He exclaims, smiling at you.
You look at him, dead in the eyes, breathing again. A part of you understands the situation, but the other one is mad at him from keeping all of that for himself. He could have just told you so. You’re not a prize but he can just collect whenever he wants to. You two would have found a solution together to make it work, but he chose not to speak. So now, you’ll do it for the both of you.
“You should have thought about it first,” it’s all you have to say, before you leave.        
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Submit Your Fanfictions!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay, I got this anonymous ask this morning and my dumbass accidentally deleted it, sorry anon :(
As of right now, even though all the fanfictions on my rec list are the ones I’ve come across myself through tags or reblogs, I'm accepting submissions for fanfics now!
If you have a work that you are super proud of and you want me to read it, which is just so cute, you can always submit the link to me. If I love it, I will absolutely leave feedback, reblog it and add it to my huge FANFICTION RECOMMENDATIONS MASTERLIST <3
Important Note- if you're going to submit your work to me, please mention the following—pairing, summary, major warnings, NSFW or SFW— along with the link.
Please keep in mind:
1) I'm only adding the fanfictions of:
MARVEL CHARACTERS— Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Loki Laufeyson and S.R. x reader x B.B.
ACTORS— Tom Holland and Chris Evans
OTHERS— Andy Barber (Defending Jacob) and Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out)
2) I have the right to not read a piece of work if the warnings make me uncomfortable.
I'm looking forward to reading all your wonderful fanfics and sharing them here on this blog! 💗
So send them in!!
Tumblr media
Thank you!
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justanamesstuff · 8 hours ago
Hi! If it’s okay with you I was wondering if you can do one where Tom Holland’s girlfriend is in the army and he hasn’t seen her in a year, so she surprises him when he’s on Jimmy Fallon with the cast of the avengers: endgame. The cast and producers like Robert Downey Jr, Sebastian Stan, etc come up and thank her for her service. Later at night, Toms new understanding with filming cherry he helps her through her nightmares or if you aren’t comfortable with that, he just talks with her to make sure she ok
A/N: I'm sorry I kept you waiting this long. Thank you very much for the request, I hope you like it! ♥♥
Word count: 1.6 k
Warnings: nightmares, war-related stuff.
“Please give them a warm welcome…the cast of Avengers: Endgame!” Jimmy Fallon screamed, hyping the audience.
The cast made their appearance when the producer made the signal for them to enter the studio and meet the host. The room buzzing with energy and excitement to be in the same room as their idols and famous figures.
After all of the members, fist bumps with Jimmy or side hug him, they took their places on the couch or chairs arranged for them.
“Well, welcome…thank you for coming tonight” Jimmy talked to them after sitting on his chair behind the desk.
“Thank you for having us” Robert Downey Jr respond on behalf of the cast. “It always a pleasure” he added looking at the public who erupted in screams.
The interview flowed from details about the making of this so-awaited movie, and the relationships of the cast. Also, the funny remarks Sebastian Stan and Mackie couldn’t hold back about Tom Holland, who receive it well, laughing at the pair.
“So, Tom...” the host of the show directed the attention towards the young actor who focused his sight on Jimmy waiting for his question. “Lately the internet when wild about the last picture you post on Instagram…can you tell us more about it?”
“Yeah, well…it was about my girlfriend…”
“Your entire page it’s about her” Mackie teased making the entire studio laughed, included Tom.
“Are you jealous mate?” he fought back. “Yes, it’s all about her because she’s amazing” Tom said blushing gaining a choir of ‘aw’. Tom responded to it chuckling.
“Is she in the army, right?” Jimmy inquired.
“She is. She’s on service as we speak…and we haven’t seen each other for a year now” he told Jimmy, feeling the familiar lump on his throat. He missed her daily.
The host noticed adding “Oh man, that’s hard”
“Yeah, it is…but as I said on my post, I’m so proud of her and her mates for the hard work they had to pull with”
“Totally. They deserved all of our respect and gratitude” Jimmy expressed. “Do you know when you will meet again?”
“Don’t know, man. I know it won’t be soon…but I understand”
“Well, maybe it’s sooner than you think”
“Yeah, I hope”
“I think I’m sure it will be…” Jimmy said smiling without looking at him, making Tom sensed a pitch of anger inside his stomach because he thought the host was teasing him or something. How could he do that? Very disrespectful.
In fact, Jimmy was looking far from the young actor who was so into his mind that didn’t acknowledge the girl behind the cast making silent signals for the public and the cast as well.
“What do you mean?” Tom blurted out.
“Everybody please welcome, Soldier Y/n Y/l/n” Fallon shouted and a disoriented Tom turned around quickly looking for his girlfriend.
The whole cast stood up, clapping their hands and smiling at Y/n. She didn’t notice though. Y/n attention was fully on her boyfriend as she went around the group of chairs and couches and went for her boy embrace.
Without thinking twice, they hug on national television. They didn’t care. Tom and y/n hold each other after a year that’s what matters.
After drying their tears and making space for y/n to sit, Jimmy talked again. “Surprised Tom?” he giggled. Thomas jerked his head to look at the host, a thing that everybody but not him seemed to found funny.
“What?” he let out. Y/n gripped his hand harder smiling at her lover.
“Did we surprise you, Tom?” Jimmy asked again.
“Very much” he responded finally. “Did you all knew?” he asked his castmates.
“Of course,” Robert said from his left side.
“Aren’t you supposed to have a spidey tingle or something?” Mackie wondered.
“Oh god” Tom hid his face with his free hand.
“I have to say…if you let me, Jimmy” Robert started, unbuttoning his suit and turning to look at Y/n.
