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#tom holland au
felicityparkers · 6 hours ago
Hello I have a request if you’re not comfortable with it it’s totally fine or if your not doing requests just an idea. Anyways could you do a mob Tom Holland where the reader is giving birth and he’s by her side the whole time. But I always get so embarrassed when reading things like this and the reader is screaming at the husband so could you do some thing the reader is just whispering in Toms ear that it hurts and he encouraging her? sorry that was so long :)
— clearing out my inbox : mob!tom edition —
a/n: !! felt that lmao ajkksfjsf so i gotchu boo !! <3 warnings: usual birth stuff. i’m not well versed about pregnancies at all, so it is probably medically inaccurate at moments lmao
Tumblr media
“It hurts, Tom,” Another whimper left your mouth, tears streaming down your face. Your grip on Tom’s hand was tight, your hold like a vice, but Tom showed no sign of discomfort, not wanting you to feel any ounce of regret about it. 
“I know, angel, it’s okay, just a little more,” He whispered against your ear, placing a soft kissing to your sweaty temple. Your eyes were screwed shut in pain, as you pushed as the doctor advised you to. 
“I can’t anymore, it hurts,” You let out a silent scream, giving another push. 
“Almost there, Y/N, just a few more pushes!” The doctor said, as you complied, giving another push. Tom looked at the doctor before focusing back on you. 
“You can, darling, you’re the bravest woman I know.” He said, wiping your tears with his free hand, placing a kiss to each of your wet cheeks. 
“Just one more push, Y/N!” The doctor’s voice boomed, as you put all your strength into giving the last push, a painful groan leaving your mouth, squeezing Tom’s hand further, your knuckles turning white. 
Soon, the shrill cries of a baby filled the room as you took deep breaths, yours and Tom’s eyes immediately falling on the crying baby as she was quickly placed onto your chest by the doctor and your arms instinctively wrapped around her small frame. 
Tom stared at the little girl, his mouth wide open, his eyes glistening with tears. 
“Look at her, Y/N, our little princess, you did so well.” He praised, running his hand through your hair, before pecking your forehead as you smiled. 
When you and Tom found out that you’d be having a girl, you were both over the moon, especially Tom as he had already started rambling on and on about how much he’d spoil her, and now that she was here, he couldn’t wait to do so.
“She’s perfect. Even if she’s crying,” You chuckled softly, stroking her little head. 
“She’s the best.” He grinned before placing a hand on her bare back, his thumb rubbing the soft skin. His voice was gentle as he spoke, his eyes filled with adoration and love for his little bundle of joy.
“Welcome to the family, Felicity Holland.” 
Tumblr media
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ohholyfanfics · 21 hours ago
The Ten Stages| Tom Holland
Tumblr media
Summary: After y/n shows up at Tom’s doorsteps with an overnight bag and a broken heart, a bet made early on starts to have more significance than every before. This is the story of how Tom Holland a surgeon with little to no plans for his future falls for his best friend the psychiatrist who seems to have everything planned out.
Paring: Tom Holland x Reader
Stage One: Realization
Stage Two: Preoccupation
Stage Three: idolization
Stage Four: Awkwardness & Insecurity
Stage Five: increased intimacy
Stage six: Exhilaration
Stage Seven: The Freak Out
Stage Eight: jealousy
Stage Nine: Do or Do Not
Stage Ten: Union
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ren-therose · a day ago
Mornings Like These
Dad!Peter Parker X Mom!Reader
Summary: Peter and you are parents, raising your kids out of your home and the rebuilt Avengers Headquarters. Needless to say, your kids came with some...unique quirks.
WC: 1.3k words
Warning: Minor FATWS spoiler, Mentions sex, but mostly just cute kids and fluffy parent content
A/N: So, I am a nanny, if you can't tell by my depth of detail. The family I currently am working for has a baby and a elementary kid, and they are both SUPER CRAZY. So much energy, so much love, and a little mischief. The baby is crazy strong and a busy bee, while the brother is non-stop moving. I love my kids so much, and they were my inspiration for this.
Tumblr media
Big, chocolate eyes were looking up as you, while you wiggle your fingers. Two small hands reached out to your index fingers, gripping on tightly as you smiled down at the baby laying below you. He was wearing a red Spider-man onesie, no doubt one of many your team had gifted you. You probably had at least 12 Spider-man related onesies, but you didn't mind. Benji held quite a resemblance to his father. His hair was a little lighter, but his curls were quite prominent on the back of his head. His eyes, so big and warm, reminded you so much of your husbands, the way his lashes would flutter when he sleeps.
But the thing that he really resembled was how strong this baby was. A lot of people don't realize how strong babies are, ultimately underestimating them. You were right not underestimate his strength, except he is no ordinary baby. As he laid on his changing table, gripping your finger, the two of you faced off before the daily struggle you would both face.
It started with poking him all over, getting him to relax. He loved it when you played with his feet, nibbling all over his toes and up to his chucky thighs. You would blow on his tummy, making him laugh and grab your hair. When you were loose from his grip, you would then carefully unsnap his onesie, trying to be discreet with your actual intention. He continued to wiggle his way out, which ultimately helped in your favor. Now was the difficult, free of his restraints, he started rolling around, not unlike an alligator, as he attempted to make his escape. When you turned to grab a new diaper, he made his move, practically launching himself off the table. Quick reflexes wasn't your superpower, in fact, you didn't even have one. Your dad thought it was funny calling himself a mechanic, but you soon inherited his title. But when you became a parent, some type of spider-sense developed in you too, and you became even more inept with catching babies and hurtling objects.
Speaking of spidey-senses, Peter suddenly appeared in the doorway, his own brown curls slightly matted to his face, as though he had just been running.
"Did you catch him?" he panted, looking frantically for the baby. You turned around, revealing that the baby was holding onto your arm like a sloth. He was smiling like he had just succeeded in a heist, which in a way, he did- he stole our hearts (cheesy but true). Peter laughed as he walked over to the dangling baby, grabbing him and the diaper from your hands. "I am so sorry, I was trying to get the spider monkey off the walls and ready for daycare." He glanced back at you to see your response. You quirked your brow up, leaning your head to the side. "Dressed?"
Peter turned back to Benji, pulling his onesie back on the happy baby and holding him out to you. "No, but I got this one changed!"
You groaned, wishing that Peter wouldn't always be so sweet on the kids, but you knew that even you weren't immune from their love and charm.
"Toni! Get your butt in here NOW!" You yelled, marching down the hall to the other room. As you were walking, you felt someone drop behind you. Turning around, you saw your oldest smiling at you with a toothless grin. "Hi mommy."
"Girl, if you don't get into your clothes now, we are going to have a problem," you say cooly, ruffling your daughters hair as she ran past into her room.
"Daddy said that I could go with him to the tech lab today!" Toni beamed, but the look you had on your face was not one of excitement. Turning around, you caught Peter trying to sneak by you with the baby, but you had already caught up to him.
"What did you tell Toni about going to the tech lab?" you hissed. Peter jokingly covered the babies ears, whispering back "I couldn't think of anything else! She wouldn't get down."
You scooped Benji from his arms, strumming your finger back and forth across his tummy, eliciting a laugh from the baby. Kissing his chubby cheeks, you sighed as you used your other hand to pull Peter in by the collar of his shirt.
"You are gonna fix this problem, because I checked our schedule and we will have about an hour of free time at work, but if you take her to the tech lab, she won't leave us alone," you defended, leaning into his lips. His hand met your back as he kissed you with a little more force than usual. Times of passion and heated kisses grew slim, but were a special task when given the chance.
"Fine. But only because office sex sounds great," he grumbles against your ear, before smacking your ass and walking away. You yelp as you turn watch him enter Toni's room, hearing her squeal as he picks her up and starts tickling her.
"That wasn't the offer!" you call out, hearing him playfully roar at Toni.
You roll your eyes, happy that he was so good with handling both of the kids. You kissed benji once more on his squishy cheeks, going into the kitchen, thinking about the rest of your day.
Baby on your hip, you started brewing coffee and making everyone's breakfast. Everyone had a pretty set breakfast when it came to their weekday routine. You would make coffee and bagels for you and Peter while the baby stayed on your hip. As the bagels toasted, you would get out the cereal and milk for Toni to pour herself. Then you would strap the baby in their high chair with a bottle of milk, while you did up the bagels. Setting the bagels down on the counter, you would go back to the coffee maker, pouring sugar and creamer in mugs with the coffee (Peter never grew out of his love for sweet coffee). By the time the coffee hit the counter where three chairs were placed, set for two adults and one kid, they were filled by you, your husband and your daughter. You on the edge with the baby, feeding him squeeze pouches, soft bars and yogurt (he was a hungry baby), while you leaned over to read Peters latest file. As your head rested on his arm, he kisses the top of your head before taking a sip of the coffee you made. When you looked over at Toni, she was coloring a Captain America picture, while eating her cereal.
"Baby, who is that for?"
"It's for Uncle Sam! Look, I made him brown!"
You almost spit out your coffee, and Peter choked on his bagel. You both turned to look at the coloring page and stifled a laugh. It was indeed Captain America, but it was of Steve, not Sam. Well, it would have been of Steve if she hadn't colored him with a brown crayon.
You went over and ruffled her again, the curls frizzing out a little more. Plopping a kiss on her forehead while you squished her face, you smiled at her art.
"You know, that might actually be Uncle Steve."
"You know, the one I defeated when I met your mom for the first time," Peter interjected. You shot him a warning look as he stuck his tongue out at you. You looked through the book, trying to find Sam as Captain America, he was towards the back of the book, probably because of his rebranding. It had only been a decade or so that he was Cap, while Steve was Cap for 80 years or something.
Pointing to the page, you said "Do you want to color this one for him too?"
Toni nodded eagerly as she began drawing again. As you walked back over to your seat, you stopped behind Peter and wrapped your arms around his chest. He rested his head against your chest as your hair fell around his face.
"We are so showing Sam when we get to work," Peter snickered.
"Bucky might pee himself," you laugh.
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thollandneedy · a day ago
Chapter three
A/n: Hey guys. I hope you like it this new chapter.
Just a quick reminder that the requests are open! So feel free to send me imagines ideias💞
Tumblr media
🚨Mentions to use weapons, alcoholic beverages and legal drugs 🚨
Word count: 2939
A week had passed and the agents were ready to begin the mission they had been assigned. Thomas and Ruby were at Heathrow Airport waiting to board their plane. The place was full of people. Some were rushing past to avoid missing their flight while others were sleeping in their seats. Isabel and Harrison were at the agency still researching about Naiomi and some forms of combat they could use.
Ruby was sitting in a black chair next to Thomas. The redhead was reading a book to pass the time while, Tom was messing around on his cell phone watching some random videos on instagram. Ruby was still nervous about working with a stranger, even though it had been a week, it was not enough for the girl to bond with the brunette. She always tried to keep quiet and firm so as not to show that she was afraid. Thomas, on the other hand, was worried about his partner, because she didn't talk to him and didn't even share the information she received so that they could work well together.
-What are you reading? -The brunette asks, looking away from the book Ruby was reading.
The girl looks into the man's brown eyes and answers.
-The fault is the stars. Have you read it?-The girl asks focusing again on the words written on the paper.
-I've never read it, but I've seen the movie. Does that count?-Thomas asks smiling and she shrugs.
-Probably not. Books are usually very different from movies.
-That was the first discovery of the week," the brunette pronounces and the redhead looks at him confused.
-What do you mean first discovery of the week?-Ruby asks, gesturing "discovery of the week" with his fingers.
-Well, you haven't told me anything about yourself. I know the superficial like, your name, age and where you work, but now I know you like to read novels and probably dramas too," Holland says putting the cell phone in the pocket of his black jacket and looking once more at the girl.
-You know we can't share about our lives. That's a rule that agents should respect, don't you think? Ruby says smugly while closing the book placing a bookmark in the middle of it.
Thomas shakes his head positively, biting his lower lip and smiling after the action.
-Yes, ma'am," he says jokingly.
A female voice sounds over the loudspeakers warning about the flight to Paris. Thomas and Ruby get up, grab their handbags and head to hand in their tickets and board the plane. The two of them go through the line of people and wait until it is their turn. Ruby's cell phone rings and she takes it from her jeans pocket. It was Eleanor.
-Maxwell, how's the situation so far?
-All good. Holland and I are waiting in line to board.
-All right. -All right. You are in first class. When you arrive at the Paris airport, Agent Travor will be waiting for you outside with a black car. He will take you to the hotel.
-Yes ma'am.
-Have a good trip.
The woman says and Ruby hangs up. Thomas brings his head closer to the girl's ear and asks what he was supposed to do. Ruby explains and he just agrees. They both hand in their documents and their tickets, pass through the wide windowed corridor and ten minutes later they are already inside the plane. Ruby sits near the window on the left side of the aircraft and Thomas on the left side of the aircraft also near the window. Soon after the plane starts to move, the girl takes a deep breath and tries to calm herself down. She never liked flying in an airplane. Most of the time she couldn't sleep for fear of something happening. Ruby, fastens her seat belt so tightly that she feels a strong pressure below her belly. She puts both her hands on her thighs and squeezes them together to calm herself. The plane lifts off and soon it is flying through the half-grey London sky. It would be a long five hours.
Holland on the other hand was calm and enjoying the sky however much it was nothing but clouds. Unlike Maxwell, the agent enjoyed flying because it seemed his body and mind were lighter when he wasn't stuck on the ground facing difficult situations. Ruby refused to sit next to Tom even though she knew that they should always stay together until Eleanor or someone above her told them to part ways. Within the five hour drive, Maxwell finished his book and Thomas took the time to sleep, since it would be a long night in the city of lights. No matter where Naiomi was, she would never give an ounce of rest to whoever was behind her, and the brunette was aware of this.
When the plane landed, it was half past five in the afternoon. The sky was a dark coloration with some orange and pink left over from twilight. The two agents picked up their bags and made their way to the gate where they would meet Trevor. Neither spoke a word after they landed. They went down the escalator and outside the gate where several cars were parked. A man with short dark hair approached them both.
-Agent Maxwell and Agent Holland. Please follow me and let me take your bags," the man with the thick voice says to the two, who then give them their bags and get into the black car.
The dark haired man puts the bags in the trunk, closes it and then gets in the car to take the agents to the hotel. None of them had ever been to Paris, so they took advantage of the short drive to see the sights. Ruby smiled to herself as she looked at a family sitting in a park while they had a picnic. The girl took her fingers to her mother's necklace, and squeezed it lightly. Maxwell missed her. Some of the most well known attractions in Paris were seen by the agents, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral and others. It was almost 7:30 when they arrived at the hotel. The driver got out of the car, opened the door for the agents and handed them their bags.Then once again Eleanor calls Maxwell.
-I have been informed that you have arrived. You can unpack your bags and wait for my command.
