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#tom holland x oc
leewritesstuff · 19 hours ago
Keeping Up With The Hollands | 03 (Interview)
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Tom were offered to document your life since you are both famous in the entertainment industry. Now as you got older you left the entertainment industry and head for the medical field. How difficult can it be? Also, did I mention that you have kids?
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Series Masterlist
WORDS: 1.04K
If you have questions that you'd like to ask for Tom or for.. you? Then don't be shy to send them. I apologize for this being late, my sister had a project and I got invested with Love Island
Tumblr media
"Hey I'm Y/N L/N and I'll be playing with puppies while answering your questions, hit it" One of the staff members hands you a cute white pomeranian puppy.
"Oh, my fucki- wait I can't curse in front of you! You're too cute for me to do that" You sad suddenly forgetting that you were doing an interview. The Pomeranian puppy licked at your nose then barked at you wagging its tail. As you were giggling you heard a cough, realizing it was coming from the staff members.
"Oh right, sorry! I forgot I was doing this interview. Okay so let's start."
How do you deal with all the hate? And what's your motto for this year
"Uh I mostly ignore them, actually I have a high tolerance to ignore bullshit so if someone dislikes me or something I do and sends hate, I just basically say okay! ...Or just fall asleep. For the motto question, um well I don't have one but I could think of one....'Reject the status quo?' I don't know, I was watching too much High School Musical. Next question"
While you were answering the questions, another puppy came. You took it and place it on your lap, it was a German Shepherd puppy. You took your hand that has bracelets on it and dangled it in front of the puppies watching as they try to catch it. Smile instantly forming on your face.
Were there any struggles in you and Tom's relationship?
"Mhm, I like this question. Our relationship isn't as complex as thinks everyone thinks it is. When we first started dating there was a few issues since the age gap. We started dating when I was 27 and he was around 21, and people were sending me messages saying how I'm using him for his money and that I was some weird pedophile and I was so confused because don't you have to be with someone who's underage in order to be called that? Plus, I'm not bragging but I have more money compare to Tom. People are weird these days dude."
Do you have a crush on Harrison? If not, is there any other guy you find attractive?
That's a weird question to ask. Harrison is a very attractive guy and we respect each other. He's more of a best friend than anything. I really love him! For the other half... probably Niall Horan wait not, let's say the members of One Direction except for Harry yeah Zayne as well but um...maybe James Franco or Chris Evans? Look if I were to list all of my celebrity crushes we would be here all day so let's move on" You let out a giggle and smile when the Shepherd bark at you
"See, Sheppy here thinks so as well, don't you?"
There are rumours about Tom and Zendaya, saying that they are in a relationship do you think so?
"No, I don't, if anything I'd say Zendaya and I are in a secret - well not so secret now. I'm sorry Tom...but yeah uh, I don't think any of it, they both are close to me so I honestly don't think they would ever do something like that. Zendaya is an amazing actress and friend and if there's any issues I would most likely go to her for a second opinion and Tom, he's spectacular- oh my god,  I've been hanging around with brits too much but anyway, he's amazing and the way that his parents brought him up, he wouldn't cheat."
Will you make music?
"Actually I thought the old songs...that I made weren't that good, but I'm surprised people actually like it. Uh, I probably have a good... 5 or so finished and a few unfinished ones but who knows I may put out some!"
Are there any upcoming movies?
Actually, there is. I have two upcoming movies with Tom, which was a surprise to me, but I'm not going to give any more details! I have a minor part in both The 100 and Euphoria. Any other projects you'll just have to wait and see~"
Why did you break up with Harry?
"Mhm, I'm not surprised at this but now, it's getting very old being asked this. I love Harry but it seems that Kendall Jenner was better than me? Not sure, but I had wished we had talked about this instead of me finding out from the internet. Wish him and her the best"
Noticing your distress, the Pomeranian came over and licked your face, a sad smile forming on your face.
What's one moment from your career that you'll never forget?
"I think one of the best moment I'll never forget is when a fan of mines came to a meet and greet and gave me a stuffed toy, I got two, one of a butterfly and one of me, and when she gave me it and I almost cried because I haven't gotten something hand made like that. She literally spent a whole week on it, what makes it even better is that they light up!"'
You lay down on the floor watching as the German Shepherd tried to tug your hand while the Pomeranian lays on your stomach. The camera shifts to face your view.
"Am I making your hands hurt?" You asked the cameraman but he just gave you a smile.
"Ah my bad, my back hurts from sitting like that so I needed a break, if your hands are hurtin' lemme know"
Last question: What advice would you give to a fan who's struggling with depression?
"Well, there isn't a best advice. For me when I had depression is that you aren't alone. There's actually a lot of people suffering from depression and I think being not okay is fine, you just need... to find something that's positive- actually, surround yourself with positive people that cheers you up, do something that you like, talk to people, that's what I did and  I can honestly say that I'm doing great now."
As you sat up, you grabbed the Pomeranian and gently rest them on the floor, while the camera follows you. You smiled at the camera and wave.
"Thanks for sending in your messages! I really enjoy them. I am Y/n L/N and this has been Buzzfeed!"
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mannien · a day ago
Mornings in Sheffield Park | TH - MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
STORY SUMMARY: Millie and Tom may have separate lives, but they always come back to each other. She’s an aspiring writer, journalist, and a scholar. He’s a successful actor and a surprisingly good listener. Two kind souls, two different characters, two entirely different worlds connected in one place. Home, next to Sheffield Park.  
Tom Holland x OC Millie Beaver 
Future chapters may include adult content, so please beware!
A/N: Hi! Welcome to my first Tom fic, my baby, my heart on a platter, my first proper fic in English, and all that jazz. If we don’t know each other, it’s very nice to have you here and I hope you’ll stick around!
If you’d like to be tagged, ask away! If I did tag you but it bothers you, let me know :) 
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mannien · a day ago
Mornings in Sheffield Park | TH - PROLOGUE
The one with graduation, daisies and carnations, and a hopeless emotional addiction.
Word count: 3.1k
Warnings: some stress and anxiety here and there
Tumblr media
Some feelings are addictive. It’s easy to get used to the way something tingles with excitement, warms up with passion, or stings with powerful adrenaline rush. People get comfortable with feelings known and desired and more often than not, they turn them into coping mechanisms. Whatever sticks their wobbly pieces together the longest, is the ultimate solution. Feelings don’t need to be entirely positive or with pure intentions behind them. As long as they cover up the shattered pieces, they stay. They may enhance some experiences, especially when someone decides to stick with something as simple as joy. But some make life more difficult than it seems; they mess up the timeline and allow people to feel so many wrong things before reaching the truth.
An array of emotions weaves through fresh university graduates. A sense of freedom and relief is somewhat clouded by fear or excitement. Someone has an internship lined up, their friends take a year to travel across Europe, a roommate has an apprenticeship at their next job. Others might take things slow and see what the future holds, while some students get prepared to have a fresh start. The overall unknown seems to be the underlying tone in the speeches during the graduation ceremony, but each person in polished shoes and with a rapid heartbeat subconsciously sticks to a feeling that makes them feel more at ease.
Students of each program are called on stage. Every little success along the way is cradled into slippery hats and fitted gowns with the university’s subtle emblem on the front. The audience is sitting on the large balcony above the graduates. People clap with appreciation at each young person walking across the wooden floor and shaking the chancellor’s hand. Some receive a more enthusiastic applause, sometimes even a roar of cheers. As the long queue of journalism graduates makes its way through the hall, the names are listed rapidly. Students walk as if they were a part of an assembly line, trying their best not to delay the process of the nerve-wracking hand-shaking and walking without tripping. The last are always graduates with exceptional results, so the crowds are encouraged to clap vigorously. And that’s what’s heard when the eyes of two women in the audience are focused on the proud figure walking on stage: the loudest cheers of the afternoon so far.
“Remind me, why aren’t we screaming for your boyfriend, and the whole department of journalism is?” A questioning voice surprised Millie so much that she jumped in her seat.
“I’m nervous, Thea. That’s why.”
She stated the obvious. Millie Beaver was the one to frantically fix the sleeves of her gown as a nervous tick. She got up early that morning, dreading the day full of polished festivities and exaggerated elegance requested upon a bunch of tired, educated enough people. The pride in successfully finishing her studies was yet to come; her body was rather keen on reacting dramatically to the large crowds of scholars, pupils and their families. The dread of participating in an unrehearsed event like this clouded her brain and made her focus solely on not loosing it. Though she wouldn’t dare admit it to the smiling man, who was just about to shake some hands on stage. The confidence he wore on his face was something she was used to seeing, even in the least favourable scenarios.
“I still don’t get it, how some people are born so talented that they don’t need to work their asses off to get somewhere,” she shrugged, making her tight black curls shake with her head, “I mean, the hours we spent on reading and researching…”
“I guess we’re just different.”
“Different? It’s not fair, that’s what it is. Patriarchy at its finest.”
The comment made Millie laugh and release some of the tension. Her eyes followed Franklin into the side corridor, where a little crowd of his friends formed a circle around him – the star of the department - before continuing into their seats. His cheerful stance made her bit her lip in excitement; for a moment, she tried to forget about whatever was said through the speakers. She genuinely wanted to be feel happy for him and his academic achievements. After all, she spent previous months on watching him get to the top of their classes almost effortlessly, as if he was born to be talked about by the teachers.
Millie felt her heart speed up at the thought that he might start searching for her for a little cheer, or even a tiny wave of support. But Frank sat down and continued to enjoy his fame, and Thea started to pull her up from the wooden chair.
“Come on, it’s our turn.”
She followed her friend and attempted to smooth out the heavy gown. Her light brown hair flowed as she walked, making her nervously fix it every now and then. She turned to the very end of the queue to find Jane, who wore a wide smile. They made eye contact and the blonde sent her a half-smile, knowing that they are almost through the tough part. It calmed Millie to know that she had her support system, not only up in the balcony, but also somewhere among the students of literary and media studies. At one point she feared that her nightmare of falling off the stage will become reality, but as a surprise to her and her close ones, clumsy Millie walked gracefully and with pride painted across her face.
Mission accomplished: she made it through college without falling.
The main floor of the event hall once again filled with students, their peers, and families. Loud chatter was heard across the building as people were celebrating the achievements of the year’s graduates. Some of the groups moved outside and took in the chilly London air. It smelled of rain and freedom, clouded with light grey pillows in the sky.
The three girls tried to make it through the crowds of chatting people in search for the perfect spot to take pictures together. Jane wore the highest heels of them all, so she was designated to lead them to the wall with the logo of the university. In a tight weave of pinkie fingers, they rushed through the hall just as they would through a college party. Millie felt dizzy from the sea of the same black gowns surrounding them from every angle. Some people waved at them, so she kept her smile wide and left Thea – with her one hand free – to the waving back duty. Their secure escape led them safely to the back wall on the side of the entrance, where some of the students usually found peace between classes and sat down on the floor, watching over the busy entrance to the building during the semester. The carpet remembered a lot of spilled coffees and teas in the wobbly little cups purchased from the cafeteria inside. Millie let out a breath of relief, seeing that only a couple of students found this spot perfect for keeping the memories.
“Hey, congrats! We’re graduates!” Jane welcomed the group that was finishing their poses in front of the wall.
Thea laughed with them, but desperately waved her hand in front of her reddening face to cool off.
“I hate your speed in heels. That was too fast!”
“Don’t worry, at least you don’t have to run to the Linguistics ever again.” Millie pulled her little bag from underneath the gown and looked for a sheet of paper with old notes. As long as Jane was busy chatting up other students, the other two tackled the makeshift air conditioning to prevent Thea’s makeup from running.
“Okay, are we ready for some iPhone memories?” The sound of a snapshot stopped Millie from frantically fanning their friend’s face.
“You sound ready. Do you have a tripod or a selfie stick, though? I want to have a picture with all of you.”
“We could still catch that group and ask someone to snap a few?”
“I’m not running anywhere, I’ve just fixed my face!” Thea puffed her cheeks and did a few more waves around them, certainly for an enhanced dramatic effect.
“Then don’t run anywhere, I’ll call my mom to come here, she’s probably out for a smoke anyway.”
“You really want to have your graduation pictures taken by your mom?” Thea and Millie chuckled at Jane’s resigned sigh. “Maybe Frank could come here? I trust his steady hands more.”
“He was supposed to go to the student’s office after the ceremony. Honours and stuff.” Millie pursed her lips.
“Right when we need him! What a boyfriend.”
“Do you need a hand, girls?”
A sudden male voice stopped the rising argument and made the three of them look into the corridor. He welcomed them with a warm smile and soft wrinkles by his eyes. With a small bunch of colourful flowers, he stood out in casual, non-graduate clothes, yet with similar youthfulness to him.
“I’m not my brother but I can take a straight picture in focus.”