“Please” Jimmy made a sign for him to continue.
“I want to thank you, y/n” he continued, making her insides melt a little. “You have an incredibly hard job, and you – as well as everybody on the army- deserved all of our recognition and respect as well. We’re not fully aware of how hard it’s to left family, friends, and almost everything behind to fulfill a greater porpoise on behalf of others. So, I think I talk for everybody…thank you for keeping us safe, and we’re grateful for your hard work. I also want to extend this gratitude to every soldier on service right now and special recognition to ex-combatants -veterans of war.” Robert finished talking and the rest clapped loudly.
“Thank you very much” Y/n only managed to say with her voice full of emotions.
Once the interview finished- not long before Robert's speech- Tom and y/n decided to skip dinner with the cast and went straight to their hotel room. The urge to be together was stronger than wanting to be out with friends and good people.
The catch-up from where they left their conversation days prior to that night. Even though y/n stay far from Tom they always tried their best to keep the bond as strong as they could.
Y/n fall asleep first and Tom looked down at her resting her head on his shoulder, finally peaceful again on his embrace. He couldn’t stop a smile to decorate his features. Tom was beyond happy to have her back and to make the best out of the time they had to spend together. Finally, he fell as well on a deep slumber.
“No- Stop- Okay, shoot- “y/n started to shout still asleep waking up without wanting to his husband.
Tom looked around disorientated for a minute. They were still in bed; the room was as dark as he remembered before going to bed.
The movement of a body beside him took his entire attention.
“Bandage it!” she commanded. “Fuck, we’re losing her” y/n screamed breaking the peace of the night.
“Darling…” Tom turned his body to the side, facing her. Nothing. He slowly extended his right hand to touch her. Wasn’t to be a genius to discover she was having nightmares, and he was familiar with these kinds of interruptions. Sadly, Y/n had a bunch of them when she returned home without failing.
This time something was different within himself. Having all his knowledge to be in a relationship with a member of the army and his recent research for Cherry Tom had more tools to help her surf the torment.
His hand reached her body. She was warm, Tom noticed. Almost sweating. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. Her entire body was shaking in different directions.
“Y/n” Tom said this time raising his voice. Her body stopped and dropped again on the mattress. He caressed the skin of her forearm slowly, tender, letting her know -somehow- he was there. “Darling” he lowered his tone.
Y/n opened his eyes and her sight fixed on the roof. She was home, she was safe.
The tingling of her nightmare still burning her limbs, her heart banging inside her rib cage. She was safe, she repeated in her mind.
Tom moved closer and his wife acknowledge his presence. Shame and embarrassment took over her. No matter how many times this happened, she never could get used to facing Tom afterward without a pit of guilt inside her stomach.
“’m sorry” y/n closed her eyes. She didn’t have to ask if he woke up because of her, she knew for sure.
“No, no. Please, y/n” Tom hovered over her, placing his arms on both sides of her body. “I don’t mind” he let her know. Y/n shacked her head letting some tears streamed down. “Baby” he caressed her right cheek.
“Can you hold me?” she asked.
Tom didn’t respond right away, coming back to his side of the bed resting on the headboard and looking at her said, “Come here”
Y/n didn’t doubt it for a second and let her back contacting with Tom’s bare chest. Her husband held her and the tension the nightmare caused fading away with the warmth his body excused.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Tom carefully wondered.
“I’m not sure” y/n responded with honesty.
“Okay. Take your time, love” he said, kissing her right shoulder and coming up her neck. “I’m here if you need me”
Y/n wanted to cry again, too aware of his support and the unconditional love Tom holds in his heart for her. “It’s just- I don’t know how to put it into words, y’know? I don’t even remember much of the nightmares…it’s just a feeling that sticks into my chest”
“Yeah, I get that. While filming Cherry, I- You remember” Tom moved a little on his place, uncomfortable to remember those experiences. Y/n locked her sight on the wall far from them, focusing on his voice and letting him rambled. That soothes her feelings. “I had these big nightmares…about losing you or dying and- “he stopped to take a breath. “I’m sorry, this is not helping” Tom let his head rest on her shoulder.
“No, no, baby” Y/n turned around facing him. “It helps really. I mean, if you don’t want to talk it’s okay…but it does help me. I kinda hate to know you experience the same but in some way, it makes me feel understood” Tom didn’t say a word and watched her returned to her previous position on his chest. “So, if you want to go on…or you can talk about something else, or not- “she ranted nervously.
“Okay” he chuckled. Pleasing a loving kiss on her head, meanwhile, he returned to talk about his wildest dreams.
If you want/ can support me: buy me a coffee
Reblog, comment, like...tell me what you think. Every type of feedback it's welcome!!
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heytherejulia · 10 hours ago
Through all these years ~ Sam Holland
pairing: sam holland x reader
warning: none tbh, just tooth rotting fluff, one mention of injury also I’m not from England and don’t really know how schools work there so take it easy on me if something isn’t correct
summary: the journey through all the years of your relationship with sam
word count: 2,4k
May, 2003
Your-four-year-old-self jumped happily around the swings, playing tag with the other children. You were running away from a boy named Harry when you tripped over a pebble on the ground and tore your knee.
The whole thing was watched from a distance by four-year-old Sam, who was too shy to join the game with his twin, you who had just fallen over, and some other children from the playground.
You sat down on the ground and started crying because of your injury, and Sam decided he should help you. He walked over to his twin and crouched next to you, holding out a tissue for you. You looked at the boy next to you and, surprised by his action, began to wipe the blood off your right knee.
‘Are you okay?’ Harry was the first to speak since Sam approached you.