Ruby informs her partner and soon they both enter the "Four Seasons Hotel George V". This place was one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the capital. In the hall of the establishment it was possible to see several flower vases in the center of the room. The walls were cream colored with some details done in the same color. There were some paintings and mirrors with golden borders hanging on the walls. In the middle, above the large vases, there was a large chandelier with diamond stones and candles that were lit to illuminate the perimeter. Ruby and Thomas go to the reception table and are greeted by a blonde girl with green eyes.
-Bonne nuit.  Comment puis-je vous aider?- The girl asks and Thomas looks confused at his partner. The redhead smiles at the man and answers:
-Nous avons une réservation faite au nom d'Elanor Clark.- The girl replies saying that there was a reservation in Eleanor's name and the blonde turns to get the keys.
Even though Maxwell had never been to Paris, she had always appreciated the culture and especially the language. She took a French course with Isa when they were fifteen. The receptionist hands the keys to the redhead and she thanks him.
-Since when you speak french?-Thomas asks, smiling sideways at the redhead, and she looks away trying to hide the brief smile that appeared on her lips.
-I always liked the language and decided to learn. Do you speak any?-Ruby asks walking towards the elevator with Thomas.
-I am fluent in Spanish, English and Italian, but I am learning German and you?
-English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Latin -Ruby says and the elevator door opens. The two agents enter and stand next to each other waiting until they reach the floor. Classical music plays while the numbers go up according to the passing floors.
The door opens and Ruby hands Thomas the key to his room. She nods to the man and turns to go to her room. She places the card in front of the smart lock and the door unlocks. The girl enters the room and observes every detail carefully. There was a small living room with black and white decorations. The bedroom was composed of a large bed covered with fine white fabrics. The floor was covered with a light blue carpet with white details. There was a desk next to a chair where guests used to write, read and work. Warming up from their bed, there was a large window that was covered by baby pink curtains. The view was wide. She could see several streetlights, hotels, shops and especially the Eiffel Tower. Ruby let out a sigh and began unpacking her bags after she removed herself from the window. After unpacking her bags she decided to take a shower to remove the tiredness from her body.
A few rooms past Ruby's, Thomas was coming out of the shower. His hair was still wet and drops of water were falling on his face. The white towel was around his hips and his chest was exposed. The man sat on the edge of the bed and decided to call Haz. A few beeps later, the blond man answers.
-Say it, Stanley.
-Did you find out anything so far? Any different or suspicious information?
-Well, Eleanor told Prince that Naiomi is already in Paris and is leaving later to take care of business.
-What kind of business?
-We don't know to the point, but when you get there, you will see. In fact, we will send more information later. So far that's all we've gotten.
-Ok. Any other information you find, update me.
-Leave it to me.
Harrison turns off the flame and Thomas turns off his cell phone. He sighs with his eyes closed and puts on an outfit for later. A military green button-down shirt, black pants, and brown shoes. As an accessory, a silver watch. After dressing, Holland goes to his black suitcase where he kept his special weapons as well as Ruby. Inside were weapons such as knives, firearms, poison pen, cyanide gun, etc. He also had night vision goggles, walkie-talkie, bluetooth headphones and some nursing utensils in case someone got hurt during combat.
Holland called room service and ordered wine. While he waited he took a pack of cigarettes out of his suitcase and lit it. As peaceful as he seemed about the mission, he was worried, but would not show it. For this reason, he smoked. Holland considered it more of a therapy for when times of stress came. He went to the window and leaned against the wall while enjoying the view of the city. His fear was that he would fail. Thomas had his insecurities just as much as Maxwell. With the loss of his mother and father, he would do anything to make the best of it. No matter how much he was already considered the best, it was never enough for him. All this for fear of failure.
A few hours passed and both agents received a message
Agents, the target will be at the club "Le Duplex". Banks is about to meet one of the agents of agency B2 here in Paris. From what we have been able to find out, this certain agent has been providing information about the company. The mission is to observe her and interfere if she threatens anyone on the premises. The man is of medium height, black skin, hairless, and with blue eyes. He will be carrying a gray suitcase in his hands. After the mission has been completed, send an ok to your original partners. I await the return of both of you. Clark, Eleanor."
The agents see the message and soon text each other. Holland asks Maxwell to meet him in the hall for them to go. The redhead visualizes the message and quickly grabs her weapons in case anything gets out of hand. Five minutes later, Ruby walks down to the hall and meets the brunette. The girl was wearing black pants, a long-sleeved wine blouse, black boots with thick heels, and a cap in the same color as the blouse.
-'Are you carrying weapons? -Holland asks, looking into the girl's pocket, which was empty.
-Don't ask me that as if I were inexperienced, Holland," the woman says looking sideways at the agent, who nods in agreement.
Ruby goes to the black car that had taken her and Thomas earlier. The car stayed with the agents in case they had to go after someone or to flee in extreme danger situations. The young woman gets into the car and sits in the driver's seat. Thomas goes to the window and leans against it.
-The young lady is going to drive? -He asks, and Ruby looks at him with an apathetic face.
Will you stay here or will you get in the car at once," she asks in the same tone as her partner and he agrees, climbing out of the window and getting in the car.
The agent starts the car and right in front of the dashboard appears a mini-screen that showed the location of the club. Ruby shifted into gear and drove forward through the streets of the capital. While the woman concentrated on driving, Thomas was choosing the music that would play. Seconds later, the song "Back In Black" by the band AC/DC, was playing inside the car. Maxwell didn't care about the music or the oblivious singing of the man next to him.
-What's your plan if something goes wrong?- Holland asks, turning the music down a bit.
-You get everyone out of the club. Then you and I will go to Naiomi. If they attack us, we can use tear gas or something that blurs their vision to give us a chance to counterattack. We can't let anyone outside get hurt, okay," Ruby answers her partner without taking her eyes off the street.
-I'll cover you," Thomas says and Ruby denies it.
-I don't need help -she says, raising her voice a little bit.
-I don't know if you know this, but we're partheners and we must have to help each other.- The man says
Somehow Thomas could sense how Maxwell felt about working as a pair, even if she didn't tell him the real reason. He didn't want to pressure her, but rather, try to get her to trust him so that they could have a good relationship within the mission.
On the other hand, Ruby tried not to be rude or impolite in dealing with this kind of situation, but it seemed that this was her form of defense. She hid behind a version of a woman she was not. All this so as not to lose her armor.
-I apologize for my tone of voice. Missions stress me out sometimes," the agent says looking at Thomas for a brief second.
-It's okay. I understand you. Especially an important mission like this can make anyone stressed.-The agent says trying to be understanding.
After a few minutes, the agents were already inside the bar. Maxwell looking at the place, wondered why Naiomi would come to the strip bar to settle business with a spy. Thomas, seeing his partner's curious expression, replies.
-I also find it strange that she comes to a place like this to settle business deals, but if we look closely, it makes sense," the brunette says, crossing his arms while observing the place.
Red and white colored lights were flashing, women dancing on the stage and others dancing on the laps of some men. A bar full of businessmen, bikers or sometimes just drunk people who come for the weekend promotion.
-How does that make sense?
-Well,If you look at the bar, you will see that there are many men in suits with wads of money that they probably intend to put in women's bras. Some of these men go into private rooms to have dances or sometimes more than that. If you stop to think about it, this is a great disguise for the agent as there are several men who look like him who come to see the women. It's easy to blend in, mon amour," Thomas concludes and Ruby laughs.
-You said you didn't know French.
-I didn't say I didn't know French. I said I wasn't fluent.
Thomas and Ruby sat at the bar and talked about random things until the target arrived. The agent appeared at the door with a silver suitcase just as Eleanor had described in the message. Ruby swallowed and looked at Thomas. He looked discreetly at the black-skinned man.  The agent called one of the half-naked girls who were at the entrance, and they directed him behind a black curtain.  Thomas and Ruby then decided to stay closer to this curtain where it led to a corridor full of small private rooms. The two agents sat down on a red leather couch and watched the room to make sure nothing got out of control. Minutes pass until a loud bang echoes through the place, causing people to scream because of the fright. The sensual music that was playing stops and the sound of a gun is played once again.
Holland was right, when it came to Naiomi, peace was lost and danger and worry started to become a part of his life.
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felicityparkers · a day ago
THE READER GOT HURT BC SHE FOLLOWED TOM ON A MEETING WITH THE RIVALS FOR A TRUCE AND SHE KNEW BETTER AND THOUGHT THAT SOMETHING BAD WAS GONNA HAPPEN AND SOMETHING BAD DID HAPPEN. her and tom and her are best friends since little, they are literally born in the mob world and its not the first time the reader got hurt but this time felt different cause tom realised that he has feelings for her!!
so sorry if that's to much, ily <33
— mob monday —
a/n: ahh yes !! changed it up just a tad, hope you don’t mind !! <3 warnings: a few curses, metions of being shot, a short mention of blood (usual mobster stuff)
Tumblr media
“Goddamn, Y/N, why didn’t you just listen to me when I told you to get out?!” Tom hissed, running his hands through his hair which were left unruly by the number of times he’d repeated the action. 
“Tom, just calm down, okay? I’m fine.” A painful wince followed right after as Tom glared at you, his face volatile red with anger, yet his eyes held a pained expression, his waterline brimming with tears as he quickly wiped at them, not daring to let even one tear fall, keeping his tough facade up.
“Y/N, there’s a fucking bullet in you!” He roared, his eyes wandering to the bullet wound on your arm, as the deep crimson-colored liquid bled through your white shirt, soaking it. The personal doctor that Tom had hired —  just for situations like these — quickly worked on your wound, applying pressure. 
“Tom,” You coed, noticing the distressed look on his face. “This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve been hurt before, it’s okay, yeah? I’ll be okay.” You gave him a smile which came out as more of a grimace.  
“We need to take you in for surgery Miss L/N, the bullet’s still in,” The doctor piped in, looking up from your wound as you muttered out a painful ‘yeah,’ signaling her that she could continue.
“See! Now you need fucking surgery! All you had to do was be careful and listen to me and this wouldn’t be happening!” He threw up his hands exasperatedly. 
‘I need to take her now, Mr. Holland,” The doctor spoke up again, urgency in her voice. Tom let out a string of curses, rubbing his temples. 
“Yeah, yeah, please quickly,” Tom helped, pushing the stretcher into the surgical room he had built in the mansion for medical emergencies. You gave Tom a small wave as a pain shot through your arm but you held back from displaying any ounce of discomfort just for Tom’s sake. The doctor quickly shut the door as you fell unconscious. 
You felt something clasp your hand, a pair of chapped lips pressed to your knuckles. Your eyes slowly fluttered open, the strong smell of the sterilized room hitting your nose, your mid foggy. 
“Tom?” You croaked out, your voice scratchy. Tom’s head quickly shot up, his eyes widening as he fetched a glass of water, raising it to your lips as you quickly gulped it down. 
“How’re you feeling, love?” He asked, worry splayed across his features. 
“I’m fine.” You smiled as his features slowly relaxed, his eyes softening. Tom let out a sigh of relief. Pecking your forehead, he sat down in the chair beside you again, as your heart fluttered at his gentle action. “Are you okay, though?” You asked, your voice as smooth as honey, a small smile resting on your lips. 
“Yeah, I’m...” He hesitated for a moment. “I’m fine,” He finished, a soft smile gracing his lips. “Just was worried seeing you hurt, ‘s all,” He confessed, his eyes raking over your bandaged arm. 
“I’m fine, Tom, it’s alright,” Your eyes glazed over with adoration for the tough mobster, seeing him so worried about you made your heart soar. 
“I know...I know,’re important to me and I can’t lose you alright? I just...I can’t,” He pressed another kiss to your knuckles, intertwining your fingers together. 
“You won’t, I’m not that easy to get rid of.” You chuckled, as a snicker left Tom’s mouth. 
“Good, ‘cause I’m really not up for losing the girl I love,” He smiled before his eyes bugged out of his head as he realized what he just said. 
Your heartbeat increased erratically, as your heart threatened to leap out of your chest.
“Shit,” Tom muttered, his head ducking down. 
“Tom, what did you say?” You asked, not believing your ears. Tom stayed silent, not even making eye contact, as you held your gaze on him.
“If it’s any consolation, I love you too,” You said, a teasing tone to your voice, a giddy smile on your lips.
Tom’s eyes met yours, as they flickered down to your lips, silently asking for your permission to kiss you. 
You never knew this day would come — a day where you’d be kissing your childhood best friend Tom Holland, the ruthless mobster, for whom you’d harbored feelings for as long as you could remember. So, without a thought, you nodded.
And that was all the confirmation Tom needed as he attached his lips to yours as he felt all his worries slip away. 
The only thought on his mind being you.
Tumblr media
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Lost In My Brain
Hello everyone, so this concept came from the very very depths of my brain as I went into a deep dissociative episode and I wrote this to pull myself out by imagining semi mob tom comforting me. 
Tom Holland x Reader
Summary: You aren’t replying to Tom’s texts so he is really worried, he finds you in a state of trauma and unable to really communicate. 
Warnings: Please read this at your own comfort, I wrote this to help me cope and I thought someone else might want to read it. I have written about extremely personal topics in this and I am not talking about stuff that I don’t know anything about, I suffer from dissociative PTSD. So warnings really include mentions of an unidentified trauma, Dissociation, Dissociative PTSD, Loss of recognition of faces, mentions of Mob Tom, missing person?, Trauma that happened at night, intrusive thoughts, thoughts that you are actually dead. 
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Word Count: 1577
Tom’s meetings had run late, he had messaged you throughout the discussions to keep you updated and so you wouldn’t worry but it was him who worried as his phone remained void of any response from you. He began to grow antsy as the conversations just dragged on. He gave his input whenever he had to but most of his time was spent trying his hardest to seem as if he was paying attention and then checking his phone to see if you had responded, and every time his phone screen was blank. His worry was beginning to overtake his body, he worked in a dangerous profession and people knew that the best way to get to him was through loved ones, you being the main one. The thought of something bad having happened to you made his heart break, the thought of someone hurting you added to that made his blood boil. It wasn’t like he was overreacting, you were always very attentive to responding to him when he was in meetings, you knew that under his hard mobster outside he worried about you a great deal and if you could do anything to ease that, you would, and that is why he was freaking out to this extent. As soon as the meeting came to a close he left immediately, ignoring the people who tried to catch his attention on his way out, focused only on getting home to you. 
  Tom walked into the house, calling out your name and receiving no response in turn his heart beginning to pound as the silence reverberated in his ears. With an urgency he began making his way through the rooms of your shared house. He started in your bedroom, eyes landing on the perfectly made bed, signalling to him that you never went to bed, he made his way through the guest rooms, your office, the living room, by the time he reached the kitchen he was on the verge of tears. Hands grabbing on to the counter as he faced the empty living room, retrieving his phone from his slacks pocket and quickly dialing up his mate Harrison. 