“What the fuck?” Millie covered her mouth in shock. Hesitantly, she took one step away from Jane and Thea, afraid of her next reaction. “What the actual fuck are you doing here?”
“I came to my friend’s graduation, fancy seeing you here.”
“I’m serious!” She raised her voice and made her way over to him, meeting his steps somewhere in the middle of the distance. He was smiling at her stupidly and she couldn’t stop herself from mirroring his reaction.
“I’m serious too, you made it! That’s so cool!” He opened his arms and invited her in, with a small encouragement of his waving hand.
One of the most addictive feelings are those of an utter comfort and safety. This teasing sparkle making your insides warm up and encouraging you to be a little more positive. That’s precisely what Millie felt when she was engulfed in a tight hug by her childhood best friend. Tom held her tightly across her back and swayed them side to side, earning a hearty laugh from the girl who was now, shining. She felt a sense of genuine relief once he squeezed her in reassurance; her brotherly figure showed up, so she was finally able to relax. Suddenly everything felt easy and perfect. All of the stress, fear of the unknown, anxiety about the grand event of the day, and the rest of damaging emotions slowed down their tempo in her veins, simply because she was home. Her smile swiftly changed into more prominent and definitely brighter by a shade or two. As he held her close, he could feel Millie’s warmth suddenly radiate through his body, making his eyes twinkle with joy because of this very girl.
“Congratulations, Minnie Mouse, I’m so proud of you,” he whispered next to her ear, cautious of what others may hear from their little exchange. She did not need any more nerves weighting her down, so he decided not to make a big scene – even though he definitely wanted to tease her worrying head and make sure she’s having a good time. “you’re all grown up now, so I got you flowers.”
“Oh, so otherwise you wouldn’t?” Millie shook his head, but accepted a small bouquet of carnations and daisies.
“Nah, I know you hate flowers.” He winked at her and put his arm around Millie’s arms, tucking her into his side a little too tightly.
“Absolutely. Thanks Tom, I’ll throw them out after the pictures.”
“Go ahead,” He tucked her in even more, making her squirm in discomfort. It was one of their things, to squeeze one another too tight. It made them feel connected as if they were siblings. They knew how sibling love worked, Tom having three younger brothers and Millie being the youngest of three sisters, but it was refreshing to have it a little spiced up. She let out a shy laugh and pushed him away before taking the delicate bunch from him. She lost the smell of his familiar perfume and took a breath. Once he extended his hand to Millie’s friends, he was back to his public confidence and charm. “Hey! Thea and Jane, right?”
They took an intimidating number of pictures; some of them good enough to share with people, other more fitting into a private photo album filled with silly, heart-warming memories. The group shared a lot of easy laughs together; Millie’s girlfriends eased into the lightly flowing chatter with Tom in no time. It made her sink into the bubble of comfort and light; she was smiling brightly when they reached the entrance to the building. Tom opened the glass door for all of them. A slightly chilly air hit Millie in her blushing cheeks and slowed down the pinky glow spreading across her cheekbones. Somewhere in the distance she noticed her parents lurking excitedly at the group and waving them over expectantly.
There was this heaviness slowing her down and taking up an excess of space in the back of her mind. As they were making their way across the university’s main square, Millie slowly turned her head to the side. She perked up at the sound of loud cheers and noticed a familiar group of students. Among them, there was Frank—laughing and hugging people from his department—and he definitely enjoyed being in the centre of attention. She was sure he didn’t even notice her walking by, but she didn’t want it to affect her as much as it was going to.
In turn, what she didn’t think of was the attention someone would give to her best friend: the smiling, cheerful young man, who was shamelessly chatting up Millie, Thea and Jane.
“Oh my God, is that Tom Holland?”
This simple question, raised somewhere from the group of journalism graduates, didn’t surprise Tom. However, it definitely rose the hairs on the back of Millie’s neck. Though he brushed it off and sent her a reassuring smile, Millie felt panic flowing through her veins. They both knew it could happen, but Tom seemed to be focused more on making her a priority, rather than fearing being recognized as the famous actor. He watched her reaction, now fully aware of her boyfriend emerging from the crowd and skipping towards them.
“Hey, I was trying to find you earlier,” he brushed his hand through his dark blonde hair and gave her a brief smile, before turning excitedly to Tom. “Hey man, I didn’t know you were coming!”
“We just went to…” she paused, seeing as he was already extending his hand towards her friend. “…take pictures.”
“The girls had a nice little photoshoot back inside.” Tom cut short his smile, raising the side of his mouth only to her. He accepted Frank’s handshake but didn’t allow it to turn into a bro-hug. It was fairly easy to read their body language; Franklin tried his best to seem friendly with his girlfriend’s celebrity friend, but the said celebrity was too kind to allow his cheekiness outshine Millie’s comfort zone. Jane and Thea turned their heads away at the sight of palms squeezing a little too tight for a friendly greeting. Frank’s friends and a couple other bystanders watched the exchange with prying eyes, and Millie let out a frustrated groan at the unnecessary tension.
“Cool, cool. Can I steal my girl for a moment?”
Frank didn’t wait for an answer, but rather just took her hand and pulled her to the side, hiding slightly behind the group of people. He fixed the tinsel attached to her hat and winked at her, giving her his full attention. He looked at her with his gleaming blue eyes and made her smile at the intimate moment.
“You good, sweetie?”
“Yeah, just fine.”
“Good. I’ll see you tonight, yeah?”
“Are your parents here? I haven’t seen them.” She looked around, trying to find his mom’s flowing blonde hair.
“They went to get the table at the restaurant nearby. Wanna join us?” He searched her face and leaned in closer, brushing his nose against hers. Millie laid her hand on his shoulder and allowed him into her little space.
“Why are you asking me to choose between our parents?” She chuckled, but patiently waited for his reaction. “Could we all spend time together, at least once?”
“I told you, it’s not a good idea,” Frank brushed his lips against Millie’s, slowly easing her into him and making her return the kiss. “you can ask Tom to come to the party tonight, it’ll be fun.”
“No promises.”
They shared a few more kisses that left Millie breathless - Franklin wasn’t usually the one to publicly show his affection, so she craved anything he willing to give her. She smiled up at him and let him go, happy that he took the minute to catch up with her.
With one last wave of his hand, Frank joined his party. Although he was instantly pulled into celebratory pictures, he couldn’t help but watch Millie walk away; she joined Jane and Thea in a heart-warming group hug. She was just sweet like this: sticking to her people, making sure everyone’s happy, and embracing all the kindness in the simplest actions. Franklin smiled to himself at the sound of her cheerful laugh and turned back to his friends, but then he noticed the source of her laugh. Her and Tom did a barely-there joyful dance, raising their hands and curtseying to her parents. Alfred, her dad, patted him on the back and shook his hand vigorously, while Millie was being squeezed by her mom.
People from Frank’s department praised him for having any kind of relationship with Tom Holland. Frank watched Tom’s joyous exchange with his girlfriend. Tom was proudly paying attention to his best friend, and Millie’s cheeks were hurting from the smiles. She was content and felt at ease. She was sure that her heart was filled to the brim with love and comfort.
Yes, being addicted to feelings is difficult. It holds people hostage in the arms of the sole premise of positive emotional experiences. It’s also blinding for the addicts, making the loss of certain feelings hurt more than it should. Addiction feeds off the weak, the confused, and the uncertain. It eats them up alive and strives to receive more and more satisfaction. It allows for the illusion of reality, so that the addicts can project certain feelings onto their consciousness. They live in their bubbles of unruly contentment and often forget to look into their souls and perform a regular check-up.
Millie was an addict.
Please let me know what you think!
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mrs-hollandstan · a day ago
Make You Beg For It || Rich Kid!Tom
Tumblr media
Warnings: cheating with descriptions of it, sexual comments & references, language, mentions of rich Hollands
Word Count: 2,920
Author's Note: please, please, please keep in mind that this is fiction. In no way do I think any of the boys are cheaters nor am I trying to insinuate that. If cheating is a trigger for you, please do not read.
My Masterlist || Add yourself to one of my taglists
It had started as just a kind gesture in Tom's part; taking you shopping so Harry could take care of some of his own errands. And of course, it's his little brother and you're his little brother's girlfriend, not much younger than he himself and sweet as pie. You were beautiful, all of the brothers thought so, but the more Harry had to run errands leaving you and Tom to visit the plethora of boutiques the Hollands were regulars in, the more suspicious Tom became. Of course, the first few times Tom had taken you to a regular for a flier length gala dress, he found himself captivated by the look of your bare back and shoulders in the mirror as you fit yourself into it, the curtain offering the view through a small sliver. And when you stepped out, holding the sweetheart neckline around your chest so Tom could zip you up, he'd licked his lips at your skin beneath his fingertips when they brushed over it. And you'd asked his opinion which he gave honestly and without remorse despite the blush that rose to your cheeks at the always cheeky Holland statements. After the third time of Harry claiming he needed to run another errand, Tom was outwardly suspicious, especially when you expressed that Harry had been distant and afraid that he'd been maybe cheating. 
You hated accusing him of something that maybe he hadn't been doing, but at the same time, where could he possibly have to go and why weren't you allowed with him? Especially if you were together, and you claimed that his opinion was what mattered most to you. Tom watched the way your eyes cast down as you spoke of the accusations and as much as Tom didn't want them to be true, didn't want to be the one to tell you, he needed to know, he needed you to know what was going on with Harry. And yes, the thought had crossed his mind that it would righteously suck if Harry was planning to propose and Tom outed him, but you'd be relieved and Tom had a different way of going about it. After that third time taking you shopping and you hadn't found anything, the fourth day was planned the following day. 
He'd taken you home and when he arrived to his own house, Harry's car was parked in the driveway. Entering the house, he found he and Harry were the only ones home and the younger brother was in the shower, allowing Tom enough time to find Harry's phone and successfully unlock it after discovering Harry's passcode had been changed from your birthday to his own. Searching through his texts, he found it normal other than an unnamed number who ge assumed was a girl, and upon further inspection, he discovered a number of videos and photos of him with another woman. The determining factor that it was another girl? The rose tattoo on her hip and lower back. You most definitely didn't have that. His stomach lurched at the look of his younger brother in bed with another girl, his cum covering every part of her body. And unbeknownst to Tom, Harry had gotten out of the shower in the time Tom had been snooping. And the second Harry pulled open the door, his heart stopped,
"What are you doing?" He poses. Tom narrows his eyes,
"You're a fucking asshole. What the fuck is wrong with you?" Tom spits. Harry swallows, holding the towel around his waist,
"Its none of your goddamn business." Harry replies. Tom scoffs, 
"None of my business? None of my business? You know what, fuck you-" He tosses the phone Harry's way, a commotion breaking out through the room as it dents the wall, "that woman would give you everything and you're fucking some stupid bitch for what Harry?!" He yells. Harry stares up at his older brother, eyebrows furrowed before he sighs, looking away from Tom,
"I'm bored with her." He mutters. Tom grits his teeth,
"So you fucking break up with her dumbass. You know, she's worried about you and she's upset and scared that you're cheating and now what?" 
"The fuck do you care? Everyone un this family loves her and if I were to break up with her, everyone would make a big deal about it. Mum would make a big deal about being the only woman in the house now." Harry raises his voice. Tom scoffs, 
"Right, mum is gonna be so pleased that you cheated on her rather than breaking up with her." Tom tells his brother facetiously. Harry avoids his older brother's eyes. Tom shakes his head, 
"And now I have to figure out what to do because we're going out again tomorrow. She didn't find a dress today."
"You can't tell her Tom." Harry quickly implores. Tom clicks his tongue, 
"Don't tell me what I can and can't do asshole. If I have to tell her I'm going to because seeing her look the way she does when she tells me she thinks you're cheating and listening to her voice crack, its fucking ridiculous. She would give you the world and this is how you treat her? You don't deserve anything that I'll promise you." He seethes. Tom turns, leaving Harry to himself, just as he receives a text from you, thanking him for today. He replies cheerfully despite the absolute dread in his heart. Tge only thing that lightens it is maybe getting his own oppurtunity with you when you learn that Harry's fucked up. He has liked you for a while and the way you look at Tom, the way you direct yourself towards him tells him you have some sort of feelings for him. 
