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#tom holland fanfic
planecrashdreams · an hour ago
You Say Good Morning When It’s Midnight
Peter Parker x Female Reader
Summary: [This is a part 2 of my first fanfic “Blame It On September”] Peter is away in London, studying at an Ivy League school, while you are still in Queens studying at NYU. You both miss each other and stumble through the changes of being away from each other, but what happens when Peter calls you one night missing you?
Inspired by the song Jet Lag by Simple Plan + Natasha Bedingfield
Warnings: *fluff* *swearing* *slight smut?* *phone sex*
Peter and Y/N are 18!
Tumblr media
Your POV
“How long has it been since you guys talked?” MJ asks, as you both sit down in a café sipping on the straws of your iced coffees.
“We talk all the time.” You reply quickly but nonchalantly. “No Y/N, I’m not talking about memes and texting. I’m talking about actual talking. You know, on the phone, face time?”
“Oh, well, not so much. I don’t know, he’s busy. He’s got a lot to worry about at school.” You say honestly.
“You should call him tonight. You guys have been away from each other for 2 whole months. It’ll be good for you both to actually have a real conversation.” MJ says very nurturing.
“I’ll have to ask him to make sure he has time to talk tonight, I don’t want to keep him from studying.” You say still concerned about Peter’s studies.
“No! Don’t ask, just do it. Don’t even think about it. One talk won’t ruin Peter’s grades forever.” MJ replies passionately.
“Y/N, you both really need this, and once you call him tonight. You’ll be thanking me for the rest of your life.” MJ continues.
“Ok, I’ll do it.” You reply.
Peter’s POV
“Have you talked to Y/N lately?” Ned asks curiously.
“Yeah, I mean we send memes and talk a little bit every day, but I haven’t called her in a while.” Peter replies.
“I think she misses you dude, a lot actually.” Ned tells Peter concerned.
“Really? I miss her more than ever, I don’t want her to be upset. It’s hard being away for this long.” Peter replies saddened.
“Why don’t you call her tonight? I’m sure she’d appreciate it, and besides you need it.” Ned replies.
“Yeah, I could really use hearing her cute voice again. I miss her hugs, and her lips, an—“
“Okay, I think I get it Peter, but don’t you think you should be telling her this?” Ned says, saving himself from the PG rated thoughts spilling from Peter.
“You’re right! I’ll call her tonight, I hope she won’t be busy.” Peter says, now worried not knowing if you’d even be able to answer him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell MJ to make sure to have Y/N available tonight.”
Your POV
You arrive at your dorm and throw a cute light grey spaghetti strap top on, along with matching pj shorts. You toss your hair into a ponytail and head to your kitchen to make some dinner.
As you eat your dinner, you binge watch the newly added episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars (yes, I’m a drag race fan :)) and catch up on some of your homework.
After a night of studying, you realize you hadn’t called Peter. You think to yourself it was probably for the best. You didn’t want to disturb him and you also had to study. “I’ll call him Friday night.” You say to comfort yourself.
You climb into bed and fall fast asleep. A few hours pass and you awaken to the humming of your phone on your nightstand. You answer to the sound of Peter’s voice.
“Hey, babe.” Peter greets, you could feel him smiling through the phone.
“Pete? I’ve missed you so much!” You reply still sleepy yet beaming.
“I’ve missed you too, how have you been? I’m starting to go crazy not seeing you.”
“I’ve been doing okay, it’s not the same without you. I’ve pretty much only been hanging out with MJ and Ned. They’ve been so good with including me in everything since you’ve been gone.”
“That’s good, I miss MJ and Ned too, I’ve made some new friends here too. They’re science geeks like me, which is great.”
“Aw Pete, that’s great, I never thought you’d make friends that are even bigger science dorks than you!” You say jokingly.
“Hey! I’m not a dork!” Peter says defensive.
“I’ve missed this Y/N”
“I did too, Pete.” you reply.
“I also missed other things too.” He says , catching you off guard.
“Like what?” You push.
“Your smile, your hair and how silky it feels when I run my fingers through it, your collarbones, that one spot on your neck that my lips fit perfectly into when I kiss there, I miss a lot Y/N.” He continues.
“I miss when you call my name, you’re the only one who calls me Pete. I miss you calling me that wh—“
“Peter Parker! Are you telling me you miss having sex with me?” You tease.
“Are you kidding, Y/N? You’re all I’ve been thinking about since I’ve left. And of course I’ve missed that.” He confesses.
“Well, how about I take some edge off for you?” You suggest seductively.
“Oh my god, is this really happening?!” Peter says now shocked over the fact that he’d be having phone sex. He never thought in a million years his girlfriend would want to do this with him.
“Lay back in your bed and get comfortable.” You demand.
“I could get used to this.” Peter says aroused by your sudden dominance.
“You know what I’m wearing?” You start as Peter hums for you to continue.
“That little cute grey pj set, the one you bought me for my birthday last year... But, I’m not wearing any any underwear...”
Peter now starts to flush as you describe what you are wearing to him and he struggles to sit still.
“And... no bra.” You finish your description.
You knew just how to get Peter flustered. You knew exactly all the little details that turned him on and what he liked. He always liked when you didn’t wear a bra.
“Fuck... Y/N...” Peter sneaks out.
You start to whisper into the phone and start to tell him what you missed about him.
“Mmm Pete? You know what else I missed? When you’d pick me up and throw me onto your desk and kiss my neck and all along my chest. When you’d run your fingers through my hair before tugging on it. Running my fingers along your abs down to your belt and zipper.”
Peter is now starting to sweat and you can hear he’s now breathing hard.
“You ripping my bra off and nipping on my chest, your hands around my neck, your tongue in my mouth.” You say as you slowly take off your pj top, strap by strap. You can now hear muffled movement through the phone. You’re able to make it out just enough to know Peter had taken off his jeans.
You continue reimagining all of your nights shared with Peter and let out a moan thinking of him touching you.
Peter’s POV
My mind was racing, I was sweating and I couldn’t control myself when it came to her. I had to get rid of my clothes quick I needed this so bad, I needed her so bad. Only she could get me off. And that little moan, oh my god, she needed this too.
“I need you, baby.” She whimpers.
“Mmm, you do? Are wearing anything?”
“Not anymore, I couldn’t help myself.” She replies teasingly.
“I’ve been thinking, you know what I loved doing?” He starts, now wanting to get you off a bit.
“Hmm?” Y/N answers wanting him to continue.
“Giving you all of those hickeys the night before prom and that little moan you make. God, your moan is so addictive. And that look in your eyes when I’ve got you where I want you.”
Your POV
You were now laying on your bed inching your hips up and feeling hot to the touch. You couldn’t believe how seductive Peter could be without actually being there.
“I feel so dirty right now, Peter. My legs are missing you in between them.” You whisper so innocently yet seductively.
“You’re so naughty, you know that?”
“Mmm, I’m also very hot, like I need something to soothe the heat.”
Peter now thinks of that one night he tied your wrists with his webs. You liked when he took control.
“If you keep being bad, I’ll have to tie you up again.”
“But, I like being bad, your webs feel nice when I’m burning up.” You tease him back.
“I had to tie you down last time because you wouldn’t stay still. I had to make sure I got all of your sweet spots.”
You lay in your bed thinking about that night with him and relive all of those moments shared together and savour his touch and you melt just thinking about it.
You let out a moan loud enough for Peter to hear that he won complete control of you.
You however, couldn’t let him take the win. You had to get him too.
“Remember that one night I came over and Aunt May wasn’t home?”
“Yeah, and you slept over? That was a good night.”
“Yeah it was, because I was going down on you. Then May came home earlier than expected and you couldn’t be as loud as you wanted.”
Peter’s breath hitched for a moment from thinking about how good you were at blowing him.
“Well, next time I won’t let you off so easy. You won’t be able to contain yourself or your moans.”
Peter now loses himself and is panting on his end of the phone. You give a small giggle now knowing you got him back.
“That wasn’t entirely fair, you know? You know that is my weakness, I love when you go down on me.”
“I know, why’d you think I brought that up? I know how to whined you up.” You applaud yourself.
“Huh, if you’re so sure of yourself we’ll have to see just how skilled you are when I come home next Saturday.”
“You’ll see, and I’ve been dying to kis— wait! Next Saturday?!”
Peter laughs at your excitement. “Yeah, we get a midterm break and it’s for 2 weeks, so I’m flying back home. You’ll have to prove that you can whined me up, cause if I’m not mistaken, I was the one who got you off first.” Peter says really cheeky.
You knew too that he was making that face he makes when he thinks he’s right about something. It was cute but sometimes it drove you crazy.
“We’ll see about that, Parker.”
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marvelsemma · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Warning: fluff, one mention of COVID-19, that's it
Summary: You were on your annual trip to Hawaii. Everything was going great. Things got even better when you met your celebrity crush whilst on the beach.
A/N: Sup Shawty. I know, I know, I'm posting a lot but people seem to like it so 😗✌️. Anyways this technically isn't based off a song but I highly suggest listening to Hawaii by MARISOL as you read this. Enjoy!
Ah Hawaii. The ideal vacation destination. You and your family were on your annual trip there right now. You couldn't take this trip last year because of the virus, which sucked but at least you were safe. Now you were relaxing on the beach, not having to deal with school or work.
As the were laying on your towel, reading a book, a frisbee becomes flying at your head. Once you feel the red piece of plastic hit your head your hand shoots up to rub the spot you got hit in.
"Ow! What the-" just as you were about to look around for the idiot who did this, a boy with reddish brown, curly, hair comes running towards you. He was wearing blue swim trunks with little sushi's on them.
"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. My idiot of a brother can't aim" he says picking up the frisbee and coming to check on you.
"Your fine. I should probably get out of the way." You say picking up your book and towel.
"No it's fine we can just move" the boy says motioning towards two other boys. One of them looks extremely farmiliar but you can't see because of how far away he was.
Then you take a closer look at the boy standing in front of you. It's not just any random Boy, it's Harry Holland.
"Wait a second. Your-" you were cut off by a thick british accent.
"Harry! We're leaving now can you go help Sam pack up" you look over to see who the voice belongs to. Standing before you was Tom Holland. No. Way. He was wearing red swim trunks and his hair looked soaking wet, probably from swimming in the ocean.
"Ok got it" Harry says running back in the direction he came from.
"Hey uh are you ok miss. I'm sorry that was me who threw that." Tom says walking closer to you. Your just standing there in shock. Tom Holland was standing in front of you, on the beach, in Hawaii. Your speechless.
"u-uh y-your....Tom Holland" you mentally face palm yourself for stuttering.
"Yeah I am." He says laughing.
"I'm a big fan......My name's Y/N by the way" you say putting your hand out for him to shake. He takes it.
"Nice to meet you Y/N" he says. Once you were done shaking hands he doesn't let go, he just sits there holding your hand.
"Hey look I have to go, but I wanna make it up to know.....for hitting you" he says earning a giggle from you.
"Sure, how do you wanna do that?" You ask tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear.
"How about you give me your number and I'll text you" he says opening his phone and placing it in your spare hand.
" want my number" you say emphasizing 'my'. Why would Tom Holland want your number. The numbers aren't adding up here.
"Yeah you seem cool and I want to get to know you. Plus I owe you for that" he says pointing to the red mark on your forehead.
"Oh o-ok" you place your number in his phone and give it back to him.
"Thanks I'll text you later" Tom says. As he was about to leave he brought your hand up to his face and pressed a soft kiss to it. Your cheeks start to turn a light pink and he walks off winking at you.
"That did not just happen" you say watching him walk off.
You just got back to your hotel and changed out of your swimsuit. You didn't actually expect Tom to text you, he's a celebrity for crying out loud. He was probably just being nice because he accidentally hit your head.
As you plopped down on you bed your phone dings.
Tumblr media
Holy crap! Tom Holland just texted you. Why? What did you do to deserve this awesome gift? Well you can't just leave him on read.
Tumblr media
Ok well that was unexpected. You have a date with your celebrity crush tomorrow. Dreams do come true I guess.
You had just finish getting ready. It was currently 6:50 and you were just waiting for Tom to pick you up.
There was a knock at your door, you open it up to reveal a farmiliar mop of brown curls. He was holding a pink hibiscus.
"This is for you darling" Tom says placing the flower in your hair.
"It's beautiful Thank you Tom" you say smiling at the brown eyes boy in front of you.
"A pretty flower for a pretty girl" Tom says placing his hand out for you to grab. You blush at his words and take his hand.
"So where are we going" you ask Tom who is pulling you down the hall towards the elevator.
"We are going to eat at Miro Kaimuki first. Then go to Shangri La, where we can look around at some of the art." He says as you guys step into the elevator.
"Wow that seems fun" you say giggling.
"Yeah well I told you I'd make it up to you" he says taking the arm that was holding your hand and wrapping it around your shoulder.
You guys drive to the restaurant and walk in. Once you are seated you look at the menu.
"Order whatever you want I'll pay" Tom says picking up his menu and looking through it.
"What. No, I can pay for my own food" you say looking at him with a 'absolutely not' look.
"Darling I insist" he says looking at you with a 'let me pay look' whatever that means.
"Fine, but I lay this time" you say pointing a finger at him.
"Oh so there's gonna be a next time" he says smirking.
"Whatever" you say playfully rolling your eyes.
You guys order and then once the food comes you eat it, Tom pays and you leave.
Once you guys get to Shangri La you see the beautiful fountain and the building behind it. It was so gorgeous. You then start walking around looking at different art pieces.
"This is amazing Tom. Thank you for taking me here" you say gazing at him. You were a little shorter than him so you still had to look up at him.
"No problem darling........I like spending time with you......I don't mean to be weird I know we just met but-" you cut him off by crashing your lips into his. It was a soft yet passionate kiss. Once you pull away you gaze into those beautiful brown eyes again.
"That was a nice way of telling me to shut up" Tom says earning a laugh from you.
For the rest of the date you and Tom just walked around the museum holding hands and stealing a few kisses as well.
Once the night was over Tom took you back to your hotel. Before you went inside you kissed him again it was shorter but just as passionate.
This trip, to say the least, was amazing.
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waitimcomingtoo · 9 hours ago
You Again
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom isn’t happy to find out how you and Harrison know each other
Tumblr media
“Thanks for coming with me. I know these family parties can be pretty boring.” Tom smiled in appreciation as you joined his side. You wrapped an arm around him and looked around his family’s house at the ongoing party.
“Are you kidding me? There is nothing I’d rather be doing than attending your cousins graduation party.” You rubbed his back sweetly.
“We can leave soon.” He promised. “I just want some cake.”
“Damn. I want cake now too.” You chuckled.
“Come here. I want you to meet my best friend.” Tom lead you over to someone and tapped the shoulder of a blonde boy.
“Y/n, this is-“
“Harrison.” You said in surprise when the boy turned around.
“Y/n.” Harrison’s eyes widened. “Wow. Good to see you again.”
“You guys know each other?” Tom asked with a smile. You and Harrison exchanged a look of fear before quickly looking away.
“Yeah.” You said slowly. “We met once.”
“Long time ago.” Harrison nodded and adverted his eyes.
“Very long time ago. Who can even remember that long ago?” You laughed awkwardly.
“Not me.” Harrison said quickly. “I barely remember.”
“When did you guys meet?” Tom wondered.
“In college. But it was just briefly. Just a short...interaction.” You smiled weakly.
“I wouldn’t call it short.” Harrison shrugged. “I think we interacted for at least an hour.”
“No, it was pretty short.” You said through a forced smile.
“Wow.” Tom didnt sense the awkwardness. “What are the odds that you’ve met?”
“I’m wondering the same thing. Tommy, can you go get me another drink?” You asked and handed him your cup.
“Sure, darling.” He kissed the side of your head before leaving for the kitchen.
“Thank you.” You smiled sweetly at him before snapping your attention to Harrison. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m Tom’s best friend. What are you doing here?” He whispered harshly.
“I’m his girlfriend.” You whispered back. “Didn’t you know that?”
“I knew your name but I’ve never seen a picture. I didn’t know he was dating a girl I slept with in-“
“You need to keep your voice down.” You cut him off. “He cannot find out like this.”
“Well one of us has to tell him.” Harrison insisted. “And it has to be you because he won’t hit a woman.”
“I can’t tell him. It’ll break his heart.” You whined. “He gets jealous really easily. You have to tell him.”
“But if I tell him, he’ll punch me in the face.” Harrison said simply. “And I’m a model. I need my face.”
“Sorry, wait. You’re a male model?” You tried it hold back a laugh.
“You’re judging me?” He asked. “You slept with your boyfriends best friend.”
“Shhhh!” You covered his mouth with your hand. “It was before he was my boyfriend!”
“He’s coming.” Harrison’s eyes drifted past you. “No more talking about it.”
“Hey guys.” Tom returned to your side. “Are you getting along?”
“Oh, yeah. We’re getting along just fine.” You nodded before taking a sip of the drink Tom brought you.
“We’re very compatible.” Harrison said, making you choke on your drink.
“Will you excuse me?” You gulped and ran to the bathroom. You splashed some cold water on your face to calm down before going back to the living room. You managed to keep your distance from Harrison as the party went on and did your best to avoid the topic all together. However, you made awkward eye contact with him all night, every glance bringing flashes of your night together. After eating, you spotted Harrison by himself and went over to him.
