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#Peter Parker imagine
dxrksxul06 · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tony: *walks into Peter and Aunt May’s house*
Also Tony: *wakes Peter up*
Peter: ᴍʀ sᴛᴀʀᴋ ᴡʜʏ ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ɪɴ ᴍʏ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ?
Tony: kid, it’s your birthday :/
Peter: ɪs ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴀ ғʀᴇᴇ ᴘᴀss ᴛᴏ ᴄᴏᴍᴍɪᴛ ᴀʀsᴏɴ? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Tony: ಠ_ಠ um no-
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salted-snailz · 5 hours ago
Y/n: Sometimes I like to place my hands on someone’s cheeks, look into their eyes…
Y/n: …And violently snap their neck!
Peter: That took an unexpected turn.
Ned: So did their neck.
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vampireoutofbusiness · 8 hours ago
Never a Dull Moment
Pairing: sub!peter x reader
Warnings: oral; male receiving, constant teasing of pbp because he's so adorable I can't, and typos because i won't proof read until I'm fully awake
Request: i sound like a pervert but, can i request Parker with a S/O who just really enjoys his ass or being a pervert in general? like, slapping it or make inappropriate jokes bout it in front of the avengers or public in general, how he would respond to them?💀 general neutral is okay ano! and fluff + crack with slight smut? thank you!
Synopsis: You've spent the whole evening getting Peter worked up and decide to take care of him in the middle of dinner.
a/n: um...I need sleep. also, it's all consensual and ya'll are 18+ cuz you have your own apartment together and all that shit
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
Peter Parker was quite frankly the most attractive person ever. Calling him your boyfriend gave you a little leeway. You took every opportunity you could to touch him or make an inappropriate remark. He never told you to stop or said he didn’t like it, just blushed or gave you a meek smile.
You walked into the kitchen of your shared apartment to find Peter unloading the dishwasher, a mischievous smirk on your face.
“Hi,” you reached your arms around him from behind and held him against you.
“Hey sweetheart,” he continued doing his task with you holding him.
“You ready to go soon?” You slowly slid your hand down his shirt that covered his toned abdomen and to the front of his pants.
It’s been a few months since you’ve seen Ned or MJ so you and Peter were going out to dinner with them this evening.
“I-“ his breath hitched when you applied more pressure, “I have to get- um…my shoes on,”
“Okay,” you rubbed up and down his crotch until you felt him get hard, quiet curse words falling from his lips, “I’ll grab your shoes,”
You removed your hand, kissed his cheek, and left to get his footwear. There he was, putting one last plate away with a boner. You brought his shoes back to him and watched him bend over to put them on. You started walking to the door and slapped his ass on the way.
“Y/n,” he stood up and frantically looked you up and down.
“Yes, Peter?” You gave him a big grin while throwing on your coat.
“P- please,” he walked over to you and pulled your hips flush with his, his dick hard against you.
“We’re going to be late, let’s go,” removed his hands from your torso before grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door, several whines leaving his lips.
The entire cab ride over to the restaurant was spent with your hand running up and down his thigh. Each time you got closer to where he wanted, you took it away.
When you got inside, he made an effort to keep you near and in front of him. You turned around and leaned close to his ear.
“If you keep trying to hide it, it will never go away,” your voice was sultry and only turned him on more.
He quickly nodded, a dark blush on his cheeks. You slid your hand down his lower back to his ass, squeezing a little and fully aware of how busy the restaurant was. People’s eyes were all over as you followed the server to your table where Ned was already waiting.
Peter’s boner and your firm grip on his backside were probably not family-friendly but you didn’t care. You’re just claiming what’s yours. And Peter’s going along with it like a good boy.
By the time you got to the table and sat down, you weren’t sure if you had seen Peter’s cheeks redder. His other cheeks definitely have been.
“Never a dull moment with you two, as usual,” Ned said when you greeted each other.
“He’s been hard since we left,” you quipped before taking a sip of water from the cups Ned must have ordered earlier.
Both pairs of eyes at the table with you widened and you thought Peter might choke on air.
“Since you lef-“ “Forget it,” Peter stopped the conversation from going any further and you shrugged when you felt his eyes burning holes in the side of your hide.
You pulled out your phone and saw MJ had texted you.
“MJ’s running late, she said to go ahead and order her cheese ravioli,” Ned nodded, letting out a small chuckle.
“What’s new?” His tone was sarcastic, making you both laugh while Peter was too focused on the feeling in his pants to pay any attention.
“I want you to order by yourself,” you whispered in Peter’s ear, a frown appearing on his face.
You narrowed your eyes at your boyfriend and he immediately shut his mouth.
A few minutes later, the server came over and Ned ordered for himself and MJ before you ordered for yourself. Maybe it was a little mean to have Peter order his own food because normally you would do it for him, but you had a plan.
He took a deep breath and kept his eyes on the menu.
“I’ll h- have spaghetti,” he said quietly.
“Pardon?” The server stepped a little closer to try and hear him better.
“I- um,” Peter turned to you but you didn’t provide any help, “spaghetti, please,”
Your server wrote it down and took your menus before making his way to the next table.
“Why- you know I don’t like that,” Peter kept his head down, embarrassed.
You leaned down close to him, you didn’t want Ned to hear everything.
“I’m gonna suck your cock, you did so good,” your voice low and your hand running over his crotch, “go wait in the bathroom,”
He kept his head down so Ned couldn’t see his beet-red cheeks, before quickly excusing himself.
“Is he alright?” Ned asked, watching Peter speed walk to the bathroom and almost fall on a table in the process.
“He just needs to take care of something,” you smiled and checked your phone, “MJ’s here, I’ll go grab her,”
“Sounds good,” Ned was pretty aware of what Peter was doing and what you were probably going to do.
You spotted MJ walking in when you got to the entrance. You greeted her and gave her a quick hug, then pointed to your table across the restaurant where Ned was patiently waiting.
“I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be right there,”
“Okay,” MJ walked over to the table, giving Ned a confused look
“Hey dude, where’s Peter?” “Bathroom…Y/n?”
“Bathroom- they’re definitely-,”
Yes, your friends are spot on. Thank god for the singular bathrooms or what you’re “definitely” about to do would rather difficult. Actually making him keep quiet might have been fun…
You reached your hand down to Peter's belt, quickly undoing it without taking your lips off of his. He moaned into the kiss as you pulled down his pants and boxers. Your knees met the cold tile of the bathroom floor.
“So pretty,” you stoked his shaft and looked up at him, your eyes full of lust, “and hard. Who made you this hard, pretty boy?”
He was already shallow of breath and you hadn’t even done anything.
“You,” he whimpered as you placed an open-mouth kiss on his tip.
“And you did so well, ordering for yourself, I’m so proud of you,” you praised, then took him in your mouth without warning, his breath hitching at the sudden contact.
His dick hit the back of your throat and he finally got the sensation he needed all night. You knew what you were doing when you got him all worked up before you left. You placed your hands on bare hips to keep him pressed against the wall.
“Your mouth feels so- fuck- so good,” he moaned while you continued sucking him off.
You made eye contact with him as you repeatedly gagged, watching his mouth fall into an “o” shape. You wrapped a hand around his balls, kneading slightly while he squeezed his eyes shut. He was close, you could tell and you couldn’t blame him after all the teasing you did.
“I’m gonna cum,” he said breathily and you took your mouth from his dick, keeping a steady motion with your hand on it still, “please let me cum, p- please,”
“Good boy, you can cum,” you grabbed some toilet paper quickly and brought it to his tip.
His face contorted and let out a loud moan as he released, an intense orgasm washing over him. You wiped him off a little before throwing away the used paper. He caught his breath and you tried fixing up your hair and overall appearance in the mirror.
You figured he was still pretty out of it so you helped put his boxers and pants back on, a timid thank you leaving his lips.
“We can’t be in here much longer,” you kissed his cheek before buckling his belt for him.
“Yeah, okay- my hair,” he looked at it in the mirror and you fixed a few pieces that had fallen out of place, otherwise, he looked perfect.
“Ready?” “Ready,”
“I’m surprised the food’s not here yet after you took so long,” MJ said as you and Peter sat down at the table.
“How are you?” Peter asked, changing the subject.
“I’m alright, you guys?”
“Well, Peter’s doing the great after that,” Ned and MJ chuckled while you stifled a laugh.
Peter looked at his lap to avoid everyone’s eyes on him.
“You weren’t so shy a few minutes ago, were you?” You teased and put your hand back on his thigh and the other’s laughed, “I’ll make sure you aren’t when we get home either,”
He looked up at you, mouth agape and pants tightening once again. What fun it will be.
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imaginestuffs · 9 hours ago
First Kiss- Peter Parker x Reader
word count:2137
warnings: lots of kissing. don't know if that needs a warning but i put it anyway. just fluffiness!
Summary: Reader and Peter have their first kiss.
Tumblr media
(not my gif!)
Music was playing throughout your room and you danced around singing along. Your parents were away for the week and so you were home alone. You had on one of Peter’s shirts you had stolen and your hair was messy from shaking it about. You had on one of your favorite playlists on Spotify. You simply titled “Classics” it consisted of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The beetles, Carly Simon, Queen, and so much more. You had grown up listening to what your parents did and so in your opinion, you had immaculate music taste.
You could barely hear the sound of the busy streets of Queens beneath you. You were too busy singing along to Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison; to be bothered by the sound of your window creaking open. You never usually locked your window because Peter would stop by after patrol.
He quietly set his feet on the floor and closed the window again. You still had yet to notice him, as you kept on singing along as loud as you wanted.
“Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine with a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing
Hiding behind a rainbow’s wall
Slipping and sliding
All along the waterfall, with you
My brown-eyed girl
You sang loudly before Peter decided to step in and finish the last words of the verse.
“My brown-eyed girl”
You jumped and let out a little yelp of surprise when you saw him standing there with a soft smile on his face. “Peter! You scared me! I thought you would be later.” you lightly scolded your boyfriend as you turned your music down to a lower volume. “I wanted to see you sooner, I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he explains shyly. He had a blush on his cheeks. His hair was messy from being under the mask for a while. He had no cuts or bruises on his face which caused you relief.
“I don’t mind at all. I’m just used to knowing when you get here. My music was just a bit too loud it’s not your fault. I’m sorry you were subjected to my terrible singing.” you apologized with an embarrassed laugh. He walked towards you slowly with a smile on his face.
“I love your voice. It’s perfect.” he complimented you and your cheeks flushed.
“No need to say that. I’m sure yours is better from the little that I heard,” you told him and stepped toward him as well. You grabbed his hand and sat him on the edge of your bed. “Now! Spider-man. What’s the damage tonight?” you ask in a fake stern tone. Your hands were on your hips as you looked at him intently. “Nothing too bad tonight just a bruise on my arm, and a few scratches there as well,” he explained to you. “Well, then I guess I’ll take care of those for you. Stay here I’ll be right back,” you said before placing a quick peck to his forehead and walked into the bathroom to fetch the first-aid kit you had on hand. Peter smiled at the way you treated him. You were always so gentle and compassionate.
You walked back into the room and set everything you needed on the bed next to him. “Alright spidey let me see your arm,” you said. Peter pressed the Spider at the center of his suit and it fell from his shoulders. You immediately grasped his hands and checked to see what arm it was on. You saw some small cuts with dried blood stuck to his skin. “This might sting a bit Peter, I’m sorry I’ll try and be quick. I promise. You grabbed the rubbing alcohol and began to clean his small wounds. He would let out a hiss now and again but other than that was quiet enough. He looked at your face and saw the concentration etched onto it. Even though it was the smallest injury he’d had you still paid all your attention to it.
He saw your lip drawn between your teeth and couldn’t help but want to kiss you. He had never kissed you before but had been waiting for a good time.
“(y/n),” he said quietly. He lifted his hand and gently gripped your chin to turn you to look at him. You looked t him in confusion. “What’s wrong Peter?” you question in concern. “I’m fine. I just- I guess I just wanted to see you up close. Your eyes are more beautiful than the last time I saw them this close. You smiled shyly.
“That was only a day ago Pete.” you cast your gaze downward, he moved his hand to gently cup your cheek. “Still, They’re more beautiful than ever. You know like the stars but even brighter,” he explains in a cliche way. The compliment makes your stomach fill with butterflies. Your smile broadens and he cringed at what he had said to you. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that was so cheesy. I hope you didn’t take that seriously.” he rambled. You looked at him with a flash of offense on your face. He didn’t mean it?
He saw your look and his eyes widened.
“No. no. no! That’s not what I mean. I just mean that it was super cheesy the way I said that and I hope you don’t take the cliche so seriously. I really meant it. Your eyes are beautiful.” he ranted on but you let a small smile claim your lips at his rambling. You grabbed his hand in yours.
“Peter. Peter, it’s ok I understand. You’re too sweet, now let me finish cleaning you up ok.” you said and leaned forward to kiss his head. He nodded in silence, letting you get back to placing a tiny band-aid over the cut. You kissed it and stood back a bit smiling at what you had done.
He admired you as you admired him, and you caught his gaze. He reached towards you and stood up. He grabbed your waist and pulled you into a hug. Your head rested on his chest and his chin rested on your head.
“You know babe, I think a shower would do you really well right now.” you tease him. He looked down at you and chuckled. “Clothes still in the same drawer?” he questioned before moving away from you. “Yup, now hurry, I miss you,” you said as he gathered his clothes. “I’ll be quick I promise.” he walked out and threw a smile over his shoulder.
After a while, he walked back in with damp curls and comfy clothes instead of his suit. He walks over to you once again before holding you in his arms.
All the sound heard in the room was My Girl by The Temptations. The calming music and the feeling of Peter’s chest rising and falling grounded you and you relaxed. He noticed you relax into him more and he held you a bit tighter. He swayed you both a bit before pulling back slightly so he could see your face. Your cheeks were darker and it made him smile.
Looking down at you he knew he wanted to make his move now. If you said no, he wouldn’t do it, but he had no idea where to even start if you said yes.
His hand traveled from your waist to the back of your neck and you looked up at him in wonderment. You placed your hands on his chest tracing miscellaneous patterns on his chest. It sent shivers down his spine at the feeling of your fingers touching him so gently. He was sure you could feel his heart beating rapidly beneath your palm.
He looked into your eyes for a sense of reassurance. As if to ask for your permission before he started to lean in. your eyes lit up a bit at the sight of him leaning in and so you closed them and leaned in as well. The way he enveloped you entirely, his smell, his rough hands, and warm breath fanning against your soft lips made your knees go weak. Your heart leaped in your chest as you could feel him get closer to you. You could feel his lips brush yours and just as he was about to completely close the gap between you, he spoke.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.
Instead of saying anything, you let your lips answer for you. Your lips collided with his and he let out a surprised hum. It made your stomach do flips.
He brought you as close as possible your hands reached up to run through his unruly curls. The hand that held your head tugged your hair softly and you let out a soft whine at the feeling. This only spurred him on and soon enough his tongue was nervously seeking entrance to your mouth. You parted your plush lips and tentatively let his tongue stray into your mouth. You sigh at the feeling and push up on your toes. The need for air became evident and so you pulled away slowly letting your lips part from his. Your cheeks flushed and his hair messy.
Your breaths were heavy as you just stared in awe at each other. You two have had kisses with other people before but this one felt like it wasn’t any kiss, it was the kiss. The one you knew you needed forever.
You smiled and gently pulled away from him. You pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and looked away from him. “Wow.” were the only words that escaped Peter’s lips. A broad grin broke out on his face and he chuckled. He watched as you put the first-aid kit away. The way you moved and the smile on your face. He looked at you like you were the universe, because to him, you were.
You walked into the room again and smiled at him.
With no thought other than you Peter moved forward and swept you off of the floor. You let out a surprised yelp and a laugh bubbled past your lips. You let your head fall back as he spun you and he watched on in wonder at you. He let out laughs as well and he set you down steadying you both. Your closed your eyes and scrunched up your nose a bit which caused his heart to melt just a little bit more.
You opened your eyes and a look of pure joy appeared in those (e/c) eyes he loved so much.
He just stared at you for a moment in concentration trying to memorize every part of you.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” you ask with a furrow of your brow. He lifts his hand and gently relaxes the crease between your eyebrows. “Nothing is wrong. I just- I wanted to look at you,” he mumbled. You could practically feel your heart burst.
“(y/n).” he paused anxiously. You nodded, encouraging him to continue.
“Can I- can I kiss you again?” he asks bashfully. You blush and let your hand trail down his arm to tangle with his. You look at him through your lashes.
“Yes.” that was all he needed before he leaned back in. his lips collided with yours more passionately than before. His free hand circled completely around your waist pulling you tightly against him. Your other hand raised to run down his chest. He whined a bit at the feeling and you sighed at the noise. He took the chance and let his tongue once again wander your mouth. Massaging yours and feeling you relax against him. He held you up, letting go of your hand his hand ran up your spine and trailed back down it. Your hand moved up to cradle his face.
Things began to slow down and he ended up pressing small kisses on your lips between breaths.
“We need to do that more often…” he breathed out. You nodded and nudged his nose with yours. “I agree, let’s make the most of our week alone huh?” you ask with a Cheshire grin. He blushed but nodded his head quickly grabbing your hand tightly.
“But…” you let silence break your sentence.
“First. Would you dance with me?” you asked bashfully. Peter smiled brightly and nodded.
“I’m not too good at it but I’ll do anything for you.” you smiled at him before reaching to lock your hands behind his neck. “I guess we’ll learn together,” you told him. You felt his hands move down to grip your hips and your heart fluttered.
You leaned up and pressed another kiss to his lips.
“You’re too lucky,” he mumbled.
“I’m even luckier,” you said and rested your forehead on his.
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lesbian-deadpool · 12 hours ago
Y/N: Who wants to make fifty bucks?
Peter: How?
Y/N: I need someone to take the fall.
Peter: What did you do?
Y/N: I can't tell you. Yes or no, no questions asked.
Steve, from the other room: Oh my God.
Steve: OH MY GOD!
Y/N: Make it a hundred.
Peter: Deal.
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lowkeyerror · 13 hours ago
Peter: I know we're the good guys but do you have a favorite bad guy?
Y/n: um
Hela: Ya sweetheart who's your favorite villain
Agatha: Hela, darling don't ask questions you don't want the answer to. We all know who Y/n's favorite is don't we hon
Peter: How did you guys-
Hela & Agatha: * Throw Peter against the wall*
Y/n: Y-you guys aren't supposed to-
Hela: * puts her finger on your lips* Ssssshhhh little lamb, you have one question to answer
Agatha: * stands behind you with hands on your hips* What's it going to be doll
Y/n: * gay panic faints*
Agatha: I obviously made her faint which means I'm her favorite
Hela: Not a chance in hell Aggie, she fainted because she's in the presence of a goddess
Agatha: I know I'm quite stunning aren't I
Hela: * Rolls her eyes*... Do you think they'd mind if we took her for a bit?
Agatha: Who cares?
Hela: You're right
Agatha & Hela: * Teleport away with Y/n*
Peter: How am I going to explain this to the team?
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itsallyscorner · 14 hours ago
The Pink Shirt
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader
Summary: Based off of Tommy’s obsession with the pink shirt from Zara. Also because I bought the damn shirt for myself as well😭
Warnings: none—I lied. Filthy, dirty, kinda funny, horny smut. Tom is down bad and I need to touch some grass.
A/n: I had this idea so now I’m writing it! Wanted to do some free writing and not requests to let myself ease back into my writing mindset:) might help me get out of a writer’s funk! Hope you loves like it💕
Tumblr media
(my best boy🥺)
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
With your eyes still shut with sleep, you stretched your limbs, loosening up your muscles from the long night of slumber. Your arm reaches out to the space beside you, expecting to feel the warm body of your boyfriend. When your hand only comes to contact with the comforter, your eyes slowly peel open. Your head rises from your pillow, looking around for any sign of Tom.
His side of the bed was still fairly warm, the outline of his body slightly imprinted into the sheets. The sunlight from the windows peek into the room, causing you to squint. You plop your head back onto the bed, turning to nuzzle your face into Tom’s pillow. His familiar smell of lavender, warm spices, and hints or cedarwood enter your senses and you can’t help but snuggle deeper into his pillow.