The following day, he picks you up just the same, but he's suspiciously quiet. You're telling him about the following day and this morning and he can't help but dwell on the fact that you claiming you haven't heard from Harry since you left Tom is on account of him breaking his younger brother's phone. You cock your head as he pulls into the lot for the small boutique you were set to check out, 
"You okay?" You ask him as he parks. He looks at you, searching your beautiful eyes. He wants to tell you, wants to comfort you when he confirms your suspicions, but you seem to be in such a great mood and he doesn't want to destroy that. He nods after a moment, 
"Yeah I'm fine. Just... got a lot on my mind." He tells you. You nod and you both climb from the car, Tom opening the front door for you. The girls inside greet you both and it leaves you wondering how many of the girls you see that know the boys have slept with the older boy. He greets a particular blonde with a kiss to the cheek but she can tell he's distant and she holds his arm, quizzing hum quietly. You don't know why, but the way she touches him, the way they converse has a pang of jealousy coursing through your body as you browse the number of beautiful dresses they have to offer. When Tom sees that you've chosen some dresses, he excuses himself from her to follow you back to the dressing room. He sits in the stool just outside the room, basking in the silence between you two. He hears you hum, leaning back to peer between the wall and the curtain, catching just a glimpse of the light yellow, vintage hilo dress on your body. He looks you up and down before your nose scrunches and you turn to the other dresses. He glances back up, hearing you gasp before he jumps up and pulls the curtain back, expecting to find you on your phone, Harry having confessed himself but instead he finds you in a blush and sequined black boat neckline dress that exposes both knees and a majority of your legs. You glance up, searching his dark eyes, 
"Sorry, I- I- this dress is... it's so pretty." You tell him, looking back into the mirror. The others had been beautiful but this one is far better than the others. He watches you play with your fingers, looking yourself over and his eyes drift to the floor. There's a wavering guilt in him and you can sense the weariness. Turning to him, you try and catch his eye. You do so, those same coffee colored eyes that Harry possesses full of dread yet a stoic look staring back at you,
"What's the matter with you? You're... you've never been this quiet." You pose. He closes his eyes, dropping his head forward, 
"Y/N..." you raise an eyebrow when he looks back up at you. He sighs through his nose and cocks his head, 
"Can I ask you something... somewhat personal?" He asks. You shrug and then nod, his fingers itching to hold yours but he's afraid that's too far. Closing the curtain around him, he glances at the other dresses you'd chosen. He moves closer to the wall behind him, 
"I know that you love my brother," his stomach lurches again, "but do you... d-do you like... me, maybe?" He asks somewhat nervously. He glances up, chewing the inside of his lip cautiously. You watch him narrow his eyes before lightly laughing,
"What do you mean Tom?" 
"I just... I just mean, ya know, all this time we spend together, you're fun to be around and... I'm just curious how you feel about me." He explains with a shrug. You cross your arms, afraid of telling him the truth because what if it gets back to Harry and he's upset you admitted you like Tom? What if he breaks up with you because of one admittance? You clear your throat, 
"Uhm, yeah, I- I think you're attractive. And you're sweet and funny and... I enjoy your presence. B-but I enjoy Sam and Paddy too. I mean it isn't like I just... ya know, would try anything and ruin Harry and I's relationsh-"
"He did cheat." Tom interrupts your nervous rant. You pause, mouth wide open and you swear your heart stops. You can feel the tears immediately as Tom stares at you, monitoring how you react. You close your mouth, swallowing and looking down for a moment before your eyes come back up to him, 
"What?" He immediately nods, sympathy laced in his body language. He sighs, reaching up to rub across his face,
"Yeah, I know. But... I found pictures-"
"Don't!" You quickly interrupt, not wanting to know the details. Yoyr arms tighten around you and his heart plummets. He purses his lips, tuting, 
"That's part of the reason he hasn't talked to you. I broke his phone yesterday. He... he told me that rather than breaking up with you now that he says he's grown bored of you, he was trying to keep you around because the family likes you." Your tears have started to fall, Tom's heart plummeting further as he watches you. He takes a few steps forward to test the waters and when you don't back away, he wraps his arms around you, feeling you reach up and hold the back of his shirt as you sob. He holds you close, rubbing your back,
"I'm so so sorry love. I tried. I tried for you. I didn't want it to end this way but I had to do it for you and I just... that's why u asked you what you thought of me because I don't want you to leave. I don't want you to stop coming around. I like you and I like the vibes you give off and I just-" You silence him when you stand on your toes and kiss him. He's caught off guard, hands on your elbows, holding you to him as you kiss. When you pull back, he stares down into your eyes for a moment before careening you back against the wall at your back pinning your wrists in his hands against it. You let out a small half gasp, your leg instinctively raising to his hip the slit in the dress allowing your bare leg to fall through, heel wrapping around his calf. 
Now this was something. Now you could tell him you loved the color of his eyes and the way his nose was almost a perfect triangle save the crookedness associated with all the breaks. You could tell him you dreamed of tracing his nearly nonexistent upper lip while he laid a muscular arm across your waist and effectively trapped you beneath him. You could admit that you'd thought of rolling around in bed with him, beneath him, above him, whatever he wanted. You could admit you'd fantasized of waking him with exceptional oral that led to a day of playfulness and love straight from the older boy. You'd heard the rumors. You knew he was good in bed. And he admitted that he liked you. His fingers circle around your wrists, dark eyes staring down into yours, 
"What... W-what do you want me to do?" He asks softly despite the rough nature. You stare up at him for a moment, eyes still sad but you're presenting yourself to him. He can feel you move against him before you close your mouth to swallow and blink,
"I do like you. Sometimes... I get jealous if there's another girl you talk to. If you want me... you can have me." You tell him. He blinks, his lips turning up after a second before he leans back down to kiss you, softer than before. After a moment of insistent tugging, he releases your wrists, holding your hips as you bind your arms around his neck, standing on your toes. His hands wander to your butt which has you pulling away, brushing his hands back up to your waist, 
"That you'll have to beg for." You tell him. He chuckles darkly,
"Oh baby, you have no idea what you're in for. And I'll never..." he leans down to kiss the underside of your jaw, "get bored of you." He mutters, holding your hips with a tight grip. You smile, closing your eyes as you turn your face up, basking in the attention you finally deserve after weeks. After another moment, the curtain is pulled back, a gasp slipping from your lips as the same blonde Tom had talked to earlier stands before you, wide eyed,
"Oh, sorry, I was just making sure you guys were okay." She tells you, looking you both over before she gives a curt smile, closes the curtain, and walks away with clicks on the concrete from her heels. Tom huffs, 
"Don't worry. She's the jealous type too. But... she's who I go to if I wanna get laid and don't have anybody." He tells you with a shrug. You nod, glancing down, 
"So if I don't... give it to you-"
"I slept with her Saturday. I can go for months without it and I will if you wanna wait. I'll wait as long as I have to for you, okay?" He asks, reaching up to tuck hair behind your ear. You nod, reaching up to hold his wrist. He leans in to kiss you once more before he straightens out, 
"Now..." he looks you over, "I'm gonna buy you this dress, and then we'll find you one of those fur boas and some nice heels and I'll get someone to do your hair and makeup and we'll make idiot see what he's missin. We'll make him regret it." He tells you, glancing up into your eyes. You smile and nod, glancing down before he guides your eyes up by your chin, 
"You're perfect and he's dumb if he thinks that anyone else is better than you." He tells you. You nod again, 
"Yeah... I'm glad you think so. But uhm... this dress is... pretty hefty." You mutter. He hums, finding the tag at your shoulder, furrowing his eyebrows, 
"Baby, this is child's play money."
"Tom, it's 5k." 
"And? I've bought much smaller things for more than that. It's a beautiful dress, it hugs all these perfect curves, and I think it'll blow all of the other girls at the party out of the water." He reassures. You nod after another moment, feeling his hands wander your hips and it ignites a fire inside of you. You lick your lips, placing your hands on his shoulders, 
"Off the record," he nods, "I don't think you'll be waiting so long for sex. I think I wanna get out of my comfort zone." He hums with a smile, 
"Only if you're comfortable. But... I would enjoy it." He tells you. You giggle and nod, 
"We'll see how well you can do." You mumble. He hums again before turning to walk from the small cubicle, 
"You deserve lunch though. Get dressed and we'll go get something." He tells you. You nod, standing in your place for a moment longer once you're left alone. Sure, you were devastated about Harry, but had you really lost anything with Tom stepping up? Your heart was broken, but Tom instantly provided that fix that was just a whirlwind and he seriously seemed to like you, maybe even before you and Harry started having issues. And as soon as it was, you were still willing to give him a try for being such a big help.
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melaninforkings · 2 days ago
Please explain to me...
literally why is every oc or xreader always white or white coded?! like its literally not hard to substitute some of these words to make it inclusive for everyone to read.... and then some people got the nerve to get mad when people write for only a specific race like they wouldn’t have to if you stop white coding every damn thing
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spideyyboii · 2 days ago
Peter Parker Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Being Peter’s Best Friend
Saving Her
peter and y/n have always had some undiscussed feelings but she’s always believed she was in competition with mj so what happens when hydra attacks during a school trip and spider-man only has time to save one of the two ladies in his life.
You Belong With Me
you’ve had feelings for you best friend peter for years however, all he’s ever shown interest in was other girls. That is until a certain young man who goes by name brad begins flirting with you 
The End
when it comes to telling the truth about what attacked your boyfriend peter you find yourself in a web of lies as your determined to protect your father Eddie and his symbiote Venom 
A New Beginning
weeks after peter and yourself fought over the identity of your father the two of you find yourself reunited when an unlikely force takes you hostage 
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maraudersknockoff · 3 days ago
Thomas Stewart (me!)
First of all, I apologise for the image. I didn’t know my Mum was taking the picture, and apparently, I don’t have any other ones where I look decent. That is tragic.
Anyway. Me. It’s weird talking about myself, here goes nothing. My name is Thomas Edmund Stewart, but people call me Thomas or a few variants of that. In its Hebrew roots, Thomas means ‘twin’, which is unbelievably, uncannily fitting. Lucy says I’m not really older, as if a minute of difference doesn’t count. It does. It always has. That minute makes it seem like I am forever the older brother, and do not get me wrong, I don’t mind it. People come back to me because it’s safe. It’s nice to know you are safe.
It is one of the only things I know about me. I am safe. The safe place, the safe choice, there’s no jumpscares with me. I think I am better at knowing other people than knowing myself. Sometimes, I wonder if I am the difference that lies between living and existing.
Tumblr media
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miseryholland · 5 days ago
˚₊· ━˚ ҂ੈ♡˳ ༘
summary; with the three part series coming to a close, tom is conflicted with the near suicide of his wife because he couldn’t adapt to her signs of post partum depression.
warnings; post partum depression, language, angst (extremely angsty), suggestions of suicide, possible development of an eating disorder, self doubt & manipulation maybe, possible toxicity, degrading, mentions of cheating. tom’s an asshole in some parts, fluff. suicide depicted, dad!tom, dom (toms dad, needs a warning of it’s own, you’ll see & no i don’t see him in this light, only for the sake of the fic) — including all three parts.
a/n; the love that i’ve gotten on this fic in particular has been unimaginable, and i’m forever appreciative. i hope this is what you were all looking forward to, i’ve gotten plenty of asks regarding this i want to deliver. this is not to be romanticized but only bring light to the topic. it may not be as long as only of you expected but i hope the closure is there. it’s ended this way because not everything gets a happy ending—completely i only planned on this having two parts anyway. <\3
Tumblr media
part 1 & part 2
masterlist, taglist, & navigation
Tumblr media
Whatever horrid version of Tom that’s been portrayed the past couple of weeks could kick rocks for all you cared, he didn’t give a shit about you anyway. So, it seemed.
But now that you’re on bed rest and the image of spit ridden foam unleashing from your mouth keeps replaying in Tom’s head he’s overbearingly careful.
“The fuck are you all standing around for! Call the ambulance!” Tom shoved past sam, entering his childhood bathroom with a wallpaper of tiny imprinted flowers. Only filling the memories of learning how to brush his teeth on a footstool, or taking a bubble bath are now powered and pulsed by this single motive. His wife surging in fits of a seizure on the bathroom tiles.
Why didn’t you do something? You should’ve done something.
Tom had earned a glare from his mother and after he’d shooed everyone out of the bathroom, Nikki knows her son is lie-able to go on a rampage. Because, she’s not seen Thomas indulge in another as you. The bathroom door is slammed in Paddy’s face, earning a pout from him, and screams from Delilah in his arms. “Ten minutes,” Paddy mumbled, referring to the amount of time it would take for the siren topped vehicle to arrive.
“Lovie, promise I’ll get you better,” his being sank to the bathroom floor. Enveloping you with all he knew, pale & lifeless. How could something that was once so iridescent and vibrant— his petal— turn into a dull rock. Tom thought he resembled scum of the earth, not realizing his wife was suffering after birthing his precious Delilah. He knew something was off, but he couldn’t put the pieces together. And now as he’s sitting on the white porcelain floors of his old home he should’ve acknowledged the warning signs. You were always capable of small talk in the most awkward situation whomever the person may have been, a literal serial killer for that matter— yet you were incapable of creating a mother-daughter bond with your own infant. Tom should’ve known— just only makes him out to be a shit husband, possible a shit father for not helping or trying to at least.