‘My knee hurts.’ You pointed your finger at the reddened skin.
‘Come with us! We’ll go to our mum. She'll give you a plaster!’
Sam still remained silent, too shy to utter a word, but he helped you up and, holding your hand, he led you to Nikki sitting on the bench.
From that afternoon, Sam, Harry, and you had become friends for life.
December, 2007
This primary school Christmas party that you and the twins attended was probably one of the best events of your short eight-year-long life.
You sat politely on the carpet, along with the twins and other kids, and waited for your turn to sing or say a nursery rhyme to receive a gift. When it was finally your turn, you stepped out into the middle of the class and began singing some song that you had studied in class, dancing to its beat. After finishing, your teacher praised you and handed you a colorful package. You thanked her and sat down in your seat, looking at the nervous Sam.
‘Hey, are you okay?’
The boy nodded, turning to his brother. You thought that he was probably just stressed because of the performance in front of the whole class, so you shrugged it off and returned to listening to the other children who were waiting for their turn.
After the gifts were given, you all had a lunch break before another class. Sam approached you while you were exchanging sweets with one of the girls in your class.
‘Hey, Y/N/N? Can I talk to you?’ You smiled and nodded, stepping away from your desk for a moment. It was your last day before the Christmas break, so you wanted to spend some more time with your new friend Gracie.
‘What's up?’ Sam pulled out a plastic, colourful ring that was most likely bought in one of the machines standing in the entrance to Tesco, and put it on your finger.
‘Someday you will be my wife. You’ll see. Merry Christmas, Y/N/N.’ Then he turned on his heel and walked towards his desk.
‘You must be out of your mind, Sam! You're crazy! MADMAN!’ You shouted after him.
However, the words that came out of your mouth weren't approved by the teacher, who put you in a “naughty children’s chair” and told you to apologize in the middle of the class for insulting your classmate. Since then, you have only spoken to Harry, completely ignoring his twin.
July, 2011
Your-twelve-year-old-self knocked on the Hollands’ door, waiting for someone to let you in. However, the boy who opened the door was definitely a person you didn't want to see.
The whole situation from four years ago was not that big of a deal to punish Sam with silent treatment and half-words through all these years, but you felt humiliated and ashamed and held a grudge a little too long. But for God’s sake you were eight year old and he literally proposed to you in the middle of the classroom.
The worst part was that Sam was cute and you really enjoyed spending time with him. So yeah. You could tell he was your first crush. And that made you even more angry and frustrated.
Over the years, you became really good friends not only with Harry (and partly with Sam), but also with Tom and Paddy, so when you came to their house, you usually spent your time with anyone but a freckled boy. You avoided him as much as you could, and yet there you were standing in front of him playing with the hem of your shorts.
‘Uhm, Tom's at one of his friend’s place, Harry's gone to the store with mum, and Paddy's at grandparents, so you can wait for them with me if you want.’
You thought about going home, but you have already wasted fifteen minutes to come here anyway, so you might as well hang out with Sam for a while. It probably wouldn’t hurt you.
‘Can I talk to you for a moment?’ You didn't want to talk, but what's the worst that could happen? Your relations were tense anyway, so it couldn't get worse.
‘Okay.’ Sam got up and led you towards his room.
‘Y/N/N, I know things between us have been bad lately, but maybe we could be friends again? I miss our conversations and “The Last Airbender” marathons.’
‘But on one condition. You'll never propose to me again.’
‘Pinky promise?’ You held out your pinky and waited for Sam to join his.
‘Pinky promise.’
November, 2015
Sam, Harry, Tom, Haz and Tuwaine were sitting in the living room playing FIFA when Sam's phone started ringing. The boy passed his controller to his twin and answered the call.
‘Sammyyyy.’ He heard the joy in your voice. ‘Ash asked me on a date!’
For some reason, he couldn't be happy for you. Ashton was an arsehole and he didn't want his friend going out with someone like that. He didn't want you to cry for some worthless twat.
The guys paused the game and focused their attention on the grimace on their mate’s face. The four of them knew him too well to not know about Sam's feelings for you.
‘That's great, Y/N/N. Uhm, actually I have to go. I’ll speak to you later.’
‘Oh, okay. But ca-’ He hung up before you finished the sentence.
‘Hey, you okay, mate?’
‘Why wouldn't I be?’
‘You're so furious you're about to smash this poor controller.’ He looked down at his whitened fingers.
‘No, not at all. I just want to beat Harrison in this round.’
‘You know this ain't gonna happen, man.’
‘Come on, just admit you're jealous of her.’
‘WHAT?! NO!’
‘Ohhh for fuck’s sake, bro, you're totally in love with her.’
‘That's not true! It’s just that guy Ashton is a douche.’
‘Sure, anything that’ll make you sleep at night, Sam.’ The sixteen-year-old sighed and looked back at the game, but still, couldn’t focus on it at all.
Five months had passed since your first date with Ashton, and your six months anniversary was coming. Sam avoided you as much as he could, and you grew increasingly concerned about your friend's behavior.
Finally Friday came and with that your weekly movie marathon. You were sitting on the couch between Sam and Harry, watching whatever movie the younger twin chose. Despite the fact that his brother had good taste when it came to movies, Sam didn't really focus on whatever was happening on the screen. He couldn't concentrate as you sat snuggled against him.
He felt bad. Guilt and jealousy flowed through his veins. He was furious that he felt so much towards you and couldn’t control it, not even a slightest bit.
‘I don’t feel so good, guys. I'm going to my room. But enjoy the movie.’
You watched Sam climb the stairs and disappear around the corner and sighed heavily.
