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#tom holland blurb
kelieah · 26 minutes ago
Hii I was wondering if I could req a smau with Tom or Peter? Based on the tiktok where the reader texts him “I’m going to Michael’s” (like the store) and he’s like who’s michael and gets jealous🙈tyy
who’s micheal
warnings: language, slight angst, lil bit of fluff and suggestive content, tom being a stressed div
a/n: i love this idea thank you <3
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thanks for reading, let me know what you think!
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blissfulparker · 7 hours ago
This is gonna be cliche I think. But maybe reader or Tom thinks the other is cheating or planning on leaving them but their actually planning a proposal?
There was a new distance placed between you and Tom. His phone faced down whenever you were around, leaving the room to take phone calls and spending days out without telling you anything. You respected him as his own person but you two told each other almost everything and anything.
You two stood in the kitchen, it was late Sunday morning and this was the day made for you and tom. Laying in bed, endless cuddles and sex after breakfast was the dream.
“We should go to the farmers market today, I can make your mums roast for dinner I’m just missing—“ as you started to tell him a plan, his eyes go wide and he shakes his head.
“Oooo, can’t do that today love. Gotta plan with Harrison made. But a roast sounds lovely, truly sounds amazing darling.” He kissed your cheek. You don’t know why or how but your heart broke just a bit.
“Sunday is always our day.” You tell and he takes a deep breath. “Tom, what’s going on? Y-You never tell me anything anymore, you’re always sneaking off with ‘harrison’ or ‘Harry’ and will be gone for hours without a word to me. I-I know you have your own life too, we don’t control each other b-but it’s like we’re not even together anymore.” You lean against the counter and his face goes ghost white. Your heart and the sound of sizzling eggs is the only thing you hear.
“Darling, this is outrageous. We’re just going to golf ‘tis all—“ he excuses but you don’t buy it.
“What’s her name?” You asked with a broken voice. Toms eyes go even wider as he stares at you and you let your hands run over your face to prevent yourself from crying. “Damnit tom what’s her name—“ you cry but he cuts you off.
“There is no one else! (Y/n), I would never ever do that to you. Why would you even think—“ he starte and you turn back to the eggs to try and distract yourself, to not let him see you cry.
“Then tell me something! Please! I-is it not enough for you anymore? Do you wish I was something more or something else? I don’t know what to do tom and I’m tired of sitting at home useless—“ you start and he can’t hold it anymore, he can’t loose you.
“I want to marry you!” He blurts out wnd suddenly you stop flipping the eggs and turn around.
“What?” You stare at him and he sighs.
“I-I bought a ring with Harrison, I’ve been sneaking away with Harrison and Harry and twuaine because they’ve been helping me. I-I shouldn’t have made it so secretive but I wanted it to be a big surpise. I wanted to take you to a nice restaurant and then we would go for a walk and then we would stop where we had our first kiss, Harry would be waiting there and then I would get down on one knee and Harry would film everything. That is if you said—“ before he could finish you finished for him.
“Yes.” You say, your eyes watery and you don’t know if it’s from shock of the plan or because you feel bad and embarrassed for what you were thinking.
“W-Wait, are you serious?” He has a small smile but he tried to contain it.
“Yes! A thousand times yes! Oh my god I feel so stupid for—“ you don’t get to finish your words for his arms are wrapped around you and holding you in the middle of the kitchen. Pulling away only for your lips to meet in a messy way, tears and I brushed teeth is your first kiss as an engaged couple.
Your moment was quickly ruined when the smoke alarm went off and Tessas barking makes both of you jump. The kitchen now filled with smoke from burning eggs and the two of you cough.
“I’ll go get the ring.” He says through coughs and you nod.
“I’ve got the smoke alarm.” You quickly turn off the stove and open up windows before taking a towel to wave away the smoke from the alarm.
When things were finally settled once again, tom met you back in the kitchen where he slid the most beautiful engagement ring onto your finger. The beautiful cut diamond that was once his grandmothers he had customed for you.
He would still take you to the beautiful dinner but this was the story he was excited to tell. Half dressed, late morning with eggs burning up the house and he would lay in bed all day with you to celebrate. Maybe it wasn’t the fairytale you two thought of when you just started dating but it was the most Holland way to do it.
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key: ❤️- fluff | 🌩️- angst | ✨- personal favorite | 💌- requested
Tumblr media
Tom Holland:
Like a date? ❤️
summary: You are best friends with tom. He is your crush, you are his. You two would never date, right?
Girlfriend 🌩️❤️
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7 Minutes in Heaven ❤️
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Secret ✨
summary:  you have a secret relationship with harry and one day your brother walks in on you two kissing.
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Jess Mariano:
Just Best Friends 1 2 ❤️🌩️✨
summary: Being best friends with Jess Mariano, is a dream come true. Of course you wish you could be more than friends, but the friend zone is where you are. You help Jess with anything and everything. On a date with one person Jess, realizes his feelings for another.
Jealousy Hurts ❤️🌩️
summary: You go on a date, Jess gets jealous, you two argue which ends in uncovered feelings.
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erule · 8 hours ago
You keep me sane | t.h.
Pairing: Frat boy!Tom Holland x florist!reader
Summary: Tom always come to your shop in order to buy some flowers, so one day, you decide to ask him why.
Warnings: kinda enemies to lovers trope, a lot of fluff, crack, shy Tom, frat boy Tom, florist reader
Word count: 564
A/N: Hello! I needed some fluff in my life tonight, so I came up with this idea. Hope you like it. I used prompt 18 from this list: (you’ll find it marked in bold in the fic). Enjoy! Goodnight 🌙
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Tumblr media
[credit to whoever made the gif!]
You looked at him with suspicion, while furrowing your brows. He was in your shop again that week. For the seventh time. If he was stalking you, he was doing it in the wrong way. He waited for the client you were talking to right now to go away, then he approached your counter. He had a shy smile on his lips, that you found very annoying though. Sure, he bought flowers everytime, which was good for your business, but you didn’t quite understand his motive. It just seemed that he wanted to see you somehow. Then why couldn’t he just ask you out?
“Hi,” he said.
“Hi,” you replied. “Can I help you?”
“Uh… well… it’s my Mum’s birthday tomorrow, so I’d like to send her a bouquet,” he said and this time, you were surprised that he was there to send someone some flowers. A real person.
“Yeah, just tell me her favourite flower,” you said.
“Oh, I don’t know, actually… but I trust you! You have good taste. I’m sure that she’ll like it”.
You raised an eyebrow to him being such a sycophant, but you remained silent in order to keep your job. So you gave him a fake smile and then tried to find some cute flowers for his mother. While you were packing his bouquet, he seemed anxious, because he was literally staring at you, shifting the weight of his body from one foot to the other.
“So… uh… you come here often?” He asked, trying to start a conversation with you.
You looked at him dead in the eyes and said: “Well, considering I work here, yes”.
He seemed very pale, after that. It was the last thing he said, before a tiny goodbye while he was leaving the shop. But you had enough of this situation, so since you two were alone that night, you decided to ask him why he was always there.
“Hey!” You called him. He turned in order to look at you, genuinely curious. “Why do you always come here? Are you stalking me? Are you cheating on your partner with someone else you’re sending flowers to? Just explain to me what the hell you’re doing,” you said.
He swallowed, trying to think what to say, then he sighed. He seemed very sad, when he finally spoke.
“I’m studying for my college finals and I’m really under pressure, right now. I have a lot to do and I don’t wanna fail them, so when I feel too overwhelmed, I come here. You keep me sane,” he said. Those words made you burst into flames in the inside. “Looking at you while you work relaxes me. It’s also a very calm and cute place. Oh, well, I also like your smile,” he added, letting his cheeks coloring of a hot pink. “Yeah, like that. Your smile is my favourite thing in the whole world”.
You didn’t notice, but you were smiling like an idiot the whole time. So you tried to keep a straight face, then.
“You still come here too often, though,” you said.
He nodded, sad.
“I know and I’m sorry. I promise you that…”
“Come and pick me up here at 7 PM tomorrow. You could let me know if your Mum liked the bouquet,” you said.
Tom chuckled, happily.
“It wasn’t her birthday anyway. She’ll love them even more”.  
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terrifictomholland · 9 hours ago
instagram mishap - TH x reader
Tumblr media
wordcount: 3.8K
warnings: SMUT! +18 please, so no minors! oral sex (female recieving) spitting, choking, slapping, dirty talk, a little degradation, dom! tendencies in Tom, slight sub! reader. 
A/N - so its been forever since i posted anything, my apologies for that. but the truth is, i’ve not been very motivated to write, nor is writing a priority right now in my life! maybe it’ll change, i hope it will. but please, do enjoy a bit of filthy tom for now <3 any mistakes are my own since i messily edited this now lmao!
You’d just gotten back to your hotel room after a day of filming. You dropped your phone on the bed as you pulled out some clean clothes from your suitcase, going to the master bathroom to have a shower and get rid of the dirt and grime from the makeup department. 
It was a quick shower and as you walked back out you heard your phone vibrate on the bed. You slipped a hoodie on as you opened your texts seeing one from the last person you expected. 
With furrowed brows you opened the conversation and your eyes widened when you were met with a screenshot of your latest Instagram post, with a text under it. The picture in question was a mirror selfie where you showcased a cute matching set of underwear. You felt sexy in it and why not share it? 
Mate! Did you see Y/N’s instagram post?! She looked fucking incredible! What I wish I could do to her 🤤
Colour rushed to your cheeks seeing that text as something warm bloomed from the centre of your body out to your fingertips. A tiny giggle fell from your lips in sheer shock that Tom - your costar, thought of you in that way. 
During the duration of filming you’d always thought there was an underlying flirtationship between you and Tom. 
But you’d always thought you read too much into things, but this proved to you that maybe you hadn’t. Maybe you weren’t as off course as you previously thought. What would be the harm in some casual fun? He was fit as fuck and clearly thought the same about you.
The more you read the message, you couldn’t help but to shake your head with a smirk playing at your lips. That text wasn’t meant for you - more likely it was meant for Harrison, his best friend but you thought it was hilarious and flattering nonetheless.
Lol, I don’t think you meant to text me that, love ;)
With bated breath you waited for him to read the message, which in fairness he did almost immediately and the little gray bubble with the three dots appeared just as fast.
Oh fuck! I’m so sorry! You’re right, that was meant for Haz! Shit I’m a dick, I’m so sorry. Please forget I sent that! Again, I’m truly sorry if you feel I’ve objectified you. 
Another few giggles slipped past your lips at his obvious state of panic and worry. It was easy to picture Tom biting anxiously on his thumb nail and him bouncing his leg up and down nervously. 
Don’t be! I promise you didn’t :)
Almost immediately after you sent that, you quickly typed another text,
What...if I don’t want to forget that? What else would you do?
Now it was your turn to feel wobbly, you weren’t known for being blunt and going for what you wanted, so you felt out of all sorts now. A tight knot formed in your belly hoping to hell you hadn’t fucked up by shooting your shot with him. Your thoughts wandered so you let out a yelp feeling your phone vibrating for a longer time now. Your eyes widened seeing that he wanted to FaceTime with you.
With a quick prayer you hit the accept button.
The sight that greeted you had you feeling funny for different reasons. He was fresh out of the shower, the end of his curls wet and dripping down on his naked chest making tiny droplets collect in his collarbones. 
In other words, he looked hot as hell. Your eyes moved all over the screen not sure what to focus on, with a subtle ‘ahem’ on his part you felt your cheeks grow hotter than the sun and you looked at his face.
“Hey,” You said shyly knowing he caught you ogling red-handed. 
“Hey,” He smirked, his voice a tad lower than usual and it went straight to your core. He was laying on his hotel bed much like you were, with a hand behind his head, showing off his impressive biceps. Very much on purpose. He knew what he was doing to you and it was working. 
Your knickers were damp. 
“So... what else would I do?” He questioned rhetorically and you felt the way your insides churned at the mere thought. The blood rushed to your ears as you chewed on your lip, giving him a nod to continue.
“I show better than I can tell,” 
“Why don’t you come over then?” He watched you for a moment and you swore his eyes darkened imperceptibly before he dropped the phone so all you saw was the ceiling and you heard him shuffling about. He picked it up wearing a shirt, “I’ll be right over,” and he hung up.
Your heart was beating out of your chest at the thought of Tom actually coming to your room, and show you all the things he’d thought of doing to you. 
There was a rapt knock on your door that made you fly out of bed feeling the rush of adrenaline course through you, and partially dizziness from standing up too fast. With shaky hands you opened the door seeing Tom standing there. The sight of him alone had you feeling shaky and your skin prickled.
“May I come in?” He smiled politely and you inwardly face-palmed and opened the door further for him, “Sorry,” 
“It’s okay love,” He walked inside and made himself comfortable on your bed, sitting on the edge of it. Leaning back on his arms, he gave you a lustful look that made you feel as if your skin was on fire. 
“Aren’t you gonna come sit down?” He patted his lap. A shiver ran through you as your feet moved you forward until you stood toe-to-toe with him. 
Bracing your hands on his shoulders you got in his lap, your legs bracketing his. He sat up straighter so his front was flushed against yours and his hands rested easily on your waist. 
“Is this okay?” You hummed, locking your arms around his neck. Warmth and a rush of confidence washed over you when he nodded, licking his lips. 
“Very much okay,” 
“Good,” With your bodies pressed so close together you could see every single detail on his gorgeous face. The dusting of freckles on his nose, a faded scar, his wild eyebrow that seemed impossible to tame. All of those tiny imperfections that made him even more perfect in your eyes. 
He watched you drink him in, before he spoke in a slow and deep drawl. “I’m gonna kiss you now,”  his fingers tangled in your hair pulling you down for a scorching kiss. One you felt go straight to your bones, liquefying them. It didn’t take long before your tongues were locked in a heated battle, his lips sucking on your tongue making you moan. Gently tugging on his damp curls that made a groan fall from his lips. 
“Mmh,” He murmured, moving his hands up your hoodie pulling it along the higher he went. Briefly you broke the kiss to get rid of your hoodie leaving you topless. 
“Fuck,” was all he said but it was enough. Especially when you saw the way he looked at you. Tom drew a gasp from you and your eyes closed when you felt his hot mouth on your nipple. Swirling his tongue all over it, lightly letting his teeth scrape against the bud making you grip his hair tighter.
“Fuck, Tom,” You sighed pulling his face up so that you could kiss him. Your teeth clashing and noses bumping together. “Wanna know what more I want to do to you?” His raspy voice made your cunt throb.
“Tell me,” your nails dragged against his scalp and you felt him shudder. 
“Wanna eat you out,” Tom smirked, flipping the both of you over so you were flat on your back staring up at him. “I want to ruin you, draw those sweet noises and cries from you when I make you cum. Fuck, darling I’ve spent hours picturing what you’d sound like when you cum and now that I’m here? No way in hell I’m letting the opportunity pass me by to have you suffocate me with your cunt. I bet you’re already dripping for me aren’t you sweet girl?” 
Your breath hitched in your throat. The blood rushed in your ears. Your panties were absolutely soaked and you squeezed your thighs together to get some friction against your aching cunt. 
Tom left a trail of scorching kisses, your skin set ablaze in his wake. He slid a leg between your spread ones getting nestled just right against your cunt. As soon as he moved his thigh against your pantie-clad cunt, your cheeks burned as his sweats stained from your juices. A helpless moan spilled from your lips when you began rolling your hips against him. 
“Fuck sweet girl, already so desperate for me? That’s embarrassing,” the condescending tone in his voice only made you that much more needy. Tom stroked your bottom lip with his thumb. You let out a shaky exhale kissing the pad of his thumb. Lips lingering there as you made eye-contact with him.
His eyes darkened when you wrapped your lips around his thumb, swirled your tongue around it. “Such a naughty little girl,” He hummed, pushing his thumb further in and you shut your eyes. Keen on putting on a show for him. Getting his thumb all wet and drooly until he removed his thumb and replaced it with his pointer finger and forefinger. 
Tom fucked his fingers deeper in your mouth making you gag and your eyes watered. The whole thing turned you on more than you’d ever been before, your panties were absolutely ruined. 
“Tom,” You breathed looking into his eyes seeing the lust and desire swirl in them and it made your insides burn. Tom gave you a dirty smirk, kissing his way down your body, until he reached your dripping cunt. All that was between your cunt and Tom was your soaked panties.
You gripped the sheets tightly feeling him lick you through your panties, your body lurched forward when he flattened his tongue against you, putting more pressure on your cunt. 
“So fucking wet and I haven’t even touched you properly yet,” you stared down at Tom with a look of shock across your face when you heard a rip, noticing that he’d ripped your panties in two and you couldn’t help but get even wetter at that.
“You should be so lucky those aren’t my favourite pair,” 
“Darling, I’m a millionaire I’ll buy you new ones I can rip off,” You hated the way your body reacted to his cockiness but god damn if it wasn’t hot.