Using the base of his button up he removes the foam away from the corners of your swollen jaw. Nearly in denial, tears wanted to come out but they were stuck. “God, no .. can’t do this on my own.” Your orbs closed absorbing the darkness that was unknown taking you a place of discomfort that you wanted to be revived from. What if you’d just ruined your only chance at this sensational gift given to you, gifts in plenty forms. A husband who’s only ever fancied you, a daughter that looks at you like you’re the only person on this entire spinning sphere, and a life. A life that’s valid and a life that if gone, would be like killing others that you care about in the process.
Delilah only gets one mom.
But the battle is temporarily over. What if it’s permanent?
Tom slipped a glistening piece of soft hair behind your contoured features. Every vessel in him wants to scream bloody hell at the top of his fucking lungs but he doesn’t feel as though he deserves to cry. He’s typically been more sensitive since Delilah arrived but seeing you unresponsive has his pulse picking up speed and his mind emotionless. You appeared so delicate in Tom’s lap, rocking you back and forth, lifting your eyelids up a bit upon every sentence he panicked. His free hand pounds in a full fist on the oak bathroom door, “If something happens to her I won’t forgive any of you. You’re all sitting on your fucking asses, and she’s hardly breathing. How selfish can you be ?!” Dom couldn’t believe the disrespect coming from his eldest sons mouth, the sirens alerted down the street as the ambulance approached closer. Tom hushed you as if you could hear, this is how he handles panic. Beaming resent on others, Dom wouldn’t take it.
Tom jumps from the cradled position with his wife after placing a somber peck to your scalp— upon the entrance behind him flaring open. Harry and Sam both grasp on either end of your body, along with the single emergency medical personnel, slinging your to safety. Tom’s circulation is cut short when his father backs him into a corner. Hands nearing a strangle, the closest he’s gotten to a physical altercation with Dom.
“Help was called when she was found, don’t yeh’ ever think you’ll talk to me— us like that again.. If .. I-if anybody’s selfish it’s your brat of a wife for thinkin’ it was dandy to take her own life when she was needed—“
“You don’t know shit—“ Tom’s nostrils flare out of pent up rage, but his words were unable to form as slobber collapses from the far side of his mouth, Dom’s hand meeting with Tom’s jaw.
Therapists should know that no matter what type of cinematic, cheerful painting they hang up it won’t settle the mood. Everyone is just as fucked up as the next person, but we’re all a little bit fucked up anyway. This particular family therapists has a literal otter smiling hanging above his office chair. But for the sake of your family you’d hoped when the sessions were over that you’d be revived just like it.
Family therapy— may not be what any of you needed but maybe a push start to try would help. Tom vowed to never put you in that position again, the position of feeling as though you couldn’t come to him about anything. During Delilah’s tummy time he’d bring her in to chat with you. He wasn’t forceful with it, but he needed a push start since you’d already missed out on so much. When she was feed Tom would help support your breast and lift Delilahs head to assure she was latching on. She was switched from being breast fed to formula, to breast fed to formula because how could she be given her milk if her mother was a numb vegetable, smelled of baby spittle, and was so down that she could hardly form a sentence.
“Therapy wouldn’t make Delilah love me and it won’t take back the fact that I don’t want to exist.”
“Darling she loves you already but m’gonna let you think on it. I won’t rush you into anythin’, jus’ need m’love back s’all.”
Five sessions have occurred, and you’re not completely better but you’re getting there. Your episodes come and go periodically but you aren’t near the being you once were. Delilah is crawling and you did it all on your own with her after Tom finally complied to leave you alone whilst he went away filming. Today’s session involves you, Tom, and Delilah. The baby is perched on your lap and Tom can’t think of another sight that he’s enjoyed—well.
“And have the medications, maybe, boosted your serotonin levels a bit?” The short haired therapist inquired.
“Haven’t taken them. My little family did that all on its own.”
taglist- @minejungwoo @baby-noodles @pxkajesus @champagneproblemsswift13 @coffeewithoutcaffeine @romanodgers @josiemay20 @stylessugarhigh @multibuckley @marvelhasmyheart235 @thehuntresswolf @kingshitonly @lmfaosoph @apoeticwish @spookybooisa @grouploved — if you want to be removed, either send it in the form of an ask or pm me. if your name is crossed out your tag is no longer available.
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miseryholland · 7 days ago
can i get 12 and 17 please and can it be angsty
tw: language, angst, alcohol, tom is heartbroken, puking
a/n: requests are open, working on part three of i crash, you crash as we speak.
prompts: 12- “i would’ve ruined you.” & 17- “i’ll get on my knees and beg if i can have one more.”
∘₊✧─── clearing out ask box ───✧₊∘
Christ rum tastes like absolute bile after downing a whole bottle, Tom thought. But the acidity settling in the back of his throat seemed to subside the dullness that pinged the corners of his soft eyes and the thumping of his sullen beating organ located about his chest. He’s spent the past hour staring at the fucking pins you’d given him to collect after every every anniversary. This one in particular though, he keeps pricking into the skin of his index finger, not enough to draw blood, but enough to alert him of what he’d just lost.
All of the pins were stupid, ironic, and probably idiotic but it didn’t matter. A pin reading “He doesn’t love anyone else, stop looking,” by far had to be his favorite one. Be chase you weren’t possessive, you knew what you wanted and he’d tell you that all the time. Not anymore.
Rum has allowed Tom to not relive every memory; to not rewind and think what he’d done so damaging that would make you fall out of love with him. Rum has granted Tom liquid courage. The animosity he suddenly obtained that he wouldn’t have had a bottle and a half ago.
Now that you’re gone, who else is to blame ?
Hawking throw up over a toilet, exasperatedly trying to gain air by leaning his head onto the glass of the shower door— the perfect position to rummage his phone out of his denim back pocket and drunk dial you. A curl, full of sheen, fell between his hooded eyes. The brightness from his slim black iPhone being a bit too much for his drunken state. Tom still had one conversation pinned at the top of his messages app, and it was the shared one with you— bathroom tiles growing cool onto his scorching skin. He hadn’t entered the conversation in a little over a month and it’s been four.
‘I’m coming to get my things at noon, please don’t be there.’ The last text you’d sent him. Pained him more to read it over for the hundredth time. During the initial shock he’d go back and read old conversations, because it would piece his black hole back together and then make it crumble so sweetly all over again. He thought he’d done everything right, but it still wasn’t enough to make you stay.
He was satisfied.
He glared at the contact photo he tried so hard to avoid but unintentionally grazed it upon clicking the call button.
“Tha’s m’love,” he murmured to himself, quiet voice cracking in the midst. You were smiling halfway with a tooth brush hanging from the other end of your mouth. That morning in particular he had to film himself for press but got lost in you. He’d regret this tomorrow, all he knows is it feels right now.
The ringing went on for what felt like hours, thinking he’d have to leave a voice mail because you don’t usually stay up very late on weekdays. The last ring, he heard the muffle of blankets, knew you were trying to get comfortable before you spoke, Tom beat you to it.
“Baby,” his voice is raspy and as you sink back into your headboard you can only roll your eyes at the pet name. He agreed he’d stop calling you it, when really you wanted him to stop because you didn’t want to be reminded of the same butterflies you once had. And you couldn’t love him again, couldn’t allow it. After a flustered huff, he grins a toothy grin— listening to pattering breaths. “Didnt call to say I miss you or anything like tha’— pretty obvious though innit’?”
“I called to tell you that you were right about me baby, I would’ve ruined you,” The speaker grows nimble and his posture stiffens.
“It’s not going to work-“
“But I’ll get one my knees and beg if I can have one more— Just one more try lovie.” Tom knew full well what the answer would be he just didn’t expect you to deliver it in the manner you did.
“Whatever we had is over, even the first time was a waste.”
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mrs-hollandstan · 10 days ago
Make Me Love You || Frat Boy!Tom [epilogue]
Tumblr media
Warnings: sexual comments, pregnancy and children, marriage and weddings, just cuteness, mentions of IVF, mentions of parental issues, language, mentions of marital issues, mentions of fuckboy!Tommo
Word Count: 7,996
Author's Note: Thank you, thank you, thank you, for those that have stuck with me through all of this. It's been a journey and I'm so grateful for those that stayed for the whole thing. This series has been such an important part of my life and writing and I don't know how I'll function without it, but I'm grateful to have finished it and gotten it out there for others to enjoy. 💖
Series Masterlist || Add yourself to one of my taglists
                                          Welcome to Our Forever
                                               Thomas & Y/F/N 
                                                August 5, 2023 
White roses and eucalyptus line the wooden board announcing your wedding to the man of your dreams. Maybe not the best decision to have a summer wedding, but Harrison and Ivey had only wed some three months before, and you refused to take away her shine. As it was, when she sat beside you in her auburn colored dress to have her hair and makeup done, she was glowing, reminiscing on her big day with a brand new wedding band to go with her engagement/wedding ring, and a new ID showcasing the Ivey Eleanor Osterfield namesake. 
It wasn't necessarily the first time you four girls had been together since graduation, but the time that you spent together had dwindled since going out into the real world. Phoebe was making bank as an emergency room nurse at UW Emergency just off campus and she and Keaton had started living together in University District. Cole had moved Scarlett into his apartment once Keaton had moved out and she's been working as a financial analyst the past two years. He'd mentioned proposing to her, but hadn't officially done so yet. Ivey and Harrison were living in an apartment not far from you and Tom, Harrison working at the Seattle Art Museum, and not too far from him, Ivey was working as an editor in downtown Seattle. Still, after two years, the four of you were meeting up for date night often, you and Ivey mostly discussing wedding plans and crazy stories from your day, while the boys talked sports and alcohol. 
Since graduation, you and Tom had adopted a little gray pitbull from a local shelter, similar to Tessa, whom you named Rosir. With the help of your dad and the first few paychecks from your therapy office, you were able to purchase a car, a Subaru Crosstrek, which you and Tom used for weekend getaways and vacations. He'd even taken the time to revisit the same house he and the group stayed in in Oregon two springs ago with you. 
"You remember how you told me you wanted something like Ivey and Harrison that night shit went to hell?" He had asked you as you lay in bed one night, bare chests pressed together and Rosie laying just off to your side on the floor, squeaking her toy. You had hummed and nodded, leaning on his chest, 
"I regret that." 
"Don't say that. I just hope that it's been better than what they have. I've tried to make you happy." You smiled up at him and nodded, 
"I've never been happier than I am now." You had reassured him. He'd smiled and leaned in to kiss you. You'd discussed the shitshow that was the last two years of your relationship and how now, you couldn't see being with anyone else and you were convinced that your kids wouldn't have what you did, with a fractured family. Most of Tom's wounds had healed and he was focused on you, his career path, and your future. You were putting everything that had happened in the past behind you for the better now, focusing on your wedding, your marriage, the future. 
"You nervous?" Phoebe asks as an artist drags a brush with eyeshadow across her lids. You shrug as you're drawn from your haze, 
"Less nervous about marrying him than I am about graduation." You admit. She smiles, 
"I'm in love with you two. He's fucking lucky to have you." She murmurs, closing her eyes again. Ivey sighs, 
"I think you've beaten me out at being the most gorgeous on your wedding day." 
"No, don't say that. You were absolutely stunning." 