‘What's the matter with him lately?’ Harry looked up from his phone.
‘I'm asking what's up with Sam lately?’
‘He's fine, maybe he's just stressed out cuz of school and misses Tom.’
‘Yeah, you must be right. But, he distanced himself from me. Did I do something wrong?’
‘No, mate. He just has a lot on his mind. Do not worry about it.’
‘Yeah, easier to say than do.’
March, 2019
You opened the door and entered the apartment.
‘In the kitchen!’ As you entered the room, you saw your friend making some sort of his weird complicated meals and Harry doing something on his laptop.
‘Hey,’ you walked over to Sam and kissed him on the cheek. ‘I need a big favour.’
‘Hello to you too, Y/F/N.’ Harry said sarcastically. You just smirked at him and turned your attention to his twin.
‘My cousin's getting married in two weeks,’ you began, making yourself a cup of tea, "and I have nobody to go with.’
‘Did you find out about this wedding today?’ You looked at Harry like he was crazy.
‘What? No, you idiot. The invitation came six months ago, but I was hoping to find someone by then, but I’m still single as hell. That’s this big favour, Sam, would you go as my date? I don't want to come alone at the wedding, my aunt still can’t stop reminding me of the lack of stability in my life.’
‘All right, just text me the place, date, time and colour of your dress.’ You were already in the hall, putting on your shoes.
‘Yeah, sure! I have to go, I have a meeting in half an hour. Love you both!’ Then they heard the slam of the front door.
‘Really, man? The colour of her dress?’
‘Fuck off, would ya?’ Harry raised his hands defensively.
You were more than stressed on the wedding day. Even though Sam went as your date, even with his matching tie to your dress, your fear of nosy questions about your love life and own wedding only grew.
As you entered the room where wedding reception was taking place at, you clutched Holland's hand tightly.
‘Hey,’ he stopped you outside, ‘it'll be alright. I'll be with you all night.’
You had a pretty good time for the first two hours of reception. You danced for a few songs with Sam and chatted with some cousins you haven’t seen in years. Everything got worse when aunt Margaret caught you alone at the bar.
‘Ah, Y/N. How are you?’
‘Everything's fine, Auntie. Thanks for asking. And you?’
‘What about me? Everything is the way it was. You better tell me when will we meet at your wedding? Who is that cute boy you brought today? Are you already planning a wedding? Kids? If you need any advice, feel free to call me! But you know what I'm going to tell you? It’s high time you thought about taking your life together. You're still young, but if you wait for too long, you'll end up like Aunt Suzanne - as an old maid!’
Tears of helplessness gathered in your eyes as soon as your aunt left you alone. You couldn't find Sam anywhere, so you turned to barman and ordered your first drink that night.
Three hours and way too many drinks later, Sam found you sitting outside the restaurant with a cigarette between your lips.
‘You’re smoking again?’
‘Back off, okay? You know I only smoke when I’m pissed. And I clearly am drunk.’
‘Okay, come on. I'll take you home.’
‘You know, Sammy. For so many years I was looking for someone right for me and look at me now? I'm alone at my younger cousin's wedding.
‘You're not alone. You’re with me.’
‘Yeah, but we're not together. We are only friends.’ You laughed bitterly. ‘Friends, huh? For so many years I tried to find the right one, but nobody was good enough, you know? Nobody was you, Sam.’
His heart stopped for a moment but he couldn’ take advantage of your current state and talk about the things you’ve just said.
‘We'll talk about it in the morning, darling. Get some sleep, we have a long way home.’
August, 2023
You both stood on the altar, waiting for the moment to tell your vows. When the pastor finally allowed you to speak, Sam began his speech.
‘I met you when you fell over playing tag with my twin. We became friends for life. After such a long time I was finally able to call you mine. Y/N/N, we've known each other for almost our whole lives and every moment with you is the most precious of them all. I cannot promise you sunny afternoons or that we will never argue, but I can promise you my unchanging and undying love. And I pinky promise you that.’
He said that and held his pinky to you just like twelve years ago when he promised no proposal. Well, technically he didn’t break that promise. He just told you one night when you both were laying in your bed after bloody tiring day that you should get married. So no crowd, no fancy restaurant, no ring. Just you, Sam and the silence of your bedroom.
‘Sam. You were always there for me, even when I was screaming and throwing pillows at you, and when I was crying on the carpet over my first nasty breakup. You were with me when I was bringing all these guys to our apartment, even though you didn't like it. You were there when I needed help with cooking learning and when I made my first edible meal. You were by my side every minute of my life, having my back so I wouldn't fall. That's why I promise you that I will be with you until the end of my days when you need me and even when you don't. You won't get rid of me anymore, love.’
All of the wedding guests, along with Sam, laughed at your words. At that point, you both had your cheeks wet with tears. You looked at Nikki and Dom, who had been like parents for you for so many years. They were both smiling and had tears in their eyes.
‘Do you, Sam, take thee, Y/F/N, to be your wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?’
‘I do.’
‘Do you, Y/F/N, take thee, Sam, to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?
‘I do.’
Then, as Sam put a wedding ring on your finger, he bent down to your ear.
‘I told you so, dear.’ He looked at you smiling and winked.
Then he grabbed your cheeks with his hands and you shared your first kiss as a married couple.
‘From today on you are my Mrs. Holland, darling.’
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mcumendes · 15 hours ago
love letters | t.h.