“Have you told him yet?” Harrison asked quietly.
“No. I’ll tell him later.” You waved your hand. “Like in ten years when we’re married and it’s funny. I can’t tell him now.”
“Tell me what?” Tom asked from behind you, making you both jump.
“Oh God.” You gulped.
“I suddenly have to leave. Immediately. Good luck, Y/n.” Harrison patted your back and ran as fast as he could.
“Darling, tell me what? What’s wrong?” Tom began to worry after he saw the way Harrison reacted.
“Nothing.” You lied. “Nothings wrong.”
“You’ve been acting strange all day.” Tom frowned. “What’s going on with you?”
You looked at him for a long time before letting out a sigh. You didn’t want to lie to him, and you were a believer in lying by omission, so you pulled him aside.
“I have to tell you something.” You began.
“Okay.” He looked at you skeptically. “What’s up?”
“The reason Harrison and I have been so awkward around each other is because...” You trailed off when it felt like the words simply could not come out of your mouth.
“Because why?” Tom pressed. You scrunched your face together in guilt before looking at the ground.
“Because we’ve slept together.” You mumbled towards the floor. Tom let out a short laugh before shaking his head.
“I’m sorry, what?” He chuckled.
“I’ve slept with Harrison.” You looked at him and twisted your fingers. “In the past. The distant, distant past.”
“As a joke, right?” He assumed. “You’re saying this as a joke.”
“No, for real.” You told him.
“For real, but as a joke right? You’re joking.” He nodded along.
“I am not joking.” You shook your head.
“But you’re kidding, is what I’m saying.”
“I am telling you the truth.” You said. “And the truth is I fucked Harrison.”
“But you’re joking-“
“I’m not joking! I’m being serious.” You insisted. “It was a long time ago. Long before we met.”
“Funny. Funny girl.” Tom laughed weakly. “Funny thing to say. Funny funny funny.”
“I’m not being funny. I slept with him in college. His sister was having a party and he stopped by.” You began to tell him the story.
“And then you said hello to each other and parted ways.” Tom finished your story for you.
“We did say hello.” You agreed. “We also had sex. With each other. Harrison and I.”
“Oh my God.” Toms eyes widened. “You’re being serious? You’re not joking around?”
“I’m being serious.” You admitted. “I wish it was a joke but it’s the truth.”
“So....” Tom held his hands to his mouth and sucked in a sharp breath. “What you’re telling me is that you and Harrison have been….intimate with each other.”
“If you prefer to say it like that, sure. We were intimate.” You nodded.
“Right. Because I don’t even want to hear you say Harrison fucked....” Tom trailed off, finding it difficult to finish the sentence from how angry it made him. You stood there silently, not wanting to make it worse by saying anything.
“I don’t want to hear that he fucked my girl.” He finally got it out. “I don’t ever want to hear that.”
“Then we won’t say that.” You agreed. “We never have to say that. We never even have to talk about this. I just wanted to let you know so that we don’t have any secrets between us.”
“Okay. It’s good that you told me. I want to die right now but I’m glad I know.” Tom nodded as he tried to remain calm.
“I’m sorry.” You pouted. “It was before I met you. And it was just a one time thing. Well, two times. But it was the same night so-“
“Stop.” He said quickly. “Please. No details. I cannot handle details.”
“Right. Sorry.” You smiled sympathetically. “Are you okay?”
“No. No, I wouldn’t say I’m okay.” He laughed weakly.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was the same guy until you introduced us today. And honestly, I forgot it even happened until now. It wasn’t memorable.” You admitted as you rubbed his arm to comfort him.
“Oh great.” Tom grumbled. “So not only did my best friend sleep with my girlfriend, he didn’t even please her?”
“Why is that bad?” You chuckled at his reaction.
“Because that means my best friend is lame!” He said like it was obvious. Before you could respond, Harrison came back over to see how the conversation had gone.
“There you guys are. Oh no. He looks pissed.” Harrison grimaced when he saw Tom’s face. “Did you tell him we fucked?”
“Oh my God.” You covered your face with your hands as Harrison said the forbidden word. Tom turned bright red and glared at Harrison with a clenched jaw.
“So.” You cleared your throat to relive some tension. “Cake anyone?”
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heartbreakweatherharry · 12 hours ago
goodbyes (t.h)
Tumblr media
requested: no
warnings: none, it’s just sad
author’s note: i wasn’t sure how to finish this because honestly it hurt to write. i loosely based it off of an experience i recently went through, as i had to say goodbye to my best friend. anyways i hope this breaks your heart as much as it broke mine
Tumblr media
“This is the last box.”
Y/N softly huffed as she dropped the cardboard box— filled with some of her best friend’s belongings— into the trunk of his sedan. The November air bit her skin as she studied the stack of boxes, each intricately placed to take up as little space as possible. She dusted her hands onto her pants, turning to the man beside her, watching him slam the trunk shut.
“Thanks,” Tom spoke, “that’s everything then.” Y/N nodded in response, taking a deep breath at the realization that was hitting her: this was the last time she would— possibly ever— see her best friend again. All of the things they would do together (late-night convenient store trips; watching a documentary on Netflix as Y/N threw gummy bears into Tom’s mouth because he had cocooned himself under the blankets; piggyback rides through the town’s nightlife when Y/N’s feet began to ache), they would never do again. No more them. And no more Tom.
“So,” she trailed off, eyes falling to the pebbles of loose gravel below her feet. “This is... this is it.” She promised herself she wouldn’t cry, no matter how many times Tom had previously seen her mascara-stained cheeks. Though, as their best memories flashed through her mind, what else could she do? Bottom lip quivering against her own will, “you’re leaving.”
His brows furrowed with sorrow, arms shooting from where they lied at his sides to pull the girl closer, holding her (trembling) hands in his own. “Don’t think of it like that, darling.”
“How else am I supposed to think of this, Tom?” She scoffed, choking out a sob, “you’re leaving and I’ll be stuck here for God knows how much longer. And what am I supposed to do without my best friend?” One of Tom’s hands traveled to her right cheek, cupping it before gently wiping away the stream of tears that had managed to escape despite her wishes. Y/N’s eyes flickered between her feet and the man before her, “we said we would get out of here together, Tommy.” Voice breaking, “you promised me.”
Sighing, Tom could feel his heart break at the use of his childhood nickname. He snaked his index finger under her chin, lifting it ever so lightly, forcing her eyes to meet his. “do you know how much I’m gonna miss you? How much I love you?” This time, Y/N threw her arms around the man’s torso, burying her wet cheeks into the navy blue sweater adorning his chest. Her body heaved, muffled sobs slipping past her lips. “We can get through this. I promise you.”
“Please don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she whispered into him before slowly pulling away, wiping her own tears. “I should probably let you get on the road.” He nodded, lips pursed as he dug through the pockets of his jeans, fishing for car keys. They silently walked to his driver-side door, the other vehicles on his street quietly passing by. She watched him slide into the leather seat behind the wheel, tucking her bottom lip between her teeth. “I love you,” Y/N meekly added, “I’ll see you later.”
The walk back to her own car was a somber one, the sun wouldn’t shine as bright as it used to, all of the colors surrounding her seemingly lackluster.
He was gone.
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tommydarlings · 12 hours ago
Too much love to handle | p.p
a/n: Hope you like this one, ily liz <3
pairing: Peter Parker x reader
w/c: 0.3k
warnings: smut ( fem receiving), edging, oversimulation
summary: Peter is edging you until you can't take it anymore, until you cry. You think that everything was perfect, just a little bit too much... But how will Peter react when he is seeing that he made you cry?
Tumblr media
To be honest, it was all your fault.
When you wouldn't have flirted with flash on that stupid teenager party just a few hours ago then you wouldn't be in that situation that you are in right now.
Your boyfriend, Peter Parker, edging you to death.
You were so sure that you are gonna pass out soon but deep down you knew that you could take it when you really want to. "Fuck, p-Peter, I-I can't, please" you whimpered. "Just be quiet and let me destroy your pretty little pussy" Peter mumbled quietly before he went on with eating you out like you were his last meal. Flicking his tongue up and down on your sensitive little bud, shaking his head from side to side to make you go crazy. You entire body slowly started to tremble and you weren't sure if your gonna take it when he's going on like that.
"Please, Peter, p-please just s-stop" you begged him quietly while you felt how your eyes are getting wet. "Shh princess, just a few more, okay? I'm gonna keep doing this until I'm satisfied alright?" he told you while he slowly stroked your pussy lips with his fingers. You shook your head side to side. "I can't p-Peter, I-I really can't a-anymore" you answered quickly.
He ignored your comment and went on with torturing your pussy and especially your poor clit.
"No, stop!" you screamed but he went on until you felt your probably 50th orgasm ripping trough your weak and shaking body. Your eyes rolled back and you screamed like you've never screamed before.
But then your boyfriend, Peter, heard it.
The small sniffle.
He froze. It was like time stood still.
You were crying because of him.
And it destroyed him.
"Oh my God, y/n? Are you okay?" he asked before he looked up at your face and there he saw it...
The tears they were staining your face. And the fresh ones they were still runing down your face.
"I'm so sorry princess" he said before he picked you up and hugged your body tightly. You lazily shook your head before you answered,
"It's o-okay Pete" you whimpered quietly to your boyfriend. "No it's not, I made you cry" he responded. "It's fine okay?, I swear!" you answered with a tiny but cute laugh. A laugh that Peter could listen to for hours.
"I love you Mr. Parker" you told him before you pecked his cheek. He laughed before he spoke up,
"I love you too Mrs. Barnes" Peter answered with a smirk.
-`ღ´- ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ -`ღ´-
@goodgirlgonetom @majo240820 @misshale21 @itstaskeen @pure-ghost @justafangirlduh @elizabeth-brown @roseke @onyourgoddamnleft @lovelyxtom @hallecarey1 @zspideyy @elizabeth228
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lilquackquack · a day ago
Arvin Russel's character creeps me out and I find it hard to be romantically interested. Although that just proves that Tom did a great job at playing his part. I don't feel the same "bad boy" energy that others feels cause the show was genuinely disturbing. Part of it's mostly because I dislike movies that involve a lot of religion in it.
Tumblr media
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xoluvx · a day ago
this is me trying; t.holland
Tumblr media
» pairing: tom holland x reader » song: this is me trying » word count: 1.6K
"Hey, you want to join us for movie night today?" Zendaya's voice brought you back to reality. You glanced at her, she was holding the door open while leaning her head in through the small space. There was a small smile on her face like she was too scared to show too much emotion in case it triggered you.
Shaking your head, you leaned further into your bed pulling the covers closer to your chin.
"Are you sure?" she asked again. Usually, she would've given up, but this time she was persistent. There weren't many nights left.
"I'm sure," you said blankly not looking at her. You turned your back towards her bringing the covers over your shoulder. You heard a small sigh followed by the door closing. You felt your throat tightening, the familiar knot making it difficult for you to lay in peace.
The warm tears started forming and it wasn't long before they were streaming down your face.
"I don't understand what the big deal is," his voice echoed as you walked down the hallway. Your hands were fists at your side and all you wanted to do was disappear. "I'm talking to you," he called out again hoping you would stop.
But you weren't stopping.
"Tell me why that's wrong?" he asked again. His voice settling into a softer tone realizing that raising his voice wasn't going to help. He was quickly walking now in the hopes to catch you. His fingers wrapped around your arm gently and you stopped.
"What's wrong? I told you I didn't want to go public, you went against what I specifically told you I didn't want. Why would you do that to me?" you asked the hurt in your voice piercing through his heart.
It hadn't been his intention. It'd slipped. It wasn't something he could take back now.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-" he rambled, but you jerked your arm away shaking your head. The last words you spoke directly to him rung in his head.
"It's over. We're done."
Sinking deeper into the mattress, you held on to the comforter tighter. The tears had dried, but the pain was still holding on tight. You'd seen Tom since then. Obviously, you had to. There was no way of escaping him while you promoting the film, but you hadn't spoken to him. Not directly. Not intentionally.
There was a knock again. This time you didn't react so you were surprised when the door opened slowly and in came the familiar figure again.
"It's not the same without you," Zendaya said sitting at the edge of the bed. She wasn't leaving this time. "Why don't you talk to him?" she asked. She knew everything. She was the one person you ran to, but recently you'd started to slowly isolate her too only leaving the hotel room when you had an interview or special appearance.
"He doesn't want to talk to me anyway," you mumbled. Your voice was muffled by the comforter.
"How do you know? Has he told you that?" Zendaya flopped on the bed, she rested on her side watching the back of your head. Her hand came up to the covers trying to them from your face.
You groaned pulling on the cover.
"He doesn't want me back. I was awful to him," you said remembering how everything went down. The look of hurt he had on his face. The way he'd tucked his hands into the pockets of his trousers and slowly backed away like you'd just accused him of the most horrible crime. The way he turned around and didn't look back. Not once.
"Did he say that?"
"No, but I know." That was the end of the conversation. And the last time you really spent time with her. Or with anyone no the cast for that matter.
"He's not here tonight, just come down for a bit." She pulled on your arm. Finally, you gave up. You let her lead you to the rest of the cast. Sitting down on one of the couches you pulled your sweater sleeves down so your hands saved in the fabric.
There was laughter and talking, but you spaced thinking of the times when you were on this very couch with Tom making jokes with everyone. Back before the world knew about the two of you. Before your world seemed to come down in flames.
It'd been almost a month. A month without Tom. You'd think a month would be long enough to forget about him, but time did not heal your wounds. You'd tried texting him. You missed him. But he never replied. You had no idea where he was or what he was doing. Did he go back home for a break or did he stay in the country to work?
He hadn't posted on Instagram. It was like he'd vanished into thin air, just like you'd wished for when you broke up with him. Which you had to remind yourself, you broke up with him. It didn't make it any easier.
Have you heard anything from Tom?
You'd given in and texted Zendaya, with who you'd patched things up. You couldn't bear to lose her too.
He's actually in town.
The reply was quick and it almost caused your heart to jump out of your chest. He was in town and you didn't know. She hadn't told you without prompting. Had he asked her not to?
The address to the hotel he was staying in flashed on your screen and your heart started jumping again. Thumping loudly, so loudly you could hardly hear yourself think.
It was late. Late enough that paparazzi wouldn't follow you. Late enough that Tom would probably be asleep. Late enough that maybe he wouldn't even want to talk to you if he was awake.
After pulling a few strings, you were standing outside his hotel room. Your hands cold in the pockets of your jacket. Taking out a hand, you formed a small fist knocking on the door gently. No response.
You waited, biting your lip and debating whether you should just go. Shaking the defeatist attitude, you knocked again. This time with a little more force.
It took a few seconds, but the door opened slowly and a shirtless Tom peaked his head through the small crack.
"Hi," you exhaled. You hadn't realized you were holding your breath until you saw him. There was a warm fuzzy feeling in your chest. Your heart was happy to see him.
"What are you doing here?" he asked rubbing his eyes. He had been sleeping.
"You didn't answer my text," you almost whispered. It was as if you'd forgotten how to speak, how to put words together to form a cohesive thought.
"What?" he said furrowing his brows, he still hadn't opened the door completely and you were standing outside his hotel room awkwardly playing with your fingers.
"I text you-"
"You broke up with me. Am I obligated to respond? I've been busy..." he added almost as if to soften the blow.
Stepping back at the sound of his raised voice, you nodded. "You're right. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come." Walking backward, you apologized again turning on your heel, walking back towards the elevator. You heard the door close as you walked away cupping your hand over your mouth to block the ugly crying noises that were desperate to escape.
Pushing on the elevator button aggressively, you waiting for the ding. It felt like the longest seconds of your life. When the doors finally opened you stepped in. Again, the wait felt like an eternity. They were finally closing, but you saw an arm stop the doors.
It was Tom with his disheveled hair and a shirt. He'd put on a shirt.
"I didn't reply because it hurt too much," he confessed standing in front of you as the elevator doors closed. Your bodies shook as the elevator moved down and you held on to the railing to hold your ground.
"I wanted to. I wanted to reply, but you broke up with me." His voice cracked. You wiped some of the tears that'd started falling from your face. He was right.
"I'm sorry," you said finally looking at him. The tears were back, but you weren't wiping them this time. "I want to-" your voice cracked and your chest tightened. You stopped and inhaled deeply watching Tom stand in front of you with confusion.
"I want to try again. Please." Stepping forward you tried reaching for his hand, but he retracted it quickly running both hands through his hair and cupping one over his mouth.
"We can't-" he said softly the elevator doors finally opening. This was your queue.
"It's fine," you smiled forcefully shaking your head as he tried approaching. "It's okay. I'm going," you said pushing past him quickly leaving him dumbfounded on the elevator.
The air was cold as you stepped outside. Your tear-streaked face was faced with the cold wind and tucked your hands into your coat again silently sobbing as you aimlessly walked down the street.
Were you hallucinating? Turning you saw Tom standing by the hotel entrance. He was walking towards you. Your feet worked quicker than your brain, you started walking towards him too. Each step quicker than the one before and soon enough you were face to face.
His breathing was heavy, his hands cold as they made contact with your cheeks.