“Mate?” Tom asked as he heard the phone be answered on the other end of the line. 
“Yeah?” His friends tired voice answered, clearly having been woken up by Tom’s call
“I can’t find Y/n, I don’t know where she is” At this point Tom felt like he was on the verge of breaking down, the idea that something had happened to you and he wasn’t there to protect you made him see red.
“Wait? You can’t find her?” there was a rustle from the other line, Harrison having sat straight up in bed, shock over taking him. 
“Yeah, mate and I am kind of starting to freak-” Tom spun around, leaning his back against the cool marble countertop when his eyes caught on the open sliding glass door leading to your backyard, a dark figure sitting on the cement ground rocking slightly. 
“Mate, I'm gonna have to call you back” he ignored his friend's words of worry as he hung up, placing the glowing screen face down on the counter and making his way outside. As soon as he passed the threshold of the door sniffles reached his ears. The weather wasn’t freezing but it definitely wasn’t warm enough for you to be sitting there in nothing but one of Tom’s shirts, bare thighs on the cool ground. 
“Love?” Tom called as he made his way to your quivering figure, shoulders throwing themselves back and forth as you attempted to rock yourself in comfort. He reached a hand out to your shoulder, but you flinched away from his touch causing his heart to shatter. With the jerk of your movement his eyes caught your face, tears staining your cheeks. 
“Love it's me” Tom assured, once again reaching his hand out to you, and this time you let him, his hand soothing over your shoulder causing it to cease its shaking as you eased into his touch. He did this gradually, progressively enveloping you further into his hold, a protective embrace, your face tucked into his chest as his hand rubbed up and down your back, trying to warm your body as you began to shiver from the night air. 
“Let's get you inside, darling” Tom’s soothing touch helping you off the ground. He grabbed your hand, gently moving you into the house, and led you to the bathroom. His hands grabbed your hips, placing you onto the bathroom counter, you sat there, eyes trained on the wall ahead as Tom dampened a washcloth, moving back to you to wipe the snot and tears off of your cheeks, he stood in your view for the first time, his hands reaching towards you as you examined his face, causing you quickly push him away, hurt flashing across his unknown feature as you distanced yourself from him, scooting back on the counter curling further into your own body. 
“Y/n?” His voice sounded defeated, reaching out again only for you to have the same reaction. His voice, you knew his voice, and his face didn’t seem completely unknown, something about him was familiar. It was so close to the face you loved so much but your eyes were distorting his features.
“I...I don’t know who you are?” He could have sworn he broke when you said that. 
“Baby, it’s me, it’s Tom” he cooed, trying to understand what was happening, fear bruning through his chest and all the way down to his gut, feeling as if his world was slipping from under his feet. 
“No, I-I know it’s you but..but I look at your face I don’t recognize it, it’s off, it’s not quite right and I don’t know who you are, you look like I stared at you for too long and you lost all feature, Tommy, I don’t know who you are and I don’t know who I am” your tears began to flow again as you looked in the mirror, your face was just a little bit off till it wasn’t your face anymore. You closed your eyes and shook your head violently causing Tom to gasp, reaching out and grabbing your shoulders to halt your movements. 
“Stop, baby, please stop, it’s me, it’s Tommy, I’m right here” his voice soothed you, peeling your eyes back open, you saw his face, it was right, it was your Tommy. 
“Tom?” His name but a question on your tongue as he cupped your cheek. 
“Yes it’s me,” the pad of his thumb brushed away tear streaks. “What’s happening, sweets, talk to me please” he pleaded, eyes begging you to let him know what was happening. 
“I’m dead Tommy” you explained but it only made it worse, yes widening comically as fear shot through his body. 
“W-what do you mean you’re dead?” His mind was racing, had someone put a hit on you? Did you need to go into hiding? He felt like he was falling into every possible issue that you could be having but he was cut off by your voice again. 
“I was thinking earlier and what if I died that night? What if I didn’t get out of the way? This is the after life” you mumbled, fully convinced that you had lost your mind. 
“You are not dead” Tom demanded 
“How do you know that” you whispered 
“Because I’m here, dusting with you, I can touch you and trace every mark in your body, I have my own life, I would have that if you were dead, and if you were why would it just be a continuation of your day to day, why are you freaking out if this is heaven” he tried to explain and something must have worked because your body eased, eyes drawing from your hands to his face. 
“This is real?” your voice sounded weak, so lost in your mind as your eyes seemed to glaze over. 
“Yes,  love this is real” he hummed, finally being able to wipe the tears from your face, his touch drawing you back from the farthest depths of your brain that you kept spiraling into “Now let’s get you to bed” Reaching past you he grabbed your toothbrush and toothpaste, preparing it for you to brush your teeth. You took your toothbrush from his hand as he leaned in and kissed your forehead lovingly, a tear slipping from his eye as he took in your defeated state, brushing it away before you could see and brushing his teeth as well. 
Moments later you fell into your bed, Tom’s arms wrapped securely around you as your back curved into his chest, you shook your head as you closed your eyes seeing everything you wished you could forget. 
“Tommy, I feel so lost in my brain, its like its yelling and every new thought just adds to the noise, continuing to bounce around with everyone else” You whispered as you shuttered. 
“I know it's not okay, my love, but I am here and I will be here, I will help you come back” he kissed your temple and held you as you fell asleep. He vowed to himself that he would be there for you, he would never let you go, give you a life that distanced yourself from that pain that haunted you. He would remind you everyday that you are alive. 
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blissfulparker · a day ago
I have a cute concept eek: what if in toms lockscreen has a selfie of y/n making a silly face and even tho the silly face is kinda an ugly face, Tom finds it so cute
I just know the boys would tease him because his lock screen wouldn’t just be you, his home screen would be you as well. He would have the pictures with the best memories and often get caught just staring at his phone
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I always cry at weddings - Tom Holland part 1
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Warnings: Swearing, a whole lot of fluff. 
There will be a part two for this, I just need to actually write it.
Word count: 1.8k
Tumblr media
A tear rolled down your cheek while your best friend recited her vows, she truly looked beautiful draped in white. Wedding’s always made you cry. Being a hopeless romantic was a blessing and a curse.
“You may now kiss the bride.”
Zack, her new husband and your other best friend, united their lips with a kiss full of devotion and promises. They beamed up at each other, and the sight made you cry once again. A love like that was all you wanted, someone who loved all your quirks and imperfections. Someone to love you for you. But you were unlucky in the romance area, to put it simply. You didn’t know if it was your taste in men, or just the men you attract, but your relationships were more like a horror movie than a romantic one.
A nudge on your shoulder made you turn around, and your jaw almost hung open when your eyes connected with Tom Holland’s. As in, the super-successful actor who plays spiderman, Tom Holland. Why did no one tell you fucking spiderman was going to be here, sitting right behind you? You were suddenly convinced that you were dreaming, or that the shots you took while getting ready had hit you a little too hard.
“Here, don’t want you ruining your makeup.” He chuckled and passed you a tissue. You blinked, quickly collecting yourself and accepting the tissue.
“Thank you. I always cry at weddings.” You smiled, dabbing your eyes gently. He returned your smile, and you turned back to the ceremony.
On the outside you seemed cool and collected, but inside, you were screaming and freaking out like a teenage fangirl. You mentally praised yourself for acting like a normal human before standing up along with everyone else. It was time for the reception, and you were going to leave straight after grilling your best friend on the superhero situation.
When most people had filtered out, you pushed through the remaining crowd to find the bride and groom so you could chew their asses out. They stood at the back of the room, looking all loved up as they stared into the others’ eyes. Zack noticed you approaching and smirked at your angry expression, already guessing what it was for.
“Which one of you invited spiderman and decided not to warn me? He gave me a tissue, and I had to pretend to be calm. Do you two fuckers know how hard that was?!” You whisper shouted, trying to act angry, but humour laced your words. A loud laugh came from your best friend, and she turned to her new husband.
“I told you she’d freak out.” She chuckled before turning to you, “He’s like a half cousin on his dad’s side or something.”
“I hate you both.” You grumbled, crossing your arms over your chest like a toddler.
Zack threw an arm over your shoulder. “No you don’t, you love us, that’s why you were crying in the first place. Now let’s go get this reception out the way so me and my love can consummate the marriage.”
You scrunched up your nose at the thought, but chuckled along with them as you exited the church.
Who the hell decided that champagne should be the main drink of weddings? You were three glasses in, and every time you took a sip, you had to resist the urge to spit it out and wipe your tongue. That’s why you were power walking to the bar, ready to drink anything but that foul liquid.
“Just get me something that’s strong and not champagne.” You said, slamming your card down on the bar. A chuckle came from behind you, and you spun on the seat to find Tom, again.
“Not a fan of the champagne?” He asked, leaning against the bar while he ran his fingers through his hair. God, he was hot, and he knew it.
You scrunched your nose and shook your head, “I’d rather drink a gallon of petrol over another glass of that stuff.”
Tom chuckled again and waved the bartender over.
“I’ll have a whiskey, and put her drink on my tab too, don’t want her drinking from a car.” He winked at you before taking the seat on your right.
Your stomach started doing backflips, and you thanked god that you weren’t blushing over the wink.
“I can pay for my own drinks, you know?” You raised an eyebrow, giving a thanks to the bartender who passed you your drink.
Tom tilted his head and swirled his glass in the light before looking back at you.
“I’m sure you can, but I can buy both our drinks. A pretty girl shouldn’t have to pay for herself, anyway.” He shrugged, a cocky smirk on his lips when a blush formed on your cheeks. You quickly recovered and tapped your fingers on the table.
“Oh, I see. Marvel pays well, huh?”
Tom’s head snapped to you, and he scanned your face slowly before opening his mouth.
He coughed, “You, erm, know who I am?”
“Darling, you’re spiderman. I think everyone knows who you are.” You hummed, taking a sip from the glass. “Besides, I’m a marvel fan. More of a cap girl though, no offence.”
His shoulders relaxed and he let out a relieved laugh, grateful that you weren’t treating him differently. It was rare for him to find someone who would have a normal conversation with him and not treat him like a celebrity. He put his glass down to shift towards you.
“What has cap got that I haven’t?” He questioned and noted the mischievous glint that appeared in your eye.
“Muscles, a shield, he’s worthy, did I mention muscl-”
Tom cut you off by waving his arms around, “I have muscles!”
You looked him up and down, biting back the laugh that was threatening to escape.
“Hm, but your muscles have nothing on Cap.” You smirked, making him shake his head with a smile.
“You’ve well and truly humbled me, love.” He chuckled, taking a sip of his drink while you bit your lip at the nickname.
“That’s what I’m here for.” You replied with a wink.
The sound of chairs scraping cut off your conversation, and everyone gathered around the dance floor. It was time for the first dance, and you could already feel yourself getting emotional. Bloody weddings.
The both of you stood up, making your way over to the floor together. As soon as you saw your best friend put her arms around her husband, tears pooled in your eyes again. And by the time they started dancing, the tears were falling down your cheeks. A genuine smile played on Tom’s lips, he thought you crying over every little wedding thing was adorable. He quickly put another tissue in your hand and you nodded a thank you, dabbing your eyes dry for the hundredth time that day. A small squeal left your lips while you clapped at the end of the dance, but a frown took over your features when your best friend winked at you as her eyes flicked between you and Tom.
“I want every single person on the dancefloor, so find a partner. You can’t say no because it’s my wedding bitches!” She shouted, making the room laugh. You gave her a death glare, that girl knew exactly what she was doing.
Tom cleared his throat, “So, erm, wanna dance?”
You gave him a shy smile as you took his outstretched arm, his touch sending tingles down your body.
“Well, since Chris Evans isn’t here, I guess you’ll have to do.” You smirked, making him roll his eyes as he led you onto the floor.
It was at this moment the alcohol hit you hard, and you tripped over thin air. Tom was quick to catch you, and wore a massive grin as you crashed into his chest. His arms snaked around your waist and you looped yours over his neck. A song you didn’t recognise started playing, and he leaned down to your ear.
“Already falling for me, darling?” His breath fanned over your neck, making your breath hitch. You composed yourself quickly and leaned out of his chest, feigning disgust.
“You wish, Holland.” 
He chuckled and pulled you closer to him, swaying from side to side.
The two of you didn’t realise how long you’d been dancing until the DJ called the last song, and you both looked around at the half empty room in confusion. You had been in your own little world all night, rocking back and forth with Tom while making casual conversation. Music played over the speakers, and he chuckled at the song that played. Michael Bublé’s voice filled the venue, singing ‘Love at First Sight’.
I’m making this one special evening.
Tom smirked into your hair, “I think the universe is sending us a sign.”
Taking a chance in my life.
“Is it now?” You remarked, raising an eyebrow at the man.
Hoping you feel the same way as I do tonight.
Your bodies effortlessly moved with the music, almost like you’d been dancing together for years.
Just try and look into my eyes.
Honey brown eyes gazed into yours as you swayed, and an emotion you couldn’t place swirled in his irises. The bride and groom watched you from the side of the dance floor, giving each other a knowing look. It may be their wedding day, but it was also the perfect opportunity to play cupid for their love lacking friend, and it seemed they had succeeded.
The first time I saw you,
I knew love at first sight must be true, so true, oh so true.
The song ended, not that you and Tom noticed until the DJ started packing up his equipment. Your eyes snapped up to him, heat spreading over your cheeks under his stare.
“Yep, it’s one hundred per cent a sign.” He hummed, pulling away to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “So, can I get your number?”
You shook your head with a cheeky smile, making him groan and roll his eyes.
“If that was really a sign, then I’m sure the universe will help you find me again.” A surge of confidence shot through you, and you leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. “Bye, Holland.”
He placed a hand to the cheek that you kissed with a giddy smile, eyes dazed like a love-struck teenager. Luckily, he snapped out of it before you could exit out of the main doors.
“Wait, what’s your last name?!” He shouted, earning funny looks from the few guests that remained, not that he cared.
“Ask the universe!” You shouted back, giggling as you spun around.
A smirk rose on his face at your antics, they just made him want to get to know you more. “I will find you, love.”
You peeked your head around the door, and blew him a kiss.
“You better!”
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Limelight ♩ Track 1: Class Act
Tumblr media
Pairing: Eventual R&B Singer! Tom Holland x Publicist! OC (Naomi Nash)
Word Count: 3.5k
Chapter Warnings: Swearing. 
Author’s Note: Not Beta’d. All mistakes are my own. Also, this fic takes place in an alternative universe of 2020 where the pandemic isn’t a thing. Gif credit to lol
January 10th, 2020
"Ah, don't say you started without me," The familiar voice of none other than Tobias Stuart heightened as his steps neared the table. Tobias was an associate of Naomi’s. Public relations and social media specialist. Long-time industry veteran. There were many words to describe him - although Naomi stuck to phrases like gabby or loquacious. Despite his talkative nature, she grew quite fond of him over the years. She'd even go as far as calling him an old friend. 
