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#Peter parker
mikamikenshin · 7 minutes ago
She Hulk:(poses,showing her back muscles) SHE-HULK REIGNS!
Spiderman:Yeah.but can you please borrow me some muscles?
She Hulk:(pouts) From which part?
Spiderman:Every single part.Mostly chest and arms.
She Hulk:(smirks) Not hips?
Spiderman:No No Noooo!
Spiderman:Mines are fine!
Human Torch:(spits out fire,bursts to laughter,accidentaly burns iron man's suit)
Iron Man:(Sniffing) Why did this get so hot all of a sudden?!
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t-hollanderr · 17 minutes ago
i just want to like ,,, hold harry's hand . i want to take him on little dates™ and have him smile at me or be soft :// but i also want to take the piss out of him if i can + tease him !! just like ,, cute couple things™
Tumblr media
AHHH no because same 🤚🏻
My love language is touch so i'd litteraly hold his hand every second he's available, i'll leave quick pecks on his shoulder, cheek and head to show my affection is a non-verbal way. And the little dates? oh my, I feel like Harry will be all over you when the both of you are alone and my single heart can't take it tbh.
AND THE MAKE FUN OF HIM PART? pls my god yes. Especially infront of his fammmm in like a cheeky way, but ofc only in a way he knows i'm joking cause I feel like he is lowky a little insecure and we don't want to hurt him of courseeee.
Tom holland & co sleepover: inbox is open
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johannepetereric · 24 minutes ago
Apparently Adult Peter is willing to kill if his family is threatened
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styob4 · 29 minutes ago
Rhodey and Tony comes out from the bar, Tony very drunk:
Peter in costume: *flying on the street*
Tony:, James, who it is? Wow, James, who it is?
Rhodey: I think...
Tony: Spider-Man! Oh... I want fuck him... want fuck him.
Rhodey: maybe you two could be a friends firstly?
Peter: *flies off the street*
Tony: oh... fuck, who I am, buddy, and who..? :(
Rhodey: you a Ironman?
Tony: yeah... I am Ironman, alright, and I will fuck with Spider-Man and will marry him!
Rhodey: how much you drunk?
Tony: not much... but just don't ask Pepper... so how we will know his number?
Rhodey: oh my goodness, Tony...
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johannepetereric · 32 minutes ago
Spider powers:
Blue blood
Smell blood in mosquitos and human feet
Run and jump several times their body length
Can see the ultraviolet spectrum (more purples and colors)
(Spiders don’t sleep. They just stay (mostly) still (scroll the Internet in one spot) to recharge. Must stay still for months if they can’t find food)
(Spiders don’t have lungs. They have air flaps to flow air through freely)
(No muscles. Use blood like a hydraulic pump)
(Darwin’s bark silk spider) has a tensile strength that’s several (let’s say 10) times stronger than kevlar (“super strong material”)
Can eat wasps and roaches
Spiders usually can’t thermoregulate, but the radioactive blood gave him enhanced metabolism (eat lots more food than before) and a should-be-dead fever body temp.
Teen Peter’s electronics would be overheating af from getting little to no sleep XD
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asexua-panic · 39 minutes ago
peter finds out before tony and pepper that pepper is pregnant but he doesnt realise that they dont know so he kinda puts on a dinner party for tony and pepper and then at the end pulls out this really lopsided cake he made himself with "Congrats on your pregnancy" or something in this really loopy writing and their like "" and hes like "oh...congrats on your tapeworm then" and then peppers like "wait im pregnant!!!!"
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vampireoutofbusiness · 45 minutes ago
Peter B[oobs] Parker
Pairing: peter x fem!reader
Warnings: all about boobs but not real smut, based on the 100% factual idea that Peter has a mommy kink
Request: Peter falling asleep sucking readers boobs- basically more mommy kink
Synopsis: Peter loves your boobs and has an undeniable mommy kink...
a/n: I ask the person who requested this to share more brilliant ideas with me because this is one of my favorite things I've ever written, thanks to their big juicy brain. soft baby boy peter is just AHHHHHH it's 4am I guess I can never break this habit...
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
Peter loves your boobs, why wouldn’t he? No matter what you were doing, he found an opportunity to stare or subtly touch them. He’s mesmerized by them and loves them.
Whether you have hard nipples or not, the shape they have is just perfect in his eyes. And the simple act of his hands sliding under your shirt and cupping them if you weren’t wearing a bra (although that didn’t really stop him) was wonderful. Your warm skin against his fingers as he kneaded them. Thumbs running over your nipples.
Now, the less pure, yet still wholesome part of Peter Parker loved having them in his mouth. You would wake up in the morning to him laying on you, his chin resting on your chest, waiting for you to give him the okay to touch them. Probably the mommy kink side of him that wanted to suck on them. Or just him. You weren’t complaining.
“Are you coming to bed soon?” Peter whined, taking your hand from your pal and pressing a soft kiss to your knuckles.
“Yeah, let me finish up this brief,” you glanced at him then turned back to your computer.
“Mr. Stark really is thorough when it comes to missions,” he sighed and released your hand so you could continue typing.
The sooner you finish, the sooner you would hold him while you fall asleep together. The city lights shining in through your apartment’s bedroom window. Noisy, yet somehow comforting street noise a few stories down. Your extremely comfortable bed that many things happened in.