"Let's try again," he whispered as he brushed his nose against yours. His lips only centimeters away from yours. Wrapping your arms around his body, you closed the gap. The tears that pooled on your cheeks coursed down your cheeks as you closed your eyes. Losing yourself in the kiss, you tightened your grip around him and his thumb gently wiped the tears.
You didn't know how things would work out, but you knew you wanted to be with him. Publicly or not. You'd never stop trying.
folklore masterlist
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witchlyboo · a day ago
I'll feel personally offended ig Logan doesn't appear in the serie again
No worries, all of them will have at least three individual parts and lots of cameos.
Tumblr media
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blindingdutchy · a day ago
Tumblr media
so, i have three different WIPs right now in early stages of completion, and my brain is going numb from the divided attention. i cannot decide between my babies, so i'm asking for opinions on what you'd like to see! i'm gonna get to all of them eventually, but for now i'm asking to just pick one.
all three of these are tom fics and are going to be much longer than what i've posted so far--i'm projecting 15-20k+ words each. all of them contain smut and are tom x fem!reader
just for tonight | actor!tom NSFW summary: there's always been an unspoken understanding that, perhaps in another life, you and Tom would have been so much more than just friends. but when he comes to you needing a place to stay, just to get away for awhile, you can't hold back from crossing that line anymore--even if you know it's doomed to fail from the start.
son of a pitch | baseball!tom NSFW summary: life really likes to kick you when you're down. you got dumped, lost your job, kicked out of your apartment, and to top it all off you're at risk of losing your scholarship if you don't get your grades up. but, hey, Tom's pretty great--maybe he's just what you need to keep from striking out.
lucky | frat!tom NSFW summary: you never thought you had all that great of luck, so when you handed over the winning raffle ticket for a date with Tom, you certainly never expected to fall in love. a little too judgmental and guarded following your breakup with your ex, maybe luck was never the issue at all.
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seulbby · a day ago
hey y'all!
i hope everyones doing amazing. i'm out of school and finally have a lick of free time (not for long, i got a summer job). if you want me to write anything please send me a request!
i will be taking a hiatus from the 'give me a reason' story. not many people have read it, and i don't know where i want to go with it just yet. thanks!
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tommydarlings · a day ago
Okay, short update to my "All the good girls go to hell" Serie. I really can't find the motivation to go on with writing that Serie... Either I'm gonna stop writing it ( but I won't delete it so u can still read these 4 parts) or I'm gonna go on with it but that will take a loooooooong time... I'm not sure yet but rn I wanna focus on one shots and drabble's again :) maybe I'm gonna start a new series.... Who knows? :")) ily, liz <3
Tumblr media
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Photo Opportunities
Word Count: 2.7k
Pairing(s): Tom Holland x Actress!Reader
Warnings: FLUFF with a slightly (barely) suggestive sentence towards the end 
A/n: damn I can't write anything except actress reader? smh but this is for @londonspidey ‘s sit-com Writing challenge (ik I'm early lol) but I was so excited I wrote the whole thing in one go lmao the prompt is bolded!
Tumblr media
Calling yourself a fan was an understatement. You were obsessed with anything and everything marvel. And oddly enough, you could after today say you were in the club. It wasn’t a public fact yet, until later that day actually, at the Marvel panel at comic con that you were being announced as the actress for the character, Felica Hardy and no one else knew except for the people who cast you and your best friend who signed an NDA. You were technically still a known actress for your roles on television mainly as Thalia on the PJO Disney + series and a couple of still decently sized films. 
You were currently wrapping up signing autographs for fans of yours for today. Your team had planned it out so it wasn’t suspicious that you were at the con with a few of your castmates scattered doing other junkets and press so people wouldn’t guess who they were acting as the cast for new marvel projects. 
You had been planning to go meet your best friend, who wasn’t in the industry before getting a text that she bought you both a photo-op with someone and she wouldn’t tell you who. You couldn’t only assume it was a marvel actor that you would indeed, freak out. 
Y/b/n: btw I brought you a mask. I get the wig lol.
You: please tell me it doesn’t cover my full face. Also, how are we posing?
Y/b/n: I bought as many photo ops as I could so a lot of different ones, And if I tell you the poses it’ll spoil it.
You: is this with the money I pay you to be my assistant with? Lol fine I’m omw with security
Y/b/n: maybe… 
Y/b/n: and they’ll need more backup security for who we’re getting a photo op with than you do for your hellfire.
You roll your eyes before taking your stuff and exiting the booth, before heading out the backways with staff security and your detailed security for the day. You only had security because you wanted to explore the con when you weren’t needed.
Your best friend had also been your assistant for the con weekend, but you didn’t want her to be confined to you the whole three days so when she could, you would let her explore it, at least she could experience it as a fan, right?
When you made it to that part of the building, you wanted to wait in line with her, which your security didn’t agree to so she texted you when there were about five people ahead of her. She was one of the last in line, with you asking her to be kind, so others would get their chance to be first with whomever it was. 
When she texted you and your detailed exit, getting a few stares and others taking their phones out to either take photos or tweet, you wave at them before joining your best friend in line.
“Here,” she says before handing you none other than a black cat mask before she puts on a red wig. 
You glare at her slightly trying to not make a scene, before putting it on. 
“I’m assuming you're Mary Jane?” you laugh figuring out that it had to be someone from Spider-Man.
“How’d you- never mind.” She laughs with you.
She then explains how she’s going to pose for your five photo ops, joking in between how she should “get a raise for this”.
You catch sight of him before sucking in your breath. This was either going to go down amazingly or terribly, there was no in-between with you. 
“Excuse Me, are you Y/n Y/l/n?”
You turn around and are met by some fans who were standing in line behind you.
“I am! How’s your con going?” you ask politely to the two of them.
“It's going amazing! We love you as Thalia! Could we maybe get a picture? Only if it’s okay?”
“Of course! Thank you for supporting me!” your best friend grabs their phone to take the photo, before you take off the mask, and stand between the two fans, and your best friend snaps a few photos. 
“Thank you so much! And Are you fans of Tom?”
You start slowly walking back to catch up to the line. 
“Yeah, I love him as Spiderman, but I also enjoy his other roles. He's very talented, I'd love to work with him one day!” 
“Have you seen him in Uncharted?  We love Him as Nathan drake!”
“I have, he was amazing per usual! How are you two posing with him?”
They show you their innovative pose. You laugh and tell them it's great before you have to wish them goodbye before heading up for your turn for the photo op. 
“How do we want to pose- hang on, I recognize you!”
You freeze slightly before your friend mouths for you to flirt. You look down at the mask in your hand before getting into character and saying “Of course you do Spidey, I'm always causing you trouble.” you put on the mask and wink. 
He seems slightly stunned, laughing, feeling like he’s seen you somewhere, not only because he found you extremely gorgeous, while in his peripheral vision he sees his brother/ assistant, Harry waving like a madman on the side. 
Your friend directs you both through the poses, first, one both him putting “webs” onto you as she looks over his shoulder, the second one, both of you kissing his cheeks, the third, all jumping in the air in your best superhero poses, the fourth one she gets a photo op alone and the last one she gives to you,
“Seriously, who are you?”
“Your Wildest dreams, baby,” you say, taking off the mask. 
Your best friend yells “freestyle” from the sidelines before Tom dips you, gently, with you shocked, holding the mask out with your free arm and the photo captures that moment. 
 He gently helps you stand back up fully, not before you drop the mask.
“Nice moves Spider-Man.”
“Not so bad yourself, Black Cat.”
You laugh before, taking off with your best friend, well more her dragging you to the printing station leaving the mask behind. Tom picks it up before shoving it in his back pocket to hopefully give back if he could find you. 
`You were sitting in the green room, trending on Twitter before you were actually supposed to be trending on Twitter, and god knows where else.  
Someone had snuck a video of you and Tom, up till him dipping you, and a video of you interacting with the fans in the line.
Your Y/b/n was currently reading off some tweets out loud
“‘A kind queen we stan.’  I agree, I also agree with ‘Date her if you can't date me tom!!!’.
‘THALIA AND PETER PARKER??? My two fandoms have collided.’ same, same. Oo this one says, ‘if she ain’t playing black cat I will sue marvel.’ I'm dying at the reply ‘She needs to post the photos or I'll sue her!’. This one’s funny, ‘she could squash him like a bug in heels but he liked his queen like that.’.”
She pauses watching you texting.
“Y/n? Y/n?”
“What? Sorry I was only half listening. I was texting my publicist. She said to stay on the DL until tonight. 
“Well we should get food, you haven't eaten since this morning.”
“By the way, your show has shot to number one on Disney +. Also, you have like three times the followers you had before, probably cause you're trending on every platform, even Tumblr!”
“Wow you should just become my social media manager now.” you joke trying to ease the joy yet weirded out feeling in your stomach.
“Does that come with a raise? Because after today I've spent way too much of what I'm paid.” she jokes back.
After finishing his photo ops Tom asked Harry who she was and to find out. By the time he finished autographs for the day, Tom and Harry walked to the panel room in the back for announcements, one that included him for the new Avengers movie, while Harry gave him the rundown.
“So she’s an actress, she plays Thalia on Disney plus’ Percy Jackson series, and that's her most known project. The other girl with her is her assistant best friend, and now she's trending everywhere. People dug up some old photos of her being a marvel/Spider-Man fan, so there's that. And she's here at the con for the rest of the weekend. She's doing photo ops tomorrow at one, and yes she's single from what I gather since you were looking at her like this.” he makes a weird face before tom smacks him.
“And plus you have time in your schedule to get a photo op with her, that is if you eat lunch quickly.”
That gave Tom an idea. 
“Harry I’m going to need you to book me one, oh and help me find a Spider-Man costume!” He says, before leaving harry to do ‘assistant’ work. entering the green room for the announcements, watching them announce a new movie.
“We are so excited to announce to the Marvel Universe, and spider-verse-” that perked tom’s ears, “-directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and today we are announcing our amazing Miss Felicia Hardy, please give a warm welcome to the stage, Your Black Cat!”
You suddenly emerged in an aisle way, dressed in all black with a leather jacket, black ankle boots, and of course black sunglasses indoors.
The music is marvel music until it suddenly changes after a recorded laugh from you into “I can’t be tamed by Miley Cyrus”.
You start owning the music while saying hi and touching fans’ hands. You decide to take off your sunglasses and throwing them to a fan, for them to keep, before getting on stage.
“What a Performance from the one the only Y/n Y/l/n!”
You laugh, being met with the loudest applause you had heard all con before being handed a Mic. 
“Thank you but I'm a terrible dancer.” You Joke.
Tom was staring at the screen stunned. You had been the black cat all along. You were in the marvel universe and spidey one,  so he'd definitely be seeing more of you. The hard part is that you seemed so genuine when you talked, interacted with fans and was no doubt, stunning. 
“Better close your mouth or the flies will get in.” Tom turns around to find the voice of none other than his friend slash bully, Sebastian Stan, along with Anthony Mackie.
“Looks like the kid has a crush!” Anthony laughs, pointing to the screen you were on.
“I-I don’t! I don’t even know her!” Tom tries to come to his own defense, hopelessly.
“She’s got you whipped already don’t even deny it.” Harry comes in, joining the teasing of one, Tom Holland.
“Maybe we can invite her out for drinks tonight, then fanboy over here can meet her, and then probably scare her off!” Anthony mentions.
“You haven’t looked on the internet? They’ve already met.” Seb says, before showing Anthony twitter. 
Anthony stands there slightly shocked before bursting into laughter.
“Well, she’s damn well a keeper for Tom since she obviously likes him.”
A staff member peaks their head in the green room to tell Tom he’s up next.
“Well, that’s my cue to leave you two!”
On the other hand, you were on an adrenaline high from being on stage, and seeing all the fans. You knew tomorrow was going to be crazy, as you expected people to book your photo op left and right since the announcement. 
You had decided to decline an offer from your fellow marvel universe castmates, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, which they so graciously told you that whenever you’re free, the offer still stood. 
You had gotten to your hotel room seeing your phone blowing up on the social media apps for the second time that day. 
You responded to the important stuff, before heading to bed, knowing it was going to be hectic.
You had been right, it was absolutely insane, the number of people who showed up. You had fully booked all your time slots for photo ops. You had seen so many people dressed up in marvel cosplay, ranging from Loki to Ironman, even some people dressed up as your character, which was wildly insane to see.
You had been nearing the end of the line and had enjoyed every moment with the fans, and you couldn’t wait for your autographing session later that day, to truly get a chance to talk to the fans and connect with them and how they felt about you being their beloved Black Cat. 
After a few more photos, posing how they wanted, you see a fully dressed, head to toe, mask and all, Spider-Man. You had seen some spider-mans but most took off their masks to snap a picture. The person was the last in line. 
“Hey Black Cat.” The southern American accented voice tells you, seeming very familiar. 
“Hey, Spider, what poses do you have up your sleeve?” you ask kindly.
“I bought a few, Cat.” they laugh.
“Okay, You can do whatever a spider can right?” you pull out a line out of the comics jokingly.
“I can do flips if that’s what you’re asking.”
“Is that some kind of nerd pick-up line? Because it’s only kind of working.” you laugh. 
“I really can, but this is one.”
He gets down on one knee, holding a black cat mask instead of a ring. The photographer captures the shocked expression on your face.
“I- Don’t- What- Spider I-” 
“Ow My feelings…” Suddenly their voice changes into a British accent before they pull off the mask to reveal-
“I guess you don’t have a spidey sense darling?” The photographer captures the moment without warning eating the moment up. 
You laugh at that. 
“I guess you found out my true identity Spider. And it’s nice to officially meet you, Tom.”
He laughs, just as nervous as you, he notices he has gotten closer to you and a strand of hair loosely is blowing in your face, so naturally, he pushes it behind your ear. Another snap of the camera can be heard. 
“NOW KISS!” a voice belonging to your best friend yells from the side, mid-eating a churro.
You both laugh really hard at that.
The both of you calm down, slowly leaning lost in the moment. The camera snaps again. You both look at the photographer weirded out, and they just shrug.
“Wait can you actually do a flip?” you ask, pulling away, not wanting prying eyes aka the photographer, to pry in your business. 
“I can, though I’d show you later, maybe in the greenroom?”
“That sounds naughty, but, sure.” you joke around. 
He laughs before, you both take off from the area going to grab the photos.
After spending most of the day together when you could, you get Tom’s number, before heading back to your hotel room. He texts you as soon as you get back. 
Spider: I had fun today, minus finding our assistants making out.
You: we should ‘snog’ too, it’ll gross them out ;)
You: I had fun too btw. Are you leaving tomorrow?
Spider: lol we should. And yeah an early flight, 6 am to be exact. Hbu?
You: Yeah me too... another day another dollar lol
Spider: ill miss you, Cat.
You: stop talking like we’ll never see each other again lol. As a matter of fact, come to my room, we’re watching a movie!
Spider: alright, I’ll order snacks. 
  You sigh smiling at your phone. You haven’t felt this giddy in a long time.
Your phone pings with a few Instagram notifications.
Tomholland2013 has started following you.
Tomholland2013 has tagged you in a photo.
You open Instagram to find the photo of him “proposing” to you posted.
“Ow, my leg, my- feelings...Welcome to the Universe, Cat.” the photo is captioned. You decide to post, the photo of him dipping you.
“So what do you say, Spider? Wanna help me pull off the Heist of the Heist of the Century?” you caption it, Before getting comfortable to watch a movie. 
What an opportunity ;)
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All the things you forgot | p.p.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Stark!Reader
Summary: Peter and the reader were dating when he died, but now that he’s back, she doesn’t remember him anymore.
Warnings: spoilers from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, au in which Tony Stark is alive, age gap of five years between Peter and the reader (they were the same age when he died in Avengers: Infinity War), reader is Tony’s daughter, angst
A/N: hello! Yes, this idea comes from The Vampire Diaries (season 6), but I wanted to portray that in a fic with Peter. Anyway, I hope that you like it. Feedback is always appreciated by a writer. Enjoy! 💌
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Tumblr media
It was like he put the rewind button. Everything went back. Every memory, every touch, every time he said “I love you” to you, every Sunday morning that he escaped from your window because your father couldn’t find him in your bed, especially when you had school on Monday. Every limb of his body felt like disintegrating. When Tony embraced him into his arms, he almost crashed his ribs. He couldn’t breathe.
“She doesn’t remember you, Peter”.
No. That couldn’t happen.
“What?” He whispered.
He almost died for good. He almost lost her. But this was way worse. He was a stranger to her, now. Again.
“I’m sorry, but I’m late. See you later Dad, okay?” She said, giving Tony a kiss on his cheek. Then she waved at Peter, before she disappeared from their view.
Peter pushed Tony away, angry now. He clenched his jaw, while Ned was looking at him with concern in his eyes.
“You promised me. You promised that you would have protected her! We swore to each other that, if someone between us two would have remained alive, that person would have protected her. You promised me!” Peter shouted.
Tony grabbed him by his arm and brought him outside. The other students, Y/N’s students, didn’t have to know what has happening.