Tumblr media
summary: the curly haired boy in your math class puts a sticky note everywhere and on everyone, and some day one of his yellow notes lands on your desk
warnings: nothing that i can think of, it’s just fluff
word count: 1,7k
A/N: this is kinda inspired by my own series the way to your heart lol, i hope you all like this cute lil story :))
masterlist | taglist
Having a crush on someone from your class is something you swore yourself would never happen to you. Especially not after you got your heart broken by a blonde boy with beautiful blue eyes in sixth grade. The fact that you had to see him in class for another few years made you only hold onto the promise tighter. 
And for a while everything worked perfectly for you. But then a curly haired boy transferred to your class, and you weren’t sure you could maintain your promise anymore. To say he wasn’t cute or totally your type, would be a big fat lie. You were head over heels as soon as he smiled at you.
You fell even harder for him when you noticed that he always has a pack of sticky notes in his bag to write something down for himself, or to write someone else a compliment or funny joke. 
His desk is most of the time filled with different yellow notes to remind himself of something, and you notice the small stickers on different places too. Sometimes you even see them on other student’s lockers or backpacks. He likes it to make others happy, and that makes him even cuter. 
Nice haircut! Love your outfit. Cute smile. You’ve only seen a few of them, but you’ve seen most of the smiles the people wear after reading his handwritten compliments. You always notice the glint in their eyes, and hear the giggles that escape their mouths. Your eyes meet his warm brown ones every time someone finds his note. 
And yet you haven’t gotten your own yellow sticky note. It stings a lot more in your heart because you have a crush on him, and you’re dying to know what he thinks about you. 
You’ve talked to him a few times after class and sat with him and others on the meadow for your break. But you haven’t got the chance to talk to him alone - to get to know him better. 
The only things you know about him are that he has three brothers and a dog named Tessa. He wants to be an actor some day, and he’s always open to talk and make new friends. And he loves to play golf with his family and his best friend - you think his name is Harrison. 
You know a lot of the basic stuff and that’s great too, but you want to know if he would laugh at your jokes, or if he’s a ‘lying on the ground and looking at the clouds’ kinda guy. You want to know how his freckles look up close, and if his hand would fit perfectly into yours. 
There are a lot of things you want to know, but you gave up your hopes that you will ever find out about all these things. You always look out for him, and he looks at everyone except you. 
Pushing a strand of hair out of your face, you make your way to your last class for today. Your shoulders are hanging low, and you just want to get home and lay in your bed for hours, only staring at the ceiling. 
Deep down, you know that you shouldn’t have broken your promise on the first day you saw the brunette, but you just couldn’t help yourself. It was so easy to fall for his kind eyes, his bright smile, and mostly his British accent. It was as easy as falling in love with new music, sunsets and flowers. Falling for him was the only option you had. 
You pull the door open, immediately being met with loud conversations and laughter. Quickly looking around the room, your eyes almost automatically find the messy brunette curls. You swallow and turn your gaze away, making step after step towards your desk. 
And suddenly you stop in your tracks. 
There’s a yellow sticky note placed on your desk, and you can’t help yourself as your head shoots around to Tom again. But he has turned around, not noticing your stare. A smile appears on your face and no matter how hard you try to get rid of it, it doesn’t work. 
Before you lift your hand, you take a deep breath, preparing yourself for what may he has written for you. And then you grab the note, your eyes quickly scanning over his words.
You look cute today :) -Tom
Tom watches you grab the sticky note and read over his few scribbled words. He loves to put these notes everywhere and make someone's day, but with you, it’s different. His heart pouts nervously in his chest, and he feels insecure until a wide smile breaks out on your flustered face. 
He wanted to write you a note for a while now, but he was always too nervous and never found the right words for you. But today he promised himself to shoot his shot, and it looks like it actually worked. 
A quiet sigh of relief leaves his lips, and he falls back against his chair. You turn around to look at him, and for a moment the two of you are just smiling at each other from some distance. But it feels like you both are closer than you’ve ever been.
After the class ends and you’re still packing your things together, Tom walks over to you. You feel his presence next to you, and try your hardest not to seem as nervous as you are. 
“Hi,” he mumbles, and you send him a quick smile over your shoulder. 
“Thank you for the note, it saved my day,” you chuckle lightly and turn around to him, giving him a soft smile. 
The corners of his mouth curve up too, but the smile doesn’t reach his eyes. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asks carefully. 
You shake your head. “I’m just having a bad day. Nothing serious,” you assure him. 
Tom nods and tilts his head slightly, making his curls fall to the side. “Would it lift your mood to get out of here and drink a coffee?” 
You laugh. “Absolutely.” 
Rubbing your sweaty hands against your jeans, you follow Tom out of the building and make small talk with him. He tells you his thoughts about the class you just had, and you laugh and nod whenever it feels right. 
“I always wanted to hang out with you,” the brunette casually slips into the conversation, but you don’t miss the way he fumbles around with his fingers. 
You raise your brows, looking at him. “You did?”
He shrugs, a chuckle leaving his rosy lips. “Sure. You seem like a nice person to talk to,” he sends you a smile, “I feel like you’re a good friend.”
“Well,” you laugh, “I hope I don’t disappoint.”
Tom gives you a look as if you just said that aliens conquered the earth. “You could never disappoint me.”
You feel your cheeks heat up and turn your gaze away from him, grinning widely. 
And that’s how your friendship with the brunette boy started. This was the first of many shared coffees after your classes, and the first yellow sticky note of a lot more blue ones. 
Tom started writing stuff for you on blue sticky notes that he brought instantly after you told him that blue is your favorite color. You felt honored and flustered as he told you what he did - even if you said he didn’t need to do that for you. 
You found a note almost every day on your desk, and your heart always made a joyful flip when you saw the little blue thing. No matter how many notes he wrote you, you felt as happy and excited as you got the first one. 