"Yeah, but are you seeing yourself? Tom is going to lose his shit." She explains. You smile, staring at yourself in the mirror as your makeup artist brushes blush along your cheeks. You giggle, 
"Okay, fine, I do look hot." You murmur. The three of you laugh along before Scarlett sighs and moves into the room, 
"Your dad and Cole are fighting again." You roll your eyes, 
"I almost just wish they hadn't tried to reconcile." You tell her. She smiles, 
"I mean... at least they're trying for you and all of our future kids." She reasons. You sigh, 
"Yeah, I guess." She sits behind the three of you, waiting until you're all finished before she helps you slide into the a-line dress you'd chosen, the girls gasping, 
"Oh Y/N, you look gorgeous." Ivey says. Phoebe and Scarlett agree and when Nikki enters the room, she gasps and covers her mouth, tears springing into her eyes, 
"Oh Y/N darling..." She mumbles. You smile, taking her hands when she approaches, 
"Do you think he'll like it?" You ask her about her son. She nods, sniffling softly, 
"Oh I think you could wear a burlap bag and he'd think you were exquisite, but this..." She nods, "he'll absolutely love you in this." She assures. You smile, 
"Great. You look amazing yourself." You tell her, looking her over in her maroon colored mother-in-law dress, 
"Well thank you sweetheart." She murmurs, a dusting of red coating her cheeks. She clears her throat, 
"I uhm, I have something for you." She says. It's only then that you notice the worn black box in her hands. You follow her to the small couch, sitting just beside her before she opens the box and reveals an old pearl necklace, "My grandmother got this as a gift and it's been passed down through our family. My mother wore it on her wedding day, I wore it on my wedding day. If you'd like... I want you to have it, wear it today and any day in the future as my first daughter-in-law." She tells you. You stare at it, mouth agape, 
"Oh gosh... Nikki... are you sure?" She nods immediately, 
"Of course. They're to be passed down. Hopefully you get a daughter to do the same to and the tradition can continue in our family." She tells you. You dab at your eyes with a tissue, 
"Thank you so much. It's beautiful." You tell her, moving forward to hug her. She hugs you back, kissing your cheek softly. She helps you latch it around your neck and by then, the girls are completely ready, 
"It's time Y/N/N." Ivey tells you with a cock of her head. You take a deep breath, 
"Gosh... really?" She shoots you a sympathetic smile and nods, 
"Fortunately." She tells you. You allow Nikki to fasten your veil into your hair and hand you your bouquet, the girls each collecting theirs before you stand before the full length mirror, staring at yourself. You take a deep breath, 
"The next time I step foot into this room, I will be Mrs. Tom Holland." You murmur more to yourself more than anyone. You watch Ivey smile in the mirror before you turn to them and nod, 
"Okay, I think I'm ready." You tell them. They each nod before leading you from the room, walking the short distance to where the boys are waiting at the end of the hall. Tom had more groomsmen than you had bridesmaids, but you didn't really care. Three of his seven groomsmen were walking alone, his brothers leading the pack down the aisle together. You honestly thought it was cute. Cole maneuvered his way over to you to kiss your cheek as your father appeared, 
"You look beautiful." He tells you. You smile, glancing up at your dad, 
"Thanks Cole." 
"You know mom would be more than proud of you." He reminds you. You nod, indicating to the veil, 
"And she's with me." When your dad had offered up the diamond encrusted lacy material your mother had bought for her own special day, you sobbed and agreed without a second thought. It was such a simple yet meaningful gesture, especially coming from your dad and you haven't thought twice about it since. Cole's eyes are glistening as he nods and Scarlett slips her hand in his bicep. 
Sam, Harry, and Paddy are the first down the aisle together, Tom's smile wide when he sees them. Ivey and Harrison are the first couple down the aisle with her as your matron of honor. Scarlett and Cole are next with her being your maid of honor, but you told Phoebe she was also your maid of honor. You weren't letting her feel left out in this situation. Gil was last down the aisle, helping your flower girl and ring bearer, both younger cousins of yours, down to their respective sides. You take a deep breath as you watch Tom stand at the head of the aisle, nervously swaying side to side, hands clasped in front of him. Your father flexes his bicep to imitate a squeeze, 
"Don't pass out on me. At least let me get you to him." He jokes. You smile, 
"Course not. But... this is the last time your little girl will be a Y/L/N." You tell him. He hums, glancing down at you when you look up, 
"You'll always be a Y/L/N, but I'm okay with you being a Holland. Tom is a good man." He reminds you. You smile and nod, 
"I agree." You murmur before "Canon In D" starts, giving you your cue. You take another deep breath before your father starts the walk, and all of your guests stand. Your dad reaches out and pats your hand as you walk out into the sunlight, your videographer (thank you dad) crouching beside your fiancè to capture his reaction which is quite honestly, the sweetest, most heart touching thing you've ever seen. He reaches up to brush his tears away, pivoting from foot to foot quicker as he takes a deep breath and blinks away the flood of tears that threaten to spill. You smile up at him, walking steadily with your father until you're standing just before him. He takes a deep breath as your minister asks who gives you away. Your father replies and hands you to Tom who helps you onto the small pedestal across from him. He sniffles softly, staring down at you with so much love in his eyes. 
The ceremony progresses quickly and before you know it, you're announced as Mrs. Tom Holland. Tom smiles wide before he's wrapping an arm around your waist, the other curled up your back as he dips you, sealing your deal with a final kiss. You hold him to you, staring up into his eyes when he stands you straight before he pivots on his feet, smile as wide as it can get as you're announced as husband and wife. He gives your hand a squeeze and waves it in the air as your guests cheer and clap. 
You scurry off, holding onto Tom as he kisses you over and over again and continuously tells you how beautiful you look while your wedding party makes their way back down the aisle, your bridesmaids and his groomsmen all crowding around you with congratulations thrown your way. You flaunt the ring, and before the guests pour from your venue and towards the large brick building for the reception, Tom's family and your dad and Heidi follow your wedding party to the designated picture area. 
The pictures, you can tell, are going to be absolutely gorgeous. Harry and Nikki were both more than happy to be the wedding photographers, and absolutely denied being paid for the work. But you'd seen sneak peeks of some of the shots they'd snapped of your wedding party and you were in love. You'd finally sobbed, and Tom had let you when Nikki flashed you a photo of yours and Tom's foreheads pressed together, his hand brushing along your cheek, wedding band shown off blatantly. It hadn't hit you, how serious getting married was and now it was. 
You'd been the last to depart the area where your professional photos were taken, Nikki and Harry leaving you for a private moment to yourselves, the first in nearly two days since the boys stole him and the girls had stolen you. You'd stood in silence for a moment, admiring the scenery of the woods around you before he'd untucked a hand from his pocket and reached out for yours. You'd threaded your fingers together, 
"Has this been the wedding of your dreams so far?" He asks softly. You smile, nodding, 
"Since I was a little girl I dreamed of marrying a prince. Now I have him, and this," You gesture around you, "This is more than I could ever ask for. It's been beautiful so far and merging our families has been a dream." You tell him, taking a step closer to him. His smile widens, 
"Good." He murmurs. Standing on your toes, you lean in and kiss him. He hums, 
"Can't believe I married the girl of my dreams." He murmurs. You giggle, 
"It is all very surreal. All of the times we talked about marriage and kids and now we're here, doing it." 
"Hell yeah, I don't fuck around." He jokes. You roll your eyes, 
"But... now that we have a moment... what do you think of the dress? Your mom said I could wear a bag and you'd still think I look stunning." 
"Oh definitely, but... yes... this is absolutely gorgeous. You look stunning darling. More so than ever." He tells you, holding you at arms length to look you over. You twirl for him, the bodice of your dress flourishing around you and Tom smiles, 
"So beautiful." Dragging you back in, he leans in to kiss you, arms bound around your waist, your hands rested on his shoulders, smoothing down them. He hums, 
"We should sneak off and have married sex now." You giggle, tipping your head back which draws him in to trailing kisses down your throat, 
"Yeah, I'd like to see you try and do a quickie in this dress. You'll get lost in it." You tell him. He chuckles, 
"I believe you. You've got a lot of tulle goin on here." Nodding, your rest your hands atop his shoulders, staring up at him, 
"You've made me so happy the past four years... I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." You tell him. He smiles, 
"The feeling is so fucking mutual." He tells you, hands curled around your back. He presses his forehead to yours and sighs, 
"I promise to make you happy every day of my life. You mean the world to me." He tells you. You sway him softly, holding his waist, 
"I promise to do the same." 
"And after tonight, we'll go to Fiji and have a good time, just the two of us, and then we'll come back and try for a baby." He starts. You giggle again, 
"You have our whole lives planned out then huh?" You ask. He nods, 
"Definitely. Won't be long now before we're house hunting and moving a sweet little babe in." He murmurs in your ear. You sigh, 
"Is it bad that I kinda wanna stay in the apartment for a little while after having a baby?" You ask. His eyebrows furrow and he shakes his head, 
"No, not really. We... did talk about turning that spare into a nursery for her. We could go through with it." 
"And we're still stuck on them being a her huh? You do know I'll kill you if we have a boy first and you even think about being disappointed." You tell him. He hums, eyebrows knitting together again, 
"No, of course not, I would never. Any baby that comes from you is loved by me darling. You don't have to worry about it." He confirms. You nod, letting the silence permeate between you for a moment before you sigh, 
"We should probably be heading back. No one can do anything without us." You tell him. He chews the inside of his lip for a moment before sighing himself and nodding, 
"Yeah... let's go get a beer." Smiling, you hold your hand out for his again, lacing your fingers with his. He smiles as the prongs of your ring scrape against the pad of his finger and you give a tug of his hand to lead him up the trodden path towards your reception. Once on the concrete, leading up to the building, Tom squeezes your hand, glancing at the sign announcing you as husband and wife, 
"I cannot believe I am Mrs. Thomas Stanley Holland." You say. He chuckles again, 
"Sounds so fucking amazing." He tells you. You smile, 
"It does. I get to change my nameplate at work. Mrs. Y/N Holland. So exciting." He smiles before you round a corner and your wedding party is there, beers in hand and cheering directed your way. Tom waves his hand, cheeks flushing red and chuckles leaving his lips, 
"Stop, stop-" 
"You're a married man now Tommo!" Haz starts, 
"Yeah, what happened to the forever bachelor thing? Who are you and what have you done with our Tom?" Gil jokes. Tom rolls his eyes, 
"A beautiful girl crashed the party and roped my ass in." He admits. You smile and accept a beer from Cole, another handed to Tom, 
"Well congrats. You two make a beautiful couple. And... now you're my brother." He tells Tom, dragging him in for a hug. You smile, watching your husband and brother hug before Cole turns to you, 
"And you look beautiful Y/N/N. Mom is so so so fucking proud of you. I just know it." He tells you again. He leans in and kisses your cheek. Ivey pops up from inside the venue, 
"Alright guys. We're headed inside. Back into formation." You smile, looping your arm through Tom's. You'd chosen to have your DJ announce your wedding party, the group dancing in and once you make your way inside, it leads into your first dance. The other Holland boys lead, both sides of the families laughing at their antics. Ivey and Harrison follow, then Scarlett and Cole, and Keaton and Phoebe, finishing with Gil. Tom squeezes your hand in his arm as the DJ speaks again, 
"And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for, I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Holland!" He cheers, the roaring from your guests loud as Tom escorts you in the door, twirling you and showing you off to your family. Your cheeks hurt from the smile you carry and Tom let's out an airy laugh as you hand your bouquet off to Ivey and he wraps you in his arms, holding your body close as the first notes of your first dance song play through the speakers, all eyes on you. But none of it matters. All that matters are the chocolate colored eyes you know every inch of. The ones you've come to love and the ones you get to stare into for the rest of your life. He's yours, and you're his, and this is what forever feels like. 
You giggle and cling to Tom as he carries you across the threshold of your suite. He gently sets you on the bed, watching you lay out beneath him, 
"So stunning." He murmurs. You roll your eyes and sit up a little to pull your veil off, 
"I see the cheesiness hasn't dissipated." 
"Well no. It'll only get worse from here. Instead of taking it as my girlfriend or fiancèe, you're taking it as my wife. Now you for sure aren't going anywhere. It's so much worse." He tells you. You giggle, kicking your heels off. He sighs, raking a hand through his hair, 
"Is it bad if I say I'm glad that part is over?" He asks with a cock of his head. You shake your own head, 
"No... it's stressful. Especially for me when there was so much for me to trip over." You tell him. He hums, 
"You did great. You looked amazing all night and you were such the little party host." 
"I'm the bride, I have to be." He sits on the bed beside you, clearing his throat, 
"Yeah, I guess." Sighing, you roll so your body is pressed into his side. He leans back on the bed on his elbow, loosening his tie, 
"It was a pretty good night. You did good on the planning love." He chides. You smile, 
"Thanks babe. I put my heart, soul, and money into this perfect day." He nods, raising his eyebrows, 
"That's for damn sure." He murmurs. You giggle, 
"I couldn't imagine any other wedding being more perfect than ours. It was really fucking beautiful." 
"To be fair, your dad paid for a lot and my parents contributed too." He reasons with a shrug, staring up at the ceiling when he moves to lay back on the bed fully. You smile, leaning in on his chest. He sighs, 
"I loved every minute of it." 
"That's all that matters. You only get one wedding and it should be perfect." 
"It was. I love you." He smiles and leans up to kiss you, 
"Love you too darling." You sit in silence for a moment before you sit up and take his hand, 
"Unzip me, I have a surprise for you." You tell him. He hums, sliding the zipper down your back and moving to lean on his elbows again as he watches you slip from the wedding dress, revealing a beautiful set of ivory colored lingerie, an intricate piece that draws Tom's eyebrows up again, 
"Well that's one hell of a surprise." 
"I had every intention of wearing blue but this is a wedding night set and I couldn't pass it up." 