Peter shuffled checked the front door, making sure it was locked. He pulled shut and locked the window that was left open near your desk in hopes you would want to hurry up if everything else was ready for bedtime.
Your sleepy boy kissed the top of your head and you told him you’d be there in a moment. He got in the bed you shared in the room down the hall, determined to stay awake in darkness until you got there.
About fifteen minutes later, you tip-toed in the room and slowly shut the door behind you in case he was asleep. You saw the covers stir and then his sleepy features illumined by lights from buildings across the street.
“Hi,” you whispered, sliding into bed next to him.
“Hi mommy,” he murmured, wrapping his body around yours before you could even adjust in your spot.
“Right out the gate,” you chuckled and Peter looked up at you with confusion on his face.
“Mommy?” You repeated and he was glad you couldn’t see the pink dusting his cheeks.
Yes, when you had sex, he called you mommy, and yes you loved it. He’s just so cute and something about taking care of him during sex was so sexy. He’s called you it many times but usually when you were pretty deep into doing the deed, not the second you crawled into bed.
“Did I- I didn’t mean- sorry,” he stuttered, removing his body from yours and turning away from you.
Even after living together for several months and dating for two, he got flustered by the littlest mentions of anything sexual. You honestly find it flattering he’s somewhat intimidated by you but you wish he would tell you more about what he wanted.
He felt the mattress move next to him and something hit the floor a few seconds later.
“Peter?” You slid your hand down his bare back and he slightly turned his head to look at you, “it’s okay to like calling me that, I hope you you’re aware,”
He flipped over completely to see you laying on your side, with your upper body exposed and his breath hitched at the sight. Every time felt like the first time.
“Sorry,” he cleared his throat as he scooted closer and hesitantly straddled your hips, resting his body on yours, “M- mommy,”
“What do you want?” You kissed him softly, already knowing the answer.
“To suck on your breasts- or boobs - please?” “Boobs, go ahead baby boy,” you confirmed, brushing some loose hair out of his face.
“Boobs…boobies,” he squeaked out before moving down your body so he was mouth level with them.
He kissed lazily down the valley and then the tops. Making his way down to your nipple when you gave him soft praises.
His lips wrapped around your bud and he gently sucked for a little while, your lips quirking up to a smile when you saw how content he looked. His long eyelashes resting on his upper cheeks where freckles were sprinkled.
You held his head, thumbs stroking the lobes of his ears leisurely as he moved onto your other boob. His tongue ran over your nipple for a few minutes before he started suckling at this one.
His mouth worked slower until you felt his movements stop. You caught a glimpse of your boy; head now resting on your chest with his lips not quite around your nipple but still holding on.
Small breaths hit your bare skin as he drifted off into sleep he’s been fighting for a good while. You ran your fingers through his curls and he let out a small, quiet moan from the feeling.
His heavy eyes fluttered open and you encouraged him to go back to sleep. He didn’t even bother taking his mouth off of your boob booby.
You carefully made your way to your room, a tray in your hands with very important contents; food.
After you took so long to get to bed last night, you figured making Peter breakfast in bed would make up for it. He wasn’t even upset about it, he never got mad at you and if he did, it wouldn’t be for something that minuscule.
Nonetheless, you made Peter your number one priority and you were his. Healthy relationship dynamic.
A plate with pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. A glass of apple juice, not orange juice, he prefers sweeter drinks a.k.a he likes sugar. You pushed open the door with your elbow and felt your heart skip a beat at the view in front of you.
His fluffy bedhead resting on the white sheets. Sunlight bathing his toned, naked upper body. Arms wrapped around your pillow when his slightly conscious self realized you were no longer with him. Pink lips slightly parted as quiet snores left his mouth.
What a beautiful, tranquil view.
“Peter,” you purred as you got closer to the sleeping god in your bed.
His eyes flickered for a second, adapting to the lighting consuming the room. He gave you a sluggish smile and stiffly sat up, sitting against the headboard. You put the tray in his lap, making sure he was steady before taking your hands from it.
“What’s - why did you,” he was interrupted by his own thoughts as he examined everything on the plate.
He couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend. You did an extraordinary amount of things for him, breakfast in bed being one of them.
“I was busy last night so this is my form of payment,”
“You already let me do something I would do for free,” he smirked yet still had red cheeks out of timidness.
“But what you did earns everything and more, Peter Parker,” you kissed his forehead and he held your waist, pulling you closer.
You stopped yourself from disturbing the tray but he didn’t remove his hands.
“You don’t expect me to eat alone, do you?” He grinned and patter the spot you were in less than an hour ago this morning.
“It’s rude of me not to join you I suppose,” you cuddled up next to him, his warm skin heating yours.
“I love you so much,” he told you as he cut pancake before holding it up to your mouth with a fork.
You glanced down at the bite, then at your boyfriend.
“I love you- I’m not a baby,” you rolled your eyes when he waved it in front of you.
“Mommy’s need to eat, you know,” he said with a coy smile on his face.
“Let’s save that for after breakfast,” you ate from the fork, knowing he was just trying to return the care you give him.
“Fine…whoah, apple juice,”
Taglist: @imawhoreforu @avengersbitch @criminalyetminimal
@quaksonhehe @tayyx @marthakookie @t-bag2 @stefans-wife
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ao3feed-peterparker · 59 minutes ago
The princess effect
read it on the AO3 at
by N8schatten
That was until the six years old crashed into his legs. It was a small girl in a yellow pair of dungarees over a Spiderman t-shirt. After a moment of silence she looked up at him. Her eyes big and brown sparked with something Bucky couldn’t immediately place and there was a wide grin on her lips that revealed two missing teeth. Both upper front-teeth. “Princess.” The girl cooed and Bucky just stared down at her.