A clang in the kitchen startles you. He’s probably getting his morning tea, you thought to yourself. As much as he hated to admit it, Tom was a morning person. He enjoyed waking up early: he got to watch the sun rise, have a morning workout, and he got the opportunity to watch you peacefully sleep. Some people might find the last part creepy, but he swears it isn’t, he just likes to stare at your face.
Deciding to get a move on for the day, you haul yourself out of bed and reach down to the floor for the first article of clothing you can find. The shirt on the floor happened to be one of Tom’s. It was a new shirt of his that he had bought from Zara while you two were out doing rounds around the city. You had suggested it to him, saying that pink complimented his skin and that he needed more color in his closet. Obviously, he bought the shirt. You hadn’t expected him to immediately wear it, but the moment he wore it, he never wanted to take it off. The infamous pink shirt became a staple in his wardrobe and he was obsessed with it.
You pull the shirt over your head and pair it with some shorts. You continue your morning routine, heading into the connected bathroom and freshening yourself up for the day. When you felt presentable, you walked out the room and headed straight to the kitchen. You heard the quiet murmurs of Tom and the sizzling on the stove. You could hear him make little comments to Tessa and return to humming Kiss Me More by Doja Cat and SZA. The song had been stuck in your head, meaning that it was played almost 24/7 wherever you went. Tom must’ve heard the song from you one too many times and it got stuck in his head as well.
You enter the kitchen, immediate being greeted by Tessa. Your voice goes a pitch higher as you bend down to snuggle her. “Good morning darling!” You say in a babyish voice, petting and pressing kisses to her head. Her tail wags in excitement, happy to have the attention on her.
Tom notices your presence, looking over his shoulder to see you with Tessa. He turns back to the eggs on the stove but quickly does a double take when he sees a flash of pink on you. On you was his favorite pink shirt. He didn’t have a problem with you wearing it, in fact he adored when you wore his clothes. They were a bit oversized on you and made you look so adorable. But something about you wearing this specific shirt did things to him.
Your eyes suddenly align with his, your lips turning up into a wide smile. He reciprocates the action and turns the stove off—his eggs were done anyway. You stand up straight and approach him, wrapping your arms around his bare figure, the only thing on him being his boxers. Your face is flush against his back, lips pressing soft kisses along his spine and shoulders.
“G’mornin sweet girl.” He hums, taking one of your arms and bringing it up to his own lips. He interlocks your fingers with his and places a kiss atop your knuckles. He keeps a hold on your hand while he plates the eggs on your plates.
“Mornin’ bubs.” You smile against his skin, hugging him tighter. Tom chuckles at your hold, he adored it when you were all cuddly so early in the morning. He lifts your hand in the air, twirling you in the process, and pulling you into his chest. You giggle, wrapping your arms around his neck and playing with the curls that brushed against it.
“You’re up early. I was gonna bring you breakfast in bed and be a really cute boyfriend.” He hums, stroking your back. His eyes drift down your body, admiring the way his pink shirt looks on you. The words “A VERY GOOD START” printed onto the shirt rested along your left breast. It definitely was a very good start to his day—seeing you in his clothes made him weak and a full on simp for you.
“You don’t need to do anything to be a cute boyfriend, you already are bubs.” You scrunch your nose at him and peck his lips. He leans into the kiss, following your lips as they pull away from his. “And I woke up alone and was wondering where you went, that’s why I’m up early.”
“I was hungry as soon as I woke up so I made us some breakfast.” He explains. His hands drift down your figure, fingers brushing against the exposed skin of your legs. He lifts you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, while his hands grasps onto your bum. A boyish grin forms on his lips as he cheekily squeezes your bum cheeks, “You don’t have to worry about being alone anymore because you found me.”
You playfully roll your eyes at him, “I’m starting to regret finding you, you horny little shit.” You tease him. It was normal for the both of you to poke fun at each other, it was your love language.
Tom licks his lips, eyes scanning your body again. The shirt was big on you, your nipples pebbled against the material, and his scent was radiating off of you. It might have been a shirt but it was his shirt with his scent on it, and it turned on his possessive side.
“But you look so fucking adorable and hot in my shirt.” He pouted, setting you on the counter and letting his fingers sneak under his shirt to touch your skin. “I just want to take you on this counter and lay you down, eat your sweet pussy out, and hear your pretty little moans.” He teasingly trails kisses along your jaw and neck. His fingers grab onto your hips, thumbs digging desperately into your skin.
Your tilt his chin up so that he’s staring up at you. Lust consumes his toffee brown eyes, turning them darker compared to their usual bright tint.
“You know what else you can take on this counter?” You ask him, a smidge of seduction in your tone. Completely enamored by you, Tom just lets out a little hum in response. You lean in closer to his ear, making sure to brush your lips against it.
“The breakfast you just cooked for us. We should eat before it gets cold.” You whisper, your breath fanning against his neck. You feel him shudder against you as goosebumps appear on his neck. He throws his head back, groaning at you.
“You little shit, you’re such a tease.” He grumpily says, pushing himself off the counter away from you. He grabs the plates he prepared for you both and sets them on the table. You laugh, hopping off the counter. You didn’t miss him adjusting himself in his boxers as he awkwardly sat on a stool. You settle beside him and pressed a kiss on his temple. He huffs cutting into his pancake.
“Tommy.” You whine, ducking to reach his lips. He was pouting and moved away from you.
“No, you’re mean.” He grumbles. “But you worked so hard to cook breakfast, I wouldn’t want it to all go cold.”
“That’s what a microwave is for.” He retorts.
“It’s better fresh.” You stab a fork into your eggs and eat it. He remains silent, chewing on his food. You began to feel bad and place your chin on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry for being a tease.” You apologize, watching him for a reaction. You continue, “I’ll let you do whatever you want later.” That catches his attention.
“When’s later?”
You shrug, “After I digest?”
“How long does it take to digest?” He questions you.
“I don’t know, thirty minutes?” You guess. He tries to stop the small smile on his lips from forming, but fails to. He nods nudging his nose against yours, “Sounds good to me.”
The day passes with ‘discreet’ teasing and ogling from Tom. The both of you couldn’t exactly do anything later because things happened during the day. First, Tom had to log onto zoom to attend a meeting for a new film. Then, you got occupied doing some last minute work for college. While you were consumed with your assignments, Tom’s eyes would drift to where you were. You were sat on the couch, legs on the cushions, as you typed away on your laptop. You wore the shirt all day, even when you turned into the bedroom to take a short nap.
The moment his meeting ended, Tom went straight to your shared bedroom. To his content, you were already awake, scrolling through your phone. The position you were in made him inwardly groan. You were on your stomach with your plump ass sticking up in the air.
“Baby.” He called as he entered the room. Tom carefully clamored over you, straddling you from behind. He ducked his head to kiss the back of your neck, his lips instantly latching onto the spot that he knew riled you up. “Baby, it’s later.” He mumbled against your neck.
“I know, was waiting for you to finish with your meeting.” You reply, turning to meet his lips. He smiles into the kiss, deepening it as he helped you lay on your back. He blindly takes your phone from your hand and puts it to the side, his fingers resuming to play with the material of his shirt. One of your hands cup his face while the other moved to thread through his curls. You pull on the strands, emitting a deep moan from Tom. He let out a sigh of relief when he was able to ground his hardening cock against your clothed core.
“Fuck—was thinking about this all day.” He choked as he bucked his hips against yours. The friction coming from between you two and the sight of you underneath him in his clothes sent waves of arousal straight to his dick.
“Well now you don’t need to think anymore, just do me.” You quickly reply in between his kisses. You weren’t even sure what came out your mouth because all you can feel was yourself being consumed by Tom.
One of his hands dip down to slip past your shorts; what Tom felt made him moan. Under your shorts—technically his boxers—was nothing but your wet cunt. Tom felt himself get harder at the thought of you wearing nothing under his boxers the entire day.
“And you don’t have any fucking panties on.” Tom bit down on your bottom lip, pulling on it a bit with his teeth, before letting it go. “You’ve been a naughty girl all day. Teasing me with the shirt, then at the kitchen this morning, and now I found out that you haven’t been wearing anything under my boxers today.”
“What are you gonna do, Tommy? Punish me?” You taunt him, your hands being pinned to the mattress by one of his own.
“You see I would, but I’m feeling generous today. You look so good in my clothes and now I wanna mark you up even more by being inside you.” He casually shared as his fingers between your legs spread your wetness on your cunt. His thumb expertly yet blindly brushes your clit, making you gasp.
Tom continues his causal conversation with you, “You’d like that won’t you? Marking you up and showing everyone that you’re mine?” Your mouth only gaps in pleasure, your body content with the way his fingers flicked between your folds. All while this is happening, his eyes remain on you. He watched as your eyes threatened to roll back, the way your mouth opened and closed, and how your brows would furrow in pleasure.
Tom tuts, moving so that you’re directly looking at you, “I need words, darling.” A breath releases shakily past your lips, “Yeah.”
“Yeah what?” Tom tilts his head at you, still flicking his fingers below you, one of his fingers teasing your entrance.
“I—I want you to—oh—mark me up.” You stutter out. Tom uses that as confirmation to shove his finger into your hole. You gasp, legs jolting to close, though Tom’s torso avoids them to do so.
Tom cheekily chuckles. “Oh, I know you do.” He responds, mocking you on your little slip up. With how wet you were getting, it wasn’t difficult for him to shove in a second finger. While his fingers pushed in and out of you, his thumb made rough circles on your clit, the perfect move to drive you towards the edge.
“Such a good girl for me.” He hums, craning his head so that he can suck hickies onto your neck. His lips attached to your skin, sucking harshly while his teeth and tongue alternated to bite and smooth the spot. When he felt one side was bruised enough, he moved to the other side of your neck, repeating his motions.
“So responsive, you’re still getting wet.” He whispered. Your toes curled and whimpers escaped your mouth at how good he was making you feel. When Tom felt your walls clenching down on his fingers, he disconnected himself from your neck, admiring the patches of hickies that littered your neck and collarbone.
“All mine.” He muttered. “You gonna cum? I can feel you squeezing down on me, baby. Come on, cum on my fingers.” He nudged your nose with his, quickening his pace. You felt the tension in you building up. When the tension relaxed, you came undone. Squeezing your eyes shut and throwing your head back, giving Tom a view of your bruised neck. He dove right back in, sucking on the part of your throat that vibrated as you released a moan.
When he felt your breathing fall back to pace, he stared at you.
“You alright?” He asked, a hand of his coming up to affectionately move strands of hair that stuck onto your face. The lust in his eyes momentarily disappeared being replaced with concern. You nodded letting out an “mhm”.
And just like that the lust returned to his eyes. He pecked your lips and wiggled his way down towards your soaked heat.
“Good ‘cause we’re just starting.” He grinned. His eyes connected with the grey Calvin Klein boxers you wore. The patch between your legs was far more darker compared to the rest of the article of clothing.
“That’s sexy.” He comments. “Your cum soaking my boxers, God.” Tom shows the slightest bit of roughness by shoving your thighs apart to make way for his head. When he was centimeters away from your cunt, his eyes shift to look up at you, that boyish grin gracing his angelic face. Though right now he was far from angelic, he was like a sin between your legs. A sin you would do over and over again.
He chuckles to himself and kisses your pussy through the boxers. You knew this was payback for you teasing him earlier in the day. You found your hips lifting from the mattress, wanting to get more contact from Tom. His response was to only slam your hips back down, keeping his hands there to pin them to the bed.
Your legs widen, allowing all of him to be flush against you. Biting down on your lip, your hands reach down to the top of Tom’s head to grasp onto his hair.
“Tom.” You whine. Tom releases a low moan, rutting his crotch against the mattress to relieve his own arousal.
“I know, I know.” His tongue swipes his lips, tasting a hint of you on them. He takes his boxers off you and tosses them to the floor. His eyes hungrily connect with your core.
The heat forming between you and Tom was overwhelming you, causing you to sweat. You move to take off your (Tom’s) shirt but it’s suddenly yanked back down. You look at Tom in shock to see his eyes on you, “Keep the fucking shirt on.” You comply, leaving the shirt alone.
Tom turns his attention back to your slit and how it glistened with your wetness. Before he can do anything, he pulls his shirt off, and throws it over his shoulder. Without any warning, he dives into your heat. You let out a high pitched moan, your thighs clenching, and your eyes rolling back.
“Shit, Tom.” You moan as his mouth suctions itself onto your center. It was wet and sloppy, all you felt was his mouth and tongue attacking your pussy. He moans in content at the sounds you made for him, the vibrations of his moan buzzed against your clit. You whine while your hands grasp onto his curls to bring him closer to you.
“Taste so good for me. You’re such a good girl for me, (y/n).” He praises you, sloppily kissing your heat. His fingers split your folds apart, a string of your arousal forming between the space. Tom flicks his tongue, teasing your hole.
“Can you give me another one, love?” He questions you, the pad of his thumb making rough circles on your clit.
“Y—yeah.” You stammered, features contorting in pleasure.
“Yeah? I know you can, baby.” He replaces his thumb with his mouth and began to suck on your clit. His fingers were back inside you, pumping in and out repeatedly. The combination of his mouth and rough fingers caused white flashes to appear in your vision. You felt like you were blanking out, drunk on the euphoric pleasure Tom was giving you. He knew every little thing that riled you up and took you apart—he was like a pro when it came to making you feel good.
“God, Tom I’m close.” You clamp down on his fingers, your legs wrapping around his waist. Tom picks up the pace of his tongue, adding a hint of his teeth to graze at your sensitive bud.
“C’mon darling, cum all over my face, give me another one.” His words vibrate against your clit again. With the help of his tongue and fingers, your back was arching off the mattress, a loud cry tumbling off your lips. Your legs tightened around him as you came all over him. Gasping, you pried him off your core, the sensations of your orgasm making you far too sensitive. Your chest heaves, trying to catch your breath after the blissful moment.
“That’s my girl.” He mumbles, easing away from your center with your cum dripping down his chin. A proud grin is on his lips. You stare at him through half shut eyes, “Don’t get cocky on me.”
Tom licks his lips and uses the back of his hand to wipe your cum from his face.
“I didn’t say anything, lovey.” He innocently retorts, allowing you to come down from your high. Tom lifts your shirt to press kisses along your hipbones and stomach.
“You had that stupid look, you cocky shit.” You knew he was proud at the fact that he was the reason to why you were so blissed out. You may have had flushed cheeks, hair sticking to your face, and sweating—but he thought you looked absolutely stunning beneath him.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He hums nonchalantly, pushing your shirt to rest above your breasts. He momentarily stares at your erected nipples, almost boyishly. That glint of playfulness shining in his eyes.
“Come to daddy.” He says before ducking to suck on one of your nipples. You scrunch your face at him prying him off you. Tom objects, shooting you a look.
“You did not just fucking say that.”
“I did, now let me suck on them titties.” He snickers, can’t taking himself serious. You burst out laughing, “You’re killing the mood.”
He shakes his head, bouncing a bit, “Fine, sorry, sorry.” He pecks your lips and goes back to flicking his tongue on each of your nipples. You feel his hard on bumping against you, making your cunt squeeze down on thin air.
“Tom, you’re so hard.” Your hand rubs him through his boxers, helping him relieve himself of some tension. The action only causes Tom to jut his hips onto your hand.
“Thank you, baby.” He groans, pressing his forehead in between your breasts. You continue to rub him, finding the head of his cock and running your thumb past his tip. He suddenly snatches your hand from him, startling you.
He kisses your wrist, “Nothing, sorry. I just won’t last long if you keep doing that. I need to be in you.” You nod, spreading your legs wider for him to get comfortable. Tom shimmies out his boxers, pulling out his length. It was quite long, with the veins almost popping out, and his tip red hot. Tom hissed when the air met his hard on.
You took some of your slick, gathering it on your hand, and used it as lube for Tom’s dick. He lines himself with your entrance and looks at you.
“You’re on the pill right?”
“Yup, I am.” You confirm, squeezing his bicep. Tom nods, interlocking one of your hands with his. The both of you sigh in relief once he enters you. The veins of his cock brush against your walls, his length completely filling you up.
“So fucking tight.” Tom breathes out, stilling so you can get used to him. You kiss his jaw, giving him the ‘ok’ to move. He pulls out then snaps his hips back into yours, knocking the breath right out of you.
He grabs one of your hands and rests his forehead against yours as his thrusts begin to grow harder and faster. “Yeah—won’t last long.”
“It’s ok, keep going Tommy.” You coax him, your free hand scratching at his back, spurring him on. Tom stills, leaning back to rest on his haunches. His hands grab onto your ankles, pushing your legs back until your knees touch your stomach.
“Keep these open for me, yeah?” He realigns himself with your entrance again. This time when he enters, he reaches deeper into you, hitting that spot that pushes you closer to becoming wrecked. Your moans are now bouncing off the walls; if Harry were home, the poor boy would have been mortified.
Tom smirks down at you, “That feels good doesn’t it, lovey?” As he says this his hand gently cradles your jaw, forcing you to look at him.
“You make me feel so good, Tommy.” You whimper, turning your head to kiss his palm. “Only you.”
Tom’s thumb glides past your lip before slipping it into your mouth. Your tongue swirls around his digit, getting it wet. He takes his thumb from your mouth and brings it back to your clit. His touch makes you jolt, your sensitive bud already overstimulated from your previous orgasms.
“I’m close, baby.” He warns you, his thrusts becoming erratic. His hips were moving sloppily, but he was still hitting your spot. You decide to help him out and replace his hand with yours on your clit.
“I fucking love you, fuck.” You groan. Tom connects his lips with yours, wanting to be as close to you as possible. With both his hands free, he angled his hips a certain way and began to rail into you, fucking you into the mattress.
“Baby, I’m cumming.” He whimpers against your lips. “Me too, Tommy. Cum in me.” You urge him, trailing wet kisses along the side of his face. The both of you come undone at the same time, entangled with each other’s limbs. Strings of white releases from Tom and coats your walls while mixing with your release. Tom’s face is nuzzled into your neck, while yours rests above his curls. He leans his weight onto you, your chests heaving and bodies twitching from the aftershocks.
Tom was the first to move, coming out from the crevice of your neck. He kisses you multiple times with whispers of “I love you’s”.
“I think you look really good in my clothes.” He whispers, the softest smile forming on his features, his eyes gazing at you.
You snort, motioning to the sticky mess between the two of you, “Really? I didn’t notice.” The two of your burst out laughing, stuck in your cozy little bubble.
The moment was interrupted by heavy knocking coming from the door, “WILL ONE OF YOU PLEASE TAKE ME TO CHURCH? MY EARS HAVE BEEN SINNED UPON.”
Tom groaned, “HARRY FUCK OFF!”
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Stuck In the Web (PT. 2)
Peter Parker X Stark!Reader (WC: 2.9k)
Summary: Peter learns about the guilt that Y/N carries after letting down their mentor.
Warnings: Spoilers up to FFH, cursing
A/N: I love causing myself and others pain. We will start getting some more fluff after this...I think...
Peter and you were both sitting across from the other on the floor, staring in silence as the sun continued to pass through the windows. Needless to say, seeing Tony, even if as hologram, was a little traumatizing. But what you revealed after was just as difficult.
"Are you ready to explain how you caused Mysterio?" Peter said slowly, not wanting to set you off again.
You placed your face in your hands with a sigh, shaking your head back and forth as you groaned. "Peter, it is so much more complicated than that".
"How is it complicated? Is he secretly your birth dad or something?"
You started laughing. "What is with you and who my dad is? Lemme guess, dead father figure syndrome." You slap your hand across your mouth, realizing that those words actually came out of your mouth.
Peter raised an eyebrow, his mouth pulling into a surprisingly devilish look. "Well, look who's talking? Besides, I have three dead father figures."
You muffle a snort behind your hand before shooting back, "Funny, me too". You both blink at each other before stifling your laughs. "Dude, this is so not funny," you giggle.