"Yeah, no, you'll have all kinds of opportunities to test out different lingerie. Heaven forbid you pass up this opportunity for wedding night lingerie." He murmurs. You smile, stepping from the puddle of tulle, lace, and satin at your feet and leaning in on his knees, 
"So I assume you like it." You coo. He snorts, 
"When have I ever not liked lingerie on this sweet little body?" He asks. You giggle, 
"Exactly." Moving his hands onto your hips, he drags you into his lap, your lips covering his. He hums into the kiss, moving his hands up your back. Your fingers move down to unbutton his shirt. You smooth over his stomach, his hands traveling down to hold onto your hips, 
"Shall we try and figure out what's so different about married sex?" You ask him. He smiles, pulling back to look into your eyes, 
"I think that'd be quite great actually." He murmurs. You smile down at him, 
"Just think... you don't have to worry about getting me pregnant now because we're already married." He chuckles, watching you reach behind you and unclip your bra, tossing it aside. He licks his lips, 
"I'd love to know what these'll look like when you end up pregnant." He murmurs, moving to massage your breasts into his hands. You tip your head back, holding his shoulders. You slide your hands beneath his button up brushing it from his shoulders. He sighs, 
"So perfect." 
"So yours." You murmur. He chuckles, 
"You're damn right." You giggle before he's leaning back, pulling you with him. You lean on the bed over his shoulders, leaning in to kiss him, 
"I love you husband." He smiles wide, 
"I love you, wife. More than you'll ever know." You lean back in to kiss his throat, his hands skirting down to your hips until the cold metal of his wedding ring is pressing into your lower back. 
The next night, after landing in Fiji and checking into your bungalow, Tom slides down into the sand beside you. He sighs, squinting in the setting sun and holding a beer out to you. You take it, thanking him softly and sipping from it. He does the same as you look him over. He looks calm for the first time in months. His hair is flat and he's wearing a tee and a pair of cotton shorts, no shoes on. You smile when he looks at you and his eyebrows furrow, 
"What?" He asks through a laugh. You shake your head, 
"Nothing, I just love you. You look good right now." You move to lay your head over his shoulder. He takes a deep breath, laying his head over yours and reaching out to squeeze your knee, 
"Happy first night of forever." He mumbles. You squeeze his body against yours, 
"So far, so good." You tell him. He hums, 
"Can't go wrong with me." Giggling, you sip from your beer again, leaning your arm on his knee, 
"I will admit, seeing "Mr. and Mrs. Holland" on the door was a really surreal thing for me." You tell him. He smiles, moving his hand up into the light to look at the ring on his finger, 
"I've always been called Mr. Holland in a professional sense but... hearing Mrs. Holland and knowing that it's in reference to my wife and that you're finally, fully mine is like... insane." He admits in return. You nod, 
"I agree." You murmur. Nudging the neckline of his top down, you brush a finger across the hickey you'd left the night before. He smiles, 
"The markings of a spoiled little wife." 
"I really don't think I'll ever be over the whole wife thing. Like... hearing you say it blows my mind. I definitely thought I'd be your girlfriend for the rest of my life and you'd never be ready to marry me." 
"I was ready to marry you the second you came back from New York after Spring Break." 
"I did. I never wanted to let you go again. I had fucked up and never wanted to risk losing you again." He explains. You smile, looping your arms under his and leaning your head on his shoulder, 
"That's truly adorable. You've still had your moments but... I have no doubt that all the growth you've done since that whole mess has helped you. Really." He nods, 
"I feel a lot better, that's for sure." He tells you, sighing. You hum, 
"I'm glad. You know... we both have to be in a good mindset to have a baby." 
"Speaking of, you are okay with having a baby like... soonish right?" He asks. You shrug, 
"Yeah, sure, why not?" 
"I just obviously wanna make sure you're comfortable and we're on the same page." He tells you as you move to lounge between his legs. You scoff, 
"Bitch I just married you. There isn't a thing you could do to make me uncomfortable. We're one now." He chuckles, laying his hands over your stomach, 
"But you would tell me if something is out of your comfort zone right?" He asks. You nod, eyebrows knitting together, 
"Good." Leaning your head back against his chest, you sigh, closing your eyes. He presses his lips to your temple and leaves them there, breathing you in. The setting sun provides a nice warmth, 
"I say we just never go back to America. We just run away and become permanent travelers." Tom chuckles, 
"And abandon my very expensive diploma, I think that's a dumb idea love." He tells you. You hum, 
"You could very well get a big break in Europe without the degree." You reason. He hums, 
"That'd be great to take you back to my home." 
"Well since we'll be traveling, you very well could give me a better tour of your little hometown." You confirm. He nods, 
"That sounds really good." A silence settles over you, the sound of the waves crashing being the only noise around. He reaches up and rubs over your shoulders, 
"I'm glad we're here." 
"Me too." You tell him quickly. He smiles, 
"I'm really glad you agreed to marry me." He says. You giggle, 
"Me too." His smile widens. He leans in and kisses you softly when you rise to your knees and turn to face him, 
"I think we should revisit the newlywed sex." He implies with a raise of his eyebrow. You hum, 
"Me too. Definitely." He chuckles softly before he's standing and taking your hands, leading you back through the sand to your bungalow, pushing you on the bed softly once he slides the door closed. 
                                           *Seven Years Later*
"Mia darling, please don't do that." Tom calls to your oldest child, hoisting Harper, your current youngest into his lap with her holding his fingers and climbing his chair. He focuses on the two year old, her hair falling down her back and her legs tangled up in her dress. He rubs her back once she snuggles into him, kissing her forehead. 
Not long after your wedding, you were pregnant with Mia. The second Tom found out she was a girl, he couldn't drop the smile, convinced that the talk of having a girl first all throughout college was just divine intervention. Seeing your husband as a father that first time was unlike anything else. He couldn't put his baby girl down. You were his girl, and he followed you around like a lost puppy, but the second you gave birth to little Mia Faye, he was hooked. And the process continued with your first son three years later, Wyatt James was held in Mia's lap, who was always in Tom's lap. And then again with his second baby girl, Harper Monroe. And now here you are, pregnant with your final baby, another sweet boy who Tom talks to daily, first thing in the morning before he wakes your three older kiddos to bring to bed and see you and at night, right before you go to bed, wishing your little wiggly bean goodnight. He already has a name, Oliver Ethan, and you're excited to have a complete family, four kids to grow up together and travel with, something you and Tom have loved doing since being out of college. 
Cole sighs as he sits beside Keaton who holds his and Phoebe's daughter, Emma's tiny purse, glancing up at his ex-roommate, 
"'S the matter? Being the father of the birthday boy is tiring?" He teases. Cole rolls his eyes, 
"Not only that, but when his papa decides it's time to spoil him and he wonders why mommy and daddy don't do the same, it can get interesting." Cole explains. You smile, rubbing the baby bump over your dress. Tom watches you, 
"I'm just glad that he has a papa. You and dad have gotten along pretty well since he's moved out here." You tell him, reaching up to stroke through Tom's hair to soothe you both. Cole crosses his arms watching his daughter, Daisy, follow Scarlett around, Logan and Ashton, Ivey and Harrison's older boys by her side like they always are when the group is together, 
"I guess so, yeah, it's been... weird. He avoids bringing up mom which makes it awkward but... he's a good enough grandfather. The kids like him and if Scarlett needs help and I'm not available, he's been there." He explains. You nod, leaning into Tom's side. Harper twirls your hair around her finger sleepily, Tom leaning in to kiss her pudgy cheek, 
"Regardless, you guys are talking and actually acting like father and son. Now we have like an actual family again." He nods, 
"Yeah..." Keaton yawns, 
"And what about you Ke? Now that dad's back here and starting that branch of his company here and you're working for him again, how's it been?" He glances up as Phoebe slides into the chair beside him, 
"Yeah, it's good. Back to better payment, being the assistant. It's pretty nice." 
"And no such luck with the baby making?" You ask. He smiles, looking to Phoebe, 
"We're getting there. It's been a hard process but... IVF has been going pretty well." 
"I'm trying to calm the fuck down." Phoebe starts, dragging her fingers through her hair, "I know that going through all of this, the IVF'll fail and then I'll get pregnant naturally." She says with a roll of her eyes. Keaton smiles, 
"The embryo we transfer next month is a girl. Our little Sophia so... hopefully. Fingers crossed." He says. You smile and nod, 
"All our fingers are crossed." You tell them. Keaton smiles, glancing up as Wyatt runs up to you, 
"Yes my love?" You ask of him as he leans in on your legs, 
"Can I go with Mason to his room to see his toys?" He asks you. You brush his hair from his eyes, 
"Did you ask Auntie Scarlett or Uncle Cole if you could?" You ask him. He glances around, 
"Mason asked auntie." 
"If she tells him yes, you can go with him but- hey, Wyatt... but if you go in his room, you need to be careful and don't do anything bad okay? Pick up after yourself like we tell you to do at home." You tell him. He nods before running off to find his cousin. Tom is smiling when you look to him again, 
"What?" You ask. He shakes his head, 
"You're just a really great mum is all." He mumbles, helping Harper slide from his lap again, "Where are you headed love?" He asks, but she ignores him and runs off towards the jumper. You giggle at the pout on his lips, glancing up when Ivey sighs behind you. Her and Harrison slide in between you and Keaton and Phoebe, the little green blanket she left with half an hour ago to quiet the crying cradled in her arms again, 
"He okay?" You ask. She nods and rolls her eyes, 
"He's had a little bit of colic so... he's just cranky but... he's fed and asleep. He should be good for a little while now. Logan and Ashton been good?" 
"Yup, only pulled Daisy's pigtails once." You joke. She huffs, 
"I believe you. Ashton, if you don't tend to him in time, pulls your hair to get up on your chair or whatever he wants. I swear... sometimes if Harrison doesn't collect them while I'm feeding or something, he's sleeping on the couch." Harrison snorts, 
"Yeah, we've had to take up stock in ice cream to keep the boys away from mum." He murmurs. You giggle, watching Ivey roll her eyes before she reaches an arm out and rubs over your belly, 
"How's this little one? You're about in your eighth month huh?" She poses. You nod, pressing a hand to the base of your belly, 
"Yeah... he's doing good. He was super rambunctious last night. We were up all night last night watching him swim and kick. He's gonna be our biggest baby I think." You tell her. You carry a huge smile and taking a glance at Tom, you see he does too. He's so proud of this family you've created. He loves you and all three, almost four kids you have, 
"And Rosie is back to being her protective little self with new little man?" Harrison asks. You nod, 
"Soooooo much. She's normally with the kids but if I sit down, she's right in my lap, head laid over the bump." You tell him. He smiles, 
"She's been pretty great eh?" 
"Oh and her and Tessa get along so damn well when my parents bring Tess down." Tom pitches in. You smile, 
"They've both been great. We were blessed in a lot of ways." 
"That is so good. She's been such a great girl for you." 
"She really has, and Y/N never had animals growing up so she's been a great little companion for Y/N's first time." Tom explains. Ivey nods, glancing up at you, 
"And she's grown up with the kids technically." You pose. Ivey smiles, 
"That Christmas card... so damn cute. You guys with the matching kids and Rose. I can't believe how tall Wyatt is getting. I bet he'll be taller than Tom before we know it." She winks as Tom rolls his eyes, 
"Ha ha. Very funny." She smiles, 
"You know I'm kidding. He's so cute though. All those freckles. He looks just like you Tommy." 
"Well he's lucky then." Your husband murmurs, smiling when you swat at him. He leans over and kisses your cheek, 
"He's hooked on his mumma though. Doesn't ask me for shit. Goes straight to her." 
"Well you've got two baby girls that go to you. So... I'll keep him." You defend. Tom chuckles 
"Who is that? Is that Auntie Y/N/N?" You glance up just in time to see a tan little boy move into your line of sight, giggling. You smile up at him, 
"My little Hunter!" Gil chuckles as you take his little boy, laying him in your lap to tickle him. Tom laughs along as the little boy squeals and Gil leans in to kiss your cheek and then Ivey's, 
"Bout time you showed." 
"Mmm, Minah kept changing his outfit." He mumbles. You hug Hunter into you, smiling as Tom ruffles his hair, 
"Why didn't she come?" Harrison asks. Gil rolls his eyes, 
"Uhm, her mom's in town. But... I don't think she would've come anyways." He tells him. Ivey cocks her head sympathetically, 
"Still having problems?" 
"Yes, and she wants another baby like that'll magically save our relationship." He remarks. You smile up at him, 
"Well I dunno about you but I think this little one is great." You tease, tickling Hunter again. Gil's smile returns when Hunter giggles, 
"He's the only thing that keeps me sane." He tells you. Tom nods, 
"That's how it works." Reaching out again, Tom brushes long strands of hair from Hunter's eyes, 
"I think Wyatt and Mason went to Mason's room. You wanna go see?" You ask him. He nods, squirming from your arms and running off. Scarlett catches him in the doorway, standing on her toes and pressing a hand to his head. She smiles before walking to the table you all sit at, 
"Are we having fun? I see there's only one kiddo here right now. Hi sweet boy." 