It became Tom’s and yours thing to put the blue sticky notes on each other’s desks, lockers, chairs or bags. It’s still a mystery to you why you aren’t drowning in those notes yet. 
Most of the time you just write hi :) or coffee today? or you tell each other some jokes. Sometimes the two of you are even having full conversations on them, blue notes laying all around you. But on some days you still get cute messages from him, like he says that your outfit looks cute, or that he likes to hear your laugh. 
His compliments still make your heart beat faster, and your cheeks still get this rosy glow. You love the friendship with him, but you can’t wait until you get the chance to turn it into something more. 
You sit down on your chair, nervously nibbling on your bottom lip. You haven’t gotten a note from Tom today, and it’s already the last class you have with him. Normally you would have talked about your coffee date later already, but today it feels like Tom is hiding from you. 
Looking around the big room, you can’t find the brunette, nor a blue sticky note somewhere. For a few minutes your heart feels heavy in your chest, but then the door opens and Tom walks into the room, your eyes instantly finding his warm brown ones. 
He smiles at you, waving lightly, and then you see the familiar blue paper in his other hand. The smile on your face grows wider, knowing that nothing has changed. 
“Hi,” you mouth towards him. 
“Hi, y/n.” Tom stops next to you, quickly pressing a small kiss onto the top of your head. He places the note on your desk and walks over to his own, sitting down in the row behind you. 
Your gaze wanders to the note, and your eyes scan over his words a few times before your head really understands what’s written on there. Your eyes wide, your heart practically jumping out of your chest as you finally realize the meaning of the messy scribbled words.
Do you want to go out with me?
And under that are two squares with yes and no written next to them. 
You turn around to him, smiling widely. Grabbing your pen, you mark with a cross the only right answer. You fold the note together and hand it back to him, watching him with a grin on your lips as he opens it. Tom lets out a quick relieved sigh, his right hand pressed to his heart, before he pulls you into his muscular arms and almost knocks the desk over. 
☒ Yes.
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celestialholland · 17 hours ago
movie night | tom holland
summary: its movie night at the holland-l/n household
genre: parent!au, fluff | warnings: none
a/n: i’m an absolute sucker for dad tom so
*:·゚✧*:·゚✧ *:·゚✧*:·゚✧ *:·゚✧*:·゚✧*:·゚✧*:·゚✧:·゚
“Dexter Holland! Stop fighting with your brother and go sit down!” You ordered to your eldest son, who was quarreling with your younger son, Parker, over a muffin.
“But, mum, he ate my muffin!” Dexter whined.
“Dexter, it was just a muffin, I’ll get you a new one, yeah? Go sit down with your dad and Felicity.” You pointed him to the couch where Tom and your youngest, Felicity were seated on the couch, cuddled up, and were picking a movie for the weekly movie night.
This was a norm in the Holland household. You and Tom had three kids. A son – aged ten – Dexter and a pair of twins – Parker and Felicity, aged five. Your little kids could be devils but they were real angels. You and Tom both loved them to the ends of the earth.
Dexter finally left for the couch but not before shooting a deathly glare to Parker who was clinging to your leg and hiding from his brother’s gaze. “Come on, Parker, you go too,”
“Mummy, no, I’ll go with you, or else Dexter will-”
“Parker, he’ll do nothing, your dad is right there, bub.” You bent down to his level and ruffled his brown locks that he inherited from his father. Parker sighed and tentatively walked over to the couch and cuddled into his father’s right side as Dexter shot him glares from the other side of the couch. You laughed at your boys’ silliness and picked up the popcorn resting on the kitchen aisle and walked over to the couch where the rest of your family was seated.
“Pick a movie yet?” You asked as you plopped down on the couch in between your husband and eldest son, as he made himself comfortable, wrapping his arms around you and you placed the bowl topped with popcorn on the table.
“Daddy, can we watch Coco?” Felicity asked, giving Tom the puppy eyes and a bunch of ‘yes, please, dad!’ chorused as you laughed.
“Alright fine, we can watch CoCo,” Tom agreed with a chuckle, despite knowing that he’d be a proper crying mess after the movie.
“Want popcorn, guys?” You picked up the bowl and offered it to Dexter first, who happily and took a handful and moved the bowl in front of Felicity who was about to grab a few kernels but Parker interrupted, shoving his hand into the bowl, and spilling some on Tom’s lap.
“Sorry, daddy,” He looked at him sheepishly. Tom quickly picked up the pieces and ate them for himself.
“It’s alright, buddy,” Tom assured Parker. Parker, satisfied, stuffed his mouth with the popcorn as Felicity grabbed some for herself, munching on them and Tom started the movie.
So for the rest of the running time of the movie, the room was often filled with sniffles, mostly your husband’s. It was a given that Tom would’ve cried after and during the movie.
But it made it better knowing his family was there.
*:·゚✧*:·゚✧ *:·゚✧*:·゚✧ *:·゚✧*:·゚✧*:·゚✧*:·゚✧:·゚
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Tumblr media
hey! feel free to send something in if you want 😇
💗- tell me about yourself and i’ll give you a holland boy
💛- headcanons
💜- small blurbs
💚- building on a concept
❤️- my opinion on
💙- do i think this holland boy would
💖- ask me anything
tagging a few people if you want to be tagged or not tagged in future let me know :)
@im-salt-but-not-salty @theglitterymess @unsaidholland @greenorangevioletgrass @tommysparker
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First of CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 and second📄 domestic Sunday morning fluff with Peter and fem!Stark reader babysitting Morgan when everyone else is out and they’re all getting ready to go on a walk to the park and the reader and Morgan are waiting for Parker so the reader is jokingly, in a British accent, like “are you ready mr.Parker” and Peter comes out like “of course mrs.Parker” and it’s a whole moment and Morgan’s like 😗😍 (sorry if this is too specific, feel free to change anything I love when readers have complete freedom)
Thank you so much💗💗 Hope you like this.