He coughs to mask his own laugh. "No, you're right it isn't funny."
"Are we too dark?" you say with a soft sigh, an unfortunate smile playing on your lips.
"Nah, we have enough trauma to justify it." You smile at him, knowing that despite the trauma, you were both incredibly strong. You'd seen it first hand.
"So... why is it so complicated?" he pushes once more.
You sit back, leaning against the chair behind you.
"Well, it goes back about seven years ago," you begin, but you're interrupted by Peter.
"Oooh, that's when Mr. Stark stole Quentin's tech; renamed it B.A.R.F, right?"
You roll your neck, the bones cracking with a threat. "Okay, first of all, shut up, please. And yes, that was the same year, but it doesn't have anything to do with this. What else happened that year?"
"Uhhhh, that was the year of my first battle, and when I met...oh..." he trailed off, realizing that it goes back to his beginning.
"Do you remember what Tony did when he first stopped by the apartment and introduced himself?" Peter shook his head.
"It was all kinda a blur, I was in shock a little so I only heard like every other word".
"How Peter of you."
"Excuse me?"
"Nothing. Anyways," you pushed forward, secretly pleased that you had peeved him "He showed those videos of that you thought were from Youtube; and while there was some clips from the interwebs, he was looking a little more personally. But we both know his way of watching isn't as literal as we had always hoped".
He nodded slowly, ensuring the understanding our similar sentiment, though it seems he still couldn't follow.
"You, Peter, were my first mission. I was 14 or 15 when I started, I can't remember. I had been trained by the team for a year, but Tony knew that tensions in the group were rising, with the aftermath of Sokovia and Lagos. He wanted to know about the 'spider-boy' in Queens. So I watched you. I wasn't allowed to interact, or do anything to help you unless absolutely necessary. You were a little reckless back then. I was coming behind you, cleaning any minor messes."
Peters face contorted in disappointment. "Are you joking? Mr. Stark didn't trust me?"
"You said it yourself Peter, he isn't the most trusting type. I didn't report every misstep like I was supposed to because, well, I could relate to the feeling of indepence and trust I craved from him."
Peters eyebrows raised, relief washing over him at the idea of Tony not knowing everything.
"So, after Germany, and all of that, I continued to keep my distance as much as I could. I watched how you bugged Happy and when he started complaining to Tony, Tony got an idea."
You pause for a breath, letting him settle with all the information you had just unloaded on him.
"Soooo, what was it?"
You looked down into your lap, feeling self-conscious.
"Do you remember Karen?"
"Karen? K-Karen, oh you mean, Karen in my suit?"
"Yeah, Karen in your suit," you say with a sigh.
"Wait, did you make her?"
You shake your head with a soft laugh. "Actually, uh, I was Karen..."
Peters eyes widened as you looked up at him, a small smile playing across your face.
"Y-y-you were, you were Karen?"
"Well I wasn't supposed to be Karen, I was just supposed to be your suit AI. But, you kinda got attached to me, so I let it slide. Tony thought it was hilarious too, which was kinda great, until I didn't report you getting all the access to your suit."
"Oh...I'm sorry about that, I didn't think it would affect anyone".
You laughed. "Peter, you didn't know I was real, dipshit".
He blushes, reaching up to rub his neck. "I guess you're right..."
"Also, I thought you would figure out that I was real..." you trailed off, not wanting to reveal too much about your time with him that year. "I mean, I gave you advice about that chick! And I'd assume you'd tried having a normal conversation with Vision, and how did that go?"
He shakes his head with a small laugh. "He couldn't compute the emotions, just the chemical balance." He looks at you, still smiling, but a sadness clouding your eyes. "Vision must have been a big influence in your life, what with the super computer powers and all? Someone to relate to."
You looked down once more, feeling uneasy about the shift in conversation. "I'd rather finish telling you this other depressing story first."
Peter nodded, adjusting in his spot, aware of what was to come in the next year.
"I guess, you kinda know what happens. Thanos. Space. Blip." you breath out, uncomfortable saying all of those words back to back.
You can see him visibly shudder at the memory.
"Well, when you jumped on the spaceship like an idiot, I was supposed to meet you back on Earth. But you never came down, and neither did Tony. I lost contact with you both."
You leaned back, looking up to the ceiling to keep the tears from falling. "And then, I blipped."
Peter stared at you, both a feeling of understanding, but also confusion at the amount of emotions you were displaying. The blip wasn't incredibly painful beyond dusting away. He had felt like he blacked out, and then he was back. You were unlucky.
"I can see that you are trying to figure out why I'm sobbing when I haven't even gotten to the soul-crushing, defining moment in our life. It's because only my body blipped."
Peter stared at you, until the answer finally clicked in his mind.
"The database in your brain..."
"When I came back, I was jammed with five years of information in the span of a few seconds. It was the most horrific physical pain I had been in my entire life. By the time I was physically able to move, the fight with Thanos was in full swing."
"But the hardest part," you were choking back a sob as the files opened without warning in your mind, the multiple voices echoing over one another. "Tony was uploading video diaries to me in the hopes that I would see them, wherever I was. It was everything, about how I had a little sister, how the world was changing, and how he figured out the way to save everyone." You looked down, letting out a soft cry. "I think he knew he was gonna die before he even left because he left a goodbye vide-AAAAHHHHHH"
You let out an ear piercing scream as you dropped your head in between your legs, covering your ears.
Peter launched himself in front of you, reaching for your face, pulling you up to look at him. "You're okay Y/N, I'm right here," he said as calmly as he could.
Your eyes flew back and forth between his. You swallowed harshly, your throat starting to dry up as you tried to continue. You pulled away from his touch, his hands dropped back into his lap where they twiddled with anxiety.
"When I...when I final-finally got there, I saw Tony, with the Infinity Stones...then, he snapped."
The tears streaming consistently with no end in sight. You were starting to escalate in volume as you spoke quicker.
"I screamed. I screamed so loudly, I didn't care if people found out about me. I just wanted my dad."
It was the first time you had ever called him your dad out loud. Peter reached out to touch you again, but you pushed him away.
"No. Peter, don't." Your voice was rising, not intentionally, but out of pure emotion. "I tried to run to him, I tried to get to him. I was looking for Pepper too, but I could feel that it was too late. Still, who got there first?"
He began to stammer as he recalled that dreadful day.
"It was you Peter. Not Pepper, his wife, not me, his adopted daughter, but you. And in that moment, the years of respect and care for you, an-and, just so goddamn much, was gone." At this point you were seething. You jumped up and began pacing back and forth.
"I didn't get to say goodbye Peter. I didn't get to hug my dad before they took him away. And, you, you took that from me, and I hated you for that..."
Peter had tears streaming down his face, staring up at this girl who he had no idea about for years, only to find how important she was in his life. And she hated him.
You tried to regain your breath, still on edge but finding your composure.
"I left you. I gave up on you, and I gave up on Tony. I ignored Happy, ignored all of the Avengers. I visited Pepper and Morgan, but mostly lived here, in pain and grief."
Peter wiped his eyes, also standing up. "So, Europe?"
"I should have protected you. I knew Quentin, he was always so nice to me. If I had been there, I coulda stopped him myself, disabled the tech, something-"
"Stop. Please, stop."
You stepped back, realizing he hadn't said anything in close to an hour. There was a feeling of relief that he stopped you, even though getting most of the secrets off your chest.
"Y/N, I am not gonna blame you for Europe, or Mysterio."
Your eyes flicked up to look at him, while he stared at the floor.
"I would have done the same thing if I was in your place. Actually, I already blame myself..." Peter murmured.
You stepped forward and placed your hands on his arms. He looked up at you, tears still stinging his eyes.
"Peter, I don't blame you anymore. In fact, I blame myself instead of you..." you say gently. "None of it was your fault. I had no one to blame, so I made you the villain when in reality, you just had no clue."
"I remember seeing you."
You removed your hands from him, stepping back as he looked up at you with red puffy eyes.
"At the funeral. You wore a hat with a veil. I thought it was a little strange that someone would hide their face, but I was too focused on being there for Pepper. But I saw Morgan run up and hug you. You had pulled off your veil to kiss her cheek, then you both went inside."
"I-uh, i..." That day had been a blur of pain for you, and it was no surprise you didn't remember.
"But that wasn't the first time, was it Y/N?"
He stepped towards you, and you didn't dare breath.
"The Netherlands. I was never sure how I ended up in jail, but I I had come to for a few seconds when I was removed from the train. It was you."
Your face was red now, having been caught for leaving out that detail.
"You're right Peter. It was me..."
"You never abandoned me."
"But I didn't protect you," you say with a sniff, the tears coming back.
"No, you were protecting yourself, something anyone in grief would do."
Peter stepped towards you again, grabbing your arm and pulling you into him slowly. You were stiff at first, but soon relaxed, wrapping your arms around his waist. He rested his chin on top of your head, rubbing your back gently.
"What happens next?" he whispers. Your stomach felt funny, and instead of ponder on the feeling, you let go of him and stepped back, walking over towards the window.
"Well, we need to stay here for a while. I can't say exactly how long, but I know it's gonna be a few months, at least. Maybe Morgan can come stay with us for a weekend when it is safer," you state, straightening your posture and sniffing back the drainage from all the crying.
Peter turned to look at you, your hair still messy from when he had woke you that same morning. The sun was setting at this point, a whole day gone. He had gone from meeting a stranger to becoming stuck with an extension of his mentor.
"I think we should take some time to process this," you say quickly, before turning on your heels and making your way back to your room. "I'll order pizza," you call back to him before shutting your door.
Peter stood in the middle of the room, feeling queasy as all the information washed over him, truly setting in. As he went to sit down, your voice on the speakers interrupted him.
"Oh and your room is all set up in the basement. Your stuff is already there."
Peter looked around, remembering that you could do stuff like project your voice through the speakers. He sighed, rubbing his face as he made his way to the stairs. When he arrived in the basement, it was not only set up, but clearly with him in mind. It was more of a large studio apartment; a lot of Tony's tech was still set up, worktable at the center of it. In the back, a few of Peter's Spiderman suits were on display, while the back corner housed a large bed. Sitting on the blue comforter was a note, along with the glasses that Tony gave to him.
I swear to God, if you give these up again, I'll murder you myself. I left some of Tony's "toys" for you to tinker with. Oo, tinker. Tinker-BELL. You kinda fly, like Tinkerbell. Yeah, I'm gonna have to start calling you that.
Peter rolled his eyes at your note, placing it back on the bed. Hesitantly, he picked the glasses up and put them on.
"Hello Peter. Good to have you back," EDITH greeted.
"Hey Edith. Glad to be back. Can you pull up any information on Y/N?"
"As of today, the Peter and Y/N file has been unlocked as per Mr. Starks request after the viewing of his introduction video."
The frames lit up with multiple files, and Peter began to quickly scan through them. Each one confirmed the things that you had told him. As he got past the technical stuff, a video popped up.
"Hey Peter, it's me again."
There was Tony, for a second time today, talking to Peter.
"It seems like you met Y/N as of late, and once more, I have to point out, she is pretty awesome. If this video has popped up, it's because you're snooping through her files. I know that you probably want more information than just her side of it all. So, let me tell you mine."
Peter sat on the bed as he listened to Tony's retelling of meeting you for the first time, the fondness he had, and when you finally woke up. He was so happy that you were as tech savvy as him, as well as sarcastic. "She really is like my own, Peter. And I will always see her that way. That's why, I have made some videos about what I expect of you. I thought this might be easier than actually talking about the awkward or difficult stuff, but if you need to, you can talk to me."
Peter cringed slightly, but appreciated the sentiment. He wished Tony could do the latter.
"Anyways, I love her. And...I...I love you too, kid. But don't let that go to your head, or I'll take the suits again."
The feed ended and Tony dissipated from the frame. Peter fell back onto the bed, breathing deeply after the events of the day. A small plate on a floating device came down the stairs, three slices of pizza atop it. Making its way over to Peter, it dropped onto the bed. Once again, there was a note on the napkin.
I'm sorry to do all this to you. I'll make breakfast tomorrow.
Peter stared at the napkin, unsure what the next day would bring.
A/N: This series makes me emotional. If you repost my work, please make sure you give me credit! Also, liking reblogging and commenting really helps. Thanks xx
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Icarus and the Moon ii
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
summary: Peter figures out how to Not Die and has very interesting dreams.
word count: 1.2k
warnings: brief mentions of death, third person narration
a/n: i’m so sorry for the wait and that it’s kinda short, a lot has been going on recently, but i hope you enjoy part two (also i suck at summaries akhukfh)
prologue   part three
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It wasn’t the falling that scared her.
It wasn’t the wind whipping around her, violet in it’s ministrations as if, it too, were punishing her. It wasn’t the way the world grew around her, the way the buildings turned to skyscrapers as she plummeted to the ground. It wasn’t the scream lodged in her throat, solid like a rock, the uncertainty of what would happen next solidifying the sound. That’s where her fear stemmed, the unknowing. 
All she could think of is what would happen when she landed, her eyes a purple hue, squeezed preemptively for the impact. Her hand reached up, digits curling around nothing as though an invisible rope would save her from her impending fate. The cityscape was growing louder, noises she’d never heard before flooding her ears, furthering her fear as the distance between her and the buildings and streets below grew closer. 
The wind ripped through her skirt, the silk fabric billowing around her in a pool of white. It rolled around her, trapping her legs in a knot as her descent quickened. Panic filled her lungs, tears pooling in her eyes, clouding her vision of the already distant stars. The scream thick in her throat finally spilled out, a significant choice of last words but her chest felt like it was caving in and it took all she had just to remember to breathe.
Light bubbled in her chest, rays projecting outward and seeping through the cracks of her fingers as she tried to stifle them. If she wasn’t sure before, she knew now. She was going to die. A further fuel to her fear, just another unknown to add to the equation of her predicament. 
And then suddenly, there was him. 
Warm and kind, his heart filling with her rays of light, absorbing them like they were his own. It was all she could remember, the feeling of his hands on her, the vibrations of his voice dancing along her skin as he held her to his chest. 
He sounded like a song, his fingers raindrops on her skin. He was steady arms and warm blankets. Her eyes were heavy, empty as she felt disconnected from herself but his subtle light enveloped her in a feeling she was sure had no name. She was safe. And, for once, the world was dark.
Tumblr media
“Alright,” Tony used his weight on Peter’s shoulder to plop him into a steel chair. “The kid’s here. You gonna start talking now?”
The girl ignored him, something that was upsetting Tony greatly, as her eyes landed on Peter. The boy swallowed uncomfortably, not liking that the attention of the room had entirely shifted to him. Still, he could find a brief comfort in the small smile shot in his direction from the alien girl.
“Are you alright?” She asked him, the quiet melody of her voice something he had yet to be desensitized to and his chest froze up at the sound.
He laughed it off awkwardly, scratching at the back of his neck. “I feel like I should be asking you that.”
“I am fine,” the girl assured him. “It is you that I am worried about, I am not sure the full extent of your symptoms.”
“His symptoms?” Steve narrowed his eyes.
“I have-” She paused, a confused pout on her face as she tried to find the right words. “I have rewired Peter’s chemical balances. It is a defense mechanism on my home planet, we latch onto the nearest creature to ensure our safety, if ever needed.”
“So, I’m-” Peter licked his lips, brows furrowed. “We’re connected? Because I helped you?”
The girl nodded, a guilty expression on her face. “I did not mean to use it, I promise” 
Bruce looked up from his notes, piecing together his scrawl as he spoke. “So you manipulate the nearest person to keep you safe and if they fail then-”
“They die,” Peter finished, slightly paler as the words tumbled out in a solemn tone.
“I am so sorry,” the alien tried to get up, momentarily forgetting the handcuff that jerked her back into her chair.
Peter lurched forward, hands in fists as a sudden anger took over his body. Vaguely aware of his actions, he reached for the offending piece of metal, thoughts only focused on taking the chain and tearing it in half. The firm hand of Steve Rogers was placed on his chest, pushing Peter back into his seat with a stern look.
As if sucked back to reality, Peter’s eyes cleared and his cheeks dusted with pink at the realization of what he was about to do. “Sorry, I don’t know what- Right, the alien thing.” 
The girl grimaced, apologies swirling around in her mind, though she kept her mouth closed. The idea of causing more trouble to the men around her was a firm reminder to keep her movements brief. 
“How long ‘till mini Hulk goes away?” Tony asked offhandedly, ignoring the offended look that took over Bruce’s face.
At his question the room fell silent, for not a single person in it had an answer.
Tumblr media
Peter had a secret. It wasn’t anything world stopping and he kept it to himself more out of embarrassment than anything but it was a secret all the same. When he had first found the girl on his roof, wrapped in white as if her fate had already been sealed, he thought she was an angel. 
With the way her lashes fluttered against her cheeks or the soft look of her lips as his eyes traced her cupid’s bow, he couldn’t think of any other way to describe her than the definition of purity. She smelled like honey and milk, a scent that followed him throughout his day, and, even though he knew it was impossible, made him believe that she was just around every corner. 
At night, he would force himself to stay awake, looking at the popcorn ceiling of his bedroom with heavy eyes. The blankets would feel heavy around him but he refused to give in to the slumber because he knew what would be waiting for him if he did. He knew that sleep meant dreams and dreams meant that the girl would follow him even into his subconscious. So he would do his best to stay awake, to save himself the embarrassment of having, yet another, dream about the girl. That didn’t mean he was very good at it.
For every night, there she was, fluttering in her white dress, feet dancing among the clouds. A soft smile settled on her lips as the stars flew past her, glittering dust settling on her skin. It was with delicate fingertips that she plucked him into the sky above, a playful glimmer in her eyes as he looked at her with wonder. And then he would wake up.
Peter muffled a groan into his hands, his face searing hot. This was definitely not an alien side effect.
Tumblr media
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Oh, Baby | Chapter Two | P.P
disclaimer: this chapter discusses sexual innuendos/commentary, teenage pregnancy, and inappropriate language.
enjoy an early chapter! i’ll try to post thursday or friday again.
Tumblr media
The following morning, I was awoken with the urge to puke.
A pair of hands helped pull my hair up and away from my face, calmly rubbing my back. Tears blinded my eyes as I tried to get everything out of my system. I felt lightheaded from just having my head bowed.
When I was done emptying my stomach and brushing my teeth, I tiredly leaned into the wall.
“Thanks, MJ.” I whispered as I wiped at my face.
She smiled weakly and sat next to me.
We were silent for many moments. It was almost scary how quiet she was being. I was waiting for her to scold me or even yell at me, but she didn’t say a word.
When I called her over last night, she helped occupy my parents. She told them I was feeling ill from the school’s lunch that day and that it would pass just as it did for the other students at school.
I was eternally grateful for my best friend.
What I really was doing, of course, was taking the pregnancy test she bought in a rush on her way over here.
It told me exactly what I already knew.
“What do I do now?”
MJ cleared her throat as she pondered this question. “We have to take you to a doctor.”
I shook my head. “My parents are just going to find out from the insurance bill.”
"We can go to a clinic. They're private and usually free."
"If they're not free?"
"Then we tell your parents. I'll do it with you if you need me to. We just have to let them know!"
My hand clamped over her mouth quickly, my eyes wide with fear. “Sh! They’ll hear!” I hissed lowly.
She rolled her eyes, pushing my hand off of her. “The sooner they know, the sooner we have more options. Don’t you want those options?”
I felt a pang in my head, my brain practically throbbing against my skull. “I can’t tell them, MJ.”
Her eyes widened at my ludicrous statement. “So, are you going to . . . get rid of it?”
“I—I don’t know. I just know I can’t fathom the idea of disappointing them. My mom will just—just die. This could kill her. Oh. Oh my, God! My dad will kill Peter. He’s going to kill him, MJ, and this baby will be fatherless! Oh—”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Breathe, Y/N.”
Her hands held my arms down as I shook from fear. She did her best to soothe me as I cried again. My head was resting in the crook of her neck by the time I was done violently sobbing.
I sniffled as she played with my hair. “What do I tell Peter?”
She sighed. “You know he’ll support you in any way he can, Y/N. Whatever you want to do, he’ll do it, too.”