 Instead of answering him, you locked your legs around his head pulling his head towards your heat.
“You’re talking the talk, but can you walk the walk?” 
His eyebrows lifted and eyes lit up with the challenge. Tom grabbed you by the ass, aligning your hips with his face and you almost saw God when he started licking you with his warm and wet mouth without anything in the way.
“Tom,” You gasped as your body arched off the mattress. 
“H-hngh Tom please,” you gripped his hair tightly, rolling your hips and getting him messy with your juices but he wasn’t deterred. If anything, he gripped your ass tighter and the imaginary letters and patterns he drew on your clit, combined with the occasional suck, was making you spiral out of control. 
“Fuck, fuck!” You cried as your orgasm rocked through you without any warning. Your clit pulsated against his lips weakly, making you whimper as you eventually calmed down, feeling him press soothing kisses all over your sensitive bud. 
Tom made his way up to you. You bit your lip once you saw his glistening face, but in this instance you had no shame bringing his face down to yours, licking his cheek. 
“Fuck,” he breathed as he stared at you in awe, clearly not expecting you to lap up your own cum from his face, and you smiled innocently at his reaction. 
“Fuck me instead,” that kicked him into gear and you bit your lip in anticipation, scooting up on the bed so you could rest your back against the pillows as he got naked and fished out a condom. As he rolled the condom on, you couldn’t help but to stare at him. Tom’s cock was beautiful, slightly curved, thick and had the perfect size. 
“My attraction for you just turned ten-fold by you bringing a condom,” you spoke before your mouth filter could catch up with you but he just laughed. 
“What can I say, my attraction for you went infinite when you licked your cum off my face,” you loved Tom’s quick wit, it was so hot having someone to banter with and who was on the same playing field as you when it came to sarcasm. 
“Oh babe, haven’t you realised it yet? I’m full of surprises,” you winked and he ran his eyes over your body, drinking you in which made that fire inside you come alive once again. 
“Oh I can see that alright, sweet girl,” he smirked lazily stroking his cock making you whimper quietly. The way the veins in his hand and arm popped as he twisted his wrist when he came to the head did things to you. 
“That’s obscene,” you whined and Tom laughed, playing it up when you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. Letting out deep grunts, throwing his head back - he looked like the best kind of sin. 
“Tom, please,” you couldn’t help but beg now. You could tell he thrived off of how fast he got you to surrender. It surprised you even, normally it wasn’t so easy, but he wasn’t just any guy. 
“Get up on all fours,” those words had you scrambled into position quicker than lightning. The bed dipped as he got close to you and when he ran his hands along your curves you couldn’t stop the shiver running through you. 
“Gorgeous,” he said raspily and you let out a moan when he pressed kisses along your spine, making you arch your back for more. 
“Greedy girl,” and you bit your lip feeling him run his cock along your folds, doing that over and over until you were quite literally dripping down onto the bed, squirming around and turning into a complete mess. 
“So fucking wet, it’s pathetic,” you moaned loudly from the dirty talk. Turning your head sideways to look at him and seeing the filthy smirk on his face as he dragged the tip of his cock to your clit, tapping against it and your jaw dropped open. 
“Stop fucking teasing and fuck me already!” You wiggled your ass impatiently and were rewarded with a quick slap on your ass that effectively shut you up. 
“Do you have anything else you’d like to say sweet girl?” He dared and you shook your head staring at him with wide eyes. “N-no,” you breathed, your heart accelerating from how turned on you were. Just waiting for him to fuck you now and being kept on your toes from the teasing. 
“‘s what I thought,” that said, you felt him finally enter you, easing his way in and you felt so full. Tom’s cock reaching places inside of you that you didn’t know existed. And also bringing you pleasure you hadn’t experienced before with anyone else. 
“S-shit,” you cursed as your cunt adjusted to Tom’s cock, it was a delicious burn as he stretched your cunt out, creating just the right amount of pain and pleasure that made your skin tingle. 
You were in absolute heaven as he drilled into you and you had to grasp the pillow, so hard it turned your knuckles white. Your body jostling forward from the force of Tom’s thrusts. His fingers dug deep into your hips, enough to bruise your delicate skin.
“Pull my hair,” you begged and a shiver rolled through you when you felt Tom wrap all your hair up in his hand, yanking it backwards with enough force to get you into a kneeling position. Your back pressed flush against his chest. Feeling every ridge and ripple of his muscles as he fucked you. His hot breath falling on your shoulder and it made your skin prickle. 
“F-fuck, fuck fuuuck,” you chanted gripping his arm to have something to hold on to for leverage as he kept up his bruising pace.
“Who knew you’d be such a filthy little girl?” He growled in your ear and you were so thankful he was holding you up. 
“Spit in my mouth, please Tom,” 
Tom's eyes sparkled and a smirk spread on his face at your request. That look alone had you clenching around his cock. Your eyes fluttered shut and you tilted your head sideways feeling Tom’s lips on your neck, licking and sucking.
“Mmh feels so good,” you moaned and again, your breath hitched when he slid his hand up to your neck, caressing it and teasing you.  
“Is this what you want?” His rough voice was right by your ear as he squeezed your neck slightly to test the waters, if you were alright with it. You nodded enthusiastically which urged him to squeeze tighter.
“More than, fuck,” you moaned. 
“Open up sweet girl,” you whimpered and followed his order, opening your mouth staring at him with lust-blown eyes, just waiting for his next move. 
“So obedient,” before you could say anything he spat into your mouth and you couldn’t help the embarrassingly loud moan. 
“You like that don’t you? Of course you do, your pathetic cunt is dripping like a waterfall right now, I can feel it,” all you were capable of doing was nodding. Words were beyond you at this point - your mind was so hazy and all you felt was a pleasurable buzz coursing through you. 
“F-fuck you make me feel so good,” you slurred ever so slightly. 
“You make it so easy, don’t you sweet girl?” Tom grunted and you whined when he took his hand off your throat and grabbed your chin instead. He angled your face to his, spitting into your mouth once again. You eagerly swallowed, showing him later and his eyes flashed. 
He still held your chin in his hold and you whimpered when he kissed you hotly and feverishly. You melted against him as he slipped his tongue past your lips, letting them tangle. 
“‘m so close,” you murmured against his lips and you felt him grin against your lips. Your breath hitched when he moved one hand back to your throat and the other to your clit. Your  gut clenched and your cunt pulsated around Tom’s cock. The build up to your orgasm was getting more and more intense with each trick he had up his sleeve. 
“Harder,” you begged, choking out gasps as he fucked into you harder and harder, his fingers working your sensitive clit. All of it was too much - his scent, his lips on your jawline, his touch. The way he felt inside of you, fitting inside of you so perfectly. 
“Beg for it, you can do better than that sweet girl,” Tom grunted in your ear and you had to force your eyes open, tightly holding onto him so you wouldn’t fall over. 
“Please, Tommy - fuck, let me cum! Please, just wanna be a good girl for you. Wanna cum on your cock,” you begged helplessly. You could practically taste your orgasm. It was right there in front of you now. 
“Go on, cum for me,” Tom said, and all it took was him slapping your cunt once. Your orgasm ripped through you like a hurricane. Your jaw fell open and no noises came out of your mouth as you were completely blissed out. Feeling as though you were floating on good endorphins. 
“So fucking hot,” he coaxed as he fucked you through your orgasm and you whimpered, feeling so sensitive, but the drag of his cock and him hitting your spot deep inside of you, had you screaming his name as a second orgasm rolled into you. Finally, you came down from your high, feeling Tom piston his hips a few more times, before his movements became irregular and twitchy before he spilled into the condom. Moaning your name over and over, burying his face in your neck and biting down on it. 
“That was.. the best sex I’ve ever had,” you panted, gingerly removing yourself from him and laying down on the bed feeling utterly spent and sore but in the best possible way. Tom let out an exhausted laugh and you felt him move around, and you watched from the corner of your eye as Tom disappeared butt naked into the ensuite bathroom. 
He got back a few minutes later with a cloth, cleaning you up and you smiled lazily. “Do you give all the girls this royal treatment?” 
“Only the sexy ones,” he followed up without a breath making your grin widen. “Sexy huh?” 
He gave you a once over and you basked in it. “You know you are, even more so now when you’re full of my marks,” that made your cheeks heat, but you welcomed it. 
“Possessive,” you noted and he shrugged, throwing the cloth aside and he got cuddled up beside you in bed. Wordlessly you leaned your elbows on his chest staring down at him. “Thank you,” you murmured and he raised an eyebrow, “what for?” 
“Giving me this, for not being gentle with me. I know that most people wouldn’t be as rough as you were since it’s the first time we did this, but I’m incredibly glad that you did.” 
He smiled in return, gently stroking your arm. “I trust you, and I trust that you would tell me if I got out of hand and that you’d say stop.” He stated simply and you nodded with a grin. “I would have,” 
“I know,” he matched your smile. You inched closer to Tom, cupping his face and letting your thumb brush along his cheekbone. 
“I want kisses,” you murmured, pressing light kisses along his jawline and he let out a small laugh, wrapping both arms around your lower back. 
“So kiss me, it’s free real estate on these lips,” he joked, making you laugh before you kissed him deeply. Closing your eyes and just enjoying the kiss. The way Tom kissed and took charge of it made you melt.
“So.. up for round two?” You asked, “pun very much intended,” you giggled hearing his long suffering groan. “I was until you said pun intended, now get out,” he joked, pointing toward the door and you laughed loudly. “Fuck off it’s my room dumbass,” you grinned, eyes sparkling. 
“To answer your question, very much up for it,” he winked. 
tagging some friends (bc i’ve lost track of my taglist im sorry!) @spidey-sophie @worldoftom @duskholland @farfromparker @hotforharrison @stuckonspidey  @nowayhomeparker @marvelouspeterparker @mskatharinak @tetralea @greenorangevioletgrass @wazzupmrstark @insidiousslut @sinisterspidey @lovelytholland​ 
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ohmygod, okay so i had a dream of tom the other night and i remember specifically saying ‘i really wanna fuck you tom’🤭 (technically whispering in her ear)
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happier | t.h.
tom holland x singer!reader
warnings: swearing and sad. fluff if you squint
summary: you wish tom the best with his new relationship in your new song. {listen to happier by olivia rodrigo (if you want)}
wc: 3.6k
Tumblr media
'We broke up a month ago,'
"I've been thinking," your heart sunk at his words, "I'm always working." he grabbed both of your hands.
You locked your gaze in his. Sat in the living room of his shared flat. Inches apart yet you could already feel the separation between the two of you growing.
He avoided your eye contact, "I-I can't be in a relationship unless I can give one hundred percent of myself to the other person. A-and I know I haven't been doing that to you, which is c-completely unfair." he wiped away a tear from your cheek that you didn't know had fell, "You've been so, so good to me. I'm sorry I wasn't better, but I can't keep putting you through this." his voice was barely audible.
You finally tore your eyes away from his face. His tear soaked face. Choosing to stare at a spot over his shoulder instead. You took three deep breaths. In and out. Something about his words made you confused, but your pain overpowered it.
"Please say something. Anything." he whispered against your knuckles. Holding your hands to his lips.
You gently removed your hands from his grip, "Thank you for being mature and honest with me." you started with a sniffle, "Thank you for all of our memories and for showing me what love is," you cupped his face, "Thank you for everything, loser." your light laugh lacked any humour, but it still brought a slight smile to his face.
He held your hand that was resting on his jaw, "I love you more than life itself, darling." he kissed your palm and you felt your heart shatter. "Never hesitate to call, dummy."
You nodded with a sad smile. "I love you, too." You stood up and made your way out of the door. A year and a half down the drain within ten minutes.
'Your friends are mine, you know I know you moved on. Found someone new.'
"Do you guys wanna do something on Saturday? I don't have work. Maybe karaoke?" you asked the group without looking up from your phone.
Harrison made a confused noise, "Did you forget? We have Nadia's birthday par—" you heard a loud smack, "—Ow! What? Oh, shit."
You looked up to see Zendaya, Jacob, Harry, Sam and Tuwaine all glaring at Harrison.
"Absolute div." Tuwaine muttered.
You furrowed your eyebrows, "Who's Nadia?" you looked at all of them as they avoided eye contact. "Daya?"
She let out a long sigh before clearing her throat, "Um, Nadia is- Well she's kind of- you know, um—"
"—Tom's new girlfriend." Sam finished for her.
Your mouth formed an 'o' shape as you processed the information. His new girlfriend. It'd been a month and four days since he ended your relationship. And he had a new girlfriend.
It took him a month to move on. A month to be able to give a hundred percent of himself to someone.
You couldn't tell if you were more angry or sad. Maybe a mixture of both. Angry that your friends were hiding information from you, but at the same time you understood their intentions. Sad and upset because the boy who told you he wasn't ready to give a hundred percent of himself was already with someone new.
You slowly nodded, "Oh, okay. Well, I hope you guys have fun." you gave a tight lipped smile before looking back at your phone.
Everyone glanced at each other worriedly before allowing their gazes to fall on you again.
"How do you feel?" Jacob asked cautiously.
You locked your phone and set it on your lap, "I'm fine." you faked a smile, "I think I'm gonna head home, though. It's getting late and I have an early studio session. Bye." you quickly grabbed your purse and left with a small wave.
"Y/N! Wait—" the slamming of the front door cut Tuwaine off.
It was three p.m. and you weren't supposed to be in the studio until noon.
'One more girl who brings out the better in you,'
"Y/N/N. You need to talk about it sooner or later." Zendaya reminded you as she sat at the end of your bed with Harrison beside her.
You removed the covers from your face, revealing your tear stained cheeks, "Does she make him happy?"
There was silence from your two friends before they hesitantly nodded. Both weren't completely sure, but they assumed she did.
"Does she bring out the best version of him? Does she stroke his hair while they cuddle? Does she cook with him? Does she walk Tessa with him?"
Harrison sighed, "Y/N/N, we—"
"—Because that's what I did. I brought out the best side of him. I stroked his hair while we cuddled. I cooked with him. I walked Tessa with him. I did it all. Every single thing." your voice broke towards the end as you let the sobs rack through your body.
Harrison and Zendaya went to either side of you and held you. They just held you. Because even they didn't know what to do.
'And I thought my heart was detached from all the sunlight of our past,'
"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Zendaya asked as you walked towards Tom's front door.
You nodded and smoothed down your sundress, "Yeah. We ended on good terms. It's been two months or so. We're friends. Plus, I miss hanging out with all of us." you assured her.
She sighed before knocking on the door, "Alright."
A few moments later the door swung open revealing Tom. Dressed in black jeans and a white button-up. Sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Curls dangling over his forehead. A sweet smile on his lips.
You felt your stomach lurch. Air leaving your lungs involuntarily. Heart rate quickening. You could smell his cologne and every single memory with him clouded your mind.
"Hey! It's great to see you guys—"
"—Sorry. I-I think I left something in the car. One second." you rushed out the words before turning on your heel.
Zendaya let out a long sigh, "Fuck."
Tom frowned, "Did I do something wrong?"
'But she's so sweet, she's so pretty. Does she mean you forgot about me?'
"Y/N!" an unfamiliar voice called out to you from somewhere in the boys' backyard.
It was Harrison's annual barbecue get together. Nearly three months since your break up with Tom.
You turned towards the source of the noise and found a girl walking towards you. Brunette. Tight black dress with black heels. Body and face of a model.
"I've been dying to meet you! I'm such a huge fan. I basically live off of your music." she giggled as she hugged you.
You smiled, "Aw! Thank you! That means so much to me. You look amazing, by the way."
She laughed, "Thank you! But you're absolutely gorgeous! Sorry, I completely forgot to introduce myself. I'm Nadia, Tom's girlfriend."
Of fucking course.
You raised your eyebrows, but managed to keep a smile on your face, "Oh! I've heard so much about you! Well, Tom's one lucky guy," you chuckled, "I'd love to chat some more, but I need to use the washroom. Excuse me. It was a pleasure meeting you." you gave her a hoaxed smile before quickly walking away.
You were two feet away from the washroom when Zendaya grabbed your arm, "What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost or something."
Your breaths were coming out in short puffs, "I just met Nadia?"
Her eyes widened before she dragged you towards Tuwaine's room, "Okay. Let's sit down."
'Oh, I hope you're happy, but not like how you were with me. I'm selfish, I know. I can't let you go,'
"You should move in here." Tom mumbled against your shirt.
You let out a small laugh, "You already have four roommates, love. One more might turn this into a barn."
He lifted his head off of your chest, "I'm serious. Driving from Manchester to Kingston all the time is such a hassle for you. We have recording studios here and it would make me the happiest man in the world if I could wake up to your gorgeousness everyday." he planted kisses on your forehead, nose and lips.
You chuckled at his boyish grin, "It's only a three hour drive and I'm sure the boys don't want me imposing on your time with them."
He quickly shook his head, "I already talked to them about it and they want you here, too."