Naomi glanced up as Tobias slid into the booth across from her. He took off his sunglasses and placed them on the table. Swiftly after, he unfastened the top button of his shirt. Once settled, Tobias flashed her a quick smile as he picked up the drink menu. 
"You're late," she hummed. It was nothing worse than to wait for extended periods of time. Sure, Naomi understood people were busy, and shit can happen unexpectedly. But a little heads up would've been nice. 
"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm sorry. You know how clients are. They're late - I'm late. They're pushy during the meeting - I don't get home early," she nodded, taking a sip of her Daiquiri, the lipstick staining the rim of the glass. "Which is why I'm late. I wouldn't keep my favorite person waiting without a good reason."
"Alright. No need to tell me your whole life story," she teased. "But what's been up?"
Naomi and Tobias set aside time to link up at least once a month. Whether it be dinner or drinks, they made sure they maintained contact with one another. It was never a bad idea to keep friends in the industry.
The question opened the floodgates, and Tobias launched into a story about his hectic week. You name a common issue in PR, and he'd dealt with it. Inappropriate verbiage of a company's social media post? He'd experienced it. An actor meltdown right before a press conference? He dealt with that too. How about a company representative accidentally leaking his social security number? Well. Maybe that one didn’t show up too often. Nevertheless, Tobias encountered it in the past week.
The waitress approached to take his drink order, prompting Tobias to wind down. Without hesitation, he quickly rattled off his usual - whiskey, no ice. Tobias displayed a confident smile as he handed the waitress his menu. Naomi lightly shook her head at his schmooze, a small smile of her own graced her features. Tobias uttered a quick bring her another too before the waitress sauntered off towards the bar. 
"Enough about me," he let out an exaggerated breath. "What's been up on your side of town? How's the independence treating you?" 
For the past two years, Naomi had been working as an independent publicist. And while that left her with tons of freedom to do what she wanted creatively, it also demanded a lot of her time and energy. Of course, any publicist would tell you that their job is arduous- whether they worked for a firm or were an independent. But there was an added layer of stress when you worked on your own. It was a good thing Naomi preferred it that way. A more substantial workload was a fair price to pay for more leverage.
"Eh, you know. I keep myself busy. There's always something you can be doing, right?"
"Absolutely," he agreed, resting forward on his forearms. 
"I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good, actually."
"No clusterfucks, I take it? I feel like I would have heard about one of your clients by now."
She couldn't stop the snort that escaped her, "no, I guess not. I'm doing pretty well with image management for two folks. I feel like I'm ready to adopt another one." 
The waitress appeared with their drinks, sliding each order to the correct person. "Thank you, sweetheart," Tobias grinned at the woman. She sent him a quick smile in response before slinking through the bar patrons towards the back of the restaurant. 
Naomi pursed her lips. "Don't do that." 
"Do what?" Tobias asked, his mouth gaping open.
"'Sweetheart,'" Naomi mocked in an exaggerated imitation of his voice. "She's trying to work."
"Wha- I don't know her name!" 
The pitch of his voice rose a few octaves. Naomi’s eyebrow raised slightly in a challenging manner. She never understood why Tobias played dumb whenever he received flack from her. This wasn’t an uncommon interaction between the two. Tobias would unintentionally come off as too flirty, and Naomi would briskly point out the behavior. It resulted in some mild annoyance from him, but that didn’t mean she was going to stop correcting the behavior anytime soon. It didn’t matter much anyway - he always got over it.
"Then ask, or just say, 'thank you.' You don't need her thinking you're weird or something."
He kissed his teeth and swiped up the glass. Tobias muttered the faintest of thanks before he brought the glass to his lips and took a sip. "Anyway. You serious about wanting another client?"
"Well, yeah. I'm ready for another challenge." He chuckled a bit at her admission. "What's so funny?"
"Nothing, it's just," another small laugh fell from his lips. "I think I may have a lead for you. He quite literally fits the bill of 'challenge,' or so I've heard."
Naomi quirked an eyebrow at the sudden obscurity of his comments. She liked to think she stayed up to date well with industry news. It benefitted her to do so. But something about Tobias' tone made her curious. What did he know that she didn't? 
Naomi drained the last of her first glass before she pulled the second one towards her. She rhythmically tapped her nails against the side of the cup. "You gonna let me know who it is, or do I have to guess?"
"Sorry,” he apologized. “I'm being very vague. But do you know who Tom Holland is?" 
Of course she had. Tom was one of the newer names in the music industry. For an artist who got his claim to fame overseas, she was surprised at how easily some of his music became in the states. That was the power of the internet. Once upon a time, Tom’s budding commercial success wouldn’t have been as prevalent as it was now.
"R&B boy from overseas? Yep, I'm familiar."
"Well," Tobias stressed the word. His brown eyes wandered aimlessly around the room before his gaze met Naomi's again. "Word on the street is he moved to LA recently. He's wanting to cast a wider net, and what better place than the City of Angels? Supposedly, he’s wrapping up his sophomore album."
Naomi's eyebrows knit together - her hand came to rest under her chin. "And where do I factor into this? I thought he already had a publicist." 
"What do you think? You're smart," he raised his glass to his mouth - but stopped, a playful smile formed when he received a glare from Naomi. "Come on now. People change publicists all the time. That's what I'm getting at," he gulped down the rest of his drink and pushed the glass aside. "His old publicist is based in London. He wants somebody more local. I found out last week, and I was wracking my brain trying to think of someone. But who better than you to tame the beast."
Naomi had to stop herself before she laughed. Tobias had a tendency to exaggerate the details of his stories, but Naomi never knew him to joke when it came to business. It was just something about the way he described Tom that threw her off. Naomi had seen pictures of Tom before. His demeanor didn’t scream public enemy number one. 
"'Tame the beast-' how fucking bad is he? And if he's a nightmare, why would you push him onto me?" Naomi leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest.
Tobias tilted his head to the side. One of his shoulders rose slightly - almost touching his ear. "You told me you wanted a challenge. Plus, what better way to get your name out there than to spin his image into something better than he's expecting?" 
He had a point. Naomi nibbled on her bottom lip, pondering the information Tobias laid in front of her. The most she'd heard about Tom was that he was talented - albeit a little arrogant. She could only confirm one of these statements. But if there was any accuracy to Tobias’ assertions, the kid was a bit of a headache. Despite this, although Naomi wouldn't admit it, that intrigued her. 
"You don't have to bite," Tobias interrupted her thoughts. "I just thought a trailblazer like you would be up for the quest," his voice trailed off, and Naomi rolled her eyes at his theatrics. 
"What's his contact's information?"
"Attagirl," he beamed and pulled out his phone.
Tumblr media
That evening, Naomi spent three hours researching Tom. Where is he from? Okay, that one was simple. But she wanted to be sure of this before she went and ran her mouth. How long has he been in the industry? Another simple find. Nowadays, it's not hard to discover when artists became somewhat mainstream. Where does he want to go? She would find out the answer to that question if she scored an "interview." What does the public know about him so far? Now that question wasn’t so straightforward. 
You've got your typical fan forums that praised the man like he was the best person to walk the earth. But on the flip side, you have those people who lived to critique his every move. The people who claimed they couldn’t stand him, yet took every opportunity to talk shit about him. Those forums were her favorite. Although they were extreme in their stance - exacerbating much more than she’d liked, they usually didn’t sugarcoat the issues surrounding a celebrity. It was the best place to identify his pain points.
All these questions helped her craft her initial response. Yes, the client wanted to know more about the publicist and their work - but Naomi knew that couldn’t be her only selling point. What clients really wanted to know is how you could help them. And Naomi had always been great at the front. She let people know what they wanted to hear, all the while making sure things went her way. 
She proofread her submission one last time, making sure she sold herself well in the email to Tom's manager. Before she overthought any more of the details, she hit send, the swoosh of the email echoing through the room as the message box disappeared from her screen. When she glanced at the corner of her display, she spotted the time: 11:54 p.m. 
"Not too bad," she announced to herself in her empty living room. Well, at least she thought it was empty. Her cat, Theo, meowed, reminding her of his presence moments after she spoke. 
"Why are you still awake?" she asked and peered down at him. His response was a slow blink. Theo lounged across the shag rug, tail curled into himself. "Guess you're waiting for me to go to bed. I should be getting to it-" Naomi stopped herself when she heard the ping of an incoming email. 
"Okay," she muttered to herself as she read over the sender. Eve Morris. Tom's manager.
How quick. Naomi wondered why Eve was up at the hour but realized she couldn’t judge. Naomi emailed Eve two minutes ago. Naomi scanned the contents of the email, and a grin made its way to her face. 
"Theo?" Naomi called and earned a mew in response. "I just got a lead for a new client." 
Tumblr media
They were set to meet on the upcoming Thursday at the Sunset Marquis. It was a lunch meeting set for noon. Eve mentioned Tom preferred to meet later in the day as the morning was his "me time." And he also wanted to convene on his turf. Naomi was used to the ritualistic nature of celebrities, but it never failed to amuse her.
On Tuesday, Naomi had a brief phone call with Tom. She let him describe what he wanted to gain, what he expected from their relationship, and his budget. The cursory meeting helped Naomi tailor her client information packet to Tom's needs.
The day of, she arrived twenty-five minutes early. That gave her five minutes to brush over any potential issues with the front desk (although she's familiar with most of the staff at this point). Five to ten more minutes to touch up her appearance in the bathroom. By the end, she would still have time left over to be considered early. 
Right at 11:48 a.m., she finished reapplying a layer of gloss onto her lips, checking herself out in the mirror one last time. Her hair was in place, and her outfit flattered her physique. If Tom didn't like her and wasn't immediately drawn to her personality, he'd at least appreciate her appearance. 
Eve instructed Naomi to meet them on the back patio of the main pool area. Naomi's eyes scanned the small crowd in the back before her eyes landed on the man of the hour. He perched on one of the plush green loungers across the way. Tom wore an opened floral button-up - without a shirt underneath, and a pair of basketball shorts. He scribbled into a notebook and occasionally lent a nod towards Eve. Eve spoke animatedly. Her hands wildly gestured in front of her, almost as if describing a rainbow. A chuckle escaped him, and he shook his head at whatever she told him. They hadn't noticed her yet, so Naomi decided she should stop staring and go introduce herself. 
Naomi took long, confident strides toward the pair. The clatter of her stiletto sandals on the concrete drew the pair’s attention to her when she was about ten feet away. Eve's face lit up when she met Naomi's gaze. 
"Naomi Nash?" Eve asked as she stood from her seat on the chaise. 
"Yes. Hi, nice to meet you." Naomi extended a hand towards Eve, who accepted it graciously. Naomi turned to Tom next. He did not say anything at first, and Naomi assumed it was because he wanted to assess her first. The sunglasses made it hard to be too sure, though. 
Naomi decided to take the first steps. "Mr. Holland," she bent over a bit and stuck out her hand in his direction. He gingerly accepted it, a slow, approving smile playing at his lips. She knew it was a good idea to go with the blue two-piece. You could never go wrong with a nice blazer and matching shorts. 
"Tom. But thanks for the formalities," Tom released her hand and swung his legs off the edge of the chair. He slid feet into his sandals and pushed himself off the seat. "So, shall we?" he asked. Tom jutted his head towards the building. 
"Yes! The food got here about five minutes ago," Eve led the pair towards what Naomi assumed was Tom's room. An entrance to his suite was adjacent to the patio. 
The room was spacious, and the decor had improved since the last time Naomi had been. Blue coated the accent walls, and modern furniture permeated the space. Blacks, blues, and greens gave off a relaxed aura to the area. A plasma screen covered the expanse of the left wall near the door they entered. The golf channel passively played on the monitor. So this is how he spends his mornings, Naomi thought.
"Help yourself," Eve said, motioning to the spread of food that covered the glass table. "I have to make a call. You two can get started without me. Tom had a lot of questions, Naomi." Just as quickly as Eve was in the room, she was gone back onto the back patio. 
Tom brushed past Naomi as he reached for a sandwich. "Anything look particularly appetizing to you?" He threw her a glance over his shoulder. 
Naomi emitted a quick hmm before reaching for a container. "The salad looks wonderful."
"Really?" He questioned. "Don't feel like you have to be modest because of me." Her eyes shot up to meet his. His tone indicated he meant it as a tease, but Naomi also realized it was a test. He removed his glasses upon entering the room, so now she could catch the playful glint in his brown eyes. 
"Believe me, this is not a case of impression management."
"Alright, just checking. I'd hate to deprive you of this," Tom took a quick look at the table, then up at her again. "feast." 
They gathered their lunches and sat across from one another at the table. Naomi took a notebook and a pen from her bag then placed them in front of her. She also collected the client information packet and slid it across the table to him. Tom reacted first. After he flipped open the manila folder, his eyes flickered over the contents. "So, tell me about you," he began and swiftly closed the folder with a snap. Tom took a bite of his sandwich with his free hand. 
"Well, as you know, I've been in PR for five years. My background is predominately in Strategic Communication, but I also have experience in Crisis Communication. Two years ago, I became an independent publicist, working with celebrity clientele." He nodded at her response and took a sip of his drink. 
Naomi went on to describe her work experience. She was experienced in everything from program planning to revising multiple crisis communication plans - mostly surrounding spokesperson responses and proactive damage control. Overall, the most important role of Naomi’s career was image maintenance - which was something she played up in her elevator pitch. It should go without saying, but Naomi noticed that a lot of celebrities seemed to forget about that side of fame.
Once she finished her spiel, Naomi flashed him a quick smile. She continued to hold his gaze even after she made her points. "Is there anything you'd like to speak about with me?"
"I took a look at your social media and your resume, and I'm impressed," Tom admitted. "And I think you may be able to help me with what I am wanting. I let you know a couple of days ago that I'm trying to broaden my horizons," he reminded her. "One thing I am wondering, though, is what you know about the music industry specifically?"
She expected him to ask something like this. Most times, celebrities want a publicist with experience in their prospective field. The stipulation made it more difficult for newer publicists to gain new clients - and that was for individuals who worked in firms. It was worse for individual publicists. In cases like these, it was important for you to clearly express how you - all by yourself, were the best candidate. Sometimes it was a tricky field to navigate, but that’s where research over the client became more important. If you knew what they liked, and the best way to convince them, it was almost hard to fail.
"I'm glad you asked," Naomi's eyes flickered up towards the back door. Eve slid in quietly and took a seat in the back. Naomi quickly focused her attention back on Tom. "While I may not have experience working with musicians, I do have the background that aligns with your goals. You want the public perception to be on you - and positively so, that requires someone adept at strategic communication. You need someone to oversee publicity campaigns? I have that experience as well. I can tailor all of my experiences to whatever you need." 
If Tom had an opinion, he didn’t react as if he did. Instead, he led to his next question. "How often would you update me about results and such?"