That I truly believed.
He’s a great guy. The best, really. In a weird way, I was actually thankful that this was happening with someone like him. In whatever way he could, he’d make sure I was okay and I was comfortable. Peter loves me enough to fix anything if I asked him, too.
“We should get ready for school,” she murmured.
I removed myself off of her and pushed myself up to stand. I didn’t say anything as I made my way out of the small room to get into mine.
The two of us got dressed quickly and quietly. It must have seemed strange, because there was a gentle knock on the door.
I dragged my feet over to get it open.
“Are you two okay? Do you still feel sick? I thought I heard you two in the bathroom again earlier.” My mother held a steaming mug and a box of what seemed to be crackers.
I tried to smile as I put down her offerings. “It’s okay, just an upset stomach again.”
“Wanna stay home? I don’t think anyone would mind too much.”
“I can’t, Mom. It’s our first day of lessons, I need to be there.”
MJ peeped up from behind me. “I could pick up notes from Peter and Ned. We all share some classes with you.”
My mom smiled brightly at the girl. “See? Our MJ has your back.”
As much as I wanted to stay in bed and somehow crawl away from the impending doom waiting for me outside, I couldn’t. I needed to speak with Peter as soon as possible. He would know exactly what to say and how to fix this.
“It’s okay, Mom. Besides, I have my internship after school. I’m just lucky they were willing to work around my school schedule.”
She chuckled and pulled me into her arms. “They’d be idiots if they had said no.”
When she held me for a while longer, I felt myself yearning to fall apart. I wanted to cry and beg my mommy to help me. She would take care of this and me better than my boyfriend, despite his sweet personality and thoughtfulness. She was practically a hero without the suit. This woman was the sole reason for my own ambition and bravery.
But I couldn’t go to her. Not anymore.
“I love you, Mom.” My voice was hoarse, but she didn’t comment on it.
She squeezed me once before holding me at arms length. “I love you, too, Bunny.”
MJ and I did our best to hurry out of the building as fast as possible after that. My heart was nearly pounding out of my chest, begging to burst and implode from the amount of stress I was enduring.
When the two of us made it outside, I was surprised to find Peter not there. I even waited about five minutes, but the only one who showed up was Ned.
“Hey!” I called to him as he crossed the street. “Have you seen Peter?”
“No, I waited for him by my building, but figured he had come here instead.”
I sighed, but pulled out my phone that I hardly seemed to use since the summer. When I found his contact under one of his many pet names, I dialed his number.
It rang for a long while before I was sent to voicemail. I gave it another shot, but accepted defeat when it was to no prevail.
“That’s great,” MJ huffed. “Of all fucking days, Parker can’t pick up his phone.”
“It’s fine, M—”
“No, it’s not! You have to talk to him now.”
Ned rose his arms in question. “Whoa, what’s going on?”
My eyes widened. “I . . . I just have to talk to him about something.”
He frowned. “You can tell me if something happened. I won’t tell anyone, you know that. Besides, you look like you’re ready to collapse.”
God, I couldn’t even think about saying it out loud. The way my stomach lurched at the idea made me clamp my mouth shut, afraid I’d vomit all over his shoes. I gave MJ a hopeless look to which she sighed at.
“Once she tells him, she’ll tell you.”
I watched his face filter through his thoughts and when his eyes widened, I turned away in embarrassment. I could feel his eyes staring at me intensely to which I had no words for.
It seemed to not have taken long for him to filter through the options.
“Let’s go,” I mumbled, looking down as I walked past him.
The three of us were quiet the rest of the way. It was odd to feel so glum when the city looked so beautiful so early this morning. Despite the whir of the cars and train just above, I could hear the birds. They sang softly, but I appreciated it.
When I stared up at the clouds, I placed a hesitant hand on my stomach. I nearly shivered from the idea of something growing inside me faster than I could possibly fathom.
“You okay?” MJ whispered.
I only shrugged.
We finally arrived to school about ten minutes before the bell rang. I tried to rush into the crowd, but I was held back by MJ’s surprisingly strong grip. I sent her a scowl, but she only rolled her eyes.
“You’re going to get dizzy if you try it.”
I wanted to prove her wrong. I could do it and act as if nothing was happening. I could behave the way my other peers were. I would be normal again and completely ignorant to the situation.
But then I looked back into the crowd and swallowed the lump in my throat.
I was in no condition to be in such a fast paced environment when I was so easily sick. I got a headache just watching them zoom by.
Ned waited for the traffic to calm down with us, still incredibly silent from earlier. He wouldn’t look up from his shoes which only made me nervous. He was never one to keep his opinions to himself, especially when this particular thing revolved around a life changing topic. But there he was. I was almost afraid he was going to scold me, too. And then I remembered he was Ned. He’d do his best to make sure I was okay before giving me advice that would ease my restless heart.
Just as we were about to disperse and get to class, our attention was caught by the squeaking of sneakers against the tiled floors. The three of us shared confused looks until a flustered boy with floppy hair came to view.
I sighed in relief. “Oh, Pete!”
He smiled glamorously before trying to flatten his now puffy curls. “Hey, honey! I’m so sorry, but there was this crazy robbery at like two in morning and by the time I was done, I was obviously exhausted and I went home to try to get some sleep, but I ended up sleeping in! Go figure.”
Seeing his carefree features quite nearly crushed me. He wasn’t stressed about anything besides his Spider-man issues, because he had finally been able to somehow balance his separate lives. I couldn’t spring something so life altering onto him right now. Especially not when he must have been so exhausted still.
MJ cleared her throat. “Ned and I have to get to homeroom. See ya.”
And with that, she was dragging Ned with her who didn’t bother saying anything.
“Why don’t you go home to rest?” I murmured, leaning my hand against his face to caress his cheekbone with my thumb.
He almost immediately leaned into my touch and draped his hand over mine. “Isn’t that a bit irresponsible of me considering it’s the second day?”
“Hardly, Spidey.”
We both chuckled together. He seemed to think about my suggestion, but he shrugged a moment later.
“If you come with me, I’ll consider it.”
I sent him a look to which he sighed at.
“Please? We’ll just cuddle and sleep all day! Maybe some other stuff later, but for now—”
My face flushed profusely at his boldness. Despite our sex life being quite regular considering the amount of times he was left alone, it was still new in our relationship. In a comfortable environment, we were able to talk about our sexual relations easily, but being in the out and open in the school hallway was a bit embarrassing.
When he noticed this, he smiled shyly.
“That was pretty forward of me, I’m sorry.”
“No, no, it’s not that. I just. . . Actually, let’s go.”
His eyes widened. “Really?”
I nodded. “I haven’t been feeling the best.”
“What? What’s wrong? We can go get some medicine at the corner store? Some soup, too?”
My heart fluttered at his caring nature. I ended up wrapping an arm around his torso to which he maneuvered his arm over my shoulders. I rested my head onto his chest, holding him closely.
“I love you, Peter.”
He relaxed. “I love you, too. C’mon, let’s head out before someone catches us.”
We somehow made it past the security officer whom was too indulged in his comics to find us interesting.
By the time we made it to the corner store, we were conversing about his time spent at the Avenger’s Tower. He was gushing over all the equipment Tony Stark had. I thought it was cute how excited he got over his first interaction with vibranium. I was also intrigued with the information he was giving me, considering I helped Peter with the engineering on his suit before. He went on about his web shooters now having these amazing new features.
"I cannot wait for you to visit the tower one of these days! Mr. Stark says you're more than welcome considering he looked into your grades and the work you’ve done for the newspaper as well as your internship so he was very impressed.”
Great. I’m going to be letting down a complete stranger now, too.
I forced a smile though and shook my head to feign some sort of disbelief. “Wow, what a big stalker.”
Peter laughed easily, too engrossed into his story. “Totally. I’m sure he has your social down, too. And your parents’ and Miles’.”
He continued on and on about the brilliant Tony Stark as we made it back to his apartment, hand in hand as usual. I would’ve held at least of one of the two bags, but he was adamant enough to hold them both with his one free hand. I guess it wasn’t much of a hassle for him considering he could lift a bus with the same one.
Eventually, we made it inside where I almost immediately felt a wave of nausea slam into me. I stood at the doorway nervously as I eyed the kitchen around me.
Something smelled fishy. Literally.
“Peter?” I whispered, interrupting his small rant about the argument he got into with Tony discussing the realistic properties of the quantum theory. “Did Aunt May make fish? Tapia, specifically?”
He pursed his lips before nodding. “Yeah, last night. We threw it out, I don’t think she cooked it right. Why?”
I kept my mouth shut and my eyes closed as I tried to ease the pain. After inhaling deeply, I spoke slowly. “I need you to take out the trash, please.”
Peter froze, his eyes locking on the garbage can that sat about two to three feet from me. Hesitantly, he made his way over to close the bag before pulling it out. When he excused himself, I tried to breathe slowly through my nose. It worked a bit, but I could still smell the rotting meal.
When he came, his hand rested against my forehead. “You seem warm.”
I swallowed the lump in my throat, clearing it as I shook my head. “I’m just—I’m okay.”
“Y/N, you’re clearly not fine. Let’s go have you lay down.”
Before I could protest, I was already being swept away. Not literally, thankfully, because I think Peter was smart enough to know I’d probably end up throwing up all over the place. When we entered his bedroom, he helped me get out of my school clothes almost immediately. His cool fingers grazed against my heated skin and I was internally grateful.
When he pulled his shirt over my head, he helped me get under the covers. I nuzzled my head into my favorite pillow he owned and he massaged my scalp as I got comfortable.
“I’ll go make that soup. I want you to try to eat just a bit before you fall asleep.”
He held up his hand, his face twisted in confusion. I stayed quiet as his eyes darted around the room. He even went to stand, ready to swing open the door.
“I think May is here.”
“What? No, she would’ve said something when we came in.”
“Then who do I hear?” He frowned.
I was about to ask what he meant, but that thought quickly vanished as I felt my stomach ache. My hands almost immediately began to shake as I pulled myself up to sit.
God, I wanted to just pretend a while longer. If he hadn’t had those special senses of his, I’d get my way. What else did he sense that he didn’t speak up of?
“Peter, sit down.”
He did so easily, sitting at the foot of his bed. “What’s wrong?”
I breathed in deeply, thinking of what to say next. Instead of finding the words, though, I took his hand in mine. As I did this, I watched his expression filter through his emotions. He was definitely anxious, most likely thinking of the worst case scenario. Little did he know, our reality was probably by far the worst one.
I maneuvered his hand and hesitantly placed it over my stomach while simultaneously biting down on my lower lip. My teeth had practically ripped the skin to shreds at this point. Yet, he was still watching me with an unsure look.
“What do you hear in this room, Peter?”
He blinked before glancing around. “Besides the noise outside, I hear our heartbeats and breaths.”
“How many heartbeats do you hear?” My voice had wavered.
His eyes snapped over to me then. He furrowed his thick brows together before looking down at where his hand was placed. He even parted his lips to speak, but was quiet as he continued the contemplate my words.
“You might have to really try to listen. I’m sure it’s not strong right now.”
Peter inhaled sharply, his other hand clenching the bed beneath us. “You . . . You’re—You’re pregnant.”
The words I have yet to even say aloud myself caused me to wince. “Yes.”
I couldn’t hear him breathe after that. My hands shook his shoulders, trying to get him to look up at me. When he did, I noticed the tears welling up in his eyes.
“I am so, so sorry, Peter!” I whimpered, tears of my own already falling down my face. I had been too afraid to even speak any more at this point. He was so still, I was sure he was thinking of every way he could get me out. “I-I never meant for any of this to happen.”
His shoulders tensed as he slowly took my hand in his again. “Well, of course not. You’re only fifteen.”
I was confused. “Aren’t you mad?”
“Mad? No. Surprised? Of course. Did you think I would really try to blame you? Y/N, it’s not like you forced me into anything here. We decided to become intimate, because we love one another. Should we have been more careful? Absolutely, but there’s only so much to do about that now.”
With his words circulating into my brain, I felt the uneasiness in my stomach start to subside.
“Why are you so calm?” I asked softly.
He sighed before pursing his lips. “Maybe because it all makes sense now. I felt something off about you for weeks. Now I know why.”
“What was off? I only just started getting sick.”
“Yeah, but it started off with your smell. You always had such a distinctive scent to me and then it went completely off balance. Not in a bad way or anything, I swear! It was just noticeable.” His fingers intertwined themselves with my own. He let his thumb caress my hand before kissing my knuckles gingerly. “Oh! And your heart rate has increased. I noticed it when you sleep.”
My mouth felt dry. “Okay, anything else?”
“Well, usually I know when you’re on your period. You weren’t on schedule this month, despite your irregularities.”
That one caused my face to noticeably burn with embarrassment. He had mentioned something like that to me before, but I made him swear to not bring it up anymore. Not that it wasn’t natural and I was uncomfortable with it, I just wished I had some sense of privacy. He understood, just like he always did.
“Is that all?”
He shook his head before sheepishly adding on more. “Your hormones were a bit off, too. You’d get in the mood at the most random times or change between each emotion in a matter of seconds.”
“That’s not as obvious as the others.”
“No, considering I knew you had to be getting your period at some point and we are in our adolescent stage.”
I only nodded.
“Oh, and yesterday when you smelled the meat from the kitchen? You usually don’t get nauseous when smelling something you don’t enjoy.”
That was pretty clear, too. But to be fair, I didn’t take this symptom into consideration. I was sure it was just trauma from the last time they served that food in the cafeteria. After my mother explained her own symptoms, though, it kind of all just clicked.
All the pieces were falling together in the palms of our hands now.
“Peter,” I murmured. “What do we do?”
He took another deep breath, his eyes squeezing shut. One of his palms rubbed his forehand as he began to visibly stress out. I let him ponder for a moment, his lean figure now pacing back and forth throughout the small room. He was even pulling at his hair.
After a few moments, he exhaled loudly. “Okay, okay. We’re fifteen and sixteen years old. We’re also only in high school with no paying jobs. We’re a bit busy figuring out what we want to do for the rest of our lives, considering you’re involved in an internship and I’m Spider-man.”
I sat quietly, picking at the skin around my finger nails while listening to him ramble.
“We have three options as of now. I’m assuming you’re only about four weeks, so that’s not too bad if we’re looking at terminating the pregnancy. Do—” He looked at me with wide eyes, his body coming to a halt in front of me. I was sure he was listening to the heartbeat again by the look on his face. He slowly got down to his knees, his eyes now strained on my stomach. It was like watching a car crash as his lower lip began to quiver. “We made a small being, Y/N.”
“I know, they’re kinda of making me nauseous all the time.” I tried to fight off the smile forming on my face.
He gave me one of marvelous smiles as he pulled me into a bone crushing hug. I squeaked, patting his back gently.
“Pete?” I choked.
A gasp left his lips as he released me. “I’m so sorry!”
I only smiled, brushing my thumb against his cheek. “It’s okay, love.”
He sighed again, leaning his forehead into mine. I inhaled deeply as he allowed me to share his warmth.
“I never want to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do, but I will share my thoughts on this if you’ll let me.”
I nodded gently, no words able to leave me.
His hands pulled my own to his chest, keeping them there against his heart. His eyes bored into mine as he tried to find the right words, I could quite literally feel how nervous he was.
“I love you. I’ll love you for the rest of my life and the eternity afterwards. You’re it for me. I could feel it. So, even though we might be too young for this, I want it. I’m all in and I’ll do whatever you need me to if you’re in, too.”
As I processed those words, I felt my eyes well up with tears. I pressed both of my hands to his face and pulled him down to meet my lips. He kissed me back with a force I never felt before, I was sure I was seeing all of the stars and galaxies above.
But I had to pull away to give him a sad smile.
“I know you’re it for me, too. And if you do truly feel this way, you’ll understand that I need some time to think this through. I’m sorry.”
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*Y/N returns to camp with a scratch on her cheek*
Peter Pan: Y/N, what happend to your cheek?!
Y/N: It was Killian, he did this with his hook
*Everyone heard*
Felix: Now this looks like a job for me
Peter Pan: So everybody, just follow me!
Peter Pan: Hey Killian
Felix: You'll regret what you did to Y/N
Killian Jones: Oh really?
Peter Pan: Boys!
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Tell me why
Pairing; Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Summary; despite knowing each other for almost their entire lives, Peter and Y/N were only beginning to get to know each other and it doesn't take long for Peter to be infatuated.
A/N; I'M SO PROUD OF THIS ONE YOU HAVE NO IDEA OMG. And Tony Stark is alive in this one :P but he's barely mentioned so. And also, didn't edit this so just bear with me
Words; 7157
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For two people that'd known each other for so long, who watched each other lose teeth, break bones and grow into the hard-headed teenagers were now, they sure didn't know each other that well. Y/N and Peter were completely different people. From day one, never once did they cross paths in each other's lives. It was like they were from two different worlds- the most they knew about each other were the floating rumours that'd occasionally surface.
If Peter were asked to describe Y/N, solely based on the rumours that surrounded her, he'd say she was confusing. Well, confusing, intimidating and... and a magnet for curiosity. He'd known her since they were wee little kids, they were always put in the same class and they practically watched each other grow up. Yet they never interacted, because she was too busy with her friends and he was busy studying and being the smartest in the room.
Unconventional would be an understatement to describe Y/N. She was average, a normal high school girl with farfetched goals and unrealistic dreams. Y/N would like to think that she kept to herself most of the time, but she was so used to being around crowds that her character came off otherwise.
She wasn't as smart as most people, and she didn't get herself involved in extracurriculars and she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life; she saw no future for herself. So, for now, all she did was enjoy herself despite the desperate pleas of her parents, begging her to study.
She wasn't doing great in her classes, but she'd like to think she had more common sense than most people in her class. She was emotionally stable, she'd like to think, but that didn't explain the drinking. She didn't go out to parties every week like most of her friends, she wasn't allowed to but on rare occasions, she couldn't help but become a party animal.
She was known for that, after all, but it wasn't something she wore proudly.
In freshman year, Y/N seemed to be the most popular girl in school. She liked it at first, but the attention was consuming and it wasn't getting her anywhere. She wasn't losing her friends, but she was forgetting herself. She realized it was a problem before it got too late.
When junior year rolled around, Y/N found herself signing up for the weirdest extracurriculars. After the whole science trip, reality had hit her like a ton of bricks and she realised how hard it would be for her to get into college. And she wanted to get into college so bad.
Peter was pleasantly surprised when he saw Y/N worming her way into the Academic Decathlon team. He didn't know how she got in and frankly, Y/N didn't know either. She was rusty at first, was the target of teasing for an entire week- a week for Peter to take a breath- until she started getting the hang of it.
Soon enough, she was answering all the questions with so much confidence and nonchalance- it was baffling to watch. Flash grew jealous of her, swore she was somehow cheating her way to the top. His theory was quickly shut down by Betty. Peter and Ned simply accepted it and MJ, being the team captain, was pleasantly impressed.
She was easily accepted and quickly became part of the core of their team. Her opinions mattered to them and her words were considered- it wasn't something she'd ever experienced before. Y/N Y/L/N finally thought she found her place, a place where she belonged.
That was probably the first time Peter recalled talking to her. She'd bumped into him on the way to the auditorium, offering him a hasty apology before she walked off, bag slumping on her shoulders and books pressed to her chest. He couldn't wrap his head around how quickly the moment had gone past, he didn't even have time to register what she said or realise that she was running off in heels and all that he was left with was the notebook she left behind, resting at the end of his shoe.
He holds onto her notebook the rest of the day, taking time to admire the dumb doodles she'd indulged in during class. Doodles in all sorts of colours, with a few nonsense quotes here and there. She was a messy person, it was obvious. Her notes were all over the place and her handwriting splayed inconsistently- sometimes looking like they were printed by a printer and other times looking like a spider gliding against water.
He remembered reading an article about what someone's handwriting could tell about a person. Y/N was simply a messy person, with her thoughts all over the place and no sense of tidiness-
Peter just decided to give her back her notebook during practice. He was getting ahead of himself, for someone who barely knew Y/N Y/L/N, he was thinking about her too much. Sure, he wanted to get to know her better but he was getting ahead of himself.