You raised your eyebrows, "Well, if you're sure it'll make you the happiest man in the world, I'll think about it."
"You already make me the happiest man in the world, but I needed something to convince you." he rested his head on your chest again as you laughed.
'So find someone great, but don't find no one better. I hope you're happy, but don't be happier.'
"Are we ordering pizza?" Harrison yawned from beside you on the couch.
"Sushi?" you grinned hopefully.
Tuwaine shook his head, "We had sushi last night."
"Tom and I are making dinner for you guys!" Nadia reminded you from the kitchen.
Her arms wrapped around Tom's waist as he stirred whatever was in the pan he had on the stove.
You really hated their open floor layout at that moment since there wasn't a wall to block them from your view.
"Oh, yeah. What're you making?" Sam asked.
"Salmon with rice and steamed veggies." Tom answered without looking up from the pan.
Everyone made noises of realization as you turned to Harry, "Aliens or a tiger. Which do you think you could beat in a fight?" he asked.
You laughed before replying, "Hmm, depends. Are the aliens small or—"
"Tommy!" you heard a girly giggle and turned to see Tom with Nadia over his shoulder as they laughed and ran around the kitchen.
You quickly diverted your gaze to the coffee table. Forgetting about Harry's absurd question. All eyes were on you.
"What?" you asked when you finally looked up at your friends.
"Are you okay?" Harrison frowned from beside you before resting his head on your shoulder.
You let out a dry, quiet laugh, "Of course. As long as he's happy."
The looks of pity you received were almost as painful as the scene you witnessed moments ago.
'And do you tell her she's the most beautiful girl you've ever seen? An eternal love bullshit you know you'll never mean,'
"Premiere day!" Zendaya walked into your shared hotel room with a bright smile, Nadia following behind her.
You faked a smile as you applied another coat of mascara, "You girls look gorgeous."
Zendaya was in a red and black sequin gown. Hair down and heels on. Nadia was dressed in a maroon silk dress with a slit on the side. Black heels dawning her feet. Both had makeup and accessories on matching their attire.
You were in an emerald green gown with a slit running down your left leg. Silver heels and silver jewellery to match.
"So do you!" Nadia exclaimed as she sat on Zendaya's bed.
"Are the boys coming soo—" Zendaya got cut off by three loud knocks on the door.
"I'll get it!" Nadia jumped up and opened the door.
Tom was stood before her in a maroon suit. Matching her dress. Black dress shoes. Matching her heels. Glasses on and a bright smile.
You watched as Tom ran his eyes down Nadia's outfit, "Well, aren't you just the most beautiful girl in the world?" he planted a kiss on her lips as you witnessed with envy.
"Aw, Tommy. I love you."
"I love you more, darling." he grinned before looking behind her.
Heart wrenching pain struck you again.
You watched as his mouth fell open by the slightest bit. Eyes growing wider.
He quickly snapped out of his daze, placing a pearly white smile on, "You two look absolutely stunning."
You acknowledged his compliment with a curt nod.
Zendaya let out a laugh, "Yup. About to out do you at your own premiere."
'Remember when I believed you meant it when you said it first to me?'
"Green or white?" you held up both dresses against your body.
Tom looked up from his phone, "Both of them will look amazing on you, love."
You sighed, "I appreciate the compliment, but I am meeting Sebastian Stan tonight. Now is not the time for indecisiveness. One of them will make me look bad and I need to know which one."
The Infinity War premiere was in two hours and your anxiety was growing by the minute.
"C'mere." he motioned you towards him with a 'come hither' gesture as he sat on the edge of the hotel bed. You made your way towards him. Standing in between his legs as he wrapped his arms around your waist, "You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Absolutely gorgeous. You could make the ugliest dress look like something from a fairytale."
Your smile grew as he kissed your stomach, "Thank you, mi amor." you bent down and placed a peck on his forehead, leaning your head against his, you whispered, "Now, green or white?"
He chuckled and pecked your lips, "White."
You smiled before making your way to put on the white dress, "I love you."
"I love you more, darling."
'And now I'm picking her apart. Like cutting her down will make you miss my wretched heart. But she's beautiful, she looks kind. She probably gives you butterflies.'
"I don't like her." you murmured.
Zendaya chuckled, "Nadia? You barely know the girl."
You nodded, "And I don't like her. I don't like her giggles and her nickname for him. I don't like her hair."
You knew you were looking for things to dislike, but there weren't any. She was a fan of your music, she complimented you all the time. She was genuinely a great person.
She sighed, "No, you don't like the fact that she's dating Tom. If she wasn't, you wouldn't be saying any of this."
You rolled your eyes and glared at her, "Can you let me be angry?"
She laid herself down on your mattress, "Nope. If you wanna be angry, be angry at Tom. Nadia hasn't done anything to you. You're better than this."
"God, I hate your optimistic side sometimes." you threw a pillow at her.
She laughed, "One of us needs to be the optimist."
You sighed, "Do you think he misses me?"
"Yes." she replied without hesitation.
You sat up and furrowed your eyebrows, "What makes you say that?"
She let out a long breath, "You need to talk to him about that."
'I hope you're happy. I wish you all the best, really. Say you love her, baby. Just not like you loved me. And think of me fondly when your hands are on her. I hope you're happy, but don't be happier.'
"And you're dead." you dropped the controller on your lap as you defeated Harrison in Super Smash Bros again.
He huffed like a child, "Unfair. I taught you how to play, how'd you get better than me?"
"Actually, I taught her how to play. And I am ten times better than you." Tuwaine corrected him.
Harrison scoffed, "Whatever. Sweaty nerds, the both of you."
Nadia spoke up from Tom's lap, "Can I try?"
You nodded, "Who do you wanna go against?"
She chuckled, "I think I'll verse Harrison. Seeing as how Y/N just kicked your ass, I wanna at least have a chance."
Her comment made you laugh as you handed her the controller and watched them pick their characters. You watched as Tom set his phone down and focused on the screen where his girlfriend chose Pichu.
"Choose Kirby." Tom told her.
She furrowed her eyebrows, "Why? Pichu is so cute."
"Y/N always plays as Kirby and she always wins. With that stupid power absorbing ability." he chuckled as his eyes landed on you.
You felt your heart skip a beat at the small detail he remembered before you played it off with a light laugh, "Not my fault you thought Luigi could beat Kirby everytime we played."
'Ooo-ooo, ooo-ooo, ooo-ooo,'
You pressed on the keys of the piano in the boys' home. Singing your heart out. You still had your spare key and Harrison told you no one was home.
You were waiting for them to return from golfing so you could have your Sunday night dinners. It's been nearly four months since your breakup with Tom. Your album was due to be released on May twenty-first and you were letting the still evident pain fuel your lyrics.
"I hope you're happy, just not like how you were with me. I'm selfish, I know. I can't let you go. So find someone great, but don't find no one better. I hope you're happy, but don't be happier." you faded out the piano and pressed stop on the recording on your phone.
Writing down small notes about the song and things to tweak, your thoughts were quickly interrupted.
"I'm not."
Your head snapped up. Tom was leaning against the doorframe behind you. Tears escaping his eyes.
"T-Tom. I'm sorry. Haz told me the house was empty and I just started playing and- Wait. What did you say?" realization dawned on you.
He stepped closer and sat beside you on the piano bench, "I'm not happier. Hell, I'm not even happy." he gave a pathetic attempt at a laugh, staring straight at the black and white keys.
Your mind was trying to catch up with everything happening, trying to register his words, the state he was in. Grey sweats, black tee. Messy hair and red eyes.
He released a heavy sigh, "There's so many things you could be asking 'why' about. Why did I break up with you? Why am I with Nadia? Why am I not happy? Why the hell am I crying? Which one is it, Y/L/N?"
You blinked a few times, "All of them."
He sniffled and rubbed his face, "I felt like I was holding you back." he started, catching a glimpse of your confused expression, he continued, "You hadn't released any music in over year. There were so many articles saying that I was the reason that the biggest pop star in the world was quitting music. I didn't want to be the reason for that."
"You weren't and you aren't." you assured him.
He shrugged, "I just felt like you would do a lot better without me. And you are. Look at you, your fifth album is coming out next month." he nudged you with his shoulder, "I'm proud of you," he smiled.
"T-thank you."
He nodded, "Anyways, why am I with Nadia? Um, a few days after we broke up, I went to a friend's place to distract myself, as one does. She was there. She was a distraction. I never meant for it to get this far. You know, she actually asked me to be her boyfriend." he chuckled dryly to himself as you listened intently. "I guess, I thought it'd be easier to move on if I had something else to pour my love into?"
You nodded slowly, "Okay, I somewhat get that. So you really do love her?"
He quickly shook his head, "No, no, I don't. I mean, I can't. No one can truly love two people at once. And I think that answers the question of why I'm not happy." he paused and faced you completely, "I'm crying because hearing that song and hearing how evident your pain in it is, that will make anyone cry. I'm crying because I miss you and I miss us. I-I miss what we had and what we were. I miss your kisses and your stupid jokes that only you laugh at. I miss going on walks with you and Tess. I just miss you."
There was a long period of silence after his confession. You were trying to process all the information he was giving. He was cursing himself for being so straightforward. The longer it went without a response from you, the more anxious he got. He grabbed your hands, holding them to his lips.
"Please say something. Anything."
Déjà vu.
You swallowed, "You want honesty?" he nodded, "Okay, I was so mad at you. I-I was infuriated. Y-you told me you weren't ready to give a hundred percent of yourself and that you couldn't be in a relationship until you could give all of yourself to that person. Then a month later, you're with her. Making me feel like you just couldn't give yourself to me." you paused and shook your head, "You could've told me the truth. You should've told me the truth. We could've talked about it. We could've avoided months of awkward run ins and no communication." he nodded, still holding your hands in his, "I'm not gonna lie and say I don't miss you because I do, I miss you more than anything, but we shouldn't be doing this or saying these things while you're with her." you removed your hands from his.
He spent a moment looking down at his fingers. Releasing short breaths. "I don't want to be with her."
"But you are. And I don't want you to break up with her for me. Because that's not how things work, Tom. But you shouldn't stay with her either. Especially if this is how you're feeling. That's just unfair to her." you shook your head and felt your mind clear.
He nodded and met your gaze, "This is the end of us, huh?"
You shook your head, "I don't think there will ever be an end to us." you laughed dryly.
He agreed with a smile, "For forever and a day, remember?"
You nodded, "For forever and a day."
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if i'm being honest | t.holland
Tumblr media
{tom x gender-neutral!reader}
inspired by Make Out With Me by Maren Morris
summary: despite living in Tom's house, it feels more like he's just someone who visits when he happens to be in town--and tonight it's hitting you hard.
word count: 8,100
warnings: fluff. honestly disgustingly fluffy. long distance relationship. language. alcohol. soft af boyfriend tom.
"You're still in bed?"
You stuck your tongue out at Tom, rolling your eyes at his rhetorical question. His phone was propped up against the mirror of whatever hotel bathroom he was staying in, and you were curled up under your sheets with your nose practically pressed to the screen just to soak up every bit of the sight. "Is there somewhere else I should be?" you retorted, and he chuckled.
He never quite sounded the same through the speaker on your phone. FaceTime was never quite enough, no matter how many times you told him otherwise--if it was all you could get, you would take it. You just wished you could have more. All you wanted was to feel him in your arms again.
He'd been gone for over a month already, and as you watched him pack up his life in whatever country he was currently in, you couldn't help but to resent the fact that he was not packing up to return to you. "No, of course not. Just surprised, s'all. You're normally up before the sun rises, darling. Are you feeling alright?" he asked, picking his phone up to study your image from a closer angle.
"M'fine, Tommy," you told him, and your heart warmed as his gentle brown eyes flitted all around his phone screen to look at every pixel that made up your face, "just miss you."
Tom's lips spread into a bittersweet smile at your words, and you found yourself smiling back thoughtlessly. It never did take much for him to cheer you up. "I miss you more, (Y/N)." he pouted.
You narrowed your eyes playfully and warned, "You don't want to play this game with me, Thomas. I'll win."
Slipping the blankets over the lower half of your face to hide how you frowned as he set his phone back down, disappearing from frame briefly, you breathed in the faint traces of his scent that still lingered. How many nights had it been since he'd slept in this room? You'd lost count, and that meant it had been far too many.
No matter how many times he left and came back, left and came back, left and came back--you never could quite get used to the feeling of loneliness that permeated your life during his away periods. It had been three years since you'd handed your heart over to him; three years of watching him haul it all around the world a million times over whilst you waited patiently for him to bring it back to you. Sometimes it seemed like he took your home with him, too.
Did he leave his with you? You liked to think so, to think that he left his heart safe at home with you to be protected and cherished, but how could he? How could someone as warm, kind, and loving as him ever go without his heart?
Just as your mind started to wander into the strange places it went whenever Tom went away, he clattered his way back into view with his empty suitcase. "Really wish you were here to help me, love." he groaned, "I hate packing."
"Now I see why you really love me," you teased, "you just want me for my extraordinary organizational skills."
Tom grinned, clearly pleased to see you being more chipper, and jabbed back, "Amongst other things, yeah. I also want you for your cooking--can't forget that."
You barked a laugh that had him in stitches, and the sight of his beaming smile with the crinkles at the corners of his eyes made you feel warm all over. "Well, one of us has to be good for something useful. All you're good for is... fuck, I can't think of anything--"
"--you're bad at. Let me finish, Tom, damn." you cackled, and his cheeks reddened slightly, "I try and compliment you and you interrupt me."
Tom's smile faded slightly as he watched you laugh until you were dabbing at the corners of your eyes, flicking away the little tears that gathered. "I really miss you." he sighed, "So, so fucking much."
Your giggles trailed off as you watched his face slowly morph into that of a pitiful, dejected little boy. All his sadness and longing was written across his forehead for you to see, and it made you swoon yet ache to see. It was touching, really, to see how much he missed you--but you hated to see him looking so distressed.
Usually it was you who ended a cheerful moment like the one you'd just been in on a more sorrowful note by getting lost in your head, but you could see that this trip in particular was hitting Tom harder than usual. He'd been more persistent in being sure to speak at least once a day, even going so far as to interrupt his filming schedule just to block an hour each day for you. You'd hoped he'd be able to push through it, but now you weren't so sure.
The difference between your sorrow and his, was that Tom wasn't just missing you. Each time he went away, he left his entire life behind. You, Tessa, his parents, his brothers, his friends, his home--he left it all behind. It was hard enough to go without him alone, but to go without all those you held near and dear for weeks and months on end? Anyone was likely to crack under the pressure.
"I miss you too, Tommy." you murmured, cooing when you saw him wipe his eye roughly with the back of his hand when he thought you couldn't see, "Hey, don't cry. It's gonna be okay. You'll be home before you know it."
Tom sniffed and jutted out his lower lip, the puffy pink wobbling slightly as he curled up on the floor of the hotel bathroom and held his phone close to his face. His eyes were all blurry with unshed tears, nose turning red at the tip, and your heart was positively shattered. "I still have a whole month on the junket." he grumbled, digging the heel of his hand into his eye with a frustrated groan.
He always hated crying in front of you, afraid of seeming weak or pathetic, but now he was really struggling to hold all the emotion at bay. "You've been away for longer before," you reminded him, "and we made it, yeah?"
Sniffing again, he croaked, "Yeah."
"Then we can make it through one more month, Tom. It's gonna go by so fast, I promise, and I'll be right here waiting for you when you finally get home. Maybe I'll even be naked--"
Tom giggled, a feeble and broken sound that sputtered from between his trembling lips, and hummed, "As much as I'd like that, I think it's frowned upon to go to the airport naked."
It was a weak joke, but it was something. The tears stopped blooming in his eyes and his sniffles were quieting, and he wasn't trying to hide his face from you anymore. You really loved his face. The faint freckles and little dots from fading acne scars, the subtle creases around his eyes and lips from smiling so damn much, the ruffle in his eyebrow--all of it was like the most beautiful piece of artwork you'd ever seen.
Eventually, after a lot of coaxing from you and quite a few texts from his cast mates about running late, Tom finally continued packing. He set his phone up against the bathroom cabinets and you tried your best to instruct him on how to pack like you did, but after many curses he gave up. You watched on with a grimace as he stuffed his clothing into the suitcase haphazardly, having to sit on it to zip it up.
All too soon it was time for him to go, and now you were the one holding back tears and sniffling like a child. "Remember, I won't be able to talk before you go to bed. I'll be on the plane." he reminded you, and you pouted.
"I remember," you muttered, "s'gonna suck."
Tom gave you a stern look as he remarked, "Weren't you just the one who was saying this next month is going to go by super fast?"
Throwing him a scowl, you sulked, "Not fast enough, though. I don't have to keep up appearances--I can be as sulky and mopey as I'd like, thank you very much."
He couldn't hold back the little smile that quirked at the corners of his lips, amused by your rambling. The two of you could have kept on talking all day about nonsense, filling the hours with endless meaningless jargon, but there was a faint knock on his door that told you he really needed to go. Taking a deep, slow breathe, Tom forced a smile as he said, "I'll be back before you know it, darling. I love you."