"I would provide you with monthly reports. The reports will let you know what I created that month, what got press coverage, and how I spent my time on your project."
Tom continued with his questions. He expressed his desires and concerns along the way. Naomi jotted down information in her notes and occasionally took bites from her salad when Tom took the chance to speak. It got to a point where he was content with the responses she provided. As Tom leaned back in his seat, he laced his fingers and placed his hands across his stomach. Naomi took that as a hint to wrap it up. 
"I want to reiterate that PR doesn't come with any guarantees," she warned. 
"I figured," he snickered. 
"I know. I just like to be transparent with any potential clients. I will, however, do the best that I can to make sure that your goals are met."
"Sounds lovely," he said. Naomi placed her notes back into her bag and gathered her garbage as she stood from her seat.
"I can walk you out," Eve rejoined the conversation, already situated by the sliding door. Naomi sent her a grateful smile before she surveyed Tom again. 
"I'll call you Monday afternoon after you've had a chance to speak with your team." 
"Looking forward to it, darling," his gaze followed Naomi as she made her way towards Eve.
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liberty-barnes · 2 days ago
Arrest Record Day
Blurb related to The Jar Series
Mob Boss!Tom Holland x Single Mom!Reader
Summary: A look into our favorite family a few years down the line.
Warnings: swearing lmao, mentions of violence (but it’s for a good cause), Holland fam shenanigans
Word Count: 1.6k
Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes
A/N: did ya miss me? did you miss this series? yeah me too
Main Masterlist || Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
She looked up from her bruised knuckles, hearing the deputy’s heavy footsteps coming her way. From her estimations, she’s been here for about four hours, meaning that it’s a little after five. But then again, with how dark these godforsaken cells are, it’s possible that she’s wrong. 
Unlikely, but possible nonetheless.
Officer High Cholesterol somehow managed to unlock the door without dropping his family-sized bag of chips and she cringed at the greasy fingerprints left on the bars.
“You know, you should really think about eating healthier. I can give you my nutritionist’s number, she’s great. Made my transition from meat-loving sociopath to vegetarian sociopath seamless.”
“Enough with the sass, Holland, you’re lucky someone came for you at all. If it were up to me, you’d be rotting in a place much worse than this.”
Her black platform boots echoed in the empty hallways and she focused on keeping a cocky smirk on her face. As long as she feels confident, she’ll be able to ignore the fear creeping up her spine. Fake it till you make it.
She could hear her father’s voice the closer she got to the entrance, and she straightened her back unconsciously. 
“Thanks for calling me, Anthony, I really appreciate it.”
The aforementioned Captain clapped him on the back.
“No problem, just… maybe try to keep an eye on her? It’s the fifth time in a month.”
Her father sighed and threw her an exasperated look.
“I’ll try.”
He motioned for her to follow him and she complied, saluting Captain Mackie on her way out, the chains in her shorts rattling at her every step.
They got into her father’s Audi R8 without speaking a single word.
“Did you like your mugshot this time?”
She nodded. 
“I think the bat-winged liner looks much better honestly, and I made sure to switch to my matte lipstick while in the car, that way the flash doesn’t ruin it.”
He looked her up and down.
“When did you buy the shirt?”
“It’s called a corset top, Dad, and there was a sale last weekend so I bought a whole bunch of them.”
Plus, it looked great with the new shorts and thigh strap combo she had going on. The fishnets really gave it the finishing look, though.
He weaved through the city flawlessly, going way over the speed limit, not that anyone would care. One look at the license plates and they’d back off.
“What happened this time?”
She took a piece of gum from the glove compartment.
“Some misogynistic prick got handsy with a waitress at lunch, so I punched him.”
He lifted a brow.
“Multiple times.”
The brow stayed up.
“And kicked him in the balls.”
Still up.
“And then broke a chair on his back when he tried to touch me. But in my defence, they seemed easily breakable and I wanted to test that theory.”
“One hit and they’re firewood.”
He nodded in satisfaction.
“We’re picking up Luna from her piano lesson, then Gabe from art class, and that should mean that we’ll get to the studio right as Ollie’s about to finish.”
She groaned. 
“I should really start to plan arrests around my lessons, I’ll get thrown out of ballet school if I keep missing so much.”
“Organisation is a key skill to have.”
She took the spare charger out of her backpack, plugging it into the car so her phone could come back to life.
“Is everyone else already at home?”
Her father smirked.
“They always are. What’s the rush on your phone, Angel? Someone you wanna talk to?”
She squinted her eyes at him.
“Maybe so.”
He pulled into the music school’s parking lot, waiting for the ten-year-old menace to come out to the car.
“Who’re you talking to?”
“Why do you care?”
“I always care. Now answer.”
She rolled her eyes.
“Just a new girl from school.”
He hummed.
“Go on.”
She made a face at her sister once she was close enough to peer into the car.
“Her name’s Claire, she just moved here from France cause her dad’s British and he decided to move back here after the divorce. She’s a bit shy, so I’m hanging out with her, so she’s not alone.”
He hummed and stretched enough for Luna to kiss his cheek, settling into the back seat.
“Oh, is she telling you about the new student who she totally has a crush on but refuses to admit? She has a French accent. Mills loves french accents.”
Millie stretched her arm into the backseat and slapped her hand over her sister’s mouth.
“Shut up you menace, I do not.”
Tom reminded Luna to put on her seatbelt and took off towards the art school.
“So, Claire, is it?”
“We’re not doing this.”
She turned up the volume on the radio, the playlist affectionately dubbed ‘Soundtrack to Millie’s arrests’.
“Is she pretty?”
“Mills, you have to stop getting arrested during ballet hours!”
“Good morning to you too, Oliver dear.”
“Hi Dad, but seriously, I can’t deal with those people all by myself. That Hannah girl told me I looked ‘super strong’ today and kept shoving her boobs in my face. Is it not clear that I’m gay? Do my mannerisms, ogling the hot teacher, and rainbow fucking everything not make it clear?”
She snorted.
“Please, that girl couldn’t see rejection if it hit her in the face.”
He nodded.
“Which is exactly why I need you in that room with me to do your scary glare thing and keep the vultures away.”
“I’ll make sure to only get arrested on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, then.”
Her dad shook his head.
“Not Sundays, your grandma won’t be happy if you miss Family Day.”
“Not Sundays then. Oh, stop there, I wanna get some flowers for Mom. And Grandma. And Aunt Noa. And Aunt Elysia. And Lizzie and Chris for getting me out. We should send Mackie a fruit basket.”
“Just buy the whole flower shop, it’ll be easier.”
“Shut up, Luna.”
“We’re back! She’s alive but smells like sweat and crimes, so if you could postpone the speech until after she showers, I’d be appreciative of it, please and thank you.”
Millie glared at her cousin.
“I don’t smell.”
Gabriel stuck his tongue at her and curled up next to Noa on the couch. Forever a mommy’s boy, that one.
She looked over at you, sitting calmly on the couch. The rest of her family was spread around the living room.
No one said a word, and the way she was getting stared at was kind of unsettling.
“What happened this time, Rosie?”
Although your voice was calm, she knew better.
“So, you know how on Wednesdays I go get lunch at Marinella’s to get a reprieve from my schoolmates?”
She decided not to mention that she took Claire with her. It’s not like it mattered much since her new friend didn’t get into trouble.
“So there was this one guy, absolutely disgusting, just screamed ‘corporate asshole’ - sorry, Nana - with everything he did, putting down the staff and all. But since I remembered you telling me not to get into any trouble, I stayed quiet at my table.”
You lifted a brow and she shrugged.
“Well, tried to, at the very least. But then when Alayna was serving him his drink, Director Small Dick - sorry, Nana - decided that it would be a good idea to put his hand on her bum.”
You took a sharp breath in, fire in your eyes. Yup, she’s definitely not gonna get into trouble now. Millie 1, police department 0.
“So, obviously I did the sensible thing and broke his hand. And nose. Then kicked him in the balls when he tried to make a grab at me. Then broke a chair on his back cause I wanted to see how easy it would be.”
“Simple and fun, kinda wanna do it again.”
You nodded at her.
“Good job, sweetie. Did you apologise to Claire for having to cut your date short?”
She spluttered while her family ‘ooh-ed’ at her.
“Not a date.”
“Mhm. That’s what I said every time your dad came over for movie night and look where it got me.”
She pouted and grumbled about it being totally different situations but it seemed that no one was listening to it, choosing instead to sing an abhorrently off-key version of ‘Kiss The Girl’.
“But anyway! Pumpkin, this is a celebration!”
Okay, what?
The lights suddenly went off and her Uncle Sam came into the room, carrying a big cake - chocolate, her favourite - lit up with candles spelling 369.
“Happy Arrest Record Day to you, happy Arrest Record Day to you, happy Arrest Record Day, dear Millie! Happy Arrest Record day to you!”
She blew out the candles to the sound of her family’s cheers.
“Well, it’s official kiddo, you’ve taken my crown for the most arrests before age 18. Congratulations, you’ve cost your Dad a ton of bribing money!”
She smiled at her Uncle Harry, glad to take on the mantel as the family’s biggest troublemakers.
“How are you feeling about it?” 
“Sad. Always sad. I’ve lost yet another record to you.”
She vividly remembered the day she first managed to shoot an entire round perfectly at the centre of the practice sheet. It was on her fourteenth birthday, a whole year and a half younger than Harry had been.
“Look on the bright side: I’m never gonna steal your title of the highest amount of stupid things done to impress one person.”
He grumbled something about ‘snarky kids’, but she was too busy eyeing the cake to notice. 
All in all, just another day at the Holland house. No more drama for today, that’s for sure.
“Aunt (Y/n)! Millie’s backpack’s ripped again!”
She just had to jinx it, didn’t she?
“Millicent Rose Holland!”
Tumblr media
oh how i missed them. ngl, the first version of this somehow turned into the beginning of a series, completely accidentally, but i managed to put my foot down and say NO MORE SERIES
so then obviously i went and came up with five additional blurb ideas that i just feel obligated to write
i’ll get to it eventually
if you liked it don’t forget to like/comment/reblog!
-Love, Miah <3
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Short Film - Tom, Haz, etc.
Main || Taglist
Requested? Nah. Thanks @blueleatherbag for helping me x
* * * *
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A few weeks later...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* * * *
im enjoying these school themed soc med aus
𝐓𝐎𝐌 𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓: @blueleatherbag @cocoamoonmalfoy @parkerpeter24 @turtoix @slutforsr @givebuckyhisplumsnow @buckys-little-hoe @runawayolives @chewymoustachio @hollandsrecs @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @juliediggory @lharrietg @alexx-stancati @dummiesshort @spideyspeaches @thevelvetseries @buckymylove @quxxnxfhxll @dreamy-clousds @bora-world @hunnybunimdun @supred12 @more-like-reyna @caitsymichelle13 @aayaissaa @wannabemobwife @sunwardsss
𝐇𝐀𝐙 𝐎𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐅𝐈𝐄𝐋𝐃 𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓: @blueleatherbag @cocoamoonmalfoy @parkerpeter24 @turtoix @givebuckyhisplumsnow @hotforharrison @chewymoustachio @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @juliediggory @lharrietg @thevelvetseries @buckymylove @quxxnxfhxll @angelsgrxzer @more-like-reyna @caitsymichelle13 @aayaissaa @wannabemobwife @sunwardsss @hollandbroz-n-haz
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felicityparkers · 2 days ago
frat!tom friday, here we gooo <3 am thinking tom tries to score reader's number, fails miserably because she is so NOT into it, so he challenges her to a game of beer pong and if he wins, she has to give him her number (spoiler: he does >:) )
i loooovveee the concept of tom being borderline narcissistic and getting shut tf down to the point that it humbles him. hope you're well, addie xx
— clearing out my inbox : frat!tom edition —
a/n⤑ jo, your mind. warnings ⤑ drinking, cocky!tom, fluff
Tumblr media
“Come on, Y/N, one game.”
And that’s how you ended up on opposite sides of the beer pong table, a ping pong ball in hand, in middle of a frat party.
“What’s the catch, Holland?” You asked, as a smirk formed on his lips.
“If I win, you give me your number.” He said, his cocky smirk everlasting, his eyes glinting with mischief.
“You don’t stop do you?” You looked at him with disbelief plastered on your face, a sheen of annoyance in your orbs but majorly amusement at his unwavering tries to get your number.
Tom Holland, a popular frat boy who could get anyone he wanted. But you? You were hard to get. You weren’t the one for one-night stands. And you definitely did not want to get your relations tangled with a frat boy.
Something about you intrigued Tom, he could never exactly pinpoint what it was about you that he found so riveting. He wanted to get to know you more, but you would never give in to his boyish charms.
You were a tough feat he was without hesitation ready to conquer.
“Not when I want something.” His cocky demeanor radiated through the atmosphere, the annoying grin on his lips never once faltering.
“Oh, so I’m just a thing to you?” You said with a crock of your brow, a hint of bitterness to your voice. Tom’s figure immediately straightened up, his eyes widening, sudden panic seeping through him.
“Wh-What, no no, I’m just saying that when I want something – You’re not a thing, obviously, you’re a very pretty girl, and I-I’m just trying to get your number, that’s, uh, all.” He rubbed his neck sheepishly, his lips pursed as he waited for your reply.
“So, you think I’m pretty, huh, Holland?” You teased, a small smirk resting on your lips.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, lets just play,” He pressed, ducking his head down to hide his blush, gripping his ping pong ball.
“Let the game begin, Holland.” You winked and aimed for one of the party cups filled with beer and threw the ball, as it landed in the cup perfectly.
“Shit!” You cursed as the last ball you threw bounced off the cup, and fell to the floor as Tom’s cheers at your defeat filled the room as you groaned, grabbing the red solo cup and downing the amber liquid, as it burned your throat.
Tom walked over to you, a smug smirk on his face, as he took his phone out and handed it to you as you took ahold of it, sighing and opening the contact app as you typed in your number.
Tom placed a hand on your shoulder after noticing your distaste, as his eyes softened and regret flooded him.
“You know you don’t have to actually give me your number, right? It’s fine if you don’t want to, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” He smiled softly, his eyes slightly glazed over. You returned his smile with a radiant one of your own. Your heart fluttered, a small bubble of a newfound feeling towards the frat boy building in your stomach at how respectful and considerate and gentle he was being.
“No, I actually don’t mind the number part. Like, at all.” You chuckled, as Tom’s gentle smile morphed into a large grin. “I’m just bummed I lost that game,” You pouted, as his raucous laughter followed.
“Well, then, you up for another game?”
Tumblr media
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cuddlemen0w · 2 days ago
daily dose of failure | peter parker x reader
(+ the group aka mj, ned and harry)
Tumblr media
warnings: none
a/n: my friends... i have no clue what this is :/ but it’s part 3 and the end
“He’s in danger!” the man in the red mask said.