"He's not so sweet right now." Ivey mumbles as Scarlett leans over her shoulder and coos into the blanket in her lap. Surprisingly, the little one smiles a toothless smile up at his aunt, the smile growing wider when she reaches down and pokes his nose, 
"Not feelin good baby?" Ivey shakes her head, 
"Colic still." 
"The gripe water didn't work?" Scarlett asks, 
"Very briefly." Ivey confirms. Scarlett clicks her tongue, 
"Damn. Poor thing." Ivey nods, rocking the bundle. When both girls look up, they find you smiling at them. Ivey giggles, 
"What?" You shake your head, blinking tears away, 
"Nothing... just wondering how we got here. What happened to the girls I was introduced to eleven or so years ago? We were so young and carefree and look at us now. We're all moms. We're all wives and killing it all." Tom hums, reaching out to brush the stray tear that falls away. Ivey clicks her tongue, blinking rapidly, 
"Oh babes. You pregnant and me coming down from postpartum doesn't help this shit." She moves in, laying her head over your shoulder. Scarlett whines before she's brushing Tom aside and wrapping her arms around you and Ivey. Phoebe's heeled boots click as she rushes in to join the group hug, Owen, in Ivey's arms cooing up at her too. She smiles, 
"I know I was quite the party girl but... these little ones are the best things we could ever do. Ten... almost eleven, twelve when I get a clear head, these are our greatest accomplishments." She tells the three of you. You nod, pressing her hand over your belly, 
"Definitely." Your baby boy kicks out against her hand in agreement, making the four of you giggle. Tom smiles too, watching you and the girls hug before you part and you take his hand, squeezing and pressing it to your belly. He hums as he rubs the bump, 
"He's gonna be a rambunctious little thing. Reckon we'll be exhausted after chasing just him around." He says, scooting closer to you. You smile, reaching up to drape your arm over the back of his chair, trailing up his back, 
"Well you're the one that had the years of experience of chasing girls around so I think you're suited for the job daddy." His smile widens, 
"Please never mention that in front of the kids. I don't need my little girls knowing and my little boys thinking it's okay that their dad was a womanizer in this very gender equalizing, accepting time." He murmurs. Leaning into him, you kiss his cheek, 
"I promise not to." 
"Thank you." Scarlett, who had previously walked away, starts back towards you, wide smile on her face, 
"I have another tiny slice of cake. I know you and baby boy want it Y/N." You gasp, holding your hands out, 
"Oh my God yes, you're a lifesaver!" You squeal. Tom watches, chuckling softly as you snatch the thin slice of chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting from your sister-in-law. You offer some to him, but he shakes his head. He glances up at the bouncy house, clearing his throat after a moment, 
"Uh oh. The sugar monster's coming. You made a grave mistake accepting cake behind her back like that." You glance up, watching Harper trot towards you, climbing back into her father's lap. He holds her steady moving his legs closer to you to allow her to chomp the piece of cake from your fork. He tucks hair behind her ear, 
"That's good huh lovey? You are never getting to bed tonight little one." You giggle, watching a sparkle flash through Harper's vibrant brown eyes, 
"But with her daddy's puppy dog eyes, no one can resist her." You reason. He nods and leans in to kiss her cheek, 
"Well that's for sure." He murmurs. Once you've finished the cake, Tom holds Harper close, the little one allowing her daddy to love on her. He glances at you and raises an eyebrow and you know exactly what he's asking. The second she saw the cookies upon entrance, it's all she was stuck on for a while. She's such a daddy's girl because he spoils her and you just know he's asking if he can give her a cookie because she's been so good with no tantrums. You chew the inside of your lip, 
"Just one." 
"That's all I'm asking for anyways." He confirms. You nod, 
"Fine then. Nothing more though." He nods, pulling her from his shoulder, 
"Harp, I have a surprise for you, you wanna know what it is?" He asks her. She nods, standing on his thighs, holding onto his hands. He smiles, "You want a cookie? I know you wanted one earlier." Her eyes light up and she nods, bouncing on his legs gently. He chuckles, 
"Alright sweet girl, let's get you one then, yeah?" She nods again, clinging to him as he stands and your heart flutters. To believe that the same man that fought you on a relationship and constantly pushed you away, is now holding your two year old daughter to his hip at a kid's birthday party is beyond imagination, and it is the most beautiful thing ever. 
You smile as Tom grabs your wrist, pulling you flush to his body, 
"I know you're exhausted love, and I'll go get you some ice cream after the kids are in bed but... I missed seeing you with all of our friends. You looked stunning all glowing and pregnant out there." He tells you, pressing a hand to your belly. You smile, reaching up to stroke his cheek, 
"You're the sweetest." His smile widens before he leans down to kiss you, 
"I've spent a long ass time loving you and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially when you're pregnant with my baby. You and those three... almost four in there, I'd kill for." He reminds you. You sigh, 
"I really lucked out in the husband department then huh?" You ask. He chuckles softly, 
"Guess so, yeah." Popping open the passenger side door, Tom waits until you climb inside to close you in. He climbs in beside you quickly, turning the car on before Mia speaks up, 
"Yes love?" He asks, turning in his seat to face her, 
"Can we listen to Frozen?" 
"No," Wyatt speaks up, "put on Cars." 
"How about we meet in the middle and settle for some Brother Bear or... Lion King?" Tom poses, settling the argument your kids'll inevitably have. And it works. Tom finds the soundtrack for Brother Bear in his phone, quickly shuffling it and stuffing the device in the cup holder. His Spotify has slowly become Disney movie playlists since he's become a dad and he loves every second of it. Harper swings her feet, staring out her window as she hums along to a song, Tom watching her in the rear view mirror with a smile plastered on his lips. You reach up and stroke over the back of his neck, leaning over to kiss his cheek, 
"You are so perfect Tom Holland." You tell him. He draws his eyes off the road for just a moment to look at you, 
"Well that makes two of us Y/N Holland." He says, taking your hand in his and kissing your knuckles. Squeezing his fingers in yours, you sigh and twist in your seat to look at your babies. 
Wyatt resembles his daddy the most. He has the same signature curls and eyes and you can already see he's starting to inherit the same nose Sam has and those Holland freckles have emerged. He's definitely a little mama's boy and with the way the girls favor Tom, you hope Oliver will follow in his big brother's footsteps. Mia has Tom's eyes too, but her features resemble you a little bit more. She has your hair type and color, and your nose and eye shape. Tom loves that about her. Harper has more of your features as well, but she's a near perfect combination of the both of you, a gorgeous little girl that Tom coddles the most because she'll let him. He's been in love with all of your babies since the day they were conceived, the most amazing father and husband, getting up at ungodly hours to let you sleep in and him take care of the kids. He's always been an early riser because of golf and now, being a dad, he has the skill to master it like he was never sure he'd be able to. His true calling in life, the cure for his anxiety, has been you and his babies. 
Dragging his hand back up to your lips, you kiss it, 
"I love you so much Tom Holland." You whisper. He smiles, taking his eyes off the road for just a second to look at you, 
"And I love you. More than you'll ever know." He replies, dragging your hand up to kiss it. Tears spring into your eyes again as you stare into his eyes and recognize that boy you met nearly eleven years ago, the one that only wanted to be with you sexually and wanted to avoid you emotionally. You recognize the boy that tore apart your relationship again and again, but always chose to get better for you. And now he's the most perfect husband and father. And that's all that matters to you. 
Yes, you were nervous moving to Seattle, starting new, but your friends, Tom, they've made it easier to live. They've changed your life for the better. They’ve given you immense amounts of love and Tom, himself, has given you a love like no other that created four beautiful babies. And you wouldn't change a thing. Moving from Beverly Hills to Seattle, has proved worth it.
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vanillabqrnes · 10 days ago
mcu masterlist
mcu actor masterlist
━━ 𝑻𝒐𝒎 𝑯𝒐𝒍𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒅
“Please come home,” - Tom has been away filming and you have reached your breaking point.
Vacation - Going on vacation with Tom and Harrison and Tom getting protective
Quarantine - Spending time with your boyfriend Tom during quarantine.
“So that’s where my hoodie was.” - Stealing your boyfriend, Tom’s hoodie.
Curious Kids - Tom coming home from set and seeing his family.
“Really Paddy?”//2- From a young age Tom and Paddy always had a celebrity crush on you but what I’d one of their dreams come true?
Clingy -  Your boyfriend Tom calls you clingy behind your back.
Perfect -  Thinking Tom is cheating on you with Zendaya but it was actually something else.
Cheating or Not? -  Is Tom cheating or was it a big misunderstanding?
“I told you not to get me anything!” -  It's your birthday and you told Tom not to get you anything but you were given an amazing gift.
━━ 𝑪𝒉𝒓𝒊𝒔 𝑬𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒔
Cuddles - Thinking Chris is has been double dancing but he was planning something amazing.
Morning after -Waking up next to your fiancée Chris Evans
Tumblr media
mcu character masterlist
━━ 𝑷𝒓𝒆-𝑺𝒆𝒓𝒖𝒎 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆 𝑹𝒐𝒈𝒆𝒓𝒔
Enlistment - Your husband has revived some good news but you haven’t
Winter Cold - Your husband Steve is in desperate need of cuddles, it’s a life or death situation.
Bucky the flirt - Bucky is trying to steal you away from him or is it Steve’s paranoia?
All mine -  Steve hates PDA or does he?
Jealousy - Watching your crush dancing with someone else is never easy, is it?
━━ 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆 𝑹𝒐𝒈𝒆𝒓𝒔
Polaroid 1//2
━━ 𝑷𝒆𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒌𝒆𝒓
New York 1//2//3//4
Tutoring -  Peter Parker tutoring you could go south or will it?
Cuddle Bug -  You’re trying to get your science essay done for Monday but Peter is in desperate need of cuddles.
Liz -  Peter is head over heels with Liz or is he? (optional endings)
Beyond the grave -  You haven’t seen your boyfriend in months and then you find out why by Tony Stark.
━━ 𝑾𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒂𝑽𝒊𝒔𝒊𝒐𝒏
Meet again (series coming soon) teaser 1
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peterbparkerth · 11 days ago
Guys!!! I just made a Wattpad account if anyone wanna follow me there add me I’m posting the same fanfic there as well.
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leewritesstuff · 12 days ago
Keeping Up With The Hollands MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Tom were offered to document your life since you are both famous in the entertainment industry. Now as you got older you left the entertainment industry and head for the medical field. How difficult can it be? Also, did I mention that you have kids?
CHAPTERS: 01 | 02 | 03 |04 | 05
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just needed a doctor on the poster. This is my first Tom Holland series, and for far the support has been really good! The idea came from "The Return of Superman"
Thank you for enjoying it! Your feedback is appreciated.❤
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leewritesstuff · 12 days ago
UPDATED: 06/03/2021
Accidental Nudes (text)
You accidentally sent a nude into the group chat
Keeping Up With The Hollands (series)
Summary: You and Tom were offered to document your life since you are both famous in the entertainment industry. Now as you got older you left the entertainment industry and head for the medical field. How difficult can it be? Also, did I mention that you have kids? Dad!Tom x Mom!Reader
Lose You To Love You
Summary: Losing someone hurts, but knowing that things get better, feels fine. You were dating Tom but feels as if you guys were slowly drifting away
Summary: You and Tom took a trip to the Caribbean and you show him how to have a good time.
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miseryholland · 19 days ago
Can you pls do six and eight from the prompt list. All I can think about is stoner Tom being a bit of a dick bc he hasn’t gotten high all day and y’all are “friends of a friend”
other request; ‘& For blurb night could you do prompt #8 with like an angst to fluff? Thank you :)’
a/n; combing two requests since you both asked for the same prompt, additional blurbs can be sent in <\3
tw; tom’s an ass, stoner!tom, language, weed, kind of frat!tom (they’re in college)
prompts #6: “if i was high this wouldn’t be a problem.” #8: “you have to single handedly be the most entitled asshole i’ve came across.”
∘₊✧─── clearing out ask box ───✧₊∘
“The fuck are you hanging around for, party’s over,” a tipsy yet coherent Tom stumbles from the large black doors of his parents home. Not that he still lives there, but the scenery is much more playable and he’d get credit for having the most spacious party. Whatever the sort mattered during the last year or so of college. You sat on the supported brick ledge that would lead out onto the pavement as if walking down the steps. Awaiting a taxi or whatever ride you could catch. A friend of a friend dragging you hear, only to leave you in the dust for a late night hookup. What a friend.
Hanging over the edge of the first step he sloshes a beer can across the very much dewy, and trash ridden front yard. Street lights glaring into his pardoned eyes whilst his free fist rummages around in his pocket. Standing in the middle of the street probably would’ve been better than rubbing elbows with Tom.