"I love you more." you whispered back, giving him a tearful smile just to end the call on a more positive note, "See you soon, Tommy." It never hurt any less each time his face disappeared to reveal your pitiful expression reflecting back at you.
Tumblr media
Tom's soft breathing warmed the skin of your neck, his lips ever so slightly caressing the soft skin with every exhale. It was like a drug; the sensation of his fingers, his hands, his lips, his touch on your skin was addicting. You never could get enough, and even a second without that connection made you feel touch starved.
The two of you laid buried beneath the covers in bed, his head somewhere between your chest and shoulder and his arms holding you as if you were he only thing keeping him from drifting away from that place. His messy brown curls were tickling your cheek, occasionally poking your eye and making you squirm, but you wouldn't have had it any other way. You couldn't get close enough to him.
"You're so warm," he mumbled, softly pressing a kiss against the same skin his lips had been teasing for some time, "never wanna leave you."
Too bad he had to leave you in approximately twelve hours. It was getting late and you both had to be up early in the morning to take him to the airport, but you knew there wasn't a single chance you'd be getting any sleep that night. Even if he managed to close his eyes and slip into whatever fantasies he dreamed up at night, you wouldn't be able to tear your eyes off of him for even a second.
It probably looked a little creepy just how much you were staring, but you knew that Tom didn't mind it. If anything, he found it endearing, and you often found him staring back--two lovers simply admiring each other in comfortable silence. Because, in all honesty, there was plenty to be admired in Tom; so much that you felt there'd never come a day where you wouldn't find something new about the man to adore.
The temperature was sweltering and you were sweating amidst all the layers of your clothes, and Tom, and Tom's clothes, and the blankets, but it was too precious of a moment to move away. You didn't want to lose his touch for even a moment, not even to remove a few pesky layers from the two of you. How could you forego his embrace now, when tomorrow you'd be without it for months?
He'd gone away plenty of times before, and many of those had been for far longer than he was to leave tomorrow. Six months here, a year there, nary a moment in between to even breathe--what was three months compared to that? Something was just different this time, and you couldn't quite put your finger on what or why.
Tom's lips ghosted over the sensitive skin of your neck again, and you shivered. "Maybe I could try and find time to come and visit this time." you pondered aloud, relishing in the quiet hum of appreciation and the sweet kiss he gave in return, "Haven't done that in awhile. Could be nice, yeah?"
"S'always nice to see you." he replied, and the tip of his nose felt like ice on your flesh as he pushed his face deeper into the crease between your shoulder and neck, "Just don't know when I'll have time to actually see you if you do."
As much as it stung and as much as you wanted to whine, you knew it was true. Film schedules were grueling and Tom barely ever had time to sleep when he was working on them, let alone find time to squeeze you into an already overpacked schedule. Still, you would have done it.
Carding your fingers through his curls, you sighed, "I wouldn't mind even if the only time I got to see you was when you were asleep." Smiling to yourself, you added, "I'd probably even sleep all day just so I could stay up and watch your pretty face while you dream."
Tom pulled away, propping up on his elbows to look you in the eye with an amused smirk as he teased, "I think that's the creepiest thing you've ever said to me, (Y/N)."
You rolled your eyes and opened your mouth in a scoff, but he silenced you with the soft press of his lips over yours. It was awkward and your mouths didn't quite line up right, his lips curling around your lone upper lip as his chin jutted into your opened mouth, but it was Tom and that made it perfect in your eyes. Adjusting, eyes fluttering shut in bliss, you kissed him back tenderly.
Every time was like the first time, over and over again. Those butterflies always swarmed your gut, twisting your belly up and knots and causing your heart to hammer against your ribs relentlessly. He always made you want to pop your foot--giddy and gooey all over like a teenager in love for the first time, experiencing that first mind blowing kiss each and every instance his lips touched yours.
There was nothing lustful about it in that moment. His soft lips moving with yours, curling your toes and making your cheeks ache from holding back a smile, and his gentle hands gliding expertly over your body. A tender squeeze of your hip, a breezing caress over your arm, a flutter of his fingers along the side of your neck and up your chin. Finally, like always, his hand came up to cup your cheek and tilt your face just the way he liked until he sighed into your kiss in absolute heaven.
Neither one of you was thinking of sex, or even remotely interested in taking things anywhere beyond the lazy glide of his tongue against your own. It wasn't hot, desiring, or lustful--it was warm, comforting, and peaceful. You, wrapped up in Tom as his thumb grazed over the plump apple of your cheek, his eyelashes ghosting over your skin as you tasted his lips all over your own. There was nowhere in the world you'd rather have been than right there.
He sighed, and you hummed in euphoria as you curled his lower lip into yours the way you knew he loved. Your hands clung to his hoodie, pulling him in deeper until his body was flush with yours and he gave up on hovering over you like he always did. Always so worried about smothering you, but you loved it; you loved the feeling of his weight over you, grounding you and holding you in place.
Satisfied with feeling all of him, you kept one hand at the base of his spine while the other trailed up. Tracing your fingers over the arch of his back, feeling his subtle shiver in pleasure, up and up and up. You found home in the curls at the base of his skull and wound your fingers in expertly, pulling gently and letting the silken strands soothe your skin delightfully.
"I love you." he murmured, separating only for a fleeting moment to stare down at you with heavy-lidded eyes and puffy lips. His cheeks were flushed, his brown irises peaking out at you from behind the long curl of his lashes, and oh, his lips. HIs perfectly imperfect, thin, pink lips were swelled to plump perfection, glistening in the faint light of the room. It was like looking at the world's finest work of art.
You held him there for a few moments, tracing the lines of his face with the tips of your fingers. The faint wrinkles in his skin from years of smiling so big, the swollen ridge of his cupid's bow, the crooked angle of his nose that was nothing short of masterful in your eyes. His one ruffled brow, the slope of his forehead, and the sharp line of his jaw. Every bit of his face was ingrained in your mind forever; the sight, the touch, all of it.
His thumb moved from your cheek to your own lips, padding at your own puffy lower lip adoringly. Catching the print of the digit with your lips in a fleeting kiss, you watched as his eyes fell shut in contentment. A small smile tugging across his cheeks, Tom's eyes opened again to stare down at you as if he were holding the entire world at his fingertips.
Nuzzling your cheek into the warm palm of his hand, still opened and caressing your face, you whispered, "I love you, Tom."
He gazed down at you with a love that burned so bright, so intense, so boldly that it made you want to weep. Never before had anyone looked at you the way Tom did, and before him you'd imagined such a look only existed in romance novels. No man could ever look at his lover as if they were his world, his sun, his moon, his stars, and everything in between--and yet, Tom did. He looked at you as if you were everything, and you could get lost in that stare forever.
There was a vastness to his appreciation that you could never quite comprehend, but you hoped he could see the same in your eyes. You hoped he could see your heart screaming all the same back to him, all of your love pouring out of you and into him for eternity. You hoped he knew just how loved he was by you.
"We should probably go to sleep." You acknowledged, lips tingling at the soft brush of his fingertip with every syllable.
Tom hummed quietly in acknowledgement, his eyes briefly flitting to the clock on your bedside table before finding home in your gaze again. "I can sleep on the plane." he stated, "Don't wanna waste a single minute I have left with you."
Your face grew hot at his words, a grin splitting your cheeks as your heart burst to life with excitement. You knew that he'd probably end up falling asleep at some point--and you probably should have too considering you were the one driving to and from the airport in the morning--but you both certainly were going to do your best to avoid it. "And if I go to sleep?" you posed, blinking up at him playfully.
"Then I guess I'll take a page out of your book and admire your beautiful face while you dream," he responded, eyes twinkling mirthfully, "like a psychopath."
The two of you devolved into laughter, Tom's body slowly sinking further into yours as he lost the strength to hover over you amidst his belly-aching cackling. His forehead found respite on yours, noses brushing and bumping one another, and you clung to each other desperately. You'd miss this the most; these moments of just existing together in harmony.
It was warm and light whenever he was home, and each time he left you felt a peculiar cold that chilled you to the bone. No amount of layering, blankets, or anything could warm you up. You knew it was just the physical reminder of his absence, but it was the worst feeling.
Nose still brushing the tip of your own, Tom's brown eyes softened into warm amber pools as he got lost in your appearance. "Promise you'll still be here when I get back?" he asked, and your belly twisted painful. He looked like a sad puppy, his eyes big and watery to match the timid curl of his lips.
"I'll always be here, Tom," you told him, and you meant it, "Why would you ask me such a thing?"
His eyes fell shut for a moment as he took a deep, shuddering breathe, "I just--I'm always worried you're going to wake up one day and realize you deserve more. You could be with someone who'll actually be here with you... someone who doesn't have to leave all the time--"
"I don't want anyone else," you interrupted, speaking sternly, "don't sell yourself short, Tom. It's part of your job to leave, and I understand that. I'm always going to be here because I know that no matter how far you go, or how long you're gone, you're going to come back to me. That's why I love you."
"But you deserve so much more than just a promise that I'll be back." he murmured, his head tilting down in shame.
Hands cupping his cheeks, you kept his face from turning away from yours. "Do you love me?" you asked, raising your eyebrows expectantly until he nodded, "Do you want me to stay?"
"More than anything."
You traced your thumbs over his cheeks, his head subconsciously tilting further into a subtle caress, "Well, I love you and I want to stay. That's all that matters--I don't care if you leave for ten years, Tom, if you still want me to be here, I will be."
The violent buzz of your phone against your cheek startled you awake, and you sat up frightfully. Your vision was blurry, drool streaming down your chin, and your head was swimming from the sudden movement. Swiping the back of your hand over your chin, you grabbed your phone and groggily answered the call, "Hello?"
"(Y/N)! Where are you?"
Blinking, you pulled your phone away from your ear to make out Harrison's name on the screen. "At home?" you responded, eyes flickering to the window to see it was dusk outside.
You hadn't intended on falling asleep, nor did you remember doing so, but the entire day had apparently passed by during your nap. "You forgot, didn't you?" Harrison tutted, and you furrowed your brows in confusion.
"Forgot what?"
He let out an exasperated sigh, "You said you'd come to the pub tonight! We've been here for an hour already."
Oh, right, the pub. Vaguely you remembered Harrison inviting you to join him, the twins, and Tuwaine at the pub the other night when they were all over for dinner and a video call with Tom. You'd wanted to refuse, knowing you'd probably spend the night wallowing in self pity, but the man himself had pushed you to agree before finally doing it on your behalf.
It wasn't that you weren't close with them, because you were--hell, sometimes you got on better with Sam than you did Tom. But, the nights without him by your side were always the hardest. You weren't exactly in the mood for a wild night out, knowing ho much your stomach would sink returning to an empty home and a cold bed.
Yet, already seeing Tom's distasteful pout should you have backed out, you found yourself grumbling, "Shit, sorry. I'll be there soon."
After repeatedly assuring Harrison that you were in fact getting ready and would be there soon, he finally hung up and let you attempt to pump yourself up enough to not look miserable in public. Normally you functioned decently when Tom was gone; you loved him and missed him dearly, but you were still a fully functioning adult who could get by on their own. But today, though, knowing Tom was flying a little further away and wouldn't even be able to call you until tomorrow, you really weren't in the best of moods.
His momentary slip earlier that day during which he had cried had really thrown you off. You hated to see him so sad, and it made you feel even worse to know he was probably feeling just as miserable as you were, if not even more so. Before you'd fallen asleep you'd had to talk yourself out of booking a flight to see him. It wasn't exactly in your budget to buy a last minute ticket, and you knew it would only make him stress if you suddenly showed up with no warning.
As you walked into the pub, you plastered on your best smile and greeted Harrison with a hug. "I can't believe you forgot about us!" Sam shouted over the loud chatter of the bar, shoving the blonde away hastily to swoop you into his own embrace, "How've you been, (Y/N)?"
Your smile faltered at the earnest, inquisitive tone of his hushed question, but you pulled it back before he could really see how much you were struggling. "Good, you?" you asked, shifting the attention off of yourself as you held him an arms length away and studied him closely, "Did you get a new shirt?"
Sam grinned cheerfully, "I did! You like it?"
Before you could answer, Harry was throwing his arms around your middle and heaving you off of the floor for half a second with a loud holler, "How's my favorite almost in-law?"
Yelping at the sudden impact, you punched his shoulder the moment he stepped away and bit back a loud laugh as he swayed slightly. "Are you already trashed?" you chuckled, raising an eyebrow as he coughed to hide a hiccup, "You are! Harry, what's gotten into you?"
San caught Harry's arm before he could stumble a little too far and fall on his face, throwing the limb over his own shoulders and helping him stand up straight as he swiped the pint from his twin's hand. Harry pouted, reaching for hit, but Sam was quick to hand it off to you. He whined as you brought the half empty glass to your lips and took a sip, smirking at him teasingly as you kept it away from him.
Slowly the three of you migrated through the crowded pub after you finished Harry's half-empty pint and ordered another for yourself, eventually falling onto the stools around a more secluded table by Harrison and Tuwaine. Harrison was still snubbing you jokingly for being late, but Tuwaine greeted you with a warm smile and a cheers of his glass to your own. That ended with all five of you clinking your glasses together with muffled cheers, beer sloshing onto your fingertips as Harry shoved just a little too hard.
As the night drew on, you relaxed into the atmosphere--though, the alcohol probably helped. You didn't have to fake your smiles anymore, and you weren't consumed with thoughts of the fact that your home would be empty still when you returned. Instead, you were happily chatting with your closest friends about all that had been going on in their lives lately.
Tuwaine cracked jokes and told all of you about his crazy experience the other day with one of Tom's fans, putting you all in stitches as he mimicked her loud shouting. Harrison talked about an upcoming photoshoot he had planned with some brand, and Harry was animatedly discussing all the different auditions he was planning on going to. He'd sobered up quite a bit since you'd arrived, but that was probably because you all kept swiping his pints whenever he wasn't looking. He hadn't seemed to notice, yet.
Sam told you about all the different recipes he'd been trying out, and you nearly drooled at the thought of some of them. Somehow, someway, you all made plans to have another dinner party the following weekend, before Tuwaine slipped, "--and Tom can... shit, I keep forgetting he's gone for another month."
The mood shifted to a more somber one, and you noticed the way they all slumped into their seats slightly. It made you feel a little better to see that they missed him just as much as you did, and you smiled when Harrison joked, "Don't let him find out you forgot about him, you might put a dent in his massive ego."
"One time I forgot to text him good morning and he pouted for two weeks."
All four men cracked up at your words, and you felt at ease to see the happy tone of the night returning. "I remember him freaking out about that," Sam sputtered, laughing and clapping a hand to your shoulder, "the div actually asked me to go and check up on you to make sure you were alive. Then you told him you forgot and he complained about it for ages. Did you know he really thought that meant you wanted to break up with him?"
You cooed, "Really? Now I kind of feel bad--"
"Don't," Tuwaine interrupted, laughing, "he's just a drama queen. It's an actor thing, remember?"
The night slowly devolved into a massive tell all about Tom. At first, you all went around howling over all the embarrassing things Tom had done, exchanging the stories like Pokemon cards to brag about, and they all had you in stitches. By the time the conversation shifted to just reminiscing on good memories about the brown eyed man, your sides were aching and you felt more than a little out of breathe.
It was like story time for children; each one of you going around the circle to share a story that popped into your head. Sam and Harry reminisced on tales from their childhood, and Harrison and Tuwaine chimed in with stories of their friendship before you'd met Tom. You talked a lot about all the amazing times you'd had with Tom and the guys together, but as their eyes turned to you again your memory drifted away to the last time you'd picked him up from the airport.
The airport was ridiculously crowded, and as much as you wanted to think it was just a busy travel day, you knew the truth. Those people, most of them anyways, weren't there to catch a flight or pick up a returning traveler. They were there for the same man you were--for Tom.
As you walked inside, you could see the crowds of fans being held back by rows of metal blockades and scattered security guards. They were fairly chill, for the moment, but a few of them spotted you and waved excitedly as a murmur slowly spread throughout, "Is that (Y/N)?"
"Oh my God, it is! He must be landing soon!"
"(Y/N), can we get a picture?"
"(Y/N)! Come talk to us!"
You waved at them hesitantly, though you didn't approach them. As much as you knew that most of Tom's fans were incredibly sweet and supportive, there were also quite a few of them who weren't so nice. Especially when it came to you, the one who stole him away in their eyes, they could get quite nasty sometimes.
Still, you waved to those who acknowledged you and did your best to smile as though you weren't starting to sweat nervously. Phones and cameras alike were flashing and snapping pictures of you, all of which would certainly end up all over social media, and you eventually busied yourself with your phone to try and shield your eyes from the sunbursts of light. Checking his text one more time, you acknowledged that there was only ten minutes left until his flight would deplane.