“I didn’t agree with what she did. Nat was her best friend, remember? She didn’t agree too. We think that Wanda did it, but she doesn’t want to tell us the truth. One day, she came back home and all I know is that she didn’t cry for your death that night. It happened one year later,” he explained. “She also stopped wearing the ring you gave her”.
Peter swallowed hard.
“The ring? The promised ring? I wanted to marry her one day, Mr. Stark. I haven’t bought her a ring for nothing, I meant that! I stuck with my promises,” he said, glancing at Tony with rage but also fear.
Tony sighed.
“I know, kid. But to be completely honest with you, she was better without all the memories. We can’t understand her pain,” Tony said.
“I can! I don’t want to live without her!”
“Then, have her! Do whatever you can to get her back, Peter. Even if she’s five years older than you, know. Do something,” he said, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“I’m gonna get her back, Mr. Stark. If I have to make her fall in love with me again, I will do it. This is a promise”.
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a/n: I got this idea in class so pls don't judge me lol
parring: prof!tom x student!reader
Tumblr media
"Okay class, let's start with history" your professor Mr. Holland told his class proudly. "I hate history, but I genuinely simp for the teacher" your best friend mumbled quietly to you. You laughed before you answered,
"I know Sally, you say that every single time when we have history" you whispered to her. "Hey, I'm just stating facts girl" she murmed. "Sure you do sall" you answered with a grin.
"You can't tell me that you think that he isn't hot, c'mon y/n" she told you while she tried to concentrate on what Mr. Holland was explaining to the class. You shook your head lazily before you said,
"I won't answer that question Sally and you know that"
"So you got the hots for our history teacher!" she whispered pretty loud. "Shh sall, we can't get caught, not again" you told her quietly while you tried to focus. "Whatever" she said with a tiny smirk.
But like Sally said, you teacher is not bad at all, but history is boring as fuck.
So you picked up your pencil and started to play with it. You twisted it around your fingers quickly while you tried to understand what Mr. Holland is teaching his class. Suddenly you twisted your pencil kinda too quickly and it fell out of your hand and landed right next to Mr. Holland's desk. You mumbled a quick 'fuck' before you stood up and tried to sneak your way to the desk.
Quietly you were able to sneak your way to the desk that stood at the front of the big classroom and picked up your pencil.
Little did you know that Mr. Holland noticed every single move you made and stood now right infront of you and looked down at your body.
While you were on your knees.
You slowly lifted your head and looked up at him with nervousness in your eyes. Mr. Holland smirked and laughed a little bit before he let his pencil 'accidentally' drop on the floor right next to your knees. He slowly leaned down so that his mouth hovered over your ear and whispered,
"You look so good on your knees for me princess"
He slowly stood up again and starred down at your body. "Don't you want to get back to your place Mr. Y/l/n?" he asked. You nodded with your head quickly before you raised yourself on your feet and went back to your place.
"Sally, I'm fucked"
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Would y’all like a one shot fic tomorrow that I wrote for a challenge WAY too early?
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Definitely, maybe.
Part three: The one with the biggest head.
Introduction. Part 1. Part 2.
Paring: Latina!reader x Logan Lerman x Tom Holland x Ben Hardy x Timothee Chalamet x Pedro Pascal x Michael B. Jordan
Warnings: angst??? language, misspellings, and me learning how to write properly.
Word count: 5.5 k
a/n: This Timothée is also an actor but not based in the real one, this is all for drama purposes. This took me a long time thanks to college but I'm on vacation now so you'll see me more, also, 150 followers is a lot for me so thanks to everyone that decided that I'm interesting enough.
Tumblr media
—He wrote his number on my left boob and drew a penguin with a spade next to it.—You say to Beth, your new friend and the other unpaid helper, a beautiful dark skin woman with two kids, something that made you respect her instantly, being a mother sounds hard enough, but two, Dios.
Two weeks ago was your first day at work, and even when you tried so bad not to get too excited, every single thing in it was even better than you imagined. The movie you’re helping is some kind of Pride and Prejudice, or that’s what you can tell by the costumes since you can’t read the script or go to the set yet, you're some kind of intern anyway.
—Sophisticated—She mumbles sarcastically while you iron one of the extra's pants, of course, do this isn’t the funniest part of the journey but it’s ok, you are learning a lot, meeting interesting people and of course, Jacqueline Durran. People say meet your idols is disappointing but this isn't the case, she's a sweet and hardworking woman, you haven't much time to talk with her but see her in action is enough satisfaction. For now.—My husband hid my wedding ring in my son's tooth under his pillow when I was about to change it for money, so he isn't a standard for romance either.
—The Tooth Fairy, you meant.—You whisper when some people of the crew enter the trailer looking for something.
—No, we don't do that, I won't let that bitch take the credit for my money, no Santa, no Easter Bunny, anything.—You look at her like she just said her children eat only purple food.
—What, why?
—I don't like to lie to them and they have the whole experience with gifts, money, and stuff. The point is, people have weird ways to express their affection, maybe Ben wanted you to know how much he likes your body and the penguin is a metaphor of how it's not just physical, a funny sparkle. Oh, and the spade is because he is a serial murder but you are his only exception.
—What's your problem with Santa?—You ask ignoring the rest of her speech, the relationship with Ben is, weird, sometimes you feel like he likes you too much, and then ignores you for three days, you try not to think about it, you send messages to each other constantly with memes and shitpost, nothing serious, not that you wanted to but no appreciate the confusion. Beth hit you on the head with a fabric roll and you laugh.
—I don't like the idea of an old white man getting in my house in the middle of the night, and you're changing the subject.—But she didn't have time to elaborate because they called you to meet Durran outside the building. All the interns being anxious and ready to jump off a cliff if she asks for it.
—I need extra hands on set so everyone comes with me, you bring an extra makeup box.—She said pointing at some guy you never talked to—And you get ahead and prepare Anya.—She said to Beth. This is the most exciting moment you ever got, meet the actors, see the set and do some real and important work for the movie.—I'll take all the assistants with me today but as usual Mr. Chalamet arrived late so I need someone to prepare him.—She is examining everyone until her eyes stop on you, a little pink Chihuahua full of energy and emotion.— Yeah, you dear, you seem pretty and he probably won't eat you alive, he's in his truck. Everyone else, come with me.—She claps her hands, sign to everyone to do what they have to.
Ok, shit. On one hand, you have your first important task, on the other, you have to deal with the biggest pain in the ass in Hollywood. Mr. Chalamet is a huge diva, with a bad mood and cute hair, you weren't disappointed to hear that, he already has a reputation as a hot brunette Draco Malfoy being bossy around the set. Why everyone seems to forget that, what's the secret behind being a total jerk and get away with it? Being handsome, yes, being the son of one of the most important actors of his time, ok, but most importantly, he is extremely good in what he does. Everyone thought he would be slowly lost in his father's shadow but he got two Oscar nominations for two different movies oh his debut year and since that, every movie he is part of, is a blockbuster.
Being constantly compared with someone must be stressful and sometimes you feel empathy for him; but not now, no when you see him sitting in his trailer like Joffrey Baratheon asking for your head. But that's not the right attitude, you are extremely professional and you promised yourself not to be on the list of fired people by him, and who knows, meet him could be exciting.
—Good morning.—You say trying to sound more self-confident than you actually are, you don't bother to look at him and go directly to the work table, he doesn't seem to care since is too busy watching his phone. His makeup it's done and his costume on, so the last thing to do is his hair, the new American treasure. He is sitting in front of the mirror wall, with a serious face and no intentions of giving you a good first impression.
—Where’s Fake Blonde Big Ears?—He says abruptly surprising you, you give a little jump that you hoped he didn’t see. His eyes connected with his phone with no interruption, not even a glance; you were aware that he is mean but, is he really ignoring your pretty white boots with tiny shiny strawberries that you sewed yourself, on purpose? There’s no way he didn’t see them, he isn’t ignoring you because he’s too cool to talk with an intern like you, he is ignoring you because he’s acting cool, and for some reason, that gives you some kind of comfort.
—Who?—You ask with a voice that sounds way softer and high than you pretended. You cough trying to clarify your throat and start preparing the brushes, you know how to do his hair, you studied every single part of the costume department for a moment like this, all of the helpers did, you don't have any reason to be nervous.
—If you have an audition problem tell me now, I hate repeating stuff, something that obviously isn’t a problem with Fake. Blonde. Big. Ears— He said the last part slowly as if he was talking to a senior person. You grip the brush hard until your fingertips turn white, but you managed yourself and start fixing his hair.
—I don’t have a problem but I don’t know anyone with that name. — Good, a political answer, kind, polite, no need to start a fight with your temporary boss, tomorrow you will be back at the studio with nice dresses and leather boots, they'd never insult someone for their looks, and most importantly, they can't fire you.
—I’d call acting idiot a problem, you know who I talk about and you choose to play dumb and be nice instead.— You look at him through the mirror to find his big green inexpressive eyes looking directly at your soul, slowly taking the life of it, or that’s how you feel it.
Don't look at a violent animal directly to the eye, advice your grandma gave you once and this is the perfect example of it.
—I don’t see why not being an asshole is a problem.—You almost regret saying that, but he was pushing you just in the right places and your temper is winning over you. Your hot blood gives you confidence enough to keep doing your work, doesn't matter what he says or what power he has. You work for Jacqueline, not him.
—Are you calling me an asshole? —He asks with the same stupid beautiful face, but you take the look away of the violent animal, hoping that's enough for him to not bite.
—Did you call me idiot?—You say ignoring the gaze that is pointing at you like the red dot sight of a gun in your forehead.
—I said you play like an idiot.
—Then I guess I did.—And before he could say anything else you turn on the hairdryer and keep doing your thing gladly that you have to move your hands too much so he can’t see them shaking. You are pretty sure that you will regret every decision you made since you entered this room but it’s too late to get back to the nice tame girl.
An assistant knocked on the door giving the five minutes remain and you stop holding your breath, the fresh memory of the world outside this trailer is enough to keep you sane.
—Done.—You say finally putting the things you used back in their place, waiting for him to leave, but he is not leaving, of course, he doesn’t care about getting late for the shooting, everyone is there for him including you.
—You didn’t answer my question.— The sound of his voice behind you gives shiver to your spine even when he isn’t that close. You feel really stupid for giving him that power over you, is just a bully and you're not scared of them.
—Her name is Paulette and she’s helping on set.—Her ears are that big? You never noticed it, that makes you wonder what bad things he sees in you that you don’t.
—You look at people when they talk to you. Turn around.—…What? You do what he asks with frown eyebrows, he must be kidding, there’s no way an adult could talk like that to another adult, you almost break in laughs. —What’s so funny?
—I’m sorry, is just that I’ve never seen a head this huge.—You respond with a soft smile, and walking beside him, ready to run to your freedom and probably dismissal. His hand in your arm stops you suddenly, the tension of your body warns you that your about to choose violence.
—Brave comment coming of the ugliest boots that ever existed. —You knew he saw them, don’t appreciate the review but he didn’t completely ignore you.— At least I hope they’re comfortable enough to walk through the unemployed life.
—Oh, they are, thanks for the concern Mr. Chalamet, I don’t understand why everyone says you’re such a dickhead.—You have an extracorporeal experience listening to yourself, you can’t let him get into your head and give him reasons to fire you and take the only thing in your life that has sense. You calm your breathing and look at him with an eased expression.—I'm sorry, I shouldn't...
—Don’t ruin it.—He cuts you off rolling his eyes and lowering his grip to your forearm, softer and even sweet, like an unintentional caress. Your confused face makes him smile and shakes his head.—Just when you got my attention.—He whispers in your ear and proceeds to leave the truck with no other explication, leaving a shocked and scared pink woman with the eyes wide open and about to fade out. He is worst when is kind.
—I’m home! —You yell closing the apartment door behind you, ready to jump into the couch, watch a corny movie that you never would admit you like, and cry. —I need Sheep’s special soup, I have one of those days! —You keep yelling at the empty space and go directly to the fridge.
—She went to the store. —A male voice beside you makes you scream and throw a ketchup bottle at his bare chest since is the first thing you find.
—Who the fuck are you?!
—Michael, I’m dating Stella, I thought you knew, hey. —He offers you his hand and you look at it cautiously.
—Prove it. —You respond still hiding behind the fridge's door and looking for another thing to throw at him, something more harmful after the unsuccessful condiment.
—Prove it?—He laughs crossing his arms surprised at your demand. —Ok then, Stella is 21 years old, studies acting, Australian, blonde with small beautiful blue eyes, and shares this apartment with his Hispanic best friend with commitment problems and anger issues. —You gasped feeling hurt by the second stranger insulting you today.
—She would never say that… the anger issues at least.—You close the fridge door now sure that he isn’t some kind of thief pretending to fix the heater to rob your cool handmade dresses and painting of random people at the park. Not today but those things will be priceless someday.
—Yeah, she didn’t say that part but I can hear you screaming in the background when I call her, so.—This is not a good day to put your attitude in perspective, you don't want to add anything to the stereotype of Hispanic people being loud and dramatic but maldita sea, these Americans couldn't be more annoying today.
—Ok I’m loud, does that means I have anger issues? Typical Michael, judge, nosy, a hateful now it all and whiney, yes she told me about you and I won't tell you which part of that is what she didn't say.
—Heeeey! —Sheep opens the door at the perfect moment for her to hear you insulting her new boyfriend and you run to hug her because she is the only person that never makes you feel judged—Oh no, honey, what happened?—She leaves the shopping bags and wraps you with her arms softly caressing your back.
—I insulted Timothée Chalamet, he said that my boots are ugly, then your half-naked boyfriend with tiny nipples said I have anger issues, something that is probably true because I called my boss an asshole and I’m surely gonna get fired because he said that I got his attention and I don't know if he was flirting with me o threatening me to death. —You whine on her shoulder releasing everything you kept for yourself on the way back home.
—I'm going to need more information... Timothee Chalamet?—She asks giving a step back to look at you, but you only whine in response.—It's ok love, it's ok, I'm going to make your soup and everything will be more clear later.
She hurries to the kitchen and you see Michael's gaze mocking at you, you stick your tongue out at him and follow your friend.—Her name is Sheep, you pretentious fratboy.—You whisper when pass next to him.
—Dickhead? I need to teach how to swear, that's really the best you could think of?—Ben laughs through the phone making you blush, of course not, you have a thousand insults better than that, but none of those sounds good in English so you stick with the basics.
—Shut up, I was terrified and trying not to be that rude, I love that job.—You answer keep doing your homework. When you get a job with industry relevance the college gives you some facilities for you to keep studying, but that includes tons of no mercy homework.
—After the boots comment? No way, I would have punched him in the face right there.—You heard him giggling.
—Careful, I still can get even with someone.
—No, I’m for real, I like them, actually the next time I see you I want you to wear nothing but them.—He knows that the path to your smile is flattering your clothes because of how hard you work on them.
—It’s easier to say it since I haven’t seen you in a week.—You say making a big effort to not sound that needy, he has a way to make you forget everything around you, and even when that’s not a healthy choice, you crave for that feeling lately.
—I know, I want to see my cute Jigglypuff too but I want you to miss me badly so when I come back you can show me.—He says lowering his voice, making your stomach flinch, you love it when he uses that tone.
—I can show you now.—You say playfully and stopping to pretend that you care about your homework.
—Ok, fuck, just let me go to my room because I’m supposed to be at a reunion with the band and I didn’t know that pressure you to talk your day would bring us here.—You laugh hearing his breath get cut for what you think is him running.
His band is making a small tour in towns around, just to make sure they have the zone covered before making a big concert and sold out, he is supposed to be back in a week and you can’t be more excited about seeing him again. His presence is so intoxicant and addictive, not caring about real-life problems, and not being able to see all the things about yourself that you don’t like. But, you like him that way? You have asked that question to yourself the last few days but since you're not ready for the answer, you don’t get deep into it.
The next day you wake up with your phone in your hand, you turned off the alarm in your sleep and now you are terribly late to work. This is unusual in you but Ben kept you awake up for hours and then homework for the rest of the night. Say you had three full hours of sleep would be excessive.
—I’m sorry, I’m here! I overslept but I brought you a coffee and a firm excuse for my first and last delay.—Out of breath you start overwhelmingly Ted, the helper's manager, and offer him the drink you bought for yourself but seems more useful to charm him.
—It’s ok, he arrived ten minutes ago but is still eating breakfast so that gives you another five at least.—He says without looking at you but taking the coffee, you had no idea what he’s talking about and why your coworkers are looking at you like you have a fatal disease you don’t know about.
—I’m sorry, who arrived?—You ask hugging yourself, needing some kind of support. He finally looks at you and scans from head to toe, not rudely, just analyzing.
—Aren’t you...—He looks at his phone looking for something.—Hispanic Pesky Nice Ass?—He finishes putting his phone down and ignoring the awkwardness of bringing your ass to the conversation.
—...I guess, I mean yeah, could be.—There’s no other Hispanic intern in that department and ok, you have a nice ass, not sure about the pesky part, especially because you don't know what that means but if it's the way Timothée described you, you couldn't wait to be something completely kind.
—No one told you, huh?—He says with a distressing look.—Congratulations, you are the new cosmetologist of Mr. Chalamet, you are a paid employee from now on... if you see the good part, HPNA—He says referring to the initials of your new nickname while starts walking away.