*** In which Bucky Barns is a Disney Princess, the problem is that nobody told him.
Words: 3729, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Bucky Barns is a disney princess, Fluff and Humor, Everything is fine in here, Peter Parker is a Good Bro
read it on the AO3 at
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ao3feed-peterparker · 59 minutes ago
En Pointe
read it on the AO3 at
by Hale13
No matter how much she hates the Red Room, ballet is still Natasha’s go to stress relief. Peter is just curious and eager to learn.
(For the Summer of Whump on Tumblr Day 24 Prompt - Stitches)
Words: 2311, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 24 of Summer of Whump 2021
Fandoms: Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: Gen
Characters: Peter Parker, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Tony Stark
Relationships: Peter Parker & Natasha Romanov, Peter Parker & Tony Stark
Additional Tags: Summer of Whump, Summer of Whump 2021, Peter Parker Whump, Hurt Peter Parker, Human Disaster Peter Parker, Broken Bones, Blood and Injury, Natasha Romanov Is Not A Robot, Whump, Ballet, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure
read it on the AO3 at
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Peter: Hey, Mr. Stark? Can you come pick me up from my rap battle? It’s over. No, I lost. He saw you drop me off and did a pretty devastating rap about it
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hesthermay · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ peter parker x f!reader
ʚϊɞ peter wants y/n, and y/n wants peter—but neither one has a single clue 
ʚϊɞ 1.3k 
ʚϊɞ angst, mutual pining
Tumblr media
The long hallways of Midtown School of Science and Technology were buzzing with life, students swarming together to gossip about the past week’s problems and plan the upcoming weekend’s festivities. The days had seemed to drag on and on, time moving as slow as a snail throughout the course of the work week; but today was Friday—the day that all work ended, all worries disappeared, and everybody let loose.
Everybody, that is, except Peter Parker. His plans had no mention of work ending and worries leaving; in fact, it was the exact opposite. All he seemed to do nowadays was complete homework, fight crime, and worry about somebody figuring out that he fights crime.
It was slightly difficult to balance it all, but it’s not like he had much of a social life before becoming Spider-Man, so some things didn’t really change. It did suck that his free time with Ned was growing slimmer and slimmer, but he was as understanding as ever.
Though he couldn’t fool Peter; he loved having a superhero best friend.
But one thing that had only worsened over time, festered and multiplied and grown, was his feelings for Y/N L/N. The way she occupied his thoughts 24/7, caused his heart to speed up faster than he thought was humanly possible, made his nerves buzz under his skin and sent tingles down his spine—it had only become more drastic since he discovered his abilities.
It was something he couldn’t explain, because it made no sense to him. His plate was full—full of something dangerous and life threatening—yet all his instincts told him to run to her, to make the dreaded first move. He knew better than that, though; he knew he needed to stay miles away from her for her own good, but his soul sung for her every second of the day. He loved and hated it all in one.
The way Y/N made him feel, the way she made everything brighter and more fun, the way that she brought the excitement to his days, was something that some people spent years of their life searching for—Peter was well aware of that, yet he wouldn’t be able to look at himself in the mirror if he didn’t at least tell himself that it was wrong.
It was wrong to want something so pure, something so special and unique, when all he would do is just trap her in the spider’s web; tangle her up in the dangers and evils of the big, cruel world out there. It was wrong to even humor the idea that he could bring her everything she deserved, him of all people—the boy with the target on his back. 
And it was wrong, so wrong, for the tiny part of himself that he’d buried away under a thousand pounds of stress and worry and suppressed longing to suggest that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t snuff out the burning light that was her. And if he did, perhaps it would be worth it for just a second of happiness.
But the very next morning when he walked into school and migrated down the halls and saw her leaning against her locker, chatting away with a glint in her eyes that made him rethink everything from the night before, he promised to himself that she was forever off limits; forever out of reach but just in view.
So far, but close enough to dream about.
And when Y/N, leaned against her locker and eyes scouting her surroundings, spotted shy and quiet Peter Parker with his brown curls and almost permanently blushed red cheeks, her own heart yearned for him.
He was almost an anomaly of sorts, something that broke the mold of everyday life in this cookie cutter school and left her questioning everything. What was he like? Why was he so quiet? Why was it so difficult to pry a conversation out of him? Why did it feel like he avoided her at all costs? Why—
It hadn’t always been this way, her and the boy had went years without crossing paths, never meeting or speaking or letting stupid feelings mix in and make everything weird. But during the September of tenth grade, in third period lunch to be exact, she had set her sights on him for the very first time as she made her way to the empty table right beside his.
He was worried about something, and whatever he was saying to the boy by his side was urgent; but when he looked over at her—quite literally feeling her gaze on him, as if having an extra sense—sitting there with her lunch spread out before her but eyes locked on him, she could have died then and there.
She was done for after that. She learned who he was through others, sneakily interrogating friends and mutual classmates to figure him out, and then she started noticing him everywhere. He was in the hallways with her, he was in the cafeteria, he was in the library, the parking lot; everywhere. Peter Parker seemed to plague her thoughts and her school life, and her heart suffered for it.