Those were probably the longest ten minutes of your life, though you probably felt that way each time you picked him up from a flight. This time, though, he'd been gone for nearly eight months with only one short weekend visit. It would have been an understatement to say you were over the moon to finally have him back for an extended period of time.
As the minutes ticked by, you grew considerably more antsy, and so did the fans. The murmur steadily rose in volume until you could no longer hear the overhead speakers, nor your own phone on full volume. It was the vibration that alerted you to Tom's call.
"(Y/N)?" he greeted, and you could barely hear him over all the talking and excited squeals, "Never mind, I can tell you're here--I'm getting my bags now."
He hung up, and the moment you took a step toward the gate the fans were screaming. "He's here! He's here! Do you see him?"
"I can't see him!"
"Wait, I think that's him!"
It was like time stood still when he came into view, the sound of the excited screaming fading into the distance as all you could focus on was him. He looked exhausted, a tired smile on his lips and slight bags under his eyes, but the moment his gaze met yours he lit up. He picked up his pace, but you were already running to him.
"Tom!" you yelled, and he dropped his bags just in time to catch you from falling as you crashed into him full force. Normally the two of you waited until you'd reached the car for any sort of affection, not fans of public displays considering his status, but you missed him too much to care. All you cared about was feeling his touch again, finally.
He hugged you just as fiercely, his arms holding you so tight you could barely breathe and his face burying into your shoulder. "Fuck, I missed you so much, darling." he groaned, and nuzzled his nose into your neck.
Your hands clung to his jacket, keeping him close as he brought his own up to cup your cheeks, tilting your head back until he could admire your face. "I missed you too, Tom." you whimpered, holding back tears of happiness, "Can we not be apart for that long ever again?"
He laughed, but he nodded desperately as he choked out, "Never. I hated that so much."
The fans were still shouting, yelling frantically for Tom to notice them and even screeching about your sudden moment of public affection, but neither of you cared at all. His warm brown eyes were pulling you in like a magnet, and you clutched his jacket collar more tightly as he captured your lips in a kiss. It was frantic and needy, desperate for closeness in a way that was definitely not suitable for such an audience, but you kissed him back just as feverishly.
His lips moved quickly against yours, his tongue finding its way in between to make you melt into him entirely. Groaning in pleasure, your hands wound up his neck to fist his hair tightly, and he hummed back as you tugged gently. Knowing it was getting far too heated for the public eye, Tom eased back and scattered fluttering pecks over the entirety of your face until you dissolved into a fit of giggles.
Knowing he could never leave without at least greeting his fans, you grabbed his bags and gave him one last peck on the lips. "Go, they've been waiting to see you." you told him, smiling reassuringly when he hesitated, "I'll go get the car packed up."
"I love you." he grinned, gently caressing his fingers over your cheek.
Content to finally have him back, and loving how positively radiant he became when having the chance to see his fans, you beamed back, "I love you more."
You'd only just started the car up after having struggled to get all of his heavy bags inside before Tom knocked on the passenger window, leaning down to lazily smile at you through the glass. He practically fell into the seat after you unlocked the doors to let him in, his hands rubbing at his eyes. You knew he was tired from the way he willingly let you drive, rather than pestering you relentlessly to let him get in the drivers seat.
Still, he mumbled, "Need to go and see my parents."
"I think you could use a nap first, Tom." you joked, patting his thigh before he caught your hand in his and held it firmly in his lap. It was a little awkward driving with one hand, but you didn't say anyting--you loved the warm feeling of his thumb sliding back and forth over the tops of your fingers.
He grumbled a denial, insisting on seeing his parents before going to bed, but before you'd even made your way out of the maze of a car park he'd fallen asleep. His hand was dead weight on yours, growing clammy as he started to sweat in his sleep like always, and his head lolled against the window with a dull thump. It happened every time; he never did sleep on his flights home, too excited over seeing you, Tessa, his family, and his friends again. Too excited to finally be home after so long spent away.
As you drove, your eyes continually flickered over to admire him. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. A faint smile twitched at his lips, the pink skin occasionally parting to let out a quiet snore, and his eyebrows rolled through various expressions as he began to dream. Occasionally his fingers would clasp your own, squeezing your hand weakly for a few seconds before falling limp again.
You often wondered what he dreamed about. It was hard not to grow curious from how expressive he was, even in his sleep, and sometimes you wondered if he dreamed of you. Every now and then, late at night on the occasions you happened to stay awake later than him, he'd begin to murmur quietly in his sleep. One time he'd whispered your name so clearly you'd held your breathe in fear that he'd caught you staring, but then he'd continued his incoherent rambling and you'd melted.
He didn't even wake up when you parked the car outside the house, continuing to snore into a deeper and deeper sleep as you fought to get his bags out of the car and into the house. You didn't want to wake him, knowing he was beyond exhausted and would probably fight going back to sleep tooth and nail, but you couldn't exactly leave him in the car. Well, you could have, but he probably wouldn't have been too happy about it when he woke up.
Finally getting his bags inside, you gently opened the passenger door and caught his head against your body before he tumbled out of the seat. "Tommy," you cooed, running your fingers through his hair and biting back a giggle as he whined in his sleep, "Tom, wake up. We're home."
"Need to see my parents," he garbled, the words all slurred in his half asleep state, "before I go to sleep."
You couldn't stop yourself from laughing that time, a quiet chuckle escaping your lips as you traced your fingers over his nose tenderly and across the swell of his cupids bow. "C'mon, Tommy, we can go see your parents later. Let's go have a nap, yeah?"
His lips lazily pressed into your fingers, kissing the delicate tips gently as he peeled his eyes open to blink up at you adoringly. "Will you cuddle me?" he asked, pouting sleepily.
Softly kissing his forehead and beaming when his eyes fluttered at the tender affection, you murmured, "Of course, you just have to make it to the sofa, okay?"
"M'kay." Tom hummed, and you couldn't even be annoyed when you had to practically carry him into the house.
"Oh my God," Tuwaine chortled, startling you out of your trip down memory lane, "that was a field day in the press. I remember Tom was so freaked out over all the photos in magazines, do you remember that?"
The rest of the boys all laughed as they reminisced on how stressed Tom had been trying to put out the fire with his PR team, but you smiled fondly at the memory. It had been an absolute nightmare going anywhere together or even alone for weeks afterward, but it had been worth it--that kiss was still one of your favorite memories with Tom. Plus, there was no point in hiding your affections any longer after that, so that had been a bonus.
Harrison launched into another story, and Sam caught your eye over the top of Harry's head. "You alright?" he mouthed, and you nodded, "Want me to walk you home?"
You nodded again, realizing just how tired you were. Hours had passed with the five of you just talking endlessly, and you'd lost count of how many drinks you'd had. Too many, apparently, because you stumbled slightly when you slid out of your stool and had to clutch the table to keep from toppling over.
"Damn, (Y/N), are you good?" Tuwaine questioned, and you grumbled quietly, "Are you leaving?"
Sam caught your arm gently and wrapped his own around you, letting you lean on him for support as he answered, "Yeah, I'm going to go with. You staying here, or going to head out too?"
Harrison stood too, throwing back the last of his pint before clapping his hands, "I think I'll go home, actually. Didn't realize how late it was."
Before you knew it, all five of you were stumbling out onto the street with swimming heads and hushed giggles as you tried to appear as sober as possible. None of you were drunk, except maybe Harry, but you'd had enough to certainly get you all loose and warmed up. You were somewhere beyond tipsy, but hadn't quite crossed into drunken territory yet.
With hugs and muttered farewells, you all separated as Harry, Harrison, and Tuwaine marched off in one direction whilst you and Sam turned in the opposite. You didn't live far, and you didn't exactly need a chaperone, but you were thankful for his company as he walked steadily beside you. It was nice not being alone, especially when you knew you'd be completely alone at home for another night.
All too soon he was helping you up your front steps, laughing as you struggled to get the key into the lock and taking them from your fumbling hands. "Are you really that drunk?" he joked, and you punched his shoulder.
"No," you stuck your tongue out, "it's just... dark."
Sam laughed even louder at your lame excuse, unlocking the door easily and ushering you inside before him. He turned on a few lights for you as you leaned against the wall to kick off your shoes, eventually returned as you finally straightened up, "Can you make it to bed on your own?"
You nodded, though if you were honest you weren't so sure, but he seemed to accept your answer as the truth. "I'll be okay. Thank you for walking me, Sam. I had a lot of fun tonight."
He pulled you into another gentle hug, hands firm on your shoulders as he leaned back to tell you, "You know you can always come to me if you need anything, right? You're one of my best friends, (Y/N), and I know you're a lot more stressed about Tom being gone than you let on."
"I know," you whispered, blinking rapidly to stop your eyes from filling with tears, "it's hard. I'll be okay, though, he's going to be back soon."
Staring at you for a moment in silence, probably waiting to see if you would break down, Sam sighed in relief when you gave him the best reassuring smile you could manage. You were okay; it was just the alcohol making you emotional. "Good. Text me tomorrow, okay? Good night, (Y/N)."
In an instant, he was gone and you were alone in the silent house again. It wasn't until you were in bed and listening to the rhythmic dial tone that the tears finally came, and you choked up as Tom's voicemail started to play, "I know it's you, (Y/N), because nobody else ever calls me. Sorry I missed you darling, but if you're not (Y/N)--"
"At the tone, please record your message."
The shrill tone beeped in your ear, and you were silent for a long moment. You knew you had to say something, anything really, otherwise Tom would panic when he landed and assume the worst. But what was there to say?
Your lips started moving before you even thought the words, "Hey, Tommy."
Curling around his pillow like a koala, you let your phone lay on your cheek as you nestled deeper into the blankets and wrapped yourself up in the faint scent of him that still lingered. "I didn't mean to call, but I just wanted to hear your voice and I knew you'd panic if I didn't leave a message." you continued, "I'm okay--well, if I'm honest, I'm a little drunk right now... but I'm okay."
"Anyways, I just really miss you." you sighed, closing your eyes as your lips trembled, "I don't know why it's been so hard this time, but it has. I miss you so much, and I'm laying in bed but it feels too big without you here. Your pillow doesn't really smell like you anymore, which sucks, and I'm about to steal one of your shirts to use as a pillowcase. Is that creepy? Am I being weird right now?"
Chuckling to yourself, you groaned, "Sorry, I'm rambling. How long can these messages even be? Am I going to be cut--"
"Voice message recorded. Please hang up and dial again."
Cursing to yourself, you blinked at the painfully bright screen of your phone and redialed his number. "I know it's you, (Y/N), because nobody else ever calls me. Sorry I missed you darling, but if you're not (Y/N)--"
The automated message played, followed by the beep, and you muttered, "Sorry, I got cut off. I went out with the boys tonight, and we talked about you for hours. It was nice, actually, and I'm glad you made me go; I think I really needed the company. They probably won't ever tell you, but I know they miss you too."
"If you think I'm smashed, you should have seen Harry," you giggled to yourself, rolling on your back as you continued to speak into the void until a yawn interrupted you, "okay, I'm drunk and really tired. I should probably go to bed so I don't miss your call in the morning... uh, yeah."
You stifled another yawn and chuckled sleepily, "I love you, Tommy, and I miss you. Talk to you tomorrow, okay? Good night--er, well, good morning to you, I think? Shit, I love you, bye."
Tumblr media
The feeling of soft lines being traced over your face lulled you awake, and you mumbled groggily, "G'way."
"If that's what you really want, darling."
Eyes snapping open, you gaped up at the blurry face staring down at you in the darkness. "Tom?" you gasped, leaning up and nearly knocking your forehead against his nose, "What are you doing here? How did you--when did you--what?"
Tom chuckled, easing down onto the bed beside you and curling his arms around you slowly. If you hadn't felt the familiar tingle of warmth in your belly at his touch you'd have assumed you were dreaming, but then his gentle breathe fanned over your neck and you knew it was real. "I missed you too, a lot. I moved some things around and got a few days off--unless, of course, you still want me to go away." he teased, and you scowled despite the smile that was fighting at your lips.
"Never." you pouted, melting into his side and resting your head on his chest, "How long are you here for?"
The steady rise and fall of his chest was quickly lulling you back to sleep, but you managed to stay awake to hear him whisper, "Just a few days, but I had to see you. I missed you too much. Go back to sleep, darling--we can talk in the morning." His lips pressed a firm, long kiss to the top of your head as his fingers trailed a slow line up your spine, and your eyes fluttered shut.
Sleepily, you murmured, "Promise you'll still be here?"
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tomholland2013 i'm sorry husband❤️ @jakegyllenhaal
February 18, 2021
tomholland2013 ✓
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tomholland2013 look at her
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imsebastianstan Looking gorgeous Ms. Y/L/N
y/ny/l/n thank u mr. stan
March 23, 2021
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tomholland2013 guess who moved in with her
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y/ny/l/n please be harry styles
samholland1999 thank u for taking him off our hands
hazosterfield i wish u the best of luck Y/N
robertdowneyjr Take care of him, Y/L/N. His bedtime is 9 pm on the dot.
May 14, 2021
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tomholland2013 happy birthday darling. you're singlehandedly the weirdest person i know and i wouldn't change a single thing. i'll love you for forever and a day🤎
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y/ny/l/n thank u mi amor👺😽
zendaya happy birthday to MY girlfriend<3
anthonymackie Happy birthday Ms. Y/L/N🦅
June 21, 2021
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tomholland2013 we got tess a new friend:) everyone say hi to toby
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zendaya i'm coming over rn
harryholland64 i wish i was that dog
robertdowneyjr You live together and have two kids!
chrisevans @robertdowneyjr They grow up so fast
July 30, 2021
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tomholland2013 thank you @britishgq for the amazing shoot!
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y/ny/l/n woah. are u single
tomholland2013 i have a girlfriend🙄 @y/ny/l/n
jakegyllenhaal Wishing I was @y/ny/l/n right now.
hazosterfield papi
August 20, 2021
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tomholland2013 making me wanna put a ring on it
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y/ny/l/n 😼😼
robertdowneyjr WHAT
imsebastianstan I expect an invite.
anthonymackie Tom? Married? Someone tell Thanos to snap his fingers again.
September 18, 2021
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tomholland2013 everyone is asking how long we've been dating and to answer your question: today is three years! happy anniversary pretty girl
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y/ny/l/n "pretty girl" and then posts this😐
hazosterfield i remember when you nearly shit your pants because she followed you back on ig
zendaya remember when you facetimed me at two am because she called you cute. happy anniversary to my parents<3
October 17, 2021
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tomholland2013 somehow we ended up in texas. but the view is amazing so i'm not complaining
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y/ny/l/n that's actually tom's romper. stole it from his closet
harryholland64 can u bring me back a hat?
lifeisaloha and you didn't bring me??
November 23, 2021
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veryholland · a day ago
prompt #20 from the list! “bandaging/stitching up an injury” maybe with frat!tom getting into a fight or punching a guy from getting too close to the reader at a party? 🤍
sorry i’m spamming ur inbox lol ;p
pairing: frat!tom x reader | word count: 992 | warnings: mild injuries | touch prompts
a/n: liv! thank you so much for requesting this. i planned on writing requests in the order they were submitted but i really couldn't put off yours any longer. more or less by coincidence, this includes @spidey-sophie's request (17: holding the other's chin up) as well, so i hope you don't mind that i combined those! enjoy reading! x
Tumblr media
“What the hell, Tom? Do you want everyone to know?”
With a heavy thud, the door of the upstairs bathroom slams shut behind you. The bass of the music can still be heard through the wooden surface but it might as well be the sound of your heart thumping against your ribcage. Inside, the air smells clean. Gone is the unpleasant smell of sweaty bodies grinding against each other and spilt beer. Drawing in a calming breath through your parted lips, you turn around, finally facing him.
You never intended to get involved with a frat boy. In fact, just a year ago you would’ve laughed straight into anyone’s face who even suggested diving into a relationship with a member of the frat – that was until Tom happened.
Whatever it was that the both of you shared, it was hidden away from plain sight. Concealed behind closed doors and treasured beneath sheets.
In the beginning, it was all fun and games. The exhilarating buzz of hiding your infatuation with each other – sneaking into the frat house after curfew to spend just a few treasured hours together, exchanging texts during class when none of your friends were looking and holding back when all you wanted to do was smile at him across the hallway.
All fun and games – until it wasn’t anymore. Looking at his battered and bruised face, you now realise it only led to trouble.
A frown is holding tight over his features, his muscular chest rising and falling with rapid breaths and his grey shirt is rumpled. A few curls are sticking out from beneath his cap, the frat logo woven into its dark blue fabric now almost taunting you. But what draws in your gaze the most, is the nasty cut on his cheek and another one tearing right through his rosy and plump bottom lip.
“Sit down, I can’t look at this,” you say, not even trying to downplay the sharp timbre of your voice. After gathering your hair up into a messy but nowhere near decent bun, you turn to the cabinet, rummaging through drawers in search of a first aid kit.