Pairing : Peter Parker x Stark! Reader
Warnings : none
Tumblr media
Being an avenger, a peaceful day where any miscreant isn’t committing any crime or a supervillain isn’t trying to destroy your city is very rare for you and Peter. So when you finally get a day off from your superhero duties you try to spend as much time as possible with your sweet geeky boyfriend but today you had a special company. You were on babysitting duty for your little sister while your parents were away on a two day business trip to DC you may also call it a romantic getaway.
You loved Morgan more than anything. Ever since you came back from the blip you tried to be there for her making up for the five years you missed of her growing up. She was the sweetest child you have ever met who loved to play with her dollhouses and do imaginary tea parties with you and Peter and her stuffed bunnies but the thing that interests her more is to watch and observe you or your dad working in the lab. Many times you have caught her sneaking into the lab and examining the gadgets with curious eyes.
She was also the biggest shipper of you and Peter. She hated it the time when you and Peter weren’t together and dated different people because for her you two were the it couple. She used to look at you both with such admiration in her eyes that she went to the extent of saying that she wanted a boyfriend just like Peter when she grew up.
You were in the lab with Peter helping him with his new webfluid formula while Morgan was sitting on a chair beside you swinging her legs lazily when you heard her sigh out loud.
“What happened maguna?” you ask her softly.
“I’m bored, when are you going to finish this?” she pouts at you.
“But you only said you didn’t want to play instead you wanted to come in the lab” you remind her.
“Yes but I also wanted to help” she retorts knitting her brows into a frown.
“Don’t you think you are too small for this?” you narrowed your gaze at her playfully.
“You and dad never let me do anything!” she huffs getting off her seat frowning at you annoyed.
“Don’t give me that look little miss you know that isn’t gonna work on me”
“Now you sound just like mom” she complains.
“Well she left you under my supervision” you try to reason her out when Peter interrupts both of you.
“Ok, ok, ok how about we go for a walk in the park?” Peter proposes the idea to Morgan.
“Can I have an ice cream?” she looks at him with doe eyes before you could say no, that it was bad for her teeth Peter cut you off.
“Sure kiddo” he crouches down with a broad smile and ruffles her hair.
“Petey you’re the best!” she squeals, hugging him tightly.
“You really need to stop giving into her every demand” you snicker.
“How can you say no to this face?” he reasons chuckling.
“Ok now c’mon let’s go and get dressed then we can go to the park” you held Morgan’s hand and went back to your room while Peter cleared the working area in the lab and arranged everything in its place before you all went out. After sometime you walked out of your room with Morgan hand in hand and headed towards the lab.
“Are you ready Mr. Parker?” you called out sarcastically.
“Of course Mrs. Parker” he replies, taking you by surprise with the name he just called you.
“What did you say?” you mumble as he swipes his ID card through the security panel to lock the door.
“Huh, what?” he asks you again as he couldn’t catch on to your mumbling clearly.
“Uh nothing” you shrugged it off thinking maybe he just casually said that he wasn’t being serious.
“Why did you call Y/N Mrs. Parker? She didn’t marry you” Morgan points out innocently with a confused expression.
“Morgan!” you gasped and Peter realized his slip up as his face turned red flustered.
“Oh I'm so sorry I didn't want to make you uncomfortable” he immediately apologizes nervously.
“You didn't, don’t worry,” you reassure him with a smile “but did you mean it?” you reassert.
“Mean what?” he gulps nervously.
“You know you and and” you fidgeted.
“Umm yea-yeah” he scratches the back of his neck “I love you and I do want to marry you and spend my life with you Y/N” he remarks.
“You want to marry me?” you repeat his words in disbelief. In your whole relationship neither you nor Peter never actually confessed to each other about your feelings; it was a smooth transition for you two. Only the label of your relationship changed from friends to lovers but everything remained the same. So the topic of your future together never was a part of your daily conversation and now after knowing that he actually wants to spend the rest of his life with you makes your heart bloom with warmth and joy.
“I mean not now but someday in the future. But only if you want to of course” he stutters thinking he might have messed up.
“Aww Peter, I would love to marry you” you cup his face with your hands and press your lips gently against his as he kisses you back.
“I love you” you smile into the kiss pressing your foreheads together.
“I love you too” he mumbles against your lips.
“Are you and Petey getting married?” Morgan’s curious voice breaks you both out of your little moment.
“Not now sweetie but surely in the future” you inform her with a smile as Peter blushes standing by your side.
“Can I be the flower girl on you wedding Y/N? And, and can I choose your wedding dress and cake?” she asks you innocently her eyes gleaming with excitement making you smile even more.
“Flower girl? Honey you’re going to be my bridesmaid and yes you can choose my dress and cake but for now let’s just go to the park and have some ice cream yeah?”
“Yess!” she exclaims and rushes to the elevator as you and Peter follow her. At the park you were strolling side by side behind Morgan keeping an eye on her.
“So Mrs. Parker huh?” you ponder while eating your ice cream.
“You can totally keep your name no pressure at all” Peter clarifies quickly.
“Nah I like Mrs. Parker better” you smile linking your hands together.