“Peter?” y/n's heart hammered in her chest. She was sure her legs would give out at the superhero's short silence. “Peter is in danger?” she worried once more, urging him to go on, explain, or deny his statement. Anything. Anything, just to know what happened to Peter.
“Yes," he answered, “Peter needs Ned, Ned Leeds.”
y/n was still very much frozen to her spot as Ned moved forward from beside her. It was only when Ned along with the Spider-man, were gone, that she sat down in disbelief. MJ moved to her friend, hand on her shoulder. "I'm going to find out what's wrong, yes?"
y/n touched her friend's hand on her shoulder, sqeezing slightly in agreement.
"I'll be right back."
y/n's feet tapped on the floor of her bedroom erratically. Phone clutched tightly in her sweaty palm. "Respond, please," she pleaded into the silent room. The only response she got was a blow of wind from her open window.
For the houndred time, she checked her messages.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was useless, really. No matter how many times she asked, no one would explain anything and Peter would not reply. She tried calling multiple times too, but it send her straight to voice mail. And after many voice messages she grew tired of being ignored. Did she not mean anything to him? Were they ok with her being scared to the core the whole night? No sleep, no rest?
All of it went through her mind at once. She paced her room quietly, her parents already asleep. Silent tears started to prick her eyes.
For the last time, she opened Peter’s contact and clicked call.
The phone rang, and rang. It went for five minutes before it died on its own. Peter’s contact, along with his now, mockingly smiley face disappeared from her screen.
A sob escaped her throat.
Tumblr media
“Are you sure it was a good idea?” Peter asked his two friends. All three of them were now in the school’s lunch hall, a crowd of people from the party around them.
“Not really,” both said at the same time. Peter narrowed his brows at MJ, she only shrugged. “I mean, yes, yes. It’s a good idea.”
It was their free period before lunch. y/n was the only one in class still. But he hasn’t seen her all day, either she avoided him or didn’t show up at all.
Ned saw the doubt in Peter’s face, “She’s in class, saw her this morning.” Peter nodded.
He had to grow a pair, he remembered Tony’s words. This time, he would listen to them.
“Okay, everyone!” MJ clapped her hands, interrupting everyone, her head cocked to Peter.
“Um, so,” he started, “As you all heard yesterday, I was— uh, I was in danger yesterday,” he winced at his words internally.
“I witnessed a robbery?” he looked for help in Ned. He of course, saw the miserable look on his face and stood up to help.
“There was a robbery, and he was there,” Ned said with a proud nod.
Peter chuckled nervously, “and Spider-man helped me.” Peter finished, making MJ face palm. She rubbed her eyes, smudging her already faded mascara.
Frustration was evident in her voice, “what he’s trying to say is, that nothing really happened to him, everything’s fine and now we need your help,” she stated, meeting his grateful gaze. “You’re welcome,” she mouthed.
“What help?” the blonde guy from yesterday asked, his deep voice booming above all the people.
“Peter here,” MJ pointed to him, “really likes a girl, and needs help telling her.”
“What do you need all of us for?” a small girl with pastel pink hair asked.
“That’s what I’m trying to get at, sweet cheeks,” MJ winked, making the girl blush a bright pink. “Here’s the thing.”
After MJ explained the whole plan, everyone went to put it into action. The cheerleaders painted a big banner, that Harry’s football team hanged in the lunch hall, the words big and clear. Ned and MJ along with the pink haired girl went around the hall, explaining and pleading with people to elaborate, or simply, get out the way.
Everyone from the school was on to it by lunch.
It all made Peter feeling grateful, but he couldn’t shake the nervousness so easily. “What if it won’t work out?”
“Don’t say that, not after we put all these people into it. Besides, if you don’t tell her, I’m pretty sure all these people will, not the mention the big banner over there,” MJ said, making him look up.
He likes you, get together already. Was painted on the white canvas, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the red and pink hearts around the words, few of them had his and y/n’s initials paired in them. “You sure?”
Tumblr media
Nothing was positive about y/n’s day. She spent the night crying herself to sleep, the evidence was clear in her bloodshot eyes. Her cheeks were puffed and she was sure if people looked closer, they could see the starting of dark circles under her lids.
She avoided her friends, too proud to approach them first. They ignored me yesterday. So I will today. It was childish, really. But she stood her ground.
All was going smooth, she didn’t have to meet them, since that day they all had different classes. But was starting to get tough. Lunch was behind the corner and that meant facing her friends, and Peter.
The bell rang and everyone started to get out the class, she stayed behind. She packed her books slowly, almost painfully so. She didn’t run like everyone else. Her steps were slow, prolonging her journey to the lunch hall. Her eyes were down the whole time.
Once in the hall, a pair of feet appeared in her vision. Blue sneakers with roughed edges. Peter’s. Her eyes shot up as he started to speak.
“I’m so—”
Smack. y/n’s hand stung, so did Peter’s cheek.
The slap sounded through the whole hall, all the excited smiles dropped at the scene.
“Yeah, I probably deserved that,” he nodded, hand on his cheek. At his words, the girl shook her head.
“Wha—” he was once again interrupted by her. But now, it wasn’t at all painful. It was soft, sweet and salty? She was crying when her lips parted from his.
“You didn’t answer, and I—” It was Peter now who kissed her. His lips were tender, moving lovingly over hers. All they felt for each other poured into it.
“I’m sorry,” Peter said. “I really am.”
“I am too.” She touched his red cheek. “That was a bit too much.”
Someone cleared their throat behind them. MJ. “So you’re telling me we did this for nothing?”
The two of them turned to face the whole room, all eyes were on them. Smiles splattered over all the faces again. ‘He likes you. Get together already.’ Hanged over them.
“No,” the girl smiled at Peter. “I like you too, we should get together already.”
“We totally should,” he said, with a big grin, his eyes full of love.
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Limelight (Masterlist)
Tumblr media
Pairing: R&B Singer! Tom Holland x Publicist! OC (Naomi Nash)
Series Word Count: 37.9K
Series Warnings: Swearing, fake! dating trope (not between the main characters), and a lot of pop culture references. That’s it, lol. Additional warnings will apply for each chapter!
Synopsis: Public perception is everything - especially in Hollywood. One misplaced rumor could make or break you. Naomi knew that all too well, and it’s served her well in navigating her way through the business. She somehow always managed to land on top. That was until she met Tom Holland.
Author’s note: The series started out as a fleeting idea from my tag commentary that I got when I came across a particularly suave photo of Tom. A couple of my mutuals gave me an encouraging push and this is the result. It’s my first time posting, as well as my first time writing Tom, so feel free to leave any feedback you may have. I hope you enjoy :) Masterlist will be updated as the parts are posted.
Track 1: Class Act (3.5K) 
Track 2: Backstage (3.9K) (Coming soon)
Track 3: Out of Step (3.2K) (Coming soon)
Track 4: Dark Matter (1.7K) (Coming soon)
Track 5: Chaos Walking (3.4K)  (Coming soon)
Track 6: Take the Lead (3.3K)  (Coming soon)
Track 7: Climax (3.0K)  (Coming soon)
Track 8: Infinity (3.6K)  (Coming soon)
Track 9: Wings (5.5K)  (Coming soon)
Track 10: Fantasy (4.5K)  (Coming soon)
Track 11: A Tough Act to Follow (1.9K)  (Coming soon)
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drunk on indigo skies pt. 2
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N “Indigo” Phillips had dealt in secrets her whole life. Hired by Tony Stark at 16, falling in love with his son was never the plan. She also never expected that five years later, she’d be leaving Peter in the middle of the night with just a note on the dining room table. Now a year later, she has to return to the Three Families as their whole world continues to be threatened by a rival mob.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Word count: 1.3k
Content warning: Mentions of alcohol abuse, sex, violence, murder
Notes: Life’s crazy right now and I can’t believe I’ve passed 200 followers! You guys are amazing and I'm so glad you guys are loving this series.
series masterlist // next part
Previously on:
Tony was hugging Y/N and Jamie. She smirked up at him, “Besides, you’ve got Steve Rogers as a son-in-law for the rest of your life. That is the best kind of karma I know.”
Before they could walk back to join the families, Peter appeared in the doorway, looking awful. His shirt was rumpled, hair pointing in all directions and his eyes were bloodshot. He had a piece of paper clutched tight in his fist, “Indy’s gone.”
Present time
Y/N had been a mess the whole time she had been driving back to New York. Traveling down familiar roads offered no comfort or nostalgia. Instead, she felt only nausea. Driving down the familiar roads made her nauseous. The feeling only increased as she pulled up in front of the compound. The families often spent their weekends outside the city and away from the Ivory. She hedged her bets that Tony would be here.
Y/N took a deep, shuddering breath and looked back at Ellie asleep in the backseat. The baby had always been a good sleeper and she hated to wake up the five-month-old. She pulled the carrier on first, leaving Ellie for as long as possible. She ducked into the car, undoing the straps. The baby had started to fuss, but thankfully, quieted once she was against Y/N’s chest, lulled by her heartbeat.
The young woman looked up at the main building and let out a long sigh before making her way up the driveway. A man was waiting by the door and a grin spread across his face when he saw her, “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Indigo back from the dead.”
She rolled her eyes, “Just tell Tony I’m here, Ant.” Scott spoke into his comms, before stepping aside and letting Y/N into the building. The elevator doors slid open and, unsurprisingly, a group was standing at the doors. She sighed, preparing herself for the dramatics. Wrapping a protective arm around Ellie, she stepped out of the metal box, “I see I got the whole welcome party.”
Nat immediately broke away from the group and hugged Y/N. “You look good,” the redhead looked down, “And you’ve got a mini Indy now?”
She looked down at the sleeping baby and smiled fondly, “It’s a long story.” A harsh voice interrupted the women, trying to call right redhead back over. Y/N rolled her eyes, “Oh unclench, Bucky. And you can take your hand off your gun while my daughter is in the room.”
“Stand down, son,” George and Tony took a step forward and Bucky’s jacket fell back into place.
Tony walked up to Y/N and trapped her face in his hands, “You do look good.”
“Oh, please. I’ve got a five-month-old,” Y/N rolled her eyes, “I’ve got concealer caked under my eyes and a can of dry shampoo in my hair.”
He kissed her cheek, “Only you could make motherhood look this stunning.”
“Don’t say that where Pepper can hear you. She’ll kick your ass.”
Tony kept her close, “You better be nice to me or I’ll throw you out of here.”
Y/N laughed, “No, you won’t. Not when you see what intel I have for you.” He looked surprised, “Come on, Papa Stark. Do you think I’d show up after so long without a gift? I’m hurt.”
This was how the two had met each other. Indy had always been good at getting information and the mafia was always looking for more intel. “Come on through. We can talk in private. Barney, George, you should probably join us.”
She adjusted the diaper bag on her shoulder as she followed the trio into Tony’s office. He settled himself behind his desk, offering her a drink. She shook her head and gestured at the baby. “Someone will have to help me if you want it.” Tony quirked an eyebrow at her. “It’s in the carrier,” she exp;ained, “You’ll need to take her while I grab it.” George stepped forward to help her. He made quick work of the clips and lifted the baby into his arms. Ellie had started to fuss but calmed down once he started rubbing circles on her back.
Y/N looked so nervous having someone else caring for Ellie. It had just been them for so long. George laughed at the look on her face, “I’ve raised two children to adulthood. I can hold a baby for a few minutes.”
She nodded and removed the rest of the carrier. She opened the secret pocket she’d carved out and pulled the file. “Information on HYDRA’s Chicago operations. Now we are even.”
Barney stepped forward and snatched the file from her hands, “Indigo, we told you that job was too dangerous.” Y/N hid it well, but the eldest Barton brother was right. The job had been too dangerous and the consequences would last a lifetime. She smirked at him to hide the pain. He shook his head angrily. The file was opened and she couldn’t help but chew on her lip nervously as he flipped through the documents. Y/N took Ellie back from George and was scanning their faces as they took in the damning evidence she had collected. Eventually Tony turned back to look at her, “So, what now?”
“I get out.”
He stared at her, his eyes taking in all of the changes, “Does he know you’re here?” They all knew who he was talking about. She shook her head and looked down at Ellie who was now wide awake and looking up at her. Tony stepped forward, “Y/N...”
She held up her hand, “I left, Tony. My family is long gone. All I have is Ellie and she deserves a good life.”
“Where will you go now?” Y/N worried at her bottom lip. She didn’t have an answer for that question. Leaving Chicago in such a rush meant that long term plans were non-existent. “Stay at one of the apartments in the city while you decide.”
“Tony, don’t do this. You know I can’t refuse an offer like this.”
He grinned, “That’s exactly why I’m offering.”
Y/N groaned, “Why must you always get your way?”
“Because I’m charming.”
She glared at him as she bounced up and down, contemplating his offer. “I don’t have any baby things.”
“There’s been a few babies born recently. I’m sure they’ve got plenty of stuff.”
As they walked out of the office, a harsh voice spoke up, “Oh, you gotta be fucking with me!” Birdie stood in front of her, slack-jawed at the reappearance of her old friend and almost sister-in-law. Finally, she stepped forward and slapped Y/N, before walking towards the exit.
Steve moved to go after her, but Y/N held up her hand, “I’ve got this.” She walked out of the building and found her old friend leaning against the wall, “Please, let me explain.”
Birdie whirled around, “Explain? You’re about a year too late!”
“I’m sorry for how I left things,” Y/N tried to keep herself calm. She had known that leaving would have consequences but she hadn’t expected to be slapped.
“You know, I understand that you and Peter were having your problems. But, you didn’t just leave him. You left all of us.”
“I know and I hate that I was such a coward about it all.”
Birdie looked down at the ground, “You need to go.”
Y/N nodded, “You’re dad is putting me up. If you can stomach the idea of being in the same room with me, I’d love to see you before I go.” She considered it a small victory that Birdie didn’t just crumple the card in her fist and throw it back at her.
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Thesis - Tom Holland
Tom || Main || Taglist
Requested? Nah. Inspired by true events that happened in the Philippines and is currently a hot topic
Summary: In which Tom is a successful actor while enrolled in college and he's a graduating student. But will he graduate, though?