“No need to fuss, I told you, I’m fucking fine.”
Frustration is clearly layering his words but they are closely followed by a defeated sigh as he slumps down onto the bathtub’s edge.
Pushing around a few toiletries, you finally spot a small bottle of disinfectant and take it out with a short but triumphant hum, before putting it next to the gauze pads you found just a couple of drawers below. After gathering it all in your hold, you close the drawer with a kick of your foot and turn back around just to be met with a sight that pulls heavy at your chest.
His head hung low, Tom is cradling the already peachy and bruised knuckles of his right hand in his left palm, shoulders slumped, gaze fixed onto the ground.
“You would be fine if you hadn’t punched him.” Your voice was now remarkably softer compared to how all of this started out, but you still couldn’t drop the bitter connotation.
Charged silence wraps itself around you as you step closer. For a moment you put the bottle of disinfectant onto the bathtub’s edge, using your free hand to remove his baseball cap, allowing you to get a proper look at his cuts. Your gentle touch is a prominent contrast to your clear irritation as your fingers find his chin, tilting it up slightly.
Once your eyes meet his honeycomb ones – the dark brown colour laced with something unrecognisable – his legs subconsciously part, allowing you to step closer in order to fittingly tend to his wounds.
“This is gonna hurt,” you warn softly, waiting for his nod of confirmation before continuing. Your hand is still cradling his chin as you use the other to dab the gauze pad over the peachy skin around the bruise that now finally stopped bleeding. His eyes flutter shut and a hiss flies past his lips, but he doesn’t flinch away from your touch.
You feel his eyes on you as you work around his face in silence and although you’re still mad, you can’t help but calmly smooth the pad of your thumb over his skin whenever the stinging sensation makes him draw in a sharp breath.
The tip of your tongue pushes past your parted lips in concentration as you dab along the curve of his lip with the last bit of sterile gauze. You turn around to pick up a new pad but his fingers curl around your wrist, effectively stilling your movements.
“I do,” he says, filling the silence, his voice soft and unsure, barely audible. Eyebrows drawn together in confusion, you look down at him.
“I do,” he repeats, voice now layered with more tenacity. “I want everyone to know.”
He stands up, completely ignoring your protests, but you fall silent when his uninjured hand comes up to twist a strand of your hair around his finger and his eyes connect with yours once more, fueling the churning attraction in your belly.
“I want everyone to know that this is about more than just a stupid brawl between frat bros.” He takes a step forward.
“I want everyone to know that when you return to the dorms past curfew, it’s because we couldn’t stop watching love island episodes on my laptop.” Another step.
“I want everyone to know that the hickeys you get asked about by your friends are the marks I put onto your skin.”
„I want everyone to know about you and me.“
He’s been slowly backing you up against the door, hands now braced on either side of your head as your heart picks up speed with every single one of his passing words. Tom pauses, drawing in a deep breath before speaking up again, the timbre of his voice now remarkably soft and airy.
“I want everyone to know that I am in love with you, y/n.”
Tumblr media
okay so, here’s that :D getting back into writing really is an unmatchable feeling and i had so much fun writing this. i’m slowly finding my way back into the flow but yeah, let me know if you liked it! tips are always welcome! sending lots of hugs x
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angeli-marco-writes · a day ago
TIWWCHNT angst with Tom Hollanddd? please x
A/N - Thanks for the request! I hope you enjoy :) I made this RichKid!Tom. I do not know Tom Holland, nor do I claim to. I don't own the song lyrics used, all credit to owners.
Warnings - swearing, mentions of drinking and drugs.
Tumblr media
It was so nice throwing big parties, even giving them a second chance for our friends, but that was once upon a time, and I’m over that stage of my life now. It stopped bringing me joy. Having just returned from a steak dinner and wine tasting at a friend's new mansion, I’m heading home for the night, my plans having changed in favour of some alone time with my partner. I even bought some Dom on the way home as a treat, and I’m excited to see Tom, admiring the hunk of silver on my finger as I head up.
I’m shaking my head, I’m locking the gate behind me as I drive my Rolls into the great expanse of driveway...
I’m going to murder Tom fucking Holland.
This is why we can’t have nice things, because Tom fucking ruins them every single goddamn time. It’s been the case ever since you first got together. He knew cleanliness and keeping things pristine was in your nature, but he ain’t reading what they call me, so he dived in head first. You’re difficult to live with, you know that, but you and Tom agreed.
It was once so nice doing that once upon a time, jumping in the pool from the balcony, drunk and high and living my life so freely while I was young… But I’m not in my party years anymore, and I’ve passed that date where I can get sloshed and off my face only to wake up the next day and repeat it; electing a calmer, more modest lifestyle while maintaining the lavish and party nature of my wealth, life and personality.
Tom and I were the glamorous couple amongst our friends, always hosting the best parties with huge crowds and sponsors, champagne seas, fancy new lines of alcohol, influencers, ice sculptures, designer gowns and suits… It was one hell of a way to live.
I’m loath to say Tom was more than a little disappointed to pack up the life but, moving forwards in our relationship and lives, he agreed—especially since kids are a prospect in the near future. And he’s gone back on every word, broken every promise.
I lock the car, and unplug the exterior speakers, yelling “PARTY’S OVER!” at the top of my lungs, and watching the crowd disperse. I storm into the house a moment later, finding Tom slumped over a chaise-longue with a beer in his hand.
“You shady fucking arsehole!” I scream shrilly.
He blinks his chocolate eyes and stirs to life, smiling lazily up at me, his hair stuck to his clammy forehead..
“Hey baby. Thought you were gonna stay out.”
“Oh, did you?” I laugh, eyes widened. “Is that why you let our fifteen million pound mansion turn into this pigsty?” I wave my arms around me, everything so expensive in utter disarray, drinks spilt everywhere, the stench of sweat lingering instead of the room sprays you ensure to use liberally in every room.
Judging by the state of things, apparently there are no rules when you show up here, a heavy bass beat literally rattling the thirty thousand dollar hand blown Italian glass chandelier hanging in your ballroom, which looks like a rubbish pit, marble floor soaked in beer.
“No, baby. It was just a small get together that grew outta hand. Don’t worry baby,” he makes grabby hands at me, but I avoid his dirty paws on my very expensive suit, “I’ll clean.”
“It’s the principle, Tom!” I hurl his bottle away.
“Baby calm down, I’m sorry.” he pleads.
“But you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand, or worse, fucking me. And therein lies the issue, boyfriends don't try to trick you!” I say, “Tom, if you loved me you wouldn’t have done this. I can’t see past this.”
“Oh just get a fucking grip doll, it was one party.”
“Yeah, but how many others have there been when I’ve been out? Have you cleared the place up knowing I’d be away for the weekend? I’m sorry, but I want you out by Monday morning.”
This is gonna hit him hard, because I’m not the only person he’s lost lately, but if only he weren’t so shady, it wouldn’t be a damn problem.
I'd spent the night quite happily putting the poisonous old gossip to lie with my girlfriends, raising my final glass to them. Looks like I’ll need them even more, now. “Here's a toast to my real friends. They don't care about the he said, she said.”
They should've, and I should've listened. Friends don’t try to trick you—how could I believe they would, only to come home to every word they said being correct?
No,” his eyes begin to well up with tears as he sinks to his knees on the tiled floor, “I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again. We can do this, I love you so much!”
No he doesn't. He wouldn’t have deceived me and ransacked our home if he did, but I pop open the Dom and paint on a brave face, snatching an empty glass from the hand furnished oak sideboard. “Y’know what? And here's to you...
'Cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do, and we can move on from this can’t we?”
I don’t even manage to suppress my giggles for thirty seconds at his dopey look before I’m bursting out into a fit of laughter. “Hahaha, I can't even say it with a straight face! This is why we can’t have nice things tom and we’ll never be able to because you break them and I have to take them away. Did you think I wouldn't hear all the shit you said about me?”
That’s what they were warning you about all night. You should’ve trusted them when they said he called me a pushover and worse, not believing the tales of his antics. “You broke us, so now I’m taking that away. We’re done.”
“WAIT!” he sobs, the crack in his tenor voice evident as he tugs at his chestnut locks. I don’t budge, though, shoving him off by his oversized pink shirt when he tries to grab me.
“This is why we can’t have nice things, darling. Find me when you’ve grown up.”
I would take an axe to a mended face, but walking away from him, my heels clacking on the marble floor and sounding where he’s drunkenly crying seems to be punishment enough. For the last time with him inside, I’m locking the gates.
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parkersbliss · a day ago
Maybe Holland!sister and she is paddy’s twin and it’s there 21st so can go out drinking and clubbing so they go with brothers Harrison and freinds but Holland!sister gets a bit drunk and so the Holland brothers and Harrison have to help her ( maybe being sick, can’t walk in a straight line ). Would this be possible for you to write. Thank you so much
Tumblr media
You let out a loud laugh, swinging your arm around your brother’s shoulder. “Feeling buzzed yet?”
Paddy laughs, mirroring the same flushed cheeks as you. “I’d say a bit more than buzzed. The drinks keep coming.”
“Serves you both right,” Tom said, placing a couple more shots in front of you. “We can all do family drinking now!”
“Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?” Harry asked, elbowing Sam in the ribs.
His twin brother rolls his eyes. “I think we all know better than that.”
“I think we’re great fun,” Tom said.
“Oh for sure,” Harrison agreed. “I can never guess what’s going to happen next.”
“I can,” Sam said, “Paddy’s about to puke.”
“Woah wait!” Tom shouts, grabbing a bag on standby as Paddy does exactly what Sam said.
You laugh hysterically at your brother, “Loser! I win!”
Tuwaine raises an eyebrow at you. “You win?”
“We made a bet who would throw up first,” You slur. “Wasn’t me!”
“Not yet,” Harry tuts. “You’re getting there.”
“Am not.”
“You’re wasted.”
“Okay? I still haven’t hurled yet. I see this as a win.”
Tom rubs Paddy’s back, “Okay, walk in a straight line.”
You set your glass down on the table, feeling confident in your abilities.
You tripped on your first step.
“And down the birthday girl goes,” Harrison chuckled, grabbing your waist and steadying you.
You shove him off with narrowed eyes. “I’m fine, Haz!”
Another step, another trip. This time Harry catches your elbow to steady you. “Adults,” he said, rolling his eyes.
“It’s the heels!” You groan, chucking them, much to your brother’s dismay.
“I reckon it’s time we get these two home,” Tuwaine said, standing up and looking to Paddy who was ready to pass out.
“You don’t have to tell me,” Tom mumbled.
Harry grabs your arm, steadying you. “Okay, miss, here we go.”
“I’m fine, Harry.”
“Cut the bullshit.”
You glare at your brother, but don’t say anything else as he leads you out of the bar. Tom calls an uber, glancing between you and Paddy.
“I don’t think we’ll be going drinking again anytime soon.”
“Why not?” You ask, leaning your head on Harrison’s shoulder and he laughs.
“Trust me, once you wake up you’ll know what we mean.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“The incoming hangover,” Sam snorted as he gets into the uber.
“Oh,” You mumble as Tom and Sam help you into the car. You almost knock your head against the top and Tom has to shove your head down so you don’t.
You sit between Paddy and Tom, your head feeling ten times heavier than before.
“I regret this already,” Paddy all but snores.
“Happy 21st birthday the second best set of twins,” Harry joked.
But you two don’t hear him, having dozed off in a few seconds.
Happy 21st birthday indeed.
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gamerdestiny · a day ago
Birthday busts or blasts? (Tom Holland imagine)
Tumblr media
*1 week before Tom’s birthday*
“Mom?” I pout on the phone. “Yes, honey tell me,” she answers on the video call. “Y/N just said that she wants to break up with me. She said that she doesn’t love me anymore and wants to move out of this house,” I grumble on the call. Two high-pitched ‘WHAT’s are heard, one from my mom and the other from Y/N who was changing into some comfortable clothes after her shower. “Babe I never- Nikki don’t worry I NEVER said that. I told him that I have to work on his birthday,” she laughs. Mom gives out a laugh as well. “Well it’s pretty much the same,” I grumble to her. Changing into a pair of shorts and one of my tees, she jumps in the bed beside me, somehow very expertly managing to hit my arm at the same time. “Oww!” I yell, scrunching my eyebrows. “Shush, you baby,” she laughs again, kissing me on my cheek. I turn my face to kiss her lips, but she swiftly grabs my phone out of my hand and turns away. “Aw cmon!” I groan out loud. “Sorry Nikki that he disturbed you about it. Anyway, how’s everyone? Sorry I haven’t been able to call. Work has kept me super swamped,” she talks to mom. Of course its my job to make sure she’s not comfortable, so I start pinching her everywhere on her stomach and arms. She squeals in response, dropping my phone flat on her face. She sits up swiftly, and I pull away from her at once. I have had my fair share of ‘smooshes from my phone on my nose’ to know that it hurts. Not trying to be too loud, I squeak out a ‘I’m sorry’ to her. She doesn’t reply to me, just takes a couple of deep breaths, then rubbing slowly at her nose, she calmly wishes mom a good night, to which mom wishes us both, then disconnects the call. But just before she did, I clearly hear her talk to someone in the background saying ‘Tom is in big trouble’ and she did not sound worried. Wow mom thanks for the moral support. Handing the phone back to me, she lies back down, facing away from me. “Babe I’m sorry. Throw my phone if you want, my phone fell on your face, I didn’t,” I say slowly, moving closer to her. She didn’t reply. Putting my arm around her waist, I kiss her on her shoulder. “I was very sad that I couldn’t be there for your birthday. I don’t feel so sad anymore,” she says in a ‘matter-of-fact’ tone. “Baby,” I try again, but she gives no verbal or physical response. Letting out a sigh, I hug her closer, closing my eyes to fall asleep.
*5 days before Tom’s birthday*
“I swear to god Thomas, if you don’t make those ‘brooding look’ faces, I will punch you to make you look mad,” Harrison swears from behind the camera. “I’m sorry. I’ll try again,” I reply, sincerely. Taking my position again, I look at the camera, but the same thought of Y/N not being there for my birthday slipped back in my mind, and I felt sad again. “Oh. My. GOD!” Harrison again yells angrily, then walks up to me, grabs me by my arm then pushes me to the side, away from the people, “What is wrong with you today?” “Y/N won’t-” “Be there for your birthday. Yes Tom I know, that’s all you’ve been going on about for the past two days and-” I interrupt him, “No you don’t get it! She makes the dinner on my birthday. She makes the cake, she even makes the ice cream. If she won’t be there for my birthday, then we won’t get her cooked food!” Harrison’s face changes from slight irritation to sadness, “Bro..” “Bro…”
“I didn’t think of that,” Harrison says sadly. “She won’t be there by my-” “That’s not important!” he interrupts me, making me frown. “What happened to you two?” Harry replies, finally walking over to us, realizing that we were taking too long. Before I can begin talking, Harrison talks over me, “Y/N won’t make Tom’s birthday dinner.” “Yes I know she said she had to wor-” Harry’s words die down in his mouth, “No birthday dinner.” “No birthday dinner,” I copy his words, sadness taking over me again. “Bro..” “Bro..” “Bro..”
*2 days before Tom’s birthday*
*Harrison’s POV*
*knock knock*
I was in the kitchen, chilling out with a yogurt cup in front of me. Someone opens the front door, and there’s a lot of rustle and hush hush voices, till Mom, Sam and Y/N barge into the kitchen, carrying a lot of shopping bags; most of which were from the supermarket, while a few were from the mall stores. “What is going on?” I ask in shock. Moving away from the bags, and towards me, Y/N puts her hands on my shoulders, then looks me straight in the eyes, “Listen, and you better keep it a damn secret. I actually don’t have to work on Tom’s birthday. I need to keep this whole party a secret. Only the people in this room know about it, so that is your mom, Sam, you and I, and it better stay that way or imma chop your hair off in your sleep, like you did to mine!” My eyes widen in shock, fear creeping in me. I nod fast. “Let the poor fool go,” Sam says, laughing a little, “also he’ll barely of any help through most of it.” “He’s the one who can keep Tom distracted,” she turns to look at me, “Won’t you?” Her smile is so conniving that it was scary. “I will do my best your honor!” I say. Why did I say that? She pats on my shoulders, then moves away, riffling through the bags, taking things out, “Okay Harrison, listen to me. You have one job, and one job only. As I keep giving you instructions through messages, you follow it, and not a single step of diversion from what’s written. The instructions will be simple and to the point. Also, if I give a time, then you come in exactly that time. Get it?” “Yes,” I cough out. “Good, lets start preparing the basics. Tomorrow I’ll come back from work early and finish the rest,” Y/N says then continues whatever she was doing. By the time they finished working, it was well past 10pm. Cleaning herself up, she grabs her bag and coat, and walks out. I did my job of asking Tom to play FIFA with me, so that he doesn’t ask questions about Y/N’s whereabouts. I know that he knows that her work has been keeping her busy, but still. Withing 10 minutes, I hear Y/N through my headphones. “Haz, I’ll talk to you tomorrow! Y/N is back home FINALLY! And I have a lot of cuddles and kisses to make up for!” Tom talks through the mic. “Okay,” I reply, logging out from the game.