She tried to speak to him, he was awkward and fled as soon as possible. She waved at him when they made eye contact, and he flushed red and looked the other way. He avoided her yet sought her out just as much as she did, and it left her mind racing and temper rising.  
She knew he had at least some interest in her, and she knew it was painfully obvious that she had feelings for him, so why did he brush her off? She could write a list of questions that she would give a limb to ask the brainiac, and it would be miles and miles long. And as she made her way towards her locker to drop her books and binders off for the weekend, and Peter stood by with his own with eyes trailing her, the list grew just a bit longer. It was pathetic, the way she pined for him when he seemed to be at war with himself about her.
It was pathetic and she was tired of it. Her back was turned to him but she never felt his gaze stray, and it only drove her more mad. With every textbook and journal that she pulled from her bag and aggressively tossed into her locker, her determination grew and grew. This was pathetic, and she was tired of it. Today would be the last day that she longed for the elusive Peter Parker, the last day that she watched him from afar while in her own pity party.
With a dramatic flourish, Y/N slammed the metal door to her locker closed and whirled around to face the rest of the corridor; more specifically the nerdy boy with his pale blue sweater and bag clutched tightly to his chest, gaze settled on the tiny screen of his phone.
Deep breath in, hold, exhale.
She manifested the confidence, the swagger, the groove she needed, and she was off. She took her first stride, then her second, and then her third, but before any more distance could be closed her target was overcome by a wave of panic that almost stopped her in her tracks. He scrunched his brows and shook his head, and the facade began to fade for Y/N.
She wasn’t confident, and she didn’t have this handled; because without sparing a single glance in her direction, Peter slammed his locker and took off down the hallway, towards the exit of the school and towards the outside world. Her heart dropped to her toes at the same time the doors opened with a loud bang that reverberated throughout the hallway.
It was pathetic, the way that Y/N L/N pined for Peter Parker, and would continue to do so for who only knows how long.
It was wrong, the way that Peter Parker yearned for Y/N L/N, and would continue to fight it off for who only knows how long.
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ reblogs are always appreciated luvs ! ʚϊɞ
Tumblr media
all works on this blog belong to do not copy, repost onto other sites, or claim my content as your own. 
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irondadfics · 2 hours ago
do you have any evil!peter parker fics where he's not working for hydra? maybe he's a sociopath//murderer? tyyy
It doesn't seem like there's a lot, but I would suggest this search: Peter Parker & Tony Stark + "Evil Peter Parker" + "-hydra"
(The minus sign in front of hydra is used to exclude a particular term from the search)
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onewaymatinee · 2 hours ago
favorite crime
Tumblr media
in which: peter can’t balance normal teen life and patrolling, leaving you to scramble to cover for him.  inspired by favorite crime by olivia rodrigo <3
wc: 2877
proofread: hell nah
notes: yeah this is a little too short and abrupt but im tired and I want 2 post something.  also requests are open ppl.  plz hmu
“Hey- where’s Peter?”  MJ asks, interrupting Mr. Harrington in the middle of his meandering lecture on the Decathlon rules.  
You tighten your grip on your set of flashcards, trying to hide behind the tiny paper.  MJ points at you from her seat on the stage.
“You’re like, hooking up with him, right?”  She asks.  Ned scowls at her and slaps the buzzer in front of him.
“That is false,” He announces, a hint of pride in his voice.  “She is his girlfriend and they have been in a committed relationship for the last 6 months.”
“Yeah, same thing.  Do you know where he is?”  MJ stares at you, eyes narrowed, chewing on a bit of gum she’d had the entire practice.  It feels vaguely threatening.  
“He’s-” you fake a quick cough, stalling for time.  “He’s, uh, sick.  He texted me.  He’s got a cold and doesn’t want to infect you all.”
“Again?  That’s like, the fifth cold this month.”  MJ tilts her head slightly, pursing her lips.  “That’s a little suspicious.”  
One of the other decathlon boys on the stage presses his buzzer.  “False, that is incredibly suspicious.”  
“Stop with the buzzer, guys.”  Mr. Harrington interjects.  “And Peter is a valuable member of this team, but he needs to be attending practice.  Someone please talk to him about that, or I’ll have to.”
Every eye in the room falls on you.  You groan internally, and smile a weak smile of assurance.  “I’ll talk to him.”
The rest of practice is a blur of facts and numbers, helping to take your mind off Peter’s absence.  You were running out of excuses for when he randomly ditched the team to patrol, and you appreciated his somewhat obsessive devotion to helping others, but you wished he’d give you a bit of warning.  
Mr. Harrington seems, frankly, sick of everyone, and dismisses the team 5 minutes earlier than normal.  You hastily stuff the flashcards and your binder into your backpack, and try to slip out of the room, knowing Peter’s recurring cold is bound to draw questions.  You fight down a grimace when MJ and Flash sidle up beside you.
“I don’t think Peter really has a cold.”  MJ says.  You swear that girl can read minds sometimes, the way her eyes bore blankly into your skull.
“He probably just can’t handle the pressures of the team,”  Flash smirks, matching your pace down the hallway.  MJ, keeping up with you on the other side, snorts loudly.
“Flash, you threw up before the competition last year, and you were literally just an alternate.”  
“Fuck off, MJ.”  Flash’s face flushes.  