—Wait! No, I’m not a cosmetologist, I’m a costume designer, well, I aspire to be, I work for Mrs. Durran...—You start saying following him and trying to keep his track, is way taller than you.
—And she doesn’t care about you, she gets another intern in a second. This is a real and lifetime opportunity, some people would give a hand for a thing like this, and I'd be more worried about doing a good job and put his name in my resume. Now go to his trailer because he specifically asked for you.—You stop walking and see him getting away from you taking your complaints with him. He is right, this is a big moment for your career. But at what cost?
You go to his trailer and knock at the door with a different attitude than yesterday, you are mad, he has absolutely no right to take you of your workplace and claim you as his, and for what? Revenge? Insult you again? It doesn’t matter, you won’t let him win, the filming will last another two weeks and then you’ll be free, with a star in your curriculum and money.
—Mhm.—You hear subtly from the other side of the door. Ugh, he doesn’t even mind to offers you a complete word, no, you won’t give him the pleasure of seeing you mad again. You enter the trailer with a kind smile that obviously he doesn’t see because he doesn’t look at you, again.
—Good morning.—You say joyful, if what he's interested in is you doing drama then that's exactly what you won't give him.
—You are really making an effort to look like a cartoon character.—How could he say that? He didn't even see you, or that's what you think, his gaze never left the phone.
Today you chose baby blue shorts and tank top with white buttons in the middle, a necklace with cotton balls all around that look like tiny clouds, matching earrings, and white sneakers with big rainbow platforms. You look pretty, doesn't matter what he says so you give him a soft polite laugh, the one you'd give a teacher.
—Glad you notice.—You answer going for your tools with the same cheerful tone.
—Your hair is even blinding than yesterday.—He keeps saying, clearly expecting a shrewd answer from you, but you still the same when starts doing his makeup.
—Oh, thanks, I use a special shampoo, I can give you the name if you want to.—You answer like an actor of a commercial, credible enough. You lean to his face to cover the shine with a brush but he stops you by holding your wrist.
—How long do you think you can keep this stupid attitude?—He says softly in a velvet voice that would have melted you if you weren't this mad. He pulls you a little bit to his body and you don't put up resistance, not sure why.
—Until the last moment.—You answer, release yourself from his grip and get back to your work. His smile increases devilishly while yours is weakened.
—Will see.
The next days happen as a long nightmare. You wake up every day after two or three hours of sleep, go to work, college, make a lifetime of homework, cry for five minutes, take a shower, and sleep as long as your alarm allows you. But the worst part is, not a surprise, Timothée Chalamet who works hard day by day humiliating and pushing you to your limits making you go for his food, spoon-fed him, cut his pills, ruin his hair to make you do it again, call you names, makes jokes about your clothes or hair and flirt in a passive-aggressive style that made you reconsider how much you want to keep working in films. He's not callously rude, is more like a naughty kid playing with his nanny, in other times you would have gone along with him but you're not there for that and the chaos around you just make it worst.
Ben has been your stand the whole week, making you smile with every message or just distracting you by saying stories of his crazy fans. You're not ready to have a relationship again but eventually, if the things with Ben keep going as great as now, you could give it a try.
—All I'm saying is that no one would blame you if you knock him off, everyone knows he's is a jerk, even me, and I've watched like three movies.—Ben says with a sleepy voice, he insisted to call you after work and since Timothée takes his time to arrive, you've been talking for almost an hour.
—His face must be assured for millions and I'm lucky if I buy a burger to lunch.—You say amused outside the trailer waiting for your headache of the day.
—I'll take you to dinner when I get back.—He replies using his flirty voice showing the multi intention of his offer.
—You'll be lucky if see me for five minutes. You should come one of these days and show him your muscles so he thinks I have a boyfriend double his size, maybe that calms him.—You laugh but he doesn't join you, instead, there's an awful silence that stabs you in the cheast.—Not that we are boyfriend and girlfriend, but he could think that.
—Oh, great!—Now he laughs and sighs audibly, too much to not be offensive.—I thought we were about to have that awkward conversation where I tell you that we are not dating and we're just friends having a good time, hanging out with other friends too, and is nothing serious.—You laugh too but not for the same reasons. It's not that you want anything else right now, but just friends that see other friends? That was almost hurtful, or just hurtful, that means that he has been living the great life with his friends when you can't even hang out with your actual friends. You're not sure what bothers you the most, there's a long list to check.
—No, we are clear in that, even when we haven't mentioned any of that, and one could get confused... not me, obviously.—You see Timothée arriving at the perfect moment because you don't think that you can keep lying without getting upset.—I gotta go.
—Ok love, I see you in three...—But you don't let him finish before hang up and enter in the trailer before the brunette does, that surprise him, and the absence of your forced smile and greeting.
—Buenos días.—He says in regular Spanish trying to catch your attention unsuccessfully. It may be the lack of proper sleep, eat, or Ben's new attitude but you are tired of keep playing with him a game that you can't win no matter how you see it. You don't answer but that's not his biggest fixation, your outfit is completely black, jeans, hoodie, and shoes, no sparkle or surprise detail, you look like a normal college student with a messy bun and eyebags.—I don't get the concept of your outfit today, are you the shadow of Peter Pan?
—Not today.—You murmur ordering the things in your backpack because like if it's not enough you have an important exam today, the reason why your about to break your personal record with no sleep.
—Oh, Princess Bubblegum is moody today, so sad, but you can use that energy to take my car to the service after we're done here.—He starts saying walking to you gracefully, like a panther charming his food, if that has any sense.
—Not today.—You repeat slowly feeling the anger stuck in your throat, you are trying so hard not to yell and show how exhausted you are of everything. He takes another step forward and places a hand in your backpack putting it down forcing you to look at him.
—Shit, you look terrible.—He mumbles looking careful at your face, was that concern?
—You know what, Mr. Charmander? From now on you have the permission of three insults per day, after that, it would be very nice if you shut the fuck up for the rest of the journey. Or even better, what if you just shut the fuck up forever and that's it!—You start saying raising your voice gradually, avoiding look at him because that would take the pinch of boldness you found somewhere inside you.
—Oh, you know my name! That's a fucking miracle Timothée because this must be the first time you say it and it's sadly the only expression of respect you have had for me.—You feel the blood up in your cheeks while you are fighting against the rage tears threatening to come out.
He waits until you stop talking and gives another step to you, but you are too emotional to care that your bodies are separated by just a few centimeters. He looks at you with affection and concern, for the last days he watched you lose your sparkle and it was almost hurtful.—What else?—He asks in a soft murmur that caresses your ears, the calm of his voice when he's not trying to be a pain in the ass is peaceful.
—Your selfish ass can't help to take everything you want. You had absolutely no right to take me off my job, do you have any idea of how hard I've worked? I can't sleep, I can't eat, I don't even enjoy what I study anymore, and none of that is your fault but being a complete dick and make my life miserable for your own entertainment is.—You realize how high you were talking but you don't care.
—Keep going.—He insists leaning his face to yours just enough to not be intrusive.
—You are rude, arrogant, cynical, and not as handsome in person.—You continue finally looking at his olive absorbing eyes that look more joyful at every second.—I don't know if you have some sort of SM fetish and you enjoy when I insult you but fuck it, don't make me part of this.
—Are you done?—He asks with a grin and his hand taking the claw clip off your hair making it fall, he moves a lock behind your ear, and is at that moment that you realize the amount of sexual tension in the room, allowing yourself to smell his scent for the first time, perfume more expensive than your phone, dim essence of herb mixes like mint or eucalyptus, and grape chapstick, you can see it glowing slightly on his lips.
—Enlisting all about you that pisses me off? It'll take several days.—Your voice got back to a regular tone and your eyes follow the trail of his hand that slides from your hair to your arm. You have chills. This is a new kind of mental torture?
—Good, the longer, the better.—His giggles dissolve the stress from your body and you take your time to breathe properly again, the new problem is your heartbeat. You should be mad at how he gets away with the rude things he did to you just smiling like a high schooler and touching you like a dog. But you are not.— I didn't know you wanted to be an intern, I assumed you'd love to work with me... because my head is giant.—He murmurs and you believe in his words, later you could blame the vulnerability that sleepless nights gave you.—I liked you and I thought that we were both playing.
—I'm not an alley you adopt and play with it.—You stay firm even when his touch is melting you inside.—And tell my boss I have a nice ass, you call that a compliment? You have the romantic personality of a 13 years old boy.
—Was that or Hispanic Pesky Clown Style, I had to be very specific.—He says amused, not offended by your words.
—Ya tuve suficiente...— You start saying and about to push him in the chest to walk away but he holds your face and takes you in a deep kiss that freezes you, the hold of his hands is soft and warm, not forcing you to stay close but enjoying your presence and claiming for more.
You hold his waist and end the space between both of you, receiving the comfort you didn't know you need. He holds the back of your neck and presses it just enough to make you stand on your tiptoes to reach his relief. You're not thinking clearly with your arms in his lower back and his tongue caressing your lips, it just feels correct at the moment.
He walks forward making you step back against the wall, you gasp against his mouth, he tightens the grab on your neck and you have to hold him harder to you to not fade out. He gets that as a need for proximity and uses his free hand to take your thigh and lift you up, using his own body to give you support.
The time stops, the entire existence is reduced to a distant memory when you put your hands in his hair, the one you been fixing and secretly wanted to mess up with your fingers like you're doing right now. He lifts your hoody enough to touch the bare skin of your waist, his fingertips are cold but the palm is warm, a proper mix, you think. His mouth goes down to your jaw and leaves small bites that he proceeds to lick, putting out the fire.
You look for the edge of his shirt to lift it up but the five minutes remain knock at the door arrives and you freak out pushing him too hard that he almost fell against the makeup table and you collapse on the floor.
When you see each other seconds later, both burst out laughing.
@eridanuswave @cjand10 @deluxeplanteater @rorodendra
Thanks for all the love and support, if you have opinions, suggestions or you want to be part of the tag list (Or don’t want to be part anymore) Let me know, I appreciate every message.
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Sweet Sugar
2 | Oh this town it's so electric
Tumblr media
pairing: tom holland x reader 
warnings: swear words, underage drinking (not much tho, nothing descritive and nothing like “Skins” lmao), suggestive scenes in some chapters, not smut!! but minors be aware. Fluff/angst/drama/ Y/n and Tom being stupid teenagers with feelings.
words: 2.5 k
a/n: english it’s not my first language, sorry for any mistake!
Summary: Y/n has always been Harrison’s and Tom’s best friend. Since childhood they’ve always been close, but what happens if after a break up with her first boyfriend, she starts to feel something more about Tom?
PART 2! If you want to read Part 1 click here
Don’t forget to check out the playlist by @petesrparker​ created for the series! here
❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁
It was almost 7pm on Saturday and I was almost ready to go meet Tom before we went to the party. I had put on a stylish shirt along with a skirt (a little shorter than i usually wore) and a sandal with a medium heel. After finishing doing my outline, I take the bag with the gift and went down the stairs.
The day before I had found something in the mall, a chain with an amber stone as a pendant. The attendant of the store had told me it meant protection and calm, which I thought was perfect to give to Tom as a way to show that I was there to comfort him whenever he needed it.
As soon as I went downstairs my mother was already waiting for me to fill me with accessories (she always complained that I didn't "dress up" properly).
- You look beautiful! - She said putting a bracelet on my wrist and two rings on my fingers.
- Aw, thanks mom!- I said giving a kiss on her cheek. - I have to go, because I'm almost late, I don't know what time I'll be back, probably before midnight.
-Okay, If you need anything calls us and we'll go get you. - She said and I nodded waving to my father who was in the living room. - Give my birthday wishes to Thomas and a hi to Haz for me and take this pie to Nikki. - She handed me a bag with a pot as we walked down the stairs from the front door.
- Okay, bye mom! - I said and waved down the street.
After walking for less than 10 minutes I was in front of Tom's house, took a deep breath, went up the stairs to the entrance and knocked on the door. I heard some screams to open the door from the inside and a "messy hair" Harry wearing striped pajamas answered me.
- It's Y/n! - He yelled to the side. - Come in. - He said as he gave me space and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
- Are you ready to sleep? - I said pointing to his pajamas. - Actually it's time to children to be in bed, you're right. - and Harry stuck out his tongue.
- So funny. Since we're not old enough to go to the party with you guys, me, Sam and Paddy are going to play video games and watch movies, you know, boys night. - He said as if celebrating, putting a fist up.
- Got it. In fact, what I really wanted was to be with you guys watching movies, much better than a party. - I said as we arrived in the kitchen, where Nikki and Sam were preparing cookies.
- I doubt it, I can't wait to go out and have fun at night. Harry said and I shrugged.
- What can I do? I'm a old lady... - I laughed and greeted Nikki and Sam with a hug.
- I wish my children like to stay in home like you. -Nikki spoke as she took the cookie shape out of the oven.
- Well Nikki, I've already tried to get them on the right path, but they're too rebellious.- I said and Harry and Sam giggled. - My mother sent you apple pie. - I put the bag on the counter.
- Yay, your moms apple pie is delicious!- Sam said opening the bag and taking a fork to taste.
- Teenagers....I don't know what I do with these pests anymore.- Nikki said putting her hand on her hip and watching Harry and Sam fight to eat the pie.
- Did I hear pie?- Paddy came into the kitchen greeting me with our handshake, which I taught him since he was practically a baby, Paddy and I had our little bond, I was his defender when the older brothers made fun of him.
He stole Sam's fork and ran off as he and Harry ran after him screaming.
-Oh God…I don't deserve this.- Nikki laughed. - Honey, Tom is there in his room getting ready, if you want to go upstairs.
- Okay, I'll hurry him.- I said and she agreed, laughing. - By the way, you look amazing! I loved your outfit.
- Thank you Nikki! - I thanked going towards the stairs.
Once I got to the top I walked until I reached the end of the hallway where Tom's room was, knocking on the door.
- Tommy? Can I come in? - I asked and heard a "come in!" from the inside.
I opened the door and saw Tom in front of the mirror finishing his hair. He wore a basic white T-shirt and black jeans, along with a black all star with white laces. He looks beautiful, which made me miss a few heartbeats for a moment.
- Did you like it? - He asked turning to me and opening his arms looking at himself and then at me again.
- Perfect! I loved the all star- I said and he smiled.
- You not looking bad yourself either... New skirt? - He said looking me up and down making me feel my cheeks burning.
- It's old, but I've never used it, I left it for special dates.
- I felt honored now- he said and I laughed.
-Hey happy brithday! - I approached and hugged him feeling his delicious and intoxicating perfume. - Best wishes, I hope all your dreams come true. - I said still hugging him tight and closing my eyes feeling him kiss my cheek when we let go.
- Thank you mate, you and Haz are one of the best thinga in my life. - He said and I smiled seeing him smile back, and what a smile... Damn y/n! Stop thinking things that shouldn't be thought!!
-I have a present for you!-I said, delivering my bag in his hands.
- Yay!! - He got excited sitting on the bed to open it like a child on Christmas Day. -Wow!- he said taking the chain out of the box. - It's beautiful... Thank you so much darling, I love it! - and obviously I blushed even more with the pet name. Tom called all the women closest to him darling or love, which was normal, but whenever he said to me, for some reason, I felt a warm feeling in my heart...
- You're welcome Tommy, it's an amber stone to bring you protection and patience.
- Perfect, everything I need - he looked at me - I'll use it right now! It even matched my outifit- he said putting the chain around his neck and winking at me right after.
- I liked it, it looks amazing. - I said looking at him and he hugged me from the side.
- Hey, we have to go if we don't want to be late.- he said getting up and giving me his hand to get up too.
- Right. - I said, following him out of the room and down the stairs behind him.
- Mom? We're already going! - he yelled, taking the keys from the counter and Nicki appeared approaching.
- You two are rocking huh? Both look beautiful! My baby is already so grown... - she said squeezing one of Tom's cheeks making me laugh and he rolled his eyes.
- Mom...
- Okay, go ahead, and don't drink! Especially you young man - she said pointing at Tom with her intimidating finger. - And don't come back too late.
- Okay mom. I'm responsible.
- Yeah... I'm just more relieved, because the Y/n goes too, she's the only sane one of this "impossible trio." - and I made a face of "proud of myself", puffing out my chest.
-Ha-ha, yeah sure...- Tom replied and I hit his arm causing him to rub it pretending he was in pain.
- I'm the oldest and most responsible, Nikki is absolutely right. - I said and Nikki laughed.
- You said like you're very old, but it's only some months... - He start saying and I raised my hand ready to hit him again, making him shrink with fear. - Okay, okay... Now let's go, because we're already too late. - Tom said opening the door letting me through and we waved to Nikki.
We took an uber and arrived in 20 minutes in front of the party. It was a really nice house, Tom’s friend welcome us on the front door and lead us to the backward, into what appeared to be a small wood structure with a big window at the front, but when Tom and I walked in after passing the door, the place was a lot bigger than it looked. It had a lot tables around like a big saloon even with a dance floor and seemed to be very cozy. When we walked in you could hear an indie song playing in the background, which I really liked as it's one of my favorite styles. Passing through the door we already saw some familiar people seated, including Haz.