* * * *
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* * * *
hihi an open ending
𝐓𝐎𝐌 𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓: @blueleatherbag @cocoamoonmalfoy @thatforgottenangel @parkerpeter24 @turtoix @slutforsr @givebuckyhisplumsnow @buckys-little-hoe @runawayolives @chewymoustachio @hollandsrecs @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @yourstrulyamour @juliediggory @lharrietg @alexx-stancati @rumplebutterbaby @dummiesshort @spideyspeaches @thevelvetseries @buckymylove @quxxnxfhxll @marvelsimps @dreamy-clousds @bora-world @hunnybunimdun @supred12 @more-like-reyna @caitsymichelle13 @aayaissaa @wannabemobwife @sunwardsss
𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐋 𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓: @holland-styles @trustfundparker @alinastarkrovs @felicityparkers @hufflepuffprincess24 @tommysparker @justasmisunderstoodasloki @quaksonhehe @call-me-baby-gir1 @itstaskeen @theonly1outof-a-billion @lost-in-the-stars03 @justafangirlduh @piscesparker @speedymaximoff @miraclesoflove @lexirv @blairscott @getbywithasmile @pqrkerr @lavender-writer @blackbat2020 @hoodpankow @bi-lmg @emmastarz
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Guns, Glamour and Goodfellas - Chapter 17
Chapter 17: Blood is Thicker than Water
Dad!Mob!Tom x Mom!Mob!Reader
-Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader, Rosie Holland x Henry Osterfield, Rosie Holland x Linus Perry
-Warnings: References to sex, language, typos, sad thoughts, attempted suicide, vomiting
-Words: 4.4K
Tumblr media
A/n: Thank you so mucg guys with all the live support. Finally done, yay, with part 1
Chapter 17: Blood is Thicker than Water
Words: 4.4K
Four years had passed and Rosie was the only one to stick around. Everything had changed. You and Tom were currently on your trip around the world. Traveling everywhere from Cuba to Greece. Taking in sights of the world.
Embarking on journey covering 3 continents and 10 countries so far. You had already visited the Taj Mahal in India, the Amalfi Coast for some sun, and Iceland just for the blue lagoon hot springs. You and Tom were having the time of your lives, it being the perfect distraction from everything back home.
Rosie was running the mob along with her new right hand and consigliere, Linus. Rosie had been taking on the mantle as the new leader of the Holland mob. Picking up where Parker left off. Trying to do him justice. Tom had helped her learn the ropes but she always had that fiery personality desired for a mob persona.
After four years, Rosie learned to embrace her grief instead of shoving it away, she began to visit Parker’s grave more and more. Tried to every week, but life got in the way. She would bring a new set of flowers to freshen up the old ones.
She knew today would be especially hard, every year it was impossible. Rosie could barely get through the day. Today was her 20th birthday, marking 4 years of celebrating without Parker.
Rosie and Henry’s relationship had grown into one full of misery. Trapped in a loveless relationship, but he was still her best friend. With just one look he would know what she was thinking.
Over the past couple years, Henry has been so obsessed with keeping her safe that it was driving her mad. Rosie understood that Henry didn’t want to lose her like he lost Parker, but Rosie ran a mob and danger followed her everywhere. They started drifting apart when everything happened with the Holland family, creating unfixable cracks in their foundation.
Lately, Rosie had been feeling someone watching her every move. Following her whenever she would be downtown. Feeling a presence she hasn’t felt in a while. Constantly shivering in fear, feeling as though she was observed. From then on, every move she made was calculated and thought out.
When Rosie first took on the mantle, she cleaned house. Eliminating those whose loyalty would always lie with Tom. Trying to affirm the fact that she was so much more than just Tom’s daughter. She had let William go and few others because she brought in Linus.
Even after starting her new regime, things have been a bit off, lately. She hasn’t been sleeping through the night. She’d jolt out of sleep, drenched in a cold sweat. Henry would be startled awake as well by her movement as move to comfort her.
“Roo, you okay?” Henry asked groggily, yawning a bit. Rosie gasping to catch her breath. Her dreams were supposed to be an escape but now they were doing more harm than good. “I don’t know. I keep having these dreams about Parker. Like he was trying to tell me something,” Rosie said, gathering her bearings. It wasn’t everyday she was visited by her deceased twin brother. “From beyond the grave?…Rosie, he’s gone,” Henry pondered. “I know, I just can’t shake this feeling. That he is… he’s.”
“What? Still alive? Honey, we buried him. You cried over him. If he was still alive don’t you think we would’ve shown his face by now. Wilson and Carter are gone, they have been for awhile now,” Henry explained, hoping it would bring her some solace. Henry wasn’t blind to the change in her demeanor, she did open up to him about being followed everywhere she went. “I guess you’re right. But my dreams feel so real,” Rosie whispered, lying back down. Ready to drift off into a deep sleep. One not tainted by the memory of Parker. “Go, back to sleep baby.” Henry said, he knew they would be getting up in a few hours anyway. Tomorrow was a very big day. Henry knew he and Rosie had been drifting but he was all set to give her the best birthday ever.
Henry had bought tickets for you and Tom to fly in for her birthday and stay for awhile. This time of year was hard for all of you but it wasn’t fair to Rosie. The day that is supposed to be about her has always been shared but now no one dared acknowledge it. It was just a reminder of what had been lost.
“Good morning, beautiful. Happy birthday,” Henry whispered, peppering her face in kisses as the morning sun shone through the curtains.
“Thank you,” Rosie sighed. Every year was a challenge. It got a little better every year but she knew she would never fully accept his absence.
“What do you have planned today?” Henry inquired, he was always one for big gestures. He absolutely hated that she no longer enjoyed her birthday.
As a kid she loved the idea of turning a year older, getting to grow up and getting loads of presents of course. You always made the priority of throwing the most perfect themed parties for Rosie and Parker. One year they had a pirate themed pool party with a treasure hunt and another a circus/carnival theme with fair games and a petting zoo. You loved going all out for their birthday. Just spoiling them in general.
Rosie and Parker, also Tom, can’t forget about him, made life worth living. You and Tom did everything for your kids, never wanting them to feel an ounce of sadness.
But the times had changed, you were no longer the mother to a son. It was just Rosie and you thanked God everyday that she was still there but your heart will forever be scarred.
Scars take forever to heal, sometimes never. There will never be a day when you don’t miss Parker or he doesn’t cross your mind. Everything you did from the moment he died was for him, in one way or another. You knew the grief would never stop but you hoped Rosie would one day be able to move on with life.
“You know…” Rosie murmured. “Oh yeah, say hi for me,” Henry nodded along remembering Rosie was going to spend the day next to her better half, Parker.
Rosie proceeded to get dressed and ready for the day. She wore a tight grey dress showing off the perfect curves of her body. And a pair of black high heels to complete her power woman ensemble. “Henry, you aren’t throwing me a party right? I really don’t want one,” Rosie inquired. Rosie would prefer to have all birthdays pass and wash away but she knew Henry wouldn’t allow that. At the most she would have a nice dinner with him and watch a movie.
“You’ll just wait to find out,” Henry grinned cheekily. In reality he was throwing her surprise party to help her find the joy in her birthday again.
“Henry seriously, not this year,” Rosie announced. “It’s never any year. You haven’t celebrated in 3 years. You need to get over this.”
“Get over what? The death of my twin brother?” Rosie asked, astounded at Henry’s previous statement. The nerve he had, wow.
“Roo, I’m sorry,” Henry tried to apologize but Rosie left in a huff.
“Talk later, Linus is waiting for me,” Rosie yelled, already walking out of the room. “Linus, you ready to go?” Rosie said, as she found him drinking coffee in her kitchen. He sat at the bar, legs dangling off the chair as she came down. “Yes, Roo,” he said, a little out of breath from taking the awe of her beauty.
“Please don’t call me that around Henry… What’s on the agenda?” Rosie asked Linus as she poured herself her own cup of coffee.
“Well, Shaw owes you 3 million and the deadline you gave him expired,” Linus explained, he knew Rosie hated having things held over her head. She would prefer to get them out of the way as soon as possible.
“Well then, let’s go pay him a visit. I could use a drink. Afterwards, can you drop me off at the cemetery?” “Of course, Roo,” Linus said. Rosie huffed in response, rolling her eyes at the name. Linus loved to get a rise out of Rosie. Her remarks to his comments were just a sign of their playful banter.Rosie’s relationship with Linus was complicated. They were partners, most of the time.
Rosie had gone really dark over the past years. There were days where she refused to get out of bed. Sitting in bed wasting the entire day away. Henry would come home from work and try his best to comfort her but after Parker he was just as lost as her. They lived in the same house but not truly together. Not as lovers, maybe as roommates.
All Rosie could feel were thoughts of hopelessness, desolation, and misery. Never being able to find that light at the end of the tunnel. She didn’t deserve to find it, thinking she was the one who pushed you and Tom away. Blaming herself for Parker. All these feelings and Henry wasn’t there, too busy with his own life.
One day, Rosie had gotten real low. Couldn’t find a way out so she went to the gun room grabbed the closest pistol, a bottle of scotch, a glass and sat in Tom’s office. She rested on Tom’s chair trying to find the will to end it all. To point the pistol and pull the trigger.
It would be so easy, the flick of a finger. No more pain. She tried not to think about everything she was giving up. Never seeing you or Tom again, or Henry. Never loving him again, if they ever did manage to find their way back to each others arms. Never experiencing the things that made life worth living.
All her thoughts were halted as Linus barged in. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw the broken girl hold a gun unto her temple, its safety clicked off. The room was cold as an icy chill ran down his spine.
“Rosie, what are you doing!?!” Linus thundered, trying to stop her before she pulled the trigger. “I don’t know. I think I’m trying to end it all,” Rosie whispered as tears streamed down her face. Deep down she didn’t want to pull the trigger, she wasn’t ready to say goodbye.
“End what all? Your life?” Linus asked, trying to talk her off the metaphorical ledge. Something had to happen that pushed her to this point. Rosie had to be drowning and calling out for help but no one came. “No, it was never about killing myself. It was just about ending the pain and suffering,” she cried.
“Rosie, listen to me. There is so much more you have to live for. This will pass. Think about everything you are giving up.” Linus tried to appeal to the people she loved, you, Tom, and Henry. Losing Rosie would no longer make you a mother. How could Rosie take that away from you?
“I already have and it hasn’t, for 2 years. How do you know it will get any better?” Rosie begged for a true answer. She had been slumping around, letting the days pass her by as she stood silent, screaming non-vocally for help. Trapped in an asylum of misery. “I don’t. But I’ll be there to help you,” Linus exclaimed, giving her the truthful response she wanted. Rosie just needed to hear that she wasn’t alone in this world anymore. “No, you won’t. You’ll just leave like everyone else. Henry doesn’t love me anymore. My parents left. I’m all alone.” “Roo, you aren’t alone. Just hand me the gun and we can work this out. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll always be here,” Linus pleaded. That was the first time he had used that nickname. The name had been reserved for only Henry, Parker and you. In that moment Rosie saw someone she missed so dearly in Linus, Parker. Parker was the only person who was 100% there for her. He was there to talk her off the ledge. He was there at her weakest and in a split second he was standing in front of her.
Rosie gave in, removing the gun from her temple, clicking the safety one and handing it over. She slowly stood up, coming over to Linus and collapsed in his arms. Rosie whispered a small “I missed you” as he held the broken girl. He was the only one who could pull her out. Not Henry, god she wished it was Henry. Linus understood her pain and didn’t try to fix everything.
Henry was the opposite. Constantly worrying about Rosie and trying to find a solution for everything. Things from the slightest backache to feelings of hopelessness. Rosie didn’t need fixing she just needed to be heard and Linus made sure she was. At Harmon’s, the bar was quite empty. Just Shaw and a few of his men. Shaw has borrowed money from Rosie to clear of a few charges. The Holland name had some pull in the legal community. Dating back to Dom’s days but Tom mostly laid down roots.
Linus entered first, firing two shots to take out Shaw’s capos. “Jesus Christ,” yelled Shaw as his protection thudded against the floor.
Rosie followed Linus in, making her presence known, “Shaw, you know I’m not a fan of people not staying true to their word. Do you have my money?”
“Rosie, doll. I paid you in full already. If this just your sad attempt to stir something up we can work this out another time. Shoo, let me finish my drink,” Shaw snickered. “Shaw, I know your games. You have 3 minutes to transfer my money right now. One for each million. I have Linus checking for a deposit of 3 million, make this simple and do it,” Rosie stated with an unchanging expression. “I need more time, that’s not enough. It’s all in separate accounts,” Shaw asserted, his voice starting to waver as he stared down the barrel of her pistol. “Well then, I’d hurry if I were you. Here’s your phone. Just wire the money… Starting now,” Rosie exclaimed as Linus devoted his stare to watch. Glancing at the seconds tick away.
“Fine, I’m going,” Shaw screamed, about to crack under the pressure.
“2 minutes left,” Linus chimed in. “Okay, I’m just inputing the dollar amount, it’s a lot of zeros.” Shaw tried to explain. He was about to lose his life because he was slow.
“50 secs.”
“I’m going, I’m going.”
“10, 9, 8, 7, 6—“
“I’m done,” Shaw said, letting out the breath he was holding.
“That was fast but not fast enough,” Rosie whispered raising her gun square to the back of his head. Her finger slipped to the trigger and fired a shot.
“Wow, I didn’t think you actually kill him,” Linus said, impressed by her ruthlessness.
“He was getting on my nerves, besides he will never borrow money from me again if he is dead,” Rosie chuckled. “You know I found that really hot,” Linus whispered in her ear. “You always do.” Rosie grinned at his advances, trying to pull her close to his chest. “Hey, this can’t keep happening.”
“Oh, come on. You say that every time. I can’t hide my feelings for you anymore.”
“Well, you are going to have to. I was clear about what this was. So I’m going to ask you this once more time, what do you want?” “I want you.” “Well you can have me in the bathroom in 2 minutes.” “Roo, you’re too good to me,” Linus smirked, following her as she glided to the restroom.
Everything lasted about 30 mins. They were in and out in a flash. The bar now smelled of sex and a dead bodies. Linus was the first to finish, coming out of the bathroom looking disheveled as hell. Sporting the same juts had a quickie look. Linus went to pull the car around after fixing his hair in the mirror.
Linus would never be Henry and that was a good thing, Linus was different. By no circumstances was Rosie in love with Linus or will ever be in love with him, he was merely a distraction. Rosie knew her relationship with him was wrong but he made her feel alive once more.
Rosie emerged from bathroom breathing heavy, almost gasping for air, with sweat glistening on her chest. She straightened out her dress as combed down her hair. Stepping out of the doorway, the smell of a fresh rotting body hit her.
Rosie immediately turned around and lunged for the toilet. She had been in the business for 3 years and never before had her body reacted this way. She hurled into the toilet for a good ten minutes. Eventually bringing her head out of the toilet bowl to wipe off her mouth. The air was now coupled with sex, dead bodies and vomit. She was clueless to what forced her to keep her head in a toilet bowl.
After her nausea spell passed her, she had Linus drop her off near the cemetery. “Oh, you can drop me off here. I need something from the pharmacy anyways,”Rosie informed Linus. She was planning on picking up something for her stomach, it was very unlikely for her to throw up suddenly.
“Ok, Roo. Do you need a ride home?” Linus questioned.
“No, Jared is supposed to pick me up. Thank you,” Rosie exclaimed, getting out of the car. “Alright. Happy birthday by the way. Can I have a kiss goodbye?” “Thank you and no. I’ll see you later.”
“Yeah for the party,” Linus called out slowly driving away. “Wait! What did you say?” Rosie remarked but he was already long gone.