“Nah, I’m good.”  MJ smiles serenely.  “But seriously.  Peter’s being shitty.  He’s cool.  But he’s being shitty.”
Both your interrogators are silent, waiting for an excuse from you.
“I’m sorry, guys, he’s trying his best.  He’s just been busy, and- sick, y’know?”  You smile, not entirely sure why you’re the one apologizing.  
“Fine.  But he better be at the next practice.  Captain’s orders.”  MJ points a warning finger at you, and turns to stalk down a side hallway to her locker.  
“Yeah.  He better be there.”  Flash jabs a finger at you, too.
“Fuck off, Flash.”
It’s lunchtime, and Peter’s gone again.  He’d thrown you a quick apology and some hurried excuse about a burglary right after the last period, and leapt out the window of an empty chemistry classroom, leaving you alone with some beakers and the poster of Bruce Banner staring down at you.
The cafeteria is bustling like it always is, the chatter of the students echoing and overwhelming without Peter by your side.  You carry your tray over to where Ned, MJ, and Betty all sit in a row, and drop yourself onto the bench across from them.  The food is an appetizing combination of something that was probably meat, and some sad spinach masquerading as a salad.  The smell makes your stomach churn.  Or maybe it’s the thought that your boyfriend is off somewhere fighting men twice his size in the middle of the city.
“Where’s-” Betty begins.
“Dentist,” you interject.
“You don’t know what I was going to say,”  Betty frowns at you.
“You were going to ask where Peter is,”  You stab at the meat with your fork.
“Yeah.  Oh, well.  When’s he coming back?”  
“Dunno.”  You bite your lower lip before it starts trembling.  “He didn’t say.”  
Ned, the only other one who knows about Peter’s real activities, takes a break from grazing at his salad.  “Yeah, he told me he was going to the dentist too.  It’s true.”  He makes direct eye contact with you and winks very slowly.
“Okay?  I didn’t think she was lying?”  Betty stares at Ned.
“Why did Ned wink?”  MJ jabs her fork in his direction.  “You guys are so weird.  I don’t know why I sit here.”
MJ and Ned get into a muted debate about whether or not MJ could simply get up and leave if she didn’t want to be sitting with him.  Your phone buzzes in your pocket, and you fish it out, hope rising in your chest.  Thank god, Peter texted.
The message is… brief. 
“Hi sorry i left so fast im fine just doing clean up now some1 tried to rob a gas station but the police were there already so its ok <3 you bye see you tomorrow”
You scoff in disbelief.  “Seriously?”  You mutter.
“What?”  Betty asks.
“Uh- what?”  You shove your phone back into your pocket.
“You said ‘seriously?’”  
“Oh, it’s just… Peter’s appointment is taking a while.  He probably won’t be back before lunch ends.”
“Asshole,”  MJ slams her fork down.  “I cannot believe him,”
“I mean, if he needed to… go to the dentist… I get it,”  You shake your head and force an understanding smile onto your face.  
“He didn’t have to schedule it on your birthday, though.”
“We can just eat the cupcakes without him,” Betty lays a hand on your arm.  “He doesn’t deserve them.”
You bite your lip again, harder this time.  “Thanks, guys.  It’s really not a big deal, he’s just been busy.  It’s fine.”
There’s a knock on the window, and your heart leaps.  You’d been sprawled across the bed for the last fifteen minutes, examining the contours of your popcorn ceiling, waiting for your phone to buzz with another apology message from Peter saying he was too busy to hang out.  But the text never came, and there’s no other visitor who could be knocking at your third story window.
You lunge out of bed.  The window slides open with a soft squeak and then Peter, clad in full Spidey get up, comes tumbling through it and into your arms.  
“Hey!  I was worried you weren’t going to come!”  You giggle into his shoulder.
“What?  Why?”  He presses a masked kiss to the side of your head, fingers digging into your sweatshirt.
“You’ve just been so busy…”  You trail off, not wanting to guilt trip him.  You know he’s busy keeping people safe.
He lets go of you with one arm to reach up and peel his sweaty mask off.
“I’m sorry.  I’ll- I’ll try to hang out with you more, I promise.  I’m so sorry.  I probably can’t stay for long tonight either, but can we see a movie this weekend or something?”  He leans back and brushes some hair out of your face, brown eyes filled with concern.  There’s a few scratches around his temple, and a bit of bruising on the side of his neck.
“Yeah sure- are you okay?  God, Peter, what happened?”  You gasp, watching as a drop of blood starts to trace the contour of his cheekbone.  “Let me get a bandaid or something-”
“No, it’s fine, I don’t want your parents to know I’m here.  Is the door locked?”
You go to double check the door, while Peter collapses onto your bed, and starts to slide off the rest of the suit.  The spare outfit you keep for him is in the bottom of your dresser, and you dig it out, silently handing it to him.
“Thanks,”  He says.
“I wish you’d come over more.  Like, normally, and not through the window, when you’re all scratched up.”
“I know, I know, I’m really sorry.  I just don’t have time to go home and change after patrol but I still wanna see you.”  He slides the faded t-shirt over his head, one of the nerdy pun ones you always roll your eyes at.  His curls are flattened from the mask, and you smile gently as you run your fingers through them a few times.  Peter grabs your waist and pulls you closer, leaning his tired head against your stomach.
“I know how to make it up to you,” He says, soft brown eyes sparkling with excitement.  “Can I- I mean, will- will you go to homecoming with me?”