- Finally! The birthday boy arrived!- Tuwaine, one of the boys' friends, who eventually became mine too, stood up greeting Tom with a hug.
- Thanks mate.- Tom said returning the hug and greeting the rest of the people who were at the table and I went after him greeting them too.
- Good to see you here Y/n! I know you're not a big fan of parties.- Tuwaine said as I sat between him and Haz.
- Well, it’s what we do for friends, right? - I laugh looking at Tom who was talking to some friends from the school.
An hour passed and everyone was drinking and talking happily. Tom sat at the end of the long table a little away from where I was with Haz and Tuwaine, so the 3 of us were talking nonsense and joking together.
Until a group of 4 girls arrived together, one of them I could recognize as being Gracie, a girl from the school, I didn't know her very well, we were classmates, we did math together, but we never talked. And another face I knew well: Meghan. A girl who do theater with the boys and who was everyone's crush. Tom and Haz were always talking about her, but I had never talked to her for a long time, just the times I would meet the boys at the theater, we would say hello and goodbye and that was it. The only thing I knew was that Tom was in love with her since he was a child.
Obviously that made me a little jealous, which was ridiculous, because I didn't even know her very well and even though I felt something different for Tom for the past few months, it wasn't right for me to be jealous, he was my friend, that's all.
The girls approached the table and Tom got up to greet them.
-I'm glad you came!-I heard him say as he kissed Meghan's cheek and hugged the others. I could see Gracie looking in Haz's direction and look away quickly, which made me raise a curious eyebrow.
They sat down and I saw Meghan walking to the bar with Tom as they chatted excitedly. I looked away picking up my glass with a drink I didn't even know what it was anymore, taking a sip. I heard someone approaching and when I looked up I saw Gracie.
- Hi Haz! Good to see you. - She said and I saw Haz turn a little red.
- Good to see you too Gracie!- he said greeting her across the table.
- Do you guys know each other?- I asked looking from one to the other.
- Yes we did English together. - Haz said.
- You are Y/n aren't you? Do we do math together? - Gracie asked.
- Yes we do! Do you know Meghan too?
- Yes, she is a childhood friend of mine, as she said she was coming on Tom's birthday and didn't want to come alone me, Beverly and Paige came to accompany her.
- Got it, do you want to sit with us? - I said pointing to the chair in front of us.
- I wish, but the girls are already asking me to sit with them, we haven't seen each other for a while, you know, don't you want to go sit with us instead? - She said pointing to the other table where the other 3 girls were looking at her, calling her.
- It's a good idea. - Haz said and looked at me and Tuwaine who agreed, getting up.
So Gracie went in the front with Tuwaine behind her and me and Haz got a little further back, where I poked him.
- Why didn't you tell me you had a crush? - I asked like a whisper so that only he could hear me.
- It's not a crush... She's just a nice girl from my class, that's all. - he replied.
- Haz I know you.- I said and he rolled his eyes giggling.
We arrived at the table and stayed there talking and getting to know each other. The girls were really nice and cool, which I ended up getting along really well with them, especially Gracie, which was funny because we did a class together and we never even said hello to each other. In the meantime, Tom and Meghan had already returned from the bar with their drinks, where Meghan ended up finding a way to sit next to Tom at the other table, which I thought was a little weird, but I ignored it.
After a few minutes Tom approached our table.
- Hey guys, we’re going to the dance floor, do you guys want to?- he asked leaning between my chair and Haz.
Everyone ended up agreeing, getting up and following him to the dance floor, where Meghan and a few others at the other table were already dancing. The song Juicebox by The strokes starts playing, and everyone sang loudly. I was a little behind as I hated dancing, but I also joined in the singing, because Strokes was one of my favorite bands.
Soon after, the song Glockenspiel song by D.I.D started to play. We got even more excited and started jumping singing. I saw Haz approach Gracie, which made me smile, they looked cute together. So, I looked around and realized that I was in a corner alone, Tuwaine had already left for the middle of the floor super excited and the other girls were on the other side, talking to Marcos and Julian. I kept looking until I found Tom and Meghan, they were dancing very close and talking talking into each other's ears, laughing.
(Oh this town, it's so electric Since I got the feeling I can't shut down)
I lowered my eyes finding the ground very interesting for a moment, but I couldn't stand it and looked up again.
(Oh this town, it's so electric Since I got the feeling I can't shut down)
Which I regretted, because now they were kissing passionately.
(We are a mess, we are failures and we love it)
I felt my stomach starts to hurt, and my eyes fill with tears. Why did I feel this way? It was ridiculous and immature. Tom had already hooked up with other girls in front of me, why was it different now? Not understanding my feelings, the only thing I did was run away, I went outiside and went to the front of the house, leaving.
Maybe it was the drink? But I sat on a low wall and lowered my head to my knees and started to cry.
❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁
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softholand · 2 days ago
waterproof | tom holland
Tumblr media
pairing: frat!tom holland x reader
summary: you meet a very cute, very hot guy when you join your friend in an spontaneous trip to a frat car wash event
warnings: swearing, drinking, mentions of cancer and death, smut — minors dni
words: 10k
a/n: it’s here!!!!!! my longest fic yet and probably my favorite one <3 i got the inspiration after a tiktok i saw about it and just couldn’t resist lol i was also inspired by the amazing story i swear to god i never fall in love by @hazofmyheart — so if you haven’t read it yet, do me a favor and go cause it’s brilliant :’)) h was also a big inspiration, since her works always inspires me to keep creating so thank you hannah, ily <3 @duskholland oh also, i know nothing about college in the us so forgive me if something’s wrong. i think that’s it, please let me know what you think, your feedback means a lot to me :)) ily all, be safe ✌️
The day was miserable. This morning you had woken up to a storm, rain splashed on your windows while lighting illuminated the grey sky. Unfortunately, you had two classes to attend so you had no other choice but to get up, leaving the warmth and comfort of your apartment behind. Kelsey, your best friend, and roommate had already left once you woke up, so with no more excuses to stay curled up in bed, you got up, going straight to the bathroom, before deciding what you were going to wear for the day.
Taking a quick look at your phone weather app thingy, you checked the temperature, not wanting to put too many clothes on and sweat for the rest of the day or not put enough and almost freeze to death. Once you decided that some jeans, a sweater, your pair of boots, and a jacket would do it, you got your bag and car keys from the desk and left for the cafeteria, like you did most mornings.
With a cup of coffee in one hand and your purple umbrella in the other, you made your way through campus, trying just as everyone else to desperately get away from the bad weather since you could feel your feet starting to get soaked from the wet gravel beneath you.
Thankfully, the walk wasn’t long and once you were safely inside, you went straight to your first class of the day, English Literature with Professor Bill, which unfortunately always seemed to be endless. But once it was finally over and since you had another class in the afternoon, you decided to just get a sandwich for lunch and stay at the library, that way you could finish your essay which was due next week.
You were comfortably sitting at one of the back desks, your stuff all spread out in front of you, a cup of tea on your hand, typing away on your laptop when Kelsey came rushing through the doors, making a beeline to you. “Good morning, sunshine!” She greeted you, way too excited for your liking. “Morning! What got into you?” You mumbled while she took a seat next to you. “I have great news!” Kelsey exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly. “Oh no, I don’t like your tone!” You let it out, taking a sip of your hot drink.
“There’s going to be a charity car wash at the Phi Delta house tomorrow and we’re going!” Your friend squealed. “A car wash? Seriously Kel? I mean, I’m not gonna lie, they sure know how to throw one hell of a party but a car wash?” You mumbled, trying to focus back on your writing. “Not any car wash, y/n! A charity one and to be honest, Lucy kinda needs it.” Kelsey winked, making you roll your eyes.
Lucy was your 2008 white Jeep Wrangler, which you had gotten once you started college. The car was your treasure and the owner of so many good memories already. “Yeah, that’s definitely because of Lucy and not that frat blonde guy you’re after.” You protested, knowing her exact intentions.
“See? It’s a win-win situation, you get Lucy cleaned and I get to see Osterfield!” Kelsey smirked, making you groan. “You’re terrible, you know that right?” You asked. “I’ve been told before!” She smiled, anxiously waiting for your answer. “What about this weather?” You tried to reason, but you knew there was nothing that could possibly change her mind.
“It’s not supposed to rain tomorrow, and if it does, they’re canceling it and doing it next weekend.” She let it out, biting her bottom lip expectantly. You sighed, deciding you had no other choice. “Fine, Kelsey! We’re going!” As soon as the words left your mouth, your friend was jumping in your direction, hugging you as you had just given her a million dollars.
“Thank you, y/n/n! You’re the best!” She exclaimed, earning you both dirty looks from the people who were close to your desk, also trying to study. “Okay, now get off, you’re suffocating me!” You whined. “Fine, at what time you get off class today?” She asked, getting up and ready to go. “Four-ish?” You responded, tapping your nails on the laptop. “Can you give me a ride?” Your friend inquired, comically batting her eyelashes. “Sure, just text me when you get off.” You said, laughing at her antics.
Once Kelsey left, you were finally able to go back to your essay, getting most of it done before you left for your next class. One stressful hour later, you texted her saying you’d wait for her in the parking lot, receiving a quick message back, saying she’d meet you there.
At home, you two cooked some pasta recipe Kelsey found on Pinterest, before calling a night and going straight to bed. The thunderstorm had finally subsided but the rain was still falling hard once you turned off your phone, and you’ll be lying if you said you didn’t wish for it to stay like that for the next day.
By some kind of a twisted joke though, you woke up the next morning to a blue sky, not a single cloud insight, and the promise of high temperatures and sunshine. Here goes your excuse. Thank you universe.
Checking your weather app, you heavily sighed, seeing as you had no other choice than to get up, so you did just that, picking up an outfit that consisted of your favorite jeans shorts and a lilac tank top, putting your hair up in a ponytail before going straight to the kitchen, where Kelsey was already at, preparing breakfast.
Once that was out of the day, you stepped into your trusty— and in desperate need of a wash— white sneakers, getting your purse, keys, and phone all ready to go, gasping when you saw how pretty your best friend was. “Holy shit, Kel! If that Harrison guy doesn’t do anything today, I will.” You winked, playfully twirling her around, making her blush. “Shut up!” She said, swatting your hand away. “Are you ready to go?” You asked and she nodded. “Oh, before I forget, Steph asked if she could come with us and I said yes so we have to pick her up.” Kelsey let it out while putting her sandals on.
Steph was another one of your friends and being the guy's lady she was, of course, she couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend this frat car wash event or whatever the hell that was. “Yeah, sure! Let's go!” You laughed, seeing your friend clap her hands excitedly.
With Steph on board, the three of you made your way through campus, singing to Olivia Rodrigo’s new album until the majestic Phi Delta house came into view. And what a view. The front of the house was filled with cars, so much that there was a row to have a chance of getting yours clean.
The fraternity brothers were all there too, wearing nothing more than basketball shorts, their muscular torsos left exposed, not only because of the hot temperature but also to attract more customers, especially women, since the sign in front of the house said: Phi Delta Charity Car Wash: Ladies Discount.
“Holy shit!” Kelsey let it out, being followed by the phrase “There’s nothing holy about this, Kel!” from Steph, which made you all laugh. “Well, it seems we’re gonna have to wait quite a bit judging by the size of this row.” You said, glad you had refilled Lucy the day before.
“It’d be totally worth it though, just look at them, y/n!” Kelsey exclaimed, her eyes practically bulging out of her head once she saw Harrison approach one of the cars. “And there he is!” You smirked, laughing at your friend’s stunned reaction. “There’s no way this guy is real, look at him!!!” Your friend squealed, making both Steph and you laugh.
While the girls gushed about Harrison, your attention was quickly diverted to another one of the shirtless hot guys. He was a little shorter than Harrison, with messy brunette curls on top of his head and a body that made you squeeze your thighs together just by looking at it.
“Oh, did someone finally catch your attention, y/n?” Your best friend asked, seeing as you didn’t take your eyes off the boy. “He’s freaking hot!” You exclaimed, enjoying your view. “That he is! His name is Tom Holland, he’s friends with Harrison, actually.” Steph clarified. “And of course you’d know that, wouldn’t you?” Kelsey smirked, Steph flipping her off.
Once the row of cars finally moved, it was time for your car and the girls couldn’t contain their excitement with what was about to happen. With Lucy parked in the spot one of the guys instructed you to, they got to work, asking who was the owner and what kind of service you wanted.
The question caught you so off guard you blushed, hard. The guy must have noticed since he patiently explained the two types of cleaning services being made. One for the whole car, including the interior, and the other just for the exterior.
Saying you only wanted the latter, he winked, letting out a small “Got it, babe!” before going back to work. “y/n, you look like a tomato!!!” Steph laughed, being quickly joined by Kelsey. “Shut up you two!” You flipped them off, feeling embarrassed about the fact you were caught so off guard by one shirtless boy. God, has it really been that long?
While the boys prepared the cleaning supplies, Harrison approached the car, making Kelsey squeal in excitement, something she masked really well once he was by her window. “Good morning, ladies!” The blonde said, before directing his blue eyes to your best friend. “Fancy seeing you here!” He whispered, making her blush. “I told you I was gonna come.” She giggled, and you had to contain yourself from rolling your eyes at them.
“These are your friends?” Harrison asked, taking a look inside the car. “Yeah, that’s my roommate y/n and Steph is in the back,” Kelsey explained, and you both waved. “You’re the owner of the Jeep, right?” Asked the blonde, and you nodded. “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of him!” He said, making you wince.
“It’s her, actually!” You said, surprising him. “Oh, my bad! Does she have a name?” He smirked. “Lucy, her name’s Lucy!” You answered, seeing him nod. “We’re gonna take good care of her then.” The blonde said, before turning back to Kelsey. “You look good, Kel!” He smiled. “Thanks!” Your friend said, biting her bottom lip to contain her smile.
“Ok, now you girls better close your windows if you don’t wanna get wet.” Harrison winked, before joining the rest of his frat brothers. “Too late for that!” Kelsey said once the windows were closed, making the three of you burst out laughing.
When the car was wet and covered with a thick layer of foam, and not any foam, a rainbow one, which made you and the girls all take your phones out to register the moment, the boys got to work. With washing mitts in hands, Harrison and some of his group of friends went all over Lucy, making sure to give you and the girls winks and smirks all the way through.
“God, this is my fucking dream!” Kelsey let it out, making you laugh. “Why do I feel like I’m watching a porn video though?” You asked, feeling your cheeks grow flustered from all the hot, shirtless, wet frat boys around you. Steph and Kelsey couldn’t help but laugh, agreeing with you in the end.
Once the first wash was done, they repeated the process, but this time the guy you were watching earlier, the one Steph said was named Tom, took one of his brothers' place, giving you a better chance to admire him and his perfectly sculpted body even closer.
Like all of the other guys, he was wearing only basketball shorts, the hem of his Calvin Klein boxers peeking through. His curly chocolate-colored hair was all mated now because of the water but somehow that only made him more attractive. Jesus Christ.
When he was right by your window, he sent you a wink, making sure to really flex his muscles while washing your beloved Lucy, and oh how much you wanted to be her right now. Covered in rainbow foam, with his hands all over your body…
You were suddenly brought back to reality by a couple of knocks on your window. It was him, the son of a bitch had caught you staring, and to let you know that he put a finger on his jaw, pretending to close his mouth, which ended up making you even more flustered. You little devil.
With a huge smirk on his face and another wink in your direction, he went back to work, your friends squealing in excitement inside the car. “Oh my god! That was a scene out of a freaking movie, y/n!” Kelsey exclaimed, being followed by Steph, “God, I wish it was me!”
You closed your eyes, “Stop it, you two! I’m already flustered enough. God, it’s really hot in here isn’t it?” You let it out, blasting Lucy’s AC to try and cool your body down, an action that made both you and your friends laugh.
When the washing part was done, the boys took turns drying your car, making sure to put on a show while doing it, as usual. Harrison approached the car again, this time, he brought with him a clipboard and an envelope, where all the money was going. “Did the girls enjoy the show?” He asked once Kelsey opened her side of the window.
“We sure did!” Your friend answered, smiling wide. “I’m glad!” He smirked back, giving you the clipboard to sign your name on it. After paying for the wash, Kelsey noticed a commotion that caught her attention. “What’s going on there?” She asked the blonde, who was putting the money away.
“Oh, the guys wanted to make a sort of like a “kissing booth” to raise more money, if you donate $5 extra, you can kiss one of us,” Harrison explained, making Kelsey’s eyes pop. “Oh, and can I choose who I’m gonna kiss too?” Your friend smirked, earning a chuckle from the blonde. “Not usually, but I’ll let it pass this time.”
Kelsey looked at you expectantly, making you widen your eyes. “What are you looking at? You don’t need my permission! Go for it!” You told her, seeing her roll her eyes. “I’m not doing this alone, come on girls!” Your friend exclaimed, making you laugh. “Fuck! I can’t do it Kel, I have a giant cold sore on my bottom lip, it looks disgusting and it’s fucking painful.” Steph whined, sounding really upset.
Then, the three of them looked at you, making you shake your head. “No, I’ll pass. Thank you!” You said, being met with hard glares from your friends. “Come on, y/n! It’s for charity!” Kelsey protested, nudging your arm. “So, in or out?” Harrison inquired, and before you had a chance to respond, your friend had already done it. “She’s in, go call that Tom friend of yours!” Son of a bitch.