“Can’t find a ride and I don’t have my car or I would’ve—“
“If i was high this wouldn’t be a problem,” Tom gestures, a scoot over motion so he could be thigh to thigh with you. Christ his jeans were fucking tight, you couldn’t help but wonder over the worn out denim. A rolled blunt swarms his fingertips, his pupils enlarge at the sight, wanted to indulge in his favorite pleasure nearly eighteen hours ago. “But seeing as I haven’t smoked all day, it is darling.” His lips are nimble, quivering around the rolling paper with a sprinkled green substance inside. There’s a pat to your back, Tom gaining your attention once he puffs out a cloud of white smoke.
“Why’s me being here a problem?” You saunter, his curls are sweat ridden and glued to his forehead, his cheeks are a stinging shade of red.
“Because love, it’d be a bit rude of me if I didn’t share my high with you. And I don’t like sharing, but ‘m also not an uptight prick..” He rambles, through this indescribable mischievous, toothy grin. His cheeks hollow from another puff, “Smoked before?” Tom’s features soften, acknowledging that you aren’t as stifled as you once were. Something unique about an attractive male holding so much power.
“A while ago, recently no,” you mumble. All it takes is Tom gripping the outline of your jaw, thumb fiddling the apples of your cheeks. Smoke swarms from the minimal space between you and him. Tom closing in the smoke by capturing your parted lips with his chapped ones. Pulling away for you to blow the smoke out onto the midst of humid air.
“You have to single handedly be the most entitled asshole I’ve came across,” you mellow out, and Tom chuckles aloud.
“Making plans to smoke with you tomorrow.’
taglist— @josiemay20 @stylessugarhigh @multibuckley @fifthlung @marvelhasmyheart235 @thehuntresswolf @kingshitonly @lmfaosoph @petersasteria @elios-timotea @multixfandomwriter @madzleigh01 @bi-lmg @spookybooisa
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deexchanel · 23 days ago
Chapter 12
Word Count: 1,897
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing.
Summary: Euphoria goes to comic con with Sebastian because he didn't want a recap of the last time when he left for a press conference to happen.
A/N: I saw a TikTok with them rude-ass girls and decided to add it to the series for Sebastian. I'm working on chapter 3 of beauty and beasty i promise yall i just had to write this one😂😂
Tumblr media
I was at ACE Comic Con in Seattle with Sebastian because he didn’t trust me from last time. Right now I was backstage with Anthony joking around, just wasting time while also watching Sebastian interact with fans.
“You ready to go on stage?” Anthony asked looking for a working microphone. I looked at him like he was crazy.
“Me? I’m not going out there. This something you guys do. I’m just going to stick to instagram and modeling.”
“Nope you’re going out there.”
He found one and smirked at me. His lil evil ass.
“Anthony he’s trying to talk to a fan on hold!!” I tried to stop him but it was too late, Anthony had grabbed the microphone. He used his best movie voice which made me shake my head at his stupidness.
“And now for the best superhero in the Marvel Universe!”
You could literally see Sebastian smile dropped which made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.
“The guy that gave you such lines as on your left. The guy who gave you such likes as cut the check. The guy who saved Captain America’s ass from Bucky Barnes for most of his Marvel Universe life. We give you...” Anthony tapped his hand against the microphone.
“Sam Wilson aka the falcon aka hot chocolate aka Chocolate-chino aka every fans best friend. Anthony Mackie everybody!”
He walked out leaving me back there by myself. So I sat down, getting on my phone. Without him back here, it was kinda boring.
“Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for the one and only Anthony Mackie.”
“Oh wait I’m not finished!”
Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “You’re not finished?”
“Nope! I told her she’s coming out here. She does the best makeup ever. One of the best models on instagram. She is known to be Sebastian Stan girlfriend!” I raised my head up in shock.
“Is he for real right now ? Omg !”
“Euphoria Luv everyone.” Still shocked I swiftly got out the chair grabbing the first working microphone I see. It was a bunch of girls screaming for me but it also sounded like some guys to.
“It better be only girls screaming for my girlfriend.” Sebastian said lowly in the microphone making the audience laugh but I knew he was serious. “Heyy everyone!”
I waved sitting down in the middle of them but closer to Sebastian. He looked at me as if he was saying ‘what are you doing out here.’ I shrugged my shoulders pointing at Anthony.
“When did you first learn that there’d be a falcon.” The interviewer asked but Anthony ignored scooting closer to me. He wrapped a arm around me and Sebastian.
“He wants to be close.” Sebastian joked as us three cuddled up together. While the interviewer asked them questions, I drowned them out playing with my fingernails and what not. I’m not a celebrity so I’m not use to this.
“You alright?” My boyfriend whispered in my ear, taking me out of my daze. “I’m okay baby.”
“I think it was Iron Man, I got to meet RDJ ball out of control. I call him ball of control Rob, that’s his nickname. First man introduced me to caviar ball out of control Rob. If you ever get the chance, eat caviar with RDJ. Just do that for yourself.”
Anthony explained and I agreed nodding my head. “Yes he’s right. If you ever get the chance, do it. It will be a fun time.”
“You’ve ate Caviar with RDJ before Euphoria?” The interviewer asked and I sat up on the couch, engaged in the conversation.
“Yes. We went for lunch one day, he didn’t have film. It was me, his girlfriend and him. He had me laughing the whole time. I really enjoyed myself that day.”
More screams came from the crowd as Tom walked out on the stage. He was so excited to sit between us three. I gave him a big hug since I haven’t seen him in like 3 weeks.
“I can’t wait to come back to LA Euphoria. I’ve missed you and everyone else.”
“Me too. You’ve been gone for so long!” I smiled kissing his cheek. He gave me one back. I moved closer to Sebastian starting to get tired.
“You sleepy baby girl?”
“Yess I am. I don’t see how you guys do this.”
The interviewer spoke to us.“Let’s open to the audience guys. We got a bunch of people lined up starting with you.. What’s your name?”
During the whole questions thing I noticed at the fans wasn’t fond of Anthony and I wasn’t going for it. I’m going to try to keep my mouth but this getting on my nerves.
“I need to see this movie.” Anthony held out his hand. Tom looks at him in disbelief.
“You’ve never seem Spiderman homecoming?”
“Pft no.”
I furrowed my eyebrows, I didn’t know Anthony ain’t ever seen it before. “For real Anthony?”
“ I haven’t seen the falcon- oh no there isn’t one.” Tom placed his hand on Anthony shoulder. I covered my face, laughing so damn hard. More people went and I kept quiet until 2 girls talked into the microphone. One girl had on a green shirt while the other had curly hair.
“Okay take it away ladies you’re going to bring us home.”
“Okay so I didn’t really have a question, just my friend ruthy back there has some fan art of Tom and Tessa and also.”The curly head pushed her hair behind her ear. “I just wanted to say that um, I have a pit-bull and so since Tessa is a staffy that’s just super cool and I love Tessa so pet her for me.”
Tom smiled, “I will thank you so much.”
Sebastian spoke up confused. “Who’s Tessa?” I leaned over speaking lowly.
“Babe it’s Tom dog.”
“His dog! Omg educate yourself!” The curly head basically yelled in the microphone. I sat up, glancing at her like she done lost her damn mind. I brought the microphone to my mouth.
“Girl who is you talking too?”
Everyone was laughing but I was dead the fuck serious. Tom pinched my side but covered it up with a laugh,“Euphoria chill.” Sebastian and Anthony shared a glance at each other. I just knew Tom felt embarrassed. I kept my eyes on her while the interviewer did some loud talking.
She began apologizing. “I’m sorry. I apologize I’m so sorry.” but I didn't believe that fake ass apology.
“I get that you’re nervous but you need to calm it down. It’s just Tom.” I made known, feeling Sebastian’s hand on the small of my back.
“You’re making me look really bad guys.” Tom scratched his neck nervously.
“You have fun on the internet tonight.” Sebastian said slowly in the microphone to show how serious he was. Seeing this unfold, Anthony spoke up.
“Time out , time out. How do you know who Tessa is?”
She held her hands out, “He post Tessa all the time.”
“Oh he’s posting pictures of him and his dog?”
They both perked up.“Yeah!”
“He’s just hanging out at home with his dog?” Anthony egged it on with they rude asses.
“He posts her all on the time on instagram!”
“Baby I’m adult.” Anthony corrected her. She laughed out loud in nervousness.
“Yea I see her all the time so that justifies it.” I said and Tom nod his head towards me.
The green shirt girl speaks in the microphone “Okay so before I say anything uh I promise my friend Iris that I..” Anthony cuts her off.
“Y’all got a lot of friends.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Where yo friends at?” Anthony looked around for them.
“I’m sorry, friends maybe a term that you don’t know but.” Everyone in the crowd gasp at her little comeback. Sebastian looked at the curiously with his microphone underneath his chin. Yeah they finna get this clap back. I looked at Anthony and he shook his head basically saying he got it.
“I don’t know the term friends. I know the term family, when stuff get tight lemme see where your friends at. But grow a little bit, you’ll get there.”
The girl waved him off , “anyway, wow this is crazy. Okay I’m on your team Tom. I don’t care... about Mackie.” She waved him off again like he was dust. That was the most disrespectful thing she said. I just stared at Mackie, practically begging him to let me get her ass . He nodded his head indicating me for to do it.
The crowd was still oohing as I parted my lips to talk. “Look sweetcakes, the comebacks isn’t cute, it’s just plain-“
She scrunches her face up, “Who are you again?”
I leaned forwards placing my elbows on my knees. “I’m Euphoria Luv honey. Look me up on instagram before you call yourself trying to check me.” I tilt my head to the side, plastering a petty smile on my face.The crowd went wild ay my comeback but I wasn’t finished.
“ I’m not them, I don’t have a contract. Nine times outta ten this going to be my last time on stage with them. Honey I get that you nervous and trying to make the crowd laugh but you not going to disrespect my boyfriend and my brother plus embarrass my bestie.” I stood up smoothing out my skirt. “It ain’t cute so don’t think it is. Before you disrespect anyone else you need to stop disrespecting yourself with that too little shirt you got on and ya bestie too with them dry ass curls. Good bye.”
I drop the mic as it was so much commotion going on in the crowd. It was a mixture of laughter and ooing .All I heard was Anthony say “Mic. drop.” before I completely walked off the stage. I saw my manager stand there with her arms folded.
“You know that’s your last time on stage with them right?”
“I know and I don’t have a single regret either.”
“Good job for taking up for them though.”
“Thanks.” I kissed her cheek going into the break room.
I felt a smack on my ass waking me up out of my nap. I went back to the hotel early because I was annoyed with being a comic con. I groaned rolling over to see my boyfriend taking off his shirt.
"How you sleep sassy pants?"
"I wasn't going to let her disrespect you nor Anthony babe." I sat up in the bed watching him undress. Sebastian picked up some black pants from his suitcase.
"I'm not mad babe, I just wanted to know how you slept."
"But I know you have something to say Sebastian."
"Alright fine, babe even though it was wrong, I'm glad you took up for us. Thank you." He came over to my side of the bed. My worries of him being mad washed away. "That showed me you really care about me."
Sebastian kissed my lips, and I grabbed his neck deepening it. He saw that I was turned on so he pulled back.
"Nope, we are expected to be at dinner with Chris,Mackie and Tom."
I pout my lips,"But I want some dick."
"You're in time out."
"For whatt??"
"For saying that girl had on a too little shirt!"
"I mean it's true!"
That's all. Nobody should be offended of this cause that comic con is old so yeah.
they were being rude that day and thought it was cute. man sometimes people take being obsessed over celebrities to the extreme. that shit is not cute!
plus never be rude to celebrities that wasn't rude to you first!
stay slutty my friends.
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harryssxnflwr · 26 days ago
fic idea that i most likely will write in these two days i dont have nothing to do (also i got the idea from a post that im gonna find and edit into this) .. On your 18th birthday the initials of your soulmate is written on your wrist. the main character is a senior in highschool and the love interest is her ex boy bestfriend who has a gf that do not like her. on the main character’s birthday she notices the initials on her wrist is of her ex bestfriend....
I really really want to write this but if I dont I’ll request it on one of my favorite writers account and then edit this post with the link of it.
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r0s3mm · 26 days ago
Tom Holland & Peter Parker Masterlist 🕸
The title is pretty self-explanatory 😊 These are all stand-alones unless stated otherwise
Tumblr media
Tom Holland x oc!Sophia
Tumblr media
“My boyfriend’s Spider-Man”  
Headcanon of me meeting Tom  
Pretend it’s okay. 
Like in The Movies
and they lived happily ever after ... or whatever
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x oc!Mia
Tumblr media
Funny Girl 
It’s my party (and I’ll cry if I want to.)
By Your Sides
Tumblr media
No taglist yet.
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