Your fingers slowly come to a stop in his hair.  Excitement grapples with some other emotion in your chest, one that’s begun to feel more and more familiar recently.  Disappointment.  Of course you were thrilled to go to homecoming with Peter.  But seriously?  Asking as a half-hearted consolation prize for everything else he’d missed over the past few months?  All the other girls at school seemed to get signs and flowers and the kind of cutesy things you saw in the movies.  You got a sheepish apology and a bit of Peter’s blood on your shirt.
You take a deep breath, letting a smile appear back on your face.  “Sure, Peter.”
7:05 pm.
He was 5 minutes late.
Peter was late a lot.  Not out of malice, or anything, he just had always had a slippery grasp on time management.  He stumbled into first period every morning seconds before attendance, and was the last person to arrive to every hangout.  It was just a part of being with Peter.  You were used to it.
So why was a heavy mass of dread weighing down your stomach?
You checked your phone again.  No texts from Peter, and the time had casually made its way to 7:08.  
You leaned your head against the bannister of the stairs with a clunk, stretching your legs out on the steps in front of where you sat.  The tall black heels were pinching your feet a bit, but they went perfectly with your dress.  It was one of your favorites you’d ever bought, a rich flowing red that made you feel more grown up somehow.
7:10.  A text appears on your screen, and for a moment your heart leaps, but it’s just MJ, asking if you were on the way.
You rewrite your text back to her 3 times, trying not to make Peter seem like… well, like a massive jerk who’s standing up his girlfriend on homecoming night.
The phone starts ringing and you take a breath before picking it up, trying to ignore the lump in your throat.
“Dump him.  I’ll date you.  I’m not even joking.”  MJ’s monotone through the speaker makes you smile.
“He’s probably just late.  You know him.”  You sigh, rubbing your temple.
“Yeah, I do know him.  I love Peter, but… dude’s flaky.  And not good enough for you.” “He’s just been-” “Busy?  Yeah, you’ve said.  Look, we’re already like, five minutes from your house anyway.  Let me and Betty pick you up.  You know, if he doesn’t show up in 15 minutes, you’re legally allowed to go without him.” That actually makes you snort.  “Fine.  You’re the best.”
“I know.  See you in a few,”  MJ hangs up.
You toy with the idea of not telling Peter you’re riding with MJ and Betty, but it seems so petty.  You begrudgingly type out a text to Peter, using capitalization.  And periods.  He needs to feel the terseness through the phone, somehow.
MJ and Betty roll up right on time, and you all spend the ride blasting Taylor Swift songs while trashing Peter.  It’s therapeutic.  
The high school’s gym seems to have undergone a Cinderella-like transformation in the short time since you saw it last.  Blue and white streamers arch across the bleachers and the walls, and whimsical lanterns dangle from above.  It’s mostly dark, except the colored lights and cheesy disco ball painting the faces of your classmates blue and purple and silver.  The bass from some instrumental electronic song shakes the room and the bodies surrounding you.  It still smells a bit like sweat, but it feels like diving into another world.  Betty and you scan the room in awe, and even MJ fails to look completely unimpressed.
There’s a loud wailing from somewhere outside, and after a moment you realize it’s just a siren going by on the busy street nearby.  Ambulances and police cars always worry you, nowadays.  With Peter seeming to bounce between fights like a pinball, you can’t help but wonder if it’s him the sirens are racing towards.  Even when he’s by your side, you’re worrying about the next time he’ll throw himself at a criminal.  And when he’s not by your side, as it seems like he never is, you worry even more.  Even at your stupid homecoming dance.  The fear floats over you constantly, never dissipating, only turning into disappointment or anger when he misses another event and you’re left to cover for him.
The siren fades into the distance.  You feel your phone buzz in your clutch, and fight the urge to chuck it into the punch bowl.
It’s a text from Peter, now 40 minutes after the time he was supposed to pick you up.  
“Babe im so sorry can u meet me out back behind the gym like where the buses are please im so sorry”
You grit your teeth and mutter an excuse about needing to use the bathroom before slipping out the gym doors.
The parking lot is dark, illuminated by a crescent moon and a single streetlamp, and seems to be populated only by rows of buses.  Your eyes adjust slowly before you manage to make out a figure slumped against the wheel of a bus.  
You make your way over to him as fast as your heels will allow, and crouch beside him, the asphalt digging into your knees through your soft dress.  “Jesus, Peter, are you okay?”  You gasp, cradling his masked face.
He reaches up a hand to yank off the mask, revealing worn eyes and slumping eyelids, and brown hair matted with blood.
“You’re bleeding- there’s so much blood, oh my god-” You stutter, shaking hands combing through his hair to look for the wound.
“It’s not mine, I’m fine- I’m fine.  It’s a long story.  I’m so sorry,”  Peter grabs your arm.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t pick you up, I just was patrolling a little beforehand and I saw this guy with a knife-” 
“Why were you patrolling?”  You cut off his rambling.
“What?” “It’s homecoming night.  You never know how long patrolling is going to last, Peter!  There are police, and the literal Avengers, and probably a bunch of other vigilantes running around New York.  You could’ve taken one fucking night off to take me to homecoming.”  The words froth out of your mouth, releasing everything that had built up over the past few months.  “And I’m always- I really appreciate you trusting me to know you’re Spider-Man, but that means I’m always the person you go to to patch you up or help you make up excuses to all our friends.  I’m not even your girlfriend at this point, I’m just your nurse and your alibi, and I’m really- really fucking sick of it.”