“Kelsey!” You snapped once Harrison was out of hearing sight, eyes practically bulging out of your face. “Oh, shut up! Don’t act like you don’t want it!” Your best friend huffed, rolling her eyes. “You’re such a bitch!” You said, trying everything in your power to bite back a smile.
“For fucks sake, y/n! Just enjoy the opportunity, I’ll literally kill to make out with any of these guys after the show they gave us!” Steph complained in the back seat. “You two are insufferable!” You laughed. “Just give them the damn money!” Kelsey said, taking the note out of her purse.
With the car windows rolled all the way down, you prepared yourself while the guys slowly but confidently approached the vehicle. What you thought was going to be only a quick car window kiss ended up being a complete makeout session when Kelsey got out of Lucy, practically throwing herself at Harrison's arms after giving him the 5 dollar bill.
You thought about quitting, just give the money, get your friends, and go home. But, once you saw Tom standing by your window, with all his glory, you froze, being met with his wide smirk. “Jesus!” You let it out when you once again, shamelessly and stupidly stared at his body. How could you not though? He was perfect. Every single one of his abs was defined to perfection, small droplets of water still ran down his torso, making you want to wipe them away with your lips.
“You can call me Tom though!” He smirked, clearly proud of his remark. “I- I’m sorry, ah, should I get out?” You asked, feeling your cheeks grow hot from embarrassment. “You’re paying for it, darling so that’s your choice!” Tom shrugged, that stupidly handsome smirk never leaving his lips. “I think I’ll just… yeah!” You mumbled, thanking Tom when he opened the door for you.
Stepping outside Lucy, the first thing you notice was the rainbow-colored ground, making a pretty contrast with your white shoes. If you didn’t have a greek god waiting to kiss you right now, you’d probably have taken your phone to snap a couple of photos.
Like the idiot you are and as if the moment couldn’t get any more embarrassing, you slipped. Right when your shoes made contact with the wet ground, they sent you flying, landing on Tom’s naked chest. Perfect.
“Shit! I’m so sorry!” You apologized, trying to regain composure. “It’s okay!” Tom giggled, steadying your clumsy ass. When you looked up, there he was, with that same smirk, hazel eyes looking right into your soul.
You couldn’t help yourself anymore, and as if you could hear a cliche overplayed romantic song starting to play in the background, you both leaned in, lips meeting each other in the middle.
The first thing you noticed was how his lips, even though thin, worked perfectly together with yours. You had kissed a lot of people in your life, and you were not ashamed of that, but you had never experienced such a hot and passionate kiss like the one you shared with Tom.
As you turned your head to deepen the kiss, his hands went to your waist, holding you close, like he was afraid you’d disappear at any moment. The coolness of his damp hands in contrast with your hot body felt strangely nice, and when a small moan left your lips, you could feel Tom’s grip tightening, a playful smirk appearing on his lips.
Unfortunately, your lungs started to beg for air, so a few minutes later, you were forced to stop, an action that left your whole body protesting against it. Of course, the first thing you saw when opening your eyes was Tom’s smirk, which apparently never left his lips.
Taking some distance from you, the boy cleared his throat, taking a final look at you. “Sorry for making you all… wet.” Tom let it out, his smirk only growing in size. That son of a bitch.
You wanted to say something, maybe scold him for his innuendos but you were left frozen, speechless, and, not surprisingly, wet. Ha-ha. Thankfully, before you could embarrass yourself even further, Harrison came to your rescue.
“We’re throwing a party tonight to celebrate the money we raised for the charity. You girls are all welcome to join, especially you young lady.” The blonde informed, leaving a final peck on Kelsey’s lips. “We’re coming, for sure!” Your friend said before the couple said their goodbyes.
Tom only winked at you, and since you felt like your feet were stuck to the ground, you just stood there, emotionless, watching him leave to join his frat brothers in another car. “Holy crap, that was hot! I got turned on just by looking at it.” Steph exclaimed from the back seat, finally snapping you out of your dirty thoughts and getting your attention.
“It seems you’re not the only one!” Kelsey teased, making you roll your eyes at her. “That’s your fault! Now shut up, and let’s go home.” You scolded her, both of you getting back into your car. “Look Steph, she’s all flustered!” Your best friend and roommate said, laughing at your distraught face, leaving you with no other choice than to give her the middle finger.
After the morning events and after you and the girls had gotten yourselves some lunch, you dropped Steph off her dorm, before heading home, where Kelsey and you decided to take a nap before getting ready for the party.
When the time to pick up an outfit came, you couldn’t help but struggle, to the point of letting yourself wonder if Tom would like what you chose. Shaking your head, you quickly tried to get rid of those intrusive thoughts, finally deciding to wear one of your favorite party dresses, that way you’d feel comfortable and pretty at the same time.
Later, when you and Kelsey arrived at the frat house, the place was already filled to the brim with people dancing, drinking, and seemingly having the time of their lives. Making your way through the mass of bodies, you and Kelsey made it to the kitchen, where the alcoholic beverages were located.
With cups filled with beer, you felt like the night was about to begin and that was confirmed when Harrison approached Kelsey, barely acknowledging you before taking her by the waist and kissing her as his life depended on it.
“Hello, gorgeous!” He smirked, finally letting her go. Your friend was speechless and before you knew it, they were shamelessly making out by your side. Rolling your eyes, you scoffed, not even surprised that you were about to spend the night as a third wheeler.
While Harrison and your best friend practically ate each other's faces off, you decided to look for Steph, since you knew she was gonna come, finding her with another group of friends that were more than happy to welcome you.
It was a few minutes later when Kelsey came back, with Harrison glued to her hip, her lipstick all smeared all over the blonde’s face. “Hey, you disappeared!” Your best friend pouted, making you roll your eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry if I felt a little uncomfortable by your and Harrison’s makeout session.” You huffed, earning a sheepish smile from her.
When you noticed your empty cup, you excused yourself to go to the kitchen for a refill, asking if anyone wanted one, but they all declined. Once there, you made a mixture of a couple of the beverages on the counter, not caring about the consequences of your choices.
You were just about to exit the crowded kitchen when suddenly you heard a voice whispering in your ear. His voice. “Fancy seeing you here!” Tom said and you could tell, even without looking that he had a smirk plastered on his face. “Well, I was invited to come so…” You shrugged, earning a chuckle from the boy.
Once you turned to him, he was hosting himself on the kitchen counter, giving you the perfect view. This time, since he was wearing a shirt, you could really focus your attention on his face instead of his absurdly ripped body. He was wearing a simple black t-shirt, some cuffed jeans, and a hat, backward, which ended up making him look even hotter. Geez, how is it possible?
“I’m sorry, I don’t think I got your name earlier, you know, we were a little busy.” The brunette smirked, making you blush. “y/n, my name’s y/n.” You said, trying to contain your nerves. At that, Tom smiled, repeating your name like it was his favorite song. “I like it. It suits you.” He said, taking a sip of his drink. “Here with your friend?”
“Yeah, she ditched me for Harrison though.” You joked, earning another chuckle from Tom. “They seem pretty… close.” The brunette smirked, making you laugh.
“Don’t even say it, she’s been gushing about the “hot blonde frat guy for weeks.” You blurted, widening your eyes when you realized what you had just said to Harrison’s best friend. “Please, don’t tell him this. She’d for sure kill me.”
Tom laughed, shaking his head. “Don’t worry about it, your secret is safe with me.” He said, crossing his fingers on top of his lips. “Thank you!” You smiled, averting your gaze.
“I’m happy she went after him though.” Tom stated, “Why?” You curiously asked. “Otherwise we wouldn’t have met.” He explained, sending you a wink. “Smooth!” You laughed, feeling your cheeks burn.
You were about to say something when you suddenly felt someone bumping against you, causing you to almost spill all of your drink. When you turned to see who it was, the guy had already blended with the mass of people that were currently in the kitchen. Rolling your eyes, you averted your gaze back to Tom, who was already looking at you.
Sensing your annoyance, Tom got off the kitchen counter, offering you his hand. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.” He said a beautiful smile on his face. Oh, yeah. No. You snorted, “Wouldn’t you like that?” Chuckling, the boy whose hand was still stretched, rolled his eyes. “C’mon, I wanna show you a place. And I promise it’s not my bedroom.” He winked, making you laugh and shake your head at his antics.
Finally taking a hold of his hand, which was surprisingly soft, you followed him through the house, going up one flight of stairs to a door with a big T on it. Tom opened the door to what you assumed was his room, making you instantly raise your eyebrows. “It’s outside my bedroom, I promise, y/n!” He laughed, clearly finding the situation hilarious.
While he went straight to the window, you took the moment to look at his room. What you got from it was: 1) It was probably the only one in the house with a bathroom. 2) Tom was a big fan of comics, judging by the number of magazines and action figures he collected. 3) He was a proud British, not that his accent hadn’t already given him away, but the UK flag beside his bed frame confirmed your suspicions.
“You coming?” Tom’s voice suddenly took you out of your trance. “Yeah, sorry!” You apologized, accepting his help to climb out the window, landing on the rooftop of the house. “Wow, it’s beautiful out here.” You let it out, surprised by the view of the city at night.
“Yeah, sometimes I come here when it gets too loud in the house. It’s like my safe escape.” Tom smiled. “I can only imagine how sharing a house with eleven boys might be. I truly don’t think it gets quieter than this.” You laughed, being quickly followed by him.
Clearing your throat, you suddenly felt self-conscious with all his staring, deciding it was best to just keep talking. “So, did you guys raise a good amount of money today?” You asked, changing the subject. “Yeah, we did! Thank you by the way, for coming.” Tom thanked, making you smile. “Of course! It’s for a charity, right?” You asked, even though you already knew the answer.
“Yeah, they treat kids with cancer. It’s the second year we do this for them, the first time we raised a good amount but we definitely raised more this time.” He explained, making you smile. “That’s really nice of you guys to do it.” You complimented, and this time it was Tom who blushed.
“Actually, I’m going there tomorrow to drop the money off, do you wanna come?” Tom offered, surprising you. “Oh, really?” You asked, surprised. “Sure, apparently none of the guys can.” He rolled his eyes. “I would love to, yeah!” You smiled, earning a nod from him. “Great! Cause I kinda need a ride there.” Tom let it out, a guilty look on his face. You laughed, “Damm, all of this just to ask for a ride. I can’t believe it.” You joked, making both of you laugh.
“It’s cool if you can’t though, don’t worry!” Tom lets you know, but you shrug. “No, it’s fine! I can take you! Just give your number so we can text.” You said, not even realizing how that sounded. “Look who’s the smooth one now, already asking for my phone.” The brunette smirked, making you roll your eyes at him. “Yeah, I’ll just park outside the house and wait for you the whole day.” You mocked, earning a laugh from him.
Tom was just giving your phone back when suddenly you heard someone calling his name. “What is it?” He shouted back. “C’mon bro, come here, we’re doing keg stands, where are you?” Yelled one of his frat brothers from the house backyard. “Coming!” Tom answered, looking at you with a sad smile.
“C’mon! Let’s not leave your public waiting.” You teased, making him laugh. “Are you sure? We can stay here if you want.” Tom offered, and you had to force yourself not to accept it. "It's fine! We’ll have time to talk tomorrow.” You answered, sending him a warm smile.
With Tom’s help, you climbed back to his bedroom, parting ways once you got to the first floor. “I’m gonna go look for my friends.” You let him know, taking a step back. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Tom asked, earning a nod from you. Before he left, he kissed your cheek, and you were absolutely sure you melted right then and there.
Kelsey was already looking for you once you found her, claiming she had texted you a thousand times already. You assured her you were fine, that you were actually with Tom, which earned you a massive smirk and knowing looks from her.
Once a commotion could be heard outside the house, you and your group of friends made your way there, wanting to know what was happening. Since you already knew the frat boys were playing drink games, you weren’t surprised to see Tom himself doing a keg stand, with some of his friends supporting his legs.
The crowd around you cheered and screamed, praising the boy who kept drinking like he wasn’t upside down at all. Once he finally let go of the keg, his friends helped him stand back up, and you did not miss the wink he sent your direction when he caught you, once again, staring at him. Holy fucking shit.
You spent the rest of the night with your friends, drinking and laughing at stupid jokes. You didn’t see or heard from Tom until you were already at home, tucked and ready for bed. He texted you asking if 3 pm was fine by you and once you agreed, he sent you the text that made you go to bed with a smile on your face, already excited for what the next day had to come.
See you tomorrow then, can’t wait 😜 xx
Kelsey was at your feet the moment you woke up the next day, wanting to know what happened between you and Tom last night since now she was sober enough to comprehend your words. “I told you nothing happened Kel, he just took me to a quieter place so we could talk.” You explained while putting coffee into one of your mugs.
“Talk about what?” Kelsey insisted, taking a bite of her avocado toast, which looked very appetizing by the way. “Jesus Christ, Kelsey! Did I ask what you and Harrison were doing the majority of last night?” You barked, getting the ingredients to make one for yourself. “Oh, you wanna know?” Your best friend smirked, making you groan.
“God, you’re terrible! He just showed me the place he goes when the house gets too loud, then we talked about the car wash and how much money they had raised and he asked if I could give him a ride to the charity today since he’s going there to drop the money.” You explained, putting two slices of bread in the toaster.
“Please, tell me you said yes.” Kelsey practically begged, making you roll your eyes to the back of your head. “Yes, Kelsey! I said yes. Anything more?” You asked, crossing your arms while you waited for the toaster to pop. “Oh my God, you’re really into him, look at you, so defensive about it.” Your friend smirked.
“Oh, shut up!” You flipped her off, cutting the avocado open and spreading it on your toast, adding salt and pepper before joining her by the table. “Please, y/n! Don’t act like I don’t know you.” Kelsey winked, kicking your leg under the table. “Can I have my breakfast in peace now, please?” You remarked, earning a smirk followed by a quick nod from your friend, that fortunately left you alone.
It was later that afternoon when, after spending an unreasonable amount of time getting ready, you left to the frat house, to pick Tom up.
Once you parked your car, you shot him a text, saying you were there. He texted you back instantly, letting you know he was on his way. What you didn’t expect, in any circumstances, was to see Tom exciting the house wearing a spiderman suit, minus the mask, and a backpack.
“Oh my god, what is this?” You asked once he got closer. “I promised the kids that Spiderman would give them a visit next time,” Tom explained, his cheeks a bright shade of red. “That is really sweet, Tom!” You laughed, finding it adorable.
Once inside the car, you could really see how good he looked in that suit. It hugged his body in all the right places, accentuating his perfectly sculpted muscles. “Thank you, darling!” You heard Tom saying, with a big smirk on his face. Shit! You must have said this out loud.
Clearing your throat, you averted his gaze, not being able to face him any longer. “So, do you have the address?” Stupid question, of course, he has the address. Jesus, y/n! Get a grip! Tom laughed, at you, you thought, quickly shaking your head.
With the address in, you started the twenty-five minutes drive to the charity, which was filled with music and small chatter between you and Tom. You got to know each other a little better, Tom explained to you why he chose to move to the states to study, saying he and his best friend, Harrison always wanted to live the “American dream”, which turned out to be way more difficult than he thought since he was such a family type of guy.
“So you have three younger brothers?” You asked, trying to understand what Tom had just explained to you. “Yes, Sam and Harry are twins, and Paddy is the youngest. Oh, I also have a dog called Tessa back home, she’s my princess and I love and miss her so much.” Tom said, making your heart melt at his words.
When you finally got to the charity, Tom fished his Spiderman mask out of his backpack, securing it on his head, before turning to you. “How do I look?” He asked, making you smile. “Great! You look great!” You said, giving him two thumbs up, which made him laugh.
Since he couldn’t really see with the mask on, you helped him to the door, where a woman was already waiting for you. “Tom, none of the boys today?” She asked, clearly familiar with him. “No, not today, Nancy! I brought y/n, though!” Tom responded, his voice muffled by the fabric of the mask.
“Hi, it’s nice to meet you!” You greeted the woman, being pushed to a hug. “It’s very nice to meet you, y/n! Friends of Tom are our friends here too.” She smiled, letting you go. “I can’t believe he really came dressed as Spiderman.” The woman whispered, making you laugh. “Me neither!” You said, earning a chuckle from Tom.
“I can hear with this mask on, you two know that, right?” He told you, pointing to you and Nancy. “Ok, c’mon! Let’s get inside, the kids are really excited to see Spiderman, some of them couldn’t even sleep last night.” Nancy announced.
Once you dropped the envelope with the money in Nancy’s office, she directed you both to the room where all the kids were anxiously waiting for their hero. Once Tom, or Spiderman, entered their playroom, all the kids went crazy, screaming, jumping, clapping their hands, some even getting out of their seats to hug Tom.
While you watched him interact with the kids, Nancy told you that most of them had brain cancer and that unfortunately, the majority wouldn’t even last more than a few years of life, which was why the donations and the fact that Tom came here, dressed as one of their favorite superheroes, was so important for them.