Rosie was mentally kicking herself, she didn’t have the willpower to deal with a party tonight. She specifically told Henry, not to throw one but since when did he listen to her.
Their road to ultimately heartbreak was a two way street. Both of them had done something to warrant the loveless relationship. Rosie admitted to herself, that she eventually did stop trying. She stopped constantly asking if Henry wanted to go out for dinner and what time he would be home. Rosie prefers to blame Henry but in reality, she was then one who let go first.
Rosie stopped showing him love, too distraught by his every move because it was a constant reminder her brother wasn’t there anymore. Henry would try to work him into every little conversation, remembering Parker in everything. It grew too much for Rosie. Rosie had never been one for confronting her feelings, preferring to shove them down but how could she, when Henry would never shut up about Parker.
Parker was the main reason a wedge had been driven between them, but she wouldn’t dream of blaming her dead brother. Who couldn’t even defend himself. Rosie needed a reset after Parker but Henry was stuck living in the past.
Rosie was ready to start her life with Henry after graduation but he couldn’t let go. After a while, Rosie became just like him. Stuck drifting into a void of pure sadness. Rosie couldn’t let go, along with Henry. Their lives went in different directions, Rosie was blossoming into a ruthless leader who would only act soft around Parker, vowing to visit his grave everyday. And Henry got left behind at some point, not seeing how he fit in her life anymore.
In the pharmacy she scanned the aisles for some sort of quick remedy. If Henry was throwing her a surprise party, one she specifically asked not for. Rosie didn’t have days to recuperate, maybe a few hours.
She found the largest bottle of Pepto-Bismol and stopped by the card aisle. Carefully grasping a birthday card for her favorite person. One that was funny yet endearing. Parker was addicted to all the corned jokes she would crack. She made her way to the register. In front of her stood a little old woman, she wore a purple floral dress and her white stained hair was pulled into a clip.
“Just this for you sweetie? Oh, who’s birthday is it?” Asked the little lady, referring to the birthday card Rosie grabbed for Parker.
“My brother’s and um, could I also get this,” Rosie responded as her eyes glanced below her. Skimming over the candy bars, gum packets and eventually landing on a pregnancy test. Come to think of it, Rosie was late about a week and a half.
“Of course, honey. Would you like to use the restroom?” Queried the lady. Rosie nodded in response. She finished paying and quickly made her way to the restroom. Following the directions on the box carefully, she needed to be a hundred percent sure, before she told anyone.
Right around the corner was the cemetery. She glided through iron gates, walking across the cobble stone path before she came upon the place she loved most in the world. The place where she would hold nothing back, spilling everything to him.
Life of a mob boss was dangerous but things started to seem eerie for Rosie. She would feel weird presences or someone watching her at eerie times. The same feeling plagued her at the cemetery, today. She knelt down to the headstone, engraved in it read “Here Lies Parker Jackson Holland, Taken from us too soon, a son, a brother, and a friend.”
“Hey, P. You probably get tired of me visiting you. Everyday I’m here and sometimes I think I do it for my benefit more than yours. I hope that wherever you are, you are happy and most likely you are with Charlotte. I’m happy for you, Parker. No matter how much I wish you were here with me, I know that you are happy that you escaped this life. Happy 20th birthday.” Rosie whispered, fixing the flowers that began to wilt from yesterday.
“I have some really amazing news to share with you, but it will have to wait till next time. You can’t be the first person I tell, I’m sorry. He deserves to know before you…. Oh my god, you’ll never believe what happened at work…”
This is the one thing that brought Rosie solace. She persistently blames herself for that fateful night 3 years ago. Rosie would spend hours kneeling next to his headstone. She would tell him about her life and read off the postcards you and Tom sent from your travels. Talking to him as if he was still there.
Rosie glanced at her watch, it was half past five and she hadn’t even called Jared yet to pick her up. “I’m sorry P, I gotta go. Henry, god love him but, that bastard is throwing me a birthday party. I guess I should at least make an appearance. I’ll see you tomorrow, I love you.” Rosie said, walking towards the parking lot.
She stood under the gate for ten minutes waiting for Jared to arrive and escort her home. The weather completely shifted as the sun set around her. The once blue sky changed to one painted with vibrant yellows and pinks. The sky was a sight not to be missed but she could do without the freezing winds that accompanied.
A chill ran down her spine as she waited in the darkness. Feeling a sensation that only warranted panic. Rosie felt someone watching her once again. Maybe from a far or up close, but she definitely wasn’t alone. It was silly that she let feelings like those get to her. She was a mob boss for god sakes, scaring even the most menacing of men into submission.
Rosie eyes started darting everywhere a noise left. In the corner of her eye she caught a figure drenched in shadows approaching. She tried to scramble for her gun, but soon realized she left it in Linus’s car.
The stranger kept making advances and managed to get to her. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed a cloth to her mouth. Causing her to be consumed in darkness as her body grew limp.
Back at the manor, Henry was setting everything up perfectly. His mission was to make Rosie love her birthday once more. While Henry was working hard at hanging the birthday banner and decorating every corner with balloons, Linus was no help at all. Lounging on the couch and finishing a beer.
“So are you going to pick up Rosie and get off your ass?” Henry barked, pulling the coffee out from under Linus, causing him to spill his beer.
“Seriously, dude. What’s your problem?” Linus snapped.
“My problem is my girlfriend isn’t here. Aren’t you supposed to pick her up?” “No, Jared is.” “Linus, Jared is here. He has been for a few hours. Where is she?” Henry questioned, starting to worry. “I don’t know. Last, I left her at the cemetery.” “Henry! It’s so good to see you,” you cheered as Tom and you walked in. Hugging Henry after not seeing him for awhile. It still pained you to visit, traveling was the perfect distraction.
“Hope you have been taking care of yourself, son. Where’s Rosie?” Tom questioned. “Yeah, I’ve been good. At the moment, I don’t know where she is. She’s missing,” Henry concluded. You and Tom stood completely still as you processed the news. It wasn’t everyday that your daughter would disappear into thin air, but her job did keep her life in danger.Rosie missing was uncommon. It had happened once or twice in the past but that was 3 years ago. So much had changed, for the better. Yet, you were once again in the same place, in the house you left because everything was too familiar. Rosie missing was all too familiar.
Rosie came to. Opening her eyes to a place she chose to forget. For all she knew it was an exact replica. Warehouses riddled all of London’s ports, she could be anywhere.
“Text your driver and tell him Henry picked you up for a special birthday dinner,” Rosie’s kidnapper barked, thrusting a phone in front of her.
“Really? You kidnapped me? After 3 years of being leader of London’s most feared mob, it’s like been there done that. Do you want money or something? I have a party to get to.” Rosie quipped, annoyed with they man’s pursuits.
“Oh, I know. I believe happy birthday is granted. 20 years is a milestone.”
“Whatever, I don’t really like my birthday anyway.”
“Wanna talk about it?” The stranger pestered on. Rosie had learned lesson from the last time she was restrained to chair, rope around her wrists and ankles, ceasing blood flow. This time it was zip ties, a little basic for any mobster she has had a run with.
“No. I want you to let me go. Seriously, what do you want? I don’t think you know who I am. Or who my father is,” Rosie asserted.
“A moment alone together is all I ask and I know exactly who you are and who your dad is. Correction, who our dad is.”
A/n: Finally the end. Alright, I'm going to bed. There is no set schedule for the sequel series, I'm just going to post a chapter when I finish writing it. Let me know if you like to be tagged in the sequel chapters.
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leetotters · 3 days ago
I can’t remember if I asked this already but one were the marvel cast doesn’t know that Tom Holland is married and reader his wife come to set with the kids
please i had this in my ask box before, but i think i deleted it LMAO my dumbass again.
dad!tom holland x mum!reader
summary: something like request^
Tumblr media
"Oh my God" Your son gasped, bringing his small hand to his mouth, gaping at the filming set in pure astonishment, he pulled you along with him as he saw a machine like object, "Look at this mama" He spoke his voice lacing with excitement, "Daddy" Xavier called out to his father, who was showing your little girl, Estelle around the set.
Tom walked over to his son, laughing when his little girl asked to come down from his arms, wanting to see what her brother was so peppy about, "Look at this daddy" Xavier pointed to the machine, a wide smile crossing his pink lips, "Woah buddy" Tom grinned, glad his family was having a good time so far. "What's that" Estelle asked her little finger poking the object.
"No touching Es" You interlocked her smaller hand with yours, not sure if the machine was real or not, "When are we meeting your friends daddy" Your daughter cheerily inquired, she was pumped to meet her favorite superheros, especially 'Captain America', she was a huge Steve Rogers fan, she even brought her Cap shield that Tom bought her for her birthday.
"Hey Holland" A familiar person spoke from behind, making all four of your turn around, to be met by the infamous avengers cast, "Is that," Estelle drawled out, her lips twitching in a smile, her eyes scrunching from how wide it was, "Captain America" She squealed releasing your hand, running towards her favored avenger.
Cevans scooped the little girl in his open arms, "You're Captain America" She held his cheeks in her hands, visibly surprised she actual met the 'superhero', Cevans wore a broad smile, "Yes, and who might you be" He bounced the girl in his arms, "My name is Estelle Holland" She stated proudly, she learned to say a full name a few months ago with your help of course, Cevans along with the others were stunned, the last time they checked, the younger actor was single.
Tom picked his son up, resting him on his hip and intertwined his fingers with yours walking to his fellow actors, "Hey guys" Tom uttered gaining everyone's attention, "See you all have met my daughter" The little girl screeched joyfully at her father's voice, "Daddy look I met Steve" She squeezed Cevans cheeks again making everyone laugh.
"You're a father huh Holland" Scarlett spoke up, sauntering over to Tom, cooing at Xavier in his arms, the little boy was shy at first, blushing at the lady and hiding his face in his fathers neck, but quickly warmed up when she mentioned showing him some avenger gadget's used during missions.
"Not to sound rude or anything Tom," Lizzie began, "But mind explaining a little" She blushed asking Tom to answer the question that was weighing in everyone's mind right now. Tom rubbed the back of his neck, letting out an awkward chuckle, thankful that you spoke before he did.
"Well" you coughed out loud, clearing your throat, "Tom and I are married," the silver ring rested beautifully on your fourth finger confirmed it, "And we have two children, Estelle and-" You were cut off by your son, "I'm Xavier" He pointed to himself making everyone chuckle.
Tom spoke up, "Yeah guys, I wanted to tell you all sooner but y'know with the media and stuff, we thought it better to keep it between close family" Tom tightened his hold on your hand, feeling it slightly starting to shake.
"Don't worry, we understand" Robert came up, pulling you both in a hug, mumbling 'welcome to the family Ms. Holland' into your ear, giving you a peck to your cheek, before he turned facing both your kids who were in Cevans and Scarletts arms, giggling at jokes Paul and Mark were making up.
"My grand babies" Robert called out his 'grand babies'.
"Hey I'm Lizzie" Elizabeth came up to you and Tom holding out her hand which you took, "I'm Y/N" You smiled internally screaming because Wanda was your favorite avenger, "Mind if I take your lovely wife Holland" Lizzie grabbed your hand, not waiting for a response as she led you to the lounge area making Tom shake his head, letting out a laugh.
"Daddy, I met Thor" Xavier came running up to his dad, jumping up and down showing Tom a small replica of Mjollnir, "Woah buddy" Tom replied to his son with the same enthusiasm, "I know right, it's so cool" Xavier sprinted off again to his sister, this time, who was still in Cevans arms showing him her Cap shield.
The evening was spent with everyone having a late lunch, playing with the kids, you chatting with Brie, Lizzie and Scarlett about random topics and even sharing embarrassing stories about Tom and their lovers, Tom was given blessings by his older actors saying that he chose a good wife, even adding that you both made beautiful kids, Anthony joking that the kids beauty was because of you.
Tom was overjoyed seeing his on set family and actual family getting along together, he couldn't have asked for anything better, even if he got snarky comments about everyone preferring his children and you over him which is a joke ofc.
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blissfulparker · 3 days ago
mob!tom idea: being apprehensive about dating a mobster but realizing that he’s not a bad guy and its angsty but ends with fluff?
In the corner of the flower shop, to fancy dates at the most expensive restaurants, toms true colors came sooner than thought.
Knowing his job scared people, scared women, he didn’t tell you what he was. For once, you made him feel normal, made him feel happy. But with every move he made a price was payed, even with his love life.
“That’s not the point tom—I asked a simple question, h-have you ever...” he knew where you were going. The question he hated so much, if hes ever spilt blood on his hands. Does he carry the burden of the dead.
“(Y/n), darling, please. I-I am only trying to do what’s right—“ he starts and you let out a laugh.
“What’s right? What’s right? Killing people and doing drugs and-and to think before all of this the worst man I’ve ever dated was someone who stood me up.” You rolled your eyes. “I need a moment tom, for now, goodbye.”
Were words spoken last week, last week when you were searching for some Advil in his bedside table and found a gun. Things only unraveled there.
Since then, endless cups of ramen and episodes of new girl to make yourself feel better. You knew you were wrong, but you were scared. Asking yourself, the one who works a day to day job, how did you get into this?
A knock at the door made you rub your head. Move from the couch to the door and not even checking before you see—
“Hey.” He holds up flowers, the prettiest red roses with baby breath in between. He was gorgeous in every way and he was not a monster.
“Hi.” You say with wider eyes, shocked at how late it was and how far he drove to your house. He was still in his suit, looked very clean and you wished you could pull him into a kiss thinking he was just a normal accountant.
“It’s Uh—“ he starts but you accidentally cut him off.
“You shouldn’t have drove all the way out here.” You felt bad already. “It’s late and I...I don’t want to keep you from work.” The flowers drop only a bit. His trying smile turns into a frown as he swallows hard.
“I just got off actually.” He says and you sigh. Wanting to hold him, kiss his face, but the person he was two weeks ago was different from the one now. “I should have told you, I should have told you and I know lying was bad but it’s just...I really liked you. I liked you so much and I didn’t want to loose you so early. I thought maybe it could work and—“ he was rambling, rambling too much.
“I should be sorry. I didn’t mean to call you names when I did and I certainly didn’t mean to ignore your words. I like you a lot too, like a lot a lot and I’m just scared.” You sniffled a bit, not sure if it was from how spicy your noodles were or from how much you missed him within this past week.
“Don’t be scared. I promise nothing will happen.” He told you, you only smiled a bit as you opened your door wider. Allowing him into your home.
“I think you left some of your clothes here a few weeks ago, so you can change into them for the night.” You told him before walking off. A smile rose to his face as he missed you, missed being in your home.
When you returned with the clothes he gladly took them to change, coming back comfy and joining you on the couch. Kissing your forehead and promising that he would keep you safe, he always promised the ones he loved that he would keep them safe and he had never broken his promises
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