What he wasn't expecting was stiffening up when he saw her sitting with MJ and Flash, laughing about something with a pen pressed to her bottom lip, the corners of her eyes crinkling with glee. Ned had to physically shake him out of it. The hands that held her notebook shook violently and he blinked profusely but it got worse when Y/N catches sight of him.
She smiles widely, which was something she'd never done towards this, but it was probably because she saw him holding her precious, lost notebook. She jogs towards him, her braid swaying side to side as the hair that framed her face bounced and she stops in front of him, tucking the loose strands of hair behind her ear before looking at his hands.
"I've been looking all over for this," she sighed in relief and Peter robotically hands her the notebook and her hands brush over his for only two seconds.
He blinks profusely, humming and nodding his head like an idiot and Ned stared at him like he's an alien. His hands don't even fall to his side until she stared him up and down, a confused grin replacing her smile as her brow lifts.
"Thank you," Y/N tried again, hoping to get an answer from him because he seemed way too uncomfortable. He could be sweating, for all she knew.
"N- no problem," he's stuttering and stammering and all he could think about was how embarrassing it was because everyone was probably staring.
He swore Ned mumbled out an excuse to drag Peter towards the rest of the team to start practising. She stared as they walk away, confused and puzzled before she follows them and MJ stars belting out questions for everyone to answer. And Peter was distracted for a good amount of time until Y/N stars answering questions too, her voice flowing into his ears like music.
When practice was over, most students had left for their next class, including Ned. Peter was left to fend for himself while Y/N sat beside him, tapping her pen against the table as she read a random book. He didn't know how she ended up sitting beside him, both leaning against the wall while MJ was expecting them on brushing up for their next practice.
Before Peter could even propose the idea of practising together, he was disturned.
Much to his dismay, though, Flash slid beside Y/N, the hated grin on his face as he nudged her with his elbow. Y/N, trying her best not to roll her eyes, closed her book and turned to him with an annoyed smile, asking what he wanted with so much sarcasm and disinterest dripping from her mouth- Peter was blown away.
"There's a party today-"
"Absolutely not," Y/N almost laughs and she shakes her head harder than she waves her hands at him. Flash's smile quickly drops into a frown as he looked at her confused.
"Why not? You love parties," he urges, completely ignoring her groan of disinterest.
"I do," she confirms. "But I don't want to go today."
"Why not?" Flash urges, clearly not understanding her disinterest.
"My parents won't let me," She argues.
"That never stopped you," Flash winks at her; she cringed at him. Chuckling awkwardly, Y/N leaned away from him, almost pushing her back into Peter's shoulder but that doesn't happen and Peter feels disappointed.
"Seriously, Flash," she rolls her eyes. "I'm busy the entire day. I have archery classes and a job to keep-"
"Archery?" Peter snaps his head towards Y/N, curiosity peaking as she looks at him from over her shoulder. She chews her bottom lip, nodding a confirmation and Peter mumbles "that's cool," and looks back down. Y/N furrows her brows.
"Where do you work? Maybe I can pick you up-,"
"Nope, I'll be working the entire night," she smiles at him, tilting her head and blinking profusely before she stands up, collects her books and struts towards Betty and MJ. The three girls exit the auditorium and Peter is sitting awkwardly beside Flash, both watching her strut away like she was a model, mouths gaped in shock at her attitude.
Y/N would do anything to spend a day away from home, so she sure as hell wasn't going to miss an opportunity to work an overnight shift at the cafe. It wasn't like she'd have much work to do, and it wasn't like she was going to be left alone. Finn would be there to keep her company- which her parents were against too. He's a boy, they said, it's inappropriate.
She couldn't care less about what they had to say. They argued for around an hour, going back and forth until they told her to get lost and do whatever she wanted. She stormed out of her house and now she was leaning against the counter, silence consuming her as Finn washed the remaining mugs.
"Mind helping me a little?" He asks, scoffing.
Y/N whines and slumps her shoulders, looking over her shoulder to find him in his jeans and white shirt, an apron safely tied to his torso to keep his uniform from getting wet. "I'm exhausted, Finn," she breathes, resting her chin on her hands as the fan caused her hair to blow into her face.
"Then why'd you come in?" He looks at her, disappointed and confused, maybe even a little annoyed as he dries the mugs and plates. She doesn't respond, only groans and Finn rolls his eyes. "Your parents bothering you again?" He puts two and two together and he's proven right when she nods.
"They just don't know how to leave me alone," she groans. "I'm doing something for myself to earn more money but they can't let me work a night shift because I'll be alone with a boy all night. I wanna punch them in the face, I really do," she lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding, tucking her hair behind her ear.
Finn doesn't respond, mostly because he didn't want to. But even if he wanted to say something about it, he wouldn't know what to say. So he continues to clean up, leaving her alone like he always did. Silence was better than starting an awkward conversation anyway, Y/N would agree with him.
Y/N was too exhausted to even use her phone. Defeated, she traces her fingers over the cheap granite counter, she recollected the day she had at school; more specifically, Peter. She thought about how flustered he looked when he returned her notebook to her, the way his cheeks flushed red and the way he stiffened up at the mere sight of her.
Was he threatened by her? Scared, by any chance?
Peter barely even knew her, never talked to her. Maybe he hated her and she never even knew. Or maybe he was just shy and wasn't used to being around people he didn't know- Introverted, it was pretty obvious. But did that mean he hated her? She was overthinking it. And it wasn't like it mattered, they barely talked to each other; they barely knew each other.
While Y/N was daydreaming, Finn had finished with the dishes and decided to move on to watching a movie on his phone. He didn't bother wearing earphones, allowing the dialogue to flow through the barren cafe... only to have it be disturbed by the door opening and closing and a groan falls from Y/N's lips which quickly turns into a gasp of realisation.
Peter was stumbling in, sweating and heaving with a meek smile on his face, waving lightly towards Y/N. He walks over to her, gripping the straps of his bags tightly, the sleeves of his sweater covering half of his hands. "Hi," he says to her, innocent and sweet, maybe a little less flustered than the last time he crossed paths.
Y/N's head snaps towards Finn who's glaring at Peter, annoyed that he had to deal with another customer's order. He was tired and it was uncommon- almost rare- for them to get customers in the middle of the night. Y/N didn't blame him for reacting that way and normally, she would have groaned too. She only didn't give that reaction this time because it was Peter.
Peter Parker; who was at her workplace in the middle of the night, with no explanation whatsoever. And she couldn't treat him like a normal customer because she knew him and she had questions and because he was roaming the streets past midnight.
"Finn, it's only one person," she defends, rocking her head to the side as she eyes him. Finn only rolled his eyes and grumbled, asking her to take care of his order and that he was done for the day before he disappears into the break-room. "I'm sorry about that," she shakes her head and looks back at Peter.
He stood directly in front of her, looking like a deer in headlights despite looming over her height. Y/N only chuckles as he mumbles "it's alright," and waves it off.
"What're you doing here?" She asks, curiously, glancing towards the glass doors to emphasise the night and bright street lights. The roads were empty too, a yellow taxi speeding past every couple of hours. It was weird.
"Just thought I'd get a drink," he shrugged like it was no big deal, drooping his brows and lifting his lips into a grin. He tried so hard not to sound like he was trying to play cool because, in reality, his whole body was shaking, quivering under the sharp yet sweet gaze of Y/N Y/L/N.
"It's past midnight, Peter," she debates, furrowing her brows and cocking her head to the side as she waited for his excuse.
Peter widens his eyes again and Y/N echoes him, one startled and the other prying. He stammers, licking his lips and looking everywhere but her as he says "I got caught up with my Stark internship," and that was enough for Y/N to hum in realisation.
"Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting you work for Tony Stark," she mused, nodding then shaking her head. Peter gapes at her for a moment, completely in shock that she knew that about him. He shouldn't be surprised, though. Half the school knew. "I'm sorry again, you said you wanted a drink?"
"Oh," he ponders for a bit, realising that he came in completely unprepared. So he asks for a simple iced coffee and she offers him another smile before making his order.
Y/N comes back with a tall glass of coffee, tiny ice cubes floating to the top and Peter digs in his pockets to find the perfect change, not wanting to bother her with more work at the cashier counter. What he didn't expect her to do was slide his drink towards him, smoothly telling him "It's on the house," with a smirk before circling the counter and joining his side.
In all honesty, he was hoping this would happen. He was hoping Y/N would be kind enough to keep him company and start up a conversation. He was hoping she'd sit with him and laugh along to whatever they were talking about so that only he could hear her laughing. So that it was his jokes she was laughing about; his company she would be enjoying.
But then he realised that she'd much rather be sitting with Finn in the break room, watching something random or talking about work or whatever it was he thought they talked about. So he sighed and said, "You can go to the break room if you want."
Much to his delight, though, Y/N chuckled and said, "It's fine," with a wave of her hand and guides him to a booth near the windows. "The man hates me, anyway," she giggled and Peter didn't know what was so funny about someone hating her. He assumed it was just a joke and nods, gulping as he sits across from her.
They don't say anything to each other and Y/N doesn't think the silence is putting off at all. She decided it was best to ignore gaucherie and keep him company until he finished his coffee and leaves. She finds it uncanny that Peter found the need to drink coffee at an ungodly hour. Did he need to stay awake for something, or was it just his prefered drink?
"How'd you find this place?" She finds herself asking, resting her elbows on the table, hand supporting her chin as she gave him her undivided attention. She looked so attentive, so interest in what he had to answer for her question- it almost caught him off guard, he was going to spit out his coffee.
Peter would never admit that she'd caught his eyes while he was swinging around from building to building during his nightly patrol. The dim lights being the only eye-catcher in the entire street for him to check- Y/N was coincidentally working there. It was his dumb luck.
Peter would never admit that it was her uniform that made him stop and stare- the pretty skirt that had her shirt tucked into had him reeling. Her shoulders, broad and sharp as leaned against the counter. The knee-high socks she wore that reached above her thighs left less to his imagination. She looked so beautiful, pretty, gorgeous... hot.
Peter would never admit that the reason for his leg bouncing up and down since he'd sat down was her legs being inches away from his, bare skin tucked away under a pair of sheer, torn socks. His hands tapping the rim of his glass at the sight of the top two buttons of her shirt being undone.
Peter would never admit that it was the loose hair that framed her face that made him watch while perched on a tall tree, hanging onto the trunk for dear life as he observed her in a daze. Her every movement and inaudible word she spoke put him in a trace, eventually leading him to messily change clothes in an alley right behind the coffee shop he was currently sitting in.
To himself, Peter would never admit that he kept his duties as Spider-man aside just to come into a coffee shop to spend time with Y/N. It was painful to pretend like his suit wasn't clumped into his bag, acting like he was just any other intern of Tony Stark's.
So, Peter shrugged before answering. "The first place I found open," he takes another sip of his coffee, hiding the trembling of his lips. "And you just happened to be here."
Y/N nods, scoffing at herself for expecting a different answer. "Fair enough," she said before crossing her arms and slumping into her chair. "So you didn't get to go to that party either, huh?" She pondered aloud.
"I mean," he clears his throat. "I wasn't invited, so-"
"You don't have to be invited, you know?" Y/N chuckles at him and leans towards him again, resting one elbow on the table instead of two as her other hand rests on her thigh. "If you know a party's taking place, you just go," she shrugs, scrunching her nose and as Peter looks down in realisation.
"Oh," he said, lacing his fingers together and abandoning his coffee altogether.
"Yeah," she nods. "That's how most high school parties work," she grumbles and Peter scoffs at himself.
"Even if I wanted to go, I'd never find the time," he mumbled but didn't expect Y/N to understand. He didn't have to know her to know that she wasn't nearly as busy as him.
"Fair enough," she says. "My parents wouldn't let me live if I told them I've been to high school parties before," she rolls her eyes with so much annoyance, Peter could practically feel it seeping into the atmosphere.
"That strict, huh?" he muses, huffing out a breath and the curls on his head fall stray to his forehead.
"Very," she breathed but somehow manages to crack a smile at the misery that was her household. Peter's eye twitches when he hears her chuckling, but doesn't comment on it and doesn't ask anything further. "There's a party every Friday," she continues, regardless.
"Really?" He raises a brow.
"Yeah," Y/N enthusiastically nodded and smiled until it reached her eyes. "I'll probably be going next week, it'd be nice if you came, too," she offered.
Peter can't help that his heart swells at the invite and he can't hide his smile. She actually thought she'd enjoy his company but he wouldn't admit that it made him happy. Well, he wouldn't admit it to her, at least. He was scared she'd be creeped out if he said anything wrong.
"You should bring Ned, too," she offered. "I'll wait for you at the door with a drink or something. I promise you'll have fun," it was almost like she was shy to invite him. With every word she spoke, her voice became softer and softer- a whisper, almost.
"Oh, yeah?" He grins, a sudden wave of confidence washing over him.
"Yeah," she nods, looking away from him and at her hands instead.
"I'll try coming," he assures her and finishes the last bit of his coffee before checking his watch. He was so caught up with trying to acquaint himself with Y/N in some form, he'd forgotten about how concerned his aunt May would have been. "I should probably get going," he points a thumb towards the door.
Y/N nods softly, standing up when he does and walking him out. She holds the door open for him and he doesn't find it in him to walk away. They smile at each other, chuckle when they realise how pathetic they must have looked and Y/N brushes her hair back and rubs the back of her neck.
"Well, get home safe," she folds her lips into her mouth. "I'll see you on Monday."
Peter doesn't find it in him to bid his goodbye. He simple waves and skips away and he swore Y/N watched as he disappeared around the corner of the street. Y/N lets out a sigh, finally slumping her shoulders and taking a minute to breathe fresh air.
It's cold, cold enough to get her sick the next morning and she wasn't exactly wearing suitable clothing for the weather. Horipilating goosebumps formed on her arms and legs and she rushes back inside, eventually stumbling into the breakroom where she finds Finn comfortably wrapped in a jacket, watching something on his phone.
Finn only acknowledges her with a glance. He nods once at her before he was back to watching his movie. Y/N echoes his acknowledgement back at him and reaches for her jacket that was hung on the wall. She settles on the couch across from him, unlocking her phone and deciding to find something random to read.
"Who was that?" Finn asks but doesn't bother to look up from his phone.
"Peter," she clears her throat. "We go to school together," she explained. He only hums her way, nodding as his attention goes back to his phone. Y/N assumes the rest of the night would pass in utter boredom and taciturnity.
When Monday came, Peter found himself sitting beside Y/N in chemistry. Both of them were late, spewing out incomprehension excuses as they piled to the back of the classroom. Once they were settled beside each other, the pair couldn't stop giggling. Their hands covered their mouths when they leaned into each other as they laughed.
They didn't shut up until their teacher started the class, blabbering about something Peter couldn't care less about while Y/N managed to pay attention. Peter hid behind his laptop, face turned towards Y/N while she messily managed to scribble down her notes, her eyes racing from the chalkboard to her notebook.
He smiles at the sight of her, the corners of lips minutely tugging upwards and highlighting the wrinkles in the corner of his eyes. He was truly at peace, even though he knew Y/N would never show interest in him, he felt at peace.
His teacher announced that there would be a group project and that she would pick out the groups and Peter didn't bother to pay attention until she started calling out names. It's fifty per cent of your grade, she said and then the entire classroom broke into a sob. He'd, once again, call it dumb luck when he was grouped with Ned and Y/N. Pure, dumb luck.
Peter doesn't hesitate to invite Y/N to his house and he doesn't hesitate freaking out to Ned about it once they parted ways from her. It was like he was floating on cloud nine and swimming in a pool of nerves at the same time. Ned just told him to calm down and not make it a big deal. Just play it cool, he said, and act normal.
When May met Y/N after school, she was enthraled. The woman wasn't blind, she saw the way Peter looked at her, as though she hung the moon in the sky and as though she painted the stars and the northern lights. She insisted that Y/N stay for dinner; Ned was always welcome, of course. Peter, even though he was embarrassed, didn't say anything about it.
It was inevitable that the three would get distracted ten minutes into working on their project. Peter and Ned started talking about Star Wars and gasped dramatically when Y/N said she'd never watched any of the movies. I never will either, she announced with an exultant smile and Peter doesn't even bother to change her mind because he was too busy admiring her.
Y/N found herself cancelling her archery classes for the evening just so she could stay for dinner. May had whipped up a nice meal and she wouldn't dare miss out. So while she giddily listened to May and Ned talk about school, Peter leaned into her side cautiously. "Your parents don't mind you being here?" He asked
"They don't know I'm here," she whispered back to him, eyes squinting as a smirk played on her lips.
"Shit," Peter laughed and leaned away, tapping his fork against the rim of his plate.
The chemistry project was Y/N's excuse to visit Peter's apartment for the rest of the week until the party. It was a rare occasion that they actually worked on their project, they usually just talked. When Ned was there, Y/N would read while they fixed lego. It all seemed so serene, too perfect to be true, just like the calm before the storm.
Y/N didn't find it in herself to put her guard up and before she knew it, she found herself at the party, waiting for Peter and Ned at the front steps of Flash's house with a few solo cups sitting beside her. She was scrolling through her phone, shoulders slumped when Peter had tapped her head and she looked up in joviality.
She handed Peter and Ned their solo cups and they gladly accepted, automatically starting a conversation like it was second nature. Betty had spotted Ned, at that point, and she dragged him inside where the actual party was. So Y/N was left alone with Peter, standing in the cold of the night and she asked I'm why he didn't drink from his solo cup yet.
"I don't drink," he told her.
"It's not alcohol, dumbass," she giggles at him. "Just punch," she informed and Peter chuckled, embarrassed.
"I hope it's not spiked then," he brings the cup to his mouth.
Thus it became a ritual for them to try and go to every party held. No matter the time, Y/N found an excuse to give her parents to leave for the night and Peter... he was confusing. He'd say that he'd show up, promise her even but then he'd show up to school completely oblivious until she reminded him and he would apologise frantically.
I got held up because of the Stark internship, he'd say, May needed me and I had work to finish.
It was a cycle and she could count on her fingers every time he did show up to a party. She wasn't mad at him, she couldn't get mad because he was prioritising work but he could be lying. Her gut told her not to believe it because he could be lying yet Y/N never found it in her to actually ask him. Despite spending so much time at his house with him and May and despite being able to call herself his friend, she still thought she'd be overstepping.
She wondered how Ned had the patience to deal with him.
She forgot about it eventually, going about her life as she used to. Peter and Ned just so happened to be her project partners and she just so happened to have a blast with them when they were around her but everything else was normal. They were going to graduate soon and Y/N's only focus was on completing her essays and projects while Peter seemed to have better things to worry about. Things Y/N didn't know about.
"He seems shady," Finn had said to her at work. "I don't know why you bother with him."
"Even if I didn't want to, I'd have no choice," Y/N scoffed. "He's my project partner."
Graduation looms closer and closer by day and exam season had everyone standing on the tips of their toes. Despite that, Y/N still decided to attend a party. One last party, she told herself and prayed to God that Peter would show up. If he didn't show up, it wouldn't have hurt her but she wished, hoped that he'd show up because it'd been ages since she had a proper conversation with him.
She swore a group of her friends hollered to her, asking for her to join them while waving their hands and she did. With a cup of spiked orange juice, she stumbled towards them, a lopsided grin on her face as she eased into the conversation. Y/N actually laughed with them, droned out the worry in her head for a while until it disappeared altogether.
All the anger and disappointment drained out of her chest when she spots Peter standing across the room, enjoying a can of coke while immersed in a conversation with Ned, Bett and MJ. He wore one of his sweaters like he always did, nerdy and charming. Absentmindedly, Y/N drifts towards them. grinning from ear to ear. MJ spots her first, raising a hand to greet her. "Hey, Y/L/N! We're talking about prom."
Prom, she thought to herself, prom. Because that was what everyone was talking about, the only thing to look forward to after exams were over. "You have a date?" Betty smiled at Y/N when she settled between her and Peter.
"Do I need one?" She drawled and Peter flashes her a toothy grin.