*Tom’s POV*
Logging out from the game, I put aside the headphones and gaming console, getting up from the floor and moving to the kitchen where Y/N is. She was standing near the microwave, heating up the dinner. I move closer to her, snaking my arms around her waist, kissing her on the neck, ”Hey baby. I missed you.” “I missed you too,” she replies, turning in my arms to kiss me on my lips. “Why is your work keeping you away from me?” I groan, kissing her slowly, savoring the taste of her lips. “Because my boss is a dick and he knows I’ll do anything to make sure that he can’t let go of me. He’s super misogynistic, and I’m extremely awesome at my job,” she laughs. “I know you are, let’s celebrate,” I reply. Turning around, so that she was facing my back, “Giddy up, girly.” She starts laughing harder, but wraps her legs around my waist. Gripping hold of them tightly, I quickly walk up to our bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, I pull my shirt off. “What about dinner?” she giggles, unbuttoning her shirt. “Oo baby, I AM dinner,” I say smugly. Her giggles turn into laughter again, which I turn into moans for her, when I start sucking on her neck, below her ear.
*Morning of Tom’s birthday*
I was woken up suddenly by Tessa’s barks near my ear. I open my eyes to see her sitting on my chest, smiling at me. “Good morning Tess,” I smile at her, brushing her ear. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” my room fills up with screams and shouts. I’m pretty sure I jumped 4 feet in the air, along with Tessa on me. Everyone was in my room, Mom, Dad, Sam, Harry, Harrison, Paddy, Tuwaine, and then Y/N walks in with a cake in her hands. Well I understand why she made sure I was dressed up last night after you know *wink wink*. “Are you going to say something birthday boy? Or do you want us to do it again?” Harry asks. “No, no. Sorry, I mean, thank you! Thank you so much guys,” I reply, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Everyone moves closer, sitting around the room, on the couch or the bed, while Y/N moves closer to me, placing the cake on my lap, “Thank you baby.” The usual cake-cutting and sing-song goes on, and through the whole extent of it, Tessa was doing her tippy-taps. So let me explain why, Tessa loves to destroy cakes, or anything that looks like it. When everyone was done with 3/4th of the cake, I ask if anyone wants the rest. Knowing the usual gig, Y/N places the plastic wrap on the ground, then I’m about to place the cake on top of it, when Tessa jumps up on my leg, making me lose balance and drop the cake outside the boundary of the plastic. “Tessa no-” before I can finish my sentence, Tessa jumps on the cake, rolling around in it. “Tessa, this is why we can’t have good things,” Y/N sighs, making everyone laugh. Harrison speaks up, his eyebrows shooting up knowingly, “Y/N don’t you have work?” I turn to look at her again, to see her looking at the watch on her wrist, “Shoot. Yes, I need to go now!” She runs inside the ensuite bathroom, then comes out in seconds dressed in her work clothes. “Baby..” I speak out sadly, pouting and making my ‘puppy eyes’ more puppy-ish to convince her to stay. She looks at me, smiling sadly, “I’m sorry! But I have to, or that jackass will consider this as a reason to fire me, or put a red cross on my perfect work streak! Spend time with your family!” “You’re also my family!” “I would say ‘awwww’ but I need to gooo! Tom no!” While she was talking I grabbed her waist, pulling her, or at least trying to. She’s awfully strong when she wants to be. “Please!” I pout again. “Don’t do this,” she says, then gives me a quick peck on my lips, then runs out. “I also need to go!” Sam says, walking out of the room without any further explanation.
*Y/N’s POV*
*The evening of Tom’s birthday*
“String the lights properly, or I will climb up that ladder and push you down!” I threaten the guy named Jesse. “Damn woman, I understand why Tom is wrapped around your finger,” Sam laughs from the long dinner table set out in the backyard of Harrison’s house. “Sam, is the table done?” I ask. “No,” his face turns a little scared. “Work,” I pointedly look at the table, then back at him. “Yes ma’am,” he goes back to working at once. “Harrison is going to bring Tom here in an hour, so lets go!” I speak loudly so that everyone can hear it and then work faster.
Tumblr media
Time seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. Soon it was 7pm and whoever was invited for the party had already come over. “When did you do all this?” Nikki asks in awe. “Sorry, I wanted all of you to have fun, and not worry about the party!” I explain. “All of this is looking very good. Good job Y/N!” Dom says. “Thank you, but I need to go change,” saying that I run up to Harrison’s room. I changed into the dress that I bought for tonight. Tom very well understood that if there was an sort of party then it would be held at his parent’s home, or our place, or some hall of some sort, but not in Harrison’s parent’s place because his parents didn’t enjoy the public social world too much. Hence it was a very small gathering with very close family and friends of Tom. I heard Tom’s car honk outside. The light’s were mostly turned off, so whichever ones were on, those got turned off too.
*Some time before reaching Harrison’s house*
*Tom’s POV*
“No matter what you do, I’m still gonna keep thinking of her,” I complain to Haz. “Hey man, it’s okay. See, she’ll be back at night and you know that right? At the end of the day she’ll be with you so its fine,” he tries to reason. “No man, its not. It’s my birthday and I want everyone that I love and care about and be with me, and there’s… nothing. I mean, she answers to 5 of my texts with one of hers. I know she’s busy, and her boss is a dick, but I don’t. It’s not… I wanna, I just want her to be with me,” I argue back. “Wait, let me take a picture of your face, Y/N’s going to love to it,” Harrison laughs at me, taking out his phone, and snapping a picture, “C’mon we’ll go home, grab a couple of more beers, make you dead unconscious then send you to dreamland.” I groan at him. “Also, just saying, I don’t understand a single word you’re saying, and that wasn’t what she wanted,” he mumbles to himself. “Not what who wanted?” I talk. “Buddy you’re yelling, not talking!” he shouts. “You are!” I shout back. “YOU! Fine, whatever,” he says, honking the car horn 3 times. “What is wrong with you? You can’t honk bitch, your mom will kill me,” I argue. “Shut up!” he yells. “sHuT uP!” I mock him. We both burst out laughing after that. He stops the car soon enough, moving out of the driver’s seat, to my side. “I can walk!” I shrug out of his grip when he tries to grab my arm. “Fine, walk,” he says smoothly, moving out of the door. I move out of the seat, dropping my feet on the ground. Things were shifting around in my sight a little bit, but it wasn’t so much that I wouldn’t be able to walk straight. He supported me from the side, both of us walking towards the door. After a lot of struggle of pushing the lock in the keyhole, the idiot manages to open the door. His house was very dark. “Where is everyo-AAGGHH!” I scream out in shock, when the lights turned on and many people jumped out with balloons and funky hats. Placing a heart on my hand, I breath through the hurried beating of my heart. “Happy birthday honey!” I hear someone say. I look up to see Y/N standing there. “You.. I thought, weren’t you at work?” I ask in shock, taking steps towards her. “Nope, I had to keep stuff a secret this time!” she laughs. “I love you!” he says, walking up to me and kissing me on the lips. “I love you too!” I laugh. “But still, you hurt me by keeping this a secret!” I complain. “It was a little white lie, and the end is great right?” she laughs, removing the stray hairs from my forehead. “C’mon! Party time!” Harrison yells. Everyone cheers to that. Tom shouts out as well, “LET THE PARTY BEGIN!”
Hours of laughter, jokes, absolutely delicious meals later, everyone was home, and the Haz’s family and us, altogether decided to stay over at his place for the night. All of us changed into comfortable clothes, which Y/N had prepared for. Most of the furniture in the living room was pushed aside to make room for the piles of blankets and pillows. Some of the lights that were hung outside were brought in the living room, while the rest of the lights were turned off. After many ‘move aways’ ‘shoo!’ and pushes and shoves later, everyone was comfortably on the floor. Not talking, or scrolling through mobiles. Just content with the company. “This was really good!” Harrison says, “But your girlfriend is scary Tom!” Y/N and I started laughing, while Sam says, “I agree.” “Hey listen up, she can be intimidating when she wants to be. But honestly, that’s sexy!” Tom argues back. “I like to make sure people know not to mess with me. You know, after everything in the past,” her last few words were quiet, making me turn to face her. She looked a little distant, so I dropped my arm on her waist, pulling her close to me. “I love you so much,” I whisper, kissing her on her forehead. She turns to me, letting out a sigh, “I love you too.”
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heyhihellowhatsup0 · a day ago
Can you do a blurb of Tom protecting you from paparazzi? You're amazing!
Oooff floooofy! LFG!
Requests Are Open!
Tom sprung out of the car instantly feeling his chest tighten from the flashes that were already in his face. Coming to big cities like this could be fun but were also extremely stressful for him because he hated the added attention. He knew it came with the territory of his job and he accepted that but bringing you along with him was what added the stress to this trip.
The photographers began calling his name and asking questions and Tom held back his urge to flip off every single one of them. Taking a deep breath, he hurried to your side of the car and opened the door for you. Extending his hand out to you to help you out of the car before one of these morons stuck their camera in your face. Tom knew if they even laid a finger on you he would lose his mind instantly.
You and Tom hadn't been public for very long so you both knew any public outing in a big city like this meant people wanting to get pictures of you together. But you had never imagined it to get like this. The street was practically flooded with grown men calling for you and Tom. You couldn't deny that it was overwhelming; but having Tom by your side made it a whole lot easier as you took his hand and got out of the car.
Squeezing your hand, Tom smiled faintly at you while he closed the car door behind you. Grabbing your things, he slid his hand around to the small of your back before he began to guide you down the street as best as he could, "Focus on me, darling, okay?" he told you quietly into your ear while he adjusted the baseball cap on his head.
"Y/N! Is Tom a good kisser?!"
"Smile for us! Let's see the happy couple!"
"Any wedding plans, Tom?!"
They just wouldn't stop badgering you and Tom with questions while you stared down at the ground with Tom's hand still against your back. You could feel his hand firmly against your skin, trying to keep you calm while the two of you continued to ignore the pestering. Tom had reminded you all of the time that these guys just wanted something good to get paid so giving them nothing at all was best. No matter how difficult it may be to ignore them. Which it was.
You nearly jumped back when you saw a flash directly in front of your face when a photographer got way too close to you. Standing in front of you now while taking your picture and shouting your name as you stood there fearfully looking up at Tom. You couldn't help but feel terrible that this was the type of thing Tom had dealt with for years and you had no idea how he continued to remain so calm while you just wanted to bury yourself into his chest and hide.
But Tom wasn't about to take it from this guy. Gently grabbing your arm, he pulled you closer towards him while he placed his hand out towards the photographer, "Back off man, alright? It's me you want, not her," he scolded him before he continued to walk with you towards your destination, "Fucking prick," he mumbled under his breath a little too loud. But he didn't care if they heard it or even filmed it. Good, he thought. He was trying to keep you safe from these vultures and he didn't care if he acted like a dick doing it.
"Tom, they're definitely going to sell that to every tabloid now," you told him softly as you squeezed his hand. You hated knowing that you were the reason for Tom getting any type of publicity whether good or bad. You saw his daily struggles and didn't want to add to it even though Tom reassured you time and time again you could never do that.
Shrugging his shoulders, Tom leaned forward and kissed the top of your head softly. Hearing the photographers behind them now chanting and yelling for more, he couldn't help but roll his eyes. Keeping you in his arms and pulling you close, Tom opened the door to the restaurant for you, "If it means I kept you safe then I could care less, darling," he told as his lips found yours before you went inside. Finally getting a moment to breathe away from all of the chaos you had just escaped from.
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calumsnatchedmyheart · 2 days ago
Can you make an imagine about Tom Holland x Psychiatrist!Reader? where they are both dating and they met through Y/n’s friend. To make a long story short, Y/n introduced Tom to her family who’s conservative and strict when it comes to dating since she’s the youngest one in their family. Also Y/n is in her residency to become a Psychiatrist. Her dad is not really fond to their relationship, while her mom and her older sister liked Tom. In the end, her family accept Tom as Y/n convinced her father that Tom is not a distraction for her residency and she loved him so much.
Thank you so much!!🤍🥺🥺
Request Something
Warnings: Family Tension, Dad being and Asshole. (Tried to write a happy married couple but my parents divorced before I could walk and now hate each others guts so I did my best)
You and Tom had met a long time ago at a mutual friends birthday party and it was instant chemistry, the attraction you had for one another was undeniable yet the both of you managed to somehow ignore it, believing that the other would never want them and so on. It continued this way until one night after an exam you and Tom lay on your living room floor together, staring aimlessly at the ceiling until his voice broke the comfortable silence.
"I'm in love with you Y/n" it came out soft yet there was not a trace of doubt in his words, he was so sure of it, he knew it and he was pretty sure he always would feel the same way. You didn't move, your brain taking time to process this, going over the words that had just been said. "And I know you are just about to start your residency but I couldn't go another day without telling you, it felt like I was lying to you and I never want to do that so-" you cut him off, having rolled onto your side, raising your head and pressing your lips to his and something in you felt so undeniably wonderful, your lips felt warm and like electricity as they touched his. You pulled back, brushing a fallen curl from his forehead.
"I'm in love with you too" you whisper, his face lighting up as he pulled you back down to reunite your lips.
Though your relationship was not the best timing you didn't care, you would put everything you had into your residency no matter the circumstances of you love life, and having someone to come home to actually made things so much better, but your father didn't understand that.
Tom had met your family a couple of times, each one progressively worse, it started with snide comments from your dad about Tom being a distraction, how he didn't deserve you, and how the two of you shouldn't be together. You had fought back, needing to stand up for the man you loved, seeing how his strong facade weakened with your dads words.
"Dad, what the fuck? When are you going to understand that I am not going to drop my residency purely because I am in love, Tom isn't a distraction, he helps me, why cant you see that?" you scream at him, gathering your stuff and walking out of the house with Tom's hand in yours. Your mom and sister gave you a hug, doing the same to Tom.
Your mom lingered at Toms embrace, pulling back with tears in her eyes and cupping his cheek.
"Thank you for being so good to my Y/n, I can tell how happy you make them and I couldn't ask for anything more, I will talk to my husband about his terrible behavior" She assured Tom.
"Thanks Mrs.Y/M/L/N" Tom nodded, feeling a little better know that he had your mom on his team.
A couple days later you received a couple of texts for your father, asking if you could come over for dinner again and you asked Tom if it was okay with him, not wanting to put him in another terrible situation. He agreed, truly hoping that this time would be better than any of the past meetings.
"Tom, I just want to say I am so sorry for the things I said to you, I had no right saying anything about your relationship and for that I am deeply sorry, I just want whats best for my baby" he smiled softly at you, one that you reciprocated.
"That is all I want as well, Sir" Tom assured, squeezing your hand in his. Not everything was fixed, it would take time to mend some of the cracks in the foundation of your family but when all was said and done, Tom would be by your side no matter what.
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poetrcy · 2 days ago
the royal convenience was one of the best fanfictions i’ve ever read, i swear😩 they are just so cute🥺 can you write a blurb of prince!tom being away from reader the whole day so when he comes to the room at night he’s just so cuddly and just want to hold and kiss her and say that he loves her all the time??
friday night blurbs & drabbles!
a/n: i switched this up just a bit, but it has a similar premise and i hope you like it!
a royal convenience blurb - i highly suggest reading the series before you read this
Tom was in Dublin for an extended tour of about a fortnight. He was expected to be home anytime now, having spent his two weeks taking care of royal affairs and such. It was odd that you hadn’t accompanied him, but it seemed wrong to leave the boys back for so long.
At five and three, you knew it was already hard enough being away from their parents so much. Leaving for Ireland was the last thing you’d wished to do, and frankly it caused quite an uproar among your advisors.
Sitting off in the parlor connected to yours and Tom’s shared bedroom, you enjoyed the quiet evening with Alexander sitting by your feet and James on the chair across from you. It was late, far later than most would have let them stay up. You were all dressed for sleep, a white nightgown hanging to your ankles.
“Your hair is getting quite long, Lex,” you murmured, running a hand through his brown hair that curled up at the nape of his neck. “You look a lot like Paddy when he was younger.”
“I like my hair, mama,” he said quietly.
James came over, peaking over the edge of the table at the two crowns sitting on plush velvet pillows. They belonged to you and Tom, needing to be taken away to prevent them from being damaged. His was much larger and far more aged looking, yours had more crests with a smaller and more dainty look to it.
His small hand reached up and just barely grazed it, pulling it back after a second and looking to you. He had a mischievous grin on his face, unruly hair and a baggy white sleep gown.
“Do you want me to put it on you, Jamie?” You asked him teasingly.
He shook his head no immediately, looking away in a fit of giggles bashfully. Shaking your head, you reached over and brushed his cheek affectionately. James looked the most like you, sharing some of your features and definitely having more of your personality.