Before you realized it, you had tears in your eyes, quickly taking care of drying them, in case any of the kids saw it. Speaking of them, you had just seen Tom do a flip when you felt someone grabbing the hem of your yellow summer dress.
“Oh, hello!” You said to the little girl, looking curiously at you. “You’re Spiderman’s friend?” She asked, clutching a teddy bear in her arms. “Yes, I am Spiderman’s friend.” You answered, chuckling at her surprised face. “So you are his Mary Jane?” The little girl asked, making you smile. “I guess you could say that. But that’s a secret, so it stays between us, okay?” You sent her a wink, putting a big smile on her face.
You and Tom spent a few hours there, playing with the kids, and to be honest, it was some of the best hours of your life. The kids were all so sweet and absolutely loved to play, something so simple, that meant the absolute world to them. In a quick trip to the bathroom, Tom changed his clothes before you left, while you said your goodbyes to Nancy and all the other charity workers, promising to come back soon to visit them and to play with the kids, of course.
“So, what did you think?” Tom asked as soon as you got into your car. “It was amazing, Tom! Seriously, thank you for inviting me.” You said, sending him a warm smile. “Of course! I knew you’d like it!” He stated, keeping his eyes on you.
“Where are we going?” He asked, finally averting his gaze, noticing you were driving away from where you had come from. “Well, you showed me your favorite place yesterday, so I think it’s only fair that I show you mine.” You said, smiling in his direction. Tom laughed, adjusting himself in the seat, asking if he could turn the radio on, to which you nodded.
The rest of the drive was mostly in silence, you and Tom kept stealing glances every once in a while, which always ended with one of you chuckling from being caught. He asked about your college major, and told you about his film one, which you could see was something he was really passionate about only by the way he talked.
Once you got to your favorite spot in the city to watch the sunset, Tom got out of the car, not believing his own eyes. “Isn’t it beautiful?” You asked, joining him. “It’s gorgeous!” Tom answered, and you both stared at the sky, watching the sun slowly disappear behind the mountains, turning the once blue sky shades of orange and pink.
“How did you find this place?” Asked the brunette while leaning against Lucy. “Oh, one of my ex-boyfriends actually showed me.” You lied, watching Tom’s face immediately fall. “Oh,” he breathed, making you lose the battle with yourself and burst out laughing.
“Oh, so you think you’re funny?!” Tom joked, relieved but equally annoyed at your little prank. He started coming towards you, making grabby hands tickle your body. “You think you’re so funny, huh?” You quickly tried to escape, but it was too late. He was already tickling your sides. “Tom, stop!” You laughed, trying to get him off of you but he only kept going, until he practically caged you between your car and his body.
You were close, you were so fucking close that even the slightest movement would cause your lips to touch. “You’re really pretty!” Tom whispered, his eyes locked on yours. “You have a lot of freckles.” You noted, not being able to take your eyes off him. Smiling, Tom tucked a strand piece of hair behind your ear, an action that made you blush.
“I think I wanna kiss you again,” Tom whispered, cupping your jaw. “Then do it.” You let it out, is immediately met with the feeling of Tom’s lips against yours.
It was only the second time you kissed, but for some reason, you felt like you were already addicted to him. The way his mouth worked perfectly with yours left you feeling dizzy like you had just got out of a rollercoaster.
His hands roamed your body, frantically trying to find something to hold, until they found their place on your hips, squeezing them every once in a while. When you felt the tip of his tongue on your lips, you gladly parted them open, letting him slip his muscle into your mouth.
Tom’s body kept pressing you against your car like he was afraid you could slip past his fingers some way. Little did Tom know you had no intention at all of letting him go.
You actually had no idea how long you stayed like that, slowly making out, no rush, just enjoying the feeling of each other’s lips, his hands on your hips and yours on his chestnut curls, not only lips but feelings intertwined too. Once you pulled away to breathe, you realized the sun was long gone, the sky now filled with thousands of stars.
“It’s getting late, we should head back.” It felt weird to even talk after spending so much time kissing, you felt your throat dry, your mouth begging for water. “Yeah, we should.” Tom agreed but made no effort to get away from you.
“Tom, c’mon…” You whined, slowly backing him away, even if it pained you to do it. “I say we go to the back seat of your car and keep doing what we’re doing.” The brunette offered, kissing the side of your jaw, and to be honest, it was not a bad offer at all.
“Uhm, very tempting, but we actually have to go, it’s getting dark.” You tried, hearing Tom groan, his head buried on your neck. “C’mon, I’ll let you drive.” That seemed to get the boy's attention.
“Wait, really?” He asked, looking at you expectantly. You hummed, passing Lucy’s keys to him. “Thank you!” Tom pecked your lips once more, before quickly going to the drivers’ side, making you laugh at his sudden change of behavior.
The ride back to campus was filled with Tom’s excitement to be driving your car, which ended up being the most entertaining thing to watch, it was like seeing a kid playing with their new toy.
At the frat house, he made sure to kiss you again, thanking you for the ride and for letting him drive your car. You assured him it was okay, and after a few more minutes making out outside, he finally let you go, making you promise to text him once you had arrived.
With a stupid smile on your face, you made your way back to your apartment, where Kelsey was already waiting, her ears ready to hear all about your “date”. Seeing as you had no other choice, and after sending Tom a quick text saying you arrived safely, you told her everything and in exchange, she told you what was going on between her and Harrison too.
At the end of the night, you two ate some boxed mac and cheese, before deciding to go to bed early, seeing as you had classes early the next morning.
You couldn’t help the feeling of butterflies on your tummy every time you thought about Tom, his face, his eyes, his hands, his lips, his kisses. Just him. Everything about him was beautiful and exciting and you already couldn’t wait to see him again.
That didn’t take long to happen, since the next day, you found a small bouquet and a note on the driver’s door handle of your car when you and Kelsey were just about to go back home after finishing classes early for the day.
“Oh my god! y/n!!” Kelsey squealed, while you tried to spot your not so mysterious admirer. “Here, read the note.” Your best friend instructed, passing you the small piece of paper that read: Thank you for the ride and everything else yesterday. I had a lot of fun! If you’re okay with it, I want to take you out properly this time. Text me when you get this, with love T xx
You couldn’t help the smile or the blush on your cheeks when reading his note. “It’s from Tom.” You laughed, taking the bouquet in your hands, giving the flowers a little sniff. Kelsey let out a squeal by your side, saying that she wished Harrison did something like that for her.
Since you couldn’t seem to find Tom anywhere, you decided to go home and do as the note instructed, texting him when you arrived at your apartment. He texted you back immediately, asking if you had liked your present. You told him you loved it, and that you were more than okay to go out with him.
After literally hours talking, you and Tom decided to meet on the weekend, since you both had quite a busy class week. He told you to be ready at 5 pm on Saturday, and even after begging him to tell you where he was gonna take you, he kept the location a secret, making you roll your eyes at his cheesiness.
When Tom said he wanted to take you out on a proper date, you didn't think he was being that serious. Turns out he was, ‘cause when Saturday rolled around, he picked you up at your apartment, in his car this time, opened the door for you, and even took you to a semi-fancy restaurant, since you were college students after all.
The night passed faster than you liked and after an amazing dinner, you and Tom ran, hand in hand, to his car, since the small droplets of rain that had started once you were still inside, had now turned into a full storm, with thunder rolling in the distance.
When you finally got to the car, it was already too late, your clothes were drenched and the cold rain droplets kept falling from your hair directly on the carpet. Tom turned the heater on immediately, which helped you dry yourselves a bit.
“Do you wanna come with me to the house? I can give you a towel and once you’re warm again I can take you to your apartment. I’m known to make a pretty good cup of tea too.” Tom’s offer caught you off guard but it ended up being so sweet that you couldn’t recuse it. “Yeah, that would be great.” You nodded, earning yourself a smile.
The frat house was strangely quiet, something very different from the times you've been there. Tom escorted you to his room, giving you a towel before disappearing through the bathroom, to change from his wet clothes. Once he came back, wearing grey sweats and a simple worn-out white t-shirt, he excused himself to go to the kitchen and prepare the tea he promised earlier, while you tried your best to dry yourself off.
Turns out, it was much difficult to do that while wearing wet clothes, clinging to your body, so you made the bold, but most necessary decision of taking the majority of your clothes off, hanging them in the bathroom so they could dry a little bit while you stayed there.
Once Tom came back from the kitchen, carrying two mugs of hot tea in his hands, he found you under the covers of his bed. “I took some of my clothes off and hung them in the bathroom to dry, is that okay?” You asked, feeling your cheeks burn.
Tom was surprised, he didn’t expect to come back to his room to find the girl he was interested in on his bed, wearing nothing but a pair of underwear. “N-No, don’t worry about it. It's fine!” But, even though he was caught off guard, Tom wanted you to make sure it was okay, and mostly, that you were comfortable.
Passing you one of the mugs, he joined you on the bed, sitting as further away from your almost naked body as possible. “Thank you! It’s really good!” You smiled, taking a couple of sips of the hot beverage, feeling it instantly warming your body.
Apparently, the hot liquid wasn’t enough, since you couldn’t stop your body from shivering. Tom must have noticed ‘cause in seconds, he put both of your cups down, offering his body heat to help you warm up.
Getting under the covers with you, Tom opened his arms for you to nestle into them, you instantly felt the warmth of his body involve you. “Better?” Tom asked, caging you in his arms. “Much better, thank you!” You said, turning your head up, just enough to peck his lips lightly.
That ends up stirring something inside you ‘cause not even a second later you’re kissing Tom’s lips again. He moves his body slightly, that way you end in a much more comfortable position. Tom’s tongue is inside your mouth in no time at all, and from there, things only escalate. While your hands went to Tom’s soft hair, his find their place in your ass, giving each side a good squeeze, eliciting a moan from you.
In a quick movement, you straddled his waist, not for a second disconnecting your lips. Tom’s hands went to your hips, helping and encouraging you to keep moving them back and forth. It didn’t take long for you to feel the bulge in his sweatpants grow, “Oh, fuck…” Tom breathed when you directed your lips to his neck, kissing and biting every inch of exposed skin, leaving a couple of love bruises on your way.
When Tom’s hands go to your breasts, he finds himself hypnotized by the way they look on your white lace bra. But, as much as he liked the lingerie, he couldn’t help but want them off your body. “Can I take these off?” He asks after a couple of minutes of staring. “Yeah!” You said, your mind so clouded by lust you can barely talk.
With the piece of clothing properly discarded, Tom takes his sweet time with your tits, massaging them, squeezing, teasing, until he finally puts his mouth to work, sucking and biting your already erect nipples. “Oh, fuck!” You let it out, hands in his hair, feeling arousal already pooling between your legs.
After making sure to give the same amount of attention to both of your breasts, Tom let them go with a loud pop. You laugh, attaching your lips right back to his. With slow movements, he turns you both around, carefully laying you down on his bed. Tom keeps his lips on your body, moving from your lips to your jaw, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, making sure to mark you all the way.
When he gets to your underwear, he presses a kiss to the hem of your panties, looking at you with big brown eyes, as if asking for your permission to move on. You nod, lifting your hips to help him take your last piece of clothing off before he slowly starts teasing you with feather-like kisses on your knees and tights.
“Tom, please…” you don’t even realize the words left your mouth, but you’re glad they did when you feel Tom smirk and finally move two fingers to your core. He starts by spreading your wetness all over your lips, “You’re so wet, baby!” You moan, feeling your cheeks burn from embarrassment since Tom had barely even touched you.
Looking back at you, Tom asks if he can taste you, and after a quick nod, he licks a long stripe from your core to your folds. “Fuck…” you moan, feeling your walls instantly clench around nothing. Tom eats you out good, his mouth working like magic, the sounds leaving his mouth sounding like straight-up porn, eliciting loud moans and praises from you.
With both hands on his hair, you guide him, your eyes rolling to the back of your head when Tom inserts two of his long fingers into your heat, curling them, hitting just the right spot. “Oh, fuck…” you bite your lip, feeling your high already approaching. “Please, don’t stop.” You beg, squirming in bed, one of Tom’s hands going to your stomach to keep you in place.
Tom does as he’s told and doesn’t stop his movements, only increasing them until you’re practically convulsing under him, “Fuck Tom, I’m gonna cum.” You let him know and the next thing you know, one of the best orgasms of your life hits you like a brick.
You feel like you're floating, the only thing grounding you are Tom’s sweet kisses trailing up your body. “You alright?” He asks once he gets to your face, that stupid triumphant-like smirk plastered on his lips. “Yeah, thank you.” You laugh, kissing his lips, tasting yourself in them. “You’re welcome.” Tom chuckles, going back to your lips.
With greedy hands, you palm him through his pants, moaning into his mouth when you feel how hard he is. “Your turn,” you purr, biting his earlobe, earning a moan from him. Turning both of you around, you help Tom lay down, while you start kissing his lips, moving to his jaw, neck, chest and each one of his abs, until you finally reach the hem of his grey sweatpants.
Tom helps you take the rest of his clothes off, and when he’s finally free from them, you can’t say you’re not surprised at his size. His cock is hard as a rock, leaking precum off the tip, leaving you no other option than spread the substance around his shaft. “Fuck,” Not being able to contain himself, Tom moans as soon as your hands get in contact with his member.
You start by licking a long stripe, from the base of his cock to the head, taking him slowly into your mouth, bobbing your head until you feel him hit your throat. “Fuck, y/n…” Tom moans your name and you’re sure that alone could have made you cum.
With both hands on your hair, Tom does a makeshift ponytail, helping you with your movements. “Oh, yes, keep going…” Tom breathes, your hands coming to his thighs to support yourself, while you keep taking him into your mouth, only stopping when he tells you so.
With a string of saliva dripping from your mouth, you smile, trying to clean yourself the best as you can with the back of your hand. “C’mere,” Tom said, helping you climb back to him, crashing his lips into yours, moaning loudly into your mouth.
You hold each other for a while, slowly making out until your lips are practically numb from all the kissing. “I need you...” you murmur into Tom’s lips, not even caring how desperate you sound. “Let me get a condom,” Tom says, pecking your lips before letting you go.
Tom reaches into his bedside table, shuffling through his stuff until he pulls out a pack of condoms, taking one and stuffing the rest back in. He opens the foil package, but stops to look at you, “Are you sure?” Tom asks with uncertainty in his eyes. You nod, breathing out a small yes in response, which is enough for Tom to finish rolling the material into his member.
With one of his hands between your bodies, Tom positions himself into your entrance, slowly rubbing his tip against your folds. “Fuck…” He cuts you off with his lips, slowly starting to enter you.
You both moan, getting lost in the feeling of pure bliss, Tom staying still, letting you get used to him. Once you assured him you were fine and he could move, Tom starts to ease himself in and out of you, keeping his thrusts slow at first, only increasing them when you ask him to.
Your fingers dug into his arms, back arching off the bed when you feel Tom hit the perfect spot, your moans only turning him on more. With both hands caging your head, Tom dips his lips until he can kiss you, making sure to keep his movements going, while you explore each other’s mouths.
Tom dips his head and sucks your nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the bud a few times, making sure to give each one of them the same attention. You can feel Tom’s thrusts getting sloppier, so you sneak a hand between your bodies, playing with your clit until you can feel the coil in your stomach ready to explode.
“Fuck,” With a couple more thrusts, Tom loses it, releasing into the condom, making sure not to stop his moves until you approach your high too. “Oh, fuck…” Your grip on his curls tightened as you came, a breathy moan passing your lips, your back arching off the bed until your breasts are flush with Tom’s chest.
With heavy breathing and slightly sweaty bodies, you and Tom stay chest to chest, just enjoying the bliss of your orgasms, until you’re finally able to catch your breaths.
After a couple of seconds, you open your eyes, finding Tom smiling, looking at you. “What?” You ask, a lazy smile on your lips. “That was a pretty good way of warming up, huh?” He smirked, making you giggle.
Pecking your lips, Tom starts to slowly lift himself off of you, excusing himself to the bathroom, from where he comes out a few seconds later with some wet tissues. “Here,” he passes you the package, and you thank him, cleaning yourself up before looking for your discarded clothes.
Once Tom sees you’re about to slip your dress back on, he quickly realizes it’s still raining outside and he actually really wants you to stay. “Hey, so it seems the rain hasn’t stopped yet, do you wanna maybe, spend the night?” He asks, after clearing his throat to get your attention.
Biting your lip to contain a smile, you nod, finding adorable how nervous Tom seemed. “Yeah, that’d be great.” Tom smiles, shifting on his feet. “Cool!” He says, making you chuckle.
“Do you need anything? A shirt, perhaps? That dress is beautiful but it doesn’t look very comfortable to sleep in.” Tom offers, to which you nod, accepting the old Marvel shirt he takes out of his closet for you. “Can I use the bathroom real quick?” You ask and he nods.
Once you come out, wearing his shirt, with your hair up, and a washed face, you find Tom already in bed, looking at you expectantly. “C’mere!” He instructs and you smile, joining him under the covers. Nudging his nose against yours, Tom kisses you, stopping when he hears you laugh.
“What?” He asks, confused. Smiling, you shake your head, “I was just thinking since I paid five dollars to kiss you, how much all of this will cost me.” Letting out a laugh, Tom pecks your lips, “Don’t worry, darling! You get all this for free!”
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