Peter’s eyes are wide and glossy.  He draws back his arm, and you stand up from your kneeling position.  He’s still quiet, just gaping at you.
“Are you hurt anywhere?”  You ask, sniffing, and wipe your eye with your palm.  There’s blood on your fingers now, half dried and flaking off onto your dress.
“No,” he whispers.  “I don’t think so.” “Okay,”  You say.  “Okay.  I’m going to go inside, sneak into the bathroom, wash some of this blood off of me, fix my makeup, and go make another shitty excuse to our friends about why you aren’t here, and why I look like I’ve been fucking crying.”
“Okay,” Peter repeats, seemingly still in shock from your outburst.  “I came here right from patrolling, but I’ll swing home, get changed, and be here in like, an hour.  I’m just… I’m so, so sorry.”
“Yeah, you’ve said.,” You shrug, staring at your feet.  “But I’m sick of being an accomplice to all this, Peter.  I know you’re defending the city or whatever, but… I just can’t do this anymore.”
“What?  Do what?  What are you saying?”
“I think… I think I want to break up.”  You sniffle.
“No, no, hey,”  Peter pulls himself up to stand, trying to make eye contact with you.  “Baby, just give me like an hour to get fixed up and we can talk, we can talk about this, I promise-”
“I’m sick of waiting on you, Peter, and I’m really sick of your promises.  Call me when you learn to be a normal teenager.”  You leave him by the bus, alone in the dark.
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planecrashdreams · 3 hours ago
You Say Good Morning When It’s Midnight
Peter Parker x Female Reader
Summary: [This is a part 2 of my first fanfic “Blame It On September”] Peter is away in London, studying at an Ivy League school, while you are still in Queens studying at NYU. You both miss each other and stumble through the changes of being away from each other, but what happens when Peter calls you one night missing you?
Inspired by the song Jet Lag by Simple Plan + Natasha Bedingfield
Warnings: *fluff* *swearing* *slight smut?* *phone sex*
Peter and Y/N are 18!
Tumblr media
Your POV
“How long has it been since you guys talked?” MJ asks, as you both sit down in a café sipping on the straws of your iced coffees.
“We talk all the time.” You reply quickly but nonchalantly. “No Y/N, I’m not talking about memes and texting. I’m talking about actual talking. You know, on the phone, face time?”
“Oh, well, not so much. I don’t know, he’s busy. He’s got a lot to worry about at school.” You say honestly.
“You should call him tonight. You guys have been away from each other for 2 whole months. It’ll be good for you both to actually have a real conversation.” MJ says very nurturing.
“I’ll have to ask him to make sure he has time to talk tonight, I don’t want to keep him from studying.” You say still concerned about Peter’s studies.
“No! Don’t ask, just do it. Don’t even think about it. One talk won’t ruin Peter’s grades forever.” MJ replies passionately.
“Y/N, you both really need this, and once you call him tonight. You’ll be thanking me for the rest of your life.” MJ continues.
“Ok, I’ll do it.” You reply.
Peter’s POV
“Have you talked to Y/N lately?” Ned asks curiously.
“Yeah, I mean we send memes and talk a little bit every day, but I haven’t called her in a while.” Peter replies.
“I think she misses you dude, a lot actually.” Ned tells Peter concerned.
“Really? I miss her more than ever, I don’t want her to be upset. It’s hard being away for this long.” Peter replies saddened.
“Why don’t you call her tonight? I’m sure she’d appreciate it, and besides you need it.” Ned replies.
“Yeah, I could really use hearing her cute voice again. I miss her hugs, and her lips, an—“
“Okay, I think I get it Peter, but don’t you think you should be telling her this?” Ned says, saving himself from the PG rated thoughts spilling from Peter.
“You’re right! I’ll call her tonight, I hope she won’t be busy.” Peter says, now worried not knowing if you’d even be able to answer him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell MJ to make sure to have Y/N available tonight.”
Your POV
You arrive at your dorm and throw a cute light grey spaghetti strap top on, along with matching pj shorts. You toss your hair into a ponytail and head to your kitchen to make some dinner.
As you eat your dinner, you binge watch the newly added episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars (yes, I’m a drag race fan :)) and catch up on some of your homework.
After a night of studying, you realize you hadn’t called Peter. You think to yourself it was probably for the best. You didn’t want to disturb him and you also had to study. “I’ll call him Friday night.” You say to comfort yourself.
You climb into bed and fall fast asleep. A few hours pass and you awaken to the humming of your phone on your nightstand. You answer to the sound of Peter’s voice.
“Hey, babe.” Peter greets, you could feel him smiling through the phone.
“Pete? I’ve missed you so much!” You reply still sleepy yet beaming.
“I’ve missed you too, how have you been? I’m starting to go crazy not seeing you.”
“I’ve been doing okay, it’s not the same without you. I’ve pretty much only been hanging out with MJ and Ned. They’ve been so good with including me in everything since you’ve been gone.”
“That’s good, I miss MJ and Ned too, I’ve made some new friends here too. They’re science geeks like me, which is great.”
“Aw Pete, that’s great, I never thought you’d make friends that are even bigger science dorks than you!” You say jokingly.