"Fair enough," Ned agreed with her.
Then the conversation went on.
Y/N and Peter didn't acknowledge each other formally, nor did they want to. The pair simply added to the conversation, regardless of their drunken or sober state. The music was loud, people were dancing and Flash was trying to be the DJ for the night and everyone laughed at his miserable failure.
They cracked jokes, had a good laugh and spilt their drinks all over the floor- just like a normal conversation in a packed party. Everything was normal until Peter leaned into her side and asked her if she wanted to step outside and walk. Get some fresh air. Y/N only nodded and he guided her outside, a hand on the small of her waist.
That was how they ended up in the backyard, sitting on a stone beck, shoulder to shoulder, both sharing Peter's can of coke. The cold of the night wrapped around her faster than the anxiety in her nerves. Yes, she wanted Peter to show up and yes, she wanted to spend time with him. But she was nervous because she didn't know why Peter wanted to be with her, alone.
"I'm glad I came today," Peter murmurs, head hanging low when he realises that he finished the coke. He kicks the can away and it lands in a bush.
"Oh, yeah?" Y/N chuckles at him, mimicking his actions and playing with her fingers. "Why?"
"It was fun," he shrugged nonchalantly. "Last chance for letting loose before we actually start focusing on that chemistry project," he pointed out with a grin, head lifting slightly to catch the sight of her lips scowling. Peter frowns.
"You know, we'd be done with it if you didn't keep bailing on Ned and me," she rolled her eyes but didn't mean anything by it. Her arms splayed across her chest and Peter lets out an exasperated sigh.
"I had work, Y/N," he tried.
"Tony Stark sure needs an intern more than his actual employees, huh?" she mused aloud as if it was going to change his answer.
"It's more complicated than you think."
"What do you mean?"
Peter doesn't respond. He gulps, clearing his throat of all the words he wanted to spew out and his jaw clenches involuntarily. A stray leaf falls on his lap, the edges dark and rotten and he doesn't find it in himself to brush it off. He simply stared, pondering over her question, debating if he could actually tell her. Debating if he trusted enough to tell her.
"I can't say," he mumbled and Y/N sighs with him, her shoulders slumping in defeat and hair blowing with the wind as she does not attempt to brush it away from her face.
It was the same answer every time she asked and she didn't even know why she was surprised. Peter Parker had been unexplainable yet predictable since day one and she didn't know why she put up with it. All she wanted was a proper friendship and she thought she'd found it, someone she could be herself with; someone who accepted her for her flaws; someone who trusted her as much as she trusted them.
But Peter didn't trust her, it didn't seem like that when he said, "I want to tell you, I really do," and Y/N could only nod at him, biting her lip. "But I'm not allowed to tell anyone," his eyes pleaded for her to understand and in all honesty, Y/N did understand.
Y/N understood because she knew some things just couldn't be explained and she wished she wasn't as understanding and compassionate as she was at that moment. She wanted to be selfish and call him out for being discrete about everything, for being so guarded and careful all the time but she couldn't blame him for being that way when she was once the same.
Listlessly, Y/N sucked in a breath, rubbing her palms against her jeans and nodded again. Her lip stayed stuck between her teeth, frustration glistening in the rims of her eyes as she stared at Peter. He looks at her with a look of regret and sorrow, almost dramatically shaking his head.
"Whatever's going on with you, I hope you figure it out," Y/N lets out a wry chuckle, hoping that it would ease the pressure in her nerves.
Peter, on the other hand, looked at her like he was staring at a time traveller. The only thought in his head was how Liz Allen had said to him the same thing all those years ago before she left. Panic was what he felt at that very moment because she could be planning to leave for all he knew.
When Y/N finally looks him in the eye, Peter stumbles on his words and thinks of anything he could say to ease the situation. Anything at all because, at that point, he was desperate and he wasn't about to let another girl slip through his fingers when he could have done something about it, so-
"I like you," Peter doesn't remember wanting to say it, but he spews it out anyway and he's as caught off guard as Y/N. Both stare at each other wide-eyed, mouths agape as they lean away from each other, dreading what was to come next. Peter slaps his hand over his mouth, regretting his actions the second he realised she was put off.
"What?" She looked at him in utter shock. She clearly wasn't expecting it and his heart ached because he knew she didn't reciprocate his feelings.
"I like you," he repeated himself rather hesitantly. "But you don't like me," he whispered to himself, pursing his lips and looking to his lap, staring at that damn leaf again.
"Peter," she felt her throat dry up and her fingers nimbly run through her hair, pushing it away from her face. "I didn't sign up for this-"
"Why don't you like me?" His voice trembled, hands shaking as they settled on his thighs. He played with the sleeves of his sweater, pulling and twisting as he let the reality of the situation set in.
"Why would I like someone that can't even trust me enough to tell me what they do for a job?"
"No, seriously," she scoffed and didn't hesitate to stand up. Peter mirrored her actions, following her as she made an attempt to go back into the house but he didn't let her. His hand managed to clamp around her wrist. He wouldn't let her go.
"Can you just listen?" He tried.
"I thought you couldn't tell anyone anything so what is there to listen?" She shook her head, her attempts of releasing herself from his grip were forgotten.
"What if I make an exception?" He tried with a sloppy grin, teeth peeking out from behind his lips and his eye twitched.
"I don't want you to make an exception," she said.
"That's not your choice to make," he argued and she let out a defeated sigh.
"Fine," she rolled her eyes. "I'm listening."
Peter wasn't exactly prepared. All he knew was that he wanted to fess up to her, to spill his heart out and tell her his whole story and how he became spiderman. He wanted to shoot a web to some random tree and take her with him and show her a good time but now maybe wasn't the right time. His mind reeled with ideas, none of which were a good solution.
Why was it so hard?
"Just spit it out, Peter," she urged, impatiently tapping her foot.
"It's complicated," he started, gulping and darting his eyes over Y/N's shoulder. "Because Tony Stark does need me more than his employees," he said.
He didn't miss the way Y/N's brow twitched, the corner of her lips threatening to pull into a frown. "That's all I'm gonna get-"
"Because I'm Spider-Man."
Crickets chirped. Peter swore he heard crickets chirp as Y/N's face contorted. "Peter," she said, voice dropping an octave lower. "You can't be serious," she almost laughed. If this was his way of swerving around telling her the truth, then so be it. But Peter didn't give her the same expression and realisation dawned upon her. "Oh, you're being serious," she recoiled.
"I'm being serious," he nodded, taking two steps towards her. She makes no effort to step back, allowing his sleeve covered hands to rest on the side of her arms. "Why would I be joking about something like this?"
"Fair enough," she mumbled and her eyes grew wider. Her mouth gaped as she sucked in a breath. "So I was mad at you for basically being a superhero," she scoffed at herself and Peter's grip on her arms tighten. "This changes everything- what? I don't- I'm not supposed to be mad at you!"
"No!" Peter insisted. "I don't blame you, it's completely understandable!" He reasoned but she continued shaking her head.
"I was being unfair to you!" She continued. "You were out in the neighbourhood trying to keep everyone safe and I was mad at you? What kind of a friend would that make me? I don't deserve to be talking to you- wait. Was that how you found the coffee place I work at-"
Peter honestly couldn't continue listening to her spiral. He sucked in a breath, exhausted by the commotion the party caused and the way Y/N seemed to be panicking. He sucked in a breath, closing his eyes and pulling Y/N closer with little strength. Their lips met in the middle.
Y/N shut up immediately, taken aback by his gesture. She gasped into his lips but he swallowed it, open mouthly kissing her as his grip on her softened, a hand trailing towards her hair. She found herself letting the tips of her fingers brush over his cheek, caressing his face ever so softly as he continued to kiss her. She kissed him back, it was an involuntary response. But she didn't regret it either.
Their noses touched while Peter's heart swelled. It might as well burst out of his chest. He didn't know how he held himself together but there he was, kissing the girl he was willing to do anything for. And she was kissing him back, so he was doing something right.
It felt like it was an hour later when they finally pulled apart from each other. Y/N's eyes fluttered open, a dumbfounded expression on her face that quickly turned into confusion as Peter grinned uncontrollably. Her head tilted to the side, her brows knitting together as he debated if she should say something.
Peter beat her to it, anyway.
"I'm sorry, it was the only way I could shut you up."
With that, Y/N giggled and Peter dove right back in. He tilted his head as he went in to catch her lips again, the smile staying in his eyes and his fingers buried in her hair and as her hands roamed his neck.
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Dancing w/ Our Hands Tied (part sixteen)
Summary: You know what they say, the best part of a relationship is the start. Except when both individuals are hormonal teenagers who don’t like talking. Shit summary, again, sorry! (masterlist)
Warnings: light swearing, kissy kiss oui oui, may being awesome, awkwardness, uncle ben mentions because the mcu refuses to give peter a real backstory like come on guys at least vaguely i-
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader/Stark!Reader
Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, May Parker, brief Wanda Maximoff
Word count: 3.5k
Tumblr media
"You know what?" Peter began. "I think I've finally got you figured out,"
You looked up from the bench, breathing heavily as you gulped down your water. "Oh?" You raised your brows, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.
He nodded. "Uh-huh. You know, people think you're this... mysterious something-or-other that is cold as ice, and innocent. But I know exactly what you are," He said, standing up with his arms folded over his chest.
You cleared your throat, interest peaked. "And what is that?"
"A little shit,"
You snickered at that, chuckling at the unexpected answer as Peter's lips curved into a smile at the sight. 
"Wow, okay. Why am I ‘a little shit’ then?" You wondered, giggling as you pushed away some of your sweat-drenched hair away from your face.
"First of all, headlocks are totally against Miss Romanoff's rule," Peter gestured to the mats the two of you had just finished sparring on. "Second, why did you keep on making that noise?"
You furrowed your brows. "What noise?"
"Oh, come on, you knew exactly what you were doing," He argued, running a hand through his hair. "Nobody sounds like that when somebody they're pinned to the ground,"
"Well, maybe I just like it when you pin me to the ground," You teased, watching how he quickly his cheeks turned into a light shade of pink. 
You picked up the small towel near you and hung it over your shoulder, standing up
"Any plans for the rest of the afternoon?" You questioned.
"I was gonna take a shower and finish some English homework and just... watch a show," He replied.
You nodded and glanced to the door of the gym before back to Peter. "Need any help?"
"With my homework?"
"With the shower,"
He grinned at that. "Seriously? I think Steve and Wanda are here though," He mentioned.
You shrugged. "Then we'll have to be quiet,"
"I'll get my things. Go up to my room now and wait," Peter said.
"What about my clothes..." You trailed off, looking back to your duffel bag.
Peter raised a brow suggestively at you. You smiled as you realised what he meant. You promptly cupped his face and brought him down to you, pressing your lips against his feverishly. 
"Mm, you taste like sweat," Peter remarked.
You rolled your eyes at that. "Oh, shut up," You grumbled. "Be quick,"
He chuckled as you went off, walking out of the gym. He let out a breath, completely dazed by you. He started to pack his things up, putting his bag over his shoulder. 
The hair on Peter's arms stood as his senses indicated somebody nearby. 
"Hey, Pete," Wanda greeted from the entrance. "Why're you so smiley? Didn't you just finish getting beaten up by Y/N?"
He looked over to the witch and cleared his throat. "I didn't get beaten up by her. And um, I'm not smiley," He forced a more serious expression as he picked up your duffel bag.
She tilted her head at him, slightly puzzled. "You are smiley. Come on, spill. What did you and your girlfriend get up to?" She joked.
"Just- Nothing," He told her. "I'll see you around, Miss Maximoff," He gave her a small smile and strolled past her.
Wanda watched him go, more confused. 
That was the first time he'd never corrected somebody for calling you his girlfriend. 
You never pegged yourself as the kind of girl who spent 24/7 thinking about a guy. You weren't. Guys could be so complicated and the ones you had been with, you described as self-indulgent takers. You were a busy girl, you were smart, you were accomplished and educated.
But you were human. 
And Peter was... god, he was just always there. At the forefront of your brain was the stupid boy. The stupid boy with the stupid hair, and the stupid eyes, and the stupid laugh who made the most stupid jokes that made you laugh so hard you regret every time you ever forced yourself to not laugh.
Eventually, you had to face up to the lack of a label between the two of you. 
"Alright, here's my list of acceptable nicknames," Peter finished writing on his piece of paper, handing it to you from his desk.
You took it, lying down at the edge of his mattress with your feet in the air. You sighed and read it.
"Nope, no 'sweetheart'. For either of us," You stated. 
"Why not?" He wondered, standing up as he came over to you.
"Because my dad calls me that, I don't want my boyfriend to remind me of my dad," You said, not even realising the term had come out. "Honey's cute, kind of old-fashioned,"
Peter's eyes grew, hesitantly joining you on his bed.
"What? You don't like honey? I can shorten it like you do with me," You suggested, tilting your head at him. 
"No, um, just... Boyfriend, huh?" He smiled a little at that. 
You stammered, blinking a few times. You sat up, Peter using his elbow to keep his head up as you visibly panicked.
"I didn't- No, I-I just meant..." You tried. "We're... Are we... I assumed that...?"
He was entertained by seeing you so flustered instead of him for once. "Use your words, hon,"
You rolled your eyes and shook your head, curling your knee up to your chest as you rested your head against his headboard. "I didn't mean to say it, sorry,"
"Don't be sorry. Boyfriend. Huh," He repeated to himself. "I'm your boyfriend," He says again for good measure. "And you are my..." He didn't go on, looking to you to finish his sentence.
You sighed, staying quiet.
"Come on, say it," He taunted, moving so that he was closer to you as he leaned in. 
"Girlfriend, I guess," You mumbled, not looking him in the eye as you fiddled with the sheet of paper in your hands.
"Aw, you're my ‘girlfriend I guess’," He joked, looking to your lips and back up. "Never thought I'd say to Y/N Stark,"
You scoffed and looked to him, unimpressed by the remark as you folded your legs underneath your body and shoved the piece of paper into your pocket. Face to face with Peter, a few inches apart. He had a stupid smirk on his face.
"Aren't you gonna kiss your girlfriend?" You mused.
"My girlfriend? And who's that again?" He asked sarcastically.
You put your hand on the back of his neck, leaning down to him as you slid your hand into his hair and yanked him in for a kiss. Peter grinned against you, his mouth like burning fire as he all but devoured you, his hands moving onto your thighs and his tongue sliding into your mouth.
You lifted a leg and pushed him down onto the mattress, straddling him as you continued to kiss him. You pressed against him, a quiet moan coming out when he rolled his hips. His hand moved to your legs, smoothing up the side and then to your waist, squeezing as he bit your bottom lip, tugging on it before swiping his tongue over it.
You reluctantly pulled back from him with a proud smile, very much feeling just how aroused he'd become underneath you, giggling as your hands moved back, dragging down his chest.
"Why'd you stop?" He questioned.
"To remind you that your girlfriend can do this to you, and nobody else," You stated. 
He chuckled, his smile fading quickly as you got off of him, standing up as you adjust your hair in his mirror. 
"You're- Oh, come on, don't go now," He practically whined. 
"I need to head to the lab to prepare the Ohio shipment," You told him. 
"...Now?" He groaned.
You nodded in delight, facing him as he muttered a quiet obscenity, getting a pillow and putting it over his lap. 
"Go on, save the world," Peter encouraged. "Be awesome,"
You gave him a brief kiss on the cheek before leaving his room. Peter watched you go, exhaling deeply as he smiled to himself and laid back down on his bed.
He liked you.
He really liked you.
And he couldn't stop himself from admitting it any longer because it felt so right. Every freakin' second he wasn't around you, he was thinking of you. 
You were his first thought of the day and the last and he adored the feeling of being yours and you being his in every way.
"Are you even listening to me?"
Peter looked up from his phone to May as she sat in front of him in the cafe. "Huh?" He hummed, confused. "Yeah, of course, I'm listening,"
May furrowed her brows and glanced at his phone and back to him. "Really? What was I just saying?"
Peter hesitated, not knowing the answer. "That bitch from work?" He tried.
"Yes, so, she comes up to me with all this paperwork," May went on. "And she tells me I have to do all of Allison's work, like I have the time just because she took the day off for her cat's vet appointment and..."
His phone dinged again and his attention quickly was drawn back to his screen. Peter smiled a little too himself as he typed back a response.
"Peter," May interrupted again.
"Paperwork, yeah?" Peter said, not looking up.
May scoffed. "And pray tell, who exactly are you texting like a maniac instead of spending time with your wonderful aunt?"
"I am spending time with you," Peter assured.
"Sure doesn't feel like it. You're not the president, Pete, you don't need to be on your phone. Turn it off," May demanded.
He didn't listen, continuing to type away.
"Off, or else I take it for the rest of the day," May warned.
"I'm 18, you can't just take my phone away-" Peter began.
She easily swiped it from Peter's grasp, leaving Peter stammering. She raised a brow at him.
"Wait- No, May," Peter cried.
"No phone... until you tell me what's been up with you lately," May said, turning the phone off and placing it screen-first onto the small table.
Peter shrugged. "Nothing. Nothing is up,"
"Something is up," May argued. "Come on, tell me. Is it a girl?"
He sighed and paused for a moment. "No,"
May gasped, pointing at him. "It's a girl,"
"It is not..." Peter started, faltering as May looked at him knowingly. "Fine. It's a girl,"
"Well, why didn't you just say so? Is that why your phone is buzzing like crazy?" May quickly turned the screen to face her, seeing the notifications. Peter shut his eyes and hung his head. "Princess?"
Peter stayed quiet, resting his forearms on the table as he tucked in his seat. He sipped from his hot chocolate as May grinned in amusement.
"Where have I heard that?" She wondered aloud, puzzled, looking back to Peter. 
"I-I don't know, it's um, it's a common nickname," Peter stated. 
"Right," May mumbled, still confused as she thought about it. "I swear, it's on the tip of my tongue,"
Peter nodded along. 
"I'll figure it out," May dismissed and put the phone back. "Tell me all about her and when I can meet her,"
Peter scratched the back of his neck and looked around the crowded cafe. "Well, to start, she is... so smart. Like, genius-level smart," He said.
"Brainy, I like it," May commented.
"She's stunning," Peter remarked, inhaling deeply. "Gorgeous, really. I mean... everything about her, inside and out she's beautiful and I just..." He gushed, zoning out. "And funny, in her own way,"
May smiled at him. "Yeah?"
"Mhm," He cleared his throat. "She has very strong views and loves to express them. She's kind of a pessimist but it's cute because she's cute and it's like watching a puppy complain about the weather in a skirt. She's stubborn and hard-headed. It's frustrating sometimes. Hate's the mornings, which I'll never get either,"
"She sounds amazing,"
"She is. She is so amazing. I mean, I've never... It's just... Yeah, it's great. She's great. And-And I like her," He babbled nervously. "It's not that big of a deal,"
"It is a big deal!" May mentioned. "I have never seen you like this over a girl before. Seriously, when can I meet her, or are you two not at that stage yet?"
"Uh, you've... you've kind of met her already," He confessed.
May went quiet, in thought as she seemed to go through her memory. Her eyes widened as she opened her mouth to speak.
Both May and Peter jumped at the sudden voice, looking up to see Tony Stark standing there, holding a coffee with his dark glasses on. You stood by his side ineptly, fiddling with the strap of your sundress.
"Mr. Stark, hi," Peter greeted. 
May was practically giddy, trying to hide her smile as she looked from Peter to you deliberately.
"Well, what a coincidence," Tony chuckled. 
"Lovely to see you, Tony," May said once regaining her composure. "You look great,"
"I know I do. And you're looking beautiful as ever," Tony complimented, taking off his glasses. "I believe you've met my daughter,"
"Yes, I have, Y/N, nice seeing you again," May beamed, glancing back to Peter as she pursed her lips. 
"Yeah, good to see you too, May," You smiled. 
Peter refused to make eye contact with either of you, glaring at May as he took another sip from his hot chocolate.
"You know, Y/N and I were just in the neighbourhood to spend our usual father-daughter Sunday together but I'd love to catch up," Tony suggested. "Mind if we join?"