“What about you, Alexander?” You asked, looking down at his face being illuminated by the warm flames of the fire.
He was weary, almost ready to have the same reaction as his brother. He knew he’d inherit the throne someday, he’d already begun his long and drawn out lessons of the monarchy. It was quite sad to you, the fact that his future was defined by this monarchy. The crown would land on his head, the same way it did Tom’s.
“I suppose,” he said simply in his exceedingly articulate tone.
Picking up the heavy crown carefully, you set it down onto his head cautiously and tried to angle it so it wouldn’t fall over his eyes. It was far too big still, but with time he’d grow into it. Standing up straight, you saw a lot of Tom in him when he looked at you and gave that sweet smile that you knew so well.
“How do I look, mama?” He questioned.
“Like royalty,” you teased him with a gasping laugh.
“This has got to be some sort of treason!” An all too familiar voice sounded jokingly from behind you.
Turning immediately, you felt a large smile break out across your face. Tom was standing at the archway of the door, coat jacket thrown over his shoulder and hat off. His eyes were tired, but so was he. James shot up immediately, running into his arms the moment he saw him.
“Papa!” He shouted, small arms wrapping around his neck.
“I’ve missed you, darling,” he told him. “You, your brother, and mama.”
Pulling away, Tom came over with James’s hand in his own and stood before Alexander who was much shorter but still wearing his father’s crown. Sinking down to his level, he embraced him for a few moments and kissed his cheek.
“Here,” he said as he pulled the crown off of his head and set it to the side. “You’ll have plenty of time to wear that heavy old thing.”
Tom looked over at you, smiling and conveying so much with so little as a word. He held the boys tightly, leaning over and pulling you into his arms as well for a second or two.
Taking the small silver bell at your side, the jangle of it sent a noise through the room and into the hall. A young servant girl came in a minute later, you recalled her name quite easily as she helped a lot with the boys.
“Why don’t you two head down to the kitchen with Edwina and get something to eat. I’ll come down in a few minutes, then I’ll put you to bed,” you told them. “Lex, you take the candle and hold Jamie’s hand so he doesn’t wander off in the dark somewhere.”
Alexander knew his way around the palace pretty well by now, he was far more intuitive than you’d imagined for someone of his age. He took his brother’s hand and the silver platter holding the burning candle and left a moment later.
“How was Ireland?” You asked Tom.
“Dreadful, I’ve never been more miserable being away my family for such an extended period. To hell with everyone, next time we all go,” he said willfully.
Sinking down from the chair you were sat in, you came to his spot on the floor he’d taken up while speaking with the boys. He kissed you with a longing feeling, peppering soft kisses on your cheeks and temples. You ran a hand through his hair, foreheads leaned against each other.
“I love you,” you said to him. “And I’ve missed you far too much.”
Kissing you again, he wrapped his arms around you and buried his head in your neck. It was nice to be back to normalcy, to his being home and not far.
“I love you,” he whispered in a muffled voice.
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hoodieofholland · 2 days ago
🌷 fighting with Tom and his mum steps in to break it up because you guys are "too good of a couple to break up"
Okay, so i took it to bit of angst and it got a bit longer than expected, oops
Warnings: angst, jealous Tom.
It was an afternoon, on Saturday, you, Tom and his family were spending a nice weekend out at the beach. The weather was great and everyone was having fun, except until the moment you and Tom started to argue over something so small as jealously.
"Oh, you don't want to bring this up, Thomas", you said with determination as soon as you passed the door for the beach house his family rented for everyone. You didn't even know if there was someone at home when the two of you decided to get out of the beach and fight instead of enjoy the beautiful sunny day.
"I think I want it, actually", Tom said, crossing his arms over his chest, his black t-shirt wet from the water that didn't get time to dry of his body. "That's exactly what I want. Why would you keep talking with him, when you knew he was obviously flirting with you?"
You turned on your heels, too irritated that he kept saying the same things from just a couple minutes ago.
"What the hell, Tom! I've told you, I didn't know he was hitting on me, okay? He was just talking about his fucking cat and showing me pictures, that was all. The minute I got the hint what he was trying to do, I told him I had a boyfriend. Fuck, why won't you believe me?"
"I do believe you", he rolled his eyes. "I just don't get it how you couldn't notice what he was trying to do beforehand".
You walked straight to your room, letting the door open since you knew Tom would come to you. "Hey, I'm still talking".
"Well, I'm not", you shrugged, taking off your shorts and throwing it aside. You would take care of your dirty clothes later, when you weren't so pissed at him. "I'm done talking to you about this. And if you insist, I'll probably hit on that specific topic we both know that is much more problematic than what you saw at the beach".
"How can anything be more problematic? That ass fucking kissed you, y/n, for fuck's sake!"
"It wasn't even a proper kiss, Tom, I got off the second I felt it!", you shout, letting the frustration take control over your mouth. "And you know what I'm talking about! You know that I'm talking about the fact that you have a bunch of girls giggling and smiling at you every fucking day, and sometimes I have to stand behind a fucking phone to take pictures of them holding your waist like you were two best friends, and the fact that you get to kiss so many actresses, and still I won't complain"
"Because you know it's my fucking job!"
"Because I know it's not real and that my jealously is all in my head, Tom, because I know I trust you!"
"And I trust you too"
"That's not what it looks like"
"Oh, fuck off", he scoffed, "You wanted me to play nice with a guy who tried to kiss my girlfriend and you don't want me to be mad at it. Really, y/n? So you can tell me that if a girl came to me and tried to do the same damn thing you wouldn't be fucking mad at her?"
"I would probably get mad at her, not at you", you argue, closing your fists beside your tensed body.
"I'm not mad at you, I am just mad at-" Tom stopped himself to think better. "Well, I'm mad at you for not accepting that I have a reason to be frustrated".
You gasp in disbelief. "You're unbelievable", you shook your head, crossing the room to take a towel and finally head to a good hot and relaxing shower, "You're ruining my weekend, thanks".
Tom's face was getting red, his eyes focused on your tensed and stiff moves.
"I just saw a guy with his goddamn mouth on yours, sweetheart, if there's someone who just ruined the weekend, it was you", he was almost spitting his words.
You turned to look at him again, a face covered in what seemed disgust and disbelief. You were ready to say a whole lot of things back, but you contained yourself. The hurt on your chest wasn't worth it. You were in the brick of tears, waiting to roll down your cheeks, but you held them back. Tom looked beyond mad and that didn't look like your sweet boyfriend anymore. So you grabbed your towel and walked out of the room.
"Can you, please, stop walking out when we're talking?", he shouted, but you didn't stop until you reached the bathroom.
"This is not talking, Tom, and I better do so before I say something I regret".
"Like what?"
"Like I fucking hate you!"
The moment the words came out of your mouth, you closed your eyes tightly. That was it, the entire argument fucked everything up.
"You hate me?", Tom swallowed the knot on his throat. He took a couple of seconds in silence before his sharply words came out, the hurt audible on his voice. "If so, why don't you just go away? Why don't you break up with me? You hate my job, you hate me. I bet you even hate spending time with me. Go on".
"Stop playing the victim, Tom", you turned to face him, and regretted immediately. He was crying, his eyes red and wet. At the view, your voice involuntarily softened. "I didn't mean it in that way. I-".
"What is going on here?"
The voice of Tom's mother made both of you wake from the thick tension that seemed to be pulling you two to your own little world. Your eyes turn to the woman who has a worried expression on her face, brows pulled in a frown.
"Mum, we're kinda busy right now, would you just- just leave us alone, okay?", Tom didn't face her, trying to avoid that she looked at his redshot eyes.
"No, you're fighting!", she said, deception covering her words. "And why is that? Stop it, it was supposed to be your little vacation, why are you two yelling at each other?"
"I'm sorry, but I just can't take it right now", giving her an apologetic weak smile, you turn around again to enter the bathroom and lock yourself inside.
Tom keeps stood in front of that door, not so sure about what to do. He feels his mother rubbing his shoulder slightly. "She is breaking up with me".
He didn't know why he was telling his mother such a thing, when he knew it wasn't even a fact, but Tom suddenly felt so insecure, so fragile, thinking about the possibility of you walking out of that bathroom and making your bag to fly back home.
"Oh, no, this ain't happening", his mother turned to face him. "Tom, you're too good of a couple to break up. Trust me, you guys work so great together. I've never seen you so comfortable with anyone, and so happy whenever she's around. It was just a silly fight, I'm sure".
Tom sighed loudly and turned around, giving her mother a light touch on her shoulder, before entering your shared room.
He waited for you to come back, which took a while. You were in the bathtub, trying to calm your nerves down until the water was cold. When you were out, you found yourself surprised to see Tom sitting on the edge of the bed, head down as he seemed to be deep in thoughts. He didn't hear you at first, but when yours wet feet stepped inside, your towel around you body, he raised his head and his eyes scanned you, looking for some kind of sight of your current mood.
You walked around the room, collecting the pieces of clothes you needed, not saying a single word. Tom observed you until he couldn't hold back his desperation anymore.
"Please, don't break up with me"
You stopped on your tracks and looked at him, cocking an eyebrow at his sudden plea.
"What? I'm not gonna break up with you", you said, a bit confused. "Why would you think that? I was just mad at you".
"You said you hate me", he murmured, averting his gaze as his cheeks turned a light pink, "And I told you to break up with me, but that's not what I meant. I don't want this. And I'm sorry, for saying it and for overreacting. I- I don't think you ruined the weekend. I did, and I'm sorry for that too".
Though you really wanted to stay firm and tough, your heart melted at the sight in front of you. Your sweet boyfriend was back. He never left, but the jealously was taking the best of him.
You sighed, walking towards him and sitting beside his figure. "It's okay. But I don't hate you, and you know that, dumbass", you smile. "In fact, I love you. More than anything. I'm sorry for saying it, it was insensitive of me and I'm never saying it again".
Tom stared at you with relief, one of his hands cupping your face. "Thank you. I love you too, darling".
You lean towards his, letting your eyes flutter close, as you touch both noses and forehead. "Ya know, the weekend is not over yet. It's not ruined. What you wanna do?"
Tom shrugged. "Whatever you want, actually. I just want to spend some time alone with you".
You smile and take his lips on yours. "That sounds amazing for me".
Join hoodie 600's sleepover
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blissfulparker · 2 days ago
Tom and Readers kids going to school for the first time and Tom/reader being like “omg my kid…*tears* they grow up so fast” Tom/reader “it’s literally day 1, we’ve got around 18 years of this honey”
“Okay you got your lunch?” Tom is squatted in front of the little girl who is eager to run off to the classroom.
“Yes, daddy.” She already is rolling her eyes. Tom was not ready for this day, thinking she was going to be the baby he cradled in his arms forever.
“Did you pack enough pencils? (Y/n), does she have enough—“ he looks up at you and you nod, enjoying the show he’s doing in front of you. “Okay, give me hugs and kisses.” He pulls her in and kisses all over her face.
“Daddy…” she whines with a laugh as it’s too much. He’s kissing all over her face for maybe it’s just eight hours of not seeing her but it’s eight hours where he looses his mind.
“Okay, okay.” He moves off of her. “I love you pumpkin.” He kisses once last time and this time she wraps her arms around him.
“I love you daddy.” She said before she turned to run off. Meeting with a few of her friends and Tom watches as he gets back up.
“Why did we decide to send her to school again? We could’ve homeschooled her! You’re smart, I’m…smart enough! We could have taught her everything—oh my god she’s talking to a boy—“ before tom can take his first step to walk over to her you grab his arm.
“Tom, she can handle herself. I told you this day was going to come.” You tease and he rolls his eyes, hands wrapping around your waist.
“Yes but I thought that was just one of your lies to get me to stop talking and go to sleep!” He sighs as he sees she’s no longer in sight. Offically in the school building as the bell is almost about to ring.
“We have two more at home.” You kiss his cheek. “The twins are still babies, plus it’s just kindergarten…she’s not graduating highschool.” You teased and his face went pale.
“She has to graduate.” Tom said more to himself and you let out a laugh.
“Let’s get home you big dork, I don’t need you passing out in front of the school and embarrassing her even more.” You walk with him away from the school.
“What are you thinking about?” He notices how you have a smile on your face sd you get back into the car.
“She really is lucky, to have such an amazing dad like you.” You told him and you can see he got blushy but tried to hide it.
“That’s all her mum, she’s lucky to have you.” He kissed your cheek before starting up the car to go back home. The house would be empty for once, the twins were with his mother and your daughter was off at school. For once it was just you and Tom, just like in the beginning was it you and Tom.
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veryholland · 2 days ago
‘whispering in their ear, lips touching the skin’ with mob!tom 🥺 maybe comforting him after a long day :’))
pairing: mob!tom x reader | word count: 817 | warnings: mention of guns | touch prompts
a/n: thank you so much for requesting! i just left the longest writing break behind and it feels so good to finally have time for that again. anyway, enjoy! sending lots of love! apologising in advance, still gotta get back into the game so this might be a bit rusty eep
Tumblr media
Except for the streetlights’ mellow glow outside, the room is entirely dark as you sink back into the silky sheets, eyes fluttering shut already. What you didn’t expect is the soft creaking of the door only a few minutes later, the dark mahogany surface giving way to the shadowy figure of Tom entering your shared bedroom as silently as possible.
It’s not unusual for him to spend entire nights at his office or in meetings and, given the time, you were sure tonight was going to be one of them.
You pick up the muffled sound of the gun’s safety as he clicks it into place before safely storing it away in the usual false bottom drawer. After sliding it shut carefully, he braces his arms on the dresser’s top, hands clenching around its edge. You can hear the heavy puffs of his breath as he hangs his head, shoulders slumping inward.
The sight makes your heart twinge with sympathy and you push back the sheets and get up, padding across the hardwood floor, purposely avoiding the creaking floorboards. He seems to be so deeply lost in thought that you’re not sure if he’s aware of you being awake so to avoid startling him, you gently breathe out his name before brushing a hand over his shoulder in a comforting gesture.
The corded muscle of his back is entirely tensed up and you can feel the little kinks underneath his skin without even applying much pressure. Soft vibrations roll through his body as he hums in acknowledgement and relaxes against your touch.
Mindfully, you slide your hand from where it’s resting on his shoulder down his back before winding your arms around his upper body from behind, letting the palms of your hands flatten out on his chest.
You turn your head, resting your cheek against his back and just hold him for a while, feeling his erratic heartbeat beneath your palms slow down with each passing minute.
You’ve noticed his workload has been piling up and that he’s spent more and more nights locked away in his office or out dealing with dangerous affairs, but this is new. You don’t know if he’s doing it for himself or for the ones surrounding him but you’re used to him talking down whatever it is that is burdening him. One part of you hates seeing him like that but in some way, you’re glad he shed the tough facade and admits to needing a break.
Standing up on your tiptoes to reach his height, you tuck your head into the crook of his neck, lips brushing against the shell of his ear as you whisper, “I’ve got you. It’s okay.”
You don’t withdraw but instead ghost your lips over the skin of his neck before placing a feather-like kiss right beneath his ear. Turning his head into your direction slightly, he envelops one of your hands resting on his chest with his own, the size of his hand easily covering up your hand and the engagement ring sitting on your finger. With significant ease, he thumbs the cold material resting against your finger, before he guides your palm to his lips, dropping a gentle kiss to your skin.
With a sigh, he lets off the dresser and you step back, giving him space to turn around and face you. Even in the dark, the circles beneath his eyes are remarkably distinct but you bite back a comment, knowing he doesn’t want to receive any signs of pity, and instead offer him a comforting smile which he returns by a mild quirk of his own lips.
They part with a gentle breath and he launches into saying something but you shush him softly, hands already reaching up to unbutton his shirt.
“Let’s just go to sleep, yeah?”
You leave him to undress before picking up your phone where it’s lying near the charger, opening up your chat with Harry and typing out a message, asking him to cancel or reschedule Tom’s entire plans for tomorrow. In no time you see him drafting a reply but knowing for a fact that he won’t be amused with what you’re asking, you quickly switch off your phone and place it back onto the desk with a grimace. He’s going to give you hell, but it will be worth it.
You’re already back in bed as Tom returns from the ensuite bathroom and you marvel at the effortless beauty of his appearance. Wisps of hair fall loose from his bed of curls, enhancing that boyish and carefree look his line of work conceals so very often. A pair of grey sweatpants rest low on his hips and a warm feeling of gratefulness spreads through your chest at the prospect of him not having to spend another night sleeping in his suit.
Switching off the light, he flops down onto the mattress right next to you with a massive sigh of relief.
“I just want to sleep 24 hours straight.”
You breathe out a laugh. “Well, then you better get started.”
Concealed by the dark, his fingers start searching for yours between the sheets and once found and intertwined he guides your joined hands to his lips, leaving three short but sweet kisses on your skin – your silent way of saying i love you. You smile at him, and as he smiles back, you know he will be okay.
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