Tumblr media
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youreobsessedwithmarvel · 19 hours ago
Let Me Help (Stark!Reader)
☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know
⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word Count:1135
Warnings: really nothing
Taglist (Line through means unable to tag)
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Peter Parker Taglist
Requests are OPEN (click here for guidelines and here to request)
Requested by @choosetoalwayslivitup “ Maybe after patrol, reader and Peter return to Stark Tower and the reader stitches Peter up? But then Peter notices the reader needs help too, so he offers to fix her injuries? “
Peter Parker Masterlist
Main Masterlist
Y/N helped to sneak Peter into the medbay of the Tower. If her dad found out that he was injured, he would check for injuries on her. Honestly, she knew she was bleeding from her side and above her left eyebrow. Did she care? No. It wasn’t really affecting her much. Then there was Peter. He could barely put pressure on his left leg and was dripping blood onto the floor from his leg.
Neither of them had an easy time with patrol. Some dude, that they had both underestimated, got a few hits in before they were able to figure out how to deal with him. Of course, even then, he still had the upper hand as he had jammed a knife into Peter’s leg. And Peter, being the loveable idiot he is, pulled it out. It took them two hours to deal with him and then another hour just to make it back to the medbay of the Tower.
But now here they were.
Y/N helping Peter onto the table and grabbing everything she needed to stitch  him up. She was used to it. Stitching people up. From a young age she always had to do it. But when she was about to start so she could clean the wound she realized that he was gonna have to remove the suit.
She looked at him, “Um...I need you to do something.”
He raised an eyebrow, “What?”
She let out a breath and spoke slower, “I need you to remove your suit.” She looked down, “Please.”
“Is that all?”
She looked up and saw Peter biting his lip, obviously holding back a laugh. “Don’t laugh at me!”
“I’m not!” He pressed the spider in the middle of his suit and she watched as he carefully removed the suit  He tossed it over to the side and looked at her. “That good?”
She nodded and began to silently clean up the wound. As she was working, Peter spoke in a soft voice, obviously trying to how he was in pain. “I’m sorry for pulling the knife out.”
Y/N shook her head, “Don’t. It wasn’t your fault. I would have done it too.”
He smiled, “That makes me feel better.” She laughed lightly, wincing quickly after though. His smile faded and his face turned to one of concern, “Are you okay?”
She nodded, “Y-yeah. Tis but a scratch.”
It was as she turned that he noticed the gash on her side. “Y/N, why didn’t you tell me? That looks like it needs serious attention.”
She raised her good eyebrow at him, “Says the one who if I didn’t know how to stitch and was able to see that you didn’t cause too much injury by yanking your knife out, would be in a lot of danger.”
“We would have just gotten your dad.”
She snorted as she went to stitch his leg, but regretted it as a stab of sharp pain struck her body. “Have you met my dad? Tony Stark: the king of freaking out? Yeah. No. Let’s get you fixed up before his ‘Iron Dad’ senses kick in.”
“Iron dad?”
“Dunno, I kinda came up with it once.”
“It’s good.”
“Thanks.” She finished the stitch and then looked at Peter. “There, your leg is all stitched up. Now, let’s get you back to your room and get all medicated.”
“Wait. What about you?”
“What about me?”
“Your side and eyebrow. Lemme help you.”
He stopped her, “Y/N Stark. Before I was an Avenger and had access to all of this stuff, I learned how to stitch myself up because I had to.” He carefully got off the table, making sure to not place a lot of pressure onto his left leg and motioned for her to get on the table. When she didn’t, he sighed and limped over to the counter and went to press the button on it to contact Tony. He turned to face her, “I will do it if you don’t get up there.”
She groaned but complied. Dragging herself up to the table. She laid on her back and turned her head to face him. As he limped back over to her she sighed, “Happy?”
“Well, hurry up.”
“Hey, don’t rush me. Now, I gotta clean these two things up first.” He was about to clean the gash on her side until he realized she would have to remove her outfit. “Um...Y/N...I-uh.”
She looked at him and after a minute she realized what was happening. “What? So you make fun of me for being uncomfortable with seeing you in only your underwear but yet you get uncomfortable for realizing you’re gonna have to see me topless, not fair. Not fair at all.”
“I’m sorry.”
She smiled, “Whatever.” She carefully unzipped the top of her jumpsuit and pulled down the sleeves. She pulled her undershirt off and it was only then that she realized how badly she was bleeding. She noticed Peter’s grimace, “Are you sure that I only need stitches?”
He nodded, “Y-yeah. Aunt May explained these types of things to me. It’s actually not that deep, it’s just where they cut. I’ll clean it and then check to make sure it’s not infected, but I highly doubt it is.”
She nodded and let him do his stuff. They stayed silent for the most part. But she liked it. It made her feel more comfortable. The silence. Of course, Peter freaked when she winced. She had to reassure him that she was okay. That it was just the fact that the needle surprised her. It wasn’t entirely true, but it wasn’t entirely a lie.
“Okay, Y/N, could you please sit up so I can deal with your eyebrow.”
She carefully moved sit up. It was slightly difficult with her torso being bandaged up. But she did it. She faced Peter, he legs dangling off the side of the table. He quickly cleaned up her cut  and made sure no blood got into her hair or eye. He used the skin glue instead of stitches for it and placed a smaller bandage over it.
After a few moments of silence Y/N spoke, “Are you done?”
He nodded, “Yeah, c’mon. Let’s head on to bed.” She nodded and helped him out. 
Turns out Y/N was more tired than she thought. Because as she laid Peter in his bed, she laid next to him for a quick second. A quick breather. And quickly started to fall asleep. She felt him wrap his around her and she leaned into his embrace. Not caring if anyone found them. If her dad found out the two of them got injured on patrol. She was just tired and wanted to get sleep. She would deal with all of that when she awoke.
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