“Hey! I’m not a dork!” Peter says defensive.
“I’ve missed this Y/N”
“I did too, Pete.” you reply.
“I also missed other things too.” He says , catching you off guard.
“Like what?” You push.
“Your smile, your hair and how silky it feels when I run my fingers through it, your collarbones, that one spot on your neck that my lips fit perfectly into when I kiss there, I miss a lot Y/N.” He continues.
“I miss when you call my name, you’re the only one who calls me Pete. I miss you calling me that wh—“
“Peter Parker! Are you telling me you miss having sex with me?” You tease.
“Are you kidding, Y/N? You’re all I’ve been thinking about since I’ve left. And of course I’ve missed that.” He confesses.
“Well, how about I take some edge off for you?” You suggest seductively.
“Oh my god, is this really happening?!” Peter says now shocked over the fact that he’d be having phone sex. He never thought in a million years his girlfriend would want to do this with him.
“Lay back in your bed and get comfortable.” You demand.
“I could get used to this.” Peter says aroused by your sudden dominance.
“You know what I’m wearing?” You start as Peter hums for you to continue.
“That little cute grey pj set, the one you bought me for my birthday last year... But, I’m not wearing any any underwear...”
Peter now starts to flush as you describe what you are wearing to him and he struggles to sit still.
“And... no bra.” You finish your description.
You knew just how to get Peter flustered. You knew exactly all the little details that turned him on and what he liked. He always liked when you didn’t wear a bra.
“Fuck... Y/N...” Peter sneaks out.
You start to whisper into the phone and start to tell him what you missed about him.
“Mmm Pete? You know what else I missed? When you’d pick me up and throw me onto your desk and kiss my neck and all along my chest. When you’d run your fingers through my hair before tugging on it. Running my fingers along your abs down to your belt and zipper.”
Peter is now starting to sweat and you can hear he’s now breathing hard.
“You ripping my bra off and nipping on my chest, your hands around my neck, your tongue in my mouth.” You say as you slowly take off your pj top, strap by strap. You can now hear muffled movement through the phone. You’re able to make it out just enough to know Peter had taken off his jeans.
You continue reimagining all of your nights shared with Peter and let out a moan thinking of him touching you.
Peter’s POV
My mind was racing, I was sweating and I couldn’t control myself when it came to her. I had to get rid of my clothes quick I needed this so bad, I needed her so bad. Only she could get me off. And that little moan, oh my god, she needed this too.
“I need you, baby.” She whimpers.
“Mmm, you do? Are wearing anything?”
“Not anymore, I couldn’t help myself.” She replies teasingly.
“I’ve been thinking, you know what I loved doing?” He starts, now wanting to get you off a bit.
“Hmm?” Y/N answers wanting him to continue.
“Giving you all of those hickeys the night before prom and that little moan you make. God, your moan is so addictive. And that look in your eyes when I’ve got you where I want you.”
Your POV
You were now laying on your bed inching your hips up and feeling hot to the touch. You couldn’t believe how seductive Peter could be without actually being there.
“I feel so dirty right now, Peter. My legs are missing you in between them.” You whisper so innocently yet seductively.
“You’re so naughty, you know that?”
“Mmm, I’m also very hot, like I need something to soothe the heat.”
Peter now thinks of that one night he tied your wrists with his webs. You liked when he took control.
“If you keep being bad, I’ll have to tie you up again.”
“But, I like being bad, your webs feel nice when I’m burning up.” You tease him back.
“I had to tie you down last time because you wouldn’t stay still. I had to make sure I got all of your sweet spots.”
You lay in your bed thinking about that night with him and relive all of those moments shared together and savour his touch and you melt just thinking about it.
You let out a moan loud enough for Peter to hear that he won complete control of you.
You however, couldn’t let him take the win. You had to get him too.
“Remember that one night I came over and Aunt May wasn’t home?”
“Yeah, and you slept over? That was a good night.”
“Yeah it was, because I was going down on you. Then May came home earlier than expected and you couldn’t be as loud as you wanted.”
Peter’s breath hitched for a moment from thinking about how good you were at blowing him.
“Well, next time I won’t let you off so easy. You won’t be able to contain yourself or your moans.”
Peter now loses himself and is panting on his end of the phone. You give a small giggle now knowing you got him back.
“That wasn’t entirely fair, you know? You know that is my weakness, I love when you go down on me.”
“I know, why’d you think I brought that up? I know how to whined you up.” You applaud yourself.
“Huh, if you’re so sure of yourself we’ll have to see just how skilled you are when I come home next Saturday.”
“You’ll see, and I’ve been dying to kis— wait! Next Saturday?!”
Peter laughs at your excitement. “Yeah, we get a midterm break and it’s for 2 weeks, so I’m flying back home. You’ll have to prove that you can whined me up, cause if I’m not mistaken, I was the one who got you off first.” Peter says really cheeky.
You knew too that he was making that face he makes when he thinks he’s right about something. It was cute but sometimes it drove you crazy.
“We’ll see about that, Parker.”
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Tumblr media
Updated: 24/06/21 ( NZST )
⤑ Welcome to my writing masterlist, here you'll find all my current fics.
⤑ All fics are my own, please do not copy, repost or translate my work, sorry!
⤑ I write for the MCU cast and their characters, more will be available soon.
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Tumblr media
⤑ Sebastian Stan's masterlist
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them 🥰
Much love, Tee.
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