Peter choked on his drink, gaining the attention of a few strangers as he coughed. You snickered a little, using your hand to cover your mouth as you looked away.
"You alright there, kid?" Tony asked.
Peter nodded. "Yep," He answered with a raspy voice. "Actually, I-I think May and I were gonna go to... um... we were gonna go," He tried, raising his brows to her.
"I know you and Y/N don't get along but I'm sure you can put aside your differences for one lunch," Tony replied. "Right sweetheart?"
You hesitated, looking to Peter and then at May. "I mean... I guess," 
"That would be so great," May chimed. "Grab a couple of seats,"
Tony went over to a table a group of people were at and took a few of their spares, not bothering to ask as he placed a seat on either side. You sat between May and Peter, your dad sitting across from you as he began a conversation with May.
You awkwardly sat there, along with Peter as he casually shuffled his chair closer to you.
"So, father-daughter Sunday?" Peter whispered with a small smile.
You rolled your eyes. "Cheesy, I know,"
"Super cheesy, but cute," Peter assured, looking at May and Tony as they spoke. He looked back to you, eyes dragging up and down your form as you circled your finger near Peter's hand, subtly. "You look nice today. I really like that dress,"
"Yeah?" You hummed, looking down at yourself. 
"Yeah," Peter nodded, his hand resting under his jaw.
You licked your lips and you hesitantly looked at him again, eyes meeting. You nonchalantly checked Peter out, admiring how he looked on a warm day in a tee that was might've been a size too small.
"You alright there?" Peter asked quietly.
"I'm great," You replied. 
"What are you two chattering about?" Tony asked, effectively disrupting whatever moment you were sharing.
"Nothing," You answered, clearing your throat. 
Peter kept his gaze on you for a few more seconds before looking to your father with a tight-lipped smile.
Throughout the rest of the lunch, it was filled with a lot of staring. 
From May, specifically. 
You thought it was flattering at first until she started to hum 'here comes the bride'. Tony seemed oblivious to it, continuing to discuss with Peter about the internship.
"You know, me and Ben, we used to have to secretly date in High School," May told. "My parents were total control-freaks, so we'd sneak around and do all sorts of things,"
It was a mystery how on earth the topic had been brought up.
"My parents gave a rat's ass as long as nobody got pregnant and nobody got an STD," Tony recalled. "And turns out somebody did," He motioned to you.
You did a small bow. 
Peter chuckled, eyes fixated on you as you laughed along. Neither of you noticed the puzzled expression on Tony's face as he observed the two of you.
"When did you find out about this firecracker then?" May asked.
"Ooh, this is a good story," Tony tucked in his seat, excited. "Ten years ago, a seven-year-old shows up at my door holding tons of certificates and DNA results, and a bottle of scotch, which she still won't tell me how the hell she got. Apparently, it was supposed to help me decide if I should keep her or not,"
You nodded along, Peter staying quiet as he stewed in his own curiosity. 
"Wow. What about the mom?" May questioned curiously.
Tony stammered, floundering as he looked at you. "She's uh, out of the picture, right, sweetie?"
"Yeah," You sighed. "Uh, May, tell us more about you and Ben," You changed the topic.
"They were the epitome of a cute old married couple," Peter stated. 
"We were," May shrugged proudly. "Got married right after High School. My dad told Ben he didn't have his blessing and Ben was like, ‘screw that’ and we got eloped. Peter's mom and dad were our witnesses. Happened all down in the courthouse a few blocks away,"
"I didn't know that," Peter said.
"Kids always forget that adults had lives too, you know," May joked. "I was quite popular back in my day,"
"You're still quite popular with the butcher," Peter mentioned.
"What can I say? I've got game," May smiled. "Y/N gets it. She's gorgeous. Inside and out," She looked to Peter.
"Y/N? Game?" Tony scoffed. "I mean, as much as I hate to admit it, it's pretty much in our genes. Good looks and all," He sighed sadly.
You smiled and tucked a lock of hair around your ear, your fingers fidgeting with each other on the table cloth. 
"Alright. I think we've taken up a little too much of your afternoon, so," Tony stood up. "Y/N and I have some very important plans to attend to now,"
"Ooh, are you guys gonna save the world?" May asked curiously.
Tony hesitated. "We were just gonna buy a bunch of junk and watch horror movies. Sorry to disappoint,"
You chuckled, standing up. May stood up, hugging you tightly. You were confused by it, falteringly hugging her back. You glanced to your dad who just shrugged, not questioning it.
You patted her back and pulled back. May continued to look at you like you had told her you'd just achieved world peace. 
"Peter, I'll see your stupid face tomorrow," You said.
"And I will see yours tomorrow. Unfortunately," Peter replied, not standing up.
You rolled your eyes at that, you and Tony waved goodbye as you left the cafe.
May let out a breath and shook her head. Peter cleared his throat, pushing away his finished hot chocolate. "Princess," She said. "You called Y/N 'princess' right before she left the apartment,"
Peter nodded along.
"So, you two are...?" She trailed off.
He nodded again.
"And Tony doesn't know...?"
He nodded.
"And you guys have been pretending to hate each for how long now...?"
"Ever since she spent the night," Peter admitted.
May hummed to herself, exhaling deeply in thought before she spoke again. "I told you so,"
Peter rolled his eyes at that. 
"I told you she liked you, I told you!" She exclaimed, pointing at Peter.
"Yeah, yeah," Peter sighed.
May smiled and gave Peter back his phone. "Who else knows then?"
"Nobody. Ned doesn't even know. Not yet. Because we just... we only recently became ‘official’. Well, secretly. I-I don't know," Peter explained. "Don't tell anybody. Especially Mr. Stark. He'd kill me,"
"Alright, I won't, but just be careful. Ben and I might've been the 'epitome of a cute old married couple'," May replied. "But the secrecy can be tough. I don't support lying to parents, but... in this case, it is Tony Stark we're talking about,"
"Thank you," Peter said. "And I wish you spoke about Uncle Ben more often, I miss him,"
May gave him a sad smile. "Me too," She fiddled with her empty left hand.
Peter felt a pang of guilt for bringing up her late husband. He cleared his throat and straightened his back. "You know, Happy was telling me how he was interested in maybe asking you out for a 'courtesy' dinner," Peter told. "Something you'd be interested in?"
May rose a brow, intrigued. "He said that?"
"Yeah. I think he's got a crush on you," 
"I'd like that. He is pretty handsome. In a rugged kind of way, like-" She began.
"-Wrong person to talk to ," Peter cut her off.
A/N: Sorry for such sucky updating times, I’m in my last few days of term 2 so then i’ll have two weeks off. I’m gonna try post some more one-shots, maybe start another series and hopefully finish this one soon despite how much I love to write it I also kinda need a change of pace soon. Please leave feedback! I love hearing how I can improve, ideas, suggestions, grammar or spelling mistakes, really it’s all welcome <3 Also, May is so adorable, who doesn’t love her? Sprinkling more backstory, sprinkling sexual tension, sprinkling Peter POV and kissy fluff fluff. I’m sorry for those who expected angst 😭 x requesttt!
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sunnymuffins45 · a day ago
I have an idea pls bare with me
So peter Parker n reader are bffs (obyo in love) and one day peter goes to her place after patrol and reader was walking out of the shower NAKED cause she forgot her towel and Peter just barges in and reader started screaming and Peter starts rambling sorry sorry sorry and when it finally got calm reader on some clothes BUT OF COURSE PETER IS A LIL DUMB N SAYS SOMETHING LIKE “ur N*pples/boobs are very pretty” AND ONCE AGAIN POOR PETER IS JUST RAMBLING IN EMBARRASSMENT and once again reader just blushes like crazy and finally they both calm down....
BUT ONCE AGAIN PETER GOES LIKE “I thought I would wait until our wedding to see you naked” AND POOR BABY SAID THAT OUT LOUD AND READER N HIM JUST SIT THERE IN SHOCK LIEK WTF JUST HAPPENED but it somehow ends up in confessions and a sweet kiss
Pinky Swear
Tumblr media
A/n: I loved this request jijiji.
WC: 1.4K
Warnings: Fluff, swearing, Mentions of sex, Peter complementing you ✨bewbs✨.
Pairing: Peterparkerxbestfriend!reader
It was a Friday night, a hot and sticky kinda night. You opened the door to your apartment, your backpack hanging from your left shoulder.
Volleyball practice had finished just about an hour ago, and since Peter had patrol, he couldn't wait for you to get out of practice and drive you home. So you walked. As you entered the house, no one was home. Your parents were invited to a fancy dinner party that night, so you were home alone. Due to the state of the outside, you decided to take a shower and order some takeout. You made your way up the stairs and down the hallway to your room. Opening the door to your room, you threw your bag on the bed and pulled out your phone. You sat down on your desk, kicking your shoes off and dialing Peter's number. After four rings, he answered.
¨Hey y/n¨ You talked through the phone. You figured he was still patrolling around.
¨Hey Pete, watch doing¨ You asked him while entering the bathroom, closing the door behind you.
¨I just finish checking every corner of Queens. If you meant literally, I am sitting down on the edge of a roof eating a sausage and talking with you.¨ He told you, swallowing a piece of his food.
¨Cool, are you doing anything tonight?¨ You asked taking your shirt and shorts off. Holding the phone with your ear and shoulder.
¨Nah, May invited this guy she's been talking to for dinner. She says he isn't staying over, but I don't trust her anymore. The last time a guy came over for dinner, he ended up banging her-¨
¨Wow ok, talk about TMI!-¨
¨What it's true. Going back to the question, what do you have in mind?¨ He asked finishing his sausage.
¨So, my parent's aren't home-¨
¨Wow! I mean I always thought you were freaky or something but your my best friend-¨
¨Shut up, you idiot, and let me finish. I was saying, my parents, are gone until tomorrow, wanna come and order takeout ?¨
¨Yes, but only on one condicion¨, Peter spoke.
¨ Ugh, what?¨ You asked, turning the water to the hot setting.
¨ Can I sleep over? I will not be losing sleep over my aunt getting fucked again-¨
¨Yes! God yes, stop it, I don't wanna picture May doing it!¨ You told him ¨Alright, come by in an hour or so, ama take a shower and then order the food¨
¨Sounds good, cya¨ He hanged up, and you got inside the shower. You had this really bad custom of spending way too much time inside the shower. You loved turning the speaker to the fullest and dancing to each lyric of the songs. Right now, it was exactly what you were doing, music to a full volume and dancing around. You were having fun, a little too much, so much, you forgot about Peter swinging by later. Eventually, when the water started getting cold, you got out of the shower. When you stepped out into the bathroom floor, you remembered you had left the towel in your desk chair. You figured you would leave the bathroom without a towel since no one was home. You grabbed your phone and your speaker from the counter and turned the doorknob. As you opened the door, you scrolled through some songs in your playlist.
Your phone maintained you distracted enough for you to walk past your best friend, you bare naked. Peter stood there, mouth wide open, no words being able to exit. He had just entered through your window, never expecting you to come out of the bathroom in that state. Peter had no idea what to do. Should he make himself notice?. He decided to stay quiet and appreciate your body, soft and delicate skin, your curves, and your unique form.
You get to your towel and wrap it around your body, covering everything, everything Peter had already seen. All of a sudden, you turn around, and there he stands. Eyes wide open with a worried expression on his face. A million thoughts ran through your mind in the same amount of time it took you to turn around and find him.
¨Peter Benjamin Parker, What the actual fuck?!¨ You yell, holding the towel tighter to your body.
¨I am so-so, I- y/n, I didn't mean it. I just came here and you were- you were like on you- the phone and I- Damn It. Am sorry, y/n, like i-swear-swear I saw-like, like nothing. I pinky sw-swear¨ He rambled, sticking his pinky out for you to take. Peter was red, tomato red, and sweating, like a lot. Of course, he had a crush on you. He had a crush on you since that time in freshman year, you both went to the fair. You got scared when riding the Ferris wheel, so you held onto his arms the whole time. Peter knew from that moment, he would have a crush on you. He never expected it to last this long. Now, he was in love.
You just stood there not knowing what to say to him.
¨I- turn your ass around, ama change. DO. NOT. TURN. AROUND¨ You warned him, and he turned around. You opened the drawer and changed into some clothes. You ordered him to turn back around. Your arms were wrapped, resting below your breasts.
¨If it makes you feel better, you have really pretty boobs- I mean no!¨ He panicked again and you raised an eyebrow. ¨I mean yes, they are really pretty, I just mean-like not in like, am not like- I didn't mean to say that. No! I did- just not in like a-a sexual way, you- I-y/n, sorry. Ama just shut up¨ Peter was mentally slapping himself. You just laughed at your best friend's stupidity. You thought it was cute.
¨What?¨ He asked, confused as to why you weren't mad at him.
¨Nada, you just pretty cute Parker, your such a fucking dork, come here¨ You opened your arms to hug your Peter. You liked him as well, you weren't going to sacrifice your friendship for anything in the world, so you stayed quiet. He snuggled closer to your neck while on the hug. You both appreciated each other too much to make things awkward. Too blind to realize the love each other transmitted.
After that awkward moment that was going to haunt Peter for the rest of his living days, you both ordered takeout and laid in y/n´s bed watching movies. Both of you were enjoying your food, laughing at the comedy movie playing. Out of nowhere, Peter spoke.
¨I really thought the first time id see y/n naked would be the night of our wedding. Guess now I have more reasons to marry her.¨ Peter said, way too relaxed for what had just exited his mouth. You slowly turned your head around to see him eating his noodles peacefully.
¨What did you just say?¨ You asked with a shocked look plastered on your face.
¨I didnt¨ He whispered to himself and then closed his eyes and pressed them together in embarrassment. ¨I said that out loud didn't I?¨ He whispered, too embarrassed to open his eyes.
¨Youp¨ You nodded, lips pressed together.
¨Look, am, so-so fucking sorry, I don't want to lose you-ya know. I-i don't know what's go-going on with me today.¨ Peter was on the verge of tears. ¨I really, really don't want to lose you y/n, forget-¨ Peter was cut off by the feeling of your lips against his. He pulled away to open his eyes and kissed you again. He pulled you closer, cupping your face and you playing with his hair as you straddled his lap. You both pulled away.
¨Hi¨ You told him with a smile, his forehead resting against yours.
¨Hi¨ He smiled at you biting his lip ¨What was that about?¨ He asked looking for answers.
¨I like you, like love you, more than like. You know what I mean¨ You blushed.
¨I-i like, love you too y/n¨ He caressed your lip with his thumb.
¨Really?¨ Your whole face lit up and wrapped your arms around his neck.
¨Really¨ He kissed the top of your nose.
¨Pinky swear?¨ You asked, this time, sticking your pinky out for him to take.
¨Pinky swear¨ He took your pinky in his, kissing them together.
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Our Love Is Unconditional
Pairing: anorexic!peter x reader
Warnings: all about an eating disorder, angst, again typos I'm sure
Request: Could you please write about Peter having an ed and it’s lunchtime at school and she encouraging him to eat and he just publicly freaks out on her and something about her feeding him and helping him through it
Synopsis: You're done watching Peter skip meals and start helping him through his struggle
a/n: damn this is sad. also, thank you for all of the requests! I'm working on them, I promise.
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
You weren’t oblivious to Peter’s change in eating habits. Whenever you went out to eat, he’d pick at his food and just say he wasn’t hungry or that he had a late lunch. You knew neither were true.
Maybe he just was watching his diet but he didn’t need to do that. His metabolism is way too advanced to be eating so little. He needs all the nutrients he can get to be Spider-man. At this rate, he was doing so much physical activity, you didn’t think he had anybody fat left.
Your other friends had noticed it too and even asked if you thought about talking to him. It was concerning how slim he had gotten in the past couple of months.
Now at the lunch table, you sat with Ned, MJ, and Peter. He had a few things on his tray but he didn’t bother touching them. You waited a while, occupying yourself by talking with MJ about going to a movie this weekend.
“No way am I going at three in the afternoon to a movie, that’s boring,” MJ told the table before going back to her book.
“Is there a better time that works for everyone?” You rolled your eyes and looked to Peter who had zoned out of the conversation, “Babe,”
“Oh- what?” He leaned towards you until he realized you weren’t the only person focused on him.
“You don’t have anything going on this weekend, right?” Ned looked at your boyfriend, a little concern in his eyes when he saw how much food was on his tray still.
“No, I don’t think so,” he said to the group before looking down at his hands in his lap.
You furrowed your eyebrows and looked at the others. MJ glanced at Peter and back to you, her usual cold expression turning into a worried one. You leaned close to Peter’s ear, your breath hitting his skin.
“Want me to get you something else?” You whispered, your hand finding his back and rubbing small circles.
“I’m good, thanks though,” he answered quietly.
He’s not. He’s withering away before your eyes and you didn’t know why he would do this. Watching the life of the person you love deteriorating was killing you.
“Why don’t we go talk in the hall?” You looked over at the door towards the end of the cafeteria.
“I said I don’t want anything,” his voice was raised and he finally looked up from his lap, his usual happy, big brown eyes were dull and angry.
“Hey, it’s alright,” you kept your hand on his back and tried to keep him calm, a few eyes from other tables were watching now.
“Dude, come on, don’t get mad at Y/n,” Ned chimed in, hating to see his best friend like this, “she’s just trying to help,”
“I don’t- stop, I don’t need help from you,” he got up from the table before you grabbed his hand.
He turned back to you, a glimmer of his normal self showing on his face when he saw the sadness in your eyes.
“Don’t do this,” you told him, trying to slowly pull him back to you.
He shook his head and took his hand from yours, briskly making his way out of the cafeteria.
“Just let him calm down a little, Y/n/n,” MJ sighed and watched your frustration when you picked up your boyfriend’s tray, still full of food.
“Maybe raincheck on the movie?” Ned added, and you nodded before walking to the trash cans.
The air felt gloomy for the rest of the day and night until you went to bed. Several unanswered calls and messages from you had collected on Peter’s phone.
He felt so defeated. He did so much and yet he never got a break. You made sure he was taken care of and that he felt appreciated but you couldn’t pause the world for him to take a breath.
Now it was Saturday and instead of a movie, you were sitting with Peter on his couch. At this point, you weren’t going to take no for an answer. You were extremely worried about him and weren’t going to watch him starve himself.
“Are you going to talk to me?” You nudged him with your foot from the opposite end of the sofa.
You didn’t acknowledge you, just continued sitting in silence with you waiting for him to finally respond to your prying.
“Come on,” you scooted close so you could take his hand which he didn’t object to this time, “please just answer me, I can’t help you when you ignore me,”
“I’m so sorry,” he looked at the floor, tears pricking his eyes.
“What on Earth do you think you should be sorry for?”
“I shouldn’t have…it was wrong to lash out at you yesterday, you didn’t d- deserve that,” he turned to you and just broke.
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him into your chest, his tears quickly soaking through to your skin. You kissed the top of his head, running your fingers up and down his back. He was significantly lighter than when you cuddled just a week ago.
“It’s okay,” you whispered against his curls, “you’re okay,”
You held him, his heavy sobs shaking both of you until they turned to soft whimpers and sniffles. He pulled back just a little, his lips barely leaving the crook of your neck.
“It’s the only thing that I- that I have control over,” his voice was hoarse and you felt his heavy breathing hitting your skin.
“Yeah and…I just feel like everything else around me goes wrong because I’m there- you shouldn’t even still like me I mean-,”
“Peter, I’m in love with you. Nothing will ever change that,” you sat up a little so you were at eye level, “you are the reason for so many good things in the world, it is indescribable how happy you make me,”
You ran your thumbs under his eyes to collect the tears, a meek smile appearing on his face.
“But it hurts me more than anything to watch you do this to yourself,”
That, right there, did the most damage to him. More damage than not eating for days. More damage than running on nothing during his patrolling as Spider-man. He was damaging the person he loved more than anything and anyone.
“I know, I’m sorry,” he nodded and he placed a soft kiss on your lips.
“Don’t apologize, I only want to help you and please- no matter what- please talk to me,” you brushed a curl out of his face, “talk to me because I’ll listen to whatever you have to say,”
“Okay,” he agreed before cupping your cheeks.
“Promise me,” you told him, kissing each of his palms.
You initiated getting up off of the couch and pulled him over to the kitchen. You suggested several options that you could make for lunch and decided on grilled cheese. He waited patiently, his seat on the counter watching you make it and he couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like you in his life.
When you were done, you grabbed the ketchup bottle and put some on each of your plates before handing him one. He looked down at it, no matter how appetizing it looked and smelled, he couldn’t.
It’s not like you expected for him to immediately be his usual self. Things like this took time to recover from. You were willing to be here as long as it took because you love him.
“Peter, please,” you set your own next to him and placed your hands on his thighs that we still on the counter.
He just looked down, shame coming over him for disappointing you.
You picked up on the squares you cut for him and slowly brought it to his lips. He looked down at you, his eyes soft.
“Just one bite, I’ll have some too, okay?”
You picked up a piece from your plate and brought it to your lips. He copied you as you took a bite and you grinned at him when he followed.
“Good right?”
He nodded and took the piece from you, bit by bit eating the square.
“I love you,” you leaned up and kissed his forehead, a small smile on his face now accompanied by that light in his eyes, “and I’m so proud of you,” “I love you,” he grabbed another piece from his plate, “how I deserve you in my life, Y/n, I’ll never know,”
You and Peter finished your sandwiches after much encouragement from you. Then you guided him back over to the couch, opening your arms for him to lay in your embrace. Your hands found his hair and lightly rubbed his scalp.
“Please don’t ever leave my life,” he whispered against your skin.
“I wouldn’t dream of it,”
Taglist: @avengersbitch @criminalyetminimal @quaksonhehe@tayyx @marthakookie @t-bag2 @stefans-wife
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Who I Write For :)
Hi everybody! I started this account because I’m obsessed with several fandoms and thought it would make more sense to write for them all here as opposed to trying to keep track of several different accounts haha. Just send me a message with someone from the list below and a prompt of what you would like written. You can send in a request for someone else but it really depends on how I’m feeling about the character that day lol. I’ll try to get the request done within a couple of days!
I write for:
Outer Banks
Rudy Pankow
The Vampire Diaires
Elijah Mikaelson
Kol Mikaelson 
Klaus Mikaelson
Julie and the Phantoms
Charlie Gillespie
David Stakston
Peter Parker
Lewis Capaldi
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the-second-tonks · a day ago
Could you please write a fluffy imagine about Bruce Banner and his reaction to his teenage daughter being sick? Thank you!
Sure ! Thank you for requesting !!!
Let's not panic ? | Bruce Banner
Warnings : Fluff , panic , mentions of disease , anything else?
Pairings : Dad!Bruce x teenage! daughter!Y/N , Peter Parker x Y/N (platonic , short mention) , Bruce x Tony (platonic) , Uncle!Tony x Y/N (short mention)
Summary : One fine day when Y/N decides to go to a party with her friends , her father Bruce has a hard time
Requested : Yes / No
Gif not mine !
Also to add , this is my first fluff imagine and English is not my first language !
I hope you like it !
Tumblr media
"Friday ! Is Y/N home yet ?" Bruce asked F.R.I.D.A.Y , who replied "No , Mr.Bruce . There's no one home yet " . Tony huffed and banged his pen on the table "Bruce , you're hardly concentrating here. We need your focus!" He spoke . "I am trying Tony , but it's the first time she's gone somewhere without me !" Bruce reasoned . "For the fourth time Bruce , Peter is there with her throughout the evening ! I trust that kid with my life , he won't let anything happen to our Y/N . And Y/N is a teenager now , Bruce . You need to give her some space ! " Tony answered . It wasn't as if Tony didn't care about Y/N. He did dearly , he also had set F.R.I.D.A.Y to notify him if Y/N was home , but Bruce had been going on and on today , more than everyday. Looking around the lab , Tony suddenly spoke "Let's go for a drive , Bruce" he spoke . Without waiting for Bruce's reply , he took him out of the lab . While driving , Bruce had been completely relaxed and seemed to be normal about Y/N when Tony recieved a notification from F.R.I.D.A.Y that Y/N was home . But on returning to the tower , Friday told Bruce that Y/N had made a dash for the washroom as soon as she was home , to vomit .
Later that night , Bruce quickly returned home to find Y/N curled up in her bed , sleeping . Bruce immediately panicked because Y/N wasn't the one to sleep without him being home , she always waited for him . He went to check the dinner first , which Y/N hadn't eaten . He ran to Y/N's room , where Y/N was sleeping peacefully. He pushed open the door "Sweetheart ! Are you alright ?" Bruce yelled . Y/N's eyes jolted open and she turned her head from her pillow to see her dad who was sitting on her level . "Hey dad , if you could not shout?" She spoke weakly . "Oh my god ! What's wrong with you dear ? What happened ? " He whispered , putting his hand on his daughter's forehead to check if she had fever . To Bruce's bit relief , she wasn't burning up . "Dad , I have a headache and a bit sore throat . I am tired too , so I decided to go to sleep " she spoke quietly . "What !!? Oh my god! Is this some kind of big disease ? I know you threw up too ! What if it's Crohns' disease ?! Should we go to the hospital ?! What if it is the reaction of having some Gamma rays in you ?! What if-" before Bruce could go crazy , Y/N interrupted "Dad ! It's not what you're thinking . It's just- , let's not panic and be logical ? I went to the party , I was drunk-" before she could continue , Bruce reacted "you've started drinking ! You're underage !! Oh , ofcourse , spending time with Tony must've taught you this " He yelled . "Dad ! Today was the first time I drank ! It's not due to uncle Tony ,Relax ! I was just trying it and got into the flow. Also , I was literally shouting on top of my voice and dancing . This is why I have sore throat and I'm tired. Also to say , this was the first party I've gone to , and so the party music resulted in a headache ! Well , thank my friend Peter that your daughter is back home and safe " she spoke . Bruce calmed down , but then again ,he began the train of his questions "Do you need anything? You've not even touched the dinner ? Water ? Medicine ? Or maybe-" Bruce was again cut off by Y/N who spoke "Dad , if I'll need anything , I'll ring your phone .. you must go , have some food and take rest ! Afterall you've been working the whole day " she answered . Bruce nodded a bit , unsatisfied but knew his daughter won't budge .
Though Bruce had left , Y/N knew he would come back in 2 mins to check on her . She didn't want her dad to keep checking over her the whole night so that he could have a good sleep . Exactly after 2 mins , Bruce was back , slowly opening the door and peeping in to see Y/N sitting up on her bed and already looking in his direction . "Caught you !" She spoke , smiling at how much her dad cares . "Okay , sorry but are you sure you need nothing? Water ? Food ? Or medi-" Bruce stopped when Y/N smiled with her puppy dog eyes , spread her hands out and spoke "Dad ! I need a big Bruce hug !" She spoke. Bruce smiled a bit , nervous . He had hugged her daughter only twice till now due to his fear of crushing her . The same fear was bugging him right now . "Don't worry dad , I know you won't crush me ! Come on now !!" She whined like a kid . Bruce chuckled and carefully walked over to her , wrapping her thin frame around his hands . He held his delicate prize in a fragile manner . But the comfort his heart and Y/N's soul had got was pure and ideal ..
Still , Bruce did check on Y/N the next day and the next and the next ..
"Dad ! I'm fine , these are not the symptoms of a heart attack !! Let's not panic and be logical?"
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callmeniyahoran · a day ago
seventeen :: p. parker ::
Tumblr media
summary :: “we’re only seventeen,” he breathed through the grin spread across his face. Cheeks red with blush while his pink lips were chapped from the cold of the snow that fell around him as he stood outside your window. || when your eyes met those honey brown ones, you felt something, but weren’t sure if he felt it too. He felt it. 10X harder.
paring :: peter parker x asgard!fem!reader
warnings :: heavy fluff tehe, teen romance// strangers>>lovers, cursing, slight smut (HEAVY make out and maybeee grinding ;) )
word count :: 2.6k (2,646)
[a/n] :: this is just a really cute idea I had and it just flew out of me. I’m IN LOVE with this and I hope u guys. Kk I think that all <3. click here to make a request!! click here to join the tag list!!
“Have you ever noticed how dull the world is?”
Your eyes were fixed on the window of the car beside you. You watched as the snow Incase the cars around you. Not being able to tare your eyes from the window, you talked to your sister, Valkyrie, with your back turned.
“It’s 'cause you’ve lived in a world of sunshine and rainbows,” Valkyrie said in a sarcastic tone and she glanced at you through the side of her eye. The two of you were in the back of a taxi, going to a location Thor Odinson had given you. After the prophetic was for filled and Asgard had been erupted into flames by Satur, the people of Asgard followed their new leader to earth. You were clueless as to where everyone went once they had adapted to life on earth while you stayed cooped up in an apartment, not having access to the outside world— until today.
Valkyrie had gotten a call from Thor saying that he needed them to come to the address he had told her.
You watched the city of Brooklyn, New York pass by flash by with all of the colorful lights and neon sign. People yelling on the side of the road with others crossing roads- horns being hooked as everyone rushed everywhere. It was chaotic, but you loved it. It was different.
“Can you stop staring and listen for once,” you turned your body around fully to face Valkyrie as you rolled your eyes. She looked at you with a blank expression before continuing.
“Remember, this isn’t Asgard. What seem normal to you is strange to mid gardens.”
“Okay okay, I get it. Is that all?”
“Whatever- just don’t embarrass yourself. Alright sis?” She held out her fist signaling for you to bump it with yours. A small smile spread across your face when you bumped fist.
“Where here,” the two of you turned forward to look at the taxi driver who looked back through the mirror. You shrugged and opened the door to leave the car.
“Hey! Missy! Where’s my money? I don’t do this shit for fun now,” he said with a raspy voice. You looked at your sister and she shrugged with a smile. You nodded as you both ran out of the car, slamming the doors.
Running side by side, you looked over your shoulder as you flipped off the driver as he honked and drove away— Valkyries laughing sounding in the air but came to sudden stop. As soon as you turned, you face came into contact with a large mans chest in your face. You slammed into him, causing you to fall back. The brown eyed girl next to you crouched over as she laugh and point at your face.
“Ahaha!- you should have seen your face dumbass!”
“Shut up,” you groaned as you sat up, a hand being held out to you. Looking up you saw that it was Thor with a big grin on face. You grabbed his hand, pulling yourself up along with his help.
“The hell is wrong with you,” you grumbled as you wiped the snow off of your clothing.
Thor chuckled as you slung his arms around the both of your shoulders, walking into the building in front of you.
“Lady [y/n], Valkyrie, welcome to the Avengers tower.”
“Stark!” Thor’s voice boomed through tower; his thick accent being herd loud and clear. You walked behind him and your sister, your figure being hidden behind them. Your arms crossed over your chest as you scanned the place over. It was nice and had lots of cool technology. You saw an averaged height, middle aged man with facial hair approaching. He had a glass of whiskey in one hand and the other tucked away in his pocket.
“Ah yes, Stark— and man of spiders— these are the girls i wanted you to meet!”
Man of spiders? You hadn’t seen anyone else walk in but you did hear A second set of footsteps.
“This is Valkyrie,” Thor said as he placed both hands on my sisters shoulder. She sent Stark a small nod and smirk. He returned it with a wave and a small ‘pleasure’.
“Annndd…where [y/n]?”
You pushed past Thor, arms still across your chest as you stood next to your older sister.
“Oh- well this is [y/n], Valkyries younger sister,” doing the same smile and nod as your sister, you gaze landed on the boy next to Stark. His eyes were already locked on you.
The boy looked around your age, seventeen in human years. His eyes were golden, honey shade of brown that matched perfectly with the mess of chocolate curls that sat on his head. His cheeks were flushed with pink as he swallowed the lump in his throat. The clothes he wore were nothing like the boys in Asgard. You had to admit, you loved how it looking on him. You couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes stared deeply into yours, keeping you prisoner.
You loosened your arms that were formally crossed on your chest and started to play with your finger nails, not knowing what else to do. A feeling boiled inside you that you had never felt before. It was warm, and fuzzy. It sound so cliché but it was all so true.
“Ah- well it is very very nice to meet the two of you. This is the newest avenger, Peter. Peter Parker. Who is also known as Spider-Man.” Peter didn’t say anything as he continued to stare at you, but you have averted you gaze to something else.
“Tony, I think he’s frozen,” Thor said to the man next to Peter. You snorted a laugh, hand coming to cover you mouth. Tony snapped his fingers in front of the zoned out boys face.
“Uh- oh hi! I-I’m Peter Parker.. which you knew already…sorry,” he said with a nervous smile as he looked down to avoid your direct gaze.
“Ooookay, Thor will you take them to their rooms? I’m a bit busy,” Tony said as he point with his thumb to the room behind him as he walked into it. Thor nodded with his usual smile. He clapped his hands while turned towards you and Valkyrie.
“Let go shall we?”
“I can take [y/n] to her room! I-if it’s okay… is it [y/n]?” Peter called out, his eyes landing back on you. A smirk slipped onto your lips as you walked towards him and grabbed his hand. His breath hitched at the warm contact. You tried to contain your confidence as you looked at him.
“Lead the way,” you leaned into his face, “man of spiders,” you said with a giggle. Peter’s face became red.
“I love your accent,” he gushed causing you to smile widely, looking at him through your mascara coated lashes.
Peter began to walk you turn your room, you trailing behind, hand in hand. Looking over your shoulder, you winked at your sister. She laughed as she winked back. Thor looked down at her with an arched brow as you and Peter disappeared down the hall.
“What? Don’t cock block my sister!”
Approaching a gray door with a sliver handle, Peter opened it and led the two of you inside. Looking around, you were impressed by how nice it looked. It was absolutely amazing compared to the apartment you had been in. The best part to you was that you had a corner that you could sit in with a window. You already planned on watching earth through that window.
Peter started at you as you looked around the room with a smile.
“This is amazing. Thank you for showing me my room, Peter Parker.”
He almost groaned at the sound of you Asgarden accent saying his name.
“Any time,” he breathed. Looking down you saw that your hands where still in each other’s. You smiled and glanced up at him as he looked down and saw it too.
“Mrs. Stark has a message. Lights out kiddos.”
“What the fuck was that?” Your hand ripped out of Peter’s as you looked around for you could have said that. Peter laughed and explained that it was mr. Stark’s personal virtual assistant, Friday. You sighed and laughed in slight relief.
“Uh well I’ll see you tomorrow [y/n]. Goodnight,” Peter said as he walked over to the door, as smile on his face, lighting up his already rosy cheeks. You smiled back at him with a wiggle of your fingers, “night Parker,” you said as he closed the door.
Turning around you saw that there was a whole wardrobe for you. You started to strip, tacking off the sweatshirt Thor had given you to reveal your bare chest.
The door cracked open and Peter poked his head in.
“Let me know if you need—“ he paused as he saw your bare back facing him. Your looked over your shoulder with a smile.
“Thanks, but I’m good,” you slipped a shirt you found on over your head, now looking for shorts. Peter quickly closed the door.
The curly haired boy rested his back on the door as he let out a breath he had been holding in. His mind replayed the image of you body in his head on repeat. His breathing was un even as he closed his eyes, feeling the sweats he was wearing suddenly become uncomfortable. Running his hands through his thick curls he made his way back to his room.
You were finished changing, now sitting in the corner you had spotted earlier. Your chin rested on your forearms that were leaning on the windowsill. You watched the scenery out side. Fantasizing you and Peter, running and playing in the white, fluffy snow that covered the ground. You couldn’t help but think that you were a fool. How had you fallen so fast for a boy you just met one hour ago? But you could care less. You had never felt this way before, and you intend to make it last. Peter Parker was tattooed into your brain.
And tattoos never go away.
“What up,” Peter slid into the chair next to the one you sat in. It was the evening by now. You had spent the whole day exploring the avengers tower. Talking to some of the people you saw around. You started to really enjoy it there.
Currently you were sat in the living space, reading a book a lady you had met named Natasha has given you.
“Hey man of spiders.”
“Oh I’m never gonna get tired of you saying that with that voice of yours,” Peter admits. You blush at the complement.
“What you got planned for today?”
“Nothin’” you shrug, setting down your book, looking in to his beautiful eyes that you just couldn’t get enough of. You noticed him get flustered, making you smirk.
“Ok good. Make sure you keep it like that.”
That’s all he said as he quickly walked away, not giving you a chance to answer. You laughed to yourself and went back to your book. You weren’t able to focus on it though. Your mind kept going back to Peter and how much you wanted to kiss him all over and be with him. But you kept telling yourself to wait and that the day would come. You had no idea what he had planned but whatever it was, you were more then ready.
That night you were sitting on your bed, trying to learn how to use the phone Tony had given you that morning. You were in a pair of shorts with fluffy socks and a blue and yellow hoodie that you found on the couch in the room you were in earlier that day.
You herd a loud tapping on you window, causing your head to jolt up and look to see what it was. Walking over to the window you made out the shape that was there. It was peter, but he was holding some mask and wearing a blue and red suite. You assumed that it was his suite for the avengers, remembering that when Tony introduce you, he called him Spider-Man.
Rushing over, you popped the locks and opened the window.
“What the hell dude! You scared the shit out of me,” you whisper shouted at him, causing him to laughing.
“Look, I know I met you yesterday.. and this is the most cliché thing I will ever say. But I like you. Like really really like you. So please, give me this chance?”
You smiled at his words as your cheeks heated with the blood rushing to them. You nodded your head fast, letting out a giggle.
“Oh,” he let out a deep sigh, “good. I was scared you’d say no,” you chuckled nervously.
“Never,” you said with the same smile you had when you first met.
“Best part is, I get to spend the most of my time with you. We’re only seventeen,” he breathed through the grin spread across his face. Cheeks red with blush while his pink lips were chapped from the cold of the snow that fell around him as he stood outside your window.
“Come with me,” he held out his gloved hand,”trust me.”
You took his hand you slowly pulled you through the window.
You swung around town with your legs wrapped around his waist and you arms around his neck. Small screams leaving your lips whenever you would look down.
Peter landed onto of a very tall tower, letting you slip from his grasp. You stood and gazed at the breath taking view. City lights flashed all around you, cars honking and speeding past. The night sky dark. But the best part was the snow. Everything was covered in the thick white snow. Lifting your head you looked up into the sky at the snow that fell onto you face. Laughing escaped your lips and you spun around and ended up in Peter’s arms once agin.
“Shit! I’m sorry, I forgot you only had on shorts- and my hoodie,” the last part came out in a whisper.
You let a soft smile form, “I’m for Asgard. I can handle a little cold.”
“God I can’t get enough of you,” Peter said as he let his gloved hand slip around you neck as his other went to the small of your back, pulling you hips in to meet his.
Your hands rested on his biceps as one came up to the back of his head. The two of you stared at each other in comfortable silence.
“I really, really wanna kiss you right now.”
“Oh please do it man of spiders,” you both laughed for a second before Peter pulled you in for your lips to meet with his.
Your lips moved in-sync, like they were meant for each other. You felt his thumb slide across your chin before his lips parted from yours. Peter put his thumb on you lower lip, pulling it down as he smiled.
He moved his mother closer to yours, sticking out his tongue, letting it explore every part of your mouth it could reach before letting your lip go, allowing you to kiss back. You moaned into his mouth as you raised your leg to wrap around his waist. He grabbed the back of your thigh and raised it, squeezing it gently. Your lips trails off of his and to his ear as you started you grind you core onto his cock hard.
“Oh fuck,” you moaned into his ear, causing him to groan. His hands traveled to your ass, snaking and groping it.
That’s how you knew he wanted what you wanted just as bad. And oh man did you love being in love, young, dumb and seventeen.
Should I make a part 2… ;) lmk
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Bucky: Steve, are you done with your stupid club meeting?
Steve: Yes, my meeting with The Avengers is almost over.
Bucky: And did you talk to Fury about the vermin problem we're having?
Steve: It's not nice to call Peter "Vermin", Bucky.
Sam: But not distinctly untrue, though.
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